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Previous Thread: >>2369189

======= RECAP ======

In the previous thread, our “hero” Henry, his skeletal manservant Johnny, and a Charles, a boy going through the worst day of his life were introduced. Charles’ was found by the dynamic duo scared out of his wits by a harmless, if large, sewer rat. After finding his caretaker dead as a doorknob, Henry journeyed into Undertown, the only civilization in the sewers to speak of, and found out that the whole royal family, Charles’ family, had been murdered by the Chruch of the Holy See, the state religion. He quickly went home and mentally scared the child. Deciding things were fucked up enough, he ventured topside.

Main Characters:

Henry: “Necromancer Extraordinaire” as he calls himself jokingly, though he only does it to put food on the table.

Johnny: A sentient skeleton with an unknown past, which Henry apparently won at a game of cards

Charles: A child who has done nothing but scream and cry since he was introduced. The only surviving member of the royal bloodline.

======= Chapter 2 Start =====

> Alright boys, gonna be getting a second post > together now, get ready
Henry emerged into the city, shaken but not stirred. The prior exchange of words in his home had been an utter shit show, and he had lost his cool again. He decided that he needed to do his part to unfuck this whole debacle as quickly as possible. The sun shone directly overhead, marking noon, meaning that’d he’d have plenty of time to get ready before nightfall. He would then get a good night’s sleep, and leave in the morning if at all possible. He just hoped his smuggler friend, Duncan, still worked out of the same old warehouse in the dockyards.

The Holy Capital city of Celeste was a city of rings, four of them to be exact, the first and most holy inner ring, contained the abbey of the one eye, the roost of angels, and a few other extremely important buildings a lowly commoner like him had no access to, although considering his profession he was perfectly fine with staying the hell away from that inner ring. He took note of the abbey, almost glowing atop its hilltop home in the center of town, and then spit onto the ground. He never did like the church, but he couldn’t deny that they helped a lot of people.

The second ring of the city contained the more well to do inhabitants of the city, and some of the nicest districts in the city itself, quite a bit of money to be made and lost there, as the years had proven. The third ring, the one he found himself in now, was made up of tradesmen, the military, which he figured had been purged of dissenters, and of course, the marketplaces. The outer ring barely could be considered a real ring, its walls weren’t even stone, they were earthwork, and it was predominantly farmland and other things that the church and noblemen hadn’t wanted clogging up their precious city, like cemeteries. Although considering the problems of having a large amount of corpses inside the city walls, Henry really couldn’t blame them.


He leaned against a wall in the alley he found himself in, and considered his options. The most obvious one was to head right for the dockyards in the outer ring, and work out some sorta deal with Duncan, the guy did owe him a favor or two for figuring out where his daughter had run off to a few years back. Then of course there was Gerald, one of Henry’s oldest childhood friends, who was a town guard captain. He really hoped he hadn’t been one of the people hanged on one of the holy trees, which he figured had happened to a lot of others. A change of leaders meant a lot of dead important people. There was also Saint Alexander Plaza, the largest square in the city, which held a large market, he did need to do shopping of course, and to be honest he didn’t trust any food made in Undertown. Lastly, there was Black Alley, a place only those who were magically attuned, or knew the way in, could get to. The place with located within the second ring, making it easy for commoners to be hired by those of better birth, to do things neither would admit to publically. It was also the largest black market in the city, right under the nose of the church.

1. Head to Duncan in the Dockyard District
2. Head to Gerald, you know where he is now that he has what is basically a desk job
3. Go to Saint Alexander Plaza
4. Go to Black Alley
just realized I had the wrong fucking name, my spaghetti is fucking everywhere now
> Making an executive decision to get this show on the road, used a random number generator and it selected 3, so plaza it is.

Henry decided that he might as well get his shopping done now, in case the day drew on too long and he forgot. Besides, the plaza was on the way to the dockyards anyway, it wouldn’t really cost him too much time. He set off at a brisk pace, placing his hood up in case anybody recognized him, couldn’t be too careful now. After around fifteen minutes of walking he came upon the plaza, with its central holy tree, and took note of the absolutely massive crowd that had gathered. He also took note of the large podium that had been erected in front of the tree’s gallows. On the podium stood a man wearing some very fancy white robes adorned with all manner of symbols. Flanked by a large number of heavily armed and armored guards. This was one of the two high priests, the Solarch Gamora. Him being here meant that something was going on, and Henry wasn’t sure he wanted to find out. Quietly he set about shopping, annoyed by the distracted shopkeeps. He did manage to snag a couple of food items away while they weren’t looking, served them right. All the while, a few tidbits did catch his attention.

“Our Angels have given us orders! Which we have followed without question, whose holiness cannot be questioned….”

“ We are here today to hang these found guilty of sin, of treason, and of heresy to the church, to our country, and to our very way of life.”

Henry shuddered, more executions, probably them finishing off whoever could threaten their power all the while flaunting it. The show disgusted him greatly. He didn’t want to be here any longer, not just for the danger the whole affair presented to him. Not even for the way the Solarch spoke and acted, like he alone was the judge of everyone here. But how everyone ate it up, not out of fear but devotion, he could feel a thousand spirts howling in unison, humanity’s power on grand display. As he walked out of the market, the sun was blocked out for a moment, looking up, he saw dozens of angels circling overhead, radiant majesty personified. The solarch spoke the truth, this was really allowed or even caused by the angels, which spelled very poor for both him and Charles. He decided that Black Alley was not worth the risk any longer, thus narrowing his options.

1. Head to Duncan Smuggler
2. Head to Gerald the Guard Captain
3. Other?
ran another random number generator, got a 1, so we're going to meet the smuggler.
Henry in fact hadn’t seen Duncan for some time, months at least. He wondered how he would ask for the favor from him as well, showing up outta the blue after the events that had transpired the previous day would be something else, but the bloke did truly owe him. His daughter had run off with a cult leader a few years back, and ol’ Henry had tracked her down, got the city guard involved, and managed to sort the whole thing out with Gerald’s help. All things considered, even after this favor Duncan would still owe him, probably.

He pulled his hood down a little lower as he passed through the third ring’s south gate, into the dockyard, giving him a full view of the lake Celeste, formed by the intersection of three rivers, and the main river leading out into the sea of shards as well. He wouldn’t be heading in that direction, but he had always wondered what the coast was like, he had heard tons of stories about the drownyards over the years.

As he descended down a set of stone steps onto another stone road, he noticed the people walking by were generally uneasy, speaking in hushed tones. All things considered, killing the family and only creating general unease was getting off lightly. The church had always had the real power in the country, the palace was only located within the second ring, relegated to being almost central. While the Church took up the prime real estate, he wondered if the palace would be converted into another church, The Holy See wouldn’t just tear it down right?

As he rounded one last corner, Duncan’s place came into view. An old warehouse with a single sign carved out of wood. “O’neil’s shipping and receiving”.

Henry simple walked up the steps, knocked a couple times, then banged on the door after he didn’t get a response. Had the city guard or the church gotten him? Or was he just sleeping off a night of drinking. Henry didn’t know, but his paranoia leaned him towards the first. As he went to turn around, he was startled by the door suddenly opening. Lauren O’Neil, Duncan’s wife, had answered.

“Bloody hell can’t you remember to use the customer door?” She asked, exasperated. “Oh, hi Henry, finally decided to stop by now that the sky is falling down?”

1. Good Afternoon Miss O’Neil
2. Where is Duncan?
3. Where the fuck is Duncan?
4. How’s the daughter doing these days?
rolled a 1, looks like Henry's being polite, maybe he learned his lesson. I also hope that I don't have to do this entire thread on my own.
“Good Afternoon Miss O’Neil” Henry said, trying to start a conversation on the right foot this time.

“Well you’re awfully polite today ain’t cha” Lauren responded, shaking her head slightly. “I assume you want to find my good for nothing Husband ey? One minute dear, I’ll grab him.”

Henry stood in silence for a few minutes before hearing Lauren scream. “YOU HAVE A CUSTOMER YA BLOODY OAF, GET UP.” Before a crash and some cursing were heard. Henry, smirked, ol’ Duncan hadn't changed at least.

A minute later, Henry was face to face with a groggy Duncan O’neil, hopefully the man who could get him and his “precious cargo” out of the city in one piece.

“Hey Duncan, how’s it been”

“S’alright, happy to see you haven’t been taken by the Church yet, though they’re only really killing noblemen and the like right now, guess us littlefolk are beneath such holy people’s notice eh? Just uh… don’t tell me wife I said any o’ that, she’s alright a bit uppity today for some reason.”

1. I need your help to get outta the city, towards Yorkshire Province, if possible
2. I need your help getting outta the city, I’m worried I might catch some heat, I know some people in Yorkshire who can probably keep me safe(lie, requires a roll of 40 or higher to pull off)
3. Can you invite me in already, I don’t want to keep talking through a doorway, its bad luck
4. Lauren seemed fine to me today
“Look, Duncan, buddy, can we talk inside your shop, not out in the open? I mean its bad luck to talk through a doorway like this.” Henry said, hoping it wouldn’t be taken the wrong way, Duncan could be quick to anger at times.

“Oh, where are me manners, come right on in my good sir.” Duncan said, with an arm gesture. Henry decided to let it slide.

Further inside, Henry took some time to look around, not much had changed about the place, the living quarters where still where they had always been, nothing new there. The storage room as well, full of all sorts of barrels, a desk, and a few collected curios. A little bit of light flickered in from the windows, punctuated by a lit kerosene lamp on the desk; Duncan had moved up in the world a bit it seemed. In fact Duncan himself had changed far more than the warehouse had, the man was really balding now, and had gained a bit of weight, probably from drinking, which he was rather prone to. Beyond that the man kept up himself rather well, nothing disgusting to note. After being motioned to a chair by Duncan, Henry took a seat and took the time to compose himself and ask the important question.

(next section)

> right then, just gonna keep going on my own, hopefully my own autism holds out.
“Look, Duncan, I need your help, I am a bit worried about recent events and I want to get the hell outta the city for a bit, lie low, and figure out things from there once this is all settled.

“Up for a bit of traveling ey? It’s been a while hasn’t it now.” Duncan replied, referencing old history.

“I mean yes, I did use to travel but this is more for business than for pleasure.” Henry said, trying to pick his words carefully. “I want to head up towards Yorkshire, how close can you get me?”

“That’s oddly specific old friend, what makes you want to head up thataways?”

“Its… look I just need to head up there alright, man in your line of business should know about discretion right?”

“Didn’t mean nothing by it Henry, I’m just curious was all.” Duncan said, a bit dejected. Henry couldn’t tell if he was hiding suspicion or not, he really hoped not, of all people to get him in cuffs, he’d rather it not be Duncan. “Anywho, I can’t get you directly to Yorkshire, on account of it being, you know, landlocked.”

Henry winced slightly, it had been quite some time since he had seen the region on a map, he generally stuck to the city or maybe the surrounding towns at most. Going this far was indeed unusual for him, but it did help sell the lie… or creative retelling of the truth. Yeah that sounded much better.

“I can get you as far as New Haven, then you’ll have to hoof it the rest of the way, heck I got a contact there waiting for a delivery soonish, so you lucked out.” Duncan said. “And I ain’t gonna let cha pay me, tho I know you’re a real miser anywho, I still owe ya for saving my dear daughter Eliza and all.” Duncan said, smiling fondly, the girl had found a proper man to marry, not a kook, thank the angels.

“Alright, so that’s settled, I guess.” Henry said. This whole meeting had gone way better than he had expected, although a smuggler isn’t the kind of person to ask too many questions. “I won’t ask about your cargo if you don’t ask about mine.” He said, ending the discussion, with mutual nods of approval, he was led by Duncan back outside, before a small cough halted his progress.

“So how many people are coming with?” He asked, “Just that bag of bones or what?”

Well shit.


First decision: Charles

1. I have a kid who I picked up recently, can’t really say more than that
2. I took on a new apprentice recently, timing couldn’t have been worse. (roll 25 or higher to convince Duncan, he hasn’t seen Henry in months after all, so it is fairly believable something like that could’ve happened)
3. No, nobody else

Second Decision: Johnny
1. Yeah I’m taking the bag of bones
2. No I need him to guard the shop while I’m gone, and to serve any customers who show u
3. I don’t even know yet to be honest.
Rolled 88 (1d100)

2. I took on a new apprentice recently, timing couldn’t have been worse. (roll 25 or higher to convince Duncan, he hasn’t seen Henry in months after all, so it is fairly believable something like that could’ve happened)

1. Yeah I’m taking the bag of bones
Since apparently he knows how to fight and I highly doubt its going to be a safe journey.
Hi. Catching up.
gonna give this another 10 minutes, then decide on my own, ah well

Maybe I shouldn't have made a new thread and changed the actual name of it, but I felt it would be better if the title was

A. not fucked up and

B. more accurate

Holy shit you aced it. Nice one man.

I don't really have to decide for Charles since (FGVv6g7t) aced it.

For Johnny? We're taking him with us.
>2. No I need him to guard the shop while I’m gone, and to serve any customers who show u
Keeping the customers and shop were an option? I thought we were going to leave for good. Or was the church only gunning for the nobles and royal family?

Well whatever do we know anyone who we could reliable ask to store our necro stuff? And whatever that can't be taken or stored be sold?

So about all the gear from Peter.....

alright, so I'm gonna be the decider here and not take Johnny, the whole area around Yorkshire and New haven is still fairly close to the capital, and this region is probably the safest in the kingdom, more people means more attention and there are too many ways for this to go ploin shaped if johnny comes along.

Also Duncan is REALLY convinced now, gonna write something special.

As for the city, no we aren't leaving for good, Henry isn't really wanted yet, just in danger, to be honest most of the underworld types think the church is going go apeshit for a bit then calm down.

*cough* Peters stuff *cough* put armor on Johnny and add padding in between everything so it doesn't clang and slip off *cough cough*
“No I’m not taking the bag of bones, I need him at the shop. To make sure I don’t get robbed, to take new orders while I’m gone for a week or two, and hopefully to keep the place in decent shape. I don’t want it to turn into a rats den, place is real special yeah?” Henry said, a tinge of regret, he really didn’t want to leave the place to Johnny but honestly he needed some time away from the fucker, he didn’t really need the skeleton to push his buttons on this trip.
Besides, the area around Kensington was still fairly close to the Sol Province, where the city itself was, so there wouldn’t, or at least shouldn’t be too many nasties. That left the other.. ahem, matter to attend to.

“You won’t fucking believe this Duncan, but guess what, I got me an apprentice!” Henry announced, putting on a bit of a show. “I’m finally not going to have to work my fingers to the bone constantly, but Angels be damned if I didn’t pick out a good time to do it.”

Duncan stared for a couple of uncomfortable seconds, Henry began to worry that the man wasn’t buying it. Before he broke into a cavalcade of laughter.

(next section)
“SO THE LONE RANGER FINALLY DECIDED HE NEEDS A BIT OF HELP AROUND HIS WORKSHOP OF HORRORS NOW… AHAHAHA” Duncan said, letting loose a series of bellowing laughs. Holy shit that worked really fucking well. Henry felt a lot better about his talking ability now; maybe he was just bad with kids.

“So whats it like having a little scamp running about?” Duncan said, following Henry as he walked away from the building.

“Constant annoyance to be honest” Henry said, earning another round of laughter.

“So I guess business is gonna a bit brisker with another set of tiny hands” Duncan said, “I mean if the whole church thing blows over like everyone’s expecting it ta.”

“We’ll be leaving tomorrow if you can manage it ya old sog.” Henry said, chuckling.

“No worries on that” Duncan said, before turning around and heading back towards his wearhouse. “Anywho, I’ve gotta get the old paddlemotor up to snuff, thing hasn’t run all week and you know how he damned thing gets if it isn’t run. Oh and when we get to New Haven we’re heading to the tavern. I want ya to meet my client, you won’t fucking believe who it is!”’

Henry had never liked surprises, especially not one from that old drunkard.

Turning back towards the city gate, a couple of options flickered in Henry’s mind, he had a few bits of cleaning up to do, one of which he really didn’t want to do. Of course he could still probably track down Gerald if he rushed to the building he worked in. Second of course was black alley… wait no that was a terrible fucking idea with Church Eyes and Priests swarming over the upper parts of the city. The alley was probably on lock down anyways. Thirdly would be returning home and uh… getting his only outstanding order finished, a certain vampire boss wanted some rot proofed zombies, luckily most of the prep work was done and only the final incantation would be required, but still, he didn’t want to fucking go to the Vampires.

1. Go to Gerald the Guard Captain (Roll a 35 or higher to see if you make it there before the end of shift, its starting to get late after all. CONSEQUENCES HAVE NEVER BEEN THE SAME)
2. Head home and get the incantation done
3. Other? (and don’t say head to black alley cause I’ll laugh at you)
Rolled 93 (1d100)

1. Go to Gerald the Guard Captain (Roll a 35 or higher to see if you make it there before the end of shift, its starting to get late after all. CONSEQUENCES HAVE NEVER BEEN THE SAME)

Can't stick aroumd since it's late, but I look forward to reading the rest later.

Henry decided to try and beat the sun to his old friends building. Henry had always been a good jogger, running was a good way to keep oneself alive in this world, but boy howdy did he hoof it across town fast. He stopped as he approach the building, panting for a few minutes before recovering himself, he had a full half hour left to spare, easily enough time to talk to Gerald and get the hell out before any of the guards noticed him, and luckily enough his office was located off to the side next to a small alleyway.

Gerald Risks was mulling over what his life had been up to this point, he’d done very well with the guard of course, but now a bunch of people he’d known since he was a kid, known for most of his life, were dead at the hands of the Church, the very church that had now taken control of the town guard and installed new leadership into it. He couldn’t just leave… but he didn’t want to stay for this shit show either. He had to at least stay to make sure things didn’t get too bad right? His train of thought was interrupted by a soft tapping coming from the window. Of all the days for such a visit, why had he chosen today? Henry was here.

Henry smiled as the first story window was cracked open and a young man’s face appeared before him. Gerald was in the prime of his life, and would’ve been very popular with the tavern wenches had he not already been claimed. Love of his life he called her. Anyway, getting back to the point, Henry decided to open up with a greating.

“Hey bud, how’s it going, mind if I come inside?” Henry said, smiling.

“No you will not, what the utter hell are you doing HERE of all places?” Gerald said, annoyed but calm. “Don’t you realize how bad things are, and how dangerous it is for you to be here.”

“I wanted to make sure you weren’t one of the bodies hanging from the Alexander Plaza redeeming tree. I actually, y’know, care about if you’re alive or not, thank you.”

“I… fine, you’re right, come inside.” Gerald said, standing up and locking his office’s door. He didn’t really expect visitors at this time of day anyway, most of the guards had headed home early. “So what brings you here.”

1. I’m in a heap of shit right now bud
2. I’m leaving the city to lie low for a while
3. Tell him everything (roll to see how he reacts)
Holy shit. Guess who's ready for leg day? Henry that's who that fit motherfucker.

Just re-read these and realize I dun fucked up, we're gonna be taking the old skeleton, don't worry I got an idea of how to make this work boys
2. I’m leaving the city to lie low for a while
Some idle chit chat. The church isn't gonna get him right?
Gonna wait 3 more minutes and roll with it, and no worries, the Church hasn't just killed Gerald right now ey? He might've done some awful things to keep his life.
>ad to at least stay to make sure things didn’t get too bad right? His train of thought was interrupted by a s

(Next section inbound)
“I’m leaving the city, I going to lie low for a week or two, then see how things are.” Henry said, leaning back in the comfy chair, it always surprised him how little Gerald had moved up in the world. “I can’t stay here, because, you know.” He said, hushing his voice.

“That’d be wise, I think that we might be getting orders to do a general purge of... “sinners”” Gerald said, making quote marks with his hands. “The church will probably be ordering a clean sweep soon, no more passive truce between the underworld and the city.

“Undertown?” Henry asked, plainly, a bit of worry leaking through, he had a lot of friends down there.

“I think the protections that place has should hold for now, but I can’t say for certain” Gerald said, “The Church isn’t just butchering random people so far, it’s all extremely controlled, only doing what’s nessessary… at least that’s what I keep telling myself.” Gerald said, words pouring out.

“Something bad’s happened to you friend, right?” Henry asked, genuinely concerned. Gerald was probably the oldest friend he had, Henry had known him even before his parents… well, bad memories need to stay buried. “Look, if you need to get something off yer chest I’m all ears.”

“I’ve killed people Henry, not just common thugs and criminals, that happens and it’s a part of the job yeah?” Gerald said, his sincerity frightening Henry. “I’ve done a lot of things over the past few days I never thought I would do, I never thought I’d be able to do. W-we had to go into a lot of the noblemen’s homes… and some fought back, and…” He said, clutching his face in his hands. “I cut some down in front of their own fucking children, I just… the church said they’re sinners, I know that isn’t the case, I don’t think most blokes do, even the priests themselves. We all know it’s just about control. I just can’t lie to myself as well as they can.” He said, slumping in his chair.

(next section inbound, for real this time)

“Holy shit, I… Holy shit.” Henry said. Death was something he lived with, per his trade, but he never actually went out and killed the bodies he used, that was left to others, always. He had killed a few people in defense before as well, everyone down there has to or they end up chopped liver. But this was different, heavy, something that Henry knew a little too well.

“Why did you stay around, I get they’d kill you but you could’ve ran out of the city, you’d know I’ve helped ya… I mean I coul-"

“YOU KNOW I CAN’T JUST UP AND LEAVE LIKE YOU CAN” Gerald screamed, causing Henry to jump, almost causing the chair he was sitting in to tip over. “I… I can’t just leave, I have a family, you know.” Gerald continued. “I know you don’t Henry, how you can’t just connect to most people like that, but. You can’t understand what it’s like to have a life like that, so please don’t try to offer me you’re half-baked shit.” Gerald sighed, cupping his face again. “Just for once can you not be so damned selfish.” He continued. “You handle corpses all day long, you see a bunch of dead fucking bodies but you don’t know the people they belonged to, you don’t fucking get anything about living topside, you just see the remains and castaways of actually living people.” He stopped, finally, thankfully.

1. I… I think I need to leave
2. I’M NOT BEING SELFISH (explain everything, roll to see what happens)
3. Other?
Rolled 73 (1d100)

2. I’M NOT BEING SELFISH (explain everything, roll to see what happens)

Oblivion take me I'm gonna roll
WINNER WINNER, if that'd backfired Gerald would've told Henry he had 12 hours before he told the Church.
Huh. That's not bad this time.
“I’M NOT BEING SELFISH DAMNIT, FOR ONCE IN MY FUCKING LIFE I’M NOT” Henry shouted, matching and even surpassing Gerald’s intensity. “I… I… I might be able to save this fucking country” He said, falling back into his chair, realizing he’d gotten up and pounded on the desk. After that, he explained what had happened, the kid, Charles, and everything that’d followed. Gerald’s eyes got wider and wider as he did, passing glances more and more worryingly towards the door.

“Why the fuck did you tell me this.” Gerald said, a silent whisper, before clutching Henry’s shoulders and pulling in close. “You’re expecting me to keep this a secret… I can’t just…”

“Please, I’m telling you because you’re my friend, my best friend, maybe the only real one I actually have.” Henry said, crying despite himself. “I want someone to know what happened to me, if I die out there, mauled by some angelforsaken creature, or by the Eyes of the Church. I want someone to know what happened okay.” Henry said, it had come out a lot more selfish than he’d wished.

“Look, that kid, Charles, he’s like I was, alright, and I didn’t have anyone back then, you… you know that, I have to fucking do this.” Henry said, incensed. “I have to be able to fucking look after this one fucking kid, alright.” Henry’s eyes pleading to Gerald

“I… I won’t tell a soul, I swear on my life, Henry.” Gerald said, holding back tears himself. “Just please, I can’t keep you hear any longer, the secretary at the front will wonder why I haven’t left yet.”

Henry hadn’t realized how much time had passed, the half hour of time he thought he had was already gone. “I… I understand friend, thank you, and I really mean that, I hope after all this shit blows over we can go out drinking, like old times, alright?”

“I…I’d like that Henry.” Gerald said, regaining his composure, a heart to heart was what both of them had needed. “Just, try not to meet me back here next time, leave a not or something, alright?”


(next section being written)
The Walk back to the sewer entrance in that decrepit alley was the longest walk of Henry’s life, he needed to get back down and complete this last piece of business, and then bug out of town. He walked back through the same sewers he’d lived in for a long time, a decade at least, now that he thought about it. He couldn’t help but get nostalgic, nowhere else on this world was like this sewer, which made him crack a smile. He’d miss this shitty place, with its shitty people, and his old shitty life, all down in a literal shithole.

Arriving back home, he found a much calmer Charles, drawing with the fancy pen he’d gotten off of Peters, Henry decided the kid deserved that much, and didn’t mind the usage of his parchment. Johnny was to his right, polishing a set of battered but useable armor.

“Hey Johnny” Henry said, cracking a weak smile.

“Welcome back sir, I hope your travels topside were useful?”

“More than you know bud. I’ve gotten us travel, and gotten us enough supplies for the journey, at least until we hit New Haven.”

“We’re not going straight to Yorkshire then?” Johnny inquired.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Henry said, “I need someone to watch over the damned shop, and besides the wilds around the province are perfectly safe all things considered.”

With that, Johnny’s eyes turned to tiny pinpricks. “I’m coming, I’m not leaving this poor child all alone with just you for company.”

“What do you mean no-“

“I mean I’m coming sir, I will NOT take no for an answer, not this time.” He said.

This took Henry aback, this shouldn’t have been possible, had Grimmy fucked the contract… no that wasn’t it, when he’d gotten that thing from him he’d reviewed it several times, it was air tight. Johnny should not have been able to disobey him. But here he was.

“What the fuck, I mean, look you’re a skeleton Johnny, even with that set of rags we have made, that’ll disguise you, it’s still a week or two over unknown-“

“not. For. Discussion.” Johnny said, with an air of finality. This wasn’t a battle he could win, Henry decided, he’d have to use the illusionary runes he’d saved, things had cost him a fortune, but would hold for months or even years if need be. Now all that was left was getting the summoning circle together for some higher end zombie creation.

2. Talk to Charles and try to patch things up
3. Take a nap
so before ya'll complain that I'm fucking the plot, with fixing the johnny decision, Johnny is a very unusual skeleton, not even talking about the whole sentience thing.
I voted to bring Johnny along anyways.

Do #2 then #1
I realize, hence my unfucking things

gonna console the child then do some actual necromancy
Henry decided enough was enough, he had to at least ATTEMPT to patch things up with Charles. He slowly skulked over to where Charles was, and before he could even open his mouth Charles spoke up.

“I’ve done some thinking sir, Henry.” He said, “I get why you’d be angry, you have a decent enough life down here, you have food, even some alcohol, better than most country folk. Then I step in, out of know where, ruining your perfect life.” Charles continues. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what else to say.”

Fucking hell this kid.

“I’m sorry too then.” Henry said, trying to think of the right words to say.

“I can try to find someone else to-“ Henry started, then stopped. “What?”

“Look kid, Charles, I’ve been a selfish man for a long time, but. Well I mean to say…” He stammered, not finding the right words at all. “I lost my family too, around your age.” It had actually been a bit younger, he figured the kid was a about eleven, maybe close to twelve. He’d been, what seven years of age? “I know how its like having nobody and nothing, and I want to make things right, that’s why I haven’t just tossed ya out.” He said.

“I, thank you sir, I-I mean Henry sir… I uh…” Charles said, wide eyed, but not terrified, so progress.

“Its fine kid, you can call me sir if ya really want, I told our ride out you were my apprentice anyways.”



Henry pinched his brow and got up. “I have arranged our travel, a guy I know, a smuggler, named Duncan”
“Sir, a smuggler?” Charles asked, “Aren’t they as bad as brigands, that’s what my older brother always said.”

“Of course the crown would hate people who avoid their taxes.” Henry replied, “Some people actually have to make a living… uh, no offense.” He said, ending that line of thinking.

“Well regardless, I have to place an order, do you want to see some ACTUAL necromancy?”

A couple seconds later, and a worried nod from Charles, Henry set to work

(next section)

chapters about 75-80% donesies by the by, last part will be the fucking vampires.
Setting to work, Henry traced out the spell’s circle with relative ease, and after checking it several times, then having Johnny check it again for good measure, he got to work. A bad circle could do all sorts of fucked up things, but it would cause Henry to have a really bad day, especially with these clients.

The bodies were lowered by Johnny, who didn’t mind a bit of formaldehyde poisoning. One by one they were arranged into the circle, and then Henry set to chanting. A brisk wind began to fill the room, drawing a worried look from Charles.

A thumbs up and a zipped mouth motion from Johnny set Charles at ease, and told him something important, to not interrupt.

As the spell reached its zenith, unholy fire began gathering above the corpses, before plunging inside of them. This was no casual zombie summoning, first off these weren’t dug up or in the ground corpses, these had been specially desiccated by his uh… clients, and then immediately bathed in preserving fluids. Before being shipped off to him, it was also a rare opportunity to show off his craftsmen ship. Sure it wasn’t anything compared to some of the horrifying Franks that more skilled and well known necromancers had created, but these creatures would make excellent guards.

As the ritual concluded, there was a resounding boom which echoed throughout the chamber. Before a unsettling quiet permiated it, to be broken up by Henry Speaking

“Get up you fuckers.”

The newly created rot-less zombies stood up, blank expressions on their faces, all of them were bald of course, and already clothed in some fine garments, as per his clients instructions. Thankfully these were all the corpses he had at the moment, so he wouldn’t have to go to that damned crazy ice mage.

“So what did you think kid?” Henry said, proud of himself.

“Where were all the demons?” The kid asked, puzzled.

That fucking kid, Henry thought.

Different school of magic kid
Henry sighed, deciding to not yell at Charles for making a mockery of fairly complicated necromancy. Regardless, he needed to get these things delivered, to that place…

“Johnny get the-“

“I already have them.” Johnny interrupted, holding up six pairs of manacles. Perfect.

Arriving outside of the vampire’s compound, Henry took the time to note the artistry on the walls, only fucking vampires would decide to paint fucking frescos on the walls of a sewer. If they had been able he figured they’d have gotten marble panels and a fountain out here as well, to make it more like their homeland.

1. March right in
2. Talk to the guard
3. Other?
File: ZAMBIE SLAVES.jpg (27 KB, 400x300)
27 KB
>forgot the image again, fuck
If they didn't suck so much ba-dum-tsssss!!! would Hendry consider asking one of the filthy blood suckers who does the artsy stuff to make his abode deader than it already is?

2. Talk to the guard
Got the bodies, where's my money.
>2. Talk to the guard
OH FUCK THE VAMPIRES WOULD PROBABLY DO THAT, FUCKING FUCK WHY WOULD YOU FUCKING SAY THAT, I mean its less messed up cause their both undead I guess, but still

smart option it is
Henry sighed, resigning himself to having to walk inside of this place and “do business”. He walked up to the guard.

“What are you doing here bud, lost?” The vampire said, smug bastard.

“I’m here to drop these off, numb…” Henry said, stopping himself, he didn’t need trouble right now.

“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that, how’s about you go inside and talk to the boss man, he’ll be overjoyed. Fucker. Couldn’t he just take them here. The guard turned around and motioned Henry to follow, this was gonna be just peachy.

Henry entered the “club” or whatever the hell it was supposed to be, leather and people in cages were his only real impressions, Vampires were a bunch of sick fucking freaks he gave them that much, no decency at all. The fucking zombies he was holding with chains had more dignity than them he figured. He was led to a back room. He tried his best to ignore the cries for help, the screaming, the sobbing, the sounds of bones being broken, all to the sound of laughter by fucking vampires. Sick fucks.

He felt someone grab his leg a few times, the poor bastards in the cages, or “pens” as the vampires called them, they treated humans like cattle, and only tolerated him due to his ability. They treated him like a plumber regardless, needed but not exactly wanted.

Into the main chamber he went, with his gaggle of mutes behind him. On top of a throne made of human skulls sat a lone man, or well, vampire, they weren’t people anymore as far as Henry was concerned.
“Ah Henry my dear boy, how long has it been.”

“I have the merchandise you requested, Vermillion.” Henry stated, he didn’t want to go through all of the formalities, not here.

“Oh my dear boy, so quick to leave, even with all of the new flesh we’ve brought in? Want to try some of our merchandise?” The thought made Henry sick to his stomach.

“Look, Vermillion, can we just get this over with, you know I don’t like it in here.”

“Oh I know.”

What a piece of shit.

With a clap of his hands, a ghoul was summoned in, with a silver tray holding a bag of coins, Henry noted the poor thing was missing its jaw. Vampires would often create such things as servants and warriors, though in most cases they were pathetically feeble, able to be dispatched by even the average peasant. His zombies would beef up security immensely, because the superhuman monsters couldn’t guard their own damned place, of course.

He angrily swiped the coin from the ghoul, before stopping himself for a moment, the eyes of the thing gave away a far worse picture. It was a person, and still alive, and desperate. Henry’s first thought was a mercy kill, but he was almost out anyway…

He couldn’t wait to get out of that place, he turned a corner and collapsed against the wall, he never wanted to go back in there if he could avoid it. People didn’t deserve that shit, no matter who they were.

(next section)
I can now understand Henery's hate for vampires, the sick fucks. I hope that's a lot of money.
Henry chose to walk his way back slowly, making sure to avoid anything that was crawling around these tunnels, it’d be really stupid to die after all the stuff he’d gone through today, the countryside sounded like heaven compared to all of this. As he reached his home, he collapsed into his bed without giving Johnny or Charles any words. Realizing this was probably not for the best, he offered up this.

“We’re all set to leave, I have… no present business with any customers remaining.” He fucking hated himself sometimes, having to work for those things to earn a living. All the stories of old bloods in their fancy castles lording it over peasants didn’t mean shit when all he dealt with were new blooded filth. Vermillion was the only one who even pretended to have any class and he was an insufferable lout.

“Alright look, Charles, I need you to understand something, you’re my apprentice now, that’s the story we’re selling Duncan, and that’s the story we’re gonna sell anyone else, let’s just say I’m a scribe traveling to work in Yorkshire, I can read, you can read, we’re set there.

“And me?” Johnny asked, reminding Henry of his presence.

“Oh you, you’ll be our hired mercenary, I think you can pull that off, all you have to do is act tough and grunt all the time, and not talk too much or it’ll ruin the act.”

“Ha ha.” The skeleton replied

“So how long will the journey be sir?” Charles asked, curious again.

“about five hours by Duncan’s paddleboat, assuming no stupid shit happens, we’re leaving at dawn if Duncan is up anyway.”

“Wouldn’t it be smarted to leave at night?” Charles asked, furrowing his brow.

“Look kid, I know you’re a bit sheltered, but even a man with have a head knows not to travel anywhere at night if possible. Even this close to the damned city, there are a good amount of undead and gheists, even if most of the bigger nasties are driven away. We’re leaving at daybreak.” Henry said, closing his eyes and trying to get some sleep. “Johnny set the hourglass and wake me up when its time alright?”

“Sir I think this is the beginning of a fantastic adventure!” Johnny said

Fuck my life.

========================= END OF CHAPTER ======================
they pay really well, and are one of the few customers who have regular need for Henry's services, doubly so now with the purge of the noblemen, Henry might need to start solving more mysteries ey?
anywho, thats all for now folks, gonna be using this thread again tommorrow, since trying to make a new thread is the wrong way to do it now that I've had a look, chapter 3 will be about the actual journey to New Haven, and we'll be playing as Charles for the duration!

Come back around 10-11 pm eastern, assuming work doesn't kill me
thanks for running!
include link to new thread in old thread next time?
You should also get a twitter set up for the quest, so people actually show up. It'll help alleviate the running by yourself thing.

And archive your threads on suptg. It'll be a problem picking up readers if they can't read the first thread.
Twitter will be easy enough, archiving is another matter, can’t figure out how to do pls halp
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Quest rules:
1. 10-20 Minute voting period, the Loremaster may take “executive” decisions and make posts sooner if he sees it as necessary (I.E. a very bad or very good roll may cause this to occur)
2. All dice rolled are assumed to be D100 unless otherwise stated
3. Critical fails are considered to be between 1-5
4. Near misses may occur, where a rolled number is close to the required threshold. This will impact how the story proceeds, these are up to the decision of the Loremaster
5. Sometimes there are optional choices one may participate in, these will generally NOT be taken unless there are multiple posters who wish it, assuming there are multiple posters in the thread
6. There are often times choices with multiple parts, each part is counted separately, unless otherwise stated, sometimes rolls will be required before counting the second, third, etc, part
7. All dice rolls are final
8. Rules may be subject to change between sessions, but will not change during an active session
Current Arc: A Royal Nightmare

Getting a bit fancier with the chapters now, as well as these general posts, did a bit of work to get the overall quest a bit more up to snuff. Only thing of real note though is the use of GAB. twitter wanted a phone number which I'm not really comfortable giving, I come on here to not reveal who I am, last thing I want is a way to connect me to anything.
Henry had a fitful sleep, images and shadows flashed through his perception, buried thoughts and distant dreams danced across his mind. All at once, his rest ended as his eyes cracked open into pitch darkness.

Johnny had probably killed the lights after he had headed to sleep. Good, no need to waste valuable torch fuel. Grabbing for a candle, he let a small spark fly from his hand with a thought. Of all the spells he could’ve memorized, the lighting spell had the most utility. Less dangerous to himself than pyromancy, but able to create similar effects if applied in small amounts, and besides, he was all rested up now, able to use the three charges he could muster to a full application of the spell.

Scanning the room, he noted a few differences that he hadn’t seen the previous night. For once, his cabinets were hanging open, various supplies had been taken, including some now salted pieces of the rat he had killed earlier, Johnny may have been annoying but he was a good for some things, saved him a lot of trouble.

Secondly, on the ground was a large pile of straw, and lying upon it was Charlie. He sighed; Johnny must’ve grabbed some of the insulation from the fallen piece of the cistern wall. Thing had been damaged recently but it had never threatened the structural integrity of the chamber, so after patching it with straw he had left it alone, he would have to get a mason in from Undertown to fix it when he got back. Assuming he did get back of course.

He slowly got up, stretching. He had a big day ahead of him. He saw Johnny standing in the entrance to the archway as normal, he hoped the skeleton had already applied the illusionary runes to the archway entrance; he really didn’t want to do it after waking up

First Decision
1. Take a piss. (this will mean going outside and interacting with Johnny)
2. Get a bite to eat.
Second Decision
1. Wake Charles (feel free to get creative with how to do so)
2. Do not wake Charles.

> gonna leave this up for a while, the normal 10-20 minute posts times won't apply until tonight, but if yer hear please speak up
>Get a bite to eat.
2. Do not wake Charles.
>Take a piss.
eat then piss, got it.

also what happened post referenced?
Deciding that the Charles needed all the rest he could get, Henry decided to go to his pantry, he found that some of the salted rat meat had been left behind by Johnny for him, as well as some food for Charles when he woke up. All things considered Henry felt the kid was lucky he wasn’t having nightmares right now, or if he was then he was oddly calm.

Grabbing a slice of cheese from his larder and using the dagger he’d put on his desk earlier that day, he cut himself a few slices and began to eat. It was a shame he hadn’t stopped for bread but to be honest that sorta thing wouldn’t keep on a week long journey. He had chosen his food carefully. It was a shame he’d have to throw out the remaining food he had stored up, but better that then to leave it to rot. He’d just need to make sure to throw that crap out far from his home, or else he’d attract more rats. Finishing his meal, Henry stood up and brushed the crumbs off himself. He grabbed a flask off his desk and took a swig, a bit of fresh water to wash down his meal.

Realizing he really needed to relieve himself, Henry left his home, being careful to step around Charles and not walk onto of him. He nodded to Johnny before laying his candle onto the ground.

“So I assume we’ll be heading out shortly.” Johnny said, “Shall I wake the young lord up?”

“Please don’t, he probably won’t be used to being woken up by a skeleton.” Henry replied. Before opening up his trousers and taking a nice long piss into the running water that ran past his home. The nice thing about living in a sewer was that it wasn’t far to the toilet. Finishing that, and making himself once more presentable, he asked. “Everything ready?”

“Yes Henry, everything is prepared, three bags as well as some forged papers to get us past any Church officials we may run into on the way. I just hope we don’t have to end up using them, never do like lying”

What a hero.

1. Wait another hour then wake Charles up
2. Go for a walk around the sewer and go over your plans.
>Wait another hour then wake Charles up
Alright, looks like we're gonna be heading for Duncan now.
Henry Decided he would wait for an hour or so and then wake Charles up, it would give Duncan more time to prepare, and sleep off his stupor if he’d been dumb enough to go drinking the prior night. “Johnny, help me get the bags ready, and let’s get your uh, “suit” on.

The “suit” was more a collection of rags than anything at first glance, however there was a fair bit of craftsmanship and hard work involved in making it. For one the getup contained a helm with a small slit in the faceplate for viewing, make it impossible for the average observer to see him. Secondly, Peter’s chestplate had recently been added to it by Johnny himself, while Henry was asleep. It’d sell the mercenary bit more and would make it harder to see that Johnny didn’t have any guts. Lastly, leather runs were hidden inside the sleeves and leggings, preventing the getup from collapsing and revealing the skeleton underneath. Overall it was a fairly brilliant creation of his.

The reason he’d need such a thing in the first place was fairly simple. Henry sometimes brought Johnny along topside if he needed backup, for all the problems that skeleton caused, he WAS a master swordsman. Henry knew he’d saved his life on multiple occasions, and that the guy could go toe to toe with a vampire in single combat, quite a feat. After securing the getup, all that was left to do was wait.

A while later, Henry placed a hand on Charles’ mouth to stifle screaming, then shook him awake. Gathering their supplies, they departed towards the docks.

Decision by Charles
1. Ask question “why don’t we take the pipes straight to the docks? Why go topside through the third ring of the city?”
2. Say nothing
3. Ask other questions
Decision by Henry
1. Explain the plan
2. Don’t explain the plan
is the discord link working for you by the by? I'm a bit new to using invite links through discord
File: Johnny's Helmet.png (317 KB, 428x600)
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317 KB PNG
As the trio walked through old and musty sewers, avoiding the few unseemly noises and smells they came across, Henry spoke up to the group.

“Right so, we’re gonna be heading out through tailor’s street, it’s a small side street so there shouldn’t be much foot traffic. After we get out safely, its straight to the docks, only a couple blocks of city. The big issue will be the gate guards. I can probably think of something.” Henry said, scratching his chin.

“Why don’t we just go straight out through the sewer into the dockyards?” Charles responded, inquisitive. Wasn’t that the way Peter was going to go?

“That’d be a fantastic plan if you want to get us killed.” Henry responded. “Things heavily protected with runes, traps, and not to mention guard patrols that go at random. It’s the reason why the city isn’t swarming with creepy crawlies, after all. You really think most creatures wouldn’t swarm up through the sewers if they could?”

“Anywho, the way I’ve explained this to Duncan is that I’m gonna head outta town and lie low in Yorkshire. Charles, you’re my apprentice, and Johnny he already knows all about you so that’s not an issue. To anyone else I’m a scribe, you’re my assistant Charles, and Johnny is our hired security, which besides the hired part is true.” Talking about it, Henry was suddenly a lot more thankful that his skeletal companion would be joining them on the road. Even with the additional risks it would bring… speaking of which.

The group exited the sewers onto tailor’s street and continued onto the gate, stopping about fifty feet short, Henry spotted a lone guard. How lucky, one of them must have been taking a piss or something, this would make it far easier to sneak out without being questioned, although he could of course distract the guard, or make a distraction elsewhere. The main road they were on now had a few fishermen’s stalls lined up, along with fruit seller and a butcher’s shop, Henry wasn’t really sure what he could do with these to cause a distraction, but maybe inspiration would strike.

1. Sneak past the guard (roll of 45 or higher required)
2. Distract the guard by talking to him (roll of 35 or higher required)
3. Create a distraction through other means (you’ll have to offer up an idea, and feel free to get creative and describe the scene more, as long as it makes sense I have no problems including it, I will ask for appropriate rolls however)
Go to http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/requestqstinterface.html

The title should be the name of the quest and in your case, the chapter number.
Tags are usually the name of the quest, your QM name, and whatever other shit you want. Necomancer, Detective, etc. I'll archive it if you want, but putting up tags and a summary for something that isn't mine feels weird.
its appreciated friend, I've tried to do that earlier but it is giving me an error pop whenever I try, its just odd.

I've gone and made a gab account, main issue with twitter is its asking for a phone number from me, and my phone is completely broke, so that isn't really an option.

to anyone else, I'm taking off for about six hours, gonna be going to work the night shift at my job. I'll be back around 10-10:15, until then I wish you all well
Rolled 69 (1d100)

3. Create a distraction through other means (you’ll have to offer up an idea, and feel free to get creative and describe the scene more, as long as it makes sense I have no problems including it, I will ask for appropriate rolls however)
>The main road they were on now had a few fishermen’s stalls lined up, along with fruit seller and a butcher’s shop, Henry wasn’t really sure what he could do with these to cause a distraction, but maybe inspiration would strike.
Do anyone of these merchants look like they hate each other? Maybe we could make them fight each other to attract the guard?
Say for example. Two fish stalls and both the people working their respective stalls hate each other. Heck out their goods, go to the other one to compare prices or make up a lie.
Magic number baby. Angry hate sex when.
Rolled 19 (1d20)

I see no reason not to talk to the man.
>2. Distract the guard by talking to him (roll of 35 or higher required)
Rolled 28 (1d100)

Except that I'm an idiot and can't roll dice gud
I like this idea, and with a roll like that, Henry probably knows em decently enough. I have an idea.
Henry decided against directly approaching the guard, sure the bloke didn’t know jack all about him or Charles, or any of the horrible things he had to do for a living, but he didn’t really want to chance things, not now. Not when he was so close.

“What are we going to do then?” Johnny asked, “I suspect we could simply rush by him, I doubt he’d leave his post unguarded…”

“Johnny Johnny Johnny… I have a far better idea, see those two stalls?” Henry said, pointing to a couple of stalls, one with a red cloth draped overtop, another with a blue and white stripped pattern. “Those are two fishmongers I know of, Cecil and … uh, Robert or something?” He said, “What I know is that they both fucking hate each other, to the point that the town guard has forced them to either end of the street. So guess what I’m going to do…”

“Please don’t, we must not start trouble between two people with no-“ He continued on his moral ramble before realizing Henry had walked off.

Henry approached Cecil, since he was sure that was his name, or at least fairly certain, he hoped things didn’t get awkward.

“Hello sir” Henry started, “You’re Cecil the fish seller right?”

“Yeah lad that be me.” Cecil responded. Smiling, hoping for a potential sale. Henry could see through the false friendliness.

“Is it true that your fish are rotten? I’ve heard talk-“ Henry started, before being cut off by a now slightly angry Cecil.

“What… fucker, told you that?” He asked, “My fish are of the highest quality, fresh from the holy lake itself! You see this cod here-“

“It was that guy across the street, I was asking him about the other merchants around here and…”

“MOTHERFUCKER, THAT MOTHERFUCKER” Cecil roared, standing up from his stool and marching over to the other stall.

“ELROY YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT DID YOU LIE ABOUT ME AGAIN.” So the other guy’s name hadn’t been Roberts after all, huh.

“Fuck off, your breath is horrible.” Elroy shouted back. A few seconds later, the two were grabbing and punching each other. The gate guard cursed before rushing over to break the two up.

Henry decided he didn’t need to see the end result, although he figured one or both of them would end up in the stocks. He snickered a bit, before motioning to a horrified Johnny and Charles.

“That was… awful” Johnny said “You always find ways to disappoint me further…”

“I don’t really care, let’s go.” Henry said. The three walked through the gate, and down into the dockyards.

(next section)
“I… so why did you do that?” Charles asked, as they rounded the corner leading up to Duncan’s warehouse. The trademark ‘O’neil Shipping and Receiving’ becoming legible.

“Because I needed to get through that gate, I didn’t want to risk our damned lives on the chance that someone might notice you, and besdies nobody got hurt… badly right?” He said.

“I… suppose not, but still isn’t manipulating people like that… wrong?”

“It’s the thing that’s kept me alive all this time, while my trade keeps food on my table, my silver tongue keeps a knife away from my throat.” He smiled again, he had been worried after his outburst the other day that he’d lost his touch, but it was just the stress of all the shit that had happened, he couldn’t afford to lose it like that again though.

“I guess I’ve never had to lie to people to survive, must be awful.” Charles said. Henry’s smile faded, when he described it like that…

His thinking was interrupted by Johnny banging on the door. For once, it wasn’t his wife who answered, but Duncan himself, not hungover?

“Ey lads, looking good Johnny.” Duncan joked “I got the boat all ready to roll.”

“A fine morn to you as well.” Johnny said.

Decision by Charles:
1. Hello there sir
2. Say nothing
3. Other (get creative)

Decision by Henry
1. Why aren’t you hungover?
2. You’re wife alright with leaving at a moment’s notice like this, you’ll be gone a few days at least right?
3. Other (get creative)
Charles began to speak but was oh so very rudely interrupted by Henry.

“Yer breath doesn’t smell at all, are you… good lord are you sober?” He asked, a mockingly scared tone in his voice. I mean Duncan wasn’t drunk all the time, he was sometimes lightly buzzed, or hungover, but there was usually some amount of alcohol on his breath or SOMETHING.

“nay lad, I don’t drink before a job, its bad luck.” Duncan responded, before leading the group inside. “My Paddleboat is down this way.” He proceeded to lead the group further into his warehouse, through his living quarters, and then back outside onto a small set of docks.

The boat was nothing special really, a small paddle boat with an enclosed cabin, making it easier to sneak items between locations. Henry smiled, they’d be riding in relative comfort, Duncan didn’t slack when it came to his boat.

After a pull of the engine, it happily puttered to life.

Charles lowered his head, he’d been completely ignored.

As the boat shoved off, and the city receded into the distance, Henry pondered what he would do now. I mean sure he had the next week or so planned out, but if he came back what sorta shit would he be walking into?

Decision by Henry (IMPORTANT DECISION)
1. Take a nap (this will transfer the story over to Charles until he wakes back up, or is woken back up.
2. Stay awake
Decision by Charles
1. Look around the boat
2. Take in the sights

>“Fuck off, your breath is horrible.” Elroy shouted back. A few seconds later, the two were grabbing and punching each other.
That's unrequited love right there. Beautiful. I'd ship it.

Stay awake and take in the sights
oh god, two threads in and shipping already, and welcome to the party pal, feel free to head into the discord and talk to an utter autist (me)

Anywho, still gonna give Charles some showtime, but we won't be in control of him, ah well.
File: Duncan's Paddleboat.jpg (66 KB, 1280x720)
66 KB
As the boat headed for the left most of the three rivers flowing into the lake, he felt the tinge of mist on his nostrils. The mist would make leaving far easier, no angels would be able to see them from above, he hoped. His legendary paranoia was acting up again, why the fuck would angels care about a small paddle boat?

Henry briefly considered taking a nap, but decided against it, sure the ride would likely be boring as hell, but it had been a long time since he had seen the rolling hills and meadows of the Sol Province countryside.

“Rides gonna be about.. six or seven hours I estimate?” Duncan said. “Really depends on how the river is acting, and if we run into anything bad.” After an uncomfortable silence, he continued “I’m joking of course, the river this close to the capital is fairly boring, besides the odd drowned gheist or angel overhead.

Johnny was in the back of the boat, strangely quiet, none of them really paid him any mind, to him or the city they were leaving behind. If any of them had cared enough to pay attention, they still wouldn’t have heard the words whispered. The city of Celeste meant more to him than any of the group.

Charles was awestruck, a sheltered boy whose understanding of the world was the imperial palace, he had never left the palace until yesterday, and his perception of the world had been stone spires, gothic architecture, billowing smoke, and heavy industry. The presence of so much green was not completely unknown to him of course, he had a whole library and servants to read and tell stories of the outside world, but to actually explore it. For a moment he thought to tell his eldest brother Regibald about this, spinning his head around towards the inside of the cabin before becoming sad. He still couldn’t fully believe they were gone, but he couldn’t go back, Peter had died so he could get this far. He needed to make it to Yorkshire Proper, the city in the valley.

“How far does it go?” He asked, looking to Henry, and then to Duncan.

“What do you mean how far does it go?” Henry asked, “It just goes on and on.”

“I’ll have to show you both a real map sometime, if I can find one.” Duncan said, shaking his head. “The worlds a lot bigger than you think boy but a lot smaller than Henry does.”
File: The Hills of Sol Province.jpg (607 KB, 2880x1800)
607 KB
607 KB JPG
An hour and a half later, the plains of the outer city and farmlands had given way to light rolling hills with the occasional small plateau, which were known as fae fields. Sticking out amongst their rounded cousins.

“I see something odd.” Charles said, the sun had only just began to rise over the horizon now, the otherworldly moon giving way to the humanistic sun. “I see a glowing person and a lot of glowing things.”

Henry thought about how to respond to this, had the boy’s imagination gone wild or was there actual trouble?

1. “Its probably nothing, just your imagination
2. Look in the direction Charles is pointing, try to make out the object (Roll of 40 or higher required to make out the object fully, below a 20 and nothing will be noticed at all. )
3. “Any idea what he’s on about Duncan?”
4. Other (get creative)

Rolled 95 (1d100)

>2. Look in the direction Charles is pointing, try to make out the object (Roll of 40 or higher required to make out the object fully, below a 20 and nothing will be noticed at all. )
I sure hope some else is here to roll as well.
File: OOOOOOOH SPOOOKKKKYYY.jpg (6 KB, 264x191)
6 KB
Henry glanced out of the cabin, and then scoffed. Charles really didn’t know anything about anything. About two hundred feet from the river, in one of the field plots marked by rows of bushes, sat a ghostly apparition. The figure wore what appeared to be some sort of leather cap, and held a shepherds crook. The thing was leading a procession of skeletal creatures, which Henry, being fairly well versed in anatomy realized were sheep.

Of all the things to run into, this was probably one of the most harmless. While some ghiests could be incredibly destructive, most had a casual disregard for living people, and quite a few actually protected and granted other benefits to the populace. The Church regarded some of them as holy even, some of their saints being spotted as Gheists.

1. “Its harmless Charles, no need to worry.”
2. “IT’S A SPOOOOKY GHOOOST OOOO” (Roll to spook the child, a roll of 45 or higher required.)
3. Detailed explanation

>3. Detailed explanation
bit late to the party, but hello there, welcome. Due to the REALLY good roll I decided to continue. I'm a tad tired so I'm stopping here for now, chapter will resume tomorrow, I have a few more plot events planned. Before the group reaches new haven, probably gonna just make a new thread and get all the appropriate links set up, dunno.
3, you see those lights Charles? That's a peaceful ghost of a Shepard. They say he was so loyal that he guides his sheep even in death. It goes to show that not all death is viscous and disgusting. Fucking vampires.
3. Detailed explanation
To Duncan he's our apprentice. It only makes sense that we should try to teach him things.

Welp, looks like thats settled, gonna post now that I'm up, and I'll be active until late tonight, no work to do then.
File: Mundane Exposition.jpg (173 KB, 623x414)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
“It… it’s a just a ghiest Charles.” Henry said.

“A-a ghiest?” Charles said, unnerved, he didn’t really know much about the supernatural, besides what he had read in books, and he had read and heard all sorts of tales of hauntings, curses, and even murder by such creatures. “H-how can that thing be safe, is it that it won’t notice us?”

Henry smirked a bit, he decided to show off his skill and knowledge. The risk that Duncan would fall asleep at the wheel was worth taking. He turned around once more to get another look at the shepherd ghiest, but the thing had disappeared with the rising sun, the blanket of mist now dissipating as well.

“Ghiests are well, most of em were people at one point, they’re called ‘restless souls’ by the church, but that is somewhat of a misnomer…” Henry said. “While yes you could consider them restless, from my understanding the souls have turned away from the angels by choice to remain on this world. Or yes, they have some reason to remain, guilt, duty, revenge… human ghiests are similar to humans in their desires. I assume that ghiest just really liked his job, or maybe the fields, to the point he’d give up whatever paradise the angel’s offered.”

“You said there were human ghiests, are there ghiests that weren’t human?” Charles asked, entranced, he’d always loved learning, and while he was very uncomfortable with Henry’s profession, the chance to learn things that were not available elsewhere captivated him.

“Some ghiests are projects of the mind, or its animating principals” Henry said, reading word for word the text of an arcana book on ghiests he had back home. “They usually are particularly vicious or obsessive as their creation springs from individual or collective human memories after they attract enough latent aether to themselves, they then carry own through their own obsession, becoming self-sustaining at that point for the most part, things can be fairly dangerous but normally don’t cause too much trouble to large settlements. All those stories of ghiestly phenomena, like repeated knocking, patterning, arranging, stacking, marking.. you get the idea, those are generally projective Ghiests. They can also possess people at times, while human ghosts can to, its more rare, I’ve heard that its… uncomfortable for two souls to inhabit the same body.. anyway. They tend to, from what I’ve heard of course, cause obsessive behavior, epilepsy, and other forms of madness of the mind, it is fairly hard to diagnose without ehem, ‘proper training’, since let’s be honest this world causes enough madness on its own.”
“Are those the only types?” Charles inquired, he had reassessed his former position on such things, they were indeed as dangerous as he’d thought.

“There is one more kind of Ghiest worth mentioning, these are generally attached to wild emotions, unfulfilled desires, and thirsts for revenge of an individual or populace. These aren’t people though, these ghiests don’t have souls. They can manifest generally as blood on walls or statues, whirls of dust, minor rockslides and the like if they’re fairly vindictive. In the case of possession they can cause mania, panic, or mindless anger and violence. The ghosts of the unavenged are generally the ones you want to avoid the most, things are angry and unpredictable, which is unusual as hell among ghiests. They usually appear as living fire or a mist of blood, and were human at one point, but their souls become unrecognizable. Angels can’t help em anymore at that point. There is one other way for these to be created, and that’s burning corpses, this can create a fire ghiest. Henry said. “Makes my trade easier to practice for fucking sure, fire ghiests are extremely dangerous. Just think if you were still attached to your body after death and some utter tosser burned it, I’d want to burn him right back.”

“Angels… can’t help a soul?” Charles asked, the very idea was unsettling, Angels were heroic guardians of humanity in this world, even with the church’s actions against his family, surely they had had no part right? If only he knew what Henry did.

“I mean I guess there are also nature spirits, but to be honest I don’t have much knowledge on them, they are sometimes humans sometimes not.”

Henry took the time to catch his breath, good lord that had been a lot of words. He had clearly impressed the boy, and to be honest himself, he could probably have been a scholar had his life taken a different path.

“S-so that thing was a friendly human ghiest?” Charles asked.

“Yep.” Henry replied, at least the kid had paid attention, couldn’t say the same thing about Duncan. Who was whistling some old sailor’s tune at the helm. Ol’ Johnny hadn’t moved from his spot in the back, it was odd behavior for him, but probably just his way of showing homesickness.
> right so thats the end of that lore dump, time for the plot to resume!

Three hours later, Henry opened his pack for lunch, which he shared with Charles, and Duncan as well, least he could do.

“We’re making good time, should be another hour.” Duncan said, before becoming quiet. “Trouble.”

Overhead was a flight of three angels, heading east to west, which would carry them over the river.

“Crap.” Henry muttered. Angels maybe be ‘humanity’s guardians’ but they’d still kill the utter shit out of him and the others if they found out about Johnny.

1. Try to hide Johnny (roll a 50 or higher)
2. Play it cool
3. “You don’t have anything on board that would’ve attracted them do you Duncan?”
4. Freak out
gonna leave this here for a while since its still real early in the day
Rolled 9 (1d100)

1. Try to hide Johnny (roll a 50 or higher)
2. Play it cool
Well shit I hope someone comes along to vote
Rolled 18 (1d100)

welcome back bud, Ol' Lorekeeper is gonna try to make a saving throw,

to anyone else, the NEW PERMANENT link to the discord is here: https://discord.gg/5sZYkz9
File: download.jpg (6 KB, 233x216)
6 KB

Springing to his feet in an instant, Henry ran through the door, slaming it open, and to the back of the boat, leaving a startled Charles and Duncan inside.

“We need to move Johnny!” Henry yelled, yanking at the skeleton. Henry promptly fell on his ass after meeting unexpected resistance. “JOHNNY THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR ONE OF YOUR MOMENTS!” He yelled, panicking.

One of the angels broke off from her flight, beginning to fly lower towards the boat. After a shout from Duncan, Henry began to redouble his efforts to move the skeleton.

“PLEASE DON’T DO THIS NOW.” Henry yelled again, the whole plan could go to shit in an instant. Deciding he’d drag the skeleton back into the cabin by his head, he yanked on the helmet, before falling backwards again. A thunk from the roof was all Henry needed to know that he had just fucked up, bad.

Turning back to Johnny, he noticed the skeleton had crumpled to the floor, his “moment” must’ve been particularly bad. However, instead of trying to explain why he had a skeleton to the angelic figure now perched on the roof of the boat, he had to explain why he had skeletal remains.

1. “I-its not what it looks like” (what does it look like, roll for bluff, 60 or higher required)
2. G-good day there (Play it cool, roll 40 or higher for courage)
3. Say nothing and try to head back into the cabin
4. Hit on her (Roll for your life, I won’t reveal the number required)
5. Pretend you didn’t notice her at all
6. Other (get creative boys)
Rolled 12 (1d100)

>Hit on her.
Like what could go wrong. Can we do the skeleton dance for bonus charisma?
>tempting fate this hard

anyone else want to be stupid?
Rolled 33 (1d100)

1. “I-its not what it looks like” (what does it look like, roll for bluff, 60 or higher required)
Say we are transporting the remains of a warrior back home so he can be buried properly. Alas things are bit tricky to accomplish due to the laws for such things, but if he's buried properly its far less likely he'll wanna come back.

If they ask why saying its the ancestor of a good friend of ours and we just happened to pass close home for them.

Best I can come up with.
Rolled 2 (1d2)


gonna flip a coin for it, hope it ends up with the bluff cause that'll go slightly better for o'l Henry
“I…uh…It’s not what it looks like?” Henry said, hoping the angel would be fooled.

The angelic figure, glowing white eyes and all, opened her mouth to respond.

“Why do you possess bones of another, human.” She asked. It was made all the more unnerving by the fact her mouth didn’t move at all when speaking, it was like the words were simply appearing in the air.

“I… uh…” Henry stammered, shimmying away Johnny’s bones. “I was t-transporting the remains back to new haven after getting them blessed in Celeste.” He said, the lie sounded halfway believable, and to the average country yokel it might’ve been sellable. However, he wasn’t lucky enough to be dealing with a yokel.

“Why are you not accompanied by a Church Cathar?” She asked, her face remaining how it had from the start, another unsettling thing.

“I… uh… ysee” Henry continued

“Those boat bears no holy markings of any sort, and would’ve been inspected at the gate of New Haven, you don’t think you will get through so easily?” She continued to ask, blowing holes left and right in Henry’s story.

Henry chanced a glance inside the Cabin, he saw Duncan looking at him, pale as a ghost. He’s seen Johnny’s helmet come off. Looking back up to the angel, he noticed that the other two she had been with were far away now, out of range.

1. Make something up (roll for it)
2. “I don’t have the money for all that, I’m just a simple scribe” (roll of 35 or higher required)
3. Attack the angel with lightning (complicated roll required here, roll 3 dice, first for courage, 45 or higher required, second is for hitting her (if first is successful), 20 or higher required, should result in an instant kill, third roll is to see if her scream alerts the others (roll of 30 or higher required)
4. Ask her to take the bones for a proper burial in new Haven (Lose Johnny as companion, he’ll probably forgive you when you get him back…)
5. Tell her you were pressured into doing this, make up a lie (roll 2 dice, first for courage, second for bluff, rolls of 35, and then 45 required to succeed)
butchered the hell out of the grammar in that post, apologies. I'm gonna try to take more time to actually edit things going forwards.
alright boys, gonna call it here for now, getting a few things together then I'm gonna get a new thread open, all I have left is the paste bin. I'm going to hopefully get a twitter account set up after I get a new phone later this week, for right now I'll be using gab, I'll link the next thread in a little bit before archiving this one.
new thread is up

2,1 well I chose to transport this remains this way because the church you see has been on the rampage and I didn't want to walk up to them with a human skeleton! I'm just a simple scribe trying to take these warrior's remains so he can rest with a peace he never had in life if I don't he might come back not so peacefully.

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