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You don’t like funerals. There are grievances than not even tea parties can solve. You know that too well now.

“Now that the funeral is over, should I go to the village and buy supplies? There is barely any hu”
“ZE!” The mushroom youkai runs through the door.

There is no more time for dilations, you must archive some form of immortality soon. The shrine maiden should no longer intervene unless there is an incident. You objective must be archived without triggering the homeostatic qualities of Gensokyo. Namely, the shrine maiden, or more accurately the predilect puppet of the demon of boundaries.

If someone triggers an incident, something that endanger the stability of Gensokyo, of Yukari Yakumo, the shrine maiden and others catch in the momentum will solve it, have a tea party and move on. But solving an incident is not just stopping it; it is ensuring it won’t happen again.

That is why you can no longer be a (youkai) magician.

“Lady Marisa! Everything has gone smoothly, no one of the guardians noticed me. I will prepare some food now.” That damned failure is so noisy, a constant remainder of your failure, just like this whole Mushroom Forest. Sadly in your present condition you need help, your body isn’t what it used to be. You are even more frail that the bookworm neet.

It is time to choose another path to become immortal.

Magician: You have already failed to become a youkai magician, not even the incomplete form (still aging) was achievable for you. You

“Lady Marisa y” “Shut up already dirt eating youkai!”
Never mind.

Hermit: You are just not cut off to be something like that; your personality is… incompatible with that lifestyle. Not to mention that you are already filled with too much impurity. Well, you always could try some methods of purification.

You didn’t need to remember Byakuren now. It takes you a few moments to recover your composure.

No, you can’t. At least this served to bring bark your head to ground level. There are impurities that can’t be removed, at least not in this life. Anantarika karma was it? The “lunarian method” is totally out of question too.

Hopefully not all paths to archive immortally that you can think of are impossible, just unbearably difficult.

Hourai Elixir: The elixir of immortality. The closer on can get to true immortality. Bonds the soul and the body, the later regenerates when damaged.

The elixir is absurdly complex. But you have finally learned how to recreate it, save from one key “ingredient” that you can’t replicate. The “power of eternity” is not something that you can obtain.

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Enoko brings you food. What is this? Well, it edible and it seems to go easy on your digestive system. The youkai stands beside you, white a smug smile, as expecting praise. “What are you waiting for? Go and collect magic mushrooms.”

She apologies or something, you attention is no longer with her.

Making the elixir it would require recreating, replacing or obtaining, even if it just for a moment, the “power of eternity”. Not easy feet.

You can also try to borrow it, just like in the old days. Erin wouldn’t sell or give it, but you are not even sure if she has it in stock. You can also just eat her liver, or the liver of some of the other two immortals.

Becoming a Vampire: Becoming a vampire, an immortal Youkai who drinks human blood, a demon who lurks at night.

You are actually not sure about this, any of this.

Are the sisters truly vampires? Or something else? Remilia is a delusional chuuni, nothing out of her mouth can be trusted. Flandre is a good an honest child, but her grasp of reality is thin. At least you are pretty sure Kurumi is a vampire.

Are vampires truly immortal? At the very last they don’t seem to age, and are really difficult to kill. That is good enough, even with the myriad of disadvantages.

The food turned out to be pretty good actually.

But, how to become a vampire?

That matter is even more obtuse. The methods recorded can by divided in two, those that involve vampires and those that do not.

The first method seems diverse and conditional, multiple contradictory records. If you are going to use this method you will need to experiment a lot. Something you are not sure can be done without triggering an incident.

The latter is not something that seems to take place in Gensokyo, or at least not something that you know that has ever happen here. Vampires are not natives of the land of the illusions after all. You may need to go to the outside word, not only for it to happed but to even be able to research it.

There is also another type of youkai that you maybe will be able to tour into. But that is probably just a suicide, not to mention that the preparation probably will take more time that what you have.

You are tired, Kinoko is outside and the bed is too far away. A quick nap in the chair wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Maybe your memory is failing you, you could have forgotten something. May you will remember it when you wake up.

Well time to consult your future with the pillow. Or the wood of the table in front of you.


Immortality paths: Select 1(one)
>[ ] Hourai Elixir
>[ ] Becoming a Vampire
>[ ] Give some more thought to the other type of youkai.
>[ ] Other. Write in.
>[ ] Becoming a Vampire
>>[ ] Hourai Elixir
A 2hu quest? Huh. Let's see...

Immortality, in its most general sense, need not revolve around preventing the self from dying.

The fact that both the Saigyouji princess and and that Taoist ghost have not yet been taken by the shinigami is evidence enough that the spirit can be prevented, or at least stalled, from being sent to see the Yama. And, of course, there is that one other spirit you know of.

And that even the so-called vengeful spirit maintains her sanity is evidence that this can be done while keeping one's mind intact.

Therefore, attempt to divine some ritual or process through which you can anchor yourself to the world of the living, or imbue yourself with some property that would prevent you from being taken across the Sanzu.

You already had one teacher, so long ago, who achieved such a feat. Many methods available in theory may be beyond your expertise - and a single misstep here would be disastrous - but following in the footsteps of your mentor is certainly a feat fitting for an Ordinary Magician.
Rolled 3 (1d3)


>Other: >>2499262

“ze” What. Where are you? “Oh.” Enoko you should have put you in bed.

“Lady Marisa you should not sleep in the table, it is not good for your spine." You really want to insult her right now but you can’t muster enough energy to do so.

“Keine-san came a few hours ago, she delivered a package.” She seems to be waiting for some sort of response.
“And? What is it? Isn’t bit early for the tributes? It should be something else. Something from Kosuzu-chan?”

She recoils when hearing that name. Her expression is disgusting. Is she pitting you? For what?

“Lady Marisa, Kosuzu-chan has already…” She close her eyes for a moment. “No, I am sorry. It is from the funeral services. It seems that the shi” You wish something heavier was at hand reach but you could only reach for the lamp to throw at her.

“I am sorry Lady Marisa.” She starts to clean the mess. “It seems to be some sort of human sized doll.”

Human sized doll? It can’t be. “Maid uniform? Green hair?"

“Yes lady Marisa. It also comes with a letter.”

“Burn it.”

Enoko hesitates for a moment but then she leaves and does as instructed.

The most obvious choice is the one you were missing. Forgotten perhaps. Maybe even willingly. Despite what you want to believe you still cling to your humanity, even if just a little. Such esoteric methods are unpleasant to face.

Well. When Enoko returns she will prepare you to leave. You have already done everything you could do just staying at home.

Come to think about it, it has been quite some time since you leaved the house from last time.

File: 003.jpg (23 KB, 250x250)
23 KB

The mushroom youkai stops dressing you. “I am sorry lady Marisa. I tough it would go better with your new hair.”
New hair? What is this stupid dirt eater talking about? She takes your hair and shows it to you. “Red?” No, this is wrong, this shouldn’t be. You are not that bad yet. You should be able to keep going more time. You have to hurry up, there is no more time.

“Lady Marisa?”

“Purple will do. Hurry up.” She finishes dressing you. Both of you stop outside of the house. It really has been a long time.

“Carry me until we are near, then I will switch to the broom.”

Where to go?
You could try to talk to Tojiko, being around that bunch of crazy taoists may cause some trouble.

You are a little hesitant to visit Yuyuko. You can almost feel like dying just stand near a cemetery. But if needed, you can force yourself.

Your master is an option to; you know how to awaken her, if needed. The new shrine maiden may not know of her, so that can be a problem.

Try to recompile some more information elsewhere can be useful too. Kosuzu-chan may have something regarding the matter. Or some other place.

You have made your mind and tell Enoko to bring you to:


>[ ] The Great Mausoleum.
>[ ] Hakugyokurou
>[ ] The Hakurei Shrine.
>[ ] The human village.
>[ ] Other. Some sort of library or place filled with knowledge.
>[ ] Other. Write in.
>[ ] Other.
There is no better place you know of to seek knowledge than the library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Unless, of course, that is not an option open to you?

It would not do to make decisions without pausing to think if you've forgotten something important. After all, it would be the height of irony to rise in undeath as a vengeful spirit for the single regret of ultimately failing to achieve immortality on one's own terms...
>>[ ] The Hakurei Shrine.
File: 004.jpg (275 KB, 1920x1080)
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275 KB JPG

The travel through the forest was uneventful, just some youkais that stopped to small talk Enoko.

“Lady Marisa your child” Enoko stops seeing you pulling a spell card. “The youkais of the forest are excited about constructing some small shrines around the forest. They wanted to ask for some portion of the human sacrifices to be spared to become mikos. They tried with their share but it seems that it didn’t work very well.”

“Whatever.” How can she be so annoying? “Deal with it yourself.” After some tough, you add. “Just don’t starve yourself.”

When exiting the forest, you come across one of the supposed temples. It is… and attempt. These artificial youkais are truly pitiable.

Nearing the Scarlet Devil Mansion you come across the most annoying fairy that has ever lived. Enoko deals with her while you wait sitting. Enoko’s danmaku hasn’t improved since you created her, what would normally be a problem if she wasn’t insanely strong since the very start, few could march her. Certainly Cirno can’t, after all she is just Cirno.

Finally at the gates of the mansion. “What is with this pair of weirdos?” Meiling, great.

Enoko tries to explain that I have permission to enter and all that, but it is fruitless. Meiling is clearly bored and wants to fight.

Would you like to try your new spell card? Or just let Enoko handle it.
>[ ] Try new spell card.
>[ ] Enoko can handle it.
>>[ ] Enoko can handle it.
>a Touhou quest
>we are playing as an elderly bitter marisa
well fuck, also why arn't we trying the hourai elixir, seems like the best way to go about it honestly rather then going full ghost route, cause thats just gonna cause an incident and get whoever the new shrine maiden pissed at us or even throw yukari and her cohorts at us, which would be bad. speaking of needing the power of eternity, couldn't fairies be used, its not like anyone honestly gives a shit about them and the stupid buggers just come back when they die anyways.
>>[X] Try new spell card.
>>[ ] Enoko can handle it.
Oh, I just realized you were that poster in the qtg a while back.
The last touhou quest here was from two years ago and it was yukkuri quest.
File: 005.jpg (194 KB, 1280x584)
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194 KB JPG

Enoko danmaku is simplistic in principle, almost to the point of absurdity. Trying to exploit the system, as you instructed her, she made a “beautiful” and “meaningful” danmaku pattern. Be filling the entire battlefield with bullets, creating not only the "figures" but also the “background”. So she just fills the battlefield with as much bullets as possible. It works surprisingly well and is hard to replicate, it required too much raw power.

She even give her spell cards haiku names, the youkai is fixated with poetry for some reason. You honestly never bordered reading them.

Enoko is the best youkai that you have created, by far. With the power to “revert everything into its forming components”. Fitting with her fungi motif.

But she was still a failure. She failed. Reimu beat her as if was nothing. Just as she always did.

You spent years, nearly two decades with all of that. Even your own trump card didn’t work.

At the time: Magic Mercury “Devil Mirror” was undefeatable. No one could match it. That spell card even required Enoko to use her power to “revert” Seija into “Seija” and “Turn over anything”.
No one could match your spell card, except for the only one who you really needed to defeat. Reimu even made you destroy the card and fix Seija.

Seija was pretty pissed. She still is.

Enoko is finished. You enter the mansion and Sakuya apologies for the trouble.

Patchouli hates you, maybe, she hasn't spoken to you in years. Even after you returned all you have ever "borrowed". But she still let you use the library for some reason. Koakuma asks what you need. You tell her and she flies to bring you some reading material.

This is going to take some time.

“Lady Marisa it is time for the potions.” She gives you a couple of bottles filled with disgusting liquids. “And if you don’t mind…” You look at her perplexed, what else she wants? We are in a library at least keep quit here of all places. “I bought some medicines from the outside world that could help with your violet episodes.”

That is enough, you no longer need this cursed creature. You make her eat all those pills. At once. You hope it makes her quit. Dead would be good too. But she is too resistant.
After drinking the potions fairy maids bring tea. Enoko seems to be doing her best to not to puke. The tea is good. “violent episodes” , if she wasn't stupid she would have noticed that you are not violet towards no one but with her. Well, it is not like you really talk with anyone but her anymore…

Your fingernails are becoming dark. The metal poisoning has accelerated quite a bit. You will need to visit Alice sooner than expected.

The books finally arrive and you start searching.
Hours pass, what seems to be some multiple of 24 if the sun can tell. You are tired, extremely tired.

The disgraceful youkai is sitting near you, looking at you. It is like she was mocking you with her stupid face.

But you have what you need. It is time to leave the mansion.

What are you going to do now?

Investigate vengeful spirits:
>[ ] Go to Underground Geyser Center
>[ ] Kasen seems to know a lot about them
>[ ] Talk to Mima about them.
>[ ] Rin Kaenbyou is related to them.
>[ ] Other. Write in.

Investigate ghosts:
>[ ] Go to see Saigyouji.
>[ ] Bear the taoists and visit Tojiko
>[ ] Other. Write in.

>[ ] Visit Alice. You need help with your body and the scheduled meeting is too far away.

>[ ] Other. Write in.
>[X] Visit Alice. You need help with your body and the scheduled meeting is too far away.
I'd rather not die while mid doing shit.
Apologies for the slow replies and the atrocious english, my prewrites were unlucky and I don’t want to railroad.

Next post in 8~10 hours.

>we are playing as an elderly bitter marisa
She is also mentally untestable!

>also why arn't we trying the hourai elixir
This was a surprise for me too. I had quite a lot written regarding the standard options, especially that one.

Glad to be remembered.
>>>[ ] Visit Alice. You need help with your body and the scheduled meeting is too far away.
>[ ] Visit Alice. You need help with your body and the scheduled meeting is too far away.

That's kind of my fault, isn't it? My bad.

In my mind, Marisa's isn't the type to follow step-by-step instructions from other people to get the exact same results. She clearly takes inspiration from other people's achievements, but I think she rather attempts to imitate those results on her own terms and using her own methods. It makes sense to me given her diligent-yet-brash personality, and explains the subtle differences between Marisa's 'stolen' spell cards and their originals.

That's why my initial vote basically came down to 'Go do some research of your own and see if you can't find out why these people who don't die when they're dead are how they are?' as opposed to 'Go ask these people to please help make you immortal like they are'. Also your chosen handle may have played a part.

I don't know if that agrees at all with how you plan to write her, but there it is.
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Enoko carries you outside. She seems warmer than you remember; perhaps you are just cooler than usual? No matter, she starts flying towards the forest.

Magic has some hazardous subproducts, normally associated with “hell”. With the “greek hell” particularly, if that half youkai can be trusted for something else than inflating prices.

Arsenic, mercury, gold, etc. It could sound pretty nice at first, but empiricism shows that arsenic in your intestines and mercury in your lymphatic system could be pretty inconvenient. Even complete magicians, such as Patchouli, have difficulties maintaining her immortal body in good condition.

You were never very good dealing with all of this, Mima-sama always scolded you about it. Your hair isn’t naturally blonde, that is just a bunch of gold stuck inside your hair. And now it is red because it rusted.

But now you are so weak than you can’t ever fix these problems yourself. You probably shouldn’t have flown just for Enoko not to carry you. Alice has been helping you with these problems for quite a bit.

You are in good terms with Alice, she has ulterior motives, but that much is expected. “Lady Marisa we have arrived.” She knocks and after a few moments Alice is at the door.

“You should have come before it gets this bad, Marisa.” She says while making space for you to enter. “Enoko-chan you can enter too.” “Thanks very much Alice-sama!”

“So, you have finally come into your senses or just the usual?”

“I am not going to let you turn me into a doll.” An audible sigh escapes Alice mouth. She is really fixated with that idea.

As you lean in the magic circle she keeps talking. “Have you been paying attention at your children lately? Those youkai are doing some unusual things in the forest. I am pretty sure that dismembered parts of sacrifices, not exactly chosen for their purity, are not good mikos. “

You already feel better, Alice truly has a fine control in her magic. “What god are they trying to worship anyway?” “No idea, ask Enoko.” “A negligent mother, as always” “The shrine maiden should have exterminated them all in the incident, they serve no purpose now.”

Soon you are ready to leave. “Don’t die, or at least do so in a place where your body isn’t eaten by some youkai.” “I will try.”

You feel much better now.

Maybe you should dismiss Enoko, you can handle yourself now, for a couple of days at least.


Should Enoko go elsewere by herself?
>[ ] Yes.
>[ ] No.

As for the main topic of interest:

>[ ] Time for some experiments, there should be one or two sacrifices still alive in your basement. Unless Enoko was particularly hungry lately.

Investigate vengeful spirits:
>[ ] Go to Underground Geyser Center
>[ ] Kasen seems to know a lot about them
>[ ] Talk to Mima about them.
>[ ] Rin Kaenbyou is related to them.
>[ ] Other. Write in.

Investigate ghosts:
>[ ] Go to see Saigyouji.
>[ ] Bear the taoists and visit Tojiko.
>[ ] Other. Write in.

>[ ] Other. Write in.
>[ ] No.
An extra pair of hands, as incompetent as they may undoubtedly be, may prove invaluable given the time you have left.

>[ ] Time for some experiments, there should be one or two sacrifices still alive in your basement. Unless Enoko was particularly hungry lately.
May as well put that reading to use.
File: 006.jpg (108 KB, 344x644)
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108 KB JPG
A perfectly valid interpretation, it doesn't conflict too much in how I was planning to write her. Don't get discouraged to choose write ins.
>>[ ] No.
>[ ] Time for some experiments, there should be one or two sacrifices still alive in your basement. Unless Enoko was particularly hungry lately.
File: 007.jpg (274 KB, 800x600)
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274 KB JPG
It is a very nice day.

You and Enoko fly towards your home. As incompetent as she is, sometimes you can find some use to her.

“Are there still some sacrifices alive in the basement?”
“Yes, Lady Marisa. Three alive and two fractioned, but still in good condition.”

Just three “safe” shots till next year ceremony. You need to make every one of them count. As you approach your home you see something waiting in your door. A kappa? No, it is a turtle.

Oh no. No. No. No. You haven’t done anything yet! Why is the new shrine maiden here?

“Oh, are you the old witch of the forest?” She examine you with her eyes, practically striping you of what decency and privacy you could have left in you. “You don’t look that old. Who old are you?

“You shouldn’t ask that kind of thing to a proper lady!” Enoko doesn’t seem to understand that messing the shrine maiden is a bad idea. “82” “Tch, you can never trust a youkai for anything, eh? Not even to have a proper appearance. You look like a famished flat chested in her 20s.”

Youkai? What is she talking about?

“Anyway, I was just passing by to say hello now that I am the new shrine maiden. Don’t cause any incident , k?” And she leaves mounting the turtle. That went well.

Enoko is cursing her, her family and everything related to her. She sure is lively today. “She didn't even presented herself!” “Calm down already.” “Yes lady Marisa, I am sorry.”

Thanks to you investigations of Yukari you discovered that she is, or was, a mouryou, a box goblin. Or, as she presents herself, a demon of boundaries, a gap youkai. Her “box”, “well” or boundaries were Gensokyo itself. She is really big.

Incidentally, you spent a lot of time investigating barriers of all kinds. Investigation that wasn’t pointless taking into account that it will now come handily trying to isolate a soul from the celestial bureaucracy.

You prepare two different experiments, regarding barriers:
Trying to guard a soul from heaven and hell, of divine powers and its servants.
Trying to trap a soul in the mortal word.

That should create a ghosts.

A vengeful spirit is more complicated to replicate. They need some sort of "context" to appear. To replicate these conditions, you wrote a “play”. That would give a soul the proper conditions to become one.

To interpret the play would take time, and appropriate conditions. An incident. But not YOUR incident. You are just going to mess with some other incident and add some spice to it. The main conflict of the incident would be resolved and your tragic play will take place inside of it.

For the first experiment you have the old carpenter, for the second the beggar and for the third one the orphaned girl.

The village just give trash as sacrifices, You suppose the tengu don't mind it but You would appreciate something better. Even Enoko complain about the taste of the old ones sometimes.

The preparation of the first two experiments will take some days. And the third one requires too much situational conditions.

What are you going to do now?
>[ ] Look for an incident, perhaps even “encourage” someone to initiate one.
>[ ] Who? Wrtite in.
>[ ] Just concentrate in the first two for now.
>>[ ] Just concentrate in the first two for now.
>[ ] Just concentrate in the first two for now.
The main foreseeable problem with using a barrier is that there exist few, if any, things man-made that cannot be unmade, or barriers that cannot be subverted, or things hidden that are not eventually found. Be it of the Russian Koschei or the Serbian Baš Čelik, there is no folktale where a so-called 'deathless' being does not invariably die.

And forcibly gaining immortality by such means will undoubtedly attract the ire of some party - most likely the Yamas and their servants. But even those Taoist hermits have assassins sent after them a few times every millennium, and all it takes to lose that immortality is one misstep.

The ideal solution, then, would be to imbue yourself with some manner of property such that death is not only unable to take you, but also /unwilling/ to take you. Such that, even if you were bound and dragged right across the Sanzu, the Yama would take one look at you and kick you as you are right back into the world of the living. Of course, such a thing is easier said than done. If such a property was so easily achieved, it would have been done long before now.
Days pass, your hair is turning red again. But finally the preparations are complete.

What is that failure of a youkai doing? Is that a guillotine? “Lady Marisa, I made the carpenter make this for the ritual executions! Isn’t it lovely?” You slap her, truly a waste of energy to have her around. “I am going to use poison.” “I am sorry lady Marisa.” She runs and starts dismantling it. You are not even to perform the ritual here, what was she thinking?

After a few more hours of perpetrations, the rituals are ready to be performed near your house, but certainly not inside of it.

“Don’t fight the shinigami if it appears, but make sure no one else is around here.” The barriers are ready and the subjects are slowly dying. It is only a matter of time now.

A gosht appears from the first one. A ethereal ball, devoid of reason it seems.

A group shinigamis appears, one of them almost call for a duel when you quickly concede defeat; she can do as she pleases. “This thing doesn’t even require an exorcism.”

They take the first soul and leave.

One stays behind a little more. “Don’t try this again; there are enough problems with natural ghosts and phantoms.” Eiki should not be very happy with you right now.

They take one of the souls. Just one of them! The shinigamis totally ignored the other one. You have successfully trapped a soul in the mortal realm.

You approach it and the corpse curses you. Excellent, it still can talk. You call Enoko to bring the successful experiment into the house.

The anchorage to the mortal realm is an iron nail under one of the fingernails of the old man. The shinigamis ignored it. But why? Now that you think about it, that method doesn’t even require the “patient” to be dead to work. As you ponder it Enoko screams. “I am sorry lady Marisa the undead bitted his fingers off and now it is… dead?”

You examine the corpse confirm the situation. The metal nail is broken.

A partial success at least. But why the celestial bureaucracy is so erratic? Persecuting taoits but not lunaraians? Ghost but not immortals of the elixir? There is something that makes no sense.

You need to investigate this.

>[ ] Go to see Saigyouji.
>[ ] The neets under Byakuren may know something.
>[ ] Mima has had no trouble with all of this, as far as you know, she may know something.
>[ ] Go to the bamboo forest.
>[ ] Other. Write in.
>>[ ] The neets under Byakuren may know something.
>[ ] The neets under Byakuren may know something.
I'll admit, I'm out of ideas for the moment, and am just going with the flow. And I'd also like to see what the thing you implied with Byakuren's brief mention in the OP was.
The Myouren Temple is not a place that you felt comfortable visiting, and has been that way for a long time.

Byakuren loves when you visit, Enoko too, the resident youkais seem to pose no objection to your presence. It is just you. It is your own sins that make you uncomfortable.

What is the worst sin? Betrayal, that is what you want to believe, but you own sin feels much worse.

You don’t even remember her name now, or even how she used to look like. When you think about her you can only picture Byakuren. Hell awaits you in the Myouren Temple, a coustum made one that only yourself has created.

Ichirin greats you. You let Enoko handle the conversation. Byakuren isn’t home now. Whoever god is responsible for this has you eternal gratitude. And as many bribes as his divine majesty wants. You probably are just going to donate to every temple you know after this.

You are able to pass the temple with no problems. The Great Mausoleum waits in front of you.
I will end the first thread here. Now that I can still call it a "successful" thread with at least some plausible deniability. My internet is working erratically right now AND I have no idea how to write the following scenes.

Next thread on Saturday.

Feel free to comment and criticize anything.

Now I just need to figure out how to archive a thread.

>And I'd also like to see what the thing you implied with Byakuren's brief mention in the OP was.

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