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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Pacific%20Theatre
Twatter: https://twitter.com/Turkroachistan
Character Sheet (Updates as story progresses): https://pastebin.com/0ArYxXFR
Mechanics and Stats (Updates as story progresses): https://pastebin.com/KTN90pNE

“Wa.. What?”
That washed out delinquent girl yesterday was some high-profile wanted criminal? That did not sound too believable, even if it came from Itaru.
“Maybe I should rephrase my words,” He sighed, calming down a little. “She ‘was’ one of the most wanted criminals of the Eastern Hemisphere.”
“Until the Khaganate recruited her.”
“Yes and no.” Itaru explained, walking back to his seat. “One of the first things the Khagan did before setting his sights on Zipang was to clear out the pirates that were constantly raiding their coasts and sea lanes. An expeditionary force constituting of former Yu navy forces was sent south to crush the pirates, and by the time the they returned, an imperial edict was released declaring the Mad Dog and her criminal empire were vanquished by their navy.”

I vaguely recalled a news broadcast of something similar back during my school years.
Then again, wasn’t that three or four years ago? If Fuxiang was honest about her age back there, that meant she was barely an adult.
“Nobody knew what happened to Chu Fuxiang.” Itaru continues, “But since the southern lanes were devoid of pirates since then, people back then could care less about what happened to her.”
“Best guess is that the Khagan gave her the choice to either serve or face the guillotine” Satoru adds, gulping down half a soft-boiled egg. “Not really a choice per se, but still.”

“Speaking of which, what about the foreigner that came to pick her up? And that Goguryeo man who accompanied her, any info on them?”
The two looked at each other in confusion, seems like they have no idea about the two as well.
“Well, I think Denisov-san would know more about that.” Satoru answers. “It would be better to ask her when she comes for a visit. As for the Goguryeo man…”

“I think I have an idea what he is.”
Hibari, who has stayed rather silent and lethargic up till now, was suddenly enticed by the mention of who appeared last night.
“He’s probably… one of those ‘birds’.” she expresses in a surprisingly nervous tone.
“The Phantom Swallows, I presume?” Satoru adjusts his glasses. “It definitely would be troublesome if the Khaganate did absorb them into their air ranks.”
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Phantom Swallows, such was the title given to Goguryeon ace pilots during the Tengar-Goguryeo war. Word was, they were the reason why it took the invaders, at their full might, more than a year to conquer the small kingdom of Goguryeo with a peace negotiation no less. These pilots were not short of stories and rumors either. Some tales say just one of them can take on an entire air wing of the Khaganate, while other rumors say these pilots were subjected to shady physical alterations to receive superhuman senses and reflexes. With the end of that particular conflict, many surviving members were now serving under the Tengar flag.

“Your side?” I questioned my bespectacled friend. From what I knew, their shift did was certainly not as crazy as ours.
“About that, we did meet two rather prominent… customers.” he said, almost choking on that last word.
“As a matter of fact,” Itaru adds, looking at the clock hosted on the counter. “they should be here any moment now.”

And just as Itaru predicted, the cafe’s door creaked open with a refreshing ring from the bells. Entering the store were a man and a woman, both in Beiyang’s proper uniform. The two appeared far more mature than the three wierdos that came yesterday, though they still seem quite young, at least compared to Captain Suwabe. Incidentally, they had no insignia pertaining to their rank. Then again, these two probably don’t want to stand out too much in an occupied enemy territory.

“Espresso please!” The man announces loudly before even making it to the counter.
“I’ll get the same thing. Actually, make it double.” The woman follows up sleepily. It appears these two probably didn’t get enough sleep the night before as well.
“Right away!”

As Itaru went back working on their order, the two proceeded to wait their coffee at the counter, coincidentally taking just two seats away from where I was.
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“Ugh… Fucking reports...” The lady grunted as she planted a hand on her forehead.
“But look on the bright side, isn’t this morning beautiful?” The man comforts her, his jovial demeanor a stark contrast to her misery. She was not impressed in the slightest.
“I hope you’re being sarcastic.”
“Think about it, Ruohua, we’re not the only ones dealing with this. Aiteng’s still in the office right now, so’s all the little guys-”
“Alright, alright, I get it. Would you please just shut up already.”
Compared to the people who visited us the night prior, these two can’t be more normal, as things go.

The duo left the cafe as soon as Itaru handed them their order, and even left quite the tip, considering it’s just two cups of coffee.

With the patrons’ exit, Itaru and Satoru returned to their respective seats while signalling us to come closer, which we all compiled without hesitation
“That’s Wei Mu and Yian Ruohua, second and third in command of the Beiyang fleet.”
“Are you serious!?” Yanagi exclaims, her eyes wide as a fly.
“Yeah, they came here yesterday ordering the same thing as well.”
“Just what is this cafe and its ability to attract these high profile people?” I ask, “This place isn’t particularly fancy, secretive, nor is the food that great.”
“Not when there’s not much of a choice.”
Considering the city’s been left mostly in ruins after the war, I guess he’s got a point.

“Speaking of which, Rise said she would be here with that VIP sometime around 19:00.” Itaru mentions. “Do the three of you want to take your beauty sleep till then?”
“I agree.” Yanagi raises her hand in concurrence.
“Yeah, I’ll take that.” Hibari tries her hardest not to respond with a yawn.

>Take a rest and wait for Akane to show up with her friend.
>I want to talk to my sister first.
>Ask what Margaret is doing
>I want to talk to my sister first
>Take a rest and wait for Akane to show up with her friend.
>I want to talk to my sister first.
>I want to talk to my sister first.
>I want to talk to my sister first.
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As much as I want to sleep back in my old home, this probably isn’t the most optimal time to bring it up or to act upon it. It wasn’t because the bedrooms up the second floor here were absolute trash, but rather because… well, who doesn’t want to sleep back in their own house?

“Subaru, are you not coming?” Yanagi asks with a tired yawn.
“I’ll come a bit later,” I reply, sending the two girls off to their respective rooms.
After all, there was one more thing I have to do before I get to rest.

Taking up the sole phone situated on the second floor, I dialed the same number coded for the Formosa prefecture.

“You’re late.”
This rather dismissive attitude aside, I can easily tell what my sister was about to say next.

“I know, Satoru-kun already told me you’re fine, but can’t you tell me by yourself?”
Unfortunately, certain circumstances placed me in a position where I was unable to do anything but succumb to my fatigue. Explaining these circumstances to Tewi will be… well, let’s just say I did not want my sister to worry about me even more.

“Tewi, you see, I…”
“I don’t want to hear excuses.” she scolds over the phone. “I am your sister, your last remaining relative alive, is the tie between us so insignificant you think it’s fine to leave me hanging after informing me you’re going on a dangerous operation?”
“Which is why I am doing it now.”

“I am safe, Tewi, see? I’m here in one piece.”
Being my last family member left, I can’t help but notice my younger sister becoming more and more protective when it came to my well being. In fact, she naturally filled in the gap of the ‘parent’ of the household. In light of recent events, this part of her was also similarly magnified
“I’ll be returning to the mainland next month.” She says, hanging on the phone. “I’ll see you then.”
“I’ll be waiting.” I leave her at that as she hangs up from the other side.

It appears that I’m not that good of an older brother.
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The time was 18:30, not exactly the time Akane has informed us, but she herself was already here.
“It’s Rise, you mong.” Snaps back a very out of character Akane, who sat right in front of the counter. But thanks to this reply, I could at least confirm that the woman right here was, in fact, Akane Akasaka, and not someone else.

And oh boy, none of us were expecting her to show up like this.

That trademark super long bang which covered half of her face was gone, organized into a more tolerable, equalized shape spread across the frontal part of her face. Extensive makeup masked away her natural drooping eyes that seemed to always expel malice, and the addition of eyelashes and bright nail polish turned Akane from the gloomy, malicious person she appeared to be into a bright and lovely young woman in her prime.

And even though she still acted the same way and spoke the same things, the tonal shift was so great it still appeared as if it was a completely different person.

“Is--is that really you?” Even Yanagi was unable to take this in so easily.
“Well, if I can fool the two of you, then I suppose I can be proud of the makeover.” She grins at the self-praise. “Too bad my date seems to be… late.”

>Maybe you should consider staying like this over your old looks?
>I still prefer the way you used to look
>So, who’s this person joining you today?

>Maybe you should consider staying like this over your old looks?
>So, who’s this person joining you today?
>Maybe you should consider staying like this over your old looks?
>Maybe you should consider staying like this over your old looks?
>So, who’s this person joining you today?
>Maybe you should consider staying like this over your old looks?
>So, who’s this person joining you today?
File: makeup.jpg (620 KB, 960x1440)
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620 KB JPG
“Maybe you should consider staying like this rather than going back to your old looks?” I suggest, pouring her a cup of water.
“Ah… so you like me this way.” She says with a hand clasped around her drink.
“Absolutely!” Yanagi replies, “It’s a far more refreshing and friendly look and fits Akasaka-san perfectly.”
“Not only that, you’re also prettier like this.” I compliment her, a praise that nevertheless garnered her attention.

“Pretty? Kuku... It’s been a while since showered me with such flattery.” She winks at me with those long eyelashes of hers. “Don’t tell me this is some sort of stealth confession?”
Yanagi almost dropped the mug she was washing.
Hibari stopped cleaning up the last customer’s table to shoot Akane a disgusted look.

“Aka… Rise-san, please be gentle with the teasing.”
“I know.” She admits playfully, ever so often glancing at Yanagi’s direction. “Unfortunately there’s not much to do when the star of tonight hasn’t entered yet.”

“Speaking of which, who’s this person joining you today?”
“Finally onto the important questions I see.” Akane chuckles, a hand playing with her hair. She looked around the cafe, and after confirming there was no one around, began spilling out the information.
“There’s this man called Mori Osamura, he’s the one responsible for completing the Yamato.”

“You… you managed to get in touch with such a high-ranking person?”
“High-ranking, oh please.” She waves it off. “He’s nowhere near any rank, nor does he deserve any. The barbarians have their boot on his face 24/7."
Going by Akane’s reaction, she wasn’t particularly fond of this person.

“But he sure knows all the things needed to make that battleship’s core engine function, so I maybe I should be glad he crawled on the floor like a coward begging for mercy when the barbarians marched into Kure.”
A turncoat, huh? That was no wonder. Despite the general loyal disposition of Zipang’s populace, once in a while, someone like him would pop up.

And they weren’t the most cut out of the group when it came to popularity.
“I see, so I’m legally obliged to lop this fucker’s head off, is that correct?” With the absence of a katana, Hibari had to use a kitchen knife as a substitute to pose menacingly instead.
“Oh no, we can’t do that unfortunately,” she answers. “He’s still working on completing that battleship, and on a secondary note, the Denisovs want him.”

Well, that made sense. If Osamura was the only person who has the knowledge to fully replicate this technology, then he’ll always be better alive than dead, disregarding his cowardice.
File: 64942252_p4.png (147 KB, 508x553)
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147 KB PNG
“Hmm… but there’s always a way for instant gratification.” Akane shrugs. “Tie him up and beat the words out of him? I guess I have enough leverage on the guy to pull something like that off, but that sort of violence isn’t really my style of doing things.”
Needless to say, she was greeted by doubtful gazes from all over the empty cafe.
“Look, things… are a bit different on the battlefield, just like my persona at this moment.”

“A-anyways, we could do the usual stuff him full with alcohol routine, have Miss anger issues here stomp the words out of him, or do you guys have any other ideas I can take into consideration?”
Knowing that she can’t talk herself out of this, Akane tried her best to re-rail the subject matter.

>Would it be feasible to ask him to join our cause? It’s not like a researcher like him could do anything to fight back when the barbarians invaded anyway.
>Do you want us to bring out the sedatives? Or do you want the strongest liquor?
>Let Koishimizu-senpai have her instant gratification.
>Write in.
>Would it be feasible to ask him to join our cause? It’s not like a researcher like him could do anything to fight back when the barbarians invaded anyway.
>If he refuses, we can always tie him up and have Akane have her way with him.

>Would it be feasible to ask him to join our cause? It’s not like a researcher like him could do anything to fight back when the barbarians invaded anyway.

>if that fails...Have fun but make sure he can still work and talk
>Would it be feasible to ask him to join our cause? It’s not like a researcher like him could do anything to fight back when the barbarians invaded anyway.
File: scientist.jpg (21 KB, 200x575)
21 KB
“I was thinking, could it be possible to convince him to join our cause?”
“I expected a better joke from you,” Akane answered with a cynical glare. “But oh, you are actually serious, aren’t you?”
“It’s not like a non-combatant like him could fight back when the barbarians took over anyway,” I say. “At least, I think we should trust his conscience.”

“And you, Koishimizu? I thought you would be objected to this.”
“It will end up with me whipping that coward into shape one way or the other.” Hibari sighed and sat down, placing away the kitchen knife. “Plus, I want to see him try and fail.”
An instant scowl appeared across Yanagi’s face, but before I could comfort her, the cafe’s door creaked open, and from there enters our star of the night.

“Excuse me, is there someone here going by the name Rise?”
In came a tall, lanky man, and certainly did not appear to be much of a fighter. His voice was timid, and at times, a bit sensitive. He wore the uniform of the naval research institute. While the design and insignia were still that of Zipang’s, this institution now works for the Khaganate.

"Ah, Mori-kun!”
Like a happily married couple, Akane wasted no time to fling herself into Osamura’s embrace. What’s even more interesting was the man’s reaction to her action, his face flaring up like a lantern in the night.
“Rise-chan, I kept you waiting haven’t I?”
His first attempt at trying to sound cool only resulted in pure, distilled cringe. I have to applaud Akane in this case for not immediately breaking character.

The two proceed to order their drinks. While Akane asked only for a can of beer, the scientist proceeded to order an entire meal. Judging by how enthusiastic he was at feasting on its simple contents, I could only guess he skipped dinner today.

“Say, Mori-kun…” Akane gently runs a finger down his shoulder. “about your work.”
“Ah, that.” He pushes up his glasses. “The Admiral is demanding us to finish it within four months. But even then…”
“You’re being overworked.”
“I just want some rest.” Osamura sighs tiredly. “I… no, none of the crew had any sort of respite for weeks. There were times where there weren’t enough time for a meal!”
I see, no wonder he gobbled his order up like it’s the most delicious treat ever created by men.

“Well, Mori-kun, I didn’t bring you here just for the meal, you know?”

>Roll a 2d10 for recruitment check
Rolled 9, 2 = 11 (2d10)

Rolled 5, 7 = 12 (2d10)

Rolled 4, 5 = 9 (2d10)

File: cafe-bar.jpg (65 KB, 1024x576)
65 KB
“Mori-kun, I feel you could do with quite more than just a meal...”
“W-what do you mean?”
Slowly, Akane slides herself closer to Osamura’s side. Sat by him, she closes in by grabbing hold of his arm, letting it rest in between her breasts.
Presumably the first time he experiencing this sort of intimate connection with someone of the opposite sex, Osamura muttered the words as his face flushed red and his body freeze solid like a block of ice…
A boiling block of ice? Well, he was frozen and about to blow up at the same time.

“So...what do you say?”
Akane tilted her head and gazed at him lovingly from below. It wasn’t that much of a dominant move, but it was enough to push Osamura over the edge anyway.
And Yanagi, why was she paying such detailed attention onto this sequence anyway? This… doesn’t appear to serve her anything.

“E--excuse me!”
Like a rat scurrying away from the mouth of a viper, Osamura Mori popped out of his seat and shuttled off into the cafe’s restroom.
“Rise-san, how does this constitute in any way shape or form as convincing him?”
“You see, men are simple creatures,” For a split second, ‘Rise’ reverted back to her usual self and flashed a slasher smile. “Get them on the hook, and they’d be willing to do anything.”

The chill down my spine aside, I was more surprised on how strangely adept Akane was at this. Almost too good, in fact. Which brings out the question: just what was she doing before the war broke out?
...On a second thought, I don’t think I really want to know.

“Now the only thing I need is that final little touch.” She winks, the Rise persona retaking control. “Morishima-chan, can you help me with a drink? I feel he could use some liquid courage.”
As if on cue, Yanagi went into the storage room, presumably to fetch the drink Akane ordered. The latter on the other hand, followed her ‘boyfriend’ to the back of the cafe, presumably to check on him.

A few minutes pass, with God knows what was happening back there, the silence was finally broken by a sharp beeping noise from the background.
File: alurune.jpg (45 KB, 960x640)
45 KB
With a loud shriek Mori busted out of the restroom and back to the dining area.
“I-I need to get back to work!”
“That fast? But what about our date…”
Rise emerged right after him, pouting and arms crossed over her chest.

“I-I’m sorry, Rise-chan, but they’ll kill me if I’m late!”
He hurriedly emptied the contents of his lab coat pocket to find a few wrinkled banknotes, which he placed on the table beside his half finished meal. He then panickingly dashed out of the cafe door, almost tripping over the doorstep on his way.

“Ah, that was unfortunate.” I commented, which Akane responded by flying me a wink.
“Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions, Kurokawa-san.” She said, picking up the bills and handing them over onto my hand. “I have him firmly on the hook now. Don’t worry, I’ll have him on our side in no time.”
Following the researcher, ‘Rise’ leaves, promising to drop by in the near future.

Akane Akasaka, the more I get to know you, the more I don’t know you.
The fearless, reckless demon on the battlefield
The snarky, gloomy individual among friends and comrades
The beautiful, manipulative seductress with enemies
Just which one of these is the real you?
File: yan.jpg (37 KB, 800x960)
37 KB
As the couple disappeared into the night, a really red-faced, light headed Yanagi walked out from the depths of the cafe, looking as if she just experienced something traumatizing.
“Yanagi, what's the matter?” I couldn't help but ask.
“N...No! no! I'm fine!” she smiled wryly, trying to come back to her senses. She held a glass of what I presume to be the drink Akane ordered earlier. Though it was a bit too late into the party, the strong alcoholic odor of the liquor still lingered within the store…
No, calling it liquor might be an understatement. It smelled almost akin to rubbing alcohol used in hospitals, perhaps even stronger.

“What is that?”
“Some... kind of a liquor from East Europa.” She answered, following two short coughs. “Denisov-san said this is a souvenir.”
I covered my nose and took a good look at the liquid, then back at the store’s entrance where the two just left. It might be different for people from the Empire, but I doubt anyone in Zipang can take a shot of that thing without instantly falling over, much less someone like Osamura.

There was also no doubt she was about to feed this to him, and I don’t honestly know what she planned to do from there.

And judging by the way Yanagi has been acting, she definitely took a little sample as well...

>It won’t be harmful to try a bit of this, right?
>Clean up the store and call it a day
>Write in
>Clean up the store and call it a day
Someone has to remain sane and sober here.
>It won’t be harmful to try a bit of this, right?
>Clean up the store and call it a day
File: hib.jpg (72 KB, 691x960)
72 KB
“Are you fuckers done yet?”
At the same time, the absent Hibari descends from the stairs leading to the cafe’s second floor. Evidently, she wanted nothing to do with the earlier encounter.
With the answer she was looking for laying bare in front of her, she did not question the issue further.
“At least they didn’t chimp out like yesterday- what the hell is that smell?” She covers her nose in jest. “Did you two let that fucking animal in again?”
“Um, I can expl-”
Hibari’s sudden warning call apprised me of the fact that Yanagi, unable to handle the influence of the strong alcohol, was about to lose her footing and collapse.
In one swift move Hibari stepped in and, wrapping with one arm around Yanagi’s shoulder and the other at her waist, caught Yanagi before she fell over.
“Explain after you take care of your girlfriend, dammit!”
“I...I’m fine.” Yanagi whispered while in Hibari’s arms, still trying to cling onto her consciousness.
“You’re not, now shut up and be grateful that I’m doing this for you.” After getting Yanagi back on her feet, Hibari proceed to arch Yanagi’s arm over her shoulder to provide her support.
“Sorry...” I hear my friend utter weakly
“Just rest for today.” I answered back at her, gently taking the glass away from her relatively loose grip.

Without another word, Hibari lend Yanagi her shoulder and lead her upstairs; her small body surprisingly capable at carrying someone approximately half a head taller than herself.

Watching the two disappear up the stairs, I felt it’s time to clean up the mess and call it a day. On the bright side, today was far tamer from whatever that was yesterday.
Honestly, it really would be better if this cafe wasn’t such a magnet for some very questionable individuals.
As I began cleaning up the dishes of some unfinished meals left behind, Hibari unexpectedly returned downstairs. With her uniform still intact, she took a mop and began cleaning the floor.

“Thanks for helping.” I said, cleaning up the glass that once held the potent liquid.
She abruptly stops her actions, taking a prolonged sigh. "Yeah well, someone's gotta do something when the worthless boyfriend does fuckall nothing?"
Wha… where did she get this idea?

“Koishimizu-senpai, we are not…”
“Shut up or I’m leaving you alone to clean up this mess.” She snapped back, slamming the mop on the floor. “This is the thir… Ah! Forget it!”
Hissing in frustration, Hibari picked the mop back up seconds later and continued to diligently scrub the floor.

>Tell her she’s not actually a bad person
>Ask what’s bothering her.
>Continue cleaning up the cafe.
>Write In
>Tell her she’s not actually a bad person
>You aren't really a bad person
>Tell her she’s not actually a bad person
>Ask what’s bothering her.
>Ask what’s bothering her.
File: hib2.png (518 KB, 686x960)
518 KB
518 KB PNG
“Koishimizu senpai, I feel I passed a wrong judgement about you.” I commented offhandedly. Breaking the silence, this caused her to put off her work again.
“Oh really? And what might that be?” Hibari responded, sarcastic as usual.
“You’re… kinder than I had thought,” I suggest, placing the cups away. “but I still don’t understand why you have to be so cynical. Is something bothering you?”
“None of your business.”
She was still quite unwilling to open up it appears, but she was definitely hiding something away. Considering what she might throw at me next, I decided to switch the topic.

“What about a drink? Thought I might pay back what I owe you now.”
“Huh?” She shot me a glare. “You’re not thinking of repaying me saving your life with just a few drinks, are you?”
“It’s the least I can offer. Besides, if by the end of the day we’re slightly more even with each other, it’d be worth the effort, right?”
Setting the mop aside, Hibari came by to the counter and sat at the seat which Akane occupied earlier.
...Wait a minute, she actually accepted my offer?

“Just one shot, we still have some unfinished tasks.” she muttered, trying hard not to make eye contact.
I brought out that rather intense alcoholic beverage again, pooling just a little bit of it into a tiny shot glass. Even with such little amount, the odor still remained unbearable.

“That's how you show gratitude, serving me that!?” She chided, again covering her nose from the stench. “You’re doing this on purpose aren’t you!?”
“Ah… I just wanted to serve you the most exotic drink we have.” I examined the pure liquid from the clear glass. “But if you want I can always change it to something that better fit your taste.”
“Give it to me.” In a quick snap, Hibari snatches the cup from my hand. “Now that you’ve done it, I can’t let this go to waste!”
“Koishimizu-senpai, wait…”
And ignoring my warning, Hibari proceeded to down the entire thing in one go.
File: hib3.png (704 KB, 1234x716)
704 KB
704 KB PNG
Her most immediate reaction was to pant out two short coughs. Going by how strong the alcohol was, I fully expected Hibari to start breathing fire like a dragon. And while she didn’t actually breathe fire, her skin does appear to be, gradually turning bright pink as the beverage dilutes into her system.
“Senpai, are you alright?”
I shot an arm out to grab her by the shoulder, only to be slapped away with a surprisingly strong force.
“Do I look fine? You piece of shit!”
Looks like I’ve underestimated her.
“How was it?”
“Ugh, tastes like paint thinner.”
Despite saying that, she helped herself with another shot of the same drink.

The cafe fell into silence as our conversation hanged there for a moment. After downing a few more shots, Hibari switched her position to the side, still unwilling to make any direct eye contact with me. Knowing so, I decided not to bother her any longer.

“Once upon a time, there was a girl who longed to soar the skies.”
As if reading my action, Hibari broke the silence, reciting a tale out of nowhere.
“And thus, the partner she was assigned to for life took her to the skies. But times change, and soon the two found their nation at war.”
Standing up and walking to the bookshelves, Hibari picked up a miniature of the ISARA biplane, the first fixed-wing aircraft to have debuted in the modern age. The design might appear simple, but all the world’s current planes can trace their lineage back to this thing.
“The girl wanted to fly alongside her partner, but since she was a woman,” she continued. “She was not allowed to enlist in that role.”
Taking the model, Hibari settled back onto her seat and slouched over.
“Her partner, like everyone along his side, turned into scraps, scattered into the Amakusa Sea.”
She twirled the propellers of the model, and continued to speak in that monotonous manner.

“So you volunteered when Zipang was in such dire conditions she was scraping the barrel.”
Verbally unresponsive, Hibari turned her head around within her arms embrace.
“And you sought revenge.”

“No.” She finally answers, her voice unnaturally soft. “I… wanted to die.”
A stream of tears cascaded down the side of her eye. Despite this, Hibari did not break down into a complete sob.
“So when we met you back in the forests of Aki, you…”
“If I can’t perish the same way he did, at least I… I...” she muttered, trying to sound as composed as usual, but it was clear that with each passing second she was closer to her breaking point.
“ Koishimizu-senpai…”

With that last layer of ‘tough girl’ facade finally gone, Hibari Koishimizu for once did the only thing appropriate for someone in her situation: Bury her head in her arms and cry silently.

>Let her cry herself out
>But you have something else to fight for now, don’t you?
>Comfort her
>Write in

Let her cry herself out for a bit.

"But you do hav somethign to fight for now, right?"

Say it matter of factly. She'd probably not rather we acknowledge the breakdown more than strictly necessary.
>>But you have something else to fight for now, don’t you?
>Let her cry herself out
>Reminisce internally on how a deathwish might lead to kicking soldiers of your own side in the head.
>Let her cry herself out
>But you have something else to fight for now, don’t you?
supporting >>2369922
>But you have something else to fight for now, don’t you?
File: hib 4.jpg (59 KB, 960x679)
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I left her as she was, expelling her pent up grievances alone as I continued to finish up with the day…
But I can’t just leave her like this, can’t I? Despite the attitude Hibari displayed ever since we met, the sight of a girl drowning in her own grief and depression struck me on a more personal level.

"But you do have something to fight for now, right?" I said, trying to sound as matter-of-fact as possible. Hibari was still Hibari, intoxicated or not, and she probably wouldn’t take it kindly to me acknowledging her breakdown.

No reply came from her.
“Koishimizu senpai?”

Still, nothing but silence.

I see, so she either cried herself to sleep, or the beverage forced her remaining consciousness into slumber. Either way, this made my work exponentially harder.

I can’t just leave Hibari here on the first floor all by herself.
On the other hand, carrying her upstairs and into the girl’s bedroom? Sure, I can wake Yanagi up to help, but I fear that might complicate things too much and end with my head being bashed in by Hibari the next morning.

Truth be told, compared to what I did just some weeks ago, either outcome of these aforementioned events were rather tame, so maybe I shouldn’t be complaining.

Carefully, I loaded the unconscious Hibari over my back, letting her arms slide across my neck while I gripped her thighs as to prevent her from sliding off. With her short stature, ferrying her was surprisingly easy. At least, I can’t begin to imagine how much more straining the scenario would be if it Margaret was in her position.

And right as I was about to knock the door on the girl’s room, I felt a soft whisper by my ear.
“Maybe... I do.”
I turned to check on Hibari, only to be greeted by her still sound-asleep face.
File: streets.png (969 KB, 800x568)
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969 KB PNG
Time passed, and little by little, the people of this damaged nation began returning to their pre-war lives. As stores reopen and competition increasing by the day, our customers decreased, yet we did manage to keep track of the targets on our list.

Wei Mu and Yian Ruohua, two of Beiyang’s highest officials, continued to turn up at the cafe on a daily basis. It became their daily ritual to grab a morning coffee coffee here, sometimes taking one extra for their head, the Beiyang Admiral as well. As usual, the two of them acted like a long-married pair, despite not officially affiliated in any shape or form.

Chu Fuxiang never came for a second visit, though there were times where I would spot her roaming around the streets late at night. Luckily for me, she did not appear to have any memory of the incident that night, and thus never recognized me.

The Foreigner and the Goguryeon that came to fetch Fuxiang didn’t bother paying a second visit, either. However, we did manage to find quite a bit more about exactly who they were.

The former was Clementine H. Wittelsbach, an Imperial-in-exile now serving in the Beiyang fleet. Her background perfectly explained her disgust towards me… specifically, my blood. Her house, the Wittelsbach, was one of the more influential nobility within the Empire, most notable for their roles as diplomats for the old establishment. Through the frequent use of political marriage, they had built close ties with prominent figures all over the world, including the lords from the former Yu Dynasty. However, they, along with all those loyal to the old Imperial Court, were purged by the Rus faction that seized power after the end of EW II.

As for the Gorguryeon man… well, turns out he wasn’t just any ‘bird’. Cho Gou, better known as ‘the Phantom Swallow’, is the most decorated pilot of the eastern hemisphere. While his overly quiet demeanor made him awkward to be around, his 176 confirmed aerial victories was no laughing matter.

Quite the spectacular group of guests, to say the very least.
File: sub.png (147 KB, 508x553)
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147 KB PNG
January 8th, 1943 EC
Just one month prior to New Years for the Yu people, the Khagan issued an amnesty for the majority of the surviving military members of Zipang. This meant I could finally return to my old home without the fear of being arrested, and overall made traveling around slightly easier.
However, due to the work at the bar and preparation for the big operation, I never got the time to return home despite it being a ten minute walk from the cafe.

“I’m off for today?”
“Shirataki and I are off tomorrow.” Satoru answers, dressing up for the day’s work. “The Yamato would be finished by around next month, so I suggest you make the most of it and leave nothing behind. After all, we might never return.”
“You certainly didn’t have to word it like that.” I comment on my friend’s rather grim remark. Though in the end, what he said did carry a certain amount of truth. Be it the failure and success of the operation, I cannot see a ‘what happens next’ situation where we all return back to our usual lives here.

“Well, I get to sour your day up, so you can spend the rest of it trying to make it better.” He joke, “Any particular person of interest? You aren’t the only one having the day off today.”

>I want to go visit my old home first.
>Yanagi probably? Though it’ll be less fun without you around.
>I wonder where Koishimizu-senpai would be in a day like this.
>Denisov-san invited me to a little outing today.
>Denisov-san invited me to a little outing today.
>Denisov-san invited me to a little outing today.

And visit the house if that's possible
>Yanagi probably? Though it’ll be less fun without you around.
>I want to go visit my old home first.
>Denisov-san invited me to a little outing today.
Thread's archived, was about to make one final entry before the end of today but it appears that the thread will be pruned by then.

A new thread will be up sometime this week (see twatter), so stay tuned till then and thanks for participating in this two week-long session.

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