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Freelancers is a skirmish game where everyone controls their own character in tactical combat against xeno scum. Clad yourself in powered armor, take up your gun and blade, and join the fight to reclaim your homeworld.

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This thread directly continues the previous one, in which the Freelancer company has assaulted a Scav depot and reinforcement center, and now begins their battle with Thane Elsis, the alien commander.
File: map 5-9B.jpg (1014 KB, 3200x2800)
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1014 KB JPG

Freelancer Turn 9:

Rhino shoots Brute 5 for 1 damage (2 blocked) and 1 break.

Gamma shoots Raider 17 for 3 damage.

Thoth throws another incendiary grenade north, striking Thane Elsis and Raider 22 for 1 break each and setting both aflame.

Corax fires at Thrall 13, but misses.

Gallows heals Durward and tosses a mana grenade at Thane Elsis, breaking 1 armor. Too fast even for cybernetically enhanced reflexes, Elsis turns with a snarl and counterattacks with a burst of laser fire. Gallows ducks behind cover just in time, the blasts scoring chunks of metal from the heavy machinery. The Thane's using time magic, the Mage realizes with a sinking feeling. Somehow she's speeding herself up, stealing gaps in time where they shouldn't exist ...

Toll blasts Raider 22 in the head with his shotgun, turning his brains into a splattered mess on the ground.

Dawn hits Brute 5 for 2 damage (1 blocked).

Leopard advances close enough to get a shot on Thrall 18, killing it, then retreats behind cover. (I'll say that you were close enough to negate some of his cover advantage)

Durward repositions to the north.

Phaws strikes at Brute 5, but misses.

Vacia throws a knife at Thrall 13, but hits cover.

Myrmidon dashes east and strikes Brute 5 for 4 piercing damage.

Now processing Alien Turn 9.
File: map 5-10A.jpg (947 KB, 3200x2800)
947 KB
947 KB JPG

Thrall 13 fires at Gallows, hitting for 1 damage (1 blocked).

Raider 17 dies from burning damage, his charred corpse falling to the ground.

Raider 22 runs south, drawing his blades, and engages Leopard in hand-to-hand. He scores a partial hit on the Hunter for 1 damage (1 block, 1 deflect)

"Ah! I see that one of you is bold enough to face me." Thane Elsis stomps forward, the ground quaking under her feet, her cloak still aflame from the fire grenades. She shifts her rifle to her left arms, while her right arms draw forth a heavy blade of vicious size and sharpness. "Come, Hunter! I will give you a warrior's death!" She sweeps the heavy blade in a massive arc, missing Diplomat but crushing the support column he was taking cover behind. "Nothing to hide you now," the Thane says with sadistic glee as she levels her rifle. The point-blank shot annihilates a portion of Diplomat's skull in a burst of metal and brains. The critical hit deals 6 damage and drops Diplomat to -4, instantly killing him. "Hard to miss at this range, really," the Thane sighs as if bored by the lack of sport.

Any Freelancer who might happen to have the codes for the command frequency would overhear Graves swearing viciously. "They're getting killed down there, Captain!"

"Hold your position," the Captain says evenly. "You're our only reserve force. You can't commit yourself yet."

"But I've got to do something--"

"I said hold, Graves," the Captain says, her tone taking on an edge. "Don't make me repeat myself again."

"... yes, sir."

Status Report:
Corax: 4/5, Armor 1
Dawn: 5/5, Armor 0/1
Durward: 6/6, Armor 0/3
Flicker: 4/5, Armor 0/1
Gallows: 5/5, Armor 1
Leopard: 2/5, Armor 1/1
Phaws: 4/5, Barrier 0/1
Myrmidon: 2/5, Armor 0/1
Rhino: 1/7, Armor 0/4
Sigurd: 5/7, Armor 2/4
Solaaris: 5/5, Barrier 0/1
Toll: 3/6, Armor 0/2
Vacia: 5/5, Armor 0/1
Diplomat KIA
Westree KIA

Raider 22: 4/5, Armor 0/1, Burning
Thane Elsis: ??/?? (Strong), Armor ?/? (Shattered)

Freelancer Turn 10 begins now!
>Stay Down

"I'm hurt real bad. Unless I get some healing (which I don't think we have,) I can't go in there."

Class: Knight
Level 2

Titan Plating- +1 Armor, 50% DMG resist to explosives.
Unstoppable- Kool-Aid man powers.

LMG- DMG 3, Range 20, Break 1, Destructive
Shield- Armor +1

Plated Vest- +1 HP
Jump Pack- Jump 10, 1 DMG on land
Rolled 1, 9 = 10 (2d10)

Dash W1, NW2, W5. Arcstrider the Thane.

"Your time is up Scav."

Class: Knight
Level 1
Armor 0

Discipline: Shieldwall

Arcstrider: 4 Damage, +2 Mobility
Shotgun: 4 Damage, Range 10
Gear: Battle Scanner, Medkit
Rolled 6 (1d10)

My life, for humanity
> Move SE 2S 2SW 1W 2SW, 2W
> Stab Thane

Level 2
Rally C0, Field Medic
Spear, Shield
Medkit C1

Health 6/6
Mobility 5
Armour 0
>Diplomat KIA


"You had to go and make me /upset/"
Rolled 7 + 1 (1d10 + 1)

Now, Westree, it's important that we---
. . . Hatguy? C'mon on now, that ain't funny man.

>Move 5NW, 1N
>Dash 1NE, 5N
>I Hit The Thane With My Sword [D4, B1, Hit 3-10, Crit 9-10, Storm Rune]

== Phaws, Level 5 ==
Health 4 [5]
Barrier 0 [1]
Mobility 6

>Channeler, Arcanery, Brilliance, Artillery, Energy Drain, Void Strike.

D3, R10, B1
Crit 9-10, Cd 6.
>Void Strike

D4, B1
Hit 3-10, Crit 9-10, Cd 6
>Void Strike
>Storm Rune

Mana Grenade, 3 Dmg, Break 2, 15 range, Area 2, Destructive, C1
>Mana Grenade, 2 Dmg, Burn, Break 2, 15 range, Area 2, C1
>MedKit, Heal 4, Range 2, C1 [S]

Storm Rune (+1 D, Shock on 10 [Melee])
Raider XXX
Thrall XXX
Brute X

We're handling it. But we might need cover for an extraction. And bring a medkit, we've got wounded."
Rolled 38 (1d100)

-Name: Corax
-Class: Hunter
-Level: 1
-Health: 4/5
-Mobility: 8
-Armour: 1
-Sniper Rifle (+1 to hit)
-Grapple Hook.
-Smart Rune (Sniper Rifle)

Fire sniper rifle on Thrall 13.

"Clearing out secondary targets."
Rolled 8 + 1 (1d10 + 1)

Rolled 7 (1d10)

Move 1 East. Move 1 North. Move 4 Northwest. Fire SMG at Thane Elsis. Move West 1, North 1.
SMG: Dmg 3, Range 15. Move 2 before or after firing
Shield: Armor +1. When you hit an adjacent enemy, you may push them 1, then move 1 into their former space.
Mana Grenade x2: Dmg 3, Break 1, autohit. Range 15, Area 1, Destructive. Action (Spent)
Medkit x1: Heal 4, Range 2. Swift (Spent)
Channeler: +1 grenade Slot, +5 grenade range, +1 grenade area
Brilliance: +1 grenade dmg
Force Shield[S]: Target alley within 10 gains +2 Barrier. C2 (Spent)
Knight Rhino, While Knights Toll and Durward engage the Thane in melee combat, you are able to engage from range from the North doorway of the room to your east.
"I refuse to have any less cover than this pillar between me and that massive fucking gun. I got hit once already by it, it wasn't fun."
Move W4, Dash NW1, W3
Name: Vacia
Codename: Umbral
Class: Hunter
Health: 5
Armor: 0
Level: 3
Ability: Phantom, Swordmaster, Energy Drain
Weapons: Dagger and Sword
Gear: Medkit and Iron Rune (Sword)

SW 1, S 3, SE 1, S 2, SW 1, W 1, S 3, SW 3, Heal Myrm.
I cannot fault you for not wishing to die, and I cannot command you to find courage in the face of foes that would rip you apart.

If you wish to cower in cover while the company stands and fights, that is your choice.


Of all the things to tell your Order when you climb out of this wet pit, alive and breathing Machine City air, be sure you report that your place in the line was taken up by mages because you, when your friends and allies died, kept your head down rather than get *angry*.
"Alright, I will. Cheers."
Rolled 4 + 1 (1d10 + 1)

>Move 1SE, 1NE, 4N, 1E
>Shoot Raider 21. +1hit, 3dmg, 9crit, 10stun
>Throw Battlescanner down the Hall NW. Best of 20Range

"Westree, Diplomat. If the Orbiting Gods do not see fit to return you to a worthy chasis, may you find endless Hunts in your hereafter."

Name: Leopard
Class: Hunter
Level 5
>Hp 2/5
>Mob 8
>Armor 1
Exploits: Alacrity (Split Move before/after Attack).
Deflect [R] (1/2dmg from an attack)
Run & Gun 1/2C (Shoot after Dashing)
Deadeye (+1crit rate and dmg)
Spell: Entropy Field (+2def vs ranged attacks)
>Scout Rifle: 2+1Dmg, 25Rng, +1Hit, 10stun
>Dagger: 2Dmg, Melee/10Rng, Backstab 2
>Storm Rune (Scout Rifle): +1Dmg, Stun on 10
>Battle Scanner: Scout and Detect. 20Rng, 4Area, 0/2C, [S]
I don't intend malignity. Being afraid of dying is natural. That's why I drink, y'know. That, and the constant background buzzing of quantum flux gives me a headache if I'm sober. But--
Point is, you'll die soon. We all will. So why not stand and fight until? One more push and they break. So push.

It'll happen on its own anyway - a scav or a drake or a snipershot or a blade or a bomb or a mine or knife in the dark and a slow collapse. All uncertain.

Or you can risk death here, now, fighting a right proper /tool/. Certain. Maybe we bury you. Maybe you bury us. But it'll be with friends and you die fighting, against an enemy worth trying to kill.

C'mon, Rhino. All you get for being the last man is a shovel to bury is and too many memories to drink away.
"Save your breath for shouting down the Thane, we have more important things to worry about thane a Knight that doesn't deserve their armor."
"If you haven't noticed, my armor is in bits all over the floor back there. With a great deal of my blood as well."
As I said, I can't fault you for it. But if we get out of here alive, I can drink you under the table and make you talk about your fear of death.

Hey now. Don't deknight previous valour of arms. When we hit the city, who was first to soak grenade and plasma fire in keeping the west flank alive?

Some men find their courage breaks from fire. It doesn't wipe away the full datarecord of previous deeds.
Rolled 5 + 2 (1d10 + 2)


>Move 4NW, 1W, 1N, 2NE.
>Blink 6N
>Slash Gunner Thane with sword (4 damage, piercing, +1 crit range)

Deflect and Bladestorm ready.

Powers: Blademaster
Deflect (Half damage on first attack that hits me).
Blink (1/3 charges, swift 6 spaces teleport)
Bladestorm (free melee attack on first unit that enters or attacks from melee range)
Weapons: Sword (4 dmg, +2 hit & +1 crit range, piercing), dagger (3 dmg, +1 hit, backstab, range 10).
Gear: Medkit (used), Iron Rune Sword

Hp: 5/5
Mov: 8
Armor: 0/1 (broken)


Myrmidon takes a look at the fellow hunter at her side, before giving her a nod and swiftly moving towards the Thane. She regretted that her life might have come at the cost of Diplomat, being completely sure that if not for him then she would most likely have become a splatter on the floor as well.

She had just enough of the Thane's boast now though.

"That's enough chit chat. I think it's about time that you---

A *POP rang out while a tuft of pink smoke appeared from Myrmidon's previous position, just before the same sound rang from behind the Thane, as Myrmidon appeared ready to strike the hulking beast.

"--Learned your damn place!"
Knight Rhino, The next asset to be expired is likely Knight Toll. To not capitalize his sacrifice would be inefficient.
Rolled 8 (1d10)

Name: Thoth
Class: Mage
Level: 2
Spells: Arcanery, Mirror Image (One Expended, One Remaining)
Weapons: Scout Rifle, Shotgun
Gear: Flame Grenade
Health: 5
Mobility: 6
Barrier: 1

Move 1 Westree (RIP, we will get revenge), 2 North
Shoot Thane w/ Shotgun (4 damage, 10 range, Destructive)

Thoth grits his teeth as Westree valiantly struggles against death, only to give out. He doesn't want to look, realise just how real the chance of death is. He does anyway. He sees before anyone else that he won't make it, and his hand is already waiting to catch the magnum tossed his way.

Seeing the future could really suck sometimes.

Immediately he slips the magnum into the safest place he can think of, the dimension cube that he stores grenades in. It wasn't like he had anything else in there.

"We'll get the Scavs back for you, Westree. A hundredfold. I swear it on my living soul," he promised, his tone quieter and more steely than usual.

Thoth stepped away from his pillar and pushed forward to something less protective that gave him a better angle. His shotgun raised, then kicked back as it fed the Thane a shell through its shattered armour.

"And you. Toll. Stop talking. Westree just died. I will NOT have you slander his friend the very moment after."
"I'll say what I want about another Knight. We can't afford to lock up on the battlefield. Thanks for the shot though."
Rolled 2 + 2 (1d10 + 2)

3 west, 1 north west, 2 west, slice with sword.

Reaction: Crash shield

"This must end... Now." Gallows says as she shrugs of the Thrall shot. As she charges forward, her crash shield ready to deploy for the big hit that Thane had made, Gallows watched as the time magic cycle wear off. "Time magic is powerful, but you need to stop it once in a while, or paradoxes occur." With that, she swings, ready to end this. "Your time has run out."

Class- Mage
Level- 3
Powers- Channeler, Energy Drain, Blademaster, Crash Shield
Weapons- Might as well see if we can get this bad boy, Arc Strider, Scout Rifle

if not, Sword, Scout Rifle
Gear- Mana grenade, Medkit, Grapple Hook
Rolled 8 (1d10)

Name: Flicker
Class: Hunter
Level: 1
- Blink
- Sniper Rifle
- Shield
- Grapple Hook
- Iron Rune (Sniper Rifle)
Health: 4
Monility: 8
Armour: 1

Grapple North 2, West 4, behind the wall.
Fire Piercing Sniper Rifle at Thane.

"Vengeance is at hand. No more talking. The dead have no use for words."
Class- Priest
Level- 2
Powers- Medic Protocol, Field Medic, Crash Shield.
Weapons- SMG, Shield
Gear-Grapple HookX3
Health- 5/5
Mobility- 6

[Operator Westree Status- DEAD]
[Operator Rhino Status- CRITICAL]
[Operator Diplomat Status- DEAD]
[Medgel Remaining- 0]

Fear creeps more into Dawn. The Thane is out there somewhere but Dawn cant quite make out where they are, save for the large red blip on her HUD. Already more comrades have died and she was unsure what to do.

>SW 1
>NW 2
Death? He expected it when he signed up, it was almost a certainty. But so soon in his career, heh. He can't help but grin at the overcharging plasma in front of him.

"I never was very lucky was I?"

Smiling one last time, his reflexes strike out defiantly, he never did find out if it hit.

>Death action

>Vengeful protege, carry over bladestorm to a new character (Priest)
File: map 5-10B.jpg (985 KB, 3200x2800)
985 KB
985 KB JPG

Freelancers Turn 10

With his last Bladestorm attack, Diplomat finally hits, dealing 3 damage, although he would never know it. He falls with a smile on his face, confident he has done his duty to the remnants of his people.

Rhino, severely wounded and bleeding profusely, declines to engage further, catching some flak from his comrades for doing so.

Toll strikes the Thane with the Arcstrider for 3 damage (1 blocked).

Durward skewers the Thane for 2 piercing damage. Crackling with electric energy, the Thane turns with a roar and swings her heavy blade, cleaving through the remainder of the support column. Durward evades, but Toll isn't so lucky and takes the blade in his stomach, taking 4 damage and falling to -1.

Phaws dashes north and strikes the Thane for 3 damage (1 blocked).

Corax clears the battlefield by sniping Thrall 13.

Gamma moves while firing his SMG, striking for 2 damage (1 blocked). A burst of electric energy fires and the Thane's image distorts as she moves faster than should be possible, she raises her rifle and counter-snipes, striking Gamma with a severe wound for 3 damage (1 blocked) and 1 break.

Sigurd lumbers into battle carrying the weight of the heavy machine gun.

Vacia dashes south and uses her medkit on Myrmidon.

Leopard dodges around Raider 21 into cover, then turns back and shoots the alien for 2 damage (1 blocked). He throws a battle scanner down the hallway to the northwest, checking for incoming enemy reinforcements, but none were detected.

Myrmidon blinks north of the Thane and strikes with her iron-runed blade for 4 piercing damage. Elsis delivers a brutal kick to the Hunter that sends her flying. Myrmidon crashes through the machinery behind her, taking 2 damage and suffering knockdown.

The Thane is badly wounded now, her bright blue blood dripping from the cracks in her shattered armor. The Freelancers can see her huge frame breathing heavily, struggling to stand. "Curse you -- I won't go out like this -- not to you!"

Gallows dashes west, striking out with her sword. The blow is aimed truly, but in a blur of motion the Thane parries with her own heavy blade. The two weapons grind against each other as the two combatants clash and strive. Gallows puts up a desperate struggle but is overpowered by the Thane's brute strength and size. The mage is forced down to one knee by the alien's weight and power, feeling hot exhaust from the helmet's life support system as the aliens laughs in her face. "Too weak! It'll take more than you scum to take me down! More than you! More than --"
File: map 5-10C.jpg (942 KB, 3200x2800)
942 KB
942 KB JPG

A sniper rifle cracks. An iron-runed bullet pierces Thane Elsis' helmet. Blood drips from the ventilator, and a choking sound emerges from within. A surge of storm energy builds up in a damaged power conduit. Elsis claws at her armor's release clasp but is unable to detach it in time. Her helmet explodes in a violent flash of lightning. When the flash of light clears, where her head was before, now only a smouldering, charred stump remains. The massive body slumps to its knees, then falls to the ground.

Flicker lowers his rifle, smoke trailing from the barrel. "No more talking. The dead have no use for words."

Graves' sigh of relief is audible over the common channel. "Nice work, everyone. We took some casualties, but -- that's just how it is. Set up the fireworks and let's get the hell out of here. I've got your escape route locked down."
File: machine city exfiltration.jpg (1.08 MB, 5120x2500)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG

Leopard swiftly finishes dispatching Raider 21, while Durward uses the team's last remaining medkit to heal Toll's wounds and prevent him from bleeding out. Thoth looked sadly at his friend Westree's revolver, while Rhino respectfully placed the Hunter's distinctive hat over his face. Meanwhile, their comrades plant high-impact explosives throughout the facility's center. Swiftly ascending the way they came, meeting up with Graves, the team begins their exfiltration from the hot zone, taking cover from the sight of the incoming Scav dropship reinforcements. Descending alongside the Scav soldiers, visible to those with vision magnification, are small winged forms, surely the smaller draconics Graves mentioned before the battle. The Freelancers can only imagine what powers they possess, and how they might've altered the tide of battle.

The explosions go off just late enough to catch two of the dropships in the blast, sending them pinwheeling to the ground. The Scav facility erupts in a series of high-powered thermal detonations, sending red and orange blasts high. Soon the entire structure has taken enough damage that it begins to crumble, metal beams grinding as they fall inwards. The earth shakes, and a dust cloud ascends skyward into the perpetual storm overshadowing the Machine City.

Battered and wounded, but alive -- mostly -- the Freelancer company begins their journey back to the outpost, while behind them the Scav facility continues its slow but inexorable collapse.


Destroy Scav Complex: Complete
Eliminate Hostiles: Complete

Cayde KIA
Diplomat KIA
Westree KIA

Thanks for running for a week(?). Enjoyable as always if not xcom rage enducing.

This was updated. Feel free to ask for quotes to be added. Good mission everyone.
"A good Hunt. This lepe grows stronger.
Thane-Killers, Psy-Ops suggests you display proof of your kill openly. It may cause your prey to become frightened or enraged."

>Carry Cayde home
Excellent work, people.
Thanks for running boss.
Phaws struggled to strip off their helmet, impact deformation having sealed the quick release bolt in a flash of scarred metal. A little too close that third, fourth. . . fifth time. Yet, still alive. The helmet lost the tug of war and Phaws stumbled, off balance from shock, blood-loss and adrenaline aftershock.

Just put on boot in front of the other and try not to scream or make something blow up. Yeah, that was the plan. Simple. Easy. Breathe. Don't kill anyone. Don't shiv anyone. Just walk, not blowing things up with your mind, then get home, curl up in the bunk and very pointedly not cry, never cry, nope just--

A jagged piece of metal detritus interrupted Phaws post-battle repression by getting caught under foot and Phaws' paper thin self-control buckled. She kicked it. It went skittering down the path and then, having something better to do than come to a complete natural stop, started vibrating. Then it caught fire, pitch-shifted to a low resonating bass and exploded with a slightly frustrated crack.

Phaws looked around, shifted awkwardly, dodging eye contact. Eventually she sighed.

"Screw Scavs, man. Westree was good people. Funny. Hat a good hat, aim, even gave orders. I almost wanted to follow them. That's somethin'. And Diplomat was a hero. It's excessively egregiously exacerbating to my personal sense of equilibrium that I can't one-up him by saving his life next time. And Cayde was. . . Cayde. Virus' a bad way to go. Burying them all in the largest conflagration we could mastermind is small pebble payback. And it's just... I already miss Delphi. Now I'm going to have to remember more people? Screw scavs. And--"

Phaws snapped from high-intensity inspection of a ashstained gauntlet to staring at Rhino

"And you. Why are you so afraid of /dying/?"
Rest in piece. You dirty Northie.

thanks for running Raven.
File: machine city missions2.jpg (322 KB, 1920x1008)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
The Freelancer company returns to MC-01 or "Foxhole", their outpost at the edge of the machine city. The mood is subdued but satisfied, their mission accomplished, but not without casualties. While the loss of their comrades is painful, everyone knows what they signed up for when they took the infusion and put on the armor. All you can hope for is that with your life -- or death -- you can preserve humanity a little longer.

Upon arrival at the base, the company disperses into small groups. The most wounded require medical attention from the drones, while the others seek rest and refreshment, tend to the base, or try to find someplace quiet to deal with their thoughts. Graves seems to be almost as exhausted as his troops, his broad shoulders slumping as he orders himself a stiff drink from the replicator and collapses into a chair. Snow sits by him, not saying much, but it seems like she's able to comfort him in her own way.

Each Freelancer may do one or more of the following:

Vote on our next mission:
>Mission: Lightning Rod
>Mission: Magic Word

Vote on our next research projects:
Queued Research: Relic Utility, Salvage Defense
Death Research: Salvage Utility (Cayde), Relic Gun (Westree)
Available Research Points: 2 Scav Salvage

Discuss the mission and future possibilities with fellow Freelancers.

Speak with Graves and Snow.

Contact Echo Base to speak with the Captain, the Alchemist, or the reclusive Archivist.

Talk to the QM about the game, what you like or dislike about it, provide suggestions or feedback, say what you hope to see in the future.
>Lightning Rod


>Magic Word
>Mission: Lightning Rod


Mission: Magic Word

Research: Melee, Defense

Vacia moves over and stands next to Graves, lightly patting him on the back. "Sure as fuck a hard earned victory, my fucking back is going to be aching for a month probably. Being chewed up and spit out by a big scaled fucker is not fun... Fucking... where was I going with this...

Si! What i'm trying to say is Westree and Diplomate were good folk and should be celebrated, not sorrowed after! It's better to be thankful that they were, rather to focus that they were gone, yeah?"
>Magic Word


Actual talky stuff incoming when I get to a computer
I'll be back Southie. I'm not outta this yet.
Also add me ree
Seismic activity suggests Drakes, prey we have proven capable of Hunting. Lightning Storms suggests the unknown winged draconics (ref: reports of suspected abilities). I vote we handle the known threat first. 'Passcodes' may also provide additional intelligence.
>Vote: Magic Word

>Salvage Defense
>Salvage Weapons (Guns or Melee)

>Contact Echo Base: The Alchemist
"Cayde's autotermination was unexpected, and unfortunate. I would like to assist in a swift resolution regarding his aftereffects.
Better far to honor the Hunt than to regret its end."
Mission: Magic word



Contact Echo Base: Captain

This was a blast, thanks for the great time everyone and I'll see you next time this comes back up. Cheers!
>Mission: Lightning Rod

File: graves foxhole.jpg (508 KB, 1268x633)
508 KB
508 KB JPG

Graves nods slowly as he stares at his glass. "Yeah. You're right. Just -- still havin' trouble adjustin' to my spot in the middle here. When I was in the field I took care of shit with my own hands, protected my team with my own body. Now the Captain's got me on command 'n' reserve duty. I gotta sit back and watch you guys take the heat." He shakes his head. "Ain't right." He downs his drink in one go.

"Used to be you didn't take orders from anyone," observes Snow. "She's got you good and leashed."

"So what?" asks Graves. "You think I'm gonna cross her?"

"Hell no," Snow says. "Nobody crosses the Captain. You're stupid, but you're not that stupid."

"Damn right," Graves says. "I mean -- hey, wait a minute!"

Snow chuckles and hands him another drink.


Leopard tunes into a screen that shows a seemingly empty room in the base. "Hold on!" calls the Alchemist's voice. "I just -- rrgh!!" With a struggle she climbs onto a stool hidden below the screen. "What's up, Mr. Leopard?"

Leopard tells her what happened to Cayde, and adds, "Better to honor the hunt than regret its end. That said, I wish to know if anything can be done to prevent future attacks of this nature."

The Alchemist taps her finger on her chin. "I'm not the best with code, but I know a guy. Send over the data. Something about "Omega" right? I'll see what he can do with it."


A chipper AI adjutant transfers a call to the command center in Echo Base. After a few minutes, the Captain's slim figure appears on the screen, her intense stare still perceptible over the video feed. "This is the Captain. What can I do for you?"
>Lightning Rod


Rhino slowly takes his armor off, (at least, what's left of it. It's a shredded mess by now,) and breathes in the air of the Freelancer base. Inside his helmet, the photo that his little buddy Westree took with him flutters out, to the floor of the armory. Bending down, to pick it up, Rhino stares at it contemplatively for a moment, then puts it in his pocket.

Time to pour one out in honor Westrees' memory.
Name: Bishop
Class: Priest
Level: 1
Exploits: Bladestorm
Prayers: Medic Protocol, Dispel

-Signal Transfer to Echo base in progress, please wait for connection to finalize...-

He had been waiting for almost half an hour at this point, checking his watch to make sure it was correct. Yes, twenty seven minutes fifty two seconds and counting. He was just starting to turn away to march into the adjacent room and threaten the comms officer when the screen blinked on...

The Captain's slim figure appeared on the screen, her intense stare easily perceptible over the video feed.

"This is the Captain. What can I do for you?"

Ah, she's still terrifying, good.

"Good evening Captain, My designation is operator Bishop, and i wanted to call you personally about a change in living arrangements. To 'catch you up to speed' Captain this I've caught word from my C.O. that this unit is finally being dissolved and It's members relocated closer to designated combat zones and other support facilities. This little conversation is my attempt at not being stuck in a hell that is being stuck in a M.A.S.H. I want you to send me to different hell instead, and throw me right into the grinder, and I've heard talk about our new outpost outside machine city. Talk that they've hit the scavs hard, and they they need more bodies to shoot scavs with. So that's my request captain, will you let me ship up to Foxhole? Or will i be thrown to the med-bay?"
Welcome aboard [Operator Bishop] its nice to have another light in the darkness.

Vacia lets out a chuckle at Grave's expense , giving Graves another pat on the back. "If we had you covering are asses all the time, how would we learn? We can only become xeno killing machines by being thrown into shit creek and coming back with the head of a shark, ya get me? Enough missions and we could some day be standing next to you on the sidelines. Imagine that, huh?" Vacia manages another laugh, shifting her attention to Snow.

"Hey, I wanted to talk to you about the possibility of a mission. Some of my old smuggling buddies have taken some heat from the Scavs and well... they want an out. Is there something we could do about that?" Vacia inquires, her face... taking an unusual serious tone.

>Lightning Rod

So far:

Lightning Rod 4
Magic Word 5

Guns 2
Melee 3
Offense 5
Defense 9
Utility 1
File: captain command.fw.jpg (233 KB, 1194x556)
233 KB
233 KB JPG

"So that's my request, Captain," Bishop says over the scratchy voice-link to Echo Base, his video image flickering. "Will you let me ship up to Foxhole? Or will i be thrown to the med-bay?"

"We can always use another field medic," the Captain says. "Just try to keep a lid on preaching the good word of the satellites and all. Knights and Hunters don't really care unless you can punch or stab it, and as you may know, the Mages take exception to some of your theories. Violent exception."

"I'm familiar with the volatile personalities of the University's students, sir."

"All right, then. Glad to have you on board, Bishop. Stop by Echo Base. My team will inspect your gear and get you supplied. Assuming everything checks out, they'll have you on the next transport out to Foxhole."


Snow looks at Vacia with ice-cold eyes. "Your old smuggling buddies. You mean the other collaborators?" She takes a sip of her drink. "You know, there are some around here who don't take kindly to those types."

Graves turns to her. "Captain said to back off about that. Amnesty for anyone who joins up, remember?"

"She worked for them, Graves." Snow hasn't taken her eyes off Vacia. "The ones who took everything from us. And now she's asking us to divert forces to rescue her traitor pals from their own stupidity."

"The Captain," Graves says a little more forcefully. "Said to back off. And now I'm saying it. Understand me?"

Snow tsks, gets up and walks away.

Graves shrugs apologetically. "Sorry about her. A lot of us have lost someone to the Scavs." For a moment his gaze grows distant, then he re-focuses on the present. "Anyway, I'm not sure what I can do you, Vacia. Your friends are free to try their luck with the Infusion and, if they survive, join up with a clean slate. Just like you. Other'n that, I can't say. You can take it up with the Captain, but I doubt she'll be interested. She stays focused. Right now she's working for the Mage Council, and they want every man-jack available for these raids on the city." He looks up at the towering spires of the Machine City, and the storm-black sky beyond. "Something tells me we're gonna need it."
>Magic Word

Vacia's smile slowly shifts into a frown as Snow speaks. "No, it's fine Graves. I understand where she's coming from. The only reason I joined was because some Thane caught wind of what I was doing and got my crew killed. Joined the Freelancers the second after my daughter was born. I wasn't going to let those fuckers take her father and get away with it. I've been kill Scavs like the rest of them, sir. And I don't plan on stopping any time soon."

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