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This freeform game has only 2 rules;
Play Fair
Better RP = Better Results

A Nations RP, choose your start and a colour and whatever else you wish to include.

The nations begin to rise up and fall to pieces

Discord Invite: F2Patcf
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Current territories
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The Ekeni know nothing of this war, preferring instead to indulge in the new, stronger opium. But greed is a harsh taskmaster, driving the merchants to sell! sell! sell! To this end, unaware of the dangers of politics they may be throwing themselves into, they set up a small port nestled between Ispani and Dwarven lands.
The Konna take what they can while an envoy is sent north to see who inhabits it
File: redrawn map 2.png (22 KB, 684x559)
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The raiding army of Jimiz'feld would eventually be controlled as the chaos dies down and there remains little left to loot of the trade route.
Volunnz'dun would become overwhelmed by the influx of new dwarves that were given citizenship for their part in the war.
Returned prisoners of war were simply returned to their home mountain as it would be near impossible to recount their crimes with the original Hall of Exiles being destroyed in the cataclysm.
>The Exiles are contained

The Vikazar II would eventually be repaired after the war, but remains in the city of Lamtaya, now named Thaig'vergz, standing, watching over the conquered lands.
To the west in Hutxviii, now renamed Ragna'vergz, the captured mermaids and any other Confederate races that managed to avoid the onslaught are given homes, while workers redirect the river from Thirzig'kalnz from the ocean to the land between Thaig'vergz and Ragna'vergz, creating a lake for them to use.
As the land is taken, so too is the knowledges the Confederacy had. The dwarves were able to recover from the intact portion of Lamtaya: Azid, Termid, and some kleptographic items.
>Mercy to the aggressors

Reeling back from the massive resource drain of the Vikazar II, the dwarves finally begin working again in their foundry, now no longer limited as their power resources have boomed with the end of the war.
They are able to construct additional Zaroz II models and after concluding the meeting with the xiphoids and revising the design, engineers build a new model named the Udenz II, created to fight in an environment never before encountered.
But with the enhanced designs of the xiphoids, along with their precious ichor, they would be perfected for their desired role.
Standing at 6 feet, the animatron is the smallest created, but such a design is needed for many reasons.
In total, 30 Zaroz II are shipped out as well as 11 Udenz II.
>Back to work

Jorgivar looks disappointed at first, but then looks over the map once more and makes some changes then hands it over once more to be reviewed.
The plague struck again in Gao and some of the villages near the city. It wasn't as bad as the first time, but it still killed multiple Oni. Just another headache for King Beni. The only survivor who recovered and lived was a fair female Oni named Unahara, but she was made muted from the disease. She was ordered by Beni to be studied by the mages and priests and figured out how she survived. While they do that, Beni orders the borders to be shut down until the mages figure out what causes the plague to return. Only by getting special permits can foreigners get in Mugoi land.

After the creation of the Koko-jin, a compound was built to house, train and contain the Ekijo Senshi until they are needed. It is surrounded by dark magic and mist to hide it.The most talented and distinguish are sent to each of the cities as front line defense.
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An older race of beastmen most similar to goats and bovine breeds migrates to the west, arriving nearby the Maw Fields.
The Plainstomper clan after arriving in the new lands they've received tales of, with its fertile, untouched land, expand the borders in the western territories seeking to claim land for themselves.
>Beastmen reach spreads

A split off portion from the Ashtusk clan hears of more such untouched lands in other regions, hoping to leave the wasteland around the Black City, they migrate southwest, arriving at the Marshlands before they leave the borders to claim land for themselves, creating a settlement named the Dark Hills which would soon lose any vegetation nearby as the Ashtusk clan is known to use many resources.
>Clans collect valuable land
File: 2018-10-09 12.39.04.png (244 KB, 809x809)
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Seeing the Beastmen encroaching land near them and so close to Gao, Beni orders two fortresses (called Hein-ro and Sein-ro) to be built and manned with a part of the army to keep watch on the Beastmen. While they haven't directly threaten the Mugoi, this "passive" expansion is worrying. The beast eat and eat until there's no more.

The mages scattered budo dolls and begin to curse the land bordering them to discourage further expansion.
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As the dwarf army marches, followed by their animatrons, they clash against the poorly trained and equipped bandits. Seeing that army upon them, they break and start running for their lives. A true massacre, as the dwarfs crush everyone that cannot run. It was decided from the start, truly a fool’s errand to fight against these invaders.

As the bandit army fails, the dwarfs have free reign on these new lands. Barren as they may be, hostile even, are now property of the dwarfs, if they desire so. However, soon they will be greeted by an expedition send to subdue this now deceased menace.

The dwarfs see fit to occupy the western river, to set a trade post and get their goods flowing in the western lands.
After the war ended, the consulate faced a difficult decision. Their southern allies had surrendered, and asked them for protection.

They, after debating it, decided to extend their protection and effectively forming another province of their rapidly expanding empire.
However, they situation was dire. A whole new territory, closed by the dwarfes one. Many different races and many different ways of life. The populace was also dishearten by the loss, and the infrastructure was heavily damaged. Order had to be restored.

So, the Grand Consul Gaspard, along with king Gaius and the rest of the consulate, declared the “Pax Ispania”, a call for the end of hostilities in and outside their borders. This proclamation will then be used as time for the new lands to be assimilated and rebuilded, and the old lands to develop, as well as expanding the territory peacefully, encouraging economic grow and good relationship with foreign powers.

The state formed by the exiled scoudians was allowed to continue, but under the sphere of influence and dominion of the Alliance, becoming a puppet state, in all means but official.
The little Konna was right, there was indeed a fortress guarded by beings that glisten in the sunlight, but it was no mythical beast but instead old friends, the Ekeni. The glistening skin, iron breastplates highly polished. The turtles aren't noticed until they make themselves known, then welcomed with open arms and treated to wheat cakes, strips of highly spiced meat, and of course, the opium pipe. A messenger is sent to Fera, though the circuitous route would take at least a day's travel. The shelled-men are asked why they now visit from this island and not Tulo, though details for the Ekeni on the island are sketchy, being so out of the loop.
Hagazigith Vitanun Mountain Lord of Volunnz'dun having purchased many Udenz II sends a squad of dwarves alongside the animatrons to test their abilities first hand.
They submerge off the coast of the most western lands, a crowd of dwarves watch from the shore as 5 of the machines are led into the depths, they would first explore the waters as the ocean is a terrain never seen before.
>A new frontier

Falling with ease against the dwarves, the eastern army splits in half, occupying the Broken Lands as workers are sent to construct a port, the other half travels north along the river to secure the lands against the savage humans.
The western force marching onwards as well, having not encountered any resistance, they continue along the river in search of any humans.
>River route soon to be established.
It takes countless stressful days of research on the poor girl, who is willing to help, but exhausted by the endeavor. It is only when she cuts herself on a floor nail that the answer is revealed, for there in her blood, shone little specks of white. What these things were is still unknown. The mages and priests discuss without her, how to retrieve more of her blood for further study.
The beasts of Maw Fields are surprised to see the elder beasts arrive on this coast, but welcome them nonetheless. The new arrivals quickly move West, in search of their own plot. In the Northerly half they find a once well manicured forest now become wild, in the Southerly half plains of little interest though undoubtedly fertile. It's in this forest they find something unusual, a clearing, in the centre a stump upon which rests two strange brass, things? Their purpose lost on the beasts, they take them as curiosities anyway.

The hunger knows no bounds, once a jungle full of fruit and lush vegetation begins looking a lot like the Black City they fled from.
File: qst.png (436 KB, 2048x2048)
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All these things do come to pass
Being successful in their claiming of lands as word spreads fast, other clans decide to migrate.
Members of the Silvermaw clan break off from their kin in Bloodmountain to claim the unclaimed lands surrounding the Black Pit, and nearby, past the Dark Hills, more of the Ashtusk travel further west to sustain their rabid use of resources.
>Expansion continues
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(sick of drawing borders right now, will do this later)


Anomalies stretch out over space, ripples from the pull at the eighteenth hut. From another place, an island is transposed, Dorn flashes into its new existence here among these moon-blessed isles. The inhabitants feel a strange twisting, crushing sensation as they're brought here, but are otherwise no worse for wear. Waves from the new island crash into Red River, damaging farms on the coast.


In the South, another new race arrives, though this time by more sensible means, ships from far afield. They land, and are quick to build a home here. The fine sand is perfect for glass-making, the forests on one coast provide ample wood, and the plains on the other coast are fertile. A perfect new start.
The Konna are glad to see their old friends again, and happily accept their gifts, though the opium will be brought back home for medical use. They are quick to fill in a map with all locations they know of, from Tulo and the place where the beastmen were fought to the land of the Xiphose and the south of the island the Ekeni inhabit. Additionally, the Konna inquire whether them setting up a settlement to the south would be okay with the Ekeni, and while they are at it also ask whether they know of any "special" gemstones.

A small squad of 5 larger, 7 medium and 10 small golems is sent to explore the seas east and southeast of the Orchard and dig to see if it contains minerals

The Guneyden focus their expansionist effort south, with the goal being to control he strait that leads to the inland sea, armies march down south in order to assert the queen's claim to the peninsula and settlers are encouraged to move in and establish new ports and towns and on the other side an outpost is constructed.

Forts are raised near the capital as well as medradh, a school is also constructed to impart both religious and maritime knowledge to the new generation.

Lastly the Queen deploys several envoys, first to explore the new continent for places with abundant minerals and second to establish trade deals and outposts with her neighbors the Ispani and the Xiphose.
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Farmers of the Red River witness a bright flash in the distance, minutes before massive waves crash down upon their crops, and killing laborers.
Now being able to see a previously unseen island exactly where the destruction begat, the beastmen become enraged, clans of the Bloodfang and Thunderhoof join together and rally their warriors.
Old ships left over from their original voyages are gathered, along with fishing vessels and some new hastily built boats; the beastmen board their transports and leave their shores to travel north and face the menace that would dare attack them.
>Defense of the shores
File: Screenshot_52.png (43 KB, 765x487)
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Engineers study the Vikazar and interview the men that rode and operated it into battle, discovering previously undiscovered flaws, and features that would improve the design.
They draw up a new design, retaining a similar appearance to the Vikazar II, the engineers once more begin their work and miners are sent to work to gather resources.
Using the established platform above ground, and with prior experience in the first machine, they are able to more efficiently construct the Vikazar III.
>Construction of a second giant

For ease of travel within the expanding western realms overworld, the dwarves employ the residents of Ragna'vergz, and Thaig'vergz to construct roads connecting the population.
While using mostly toad creatures to build the roads.
To the east, the realm is in need of roads as well; dwarves lay down cobblestone from Rakkun'dun to allow easier access to the Xiphoids for trade and diplomacy.
The Dornian Council was transported to this place after a strange magical phenomena on their home world. The nation is ruled by an oligarchic council that was formed from the old nobility after a coup on the incompetent, and last, king of the isle of Dorn. Magic, and those who are practitioners of it are in a rather unique status, as all who wish to learn, or are born with the talent of using magic are mandated to register with the government, as during the coup, a group of powerful mages attempted to seize control. Those who refuse to register are normally rejected from training, and those caught attempting to use it without government approval are usually executed for their dangerous and unchecked powers. Though Government mages are uncommon, they are respected. In place of the widespread use of magic, the sciences take their place, with mage corps in the army replaced with cannon teams and other pseudo-magical support weapons. The Dornian military is mainly comprised of trained conscripts taken from the twin cities and the miscellaneous villages and towns that dot the isle, with only government employed families spared the need for service. The Dornian military relies on corps of ranged weaponry, such as the nigh universal use of repeating crossbows to provide a deadly, armor piercing, if not shorter ranged hail of steel tipped bolts.
The quakes that rocked the isle of dorn occupied a majority of the attention of the Council, repairing infrastructure, assisting villages damaged by the tremors, factoring changes in taxes, when a fisherman was lead into the council chambers by guards. He told them of what seemed to be a fleet of ships approaching the island, and the capital itself. With this, orders were relayed down and Dornian Marines board the cannon armed ships of the experienced Dornian Navy to meet this possible threat to Dorn and her people.
>Defend Dorn and her shores!
File: beastman_shaman.jpg (160 KB, 762x1048)
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The hordes of beastmen pour out onto the shores of the new landmass.
To the west, the Bloodfang clan attacks Golar, attacking its port with bronze weapons and the occasional farming tools, close in appearance to wolves, they froth at the mouth as they kill anything in sight.
To the east lands the Thunderhoof clan, the majority of which are shamans; using their powers to sunder the land to allow their stronger warriors to attack stunned enemies.
With the late arrival of the fisherman and his news of the vessels, most of the beastmen are able to land their ships, though to their rear, the ships that had not yet landed are overwhelmed by the superior fleets of the Dorn, standing little chance against them.
The shamans prove effective against the militias of the coastal towns, but soon, the horde comes across a strange sight. A lone barrel in the way of their army. A beastman moves close, and from the distance, a bolt flies into the barrel, causing it to explode, and covering the front lines in flaming pitch and tar, which quickly set onto the thick fur of the beastmen, acting much like an equivalent to napalm. Several more barrels are rolled from trench lines, and cannon,grapeshot, crossbow, and tri-ballistae fire cuts into the tides of both clans, shredding armor and bone alike with impunity. Those of the Bloodfang fly into a rage, and charge towards the trenches of the Dornian defenders as an advancing wave of burning, charred hellspawn. Trench trumpets blare, and magical lights soar into the sky as men stationed in the front trench scramble to secondary lines behind them, while the last men turn those trenches into flaming pits of death. The battles last almost a week, with the shear ferocity of the beastmen clashing with the refined tactics of Dornian aggressive trench warfare and comparatively advanced technology of Dornian soldiers. Eventually, the clans begin to lose more men than they kill in these battles, and some begin to head the call of survival and flee their shaman commanders, and with any reinforcements cut off by the Dornian Navy, it seems this brief, but bloody conflict is dying down.
Initially slaughtering the semi-unprepared militias, the clans soon dwindle as the foes organize better and use their superior technology.
Eventually realizing they have no escape, they tap into their primal rage and need for survival, ignoring pain as they butcher their foe in a hopeless attempt to live, taking many with them before they are eventually wiped out.
Though groups of shamans would split from the armies and attempt to flee into the wilderness to hide.
Only a small number of beastmen ships manage to return home as they fled once their vessels were attacked by the giant ships, telling their kin of the attacks and that their army would likely not return.
>A bloody conflict ended swiftly
Later on, the villages rebuild, and remnants are hunted down for capture or execution. A few shamans are found hiding in the woods, and are captured for questioning. Why did they attack, what was the surrounding land like, etc...
Not much progress can be made to the beastmen who speak in various forms of grunts and growls.
But over time they may be able to get the creatures to describe through hand gestures or if lucky, drawings, that the Dornians created what the beastmen know as a large explosion that destroyed their lands.
The beastmen homeland could be described as desolate barrens with skies of fire.
It wasn't much, but it was a start the Oni needed. The mages and priests had to come up with a way to extract more blood from Unahara without killing her. They debated day and night until they decided the slow and steady blood letting would be the correct way to extract these white specks. While it would prolong the process and experimentation, there would be little chance of harming Unahara thus ending the supply of white specks. They create thin rods of bamboo with a extremely sharp iron point to pierce a vein to let blood drip down to a bowl. The process last until she informs them she feels woozy. They let her rest for two days each time they collected blood. After two to four weeks, they had enough white specks and Unahara’s blood to truly start to experiments on. They kept the specks in urns filled with her blood. The specks seem to dry out and become brittle when exposed enough time to the air so they kept the specks in urns filled with Unahara's blood which is enchanted with old blood magic to prevent rotting or clotting. The experiments would take months.

Back in the palace, King Beni was lounging about until his servant informs him a group of blacksmiths wish to meet with him. With nothing better to do, he allows them in. The blacksmiths bow down and introduce themselves. They are a group of ambitious smiths wishing they could get their hands on a flame from Hell. They promise they could improve their current metal a hundred folds if they could get that Hellish fire. Beni was ticked off by their arrogant words. If his own brother couldn't survive the flame then how could these blacksmiths control it? Seeing how Beni was obviously getting angry, the blacksmiths quickly told him they invented a way to contain the flame with help of the mages. They showed him schematics of a grand furnace housing the Hell flame connecting to smaller furnaces. They ensured Beni the furnace and mages could contain the flame in place. Beni was not completely convinced the plan would work, but they needed better weapons with the river folk in the south-west being defeated. He agreed on the condition they figure out how to improve iron in a regular way. He thought back on the fun time he had in Hell and wanted to volunteer to go in but he knew his family and Parliament wouldn't allow him. So, he sent out a message all around Mugoi saying who is brave enough to venture into Hell and bring back a flame?

Beni could not pass up the opportunity to visit Hell again. He missed his bed-mates. So he searched for a Oni that looked similar to him. He found one in Maru. After successfully convincing and rocking the Oni's world, Ashino full-heartily agreed to be the body-double for Beni. In secret, Beni disguised Ashino and waited until the portal opened. Beni promised himself he'll only ne in Hell for a few hours...or months.
It is seen fit by the council to make an attempt to teach the shaman Dorni, so that it may speak. In an attempt to communicate, the shaman is told that this explosion was not an act by the Dornian people, but rather a side effect of some magical event.
Only after many months could a beastman be taught Dorni, however it would be impossible to speak it, as they do not possess capable innards to pronounce anything resembling the language.
Beastmen are told the Dorn side of the story but they do not accept it and instead become angered when they insist they were not the attackers.
The men tell the shaman that this was simply a misunderstanding that lead to conflict.
Being unable to bear with the boredom that's been plagueing the Konna of the Orchard for a long time now, some seek out new activities to engage in.
Savii's Younglings spend their time creating small earth servants of various forms and having them engage in battle, their competitiveness ending up leading to an arms race whose outcome would find a modular approach to be more efficient in battle instead of making them one piec, though this knowledge will ultimately be wasted.
>Fun n' games
Others search the seas for more remains, though they would also bring back smaller fossils, and, seeing as the Xiphoid Ichor could bring huge fossils to life too, request some Ichor from the Xiphose for """research""" purposes.
>Request for Ichor
A select few take to catalogueing the local flora and fauna, with the ones tending to the flora seeking to utilize plants in the making of potions, which would end up bearing effects ranging from medical to semi-magical.
>Brewing potions
As for the fauna, the task of documenting insects and rodents is almost more boring than sitting around doing nothing, that is until a hole in the ground near the fruit tree farm is spotted. In it, they discover a "family" of overgrown centipedes, the larger specimen roughly 12 foot or 3.6 meters in length. One of them begins to make clicking sounds which, as far as the turtles could grasp, were telling them to back off, and they would have defended their nest if it weren't for one of the Konna offering the centipede his lunch, roughly a third of a fish, after which it appears to become calmer. They would later return with more food, and over time slowly tame the arthropods.
>Centipedes as pets
The beast had the gull to cross into Mugoi land! A regiment of samurai led by a Cursed Warrior was sent to stop them. Hopefully to scare off the beast without a fight but their hunger might make them brave enough to fight. They met near the border of thier new settlement. The leader speak some of the beastmen tongue and warns them they're trespassing on Oni territory. He orders them to turn back.
The horde of boar-like creatures with blackened, greasy, matted fur huff and snarl seeing the creature attempting to bark orders at them that they do not understand.
The main group begin to paw at the earth with their hooves, kicking up dirt and gazing wildly at the men in their way, but as this happens, others split off and try to cross the river up north, exploring and foraging should they reach the other side.
Many of the seen beastmen seem to be unarmed, only with a select few wielding bronze hatchets or spears.
The boarish beastmen don't seem to understand the leader, Zen, and are kicking up dust angrily. It seems words won't cut this. Well, thier swords will have to do. Zen draws out his sword and cast a hex of dread aura on himself to make himself look more terrify while his regiment ready themselves. They see some have split going north so he sends a couple of scouts to follow them. Once again, he yells at them to leave.
"The "güneyden" or men from the south as the outsiders call them, are half-human half-beasten outsiders are originally from a faraway land they describe as having crystalline seas and burning hot skies, they focus on all sorts of sea-faring activities such as fishing, trading and even exploring, some of them have taken on more dangerous ventures such as being mercenaries and privateers for other nations so they can learn more about the land they will be about to “settle". Violent but noble in venture, the Guneyden proud themselves in having a lifetime of fighting, conquering, plundering and honoring the positions they were given in the social class they were born in.

Having adopted the moon cult religion of their neighbors they have soon syncretized the old and new beliefs forming their own sect of moon worship which dictates a strict religious warrior code that demands its followers to rage war against those who do not follow the moon mother (or Habul as its said in their tongue) and to die honorably in battle even if it is against other believers even women, for Habul will raise them from their graves one die to fight eternally on her moon home.

Their current ruler, Queen Kumenme I united several Guneyden tribesmen after her throne was usurped by a pretender and her loyalists massacred on the capital, she established Purgma as a new home for her people and established the Marinid Dynasty which has as a mission, to carve up a new kingdom that will be safe for her people."
Crossing the river, the beastmen search and eat whatever they can find, while others collect wood to make crude shelters.
To the south, the beastmen are met with threats they are capable of understanding.
The larger of the group sees the sword drawn and lets out a squeal to which his kin begin to mimic shortly before the sound of thousands of charging hooves is heard.
The horde clashes with the Mugoi, using their tusks to deadly affect to gore their opponents.
The council decides, as a show of good faith, to send the shaman back to his people, and to tell them 2 things. 1. The war was no one's fault, and that the Dornian people did not purposely attack, and 2. Not to come back to Dorn. With that, he is brought aboard a Naval ship, and returned by rowboat.
>>The Inhabitants Of The Confederation Are Enslaved And Commerce Grows

Many moons have passed since the campaign against the Confederation. In their former territory squalid populations who were not consumed live out a work filled existence in the ruins of Weqas and Kwairi crafting special metal and wooden implements and weapons to fit the Xiphoid physiology. The toadmens' great strength is especially applied in the marshes where Commoners have begun learning how to harness their rich biomass. Others are sent to produce lumber from the forests. Those deemed without a valued skill or useful physical characteristic are offered to the dwarves as payment in larger transactions. Rangers to continue to roam the plains but beyond them the new frontier is mostly occupied by enterprising Commoners and Broodmothers with the occasional cast of broodcarriers coming ashore for trade. The vast fleets have again dispersed. Many return to the Great Pool and the Pool of Reunion where their warspoils earn them much scrap molt and the latest weaponry. Others continue their occupation of the inland sea, marking the locations of the Ocean Fathers.

>>Resurrection is Attempted For Mother Huatlo

The presence of the many Ocean Fathers perturbed King Rho. The strategic reserves of Ichor at the Great Pool were transferred to Mother-Huatlo's Sanctuary where the Astrologers and Sorcerers again began their rituals.

>> The Xiphoid Pay Premium For Fossils
With much of the Ichor consumed by the returning fleet and diverted to the Sanctuary, prices for Ichor are outrageous. In turn however the Xiphoid begin demanding the fossils, offering great sums of gold, pearls and dwarven iron for what fossils they collect.

>>An Outpost Is Constructed On The Entrance Of The Inland Sea

With the increased activity in and out of the inland sea and the lessons learned from the daring but doomed raids against the Great Pool several commoners and a band of Astrologers, Scribes and Sorcerers make land fall upon the cliffs opposite the existing observatory and construct another one fitted with many telescopes, an ocean science lab and a small garrison of warrior instars. It is from here that contact is made with new no-furs. With delight they too revere the Moon-Mother. Word is sent out that their ships are not to be preyed upon until more is known, much to the chagrin of the broodcarrier bands.
A couple of the samurai are gored but with thier last breath stab and kill thier attackers. The budo dolls activate draining many of the beasts' life force. Only the strongest remain. Enraged, Zen orders his men to slaughter all and leave no survivors. He cast curses of horrific images to rend thier minds while he cuts the strongest fighters down. His men fight the rest.

Meanwhile, the scouts spot the dirty beasts gouging themselves and building shacks. Using thier knowledge of the land, they trick the beastmen into eating the poisonous plants by switching thier food.
Before setting sail the queen orders their old mangled ships to be destroyed for resources to build a better and stronger fleet, using some of the local resources to build faster and stronger longboats that will allow them to control the seas.
>boat construction

Once a decent fleet is prepared, Queen Komemnos takes a group of soldiers raiding into the coasts of the new continent, they set sail and after days of being at the sea the raiding forces land on Satyr country, there they proceed to sack holy sites which are conveniently in the middle of knowhere and most of the times undefended, making themselves with some loot before authorities can take notice and attack them, preferring to retreat with huge amounts of gold into another location and continue raiding.
>viking shit
With the Battle for Dorn over, and the nation rebuilding from the quakes that rocked the isle, A new source of Iron was unearthed, and the local property owner agrees to give it to the Council for tax breaks.
>New mine

The council deliberates on the issue of uncharted lands for 2 days, reaching it's consensus on the 3rd. An expeditionary fleet is assembled, and battle hardened Marines, cartographers, scientists and even a few state mages are sent to investigate the continent that now lies before them.
Shamans continuing their practices in shamanism soon learn how to harness the elements to a greater destructive effect.
Waters can be manipulated and turned into powerful torrents
They also learn to summon stone from the earth to surround themselves and their allies to create elemental armors.
>Shamanism grows

The fighting does not last long, the beastmen quickly lose numbers to an unseen force and decide the effort is not worth the reward, the ones already fighting would likely all fight until death while the remaining beastmen simply wander off to regroup at a later date.

But to the north the beastmen continue to harvest and build, being somewhat knowledgeable of the lands themselves are almost completely unaffected.
One of the scouts would be caught trying to poison the food supply, and is met by a squealing beastman alerting his brothers who quickly surround him; they would eat him alive.
A group of merchants depart from Medradh into the inland sea, looking for the perfect location to establish a new trade port that connects with the Xiphosian empire, a trade delegation is sent as soon as the Guney people disembark and make a settlement on the other side of the Mother Huatlo sanctuary, stating their neutrality and hoping further cooperation between moon brothers can be achieved.
>trade port

More Guneyden people emigrate towards the new kingdom, amongst them is an adventurer named "Hezarserp" of aristocratic descent who has taken with him an army of no less than 2,000 men, black priests, berserker soldiers and even mounted elite bodyguards accompany him as he marches across dwarven territory in a display of vain wealth and power. He soon ends up in Beastmen territory where he demands to speak with the ruler of their empire
>Mercenaries for Hire.
The ships of the Dornian Navy come across, in their voyages, a city on the coast nearest to the capital. A ship and a company of marines arrive a few miles outside of the city and make camp. In the morning, ambassadors are sent to the city to make contact with their guards.
>Make contact with the city of "Tulo"
Upon their venture, they see only ruins. The city is long gone. But, from these ruins, a colony is established. A military colony maybe, but it is given the name of "Neotoria", and volunteers from the Isle are sent in due time.
>Colonize the remains of Tulo for the Dornian Council!
With the last of the beastmen slained or ran off, the Oni were victorious. Zen was a growing a disdain for them. He lost some men while others have minor to severe injuries.

The scout surrounded by beastmen knew he couldn't escape. Instead of dying a humiliating death, he swallowed a poisonous pill and decapitates himself. The other scout stealthily leaves and reports back to Zen. Zen is not happy with what happened. Eyeing the corpse of the first beastman he killed, he got an idea. Using his necromancy, he revives the corpses and implants nasty curses in them. He sends them to the beasties in the north while he sends a message to capital to reinforce the border and build more walls.
The beastmen snort and chortle watching the cowardly spy remove his own head, they mount his head atop a pike around their campsite and char his body on a spit over the fire to consume later.

By now they've constructed a small village in the northern jungle, surrounded by wooden stakes as more beastmen cross the river to join them.
Undead beastmen that once fought alongside their brothers not long ago arrive to the north, the living beastmen notice their obvious wounds and odd gait while others simply walk into the stakes.
All are greatly confused and attempt to speak to the approaching undead before allowing them into the village, though one or two may be able to access the village, but likely being discovered and questioned shortly after.
The guards marvel at the extensive travelling the Konna have done, pointing out a spot on the map that looks a little bit like a penis and laughing. The captain is brought from his duties to see the shelled-men, and their question is put to him. He details a clear crystal that had been found, which had been cut and fashioned as the top of a cane. The Konna visibly cringe that one of the great gems had been so defiled, but allow the man to continue. The thing was sent to Ibna after it shot out a blast of wind whilst being used as a pointer, it had been subjected to various tests and historical research which found nothing. Where it is now he hasn't the foggiest idea, probably gathering dust in a warehouse. A shame, it was a very good cane.

The golems venture forth the seas to the East provided little of interest, more sea-vegetables and a golden coin which had been weathered to little more than a shiny disc. Where the coin was found was searched and re-searched but only the one was ever found.
The seas to the South-East were a little more rewarding however. Close to where the big crab was once found the golems discover a crack in the ground, possibly caused by the earthquake so long ago. Without fear they dive into it, the pressure and heat begin to mount, but still the crag descends. Shortly the creations began to feel it, a rumbling coming from still further down, as if a great beast were pacing in the bowels of the earth. Unable to bear the intensity, the golems resurface showing minor breakages along their bodies. This would be a daunting mission, even for automatons.
File: qst.png (460 KB, 2048x2048)
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460 KB PNG
It is not longer until a huge deposit of gold is found in the sands, the largest that had ever been seen. Most currency on the islands was silver, which was much more readily available, but this could easily replace every last coin and still pave Purgma with gold streets!

The road from Rakkun'dun is begun, it ducks and weaves around the mountains and valleys. The construction was slow going, and eventually halted when crabs were noticed scuttling up the coast to Krelnjeks. Denzigg's folly it was started to be called. The entire road was then constructed in almost half the time the first attempt had taken.
It was whilst removing a rather large tree in the way that under its tangled roots lay yet another reliquary. It was brought quickly to Therkuunaz, who proclaims them to be his ribs. He laughs heartily, a bellow that rings in the ears, but calms the soul. "I shall soon be whole again it seems!"

In the dark atmosphere of the throne room, lit by burning embers and filled with the smoke of incense, Ashino is indistinguishable from Beni. He quickly picks up the king's habits, the way he sits lazily in his throne, the way he picks his teeth when he is bored, he even trains his voice so that his extravagant yawns match the king. Were it not for the fact Ashino was a eunuch, he could very well pretend to be king forever.

The fossilised skeleton of the great sea serpent, having already been picked clean, was flooded with ichor. Much faith had been lost, as the infused blood had seemingly done nothing to the bones, but things began to take a turn; the full moon rose on the creature, rays of moonlight glistened on the surface until the usually blue blood started to change. It foamed and boiled becoming darker and darker until Mother Huatlo can no longer be seen. The ichor bubbles for hours on end, radiating heat and, anger. When finally the moon set, in the daylight the ichor began to become clear. Swimming in it, was a ferocious creature which it was hard to call Mother. The thing seemed to fill the space, slithering over itself, hiding its head in its mass of scales. The walls of the sanctuary started to tremble, the thing wanted to be free of its prison. Crabs scurried to and fro in panic, until one entire wall gave way and the creature darted into the inland sea. Those that saw its face could not even click from fright.

At the entrance to the inland sea, two outposts began construction in each others' land.

The sands opposite the Dornian Island were a perfect point to begin expansion in this new land. They seem to be uninhabited, though as construction begins signs of life once being here are found, the odd silver coin or clay bowl. Whatever used to be here, it's long gone now.
In one of the newly occupied provinces, a discovery is made. A sulfur mine! With this, the Dornian military has all the components needed for basic gunpowder for its cannons!
>Sulfur mine

Next, there is notice placed on the seemingly unclaimed land to the west of Neotoria. Like clockwork, expeditionary forces move in to claim land, and colonists from Dorn and Neotoria come to settle this new land.
>Colonize lands until we boarder both White and Grey, while not taking any land from either.
The dwarves in their stone shells march to the cliffs at the edge of their lands. They take a
swig of strong something and hop down into the ocean sinking like lead weights to the seabed. Their ears pop from the sudden change, and they scream and curse the way only a dwarf can. The descent had muddied the waters, so they stood there waiting for it to settle muttering about how this really is no place for a dwarf. Finally it clears, allowing them to begin their search. Tall strings of vegetation sprout all around them, which tangle whatever comes too close. Ripping them away reveals strange tuberous root systems in the sand. A dwarf idly picks up on and throws it in his pack, who knows maybe it'll brew into something potent.

The search is slow, and boring with nothing but the damnable plants everywhere, any fish they spot soon dart away from them, even a large fish which seems to have a face -made- of sharp teeth swims away. Still they clomp around the flat seabed kicking up dusts of broken shells and sand. That is until they crest an underwater dune and spot something incredible. It appears to be the beak of an enormous hawk, though there are no other bones around. Up close the thing is twice the size of a dwarf, and made of a black material shot through with silver and bronze. All five attach themselves to it, and begin marching back to the shore, dragging it the entire way. The thing would be a fantastic curio, perhaps even used to make things. They're created on the beach by some rather disappointed looking onlookers, presumably hoping the divers would find a lost city made of barrels of ale. It would take a good long time before they would be ready for another dive.
File: dorf carving 4.png (103 KB, 800x400)
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103 KB PNG
No longer burdened by the war, and having experience in the creation of the first giant, along with the tools needed, and with all the power from the mermaids they could desire, the dwarven engineers have once again finished an amazing feat.
The dwarves detail the two machines to their God in hopes that it pleases him; the second one, which the dwarves now take to calling the Trolzmilz, is carved with the face of Therkuunaz, and adorned with the finest megalogoat furs for the beard, which are constantly wetted to prevent the sconces holding logs along the beard from catching fire to the furs.
The giant remains stationed in the grounds it was constructed until it is needed.
>Vikazar III

Miners dig deep into the earth as they collect resources for their machines, they reach a far down level which is not often dug into by the dwarves, but as they increase their mining, it begins counter productive to mine horizontally rather than vertically, the dwarves discover a new mineral, only mentioned in ancient religious texts, the dwarves have discovered adamantine! Or in their tongue, Zuthunz.
This metal, when forged becomes harder than the strongest steels, capable of slicing through layers upon layers of the inferior metals.
Legends say the lost quadruple bitted axe Therkuunaz wielded was made purely of zuthunz with which he slew legions of slender creatures with ears of knives, causing their extinction and securing the safety of the world.
The first item forged of this material is crafted into a massive axe, to the exact specifications of the historical records.
The gigantic weapon can only be forged in the Great Forge of Jotun'kalnz, and it is detailed with the finest silvers and gold the realm has to offer, bejeweled with rubies and the blades treated with diamond, the finished product would be magnificent, and is promptly given to Therkuunaz as soon as possible.
All of the Mountain Lords attend the gifting as they all contributed to the collection of the ore, being that it is extremely rare and difficult to extract and only with their combined effort was it possible to create the axe.

Lunar-Hound has spent some time in his homeland, yet again finding himself with enough coin and desire to travel once more.
There have been rumors of human cities to the west, as told by the participants in the raiding of the trade route which was previously thought to be Ekeni.
He brings with him the megalo goat drawn cart, resembling a large keg, which now contains new instruments along with contraptions to allow many more instruments to be played at once only requiring a single user. His friend accompanies him as well, and the two begin their journey at Volunnz'dun, arriving at the crossroads connecting to the abandoned trade route, they travel north on the road, praying to Therkuunaz for a safe journey.
>Music for the people
The former exploratory fleet now halts itself at Neotoria, tasked with it's defense. The marines stationed aboard are transferred to become rather elite City garrison, or are stationed at the expanded boarders of the Dornian Council's territory on the continent. These men are among some of the best the Dornian army produce, with them having gone career with their military service, and survived many campaigns where the Dorni people are originally from. They are armed with the typical armaments of Dornian infantry, Including a Repeating Crossbow, Bolt quiver, short sword, dagger/bayonet, and the steel helmet and chest plate and gambeson. They are distinguished from normal infantry by their Teal coloration of their armor, and the fact that they spend almost all their time on ships.
With the successful dives of their machines in the west, dwarves are sent east to meet with the Xiphoids, praising the quality of their ichor and showing them a stone tablet with carvings of their voyage, and the surfacing of a giant beak, larger than their six foot animatrons, the dwarves curiously ask what it could be and if the Xiphoids know of it, as they are creatures of the sea. They likely assume it to be the remains of an ancient bird beast from the times before history but with its location they still inquire of the Xiphoids.
File: Hezarserp's Route.png (462 KB, 2048x2048)
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462 KB PNG
Hezarserp's army is tired, it seems his idea to march trough the continent literally searching for adventure isn't amongst the brightest the commander has had in a while. During their march they encounter the dwarf city of Krelnjekz, and upon realizing a 2k army marching around might alarm them he orders his people to camp near while he sends a diplomatic delegation to negotiate safe passage with the dwarven leader and avoid unnecessary confrontations
The army finds themselves marching across the dry, rolling hills with an abnormal amount of goats roaming the land.
After discovering Krelnjekz, the diplomats sent are met with dwarves fleeing at the sight of them until a group of armored dwarves mounted atop giant goats and wielding halberds surrounds them.
Initially hostile and wary of the intruders, communication was managed to be achieved between the two.
"Gatekeeper" Tagr Lofthrun of Rakkun'dun speaks with the diplomats, eventually discovering their purpose and wants.
The army is allowed to pass as a larger force comes from the east to watch over the crossing army while they would pass by a massive stone figure being taller than the trees to the west, it silently watches them before they depart beyond the dwarven borders.
The encounter leaves Hezarserp ecstatic, not only was he able to observe races totally different to his own but he also managed to inspire fear in them (atleast from the way he saw it), this rekindles his passion for more adventure and makes his army double their march so they can reach their new destiny.
Hezarserp arrives at the city of Dark Hills in Beastmen territory, this time his army has given its all to complete the march and can't go on anymore, he notices that despite their similarities to the boar-men who roam the ravaged country-side there is still a barrier between both tribes and decides to do a risky move.
The adventurer grabs a few of his men as bodyguards and decides to go to the city himself, hoping to attract the attention of the local warlords with a harmless little show of power for the patrols stationed there.
File: kbulahao-d5twh2v.jpg (719 KB, 1200x871)
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719 KB JPG
With the residents of the Dark Hills scattered around the area scouring for anything of value, they are soon seen and word spreads of strange bird beasts walking to their central dwellings.
A gang of large boarbeasts approach the man and his companions just outside of the poorly walled off city.
They wield bronze spears and little to no clothing, looming over the birdmen they curiously inspect them and snort wildly, perplexed at these beastmen that do not resemble any races they know, but are clearly beastmen nonetheless.
Attempting to speak with them in their grunting and growling tongue, they try to ask where they are from.
3 ships are sent to explore the coast, encountering a small pirate fleet which is eliminated with all due haste. The marines on board cheer as the last pirate ship sinks beneath the waves. A few pirates manage to swim to the ship and beg for their lives. The marines and ship's crew begrudgingly bring the survivors on board and lock them in the bring. Finally, the ships find a port side city... (Ibna)
Kunigg Fekthr, a blind veteran of the Hall Battle Before the Cataclysm, having migrated to Jaegunnzar not too long ago has made a living by raising and selling the large rabbits native to the plains on the surface, making large sums of coin.
Rumors have it that Kunigg went mad during the war but his madness has been kept in a manageable state, though recently he has been focused on saving money, selling his unneeded belongings and starving himself as to maximize his savings for a massive breeding program he is conducting among other projects.
>Rabbits galore

As news of the Zuthunz discovery spreads throughout the realm, dwarves all over begin digging massive, narrow pathways down into the earth to mine the ore.
It being so rare results in many disappointed miners, but over time and with enough persistence it can be found.
Smiths would begin paying huge amounts for this ore as they work with it, learning from it, and testing it.
Currently few items of zuthunz exist but the performance well exceeds expectations and the dwarves celebrate across the realm.
>Miners mine
The journey for Lunar-Hound was far easier than his first, "What a luxury are roads" he thinks, rubbing his back remembering a particularly nasty bump on his visit to Gao. He soon arrives at the trade-crossroads, pleased to see a small shanty of stalls and taverns, there he sees dwarves with golden beard beads, Ekeni speaking broken dwarven, and Ispani trotting the way they do. Strong ale flows freely into his cup, many knowing of the great, blind bard and his fine music. He plays for them a jig on a woodwind instrument, the kind one claps along to, a melancholic song of remembrance on a strange device hidden away in his cart, and finally he sings an ancient dwarven work song.

-translated here from the dwarven- "An old dwarf rides from Grun'feld low, To the high mount'ns of Oglag'dun, There he eyes a pretty maid, With a beard as long as his arm. 'What be your name, lass?', the old dwarf asks, 'My name is battle' the maiden says. The old dwarf dies a happy death."

He has his fill of every drink each tavern can offer, stout ales from Jimiz'feld, fragrant cider from Gallradan, and that awful stuff the Ekeni drink flavoured with marsh-herbs. He is told of Pona, the new Ekeni trade port where he'd be welcomed with a pipe of the strong stuff, and warned of some petty thieves on the road up to Gallradan.
Unknown ships sail in from the North, maybe dwarven from the inland sea, or Ispani, who knows how far their lands stretch now. The hulking vessels steer into the port of Ibna, docking without the proper formalities. The guards are brought at once, shouting in Ekeni, then dwarven and finally very stunted Ispani for the sailors to stay on board. Of course these languages are totally foreign to the Dorn, as the Dorn are to the Ekeni. They alight, the guards keeping their distance. It's not a friendly welcome, but the Ekeni aren't a particularly trusting race.
My Therkuunaz, another large deposit of zuthunz is found, though the dwarves feel a sense of let down as they strike it finding only a thin layer of adamantine before finding another reliquary. "Be not so down, you find the final piece of Me! Soon I may walk again, freely, far from my throne. What wonders -you- may yet show -me-."
The marines at the boarding plank are completely fucking confused to put it lightly. They come to a port, weapons not presented in typical fashion of Dornian vessels during peacetime, then armed men come and rush to them, speaking complete gibberish at them in 3 different gibberish "languages". While far from savages like the beastmen they fought only weeks earlier, It is going to be hard time establishing diplomatic relations with anyone here...

Meanwhile below deck, Dornian diplomats rush to gather supplies and get dressed in proper attire, hoping they wouldn't hear screams of pain or cannon fire before they diffused the situation above deck as best they could. They rush up the deck stairs and push through the marines, hands raised in the air to show they had no weapons or hostile intent. Now all they needed to do was figure out how to get to someone of diplomatic importance...
File: Flag of the Ekeni.png (24 KB, 1200x746)
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Seeing them without weapons, the guards stand down and seem to vanish into the crowd. Most of the surrounding buildings are made of wood, though they are well maintained. There is only one stone building in site here, a rather utilitarian square tower, which slopes gently as it ascends; it's flying a blue flag, which has definitely seen better days. Men in rich furs and women in gold finery are walking in and out of it, the only place such people seem bothered with, perhaps a customs-house? It's the best bet.

Inside people talk in hushed tones, that become somehow even quieter as they enter. People turn and rudely stare at the new arrivals. A corpulent man in a rather stupid looking hat ushers them into a side room where they are offered a strange smelling beverage in silver goblets, which the fat man drinks two of before even offering. He sits behind a desk in the well-appointed room, and pushes forward a bowl filled with fruits, before rummaging through a drawer filled with scrolls and parchments. Finally he stands again, placing a pile on his desk, unravelling them to reveal texts of different scripts. One in a flowing brushstroke, one in harsh lines, another which seems to be smudged beyond readability, and a fourth which honestly looks more like a child's drawing. He beckons them to read them, and when they seem terribly confused, he sighs.

On the wall is a painting detailing the believed coastline of the islands, noticeably missing the Isle of Dorn. There are dotted lines all over it, some in the sea, some on land, some stop seemingly in the middle of nowhere. This just causes more confusion. Rather fed up, the fat man sits back down in his chair which squeals in protest.
After spending some time at the crossroads and hearing about the rumors of thieves the two dwarves re-plan their travels, deciding instead to take the new nearby port to perform at the Ekeni homeland once more, perhaps they can acquire enough coin to hire mercenaries later on and arrive in the fabled human lands.
The dwarves board a ship on route to Fera.

The dwarves hoot and holler, jumping in excitement, hitting their heads on the stone above them and extinguishing their head-candles, one experiences a heart attack, opening the reliquary to gaze upon its magnificence before he dies.
Enormous crowds of dwarves gather to follow the miners as they bring the final piece to Therkunz'dun.
All of the mountain lords journey to the mountain among many other dwarves; many productions and the normal dwarven life is halted with the influx of people coming to witness Therkuunz in his true glory.
He begins to communicate with the boarmen, explaining to the boarmen trough crude drawings that he is an unlanded warlord looking for riches and land he can claim for himself and his people, and he wants to speak with an important member of the tribe that can offer his men a pay and point them to an enemy.

A trade negotiation deal is sent to the dwarves by the town mayor of the new colony port near xiphose, offering glass, wood and even jewelry obtained from raids. the city is also founded under the name: Addiz.
>trade port
File: imperator.jpg (26 KB, 410x532)
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All this time, the Alliance has not been idle. Many things have transpired, and many important. The quarry has imported lots of marble, which has then transformed from the ground. Ashkar, has become a city of marble. Great buildings of intricate motives, roads and a sewer system. Everything was rebuilt, remade. It took lots of time, effort, and architects, 54, to be exact.

Now, Ashkar stands as the white city, the capital and the center of the power, home to the consulate. However, that too, had changed.
The Grand Consul Gaspard, faithful servant for so long, finally passed away. A great funeral was held, and the future of the alliance was discussed. Times had changed, and the alliance was a very different place. Territories, people, and customs were introduced. As such, a new leadership would be needed. Gaius, with the newfound experience gained by the kingdom, and with the support of the consulate, declared the creation of a new state, “Imperium Ispania”.
Declaring himself as “Rex Imperator Ispaniole”, he based the new Imperium in a central power with representation of the different races, with a greater power being the Satyrs.

Some of the newfound movements of the Imperium was to rebuild the army, and create a competent fighting force, forcing the new races into obligatory service, with a meritocratic system, with satyr preference. Utilizing the different techs, the army will be expanded and supplied as necessary.

The construction of the new city was already having great advances, as was the new road project, to join the important cities, and to, in the future, drain the swamps to allow for more economic development. In the current territory, a system to develop crops, mines and plantations was developed, to allow more products and quality of live.

Finally, a new diplomatic stance, less inclines toward benevolence to the invaders. A new age has begun, and their destiny is to stay triumphant.
File: Screenshot_53.png (49 KB, 729x584)
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The two dwarven armies encounter no resistance once the first band of brigands is defeated.
They continue their march, the half of the first army regroups with the other half which now marches further north, burning down any villages along the way until they reach the city of Gallradan.
The second army continues their disappointing march, nothing standing in their way, though they treat any villages significantly better than the army across the river.
Eventually reaching the sea, and the damaged bridge to Gallradan, the dwarves are faced with a decision to make: attempting to take the city with the first armies assistance, or securing the current location.
The general consults with his advisors and it is decided that the bridge must be taken care of.
Dwarven sappers are given their orders and quickly traverse the bridge where they would lay down the armies entire supply of Thunderpowder on various key points.
Being experts in demolition, though usually tasked with destroying much harder obstacles in the underworld, this already flawed bridge takes little effort, and it erupts in the glorious sound from which Powdered Thunder derives its name.
It can be felt from far, and heard even farther, as the bridge collapses, denying the enemy access to the other side of the river and opening up the river for travel.

With the port named Thrag'latgjal finally being built in the Broken Lands, the dwarven vessel run aground nearby is taken to the port for repairs as other ships and designs are being constructed.
For now, smaller vessels are able to row down the river and sail along the coast to reach the Ekeni and at last allow trade as planned.
Once these objectives are completed, the armies return home, and the second army attempts to claim the remaining lands west, which would no longer be able to send armies across the bridge to defend with, though they keep an eye out for any bandit encampments.
>River port established

Kunigg Fekthr's breeding program goes very well with the mega-rabbit population increasing to unthinkable numbers.
He also begins to now purchase large amounts of powdered thunder, and deep in the mountain of Jaegunnzar, residents can hear explosions day and night in a specific rhythm for the most part.
>Descending madness
The diplomats attempt to communicate more with the man, drawing out their alphabet (Something along the lines of Portuguese mixed with Italian) and try and communicate that way.

Meanwhile on the ship, the marines continue a sort of retarded staring contest with the port guards. Eventually, one of the marines fucks off back to his bunk. The rest trickle down, but 3 are officially stationed to watch by the ships captain.

Back with the diplomats, one takes notes on how the people seem to be under a monarchy, and how they are now speaking with nobles of some sort. Progress on the language barrier is made, as some of the characters of the Dornian alphabet resemble a language on the scrolls, and what they represent is close enough to each other. One diplomat makes the best he can to show where Dorn is on the map, and the path they took to get here.
The beastmen seem to interpret the drawings being that he is a great chieftain of a lost tribe of beastmen, they look as though not as hostile as before.
Beastmen have no concept of currency and instead point west, in the direction of the Oni land, specifically Sein-ro, seeming to tell the outlander to prove himself against the foe.
A request for trade is given to the dwarves, though they do not much require their goods, they can offer high quality iron in exchange for timber.
They also offer to grant the mayor the use of coins of dwarven make, silver, copper, and gold, all stamped with a mountain on one side and the face of a man with a flaming beard on the other, adorned with runes along the edges, the dwarves suggest the mayor adopt the coin as their prime currency to allow more efficient commerce.
The fat man bellows into his face. Really? An island just popped into existence did it? Then I'm about to sprout wings from my arse and fly up to the moon. He calms down after the men seem rather annoyed at his outburst. He looks over the sheet they chose, and the letters they'd written. He called for someone, and smiled wide at the "guests". Eventually, a thin man wearing strange rounds of wire over his eyes arrived, the two Ekeni had a short conversation, and the men were prompted to follow the new man.

He led them down a flight of stairs and through a warren of whitewashed hallways before arriving at a much less well decorated room. Lime-putty floor, and more white-washed walls. The little man spoke several different languages, none of which made a lick of sense to the men. He produced a sheet of linen, then with the burnt end of a reed drew rough drawings of things. Pointing and saying things until the men understood what he was trying to do. Eventually, and with a lot of gesturing, enough progress was made to allow very basic conversation. The thin man is a lot more pleasant than the fat one, though he nasally voice is rather grating.

The "conversation" turns to trade, what these newcomers had to offer, and what the Ekeni had in return.
> Foremost is Opium
> Grain beer & flour
> Preserved meat & fish
> Ekeni crafts in iron & wood
> Linen of various qualities
> and finally, vibrant dyes in most colours
The diplomats stare wide eyed at the mention of opium. The reign of the last king of Dorn is the most used cautionary tale amongst Dornians about how dangerous drugs can be, and the reason all are banned from Conciliate territories on punishment of torture or even death. The king had gotten addicted to the drug known as Harvest Powder, and only worsened his incompetent rule, not to mention almost draining the royal treasury to feed his addiction. Had this been in Dorn, the man would have been imprisoned for the mere mention of selling such substances. Moving on from the rather disturbing sight for the Dornians, the mention of dyes is an important one. For many of the dress uniforms of Dornian Soldiers, such dyes are used for show, and rank markings. The mention of beer as well is also welcome, as the marines on board had been getting bored, and the seas left them wanting for action. They had resorted to mocking the pirates they had "rescued" and the captain was worried that such boredom would lead to "Interesting and worrisome actions".
About twenty Oni answered the call to delve into Hell and bring back a Hell Flame. At Yami-do, they gather together while the mages prepared the ritual. Among them is Beni disguised as a commoner; mingling with the other participants. He's pleased his plan is working so perfectly; no one suspects a thing about Ashino. At noon, thee rituals begins and everyone gets ready. A prisoner is drag, the mages start to chant, and King "Beni" gives a speech motivating the participants. The mages finished their spell and the portal to Hell is opened. The executor shoves the prisoner into the portal as the sacrifice to make it safe for the others. The king raises his arm; dropping then yelling,”Go!” And they all ran into the portal: lounging into Hell. With a smile, Beni was back! And soon after, he sees his old mates and then some. All eager, they don't waste any time.

Before Beni went into disguise, he warns the smiths that if anything goes wrong, they will be thrown in the deepest level of Hell. Motivated by fear and determination, the smiths oversees the construction of the grand furnace to house the Hell Flame between Miki and Iro.
Grand Shaman Firefang is known in the beastmen realm as one of the most powerful beings, despite his short stature and weak body.
He quickly learns to manipulate the elements, spreading his seed and teaching disciples greatly improves the abilities of shamans across the land.
More and more clans realize the power of shamanism and adopt the practice, allowing their weaker offspring the ability to make use of themselves.
>Shamanism expands

Seeing more land to the north, the Plainstomper clan of goatmen wish to further expand, consuming the vegetation along the way, they unknowingly enter Ekeni land.
>Insatiable hunger
As gold and pearls have proven to have little to no use other than being nice to look at, the Konna request more iron instead as payment for the fossils.
As the Ekeni luckily aren't aware of the gem's worth, even if defiled, the Konna offer a dwarven axe in exchange for that useless cane and its gem.

Iti's brood shall hatch next turn.

Savii was surprised to say the least. Something inside that crack forcing his creations to return? Whatever was residing in there, he'd dig it out and teach it a lesson.
After patching up the broken golems, he orders them to start digging and turn the crack into a sizeable hole in an attempt to spread the heat enough for them to venture further.
The Western Flank drive North to Gallradan unimpeded, many laugh and joke of the fleeing Ispani, but the officers know a possible ambush when they see one. The Eastern Flanks journey begins much the same, until they reach a small road leading into what was once Harlund. As if it were the plan all along they turn and march down this path into the ruined city, glassy eyed automatons. Many are terrified, as they are still aware inside their bodies, being moved against their will. But soon they know true terror; Around a crumbling well stand sixteen beings of shadow. The army is fixed in formation, staring at the things as they turn and stare back. Some recite prayers to Therkuunaz in their minds, others know there is simply no hope. From behind the dwarves, a seventeenth creature emerges, burning through them leaving a swathe of disfigured bodies along its path. More fragile minds have already broken, and on these the things release their grasp allowing them to run riot; curled into a weeping ball, setting fire to their beards, wildly masturbating, even attacking those they once called friend. Though they do not smile, the shadow beings are pleased. Little by little the dwarves of the Eastern Flank go mad, until only the strongest of will remain; These the things grow impatient with, and begin a torment started at the eighteenth hut, screams, drums, crashing cymbals fill the air, whipping into endless noise. Still some stand tall. Their minds are filled with visions of the mountain-homes engulfed in unholy fire, and unspeakable acts inflicted upon the populace, tears fall from frozen eyes. Still some stand. The torture is relentless, until only two men stand; Brothers, in birth and arms. One of the creatures walks? skitters? floats? towards them, boring its grey eyes into them. With a single hand, or perhaps a dozen hammers, no a fell thing, with something, it crushes one brother, forcing the other to watch unblinkingly until there is only a scorch mark on the ground. With this the last dwarf is set free, to tell of the horror that resides in the ruins. Lunatic army-mates charge him along his path but invariably decide on another target before reaching him. Confused and turned about, it is the next morning when he finds himself in Volunnz'dun, gibbering and weeping.

Hell. His home away from home. Beni sighs, and feels himself breathe freely again. How he has dreamt of this day, to reunite with the things that slither and fuck in the pit. He is soon lost again in his own pleasure, demons, damned souls, gods, whatever he can bed, he takes. The blacksmiths' task was already lost to him, indisposed as he was, but they weather Hell enough to take the flame with them, and back through the portal. Believing the task complete, the priests close it again, trapping Beni until a new portal is opening. No matter, a new she-devil catches his eye, and a creature made of scales, and that beast that did -that thing- with its tongues.
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The Beastmen invade Ekeni land, and are soon met with a wall of ironclad bodies, bearing sharp pikes and barrels of flaming pitch; Driven back, at least away from the temples. Having never faced war or invasion before, scarecrow tactics are all anyone can come up with.

The captain laughs at such a pitiful offer, a gem of untapped power for a piece of rusting iron? He thought the Konna and Ekeni were friends, not petty children.
"Put that away, you only embarrass yourself. You can have the gem, -Saya-, you can have the cane for all I care! But let us bring you to Ibna, Her Majesty has always had a certain fondness for your kind." He sends off a boy to fetch tools to draw up plans for a grand tour.
(I don't remember if the Konna & Ekeni can interact, but they can now, whatever)
I think this is everything, shout at me on discord if it's not.
The thin man with the wire on around his eyes asks the diplomats to follow him, to see the available dyes, cloth dyed here in Ibna, and prices. They're led to a covered market, away from the common muck. There they are shown greens of every shade, along with reds ranging from rose pink to a deep burgundy, three different shades of vibrant yellow, the rich blue of the Ekeni flag, and combinations of these dyes, though the colour will eventually fade to the strongest of the two. Finally they are shown a purple the shade of Monkshood (a flower), which is said to never fade or stain, so set is it in the fabric, this is the only dye that will not be exported, though the foreigners are welcome to import their own fabric here or custom order dyed Ekeni fabrics. They are also shown embroidery of silver thread, which glistens as it moves in the sun. Only the Queen, the thin man says, has a piece of purpur cloth, decorated with silver thread, even then it is only used on occasions of state.

He asks if the men would like to be left to browse, or brought back to the customs house, tapping his foot a little.
The Konna admit it wasn't a great offer but cheer up again when offered the gem on top of a tour. They'd return to their siblings in order to bring some more turtles with them who wish to participate, even Vahvu who believes he could impress the Ekeni with their ""technology""

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