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"A Dark Fantasy Quest" is a dark fantasy set in a OC universe and follows your story as you pilot the young rogue Kae. After living most, if not all, your life in the woods you are forced to rejoin society out of desperation. Join Kae as she navigates and learns about the world around her, makes new friends, and over comes (or doesn’t) what ever obstacles the unforgiving world throws at her.
"A Dark Fantasy Quest" offers a sandbox free roam experience, an organic world filled with characters, a dark ominous narrative, original illustrations, a complex and rewarding leveling /combat system, and a guarantee to see the quest to an organic end. As you explore the world remember that time moves with you, it is not at all advisable or possible to involve yourself in every plot line, character, and hook within a chapter. Lastly, remember to watch your back, as death may be closer to you then your shirt.

New? Read here...
>Old threads?
>But wait! Where is the very first thread?

I update every 1-4 days, depending on how busy I am with school work/life/etc. On holidays I may update everyday, on exam crunch time I may not at all. This is not a quest that you have to show up on time for, drop in every day or two and you wont miss anything. Lastly, I will use the same thread until page nine / ten.
Thready Update Prognosis:
1.8 days

-Prompts that are more in depth have a better chance of succeeding. Example: you have a better chance of success if you provide an argument as to why the monster shouldn't eat you then if you simply say "convince him not to eat you".
-Prompts have to make sense in continuity to the story. Example: characters who are established pacifists wont start murdering randomly for exp.
-minimal meta/power gaming
-minimal backpedaling
-I dont tell you about every DC check you have failed to make

>Kae's Character sheet and Deck
> Inventory

”How can I reach you OP?”
or, alternatively:
File: 161.png (15 KB, 422x700)
15 KB
You move around the room like a cat acquainting itself with its new surroundings. You find a desk full of parchments and writing utensils, an empty cupboard, a downsized bed, and an open window. Looking out the window you can see the guards have already been posted. On the wind is a familiar scent, it comes from the north. Urging you out the window and towards, supposedly, Jackson. You have to step away form the window in order to stop yourself from leaping right out. The scent wafts through your room and you feel your bones contracting and shifting within your petite frame. Gathering up all your courage you head back to the window and slam it shut. After you try to sit and rest on the bed for a moment, but soon find yourself back on your feet and pacing around the room. “These cuffs need to come OFF” you think, they are absolutely uncomfortable. They lock your upper arms together and make doing pretty much anything ungainly. Going through the desk again you try and find something, anything, that you could use to try and get these damn things off you! [Rogue] The locking mechanism doesn’t look too complicated, but with your arms bound as they are, you are not sure how you’re supposed to pick it. In any case, you find nothing that you could use. For a moment you consider looking through Jackson's belongings to see if HE has anything that could help you, but that would mean betraying his trust. He will never know of course, but you would know. So for the moment you keep your hands off his stuff.

Eventually, you exhaust yourself and finally find some peace laying down on the bed.
Kae: “Fuck you Jeraldo” Youre starting to feel pretty damn antagonized. You add another name to your revenge list, right above Jackson but under Loki. What was that he said about being “indirectly responsible” for the deaths of two stonewalls children? Does that mean Jackson's brothers are dead? Jackon talked about them in some length before, but he never mentioned that they were dead. What about that man you saw in the hallway? Was that an assassin coming for Jackson? All this makes you want to jump back up and start pacing up and down your room again, but you are too tired to even get up. So all you can do is pout, and pout you shall until even that becomes a chore.

Pulling your journal out of your bag, you start to work on a drawing. As you often do, you let your hands do the drawing while your mind rests. Today it looks like they are keen on drawing Jackson. He has been on your mind quite a lot, its not surprise your hands have been thinking about him too. This is, after all, the longest you have been separated from your future husband, boyfriend, friend, traveling companion, acquaintance, person, since you met around half a month(ish) ago. You’re about half way done when you hear a knock at your chamber door.
File: 162.png (11 KB, 700x475)
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A maid with a tray of food enters the room flanked by a guard. She places the tray on the desk and is startled to find you standing next to her when she turns to face you. So many things you want to ask; when are you getting out of here? Can you talk with Nathalie? Can you get these restraints off your arms? Have they found Jackson yet? Can you get a change of clothing? Whats for dinner? She seems a bit over whelmed at first but try’s to answer your questions one at a time. She doesn’t know when you are getting out of here, but she has been assigned to you for an 'undetermined length of time'. As for Nathalie, she has been instructed to NOT tell Nathalie that you're even here and that if you want to write a message to Nathalie and have her deliver it, she absolutely cant do that. She says this while motioning to the guard in the room with her eyes, you guess it to be some sort of signal. As for the restraints she cant do anything about that, apparently you are wearing them for “everyone’s” safety. She doesn’t know anything about where Ser Stonewalls is but she can bring you a change of clothing when she comes back later tonight to help you undress before bed. Lastly, for dinner you are having oats and fruits served in warm milk. Soon after she departs with the guard and you settle down and eat your dinner, you’re pretty damn tired of oats from your trip but this tastes much better then what you had before. The meal fills you with a strange heat, and after you finish eating it and return to your drawing you cant help but draw it lewder then you intended. You try to make it as true to form as possible but find yourself having to improvise in some areas where your anatomical Knowles is lacking real world experience. You spend the rest of the night finishing up your drawing and even working on a letter for Jackson. You’re not sure how you’re going to ever deliver it to him but maybe you can simply hand it to him when you meet again. You’re not to good at talking on the spot so a preemptive script may be just what you need. You look through the desk for some finer paper and inks, you even find a envelope with sealing wax. In the letter you first start off by apologizing then trying to explain yourself, for the first time you admit all the strange dreams, emotions, and visions you have been having including your memory blocks. You consider that Jackson may kill you once he reads all this so you will have to decide on the spot if you want to give it to him or not. You try to spice up the letter with some poetry too! [INT/CHA: Failure] Its pretty bad poetry, not that you realize this. In your mind you are sure Jackson will be impressed. As a final coup de'grace you slip the drawing you did of Jackson into the letter before sealing it and placing it securely into your bag.
Its grown late, other then a single candle illuminating the room you find yourself steeped in darkness. So concentrated on your own work you never noticed it close in around you. Looking around the room you see nothing, yet you don’t feel alone [Occult fascination]
you say into the empty void of your room.
Kae:”Im... sorry that I intruded your lair?”
Kae:”I should have stopped Jackson from killing you, I was scared. Sorry”
More silence.
Of course, its crazy to talk to yourself, there is no one else here. What ever is happening to you must be all in your mind... surely...
Kae:”Am I being possessed? Is someone haunting me? If so... can I.... Get a sign?”

A light tap at your window makes you jump through the air and dive under your bed
*tap* *tap* *tap tap * *tap*
crawling back out from your safe space you find a small crow at your window hammering the window with his beak.
*tap* *tap tap * *tap*
You cant help but be stunned by the coincidental happenstance of this crows attack on your privacy at the exact moment you asked for a message from the malevolent presence haunting you.
His angry tapping increases in ferocity, you wonder if you should let him in or not.
*tap* *tap* **tap *tap tap tap* *tap* *tap tap*

>what do?
things to consider
>will you look through Jackson's things?
>do you want to try and pass off a note for Nathalie to the maid when she returns? What would it say if so?
>Will you let this little bird into your room?
It's probably bad news, but let it in. We're royally fucked anyway.
If we need to do something to pass the time, we could try to write a note for Nathalie saying that we fucked up, we're sorry we brought so much trouble with us, and that it would have been nice to have her as a friend.
Look through Jackson's things.
Let the birb in.
Next time the maid comes ask her for butter, then use it to slip out of the restraints.
Rummage through Jack's shit.
>Let bird in
>Look through Jackson's things
>Write a note to Natalie, somwething simple like "Imprisoned by your father, not understanding anything, halp"
Let in the bird, look through Jackson's stuff
Let the bird in. What could go wrong.
>Let the bird in. If possible, close the window behind it.
>Dont look through jacksons stuff
I think Jeraldo wants us to rummage through Jacksons stuff
>Let in bird
>Do not look through future husbands phone- I mean stuff
>Try to get a note to Nathalie, make a pretty drawing to go with it, ask for help and freedom
Let in

DON'T look at Jacksons things! this is something Kae wouldn't do and it may make her lose herself to the demon more

>Try to get a note to Nathalie, make a pretty drawing to go with it, ask for help and freedom
Let bird in

I vote we only decide what to do with Jackson's stuff after we se what the birds want. If we brings some message or some sign that makes us think Jacky boy is in even more danger I say we look in his stuff rationalizing that we have to to try and save him and when we meet him we proptly confess to what we did and ask for forgiveness. If he brings a message about something else or only does normal bird stuff I say we don't look though his stuff just yet, it was left here intentionally and I don't want to fall for that.

As for Nat's, i would like to not send a letter and get her involved in this, I like her and it would be dangerous for her
My favorite time! Kae suffering time!

>What could go wrong.
My man!
>Let the bird in
>Burn your letter, take the drawing out first

Fuck sakes, Kae sucks at letters, let's never write one again
We're gonna get ourselves a familiar for magic stuff and hunting in the woods.
File: Sup Arthas.jpg (7 KB, 210x240)
7 KB
I think its just a visit from Medivh

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