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You are Subaru Kurokawa, and you have embarked on a long journey down south aboard the Yamato, the last flame of your country. While your crew had successfully seized the battleship and caused massive chaos among the Beiyang Fleet, it appears they have reorganized and caught up with your crew in little time.
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Pacific%20Theatre
Twatter: https://twitter.com/Turkroachistan
Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/NTe9GyeK
Mechanics and Stats: https://pastebin.com/6ygurZDF
Updates: My updates usually come in the form of long posts, and also takes some time to write. But alas, I would try my best to put out at least 1 long update per day. Every update will receive a notification on my twitter.
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As soon as the alarm sounded, the three of us quickly made our way to the bridge and entered our battle stations: Yanagi at the comms post, Satoru at navigation, and myself right beside the Captain himself.

“Our radar picked up signal of enemy activity.” Yanagi reported, holding onto her earpiece. “Reports from the observation deck, sir. Enemy aircraft spotted, one Tsai-yun biplane.”
“A scout huh?” The Captain tapped at his cap. “It won’t be long before their torpedo bombers appear.”

“Captain, permission to sortie!” Hibari’s voice rang from the comms, coming straight from the hanger. “I’ll take that bastard out before he relay more information on our position!”
“ Koishimizu-senpai, are you sure the plane’s good to fly?” Satoru questioned.
“It’s time to find out. At least give me a try before the enemy gets away.”

“Captain.” Satoru spoke up. “I suggest we make a beeline for Formosa at full speed. There we will have the full support from our Formosa Air Garrison to fight back.”
The scene of the exhausted, vulnerable Valkyria flashed through my mind as Satoru made his suggestion. Reaching Formosa at top speed is certainly possible, but that would likely require Margaret to overexert herself again, just as she has been doing in the past two days.

But then, the same concern apply to Hibari’s own circumstances. I’ve heard of her various heroic deeds in the 601st Air Wing, but right now she’s about to go into battle in a plane she’s barely acquainted with.

If I want to make a suggestion, it is now or never.

>Prioritize on the route to Formosa first and foremost.
>Have Hibari sortie before it brings back the entire hive.
>Yamato is powerful enough on her own to handle some outdated torpedo bombers.
>Write in.
>Yamato is powerful enough on her own to handle some outdated torpedo bombers.
>Have Hibari sortie before it brings back the entire hive.
>Have Hibari sortie before it brings back the entire hive.
>Prioritize on the route to Formosa first and foremost.
>Have Hibari sortie before it brings back the entire hive.
>Yamato is powerful enough on her own to handle some outdated torpedo bombers.
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105 KB JPG
“Captain, this is a perfect time to test out those prototypes Beiyang left for us,” I suggested, taking Hibari’s side. “We have to stop the enemy now before they dial back more information on us.”

Honeybees protect their hives from wasps by ganging up and killing the scout as soon as one shows up. Then they would remove the scent and every single trace of said wasp, thereby sparing the colony from a full-on assault from an overwhelming army.

While it was very likely that the scout would have already relayed Yamato’s location back to their carrier, taking him out would surely prevent more information from leaking. Then the Yamato could make a run for Formosa while the enemy is slightly disoriented.

“Lieutenant, are the planes operational?” The captained asked Hibari over the comms, making up his mind without a second thought.
“No problem, sir. This thing is armed to the teeth and ready for action.”
And of course, Hibari was itching to return back to her natural habitat.
“Good, prepare for takeoff, and good luck.”
“Aye, sir!”

>Roll me a 2d10 for Hibari's performance
Rolled 4, 5 = 9 (2d6)

Rolled 7, 6 = 13 (2d10)

Rolled 3, 8 = 11 (2d10)

Rolled 1, 9 = 10 (2d10)

File: funa-0.jpg (64 KB, 1147x669)
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The moment the aircraft rolled out from the hanger, its unique appearance instantly grabbed everyone’s attention. What more was the movement it was undertaking-
“What in the world?”
Sufficient to say, everyone watched in awe from the bridge as the peculiar aircraft lifted off from the extended upper deck… vertically.
“Are those propellers… on its wings!?” Yanagi exclaimed, mesmerized by the sight.
“A monoplane as well.” Satoru added, equally amazed. “Those things were complicated as they already were.”

Is this real?
The first aviation technology born during the last years of the Second Europan War radiated around the world like an evolutionary explosion. Like most evolutionary radiations, many unique and often unreal designs came into being throughout the past eight years that has transpired, but none could compare to Hibari was piloting right now.

The fighter continued to rise up vertically, hovering over the platform it originally rested on, until it started to wobble in midair.
"Koshimizu, what is the problem!?” The captain dialed back at her, watching the unbalanced aircraft about to crash itself onto the deck.
“I’m getting it under control!”
Hibari’s voice rang loud and clear through the comms, and at that very moment, the fighter stabilized. Hovering higher and higher into the air, the plane switched directions and steered suddenly accelerating into an incredible speed.

“She did it…” Yanagi covered her mouth in awe.
“And the fish is back in the water.” Satoru joked, sending off the fighter as it climbed up to an optimal altitude, before making a sharp U-turn to give chase.
“Koishimizu, is everything alright up there?” I made one last check, just to make sure.
“NEVER BETTER!” Hibari yelled heartily over the radio. The same transmission was accompanied with the sounds of rapid gunfire as her hovering prototype instantly caught up on and opened fire on the enemy Tsai-Yun.

Facing a vastly superior enemy, the scouting biplane never stood a chance.
With its wings ripped into shreds of fire, it plunged unceremoniously into the deep blue sea in a trail of hot, fiery ball of smoke.
I believe everyone was in the mood to cheer on the bridge until we heard Hibari paging in a new report.
"Got some more company ahead, Sir! I'm counting eight of them, possibly the first batch of torpedo bombers. I’ll hold them off as long as I can.”
“Tch, fast on their feet as always aren’t they, those Beiyang bastards.” Satoru cursed.

“Shirataki!” The Captain named. “Are our anti-air defenses functioning as intended?”
“Ready to waltz, sir!” His bright, confident voice came through. That was quite a peculiar way of responding to a superior, but absolutely fitting to Itaru’s personality.
“Good, don’t let them anywhere near!” Suwabe commanded. “Aono, prepare to power the Valkyria Drive.”
“Aye sir!”

>Roll me another 2d10 for Yamato's AA
Rolled 3, 1 = 4 (2d10)

Rolled 3, 5 = 8 (2d10)

Rolled 2, 4 = 6 (2d10)

Rolled 7, 1 = 8 (2d10)

Rolled 4, 2 = 6 (2d10)

>All these subpar rolls
Rolled 2, 10 = 12 (2d10)

It's alright folks, I got this.
File: 66174310_p0.jpg (1.42 MB, 1748x2189)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
In a short moment’s notice, Satoru began operating the panel before him, drawing power from the Drive’s core to fuel the rest of the ship’s systems.

For a moment the weak smile from a frail, exhausted Margaret flashed past my mind, but that image evaporated almost immediately as the noisy sounds of propellers crashed into my head.

"Five coming your way!” Hibari yelled through the comms under the sound of heavy gunfire. I could probably picture the image of an enemy aircraft downed by her in a tense chase if not for the urgent situation at hand.
“Keep them at bay with a defensive barrage!”
Almost instantly, small smokes of fired gunpowder erupted from Yamato’s port. In a rotating, almost automatic fashion, they pelleted the skies in a thick screen of shrapnel.

To me, this was an all too familiar scene from back during the Khaganate’s invasion into Zipang, and it did well to drag me back to those tense times.
Two torpedo bombers, which flew too close to the surface, were immediately shredded into bits by the stream of shrapnel. Two more pulled up in an attempt to evade, only to be intercepted by a returning Hibari, who managed to make quick work of the initial three.

The last attacking aircraft however, managed to be luckier than his wingmates.
The pilot flew low, nearly touching the surging ocean below, and proceeded to drop his payload before the shrapnel ripped off the biplane’s left wing, sending the thing crashing into the sea with a splash.
However, a done deed was a done deed, and the sole torpedo zoomed right for the Yamato’s hull.

“Behind us, portside, 200 Degrees, a torpedo’s closing in on us quickly!” Yanagi reported loudly with cold sweat. “Speed, 45 knots, impact in less than two minutes!”
And while the rest of the bridge braced nervously for impact, I noticed the captain’s unchanging demeanor. It felt almost… as if he had been waiting for this moment?
File: 18231490_p0.jpg (59 KB, 800x483)
59 KB
“Don’t just stand there!” Satoru hollered amidst the tense atmosphere. “We’re going to evade it like…”
“Aono.” Suwabe interrupted his voice oddly composed in a situation like this. “This is the perfect time to try out the Yamato’s defensive aspects.”
My friend stared upon the Captain in nervous doubt for a split second, before immediately acknowledging with an “Aye sir”

“Distance, 200 meters!” Yanagi reminded everyone of the ticking time bomb
“Denisov, do you copy?” Suwabe addressed Margaret directly through the comms, arms crossed.
“I’m ready!”

“Impact in five seconds, four.. three. tw---”
Yanagi’s countdown was brutally interrupted by a gigantic explosion that broke through the ocean’s surface, sending a pillar of seawater into the air. Oddly enough, the seawater did not splash onto the deck but instead ran off a dim, azure barrier that coated itself around Yamato like a protective cocoon.
“What in the world...” I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t in some form of weird, lucid dream.
“It… It worked…” Satoru looked over incredulously, mouth agape at the result.

“More reports from the observation deck, sir.” Again, it was Yanagi who was responsible for bringing everyone back to reality. “More aircraft spotted, Type-95s, carrying our insignia.”
Looks like our cavalry has finally arrived.
“And their commander has left a message for us, sir,” Yanagi added, far less tense from moments earlier
“Read it out loud.”
“Ahem…” Yanagi cleared her throat. “Welcome to Formosa, my old friend. Please do make yourselves at home, we shall take over the pest control from here.”

>Suggest the Yamato aid the garrisons
>Go with what their commander suggested and head for the nearest port
>Other/Write in
>Go with what their commander suggested and head for the nearest port
>Go with what their commander suggested and head for the nearest port
>Go with what their commander suggested and head for the nearest port
let's not burn Margaret out before getting anything done
>Go with what their commander suggested and head for the nearest port
>Go with what their commander suggested and head for the nearest port
>Tell Hibari she can indulge herself though, as long as she has enough fuel to get to the land.
“Aono, divert power from the protective shield to engines. Make full sail toward Formosa.”
With the imminent air threat taken care of by our Formosa allies, Yamato disengaged from the conflict in a burst of acceleration. Thanks to the power of the Valkyria Drive, the battleship traveled at a pace that was more akin to that of a destroyer, something similar sized warships could never do

We sailed for a short while, the thundering sounds of fighters dampening as we traveled farther and farther away. There was still no land in sight, though we did catch a glimpse of some fishing ships across the horizon.
“Sir.” Yanagi reported with an unexpected surprise. “One of them seem to be emitting radio signals towards us specifically.”
“Let them speak.”

In a stunning move, one of the tiny fishing boats actually approached the Yamato on her port. The leading man abroad held a loudspeaker and screamed directly at the titan in front of him.
“You Zipang?” Said a coarse, heavily accented voice in broken Zipangnese. “You Zipang boat?”
“This is Captain Suwabe Nagamasa of the Yamato. Identify yourself.”
Trying hard to contain a chuckle from this rather unexpected display, the captain instead opted to respond to him through the comms.

“Yamato! I Lee. Go port, you follow.” This small boat then mande a swift U turn, maintaining a safe distance with the behemoth that is our ship.
And with the leading fishing boat turned, all the others did the same and gathered around. Eventually, it appeared as if the Yamato was escorted by hundreds of small fishing boats, like remoras attached onto a shark.

“Sir, who are these people?” Yanagi asked, still confused by our current situation.
“Our local support from our Formosa garrison.” Suwabe smiled. “They are here to help us around these waters.”
True to their duty, we finally managed to see land again, a familiar piece of scenery I might add.
The rainy harbors of Keelung, never thought I would be back here again.

“Kurokawa, check on the crew for casualties and damages.”
“Aye, Captain!”

>check upper deck, they were the ones closest to all the danger.
>check lower deck, some important people were held there during the assault
>check the boiler room to make sure if Margaret is fine
>check flight decks, congratulate Hibari for her first success in that prototype.
>check lower deck, some important people were held there during the assault
>check lower deck, some important people were held there during the assault
>check flight decks, congratulate Hibari for her first success in that prototype.
>check the lower deck, some important people were held there during the assault
>check flight decks, congratulate Hibari for her first success in that prototype.
File: alurune.jpg (45 KB, 960x640)
45 KB
Following Captain Suwabe’s order, I exited the bridge and made my way down the stairs to the lower deck, straight towards the area the torpedo struck earlier.
I paced around the area, trying to find any leaks or structural damage to the hull. Even with the shield, a torpedo warhead ought to have caused some damage, right?
Except...There wasn’t even the slightest dent on the ship’s hull. The whole area looked as brand new as I first saw it.

“Heh, looks like Mori’s research didn’t disappoint after all.” A familiar voice chimed suddenly from behind.
“Akane?” I turned to face the woman who, as usual, made her entrance stealthily “What are you doing here?”
“Same thing as you are, plus a little visit to Mori.” She spoke with a disingenuous smile “He might need some comforting after the little skirmish just now.”

As Akane and I have our little talk, I noticed some rattling noise coming from down the walkway toward the holding cell. Needless to say, it became the focus of both of our attention.

“You might want to go take a look on our other asset” Akane suggested, patting me on the shoulder. “Sounds like a ruckus going down there. If anything worse happened to her, the Khan might order a genocide on all our people. You wouldn’t want that, would you?”
“Indeed, thankfully doing so hasn’t crossed his mind yet.” I gulped at that rather insidious omen. Akane, however, only took enjoyment out of stroking my fear every once in a while.
“Better get going then, Kurokawa-san.” She exited the scene with a wave. She must be giggling happily at this moment.

Immediately, I rushed down the corridor, hurrying towards where the Khagan’s daughter was held. From here, I witnessed the source of all this trouble.
Three tall, muscular men were banging loudly on the bars of the holding cell, howling profanity at the kidnapped princess. Their noticeable tan and tattoos made the three appear like brutish Yakuza thugs from the streets, but the insignia on their coats proved them to be none other than the marines under Itaru’s command.

“What’s the matter, steppe sow? Scared?”
“Ya damn right should be! We’re gonna tear your fuckhole a new one!”
“Where do you want us to start, the front or the back? Heh?”

In response to the men’s intimidation, she cowered back in the innermost corner of her cell, face buried deep between her knees, with her entire body shivering violently in fear for her life.

>Intervene before things escalate
>Watch at a distance until they take more direct action
>Write in
>intervene directly while also sending a message up the nearest pipe.

Whelp this is how we die boys. Not letting savages be savages
Supporting >>2888553
>intervene directly while also sending a message up the nearest pipe.
To he fair it's understandable from their point of view. Mongols got them badly beat and now the tables have somewhat turned.
Still, the princess is a very important leverage and should be treated with care, just like every other important PoW
>Intervene before things escalate
>Intervene before things escalate
File: 66013770_p0.png (743 KB, 991x779)
743 KB
743 KB PNG
Immediately, I jotted down a note and placed it into the nearest pneumatic tube, in hope that someone will see this note before things spiral out of control. Now with the first line of action finished, I’ll just have to intervene and try breaking up the commotion right here. I took a deep breath and prepared myself.

So this is how I’ll end, by attempting to convince savages not be savages.
“Hey!” I managed a proper, commanding yell, which of course caught their attention.

“Huh? What do you want, boy?”
“Buzz off. This ain’t none of your business.”
I expected a more ferocious response from them but being swatted away like nothing was probably worse in some aspects.

“Wait a minute, aren’t you that Kurokawa kid?” One of the men managed to recognize me. In turn, their attitude loosened up a bit.
“Oh, the guy who helped us out in Aki? So, you want to join or what?” The other one made an attempt to invite me to their little party. I had to make it clear that wasn’t my intent.

“No, I want you to stop what you’re doing.”
I tried to deliver those as calmly and amicably, syllable by syllable. Hearing my response, the three men looked at one another, then immediately exploded into laughter.

“Oh, aren’t you a brave little hero.” One of the men finally said, easing up from the burst of laughter earlier.
“You want her for yourself, eh?” Another scoffed, still laughing. “Kinda selfish, don’t you think?”

“I’m serious. Leave her alone.”
It took this much for the men’s smiles to fade and finally realize I meant my words.
“Look, you may have helped us before, but that doesn’t mean we answer to you.”
“You ain’t a bad kid, and I’d really hate to have to toss you overboard.” The other marine said, crackling his fist and stretching his neck. “What about you forget what you see here and go back to where you came from? Hm?”

Facing three muscular, war-hardened men who were all at least half a head taller than myself wasn’t exactly what I would call pleasant. The whole situation turning into a confrontation didn’t help, either.

“I’m not going anywhere.”
Perhaps I was just a dumbass with a deathwish, but the words just escaped my mouth reflexively. As the men approached I clenched my fist, my body tensed up preparing for the worst, until-

“What do you think you’re doing here, lads?”
Wait, that voice-
“You got some guts, Kurokawa.” I felt a strong pat on the shoulder from none other than the marine commander himself, who shot an approving nod as he passed by. “Now leave this to me.”
With Itaru making his sudden appearance, the marines’ attitude took a complete 180 turn. Gone were their hostility and profanity as they hastily saluted their commanding officer, who they addressed as ‘big brother’.

“Do I have to repeat myself?”
The three nervously eyed each other, until one finally mustered enough courage to respond.
“A-Aniki, we were thinking of teaching that bit-”
In the blink of an eye, the speaking man was yanked by his collar. Itaru almost lifted his entire body off the ground with just one hand.
“Watch your tongue. She may be the enemy, but she’s still a lady.” In a sturdy, ironclad frame, Itaru glared angrily into the marine’s eyes. “Is that how you treat a lady?”
“No, sir!” The man’s voice trembled as he responded. “I’m sorry, Aniki!”

“Good.” Itaru nod, letting go of the man’s collar. “Now, you were saying?”
“We, we were thinking of teaching that girl a lesson, and...”
“You call three hardened marines threatening to harm a helpless young lady a lesson? Have you really sunk that low? ” Itaru knocked them each on their foreheads, leaving red handprints on them. “Come on lads, you’re better than this.”

“Please- Please forgive us, Aniki!”
With a noticeable ‘thok’, all three of them dropped to their knees and slammed their faces onto the hardened ground.
“Now go back to your posts and I’ll let this slide. But if I ever find you here again… you know the consequences.”
“Yes, sir! Thank you for your time, Aniki!”
Like a bunch of frightened mice, the three men scurried away in the blink of an eye. Without even taking the time to send them off, Itaru turned his attention to check on our valued prisoner.
“You fine, little lady?” He greeted the trembling princess, acting as amiable as the ‘Aniki’ of the marines can possibly be. “Don’t be afraid, they won’t be back anymore.”

While the princess did not lift her head, she did seem to have eased up a bit as she appeared to be less tense than she was from minutes ago.
“Does she understand us?” Only after finishing his words of encouragement did Itaru remember he was talking to a foreigner.
“I think so,” I replied, recalling my earlier run-in with her and her fiance in the park. “And Shirataki-senpai, thanks for the help.”

“No problem. I came here as soon as I saw the note.” He shot me a thumbs up. “The lads were just frustrated from all that’s been happening. I’ll be keeping a tighter eye on them.”

“Attention all crew!”
Captain Suwabe’s voice suddenly rang through the deck from an installed loudspeaker.
“Thanks to your hard work, the first part of Operation Ten-Go was a resounding success. We will soon be arriving at Amekou Port, Formosa. Prepare for docking sequence!”

“Already? That was faster than expected.” Itaru didn’t hide his surprise, and I can hardly blame him. Considering the size of this ship, this voyage has been unnaturally fast- a testament to the prowess of the Valkyria drive, but at what cost to the Margaret...
“Heading back to the bridge?” Itaru asked, one hand on my shoulder and the other’s thumb pointing at the nearby stairway.

>Sure, let’s go
>Sirataki-senpai can head there first, I'll stay here for a while.
>Write in
>Sirataki-senpai can head there first, I'll stay here for a while.
Time for building rapport with the prisoner for subsequent indoctrination.
>Sirataki-senpai can head there first, I'll stay here for a while.

Harem noaw.
>Shirataki-senpai can head there first, I'll stay here for a while.
I don't think the QM will allow that to happen.
Though indoctrinating her is a good thing. As Chinese/Mongol Dynasties go, she's probably treated more like a political chess piece than an individual.
That's what I meant. Please don't lump me in with the haremfag.
>Sirataki-senpai can head there first, I'll stay here for a while.
What exactly is wrong with a harem end though. It solves most issues with the triangle situation we're having now.
I don't see any kind of a triangle. And even if there was, Amile would certainly not be a part of it.
It's most likely that one of the girls won't accept that kind of outcome.
Childhood Friend vs Valkyria. It's more evident quest-wise because the players are largely divided into those two camps. Story-wise, only Yanagi shows some exclusive interest for the MC right now. Margaret's attitude hasn't changed a bit since the first thread.
File: c0073742_22395650.jpg (123 KB, 541x573)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
“Shirataki-senpai, I think I’ll stay here for a bit.”
“I see, some final checkups? We’ll be waiting for you on the ground.”

With him gone, I turned my attention back to the cell. The princess was still recovering from a state of shock, but I guess I could help her out in more ways than Itaru could.
“Amile-dono, is it?”
Slowly, her head craned up from her resting position, alerted by a familiar voice, then the face, of someone she had come across before.

“You… you’re the Darcsen back then!” To my surprise, she did remember me from the brief encounter we had a while back.
“It’s unfortunate we have to meet each other again under these circumstances,” I replied. For a moment, I felt I know what it was like to be in Aiteng’s shoes.
“W-what are you going to do to me?”

“Keep you safe and sound until we achieve our goal,” I answered flatly. “Neither I nor most of my comrades would want to bring you harm of any sorts, so long as you are willing to cooperate.”
“And you expect me to believe you!?” She cried, glaring at me angrily. “After what those ANIMALS tried to do?”
Amile’s words made me churn internally with how much she reminded of myself when in captivity. The last time I found myself in such situation, my captors were quite eager to shower me with not-so-subtle threats and physical torture. There was a blood boiling urge to get even for what her people have done to mine, but taking it on her just didn’t feel right.

“That is up to you,” I said, trying my absolute best to not turn this into a similar situation. “But I assure you will be kept alive and well as long as you abstain from doing anything dangerous.”

Silence befell upon us as the princess stood up from her crouched position, wiped away her tear as she turned her back on me.
“Is there anything else you might need, Amile-dono?”
“Leave me alone...”
“Take care then.”

I left the princess at that. It was pointless to speak sense in her current emotional state. Maybe I could try talking with her again sometime later. But for now, it’s probably better to let her mellow out.
Still, I wonder what her reaction would be if I told her everything.
File: 1.jpg (121 KB, 752x502)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Amekou, Formosa.

This was where my father spent the bulk of his naval career in. Naval buildup here was continuous and frequent since the Far East’s industrial revolution. Zipang used Formosa as a forward base to its fullest extent. Originally, it was used as an immediate response base against actions taken by the Yu Dynasty, and later on, against a possible Federation offensive in the Far East when the Europan Wars rolled by.
This place, as a result, has left me with quite some memories. Though, it’s been over three years since I last visited.

“HAHAHA, Captain Suwabe! Haisai!” A tanned, bulky senior Ryukyuan man with his officer’s uniform tied around his waist yelled jovially as he stomps his way up the pier to greet our captain. “I knew you were still out there somewhere.”
Instead of a proper salute or handshake, he gave Suwabe an audible slap on the back. For a brief moment, our captain’s face contorted into one of extreme agony before straightening itself back to normal.
This was, after all, the way Commander Yoshikiyo Yamazaki, head of the Formosan Garrison, did business.

“As you can see, Commander Yoshikiyo, Enma-sama booted me from his court once again.” He shrugged the pain off with a smile. “And it looks like your timing is as precise as always.”
“If he doesn’t want cha’, it’s his loss!” Yoshikiyo patted him on the shoulder. “Welcome back, sir!”
“No need for that, we were from the same year, remember?” The Captain’s eyes gleamed with confidence. “Glad to have you watching my back again.”
“Like them good old times.” Yoshikiyo nodded with a wide smirk. “But it looks like you are just as well alone. Heard you guys gave those Beiyang bastards a good pounding!"

“From what just happened out there… I wager it’s not enough.” Suwabe crossed his arms. “The pursuers aren’t their best, but it still meant they managed to bounce back within two days.”
“Ha! Those suckers? Tough to tell ya. The boys up above called, those ain't Beiyang, but the Nanyang Fleet!”

Our captain could not help but bite down on his lower lip from such a carefree response. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath, his face looked three shades lighter than usual.
“Wonderful news,” He muttered with a slow nod. “The Khaganate’s entire navy… just wonderful.”
“Well look at it this way. It’s us, our men, our 14 planes, 2 destroyers, Kirishima, plus Yamato.”
With his old friend this carefree and confident, our captain couldn’t help but also put aside this issue for the time being. Instead, he focused on bringing up the good news.

“Attention.” He turned to face us. “Yamato will be making adjustments in port. In the meantime, I’m granting everyone here involved in the first phase of this operation a shore leave until 0800 two days from now.”
The excitement on the deck was so tangible I could actually smell it in the air.
“Get some rest, ladies and gentlemen, you’ve earned it”
File: 1705496_orig.png (872 KB, 2000x851)
872 KB
872 KB PNG
And Archived.

I feel like this would be an appropriate part to end the thread before going into the next part, which would probably all fit nicely on the next thread.

Again, thank you all for participating in this little quest I made. I'll be up here to answer any questions before the thread sinks.

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