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File: behold.png (13 KB, 400x400)
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A fantasy RPG
Previous Episodes: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=seeker+quest
Character Sheets: https://imgur.com/a/AUQv7
Inventory + Spellbook: https://pastebin.com/s811YMmL (embed)
You return to Oakheart with the captive outlaws in tow. As you approach the healing waves of the great tree start

undoing the acid burns you suffered earlier. You take the prisoners to the guard house.
Guard Captain: "So you caught the rest of them. Who's the mage?"
>"He's with them, he was the one turning them invisible"
The captain calls some men over to lock up the criminals.
>"The missing townspeople have been taken hostage by a dark wizard enclave. Only that mage knows where their base

Guard Captain: "Yes, we managed to get that from the three we captured earlier. Since you haven't returned the

hostages like we agreed you will receive no pay"
Alina: "We risked our lives capturing those psychos!"
Guard Captain: "Anyway, we're considering the missing people as good as dead. Now that the source of the abductions

is gone we can focus on the orc problem in Clarcton, I'll round up my men and try to rally some militia. Otherwise

I think our business here is finished"

>"That's all"
>"You can't just abandon those people, they're probably still alive!"
>"If I do end up rescuing those people will you still pay me?"
>"When are you going to move your forces to Clarcton?"
>"The mercenaries weren't the source of the problem, as long as those wizards are out there this could happen

>"Did you gain any other useful information from interrogating the mercs?"
>write in
>>"The mercenaries weren't the source of the problem, as long as those wizards are out there this could happen

Oh man seeker qst is here but I gotta go sleep
Motherfuckers dont you ditch me here
File: bermuda_question_mark.png (7 KB, 400x400)
7 KB

>"The mercenaries weren't the source of the problem, as long as those wizards are out there this could happen"
"There's not much I can do, I don't think my men can take on a large amount of wizards. I think they're out of your league but I'll pay you if you can locate their base for us. Then I can pass the information to someone who can do something about it. The mercenaries have had their memories tampered with but base on what they do remember: Castle Malgrave is the last major landmark they remember seeing before finding the wizards and they didn't travel north of Malgrave"

>"I'll let you know if I find them"
>"Aren't you confident you can beat the information out of the illusionist?"
>"Maybe the wizards are *in* Malgrave?"
>"How much exactly will you pay me for finding them?"
>"I'll think about it"
Hey man it's cool, I'm sure someone else will show up. If not I guess I can run a few hours tomorrow
>>"How much exactly will you pay me for finding them?"
>"I'll let you know if I find them"
File: yeah_bye.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB
>"How much exactly will you pay me for finding them?"
"Well since the territory is a little wild I think 200 Talons will be enough. If I hire a normal scout he might be torn to shreds by random monsters"
>"I'll let you know if I find them"

You leave the premises
Salaman: "We should try and befriend the evil wizards, we could probably buy some powerful spells from them"
Ulric: "Salaman they're hurting people! we have to stop them or convince them to stop being so evil"
Salaman: "they're not hurting a huge amount of people though..."

Where to now?

>Merchant District
>write in
Well we already got our pay from the mercs.
>Merchant District
Let's stock uuuup
File: economical.png (22 KB, 400x400)
22 KB
This district seems a bit busier than usual. Lots of people a happily bustling about now that the brigands have been apprehended.

>return to central district
>Weapon Shop
>Armour Shop
>Archery Shop
>Helmet Shop
>Hat Shop
>Clothing Shop
>Barber Shop
>General Shop
>Relic Shop
>write in
>>Weapon Shop
To sell the extra weapons and armor.
Probably get a gold sword for ulric and a gold war hammer for us.
File: butter_blades.png (40 KB, 400x400)
40 KB
You sell...

iron sword for 17 Talons
Orc Crossbow for 17 Talons
Iron Warhammer for 34 Talons
Iron Heavy Axe for 34 Talons
Iron Halberd for 34 Talons
Iron Spear for 17 Talons
Iron Round Shield for 17 Talons
Brozne Scimitar for 4 Talons

For a total of 174 Talons

You buy...

Gold Warhammer for 300 Talons
Gold Sword for 150 Talons

For a total of 450 Talons

You now have 1072 Talons

You have 2 suits of Iron Armour you stripped from the two mercenaries
You and Ulric have 2 suits of Bronze Armour equipped
Alina has 1 suit of Leather Armour equipped

"A magnificent purchase sir, will that be all for today?"

>"Do you have any Iron coloured 'gold' weapons?"
>Gold Sword (150)
>Gold 2-handed Sword (300)
>Gold Dagger (50)
>Gold Scimitar (150)
>Gold Pike (150)
>Gold Mace (150)
>Gold 2-handed Mace (300)
>Gold Hammer (150)
>Gold War Hammer (300)
>Gold Axe (150)
>Gold Battle Axe (300)
>Gold Trident (300)
>Gold War Sycthe (300)
>Gold Kama (150)
>Iron Weapons
>Bronze Weapons
>>Armour Shop
Equip new armor and sell bronze.
Does Sally not wear any armor? He's like a wet napkin.
Gotta armor up.
We golden warriors now.
>>Armour Shop
>>Archery Shop
>>Helmet Shop
>>Hat Shop
>>Clothing Shop
Armor up!

>>General Shop
>>Relic Shop
We need magic protection!
File: he_protecc.png (11 KB, 400x400)
11 KB
>Does Sally not wear any armor? He's like a wet napkin.
He can wear armour he just doesn't have any.

You go to the Armour Shop.
"My armour can turn a weakling into a wall of steel, imagine what it can do for you!"

You sell the Bronze Armour for 34 Talons each
You equip the Iron Armour

You now have 1140 Talons

>Leather Armour (80 Talons)
>Hardened Leather Armour (300 Talons)
>Wyvern Hide Armour (600 Talons)
>Bronze Armour (100 Talons)
>Iron Armour (400 Talons)
>Gold Armour (800 Talons)
>Mecury Armour (500 Talons)

I can't display all those shops at the same time!
>Mecury Armour (500 Talons)
Whats this do?
I'm curious too

Otherwise, maybe buy Hardened Leather Armor for Sally since he keeps getting wrecked. I'm guessing he won't wear the heavy stuff?
File: quick_silver.png (16 KB, 400x400)
16 KB

Magic resistant armour with hardness and durability comparable to bronze. The metal appears to "ripple" as if it were a liquid when if deflects magic.
Your colleagues back at Uthain generally regard it as quaint however it's still a respectable upgrade from bronze armour

>I'm guessing he won't wear the heavy stuff?
Nah he'll wear any kind of armour
Well actually maybe we should save our money and move to >>Relic Shop before we spent any more
I forget was the guy who took over the orcs a mage or just really smart?
I say we upgrade Salaman and Alina to Mercury Armor if we can't find better protection in the Relic shop.
>move to >>Relic Shop before we spent any more
The leader of the orcs is an orc. The likelihood of some evil mastermind sorcerer manipulating them from the shadows seems low at this point.
>move to >>Relic Shop before we spent any more
We don't find anything we can come back and get Armour for our squishes
File: the_good_shit.png (15 KB, 400x400)
15 KB

The relic shop is very clean. It has a tiled floor and wall banners. A nice selection of magical items are on display floating slightly above small stone columns.

All equipable relics take up the same slot. You *can* wear more than one at a time but only one at a time will have any effect.
Weapons and Armour don't take up the relic slot and if enchanted are still compatible with relics.
Items that take up the relic slot include and are not limited to: Helmets, rings, bangles, belts, boots, gauntlets, gloves, necklaces, circlets, hats, underpants, bracers.

Shop keeper: "Please let me know if you have any questions about the relics. Or if you wish to make a purchase..."

>Ring of Deflection +5 (250 Talons)
>Ring of Protection from Hacking +5 (250 Talons)
>Ring of Somatics (250 Talons)
>Ring of Destruction +5 (500 Talons)
>Bangle of Magic Resistance +10 (250 Talons)
>Boots of Jumping +30 (250 Talons)
>Boots of Running +30 (250 Talons)
>Boots of Dignity (250 Talons)
>Gauntlets of Archery +15 (500 Talons)
>Gloves of Assasination +5 (500 Talons)
>Gloves of Striking +10 (250 Talons)
>Necklace of Healing +2 (250 Talons)
>Necklace of Purification +10 (250 Talons)
>Mummy Heart (1000 Talons)
>Tarrasque Jerky (1000 Talons)
>>Mummy Heart (1000 Talons)
>>Tarrasque Jerky (1000 Talons)
Nani the fuck are these
Gonna meed some deets on most of these.
>>Bangle of Magic Resistance +10 (250 Talons)
>>Mummy Heart (1000 Talons)
>>Tarrasque Jerky (1000 Talons)
>>Ring of Somatics (250 Talons)
These especially.

How high can you jump with the boots of Jumping? This is a very important question

>Ring of Deflection +5 - increases armour class by 5
>Ring of Protection from Hacking +5 - increases damage threshold by 5 when damaged by hacking type weapons
>Ring of Somatics - lets a wizard cast spells without any motion
>Ring of Destruction +5 - increases damage dealt and damage received by 5
>Bangle of Magic Resistance +10 - increases magic resistance by 10
>Boots of Jumping +30 - improves a jump athletics roll by 30
>Boots of Running +30 - improves a run/sprint athletics roll by 30
>Boots of Dignity - doesn't trigger traps, immune to dog poo
>Gauntlets of Archery +15 - increases chance to hit with a ranged weapon by 15 but not a ranged spell
>Gloves of Assasination +5 - increases critical chance by 5%
>Gloves of Striking +10 - increases chance to hit with a melee attack by 10
>Necklace of Healing +2 - user can use the healing skill 5 times before he needs to recharge at a temple
>Necklace of Purification +10 - increases chance to hit an undead by 10%

>Mummy Heart - when eaten causes rapid regeneration growing back missing limbs, organs etc. If consumed by a healthy individual the effect becomes dormant until a limb is removed or the host is mortally wounded. A mummy heart cannot save the user from decapitation. If the mummy this heart came from is still animate, eating the heart will unerringly destroy it. Not suitable for consumption by pregnant women.
>Tarrasque Jerky - rare delicacy, the meat of a rare and powerful creature. Permanently increases Constitution by 1. Multiple Jerkies do not stack except in deliciousness.

The ring of jumping makes you high jump ~1.5 feet higher than usual
The ring of jumping makes you long jump ~8 feet further than usual
So the mummy heart is basically a fairy in a bottle do they go bad? if not buy 1
Can anyone use the healing skill?'

I'm tempted too but it doesn't save from decapitation, which sounds pretty huge.

I'll vote for

>Gloves of Striking +10 (250 Talons)
for us and
>Necklace of Healing +2 (250 Talons)
for Alina or Sally. Probably Alina.

If there's no agreement, I'll switch over to mummy heart.
They don't go bad, I might wait a bit in case other anons disagree with spending 1000t on one thing
>Gloves of Striking
ah fuck I meant to say "unarmed attack" not "melee attack"
>1.5 feet higher than usual
that aint worth 250 clams

I disagree, buy better Armour and hand down our gear to the mage and archer. Also i think that ring of deflection has the best cost to worth ratio, I would buy that
Welp, nevermind. I'll change my votes to
>Ring of Deflection +5
and then >go to general store to buy potions and a tent.

I don't think we have enough money
And is there no magic store? When will we finally identify the wand?
>And is there no magic store?
There is, just not in the main or merchant district
File: TO_RULE_THEM_ALL.png (37 KB, 400x400)
37 KB

The shopkeeper takes your Talons and disables the anti-theft field on the ring. You reach out to it and it hovers into your hand.

>You purchase the Ring Of Deflection
>You now have 890 Talons

I'm done for now, thanks for playing. Seeker Quest will continue next week
Next time I'll remember to post in qtg when I get started (this session took a while to get off the ground)
Thanks for running
I think you should find a way to stream line shopping. It always takes forever, especially if there are too many shops
Thanks for running!
Maybe I could just let the player "open" multiple shops at a time a display all items available for purchase in each one
I still think we should get Salaman some mercury armor.

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