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Because you can't keep a BEST GIRL pinned down.

Previous thread:http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2099114/


You stand over the beaten servant of the Loa, the champion of Sibellla's fight club, the undefeated cat-holic herself Char.

It was close. Incredibly close. But you did it. You dug in deep and reminded yourself you had to avenge your Alpha's honor. And it worked! Something from your favorite animes worked!

Char lies exhausted and defeated on your alter of snow. You get on your bare knees and crawl toward her.

You sacrificed her pride and her grace...but there are other things she can sacrifice to the Namless Gods of Winter.


>Have her give up the Benny?
>the benny doll is more important to her
>the winnie doll is more important to us
>we did this to avenge our alpha, and rescuing her doll would cement our status in the pack as "best girl"
>but revenge is awesome, and holding onto something precious of our opponents would cement our position personally with her

I think we should tease Charlotte that we're going to take the benny doll as our trophy, knowing she'll cling to it. Then we'll offer "mercy" and have her surrender the winnie doll and recognize us as "best girl" of the pack instead.

that's my thoughts, I'm open for whatever, though
>"Trade" for the winnie doll?

>You can also have her make a winnie doll for you if you don't want to break up her collection. Or she could make a doll of you if you want your own action figure.
Nice to see you around OP, stay strong & take care
If she doesn't want us to break up her collection she needs to beg.
our own action figure does sound cool, though...
I say we
>tease her about taking benny doll
>let her beg to keep it
>request that she relinquish the winnie doll instead
>see if she begs to keep her collection
>if she begs, we'll let her give us our own winnie doll, and admit we're best girl
backing >>2245880
Sounds good to me.
I'm down for this too

You plant your foot on the chest of the conquered voodoo queen as she looks up at you with sad, defeated kitty eyes.

"I think its about time you sacrificed...your deepest love..."

Char whimpers, but makes a weak gesture with her fingers. The fabled doll of Benny hovers over from the sidelines.

You remove your foot, just so the nude sacrifice can offer up your trophy on her knees.

"...He's yours." She says sniffling. "You've won him..."

You teasingly touch the doll with your finger. You've actually won a trophy, a real trophy! Most of your trophies are like Beta's-little boxes with pictures that stuck behind the television screen. But this one is real.

You throw your head back like a true wolf and give a howl of victory that echoes through the woods. In the distance you can hear your packmates take a moment out of their lives to respond as tradition demands.

It's one of the best things about being accepted into the pack. Every victory is more than just a victory for yourself.

...Although you probably wouldn't want to share the exact details of this particular fight with anyone outside the club...

Somewhere the lewd vampire in charge of all this smirks as a picture is taken capturing this moment of submission for the secret scrapbook she keeps hidden under her bed.

A chorus of boos erupt from Char's corner. Her ectoplasma friends make faces at you.

With a wave of your hand you bury them and their altar with a glut of snow, covering the intricate symbols and snuffing out the candle flames.

You pull a little against the doll. Char whimpers and resists just a little, ears flat against her head.

"Oh? Do you want to keep your Benny?"

Char nods. "He's the source of all my power..."

"Hm....I'm not a bad girl. Maybe like, an anti-hero, but not a bad girl. You lost Voodoo Doll, and that means you have to pay for your pride...but maybeeeee you can keep it..."

You tug a little harder on the doll.

"...You just need to sacrifice your dignity for him. Beg for him." Your tail wags proudly behind you. "Pray to the Nameless Gods of Winter and their Best Priestess for mercy!"


>Let Char decide how best to grovel.
>it doesn't matter how she begs for it
>but she does have to mention that White Fell is best girl
This seems like the best approach. Best girl status must be established.

"Oh, it doesn't really matter HOW you beg for it. Just that you beg. Think of it...sort of like a test." You give a mischevious grin. "But as a tip I do like being called best girl!"

You let go of the Benny, Char holds it to her chest with both arms.

Then she bows her head and clasps her hands together.

"Oh...Ancient, Nameless gods of Winter..." She begins. "...Please forgive this weakling whose pride made her think she could challenge your priestess White Fell."

"Priestess Pretty Soldier of the Snowfall White Fell." You correct.

"Er, Priestess Pretty Soldier of the Snowfall White Fell. Who is also BEST GIRL. I know I am an unfit sacrifice, but I renounce my position of voodoo queen, I turn my back on the Loa, I offer up everything I can just to keep my Benny."

A muffled booooo rises from the snowbank covered alter.

Char falls on her stomach. Her little, stubby tail tucks itself between her legs. Her long black hair cascades down her supple, brown back and onto the white snow.

"I surrender myself as a sacrifice and a slave."

Char touches your ankle.

"You are BEST GIRL White Fell. You're stronger and sexier and cuter than this lowly rag doll. Please, please, please have mercy on me!"

Char's lips brush against the white fur of your bare foot.

You cross your arms. "Foot kissing! A good choice! That book on werewolf culture Alpha read to me said its a common gesture of submission. It really shows who is the best..."

You gently slap Char's tear stained cheek with your foot.

"...And who is the rest!"

"...What is with you wolves and kissing feet, I swear it has to be some sort of fetish for you..." Char mumbles under her breath.

She called you a wolf! Not a wendigo, a wolf! You were going to say something about keeping in character, but that's more than worth a pass.

A wolf...after all this time people think of you as a wolf!


>Her grovelling is acceptable, she can keep her Benny.
>her groveling is acceptable, she can keep her benny
>hands on hips, chest out triumphantly
>as we give our demands our pose shifts from triumphant and haughty to more "sailor moon" when she's saying "on behalf of the moon I will punish you" complete with finger pointing
>"Alright! I've decided since I'm the pretty princess heroine I will show you mercy and let you keep your beloved! "
>"but in exchange you'll have to give me the winnie doll! "
You place your hands on your hips and puff out your chest.

"Alright then!" You boldly declare as you shift into a haughty posture. "Since I'm the pretty princess heroine I shall show you mercy!" You strike a dynamic pose complete with a shake of your white hair and your finger pointing to nothing in particular off in the distance.

"You shall keep your beloved!"

"Thank you best girl." Char says humbly. "Thank you for showing mercy on this rag doll."

"...But in exchange you'll have to give me your Winnie doll!"

"Ohhhh..." Char grovels and kisses your foot. "...Please no pretty soldier of the snowfall! Don't break up my collection, I beg of you!"

"Hmmmm....I supposed I could allow you to substitute a second version....if you throw in a doll of myself because I always wanted an action figure of myself!" You say jumping a little in excitement. "...I mean, for me to grant you this mercy you'll have to...earn it."

You give a low growl as you turn Char over and pin her shoulders on to the altar.

"I'll have to sacrifice the last thing you can offer bit to bit...your virtue..."


>Sacrifice Char
>sacrifice char
>in a whisper:
"sorry, I'm not really good with the sexy talk...anon doesn't let me watch those shows. just...I dunno, roll with it..."
>use ice powers to make thumbs cold
>begin to stimulate chars nipples with ice cold thumbs

You press your body down on top of Char's naked form. Your red eyes arrest her own yellow eyes.

"Take it..." Char moans. "I offer it freely...as a sacrifice to the superior priestess of superior gods!"

You hold her shoulders.

You move your face closer.

You open your mouth...


You apologize.

"I'm not really all that good with sexy talk...Beta doesn't let me watch those shows. Just...I dunno, roll with it..."

You start by freezing your thumbs and grabbing Char's bosom, modest only by the impressive standards of your friends (and its larger than your own...).

Char purrs submissively as her nipples stiffen against your ice cold touch.

"Now....your chest, which you dared to flaunt against the priestess of the Namless Gods of Winter, belongs to them!" You hover your hand close over Char's bosom and cover her with a light dusting of snow.

You gently drag your fingers down her shoulders sprinkling ice on her arms as you move to her hands. You lock fingers with her, feeling a primal surge of domination as you force them above her head.

"These shapely arms, which you dared to use against the priestess of the Nameless Gods of Winter and found to be far, far weaker than her own...are sacrificed!"

You move back down her arms to her shoulders and then to her flanks. Char's toes curl and her legs tremble as you move your hands down her side.

You make another pass against her breasts and she squeals.

"Oh finish me...please finish me..." she whines.

"No no no! Every precious little bit of your body must be sacrificed to the snow!"

You place her hands on her belly rub a thin coating of ice on her brown fur.

Char starts to purr.

"Oh? You like having your belly rubbed do you?"

Char nods, eyes shut against the rapturous feeling erupting inside her.

"How pathetic! A voodoo queen...now only a rag doll to be played with! Now...let's see about those capoeira legs you're so proud of..."


>Finish sacrificing the rest of her
>finish sacrificing char
>have her call us best girl while she climaxes
>tease her until she tells us what we want to hear
This good with everyone?
BOSS, glad to have you back

this is fine

You grab Char's ankles and flip her on to her belly. You pull her back in a boston crab and pull back until her feet nearly touch her neck.

"Ah...Ah!" Char gasps as you stretch her out.

"Oh? Too much of a stretch? Legs not strong enough?"

"N-No!" Char slaps the snow with her frosted hand.

"Your sexy capoeira fighter legs...are weak?" Your frost spreads down her ankles, down the sensual curve of her leg to the back of knee, and across her thighs and firm, taut ass.

Char moans and not from pain but from pleasure.

"Ohhhhhh....yes! I have weak, puny legs....ohthatfeelssogood...finish me! Please finish me!"

You drop Char's legs and the once limber limbs fall stiffly to the ground.

You stand up and place a a foot at her neck. Frost crystals spread across her neck and into each strand of black hair. Her ears twitch as the frost reaches them.

"No more! Please!!!!!" Char whines in a shrill voice. "Finish me off, please finish me off...I...I cant' last!"

"It won't be long now rag doll..." You sweep your toes across Char's bare back. Her head rolls on the snow. Her arms and legs make a frantic snow angle.

"Hm? What's this?" You sit back down on Char's back and grab her stubby tail between your fingers. "This can't be a tail, it's too short..."

"D-Don't bully the tail..." Char moans.

"Hm? What was that?" You ice up her tail and chill to the sensitive spot where tail meets spine.

A chill runs up and down and up and down and up and down Char's spine.

Char gives a very undignified yowl.


"Hm? Is there a spot of you I haven't iced up yet?" You tease the fallen Voodoo Queen mercilessly. "Some part I haven't sacrificed yet?"


You reach down and give Char exactly what she's been begging for.

A scream of pleasure freezes in her throat as you vigorously rub the last place on Char's body that remains unclaimed.

She makes several short, gasping sounds as her body tenses

You lean close to her ear.

"...What is my name rag doll?"


Char's dignity is sacrificed. Your position as Best Girl is locked, officialized, and solidified.

Char's tongue hangs out as she pants. Her breathe is visible in the surrounding chill. Her dusting of ice is partly melted from her body heat, but there's no real need for it now. Her body is well and thoroughly claimed.

"You know I'd ask you for a doll of yourself, but I think I already have one." You sit on Char's chest, a throne for the new empress of catfights.

You're 2-0.

You're Best Girl.


>End fight
> 2-0
I thought this was fell's debut fight?
>break the ice
So uh...you maybe wanna grab something to eat when you're uh...not so exhausted?
I'm not sure what pack mates are supposed to do after duels...
>end fight
It is, but remember that she got a bonus point for tapping out Char on her own altar.


After a few moments of soaking in the momment you figure you should say something.

"So uh...wanna get something to eat when you're...not so exhausted?"

Char slowly pants beneath you, chest rising and following. She smiles, eyes closed. "Hoh my god...THAT was good...give me a minute..."

"You uh...want me to move?"

"No...." Char purrs. "I've been the top cat for so long I forgot how nice being on the bottom could be...I think you've given me at least three new kinds of fetishes....going to have to talk to Benny about ice cubes..."

"Well I'm glad you had fun! I had fun to!"

"Congratulations best girl, you're now the top ranked fighter."

You give a dramatic fist pump. "I know! And just off my first match! Alpha is probably going to challenge me. She's the lowest ranked, and she's going to want to try and put me in my place as an Alpha should."

"Would you...be alright with a match? I know you and her had some bad history."

"Yes...but that's all it now. Bad history. And its been so long since I've gotten to play with her. Because of that stupid thing I did I made her hate wanting to play with me. She'd say she was fine but what I did humiliating her, and not like this humiliation but...real...that's always been something between us. And I placed it there..."

"Well maybe this can be a way to sort out some of those feelings with Winnie?"

"That's what I'm hoping this can be...I want her to feel comfortable surrendering to me, just as comfortable as I am surrendering to her. I want to know I can give her the kind of peace she gives me where you can just give yourself up to another person...and know deep down that you're safe and secure..."

Char gives a deep purr.

"Speaking of that feeling...do you think...you could do something for me White Fell before we get some dinner?"

"I thought you were exhausted though..."

"I am...and I love it!"


We got time for 1 more fight in this thread. What would you guys like to do?

>Sibella vs Abby

>White Fell vs Winnie
>Abby vs Sibella
We already discussed the stipulations of this match last year.
Alternatively, maybe we could do a little tanis quest instead?
>Tanis Quest

That can be an option!

>Tanis Quest
>Sibella vs Abby
Its been while, lets go back to Tanis Quest
Tanis quest!
It looks like it's going to be Tanis Quest!

To be sure, you guys want to try the direct approach in investigating Tanis? Just go the church she works at and talk to her?
>visit her at her church
It’s the path she’ll least expect!
Also along the way we might wanna pick up some canned tuna, just in case a certain kitty is watching us

>>2255698 Yeah this sound just like Tanon
Any demon you want to start summoned, or do you want to enter the church by yourself?
I think we should just go in solo, a magician with a familiar is always cool but this is also a gesture of good will, we want to show we can meet our uh...client? Whatever tanis is on equal grounds and not show off just yet.
That said if we have the opportunity to we should do some old school magic tricks - Flowers out from our sleeves, maybe some card tricks - because we love to show off and play with our audience
Agree, we still don't know much about Tanis, or who might be with her at the time?
True, we don't know much about Tanis. She's largely a question mark. The forces of the White have historically been very secretive and protective of their champion. Your side doesn't really have an equivalent. You have leaders, not a single leader.

You only know that

1. She exists and is named Tanis.

2. She works at a church in Coolsville, surprisingly a Catholic church.

3. She has ties to several other persons of interest in Coolsville resulting in her participating in a government program called GRIMWOOD back when she was a child.

4. She has ties to the Egyptian VALIS. She's something of a mediator among the gods. Her word carries tremendous weight with them. Bast is her personal protector and bodyguard.
so as T anon we know that

>she is real
>works at a church
>secret government program
>connections to important players in town
>Egyptian god moderator
>we flirted with her bodygaurd (she started it!)

well we should know enough to break the ice, at least.
Nice, so we just need to meet her and try to gather as much information as possible
we also need to make ourselves seem like a friend, that way we can get more cooperation from other future Egyptian gods we'll bump into (and I'd bet dollars to donuts we'll bump into more)
That's true, so lets try to be more humble about how smart and great and powerful we are.

After all, everything is worth doing as long as there might be girls watching.
And we love it when girls watch
"Abe! Abe! Chill!" You say to the floating image of an exasperated half-angel. "I got this!"

"You're just going to walk through the front door. That's not a plan. That's crazy."

"It's crazy which is why they wont' expect it. Rule one of being a thaumaturgist Abe-misdirection."

"Just remember why you're here. We know someone is trying to kick off a war between the Black and White after more than a century of peace between us by offing their Pharaoh. We really, really don't want the White to find this out because knowing that there's a vague nebulous threat against their golden girl is more than enough for someone like Sekmet to declare total war."

"Sekmet...who is also Bast."

"Yeah. Sekmet is the face you do NOT want to see. It's a lot different from the adorable little sex kitten you ran into last night. And the fact that Bast-Sekmet-Tanis' Cat whatever you want to call her has enough of a suspicion about us to do what she did last night...you got to handle this will the utmost care is all I'm saying. Not barge in through the front door!"

"...Adorable sex kitten?"

"Focus Anon! The cat knows something, and you got find out what exactly she knows."

"Without giving anything away. I'm pretty sure she's probing me for information, trying to trick me into giving something away. You know she may not know anything at all about the assassination, she could just be shaking the tree to see what falls out."

"But that cat's not the only one you have to get a read on. You got to make sure Tanis is safe. You got to find and remove the assassin without anyone catching on. Likely he or she is disguised as one of her friends, one of the gods. Specifically one of the faces of the gods."

"I took the precaution of getting some canned tuna on the way over. I'm ready."

"Take this seriously Anon!"

"I will. As much as I take anything seriously. Anon over and out." The image of Abraham vanishes in a puff of smoke-purple, gittering smoke. You have to keep up the theatrics, even when you're the only one that sees. You are after all, your most critical audience.

The champion of the White works out of a humble church. A Christian church of all things. She doesn't even own the building. You don't think she owns anything. That's simply not her way.

She works here, ladling out soup to hungry masses. She is a servant to humanity as much as she is a servant to the gods.

One of the most powerful beings on Earth works a soup kitchen. Some think that's kind of inspiring. But such humility causes friction with your philosophy. Why cover greatness in a smock? Why hide divinity in wrappings?

Obscuration is for tricks, not champions.

As you approach the church you hear the sounds of unwashed masses shuffling about inside. It's the lunchtime rush.


>Enter and announce your presence as a messenger of the Black come to pay respects to the champion of the Whi

>Enter as a hungry vagrant

>Enter as a health inspector

>Enter as animal control looking for a bad cat
>Enter as a humble student of magic seeking information on the White

>Enter as a god
>Enter as a volunteer

Don't act like you are asking for permission, act like you are supossed to be here. If we can subtly drop hints about who we are while introducing ourselves, then cool
>think to ourselves:
>lunch rush, not the best time to ask a girl "hey, has anyone tried to kill you lately?"
>what to do...
>Enter and announce I'm a messenger of the black coming to pay respects?
>no, that's the wrong kind of attention I want
>pretend to be a hungry vagrant?
>no, the regulars would know I'm not from around, and I don't have an alibi...
>Health inspector?
>no, I don't want to cause a scare...
>animal control...looking for a bad cat
>...maybe if I have alone time with bast...sex kitten? really?
>humble student...
>humble? I'm trying not to laugh
>enter as a god
>no,no, I'm good enough I don't have to pretend to have delusions of god hood

>I want attention...and I specifically want attention so that I can notice if anything seems out of the ordinary...
>I should just go in as myself, say I'm a professor from the local college, and see if I can show off some magic tricks for the homeless
>get an audience, show off in front of the girl, don't have to change pants, brilliant!
>show off in front of the girl
Girls who willingly work at soup kitchens don't tend to appreciate braggarts that much
But damn you, if it isn't in-character for TAnon
will she hate us more as a braggart or a liar?
Well, i voted for giving her a hand as a way to introduce ourselves. But i do agree that lying won't leave a good impression
This sounds like Tanon

>Enter and announce your presence as a messenger of the Black come to pay respects to the champion of the White

I'm pretty sure she hates liars

ok, lets go with this >>2265507
lets go with this
Man I've been gone forever... last time I was here we were playing poker.
Gotta catch up.
>last time I was here we were playing poker
>missed all the lewd fights

You might want to...take your time catching up.
man, take your time, its worth it
Elsa Quest was probably my favorite, E-anon got made Thorn flustered
I will.
Quick question, tho, does Belial ever join in on these fights?
for T anon? I think we'd have our own version of Belial. Sibella has belial, doesn't she? no wait, that's beelzebub and the water guy, who was he again?
The water guy is Foucalor.
it was s anon who's got belial in his head, then?
Yep. SAnon got Belial, Sibella got Beelzebub and Focalor.
Anyway, voting for this while catching up to everything.
Not sure if I'll be able to update before the thread dies. IF it does the next one will go up ASAP! No more month long waits for ghoul quest threads!
Thank you boss, we know you take your time to build this world and characters
we appreciate you questing for us, amigo
Next thread will be up soon!

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