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(Previous thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2499195/ )

You are Kirisame Marisa. A failure of a magician. You are correctly at the doors of the Great Mausoleum.

There seems to be some kind of danmaku going on near the entrance of the Great Mausoleum, but it fades quickly.

There is a group of people discussing something.

“Old witch! You are part of this incident too!” “Of course she is, I have already told you what she was doing in the forest!” “Don’t talk over me foreigner!” The new shrine maiden and Komachi are feuding.

“Marisa! You are so slim, don’t forget to eat and exercise properly!” She is hugging you. If there is an advantage of not having eaten anything in the past few days is that you can’t throw up if your stomach is empty. “Enoko-chan, do not forget to feed Marisa.” "I will do my best Byakuren-sama."

This is disgusting, they keep talking. You are going to start bleeding from the pores of your face if they don’t stop.

“Fake nun, in what side are you!?”

The timing of the incident is perfect, it couldn’t have come at better time. Your entire plan could be ruined right here.

The erratic behaviour of the celestial bureaucracy puzzles you. There must be something that you are missing. They come from west of the Outside World, don’t they? Or at least they were worshiped and acknowledged there.

“She is here to help us, to stop the lunarians, “

They are so noisy.

What you lack may be perspective; texts from the outside are not plentiful in Gensokyo. There must be some aspect of they behaviour linked to the Outside World that you are overlooking.

“Lady Marisa?”

You need to visit Kourindou when all of this finishes. And grab eventing even remotely related to the topic.

“Lady Marisa!”

Kuzusu always has something interesting, and it has been a long time since your last visit to Suzunaan.

“Lady Marisa!?”

“What is it?” “Lady Marisa wasn’t responding, I was getting worried.” She looks at the distance, then whisper in your ear. “A-Are we part of this incident?”


Oh, yes, the incident. “No! We are not part of this incident!” “See? I told you she was here to help.”

Never too old to solve an incident? You are tired, at the very least. And you will not have a good opportunity to talk to the hermits under the present circumstances. But maybe an opportunity to study them and the shinigami? An old fashioned danmaku battle sounds very appealing. But several consecutive ones? Not so much.

You could just wait for the tea party, a perfect opportunity to extract some information. Everyone will be there in friendly terms but right now the shinigami wants to give you a private tour and the new shrine maiden is suspicious of you.

It would be difficult to evade Byakuren right now. In the party she can get distracted with someone else.

>[ ] Never too old to solve an incident!
>[ ] You are too old, too tired. Let Enoko help, go home and prepare for the tea party.
>[ ] Never too old to solve an incident!
>>[ ] Never too old to solve an incident!

“We will help to resolve the incident. We would be ready in just a minute.” You Enoko afar to have some privacy. “Don’t mention anything about what I was doing or what I wanted to do here. Keep quiet. And stop talking to Byakuren.”

“The fairy will help too? Is that a Joke? Better to grab, I don’t know, Daiyousei?” She burst laughing.

“Fairy! Fairy! I am not mere fairy! I am the great Demon of Decay! I am Gensui Enoko!” Great, now she is reciting her curriculum. You bet that she will omit the part when she failed to do the only thing that she existed for.

“What? A-Are you that monster?!”

They settle the dispute fairy quickly, and then you all enter the mausoleum.

It has been transformed into some kind of watery maze. The resistance is minimal, some fairies and moon rabbits, that seem to be fighting among themselves too.

Where is everyone else? This maze seems to be more complicated than what you initially expected.

Something is not right. You are not gaining any distance. Is the maze moving?

Your head huts. It is getting difficult to focus your vision. You can’t be this bad. You were relatively fine a few moments ago. Maybe you should go to Alice after this.

Why are you so close to the ground?

You are suffocating.

But, your stomach is fine now?

Something is not right.

“Seija!” The abnormalities end. You see her escaping.

You are upside down, suspended near the ground. But you are not suffocating, you weren’t either. She must have inverted some of your senses. And “sensations”. Of “breathing normally” and “suffocating” or something like that.

What was her intention? Why only you have to deal with her nuisance! Yes, she spent a couple of months in your basement being distilled to create your spell card. But she is fine now. She can try her stupid revolutions whenever she wants. Her grudge against you makes no sense.

But that was not childish nonsense. She often uses her power to disorient and slow down her opponents. This precise attack was something else.

Did she intend to make you drown yourself?

You shouldn’t have separated from the rest.


You continue going through the maze until you arrive to some king old town.

Finally, there is the taoist ghost! And a lot of moon rabbits fighting… corpses? Must be the work of Seiga.

Kasen is with the rabbits. Just what is going on here?

Soga seems to be trying to stop Kasen from advancing. Taking the opportunity you engage her. Kasen seems be hesitant for a moment but then takes the opportunity and flees with the rabbits.

The 15 minutes more exhausting of your life. You are too old for this.

“Hey ghost… I have some questions.” You are glad the ground is solid here, you are not sure if you can keep flying. “Do the shinigamis come after you too?”

She seems uncomfortable for a moment. “Aren't you going to continue? The incident is not solved just because you beated me.”

“I am too tired, let’s say it was a draw.” You cannot stop panting. “Can you humour me and quench my curiosity?” “I am not supposed to talk about that.”

To hell with you Kaku. And with this whole affair too.


You finally arrive to your home and prepare for the tea party. You even managed to fix your hair.

As you are ready to leave you exit the house.

“Hey! Is that true that you have Ruukoto now? Can I have it?” “Hello to you too Nitori.”

She drops her backpack and sits over it. “I was going to tea party when I heard that you were going too.” “Are you going? You were part of the incident too?” “Oh? No no no, a lot of people are going to know the new Reimu.”

New shrine maiden.

“So… Can I have it?”

The fact Ruukoto was never used by her last owner has you hesitant about it. You guess that it is probably damaged or malfunctions in some way. Since it is a robot you don’t really know much about it.


Would you give Ruukoto away?
>[ ] No. It is better to keep her for some more time. You should have read that letter.
Give it to Nitori:
>[ ] Gift it to her.
>[ ] Sell it to her, for something specific. Write in what.
>[ ] Sell it to her, for an unspecified favor that you can charge later.
>>[ ] Gift it to her.
>>[ ] Sell it to her, for an unspecified favor that you can charge later.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

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348 KB PNG

You have no use for the robot and this conversation is dragging for too long. But you may eventually find use for Nitori.

You quickly settle the matter with her and leave. It seems that the kappa has already forgotten about the party.

You arrive to the party. It is pretty cramped. Enoko greets you. She starts talking. No, it is more like she is vocalizing her stream of conscious. It is exhausting just to look at her.

“Go and distract Byakuren.”

You made your way through the party. It has been decades since you spoke with so many people.

It feels unreal. As if you were dreaming. Not even that, just watching a dream.

Hours pass.

You are returning to your home. Now the reality of the situation strikes you. What happened? You only half remember it.

After recollecting your thoughts you arrive at the conclusion that you found almost no information. Everyone that knows something refuses to talk about it.

Everyone but Kasen. She gives a straight answer. ‘The celestial bureaucracy is purposefully obtuse. It doesn’t want people breaking the system. Taking into account what you did to the spell card system last time it is reasonable that they are paranoid about you.’

A straight answer or a clever evasion.

You can’t really trust that she, such a lascivious looking woman becoming a hermit is paradoxical. Everything about her is odd and contradictory. You still remember her expressing sadness at the lack of ambition of her “dragon” to become a true one. Understanding very well what that entails. You can’t cast away the feeling that her entire persona is just a facade.

Finally at home, there is little that you can do right now but let Enoko to prepare you to bed.

Once more you are going to consult the pillow about how to move forward, this time a proper one.

Already in bed, you ask. “What was the incident about?” Enoko is not even in the room.

She enters running, with bed warmer in her hand. “I am sorry Lady Marisa, I was almost done with the bed. Did you need something?” You repeat you question.

Pretty standard stuff it seems, a proxy war of the lunarians within city of the hermits got out of hand, too many people trying to commit genocide at once. It also seems that the humans of the outside world would not be returning to the moon time soon.


You are trying to obtain immortality for a reason, a very obvious one. Keeping your humanity is not really something that concerns you that much now.

You have been keeping your body to age too much using a ‘stalling progress’ spell. It was a good shot term solution, but the long term consequences are showing.

The spell is very taxing and imperfect. The body don’t completely stops aging and also stops a lot of body functions that are needed to keep it alive. Because of this you also need to replace that functions with more magic. This vicious circle of slow decay and constant difficult spells has left you with a damaged body that need the spells to maintain it but also is incapable of dealing with all the sub products of doing so.

Stopping your desperate attempt to remain young is not an option either. Your body has become too dependent of the spells.

Will your flesh rot if you quit preserving it? Will your heart pump blood again if you let it try? You are too afraid to let it try.

You are stuck playing taxidermist with your flesh and manually circulating your own blood.

Even with Alice’s help, you aren’t going to last long.

But there are others things that are equally worrisome. You can barely handle a conversation with more than two people now. It is not just with Byakuren anymore.

But your lack of charisma will need to wait until you are… healthier.

What are you going to do next?
The celestial bureaucracy has its eyes one you, yet you need to keep one this path, it is the only option.
>[ ] Chase your whim, go to the human village and investigate more about the outside world.

You can’t perform third experiment now. It would be suicide to instigate another incident so soon. You are on thin ice, but you can keep researching about vengeful spirits.
>[ ] Go to the Underground Geyser Center.
>[ ] Visit Rin Kaenbyou.

Ghosts are as uncooperative as hermits. But maybe your master is in the mood to talk.
>[ ] Visit Mima.

>[ ] Other. Write in. Celestial bureaucracy related.

What are you going to do about Seija?
>[ ] Nothing right now. There are more pressing matters at hand.
>[ ] Other. Write in. Seija related.

And finally, there may be something that you are forgetting. You hope to remember it next morning.
>[ ] Other. Write in.

>[ ] Chase your whim, go to the human village and investigate more about the outside world.
I am unwilling to speak to Mima until we actually have a proper direction, and making the journey all the way down to the underworld seems like it might be more taxing than it's worth.

For Seija:
>[ ] Nothing right now. There are more pressing matters at hand.

Things that occur to me:
>I had forgotten until Nitori appeared, but kappa are known for stealing shirikodama, which is a ball found in the anus that's sometimes said to contain a person's soul that may or may not in fact just be their liver. Undignified as it is, perhaps this might be of use to us.

>We distilled Seija's power once before to create a spell card. Could we perform a similar feat again to「Reverse」the effects of time on our body and at least buy ourself a little more breathing room? And in the likely circumstance that Seija isn't an option, perhaps that Lunarian Sagume Kishin's ability might work in its place? Or any ability that reverses or negates something, possibly.
File: 003.png (1.04 MB, 1280x720)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG

Your insist is probably right, it is time to go to the human village and learn more about the outside world and its possible relation with the Celestial Bureaucracy.

While traveling you ponder on what to do with Nitori. It didn't occur to you until now, but kappas are supposed to steal shirikodamas from humans. The shirikodama is some kind of sphere, similar to ambergris, but spiritual. By pulling it out the kappa drags the soul along and eats it.

The immortals of the elixir can’t die, so it should be possible to steal it without much trouble.

Ambergris is say to contain bile fluid. Maybe shirikodamas contain some “power of eternity”. You will be content with just some bile fluid.

You decide to visit Kourindou first, as you travel through the village everyone seems to try to speak with Enoko, such an eyesore.

“Kourin~ I will borrow some books if you don’t’ mind.” “Marisa, I am pretty sure that you can pay me now.” He sighs.

“Or do you spend the money of the village with as much careless as you spill its blood?” Enoko seems visible nervous hearing this. “I didn’t mean it that way Enoko-chan.”

“There are rumours about the things you do with the annual sacrifices. Your family…” “Rinnosuke-san you have gone far enough!” Enoko, as the nuisance she is, interrupts the conversation.

“I am sorry, what do you need?”

You spend the next hour overhaul the books. You found 5 about mythology that tou didin’t know about.

Also, there are two more dubious things:
A heroic tale about a hero with multiple faces? Looking at it superficially you discover that it seems to contain some parts about a "rejuvenation cycle". This will surely be helpful.
Another book by some Lancelot Ale... Lancelot! It must be arthurian literature, this is also relevant.
You decide to take them too.

Nothing more to be done with the half youkai.

File: 004.jpg (67 KB, 272x311)
67 KB

You start walking towards Suzunaan. Enoko says something and runs in front of you.

As you walk you notice the state of your body. You toy with the idea of “inviting” Seija to play in your basement again; her power could be very helpful now. Nevertheless obtaining her power, of the power of any other youkai, will take moths of dedicated attention.

Not to mention that the shrine maiden may intervene, sooner this time.

You finally arrive. Your pockets are full of coins, an apple and pair of glasses. Old habits die hard.

Kosuzu-chan is discussing something with Enoko.

“Kiris” Enoko coughs. “Marisa-sam” A books falls to the floor. “-chan”

“Wait outside.”

The talk with Kosuzu-chan starts slow but you finally mange to have a proper conversation.

The years have surely been easy on her, she looks even younger than the last time you saw her.

She seems to be trying to translate some old books.

“The tengu one again? You may want to give up on that one.”

But the other one is more interesting, it seems to be some king of old grimoire. And you can actually read some of it, after staring at a sentence for 20 minutes or so.

Kosuzu-chan agrees to let you borrow it if you translate it. You accept, it is the only thing relatively interesting that you could found.

With a whole day wasted, you need to plan what you are going to do the next.
>[ ] Examine the books.
You are not sure that you can compel Nitori to do something like that, and even if you succeed, it will surely anger even more people. Even Keine have been following you around all day.
>[ ] Inform the kappa that you have found a “task” for her to perform.
>[ ] Other. Write in.

>[ ] Examine the books.
Let's not tread on more toes than we need to just yet, while we still have leads to go on.
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You are Kirisame Enoko. You are worried about your mother.

Lady Marisa has spent the last couple of days reading a book. She has not slept, eaten, left the chair or even looked up from the book in all this time. Lady Marisa still turns the pages so you suppose she is fine.

You fell very lonely, sometimes you mother is not in good mood and becomes a little violet, but at least acknowledges your existence. This is horrible.

She hasn’t even drink the potions, those are important, aren’t they? You are very worried.

You have tough to ask for help from Alice or Byakuren but you are afraid of leaving her alone.

Things were so nice in the village; you even convinced Kosuzu Motoori granddaughter to pretend to be her ancestor in from of Lady Marisa.

Why is all so horrible now?

File: 006.gif (51 KB, 178x250)
51 KB

You are… That is not really important.

Such frivolities are past you now.

You understand everything now.

You now know how to escape, from everything, forever.

The outside world holds the keys for eternity.

A soft laugh escapes your lips.


Lady Marisa just laughed! “Lady Marisa! Are you okay? Do you need something? Are you hungry, thirsty, sleepy? Do you want to drink a potion? Do you want to visit Alice-sama? Do”

Your mother slaps you. She must be fine! You are so glad. “I am going to sleep.”

When your mother is ready to sleeps she adds. “We will go fishing soon. Pack our luggage, for several weeks. I'm going to sleep 2 or 3 days.” And then fall asleep immediately.

You are glad that she is more talkative now. She seems better.

But you are still worried, she could spent days reading, but she always responded to you when you offered her food, tea and other attentions that she clearly needed.

But this was different, she was clearly needing all of that, but she showed no response. She didn’t even try to silence or cast you away.

Sleeping for 3 consecutive days is not normal either.

What are you going to do now?
>[ ] Be a good girl, do as you were intrusted and then wait besides your mother's bed. She may awake sooner than expected and need you.
>[ ] Be a good girl, do as you were intrusted and then visit Alice-sama and ask for help.
>[ ] Be a good girl, do as you were intrusted and then visit Byakuren-sama and ask for help.
Be a good girl, do as you were intrusted and then:
>[ ] Other. Write in.

>>[X] Be a good girl, do as you were intrusted and then visit Byakuren-sama and ask for help.
got things to do and aking sure marisa doesn't do anything dumber then usual.
>[ ] Other. Write in.
>Be a good girl, do as you were intrusted and then spend a few hours to bookmark and tidy up the books Lady Marisa left lying around. What was she even reading, anyway?
Visiting whoever to ask for help comes after making sure Lady Marisa has a tidy home to return to in a few weeks.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

ooh this isn't bad.
this quest is so depressing
File: 007.png (109 KB, 317x308)
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109 KB PNG

You wake up, still tired.

With Kuzusu’s scrolls and other books you have envisioned a new and safe way to archive immortality. Or more precisely to divorce yourself from the vicissitudes of pantheons, reincarnation, heaven, hell, life and death.

You are going to exist forever.

In your own terms.

Youkais can die, gods can die and whole pantheons can die. The mythology of the outside world if plagued with “deathless” creatures that end up dead. Even heaven and hell can be destroyed.

But there are few tales of “foreigners” that don't seem to be affected or even to care about the natural and supernatural cycles of the whole cosmos.

As if they were too whole to care about anything else but themselves.

Extrapolating Sir Lancelot ideas about crustaceans clinging to the perfect form of The Crab you have noticed that there are such creatures that strive to be like these autarchs.

One of such creatures is the fish like youkai that like to copulate with humans.

You only need to find one of these little things and study it.

Then you would be able to trigger your own carcinisation!

You are going to be your own Demiurge!

Enoko made a mess with the books again. She even sealed the manuscript. Since when she can do that kind of things? Soon, soon you will be free from this curse.

Where is she anyway? Sleeping it seems.

Kosuzu will have to cope with having one less book, you need it for the summoning. Not like she can do anything about it.

With Kourin‘s books and other materials you have dibujado yourself a rough image of the outside world, especially of a specific place.

Your notes can be sumaricen in:
Thinks to take into account visiting the outside world place called “Great Satan”:
In is an ancient land filled with malicious and patient spirits.
It is unclear if “Great Satan” is a synonymous of “Babylon” or if the latter is some kind of village inside of the former. If it is a separate place or a sub division It, is probably wise to avoid it since its inhabitants seems to be warlike.
Do not eat centipedes.
Keep distance from “typewrites”. (By extension others book making machines.)

The place seems to be even worse than Makai. You are going to be there for little time and only in its frontiers, but it is still worrisome. Your destination is the ruins of a small fishing village in the east coast of this cursed land.

>[ ] Wake up Enoko and start your expedition to the outside world.
>[ ] Maybe you need to do something else first? Write in.
>>[ ] Maybe you need to do something else first? Write in.
Do we have to check with Alice again or are we ok
File: 008.jpg (166 KB, 1122x433)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
That dice.
>Rolled 3 (1d3) Previous thread.
>Rolled 2 (1d2)
>Rolled 2 (1d2)

That is the idea! Glad that you are enjoying it in the intended manner.

Waiting 30 minutes or so to start with the next update.
>>[X] Wake up Enoko and start your expedition to the outside world.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

It doesn't seems right to decide every reply with the dice. I hope this doesn't upset anyone. But with so little players it is kinda inevitable if there is no immediate consensus.

We are not ok, but not as bad as the last we visited Alice.
File: 009.png (847 KB, 932x739)
847 KB
847 KB PNG

It is time to start your journey. Or at least it would have been if you were dressed.

You try to wake up Enoko. Her slumber is unusually deep.

After you drop some fungicide over her she wakes up screaming.

“Rise and shine.” “L-Lady Marisa I am sorry.” “Dress me up, we are leaving.”

While dressing you she stats questioning you. “Lady Marisa, I am terrible sorry to intrude in your research, but I think that the demon book may have… caused some minor troubles to you. Are you sure it is safe? I sealed it and” “How did you seal it? I didn’t make you with any sealing ability.”

The dirt eating youkai don’t respond immediately. After she finishes brushing your hair she finally responses. “Byakuren-sama taught me some other spells, I am sorry.”

“Oh, I see.”

Lady Marisa is not angry. Lady Marisa is always angry when you mention Byakkuren. Or when you interrupt or question her. You are worried. It is almost as she didn’t care anymore about Byakkuren or anything or yo… No. Lady Marisa surely loves you.

The youkai that you are using as a loading mule is as incompetent as one can conceive.

But you are able to take solace in the fact that you will not need her anymore very soon.

Still, as you approach the fairy ring with the sealed book in your hand the extend of her failures are made clear to you. She was sleeping so heavily because she exhausted herself making this seal.

You are not sure how to unblock it. It is simple yet the raw power that contains is absurd. You can't use brute force to open it.

What are you going to do?
>[ ] No matter, you can figure something more subtle up while you travel.
>[ ] Make her undo the seal, right now.
>[ ] Maybe there is another quick way to break it? Write in.
Next post "tomorrow". Maybe in 10 hours, 15 or more.
>>[ ] Make her undo the seal, right now.
>>[X] No matter, you can figure something more subtle up while you travel.
theres always a secondary fix, besides life is full of fuck ups anyways and the way to cope is to just find work arounds.
besides which i doubt enoko is in any shape to fix shit right now, and she is a resource, wasting resources wontonly is a terrible decision.
Rolled 2 (1d2)


You finally leave Gensokyo. You think you are somewhere near Suwa.

At first Enoko is slower than usual but you still manage to cover a good distance each day.

You are able to escape the terrible boredom an anxiety by dedicating yourself to undo the seal.

It finally breaks when you are waiting for Enoko to borrow a boat. It was a surprisingly fun endeavour.

It is not like you are using the boat to cross the ocean but you need a place to sleep and camping in a body of water could be troublesome. Enoko should be able to carry it when flying.

File: Spoiler Image (43 KB, 510x369)
43 KB

You are exhausted. This is the longest and more taxing journey you have ever done. You got used to the luggage after a couple of days, but carrying a yacht on top of that was just too much. You don't understand why it is made out of metal, which just makes no sense.

At least in the outside world you can eat properly without having to deal with upsetting delicate balances that you frankly don’t understand.

You are glad that that you finallay are near your destination. Lady Marisa said so afther doing some weird thing with a sextant, a compass, some maps and other odd things.

Lady Marisa is now peacefully sleeping. You are watching her, as much as the line of the continent in the horizont is a pleasant view afther days of just water you still find more relaxing to look at her as she sleeps

The morning arrives and your mother makes you carry her across the coast until you find some kind of inhabited port.

Lady Marisa speeds a couple of hours doing some kind of ritual.

The next morning the two of you are waiting for something to come out of the water. Wasn’t fishing with your family supposed to be fun? This is boring and Lady Marisa just stares at the water.

Something comes from the ocean. Must be some kind of youkai that you don’t know about.

Lady Marisa killed it. “Excellent. Pick up the body.”



You are Reimu Hakurei, the shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine since last year.

You are currently vomiting in the Mushroom Forest.

“Shrine maiden. Are you well? The official ceremony already ended, but the following party extends for a couple of hours.”

You can't muster enough composure to response to the youkai.

The annual “banquet” of the mushroom forest is a euphemism for collecting sacrifices from the human village. The tengu do the same. Their ceremony is pretty straightforward.

But the mushroom forest ceremony is much worse. You can’t stand it.

They make the sacrifices perform a cursed theatre play. But first the youkais do something to them, to make them believe all of it is real.

At the end they are all dead, they killed each other.

One of them rises from the dead as a Vengeful Spirit. Realises it was all a farce and cries. Anger and remorse are turned into pure despair. Then local mikos exorcise it.

After the terrible charade the banquet is served.

So many youkais participle in it. Youkais that you know, that you used to consider friends.

The nameless god that these creatures serve is just a malevolent demon.

“Don’t worry Reimu, you will get used to it soon enough.”


“I told Enoko that it was too soon to invite you but every time that the crab makes a noise she thinks it is some kind of prophecy.”

Well shit, marisa accidentally crab'd herself, clearly a bad end.
That is all, from the start this was planned to be a fairly short quest, even an oneshot.

Apologies for how bad the quest was handled, the posting schedule and the terrible english.

The quest went off rails, hard, almost immediately. I had to craft a whole new path for the quest, including dead ends, and possible successes, etc.

Trying to accommodate to all the write ins in a setting as extend as this was a challenge and I am pretty sure that I didn't do it well. Nevertheless, I liked doing so.

If the end seems rushed it is because I couldn’t manage it very well. When Marisa obtained all she needed to reach one of the intended ends I was planning to skip all the tedious, low risk, work that entailed its completion.

I also think that I didn't manage to convey a proper sense of urgency in the quest.

Final notes:
For context read: https://exhentai.org/g/517664/9eec8416db/ and https://exhentai.org/g/720862/38479f5739/ (Kaminare and When You Wish Upon A Star by zounose) (Many other touhou related works influenced the quest, but those two are the most non canon obvious and relevant ones.)
I also used to have OC art for Enoko, a drawfag made it years ago, but because of my lenient attitude towards backups made me lost it. Enoko was supposed to combine the attributes and looks of many fungi, not just one.
Stolen art I ended up using: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=5533311

Thanks the 3 or more player that the quest had for participating.

This is one of the best possible ends. Almost all the others were much worse.
First of all
Second of all i actually did enjoy it, sorry ou didn't get more guys, but your opening on the first thread was honestly kinda screwy at first, but you tried and kept at it at least, heres hoping this helps you develop more in the future. Also out of curiosity was there any chance of Marisa actually pulling off any of her senile plots without a hitch?
>i actually did enjoy it
Glad you did.

>sorry ou didn't get more guys
I am honestly satisfied with the number of players, and especially with the number of interesting write ins, from the start I knew this wasn't a "mass appeal" quest.
If anything, I didn't like using the dice too much, not sure how could I have done better either.

>Also out of curiosity was there any chance of Marisa actually pulling off any of her senile plots without a hitch?
Without any problem? No. But a few "better" ends were possible.
Regardless of how you feel you did running this quest, the fact that you actually made the effort to put your ideas down into text means a lot. And for what it's worth, I had a good time. Though I should probably have gone a little lighter on the write-ins, huh?

Would you consider discussing how some of the plans you ended up discarding might have gone?
File: bleak.png (53 KB, 375x244)
53 KB
Shit, she's a crab now?
>Would you consider discussing how some of the plans you ended up discarding might have gone?
Yes, are you curious about something in particular?

An eldritch abomination that barely resembles a crab.
You mentioned that you had quite a bit prepared for the Hourai Elixir option, perhaps talk us through how that might have gone? Though I wouldn't mind hearing about basically any of the hooks you threw in but left unused. For instance, what the significance of Ruukoto being left to Marisa was, and what might have come from it,

Also, what would have happened if we have paid Mima a visit?
To sum up: https://pastebin.com/EGXpX1k3
Link isn't working.
Thanks, though I'm not sure what kind of crab Marisa has become.
Thanks for sharing. That was pretty interesting to see how bad we goof'd
I knew it was going wrong the second i heard great satan but then Lancelot had to find a way.
That one always creeped me out and I never liked the "logic" justifying things.

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