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Drifting forward the massive Charnel Vault approaches the Arc Relay station, the ship repaired after the battle with the Matriarch.

Jor looks up from where he stood at the foot of the dais your throne perched itself. He wore his normal armor again and carried his staff of office. Clearing his throat he draws your gaze away from the Relay station and the bolts of Arc lightning that flash and pulse off the metal and bone frame.

"So our next stop will be Bastion to Reconstruct this hero Agona spoke of?" He asks even though he knew the answer. You had just Reconstructed a pair of Disciples into Generals proper and the human was starting to feel the strain but he would never admit it to you. The Control Worm latched onto his spine negated the need for him to admit anything to you.

"The first of the Stonestar to join my children. They show promise," you say as the ship draws closer to the station, flashes of Arc energy pulses faster and brighter. A single bolt stretches out, linking flagship and station before it fades but then more reach out to send crackling waves across the hull to energize it.

Jor nods and chews on a thumbnail, "I've seen the footage. Killed an Ahkam with their soldiers and Obsidianborn. I am surprised the Lavafather suggested Reconstruction rather than attempting to grant Immortality though."

You look back toward the viewscreen as more of the bolts reach out, electrifying the hull of your colossal ship. When they strike, they branch out, chaining to the fleet that was accompanying you to the Bastion system.

"They understand this sacrifice will serve to further strengthen their bond with the Armada. You have seen their fleets, each passing week the Obsidianborn grow in number and we are stronger for it," you chuckle as the storm of bolts grows with a sudden intensity and light fades outside the vessel suddenly.

Jor looks toward the screen and moments later light snaps back into view as the Charnel Vault emerges from the Arc lightyears away from Horizon's Drop. Static buzzes across the hulls of the fleet, the destination Arc Relay crackling with its own residual energy.

The supermassive gas giant around which Bastion spun loomed before the fleet, a collection of Terrordromes and Obsidianborn ships standing guard over the vital station that linked the two star systems.

The human nods, looking at a stone-hulled warship moving to join a fleet waiting for their turn to transport to the Drakon system along with a large amount of Reconstructed ships as well, "Without the Lavafather, I doubt our Armada would be nearly as strong. It is good that we bring them closer to us," he says as the Charnel Vault approaches the heavily fortified moon ahead, "I've never actually been to Bastion before."

The storm covered moon draws ever closer and you are silent for a moment before you speak, "Its surface is harsh and unforgiving, where only tenacious beings may survive and flourish. It reminds me of my homeworld."
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Welcome back to Death Among the Stars Quest!
Please ignore some of the outdate resource stuff. Thats on my list for things to get wrangled and simplified

Pastebins: http://pastebin.com/u/ceronull
Make sure to follow my twitter where I announce the threads: https://twitter.com/CeroTheNull
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=death+among+the+stars
Ask.fm: http://ask.fm/DeathAmongTheStarsQuest


(Biomass stat + structures) * 500 * dev score + modifiers = Biomass income total
(Metal stat + structures) * 400 * dev score + modifiers = Metal income total


Trade Route:
>Armatocere: 3mil Metal <=> 3mil Biomass

Horizon's Drop
>60B (60 + 55) * 500 * (45 + 40) = 4,887,500B Daily
>60M (60 + 40) * 400 * (45 + 40) = 3,400,000M Daily
>45% Developed
>Biomass Farms: 30B
>Mining Facilities: 40M
>Vampire Vine: 10B
>Solar Farms: 15B
>4 Wormstar Fingers: +40D

The Bastion system

>80B (80 + 55) * 500 * (10 + 10) = 1,350,000B
>10M (No Mining Presence)
>10% Developed
>Coral Farms: 30B
>Vampire Vine: 10B
>Solar Farms: 15B
>1 Wormstar Finger: +10D

>30B (30 + 45) * 500 * (15 + 20) = 1,312,500B
>90M (No mining presence) + 250,000M
>15% Developed by Armada
>Volcanic Farms: 30B
>Solar Farms: 15B
>Obsidianborn Tributes: +250,000M
>2 Wormstar Fingers: +20D

>0B (0 + 15) * 500 * 75 = 562,500B
>70M (70 + 40) * 400 * 75 + 450K = 3,750,000M
>75% Developed
>Mining Facilities: 40M
>Solar Farms: 15B
>Asteroid Belt: +450,000M

Bastions sister moon
>0B (0 + 15) * 500 * 50 = 375,000B
>90M (90 + 40) * 400 * 50 = 2,600,000M
>50% Developed
>Mining Facitilites: 40M
>Solar Farms: 15B

Asteroid Belt: Gives 450K extra Metal to nearest planet (Protoplanet)

Urdir System:

Rocky Planet(s) x3
>0B (0 + 15) * 500 * 50 * 3 = 1,125,000B
>50M (50 + 40) * 400 * 50 * 3 = 5,400,000M
>50% Developed
>Mining Facilities: 40M
>Solar Farms: 15B

Ice planet
>70B (70 + 45) * 500 * 50 = 2,875,000B
>50% Developed
>Biomass Farms: 30B
>Solar Farms: 15B
File: 03-jupiters-red-spot.jpg (71 KB, 945x725)
71 KB
Andai System:

>15B (15 + 45) * 500 * (40 + 10) = 1,500,000B
>70M (70 + 40) * 400 * (40 + 10) = 2,200,000M
>40% Developed
>Mining Facilities: 40M
>Biomass Farms: 30B
>Solar Farms: 15B
>Space Elevator + Station 88: 10D

B'Nan System:

>5B (5 + 15) * 500 * 85 = 850,000B
>90M (90 + 40) * 400 * 85 = 4,420,000
>85% Developed
>Mining Facilities: 40M
>Solar Farms: 15B

Worllunan system:

>85B (85 + 55) * 500 * 35 = 2,450,000B
>20M (20 + 40) * 400 * 35 + 450k = 1,290,000
>35% Developed
>Biomass Farms: 30B
>Solar Farms: 15B
>Vampire Vines: 10B
>Mining Facilities: 40M
>>Asteroid Belt: +450,000M

Ice Planet
>65B (65 + 45) * 500 * 30 = 1,650,000B
>30% Developed
>Biomass Farms: 30B
>Solar Farms: 15B

Asteroid Belt: Gives 450K extra Metal to nearest planet (Vannec)

Drakon system:

Tenebrous (Lesser+Greater)
>100B (100 + 55) * 500 * 30 * 2 = 4,650,000B
>30% Developed
>Biomass Farms: 30B
>Solar Farms: 15B
>Vampire Vines: 10B

Ice Planet
>65B (65 + 45) * 500 * 20 = 1,100,000B
>20% Developed
>Biomass Farms: 30B
>Solar Farms: 15B

Construction projects:
>Horizon's Drop - Wormstar Fist (9/9)
Special Units:
>10 Voidknight Disciples
>2 Arc Disciples
>1 Solar Disciple
>Gral, Void Juggernaut
>2 Void Juggernauts
>Illuminator Juggernaut
>2000 Void Centurions
>900 Solar Wardens
>2500 Arc Vipers
>2600 Arc Savages
>10 Ur-Wyrms
>120 Bonescale
>30 Blackscale Knights

>Aquatic Talons
>Aquatic Cyclops
>Aquatic Gargoyles
>Flatbody Gargoyles
>Shock Trolls
>Arc Trolls
>Molten Trolls
>Obsidian Dirges
>Bone Clusters

Large Troops:
>Volcanic Crawler

Necrolyte Legion:
>50 Officers
>20 Solar Arbiters
>80 Voidsingers
>38 Arcdancers
>13 Necromancers
>6,190 Legionnaires

Legion Immortals:
>Commander Rethak
>3 Voidsingers
>1 Arcdancer
>10 Immortals

Living Subjects:
>Necromancer Jor
>Vle'Karak Ahkam Elder
>8 Necromancers
>6,116,363 Civilians
>950 Stonestar
>115 Tyrre Gladiators
>2 Epikor Elites (Gladiators)
>Dne'tec Ahkam Male
>Cve'jok Ahkam Female
>Vil'cva Ahkam Male

Armatocere Guests:
>6 Solar potentials
>3 Void potentials
>4 Arc potentials
>2 Necrotic potentials

>Martin Graim, Rogue Necromancer
>Nru'jok, Ahkam Female
>13 Ahkam Serpents (8 surrendered)
>113,000 Ahkam soldiers (45k surrendered)
>23 Necrotic potentials
>22 Void potentials
>21 Solar potentials
>4 Arc potentials
>2,060 Osjiic Soldiers
File: WraithFleet11.jpg (264 KB, 1920x1088)
264 KB
264 KB JPG

Unique ships:
>1 Flagship "Charnel Vault"
>Fury of the Wormstar
>Blackscale Destroyer "Pestilence"
>7 Void Terrors
>2 Pyroclastic Destroyers
>The Wick - Confederate disguised Smuggler Corvette
>6 Smuggler Freighters

>10,000 Chariots
>5,000 Hearses
>2,000 Battletombs
>2,000 Devastators

>15,000 Coffins
>10,000 Support Coffins
>2,000 Stealth Coffins
>15,000 Common Nails
>10,000 Piercing Nails
>28,000 Gunships
>15,000 Craw-Bombers
>2,000 Intruder Coffins
>2,000 Stealth Gunships
>24,000 Squid

>2,000 Corvettes
>11,020 Support Corvettes
>250 Stealth Corvettes
>100 Sower Corvettes
>6,200 Frigates
>300 Stealth Frigates
>500 Boarding Frigates
>800 Light Cruisers
>250 Boarding Cruisers
>570 Heavy Cruisers
>150 Boarding Heavy Cruisers
>1,200 Plasma Weaver Cruisers
>100 Void Weaver Cruisers
>50 Stake Cruisers
>800 Bloat Carriers
>920 Terrordromes
>100 Shockdromes
>12,000 Kraken

>390 Battlecruisers
>1,180 Hangar Battlecruisers
>100 Voidspear Battlecruisers
>50 Torpedo Battlecruisers
>2,000 Swarm Battlecruisers
>1,085 Destroyers
>70 Void Destroyers
>2,240 Battleships
>1,210 Mirrorsoul Battleships

Captured Ships:
>7 Osjiic Heavy Cruisers
>8 Osjiic Light Cruisers
>18 Osjiic Frigates
>22 Osjiic Corvettes
>3 Osjiic Battleships
>5 Osjiic Destroyers
>4 Osjiic Battlecruisers
>10 Dagger disguised Frigates
>5 Osjiic disguised Frigates
>14 Osjiic disguised Fighters
>2 Ahkam Battleships
>2 Ahkam Destroyers
>2 Ahkam Battlecruisers
>3 Ahkam Light Cruisers
>8 Ahkam frigates
>7 Ahkam corvettes
>1 UON Battleship
>1 UON BattleCruiser
>1 UON Heavy Cruiser
>2 UON Light Cruisers
>6 UON Frigates
>7 UON Corvettes
File: orbitalring.gif (48 KB, 832x624)
48 KB
In Construction:

Flagships: 4/7
>1 Voidknight Flagship
>1 Dominator Flagship
>1 Punisher Flagship
>1 Unclaimed Flagship

Construction Complete
>Wormstars Fist
Despite setbacks due to the Empires assault the orbital defense ring connecting the four space elevators spaced around the equator of Horizon's Drop has been completed, forming the first Wormstars Fist around the Necrotic Armadas capital planet. Serving as an immense defensive, utilitarian, and economic boon the Fist also a blatant demonstration of the Armada's strength and resources. Possessing dockyards that hang toward the planet itself from the inner rim of the ring it can repair, build, and dock ships of all sizes, allowing passengers and cargo to be transported to and from the surface and their vessels faster and easier than taking off from the surface. Countless defensive measures cover the outer rim, thick armor plating and shielding putting forth a fierce front. Ranging from anti-orbital lances stationed at each elevator to missile silos to weapon emplacements of all sizes, the Wormstars Fist will make any attack or invasion against the planet it protects a costly endeavor.
File: Necrotic.gif (880 KB, 512x512)
880 KB
880 KB GIF
Research Event:
>Floral Necrotic Experiment:
Specimen Outbreak!
Alarming news from the Think Tanks and the Armatocere Necromancer who have been working on the experiments concerning the mutation, reanimation, and Reconstruction of floral organisms through Necrotic means. Necromancer Sapling Tvrr is in fact the cause of the breach, the Sapling unknowningly transporting spores of a newly derived mutated strain of fungus despite following decontamination protocols as the spores hibernated on their being before their release within Iti'a'Ropku.

Research Update:
>Psionic Testing
The search to find psionic sensitive individuals among the population of the Armada has already provided a promising lead. Among the millions now loving in Iti'a'Ropku and the populations of Rukor and Bastion several potential candidates have been discovered and convinced to cooperate with the Think Tanks study. The search continues for other potential recruits.

Finished Research:
>Advanced Mental Reading:
Experiments into further thought scanning technology have finally yielded results.

>Matriarchs Armor:
The heavily fortified and technologically advanced armor that the Matriarch utilized was studied thoroughly, providing insights into some of the cutting edge technology of the Ahkam.

>Sunscale Reconstruction Refinement:
With the assistance of Necromancers from Iti'a'Ropku, the Blackscale Necromancer Guir has refined the process of Reconstructing Sunscale corpses and developing a worthy standard of Reconstructed for the Armada's armies.
Current Research:

>Orbital Structure Shields:
Slow - With the fragility of orbital superstructures the Think Tanks propose more measures to defend them

Medium, possibly dangerous - The incident with the Advanced Mental Reading lab has inspired several Think Tanks to begin researching psionics by focusing on telekinesis gained from sources other than Necrotic energy

>Floral Necrotic Experiments:
Unknown, Dangerous - A project proposed by a Think Tank, who worked on the original Necrotic experiments on the living that lead to the Immortals, has grown intrigued with the Armatocere Necrotic initiates and requests their aid in experimenting with Necrotic energies and floral organisms

>Ahkam Matriarch Dissection:
Medium - Think Tanks that long wished to study an Ahkam Matriarch are excited to study the corpse of Quantac'Vrix and already begin discussing Reconstruction

>Ahkam Datafiles:
Medium - Decrypting and studying the vast amount of files stored upon the warships of the Ahkam will take some time but are sure to have a wealth of knowledge concerning the Dynasties

Medium - Inspired by the Armatoceres developments into gravity manipulating technology the Think Tanks have begun looking at base theories concerning their Interdiction Field technology and studying gravity manipulating materials including exotic matter and Void energies.

>Mass Shielding
Slow - A splinter research thread of the Orbital Shielding into experimenting with new theories in shield technology

>Calcified Void Fragment
Medium - Research into examining and deducing the properties of the Void amplifying piece of bone taken from a Deathshead Guardian

>Gremlin Genetic analysis
Fast - Scans and genetic samples of the arthropod creatures called Gremlins by the pirate clans. Once a common pest aboard starships and space stations they were nearly wiped out due to their compulsion to sabotage machinery

>Synth Technology:
Medium - Various samples of tech and hardware salvaged from a Protectorate derelict

>Synth Arc Reactor:
Fast - It appears that the Transcendent Protectorate has a capable understanding of the Arc element, creating weapons and technology that revolved around it such as a portable reactor similar in form to an Arc Condenser

>Arc-powered Synthetic:
Unknown - A vaguely humanoid Synth recovered from a wrecked starship
Thought Scanning: Similar in nature to the Empathic Sensors and Dreamstones this more refined technology of ritual and a deeper understanding of the neurochemical make-up of the sentient races is capable of scanning and decoding the surface level thoughts of living subjects. Requiring specialized equipment and spacial needs the tech is far from mobile, instead needing to be installed into building infrastructure. While living subjects are within the area of effect their surface thoughts can be scanned and transcribed much the same way Dreamstone tech can transcribe a subjects dreams. The longer the subject is within the field of effect the clearer the scanned thoughts become. However, strong willed individuals and those with psionic intrusion protection, either trained or cybernetic, are capable of clouding or outright blocking their thoughts. Prolonged exposure or naturally psionic resistant subjects will report a sense of unease and an increasing paranoia of being watched.

Ahkam Armor: A miniaturized version of the armor worn by the Ahkam Matriarch this Cauldron-forged equipment is intended for the Armada's Ahkam citizens that choose to fight alongside the Armada. Complicated segmented armor plates allow the serpents to keep their flexibility and mobility while providing an increased resistance to damage and even Necrotic based attacks. Ranged weaponry is typically attached on either side of the jaw or by their tail-blades where it can be most easily aimed. The armored "helm" which latches onto the Ahkam's upper skull is filled with an array of sensors and communications equipment, allowing them to stay in contact and tap into the Think Tank network for live battlefield information.

Bioship Upgrade:
>Segmented Armor - Derived from the armor of the Ahkam Matriarch this new bioship armor is structured into complex interlinked segments that give a significant boost to agility and ability to contort the ship in ways without compromising armor integrity.
File: venomspit.gif (763 KB, 433x520)
763 KB
763 KB GIF
>Venom Glands - After extensive study of the various venom glands of the Sunscale, each caste having their own version of venom, a version has been developed for both living and Reconstructed agents. Absorbing the Spitter Gland adaptation they still retain the ability to project venom either in a long-range glob or stream, or as a wide close-rang spray. When paired with a Chemical Fabricator it can replicate the Warbloods highly combustible napalm-venom, the Scouts blinding and numbing venoms, the corrosive venom-drool of the Workers, and the pain inducing neurovenom of the Divers.

>Genetic Shuffling - Something of a surprise discovered during the revising of the Sunscale Reconstruction process and the cloning project. A valuable piece of genetic sequence in the Sunscales DNA it allows their caste members to develop and diversify during their development in their eggs. While there are patterns to be found in the children castes depending on the parents own caste, especially if two members of the same caste were to reproduce, a Sunscale egg seemingly has the potential to hatch into any of the castes. The Blackscale reason this helps prevent genetic bottlenecks and ensures that a tribe can rebuild itself even after disaster. This allows cloned subjects, if allowed during their development and growth, to occasionally generate new combinations of their genetic sequence with a drastically lower rate of deformity and harmful genetic anomaly. Does not prevent mutation or genetic anomalies from arising in hastily produced flash-clones.
Reconstructed Unlocked:
>Bonescale - While the Solar Wardens could be considered a prototype of these Reconstructed these are the fully realized potential of Reconstruction for Sunscale genetics. Walking as easily on two legs or all four limbs these bipeds are powerfully built and roughly the size of a Troll when standing upright. Their forms are armored in dense scales and armored plates with thick tails meant for balance and tipped with weaponry, typically blade or claw. Eyeless like most Reconstructed their skulls are shielded with thick bone that often sports decorative crests or horns, their jaws filled with vicious teeth or sharpened blade-like beaks. Formed either by Reconstructing a Sunscales corpse with the aid of a Blackscale Necromancer or created by Cauldron, those of original Sunscale stock are typically stronger and more durable and sport adaptations reflecting their original form while the mass-produced are fairly uniform in their make.

Sadly as before, Warbloods, even those cloned and kept ignorant of the Sunscale Gods and doctrines, are incapable of being safely Reconstructed, something in their very genetics forcing their aggression against the undead even themselves. So far the Blackscale creations they call Knights are proving to be the only Warblood undead capable of being controlled. To date Dominator Valresko, Reconstructed from the Albino Warblood Glucors, is the only unquestionably successful attempt at Reconstructing a Warblood.
>New generals
What is actually involved in changing from a disciple to a full-blooded general - is it just a glorified naming ceremony or do they undergo physical changes as well? Does their ability in their respective element increase to match or is that only with experience?
>Imminent mutant necrotic fungus zombie plague
Well, at least we'll probably learn something interesting from it
That is a killer gif by the way
File: images.png (7 KB, 485x303)
7 KB
>Research Event:
>Floral Necrotic Experiment:
Specimen Outbreak!

spores why...
>mutated strain of fungus

Uh oh, we might have a necrotic Ork infestation!
Tlacex grinds his blunt teeth together as he thinks, not even realizing he was doing it while pondering the upcoming invasion. The Coffin he stood in slows its descent with ripples of distorted gravity as it approached a landing pad illuminated with colored lights guiding them in the darkening evening.

His thoughts are interrupted as the Coffin finally touches down and the door depressurizes with a hiss and swings open. Rising from where he had been seated on a crate of supplies he moves out of the cargo bay, crouching so the jagged crystal that emerged from behind his shoulderblades wouldn't clip against the roof.

Standing upright he turns his eyeless gaze toward the handful of figures approaching him. His beak pulls back, baring his teeth in a grin as he gives a short bow of his head and motions with a large clawed hand, "Officer Rosa, an honor."

The human snaps a crisp salute with the other Legionnaires, her fist thumping against armored chest, "The honor is all mine, Illuminator Tlacex. The "Governors" of Refuge are waiting below with other members of the populace they deemed worthy to speak for the rest of them."

Rosa was flanked by several armed and armored Legionnaires with more Stinger Reconstructed standing in formation nearby. Tlacex tilts his head in almost a birdlike manner as he looks down toward the human. He knew she was practically more Reconstructed than flesh and blood by this point, all four limbs replaced with combat worthy prosthesis along with multiple organs. Looking at her it would be hard to find where her armor ended and the prosthesis began. However, what drew his attention the most was the abundance of crystalline hardlight projectors built into the bone and chitin. They were smooth and polished like gemstones, unlike the jagged crystal that burst from his armor like malignant growths.

With a motion from the human the rest of the Legionnaires turn and make their way back into the building while Rosa falls in next to the much taller undead. Tlacex idly wonders if he was going to be capable of fitting in the building but to his relief the lift was an industrial model meant for transporting supplies delivered via shuttle.

Once aboard the undead looks down toward Rosa once more, the lift feeling crowded with him inside along with the rest of the Legionnaires, "So tell me, Officer. What do you think this talk will be about?"

Free of the night winds her helm snaps back and folds against her collar, the motion repeated by the other soldiers. She runs a hand across her shaved scalp as she makes a short exhale before talking, "Oh tons of stuff. How the Armada will help them rebuild, if the Collective will keep them fed, if we're turning them over to the Confederacy," she lets out a short sigh and looks up to the undead general, "Most likely it will be about what the Armada, what Lord Jadyk, wants to do with Refuge. I think half of them expect us to force them to bend the knee while the other half think we're just going to leave now that the undead are not the threat they were when we first arrived."

Tlacex taps the chin of his beak with a claw in thought, a habit he parroted from Jadyk, "I see."

The ride was short, the building not very tall due itself due to limited resources the people of Hearth could dedicate to large structures even before the Blight Hunger was unleashed. Stepping out of the lift and into a hallway they were met by a small group of people, mostly human, when one steps forward from the rest.

The short human wearing clothing that had seen more than a few repair jobs but was for the most part clean, bows in greeting, "Welcome welcome! The governors are waiting for you inside, let me go inform them of your arrival," they say before scurrying off, the thick lenses of their glasses doing little to hide the intimidation they held when they looked at Tlacex.

While they waited Tlacex walks over to where a large window looked out over the "city" that spread around the relatively short tower they stood in. The lights shone from windows and vehicles, the displaced population working hard even into the dark.

Rosa joins him and looks out in silence for a moment before she lets out a small laugh with a shake of her head.

Tlacex tilts his head curiously in her direction and she waves a hand dismissively, "Apologies, Illuminator. I just... had a realization I was less nervous facing down swarms Blight Ghouls than I am of this. Public speaking isn't something I'm trained in," she says with another small laugh.

Tlacex bares his teeth in a grin, "Neither am I," he says with a shrug of his massive shoulders.

Before long they turn as the human shuffles back in and motions for them to follow past a large doorway, "This way please. They're waiting for you."

Tlacex and Rosa enter the chamber to find it dominated by a large, mostly circular table that looked cobbled together from smaller pieces of furniture. Seated or standing around it were a collection of nearly thirty individuals, too many to fit proper around the table. They were mostly humans and vorh, with individuals of other species that had found themselves displaced to this system.

A space was clear for them at the head of the table and when Tlacex stands there with Rosa standing somewhat behind him. The human clears her throat, drawing the attention away from the undead and toward her as she says, "Let me introduce the Herald of the New Necrotic Armada, Illuminator Tlacex who was vital to the efforts at keeping the Blight Hunger from devouring this system."

A vorh clicks their mandibles in greeting, "Please be welcome to our humble meeting, Illuminator Tlacex."

"Please let us begin by accepting our thanks for all that you, the Armada, the Clans, and the Collective have done for us," a kesh says.

A human clears her throat from where she was seated closest to Tlacex, "If there was anything you would wish to state before we begin, feel free."

Tlacex could feel their gaze upon him, the simple empathic sensors built into the smooth bone of his skull detecting a mixture of fear and awe that amuses him.

Should Illuminator Tlacex deliver a message before hearing out the locals?
It is both a glorified naming ceremony and process to undergo physical and metaphysical changes. Typically their physical forms become more unique and defined to their individual personality and specialization while their control over their abilities heightens and focuses to a greater degree.

In very simple, reductive terms just imagine it as similar to a Pokemon evolving to a new stage
There's nothing I can really think of. other than accepting their greeting and maybe inquiring into how things are now that the hostile undead have mostly been culled,
I want to reassure you all, of the Armada and Lord Jadyk intentions. We came to Refuge to aid its inhabitants their most dire moments. We have done so openly and without compromise in expectation of no commitments or debts, and it’s our wish to continue to provide aid even as the storm you have suffer has pass. Lord Jadyk has rebuff the Confederacy unilateral attempts to enforce dominion on the Refuge system and will continue to do so long as you, representatives, consent to this. I am not here to intimidate or cow you into submitting to the Armada. I am here as representative of the Armada to greet you as equals and offer you the Armada's help, protection and friendship.
Something short. No long speeches or proposals, just setting the tone and a basic understanding of the current relationship and what options are open. One stab at it:

"Fellow sentients and Governors of Refuge. Thank you for the trust demonstrated by this meeting. I know that the history between us is not long, and that differences in the physical nature of individuals can be a natural source of distrust. Yet I hope we can see past them and find that a shared basis of beliefs and values can become a foundation for greater friendship.

We are glad to have been able to assist you in fighting the Blight Hunger, as part of a greater struggle to end all forms of selfish domination and exploitation and replace them with cooperation and mutual growth.

We are eager to hear your words and feelings on behalf of your people regarding your desires for the future, and to share ours in turn."
This but put in there that the Armada recognises them as a free and sovereign people. How ever seeing the current state they are in we would be a happy to accept them into the necrotic Armada as a vassal similar to the stone star and rukorian people's but that is their choice at this time
>"Public speaking isn't something I'm trained in," she says with another small laugh. Tlacex bares his teeth in a grin, "Neither am I"
>Herald of the Armada, meant to Illuminate the galaxy with our ideals and philosophy, is a poor public speaker
Jesus christ, maybe we should organize a workshop or something. Public Relations 101. I feel like a few of the generals could probably benefit
Accept their thanks and express gratitude for their tolerance. We are glad to see factions willing to negotiate with the NNA.
I think we should angle for them staying independent from the confederation but becoming indebted to us - not a vassal but definitely the subordinate in the relationship. Kind of like what we have going on with the Pirate clans. It'll be a good PR move for those conspiracy wack jobs in the free news whatever and won't give the confederate any cause for war. Meanwhile we will strengthen our position considerably. We could maybe swing renting some land/airspace/spacespace is there a version of airspace that's just space for facilities or garrisons. This would be a stronger move for our strength in the region and we can always use more territory
File: Spoiler Image (122 KB, 800x450)
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122 KB JPG
So it's kind of like pic related for our new predator?
Have they been named yet?
I mean, I feel like we should just make some diplomats. I mean give our generals some basic knowledge, but I don’t think giant, hulking abominations crafted of chitin, bone, and flesh are ever going to be particularly good diplomats, unless you’re angling for the intimidation factor or are speaking with races that don’t give a crap about appearances the same way most sentients do, like the Armatocere.
File: Illuminator Shrine.jpg (123 KB, 630x633)
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Tlacex waves his hand with a gentle motion and the crystals embedded in his form glow their dark green light as he falls backwards and into the hardlight throne that materializes beneath him. There is a ripple of gasps at the display but this allowed the tall undead to rest his clasped hands on top of the table. The other Legionnaires and Stingers had stayed out in the hall, but from the fear Tlacex could sense he knew they understood he could easily eliminate them if he so wanted. It almost amused him to think of that after the effort he had went through to rescue them.

His beak pulls back into his unsettling grin as he bows his head to the woman at his side who offered the floor to him, "My thanks to you," he lifts his head and looks to the rest, eyeless gaze turning across each of them, "And my thanks to each of you for welcoming me here this day. I would like to begin with saying that I am here at the behest of Lord Jadyk, master and commander of the New Necrotic Armada, to deliver his words to you.

"I want to reassure you all, of the Armada and Lord Jadyk's intentions. Thank you for the trust demonstrated by this meeting. I know that the history between us is not long, and that differences in the physical nature of individuals can be a natural source of distrust, particularly those of us who are among the undead," Tlacex says with a moment to his form. There was a faint, but genuine laugh in the crowd but they were quickly hushed however Tlacex grins in appreciation before he speaks again.

"We came to Refuge to aid its inhabitants during its most dire moments upon learning of this plight. We have done so openly and without compromise in expectation of no commitments or debts, and it is our wish to continue to provide aid even as the disaster you have suffered has come to pass." He could feel relief starting to bubble up within them but with an undercurrent of suspicion.

"Lord Jadyk has rebuked the Confederacy's attempts to enforce their dominion on the Refuge system and those forced to flee here. We will continue to do so as long as you, the representatives, consent to this. I am not here to intimidate or cow you into submitting to the Armada. The Armada recognizes you as a free and sovereign people, free of the Confederates exploitive attempts. I am here as representative of Lord Jadyk and the Armada to greet you and offer our assistance, protection, and friendship.

"We are eager to hear your words and feelings on behalf of your people regarding your desires and hopes for the future, and to share ours in turn."

There are several moments of hushed whispering among themselves before the woman sitting near Tlacex bows her head, "Thank you for your kind words Illuminator. They in fact touch upon several of the topics we have asked you here to discuss."

Tlacex motions to the assembled crowd, "Then please, let us begin."
Nice skull.
The Charnel Vault moves closer to the orbit of the moon Bastion. It would take a bit longer before it was time to descend to the surface to commence the ritual and you notice the Deep Rot had sent a list of updates as it was want to do.

Top of the list was the alert concerning the release of the fungal spores. There was quite a bit of anger in the message you could detect, the constructed superintelligence feeling frustrated that their decontamination protocols had failed to detect the contaminant. The Sapling Tvrr wishes to speak with you and explain the situation. You could only imagine they must be worried considering their recent plea to "defect" to the Armada.

Vle'Karak reports he as begun speaking with Vil'cva and Dne'tec concerning various experiments, including the attempts to "tame" the primal natures of the Tyrre species using symiots to regulate their aggression and inborn rage. It was apparently a shared goal of Vil'cvas and the serpent has already begun sharing his various notes and research retrieved from his throneship.

A message from the Wayward Disciple waits, requesting an audience to discuss developments concerning the Transcendent Protectorate and their connection to the Arc.

Similarly, a message awaits from Guir and the Necromancers working on their cloning and Sunscale experiments. You had briefly seen the results of the Bonescale, feeling their simple minds join the masses of Reconstructed already linked to your will.

Who should you speak to before meeting with the Punishers to begin the ritual of heroic Reconstruction?
>Necromancer Tvrr concerning the fungal spores
>Wayward Disciple
>Blackscale Guir
>Necromancer Tvrr concerning the fungal spores
Check on the severity of our newly found fungal apocalypse then disciple then guir
>>Necromancer Tvrr concerning the fungal spores
File: orks.jpg (36 KB, 800x397)
36 KB
>Necromancer Tvrr concerning the fungal spores

That's a situation that will get worse the longer it's ignored. Infestations must be killed quickly.
>Necromancer Tvrr concerning the fungal spores
I just had to step in and tell you I love the pictures you paint in these massive posts.
File: Necromancer Sapling.jpg (147 KB, 1017x1336)
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147 KB JPG
Realizing this outbreak may lead to complications later on you are quick to send your mind out and into the body of a Harbinger.

It drifts into a chamber of the Necromancer's Spire the hems of its robes barely brushing the ground as it hovers. Half of the chamber was sealed by a wall of glass and the Sapling trapped on the other side lifts its eyestalks away from the lab equipment it had been working at. Manipulator vines pull back from the strange construct of bone, chitin, and wood as it turns and approaches the glass.

Bending their stalk in their version of a bow their voicebox crackles, "Lord Jadyk, please forgive this ones clumsiness. If you wish to retract your offer of citizenship, punish this one solely rather than my associate. They were not involved with his project and still deserve your blessings."

You were somewhat surprised by their seeming compassion for the Cactacae Necromancer who was only a floor higher working on their own project. The Harbinger taps its chin in silent contemplation and before it can speak the Sapling crackles out of its voicebox.

"Allow this one to explain what happened and potential effects it may have," it says as he shuffles over on its stout legs back to the equipment, using its vines separate connections from an object encased in a glass dome. It steps back once more and the object lifts up in its telekinetic grasp. It floats it back over to show off the interior.

It was partially filled with soils and rotting vegetation, a glass dome keeping it sealed while tubes, veins, and roots trail off the bottom back toward the console. It runs a vine across the glass as it crackles out, "Within this is a sampling of the spores and already they show promising growth with the resources provided."

Leaning in closer despite its lack of eyes the Harbinger observes the interior of the sealed dome. Indeed within you could see a covering of mold creeping across the soil and decaying plantlife. Beyond a curious purple-blue tint it resembled nothing more than normal mold, hardly worth the alarm of the Deep Rot and Think Tanks.

The Harbinger looks to the Sapling and you finally speak, "It appears to be a simple mold. What is the issue that the Deep Rot takes with this?"

"Allow this one to explain," it drones out while still holding the enclosure aloft while still sealed in their own prison of glass, "Genetics for floral organisms to resist and coexist alongside Necrotic energies without worry of degeneration, provided by the Armada to the Collective's Mindvines, have proven a valuable boon. Upon being brought in to help Think Tanks with Floral experiments, this one began experimenting with organisms for cleansing purposes."

"Cleansing?" you question with a hint of suspicion.

"Necrotic energy lingers after initial exposure much like radiation contamination. In fact, until more knowledge was gained through alliance with Armada, Necrotic energy was believed to be a type of exotic radiation. However, unlike radiation contamination, Necrotic energy is... persistently difficult to cleanse from a landscape," the Sapling says in its monotone synthetic voice but while gesturing with its vines and animatedly swaying its eyestalks, clearly invested in its explanation.

"I would have to agree with this assessment. Continue," you say and the Harbinger motions to them.

"Fungal experiment was begun with endgoal being development of both Necrotic energy cleanser and terraforming agent. Fungal genetics taken from Tenebrous and Bastion ecosystems, both ecosystems showing deep rooted origins of similar genetic tampering and compatibility. Blended with Collective fungal already used for terraforming preparation the fungus was intended-" they are cut off by your voice.

"Intended to cleanse a landscape of Necrotic corruption and promote new growth?" you question as it starts to click into place.

"Precisely. Fungal agent shows a success rate of sixty-seven percent metabolizing ambient Necrotic energy with other strains showing more promise. This one predicts a stable strain can be perfected soon if experimentation continues," it says, lifting the dome higher for your consideration, "A sidenote. This one think Lord Jadyk will find this aesthetically pleasing."

Their tendrils begin to twist across the surface of the terrarium, sickly green energy sparking from the pale vines in a flashy show of excess Necrotic energy. However, it was what occurs within that draws your attention. Inside that sealed dome, now exposed to the energy, the mold begins to "bloom" as it starts growing rapidly before the Harbingers non-existent eyes. Mushroom and puffball like growths begin to sprout and start to glow faintly, rippling with bioluminescent purples and blues you recognize as similar to the organisms on Tenebrous. Several nodules that had grown burst and send small clouds of glittering spores swirling within. They withdraw their vines and cease channeling their energy around the dome and the colors within slowly dim to their normal lightless hue.

The Sapling turns its eyestalks to you expectantly, as if waiting for your judgement for their mistake.

What should you say in regards to this accident and developed organism?

Is it harmful to necrotic entities or does it merely feed off necrotic energy and give off a light show?

For instance will it aggressively drain a necrotic engine or just grow around said engine and make it and look pretty
Good shit.
I dont want the Necrotic to spread like a plague,so this will work wonderfully. As for you worrying about your mistake, be calm. The Armada is always experimenting with more dangerous things and those screw up occasionally. All that I ask is that if things look they are going south or are getting..."interesting", keep us informed.
Any potential danger to other organisms or the reconstructed? If not, I want a list of sites for a field test.
I have a similar question. If we expose one of the near-mindless Reconstructed to this fungus, what happens?

Is it limited by availability of biological matter, or can it grow purely from necrotic energy?

Basically, is this a plague or just a scavenger?
Wait. It can't be *that* bad or Tvrr would be infested and dying. They're both biological *and* a source of Necrotic energy.
This is a dangerous organism, particularly in a city so infused with necrotic energy. The Sapling should have taken more care with containment - what if it were more harmful to necrotic energies? A great deal of damage could have been done.
Also, not that we should tell them this but type of research is a little uncomfortable. Easily and obviously weaponizable.
We should probably just ask if it's going to be fatal and or dangerous to the locals or the infrastructure while brining up the details of the research

I mean the plant didn't seem all that concerned about during and the sports where on him but that could be a cultural thing so... better hear it plainly
"While there is some disappointment at the failure of containment protocols, I must know. Is it harmful to Necrotic entities and undead or does it merely feed off ambient energy and give off a light show?" you question through the Harbinger as it clasps its hands behind it.

Carefully returning the terrarium to the console it flicks an eyestalk toward the Harbinger as it reattaches it, their voice buzzing, "Its current strain, no, this one does not believe it could be considered a threat."

"It's current strain? Then there is potential for it to be a problem for us?" You ask

Sapling Tvrr wiggles its vines in a gesture of uncertainty, "The potential is there. Currently it merely feeds off ambient Necrotic energy, but just enough to grow depending on local concentrations. Experiment took into account that fungal exposure is inevitable for Reconstructed and purposely designed it to be non-aggressive.

"This one was exposed and carried spores. Contamination was not realized until training exercise prompted growth of fungal outbreak upon this one's bark. Self-isolated to ensure this one does not spread the contamination however this one regrettably believes the spores have already dispersed into Iti'a'Ropku."

"Do you know if it will affect living tissue? How will it affect your fellow Necromancers?" the Harbinger asks.

"Growth is possible, but only if host is Necrotically gifted, such as this one and your students. Or if host exists in Necrotic saturated landscape. Hygiene routines should prove effective in combating outbreaks should they develop.

"Fungal strain was designed to avoid burrowing into Reconstructed or Cauldron-forged materials. Simple genetic tampering, fungal agents are quite common in Collective technology to control the spread of invasive organisms, including those accidentally released by Collective itself," it says almost matter-of-factly despite the monotone voice, "Simulations project that fungal vector will spread through city, collecting around areas of ambient Necrotic energy such as reactors or areas dense with Reconstructed. This one predicts that fungal growths may become common sight on Reconstructed and Necromancers who do not practice sufficient hygiene."

It's voicebox crackles, adding, "Study of Iti'a'Ropku and technology known as energy collectors and glutton crystal reveal unseen protection again potential outbreaks in Iti'a'Ropku."

"How do you mean?" the Harbinger tilts their head curiously.

"Necrotic energy emissions remarkably low despite reliance upon it. Precautions to protect living population have been successful in protecting areas where citizens dwell and frequent from Necrotic contamination. However, should the fungus spread, installations where such precautions are not in place, such as military outposts where living do not tread with Reconstructed being the only occupants, projections show that build-up of fungal growth could prove troublesome without proper maintenance and decontamination," it says all while looking at the Harbinger expectantly, "Long term effects expected to be minor inconvenience to greater Armada structure."

>Necromancer Tvrr claims the fungal strain was intended to act as a cleansing and terraforming agent to purify and revitalize environments destabilized by Necrotic corruption
>They claim the fungus was designed to be harmless to Reconstructed and Cauldron-tech but do admit that it could be modified for anti-undead tactics
>Areas predicted to be most afflicted by the fungus are areas and installations high in ambient Necrotic energy with areas like Iti'a'Ropku predicted to be resistant due to efforts to minimize Necrotic emissions already in effect

Was there anything else you wished to know about this fungal strain or say to the Sapling before moving onto other matters?

How should you proceed concerning this outbreak? Think Tanks report finding patches of growth already occurring withing the Necromancers Spire due to the increased levels of Necrotic energy present
Welp, get out the scrubs and bleach while it's still potentially containable, then. This is why we have the living and reconstructed together, after all - if something happens to the living the reconstructed can help them and vice versa.
That said, hopefully the fungi doesn't adapt to other energy forms. Who knows what an Arc Fungus, Void Fungus and Solar Fungus be like?

Also send some think tank timeshare to gathering info about the fungus, they're gonna be part CDC for this.
>Was there anything else you wished to know about this fungal strain or say to the Sapling before moving onto other matters?
How confident are you in developing counter-measures? What kind of timeline could we expect?
It may only be a "minor" issue but a small problem at all our military installations will add up to significant setbacks immediately before we go into a two-pronged war. This will have dire consequences.
>How should you proceed concerning this outbreak? Think Tanks report finding patches of growth already occurring withing the Necromancers Spire due to the increased levels of Necrotic energy present
Note down everywhere it is seen and attempt to quarantine it when possible. Since it feeds on necrotic energy involving Solar disciples to burn it away may be a viable solution.
Can they created a fungicide to contain the outbreak?

Get a few crews of not reconstructed to clean that shit the old fashion way until we have a fungicide for it.
We either need to eliminate this or lean into it. One or the other. I think the latter might be interesting.

If we can engineer a fully symbiotic fungus that would strengthen and protect us rather than just be a minor annoyance, that might be even better than having no fungus. In living organisms, one of the best protections against infection is to have the niche it would exploit already occupied by a symbiote. Human skin is covered in bacteria that are benign in themselves, but prevent dangerous bacteria from infecting the skin just by their presence.

Can we engineer a fungus that would both outcompete this one and be more beneficial? We have no need for whatever ambient necrotic energy isn't absorbed by glutton crystals. And this way even if someone did engineer an anti-necrotic fungus, we would have some protection already in place. It would be a general benefit to our living citizens too to have ambient necrotic energy lowered even further.

If we wanted we could go even farther and try to weaponize it ourselves, for the sole purpose of developing more direct defenses against it. Maybe develop some kind of immunity for our Reconstructed.
Well... on the bright side we now have an effective way of telling who among the necromancers actively wash their hands before leaving the bathroom

Two notes though, 1 it was based off a stone star fungus maybe they might know how to contain it

Second if it feeds off necrotic how does it handle solar energies or void arc etc
"How confident are you that this will not become a significant problem for my Armada? Having a biological agent gumming up my military installations is no good, nor would it be if our enemies were to gain samples and alter it to be used as a weapon against my Reconstructed. How confident are you in developing countermeasures?" you ask as the Harbinger folds its visible pair of arms.

The voicebox crackles their monotone voice, "This one has been at work on developing said countermeasures since entering quarantine. Collective has extensive catalog of fungicides we will prepare for testing and refinement if that is your wish, Lord Jadyk."

The Harbinger taps their chin at a sudden thought, "You say it was derived from a fungal-lichen from Bastion?"

"Correct. It is a hybrid derived from fungal-lichens from Bastion, molds from the Tenebrous Twins, and Collective fungus," it crackles in reply.

"Perhaps speak with some of my stonestar citizens or reach out through the Think Tanks to those living on Bastion still. Perhaps they will have a solution already in place," you say, thinking to the fungal-lichen farms and the chitinslugs that voraciously grazed upon them.

Their bodystalk bobs, eyestalks perking up, "Of course. Native sentients often have developed solutions for local pests that colonizers ignore or miss. Should have asked for assistance from stonestar Necromancers originally." A datapad made out of chromatic flesh stretched across a bone hexagon floats over to them and they begin swiping and typing with the tips of their vines while keeping an eyestalk focused on you.

"Before I leave you to your task, Necromancer Tvrr," you say through the Harbinger, drawing their full attention to it once more, "How would this fungus react to the other energies? The Arc, Void, and Solar?"

They are silent for a few moments as they tap at their datapad before crackling out an answer, "Tests show that exposure to Solar elemental energy causes fruiting bodies to shrivel and perish while the spores to go into a hibernation, rendering them inert until exposed once more to Necrotic emissions. No significant reaction to either Void or Arc has been detected so far although this one and the Think Tanks could potentially derive such strains if requested. However such project would initially require extensive study into how said energies interact with living organisms in general.

"Currently Armada and Collective knowledge of effects of elemental exposure and interactions with living organisms is restricted to Necrotic and Solar energies," it says, bobbing its main stalk again.

"Very well. Continue your work, Necromancer. Heed caution when at your tasks, you are not replaceable like a Think Tank, Talon, or Clone," the Harbinger says.

Bending their stalk low they drone, "Yes, Lord Jadyk. This one will practice caution and work to rectify their error. This one hopes, that in time this fungal strain will be of great benefit to the Armada. It is known that many worlds still bear the scars of the Necrotic Wars."

"That is all I ask. May the Wormstar guide you," you say before your mind slips from the Harbinger and it drifts out of the room.

Once again alone Sapling Tvrr turns back to its datapad and resumes its work at the console. It sends out messages to the Think Tanks requesting intel or audience with the appropriate stonestar. They also send missives to Mindvines in the Collective for the knowledge required to replicate their catalog of fungicides and other toxins.

Setting aside their datapad their eyestalks were drawn to the terrariums with the contained molds. Reaching a vine out to each dome the tendrils crackle with sickly green light, causing the blues and purples to shine once more. They stand there and watch the swirling colors for a time, their mind rushing with ideas and potential.

>Reconstructed equipped with fungicides from the Armatocere Collective will begin seeking out and cleaning patches of fungal growth for the time being
>Stonestar have been contacted for their suggestions and advice has already started coming in, the city stonestar eager to provide their assistance
File: GraveQM.gif (2.23 MB, 500x500)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB GIF
And with that I think its a good stopping point for the night. Next thread continuation is looking to be Thursday afternoon. Keep an eye on Twitter, Im gonna try being better at keeping it up to date with when the quest is running.

Hope folks had fun, I know I still do.

Feel free to chat or discuss things, or ask me questions that aren't too spoilery and I may answer.

Let me know if there's anything I should change or things you folks want to focus on. Next time we'll have Tlacex's talk, the General Reconstructions, and the Arc anomaly investigation continuation
This quest is the best! Thank you for running!
Thanks running again grave
thanks for running
Thread resuming in about half-hour or so
Thread resuming, roll call time

Sound off
Ready to go, boss.
Ready capn.
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Ready to roll.
File: guess_whos_back.jpg (204 KB, 1024x1401)
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Didn't we unlock fleshcrafting research a few threads ago? Or did I imagine that
Friendly reminder that there are many prisoners that can potentially be made the newest members of the Armada (especially those of the Ahkam that surrendered willingly). Since Jadyk is in Bastion, he could potentially take a bit of time to talk to the Ahkam serpents imprisoned there. They probably have recent information on the Dynasties that can be helpful in the coming invasions.
File: Void.gif (1.99 MB, 540x540)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
Only a few hours prior you had telepathically contacted Jor, asking if he would join you in the rituals to help the Disciples ascend to their next stages of potential. Filling you with a sense of pride the human didn't hesitate in saying he would gladly assist you, even if he was technically taking a break from his duties.

The first one to be Reconstructed was the Void Disciple who waited deep in the Void Temple upon the moon.

The halls of polished glass still showed damage from the fierce battle against the Deathshead and elite Imperial soldiers, pillars snapped and walls fractured. Despite their efforts they had been halted, through the efforts of the Void Disciples and the Juggernauts they had crafted, the Disciple you had come to meet holding back the last of the Guardians that attempted to break into the heart of the Temple.

Now, there in the unbroken sanctum of the Void Temple, where light and gravity twists and warps, you find the Voidknight Jareth and the Void Disciple kneeling on opposite ends of a boiling Cauldron. Other Disciples, those who had participated in the defense of the Temple, knelt in supplication around the chamber, voidflames wreathing their hands as their voices droned out in the harsh language of the Black Flame.

Jareth rises to greet you and Jor, saluting and bowing his head, "Welcome Lord Jadyk, First Necromancer. They await your blessing to begin Ascension."

"Then let us begin," you state and Kyn'tk, who had held its form of a spear in your grasp, peels a portion of itself away. The living metal of fractal blades and coils leaps out onto Jareth's outstretched gauntlet. His fingers close around it, the semi-sentient weapon shaping itself into the facsimile of a sculptors hammer. You then turn and approach the Disciple awaiting you.


They knelt at the edge of the Cauldron set into the ground, the sphere of turbulent Voidflame roiling above in the center of the chamber. They raised their head to look up at you from within their helm, "I am ready, Lord Jadyk. I give myself fully to you and the New Necrotic Armada, everything that I was, I gladly sacrifice for you and the Voidknight Order."

The Disciple stood and walked onto the surface of the churning Cauldron, supported by an unseen platform you telekinetically crafted. They strode forward unwavering until, as they approached the center of the Cauldron, there was nothing there to support them and they disappear beneath the surface with hardly a splash.

Then, with your First Necromancer and the second of your Voidknights by your side, you begin the ritual. Kneeling at the Cauldrons edge you and Jareth both thrust your hands beneath the surface with Kyn'tk, Necromancer Jor seated and stirring the mixture with the end of his staff. Sickly green flames leaked from the fossilized skull of Jors badge of office, the human focusing intently on the ritual he was becoming ever more familiar with.

Nearly two hours pass before the three of you pull back, the black fluid of the Cauldron dripping from acid corroded hands and staff. Voidflames coated the surface of the Cauldron, the liquid bubbling and churning violently as it reacts to the source of power now within. The hymns of the chitin-choir built into the walls mix in a strange harmony with the harsh chanting of the Disciples becoming their sibling to arise.

The minutes drag on as the nascent being settles into its new self, before finally there was a burst of boiling biomass and a pair of heavy gauntleted fists grasp the edge to pull them free of the Cauldron. Resting on their knees as the biomass drips off them, their armor dark and shining like the polished blackened glass of the Temple itself. A ripple of voidlight flashes across them as they slowly lift their gaze to you.

Voidflames erupt from the open faceplate before moving to wreath the curling horns of their helm. Much like Lorgul and Jareth before them, they were heavily armored but their gauntlets were even bulkier than theirs. Proven in their fight with the Deathshead they were most comfortable brawling with their, albeit enhanced, fists and claws.

Reaching out you place a hand wreathed in Voidflame upon their head between the barbed horns to join their own fires, your voice speaking the harsh language of the Black Flame, "Arise, my new champion of the Void. Arise and join the ranks of the Voidknight Order you struggled so fiercely defend. Arise and accept your new name.

"Arise, Omrhul!"

Rising to their feet they salute you, bowing low, "No longer am I a Voidsinger, no longer am I a Necrolyte of the Legion, no longer am I a Disciple. I am Omrhul and I will earn my place in this Armada by burning the Empire to ashes in your name.

"To Death and through it to Eternity!"

Their shout was picked up by the Disciples, their siblings in the Void praising their ascension and your name.

>Voidknight Omrhul has Ascended to the Void Order!
File: 1304041936924.jpg (18 KB, 244x320)
18 KB
Tlacex kept their hands clasped together on top of the table as they listened to the "governors" and representatives lay out all manner of issue they wished to bring up to the Armada. At first they had been nervous, no one wanting to open up first to the large and intimidating undead that nearly took up one end of the room. However after nearly half an hour they had grown somewhat more accommodated to his presence they were more willing to draw his eyeless gaze toward them.

He hadn't answered them yet, instead letting them speak for the demi-Think Tank that had joined them to compile their desires. Through the spinal tap symbiot he could feel Rosa's growing boredom and he had to sympathize for her. However, his attention had been perked when he spotted one of the figures standing near the back of the chamber behind the other representatives.

They were nearly hidden between a netu and a muscular kesh, was a figure who appeared to be human. They wore dark gray robes, similar to the ones worn by the people who had dwelt in Scatters deserts, but it was the carved wooden mask of a stoic female face that had immediately gained his attention. He had heard the whispered warnings from his siblings and Necromancer Jor, even Rethak dropping a cryptic warning to beware around beings who wore wooden masks and the bodies of the dead, appearing during moments in between frozen time.

However, as Tlacex observed he noticed that time did not freeze and that they were physically present. Their shape stayed static and more than once they seemed to turn and speak with others around them.

Curious about this stranger in the mask Tlacex nearly called out to them but his attention was pulled away as the woman who sat next to him, Valeria, speaks up, "And finally, one last topic that we have received nearly countless times from the population we represent." She was an older human with her white hair cut close to the scalp, her features wizened beyond her actual age from the stress of the last months and years since they had been forced to flee from Cerberus.

"Speak freely, Valeria. We are hear to listen," Rosa says, drawing an appreciative nod from the other human.

"As I said, this topic has been brought up many times every day since the crisis was halted," she pauses and looks around the room, the others gathered nodding or giving motions to continue before she takes a steadying breath and turns back to Tlacex, "Illuminator, we the free peoples of the Refuge system, most of us from the Confederacy that abandoned us, wish to entreat Lord Jadyk to take this star system and those living here as an official vassal-state of the New Necrotic Armada."

A vorh speaks up, once a well respected denizen of Scatters moon that had overseen much of the crop production that fed the system before it was burned to cinders, "There are billions of souls here who owe their survival to the Armada, the Pirate Clans, and the Collective. Without you all, we would each be a shambling corpse feasting on our loved ones."

"The Confederacy abandoned us here just as they abandoned us in Cerberus!" a voice cried out in the crowd to murmurs of agreement.

Valeria motions for calm as several others begin speaking at once but they fall silent for the woman. She looks to Tlacex, "We know it is an immense thing to request so rashly and know that we do not have...well, anything to offer to the Armada."

Rosa scoffs, drawing a sharp look from the others but she holds up a bone hand defensively, "It was not to insult," she explains then lowers her hand, looking out across those gathered, "The Necrotic Armada and we of the Necrolyte Legion did not come here expecting anything when we threw ourselves at the undead. We did not sacrifice because of some political ploy. The Legion listens as we have been out among your people. We hear the whispers, the suggestions that we only came to make the Confederacy look bad or to gain a foothold against the Empires territory," she says, shaking her head.

"We came here to save you. Because that is what is right and just. We heard our friends and allies the Clans were sacrificing themselves to protect you, because that is what is right and just. We came to save you all, because only we could," she says with steel in her voice.

Illuminator Tlacex bows his head to Rosa in the silence that followed her short but impassioned speech, "Exquisitely put, Officer Rosa," the human giving a smart salute.

Tlacex taps his forefingers together in thought, the digits thicker than a vorhs forearm, the Think Tanks feeding him a summarized listing of the meeting.

The 'leadership' of Refuge, as chaotic and disjointed as it is, has laid out it's requests, expectations, and other messages for the Armada and Lord Jadyk
>1) The majority of the people of Refuge wish to renounce their connection to the Confederacy in order to become citizens of the New Necrotic Armada
>2) That the star system of Refuge, already considered a legally neutral and free system, become an official territory of the New Necrotic Armada
>3) That in recognition for their sacrifices and undeniable assistance during the Crisis, particularly during the earliest stages, the Pirate Clans be allowed to settle freely within the system
>4) A large number of individuals among the population witnessed first hand the heroics of the Necrolyte Legion that saved them and wish to volunteer for service

Additional Items:
>That efforts be made to revitalize and repopulate the planets and moons left barren and destroyed during the Crisis
>That the Collective assist in regrowing the lost crops of Scatters moon and other locations in order for Refuge to become more self-reliant
>Assistance establishing a ruling government that would oversee the general population who would answer to Lord Jadyk and the leadership of the New Necrotic Armada

Tlacex has contacted you as you descend through the eternal storms of Bastion, mentally requesting how he should address them.
We accept them. They have given themselves willingly to us, they have been abonded by their former allies and we have already invested in them.
I suggest bringing some of them to whow our Homeworld to, though after we accept them, so that they may be enraptured by the gains they will reap from their fealty.
This is a good deal for us, we should accept. We should make sure to publicize that this was their decision, however.
How much assistance do they wish for the reconstruction of their great sector? The Armada has many technological advancements that would be useful in building infrastructure - however, we understand if these independent settlers wish to go through this time of mourning and reflection on their own terms.
Do they want necro-tech everywhere is what I'm driving at here. We should also consider that we have far less information control here than we do any of our other territories - whatever we do here will become known to other factions. Any technology we use here is much more likely to be stolen.
Agreed. We're in, and all in.

I was considering something about asking them to be ready to stand with us against any Confederacy aggression that may result, but they seem mentally prepared for that.

>We should make sure to publicize that this was their decision, however.
Even better they should announce it, without any of our representatives in the room.

Agreed on the support and the potential issues - we want to fully commit to mutual assistance, and a large initial effect will cement relations and morale. But some of the more necrotic-oriented permanent installations might have to wait. Let's not transform their own existing cities right away. Instead let's use all our tech in rebuilding devastated areas and let them decide the pace of integration into their existing settlements. We'll give them pretty much anything they ask for, since it'll pay for itself in manpower, territory, energy, resources, etc. in the long run.
And good point on the theft. We don't want to just drop our highest tech off. Any major tech installations come with a permanent military detachment of some sort.
Tlacex unfolds his hands and places the palms down on the table as your words whisper in his mind. He could feel the attention of all those in the room upon him. After some time of internal silent debate his beak pulls back into a grin and some of those gathered recoil at the still intimidating sight.

"My Lord Jadyk sent me to this star system initially to rescue you. Just as Officer Rosa stated, because we were the only ones that could. In his wisdom Lord Jadyk saw fit to deploy his armies of the righteous Living and the loyal Undead, to rescue you all. It was not for glory, military advantage, nor for worship," he leans forward over the table slightly, his head turning to regard the group and some of them lean back instinctively, "Lord Jadyk sent us because it was the right thing to do. For if those who have the power don't use it to protect and uplift those weaker and less fortunate than they, then they do not deserve it."

He rises to his feet and the hardlight chair dissolves, "I was created to spread the Light of Our Truth and I brought it here to shine upon you in your darkest hours.

"Lord Jadyk accepts your plea. Refuge and all who live here, are accepted as a vassal-state of the New Necrotic Armada, so sayeth I, Illuminator Tlacex, Herald of Lord Jadyk and bearer of the Wormstar's Truth," he bows his head toward the group, spreading his hands before him.

There was a moment of silence before there was suddenly clapping and applause from the group. However Tlacex holds up a finger and he speaks when they finally fall silent, "We will not announce this ourselves. We leave it up to you representatives to make the proclamation to the rest of the system. You will have the support of the Armada in rebuilding and improving upon those settlements and crops lost. We will speak with the Collective about regrowing your farms but if, in the small chance that they refuse, the Armada will provide our own assistance.

"We will not replace your way of life with our own, knowing that some may wish to go through this time of mourning and reflection on their own terms. We will not force you to live in our cities of bone and crystal but we will provide what you require to construct new homes. Our military, the tireless Reconstructed that fought just as hard as the Legion to save this system, will build defenses within the system to provide security against the Empire, Confederacy, Dynasties, and whoever else may attempt to invade," he then nods to Rosa who had just completed her own telepathic conversation.

The human steps forward to the edge of the table next to Tlacex, "Commander Rethak, founder and leader of the Necrolyte Legion, will gladly welcome those among you that wish to dedicate their lives under the banner of the Armada and fight in the name of Lord Jadyk.

"Let me be the first to say this. It will not be an easy life, it will not be a safe life. But it will be a life worth living, to protect those who cannot protect themselves. To stand up in the face of injustice, to prove that the Living and Undead and peoples of all species and origin can coexist peacefully, working toward a better Universe."

Tlacex looks at the crowd, his gaze drawn toward the mysterious stranger who had not spoken up but a voice draws his attention.

An epikor, his left arm and shoulder replaced with a simple but efficient prosthetic, leans forward on the table, "Is that really all there is to it? We are accepted just like that?"

"Why would it not be? Sure the specifics must be hammered out, but that can be handled. The way New Necrotic Armada, the Truth of the Wormstar, is one of simplicity. That which is broken, injured, unwhole, will be Reconstructed and made stronger than the sum of it's parts. Refuge and the people who live here," Tlacex motions with a wide sweeping gesture to indicate far beyond the confines of the room, "It is broken, but we, the Armada, are here to correct the wrongs that were committed here. Because that is what is right."

Valeria stands and reaches out her hand toward Tlacex, "On behalf of the Refuge system," she trails off for a second as Tlacex carefully wraps his much large hand around hers to return the gesture, "Thank you both for everything you've done," she says, reaching over to shake one of Rosa's bone hands clasped in both of her own, "Thank you."

Several minutes later Tlacex and Rosa were standing on top of the rooftop landing pad once more. Below them demi-Think Tanks and Legionnaires were working with the representatives to address the next steps. As the cargo doors opened to take Tlacex back to orbit and to the Drakon system to prepare for his role in the coming invasion he stops and looks to Rosa.

"Tell me, Officer. Did you predict that?" he asks while turning his head to look out at the lights of the dwellings spreading out from the building.

She moves to stand next to him, looking through the visor of her helm in silence for a minute or two. Finally she looks up to Tlacex and he could tell she was grinning, "Kinda, yeah."

His mouth opens wide in laughter then nods, "So did Lord Jadyk," his laughter trails off in a chuckle, the human laughing as well. He looks to her then, head tilting in that almost netu-like gesture of curiosity.

"What?" she asks suspiciously.

"You do not possess a sensitivity to any of the elemental planes do you?" he asks suddenly.

She blinks in surprise then shakes her head, "No, I was not blessed with that."

Tlacex barks another laugh, "Fret not, Officer!" he grins his wide smile at her, "I have my own prediction. That someday you will make an excellent Illuminator, assisting me in spreading the Light and Truth of our beloved Armada," he thumps his fist against his chest and bows his head in a respectful salute, "To Death and through it to Eternity." And with that he boards the Coffin and it takes off for the battleship waiting in orbit.

Officer Rosa watches the shuttle ascend before shaking her head. She looks down at her forearm, at the hardlight projectors built into the bone and chitin. She hadn't even thought of it when designing her new limbs and armor, about how much the crystalline emitters made her resemble the strange, large undead. Clenching her fist she vows to herself then, mentally reaffirming herself to the crusade her belief in you and the Armada she now loved, lived, and sacrificed for.
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I can add a trip to the Protoplanet Prison to the list if folks want to go chat up some depressed snakes

>Didn't we unlock fleshcrafting research a few threads ago?
Yes, as part of the stuff the Wayward Disciple learned while doing their best to destabilize the Council of Thirteen which title I apparently subconsciously stole from the Yeerks from Animorphs

After putting a Council Necromancer into a Penance Array they divulged a few rituals and secrets that allow for some... creative uses with unprepared biomass

>Ritual of Ossification
A Ritual that uses nearby biomass as a sacrifice to turn the target undeads flesh into an exoskeletal armor of bone. One of the built in rituals of the Cauldrons this ritual allows Necromancers and sufficiently strong enough Reconstructed to use nearby biomass to reinforce or repair the armor of friendly Reconstructed units. Can also be used to repair sections of a vehicle or ships armor.

>Ritual of Shaping
Crudely referred to as Fleshsculpting this profane ritual allows the leading Necromancer to mold and sculpt with flesh and bone the way a sculptor may shape clay. With the ritual making the physical form pliable and weakening the bonds that hold their shape in place the Necromancer can telekinetically manipulate the biomass to reshape it how they please. Additional biomass and even specially prepared metallic ore or devices can be added to the subject. While the ritual can be used just as easily on living subjects as corpses or undead, in the hands of an inexperienced Necromancer it will more often than not lead to the death of the subject. The Cauldrons use a version of this ritual but the Shaper Necromancers of the Council have perfected a cruel version that improves the survival rate of living targets with slow, gradual additions, a process that most often results in the shattering of the targets psyche.

And then there was the Active Reconstruction which is an ability that Jadyk solely possesses, allowing himself to Reconstruct himself or another Reconstructed as he sees fit using available biomass and metals (they don't need to be prepared via Cauldron first, either)
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File: Arc.gif (1.53 MB, 500x500)
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1.53 MB GIF
With Jor by your side you depart from the Void Temple to allow Omrhul to adjust to their new name and ascended form. They would not have long to languish, knowing that they must prepare for that which the Black Flame of the Void treasured most of all, the righteousness of War. Even as you departed you could feel the flames that burned on the surface of the Cauldrons within the Temple flare to light, the Voidknights and Disciples beginning the rituals to forge more Void Juggernauts and Centurions to fill your armies.

Traversing the miles to the Arc Temple was quick by way of subsurface railway used to transport supplies between the shipyards. The three Orders had to keep their Temples upon the moon distant from each other to keep their respective energies from interfering with the others.

The large stone doors carved with the triumphs of the Predators was recently adjusted, the central focus now depicting the vast, pale coils of the Matriarch with your form seated on her brow. Above your image Nekris' triumphant return is depicted when he sliced through the Arc itself to come to your rescue. A section near the top was blank next to the depictions of Eiton and Nekris, awaiting the ascension of the Disciple before their image could be engraved.

Beckoned inside as the doors split and opened at your approach, you and Jor enter and descend into the Temple proper. Similar to the construction of the Void Temple you find a large interior chamber, an oversized Arc Condenser floating in the air above the Cauldron set in the ground. Bolts of indigo energy crackle across the smooth bone surface or arc to the walls, the ambient Arc energy within the chamber causing the air to distort like a heat mirage with small free-floating motes of static drifting like dust.

Kneeling before the Cauldron was the Arc Disciple in silent meditation and Predator Eiton who rises to his feet to greet you. He bows, his single crimson eye flitting between you and Jor, "Lord Jadyk, First Necromancer, it is good to see you both in person."

"You as well, Predator Eiton," Jor says, his helm still locked into place due to the temples lack of atmosphere.


Following Eiton to the Cauldron he retakes his spot by the edge and looks to you expectantly, taking your spot opposite of him. As with Jareth shortly before you take Kyn'tk, peeling away a portion of its mass before flicking it across toward your General. Eiton snatches it deftly out of the air and in his grasp the malleable weapon forms itself into vicious trench-knife of grinding, serrated teeth.

The Arc Disciple lifts their head when Jor steps up next to her and places a hand on her shoulder. Kneeling she was nearly as tall as he was and when she rose to her feet she loomed over him even with her slouched posture. With a nod to the Necromancer she turns and steps up to the edge of the Cauldron. Without a word she steps forward and as with the previous Disciple she finds an invisible telekinetic path underfoot and walks toward the center just above the churning, boiling liquid. A streamer of Arc light, a bolt leaps out from the floating construct above and travels through her into the Cauldron's surface and a split moment later she plunges beneath.

With that cue the three of you kneel or sit by the edge of the Cauldron and plunge hands and staff into the pitch black liquid, each of you funneling your power and knowledge in this ritual of ascension.

For Predator Eiton the Arc was a familiar medium to work with. He was after all the first true Arc infused creation, an epikor commander of the Ahkam military and an Arc sensitive. His potential awoken when Nekris used his gifts stolen from the Arc serpents to infuse the very being of his Reconstructed form. To him it was as natural as killing.

For Jor it was less familiar. Yet, the Necromancer found being within the Temple and it's Arc saturated atmosphere invigorating as his body metabolizes it through his skin. Necromancer Jor, once a miner with dreams of being an architect, now focuses to bend and twist physical and metaphysical matter, manipulating them to create a sum greater than its parts.

For you though these rituals of Reconstruction and ascension were familiar but with your newly attained control over the Arc you are able to find new appreciation for the craft. The Arc behaved so differently than the other energies you manipulated and you find delight in working to understand it as you worked. Once you considered to be fragile and weak compared to your Necrotic, an easy meal. Now you have begun to understand the flexibility and tenaciousness of this power and you turn this greater understanding to the task at hand.

Hours pass as you three focus and toil but finally you pull free of the liquid and rise to your feet. Arc bolts crackle from the Condenser, leaping from it to the surface of the Cauldron with increasing frequency. You could see it, the strands of the Arc visible to you even when the bolts fade, forming a chain from the construct down to the form coiled tight within.

With a final bolt a hand reaches out to the edge, then another and they pull themself free, their hunched form dripping the caustic Cauldron fluids. A static of Arc and Necrotic energy crackles across the dark, nearly black, chitin as they knelt before you, head bowed and hands lifted palm up toward you in supplication.

Larger in bulk and form than Nekris and Eiton they nonetheless lacked the same osjiic-derived bulk their Disciple form had possessed. Instead their form was sleeker, more focused. Reaching out a hand crackling with Arc light you place it upon the top of her skull, your voice proudly proclaiming, "Arise my new champion of the Arc. Arise and join the Predator Order, take your place among us and bring terror to those who would harm us, your family.

"Arise, Qavun!"

Rising to her feet she lifts her head, the smooth bone surface of her seemingly eyeless face cracking and peeling back to reveal the truth as the pulsating, hypnotic light of her eyes shine from within the cluster of eyes. Her array of mandibles, much like the other Predators and even Ruscuv's, twists into a grin as she salutes, "Once I was a soldier for an Empire, only owning my name. Then I was a captive, then an Arcdancer," her eyes twitch to Jor standing by your side, "Then I died was Reconstructed a Disciple," she looks to you again, "No longer was I Orvca, even though I held her memories.

"Now I am Predator Qavun, To Death and through it to Eternity!"

>Predator Qavun has Ascended to the Arc Order!
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Space dead people!
File: Necromancer Jor.jpg (62 KB, 704x960)
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In the here and now your throne was seated within one of the lifts that traveled the length of the Wormstars Finger that reached from Bastions fierce surface, through the eternal storm layer, and into space. While it shared the name and the math was identical, this structure was made and designed by the Obsidianborn and Stonestar. There was of course the bone, muscle, and sinews that were common in Cauldron based tech, much of the structure was composed of materials common to the moon, chitin, stone, and glass shaped to give the superstructure it's own identity. Even the stations that anchored the pair of fingers in orbit resembled sections of mountains ripped from the moons surface.

Jor was seated in a chair of his own, hardlight keeping him secure as the platform normally used to transport Stonestar soldiers and workers travels down the capillary. With a twitch of his hand the chair rotates in place allowing him to face you as his helm hisses with depressurization before folding back allowing his to run a hand across his scalp to wipe away the sweat. The stonestar were most comfortable in quite hot and humid conditions, something that most humans could not stand for long.

"I've been thinking, Lord Jadyk," he says while looking down and a small holoscreen is projected before him that he taps at a few times.

"I have never known you to not be thinking or pondering some mystery, Jor. What bothers you? Your Worm whispers of your unease." You knew you could look into the symbiot itself, forcibly reading his mind, but you knew to do so would only serve to breed distrust between you and your disciple.

"This war against the Dynasty. We have already been hard at work, toiling to lift up Omrhul and Qavun, with this Stonestar hero our next target. These three will be formidable champions, I have no doubt," his serious tone cracks for a moment as he grins, "I've become quite confident with my talents," he chuckles and you nod in agreement before his voice grows serious once more, "We already discussed how turning Quantac'Vrix's corpse into a weapon will break their will, and I..." he trails off as he taps his chin, his thoughts clouded and uncertain.

"Speak freely, Jor. You have earned that right," you say, motioning for him to continue.

"I know what we must do if we are to truly, completely break them. To break the shackles of dogma and belief they forged over the minds and souls of their slaves," he looks at you grimly and you can sense regret within him as he says, "We must Reconstruct Vle'Karak. He must become Immortal so that he may lead the invasion alongside Ruscuv and Tlacex. His betrayal has already paved the way, but with his Reconstruction and a return to his former strength, perhaps even surpassing that with our help?

"That will shatter them."

>First Necromancer Jor believes that you must grant Vle'Karak his Immortality and have him serve in the vanguard in the Invasion.

What say you?
Vle'Karak's Immortality will be granted when he desires it. We can offer it to him, and he can accept. But it will not be forced if he is not yet willing. We cannot forget the tragedy of the first Immortals that were changed against their will, one of which caused the outbreak of Blight Hunger at Refuge and the rest of which likely still exist somewhere.

He will not be compelled. But his actions in publicly abandoning and denouncing the Dynasties and fighting for our cause merit the offering of the gift.

Are you sure that the subjects of the Dynasties will not view his new form as a corruption, and his new loyalty as a product of our influence rather than his own choice? Or does his previous denouncement serve enough to show that this is his own choice, and that his transformation is proof of both our power and that the supposed divinity of the Ahkam is false?
agreed, his rebellion on its own proves the Dynasties arn't omnipotent, while turning him into an undead might have the opposite of the desired effect or to have them swap one dogma for another.
Unanimous. Its his choice
Tapping your claws together you look out through the diamond pane window and into the storm clouds where lightning flashes often with the faint rumble of thunder vibrating the entire structure. Finally you speak, "Vle'Karak's Immortality will be granted when he desires it. We can offer it to him, and he can accept. But it will not be forced if he is not yet willing," you shake your head, "We cannot forget the tragedy of the first Immortals that were changed against their will, one of which caused the outbreak of Blight Hunger at Refuge and the rest of which likely still exist somewhere. They are among my gravest mistakes since my freedom and I do not with to replicate it."

Once again you shake your head, fist lightly thumping against the armrest but Jor could tell you held no true anger, "He will not be compelled. But his actions in publicly abandoning and denouncing the Dynasties and fighting for our cause merit the offering of the gift. I was glad to hear he and the other two fought hard in our defense when the Empire attacked while I was indisposed."

Jor nods while chewing on his thumbnail, "I was not suggesting forceful Reconstruction of course. That is reserved for our enemies."

You turn your head to look at him, the human once more looking down at the holoscreen as he works on some task but he looks up when you ask, "Are you sure that the subjects of the Dynasties will not view his new form as a corruption, and his new loyalty as a product of our influence rather than his own choice? Or does his previous denouncement serve enough to show that this is his own choice, and that his transformation is proof of both our power and that the supposed divinity of the Ahkam is false?"

With a wave of his hand the holoscreen disappears and he leans back in the floating hardlight chair, squinting in thought before he answers, "I predict that the other Ahkam will no doubt attempt to say that his disloyalty is because of his corruption at your hands. They may even believe it themselves at first, desperate not to believe the Butcher could turn on them.

"However, to those enslaved underneath them, the epikor, kosda, esat, tyrre, and whatever species they have duped into following them?" he shakes his head, "Hearing his denouncement along with the other two, compounded with Tlacex's victory over Nru'jok and forcing her to yield rather than die? Those already serve to show that their supposed divinity is false.

"With Vle'Karak made Immortal, he'll still have his mind and soul and when they see him fight and kill other Ahkam in order to free them?" he lets out a short, grim laugh, "They may just flock to him as their new savior, and through him," he points a Reconstructed finger toward you, "To the Light of the Wormstar's Truth. Swapping one dogma for another that will serve our Armada."

You look at Jor in silence for a few long moments, and to his credit, the human did not back down from your stare as he once did. Clacking your teeth together you steeple your fingers together before you, "You would have done quite well in the Old Armada and the Undying Courts politics, Jor."

Even without the symbiot or empathic sensors you could feel the pride within him at your praise. He bows his head, a fist against his heart, "Thank you, Lord Jadyk."

>You will approach Vle'Karak about the promised gift of Immortality, but only if and when he is ready to accept it
With Jor returning to whatever tasks he had been overseeing your glance toward the list of alerts that still awaited you after speaking with him and Necromancer Tvrr.

The Wayward Disciple requests an audience to discuss developments with the strange synthetic faction the Transcendent Protectorate.

As well Blackscale Guir and the Necromancers sent to assist him wish to speak concerning their cloning projects and fully introduce their newest creations, the Bonescale Reconstructed.

In the time that has passed you see that Commander Rethak also requests an audience concerning the upcoming invasion as well as a few other matters concerning the Necrolyte Legion.

Shall you speak with one of them before joining the Punishers and commencing the rituals to Reconstruct the stonestar hero?
>Wayward Disciple
>Blackscale Guir
>Commander Rethak
>No, proceed to the ritual
>Wayward Disciple

This seems the most sensitive. Long-term relations with this faction turn on our next few interaction with them, and they're predisposed to hate necrotic factions but seem willing to work with us against the Council.

Depending on their philosophy, we might even be able to make them into the next Armatocere. Very different from us, naturally antithetical to our central element, but close allies nonetheless. That would be ideal.
>>Wayward Disciple
>>Wayward Disciple
>Wayward Disciple
File: Wayward Disciple.jpg (401 KB, 2057x3000)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
Last you had checked in on the Wayward Disciple they had shared the details of their meeting with the Transcendent Protectorate and that they would be sending "ambassadors" back to observe and assist them in their crusade against the Council of Thirteen. Peering through the Deep Rot Relay you briefly look over details since the day the Synths had arrived. Granted a newly crafted section of the underground and undersea base they had respectfully kept to the designated areas. Cipher, the synth assigned as the mouth and eyes of their Arc focused faction, listens as the Disciple and their servants, both living and Reconstructed, detailed what they have learned about Calera and the Council.

Isolated at another location the Wayward Disciple had Think Tanks investigating the artifacts and technology salvaged from the Protectorate vessel they were initially caught looting. With the Disciple keen to gain the assistance of the Transcendent Protectorate they understood they would likely not be understanding of the circumstances.

They were alone in a chamber they had taken for their meditations, the walls scorched to a polished black glass, when a demi-Think Tank entered. Lifting their head from where they hovered seated in the air, looking to where a hologram is projected of your form.

Extending their legs to stand they give a low bow, their rough voice growling out, "Lord Jadyk, it is an honor."

"You wished to speak with me, my distant child?" your holographic form flickering with the strain of such a distant connection through the Deep Rot Relay.

"Indeed, sire. Concerning discoveries regarding the Transcendent Protectorate and their conflict with the Council of Thirteen. I believe you would wish to know of them, Lord Jadyk," they say while clasping their hands behind them.

"Speak freely," you say with a wave of a holographic hand.

"After observing those in my care and studying the devices recovered from their vessels, I have a theory about their connection to the Arc," their rough voice lets out a chuckle, "A subject I haven't had to ponder much before.

"We know their technology is built around the Arc energies, just as Cauldron-tech is built around the Necrotic. We thought them to be Artificial Intelligences like those built by the UON and others," they shake their head, "The truth is stranger, Lord Jadyk. The truth lies in their title. From what I have gathered through speaking with Cipher is they were once a living, flesh and blood being that "Transcended" their frail meat-body. This appears to be a response to the Necrotic Wars, in an effort to survive the onslaught of undeath sweeping across the galaxy at the time."

You scoff, tapping your chin in thought, "This would explain how they know of the galaxy before the Undying Court's failed experiment, and their ancient language. There are some Think Tanks who are feeling validated in their theories," you say with a dismissive wave of a hand before, "What else have you learned?"

"That was merely the motivation. The means by which they achieved it is... not what we expected," they say then nod to the demi-Think Tank and another holoscreen appears. It shows the nearly destroyed pieces salvaged from the Protectorate warship, "What you are looking at is a synth frame linked to what appeared to be a portable Arc reactor of some kind. We detected transmissions of Arc energy cycling between them through the linking cables. It stood to reason that it was an emergency power source the damaged synth was attempting to use as a life-support."

They shake their head, "As I said, the truth is stranger. These Transcendent do not use the Arc merely as an energy source to power their technology. They did not replicate their minds in metal and plastic, discarding their bodies.

"No, they discarded their bodies when their minds and souls became Arc Itself," they say and look at you intently even with their lack of eyes, waiting for you to come to the realization, "They have made themselves into the Arc and now exist as minds in these machines they have created."

Another flick of their hand and you see a recording of the synthetic beings and Cipher seated or stationed in their chamber, surrounding a device that shines with Arclight, each connected to it by cable, "This is why the Council terrifies them. When their Necrotic weapons destroy their ships and frames, it is not just an energy source they consume. They are consuming the very minds and souls of their people, Minds made of the Arc itself."

"And now you wish to know what you should do with the synth you rescued from the vessel," you say and the Disciple nods.

"The technology is invaluable and if my Think Tanks were to rip it apart we may learn how they "Transcended" but if they were to learn of this, we may do more than just ruin a potential alliance," the Wayward Disciple shakes their head, "I am a warrior, Lord Jadyk. I do not know how I should proceed."

What do you say?
Would it have been better if we had taken apart an armatocere at the first opportunity? No, we should not throw away long term gains for the sake of intimidate gain, at least in this situation.
Though maybe some deception may be in order. Try to awaken it and feign surprise, pretending that you did not know that it was alive. Before it insists to much, ask it suitable questions and try to get on its good side. That way, we gain information free of charge and a member of the Protectorate that is already endeared to us.
We do not simply speak of aiding other races for the sake of publicity. We do it because it is right, and that means doing it even when it would be immediately beneficial to do otherwise.
Oof, this is serious. The machine we rescued is literally a person.

If they were part of an enemy faction and unwilling to defect we would have little hesitation in taking them apart to learn their secrets. But the Protectorate is not our enemy, currently.

There's a good chance that the Protectorate individual in the arc reactor knows we have captured them. I only see two ways forward - we immediately come clean with the Protectorate and return them, or we gamble both on the Protectorate having no knowledge of our theft currently and never finding out about it in the future, and kill them for tech. There's an outside chance that they do know about it and are testing us.

>Would it have been better if we had taken apart an armatocere at the first opportunity? No, we should not throw away long term gains for the sake of intimidate gain, at least in this situation.
I'm voting this way too. Betting that this crime will remain secret is not worth the risk.

>Try to awaken it and feign surprise, pretending that you did not know that it was alive.

I don't think we need to fake anything. Just actually contact it and tell it we recently realized it is alive. Ask it what it needs to stay alive and make sure it has it.

I vote we do what we can to accommodate their needs and bring them to the Protectorate representatives. Don't bring them to the current location - take the reactor and synth there instead.

The simple truth is that we value knowledge over privacy, but we value life and friendship over knowledge. Domination and murder of innocents is the way of the old Armada, not the new. If we decide knowledge is more important than the life of non-enemies, we're just another scourge again.

If the Protectorate does end up becoming enemies, we will just have to capture some of their technology again. Friendship requires risk.
Notify the synth their rescued compatriots and your desire to repatriate them, ask them for instructions to ensure their well-being and comfort as well as the means to communicated their imminent repatriation. We may learn more about them from an open hand than picking at their shells.
Sorry about the delay, didn't realize the time and had to make dinner irl. Forgot it was my turn

Which should Jadyk suggest?
>Attempt to repair the Synth enough to establish communication
>Bring the subject up to Cipher and the rest of the retinue and see if they can repair/rescue them
>>Bring the subject up to Cipher and the rest of the retinue and see if they can repair/rescue them
>Attempt to repair the Synth
Bring the subject to cipher
"Would it have been better if we had taken apart an Armatocere at the first opportunity? No, we should not throw away long term goals for the sake of immediate gain, at least in this situation," you say while tapping at your chin with a talon.

The Disciple bows their head, "Of course, Lord Jadyk."

You motion toward them to lift their head, "It shows wisdom, knowing when to reach out for aid and advice. I trust your skills and knowledge in your crusade against the Council, but know I am proud of the progress you've made."

"Thank you, sire. I shall tell Cipher the truth that I did not know the full extent of their connection to the Arc, nor that it was a citizen rather than nearly destroyed scrap that we recovered," they clack their teeth together, the voidflames wreathing their skull flaring momentarily, "Hopefully they will not take offense."

"Heed these words, Disciple. We do not simply speak of aiding other races for the sake of publicity. We do it because it is right, and that means doing it even when it would be immediately beneficial to do otherwise.

"The simple truth is that we value knowledge over privacy, but we value life and friendship over knowledge. Domination and murder of innocents is the way of the Council and the old Armada, not the new. If we decide knowledge is more important than the life of non-enemies, we're just another scourge upon this galaxy," you say to them.

Once more they bow their head, saluting with fist against chest, "I believe I am coming to understand this, Lord Jadyk. Those living I have taken under my fist, they served first as tools," they lift their head to your image, "But I understand they are more. I am learning much from them, just as I am teaching them."

"You make me proud, Disciple. Continue your work, befriend these Minds-in-the-Arc, sunder the Council, and bring me the corpse of my dead God," you say and the hologram begins to flicker harsher, "Prove to me and the universe your strength and determination."

"To Death and Through it to Eternity!" the Disciple intones before your image dissipates.

Alone now with the demi-Think Tank they reach out a hand and their helm lifts off the ground and into their hand as they speak, telling the construct to summon the reactor and synth remains. Already the Think Tanks were regretfully following the order, loathe to let valuable research subjects go but they were obedient.

>The Wayward Disciple will bring the damaged synth and reactor to Cipher and explain the situation in an attempt to show good-will between their factions
I know I'm probably losing readers each time I do this but running such a short thread with so little actually going on, but I need to call it here for the night. I do plan on continuing tomorrow with the Reconstruction of the new Punisher and other matters to tend to.

Again, I'm sorry for how I've been running the quest and I'm trying to get better. I hope folks are still enjoying it however
Thanks for running
Thanks again Graves! This was great.
i enjoy it, even if i can only catch up because sleep.
You are doing a great job Grave.
Still enjoying it. As long as you don’t burn yourself out that’s good enough for me.
We're still here, lurking, eagerly awaiting!
You're doing good, Graves.

I wouldn't really say that you are "Losing Readers" so much as the readers just not knowing when or where to get their next hit to feed their addiction, you monster.
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Grave, I've never been a big poster cause the times you run are usually when I'm in bed, but I've been following since first thread.
Its better than nothing and its nice to see it
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Y'all are great
Jor really has come a long, long way. I'm glad we didn't kill him.
Still loving the quest, Graves. Been around for a long time, will be around longer still.
looking like the next thread will be up on Tuesday

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