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The door was open, but only a crack, Henry couldn’t make out the fact of the man he was dealing with. Regardless something awful smelling was coming from inside. Coming from a necromancer who lived in a sewer, and that MEANT something.

“I was absolutely, positively, not sent by the rats.” Henry said. The man was crazy yes, but he didn’t like rats, better to get on his good side.

This proverbial plan was all thrown completely out of the proverbial window when the door flew open, and a couple of filth encrusted hands lunged out and grabbed Henry. Before he knew what was happening he had been pulled inside the house. The place was dimly lit, the windows were covered in filth and grime, allowing minimal light inside. The walls were stained with something. The floor was in bad shape, planks that had begun to rot. But more than anything else, the place smelled BAD, like really bad. It hadn’t been cleaned in a long time, and there were HUNDREDS of rat corpses everywhere, some pinned to the walls, some skeletons being converted into obscene works of art, others were lining the walls, pinned by their tails.

Holy fuck

The man had long unkempt filth covered hair, and a manic look in his eyes. His clothes weren’t tattered. They were in surprisingly good condition, but were covered in deep layers of filth and muck. This had to be Waltz the Ratcatcher. Henry really doubted anyone else in New Haven had the whole rat motif going on.

“Good good, you weren’t sent by them, you have to come in where we can talk without them noticing. Were you followed? Of course you weren’t you would’ve checked, of course you did. Don’t worry about spies, I killed the last few, made it so bad that word would’ve gotten back, I know cause I see the fuckers across the street. Don’t come close no more, they finally learned.”

Waltz motioned up to above the door frame. The door of course was now distressingly closed. A couple of rat corpses were pinned above the thing. One had been skinned completely, and the other had its organs ripped out and pinned to all sorts of places on it. Henry was used to corpses but this was just obscene.

He felt one of those filth covered hands press over his mouth for a moment.

“Please don’t say anything yet, I still need to check to make sure we don’t have company… and who were you sent by if not the rats hrm? The church? … You weren’t sent by the tax man were you? I… I told him I was getting the money together… he said …”

1. Try to punch him (roll a 50 or higher)
2. Zap him (use half a charge, flip a coin to see if he gets knocked out)
3. “Please let go of me”
7. Say nothing and let him ramble
8. Write in
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Quest rules:
1. All dice rolled are assumed to be D100 unless otherwise stated
2. In most situations, only the first two dice rolls will be counted, if the threads become more popular this may be changed. This choice ultimately falls to the Lorekeeper, odd circumstances may cause him to overlook this rule (a ton of crits later down the chain for instance)
3. All dice rolls are final
4. Critical fails are considered to be between 1-5, Critical hits are between 95-100. Crits overpower any other roll except another crit. In the rare chance that a crit fail and crit success happen. The Lorekeeper will do something interesting from a story angle.
5. Near misses may occur, where a rolled number is close to the required threshold, whether over or under. This can have an impact on how the story proceeds. However these are up to the decision of the Lorekeeper.
6. Sometimes there are optional choices one may participate in, these will generally NOT be taken unless there are multiple posters who wish it, assuming there are multiple posters in the thread
7. There are often times choices with multiple parts, each part is counted separately, unless otherwise stated, sometimes rolls will be required before counting the second, third, etc, part
8. There will be “Time Limited” decisions, in which characters may only do a set number of actions, or ask a set number of questions within a conversation, or during combat. These will sometimes be clearly marked, and sometimes not if it adds to the story. If there are three choices allowed, for instance, each poster is expected to pick three choices in descending order. The first choice of the first poster, the first choice of the second, and the first choice of the third poster will be taken. If two first choices match, the second choice will be chosen of the following poster, etc. If there are fewer posters than choices allowed, the first poster will be given preference, and his second choice will be picked (so the first poster, second poster, and then first poster again), etc.
9. Interviews: Interviews will generally be a freeform set of questions that the readers have to ask the person they are interviewing. No hand holding here, I will purposefully leave up wrong answers or decisions, although for the most part careful readers will be able to tease these out. (Like saying you’re still a scribe even though that little story has been completely thrown out the window)
10. Rules may be subject to change between threads, but will not change during the same thread. These rules are what we will follow for the remainder of this thread.
Archived Threads + Sidequests: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Necromancer+Detective+Quest

Discord (Meet the Loremaster himself, and get live updates and all that jazz): https://discord.gg/5sZYkz9 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Character List, includes main cast, supporting cast, and minor characters: https://pastebin.com/WaNDnpJQ
>8. Write in

After suppressing gag reflex, ask about the rats in the sewer and of the green runes.
Forgot your name there.

fucks sake 4chan

This but also ask him about the runes in the sewers
Do rats often swarm and attack in large hordes?
Have you noticed the holy runes begin messed with?
Would you kindly map out all of the entrances and exits from the sewers into the city?
starting the post
“HOLY SHIT YOU SMELL AWFUL!” Henry screamed out, ripping Waltz’s hand off of his mouth. He spat onto the ground a couple of times, trying to get the taste out of his mouth. He was only able to avoid throwing up due to his prior experience with the dead and his time in the sewers of Celeste. Regardless, this was pushing him to his limit. A normal person might’ve killed themselves by now, to escape this torment.

“Smell? Oh that thing the local Cathar Catch-pole said… that’s just a conspiracy by the rat’s friend, that pain you feel isn’t real. I’ve NEVER felt that pain. So it isn’t real… I mean yes some say that my nose doesn’t work, but obviously my nose works BETTER than everyone else’s!”


“DON’T INVOKE ANGELS IN VAIN, THAT’S SACRILIGE, AND UNCALLED FOR!” Waltz replied, pitifully trying to calm Henry down. The idea that this man, WHO PINNED RATS UP AS TROPHIES, was worried about sacrilege would be fucking hilarious if Henry didn’t feel close to passing out.

“Look… ugh… fine… just give me a minute.” Henry said, managing to break away from the man’s grip. He wanted to jump into a lake or something, to get the smell off, and to drown himself there. He probably smelled terrible now. But he honestly couldn’t tell right now, his nose had temporarily stopped functioning. Probably his body trying to keep his heart from stopping.

“Do you need tea or something? I think I have something.” Waltz asked, heading to a cabinet and trying to get it to open. The thing was stuck by SOME foul smelling layer of SOMETHING.

“Please… no… no I’m … ugh.” Henry said, holding back vomit.
A few moments later, after Henry had somehow managed to acclimate to the sights and the smells, he asked his question.

“Look… Waltz right?”

“Yes, that’s my name.” Waltz said, looking around for a moment. Like he hadn’t noticed Henry say that.

“Look… Waltz… I found some runes down in the sewer, glowey stones you know?”

“Oh the special rocks? Yes I saw a rat lady place them there. I tried to tell the local Cathars about the evil lady made of rats, placing her curses to destroy the town. BUT THEY LAUGHED! How can someone laugh at that, obviously THEY’RE ALL IN ON IT! ALL OF THEM, THEY WISH TO TURN THE ENTIRE TOWN TO RATS!”

This went on for a few more minutes. Waltz barely stopping to catch his breath during his rantings about how the rats were everywhere, and how they would try to destroy humanity. After the man had calmed down, Henry continued.

“Do the rats generally attack you or swarm?”

“No, they… they never had a LEADER before, she… she sings to them, a song of hisses and skittering! How can a human betray their own? HOW? FOR RATS?!” Waltz said, stomping around and waving his arms around.

“For once I agree with you… I think?” Henry said. “Did you see anything with the runes protecting the sewer’s main exit?”

“Templar Rodger told me to never come out that way… or the Cathars in the tower would turn me into an archery target. So I listen, I don’t want to be turned to straw.” Waltz said. “I don’t want to be turned to rats either… the lady might’ve tried to do that if I hadn’t avoided her, honest… please don’t tell anyone I didn’t do anything, please!”

“Do you have a map of the sewers?” Henry asked. “It would be VERY helpful.”

“Why do you need such a thing, you aren’t a rat, or a catcher… are you a rat?” Waltz responded.

1. To stop the rats, obviously, that’s why I’m here!
2. Because it’s for church business
3. It will be crucial to my investigation
4. IF YOU DON’T I’LL TURN YOU INTO A RAT! (optionally use some magic to make sparks fly from your fingers)
5. “I am a rat, and I’VE OUTSMARTED YOU…. WOoOoO!”
6. Write in
>1. To stop the rats, obviously, that’s why I’m here!

"THEY ALMOST GOT ME" *show him the bite you got in the sewer* The rat lady wants to flood the town with rats! We need to know where she plans to attack from!
Fuck the rats, but not literally.
“To stop the rats, obviously. They even tried to take me out!” Henry said, trying to fake his own form of manic panic. He pointed to the bites on his arms, causing Waltz to go wide eyed.

“How could I have been so foolish, of course! Thank you, THANK YOU!” Waltz said, trying to go in for a hug. Only to be stopped by Henry gently shoving his boot into the man’s chest.

“Of course, sorry, I got carried away.” Waltz said. “Are you going to be alright, perhaps I could guide you… yes..” Waltz handed Henry a surprisingly clean piece of parchment, the man took care of what he considered important, Henry figured.

“No thank you, I’ve got the protection of the church with me.” Henry replied. He was lying through his teeth, of course, but he DID NOT want waltz anywhere near him. Regardless, this little journey hadn’t been pointless. He could explore the sewer tomorrow, perhaps with an actual plan, and maybe some help from the church. The way that Waltz had … explained the situation made Henry believed that the woman he was talking about had used some sort of magic, although Henry hadn’t heard of controlling rats with magic before, maybe that’s what that whole ‘beast touched’ thing meant. Or maybe the rats had just been hungry. The other issue was the fact that there could be runes all over the sewer.

“Do you need anything else, noble sir.” Waltz said, in a reverent tone. Henry must’ve seemed like a saint to the man.

1. “No, I have everything I need now, thank you”
2. “I would actually like that tea now” (make 2 1d100 rolls)
3. “Look, please remove these rats from your place… and take a bath, for fucks sake.”
4. Write in

1. Ask Waltz a question
>1. Ask Waltz a question
Did you see where the rat queen went?

"Can you tell us where all the special rocks are on the map?"
Good idea.
Ask him about templar Rodger.

Who are templars btw? Are they with the guards or the church? Could he be the mole?
templars are a rank between a basic cathar and a crusader, they generally act as a right hand man or a leader of a village/small town. New Haven has a couple Templars.
So that means he could be the mole or a rat so to speak.
“I actually do have a few more questions… if you have the time of course.” Henry said, half hoping the man would say no.

“All the time in the world dear sir, I’ve finished my rounds and laid my traps for the day!” Waltz responded cheerfully.

“Do you know where the rat queen lives? Or at least where she went?”

“I saw her go into the sewers at the ratless place, and I imagine she leaves from the exit… but I don’t know how a filthy rat thinks of course!” Waltz said, stopping his thinking.

“What is the ratless place?”

“The place where all the people died… there isn’t any food there no more, so no rats!” Waltz said. “I wished the whole city was like that… minus all the people being dead of course… then I’d be out of a job… oh…”

“Do you mean the Ghost Quarter?” Henry asked.

“Yes… that’s what the church people call it.” Waltz replied.

“Do you know where the runes are on the map?” Henry asked.

“I know where a few are, but it’s been a couple weeks now… I don’t pay much attention to them, they aren’t rats after all.” He quickly marked them on the map with what looked like a pen made out of a mouse leg, Henry decided not to comment on that, at least the ink wasn’t blood. Parchment and blood are things that should NEVER mix.

“Oh no…” Waltz began.

“What?” Henry said, instantly concerned.

“What if the stones are RATS… LIKE THE MAGES HAVE!” He had begun to hyperventilate now, before being smacked by Henry.

“Get control of yourself for fucks sake.” Henry realized that may have been a bad move, but the man HAD been fairly harmless, even if a bit too touchy for his tastes.

“Right, I need to stay calm or the rats will get me, and eat me.” Waltz murmured, rubbing his face.

“What do you think of Templar Rodger?” Henry asked.

“I mean besides the time he came down to tell me to… uh.. he said “fuck off.” From the front of the sewer, I’ve never actually spoken to him. Stays up in that tower all day, a real lunatic I say.”

That had to be the funniest thing Henry had heard today.

1. Leave, you have everything you need now
(head to get your knife)
(head to Johnny, then to your knife)
(head to the inn to take a bath, you smell awful)
(Head to the lake and take a bath there after getting your knife back, you can even bring Johnny along)
(Head elsewhere, Write in)
2. Ask more questions(write in)
3. Write in
>1. Leave, you have everything you need now
>(Head to the lake and take a bath there after getting your knife back, you can even bring Johnny along)
Get Johnny first
Henry couldn’t be happier to be out of that place. On his way back he elicited a few looks from passersby. His nose had returned to function, and luckily his stench wasn’t too overwhelming. Plus the open air helped immensely. Regardless, he really wanted to find a bathhouse of some sort or maybe just take a bath near that lake that had been his home base during the previous day.

The inn that Johnny had gotten a room at was a fairly imposing stone structure, with an actual tile roof. The thing was called the eagle’s claw, and overall it looked fairly decent. He hoped Johnny hadn’t spent too much for the room. The interior was fairly nice. There was even a fireplace for guests to cook food. The person at the counter tried to avoid making eye contact with Henry. Henry waved friendly at the man and proceeded upstairs. He really hoped he didn’t smell THAT bad.

Inside the room he found Charles drawing what seemed to be an image of the town’s church, and Johnny, leaning against a corner and staring out the window. Charles’ hand immediately went to his nose and he started looking around for the source of the smell, eventually turning and noticing Henry had entered the room. Apparently the creaky door hadn’t been enough to break the boy’s concentration.

“Hey Johnny… I want you to go help me grab my knife from that bastard I offed the other night.”

“Hrm… didn’t you use your lightning on it?” Johnny asked.

“How’d you figure that? I don’t remember telling you.” Henry replied.

“I doubt you felled the beast with simple sword play, especially in the condition you had been in.” Johnny responded. The skeleton had a point. Henry thought he saw a smug grin beneath the iron helmet. “Regardless, it’d be scorched to a piece of slag, hardly worthy as a paper weight.”

“Johnny… I REALLY liked that dagger, alright. It was given to me by Gerald as a birthday gift.”

“I see why you care so much for it then.” Johnny responded. Before pushing himself back off against the wall and walking over.

“I know it isn’t my place to say this but you smell awful sir.” Charles responded. “I don’t think Johnny notices, but can you please go to a bathhouse or something?”

“I think I could take a bath near that lake, I do remember there being some soap and a wash bucket down at the mill, I could probably just use that, right? We still have a couple of hours of daylight to burn.” Henry said.

“I suppose you will want me to heat up the water, sir?” Johnny responded, a tad annoyed.

“Oh of course, and don’t expect me to help you, serves you right for that mockery of my swordmanship.” Henry said. Now cracking a smile himself and smacking Johnny on the shoulder.

“Don’t even ask me, I’m fine staying here, where I can’t smell anything.” Charles muttered to himself. Henry wasn’t really in the mood to berate the kid for the insult.

“So that’s the story huh?” Johnny muttered. “I can’t believe that dreadful inquisitor had you interrogate that poor gentleman.” Johnny said.

The two were well on their way to the lake clearing, the road now a familiar sight for the two.

“That ain’t even the worst part.” Henry said. “I had to go into the ratcatchers place, total freak. Hundreds of dead rats in the place.”

“For once I’m happy about my lack of smell.” Johnny said.

“I envy you friend, I thought I’d be knocked out for a second there.” Henry responded.

“So what is the plan for tomorrow?” Johnny asked. “I don’t foresee you as going on the raid itself.”

“I doubt the inquisitors would even offer to take me.” Henry said. “Besides, it’s not like I’d even want to go.”

“So why are we risking the time outside the wall?” Johnny asked.

“Their encampment is clear on the other side of the city, at least according to our source. So I really doubt they’d come all the way to where we are. Especially after I offed their boss or whatever.”

“I don’t think either of us should be making assumptions.” Johnny Interjected.

“Fair point.” Henry responded.

The clearing came into view. The lake, the mill, the trees and rocks, some violently moved out of place the prior night, and the other carnage. What an idyllic place to take a bath.

“Go find the wash bucket and what not. Then get a fire started to heat the water up. It’s been forever since I’ve had time to do this.” Henry commanded.

“I refuse to wash you, so do not request it.” Johnny said, before walking over to begin the task.

“I don’t trust you to do a good job anyways!” Henry shouted back, Cheeky fucker.

The werewolf’s corpse was where Henry had left it the prior night, a LOT worse for wear than he had been. The thing was still dead, and still a piece of charcoal. Except one new detail, all manner of plant life had started to emerge out of the thing, the black coating on the corpse cracked all over the place. Getting a close look, Henry noticed parts of the body were decomposing far faster than what would’ve been normal. But there didn’t seem to be any buildup of fluids. The plants must’ve been using the body as a fuel source. But where had they come from? Was it just a normal part of the decomposition process for a werewolf? Henry recalled the overheard conversation in the healer’s abbey from the prior day. Maybe this was normal. It would render the thing USELESS as a zombie, and could potentially cause damage depending on how violent future plant growth was.

There was one other key detail, one thing that made Henry a bit worried.

The Dagger was gone

=========================== END OF CHAPTER ===========================
I will be starting up on the 4th, so see you tomorrow night!
Same thread?
hell's yeah, I also meant tonight, I'm just retarded since it was past midnight
“Whoever said that Werewolves were the only ones who could hunt in packs?” ~ Paladin Daniel Mulloon, Order of Moonsilver

=========================== Chapter Start ============================

(A couple hours earlier)

Cassius was quickly making his way away from the city’s northern gate. He just wanted to be away from Grom at this point. The man had screwed things up in the city since the start, and it was only due to the mage they’d hired, the one who could’ve been a necromancer for all they knew. Regardless, Henry had shown his value and his bravery. Cassius had already decided he didn’t mind having the guy around, as long as he was on a short leash. Certainty was better than having Grom around, Henry wasn’t nearly as prone to… ethical hangups.

The meeting with Grom had gone… well it hadn’t been an utter disaster but it’d been close. To think that man had been an inquisitor long enough to be a veteran. Regardless, as long as the raid would be carried out first thing tomorrow, then this little matter could be laid to rest. The only reason he’d even agreed to be sidetracked to New Haven was for the chance to kill some werewolves. Their original mission, to clear the roads of undead on the road up toward Yorkshire, was far more straightforward.

The map pointed to a few locations, Cherry Bridge, The sewer entrance Henry had already investigated, and two locations in the forest, one was apparently a sort of meeting spot for new recruits for the werewolves, and the other was a camp of sorts in an abandoned lumberyard. Cassius figured it really didn’t matter what order he actually searched them in, as long as he checked on the camp. He wanted to make SURE the raid tomorrow would be successful. Cassius would NOT allow those fuckers to take another life. He pitied the Cathar’s who’d had to break the news of last night’s casualty. Losing someone like that was always tough. He also hoped that their ‘informant’ was being truthful, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to the man by the time he got back, and he didn’t need to be pissed off before going to bed.

1. Head to the main camp
2. Head to the meeting location
3. Head to Cherry Bridge
4. Write in
for the first part of this chapter we'll be playing as Cassius, this will not be a long section, so do not worry.
>the one who could’ve been a necromancer for all they knew
>1. Head to the main camp
Cassius decided he really didn’t need to check anywhere else, he just wanted to go back to his nap as soon as possible. The best way to accomplish this goal was to just head straight to the camp, and confirm it was the correct location. After an hour or so of searching, he found himself just outside of a clearing with an old lumberyard inside of it. The lumberyard itself had a few ramshackle buildings in it. The first building seemed to be some sort of housing building for workers, or maybe a foreman’s office. Another was a sort of storage barn for lumber, perhaps the lumber was further prepared there. Nextly, there were several fire pits in the middle of the lumberyard clearing.

There were about ten or so people milling around, mainly a bunch of randoms, most of them looked utterly terrified of a fairly striking women with a red bandana tied around her head. She wore some sort of leather armor getup, and had a nasty looking short sword. The thing was in fairly bad shape, rust and what Cassius thought was blood all over it. Flanking her was a small pack of five wolves, the things looked about as mean as their master, and would make any assassination attempt impossible. Cassius figured he could outrun the idiots but the wolves were a different matter, so much for finishing this quickly. She was occasionally looking over at the other people, who seemed none too happy to be around her. She was pacing around impatiently, even agitatedly.

The rest of the camp was fairly empty, a small clear cut grass field, which afforded no real cover. There was a pile of rotten lumber nearby, which could be used to get a closer look. Cassius grabbed out a few of his knives, ready for thing to turn violent. Although he did remember Grom saying not to start anything. He was still in his inquisitorial getup as well, rats, he’d forgotten to change in his rush.

1. Head further into the camp (write in if you want)
2. Try to kill a few of them (roll 2 d100)
3. Check out the main building
4. Check out the Storage barn
5. Creep around the exterior
6. Leave, you’ve seen enough
7. Write in
>4. Check out the Storage barn
>5. Creep around the exterior
Then leave
Cassius headed towards the storage barn. He made sure to be silent as he slowly worked his way past the log pile and around towards the back entrance. The structure seemed sturdy enough. Lord knew he’d been in plenty of ramshackle buildings in his time. The roof not being in danger of falling on him would be a welcome change. The door however had already fallen off its hinges, so getting past that wasn’t an issue.

The interior was fairly simple, a bunch of straw and blankets laid about on the floor, probably meant for the majority of the randoms that were milling about. There were a few carts full of different types of food, a few of them had dried meat, another had berries and what not. This place couldn’t have been here long, or the local forest would’ve been stripped. They had probably gotten here a month ago at most, more than that would’ve started stretching the food supply. There was a ladder leading up to a second floor loft, Cassius couldn’t get a good view but he heard a couple of voices talking about something. He couldn’t really make out what though.

1. Head Upstairs to check on the voices
2. Leave and try to get to the main building
3. Watch the fire-pit area to see if anything changes
4. Leave the area and get back to New Haven
5. Write in.
>1. Head Upstairs to check on the voices
Check the voices

I suggest we don't immediately leave. We should stake out the boss lady, she seems to be waiting for someone or something. I have a hunch that a more from the town will come to report about the raid.
Listen to the voices, then head back to the edge of the clearing. Best not to push our luck.

>I hear you, writing
Cassius slowly crept up the stairs, calling upon his training and his time as a child hunting in Bressa. He didn’t make a sound. The voices slowly came into hearing range, and he began to make out the words.

“This plan has been fucked from the beginning Rolf, even if Yolk and Vive succeed, Cain ain’t letting us back in, ever. The fact he even decided to cast us out instead of killing us is a miracle.”

“I told you, you daft cunt, we strike a blow here in Sol province, well even Cain will be impressed by that sorta ballsiness!” Rolf said

“Hrmph, I get the feeling that won’t be the case.” The other man replied

“So what do you think about that Ginny fellow the boss took a liking to?” Rolf asked

“Suck up, utterly and totally. All enraptured with the wilds like a newborn pup, poor sod wouldn’t last a day out on the frontier.” The man replied

“Ha, brutal as always Francis.” Rolf finished.

Cassius wasn’t sure exactly what they were talking about, but the name, Cain, well he DID recognize that. This could be trouble, but based upon the fact that the camp was still here, meant word hadn’t gotten out about the raid, curious.

Cassius slowly worked his way back downstairs, not wanting to further tempt fate. He’d simply slip back out the back and make his way away.

“VIVE, VIVE VIVE VIVE!” A man called out, rushing into the camp, and into view of Cassius. “TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE!”

“What is it now Ginny?” the lady responded, so she was Vive.

“Its… its Yolk, I … uh… I found him.” Ginny said a few more things, although too quietly to hear.

“WHAT, NO YOU FUCKER THAT AIN’T FUNNY.” Vive screeched, grabbing the man by his hair and holding him over the fire pit. The others backed up. Nobody was coming to this guy’s aid.


“YOU LIE” Vive screamed again. “YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD WHEN HE GETS BACK, YOU HEAR ME, DEAD.” The wolves were circling the fire pit now, dangerously growling. “Pick your words CAREFULLY NOW, NO MORE GAMES.” Vive yelled.

Cassius figured she was an unstable sort, time to leave…

“I HAVE PROOF!” Ginny said, yelling to keep up with Vive. “I-I got’s the manfools knife, the metal thing he stuck in Yolk, and it’s MELTED like his corps-… like him! He… he looks like a piece of coal!” Ginny said, covering his face with one hand and holding up a completely melted piece of metal. THAT had been a dagger?”

“The m-man must’ve been a mage or something… no wonder he was with the Inqusitors…” Ginny continued.

“NO!” Vive screeched, dropping the man into the fire while grabbing the dagger.

Ginny screamed for a moment before leaping out of the fire and rolling on the ground. The wolves didn’t attack the man. They were now drooping their heads and whining.

“No … NO NO NO NO NO!” Vive yelled. “THE RED CLOAKED MAN… WHERE IS HE, WHO IS HE!” She yelled again. “I’LL FUCKING KILL HIM, YOU HEAR ME, HE’S A DEAD MAN!” She was waving the melted dagger around, screaming profanities now. If Cassius was closer he would’ve noticed tears streaming down her face.

Holy shit… Henry had really gotten himself into some shit now, this woman was going berserk. Cassius figured not even a good smack across the face would fix this problem.

“I’m going to fucking kill him when I find him…” Vive said, stalking around. “The plan moves forwards! We are still on schedule!” She shouted. “IF ANY OF YOU RUN YOU WON’T GET FAR DO YOU FUCKING HEAR ME, WE WILL FINISH THE MANFOOLS TOMORROW, THEIR WALLS OF STONES AND WEAPONS OF IRON WILL NOT DO A THING TO PROTECT THEM!”

“…yes ma’am.” The randoms said disjointedly, fuckers were terrified of the woman.

“Fucking hell!” A voice called from above. “Shit…” Another voice called, sounded like Rolf and Francis were coming down… Cassius slowly slipped out the back of barn and towards the edge of the clearing, he didn’t want to risk things now. They were completely unaware of the attack that was coming, and fortunately they were now quite distracted, they might make a mistake or two that would benefit them. Good news for once.


(Present time, one hour till nightfall)
Henry slowly made his way back toward the town, feeling refreshed for once in his life. He still had a good deal of time left. It wasn’t just the bath either. He’d gotten a good rush out of kicking the utter shit out of the bastard’s body, served the fucker right for the injuries of the previous night.

“So what are we going to do now then?” Johnny said.

“Probably head back to the inn, it’s getting late, I’m not making the same mistake twice yeah?”

As the duo passed through the main gate, one of the Cathars manning it ran up and stopped them.

“Sir, Inquisitor Grom wishes to speak to you, said it was urgent.” The man said.

“Alright thank you.” Henry replied.

The man nodded and headed back to man the gate.

“What now sir?” Johnny asked.

1. Head back to your inn and sleep
2. Head to the Inquisitors and figure out what’s going on
3. Write in
we're in the shit now boys
Tell the boys to go to the inn and then head to Grom.
We should also tell him what we learned from the ratcatcher.
sure, and we're only with Johnny, we left Charles behind at the inn because duh.
OP can we have retroactively used speak with the dead spell on Yolk? I was gonna suggest that when we came back to Henry.
We might learn some vital information.
you can't talk to a corpse when the brains been burnt/boiled to shit. 'That's the part with all the info in it.
Well, I mean both of them. We can't have Johnny around the inquisitors
so what will we do at the Inn before we head to the inquisitors, if we aren't doing anything you can just send Johnny there.
I might have phrased it wrong. I did think that Charles was with us that's why I said "boys". Just send Johnny there and go to Grom
“Alright Johnny, head back to the inn, I’ll deal with this and be back there shortly.” Henry said. “I mean this could run late, dunno.”

“I’ll come looking for your corpse in a couple hours.” Johnny said sarcastically.

“Uh huh.” Henry responded.


As Henry entered into the inn the Inquisitors were staying at and climbed the stairs, he listened closely. Not a peep from the room they were in, and the window had been closed when he’d looked outside. Something was up.

When he entered the room he saw Grom and Cassius sitting around the desk that had been in the corner earlier. It was now moved into the center of the room and there were three chairs around it. One held Grom, the other Cassius, and the last would hold Henry, or at least that was the obvious conclusion.

1. Sit down Silently
2. “So what’s going on?
3. “You guys throwing a party for me?”
4. “Its serious ain’t it.”
5. “How long till I can go to bed?”
6. “We gonna celebrate tomorrow or what?”
7. Write in
Ask what's going on and sit down.

I'm kinda surprised the quest lasted this long, its a good sorta surprise.
Yeah, the quest is fun and you're a good QM. When running you update quikly and that is a rare thing to have nowadays.
Shame that it is not as popular. I can maybe sometimes catch the end of the session when you're running.

See you later.
Hopefully we will have a chance to Go with Cassius and question templar Rodgers. I'm almost certain he had something to do with this

This quest is fun. Your dedication and speed helps. I also like the work you've put into worldbuilding and the characters.

you guys make this worth it
Hey your quest is good and the updates are reasonably reliable.
I just wish I was in a better time zone/had a saner schedule so I could actually participate instead of just archive binging.
“So what’s going on?” Henry asked, strolling over to the table and taking a seat.

“Bad news friend, apparently you pissed off that big guy’s lover.” Cassius said.

“Not the words I would use… but yes, you seem to have angered the leader of the group greatly. She’s sworn some sort of vendetta against you.” Grom said. “It seems that Yolk and her… well they were a couple, now she’s a widow. She doesn’t know much about you besides the red cloak, so I’d suggest getting rid of it. From what I understand Vive is dangerous.”

First off, throwing that cloak out WAS NOT going to happen.

Second off… God fucking damn it, JUST ONE DAY WITHOUT THIS SHIT.

“Well thanks for the heads up…” Henry said, placing his hands on his face. “Is the raid still going to occur?”

“That seems to be going to plan.” Grom said. “Cassius found they hadn’t moved, their contact within the guard might’ve gotten cold feet. We’re honestly unsure. But we believe that acting now rather than later is the best course of action.”

Well then the Vive problem would take care of itself right?

“That ain’t all…” Cassius murmured.

“He doesn’t need to know about THAT.” Grom said. “Trust me on this Henry, it’s not a fight you need to be part of.”

1. “Is Cassius going to guard me or what?”
2. “So what do you want me to do?”
3. “I’m not going on the raid tomorrow, and you’re not convincing me”
4. “I want my god damned silver I was promised Cassius. Deals a deal”
5. “What do you mean I don’t need to know? I’ve gotten you this far, I deserve to know!” (roll a d100 for speech)
6. “I have reason to suspect Rodger is involved.”
7. “I have reason to suspect Hafford is involved.”
8. Write in

>and we're back!
>8. Write in
I've spoke to Waltz, and apparently a giant rat lady placed the green runes in the sewer. Now I know, a giant rat lady doesn't sound sane, but what if it was a werewolf? Waltz might just have been confused and thought it was a rat person.
Agreed. Bring up Templar Rodger's interaction with Waltz.
I would also cautiously advance that we now have reason to suspect Hafford, or someone else in the Cathars of foul play.

1. Who else would be able to know when the guards shift posts in the tower, get in, and smash the rune? Only Hafford or another higher-up,

2. Hafford's general unhelpfulness.

Well, I’ve spoken to Waltz and he was surprisingly helpful.” Henry started.

“Who?” Cassius asked.

“Oh, the town Ratcatcher, figured after my little romp in the sewers he’d be the guy to ask, crazier than a devil.”

“And you still think the information you received from him is worthwhile?” Grom asked.

“Yeah, well some of it. He said that a rat lady was creeping around down in the sewers placing those runes I mentioned earlier. I think it could’ve been a werewolf.”

“Now look here fella, a werewolf after they’ve transformed wouldn’t have made it past the runes, they’re literally unable to get through.” Cassius said. “It’s probably just her magicing some rats up and placing the runes. Sides if it’d been a werewolf people would’ve heard the howling, it’s not hard to miss.”

“It’s not called magicing…” Henry started. Then he stopped himself, it wasn’t worth it.

“Would explain why they attacked you, a sort of security system.” Grom said, thinking out loud. “Regardless, It’s trouble and will have to be dealt with as soon as this raid is over, we can’t just cut things off now or delay.”

“The only other thing is that Rodger expressly forbid Waltz to head near the exit of the sewers, which just seems odd to me.” Henry said.

“I think based on what we have… well things do look a bit odd for Hafford, I don’t know if he has any part exactly…” Henry said, trying to say he thought it was Hafford without expressly saying it.
“You’d be surprised how unhelpful some locals can be, it was the Bishop, not the Crusader, who requested our help.” Grom said, “Regardless, I do see your point…”

“So do we go and shake him down or what?” Cassius said, getting excited. A bit too gung ho.

“No, we’d bring this up with Bishop Marcus, quietly. If we have reason to suspect someone so high up… well it could cause a lot of turmoil.” Grom stated.

“Well it might not be Hafford.” Henry corrected himself. “It’s just that the light rune that was smashed could only be accessed by the guards, and only someone with access to those schedules would be able to know when the tower itself would be empty. I suspect some time during the day shift.” Henry said, finishing up.

“So we might need Haffords help with this, how lovely.” Grom said.

“Regardless, I don’t know if it was someone so high up.” Cassius said. “Generally when you have a guy like that… people notice them behaving odd, it’s usually those who seem outta the way or those on the fringes. Heck, none of us might’ve even met the guy.”

“Still Cassius, we need to be through in this, we can’t have anything going haywire.” Grom said.

1. “I think we should talk to Marcus”
2. “I think we should talk to Hafford”
3. “I think we should talk to Rodger”
4. “I’d volunteer to guard the sewer entrance during the raid tomorrow”
5. “I volunteer Cassius to guard the sewer entrance tomorrow”
6. “Can we get any additional security down at the sewer entrance?”
7. “I think the ghost quarter is the place they were getting into the city from.”
8. Write in
>7. “I think the ghost quarter is the place they were getting into the city from.”

Or at least one of them, Waltz mentioned that he saw her enter and exit via the ghost quarter sewer.

Show them the sewer map with runes marked.

Advocate strongly that some of us guard a sewer entrance, we'll decide which one later, and which people. I'm worried news of the raid will leak, or some werewolves will escape the raid and decide to attack anyways.
>8. Write in
And Rodger warned Waltz that if he left the sewers from that exit, that the guards would turn him into an archery target.
“There is one thing that was concerning.” Henry said. “Waltz told me that Rodger threatened to turn him into an ‘archery target’ if he came anywhere near the main sewer exit. Just seems a bit aggressive to me.”

“Petty rivalries and the like are fairly common, worth checking out of course, but don’t be surprised if you don’t find anything.” Grom said.

“I think they’re using the Ghost quarter as their entry point into the city from the sewer. Waltz said it was there. I think it makes sense.”

“Agreed, that would be the place to do it, fairly quiet, few guards.” Cassius replied

“You think they have a force there?” Henry said, a bit worried.

“No, the guards may have been caught a bit flat footed by this but they are by no means incompetent, they would’ve noticed the squatters and thrown them out into the shanty town.” Grom said. “The main reason that whole area is avoided is due to the ghiests that appear at night. Area was hit by a plague or some such. But it’s perfectly safe during the day, and is patrolled frequently enough, I checked the patrol routes myself.”

“Look, I have a map with some of the runes in the sewer, though I really doubt this is all of them.”

“We can’t even be sure a madman’s map is accurate, heck that might not even BE how the sewer looks.” Cassius shot back.

“We NEED some people to guard the sewer entrance under the main tower.” Henry replied.

“We don’t have enough people for that.” Grom said. “The reason we’re attacking them with such a force is to ensure none get away.”

“Regardless, perhaps there are others who could help?”

“Hafford did mention there would be some volunteer’s helping with guarding the gates, perhaps if we could find some people to guard the main sewer exit…” Grom said. “We’d need Hafford’s approval for this, but it could work.”

“The raid is happening in the MORNING, the Cathars and the volunteers can handle a bunch of normal peasants and maybe one or two trained pagans. Hell if all of them attacked at once during the day I doubt we’d even lose anyone.” Cassius remarked. “This whole thing is a waste of time. We should just focus on cutting off the head.”

“Gung-ho as always Cassius.” Grom remarked, a bit sullen.

“I think we should talk to Marcus”
2. “I think we should talk to Hafford”
3. “I think we should talk to Rodger”
4. “I’d volunteer to guard the sewer entrance during the raid tomorrow”
5. “I volunteer Cassius to guard the sewer entrance tomorrow”
6. Write in
>6. Write in

"Cassius, Grom, there's just one more thing I feel we need to investigate. We have evidence that they might enter from the main sewer and possibly exit into town at the Ghost Quarter.

We have all the Cathars about to launch a raid on the main camp, but we're nearly certain that we have a mole. We can't turn back the raid now, but we need to investigate the Ghost Quarter Sewer and make a decision about how to protect the town in case the mole informs the werewolves about the raid and we get caught with our pants down here. Let's not forget that the Ghost Quarter is near the mages' guild, who have been stingy as hell with the help, and the mason's house."
>I just want to make sure we don't miss a head, hydras are some bad things.

For posterity, my theory is this, they're going to infiltrate the sewers with a traitor in the main watch tower the day before the full moon, hang out in the ghost quarter, then just wait until the moon's up.

If we find a hideout, we hide the bomb runes there and have ourselves a stakeout with Grom.
“Cassius, Grom. I still feel there’s one more thing we need to look into. We have evidence now that they might enter from the main sewer exit and get into town through the ghost quarter. They’ve sabotaged the main light rune in the tower to make it easier for them to sneak into town. I just don’t understand how that’d be helpful if the moons already up.”

“Common misconception there pal.” Cassius responded. “It’s at midnight, when the moon is fully up in the sky, when the transformation REALLY gets forced out. Some people can resist till then.”

“Right… well, the Cathars are going to launch the raid onto their main camp, but we still have to worry about a mole. We can’t turn back the raid of course, due to a variety of reasons. But we need to make sure the ghost quarter sewers are checked into, and for that we’ll need help. We don’t want to be left out to dry if the raid fails.”

“There is also the matter of the mages guild, they are located very close to the ghost quarter, and it is a bit suspicious.”

“Henry that is grasping straws.” Grom responded, surprising Henry. “I spoke with Fargis, and while I’d like nothing more than for him to see reason, I cannot fault him for withdrawing help. I understand where that man is coming from. I don’t think any of the mages are implicated here… and besides, generally mages are resistant to the affliction for whatever reason.”

Well THAT would’ve been nice to know a day ago.

“I just want to make sure we don’t miss a head, we’re dealing with a hydra here, not a wurm.” Henry finished.

“I’m going to head to Marcus, to talk with him about all this, you’re both welcome to join me.” Grom said.

“Pass, I’m going to get some rest and prepare myself for tomorrow.” Cassius said.

“I still think you should wait behind and help the town defenses.” Grom said.

“I think you should bugger off!” Cassius said. “The ONLY reason I’m here is to kill werewolves, otherwise I would’ve had that undead problem dealt with already.”

“Fine then… Henry, I would appreciate you coming with me on this little excursion, I think the two of us would have a better chance than just myself.”

1. Go with Grom
2. Go elsewhere (write in)
3. Write in
>1. Go with Grom


>2. Go elsewhere (write in)

check out that spooky place after
>1. Go with Grom
Why not.
Besides, Cassius seems too eager to kill some werewolves, he might make a mistake that would get us injured or worse.
And What >>2449258
>Check out the Ghost Quarter later.
Henry decided the best course of action would be to follow Grom and try to get more information out of Marcus. This would likely be their best and only chance after all.

“Fine, count me in Grom, let get this over with.” Henry said.


“This may be our last chance to get any real info before the raid Henry.” Grom said. “I always hate this part of a case, thinking about what you might’ve done different.” He seemed to be remembering something or other.

“Look, let’s just stay focused.”

The pair was back in the holy grounds, heading into the church, and towards Marcus’ office. The place was like they had left it, the same wood paneling. The same windows, and the same Marcus, who looked fairly surprised to find the two of them.

“You caught me right as I was about to leave gentlemen.” Marcus said. “Is this important or can we talk as I make my way home?”

“I’m afraid this will have to be held privately.” Grom, said. Sighing a bit.

“Me and Henry here are reaching a point in our investigation, where we’re asking a few unfortunate questions.”

“Oh dear, I suppose this is serious then, well out with it then.”

1. “We have reason to believe that Hafford may be involved.”
2. “We have reason to believe that Rodger may be involved.”
3. “We believe there is a serious breach in the towns defenses which needs immediate action”
4. Write in

1. Speak as Grom
just mentioning this here, Bishops and Priests often call their church their home, using the words interchangeably, should've mentioned this
>1. Speak as Grom
My good sir, my investigator here has some reason to believe that there's a serious breach in our defenses.

As Henry
>After investigating the sewers, finding evidence of infiltration in the form of runes and the corpse of the mason, I went and said hello to Waltz, the rat catcher. Funny Fellow. Don't breathe around him.

He said he'd been menaced by a "rat lady" who I believe to be a pagan/werewolf who has been infiltrating the town to prepare for the main invasion. Waltz said that he saw her going in and out of the Ghost Quarter. I believe the pagans intend to infiltrate from the main sewer entrance, and use the ghost quarter to access the city.

What is scares me more is that they'll need to sneak under the main tower to get into the sewer, and we know that we have a mole in the guards. We need to see who will be on shift in the next few days, and we have some reason to be suspicious of two men in particular..."
This seems alright.
Lets do this.
“My Good sir, my investigator here has some reason to believe that there’s a serious breach in the town’s defenses.” Grom started.

“I… you have proof of this Inquisitor?” Marcus asked. The man was taking this DEATHLY serious.

“After investigating the sewers, finding evidence of infiltration in the form of mysterious runes and the corpse of an unknown man. I went to speak with the town ratcatcher, Waltz…. He’s…. uh… he was helpful.” Henry said, having to bite his tongue to prevent himself from going off track.

“He said he was menaced by a mysterious woman in the sewers, one we believe is the leader of the werewolves troubling the town. This is likely preparation for an invasion at nightfall tomorrow to coincide with the full moon. They’ll likely head through the main sewer entrance, through the sewers, and exit into the ghost quarter. They’ll be able to hide long enough to transform and attack the town from the inside. Which would be an utter disaster.”

“What scares me the most is that they will have to sneak under the main tower to get into the sewer, and we know there is a mole in the guards… we need to see who will be on shift there tomorrow night, and we have some reason to be suspicious of two people in particular…” Henry finished.

“And who might they be?” Marcus asked, looking from Henry to Grom.

“As much as it pains me to say it, we have reasons to suspect both Crusader Hafford, and Templar Rodger, although I think the signs point to Rodger more. Both have behaved fairly strangely, with Hafford constantly interfering with our efforts over the past couple of weeks. Rodger on the other hand has easy access to the tower and an easier alibi to cover himself with.” Grom said.
“Well… I can put to bed one of those accusations; I met with Hafford last full moon at my house for our monthly meeting to discuss events in the town and to make plans for the future. I can assure you that me and my servant will provide testimony to his defense. As for Rodger, I don’t really know the man all too well. I do know he’s a fervent attender of the church. He hardly misses a mass. I’d suspect he’s probably heading here as we speak, if you wish to ask him yourself.”

“I know Hafford can be abrasive to some people, but he really does have the towns best interests at heart… you don’t rise up through the ranks of silver without losing a bit of yourself…” Marcus said, staring directly at Grom, perhaps a bit too long. “I … I apologize inquisitor, it wasn’t my place to say that.”

“No offense taken Bishop, this case… it’s strained everyone’s nerves.”

“As for the town defenses, I cannot actually order the Cathars per say, they follow Hafford’s orders. I am the highest ranking member of the gold in this city, but not of the silver, I cannot impose my will on his men. You’ll have to speak with him about this I’m afraid.”

“Very well, thank you for your help in this matter, bishop.”

“I will give you my full support in this matter however, I know it may not seem like much but I also know Hafford trusts me very strongly. We’ve worked with each other for close to twenty years after all. I’m sure he won’t give you trouble if I’m backing you.” Marcus finished.

1. Wait for Rodger outside the church
2. Write in
3. Leave and get some sleep
4. Head to the Ghost Quarter
>1. Wait for Rodger outside the church
We'll still have time to look at the Ghost Quarter. Even if it's day-of the attack

“Thank you for your time Bishop, as always.” Grom said, getting up from his seat. Henry quickly followed him.

The two left the office, and the main church, heading to the gate of the holy grounds.

“I’m afraid we’re going to need some help Henry.” Grom said. “We don’t want our suspect attempting to mount an escape.”

“We can’t just hold him down I suspect.” Henry said, half-jokingly.

“Please don’t even joke about committing violence against a church official on these grounds, Henry.” Grom replied.

Grom ran ahead and began speaking with a pair of fancily dressed Cathars, one nodded a bit too much and too hard, the other yelled too much and too loudly. After that was done, Grom headed back, rubbing his ears gingerly.

“Well that’s settled, now we wait.” Grom said.

“What are they going to do?” Henry asked.

“Keep the gate shut after Rodger enters, we just need to wait now.”


Rodger appeared about fifteen minutes later, the man slowly made his way up towards the gate guards and began talking with them. Henry could make some of it out.

“I’m looking for… oh, darn… well keep it up boys…” It was Rodgers voice. That guy’s voice was distinct enough that one meeting had allowed Henry to memorize it.
As Rodger strolled through the gate and it closed, the man spun around, confused. It was at that point that Grom and Henry confronted him.

“What in the hell is this about now?” Rodger asked, looking from Grom to Henry, a bit unnerved but holding his ground. “You gonna tie me up and throw me on the tree now, isn’t that how this normally goes?” He said, a bit annoyed. “Otherwise I have some prayin to do.”

1. “We have reason to believe you’re involved.”
2. “We want to ask you a few questions
3. “Enough games, just be truthful.”
4. “The fact you spend so much time up in that tower is awfully convenient.”
5. “Look bud, just come clean.”
6. Write in
>2. “We want to ask you a few questions
Just a few.
We have few questions.

I wish we took Cassius with his keen sense of truth. Hopefully Grom is just as good at that.
Well he hasn't figured us out yet : )
>2. “We want to ask you a few questions

just a few, see how it feels
“Look, we just want to ask you a few questions Templar.” Henry said.

“So you closed the gate to trap me here?” Rodger responded.

“A mere precaution my friend.” Grom said, “We’ve had issues with people attempting to run in the past and we wish to avoid that. I don’t think you will now of course, so we’ll open the gate back up when we’re finished.”

“A little bit of trust goes a long way pal.” Rodger said. The man had seemed to have calmed down a bit, but was still aggravated, perhaps closing the gate on him had ticked him off more than expected. “So what is it you want?”

1. “Why did you tell Waltz to stay away from the sewer exit”
2. “Who has access to the guard schedules?”
3. “Are you saying NOBODY saw the light rune get shattered? It would’ve had to have made a lotta noise.”
4. “You realize you’d be a prime suspect with your access and rank.”
5. Write in

1. Speak as Grom (write in)
apologies for the late start, got a bit too tipsy tonight and had to delay to cool off.
>1. “Why did you tell Waltz to stay away from the sewer exit”
“Look, I want to know why you told Waltz to stay away from the sewer exit.” Henry said.

“Is THAT what this is all about?” Rodger asked. “I told him that since that crazy fucker was putting everyone on edge with his insane ramblings. Man ain’t well, and apparently we can’t fault him for that, but for fucks sake you can’t expect me or the boys to deal with it.”

“Wait really?” Henry said.

“Yeah, I even went to Hafford about it afterwards, to make sure we could and all. Since the Ratcatcher ain’t technically a part of the church, just hired by them, means we CAN boss him round. Now is that all? I want to get to mass.” Rodger finished

1. “Who has access to the guard schedules?”
2. “Are you saying NOBODY saw the light rune get shattered? It would’ve had to have made a lotta noise.”
3. “You realize you’d be a prime suspect with your access and rank.”
4. "So Hafford approved of the order?"
5. Write in
>5. Write in
>Well, we still have some questions, so lets go somewhere so we can sit down.
Go to an empty room in the church.
Eh he's lying. The ratcatcher is probably one of the only people who ISN'T suspicious when coming in and out of a sewer. If you were a guard he isn't someone you would block entry for unless you had another reason. Especially at the main exit/entry(where you would at least be able to keep an eye on his coming and goings which is something guards SHOULD consider and not encourage the opposite because its their fucking job), He's good though I'll give him that it will be tricky to trip him up.

1. “Who has access to the guard schedules?”
(Ask specifically about who knows how to read. Since they're the only ones who would be able to make use of it.)

4. "So Hafford approved of the order?"
Try and trip him up. He's bullshitting us but if we keep pushing hopefully he'll fuck up hard enough. If he's smart he'll try to push the blame on Hafford since he's a cunt who keeps getting in our way(thereby providing the perfect cover for himself). We can use this against him and try to trip him up(since we know the truth about Hafford but HE doesn't know that hopefully, we can use that to hang himself).
writing post
“We actually have a few more questions to ask.” Grom said. “Do you mind following us to a more private location, to help keep the case itself out of the reach of the public.” The Holy grounds had become pretty full while the two had waited, and the gate guard was looking at Henry and Grom with concern.

“Yes I mind very much, but I don’t think I have a choice in this matter do I?” Rodger said, resigning himself.

The room the three found was a small meeting room in the church, Grom conspicuously guarded the only entrance, which luckily happened to be near the only windows in the room that would be reachable. The only other way light could get in, and a man could get out was via a skylight which was a good ten feet off the floor. Henry and Rodger were sitting at a small wooden table, big enough to sit about six people comfortably.

“Who has access to the guard’s schedules?” Henry asked.

“Hafford didn’t mention it when he gave you them?” Rodger said, looking at Grom. “We leave them up in the armory, since me, Hafford, and Leroy can’t get to everyone all the time, we trust most of the lads to follow their damned orders…” Rodger said. “But I don’t think you want to listen to my complaints ey?”

“Wait, ALL the guards have access?” Henry said. “You don’t worry about security at all?”

“Look mate, you try coordinating between several dozen people without writing things down for em, and see where that gets you. Without a public list half of them wouldn’t know their damned routes. Sides, allows us to really come down on em if we think they’re slackin.”

“Hafford approved of the order to stop the Ratcatcher? Even though that is probably the one person in the city who SHOULD be going into and out of the sewer?”
“Well for one, he doesn’t need to be anywhere near the damned exit. Two, have you fucking TALKED to the guy, good lord above. Three, we’ve tried warning the fucker in the past, but when he tried hanging dead rat corpses from the sewer grate that was when I decided to call it, least I could do to stop some of the Cathars from lynching him for casting curses.”

“Pfft.” Henry said. “Most people don’t even know the first thing about magic, you’re saying they thought he was trying to create a curse?”

“Most people are dumb as rocks.” Rodger replied. “I’d say you were… but you’re more paranoid than dumb.”

“I’d show some respect Templar.” Grom said, straightening up.

“And I’d fook off already Inquisitor, I get that we needed your help here. But that doesn’t mean we like you interfering in our own affairs. I just wish we could’ve figured this out on our own yeah?”

Grom clenched his jaw at that but said nothing. Henry honestly didn’t care about small city politics, but he had begun to understand what Grom meant by ‘unhelpful people’.

“Look bud, you’re basically saying that you and your men are so incompetent that you let someone stroll up into that damned tower of yours and broke the most important piece of equipment in there.”

“Look, the tower was probably near empty at the time it happened.” Rodger said.

“Empty?” Henry asked.

“Yeah I said empty, this happened around the same time the first attacks started, I was called away from the tower, and this was during a dayshift before we starting increasing our presence in there. We would’ve only had like, one guy in there…. Wait…no…”
Rodger was thinking about something, and growing increasingly worried.

1. What’s the matter now?
2. “You realize you’d be a prime suspect with your access and rank.”
3. Write in
What's the matter? Who might that one guy be?
>1. What’s the matter now?
[This is something I want to be said during the interrogation (not for this update maybe), I'm going to drive for about 3 hours and will not be able to do it.]

So he's saying that before the attacks the incompetent guards were pretty lax. Instead of instilling steadfast discipline they just wrote all the sensitive info and had everyone access it. Okay, we get that, they are lazy. After the initial attacks where they left strategically important location almost unguarded they found that the light rune has been broken. Now that should have sent alarm bells to anyone half-competent that this place is important for the enemies. Instead of trying to hurry the replacement of the rune so that it is replaced as fast as possible, they have shown utter disregard and lax behavior towards that too. They should have been bothering the mages and the mason everyday but as far as we know, we are the only ones who tried to find out what keeping them too long. When we did, we found that the mason has been murdered and the rune destroyed. The corpse of which is being eaten by rats near the tower gate's sewer entrance. Something that they would have known if the HAD LET THAT RAT-CATCHER DO HIS DAMN JOB. Simply by going to the grate and opening would have shown that something is wrong as the hinges had been oiled so that it doesn't make any sound.

Now, Rodgers, you are the highest ranking official at that tower. It YOUR responsibility to ensure that everything is in order and that the guards follow their orders. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that if something does go wrong, that it is fixed as fast as possible. Your gross negligence and laziness has cost lives and put the entire town in danger. EVEN if it turns out that you have nothing to do with the attacks, this complete disregard towards the safety of people cannot go unnoticed.
I would choose my words very carefully Rodgers, you being disrespectful and unhelpful only makes you more suspicious. You better start being helpful as you can if you do not want us to start another case against your incompetence.

[OP, don't just copypaste, make sure it fits the character and the situation, this is just somekind of guideline to how we should pressure him.]

Sorry for wall of text, I'll be off then.
Glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought he was dirty.
“So what’s the matt-“ Henry started, before watching Rodger bolt up.

“I need to get to Hafford no-“ Rodger started.

“SIT DOWN.” Grom roared. Henry saw Grom’s eyes flash white for a split second, had he cast a spell or something?

Rodger froze up, then after a couple seconds muttered something and sat back down.

“Fucking hell I need to tell this to Hafford!” Rodger said.

“That’s all well and good bud, tell it to us first.” Henry said, placing a hand on his short sword, just in case.

“Fine… fuck… fine.” Rodger said. “Look, this was a few weeks back alright, when the first attacks came in, my Crusader called me and Templar Leroy in to talk with him, alright, called a bunch of the other Cathars in too. I couldn’t just leave the tower alone with just one other guy in it, alright, so I asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to guard the place.”

“I… it was Jonathon who volunteered. I didn’t think much of it at the time, alright, even after the rune was found broken, I’d figured he might’ve just fucked up somehow, let a prankster into the place or something like that. I don’t know. I just had a lot on my mind at the time. I had no reason to doubt one of our own.” Rodger said.

“He’s been acting weird as of late, missing shifts and what not, I finally decided to stop trying to cover for the lad, I’ve been WAY too easy on him for too long… but this… He’s up and disappeared now, no one can find him. I figured after Hafford chewed him out badly yesterday he might’ve run off. He hadn’t shown up to get his orders for almost the entire day. I’d always just assumed it was because he was young and a bit stupid… FUCK.” Rodger said, placing his hands on his face.

“Well this is just fucked.” Grom said. Cursing for the first time since Henry had met him.

Also HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Henry began to piece it together in his mind. He’d shown his symbol DIRECTLY to the kid on the first day, the kid had FOLLOWED HIM AROUND TODAY, without being ordered to! FUCK FUCK FUCK, NO WONDER THE KID HAD BEEN SO JUMPY WHEN HE’D WOKEN UP, AND WHEN CASSIUS HAD BEEN AROUND, FUCK!

1. “What do we do now?”
2. “You’re just b-bluffing”
3. “I need to check back at the Inn with Cassius, I’ll let him know” (will make you leave towards the inn the inquisitors are staying at.)
4. “Well I’ve been fooled completely. I’m just not sure whether it was by you or Jonathon.”
5. “Now what?”
6. Write in

fuck that would've been fun to write
I know how to include it though, since Rodger sure as shit ain't faultless here
Lmao bunch of incompetents. Someone acts strange and straight up disappears the day before the raid. Yeah, let's just ignore it.
No wonder they have so much trouble.

Asks Grom what we should do. Obviously the kid went to warn them of the attack. We probably won't find him in the town.
well actually no, Rodger actually did look into it when he disappeared the day before.

Ask Grom what to do.
Run to the Inn, maybe Cassius can hunt down Jonathon quickly.
Then investigate the Ghost Quarter
“So what do we do now?” Henry asked.

“What I’m going to do is ask a few more questions. Rodger?” Grom said. The man was staying very calm, it was fairly impressive. “Assuming what you’ve said is true, Rodger. Why didn’t Hafford know about his strange behavior, why did you cover for him? Now that he’s gone why didn’t you raise an alarm?”

“Look… fuck alright let me explain, I realize how bad this all looks. I knew the kids father, great man, he was like an uncle to me alright. Basically after the old man passed away Jonathon wasn’t the same anymore, he took the whole thing hard. I… I tried to get him a job here so he could help feed his family a bit better, they were having tough times right? I just thought it was due to that… but this is so much worse.” Rodger placed his head into his hands. “I figured … I thought if I gave him a bit of space he’d shape up, I know I had plenty of talks with him, and I’d seen some improvement, he’d stopped ducking out in the last couple of weeks… I thought I’d finally gotten through… look he’s a good kid alright? He probably doesn’t have anything to do with any of this… I hope…”

“So your incompetence might get the town destroyed or worse.” Henry stated, souring the mood.

“Like you’d fucking know what it’s like to actually care about people, you just show up, hang a few people, and leave without having to worry about who’s actually affected.” Rodger said

That hurt more than Henry would’ve liked to admit. Still, the man had fucked up bad, Henry felt his anger slip loose for a moment, he lost control as well.

Rodger flashed a look of pure hate towards Henry now.


Rodger looked like he was going to try and lunge, but a quick movement from Grom stopped him from doing so.

“ENOUGH, ARE YOU BOTH GOING TO ACT LIKE CHILDREN, OR ARE WE GOING TO FIX THIS!” Grom roared, his eyes glowing white for another moment. Henry felt his rage subside and a feeling of emptiness take its place… had that been a pacifism spell?

“We need to get things back into order, figure out how much this boy knew.” Grom said. “We need to figure out if our raid is compromised, if it’s worth sending out a scout to see if they’ve moved or not. I’m sure Cassius would volunteer. Henry, I need you to update Cassius, right now me and the Templar are going to go back to Hafford to figure out how much of this is ruined.

“Rodger I will kill you if you try to run from me.” Grom finished, the man was deadly serious. “We can assign blame later, right now I have a job to do. Beyond that, you are done Henry, you do not need to involve yourself in this any further. You’ve gotten far more involved in this than you had any right to.”

1. “What do you mean I’m done?”
2. “Fine.” (will send you back to cassius)
3. “I fucking nearly died and you’re just cutting me loose?”
4. “I wasn’t about to come on the raid! So no worries there.”
5. “Can I fucking get paid now?”
6. “What do you want me to tell Cassius?”
7. Write in
>2. “Fine.” (will send you back to cassius)

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