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File: boc2-turn25.png (1.03 MB, 1600x1600)
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AAAAA edition

The Gods and Demi of the Old World waged war, shoving shoulder to shoulder until their realm was forgotten. The Old World forgotten and ruined, in fractures of time and arcana; a new world was born.

You are a being of creation, what people of this realm may come to call a Daemon. You are a being born with innate knowledge and arcane power.
It feels only right to fill this empty terrain with your own creations.

>gay gay






lets just do rpfaggotry in-thread now so theres some activity other than posts, idk why we didn't do this earlier

This Turn:

Covetous, Qazlal, The Librarian, and Valakor get 12 AP this turn.

>>2808150 Solar Serpent
Underground Watch developed. +1 MPD
+17 Thaumium
Thaumium Weapons developed. -4 Thaumium, +4 MPO

>>2809284 Kolithe
Your magic research facility reports that ice results in magically growing nearby plants at rapid rates
Mistnettle farm developed (1 every 2 turns)
Ship with Kolithe taken to 1M-10
+2 Hex

>>2810213 Tigyogg
Fishing Fleet developed (2 Cod every 2 turns)
Upon this magical test made on the silt slug, he discovers that it makes em REAL FUCKN' DRUNK MATE, loik he's fackin buzzed and he just blacks out roight there mate
After a few days of carving into its thick exterior, the Urchynn crack through, discovering a series of dark and dusty halls. The black walls of this pyramid are lined with unreadable glyphs of an ancient forgotten language. After delving into some of these seemingly ancient halls, one leads to a grand room with several sarcophogus-like tombs of the same black material. Any further investigation is a free action.

>>2829309 Tim
5 Magnium quarried
Underground Exploration developed. -3 Silvercry wood

>>2833549 Elyot
Pallipod Sacrificing developed. Will cost 1 Pallipod every round, maintaining the shroud. -2 Pallipod. +2 FPD & +1 FAD to 1S-20
While setting up a system for using king's crab's arcane effects are a whole different action, you discover the magic effect's of king claw's ability to breathe both air and water. -1 King Claw. Let me know if I'm fucking somethin up here, I may have misunderstood
Enough fresh water quarried. Dont remember why I made this a resource, but fuck it lets roll with it.
Military formation begins development. -2 Whitestone.

I ought make sure boc3 has mechanics that don't make me want to fucking kill myself every update wowee
File: hqdefault (3).jpg (13 KB, 480x360)
13 KB
[2] Develop Siege Weapons...
[2] … And then mount them on my walls so my walls can defend stuff better
[2] Also, develop fishing, since I apparently don't have that yet.
File: 1535787516141.png (164 KB, 583x489)
164 KB
164 KB PNG

Double Terraform that bitch of an empty space. Grab 11 hexes, like so.
> [1] Half develop - Finish developing Warrior Training I (Your call on the effect OP)

> [2] Develop Jold Mines I

> [2] Quarry Jold with DI

> [1] Trade 8 of the acquired Jold to Valakor's minions for Schools (1 AFF every 3 turns) and carrier pigeons (Long distance messages)

> [2] Develop Religion III [Lore soon to come]

> [2] Develop Construction III

> [2] Develop a GRAND CHURCH to solidify my new power base of druidic priests. Use Sablewood, Bonerock, and even some Jold. Create this church atop the tallest mountain in the world, on 2E-08 where Covetous first spawned his children.

>Creative Minds

>Overwhelm. Add additional MPO based on the amount total MA you have over the enemy. (You can decide the ratio and maximum bonus cap for this ability OP.)
Quarry [2] more magnium for magnium reasons
Mine [2] Tim's people mine and explore for resources.
Quarry [2] silvercry wood please.
Quarry [2] Tim's people gather rocks.
I did not miss an update no. You think that i did. It's just that in some of the deepest places of the Library, it's not only space but also time that is warped. Yes. That's it. No missed update at all.

> Half Dev [1]
Let's start by ending our research of anatomy shall we? Let's open some bodies in order to learn how to close them.

>Develop [2] X 2
We need more resources, in a more reliable way
Syrconite and Bonerock mine I to II

>Explore [2]
Send some Yotiles to the south. It's been quite some time since the last passage of those boats who reeked of blood. Something might be happening there
Explore south inside Oblivion lands

>Develop [2]
Let's construct some manikin made for the purpose of training, they will rotate after every hit they receive, forcing those who use them to dodge. The Yotiles shall use them.
Dodge training. Agility in general?

>Quarry [2]
Let's gather some white sand.

> Develop [2]
Magic testing for White sand.

>Half-Dev [1] + DI
Magic testing for Silverwood
File: boc2-turn26.png (1.03 MB, 1600x1600)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Progress is coming along nicely on BoC3's development, for those who are eternally waiting and suffering. Someday, comrades. Someday.

>>2853088 Solar Serpent
(Mounted) Siege Weapons developed. -2 Sa Wood, -3 Thaumium, -2 Sandstone. +3 overall FPD.
Fishing developed. +1 AFF.
A lizardman comes sprinting to Solar Serpent, clearly out of breath, he tries to quickly exclaim:
"My Lord, Grand Solar Serpent, the watch post beneath the giant ribcage.. It has been caught by a surprise ambush! The blood river! It... It began to fill, and consume the entire cave, as beasts of blood and gore coalesced from its mass! Most of the watch has already been overtaken, we require backup immediately!"

>>2857092 Kolithe
Creative minds is now available for use.
+11 hex.

>>2858637 Covetous
Warrior Training I developed. -2 Jold Ore. +2 MPO.
>Your call on the effect OP
that is truly is how the game works, innit :)
Jold Mines I developed.
+29 Jold Ore.
I'll just assume the trade was confirmed ages ago. -8 Jold, gained schools and messenger birds.
Religion III developed. +1 AFF.
Construction III developed.
Grand Church built. -2 Sablewood, -1 Bonerock, -1 Jold. +3 AFF.
Overwhelm tactics developed. (+1/2 MPO of your MA minus target’s MA)
I pass you the official crown of King Jew, formerly owned by frakt. Let's see how long you keep it.

>>2858742 Tim
+5 Magnium
Upon mining underground, Tim's people discover the precense of various minerals such as Syrconite and Jold Ore.
+10 Silvercry wood. Damn boy you got 37 of this wood now, the fuck you doin with this shit, them jungles gonna run out of trees
+5 Whitestone.
>>2859792 Librarian
The bodies of Yotiles are researched and explored, as grand advancements are made into medicine and how to care for patients. Medicine II developed.
Syrconite and Bonerock mines further improved.
Delving south into the bloody terrain of The Bloodletting, the yotiles make their way through the blood filled swamps. They eventually reach a large mountain range, but during the whole trip there has been zero sighting of any lifeform. As if they've recently all receded to a specific area...
Agility Tactics developed. +1 MPD, -1 Silvercry wood.
+5 White sand.
The white sand rises from the sigil with a humming vibration, as suddenly its surroundings become devoid of heat, gathering the water from the air and forming a spike of frosty ice. Cold magic discovered. -1 White sand.
With a glow of the sigil, the chunk of silvercry wood begins to crack, and collapse upon itself. It seems to magically turn inside out, revealing a new material on the other side; a coarse rock material of orange hue. Transmutation magic discovered, the resource is yours to name. -1 Silvercry Wood, +1 Strange Rock.
With further investigation upon these three moons that stare down upon us, the Yotiles have begun to observe that the shadows which cover these moons are always circular in shape. With some math and hard puzzle-solving, they come to the solution that perhaps this world is a sphereical shape, rather tham a plane of existence in which these celestial objects circle around.

The Bloodletting

Brood Imp
[2] Quarry +11 Piney Wood
[2] Develop Vessel III, -3 Piney Wood
[2] Sail to the motherland

Red Siphon
[2] Activate obelisks on 1X-30. -4 Oltar Ore.
[2] Quarry +20 Oltar Ore
[2] Sail underground blood river

[4] Attack 2A-06 (Solar Serpent). 1 hex claimed (damn those defences)
[2] Activate obelisks on 2A-06. -4 Oltar Ore. (not teleporting the thing yet, just activated the obelisks)
[0] Communicate:
>A booming, bold, and demanding voice echoes through the desert lands of the grand solar serpent.
"We wish not for your demise, nor the same for your thralls. While force is usually a final resort, The Ichor is demanding in its urgency this day. We require the possession of this Prodigy Bone, and would happily reclaim it to its rightful owner without further conflict. Forgive us for the lost lives of your thralls beneath the surface of this world, but similarly we request that you leave the veins of The Ichor in peaceful solitude. Be it necessary, trade is a agreeable, despite The Prodigy Bone's rightful ownership to The Ichor. If you look for names to call us by, we are The Bloodletting, and I am Oblivion. Might we come to a mutual understanding, daemon?"
Landgrab No Jutsu!

[6] Terraform + Divine Influence
14 hexes

Grab the 4 on the bottom, 5 to finish the island, and then take the closest 5 on the northern island. Terraform those 5 into my ice-flower gardens biome.

I have a plan
It includes you!
You, OP, will allow me to-
So I can claim all that is miiiiiiine

>Half-Dev [1] + DI

The Librarian being very intrigued by the strange turn of event the silverwood magic test brought, decide it will create some more of the material itself. Naming it Kuber, the Librarian draw itself the runes that will transform, the wood.

I'd like to transform 5 silverwood if possible

>Develop [2]

Now that we have stock under our hands, we need to study this rock, what are it's properties, and of course we have to try and run magic test on it once more.

>Develop [2]

The white sand will be invaluable in case we have to defend the Library or have to deal with neighbor who are on the aggressive side. We'll need to build an excavation. Using whatever material we have at hand.

>Half-Dev [1]

In retro-aspect, The Librarian created the Yotiles, so letting them dissect their own freshly deceased was maybe a bit of an oversight... The Librarian could have simply shared its knowledge of the Yotile's inner working.... OH WELL. What's done is done, heh?
Anyway it's always time to improve what we know hum? We can tackle the causes of illness and failing of their bodies now. The only question is of course "Should the Librarian tell them what is toxic and what is not? hum...."

Uh? What give? These calculi are correct. This is... Both problematic and a welcomed information. It explain much indeed and open the way to more questions: why do the moons do not fall on us? why do we not fall? what force make this possible? What law of the universe? And how can we subvert it?
Many questions indeed, but the most dreadful thing about this is certainly that we have oh so much to correct in already written tome. *sigh*
Woopsie, forgot my Creative Minds.

Give me back my Twigworm silk production, I have my old Biomes back, now.
File: boc2-turn27.png (1.03 MB, 1600x1600)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
>41% of the playerbase asks to continue boc2
>only two still posting are a guy who voted boc3 and a guy who suggested we wrap up the story in rp and move to boc3
>why are we still here

>>2862936 Kolithe
You have magic research available.
OP allows you to claim that which is yours, all 14 hex
Twigworm silk production back online!

>>2864254 Librarian
Gathering up the wood, just as before, the material collapses upon itself, warping inside out into the same orange coarse rock, now named Kuber. You only have 2 silvercry wood, but if you use a quarry action next turn to get some more wood I'll have whatever amount you want from it to transmute for free. -2 Silvercry Wood, +2 Kuber.
Kuber appears to lack in hardness and sharpness compared to other discovered metals, but makes up for it in being quite ductile, malleable, and highly conductive of electricity. Upon testings its arcane properties, the metal begins to rapidly heat, and seep corrosive acids from its crevices, until the entire material melts into a goop of green chemicals. -1 Kuber.
White Sand mining developed (1 every 2 turns)
Further development begins on the yotile's knowledge of anatomy and immunity, in the name of science!
Begrudgingly, the yotiles scrap a large assortment of text from the library, and begin writing. Given a few weeks of intense research and experimentation, the yotiles begin writing a collection of universal laws on how things operate, under the spherical world design. All things are pulled towards the center of the planet's mass, but this bond grows weaker the further out you go; thus why the moons and suns haven't crashed into its surface during their orbit. The idea that these celestial objects may be higher beings isn't entirely out the window just yet. There is much more data to collect and research to be done. Physics developed, +1 AFF.

Bloodletting will hold since I trust solar isn't gonna abandon us
[2] Develop Conscription to bolster my troops numbers
[2] Quarry Sandstone, we're going to need more of it
[2] Use Sandstone to conduct a defensive ritual around the ribcage, so we can hold out better

Honestly, I keep thinking this game is dead and forgetting about it. I voted for BoC 3.
File: hqdefault.jpg (24 KB, 480x360)
24 KB
Quarry [2] more wood for woody

Quarry [2] mine for resources

Quarry [2] Rocks baby I need rocks
Wow that was a quick update holy shit

>[ 2 ] Develop sunfeeding. Bless my children with the ability to use their bodies to gain bits of nutrients from nature to help them grow.
> [2] Develop Lets just put say 6 Sablewood on the magic table to increase our population.
> [2] Develop. We have vessels but don't have a Fishery do we? Develop a Fishery, food for the omnivorous plant children
> [2] Develop. Martial culture- creatures cope with death better as the life of a warrior is revered in Gaping and subspecies culture. (Lower morale loss when losing units)
> [2] Develop. Ruthlessness. Enemies are shown no quarter unless ordered directly. (increase number of enemy casualties on victories)
> [1] Help Defend (with DI) SOLAR SERPENT'S hole in the ground. This looks SUSPICIOUSLY like a blood witch to me, but we have come PREPARED. GET FUCKED BLOODLETS

> [ 1 ] Half develop Warrior training II


[Free + 16 DI] Investigation

Tigyogg and her Urchynn helpers will chart and explore these ancient halls, trying to find out what this black material is and dusting and tidying up these rather messy hallways and sarcophagi to leave them spick and span, can't be havin' with all this dust left about the place.

[2] Develop

The Urchynn will also attempt to try and find out what this ancient language might be trying to say. Perhaps whoever made this tomb left some recipes for their young 'uns?

[2] Develop

The Urchynn Sailors will also be trying to learn a new language, in their case the curious communication methods of the moth-folk.

[2] Develop

And the Urchynn still present on the island of their origin, now a minor section of their species, will try and talk to their neighbors to learn the Yotile tongue.

[2] Develop

As they learn from the Pyramid, Urchynn will be trying to learn further, better construction practices from the Pyramid, trying to find ways to improve their own techniques by experimentation in whitestone and applewood.

[2] Develop

Jold is pretty and shiny, but the Urchynn havn't found much actual use for it. Instead, they will start making intricate pressed-Jold tokens from a sycronite press, developing for themselves a system of currency.

[2] Develop

And with these tokens enhancing the flow of the Urchynn economy, the Urchynn will develop more advanced systems of trade.
(I wanted the deadlands to become my ice flower biome, but no biggie since I doubt we will be playing long enough to matter. No need to change it, but if Quarry, may I treat them as ice flower biomes?)

Magic Research the Snow!

[2] Explore
(West from 1H-03)
Benions living in makeshift camps on the edges of our new land have reported faint sightings of an island to the west. Since preparing vessels for such an insignificant jaunt would be a waste, we may as well fashion a proper expedition and see what else is out in the world.

[3] Terraform + DI
Kolithe feels the land feeding her divine might, her Benion's territory swelling to sizes never seen before. With ever more ease, she causes more of the wasted Deadlands to bloom with flowers of colour and ice.

[1] Half - Develop
Improve Twig-worm Farming (Use Shorebell wood)
The twigworms feast on the leaves, then nestle on the branches of the sweetly-scented roseberry trees to spin their cocoons. As a result, heavily infested trees often suffer, both from lack of leaves, and the weight of hundreds, or even thousands, of fat grubs undergoing metamorphosis. Using wood they have not encountered before, perhaps a series of fake 'trees' could be constructed for them to nestle on instead, allowing the beleaguered roseberry trees to recover.
Heh thought i had more wood than that, i'll look into resources next time i'll use them. Scrap the 5 kuber then 2 will be enough.

>Half-Dev [1]

Ok and that wraps up our last course on how a plague ruin your life but is only slightly more frustrating than the common cold.

Finish medicine 3/study on illness and the like

>Quarry [2]

White sand

>Develop [2] + DI

The time has come, an armed force will be created, one not specialized for defense, no no, one who will be able to act wherever it may be needed.
It has been a long time coming but at last the Yotiles are ready. They are stealthy, able to fight bare handed, covered in arcane tattoos. Now they will have gear and training, with our syrconite trinkets, with pouches of white sand, wrist band of kuber, other of Bonerock. All of them always light enough to not restrict too much movements.
They may not have much in terms of raw power or even in number of casts but they will compensate with their wide possibility and sheer speed of their spells, and the fact that every new resources might be added to the arsenal.
The battlemages are born.

Specialized Battle mages, use kuber, bonerock and sand, to supply. Tell me if i need mines to restock or anything

>Half-Dev [1]

Whimsical as always, the Librarian change the projects currently being worked on. Medicine? yes yes. Later. We have battlemages! Don't that excite you about magic? We know so little of it! There is probably more than just the simple combination of a glyph and raw material to it. We know that size, complexity, and the amount of material affect the result but could there be more? Using more than one type of material? or maybe connected glyphs?

Magic theory study i guess, we'll see how far we can push it

Pic related
File: boc2-turn28.png (1.04 MB, 1600x1600)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
>>2867095 Solar Serpent
Conscription developed. -1 AFF, +1 MPO
+15 Sandstone
Defensive Ritual developed, -5 Sandstone, +2 FPD, +2 FAD to claim area around ribcage hex. These unknown forces of blood appear to have already claimed the ribcage area from the inside, but these further defences will help stop them from pushing past its borders
I think you missed this, so I'll go ahead and repost it:
>"We wish not for your demise, nor the same for your thralls. While force is usually a final resort, The Ichor is demanding in its urgency this day. We require the possession of this Prodigy Bone, and would happily reclaim it to its rightful owner without further conflict. Forgive us for the lost lives of your thralls beneath the surface of this world, but similarly we request that you leave the veins of The Ichor in peaceful solitude. Be it necessary, trade is a agreeable, despite The Prodigy Bone's rightful ownership to The Ichor. If you look for names to call us by, we are The Bloodletting, and I am Oblivion. Might we come to a mutual understanding, daemon?"
May I also direct you to Oblivion's most recent post, very bottom

>>2869312 Tim
+10 Silvercry Wood
+5 Whitestone
>Quarry [2] mine for resources
what the fuck
like try to find more? thaumium discovered I guess?

>>2869314 Covetous
Creative minds is available for use.
Sunfeeding developed. +1 AFF
The sablewood crumbles from bark to ash, as its particles fall with a sparkle of light over the entirety of Covetous' land. His children bask in its blissful radiance, as... I'll leave the rest to the imagination. -6 Sablewood, +5 MA
Fishery developed
Martial culture developed, smart move. +1 AFF
Ruthlessness developed. +1 MPO
Assisted defences up
Warrior training begins in preparation for the potential upcoming battle

>>2870469 Tigyogg
Whatever this material is, it appears to be some sort of incredibly durable stone. Tigyogg and her people have never seen such a material, and could only assume its divine in nature. These glyphs cover a majority of their walls and even ceilings. One of the rooms of sarcophagi appears to have even drawings inscribed into its ceiling, depicting the moons and stars rotating around a human-like woman with white hair, navy robes, and a star symbol on her forehead. Meanwhile, one of the Urchynn clumsily pushes over the lid of one of these sarcophagi while tidying up, revealing the wrapped corpse of a creature inside. The creature is draped in a red-woven-cloth, with bipedal legs and 4 arms outstreched from behind its back. Its hands meet on its torso, clenching eachother in a peaceful position. Its head is teardrop shaped, covered in an assortment of different sized closed eyes
The urchynn begin piecing together the ancient language, but it will take more time. It's scripture is entirely unique compared to that of Tigyogg's people.
Meanwhile, the urchynn sailors on the central islands learn the tongue of benions.
File: sin2.png (182 KB, 720x942)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
>>2870469 Tigyogg Continued
With ease of The Librarian's resources, the urchynn learn yotile tongue.
From studying the structure of the pyramid's interior and exterior alike, the urchynn make grand advancements in engineering from learning how they constructed such a beast of architecture. Construction IV developed. -1 Whitestone, -1 Applewood.
Currency developed. +1 AFF
Trade Systems developed, to trade larger quantities of resources and tech. -3 Applewood.

>>2870539 Kolithe
Miraculously, the snow results in the same plant growth magic as seen in ice! Astounding research, this may forever revolutionize Benion technology.
The expedition heads west from the northern colony, locating a collection of islands, with a grand interconnecting bridge of brambled roots between the two primary landmasses... There even appear to be lifeforms! ok now go have fun rping with sternes
+12 hex
Development begins on improved twig-worm farming

>>2877160 Librarian
Wonderdous leaps in science have been made as of recent with The Librarian's guidance, as the yotiles near the mastery of medicine, learning about disease, bacteria, and treatments to a variety of such medical threats. Medicine III developed.
7 White Sand quarried.
Battlemages are developed, armed with the penetrating spikes of bonerock magic, the corrosive acids of kuber magic, and bone chilling frost of white sand magic. More resources may be used when using them in attacks and such. -1 Kuber, -1 Bonerock, -1 White Sand. +3 MAO.
Study begins on the intrinsic mechanics of magic, how it may be advanced and grown in strength, and more.
How did we miss this before? Fascinating! It appears each of the three moons appear to aid in telling the time based on the duration in which they cycle through their phases. The small blue one cycles with the seasons, the medium white and red one cycles with the weeks, and the large gray one cycles with the month. This will set-up a perfect structure for our calendar.
Beneath the grand brambleroot bridge, boarded with wary, intricate spear wielding sailors of insectoid species. Perhaps they want to make contact. ok have fun with frakt bye

The Bloodletting

Brood Imp
[2] Activate obelisks at motherland. -4 Oltar ore
[3] Attack 1U-28 (Elyot)
[1] Begin activation of obelisks on 1U-26. -4 Oltar Ore

Red Siphon
[2] Activate final obelisk hex on motherland. -4 Oltar ore
[4] Sail underground blood river

"I shall not strike until further contact is made, daemon. I wish to respect you and your people, violence is only a last resort. I can only apologize for the disturbances to your peace that have already been made. We must come to a mutual understanding, shall you reveal yourself and talk face to face. We wish only to reclaim what is ours. Even then, I will not claim it without first having talked, for I wish not to bring violence and confusion, but peace and balance."
Piss off! I found the bones first, therefore, they're mine!
[4] My minions attack the bones physically, with their god leading them. CHARGE! (Devine Influence)
[2] Meanwhile, the mage-priests begin work on rune-inscribed armor, to bolster our arcane defenses. This deficiency was noted while planning the attack, and must be plugged up before any foe can take advantage.
Rolled 12 (1d20)

Forgot d20 like a warmblood.
Well, shit.

[2] Develop + [16] DI

The Urchynn have learned many secrets of construction from their studies of the Pyramid. And in the square of 21 - 1J, on the shores of the sea,Tigyogg will bless her Urchynn as they construct themselves a bright, airy, jolly city of Whitestone and Applewood, with every street lined with shady, sheltering apple trees. There will be a dock and facilities for the brave Sea Urchynn fishers and explorers, and the greatest Taverns of all their kind will speckle the streets and waterfronts with great communal cheer and enjoyment.

[2] Develop

And in this city, the Urchynn will found themselves a college of languages, to compare the many tongues they know and those they have yet to master.

[2] Develop

And the Masters of college will continue the great work of translating the ancient tongue of the Pyramid-dwellers. Whoever they were, they were magnificent. If we ever find one of these fellas alive, it'd be nice if we could have ourselves a sort of chat.

[1] Finish Half Develop of Improve Twigworm Farming

[3] Terraform that one hex island. Mooooore flowers!

[2] Explore from 1F-07
We went West, let's go East! Another boat expedition!
>[2] Activate obelisks at motherland. -4 Oltar ore
>[3] Attack 1U-28 (Elyot)
>[1] Begin activation of obelisks on 1U-26. -4 Oltar Ore

Elyot the Unseen heard the howls of his Canin, announced that the Ichor was attacking, and sped to the gate home.
Develop [2] [Oltar Ore] Gate back to the mainland.

Attack [4] [DI] no idea what I'm doing.


Attack [4] [DI] AGAIN!

Develop [2] Pull the lever.

Details to follow.
>Pull the lever.

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