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File: BoC3-Logo.png (42 KB, 500x500)
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>The Era of Daemon has come to a close, as the world is reborn anew. Life has fleeted from The Goddess of Creation, but as the eons passed, the cycle of gods and men is upon us once-more.

>You are a being of creation, or what people of this realm may come to call a God. You are a being born with innate knowledge and immense arcane power.
>It feels only right to fill this empty terrain with your own creations.

Welcome to the third installation of Beings of Creation, a long-running tactical civ-style hexcrawl based on your imagination. You are a non-omnipotent, divine being of great power. You find yourself spontaneously brought to existence in a seemingly untouched world.

Using a fog-of-war mechanic, each player gets their own section of the map that grows as they explore and discover new terrain. We use discord to distribute these maps, you can join our server at https://discord.gg/eRzTbvc
While maps and character sheets will be distributed individually through discord, post's involving player's actions, and my summary updates on the results of said actions, (plus any roleplaying between the gods) will remain in-thread, as to let everyone enjoy the lore and rp.

To begin, you will need to create your God, using the following outline:
Name: (By what name will your minions, and other gods, come to know you by?)
Description: (What do you look like?)
Domains: (The themes that dictate your gods powers; you may have anywhere from 1 to 3 of these domains. Ocean domains are not allowed)
Color: (The color of your hex on the map)
God Attributes: (Choose one major stat, and two minor stats from Affinity, Agility, Fortitude, Spirit, Strength, and Terraforming.)
Your Minions: (The name of your minions' species, and their general description)
Minion Attributes: (Choose one starting stat from Culture, Defense, Offense, and Population.)


For now, there is no player limit, and players may join even after the game has begun.
Godspeed, beings of creation. The world is yours.
File: tobii-ko-022222.jpg (346 KB, 1691x1500)
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346 KB JPG
Name: Ynülu god of Gluttony
Description: Her day to day form is a beautiful humanoid who seems transparent skin. She can always be seen eating, who also has bad table manners.
Domains: Hunger
Color: Maroon Red
God Attributes: Major-Affinity
Minor-Fortitude, Strength
Your Minions: The Jushilian are a race of dark skin creatures that come in all sizes, their appetite is as huge as their laughter(hyena laugh).
Minion Attributes: Culture
File: Poison Ivy.jpg (100 KB, 667x909)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Name: May Queen
Description: Pic related
Domains: Nature, Plants and Fungi
Color: Light green
God Attributes: Major:Spirit Minor:Terraforming and Affinity
Your Minions: Offshoots an extension of the May Queen's forest. These creatures come in various shapes and sizes although most come in humanoid variety. Their minds (if you can even call it a mind) are wholly alien to other mortal creatures and could barely be said to have will of their own as Offshoot are an offshoot of the forest which itself is an offshoot of the Queen's will. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! MAY THE FOREST SING ETERNAL!
Minion Attributes: Defense
File: 8765r4dfguyiuojihr.jpg (74 KB, 678x900)
74 KB
Name: Covetous

Description: Towering sable tree, with hollow eyes and a gaping maw, wide enough that it seems it could swallow the world. Can unfurl limbs of gnarled root and bark to traverse the open world.

Domains: Evolution, Soul, Life.

Color: Black

God Attributes: Major - [Terraforming] Minors - [Fortitude and Spirit]

Your Minions: The Gaping are a race of plant-beasts, the first children of the maw of the old one. They have a humanoid shape, and have dark, mottled, bark like forms. Their 'eyes' are open and hollow, mirroring their creator.

Minion Attributes: Population
File: Belweir.png (115 KB, 640x400)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
Name: Belweir
Description: A large, floating crystal with what appear to be eyes.
Domains: Crystal, electricity, magic
Color: #B6C8C8 (Grey)
God Attribute (Major): Affinity
God Attributes (Minor): Spirit, Fortitude
Your Minions: Thaumites, small motes of multicolored light that appear to be sentient. They live inside of crystals, and are able to move their homes through the air at will. When travelling in Belweir's lands, it is not uncommon to see hovering swarms of tiny migrating crystals. They are able to survive extremely short periods outside of their crystals, allowing them to zip from one crystal to another through open air. They communicate by flashing and changing color.
Minion Attributes: Defense
File: Gotas.jpg (156 KB, 742x1075)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Name: Gotas the Hunter
Description: Pic related
Domains: Ambition, Hunting, and Innovation
Color: Gold
God Attributes: Major - Affinity, Minor - Strength & Agility
Your Minions: The Aspirants - Masked skeletal beings, not skeletons exactly, they just have very thin skin. They carve their achievements into their bones as a means to mark their achievements forever. They believe that should they have enough when they die they will quest alongside their god for endless eons.
Minion Attributes: Offense
File: Hogzilla.jpg (22 KB, 320x212)
22 KB
Name: The Beast Father
Description: A massive, shaggy-furred creature resembling a boar
Domains: Animals, Determination, Anger
Color: Blood Red
God Attributes: Fortitude (Major), Strength (minor), Terraforming (minor)
Minions: The Swine are essentially what they appear to be. They breed quickly, consume whatever resources are available to sustain their growth, and can be quite aggressive when it comes to defending what's theirs, even if it used to be somebody else's.
File: The Swine.jpg (126 KB, 1200x675)
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126 KB JPG
File: birb.png (1.02 MB, 1200x532)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Name: Darei

Description: Covered in feather and clad in a light armor, Darei is a god of battles. Never to stay in the same place for long, he want new sights, new people, new adversaries, something he has yet to experience

Domains: Honor, Battles, Yearning

Color: Light orange

God Attributes: Major-Strengh
Minor-Agility and Fortitude

Your minions: The Dazars, just like their gods are bird like beings. Their whole society is governed by a complex code of honor and warriors and martial prowess are highly regarded. They tend to be nomadic and form clans but grand nests are known to appear here and there. The clans are often at war with each others but in those big nests, a peace treaty is enforced for everyone.
The Dazars appearance can vary wildly.

Minion Attributes: Offense
File: latest.jpg (95 KB, 730x535)
95 KB
A Dazar armed with a spear
File: Monolith.jpg (253 KB, 1370x987)
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253 KB JPG
Name: Monolith
Description: A gigantic stony shape, vaguely humanoid, powerfully built and wreathed in cool mist.
Domains: Mountains, Rocks, Cold.
Color: A Deep, Slatey Grey.
God Attributes: Major: Fortitude. minor: Strength, Terraforming.
Your Minions: Trolls. A Race of strong, heavy, sturdy, Silicon-based lifeforms who are the image of Monolith in smaller scale. Their brains are made of conductive silicon and perform exponentially better at cooler temperatures, but in warm temperatures they can seize up, making it seem the Troll has turned to stone.
Minion Attributes: Defense.
File: unknown[1].png (206 KB, 1272x1002)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
Name: Parotia
Description: Picture related.
Domains: Birds, Darkness and Plague
Color: Purple
God Attributes: Major Agility, Minor spirit and Fortitude
Your Minions: Kosk, a human-headed bird that is a scavanging bird of prey seeking for carcasses and sick animals to hunt for and eat. Commonly in group, they sing together and clean each other.
Minion Attributes: Offense.
File: 6463-70c6a8[1].jpg (174 KB, 700x669)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
A normal and healthy Kosk, clean as well.
File: The Board of Directors.jpg (121 KB, 640x360)
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121 KB JPG
Name: The Founder and their Board of Directors (Addressed as the numbers 1 through 5.)
Description: A strange, unearthly cryogenic pod, the barest hints of a person buried behind pristine, rime-coated glass.
Domains: Economy, Uniformity, Ice
Color: Cyan
God Attributes: Major Stat: Spirit. Minor Stats: Affinity, Terraforming
Your Minions: Employees, a stratified workforce of identical clones. All Interns are identical, and all Salesmen are identical, but Interns and Salesmen do not look like each other. However, all wear crisp suits of professional black.
Minion Attributes: Culture
File: a1.jpg (487 KB, 900x738)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
Name: Onus, or "The One"
Description: A relatively small ball of light, which lies directly at the center of an expansive cloud of vibrant colors. Would look similar to an image of a galaxy.
Domains: Dark Knowledge and the Schemes of Mortals
Color: Dark Blue
God Attributes: Major spirit, lesser affinity
Minions: Rarely worshipped, Onus' only followers consist of men of learning who seek his guidance.
Minion Attributes: Culture
Valakor is what you?
Different anon, sorry
Btw you should have 2 minor affinities
Yeah I know, I was going to forfeit the second minor originally, but if you guys prefer I have three I'll add terraforming
We now have 11 players, so I'll give the rest of today for people to get their characters in, and then we'll begin.

If you join in late, that's fine, you'll just be a little behind the others.

Frakt, start pumpin out those boc3 memes already so I got images to post here
Name: Ikya
Description: The entity known as Ikya consists of a colossal conveyor belt dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of all manner of seemingly man made products adequate for your new, comfortable lifestyle. State of the art
Ärm technology pieces together products as they are transported down the assembly line to be delivered to you, the consumer. The topmost image of the entity known as Ikya has been kindly provided by the entity known as Ikya for your utmost enlightenment.
Domains: Construction, Comfort, ̶N̶o̶t̶ ̶a̶ Confidence ̶S̶c̶h̶e̶m̶e̶
Colour: #0051BA according to our official marketing guide.
God Attributes: Major-Terraforming, Minor-Affinity/Strength
Your Minions: The world is uncomfortable without Ikya. Fungal spores gradually develop into fully functional Hem and Apparater, able to consciously adapt themselves for any needs. These self sustaining structures will utilise available materials of the surrounding environment and, when fully grown, will expel new generations of spores. The world is now a comfortable place with Ikya. Images bottom left and bottom right, depicting such dwellings, have been kindly provided by the entity known as Ikya as a preview to your potential and very much affordable Bekvämlighet.
Minion Attributes: Population
Name: Azraelius

Description: A mysterious and enigmatic humanoid being that is cloaked in darkness and wears a mask that resembles a live swirling miniature version of the milkyway galaxy. He omits an aura of sheer intensity and power. His understanding of life and death unnerves others.

Domains: Death & Rebirth, transformation and Power.

Color: Violet

God attributes: Major [Strength]
Minors [Spirit and terraforming]

Minions: The Sefari. They are a shapshifting race. They are born as bright phoenix like flame humanoids full of life, vigor, energy and zest. Yet as life goes on, the fire in some slowly dies. Their light fades.This brings about a change in their appearance and abilities. They start to resemble pale, icy vampires full of darkness. Cold and heartless. Their aptitude for fire and light turns into an aptitude for ice and darkness. Some let go of the darkness and experience a rebirth transforming once again into a flame humanoid, others never plunge into the darkness at all. Others remain in the darkness...

Minion Attributes: Population
File: 20181018_233302.jpg (69 KB, 419x446)
69 KB
Name: Amalgama
Description: an energetic being who loves a good fight as much as eccentric items. Has a multifunctional arm for combat and constructing purposes and a sword for close quarters. He wont let anyone stand in his way to obtain rare materials and relics.
Domains: Synthesis, combat, innovation
Color: ivory
God attributes: major-Strength minor-agility and fortitude
Minions: the malagma look less human than their creator resembling a mostly human looking mesh of metal and flesh synthesized together.
Because their bodies are built from the ground up their offensive abilities may vary. While friendly they are quick to settle problems with their fists or whatever weapon is preferred.
Minion attribute: offense
File: 20181019_004712.jpg (58 KB, 353x441)
58 KB
Name: Anafabula, The opponent, The antagonist, Neverwere
Description: Cosmic rage against creation given form, the eternal pattern which looks back and screams in static, the fractal of nonexistence
Domains: Anti-life
Color: Deep blue
God Attributes: Main: Terraforming Minor: spirit, agility
Your Minions: Nothings, nameless remanents of past creation, of things never created, of things never meant to be. Shadows of untruth cast by creation
Minion Attributes: Offence
Deep blue is taken, here's a list of the colors taken so you have a good idea of what's left
Also I don't think I recognize your writing style, if you're new be sure to join the discord so you can get your character sheet and maps for each update
File: IMG_20181019_093318.jpg (18 KB, 281x286)
18 KB
Name: Alpha Oybabtu

Description: A two-meter beige sphere with arms and a mouth floating above the ground. Oybabtu seems be formed of hard flesh, like a myconid. Oybabtu has no eyes or ears but seems to see and hear normally.

Domains: Conversion, Unity, Health
Oybabtu will bring unity and health to this world.

Color: Beige

God Attributes:
Major: Terraforming
Minor: Affinity, Fortitude

Your Minions: Oybabtu are indivdual, smaller, one-meter copies of Oybabtu, without Oybabtu's Divine Grace and Innate Knowledge. To clarify, Oybabtu became called Alpha Oybabtu.

Minion Attributes: Population
Oybabtu are healthy and plentiful.
File: boc3terrain.png (101 KB, 639x1440)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
Quick reminder of where everything will be - Character sheets and maps are distributed through discord. Your posts with your actions will be in-thread, as will my update posts that reply to all action posts. If you're not sure where to start with your action post, let a boc oldfag go first and learn from them. The goal is daily updates.

>As the two suns begin their crawl over the mountainous horizon, and their light begins to shimmer through the dew on the plantlife, the only life to be seen in this quiet realm. Until, as if millions of fireflies culminate as motes of bright yellow light, Gods and Men are welcomed back to this world.

>>2976851 Ynülu
Ynülu and her dark skinned people find themselves surrounded in a forest of fungal trees. To the south, there appears to be a body of salt-water.

>>2976997 May Queen
The May Queen and her minions look around to find nature in all directions; Jungles where you stand, to the west, and southeast; Marshes to the east and southwest; and a body of freshwater to the north.

>>2977119 Covetous
The towering figure of Covetous comes to form in the black deserts of curling Sable trees, as the plant-beast Gaping crawl from Covetous' maw.

>>2977132 Belweir
The familiar and cheerful crystal being of Belweir coalesces into form in a peaceful valley of pine trees, with a body of freshwater to the southeast, and cliff coasts that drop into a body of salt-water to the north.

>>2977209 Gotas
The Aspirants and their god, Gotas The Hunter, find themselves on the coasts of a deciduous forested region, with salt-water covering the south and east coasts, and a body of freshwater deeper in the forests.

>>2977359 The Beast Father
The Beast Father and his swine's territory begins in shrublands, with a saltwater coast to the northwest, and freshwater southeast past the grassland plains.

The gloriously feathered Dazars and their avian god Darei spring to life in a desert terrain, with a mountainous Mesa to the northwest.

>>2978018 Monolith
The hulking Monolith and his people of stone come to form in the cold sides of a mountain range, looking over a scenery of marsh to the north, freshwater to the northwest, and jungle to the west.

>>2978167 Parotia
Paotia and his Kosks survey their jungle terrain, observing the mountain range to the east, and bodies of saltwater further east and west.

>>2978710 The Founder
The Founder and their Board of Directors, as well as all of their employees, have collected the data on their landscape, presenting to their boss that it appears there is tundra in most directions, however a body of saltwater is west, mountains are southwest, and a landscape of shrublands can be seen to the southeast. Time to get to work.

>>2978995 Onus
Onus' core of light coalesces over a tundra of billowing snow, as its arms of vibrant light begin to spin and wrap the light core. A body of saltwater can also be seen to the northeast.

>>2979450 Ikya
The colossal form of Ikya begins production off the coast of a ppiney forest, with saltwater to the southwest, and a marsh to the east.

>>2980966 Azraelius
The powerful Azraelius and his vibrantly burning Sefari find their beginning in grassland fields, with forests to the southwest, and mountains to the northwest. Here in the grasslands, there appear to be many deep-olive-coloured metal deposits within the boulders.

>>2981201 Amalgama
Amalgama and his minions come to form in the grassland valley of a mountain to the west, with grassland in all other directions except a body of saltwater to the east.

>>2981625 Alpha Oybabtu
The Oybabtu begin their quest of bringing health to this world, as they find themselves in plains of salt flats, with grassland to the south and west, and mountains to the north.

You may now begin. Have fun!
[Claim] Claim the 3 hexes to the south and east of my starting point, to secure resources and living space!

[Develop] Teach my minions how to gather edible plants from the shrublands. It's not meat, but it will keep appetites sated until suitable prey can be found.
Extend to the hex's northeast, east and northwest of starting position to give access to the great salt sea.
Followers need food, develop basic tools for fishing in the coastal arctic waters.
Forgot your name there.
Not used to namefagging, will try to remember for op's sake
Rolled 40, 14, 22, 1 = 77 (4d100)

Develop + DI: Garden of change
Under May Queen's command the plantlife of the forest forms a magnificient garden, everchanging colours and forms fighting, dying and growing once more painting a beautiful picture of nature (Domains: Nature, Plants, Fungi) (Free bio related tech periodically)

Develop: Foraging
Offshoot are taught by their Queen on how to pick the fruits and mushrooms of the forest without harming the life from which it came from and how to be grateful for it's gifts
Gotas looked around, taking in this new creation. The boundless forests around him, the twin suns rising over the eastward beach. He found it amusing that they had arisen from a spot like this, like explorers disembarking on a new shore. However the time for metaphor could come later, as for now his host stood before him ready to carry out their god's commands.

Gotas instructs a portion of his Aspirants to disperse into the forests to the West, Northwest, and Southwest to survey this new country and to push towards the western river, as they would find there a source of drinking water and fish. The Hunter proclaimed that it would be named for the first scout to reach it.
Gotas then asks the remaining Aspirants to search the newly claimed woods for sources of food, be it plant or animal. The river they now ruled adjacent to would serve as a source of good water for now.

[Develop - DI]

Monolith not finished making Trolls. Monolith god of Mountain. Trolls live with Monolith in Mountain.Trolls stone like Monolith, sturdy like Monolith. Trolls climb rock with stone hands, Trolls eat rock with diamond teeth. Trolls thrive in cold, Trolls think best in cold. Mountain no fear to Trolls. Mountain no barrier to Trolls. Mountain walk in park to Trolls. All Trolls get this gift of Monolith.


The Trolls start learning how to Quarry for good, tasty rocks to eat or use (or throw).
Diridge - The Hungry and Wanting

The true Diridge is a primordial being of eternal hunger and feasting. Strong and stubborn, he would eat and consume everything in his way, to feed the endless void inside himself. Until one day, he ran into what few gods have ever encountered, nothing. He fled this nothing, time and time again, as his ruinous feasting laid waste to every world he came across.
Older than most other gods, he has been forced to learn and overcome many challenges just to survive. To this end, he realized he must not only consume, but also create. Create new things for himself to later consume. To stave off the absence of nothing by creating anything.

The Diridge on this Material Plane is not the original one, but more of a proxy, an avatar, of his divine will. Forged from one of his teeth, Diridge mimics his true form. A tall, imposing humanoid composed of divine enamel. His interior is a wormhole, linked to his true form's stomach. Literally dropped down onto the surface of this new world when his true form couldn't be bothered, Diridge is here to do what he does best, with his trademark curmudgeonly attitude.

Agriculture, Mining, Consumption

#808000 (Olive)

>God Attributes:
Major: Spirit
Minor: Fortitude and Terraforming

>Your Minions: The Centaurs
Originally a nomadic and barbarous people, the coming of Diridge has brought them together. Now, they focus on self-improvement and creating their own society and culture. Fast and strong, these creatures can ride for miles under their own power or pull plows and caravans themselves. However, their large and unwieldy bodies make it harder for them to maneuver in smaller/cramped conditions.
>Minion Attributes: Culture
[Claim DI]
Claim 3 hexs from the east

Ynülu and the dark ones begin to search for food; hunter-gatherer
3 hexes, the central one and the two to the north-west of my position

The desert surround us and we shall adapt to it, learn to find the rare water point and plant filled with it. Learn to hunt the snakes and rodents that crawl upon the dunes. And to catch the bird that may fly in the sky.
Alpha Oybabtu was ecstatic.
Here was this wonderful world in which Oybabtu could create, share, and protect good Health.
This land was pure, full of rich Salt Flats and was an excellent place to start.

Alpha Oybabtu instructed the Oybabtu how to slowly crumble, disintegrate, and Convert crude lifeless matter into beige Dust, which Oybabtu could then consume to remain Healthy.
>[Develop - DI] Production Tech->Foraging "Quarry Dust"
I want Oybabtu to consume processed Dust which they will naturally and continually create by hand from lifeless matter until they acquire better tech.

>[Claim] Seeking out new wonders of this world and any Sick creatures that might have Disease, Alpha Oybabtu sent Oybabtu out to claim the other Salt Flats Oybabtu had seen, as well as the Grassland and the northwest mountains.

>[Unit Action - Move - Alpha Oybabtu]
Alpha Oybabtu personally explored these newly claimed lands, moving east to the Grassland, then curving west to the Saltflats, and ending in the Mountains.
Claim some hexes, the Southwest, the Southeast, and the Northeast

[Create Unit]
5 Population
Unit Name: Asset Surveyors (Surveyors)
Assigned Tech: N/A

[Move] 1 Hex East. 4 Hexes Southeast from there.

The 5 businessmen sit in the dark room, wordlessly staring at each other as the cryopod at the head of the table beeps and whirrs gently. Every now and then, like the breath of a frost giant, a gust of frigid air is vented forward, sending beads of condensed water scooting another millimeter forward along the mahogany table.

"I'm hungry." Said 1 through 5, already rising from their seats.

"Let's go find a bistro." Number 3 said, a slight moment after the other 4 nodded in agreement.

They popped on their fashionably tailored coats, black as midnight, swinging them around their shoulders in perfect unison, before venturing out into the land beyond.

Behind them, the machine beeped and whirred some more. It would wait. They would return. There was business to be done.
File: content_heromulch.jpg (60 KB, 520x412)
60 KB
Claim the hexes next to the ocean and the one mountain hex.

[Develop]-Amalgama picks some grass then puts it in his arm it immediately surges forth the knowledge of its structure and makeup to him. He then begins his minion construction protocol synthesized with the grass quickly cutting it short from examine a partially constructed flesh sample successfully mixed.

obtain the ability to make terrain adjusted minions other than my generalist ones.
[Claim DI]
Claim the two exes in the north, you need to start small.

"Oh god they eat flesh" - Teach how to find the respectives animals in the savanah and hunting in general. No need for seeking edible plants, we're not cowards.
Covetous stood atop a dune of black sand, looking out over the wastes amidst his trees and his children, taking in the rolling endless sea of grit and strange plants, cloaked in a singular dark tone like an ill omen.

Something distinctly felt missing, as if he was out of reach of something intimate. Something like deja-vu enveloped him, eating at his consciousness telling him his situation was *wrong*, something was *wrong*, not knowing what it was.

His children were familiar to him, he already *knew* them, and yet...

Instinctually, he knew that something had been taken from him, from them, and he felt rage, rage and fear.

He already knew what to do, like second nature. He set his children to work, and with an effort he reached out his divine power over the lands before him, phantom sensation reminding him of something he had long forgotten, like a whisper in his mind.

The tree split open a sharp, viscious grin. It was time to get to work.

>[Claim - DI] 5 Hex (E, W, SW, SE, NW,)

>[Develop] Hunting

The children set out to search the black deserts for edible creatures, learning to hunt in groups to entrap and slaughter prey.

>[Unit action (Move) - Covetous]
>Move 2 East

The god picked a direction that felt right to him, and set out with a few eager younglings. He would need to grasp his surroundings to plan for the days to come.
Belweir bobbed carelessly through the trees, floating along lazily and enjoying the feel of the light gleaming through his transparent body, inside of which danced a hundred pulsing, multicolored lights he called "thaumites". The lights weren't the only thing that filled Belweir though; he brimmed and vibrated with excitement! The world was new! New and empty and waiting to be filled with cool and pretty things!


He cast his eyes to the forest, and a broad field of crystals blossomed forth from the ground in a large clearing, and many more crystal clusters sprung forth from around the roots of nearby trees. The gleaming god hovered through this new vitreus, spinning slowly as many motes of light leapt from his body to the surrounding formations. These were now homes for Belweir's thaumites, and they brought a beautiful excitement to the quiet forest.

[DEVELOP] Pinewood stock
Still gleaming with many lights inside him, the big crystal twirled away to explore other things. He wondered what exactly these trees were? Many pieces of them could easily be found on the ground... He was sure that they wouldn't mind if he asked his thaumites to collect some!
>Name: Forsaken Nerzul the Undying Scholar
>Description: A clockwork of flesh, soul, and bones pieced together to form a greater whole.
>Domains: Knowledge. Magic. Secrets.(The themes that dictate your gods powers; you may have anywhere from 1 to 3 of these domains. Ocean domains are not allowed)
>Color: Purple
>God Attributes: Major Spirit. Minor affinity. Minor Terraforming.
>Your Minions: Undead and golem low class. Crafters and researchers second class. first class is the teachers and preachers. Bottom Class is slaves and heathens. Top class is solely for those who follow the teachings and expand them whoever they may can .
>Minion Attributes: Culture
Come join us in the discord it's mandatory
Who is this?
I believe that is Parotia phoneposting
Yeah, it's me. Phoneposting kind sucks sometimes, huh?
Correction. Nix the Unit creation.

[Develop] Igloo Settlement
A few lowly Interns are ordered by Cubicle Workers to build some damn cubicles for them to work in. The Interns, dangerously simpleminded and enthusiastic, create a few examples of the worlds first square igloo.
Inside, a desk, made of packed snow, topped by a pair of square ice blocks. One lies flat, and holds many intricately carved symbols on it, while the other stands a foot high but only 2 inches thick. No one knows what it is, but the Interns felt each desk needed a "Kompewtur" on top of it.

Most melt fairly quickly, or fall over when accidentally nudged. Productivity is at an all time high, and thats just sad.
File: ice-restaurant.jpg (184 KB, 1600x1067)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
They need to add a bistro to the office cafeteria.
[Claim DI]-Claim some hexes to the southwest and northwest.

[Develop]-Develop settlement, a ziggurat is built using the boulders in the area.

God Unit
1 hex towards the mountain hex
The sefari are looking around and exploring their new surroundings. The flame Sefari resemble children at play jumping around and playing in the grasslands while the ice Sefari are sitting on the boulders looking towards the mountains emitting darkness and heartless vibes as they sit. Then suddenly both the flame and the ice Sefari feel unnerved. The sky grows darker and darker, even darker then the darkest starless night. An intense aura is sensed in the area. And out of the darkness Azraelius emerges. The Sefari fall to their knees. Their inability to cope with Azraelius's intense aura is noted. Fear and respect is noted in their eyes. "Rise my children" Azraelius says. "There is work to be done."
Alright, I think we'll no longer be accepting new players, at least for now. 17 gods is a lot.
Also, daily reminder to please namefag :)

>>2984964 Beast Father
3 hex claimed. Upon claiming the grasslands, you discover deposits of deep olive coloured Oltar Ore, found in the rocks and boulders.
The Swine learn to consume the shrubland's limited, yet accessible, plantlife, temporarily sating their hunger.

>>2985003 Onus
3 hex claimed. You discover the icy wastes terrain to the northwest, which I totally didn't forget to put in the rules.
Using the tundra scraps, Onus' people (who could use a name!) craft basic fishing tools.

>>2985103 May Queen
>Free bio related tech periodically
As a message to everyone, periodical development shit ain't happening. I learnt my lesson from boc2.
I'll refund this so you can think of something different; let's leave the jewery at least later than turn 1. You'll have 3 major actions this turn.
The Offshoot learn to take advantage of nature's edible gifts, foraging for fruits and mushrooms gently.

>>2985251 Gotas
3 hex claimed.
The Aspirants immediately begin searching the forests for food, identifying a black furred animal similar to ferrets, but with a short midsection. Gotas is unsure how, but he knows theses creatures to be called the Sirvee. Hunting developed.

>>2985821 Monolith
The Trolls adapt to the lifestyle of Monolith, as Monolith gifts them with the powers of mountains, rocks, and cold.
Additionally, they begin collecting rocks for use of food and basic weaponry alike.

>>2985945 Diridge
Diridge enters the realm, finding him and his centaurs surrounded by a coastal grassland, with roseberry forests to the northwest and west.

>>2985968 Ynülu
3 hex claimed. You discover Jetlichen, a soft, lichen plant that covers much of the mushroom forest's soft ground, and scattered across many mushroom trees.
The dark ones discover small, gray, slimey, and transparent creatures, slowly crawling across the mushroom stalks. They're small, but plentiful. They go on to find other creatures and plants to eat, develping Hunting and Gathering.

>>2986058 Darei
3 hex claimed.
The Dazars begin adapting to their environment, taking advantage of food and water sources are available to them. Hunting and Gathering developed.

>>2987070 Alpha Oybabtu
The Oybabtu convert the surrounding lifeless matter into something useful, a processed and consumable beige dust.
3 hex claimed, as Alpha Obabtu navigates the terrain.

>>2987087 The Founder
2 hex claimed. Mountain hex cost 2 to claim.
The Igloo Settlement is constructed, setting a crude, but functional, start to their office of snow and ice.
And off to find a bistro they go, navigating far from their original terrain to search.

File: colors.png (17 KB, 179x564)
17 KB
>>2987413 Amalgama[
2 hex claimed. Mountain hex cost 2 to claim.
You need DI to do the whole minion synthesis thingy, so I'll give you this major action back, thus leaving you with three this turn.

>>2987499 Parotia
2 hex claimed.
Parotia and the Kosks learn to watch their prey from above, sweeping down and snatching smaller jungle animals. Hunting developed.

>>2987701 Covetous
And as Covetous' rage would grow within him, so would the terrain he owns, claiming 5 hex immediately.
Blending with the ground, many black lizards skitter across the sand, as The Gaping learn to hunt, trap, and eat them.
Covetous' roots expanded from his gaping maw, as they dug into the ground to pull him further into the desert.

>>2987707 Belweir
Clusters of crystal blossom from the ground, granting not only shelter, but a peaceful and happy place where thaumite may live.
The thaumites collect a large quantity of the pinewood, which should certainly do well for a temporary source. But perhaps a more reliable creation could consistently bring pinewood, if deemed necessary.

>>2987854 Forsaken Nerzul[/greeen]
Purple is taken, can't really put you on the map without a unique color. Once you get that, I'll create your stuff and you can still start on the next turn.

>>2991362 Azraelius
3 hex claimed.
You'll need to develop some way of collecting the oltar before developing a structure using it. I'll refund this major action, so you'll have 3 this turn.
>>Diridge - The Hungry and Wanting

>Claim [DI]: NW, NE, E, SW
>Develop: Instruct the Centaurs to begin gathering various cultivatable plants for initial consumption, and growing. From both the plains and the forests if they can.

>Unit action [God Unit]: Move down along the southern coast.

At the forest's edge, two centaur tribes faced off. This stretch of coastline was a point of contention between the northern tribe and southern tribe. Each wanting more grazing and hunting lands, they had brought their full force to bare. Before blood could be spilt, however, a white object unceremoniously slammed down into the ground a ways off from their chosen battlefield. Calling a temporary truce, they decided to investigate.

What emerged from the crater was a humanoid, standing roughly a head or two taller than the largest of the centaurs. Cold glistening eyes peered out, and surveyed his new land. When the warchief of the northern tribe tried to wrestle him, the humanoid simply threw him off. When the southern tribe tried to take advantage of the distraction and shoot an arrow at the northerners, the humanoid interposed himself. Driving the hostilities down simply by sheer will and fortitude, the humanoid commanded the centaurs to listen. Named Diridge, he would show them new strength, new power, and new possibilities they'd never before considered. And if they refused, he'd eat them all. With little they could actually do to the humanoid, the two tribes hesitantly agreed to the pact.

With a wave of his hand, the land bent to his will. He instructed the Centaurs to begin preparation for a proper farm, to grow in bulk the scant crops they could find on their migrations. While they began their gathering, Diridge took a small contingent of centaurs to show him his new domain.
[claim] Now claim the hexes to the north and east as well. More shrublands means more food, right?

[develop] The Swine are known for a number of things, but agility is not one of them. One swine, frustrated by a white-tailed rabbit's ability to evade his hungry maw, picks up a rock and throws it at the offending creature as hard as he can. He dines on rabbit-roast that night, and others are quick to start learning from his example. (Develop Hunting & Unlock Throwing Weapons to research next turn. Or the reverse, whichever complies with the Tech Tree.)
Alpha Oybabtu was impressed with the variety within the land. Though crossing the mountains had been done with ease, Other Oybabtu could not. Instructions were given on how to explore the east Grassland and circle northwards around to the Shrublands north of the mountains. A few Oybabtu explored the western Saltflat as well.
>[Claim 5 hex]

Encountering rain, Alpha Oybabtu decided that the Oybabtu needed protection from such weather in order to stay healthy. The trenches filled with beige Dust in the Saltflats were lovely, but Oybabtu needed more.
Alpha Oybabtu moved down to the western, newly claimed Saltflats, watching Oybabtu play in freshly trenched Dust. Noticing the Pure Salt, Alpha Oybabtu remarked on it's flavor, it's abrasive qualities, and considered it's possible uses. Perhaps it could be used for Medicine to help the Unhealthy or perhaps it could be used to help erode matter from stone mountains.
>[Develop] Knowledge Tech->Research Salt
I want to develop mining and other tech to build a proper settlement. But Salt is my only resource, so I'm searching new land and for new ways to use Salt. Salt Sandblasting! Probably not.

>[Unit Action - Move - Alpha Oybabtu]
Western Saltflat
[DI - Develop]
With the help of Ynülu, the dark ones develop a stronger jaw and complex digestive system to gives them the ability to consume anything from poisonous to unedible things. Their taste heightens which gives everything they eat a unique delicious taste.

The dark ones begin to hollow strong sturdy mushrooms and also begin digging (mostly eating) underground homes too.
Develop: Garden of Change + DI (since I didn't get to use my DI last turn)
Description: Under May Queen's command the plantlife of the forest forms a magnificient garden, everchanging colours and forms fighting, dying and growing once more painting a beautiful picture of nature (Domains: Nature, Plants, Fungi) (acts as a bio lab for minor bio related developments and yes OP approved and yes I bitched a lot to get this)
Claim: the four land tiles
Development: Tree farming
Offshoot with the secrets they learned from the Garden of change, whisper into the ears of the trees asking them for their gifts and the trees accept their request, gifting offshoot with "fruit" of wood
Unit action:move God 2 left and 3 up
Rolled 84, 33, 55, 61 = 233 (4d100)

Just in case

[Claim - DI]

Monolith lays claims to mountains, East and south. All mountains one stone!


As Trolls wander and dig for stone, they begin to scratch (or sometimes bite) shapes into not-tasty rocks to act as messages, directions for or warnings to other Trolls. These first crude scratches develop slowly into a crude runic language corresponding to spoken Trollish.
File: nest.jpg (349 KB, 1600x939)
349 KB
349 KB JPG

The 3 hex north of my position (one mesa + 2 desert)

>Develop - Settlement
Time to begin to build the first Grand nest, hidden in a valley inside the mesa, it is cool enough in the day thanks to the shade while still receiving sunlight. It should also be easy to defend. This place will be perfect
I'd like it in the central mesa, the one in between the southmost and newly claimed north one


Darei - It is time to see what the world look like, Darei will fly north along the desert border to see just how far it extend.
Rolled 2, 7, 3, 5 = 17 (4d10)

Over the frozen tundra the One wreathed in colored bands of light begins to swirl. Criss-crossing arms of aurora in the sky unravel and dispel inward, revealing the shining core beneath. Almost as quickly as the world had turned to darkness before, now it filled with light once again. Or, perhaps, this world was first experiencing light, the One Who Knows did not know this time.
His sight, damaged and incomplete, was almost useless. Fortunately, He didn't need it to survey the simple landscapes below. Swathes of white flow in every direction, some ending against spires of grey and others against an endless flat of deep-blue.
Somehow, Onus continued to exist. Despite the shattered memories of "recent" events that elude Him from within, and against the overwhelming likelihood of being consumed, He had once again taken shape. Though, He seemed a bit light on shape. Had He always been bodiless like so?
Regardless, things did not feel as usual. This world was full of power, much greater than His meager bit. Mortals prance about the ice below, and mortals don't exist without immortal guides.
These ones seemed to be unclaimed, simple fishermen living out of holes hollowed into snow. Ignorant but alive, they would do well for now. He would need to act fast to make sure the leverage against potential opponents is in place, and He knew the perfect way.

A man stood atop the snowy precipice, taking in the view of the sea in its fullest. Life was dull, but little things made it worthwhile. This night, however, the Gods had a different plan. As he turned around to return to the warmth of the fire, a vision accosted him. For a moment, there was a great building of stone and wood and other materials beyond his understanding. It rose high into the sky, roof spiraling upward to point towards that bright light amidst the stars. It's flaming beacon a sign of hope to weary sailors; thousands of scrolls ensconced within the expansive halls. As quickly as it came the vision shattered, leaving this man to gaze at that only thing that remained, a great burning star over head, from which aurora emerged to drape the northern horizon.
Confused and bewildered, and beyond freezing, he turned tail to run and carry his vision to any that would hear it.

>Develop w/ DI
A great library is erected in an effort to please the mysterious God that had taken notice of the simple tribe. It's not quite as magnificent as foretold, but it would serve well as a temple and haven for that most valuable resource of all: knowledge.

>>for lack of resources and DI, I must forfeit my minor action this turn.
>[Unit action (Move) - Parotia]
Six spaces south unless there's something interesting in the path or at least notable.

>[DI - Develop] > [Flight]
My bird bitches must fly like actual birds, if they don't, what's the fun?

>[Develop] > [Top-tree Nests]
We're in a jungle, we have enough leaves and big sticks to live in the top of the trees, a ideal place to sleep, put babies in and scream at the sun, searching for a ideal mate. Just like orangutans!
The thaumites' crystalline homes were pretty, Belweir thought to himself, but they were missing something. Something that seemed like it might be important... What was it? He hovered above the field of lights, gazing down and wondering what it was he was forgetting?

>[DEVELOP] Pinewood research
As he tried to think, the pointy god's lazy drifting brought him near to the pile of fallen twigs and small branches being carried in by several of the light sprites, who had used their crystal control to separate a number of ground crystals and were using them to carry the forest's castoffs. Seeing the wood pile growing ever closer, Belweir lost track of his thoughts and floated to it, seeking out the secrets of this new material!

>[DEVELOP+DI] Helios's gift
Eventually, some of the little motes of light began to blink rapidly. It didn't take long before many of the other little motes joined them, and before long almost the entire crystal field became a nauseating multicolor strobe light. About this time, the little lights still within Belweir's body began pulsing similarly, and the distracted god spun around to see his friends trying to speak with him. In an instant, the puzzled deity remembered the thing that his creation lacked: sustenance! With a laugh, he willed the ground in the middle of the field to surge upward and produce a single large, dark-colored crystal that sucked in a great deal of the light that touched it! The thaumites responded by immediately leaping from their crystals into this large one, and their hurried pulsing calmed as they absorbed the crystal's harvested light energy. Sated, the thaumites meandered their way back to their homes, leaving their benefactor to resume pondering a pile of sticks.
File: Stone Spear.jpg (61 KB, 639x437)
61 KB
Gotas watched as his followers set about running down and tearing apart the Sirvee with nothing more than their bare hands. He shook his head, this was not a hunt. This was barbarism, there was no beauty in it. He intended to set off on a journey to sate his own curiosity about this land they had found themselves in, but first he would have to set right his wayward children.

>Develop Roseberry Branch Gathering
Gotas assembled his followers near a roseberry and addressed them."Sons, daughters. I intend to leave you for a short time, to search for new hunting grounds towards our west. However, before I do that I must show you how to live not as uncultured brutes, but as the noble hunters I created you to be." With this, Gotas drew his saber and cut down a few branches from the nearby tree. A smidge dramatic he thought, especially as they didn't have such tools for their own quite yet, but it would help sit the point in their minds. "A hunter's hands are not his tools, rather they facilitate his tools. The wood of these trees is an important start, and we will need much of it in the coming months. We will begin with the branches, a reasonable goal for your hands alone."

>Develop Stone Tools using Rocks, Roseberry Branches, and DI to generate Animal Sinew
Gotas stood aside, letting the crowd descend on the nearby trees. While they worked he drew his saber again, and began to sharpen a stone on its edge. Once they had each taken a branch he gathered their attention again. "Bring me the spoils of your latest hunt," Gotas commanded. The aspirants obliged, carrying over a few Sirvee they had planned to save for later. He studied them, his mind already full aware of the materials he could draw from it. There was not much sinew, but he could exert some of his will to multiply it to a sufficient amount 'til his journey's end. The voids of his skull where his eyes should be flashed an unearthly gold, and a large portion of dried sinew appeared on the ground nearby, enough so that every Aspirant could make a single tool. "The hunt's true spoil is not a full belly, that is just a convenient happenstance. The real treasure..." Gotas took his branch, the sharpened stone, and a portion of the sinew and put them together, making a simple stone spear. "...is progress." The Hunter then set the spear down, and sauntered off, walking westward. As he reached the edge of the clearing he turned again to his followers. "What I have made is but one of many possibilities. I trust that you shall be worthy to discover the rest, and bid you adieu for a time." He took of his hat, bowed to his Aspirants, and left them to do the rest.

>Unit Action Move Gotas
Gotas moves 3 hexes west across the river, and unless he spots something interesting, sees the land of another god, or sees a biome other than forest to divert to he continues west another 3 hexes.
File: Seadog.jpg (12 KB, 236x305)
12 KB
Name: Sticky-fingers
Description: A goblin. Green skin, short stature. and large ears. He wears a tricorne hat and barnacle armor. His face wears a constant smile filled with manic glee.
Domains: Plunder, debauchery, and tenaciousness.
Color: Gold (or what's available)
God-attributes: Major - Strength
Minor: Agility & terraforming
Minions: Scalawags. They come in all shapes and forms, but often are seen wearing vibrant clothing while wielding firearms and alcohol. They originated from those unsatisfied with their lot in life. These outcasts gathered together in the pursuit of self-indulgence.
Minion attribute: Offense
[Develop]DI-systhesis with minion material to make grassland minions possible they take in their nutrients through photosynthesis.

[Develop]-Amalgama learns how to hunt grassland creatures and teaches his own the hunt so that they can stay nourished. this is for my regular minions since I have to feed them and haven't spawned self sufficient grass minions

[Develop]-Amalgama digs to find ore.
[Claim action using DI] Claim hexes to the northwest and northeast.

[Develop action] Smelting. The flame Sefari learn to use the heat from their bodies to melt the boulders to extract the oltar ore.

[Develop action] Tools and weapons. The sefari build tools and weapons to hunt wildlife in the grasslands,forest and mountains and to collect the newly discovered ore.
File: God says eat, you eat.jpg (29 KB, 419x450)
29 KB
Gimme dat missing hex please, the one in the NorthEast.

There isn't a bistro in sight. This is a huge blow to the Business Plans. With tummies rumbling, the 5 directors turn their attentions to the way they came. The familiar windswept tundra beckons, and with it, the promise of exercise and nourishment.

[God Unit]
[Move] - Return to the Settlement.
[Interact] - Along the way, brain some local penguins and seals with their briefcases. This is what the kids call "going clubbing", no?

Igloo Settlement
[Develop] - Solgrass Gathering.
A well kept lawn is a sign of a well-kept man, and a well-kept man does well-kept work!
"Sir, we don't have, or even know of, lawns or lawnmowers."
"#3 says the Interns can just use their teeth."
"Fair enough! You heard the boss! Get to it!"

[Develop] - Inspect Solgrass
"#1, we need to know what this is."
"It is Solgrass, #3. A tall, olive coloured grass found in shrublands."
"Thank you, Captain Obvious. We need more than what 2 eyes can tell us."
"I am not a Captain, nor is my last name Obvious."

Steadily the giant explored the terrain, taking in what he found and storing it for later. He would return, he could feel the knowledge of the land pulling at his mind, and he stopped his journey, turning around and returning to the place of his origin.

>[Unit Move - Covetous 3 West]

>[Develop - DI] Creep
Covetous rooted himself within the black earth and drew deep within himself to bring an idea into formation. Within his core formed a great writhing mass, alive, but not containing soul. In a great and violent act, he regurgitated the still growing mass in a spewing flood of tendrils and flesh, splattering and sliding across the sandy forests. When it was all over and Covetous had wiped the last bits from his maw and resumed his noble posture, he took note of his new creation. It had almost immediately taken root in the soil, burrowing deep, taking nutrients from sun and soil. Within a time, it eventually expanded to cover most of his territory, stopping at where his divine presence ended.

>[Develop] Creep rooting.

As the days passed and the Creep spread, the Gaping learned to adapt to the fleshy substance they now shared home with. Wary at first, some of the gaping soon felt an instinct pull at them. Feeding their roots into the mass, what they encountered could only be described as 'contentment'. Detaching from the mass, the little ones would feel sated and refreshed.
>>>for lack of resources and DI, I must forfeit my minor action this turn.
Might I suggest, instead, Developing Knowledge Tech: "Reading and Writing"?
Feasibly I can't see that working without investing DI to do it resource-free.
There's no way to gather ink as of now, and it would be a few thousand discoveries before someone can process trees into pulp and pulp into paper.
There's papyrus, sure, but this is the arctic, not the Nile Delta
>There's papyrus, sure, but this is the arctic, not the Nile Delta
Engraved ice tablets

>inb4 a freak heat wave melts the Library of Alexandria
Oral tradition is an important step until literature, at any rate. Let them develop and pass down stories. Or make their own. Its great for creativity and developing intelligence among your unnamed lemmings.
>>2991639 Dridge
4 hex claimed.
The centaur gather and collect various seeds and plants that may prove vital to their survival.

>>2991729 Beast Father
4 hex claimed.
Learning to take advantage of tools to get meat, the swine develop hunting.

>>2991825 Alpha Oybabtu
5 hex claimed.
The properties of salt have been added to your character sheet.

>>2991848 Ynülu
The dark ones grow in hunger as their taste buds are enlightened, perfectly coincidening with their abilities to digest any material.
Using these gifts, they begin eating through the ground and mushroom trees to construct a settlement of homes.

>>2992087 May Queen
The Garden of Change is formed, where the offshoot may use May Queen's divinity of nature to make small developments related to nature.
4 hex claimed.
Tree Farming developed, granting you access to use Silvercry Wood.

>>2992172 Monolith
2 hex claimed.
The trolls advance to basic linguistics, as Trollish is developed.

>>2992340 Darei
3 hex claimed.
The dazar construct their first settlement, and with only the basic scraps of resources, for now they tuck away in the valley's caves and overhangs. More resources will be needed to properly setup homes and defences.

>>2992342 Onus
The Great Library is constructed, soon to be filled with all assortments of language, and stand in honour of The One.
Since you only took 1 major action, you'll get 3 this turn. You won't need DI nor resources to develop literacy, as discussed in discord.

>>2992512 Parotia
Well, you found something interesting alright. I'll let the map say the rest.
Bird bitches fly now (totally didn't before).
The kosk use what primitive resources they have to construct nest homes atop the trees for shelter.

>>2992615 Belweir
The properties of pinewood have been added to your character sheet.
The tall, black and intricate crystal erects through the earth, sating the 'hunger' of any thaumite who'd bask in its energy.

>>2992832 Gotas
Following Gotas' very word in fascination and passion to advance, they begin gathering and detaching the branches of roseberry trees as he requests.
Astounded by his abilities in resourcefulness and summoning of materials, they immediately begin working to imitate his spear.

>>2993654 Sticky-fingers
Technically not supposed to be letting more guys in, but the last two haven't replied, one player went afk already, and a couple guys know you, so I'll let ya pass.
Since gold was taken, and you don't mind too much on your color, I gave you a deep green to go with the goblin theme. If you want it changed once you see the other colors just lemme know.
Sticky-fingers and his scalawags coalesce into form on the coasts of grassland fields. Ocean can be seen surrounding this terrain on the south and east sides.

>>2993771 Amalgama
Amalgama gifts his malgama with the ability to synthesize with the terrain, adjusting many minions to the grassland terrain as they soak in the sun for energy.
The remainder who haven't synthesized with the terrain learn to hunt, working as a group to hunt down and consume animals of the plains.
...This is gonna remain a reoccuring theme with us, I can already tell, but I'm gonna go ahead and refund the "Amalgama digs to find ore." You're gonna need some tools or something for that shit lmao, have your major action back

>>2993791 Azraelius
4 hex claimed.
Using the fiery heat of their own forms, the sefari burn through the boulders of oltar like a blowtorch to collect the ore, one bit at a time.
While the Sefari have collected oltar for part of the tools, they too will need wood. Although they can't yet develop tools, they begin collected the branches of the roseberry trees for a source of wood. Following this, they'll be able to develop one type of tool/weapon at a time.
Due to the ever growing obstacle that is survival and hunger, with no way yet to ease their hunger, 125 Sefari die to starvation.

>>2993823 The Founder
With no luck in finding a wild bistro, the 5 directors resort to exorting their divine will upon helpless tundra animals, clubbing them into a pulp and dragging them home. They saw something interesting on the way home too...
Many interns venture out from the igloo homes and tundra, as they fetch solgrass, with their teeth like savage miserable fucks.
#1 and #3 investigate the properties of Solgrass with more than their 2 eyes, as the information is added to your character sheet.

>>2993883 Covetous
The writhering tendrils of flesh crawl across the sandy grounds of the black deserts, rooting itself deep within the sand across Covetous' terrain.
The draining energy as time goes by fades at once, as The Gaping adapt to the Creep's growth, feeling contentment and liveliness oncemore.
[Claim] Those lands to the north don't interest me. EXPAND WESTWARDS!

[Develop] Now firmly in the habit of using rocks for throwing at prey, these sharp and shiny black rocks in particular, they begin finding other uses for them as well. Stone Tools get!
Actually, moving my dude doesn't count as an action, right? In that case:
[Unit Action (Move) - Beast Father] As the wind shifts to blow from the north, and interesting smell makes itself known. The Beast Father moves north 5 hexes to investigate.
File: Poison Ivy.jpg (252 KB, 382x555)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Claim: discord related
Develop: Herbalism
Offshoot motivated by their curiosity explore their forest and gather all plants and mushrooms with interesting properties they find and bring them to the Garden of change for cultivation and study. There the divine power of the garden will preserve them indefinetely and Offshoot will be free to experiment with them and create various medical ointments and poisons to their hearts content
Unit actions: May Queen turns her attention south and moves in that general direction (IF can't move south, move up) (IF can't move south AND If can't move up, move down)
You need to remember to give me the missing hex, its the one to the Northeast of my settlement.

Igloo Settlement
[Claim] 4 hexes in a straight line, through the shrubland, passing between the trees of the piney forest, and stopping on the edge of the lake tucked behind the mountain range.
Potential customers!? Rival companies? Either way, like an Intern when the boss walks past, time to puff out our chests, make ourselves look big, and manifest destiny this bitch of an earth.

[Develop] - Solgrass net fish trap baskets.
#1 spends some time with the interns. An idea has struck him, and with the ocean to his east, he wants to put it to use.
"Ok, #3146, here's what I want you and your team to develop. You know how a company sucks you in, monopolizes your time, and never lets you go?"
"Y-yes, sir?"
"That, but a fish trap. I want it on my desk in 2 hours."
Once that's done, stuff it into the ocean to the east. We dine on ACTUAL sorta-sushi tonight!

God Unit
[Move] - From Igloovia, pass down through the mountains, use the height to get a good look at these strangers.
Claim: 3 hexes at the bottom and 1 hex, 2 hexes east from my starting hex
File: JLaFarge0015.jpg (27 KB, 800x953)
27 KB
>>Diridge - The Hungry and Wanting

>Claim [DI]: The four tiles directly east of my current boarder. Marked on my map for clarification.
>Develop: Instruct the Centaurs to begin gathering wood from the forests. Any kind of wood they can find. Creating stockpiles near their farms/resting places.

>Unit action [God Unit]: Move along the newly claimed territory, ending in the forests. Unless something catches my eye, like a new biome or something.

Diridge marched onward, being lead by the southern centaurs as they toured him his new domain.
The first thing to catch Diridge's unblinking gaze, was the fact that he easily kept up with the equine creatures. The centaurs, he noticed, walked like infants. Their gaits bumbling, footing unsure. They did not rush forward like glorious coursers, or stand firm like a sturdy work horse. For now, it allowed him to keep up pace with ease, but it would surely be a liability in the future.

Upon entering the forests, Diridge commanded his people to begin the gathering of its precious wood. The centaurs did not immediately see the point of such an action, they could not eat it like the seeds and plants they had gathered earlier. But Diridge's command was resolute, he would show them how to control things far beyond what they had before.
Slightly adjustment to the unit action

>Unit action [God Unit]: Move 3 east, 2 north west.
Basically loop around in the fog or war to uncover the greatest area of hexes.
>God Unit Interact Action - Establish contact with the Purple God to the west of Gotas (Azraelius?)
Gotas's marched west, the river and mountains serving as poor obstacles for a being such as he. He entered the grasslands, and walked for a time. Suddenly he stopped and adjusted his hat to shade his eyes better. In the distance, he could perceive the signs of advanced life, the children of another god perhaps? He called out in Godstounge to the creatures, and hopefully their master "Hail to you brother or sister, I am Gotas the Hunter. My Aspirants and I seem to be your easterly neighbors, may we share a prosperous future." He adjusted his cravat and waited for a response.

>God Unit Move Action
After a time, either spent in communion with his newfound peer or watching these sentient beings go about their lives, Gotas decided that he would return home to his Aspirants in the east. He moved 6 hexes east.

Meanwhile, the Aspirants struggled against their master's test...

>Develop Action Gather Rocks from the Riverbed
Gotas had showed the aspirants 2/3rds of the things they would need for their task, but had left the third to their own wisdom. The Aspirants worked fruitlessly for a time, unable to replicate the spear that their master had made. Eventually, one Aspirant Scout grew fatigued and went to the river to draw a drink. Upon kneeling down and washing their face in the water, the Aspirant noticed stones lining the riverbed. Quickly they realized that this was the puzzle piece that had been missing in their attempts. They rushed back to the assembled host, arms full of as many rocks as they could gather.

>Develop Stone Tools using Rocks, Roseberry Branches, and Animal Sinew
As the twin suns set in the west, Gotas broke into the clearing that the Aspirants had been using as a place of rest since they had arisen from the dust. He was greeted by his children, most wielding crude, yet functional, stone spears. A few he noticed did not make spears, but had instead experimented with making tools to gather rock and wood easier. If his skull had allowed him to smile, Gotas would have beamed a grin of fatherly pride. His children had passed his test, and were ready to reach further heights.
>Whoops, linked to Diridge's post instead of OPs
File: fly.jpg (28 KB, 474x362)
28 KB


Unsatisfied with their hunting the Dazars start to train a more efficient way using a flying approach. Despite initial... Well... Crashes, the Dazars eventually soared into the sky. It led to more issues with their shadows frightening preys... Nothing a keen eye sight and aerian grace can't solve.


Meanwhile Darei is still expending his territory claiming the last 3 tiles of desert and mesa in the north (2 desert + 1 mesa). His yearning for lands is temporary quenched, this waste of a land will be the anvil, and his teaching the hammer that will form his people into the warriors they are meant to be. Speaking of that. It's been some time since Darei last visit to them, it's not like they need him but it will be good for them to see him a bit.


Move to grand Nest

[Claim - DI]

Monolith lays claims to the other mountain south of the starting hex, the visible Jungle Hex and the Mesa hex.


Using Jungle-wood and plant fibers and mountain stone, the Trolls develop their first tools that are more then just a rock or a shaped rock. Many of these are rocks: with handles! But they find many uses for these stone tools, wood can help rocks do more things it seems.

[Move God: Monolith]

Monolith goes for a wander north-east along the mountain range, curious how far the mountains might go on.
>[Divine Influence]
Time to plague my current hex and fuck everything up! I will use the animals as a way to spread it around. Finally a good use of using my domain and being a little bitch!

The worser it is, the better.

>[Move God: Parotia]
Parotia migrates back to the north, old and good lair. Five hexes up!

"I'm back."
"Thank you."

>[Develop] - Weaponized Rocks
The Kosk will begin to pick slightly big rocks and tackle them from the sky at the local fauna, now taking bigger preys with a sharper sucess.
File: fishing for dummies.jpg (22 KB, 260x326)
22 KB
Claim: 4 hexes around me spreading North and West. Sticky-fingers' party is just starting, and it needs to get bigger. "SPREAD OUT!!!"

Develop: Fishing. Sticky-fingers shouts, "A FEAST!!!" A party needs a feast after all. And, a feast needs food. "Where do we find food?" ask the Scalawags. "Fish are just wet food," replies Sticky-fingers sagely.

Unit Action (god): Move north 6 hexes. This grassland doesn't have enough variety. Let's see what else is out there.
Unit actions: May Queen turns her attention EAST and moves in that general direction (IF can't move EAST, move up) (IF can't move EAST AND If can't move up, move down)
File: 824.jpg (24 KB, 403x433)
24 KB
Pic related

The ball of light in the sky looked proudly on the great library His newest subjects had created in His honor. They knew not why, or even the importance of such a thing, but a few among them had already proven capable and superstitious enough to stay loyal. But, culture could not grow when none could even read His gifts.
>Develop: literacy
To the most capable of the tribesmen is given an icy tablet, etched with symbols and letters, and a simple stick for drawing in the snow. Teaching them would not be easy, but it must be done.
Now, these men do deserve a name. For their role is now to learn, remember, and protect, they would be called the Keepers of the Library. All may enter the temple at the base of the tower, but only those few chosen by the prophets of the One Who Knows will go any further, and outsiders will not be permitted on the grounds without special permission.
>Create unit (Keeper Initiate)
The first of hopefully many to be enlightened, the initiates will protect His word and be the ones to carry it should the need arises.
>Move unit(Onus) three hexes northwest
With things mostly on track here, Onus could afford to take a better look around. Choosing a direction at "random," He heads off towards the northwest.
[God Unit] Move north 6 hexes

[God unit Interact Action] (Gotas the hunter) The area where Gotas the hunter is standing suddenly begins to grow dark, getting darker and darker until even pitch black seems bright. An intense powerful aura of death yet also of life is sensed in the area. "Hello, Gotas. It seems you've stumbled upon my lands. I am Azraelius god of Death & Rebirth, Transformation and Power. May we share a prosperous future indeed..."

[Develop action using DI] Photosynthesis and Lifeforce drain.

[Develop action] Wooden Spears. Using the wood gathered, the sefari develop wooden spears.

Seeing his children die of starvation, Azraelius decides to show them how to feed themselves. "My children you are unique creatures and the way you feed yourselves is unique aswell. Flame sefari you need not look further then basking yourselves in sunlight to seek nutrients. Similar to plants you feed off light. Ice sefari you have a different path. The only way to feed yourselves is by draining the lifeforce off of living things." As Azraelius leaves, several flame sefari bask in sunlight and feel revitalized and renewed. Returning to their usual energetic ways. The ice sefari go touch plants, and trees. They begin to feel life flowing in the plants and trees. A lifeforce. A thirst arises in them. They begin to steal that lifeforce. Consuming it. Suddenly they feel an all consuming ecstasy. They can actually feel again, they haven't felt like this since back when they were flame sefari! No, this...this feeling is much better than anything that they felt as flame sefari. They feel life in them again. A purpose to move and live again. Suddenly the feeling stops. The ice sefari notice that the plants and trees they touched are dead.
While observing Oybabtu digging the Slatflat trenches and creating Dust, Alpha Oybabtu noticed Oybabtu gently carving the Bonerock with gentle shapes and geometric forms. Alpha Oybabtu decided this was a Healthy activity.
Alpha Oybabtu studied the Bonerock before encouraging Oybabtu to continue the Healthy carving, seeking to learn all there was to know about the useful stone.
>[Develop] Knowledge Tech->Research Bonerock

Once the study was complete, Alpha began a quick scouting loop, noting anything interesting for examination later(especially any animals that might need help being Healthier), before circling back and settling at a favorable site.

>>[Unit Action - Move - Alpha Oybabtu]
>5 hex Loop into Fog shown via Discord

Alpha Oybabtu sent a few Oybabtu out to collect any others not Dusting, sending some as far as the northern Shrubland, claiming the Shrubland and Grassland along the way, as well as the far western Saltflat.
>[Claim 5 hex]

Alpha Oybabtu waited, bobbing back and forth hovering in the air. Things were going to get more unified and it was exciting.
I'll take light blue, pink, or darker/lighter grey going on to white/black. Really whatever is available.

>Unit action - Move - Covetous
Covetous turned his sights elsewhere, looking to expand his view of the world, and find something other than the monocolored landscape from which he was born.

[Claim 5 hex]
Again, the familiar motion brought him pleasure as he watched the lands begin to bend themselves to his might, the flesh-like Creep advancing steadily, forming a long layer over the dunes to begin collecting nutrients for the children.

[Develop] Stone tools

Amidst the daily pursuits of life and feeding in the homelands, some of the more clever children began to experiment. Simple sticks and rocks had been used before to get at the skittering black lizards and other such creatures that occasionally evaded their grasp, but now through effort and time had such little ones merged their strength. Stones carved with other stones, and attached to carved dark wooden handles made from retrieved branches of the tall curling trees. It wasn't ideal by father's standards, but he approved of their creative spirits nonetheless.
Belweir watched the little ones carrying their crystal homes around and casting long, multicolored shadows among the surrounding flora. Every now and then, two crystals would clink into each other, producing some sound in the quiet landscape. His charges seemed happy here, and they would not have any immediate need for his power with the intricate sun crystal to keep them fed. He felt he was now free to wander.

>[DEVELOP] Height
The trees here were pretty, but Belweir found it difficult to see through them. He hovered high into the sky to see what surrounded his thaumites' home!


Belweir willed bunches of his thaum crystal to blossom around the bases of trees along the two coastlines he could see from where he was. If his charges wished to wander, they would now be able to see these new places.
File: 2005-06-21-stone-seats.jpg (127 KB, 650x456)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
[Construct]-DI Amalgama uses his devine will to make a mountain settlement for him and his kiddos. It is a construct using the rock to take the natural sitting shapes and steps making it a comfortable and easy to navigate base.

[Develop]- using the bone of larger grassland animals Amalgama constructs a crude digging tool for getting deeper in the soil.

[Develop]- using a twig from a grassland Bush along with dried grass and other twigs and an encirclement in rock Amalgama uses friction and learns how to construct a crude fire for cooking meat and other yet to be seen uses.
File: RG.png (193 KB, 886x676)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
Until further notice, for the sake of update times, we will be entering Speed Mode (tm).

>>2996642 Beast Father
4 hex claimed.
The swine begin sharpening these rocks into points and blades, developing handle-less primitive stone tools.
Following the scent of this new entity, The Beast Faster rushes northward to find the source. However, he only catches the glimse of a large and distant shadowy figure flying further north.

>>2996668 May Queen
4 hex claimed.
Herbalism developed.

>>2996707 The Founder
Fixed that one hex, sorry.
4 hex claimed.
Fish Trap Baskets developed. Finally, some good fucking food.

>>2996899 Diridge
4 hex claimed.
Roseberry Branch Gathering developed.

>>2997113 Gotas
Make sure you read Azraelius' reply.
Rock Gathering developed.
Stone Tools developed. I'll go ahead and give you tools first since I think that aligns with your interests more, but tools and spears will need to be separate development actions.

>>2997254 Darei
Flight developed.
3 hex claimed.

>>2997304 Monolith
3 hex claimed.
Stone Tools developed.

>>2997399 Parotia
Plague developed, and so it shall spread.
Weaponized Rocks developed.

>>2997489 Sticky Fingers
4 hex claimed.
The goblins run through the sandy coasts of the grasslands, snatching protean cods from the waters. These methods are certainly inefficient, but functional enough to survive. Tools and resources will be needed in the future. Hand Fishing Developed.

>>2998160 Onus
Literacy developed.
Keeper Initiate created (what tech do they have? how many minions are in the unit?)
One of these initiates steps forward, claiming they have been gifted with powers of great arcana! A wizard, and supposedly the first of its kind, they proclaim the school of arcana they've been gifted with: They are... THE COCKWORK WIZARD
You may give them whatever name/personality you desire. Have fun.

>>2998338 Azraelius
With the flames and ice of sefari, the two types learn to siphon their energy of life from different places, developing photosynthesis and lifeforce drain.
Wooden Spears developed.

>>2998355 Oybabtu
Bonerock's properties have been added to your sheet.
5 hex claimed.

>>2998505 Covetous
4 hex claimed.
Primitive Stone Tools developed.

>>2998527 Belweir
Belweir flew up really high, getting a good look at the land around him and his thaumites.
3 hex claimed.

>>2998864 Amalgama
A small settlement of stone and rock is made for the malgama to shelter in comfortably.
Primitive Bone Tools developed.
Fire Starting developed. Congrats, you invented fire.
>Previously during Gotas & Azraelius's meeting
"Azraelius, an interesting name. If you don't mind, it would be nice to be informed of any events occurring on your side of this land. I'm on the coast, so there isn't much news for me, but if anything happens I'll give you the same warning. I'd ask if you'd like to trade for that ore of yours, but I've nothing of substance to offer other than Sirvee meat and stone tools. Oh, and do pass on word of my existence to others of our kind. I'd love to meet them."

Gotas claims the coastal tile to his SE, and the two tiles to the SW that would connect his territory to the nearby mountain, providing a more consistent source of stone.

>Develop Stone Spears
The Aspirants had gotten axes and picks down, but their spear-making could still use a little work. Gotas walked them through the finery before setting off, intent on vising Azraelius again.

>God unit, move 5W
Gotas set back off the familiar route again, however upon making it most of the way he spotted a different figure standing the the grasslands ahead. Another fellow god, this soon?

>Communicate with Black God (Covetous likely) to my W
Gotas quickly addressed his fellow god. "Hello, my newfound friend. I am Gotas The Hunter. Who might you be? I must expect I did not expect to meet two of my brethren this quickly."
Claim: disc related
Develop: Offshoot fashion spears out of the wood they have to catch the fish lurking in the lake (Silvercry wood)
Unit action: May Queen circles back into her realm

[Claim - DI]

Monolith claims the sparkly mountain, and the desert next to it. Monolith god of mountains, even pretty one. Also, that marshy bit that's next to the home mountain and two other mountains.


The Trolls use their tools and plenty of stone to start building the Settlement of Stone Head for themselves on the first mountain, constructed on a wide spot high on the mountain's flank where things are nice and cool and one can think propper.

[Move God: Monolith]

It's hard not to notice the lots of flapping things that rise and fall to the east of the mountains, and after watching them for a bit, Monolith decides to wander down south a bit to see what the 'eck they are.


"Oi!" Monolith bellows out as he wanders close. "I am MONOLITH! Of Mountains! What are you things?"
File: phallus-the-magnificent.png (48 KB, 720x1084)
48 KB
The god of knowledge could not be more pleased. Scarce days after their creation, one among His followers has been found to possess a great, no- extraordinary- power: a master of cockwork.
His name will be Phallus the Magnificent, and he is the chosen individual to lead the Keepers to greatness, paving the way to enlightenment with his great scrotum staff.

>what tech do they have? how many minions are in the unit
These ones only carry literacy, and let's say there's four of them.

>Claim four hexes to the northwest, will outline in discord

>Develop Advanced intercourse methods, using Phallus' specialty to increase population

>>Sorry for such a brief update, I would get more wordy had I more time. Here's a bad picture as apologies
File: goblins in forest.jpg (29 KB, 500x356)
29 KB
Claim: 4 hexes westward. Continue hugging the coast.

Develop: wood gathering.
Sticky-fingers' gaze fell upon a tree for the first time and he had a vision. A bonfire which would burn for eons and be the centerpiece of his eternal festival. "LET'S PLAY PICK UP STICKS!!!" he shouted.

Unit action (god):
Move west 6 hexes. Full of curiosity Sticky-fingers continued exploring this new land.
[Unit Action (Move)] The Beast Father looks around. With an annoyed grunt, he starts heading back down south.

[Claim] Meanwhile, The Swine begin a southwards push of their own, following the shores of the lake on both sides.

[Develop] One swine, while sharpening a knife, notices some odd sparks coming off of the flint blade. He thinks noting of it at first... Until one of them lands on some dry grass and sets it alight. Thanks to some unusually quick reflexes the swine escapes without injury to tell his compatriots of what happened, and over the course of the next arbitrary time unit the secrets of fire become known.
File: bad.jpg (152 KB, 720x747)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
He could see much more from up here! There was a lot of trees here, but there were a few spots where the trees stopped. There also seemed to be two adjacent mountains, and one of them looked a lot like him! And there were things moving on it! Belweir wanted to see what these things were and meet them and make friends with them!

The big crystal zoomed toward the bigger crystal, eyes smiling as happy and hopeful as ever.


[DEVELOP] Vitremancy
The thaumites could travel now, but some of the gaps between crystals were awkwardly long... Many of the little dots of light discovered a solution though! If enough of them gathered and vibrated crystals against the ground just right, another crystal would appear nearby! This could make travel much easier and safer for them!

[DEVELOP] Zeus's gift
Another group of thaumites made another discovery! The crystals near the sun crystal were changing from exposure to its power, and they held onto a lot of energy, even when they were moved!
(DI + Claim)
Claim the bottom right and the two top left.

(DI + Develop)
With Ynülu's intervention, the dark ones can reproduce in an alarming speed. They even starting doing cannibalism.

The dark ones dwell into carpentry

The dark ones try to begin cooking and mixing ingredients, they dwell into cooking
Mind explaining speed mode on the thread? When will the next post happen? I won't be back for another couple of hours. Still enough time before the next round?

[Claim] - Secret claims
[Develop] - Pinewood Tree Farm
Look at those wonderful piney trees. Imagine all the desks we can make! Business will boom, and we can sell the ones the Interns fuck up to the rumored daemon Ikya, he who whispers chair assembly instructions in our dreams.
But everyone knows he's a myth.

God Unit
[Move] - Secret Movements
[Joke Interact] Manifest a damn mahogany table wherever we end up. If there's going to be some [0] going on here, we want to look our best.
"We already used our DI this turn, #5."
"I don't care! FUCK IT! WE'LL DO IT LIVE!"
Rolled 2, 9, 1, 7 = 19 (4d10)

Super secret rolls
Speed mode = less fluff, thus faster for me to push out an update. This doesn't necessarily mean increased times between updates, I'm still aiming for daily, but it does mean I'll more reliably meet that goal.
>>Diridge - The Hungry and Wanting

>Claim [DI]: The two tiles directly to the north of my top most 3. Mountain to the south. On discord too if needed.
>Develop: Create tools out of stones from the mountain, wood, and horse hair to tie it together.

>Unit action [God Unit]: Move 3 NW. Then either NE or NW based on whatever looks cooler out there.

Diridge continued his tour. Laying claim to some of the northern tribe's land, and the lone peaks standing resolute over the sea.

As he passed by his lands, he noticed a couple of centaurs fiddling with the sticks they were tasked with gathering. One even picked up a stone and stab it into the stick, but it would not stay. Diridge sighed, once again impressed with their ability to overlook that which was so innate in their own forms. The ground shook as he approached the pair of centaurs. Both looked up in fear when He towered over them both on the ground. Diridge bent down, face meeting the one so clever to grab the rock, and yanked some of his tail hair out. It yelped in pain, and dropped the stick and stone. Diridge grabbed the centaur before it was spooked away, and showed him the art of crafting.
Using a series of knots and lashings, Diridge fashioned a crude semblance of an axe. Handing it back to the Centaur, Diridge said they were blessed with many secrets they had yet to uncover. He ushered the centaur to return to his people, and share with them the ability to create with their own two hands.

Done with babysitting, Diridge went to explore the northern reaches of the land. On his travels through the forests, a particular grove turned darker than the night sky. The same absence that one would see down Diridge's own throat, a void of all things. Out of it came the one called... Azraelius. While their meeting was short, both nodded in mutual acknowledgement of their divine natures. The time-tested signifier of not wanting to immediately kill the shit out of the other.
[God Unit] Secret move.

[God unit Interact Action] (Gotas the hunter) "I am not in need of any of your tools, but I thank you for the offer...In regards to the ore you are seeking to obtain, I'm sure we can come to some sort of an agreement..."

(Covetus) "Greetings, I am Azraelius God of Death&Rebirth, Transformation and Power. And these are my lands. What brings you here?"

[Claim action using DI] Secret Claim.

[Develop action] Sefari martial arts. Improving on their methods of feeding and smelting, the flame sefari learn to use their own body heat offensively, burning anything they touch. Engulfing opponents in flame. The ice Sefari similarly develop close combat techniques for life force drain. Using stunning strikes and finishing their opponents off by draining their life force.
Alpha Oybabtu gathered all the Oybabtu in one area of the Slatflat and spread out digging trenches and creating Dust, but specifically looking for certain sized flat pieces of Bonerock. Once colleced, Alpha Oybabtu instructed Oybabtu to shape the stones so that they could easily be held and showed them how they could be used to aid in digging.
>[Develop] Production Tech-> Bonerock Handleless Shovels
This simple tech is a crude precursor to mining to aid in gathering Bonerock, Salt, and Dust.

Once the Oybabtu gone the understanding of their new tools, Alpha Oybabtu set most of them to work, digging as deep as they could in one location. The swiftest Oybabtu were sent to secure additional lands for health and prosperity.
>[Claim 5 hex] As per Discord

Sensing movement to the north, Alpha Oybabtu crossed the rocky terrain swiftly, scouting for the source of what he sensed.
>[Unit Action - Move - Alpha Oybabtu]
>5 hex Loop into Fog shown via Discord
File: birds-attack.jpg (45 KB, 526x395)
45 KB
Rolled 4, 2, 2, 4 = 12 (4d10)


>Creat Unit
Dazars are fast, they fly and know how to hunt in harsh place like the wasteland we're in. Even more important like their god they yearn to see what is beyond. Surviving and exploring is a second nature for them. Let there be scouts. They shall be the Golden Feathers.

Using the stone of the mountain start crafting and using rudimentary tools

As Darei is watching a dazar discover the incredible power of not-using-your-fingers-to-do-everything, an other come flying fast and directly to him
"To the south! Strange things, invaders! They are like moving rocks, and one of them is incredibly tall, it also has the same aura has you and it spoke. They are entering the desert as we speak"

Hearing that Darei eyes lit up. Finally! A new sight! A possibility. An adversary. Wasting no time Darei rushes to the south

>Move unit: Darei to south and Monolith

Arriving on place Darei could immediately feel that indeed it is true, whatever is this rock thing it is a being like himself, divine.

>Communicate - Monolith


>Attack Monolith
Rolled 5, 4, 9, 4 = 22 (4d10)


Monolith roars as the avian Darei rushes him, attacking his words of greeting. "YOU GET FIGHT, DAREI! MONOLITH STAND STRONG!"
File: Furniture in Forest.jpg (313 KB, 1280x720)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
Company Log: The entity known as Ikya observes its surrounding environment in confusion. For an extensive period of time, plans to infiltrate the new market have been put on hold due to several unforeseen difficulties, most notably a lack of willing investors and suppliers. All known contacts are failing to answer our calls and if the entity known as Ikya is unable to secure any new disposed third parties to assists, then the business shall be forced to cease operations permanently.

Company Log: As is turns out, the green and brown objects can be utilised as a costless material in the manufacturing process. Investors and suppliers are now irrelevant. "Hej and Välkommen to the grand opening of the first Ikya factory."

>4 major actions due to missed turns

>[Claim DI]
All 5 surrounding plots are to be absorbed into private ownership.

Minions are to establish a branch office (settlement) to the west as a preview to customers of what they could experience from the Ikya™ Comfortable Lifestyle Product Range®, as well as to act as a warehouse for storage of Hem, Apparater and Möbel.

Minions are instructed in the newest update to the employee handbook to absorb timber from the surrounding forests.

Leading designers are to determine a sleek and functional and ergonomic, as well as aesthetically pleasing, wheel to increase productivity in transporting units and locally sourced timber.
Didn't think you were going to show up again
Thus, the beginning of the Trade Wars.

I really like your writing style. Definitely feels like a company report.
"We should speak further on this later once we have more to offer, do tell me if you've need of anything in particular in exchange."
>[Claim] 5 Hexes.

>[Develop] Fishing nets
Using their hands and tools, strips of creep were cut and weaved into an interconnected net, and were thrown in the shallows at the strange creatures darting within. A new and strange, but tasty meal was brought to the children!

"Ah, hello. I am the one known as Covetous. I have come south from my birthlands to scout the new world for the children. I can tell you are one like myself, and I only say that I should hope that you leave my children in peace, for our mutual benefit. If you or your younglings would wish to be neighborly you may come by to our lands, It could potentially be rather pleasing to have an equal to talk to. I will bid you and yours a good sun. *A rumbling mmmmmmmm noise like a sigh slowly left the depths of the gods throat* Until our next meeting, then."

>[Unit action - Covetous] (Hidden)
The three hexes in south, move a bit if I can't pick the hex that is south of the mountain.

Study the Whitestone, hail the Whitestone, love the Whitestone! Throw the Whitestone at people and see what happens!
File: 60-stone-oven-600x521.jpg (91 KB, 600x521)
91 KB
[Claim]DI- obtain as many hex as I can in a row north of me.

[Develop]- using the rock of the mountain Amalgama learns how to make an oven to utilize the heat of fire much more effectively.
File: Darai_Attacks.png (358 KB, 721x623)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
Settlements and structures will now have a white dot in their center to differentiate themselves from units. Next update will be a new thread.

>>2999181 Gotas
3 hex claimed.
Stone Spears developed.

>>2999220 May Queen
4 hex claimed.
Spear Fishing developed.

>>2999264 Monolith
3 hex claimed.
The Settlement of Stone Head is constructed.
Darei flys forward with all his might, spear in talons, as he drives it into the side of Monoltih. Unfortunately for Darei, Monolith's hulking figure is made of pure stone, as the spear immediately snaps. [Succeeded Skill Contest 4 to 0]

>>2999277 Onus
Woops, didn't place the unit on the map.
4 hex claimed.
Advanced Intercourse developed, with the help of Phallus the Magnificent.

>>2999287 Sticky Fingers
I think this is what you meant with your claim, hugging the coast? Lemme know if its off; 4 hex claimed.
Ashwattle Branch Gathering developed.

>>2999433 Beast Daddy
Working on your drawing and fancy character sheet :)
As The Beast Father returns to his swine, he notices something is wrong. Perhaps its the food they've been eating, or perhaps it's the land, but many swine appear incredibly sick.
4 hex claimed.
Fire Starting developed.

>>2999551 Belweir
Vitremancy developed. Honestly not sure what tech section these goes in, so lemme know if from your understanding they should be moved.
Zeus' Gift developed.

>>2999581 Ynülu
I'll let it pass this time, but you're not meant to get two uses of DI when you miss a turn.
3 hex claimed.
Ravage Reproduction developed.
The jushilian begin developing carpentry with the surprisingly sturdy Shroomstalk, however, they're going to need a more reliable source of collecting this stuff to make use of such knowledge.
They additionally learn to start fires, and begin cooking their food.
...Additionally, it seems like someone has begun claiming over a bit of the god of gluttony's terrain, and set up a table in the middle of her southern lands...

>>3000417 The Founder
The interns begin collecting the wood from these trees, and replanting their seeds. They keep complaining about these "tools" or something like that, they should really learn to stay in line and not question their boss.
3 hex claimed. Have fun.

>>3000696 Diridge
3 hex claimed.
Stone Tools developed.

>>3000725 Azraelius
4 hex claimed.
Sefari Martial Arts developed.

>>3000765 Alpha Oybabtu
200 IQ movement
Bonerock Handleless Tools developed.
5 hex claimed.

>>3001000 Darei
Golden Feathers unit created. How many are there?
Primitive Stone Tools developed.
Darei flys forward with all his might, spear in talons, as he drives it into the side of Monoltih. Unfortunately for Darei, Monolith's hulking figure is made of pure stone, as the spear immediately snaps. [Failed Skill Contest 0 to 4]

File: Pants.png (44 KB, 480x300)
44 KB
>>3001221 Ikya
Welcome back Ikya, time to play catch-up.
5 hex claimed.
Warehouse settlement developed.
Local news: nearby god's minions stare in confusion as chairs walk around picking up sticks. Pinewood Branch Gathering developed.
Wheels developed. Congratulations, you invented the wheel.
Quick question... do chairs eat food?

>>3001523 Covetous
4 hex claimed.
Fishing Nets developed.

>>3001684 Parotia
3 hex claimed.
Whitestone properties added to your sheet. Throwing it at people hurts them, like a fuckin lot, ow.

>>3003379 Amalgama
3 hex claimed.
Forges developed.
>200 IQ movement
My IQ dropped 200 points!

Actual Post when I get back home.
Rolled 4, 5, 4 = 13 (3d10)


[Communicate - Darei]

Monolith can't help but laugh as the spear instantly snaps against his rocky hide. "HAR HAR HAR! What you call that broken stick?" he bellows...

[Attack - Darei]

... before swinging his fist around to try and wallop the Avian deity with a counter-punch.

[Create Unit]

The Trolls form up into their first unit at Stone Head. 200 Trolls with the basics of equipment to keep them light (or at least, as light as individuals 800 pounds of mobile stone can be); a crude wood/stone club, and a number of rocks - for throwing when angry, eating when hungry, or hitting with the club to get the stone moving REALLY fast. As all trolls, they share in Monolith's mountainous gift.

[Claim - DI]

Monolith lays claim to last square next to Stone Head. Also to the Mountain two hexes east and the shrubby bit next door.
Rolled 10, 7 = 17 (2d10)

[Unit Action (Interact)] The Beast Father investigates the source of the plague.

[Claim] Meanwhile, the healthy Swine continue their southwards push, often exiling or leaving behind any tribesmen who show signs of the plague.

[Develop] In the middle of all this, a rumor emerges that exposing food to the flame will chase away the evil spirits some claim to be behind the plague. Whether or not this is effective remains to be seen, but it does make the food taste better.
Rolled 2, 9, 9 = 20 (3d10)


The 3 shrub-lands atop the desert, may they be bountiful for we need staby sticks

>Develop - Clans and Societies

With the population steadily growing the Dazars begin to disseminate in the deserts, forming small settlements here and there. Those settlements being independent from the others, lead to the creation of separate clans. The warlike nature of the Dazars lead to war between clans.
Rules were created to deal with the warring clans. One, the Grand Nest is a land of peace, and that peace is extended to anyone traveling from or toward the Nest. Two, the Societies of warriors such as the Golden Feathers and the many more to come are not to be clan specific. Three, A warrior from a society will never attack a member of his society, even if their clans are at war.
With those rules the Dazars could remain unified while still letting free their desire for individuality.
Culture boost, Offense too maybe? if you consider that they are always fighting and that keep them trained?

>Unit - Golden Feather
Move south around the mountain to see what's there.

HA! You're like a moving mountain! Hard as one anyway! You said your name was Monolith? A fitting name for a mountain. And you do not shy away from a fight! I like that!

Monolith gives a diamond-toothed grin. "That right! MONOLITH HARD AS MOUNTAIN! But Darei tough for not-mountain. Not give up. Brave to see Monolith and say 'I fight that'."
research barlow in the newly claimed terrain
>claim two mountain hex to the south, the only two on the map
Oh yeah, also:
[Unit Action (Move)] The Beast Father moves to that one bit of desert to the north and east of my most north-easterly claimed hex. This will make sense to OP.
File: Beastie_Boys_Party.jpg (11 KB, 199x200)
11 KB
Communicate: >>3000765
Sticky-fingers saw the Alpha Oybabtu and shouted gleefully "Hello Round One!" He then used his innate magic to create a pamphlet inviting the Oybabtu to a bonfire party and placed it in the spherical entity's hand. "Hope you can make it. It's bring your own beer. Smell ya later."

Unit Action (god)
Sticky-fingers began moving South-East 6 units, singing You Gotta Fight For Your Right to Party by the Beastie Boys.

Develop: sharp sticks/spears
The Scalawags quickly grew bored gathering the sticks and decided to start brandishing them. It was discovered that the pointy ones hurt. It was decided that really sharp sticks (by filing them to a point with their teeth if need be) could help with fishing (spear-fishing) or act weapons against the unknown.

Divine-Action: The Eternal Flame
Upon returning home and seeing the gathered wood Sticky-fingers used his divine powers of debauchery to create what will be the centerpiece of many parties to come: a bonfire which will last for eternity. As long as its fed this magic flame cannot be put out. Located on my Northwestern hex of grassland.

Divine Action (extra to make up for joining late): Grape(or whatever would be the equivalent) Plantation
Using his divine powers (debauchery related) Sticky-fingers creates a field of a new plant on his Southern-most hex of Grassland. On its own this can be harvested and eaten, but with a bit of fermentation it'll become the backbone of Sticky-fingers' society: alcohol.
>[DI - Develop] > [Camouflage]
Parotia finally uses the blindness domain to make the Kosks, their nests and a few things related to them harder to see.

>[Develop] > [Javelins]
The Kosk have the ability with throwing rocks, but what would happen if they... Sharped their sticks? We have pointy rocks! The future is now! After throwing Whitestone at people, we also poke them with a sharp stick.
>God Action Move
Gotas moves 6 hexes east back home

>Develop Roseberry Log Gathering
Gotas orders the Aspirants to use their tools to begin chopping down Roseberry Trees. It was time for them to establish a more permanent dwelling.

>Develop Settlement using Stone Tools + Roseberry Logs
Deciding that the first patch of land they arrived in was a suitable place for their home, Gotas orders his aspirants to begin building huts using the gathered Roseberry logs. The Hunter believed this was the next step of the Aspirant's development into true hunters.
Rolled 2, 9, 10, 4 = 25 (4d10)

Eagerly awaiting an emissary from the land of mushrooms, each of the Directors wears an incredibly smug face. Tinging the claimed land with a hint of frost had easily erased any of the paths and feeble homes the native 'customers' had carved into the mushroom stalks, showing the difference in power that their Founder had over this strange new god.

[Develop - DI] Identical Minds (rolling)
The Founder felt like sending more tendrils of their will out into the world. But creating a single unit seemed so... uneconomic. With a twist of it's will, the skies outside the igloo settlement exploded with thousands of manuals, pamphlets and printed out slideshows, covering topics ranging from operating industrialized golems, evacuation of large factories that are currently suffering invasions from sentient furniture, and how to administer the Heimlich maneuver to Salesman #8917, who just so happened to die from choking on fish bones only yesterday. Oddly, this maneuver won't work on anyone else...
Hopefully, buried somewhere in this mess, an actually useful pamphlet exists, detailing how to follow the clone in front of you when he's receiving instructions...
Gimme that sweet sweet free Unit creation doublin'.

[Create (2?) Units - Taskforce] - 300 Pop, no Techs.
"#3, this is getting out of ha-"
"No no no, it's hilarious. Ok. So. I saw this movie."
"What's a movi-"
"Shaddup. So in this movie, there were near-naked guys with red capes stabbing droves of bastards. Lets do that."
"I'm doin it. No weapons though. They can use their teeth."

God Unit
[5 Hex Move] Hug the coast, going westwards. We'll probably loop around back to our homeland, but thats cool. These mushrooms probably don't wanna talk anyway.

We're taking the table though.
>>Diridge - The Hungry and Wanting

>Unit action [God Unit]: Move 1 East to scout, then make my way back to the core of the nation. Where the settlement will be.
>Also give a quick Communication with Azraelius as we pass by.

>Develop [DI]: Roseberry Wood Logging. Using stone axes, and Diridge's guidance on which trees are optimal for harvesting, and which are better left to grow for next season, The Centaurs begin collecting larger quantities of wood.
>Develop: Establish Settlement of [Statherós]. Location on Map. Using the newly acquired roseberry wood logs, the capital of the centaurs is established.

Communication: As Diridge returned to his lands, he passed by the one known as Azraelius once more. "In mutual respect, I permit you to scout the edge of my Domain, but on the condition that you do not enter it, knowingly or unknowingly. Until we can establish a clearer sense of ownership, I'd like to not risk you compromising my position. I hope your scouting ventures prove fruitful."

At the end of his tour of the northern centaur's land, Diridge returned back to his origin. As he approached, he saw more and more centaurs wielding stone tools. To his surprise, they had even taken the initiative. Still following the orders to gather roseberry wood, some centaurs had begun to use their axes to chop actual trees down, rather than simply pick up sticks. Diridge, for once, was impressed, and in an unusually amiable mood, explained to the centaurs how to better select candidates for logging. The mature trees with hardy heartwood and the aged trees with rotting cores, to be harvested for wood and clearing the way for new trees. The saplings and young growths to be spared, and left to grow into grander and more resourceful trees.

Helping carry the fallen trees back to their central plains, several logs under each arm, Diridge issued the construction of the first Centaur Settlement.
Sturdy and spacious shelters were required for the centaurs: Thick walls on the outside to keep out the winds with 2 major doors on opposite ends; small, individual stalls for sleeping lined the two longer walls; and a large open area in the middle for general recreation and relaxation. These communal longhouses would be the most frequent structures in Statherós, along with various storehouses for food and lumber, and toolshacks to store their gear not far off from each longhouse. Dedicated defecation areas would also be designated a reasonable distance away from any longhouse or foodstore, to prevent horse patties from getting everywhere. While proper roads were not yet developed, small worn paths quickly make their way from the entrance of every longhouse to each other, stitching across Statherós and branching outwards to the forests.
>Logging and Settlement on same turn.

Great minds think alike, eh?
Sure beats small caves in mountains or piles of sticks to make nests.
Where Alpha Oybabtu had gathered all the Oybabtu, Oybabtu dug deep into the ground, using bonerock spikes as supports, pulling forth Salt, Bonerock, and other resources from the ground, using the Bonerock Handless Shovels.
>[Develop] Production Structure-> Mine
This is the great mine marked in Discord

The Oybabtu continued exploring and claimed land with interesting terrain or locations.
>[Claim 5 hex] As per Discord

>[Communicate - Sticky-fingers]
”Hello, new friend! Your color is odd and your lower arms seem to be weighing you down so you can't hover. I hope you are feeling Healthy!"
Before Alpha Oybabtu could continue, the pamphlet was given and the goblin had made an invitation and ran off. Looking at the strange markings on the thin bark, Alpha Oybabtu was intrigued and curious.

Alpha Oybabtu then crossed the rocky terrain eastwards, scouting before returning home.
>>[Unit Action - Move - Alpha Oybabtu]
>>5 hex path into Fog shown via Discord
File: Meme.jpg (30 KB, 495x700)
30 KB
>Develop: Stone gathering
>Claim: Discord
>Move God unit: Discord
No fluff, no lore, final destination
"My, my, seems like the unwelcomed visitor was in a hurry, it had the aducity to take my land, very rude indeed."

[Create Unit]
The swarm: with the crazy reproduction and insane eating ability, a group is formed from the fastest eaters, strongest agility, and speed who demolish a prey in seconds.

With the Jushilians strong teeth they begin creating tools for their carpentry and everyday life

Unit action
God action
I'm claiming SOUTH Azzy, SOUTH!
>[Develop - DI] Deep Mist

Covetous began to breathe out a deep mist to cover his lands, to enrich his children and encourage growth and fertility.

>[Develop] Settlement

Covetous instructed his children to begin the creation of a true home for the little ones to flourish and nest comfortably. Using their tools and his guidance, they began to create burrows in the lands beneath them to shelter them. The burrows covered with the growing mass, the little ones slept in clusters beneath the earth.

>[Unit Move] Hidden ;)
[God Unit] Secret move.

[God unit Interact Action] (Gotas the hunter) " Very well Gotas, I will let you know."

(Covetous) "Yes Covetous, I also sense that we are alike. And I thank you for the invitation, it would be nice to speak to an equal. Not to worry I will instruct my children to be peaceful with yours. Until our next meeting then, farewell."

(Diridge)"Very Well"

[Claim action using DI] Secret Claim.

[Develop action] Necropolis. Using the ore, and shaping it with smelting, the sefari build a Necropolis as a settlement/fortress. Location on map.
[Claim]-DI all the land possible east of the recently claimed mountain.

[Quarry]-with their crude bone tools dig till we find the ore.
"My, my, seems like the unwelcomed visitor was in a hurry, it had the aducity to take my land, very rude indeed."

[Create Unit]
The swarm: with the crazy reproduction and insane eating ability, a group is formed from the fastest eaters, strongest agility, and speed who demolish a prey in seconds.


Unit action: Secret
God action: Secret

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