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File: it begins.jpg (250 KB, 1536x2048)
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>It's late October, and as per usual, you stop by the gym on your way home from work.
>After mindlessly serving strangers for 8 hours straight at the bar, you can finally get your blood flowing again.
>Idly chatting with random customers is fine and all, but on long days like these, it almost drives you insane from boredom.
>But that’s over with, and now you can bang out your reps in peace and quiet.
>The gym is fairly silent tonight due to the lethally cold weather keeping everyone inside.
>With weather like this, it makes you wonder if you should even bother buying halloween candy this year.
>How are kids gonna go trick or treating when it’s this cold out anyways? You freeze your butt off just walking to and from work everyday!

>It's not like anyone comes to your apartment anyway.
>And you highly doubt any kids looking for sweets would bother going to your falling apart and spooky looking apartment complex.
>You wonder what your parents would think if they knew about your living situation.
>Living paycheck to paycheck, all alone in some crummy old apartment building in the middle of nowhere.
>Looking over at the clock you see it's 9:30pm
>You should probably stop distracting yourself and actually get going.
>Those kind of thoughts can’t be good for your mental health anyway.

>You wrap up your inner-monologging and wipe the sweat off your face.
>Let's wash up and get this show on the road
>You have work tomorrow after all.
Go to a Halloween party wearing a sexy cat outfit. To meet some (rich) guys. Time to use our sex to move on in life
Bring a knife in the shower just in case
File: It's already retarded.jpg (171 KB, 1536x2048)
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171 KB JPG
>You think about doing some outrageous things tonight.
>Rock and roll
>But then again it’s a work night.
>And you have almost no experience with any of those things.
>Plus, who would ever invite or want you at their party?
>It just wouldn’t work out.
Cold shower
>>Plus, who would ever invite or want you at their party?
>Also working during Halloween
You crash the party of course. This girl has no self confidence.
>You don't see why you'd need to bring out your knife in the gym.
>You're pretty much the only one here.
>And you’re just taking a shower.
>You do this every night.
>No one's ever come in to murder you or something
>And you could probably hold your own anyway
>You work out for a reason after all!
>There’s no need to be spooked.
>You don't know how you feel about that.
>I mean, you already "enjoy" a cold shower every morning in your apartment.
>Cause it doesn't get hot water.

>In this weather, the ony kind of shower you want to take is a steaming hot one.
>That's just...
>not your style...
>Even if you wanted to, you don't think you'd have the courage to crash a party.
Already messed up the replies

I'm new to this alright?!
Contemplate killing self
Take a scalding shower, then find lesser women to bully with your gains.
You're doing fine.
>Been there done that
>You know that better than anyone else
>ba dum tssh

>You completely agree with the first part
>...not sure about the second.
>Depends on the girl.

>You walk past the empty benches and treadmills and make your way over to the locker room.
>You open the door and are greeted by...


>It's pitch-black, the only thing you can make out is the periodic sound of dripping water.
>You need to find the light switch or something before you can comfortably take a shower.
>You never know what is hiding in the dark.

>Especially in a gym locker room.

Here are commands that will make my life easier
{Look, Walk, Inventory, Phone, Etc.}
>Look for shower handle anyway, we ARE what hides in the dark
>With some newfound confidence, you begin brushing your hands against the wall.
>But it’s to no avail.
>You can’t find a handle
>Or a light switch.
>Hm. You’ll have to improvise or something so you can see. You're definitely not going home without that shower.
>Maybe something in your inventory could help you out.
File: Inventory.jpg (233 KB, 1536x2048)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
>Knowing that your phone is a flip phone, you dismiss the idea of using it as a flashlight.
>Instead, you back out of the darkness for a second to check your bag to see if you can find anything useful in it
>Plus, you need to make sure you weren't pickpocketed on the way here anyway.
>There's not much worth stealing, but you never know

Wallet: It has a couple bucks from tonight's tips, a debit card, and a bus pass.
Pocket knife: Not really your style, but Mom made you take it when you left.
Keys: To your apartment. Room 1208
Clothes: Spare clothes to change into after your workout. No way you can walk home drenched in sweat wearing gym clothes. You’d turn into a human popsicle the second you walked out the door.
Towel: It's a little damp with sweat.
Water Bottle: Liquid power - half Empty.
Phone: It's a flip phone with the only contacts being your boss and your mom... It speaks for itself.
Lighter: This could work!
>Water Bottle
Use this water to lightly bathe ourselves
Use our teeth as a source of light.
If for some reason that doesn't work try the lighter, I guess.
Set the towel on fire with the lighter
Then melt the plastic of the water bottle
File: Lights.png (558 KB, 1250x1622)
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558 KB PNG
>You look at the water bottle longingly...
>Is this our last resort?
>Is this how it has to end?
>Pouring a water bottle all over yourself in the middle of the gym?
>Not like this!
>There has to be a better way!

>There is no doubt your teeth are shiny
>But you'd have a better chance reflecting light with your disgusting pale skin
>Now that you have some light, you can see the light switch.
>It’s on the other wall.

>After walking through the barely lit room, you flip the switch with a swift motion, and the room is engulfed with fluorescent light.
>It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust


>It's just as empty as the rest of the gym.
Steal the poster on the wall.
>Take selfie with silly sign
Check all the lockers
File: nah...jpg (192 KB, 1536x2048)
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192 KB JPG
>It's not like you've ever been a goodie two shoes.
>You have had your fair share of..."wrong doings"
>But you're not that desperate.
>I mean, you are pretty desperate now, but you'll need at least a couple more months before you start stealing random stuff lying around.
>As long as you can keep paying the rent, there's no need to put yourself at risk, right?
>You might be a robot, but you still have standards.
>And flip phones aren't really built for instagraming. anyway
anyway let's flick the lights on and off really fast.
>Why would you ever need to start a fire in a gym?
>Why would you steal something as worthless as a poster?
>Even "you" are starting to get confused by your own thoughts.
>You just want to take a shower and go home...

Shower and home sounds like a great idea at this point, because that means we get to go home to our one true love.

Our bed.
>our one
>Our bed
Nah, it's obviously gains.
You're both wrong, our one true love is starting fires.
File: Shower time.jpg (260 KB, 1501x1992)
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260 KB JPG
>Your bed.
>She's been waiting too long

>With this in mind, you quickly disrobe and hop in the shower
>The water pressure here is way better than it is at your apartment.
>and it actually gets hot water too!
>It feels... Pretty great
>It's so good, it almost let's you forget that you're in a gym locker room...
>You let the water wash over you for awhile
>And after thoroughly lathering, rinsing, and repeating, you get out.
>You're nice and clean now, and you don't smell like a gym anymore.
>Needless to say you feel a lot better.
>You grope around for your towel in the freshly steam filled room, and after drying off, you climb into your more weather appropriate clothes.

>Then the lights go out.

> QM confirms bed as best girl.

Alright, we need that lighter out again.
Agreed, this fucking bed needs to suffer for stealing the attention away from setting fires
But no really use the lighter to create a light.
File: Shower 2.jpg (116 KB, 1536x2048)
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116 KB JPG
You'll see
>Is the power seriously this finicky at night?
>This hasn't ever happened before…
>But before you panic, you start shuffling your way back to your bag.

>Immediately, you stub your toe.
>And before you can let out any profanities, you lose your footing and slip on the newly wet floor
>You land on your back with a loud "Thump." that echoes throughout the locker room
>Luckily, or unluckily, you're still alive.
>Your body throbs in a dull pain. You curl up into a ball and comfort yourself on the cold, damp floor.
>At least you're not scared anymore,
>Just in pain.
>You don't know which is worse.

>Why does every thing you do always end up like this?
>After some self wallowing, you crawl over to your bag
Use flip phone to call somebody, ask them to come pick you up.
You've hurt yourself and are unlikely to be able to walk home.
We have a daki don't we?
>Your only contacts are your mom and your boss
>Your parents live almost a hundred miles away
>And your boss couldn't care less if you got murdered in a gym locker room.
>Unless you wanna get the police involved because you stumbed your toe and the power went out, you're on your own.

>...That... That's not important right now!
>You're about to get split up your spine in a locker room!
Pull out knife
Use lighter on the knife to give it a red hot cutting edge so it can cut better.
This is why you always bring a knife when you shower.
Getting the police involved probably won't save you if you're about to get murdered, but might as well. Actually, calling would give away your location so do at your discretion. Either way get ready to stab some ankles.
File: Shower 3.png (145 KB, 1243x1681)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
>You don't know anything about weaponry, but that sounds about right

>You brush off your wounds.
>Now's not the time to lose your head.
>Don't panic.
>Think about it like this, if someone were going to kill you, they would have definitely done it by now!
>With this newfound "confidence,” you grab your knife and your lighter
>Hindsight is 20/20
>But now you're ready for a fight.
>You flick on the lighter.

>You can see again!

>Oh shit
Scream, then feign a charge and jump to the side just before you're close enough they could grab you. Stab when they're off guard if you don't recognize them.
Put your gains into practice and roundhouse kick them.
File: Encounter.png (149 KB, 1257x1699)
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149 KB PNG
>There's no denying it.
>Something's there.
>You can feel the blood pumping through your veins
>And the sweat you just finished cleaning off comes back with a vengeance.

>You workout! T-There's no way someone could take you on, you were the strongest girl on the ultimate frisbee team!
>T-They’re the one who’s gonna be in trouble!

>You don't even have any enemies anyway!
>It's not like you have friends either, but you haven't screwed with anyone enough to make them trap you in a gym locker room and filet you like a fish!
>You think about running up and taking out whatever is standing in the door, but you realize that the floor is basically a mine field.
>If you slip again there's no telling what might happen.

>Maybe... maybe you're just seeing things
>You try and recall if you took yo—

"Is someone in here?"
"Don't you know it's rude not to knock?."
Throw something. I like your art btw
File: SPiD8r2.jpg (141 KB, 1280x720)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
State your buisness spook! If ye be the reaper, I warn you I've trained for many moons to refine my art!
File: Encounter 2.jpg (98 KB, 1536x2048)
98 KB
>You send out a little pray begging for this thing not to be a spook.
>But if, god forbid, that is the case, your anti-spook studying you did on /x/ should come in handy.
>You then muster as much courage as you can.
D-Don't you know i-it's rude not to knock?
>Your voice is shaky, but at least you said something
>She quickly responds in a squeaky voice,
"I-I'm sorry...."
"T-The lights cut out as soon as I came in. A-And now I can't find the light switch. Can you bring the light over here p-please?"

Thanks senpai
Well let's bring her the light.
I agree, it's cute.
On one hand I'll he sad to see something cute die, but on the other we'd make a really cute corpse.
Why not? Maybe she's a cute corpse?
Lower the knife so she's not scared enough to run away, but keep it out so she's scared enough to know we're the alpha.
File: Encounter 3.jpg (123 KB, 1536x2048)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
>How do you simultaneously boost your self esteem and also scare the shit out of yourself?
>You don't know, but you just did.

>Trying to forget your recent tumble, you carefully inch towards the voice.
>You drop your hand down to your side. You don't want to be defenseless, but you also don't want to accidently scare her by brandishing a knife.

>You finally get close enough to see her.


>She's pretty cute.
>But before your maternal instincts can fully kick in, you guide yourself to the light switch and flip it on.
>She looks even better in the light.
"Thank goodness you were here, onee-chan. I-I would have been stuck in here all night if you weren't here!"
Ehehe, well if you weren't here, I'd probably still be flopping around on the floor!
"fufufu~ Y-you're pretty funny Nee-chan!"
>And with that, the atmosphere has cleared, there's still a tinge of fear and nervousness in her voice, but it's much better compared to when you were just shouting at each other in the darkness.
>You can now comfortably put away the lighter and the knife (luckily she didn't seem to notice you had it out.)

>But more importantly than all of that noise,
>You've still got it!
>This moment is pretty heartwarming, but you can't deny that your mind is full of questions.
>There's obviously something strange going on for a little girl to be wandering around an empty gym in the middle of the night.
No time to think!
Adopt the cute maybe spook!
Okay, maybe ask why she's here, then adopt her.
And give her a tender pet!
File: Why.jpg (177 KB, 1536x2048)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
>Wait a minute.
>You feel like you’re already starting to get attached.
>No, no ,no.
> Just…uh, think of all those pets you had back in high school!

>Poor Julia… She deserved better.
>Alright, enough reminiscing. You don't want to make yourself cry in front of this kid.
Keep going
>You need to start figuring out what's going on before you do anything crazy.
>That's the ticket.
>It's time to put on your detective hat and start figuring thing out.
What are you doing here?
"W-Well my mommy took me here so we could practice for my race, but n-now I can't find her anywhere!"
>What kind of terrible parent would leave their cute little girl in a gym overnight?
>After working at the bar for a year, you know what kind of people come out this late at night.
>You’re pretty disgusted, but you try and keep on your motherly front.
Aw, that's awful! Are you really sure they're not here?
"I.. I looked everywhere.."
>She lets out a little sob
>From what you can tell she’s pretty confident they’re not here, but maybe you should check again.
>But that might be a waste of time.
>Whatever you do, you should do it fast, cause this is getting hard to watch.

>And for some reason, you’re starting to feel like the bad guy!
Take clothes from bag
Lay clothes on floor
Ask her to step over the clothes (the natural salt content in our sweat should hopefully act as a barrier against ghosts.)
>Really creepy
>And weird
>You can't start acting like a maniac, or she's gonna run off and get picked up by some kidnapper or serial killer or something.
>You... want to protect her.

>And not go crazy.
I bet she's a ghost.
Quiz her on some things.
How long she's been here
The last time she saw her parents
When she died
You know, simple questions.
Look around a little then ask if she knows where she lives. If not invite her to stay with you for the night and hopefully forever.
File: IMG_4060.jpg (344 KB, 1536x2048)
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344 KB JPG
>The questioning continues
>You're beginning to think you might have actually lost your mind so you need to make sure she's really there.
>And human.
>You start by asking her how long she's been her
'A couple hours I-I guess"
>You ask her when she last saw her parents
"They were with me on the treadmill a-and then they w-were..."
>It's obvious that she can't answer anymore questions
>She has her head in her hands and is starting to cry.

>I guess it wasn't a good call to interrogate a child like that..

>She's not make believe
>She's just a regular old, frightened kid.
>You feel worse than ever.
These actions cannot be input until the girl has calmed down
Give her our bottle of water, tell her to hydrate herself.
>You offer her some water
I'm sorry about that, I just thought that I must be imagining after seeing a girl as cute as you!
>You have no idea what you're saying
>Or doing.
>But it seems to work decently
>She wipe away her tears and accepts your water bottle.
>She even giggles a little at your "joke"
>Looks like we're back in the clear.
>You and...


>What was her name?

>...did you even ask?
>Man you're bad at this..
Ask her for her name then.
Ask her then >>2983451
File: Who.jpg (219 KB, 1536x2048)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
What's your name sweetie?
>You try to sound as friendly as possible. She’s already been traumatized enough tonight, so you need to do your best to put on a good front.
"I'm T-Tomo-chan, I'm 8 year old, I go to Chatto Elementary, and I like h-hamburgers"
>She nervously stumbles out what seems to be an intro she had memorized from school.
>She's really cute.
>Even when she's scared
I'm _______ It's really great to meet you, Tomo-chan!
>As you say this, you lean in close and take hold of her hand to, uh, comfort her?
>You... don't really have a lot of experience with kids.
>Or people in general.
>Well, whatever you were trying, it doesn't seem to work, as the apprehensive look on her face remains.
>Not a good pet owner, not a good mom.
>What are you good at again?
>Well at least now that you're on a first name basis, you can move on to the more pressing topics.
Let's look for your mom one more time, okay?
>Before she can respond, you grab on to her tiny hand, eliciting a small gasp from her
>It's a little clammy, but the warmth still feels good.
>It feels great.
>How long has it been now?
>Since you've felt the touch of anyone?

>You can't even remember.
11 months, 2 weeks, and 5 days

>Your head's starting to hurt.
>Guess you shouldn't have done all those overheads tonight.

>You walk to the door hand in hand and enter the gym.
>You survey the room.
>Still Empty

>Even after a wacky montage of you and Tomo-chan searching the gym(not depicted), it remains a ghost town.
>Nothing under the yoga mats.
>No one in the squat racks.
>And no one at the front desk.
>You don't know what you expected.

>This search is obviously futile.
>And Tomo-chan is starting to notice too.
>Her eyes start to well up again
Uh— ah..

If the thread is still alive when I get back from work I'll continue its almost over if not, I'll try again next week.
>its almost over
I'm going to actually cry
Call the police to report a lost child.
>not keeping a rare cutie like this for ourself
>Report that you found a lost child to the police
>Ask Tomo about her one weirdly sharp and big tooth
>ask her address
I didn't expect you guys to not screw around so a lot of the material I had prepped never got used. I'm impressed and also disappointed at the same time. Oh well
>The police?
>Now that would be a big hit to your self-confidence
>I mean,
>You can't even help one little girl without law enforcement?

>... It might be selfish
>But you need this
Keep going

>With the cops nowadays, she might end up in an even worse spot!
Keep going
You deserve this

>Now's not the time to ask questions!
>She's about to start crying again!
>You can't let that happen
>Not again
>You couldn't forgive yourself if you hurt this girl anymore
>There has to be something you can say or something you can do to soothe her
>You don't know anything about kids, but you've gotta try!

I'm back boys. Let's get our spook on.
Ok, not many options here.
Leave the gym with the girl if there is nobody around in the gym?
See if you can find her parent's car?
File: BE NICE.jpg (219 KB, 1536x2048)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
Fuck it. Let me handle this.

>Come on think! What did your mother always say when you were upset? There's gotta be something!
D-Don't worry, we'll, uh, we'll find them! You'll be home before you know it!
>This seems to assuage her fear a little bit.
A-alright...I trust you, Onee-san...
>She says, in between sniffles
>You can’t stand to see her like this.
>You have to find her parents.


>Now that she's calmed down a bit, you can see if she knows where she lives
>Or if she knows her parents names
>Or even better, their phone numbers
>Or whatever else would help you get her home and get this mess all over with.

(AKA now's a good time to ask those questions you wanted to)
((I'd respond to them in this post but I'd like to add pictures to the responses))
>now's a good time to ask those questions you wanted to
forget the little girl, is our MC here the real spook?
We're definitely cute enough.
>Well, you are 'you'
>Are you a spook?

>You don't remember being a spook

>But, you do remember wanting to go home
>And wanting to help Tomo-chan get home
>I guess interrogating her earlier might have made you a little self conscious, but you're not actively trying to bring her harm.

>You're just pretty bad at being nice...
>Or helpful...
>You don't want to hurt her.
Unless you want 'you' to. You freak

>That's the right attitude
>Now let's get back to actually helping Tomo.
Perhaps ask Tomo what her mother's name is? And then try searching for that name online, if our phone has that capability?

Otherwise, ask Tomo how her mother brought her here (for instance, having driven here), and then check if possible whether her mother has already left (in this example, checking whether there's a car Tomo recognizes in the appropriate parking lot).
>Good idea.
>You can't lay it on thick like before, but you can try asking her some basic questions laced with friendliness.
Do you know your mommy's name, Tomo-chan?
>She looks confused
>Like she's doing an intense math equation or something
>After much deliberation, she responds
>Well it was worth a shot.

>Let's try something else.
Do you know how you got here sweetie?
"We drove in Papa's car!"
"It's big and red and drives super fast!"

>You've finally got enough information to go off of.
>Let's check out the parking lot and see if it's there.
Give Tomo-chan a hug and confidently lead her to the parking lot.
File: I-I-I LOVE LITTLE.jpg (387 KB, 1536x2048)
387 KB
387 KB JPG
shut up
>A hug..
>That's too much...
>Your heart couldn't take it
You want to
>Maybe you could just
>Pat her.
>That wouldn't be too much right?
>It's in every anime you watch after all...

>You don't know
>You do know leading her through the parking lot would be irresponsible
>You've got enough information, you should just go yourself.
>But that might be irresponible too.
>Leaving her alone in here...

>Maybe you could just look through the window
>And not take her to the dangerous outdoors
>Or leave her here alone
>Would that give you a good enough view though...?

>...you don't know

>You never make good choices under pressure...

>You'll have to decide soon though
>It's getting late
>And it's getting colder.
Justn molest that girl already. it is one in a lifetime opportunity. And take into account that your life may end like at any moment taking into consideration the circumstances and your financial problems.
>You do know leading her through the parking lot would be irresponsible
>You've got enough information
Do we? All we know is that it's a red car that's 'big' and 'drives super fast'. We don't even have a licence plate number. But I'll just roll with it.

Let's try to spot the car from the window; we lose nothing by making the attempt. If we can't get a clear view of the while car park, we'll take things from there.

Come to think of it, is this place normally this empty at this time? Why's there no staff manning the place? Who closes the gym up after hours?
You're totally jacked so there's nothing to be afraid of. Just hold hands with Tomo-chan and look in the parking lot.
File: Look.jpg (232 KB, 1536x2048)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
>Don't think like that
>It isn't you.
>Your life is fine.
>You're cute.
>You have a lot of potential

>And you aren't throwing your life away tonight.
>You shake off these ludicrous thoughts and get yourself back together.
>Well.. you feel like you have enough information
>After all, it is dead in here
>There definitely can't be more than one car that fits that description
>You look through the window, past the weird halloween decorations and cheesy posters.

>No cars.
>Just an empty lot.

>Who closes up?
>Why are there any staff here?
>Is it some national holiday?
>This doesn't make sense

>Your mind is starting to race again.
>What's going on here?
>Are you losing your mind?
>These weird thoughts...This weird place...

>Maybe they're on break?
>Maybe they're-
>You don't know
>You can't come up with an explanation for any of this...

>Holding hands?!
>Your face goes flush

>You're.. You're not normally this lewd..
>Why are you thinking like this?
>You're usually not like this...

>Something's wrong with you.
>Something's wrong with this place!
>Maybe you're just be irrational...
>This is a stressful situation
>Of course your mind is gonna run rampant with weird thoughts...
>You calm yourself down a bit

>The car isn't here.
>What do we do now?
....why are you flushing at the thought of holding hands with an EIGHT YEAR OLD?

Just try to leave with the girl already, find the door locked, then exercise until either the daemons come for your souls or you succumb to the urge to assault the little girl you weirdo.
Ask the girl if she has her mother's contact number, or if she was given any instructions on what to do if they got separated.

Because if her parent's have disappeared, and we have no way to contact them, then honestly the best thing to do is bring her to the police, because there's a limit to what we can do without information.
File: Let's go home.jpg (313 KB, 1536x2048)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
4th wall break time: There's a joke about how hand holding is a really lewd activity when, in reality, it really isn'tIt's a weeb thing so I understand if you didn't get it
Sorry about the confusion Onii(gga) chan

Do you know where you live? Or what to do when you get separated?
>Her face changes to
>And she instantly perks up
"I live on Broad street!"

>You walk by that street every day on the way home from work!

I-I actually was going that direction, I could take you home if you lead the way, Tomo-chan!

"Really?! I-I'm definitely too scared to walk home alone. But with you I think I could!"
>Sweet! More time with Tomo-chan!
>Plus, you get to berate her parents once you get her home!
She really does deserve better
No, I got it, but it's not a trope used for people under 10. Even in anime, blushing at that would get people to call the police on you. Like, there are gags that are literally that.

So our "cute" MC here is looking like a child rapist right about now.
You have just crossed over into... the Twilight Zone

Just stay calm and inviter her to sleep with you tonight. Very closely while you cuddle for warmth and smell her hair. Then you give her ear a nibble and move your hand to rub her belly.
Lighten up old man. Now is the era of the cute, young, and dead.
4th wall break: Alright, maybe I took it too far. Sorry mang. I just thought it would be a funni. It's my first time writing stuff on the fly so I might accidentally make things weird. Or write something stupid. Again, my bad. I don't want to make 'you' look like a child molester. Unless you chose that path and are a complete weirdo. Then I totally will
It's fine for me. Wholesomely creeping on a child amusing.
It's fine in a "yeah, MC is a lowkey creeper" kind of funny.

There have been more disturbing characters and relationships in hentai. Heck, there have been more disturbing characters and relationships on this board!

Not that the players can admit that.
File: No..jpg (105 KB, 1536x2048)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>You think you agree?
>I mean are you kidding?
>Invite her to stay?
>You seriously are losing your mind!
>You want to a kidnap and molest her?!
>You'd be like... Double arrested!!
>Why do your thoughts keep going back to this stuff
>For some reason, it feels like they're out of your control tonight..
>This needs to end.
>You need to go back home and sleep.
>In the morning you'll be normal..
>You just have to get home...
>Get home.
You're commited now. aren't you?
It's what you want right? So keep going
Keep going
We all know how it will end

>You shake yourself off.
>It feels like you've been doing a lot of that tonight.
>Let's get a move on and get her home.
Tomo is succubus that's been trying to tempt you! The only option is tk stabe her!
>It's official
>You've lost it
>You're never getting home, are you?

>This whole thing was a set up to get you to go crazy.

>This mind
>It can't be yours.


>But it's not like you won't try to win anyway.
>You're going home.
>And you're going to get her home too.
>And then you'll sleep like a baby.

>Even if you're crazy.
>You're gonna make this happen.
Alright, how about you we our mobile phone to call literally anyone, our parents, our boss, an automated helpline, the church or who knows? Maybe even the police?
Just to make sure we aren't in some apocalyptic situation.
File: Phone check.jpg (205 KB, 1536x2048)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
>That's a good idea.
>You need to make sure this is still real life
>Maybe this is just some fucked up dream.

Hey Tomo-chan, do you mind if I make a quick little phone call?

"...Okay. You aren'tgonna leave me here are you?"

>Not exactly the response you wanted.

>No , no, no I just need to... talk to my boss...to check on my shift tomorrow.

>She looks at you doubtfully

"... O-okay. Don't be too long...Onee-chan"

>You didn't expect to get hit in the feels.

Don't worry, I'll be back in just a second!

>You walk over to the locker room, trying to look as nonchalant as possible.
>Once you're out of view, you quickly whip out your phone
>It's a sad sight to see.
>You try and ignore the fact that no one wants to talk to you and you call your boss
>it rings
>He picks up.
>And he does not sound happy.
"Don't you know how late it is?"
"Your shift ended like an hour ago, what the hell do you want?"

>It's real.

>But how are you gonna explain yourself?
>You know when your shifts are better than anyone else.
>You'd never call to check on that.

>Ah, you feel like hanging up...but you have to say something.
>You do NOT want to be fired
>Especially after a night like this.

>Then you'd actually lose your mind.
"Ahem... Remember to drink lots of water and stay hydrated!"
>You are definitely getting fired.

>You can't believe you thought this wasn't real in the first place!
>Ugh. Why did you put yourself in this position...
>You're so stupid..


>You try to fill the silence as you desperately try to come up with some way to get out of this situation.
Um, Hello Boss-kun, h-how are you doing tonight?
"Listen dumbass, get to the point, or let me go back to bed."

>Confirm that he's at his home. Ask if a mother dropped by after MC's shift looking for her daughter.
I've been up trying to help a little girl find her mom so please don't fire me!
Y-You're at home right?
"Of course I'm at fucking home! Work ended an hour ago!"
Did a m-mother drop by after my shift ended? Looking for a girl?
"...What the fuck are you talking about? Are you off your meds or something?"
"Just what the hell have you gotten yourself into?"
W-well sir, I went to the gym after work and found a lost girl, so now I'm trying to get her home.
>Silence reigns for a second after you say this.

"...Man, you always surprise me. In the worst ways possible."
"Good luck with the new kid, and no, if you're wondering, you aren't getting a raise because you've got a kid now"
Wait, it's not-
"Goodnight. Please don't call me again unless it's something actually important."
>He hangs up.
>...You don't feel good
>but at least you weren't fired.
Off into the dark and scary night!
Fourth wall break time
I didn't really expect us to go this route, so I need a little bit of time to draw some new scenes. I hate just making text based posted since my weakest link by far is... well writing. I could call it and we can continue tomorrow night since it's late, or wait 30 minutes so I can draw up some new stuff Your guys call
Let yourself rest, also you're doing great!
File: Pic unrelated.jpg (130 KB, 797x1079)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Thanks dog. I really appreciate it.
I won't lie, it's been pretty hard to tell if I've been doing decently throughout this.

Though, I'm still gonna chalk it up to beginners luck if this turns out alright

We'll pick this up tomorrow.
I don't have work so I should be active all day.

The story is almost over. If we don't finish it tomorrow I'll be stunned.
I'm actually pretty stunned we didn't finish tonight!
See you soon, space cowgirls
File: Pic also unrelated.jpg (100 KB, 704x1149)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Alright Im back and better than ever
Let's get our spook on
Just ask her if shes a spook or not.
File: Lightsplease.jpg (222 KB, 1536x2048)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
>Ah yeah!
>You should probably get back to her to continue your mission.
>But after being berated like that..
>Well whatever
>At least you made it.
>And now you know that this is real life
>It’s just this gym that’s weird.

>You feel a strong sense of relief. And a tinge of stupidity.

>You were actually questioning your sanity for awhile there.

>Well, you don’t want to look like you just got your ass kicked on the phone, or like you've been questioning your sanity for the past hour, so you walk back into the gym with your head held high.

>It’s empty?-

>You don’t get much time to look.

>The power cuts out again


>You need to find Tomo-chan
Tomo-chan intimidates me.
Call out for Tomo-chan! Tell her you're sorry and that you'll never leave her again!
Don't be afraid t cry.
File: Spoiler Image (305 KB, 1046x980)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
me too senpai
me too

>Your screams echo against the gym’s walls
>It's no use
>You can't see shit
>And she isn't responding
>Fuck Fuck Fuck

You really are an idiot
this is pathetic

>You need light!
Use the lighter and run around like a madwoman looking for her. Leave no stone unturned!
>You whip out your lighter with unhuman speed



>It finally lights up.
>Now you can see.
>And hopefully, she can see you as well

>Then you hear it.
>A quiet sobbing
Rush to Tomo and embrace her! But don't go to fast or you might end up tripping on her burning both of you to death.
>Be cool
>Don't burn the gym down
>Just find the girl
>You briskly walk towards the sound


>You've never been happier
>Before you say anything, you run up and embrace her.
I-I'm so sorry, Tomo-chan
I-I never should have left you here alone!

>She cries into your shoulder

>How could you let this happen.
>You were supposed to protect her.

>Your emotions get the better of you.
>You feel tears streaming down your face.

You're truly despicable
The same failure that you've always been
You're no different from the parent that abandoned her
>No more
>Not again
>You're tired of being helpless

>You'll save her.

And she'll save you

>You pick her up and head towards the front door.
Why are you hearing voices in your head _______? Why?
Do you own a car, or are you going to have to carry her home?
You aren't hearing voices in your head
Actually, yes you are
You think they're called "thoughts"
And from what you can tell, they're yours
Well, you hope they are at the very least
>This is no time to be questioning your sanity!
>You've been doing that for the past hour!
>It's time to go!

You'll understand someday, you pesky little thought
>No car...
>But you're fit enough to run with her in your arms!

>First you have to focus on getting out of here though!
>You rush to the door and frantically pull on the handle



>NO NO!!


>You need to do something.
>You put Tomo-chan down, and try desperately to hide the fear plastered over your face.
H-Hey t-the door's locked, so.. so let me figure this out real quick s-so that we can go home, alright sweetie?
"Onee-san... A-are you alright?"

Ha-haa Y-you're a funny little one aren'tcha?
Of c-course I'm fine. I-I'm just ready to go home! This gym is too weird f-for a girl like me! hahaha~
>She looks up at you concerningly.

You really can't handle this, can you?
You should have never tried to help her
Then someone who could actually help might have found her

>You hate this.
>You need to get out of here.
>And you need to get Tomo-chan out of here.

>You feel the walls closing in around you
>Your ears are ringing
>And your vision is..

>There has to be a way out of here.
It's a gym right? must be some dumbbells and a few windows around here somewhere
>You sprint over to where you were working out and grab the 20kg dumbbells you were using.
>You run back to the glass paned door and tell Tomo-chan to back up.
>Here goes nothing
>You throw the dumbbell with all of your swole and pray
>The glass shatters with ease.

Get a barbell and carefully knock the glass out of a window
Unless it all fell out you should still >>2991023 to make you and Tomo don't get hurt on exit.
>You use the other dumbbell to break out enough glass for you and Tomo to squeeze through.
>Tomo-chan stands behind you and looks on with awe.
>It's finished
>You can finally leave.

>Let's get out of here.
Time to go home and enjoy comfy times with Tomo!
File: Time to Run.jpg (178 KB, 1536x2048)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
C-Come on Tomo-chan. Let's go home a-alright?
>You again, try to hide the blatant fear course through your veins
You're fraying at the seams
>You guide her through the glass before getting out yourself
>You're both blasted with freezing cold air when you finally make it outside.
>Tomo-chan runs ahead down the side walk before you can get to your feet.
"Come on! Come on! Follow me, Nee-chan!"
>You finally get up and start to make your way over.
"Let's go home, Onee-chan"
>She looks at you with that beautiful smile strung across her face


>You don't have a lot of energy left for this slog
>And it's damn cold.
You don't care
>But you both made it...


>After a couple minutes of walking in silence, you both start to shiver.

>You want to say something.
>So much has happened
>You want to reassure her.
>You want to fill this silence.

You want to do something to make her feel better

>But you don't really know what to talk about
>You hate awkward silence, but you also hate starting conversations.
>And after a trial like that.. You don't think you could start anything...
>This is tough...
Keep going
We should go back to the WARM gym where we won't freeze to death. I get the feeling that the loli ghost is going to lead us in circles until we die.
Don't give up! Keep close for warmth and ask Tomo what kind of things she likes.
File: Getting closer.jpg (115 KB, 1536x2048)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>No fucking way you're ever going back to the gym
>Swear to god, you're cancelling your membership the second you get home.
>You snuggle up next to Tomo-chan
>She doesn't seem to mind
>And you could really use some physical contact after everything that's happened.
>Your voice is still a little messed up, but you try and ask her some questions to break the silence.
S-so what kinda stuff do you like Tomo-chan?
"I like running. And hamburgers. And I really like the Fall! It's really cool when all the leaves fall!
>So innocent
>It's like nothing's wrong to her
>Just a normal night getting abandoned by her family and getting stuck in a haunted gym
>It's cute
>You wish you were still like that...

Keep going
You're still cute!
Do you have enough money for a hamburger? If so, you should totally get one for Tomo. Ask her what she likes to do for fun.
>You have a debit card... But you doubt she'd be interested in getting food.
>It's time for both of you to go home.
>This night has already been too much...
>At least for you.
>You want to spend more time with her though
>Keep her away from those horrible parents for as long as possible.
>But this is it.
>No pit stops
>Just home
What do you like to do for fun, Tomo-chan?
"Well I like to play with my friends. And race them! And I have a secret club house where we meet to play board games!"
>She pauses for a moment.
"A-And whenever mommy and daddy are fighting, I go in my room and play with my dolls."
>You feel your heart start to pound again
>You don't know what to say.
>Your head hurts
>Your heart hurts.
Her household sounds so horrible, why don't we take her for our selves? We would be a much better parent for poor little Tomo. Ah but we don't have the money to take care of her, such a conundrum _______, such a conundrum.
Perfectly right.
Thank you for all your help
All she's ever need from the start was just a little... push

>You're still walking-and still cold.
>You can see your breath as your journey down the side walk continues.
>Your lungs don't work so well in this weather
>And neither does your mind.
>Your thoughts are getting more sporadic.

>Her life must be so horrible.
>You can’t even begin to fathom…

>You just wanted to go home...
>Where you could take off these heavy clothes, cloak yourself in a blanket, and slip into a cozy little coma.

And then you can do it over and over again for the rest of your life
Never changing. Never ending.

>But now…
>You don't know what to do
>It's been such a long day, hasn’t it?
>It needs to end soon.

>Your walk continues.

>You haven't seen anyone.
>No cars have passed.
>Just rows of street lamps looming over empty streets.

>You haven't seen any houses either, and the only apartment on this street is yours.
>Maybe she lives in your apartment complex?

>If that's the case

>If that's the case…
>You could invite her over for... Snacks.
>And play with her.. Or something...
You wouldn't be so lonely if she lived near you
You could make her life less of a hell
And she could do the same for you

>I mean, you're already so close to her.
>You're practically inseparable.
>You’ve been through so much together…

>There's no way she'd oppose the idea.
>It would be fun.
>She'd be happy.
You'd be happy

>And her parents...
>They aren't even really parents at all.
>What kind of parents would subject this angel to such a fate.
>Her parents don't deserve her.

>She's so perfect
>So nice.
>So innocent.
>...so pure.
>Her hair is so cute and fluffy.
>And her skin looks so smooth.

You want to taste it

>She deserves better than those inattentive, unloving, uncaring people who dare call themselves her family.

>You would love her.
>You would always be there for her.
>You'd never fight with her.

>You look at her.
>She's so happy with you.
So unaware

>You doubt she's ever happy when she with her parents.
>And you can understand that better than anyone else could!
>You're different to her.
>You're... special

>She was scared and alone before you helped her.
>You've worked so hard for her.
>You've done so much to save her.

>Now... she can save you.
You deserve this.
Now let me in

You're slipping.
>find the police

No no no, I appreciate the offer
But you've done your part
Your role has ended
I'll handle things from here

>W-what’s happening?
>Something's wrong with you.
>These aren't your thoughts!
>Y-you need to-

>It's too late, isn't it?
>It was always too late.
>You had lost control from the very beginning

Now you have nothing to fear.
Nothing to think.

>Your vision is corrupted with static.
>Your eardrums are berated with disorienting sounds.
>Your limbs move independently from your mind.

Follow your selfish desires.
Follow your natural instinct.

>Your head is filled with thoughts that aren’t yours.
>Or weren’t yours.

After all.. You’re just an animal.
It’s so much easier than trying to think.

>You can feel the blood vessels starting to burst.

>Your last few seconds of consciousness are filled with fear
>And regret

I-I'm sorry
>You barely manage to get the words out of your throat.

"A-are you okay, Onee-chan?"

>Empty words
File: Spoiler Image (127 KB, 1536x2048)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Your fear allowed me to enter her mind

Your impulses allowed me to control her hands

Your lack of reason allowed me to break her eyes

Your neglect allowed me to shatter her ears

>She’s here.

Your expectations allowed me to hide the truth


Your guilt allows me to loosen her neck

>I’m in control.

And after everything you tried to do to 'help', it was still your tendencies that allowed me to take control

>I can think again..

But fear not

Now nothing she does is your fault

Now 'you' are no longer able to force her hand

Now she belongs to something.

She belongs to me.

The real 'her'

>I'm free...

END 2: Anosognosia
File: uhhhh...THE END!.png (188 KB, 1254x1253)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
Welp there you have it.
It wasn't all that good, but I hope it wasn't too terrible.

If you at least liked the art stuff check out some of my accounts.
I mostly draw a lot of weeb shit and memes so if that's your thing I'm ya man.
This the first 'serious' thing I've ever tried to create, so if you're (For some reason) looking for more stuff like this CYOA you're outta luck
AKA you'll have to wait

I think I'll be doing more CYOA's though. It was fun. The pressure of having to draw and write on the fly definitely got my blood pumpin!

Anyways, back to the CYOA
I did writeand draw multiple endings for this CYOA. That was just in case you guys did stuff I totally wasn't expecting.

Technically, it could be played again, but I doubt anyone would want to go through all this again just for a slightly different ending ( AKA 'you' go home with nothing bad happening because you saw through everything/abandoning Tomo before anything goes wrong.)
Seems like a waste of time. So I doubt I'll ever run this back.

I had a lot of fun. Thanks for not completely destroying me. I was very nervous going into this, but now I'm definitely up for doing this sorta thing again in the future.

Any feedback or comments or whatever would be greatly appreciated.
Otherwise, thanks for playing. Or just reading. Or whatever you did. It made my weekend. And I hope I at least kept you a little entertained.
See you around.
This was great! I'm a bit sad that it looks like we are holding Tomo captive in bad conditions though, maybe I shouldn't of played up the creepy there. I have to say though that your writing of the dialogue was great and conveyed emotions really. Also is there any chance we could see what the alternate endings were?
What in the world is this?
I enjoyed it!
But fuck, I guess we were the spook and poor Tomo-chan won't get to be comfy.
Wrong board
Are we the baddies?
The answer was yes.
Yes we were.
The voice telling us to start fires figured it out.
I really liked it man.
You don't have to throw the story away, you can rerun this in a near future with maybe different people playing.
I don't this that those that played now would go to spoil it if you run again.
I really liked you art during the quest, really hoping to see you more around here
I didn't expect you guys to like it that much!
Alright, then nevermind, I'll run it back in a couple weeks then!
I'll have to do some revising and draw some new stuff but I could probably get in done pretty quick
I'll also do some stuff to try and railroad you guys away from getting the same end again.
That would kinda suck if you played it just to do the same thing again right?

Well, I don't know. Maybe I won't. I hate railroading. ;)

Yeah you are(at least in this ending), some of you guys actually picked up on this way quicker than I expected and made me shit my pants. I was ten posts in or something and someone said that we were the bad guy and we were gonna molest Tomo.
I personally like ending 2 the most, and end 1 and 3 didn't have nearly as much done, so I was pissing myself trying to rewrite and draw the other ends since I thought you had figured this one out and would avoid it.

But luckily it worked out.

I really appreciate that you did! Like I said this ending is my favorite and I worked the hardest on it, but it wouldn't make any sense at all if you guys acted completely normal with no creepiness. It just wouldn't work. So I'm, at the very least, happy you played up the creep!
So thanks for your help
Thank you~

As for the alternate endings I won't say too much since I plan to run this again now. But ending 1 and 2 involve you being the 'bad guy' ending 3... well other things happen. You could call it a "good end"
Wouldn't make sense though since this was supposed to be spooky, but I wrote it just in case I gave up with the seriousness of the story half way through lel
And ending 4, I just have an outline of. I was so confident you wouldn't get to it that I never bothered making it past a rough draft, but now that you know the story I guess I'll have to work on it.
I have a lot of ideas for CYOA's ... well, 3 to be exact.
All of them are sorta spook or at least serious. Since everything I've done so far has been ...'comedy' I needed to see if I could actually make something serious.
As much as I love funni, the only stories to ever truly effect me have been serious ones. And I would love to invoke feelings like that in other people. Funny stuff just doesn't... I don't know, hit people as hard or make a lasting impact, or at least give you something to think about.
I don't know, I make memes most of the time so I don't really get it yet.

But eventually I'll get around to making those. They're all pretty short(I don't think I'd do very well in a long quest)
They'll be fun too hopefully!

Until then, keep looking out for a second thread. Or the name Gumby-chan.
Do you have a twitter or a tumblr or something easier to follow you in?
File: ...ahah...no.jpg (90 KB, 756x592)
90 KB
I used to use twitter, but it really wasn't working for me.
Tumblr I haven't tried, I don't think.
Not really a big fan of Tumblr...
Deviantart is where I post about everything I'm doing and I update it pretty frequently with art and stuff. Pixiv is where I post memes and that's about it.
Sorry man. I doubt I'll ever transfer all my stuff over to any another sites. It'd take way too long and I've already found my foot hold on the sites I'm use.
Wat? I don't get the ending. What is happening? Can any anons break it down for me what is going on? What happened to Tomo? What happened to her?
The baddy possessed MC in the darkness, then wormed its way into MC's mind as we fatzed about.

By letting it happen all the way outside the gym, it took control and kidnapped Tomo for abuse and torture.

It was going to happen either way as long as we stuck around, so the best ending was MC running away alone and letting the monster infect Tomo. I'm guessing nobody was around because everyone else did the same thing, including the mom. So MC and Tomo were just the only ones too young/weak-willed to be susceptible.
So you're saying we should have just called the cops...?
I knew we needed to grab that poster.
File: You figured it out!.jpg (139 KB, 1496x655)
139 KB
139 KB JPG

That's a pretty sound analysis acutally,
But I will say, I think there's a way to get a better ending than just running away ;)

...Technically, yeah. But that would be a really boring ass quest.

Next time I run this quest you'll have some more freedom to do what you want though.

I just had to make sure the first one didn't end in ten posts because you called the cops and went home. That would uh
Kinda blow.
So we SHOULD have burned the gym down!
Now you're talking!
I mean you didn't have a lighter for nothing right?
File: Les gooo.png (152 KB, 737x625)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
New thread

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