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Welcome to Rainbow Tribes!

In this game you will take control of a tribe and along with the other players of your tribe, you will develop culturally, technologically, and historically in order to progress and prosper.

>Each turn you have access to 1 Research, 2 actions and 1 Scouting OR trade action OR diplo action.

>Research - Developing a new kind of technology, technique, upgrading etc
>Action: Your units DOING something that doesn't involve the other turn types.You are also allowed to use actions for purely aesthetic cultural developments.

- To avoid salt from other races, turns must be feasible and believable considering the situation and knowledge of the race at the time ("Done IC"). Being specific in turns are also preferred as it reduces salt & helps writing
- WAR MUST be declared the turn before any war action happens, once war is declared, an attack may happen at any point until PEACE is declared
-No Secret turns EXCEPT in WAR.
- If you have a disagreement in tribe and cannot come to an agreement, civil war can occur. Civil war will stop ALL development of the tribe until it is resolved. The loser and all their allies are removed from the game.

If a turn I judge a turn as particularly creative or well planned, it will gain the INGENIOUS bonus and gain a bonus effect

Please link turns to the ANCHOR

You MUST join discord to be able to post turns.

Discord: https://discord.gg/D6PMBz9
File: RT2 Map 1.png (13 KB, 1657x874)
13 KB
While this thread is a reboot of the previous Rainbow tribes it is based in a different world with different NPCs who simply share colors. Each NPC race will have an artifact that gives them their distinctive hair color and abilities.

Each tribe starts with flowers & paint as well as a powerful artifact.

>Red - All tools crafted by Reds are strictly superior to equivilants from other tribes. Additionally their crafted tools have a bonus effect

>Green - Under equal conditions Greens travel at double the speed of other tribes. This also means they can flee anything and cannot be fled from

> Blue - Blues are better at diplomacy. They start with reputation 1 tier higher than everybody else with all NPCs, they cannot be lied to and they gain bonus goods from trades

> Orange - Oranges gain bonus pop growth from large innovations. Oranges gain bonus pop growth every time they meet another tribe. Oranges can interbreed with other species to create hybrid units (Other tribes bred with will just give more orange pop)

This turn there is a BONUS action. In addition to your 4 normal moves, This turn please give your ARTIFACT and NAME and DESCRIBE what it LOOKS LIKE

I am Orange.
Ek is Oranje
My naam is Jan Van der Poes.

Nee Ek Maak n grappie.

I am Mill of Orange Land.
Research: Basic tools.
Action: We offer blueberries and blue flower crowns to our artifact to attempt to hear from it.
Action: Blues seek to construct some kind of basic shelter for our people.
Scouting: We have no idea which direction is which. We scout in a direction from our camp for resources.
BONUS: Our artifact is the Dragon's Call, an enormous toothy conch shell that glows blue from within its hollow opening. It is said that if you lean close enough to the mouth, you can hear it whispering... stories of greatness... promises and flattery and terrible truths...
Development: thanks to us being very good craftsmen we create a basic axe out of wood and stone the wood is to hold the stone while the actual stone is used for hitting the trees it might not be effective but it will do for now.
Action: send out some guys to start collecting materials near our little base camp
Action: with a few materials we create a few huts for us to sleep in
Scouting:since we don't know where anything is we decide to scout straight east in search of finding new things and hopefully materials
Bonus action: our artifact is a hammer (a stick holding up a rock as the main force) and a sickle. This artifact is a symbol of equality and sharing
Research: Stone Knife
Action: Scout North (emphasis on looking for furry things we can eat and skin)
Action: Scout South (emphasis on looking for furry things we can eat and skin)
BONUS: Our artifact is a green rabbit's foot, about the size of a hand, we call it the Lucky Charm.
Action: It was a hot day in Orange Fields, The birds were chirping, the clouds overhead were shaped like smiles and teddy bears. All in all a beautiful day whilst the tribe happily went on collecting oranges and going around doing their own business. THEN .. There was Jack. Not one of the more vibrant oranges or the most talented at collecting was fooling around by an anthill. stabbing them with sticks and pouring water down some of the larger ones when a smile crossed his fucked up lil face. He grabbed his [censored] and [censored] FUICKIN SFGAS JHESUS [Censored] down the anthill instead of water.
Action: Orgy, No jacks allowed. Infront of our Chadley.
Research: Stone Axe. Sharp large stones that can we can smash into trees to cut them down.

BONUS: Our Artifact is a Intricate Mystery stone statue. A shredded Man is the centrepiece striking an epic pose. His eyes glow ever so slightly in the day a Golden glow. The statue is callled Chadley. [Large benis too]
Scout east
Research: Stone Knife
Action: Have a tradition to partake in racing competitions, purely for the """""aesthetics"""""
Action: Build a racetrack. We will use stones as markers to separate lanes. It will start as a single long 100m track.
Scouting: Scout South (emphasis on looking for furry things we can eat and skin)
BONUS: Our artifact is a green rabbit's foot, about the size of a hand, we call it the Lucky Charm.
File: Communism.png (82 KB, 2000x2000)
82 KB
Red tribe:
Red’s artefact is a finally crafted smooth granite hammer & sickle. It is called communism
Reds scout east. They find the short grass grows into lovely meadows covered in dew glinting in the sun. They full of different coloured flowers, insects and fluffy bunnies hopping along merrily. Truly spring has sprung.
Reds collect materials from their surroundings in an attempt to make some shelter and a basic stone axe. They collect a few stones, sticks and long meadow grasses. Reds carefully sharpen the stones against each other, using the morning dew as lubrication to make the sharpening smoother, similar to a primitive whetstone. Next they split sticks near the top and secure the sharpened rocks within the split, tying them together with grass.
Reds have created a Crude axe! Through Communism, red’s axes allow them to sprint up wood like a lumberjack.
Reds make crude grass sleeping bags from the long grasses as they have little else to make shelter with. Through communism, Red shelters are immune to weather effects.
File: Lucky Charm.jpg (105 KB, 1280x960)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Green Tribe:
Green’s artefact is a hand sized green rabbit’s foot. It is called Lucky Charm
Greens collect small rocks from nearby and smack them together, sharpening them into a crude cutting tool. Greens have created Crude stone knives!
Greens stamp out a large dirt racetrack, separating lanes with stones. The long sides are each 100 meters long.
They begin to have 100 meter sprints daily, racing each other and getting faster and faster through the competitions. If greens keep this up they’ll easily be even faster than before. They gain +1 pop from the healthiness and high spirits.
Greens explore directly south and come across large dark forest edge that continues far to the west. Greens venture further into the woods, leaves crunching under their fleet footed feet. The woods seem vibrant and full of life. Greens admire the sights and sounds of nature and light, breathing in the lovely forest air. It all adds to a feeling that the forest is almost magical.
Greens come to a large deep river that blocks their path as they cannot swim. Beyond it they can see more forest and large peaks above the treeline in the distance.
File: The Dragons Call.jpg (25 KB, 450x450)
25 KB
Blue Tribe:
Blues artefact is a large toothy conch shell that creates whispering sounds from the wind running through it. It’s called The Dragon’s Call
Blues scout north and find the grasses grow scarcer and hardier as they begin to scale the base of a mountain. From their new vantage point they can see a large forest to the east.
Blues collect stones from the foot of the mountain and bring them home for use. They create a crude axe with a flat face that can be used for many purposes.
Using their new tool and the rocks they’ve collected, blues begin stacking and interlocking them to create a crude shelter. Blues gain +1 pop
Blues attempt to communicate with their shrine using offerings. Through the Dragon’s call Blues see the truth. The wind howls into the conch and responds with clarity. Artefacts are magical essences trapped within these totems, but they are not sentient. After enough exposure to a tribe, a tribe will be able to gain an additional powerful ability on top of the usual bonuses, but this takes a long time. Blues artefact is the only one that can respond to questions due to its nature.
File: Chadley.png (286 KB, 322x600)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
Orange Tribe:
Orange’s artefact is an intimately carved marble statue of the perfect ,well endowed, human form. It is called Chadley.
Oranges scout east finding the meadows continue, the air smells fresh with the meadow flowers and a little sea breeze coming from the horizon. The meadows are full of happy bunnies and flowers, a few bees and ants. Oranges are satisfied strolling through the beautiful meadows on this fine day and return home…except one. Jack.
His eyes are wide and he licks his lips as he spies the little bugs trotting on with their day, carrying leaves and grasses in a line somewhere. Jack gets on all 4’s and follows the ant conga line. His Face is moist with aroused sweat and his breath. Then he sees it. The ant hill. Jacks eyes strain as he erratically prowls over, hand kneading at his groin.
One unlucky orange find jacks sweaty and passed out, surrounded in a bloodbath of drowned ants, a crumbled ant hill behind him, spewing some kind of white lava. The lava bubbles and 2 ANT MEN emerge. Ant men have carapace armour and are strong enough to lift 50x their own weight. They have a few unarmoured weak points and cannot think beyond orders. The powers of Chadley strike both fear and awe.
Oranges have an orgy gaining +2 pop immediately and +1 pop growth.
Oranges create crude stone axes for chopping down orange trees.
File: RT2 MAP 2.png (23 KB, 1614x806)
23 KB
Development: those bunnies are cute but can also be of a source of food we start to capture them and breed them so there population can grow and we can eat (animal husbandry)
Action: with our crude axes we start to cut down a few trees as they can be of use to us
Action: start creating huts out of the wood we got from the trees securing us a home and aswell as creating these huts separate one of these huts to keep the bunnies in
Scout: after we learned of what lies to the east we decide to continue moving east to see what it has in store for us
Action: Using our stone tools, we begin harvesting wood from the forest.
Action: Action: The Blues congregate regularly for discussions on the priorities of the tribe. These discussions come to form the basis of the Blue tribe's government, where all Blues invested in the tribe's future take part in a Socratic council, where they discuss the merits of certain ideas until consensus is reached
Scout: We send some adventurous Blues into the forest to search for resources like food or animals
Research: Research: A clever Blue creates a spark when sharpening stones, and manages to make it land on some newly harvested wood. Blues invent fire!
Dev: Leather Working. We'll start tanning the hides of the animals we hunt into leathers.
Action: Start Regular Hunts. We'll begin hunting animals by chasing them down and stabbing them
Action: Wood Gathering. We shall take our stone knives to The River Forest and begin lopping off branches to use.
Scout: Scout out east along The River.
Scout North East
Action: Use the antmen to dig up the rabbit burrows at night and we tie them up with the intention of cooking them or something. Jack finds them and takes them to his special place and he ravages them. The sick powerful bastard.

Action: Search the meadows for crops like barley, wheat or wild grains. Carrots are here too somewhere follow the bunnies Edible shit nibba

Research: Agriculture
File: RT2 Map 3.png (26 KB, 915x675)
26 KB
>Red turn:
Reds try to capture bunnies. They aren’t very good at this as the bunnies hop away faster than they can catch them. They manage it in the end by luring them in with berries, and netting them with their sleeping bags.
Reds explore further east and discover the edge of a deep dark forest.
Reds harvest wood and bring it home, using it to improve their shelters. Reds gain +1 pop growth for their nice & sturdy comfy housing. They build a separate enclosure for their bunnies and begin breeding them, gaining another +1 growth for the sustainable rabbit meat.

>Green turn:
Greens begin hunting down prey for food. Greens are terrifying hunters as nothing can outrun them, making the only viable defence fighting back. Unsurprisingly bunnies aren’t very good at this. Boars put up more of a fight, but sharp knives and packs of greens quickly overwhelm them. Greens gain +3 pop growth for the 2 types of prey and the extra effective hunting.
Greens begin skinning and tanning hides of their prey in the sun. Greens have developed leather working!
Greens use their knives to chop low branches, giving them a small wood supply.
Greens explore east along the river, seeing fish swimming out both directions along the river. They explore eastwards and discover the coast with a large ocean in front of them. Turns out they were near the sea.

>Blue turn:
Blues get together and develop a system of government. Blues come up with a Socratic council where members argue and debate to decide on matters. Blues silver tongues are improving even further, they gain +1 pop boost for the extra slick flirting this gives rise to.
Blues venture into the woods to collect lumber and to search for other resources. They find the forest is full of critters such as boars and squirrels as well as plants. They find a large river heading north full of fish and frogs.
Blues develop fire!

>Orange Turn:
Oranges develop agriculture! They gain +3 for the large food innovation + chadley’s influence.
Oranges explore the fields for the rabbit’s food source. They discover they’ve been eating nettles and barley. Oranges gain +1 for the barley but can’t eat the nettles yet. Ouch that hurts!
Oranges use their ant men to burrow into the local area’s bunny burrows. Look at all that yummy food! Before they get a chance to eat them, jack finds them…
Oranges lose the bunnies of the area due to the violent rape. On the bright side they gain very swift bunny men who can jump super high.
Oranges scout north to the slope of a mountain. They see goats further up. Better not tell jack…
Development: Leather Boots. Our feet shall no longer chafe under the earth beneath us. We shall protect them with leather wear.

Action 1: Name a Chief. Our Chief shall be The Great Hunter Nogoon, The man who shall be known as Boar Slayer, and leader of The Green Tribe. He shall wear the pelt of a large Boar on his body, and have its head decorating the top of his own. Our chieftain title shall be The Sahnek.

Action 2: Using our sticks and leather hides we shall craft a number of tents for our people to live in.

Scout: :Take the scouts out into the plains of The North West.
Dev: sometimes in the night it gets kinda cold so a red decides to make somthing warm since we have no idea how to he decides to rub a bunch of sticks together this causes a chain reaction creating fire!
Action: after we got wood and rabbit meat we decide to put it somewhere that will be safe so we decide to build a storehouse this is where we place all our our resources
Action: The reds decide they need a leader so they decide to make the guys who made fire and thought of the idea of breeding rabbits his name is James and he shall now lead the red tribe
Scout: after we searched the east we decide to search the west
Scout East
Research: Fire

action: someone let slip to Jack about the goats. In the dead of night a faint bleeting sounds from the mountain.
action: Use the antmen to start digging into the mountain to create a cave base. Intricate carvings of Shredded men doing epic poses is a must. The epic of Chadley will be told.
Research: Blues think the boars are majestic and strong - and delicious. They capture and learn to domesticate them by whispering calming sounds to keep the boars from being aggressive.
Action: Establish a cultural more where our young join their elders in hunting, learning to most effectively capture prey and harvest the ripest berries.
Action: Build pens to house the boars
Scout: Travelling up the mountain, Blues look for resources or likely places to move to be safer.
File: RT2 Map 4.png (71 KB, 1345x769)
71 KB
>Red turn:
Reds scout south, they find the forest follows along to a large mountain surrounded in rocky cliffs. There is a mountain stream leading from high up in the mountains down into the forest. They spy goats and eagles further up as well as BLUES roaming around high up.
Reds smack rocks together and create fire! This should be useful for those cold mountain heights.
Reds create store houses for their resources. They gain +1 pop growth
Reds declare their leader the Brainiac who came up with bunny breeding, the one, the only, JAMES!
Red woodcutters spy GREEN strangers running around the fields to the north east.

>Green turn:
Greens create leather boots. These are super comfy, durable and handy. Combined with their regular sprinting activities, greens on foot scouting speed has increased!
Greens create leather tents using sticks. Giving them a +1 pop growth for having some shelter. It’s not particularly durable but will keep them dry and is easily transported over long journeys.
Greens select The great hunter, Nogoon Boarslayer, as their leader. He is green tribe’s first Sahnek and wears a cloak and hood made of a boar.
Finally greens explore northwest, quickly meeting the coast. As they cannot travel further north without a way across water, they travel west as far as they can. They discover a small herd of horses grazing as well as spy the RED tribe harvesting wood to the south west.

>Blue turn:
Blues develop a tradition of elder , more experienced hunters guide the youngest by taking them exploring with them. This helps keep the entire tribe up to snuff.
Blues capture and domesticate boars, housing them in newly built animal stone stack houses and gaining +1 pop growth from the delicious new food source. Blues have developed animal domestication.
Blues explore further up the mountain, finding goats and eagles. The terrain is rocky and difficult to navigate, with many steep cliffs and alcoves. Blues look around from their high vantage point and see much. They see that the forest goes on for a long time, with ANOTHER mountain on the far side. They see a cave entrance on the western side of the mountain, they see that the fields continue far to the west to the ocean and lastly they see…oh what’s this?! Blues see reds down below to the north.
>Orange Turn:
Oranges explore east, discovering the coast. Oranges are at the top of a sheer rocky cliff face with jagged rocks at the bottom. Peeking over the edge they spy crabs scuttling about and seagulls perched half way down the cliff.
Back at the mountains the ant men begin digging a cave next to a mountain stream. Both ant men and oranges fail to create good depictions of shredded men within the mountain due to lack of tools, knowhow and experience. A child approaches the frustrated oranges and skittering ant men with a rock that looks a bit Phallic. For now this is the cave centre piece. Oranges have gained a small supply of rubble from smashing the caves.
At night the child is trying to sleep within the cave. The agonizing bleats of goats can be heard in the distance. The child shivers in a fetal position, part cold part afraid. A single tear runs down innocent cheek. Jack has claimed another victim. Oranges gain Satyrs!

Development: Bunny meat sure does taste great, but some tigers are now eating it by burning it into the fire before eating it. It sure does taste better.
Action: REDS are getting more and more interested about their nature and habitat. They start collecting every kind of plant they find to analyze and categorize them.
Action: the reds have had pretty good luck recently but they start to think to themselves is because of the leader or something else? A red preaches that it is thanks to the almighty gods
They start praying to these gods creating religion! They believe in multiple gods such as Lenin the creator of the communism and the almighty fogsworth the god of death who roles over them all and Stalin the god of war.
Scout: after they see the blue people they decide to go over to them to see if they can become friendly and possibly even friends offering trade to them.
Research: Rope from fibres of the meadow and streams

Action: Jack is a keen explorer. He saw the crabs on the beach. No one will stand up to his ways, some are actually viewing his contributions as a valid life and are throwing around the idea of joining jacks gang. Raep crabby patty mr crabs

Action: use rubble to build a pen for the goats in the cave. Milk the goatsies.

Scout: climb and use the mountain view point to look for forests. We need lumber. Place phallic rock painted orange at summit
Development: Animal Husbandry. We shall take The Horses of The Plains and make them our own
Action 1: Build a pen for The Horses to be held and tamed in.
Action 2: Develop New Language. The current language we speak is still undeveloped and without formal rules. The Green Tribe shall start from scratch to found a new way of speaking that has proper grammar and finalized rules of speech. We shall call it Sezian.
Scouting: Take our scouts and travel West along the banks of the river.
Use the satyrs to climb mountain for safety
Research: Some Blues playing in the river learn how to swim! They teach the others how not to drown
Scout: We meet the Reds! We're curious about our neighbors, and we send a greeting party with some of our berries and flower crowns to say hi and see what they're about.
Action: We set up a settlement on the plateau on the east side of the mountains, naming it the Aerie and using it as our lookout. Being close to the big blue sky seems auspicious for us!
Action: We work to capture and tame eagles, using their eggs and meat for food, and their feathers for coolness.
Action: Start planting some trees around and in our village, to prevent people from seeing our dark deeds.
Dev: Walking with nature: We begin training everyone in the black tribe to rewire how they walk. We prioritize walking in dry places and places without sticks, as to prevent noise and tracks following us to our places of dark deeds
Bonus Action: Our Symbol thing is The Seer, a scepter of onyx, the headstone being a eye, one side open, the other closed. It has a sharpened point on the bottom end for sacrificing and stabbing, just in case.
Scout: wander around our little home in no real direction, just like our souls wander the material plane in no real direction
>Orange turn:
Oranges create rope from meadow fibres woven together.
Using their new rope, oranges decide to both ascend and descend. Ascend to the tallest peak to place the penis rock on the tip, gaining an excellent vantage point of the surrounding area and the huge forest in the centre of the isle and finding eagles. Descending into the depths of degeneracy with jack. Jack and his followers descend to the coast and have their way with crabs. They also discover a cave entrance while down there.
Oranges milk goats and gain +1 pop growth

>Red turn:
Reds begin cooking their meet as it just tastes SO GOOD, they gain +1 growth.
Reds create a religion involving communism and Fogsworth the almighty. Whoop.
Reds begin to categorize samples of new plants they encounter giving them a basic idea of biology! Reds gain +1 pop growth from discovering barley + discover deadly night shade.
Reds and blues meet up and get along smashingly! Wow these guys are so charming and have such a way with words! Blues give reds gifts of grapes (gaining +1) and green flowers. Reds feel bad and teach blues how to breed their boars. Sorry for not getting you a present blues! We can still be friends right? Reds are now friendly with blues

>Green turn:
Greens develop animal husbandry and quickly put it to use taming horses. Greens create a stable for them.
Greens develop their own language further, diverging it into a specialized tongue none greens cannot understand called Sezian.
5 Greens explore down the river to the west further and further into the woods. The trees become denser and air gradually saturates with pollen. Greens grow increasingly weary and their vision begins to fade. Objects mush together and colours run before it fades to black. 4 greens awaken at the forest edge and return home with the tale.
File: RT2 Map 5.png (58 KB, 1632x613)
58 KB
>Blue turn:
Blues learn to swim! They can now travel slowly across water and not drown if ships capsize.
Blues approach reds with gifts and diplo. Blues and reds get along famously. Reds feel bad for not having gifts for blues and blues manage to convince them to teach them how to breed their boars
Blues tame eagles! They gain +1 pop from their eggs.
Blues set up a new settlement high in the mountain known as the Aerie

>Black turn:
Blacks artefact is The Seer. It is a sharpened sceptre with an obsidian eyeball as its head stone, one side open, one side closed.
Blacks are a really depressing bunch, hobbling around droopy headed planting droopy trees to add to their droopy lives. As they plant they explore the surrounding area. They are at the base of a mountain, by a river in front of large expanse of happy lush fields of bunnies and bees and grasses…disgusting.
Blacks hate all this sunshine in their eyes and happiness in their faces and begin working on ways to tiptoe through areas as to not alert all the happy go lucky creatures wandering about. Leave us alone GAWD!

Development: After all these discoveries on plants, some reds got curious in how to grow them. Apparently if you water them regularly they will grow. Tigers have discovered agriculture!
Action: Reds invent some sport called REDBALL in which one red team has to carry some dead rabbit to the other side of the playing field without getting knocked out by the other team defending.
Action: We look in the search for different kinds of animals in our beautiful lands.
Scout: We start building communications with greens.
While going over to cumminacate with the greens we decide to bring some flowers to make a good first impression
All this dreadful sunshine and happiness, how conformist.
Research: The Blacks begin researching ways to properly build something worthy of themselves, something large with many spires and maybe a brooding bell to ring whenever something important happens.
Action: Blacks plant a new tree in the center of their town, taking extra care to snip certain branches and weigh down others with rock weights, as to make it as gnarled and spooky as possible.
Scout: Send a team of more athletic kin down south, to find animals that could fit in with our goth town.
Research: Noting how keen our eagle's eyes are, a particularly bright Blue has the idea to train it to hunt and scout with her. We develop falconry!
Scout: We explore the mouth of the cave to see what's inside! We bring our sharp tools just in case, and torches to see what lurks in the shadows!
Action: We build a road from our lowlands camp to the Aerie, making travel faster and safer. We line the road with tall torches for night time travel.
Action: The Blues develop a belief system! They have one deity: The Dragon. Blues believe that the sun is the Dragon's Eye looking down upon them, and that the Dragon created all the things they see. They hold that the Dragon created Blues last as its chosen heralds, and gifted them with the Dragon's Call as a sign of its blessing. As children of the Dragon, Blues believe that they should learn all they can of the world, so that they can best make use of all of the gifts the Great Dragon has bestowed for their utilization. They believe that all things were created for Blues, but that other people may be divine in their own right, earlier children of lesser beings.
Research: Horse Riding
Action: split some of our own folks to learn how to master the art of making and repairing leather wear, starting with our boots
Action: Begin hunting in the plains, using our horses to tackle big game.

Development: Learn how to ride Horses. Though we're fast on our own, that doesn't mean we don't tire from excessive running. We shall learn to ride Horses to relieve us of that burden.

Action 1: Start sending clansmen into The Forest to start looking for fallen trees to drag back top camp.

Action 2: Dedicate 5% of the population to the maintenance and repair of items we craft around the place, including our leather shoes. These shall be our dedicated craftsmen.

Diplomacy: Meet with The Red Diplomats peacefully and exchange some of our own flowers with them as a sign of good vibes and greenness.
Research: smelter, kiln. Rock kiln with mud clay from streams.

Action: mine deeper into the mountain with antmen. Op af. Need ores.

Action: build a wooden longhouse for the tribes winters. Using our axes and the forest.
change of plans, replace the research with scouting west
We get a scout action as well as a tech syrup.

Scout west for the forest and river.
>Green tribe
Greens develop horse riding, this further increases their ground movement speed to 4x normal pace, and allows them to go on extensive journeys without tiring.
Green hunters keep an eye out for fallen trees to drag back to camp, increasing their lumber. They keep to the edges of the forest as they grow drowsy whenever they venture too far in. Some greens swear they’ve seen something darting around out of the corner of their eyes.
Greens dedicate 5% of their population as craftsmen. These craftsmen create and maintain the tribe’s inventory of shoes, knives and whatever else they decide to make in future.
Greens approach reds with flowers, making sure to make their hair look extra nice as they approach with bouquets. Gee I hope they like us…
Reds and greens get along to a shaky start as greens realise reds can’t understand them but they can sort of still understand reds, they spend a while trying to communicate in ye olde greenish and eventually strike an accord. Greens and reds get along well and have opened up relations and greens receive red flowers.

Reds spend more time with plants and develop agriculture! They gain +2 growth for this big innovation.
Greens approach reds with beautiful bouquets of flowers. They cannot understand Sezian, but the offering of flowers makes it clear this is an attempt at friendship. Reds deliberate on what to do when a green interjects with slightly broken common. This allows reds and greens to get along great and open up relations. Oh fogsworth, we didn’t give them any gifts in return! Reds trade red flowers for green flowers. Lovely.
Reds begin cataloguing fauna on top of their flora. They find the area they’ve explored contains rabbits, bees, boars, squirrels, goats and eagles. They find 2 sets of tracks. 1 Looks like green horse tracks heading to the west and another unidentified animal heading deeper into the woods.
Finally reds develop a sport called Redball! It involves taking an object, usually a rabbits head from 1 end of a marked area to the other against another team without getting knocked out in the process. Despite numerous concussions and injuries from the violent games, reds have great fun running around the meadows throwing heads and cracking skulls. Combined with their comfy housing and the friendly neighbour’s reds MOOD has increased! Reds gain +1 pop growth.
File: RT2 Map 6.png (20 KB, 1356x451)
20 KB
>Blue tribe:
Blues develop Dragon worship! The Sun is the eye of their God watching over them and the world and the world he created. Blues believe they were his final, perfect creation. Other tribes & species were not created equal as they are akin to prototypes. Blues are entitled to everything this world offers and it is their duty to discover exactly what that is. This combined with stable government and enjoying debating with other tribes and good relations between the old and young increases the tribes mood, granting +1 pop growth.
Blues train tamed eagles for hunting and scouting. Blues develop falconry and +1 growth for the better hunting!
Blues create a road leading from the main blue town to the Aerie. This makes travel between the settlements much quicker and safer. Blues attempt to line the sides with torches but they don’t last very long, and instead like them with medium fires surrounded in a stacked stone shelter.
Blues venture into the spoopy cave, being sure to bring weapons as they go. Once again their torches haven’t been developed and quickly burn out the sticks so they set up a few fires as they go. The cave runs deep as their voices and footsteps echo into the distance, blues spend a while making silly noises and saying naughty words, enjoying the sounds of their own voice. The cave walls are lines with glistening streaks of green and white and travels east.

>Orange turn:
Oranges use their antmen to burrow deep into the mountain. They find Tin ore!
Oranges discover clay from the mountain river! They use it to create a kiln.
Oranges begin harvesting wood from the edge of the forest and use the lumber to create a longhouse.
Oranges begin to explore the forest. Look at all this beautiful nature! It contains boars, squirrels, frogs and gives the oranges an uneasy feeling, or maybe that was the knowledge that jack is an orange…

Blacks plant and shape a willow in the centre of the town to be a spooky gnarled willow and paint it’s leaves black. Twisted and black like their souls.
Blacks want big brooding towers and gothic buildings. They develop basic construction and create buildings with pointy tile roofs as tall as the central willow using stone blocks, slate and wooden support beams.
Black town begins looking more and more like their vision, the grasses are withering, the outside world seems quieter and dark clouds are blocking out the sunlight making the whole area a bit colder. Next turn the corruption will be complete. Ironically all this depressing blackness lifts their hearts abit.
Blacks explore south and discover another mountain stream similar to their own. They find a pack of mountain wolves drinking from the stream, and a recently killed planes buffalo having the last of its meat picked clean by crows. The wolves eye the blacks cautiously before hearing a goat bleating from further into the hills. Their ears prick as a few of them skulk off in search of their next meal.

Dev: The Gothic way of life.
Being goth isn't just a way to dress, or a way to speak, its a way to live. The blacks impose strict regulations on what isn't and is goth (and therefor, black), and start handing out punishments of manual labour to those conformists who aren't goth enough. A conformist can easily be spotted by being insufficiently moody, not constantly mumbling, lack of long black hair, not having pale skin (meaning they are more athletic and outgoing than they are moody and introverted, and as such, the antithesis of a a goth, a jock, which is the ultimate crime in black tribe), and not going to the cathedral for sermons and meals, or going to the cathedral for sermons and meals too much without conversing about goth things like crows and mood lighting.
Action: use our construction skills to build a grand cathedral near the willow tree, this will be a place where we will publicly shame those "not goth" in sermons, and also serve as a cafeteria and hang out spot for the blacks that actually have friend groups or just want to show off their painting of a black bride or other goth stuff.
scout: west.
Dev: Using the knowledge we gained on plants, reds start developing herbal medicines to combat illness
Action: We try to go and catch some animals for further domestication and to bring them back and build pens for them so they don't kill the other animals
Action: the reds decide that not everybody should be a hunter/gatherer so the new jobs are: 50% farmers 10% woodcutters(lumberjacks) 35% hunters 5% herbal healers
Scout: We send some of our people to go settle south down by the mountains.
Research: Metallurgy

Action: Build a road from our longhouse and meadows to the river mountain loggers and cave.

Action: Clear jungle and plant fields of barley next to the river. Fuck me I love barley

Scout: South West.
Research: Improved torches. Using boar fat for oil and better burning wood, we work on the ability of our torches to light the way longer and brighter and safer, without burning down like matchsticks!
Scout: GO INTO THAT CAVE and fewer silly noises. We are poised and respectable and should act like it!
Action: We build a special structure in the Aerie to house the Dragon's Call, keeping it protected. We believe it is taboo for others to see or hear the testament of our divine heritage.
Action: We socialize our eagles from a young age. One child, one eagle! They share the name of the person they belong to, as we consider them linked, the part of the Blue that is able to soar closer to our watching Dragon.
Research: the bow and arrow
Action: drag the logs over to the rivers edge to create a bridge so we can explore more east
Action: build an archery range next to the racetrack
Scouting: west across the river
>Red tribe:
Reds crush up other plants using their paintcrafting methods. While they don’t get any interesting colours, the products have other healing properties. Reds have developed basic medicine and gain +1 pop growth. Through communism whenever a red medicine is used in war, the user will gain an additional +5 static pop that turn.
Reds head up the mountain and create a new small settlement near the summit and around the other side from aerie peak.
Reds capture and domesticate goats. They gain +1 pop growth from the new food.
Reds explore north west discovering the coast and a small inlet with crocodiles lazily sleeping.

>Green tribe:
Greens develop bows and arrows with sharp rock tips and animal sinew string, they gain +1 growth from the better hunting.
Greens build an archery range to practice on, improving their archery skills.
Greens use the logs to build a bridge across the eastern river and can now cross it easily.
Greens explore the complete eastern side of the island. They discover a small group of coconut trees overlooking the sea. As they travel down the eastern coast discovering chalk cliffs, crabs and a seaside cave. On their way back they pass the mountain and see oranges roaming around.

>Orange tribe:
Oranges build a road connecting their meadow and mountain settlements. This makes travel along these routes quicker and safer.
Oranges begin deforesting to make room for barley farms. Oranges gain +1 pop growth from all the extra barley.
Oranges approach the south western coast and wonder what’s beyond. They don’t have boats and can’t swim so they don’t know what to do…or do they?
They send the Crusty Crab into the ocean. Crusty scuttles along the ocean floor seeing seaweed, coral, fishies and more crabs. He returns with news. Oranges can now explore the ocean using their crab hybrids!
Finally oranges develop metallurgy, smelting tin ore into useable tin using their mud kilns.
Oranges see a green horse rider galloping along the base of the mountain heading north.
File: rt2 map 7.png (25 KB, 1341x396)
25 KB
>Blue tribe:
Blues build a special structure at Aerie peak to house the dragons call. It is taboo for it to be seen by non blues or about their divine heritage.
Blues are partnered with a lifelong pet eagle from an early age allowing them to grow a very close connection and for the eagles to be an extension of them. This allows blues to, in a sense, soar high above and get closer to the Dragon.
Blues wrap the tops of sticks with meadow leaves and dip them in animal fat. They now have torches! This will be very useful for exploration, lighting their towns and roads, and the upcoming cave expedition.
Speaking of which they take an expedition into the caves with their new torches allowing them to venture much deeper. The tunnels echo with blue footsteps, dripping water and what they think are scratching sounds? They encounter a large underground ravine with a rotting wooden rope bridge. To their right there is a ledge that slopes down. The bridge has an arrow pointing across it and the ledge has a skull. Blues are unable to see the bottom of the ravine and after dropping pebbles it takes 8 seconds for them to hear anything in return. That’s 1 deep chasm. Blues return home with some cave mushrooms, unsure if they’re edible or not.
>Black tribe:
Blacks create anti conformist laws. If you aren’t goth then you will work in the mines. Blacks mood increases and they gain +1 growth
Blacks put all their effort and craftsmanship knowhow into creating the most depressing yet grand cathedral next to the central willow. Goths weep at it’s grandeur and beauty as they mope their way through it’s chambers. Blacks begin painting macabre images and have sermons on gothness where they groan and scream music about their suffering. There’s still a lot that can be done to increase the scale and gothness of the cathedral, but compared to black’s other structures, this is what they’ve always wanted
Goths shuffle their way west into the cold mountains. The peaks are lonely and gray, the black sky is spreading this way and the plants are withering and dying. Goths find goats and a wolf pack during their lonely travels, although they seem to look hungry and act erratically/aggressive to reflect the spreading darkness. Goths find deadly night shade.
Through the seer, blacks corruption has fully consumed the starting town. Blacks can now make all black units completely invisible within their town unless they want to be seen.

Dev: with the mountain in range we decide to build some type of tool to break through so we create a pickaxe a stick is holding up a rock that is sharp on both sides perfect for breaking through the stone we start using these on the mountain and start mining into it
Action: we decide to change up the jobs so not everyone is a hunter the new jobs are: 50% farmers 10% woodcutters (lumberjacks) 10% miners 20% hunters 5% herbal healers 5% animal caretakers (feeding the animals and just taking care of them)
Action: we decide that those eagles seem pretty cool so we decide to domesticate and breed them for their eggs but they don't need pens since they can fly.
Scout: continue scouting west
Research: Studying the river, Blues find that things float! Things like sticks. They create a rudimentary raft out of branches and logs to try floating themselves!
Scout: Heading downstream, Blues follow the southern river to the south-east, exploring the depths of the forest, edge of the forest, and maybe the shore!
Action: We domesticate goats and build a pen for them in our settlements.
Action: We start a daily ritual of bathing in the river! We clean bois now!
Research: proper carpentry, hammer and chisel of tin. This makes a nee job of craftsmen. There are three titles. Overlander: farming and hunting and collecting.
Underlander: Miners and blacksmiths
Highlander: Men and women of chads wraith. Scouts and warriors. Guards and the brave.

Action: Culture: every full moon is a time to celebrate with friends and family. Gather round your own firepit and dance, eat and make love. Youre an orange and youre a goddamned son or daughter of chadley. It shall be called Chads Disko. (Because the moons a disk. And theres a disco and ... its fucking cool. Antmen are allowed)

Action: build a beautiful wooden granary to store our barley in. Pictures of big breasted women working the fields of barley to be depicted on the sides with decorative borders of patterns.

Scout south using our crab men.
Research: agriculture
Action: build a horsetrack alongside our racetrack and archery range, and have archery targets around it so horseriders can practice shooting from horseback. This will help hunters catch large prey in the plains.
Action: take back the coconuts and crabs. Keep the crabs in a place to mate in the ocean using a rocky pen and have the coconut tree grown using our agricultural knowledge.
Scout: that cave we found on the esat side.
Research: nets made of long grass
action: capture ravens using nets
scout: left of the capital because cardinal directions are all fucked up
Need rope first b
Truly, the most intellectual argument of the century.
>Red Tribe:
Red develop Pickaxes! Through communism, red pickaxes glow in the dark and in the presence of raw ore.
Reds begin digging into the mountain at their new quarry town and now have a steady supply of good quality stone blocks. Additionally they discover Copper ore!
Reds capture some eagles for domestication and gain +1 pop growth from their eggs.
Reds scout further west, finding the planes and meadows continue although the air seems to have a distinctive sea breeze with it, they must be close to the western shore. Reds find a herd of wild horses roaming the meadows.
Reds organize their people, dedicating 50% to farming, 10% as lumberjacks, 20% hunters, 5% herbal healers and 5% animal carers. This new order will surely help reds in the long term.

>Green tribe:
Greens develop agriculture! They gain +2 pop growth for this large food innovation and can now gain pop growth through planting crops.
Greens build a horse track to practice their riding and race each other. Additionally with the archery targets off to the side greens have created a Horseback archer unit! This will make all kinds of combat and hunting far more effective.
Greens collect the coconuts and a few crabs and bring them back home. They have a few pinches from the crabs but manage to place them happily in a seaside ocean pen they’ve created. Additionally greens begin growing coconut trees, combined this gives greens a further +2 growth.
Greens begin exploring into the ocean cave but quickly find it grows too dark for them to venture further safely. They struggle to use sound to determine its depth as the crashing waves are deafening as they echo through the cave. They notice the walls are a yellow stone with the occasional glinting grey streak running through.

>Blue tribe:
Blues domesticate and create a pen for goats. They gain +1 growth from the new food source.
Blues take interest in the eastern river and its many possible uses.
Blues begin regular bathing as the mountain climbing, cave diving and forest work has made them sweaty and dirty. The improved hygiene gives them +1 growth.
While splashing around in the shallow areas of the river, blues notice that certain things like leaves and wood seem to float, while others sink. They take the ingenious step to try and create something they could use to travel on water. Blues stack logs together and tie them with grass fibres, creating a rickety raft.
Excited at the prospect of further adventures, blues get onto their new raft and float downstream. They begin are amazed and proud of their clever crude boat, but as the current increases, they quickly realise they can’t steer as they come hurtling towards a split in the river and crash destroying their raft and washing them up onto a small island. Thankfully nobody was seriously injured and were just a bit shook up. They note that the instability and lack of control could be a serious problem in future but now know that water travel is possible and a lot of fun.
>Orange tribe:
Orange tribe find that their new tin is very hard and can be used to shape softer materials such as wood. They create a hammer and chisel and begin working with wood to craft new and interesting creations. Oranges have developed carpentry!
Oranges use their new carpentry to create a store house of much higher quality than their other buildings. Oranges have created a granary and gain +1 growth thanks to the excess food supplies ensuring everybody can eat even when harvests aren’t as bountiful.
Orange crab man scouts further south into the ocean. Generally it’s more of the same for the moment although it gets noticeably deeper, the current is less noticeable and sea snails begin to appear.
Finally Oranges begin having a celebration every full moon known as Chad’s Disko, named after Chadly and the Disk like moon. Makes sense. Oranges have a great time dancing, eating and love making. All oranges are invited as sons and daughters of Chadley under the moonlight and around the communal fires. Oranges mood increases and gain +1 growth!

>Black tribe:
Blacks harvest the long meadow grasses and begin weaving them together. Blacks have developed weaving! Their first creation is a net woven net allowing them to capture things.
Using this net they capture a pair of wolves and a few crows.
Blacks scout west further into the planes. They discover barley, bunnies and a herd of 4 buffalo that seem to have been separated from the main herd somewhere to the southwest.


Sorry there's no pdf or map, for some reason both files keep failing to upload, if anybody knows why please tell me
Gib blacks the goth chicken
Develop: Blues have been whispering to their creatures for a while, and one Blue tries properly talking to them, curious to see what they have to say! They especially want to speak to their eagles to share a deeper connection with them and what they see when they're up in the Great Blue Yonder.
Scout: Our scouts downriver look around to make sure they aren't missing anything of value before carefully swimming over to scout the south-western plains with their eagles. There's got to be something there! A plant? An animal? A plantimal?
Action: We mash up our cave mushrooms and feed them to a boar to test if they are poisonous or edible. Boars eat a lot of shit, but perhaps if nothing else we can make them into fodder for our livestock!
Action: We begin a ritual of storytelling, coming up with the most creative stories based off of what we have seen in the world and how the Dragon crafted them for us. We tell stories to the Reds, we tell stories to our young, and the best stories we tell to our artifact, the Dragon's Call. We tell it all about our adventures and the things we meet along the way!

Development: The saddle and leather barding for our horse friends, as well as our precious balls. This issue is possible one of the most pressing on the minds of the greens.

Action 1: While tents are nice for long scouting treks, it's nicer to come home to something a bit more permanent. For that reason, a number of log cabins have been erected. Each has a bright green door, and a leather roof over a wooden frame.

Action 2: With the construction of new, more permanent homes, a number of scouts have decided to establish homes on some of those nice bluffs by the mountain South of the main village. They like the view, I guess.

Scouting: Nothing beats long strolls by the beach, and some scouts decide to spend some 'bonding time' heading westward along the coast.
Replace the second action with the following:

Split our group so that 5% breed the horses and 50% hunt in the plains, using as many horses as they can so they can practice riding even further, the rest practicing running.
Research: Animal Husbandry and breeding. Up the goat pop in pens for meat and milkies.

Action: Build three halls. One for the underlanders near the mountain town. One for the farms on the river barley farms. One for the Highlands next to the Longhouse main town.

There are three titles. Overlander: farming and hunting and collecting.
Underlander: Miners and blacksmiths
Highlander: Men and women of chads wraith. Scouts and warriors. Guards and the brave. They split into 30% Underlander, 40% Overlander and 30% Highlander

Action: Using our rope we make nets to capture eagles and domesticate them. We breed them for eaglemen and Eggs and feathers for things.

Scout: Keep heading south with crab bois. Collect some snails for further memes on the way back
Dev: carpentry
Action: we decide that those bees are pretty cool and they provide somthing known as honey so we decide to domistacate them and take care of them for all that delicoues honey
Action: the reds while in the mountain mining see some copper so we decide to mine aswell as mine everything else digging even further into the mountain in search of even more metals
Scout: north
>Red tribe:
Reds begin crafting wood into different patterns and shapes. Reds develop carpentry!
Reds attempt to domesticate bees for their honey using grass sleeping bags to provide protection for now. It’s not very effective & they get stung a lot. They are able to capture bees but the honey still eludes them.
Reds dig further into the mountain and discover Marble!
Reds head north finding the ocean and a buttload of crabs. A pack of greens gallop past like thunder. WOAH there greens you almost hit us!

>Green tribe:
Greens develop leather horse armour, reigns and a saddle. This ensures the safety of the horses and the horse riders balls. Greens moon goes up from less pain gaining +1 growth.
Greens create basic cabins which make for better permanent shelter for their towns.
Greens organize their population, dedicating 5% to horse breeding, 50% to hunting
Greens explore the western coast as far as they can. With their new horses, horse saddles and horse practice they manage to get far further than they ever did before. They pass reds again, discover the red town, pass by a group of red explorers by the seaside (who appear to be inspecting some crabs) discover an island of lazy crocodiles, discover another group of horses, see some blue haired explorers with eagles flying around and returning to them and finally get to the very western tip of the island where they discover a shipwreck! Well…more of a canoe wreck. It must have been recent as the 3 purple haired sailors are still wet and their torn ornate clothes are still soaked and don’t seem to smell like decomposition.
>Blue tribe:
A blue is playing with his eagle when he gets an idea…..”Can you understand me?” The eagle lifts its head up from pecking for worms and cocks it’s head towards the blue. He repeats his question and the eagle begins to flap frantically, and starts to squawk. “GROUND FRIEND”. The blue is amazed and runs to tell the other blues. Before you know it all the blues are talking to everything. Boars screaming how about how good the mud feels, eagles saying they’re hungry and worms asking who’s talking. It’s clear that animals have a very limited capacity for communication and it requires a bit of blue’s intuition, but animal whispering is defiantly a thing blues can do.
Blues mush up some mushrooms for testing on a boar. FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD it snorts before greedily scoffing them down. YUM YUM YUM OW OW OW OW OW. The boars are sick and start to shiver. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY it squeals before the boar drops dead. Clearly this variety of mushroom is poisonous. Blues feel a little bad now they can understand animal suffering. Blues gain 1 less pop this turn as they hesitate to slaughter for meat at the crying animals begging for mercy.
On the bright side blues set off south west and discover the coast. Their eagles are especially handy as they fly back screeching “HORSES, MICE, BARLEY, SEASIDE, GREEN HAIR”. Wait was that last one? Blues can make out some green horseback riders heading west across the plains.
Blues develop a tradition of storytelling boy oh boy are they captivating. Everybody loves them, even the reds! The conch whispers a long “yaaaaaaaaay” then makes a sort of slow creaking clicking sound that blues think is supposed to be a clap?

>Orange tribe:
Oranges develop animal husbandry so they can actually calm and tame animals they encounter.
Oranges organize their society into groups, Overlanders, High landers and Underlanders. They create large halls to house sect of society.
Oranges attempt to capture eagles with rope. Unsuprisingly that fails miserably. They weave their rope together into nets and try again, this time working great! They capture 6 eagles who flap and squawk in protest before being soothed and tamed.
The crusty crab continues on his pilgrimage south into the ocean. He finds this area has delicious kelp. He collects the sea snails on the way home.

>Black tribe:
Blacks mope around so much they forget to do anything this turn. They’ll be twice as productive next turn.


PDF & map still isn't posting correctly, i'll post it in discord.
Research: A Blue decides that he wants to investigate the inside of the mountain, and develops a stone pickaxe to chip away at the rock and ore!
Action: We begin mining copper and marble.
Action: Now that we can converse with our livestock, it's a little awkward to eat them. We convince the boars that they were created for the Blues to enjoy, and that it is a sacred duty to get good and fat, and that only the best, biggest, fattest boars will be selected to become a part of the Blue legacy. Truly, boars have been given a great opportunity, the chance to become ONE with Blues! This should comfort Blues as well, as the suffering of our food is temporary, but our glory will last forever, the Dragon has destined it!
Scout: East, try to meet Oranges
Dev: if our carpentry skills we decide that we want to explore the water so we build some cool boats that can carry people so now we can go off the coast a bit
Action: we decide that we need more farms for food so we start building more in hopes of increasing our food production.
Action: with carpentry unlocked we decide to build a woodshop this is where the reds come to experiment with wooden materials is search of new things aswell as being the place where we research different wooden things. If it's wood it comes here
Scout: with our new cool boats we decide that we want to explore the sea so we send out some boats into the ocean to see if we can find anything but tell them to come back if anything happens
Research: Boats boats boats!!!. Boats with intricate carvings. Boats with big breasted women on the front. Bazongas

Action: Build huts on the beach and tell the local overlander to fish with the new nets. They will be called the oceanarians instead of overlanders. (We start fishing in the river and sea) gib foodies

Action: Jacks on the prowl. The screams of an eagle are heard early in the morning and late in the afternoon after the last catch in oceanaria, jack claims some fish for a quickie and some supper. Did he eat his lover? We will never know.

Scout: Crusty we all love you.. especially jack but you fucking slow so we gonna help you find land you cunt go south with our boats and crusty can guide and help idk. Carpentery boats op senpai gib waifu of lavender hair or creamy blonde .
Research: boiling water
Research: the Guitar
Scout: North
Scout: South
Research: Leather working
Research: Stone swords
Scout: North
Scout: South
Action: start mining and corrupting the mountains.
We also start spending any unspent actions from now on building hidden away structures to spread our creep
File: Fury.jpg (24 KB, 1888x1062)
24 KB

Research: Fire, to help us cook our food, and light our torches and arrows.

Action: Wrangle in the horses we came across last scouting

Action: ROTATING CAMPS. We're becoming lazy again. Start a tradition where the Sahnek and his clan will wander the plains once more, using our tents as shelter and hunting for prey in the plains. This will harden our people to be strong, and make it difficult for our enemies to sneak attack us.

Diplo: We begin to dislike the eyesore that is the Red Farming Town. We demand that they leave the town and go to the mountains else we will raze it to the ground. If they accept, they must leave at once and they are not allowed to take anything with them but their lives. If they refuse, we will attack.
Right, here's the pdf & map for turn 7, crunching turn 8 as we speak. glad 4chan is fixed
File: RT2 Map 9.png (36 KB, 1676x577)
36 KB
Map + turn 8 turns
Dev: if our carpentry skills we decide that we want to explore the water so we build some cool boats that can carry people so now we can go off the coast a bit
Action: we decide that we need more farms for food so we start building more in hopes of increasing our food production.
Action: with carpentry unlocked we decide to build a woodshop this is where the reds come to experiment with wooden materials is search of new things aswell as being the place where we research different wooden things. If it's wood it comes here
Scout: with our new cool boats we decide that we want to explore the sea so we send out some boats into the ocean to see if we can find anything but tell them to come back if anything happens
Research: Fire, to help us cook our food, and light our torches and arrows.

Action: Wrangle in the horses we came across last scouting

Action: ROTATING CAMPS. We're becoming lazy again. Start a tradition where the Sahnek and his clan will wander the plains once more, using our tents as shelter and hunting for prey in the plains. This will harden our people to be strong, and make it difficult for our enemies to sneak attack us.

Diplo: We begin to dislike the eyesore that is the Red Farming Town. We demand that they leave the town and go to the mountains else we will raze it to the ground. If they accept, they must leave at once and they are not allowed to take anything with them but their lives. If they refuse, we will attack.
Research: A Blue decides that he wants to investigate the inside of the mountain, and develops a stone pickaxe to chip away at the rock and ore!
Action: We begin mining copper and marble.
Action: Now that we can converse with our livestock, it's a little awkward to eat them. We convince the boars that they were created for the Blues to enjoy, and that it is a sacred duty to get good and fat, and that only the best, biggest, fattest boars will be selected to become a part of the Blue legacy. Truly, boars have been given a great opportunity, the chance to become ONE with Blues! This should comfort Blues as well, as the suffering of our food is temporary, but our glory will last forever, the Dragon has destined it!
Scout: East, try to meet Oranges
Research: Boats boats boats!!!. Boats with intricate carvings. Boats with big breasted women on the front. Bazongas

Action: Build huts on the beach and tell the local overlander to fish with the new nets. They will be called the oceanarians instead of overlanders. (We start fishing in the river and sea) gib foodies

Action: Jacks on the prowl. The screams of an eagle are heard early in the morning and late in the afternoon after the last catch in oceanaria, jack claims some fish for a quickie and some supper. Did he eat his lover? We will never know.

Scout: Crusty we all love you.. especially jack but you fucking slow so we gonna help you find land you cunt go south with our boats and crusty can guide and help idk. Carpentery boats op senpai gib waifu of lavender hair or creamy blonde .
Research: Leather working
Research: Stone swords
Scout: North
Scout: South
Action: start mining and corrupting the mountains.
Action: building hidden away structures to spread our creep using the unspent actions from previous turns

Right, time to crunch turn 8, it's a biggy
Looking forward to it
File: RT2 map 10.png (40 KB, 1519x850)
40 KB
>Red turn:
Reds create a woodwork shop, significantly improving their carpentry abilities.
Reds use their carpentry skills to craft a lovely canoe with oars that travels twice swimming speed and can hold 5 reds. Through communism Boats gain 3x the vision radius of other naval units at sea.
Reds venture out into the great blue expanse, oh boy this is exciting. Reds explore northwards
Reds expand their farmland increasing their pop growth by +1
Reds are approached by Greens. Greens insist that reds vacate their lands leaving nothing behind, or else greens will WAR against reds. Reds throw ideas around with greens but ultimately refuse.

>Green turn:
Greens develop fire to cook their food. The cooked food is really delicious and they gain +1 growth.
Greens wrangle up the roaming horses, increasing their mounted cavalry to 26.
Greens begin rotating their campsites, becoming more nomadic and making sneak attacks more difficult.
Greens approach Reds, demanding they evacuate the town leaving all their belongings. Reds refuse and WAR IS DECLARED AGAINST REDS….BUT WAIT WHAT’S THIS?!
The tribe is split in 2, green leader Gobbo will be forced to fight 2 wars next turn against the reds and the rebellion leader BRRT. Brrt sets up camp high up in the south-eastern mountains near oranges. Both sides still benefit from Lucky Charm, but it’s located in the roaming green plains camp.

>Blue turn:
Blues develop the pickaxe!
Blues use it to begin mining the coloured veins within the cave. Blues harvest Copper ore and Marble.
Blues convince boars it’s their sacred duty and an honour grow as big and meaty and fatty as possible for blues to aid the blue legacy and obtain eternal glory through the dragon. “Oink oink, I knew I was meant for something greater”. Boars happily gorge themselves even further on feed and display their ripe bellies to blues for execution. Thankyou blues! Blues gain +1 growth from their boars wanting to die for the glory of the dragon god.
Blues explore east, discovering barley across the river and gaining +1 growth.
>Orange turn:
Oranges develop some lovely canoes, oranges have invented! They have twice the scouting speed of good ol’ crusty, but can only carry 5 at a time.
Oranges begin fishing with their nets, gaining +1 pop growth.
Jack’s back on the prowl. Oranges see a trail of feathers and hear squawks. Before they know it, Oranges have Harpies!
Using crusty to guide them, oranges venture further south into the ocean. They discover sharks roam below and crusty flees before getting munched. The orange canoeists are fine though.
Oranges see green rebels settle a bit higher than them on the mountain.

>Black turn:
Blacks begin cutting the skin off their prey and wearing it. How metal. Very Goth.
Blacks craft stone swords for cutting themselves and other things with so others may feel the pain and anguish of blacks.
Blacks mine further into the mountain range, they break through into a large underground ravine with black crystals covering all sides. Blacks have discovered Onyx Crystals further down their slate mines.
Blacks explore northwards discovering wheat and gaining +2 growth
Blacks explore south, discovering blackcurrants and gaining +1 growth.
Blacks begin placing small black obelisks where they go, to further spread the black corruption. Everything must be dark and depressing and rotten like blacks soul. It’s one of the only respites they have from their suffering.

Research: A Blue realizes that hunting would be a lot easier if it were harder for prey to get away! And also, if they didn't have to hear the prey scream in dying pain. So they come up with a springy bit of branch with some sinew, and sticks with sharp stone attached to the end. We invent bows and arrows! This will make quick work of wild things we want to eat but don't want to be friends with first.
Action: We are concerned about the Red plight! We send Blue laborers with stone to help construct the wall around their farming settlement. We also bring our bows and arrows in case they prove useful, though WE DON'T plan to use them ourselves unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, not if we can cease the violence before it begins! If Reds wanna borrow them they can tho.
Action: Blues ask their eagles for help! They're worried that the Greens will sneak up on their friends the Reds and the laboring Blue workers, so they send their eagles to soar high over the plains to keep an eye out. If any Green haired people come charging, they are to return to their Blue with a warning to give the alliance time to prepare a response!
Diplo: We engage with Greens, introducing ourselves, offering blue flower crowns, and attempting to dissuade them from hostilities. The Reds are our friends and perfectly nice people, surely there's a way to settle this dispute without loss of life? We try to stay behind the wall to do so as much as possible, not wanting to risk Greens becoming hostile toward us.
Research: Tin spear

Action: Build a Gym in town and place chadley at the forefront. Use heavy stone plates carved by chisel on hard wood. Or shaped tin


Diplo: Green gobbo you will die. We declare against green
File: RT2 Map 11.png (38 KB, 1528x677)
38 KB
>Black Tribe:
Blacks depression strikes again and they spend the day hobbling around in misery and apathy… we’ll do something when we feel like it GAWD!

>Orange Tribe:
Oranges develop tin spears.
Oranges develop a hatred of weakness. It becomes illegal to be a slacker, with the punishment being forced into jack’s gang to do…*gulp*…community service… Truly terrifying.
Oranges build a gym to reflect their new tendencies . In the gym they lift rocks and wood and metal weights, improving their strength gains significantly. Oranges gain +1 growth from the healthy gains.

> Green Rebels:
Green rebels prepare themselves for the upcoming civil war. First they need to prepare defences . Green rebels collect lumber from the jungle at the base of the mountain and use it to create a spiked palisade wall, complete with angled stakes. They make sure to keep the stakes nice and moist with river water. Combined this should be a good initial defence against any mounted green attacks and their insidious fire.
Green rebels set up a non mounted patrol to keep an eye out and defend their walls from other greens.
After spending the day establishing defences, Green rebels launch an attack to the next green campsite, ready to surround and execute the green soldiers. Wait, where are the other greens?!
Green rebels are shocked to find the other greens have moved to a different location entirely and have no idea where they went!
>Blue Tribe:
Blues invent bow and arrows to make hunting and executing screaming animals easier. They gain +1 growth from this innovation.
Reds come to blues begging for help. The green menace have come to destroy us and take our artefact! They intend to evict us from our land! Please help!
Of course blues are up for this, blues are kind hearted and this kind of injustice won’t be allowed. Blues and reds formulate a defensive strategy. They reason that if they can get a defence up quick enough, reds artefact plus blue supplies should allow reds to easily outlast the green horde. All blues need to do is stall greens with their slick silver tongues. Piece of cake!
Blues get to work mining as much marble as they can and transport it to the red farm town along with their new bows. Whoops looks like we dropped them in the town reds! We’ll just get on with the wall and hope nobody picks them up…
Blues begin work on the wall as reds attempt to learn how to use their bow and arrows. Blues use eagle scouts to keep watch for the greens.
An eagle swoops back down squawking GREEN HAIR GREEN HAIR! Oh no no no this is too soon! The wall is nowhere near finished yet and supplies are still being transported from the mountains!
Don’t worry reds! Blues will stall. Blues run out into the meadows, meeting the fast greens as they close the distance. Blues clear their throats and prepare their silver tongues. HALT GREENS AND LISTEN! Greens slow drop from a gallop to a canter and pay heed to the blues.
Blues attempt to convince the greens to stop their attack, but can’t thanks to greens Sezian Language! Greens push blues aside and continue with their attack.
While Greens do not kill any blues directly, 2 blue labourers die in the fires and chaos trying to escape the carnage
>Red tribe:
Reds begin battle preparations. They head to blues and ask for aid against the super-fast greens. Blues agree and supply large quantities of marble, bows and some labourers to help get the wall up quicker. Thanks blues!
Reds and blues begin slowly transporting the large quantities of stone from the mountains to the farm town. The farm town has a little stone already, but nowhere near enough for a wall that could surround the town and stop greens. Reds estimate it will take all day to transport the stone and build the wall with blue help and plan to man it upon completion.
Reds need some armour and craft STONE armour using shards of marble rubble and attached to themselves with grass fibres. It’s crude but it’ll have to do! Through communism wounded armoured units can be sacrificed to create a golem made of whatever the armour is. In this case it would be a stone golem!
Reds obtain blue bow and arrows and begin practicing with them.
Just as they get the hang of hitting stationary targets not too far away, the blues eagle scouts come with a warning to prepare for possible battle as greens are fast approaching! Reds stomachs drop, NO this is too early! The wall isn’t complete and has plenty of gaps! Blues reassure reds and go off to try to buy reds some time. Reds steel themselves and carry on practicing, quickly turning to try to hit moving targets.
The sound of thunderous hooves begins to flood the air and fire arrows are shot over the wall! Reds wooden houses and farms are set ablaze! The 34 farmer reds prepare themselves for battle with their new bows and their stone axes, 2 are picked off by pot-shot arrows. Blues flee the scene!
12 Green cavalry rush in through the wall gaps and begin opening fire on the reds who attempt to shoot back and rush after them with their axes, managing to hit a few greens thanks to them being prepared. Reds are extremely slow compared to the horseback archers and can’t catch up! They are only able to axe to death any greens that are shot from their mounts. 6 green cavalry are brought down by reds this way before they notice their numbers dwindling FAST thanks to the fires and the expert green horse backed archers. Clearly they are far far more experienced with a bow and are able to cleanly kill 12 reds with arrows, trampling another 2 in the chaos and another 4 die from the fires. 4 reds rush to defend communism while the other 10 are still at the wall trying to out shoot the green archers. The 4 reds are quickly slaughtered by the horse backed hunters and COMMUNISM IS STOLEN!
Greens flee the scene and gallop north west. Reds are left without their artefact, in a burned village and 24 dead and only 10 survive. A further 5 reds are killed out in the plains attempting to bring stone and bow supplies. They claimed 6 green horseback archers and 4 green archers in return.
>Green turn:
Greens have to be tactical. They are fighting on 2 fronts here.
Greens train 5 to quickly place and pack up their camps to allow them to get moving quickly and cleanly.
Greens know that the green rebels will attempt to stop them and decide to move their camp for further west than planned, their entire hunter force all attack reds and to rendezvous by the crocodile inlet.
Greens decide that upon raiding they will start a tradition of capturing females for the Great Sahnek’s harem, and will shave their heads and cut off their tongues and ears as sign of ownership.

Greens send their hunting party to the red town. 13 horse backed archers and 6 archers total. They are confident in their extensive horseback and archery training, plus all their hunting experience that this should be enough to at the very least put a serious dent in the reds and scare them away.
As greens close in on the red town, they are greeted by blues who talk with clear annunciation and pleasing hand gestures but greens are not interested in this for now, they have raiding to do!
Greens set up their archers at their maximum range and launch fire arrows into the town. Green archers are pleased as they see large clouds of smoke rise from the town and continue to take pot shots. They see a few reds mount the walls and launch arrows back, most missing or falling short, but unfortunately taking a few fall from lucky shots.

The green cavalry circle around the town looking for an entrance, quickly finding one in the half constructed wall. 12 ride in as 1 stays outside in the meadows to deal with fleeing or reinforcing reds. He finds 5 trudging along with white stone and bows slung around their arms. He shows no mercy.
The green cavalry rush inside, and are immediately met with arrow fire, taking 2 good men out. Greens are focused and draw their bows, lining up shot after shot at the red amateurs.
Greens are galloping loops around the slow stumbling reds making them easy targets, only losing comrades when one falls over and is swarmed by angry red axe wielders.
As the fight continues the greens precise aim and experience truly shines as they gain a significant numbers advantage, each taking 2 or 3 reds down minimum. Green cavalry see 4 reds gather to defend a hammer and sickle statue. Must be important to them.
Greens kill the defenders and take the statue. With the reds village burnt and most of them dead, greens believe this is enough to scare them off the plains and retreat before losing any more.

Greens lose 10 in return for decimating the red farm village and claiming communism! Through communism, greens shelters are now immune to weather effects, their leather armour can be mixed with blood to create a leather golem, and their arrows can now curve around obstacles and follow targets if the archer is sufficient enough, which green archers certainly are.
Greens rendezvous with the main campsite at the north western coast and camp for the night.

Research:Put the onyx in studs on our leather clothing for protection against slashes and stabs
Research: start boiling water
Scout: Further east
scout: further west
Research: Put onyx as studs on our leather armor to protect from slashes and stab
Research: Ropes
Action: boil water
Action: Build obliesks
Action: begin painting/dying our clothes black
Action:expand the cathedral to allow people to start living in it, start moving people from the town and into the cathedral
Scout: south
Scout: west
Research: Metallurgy & upgrade our arrows and multitools to be copper.
Action: Build a palisade around the aerie with outward pointed stakes stuck into the mountainside. No horseback raiders coming for OUR artifact.
Action: We work on learning to project our voices, gaining volume and making us harder for others to ignore. After all, why wouldn't someone want to hear the Word of the Dragon? It is our duty to share it with others
Free Action: We bury our dead and swear we will never forget the casualties of the Christmas War.
Diplo: Blues declare war on the Green raiders led by Green Goblin.

Reseach: Reds learn how to better train at archery. You have bows now, learn to use them to defend yourselves better! Make it a part of your daily routine
Action: Reds use their herbal medicine, hoping to make the losses of the War on Christmas less impactful.
Action: Finish building the wall to make sure Greens don't attack again
Diplo: ask blues for more arrows and bows
Changing this turn.
Diplomacy: We ask blues for the secrets of forging weapons with metals.
Dev: We start developing someway to protect ourselves for proyectiles and hits from greens, so we develop huge copper shields that cover our body.
Action: Finish that damn wall, have archers patrolling it.
Action: Reds use their herbal medicine, hoping to make the losses of the War on Christmas less impactful.
Research: Tin Tower shields. Well carved hard wood with a rope arm grip and wooden handle on the inside. A plate of tin is hammered on the front to absorb missiles and main brunt of damage.

Action: Send some armed overlander loggers to the west into the jungles. We take coals from our fire in clay containers incase we need a quick forest fire. I wanna explore this shiz

Action: culture: everyone is taught to use a spear and spear whilst young. Classes are also given at the gym by highlanders until all members are able to block thrust and block. A proficiency at spears and shields.

Scout south. Fuciing crusty mah boi I see land niggga .... xd
Oranges chance their first action to fucking fish.
File: RT2 map 12.png (43 KB, 1539x772)
43 KB
>Red tribe:
After the horror of the first battle of Christmas, reds realise they overestimated their own abilities. They have nno experience or practice with weapons or war. This is not their natural state. While reds aren’t happy about losing communism or the initial attack they must push forward.
Reds begin archery training within the mountain town, making it a daily routine and improving their abilities .
Reds use the last of their enchanted medicine on the wounded. Reds gain +35 pop and are now completely out of their magic meds.
Reds continue taking supplies from blues. Thanks for all the help blues, we really needed this!
Reds complete their wall and add a deep trench, also adding similar defences to the outside of mountain town. Never again will reds be left so defenceless!
It’s a good thing too! A large fire roars through the meadows towards the red town but is thankfully stopped by the new defences. Wew that was a close one!

>Green tribe:
Green tribe develops a soundless sign language to quickly communicate key information across the battlefield and between hunters. This should come in handy in upcoming fights.
Green tribe Split up. Their hunters go east and south to watch for green, blue or red assailants. They start large field fires attempting to spread them back towards the red town to finish off more reds before they can recover. Additionally they hope it will stop any ground pursuers and the smoke will stop eagle scouts.
The rest of the tribe hurries along the coast to where they find the crashed purple ship. They find 2 sitting in rags around a small fire and 3 mounds of dirt with stones at the tips. The purples rise quickly upon the sight of greens. “Finally! You must be the help of this region!”
Greens play along with purple’s patronizing ways while they explain how even a “primitive” like greens can repair the boat. Greens use almost all of their remaining wood to repair the boat, having 1 ration left . Upon completion purples thank greens for their help and that they must be setting sail!
Greens execute purples ready to steal the boat for themselves.
Crom and his family volunteer to make the first voyage. They are the women, children and elder of the tribe so it only makes sense, he’ll hurry back once he finds land. The rest of the green citizens agree and Noloon decides after they return they’ll transport the relics. Best not to risk them both on the first unknown journey…Crom never returns…
Wait…where’s our lucky charm?!
>Green Rebels:
Green rebels train in extra stealthyness using forest foliage and leaves to cover themselves.
Greens head out at dusk to hunt for the other greens. They find fields of burnt and charred meadows, smoke and ash. Green rebels look around and see the reds and blues mobilizing across the fields. This must have been the site of battle, the attack has already happened…
Green rebels explore the fields, only finding a small campsite at the crocodile inlet and hoofprints. Greens must have been here recently but moved on.
The scouts return home and in the dead of night are ambushed by oranges! 30 oranges and their horrific hybrids burst through the floor with spears and shields, throwing nets over the sleeping greens and their horses. Once greens awake they begin to flee but quickly find that their town is completely surrounded and for some reason they are significantly slower than before…what’s going on?! The guards attempt to fight back using homing arrows are able to take a few oranges with them, but with the ambush they have simply taken too many loses to come back!
After Losing Lucky Charm, the Green rebels and their horses have been destroyed or captured by Orange tribe! Green rebels have been eliminated!

> Blues tribe:
Blues build a forge and smelt copper.
Blues build wooden palisade defences hoping to defend against any possible green attacks. Worrying for the safety of the dragon’s call.
Blues begin practicing booming voices, allowing them to be heard from much further and within loud environments. Blues have developed their dragon shout!
Blues mourne the fallen of the Christmas day battle and bury their bodies.
>Orange tribe:
Oranges head further south into the ocean with their crusty boii and canoe. What’s that on the horizon?! LAND! Finally dry land! Oranges have discovered the southern continent! Oh boy more meadows and rolling plains for miles in front of them! Oranges sure do love grass! Maybe there’s more ant hills around?
Jack gets his slippery slimey hands on slippery slimey fish. Together they create slippery slimey mermen.
Oranges develop Tin tower shields, providing solid defence to their overwhelming fighting forces & their weapons.
Oranges decide it’s time to remove the green weaklings from their strength mountain. They prepare their forces and have the ant men diga tunnel underneath the green camp. Oranges place units surrounding the camp far down the mountain to keep out of sight. In the dead of night, they attack!
Oranges erupt from the ground in the centre of the green camp and decimate their lean curvy oestrogen ridden cardio bodies with their massive testosterone fuelled biceps and weapons. Harpies carry away greens, satrys horn a green and an antman rips one clean in 2. Jesus Christ calm down we want them alive! Greens attempt to fight back but seem much much slower than before, only taking out a few greens thanks to their arrows curving in the air.
Oranges capture 25 green slaves and all 13 horses, decisively crushing the green rebels & acquiring some lovely skilled slaves. Greens gain a +2 pop boost from the plentiful green captives.

>Black tribe:
Blacks develop lovely sturdy rope from meadow grasses. They tie them into nooses to add to the town aesthetic but are sure rope has plenty of other uses.
Blacks create leather armour, & stud it with onyx crystals. They will be much better at beating the crud out of conformists.
Blacks boil water, sanitizing it and gaining a +1 pop boost
Blacks expand the cathederal to allow it to be more of a communcal home for all blacks to mope in together.
Blacks paint everything black. Black black black, so much black. Blacks are super happy with their depressing homes, black attire, black buildings , blackened soil and black trees. Blacks mood increases gaining a +1 pop boost.
Blacks place more obelisks, spreading corruption further. All shall be blackened!
Blacks explore further south into more mountain side plains. They discover buffalo which they swiftly capture.
Blacks explore further west where they discover a large gloomy swamp. This really gets the blacks going at the idea of all the possible creatures and ghouls within.
>Crom the Coward:
Crom and his wife Reina aswell as their children Ignald, Bersoc and Harsol are the largest family in the roaming green camp.
Crom has had many sleepless nights recently at his fellow greens reckless actions that have put him and his family in mortal peril. Crom has had enough and needs to ensure they all survive. Screw the rest of green tribe, his family is what really matters, not some petty land dispute!
Using his trusted elder status, he convinced the guard of the Lucky Charm to take a break. Crom steals it and smuggles it into the side of his boot, hoping nobody notices the hand sized bulge down there.
Over the day, Crom and his family take centre stage in assisting with the repair of purple boat. After the purples are disposed of Crom insists that due to his large family, his age and their relatively young ages, they are simply not suited for this battle and must be some of the first to leave. Crom convinced his fellow greens to allow him and his family to take the maiden voyage.
Crom and Reina flee from the Home isle with The Lucky charm safely hidden away with them.
Crom and reina breath a sigh of relief as they sail out into the great blue expanse on their canoe, heading directly north, safe in the knowledge that greens will not be able to pursue them.
After what seems like an eternity they sea other boats with purple haired fishermen, and land up ahead! Crom and his family dock at the lavish purple port town, clearly prospering and requesting an audience with the ruler of this land. Together with his wife, Crom secures protection from purples and is taken in as a purple citizen, ensuring his family won’t be threatened in more potential bloodshed.
Purples have gained the Lucky charm! Crom & his family have defected to purple!


>I'm short on time, when i'm back i'll post the new PDF
Research: animal husbandry
Action: send scouts out to gather seeds and wrangle horses they come across, as well as huntn
Action: train horses to carry more people at once, increasing migration speed and strengthening our horses

Research: Wheels

Action: Build Housing for the new people of our nation. We are awfully sorry to have taken such violent measures but you and your people will be safe and prosper here. We build intricately carved Wooden Lodges for the people in our mountain town.

Action: Have sexual intercourse with our new tamed horsies. CUM CUM CUM HORSE PUSSY BEST PUSSY

Scout: Use our servants of green with a orange or two and a horse of theirs and a centaur on the new land. We will scout to the East.
Development: While Blues have been talking to their eagles, they wonder if eagles can talk to each other, or other things. We decide to try to teach them! After all, wasn't it the Dragon's Call that inspired us to speak? It is our duty to share this gift with others! We teach eagles to communicate with other animals, granting them our blessings. They truly have become one with their Blues.
Scout: We send our eagles to scout the plains to find the Green raider encampment. We know the general direction they went in, and from high in the great blue beyond our eagles should have no trouble spotting it!
Action: We ask our eagles to wait until nightfall, then land and convince the Green horses to revolt, trampling the Green camp and running away. We tell the eagles that Greens are nasty nasty folk, and the horses should trample all the tents and shelter they can!
Action: We smear our arrows in our poisonous mushrooms.
Development: Fighting against blues have made reds really aware that axes are too short to be used as a weapon and thus they develop spears! This weapon will come in handy against horses.
Action: We start rebuilding our plantations.
Action: Build a well. It might be useful in case we get sieged we dont run out of water.
Scout: We get our canoes and explore west to try to find out where´s green camp going along the coast. In case we find them, orders are to stay there and spy them from the distance. If they get too close to us orders are to attack them.
also, something else to add would be that if they find an eagle they tell them in some sort of sign that the found them
Somethin tells me blues eagles are gunna be very very afraid of Jack (and his abominations)
Research: animal taming
Scout: south
Scout: west
Rolled 2 (1d3)

Changing our tech to ships, boat tech two. So a galley.. with red crafting
File: RT2 map 13.png (44 KB, 1532x785)
44 KB
>Red turn:
Early in the morning Red Leader James is writhing in his sleep. He sees horrific images of reds chained to blues, forever intermingled and intertwined. He sees his tribe stood alone, with hordes of monsters as far as the eye can see marching closer and closer, encircling desperate reds trying to defend communism. He watches and listens to the screams of his tribe as they burn and are torn apart as ghostly smoke like figures claim Communism and The Dragons Call. Upon touching the artefacts they freeze while the world around them speeds onwards growing and changing, being reborn and decaying over and over into alien forms until at least there was only darkness and a green star hung high in the void.
The green star spoke to James with a deep ethereal yet comforting voice. James felt safe as it spoke. “These events shall come to pass. The greens have sacrificed themselves to damnation to place a curse upon their enemies…upon you and your people.
Only I have the power to save you and your tribe from this fate. Choose me and you will be saved, for a price. Merely speak the words and you shall be saved.” said the Star
“YES! Save Reds and Blues from the green curse! Any price for my people!”.
James voice echoes into the darkness. It is silent for an uncomfortably long time. The star begins to laugh, piercing the emptiness. It’s voice grows louder and harsher, deafening James who collapses to his knees in pain as his ears bleed, feeling a cold dread fill his heart.
He awakens in a frantic cold sweat, his ears ringing with the remnants of the laughter.
REDS have countered part of the GREEN curse!

Reds have learnt from their mistakes on Christmas day. They Develop spears for mid ranged fighting, which should be extra handy verses the green horses.
Reds rebuild their farmlands and plantations, allowing them to sustain their pop growth. They also add wells to provide lovely and relatively clean drinking water, gaining a +1 pop boost.
Blues report they’ve found the remaining greens by the coastal point and are ready to launch an attack. Reds build more canoes in preparation for the green assault.
>Red (2)
Red troops get into the canoe along with blues are slither along the coastline to the green encampment, waiting for the signal.
There are screams and chaos and horses flee out of the town. That’s the signal!
Reds rush in, finding the greens in shambles. Reds get their revenge, skewering the greens for their crimes. Greens don’t even bother fighting back and simply try to retreat, begging for their lives and grovelling. Reds put their new found archery skills to practice and use poison arrows to execute greens trying to swim away.
When all is said and done the greens are dead, their blood splattered on the beach. Reds are ecstatic. Revenge is sweet. Reds collect communism, and their red hair bounces back to life, and fills back in the balding patches. James notices a green star hanging in the sky directly above the camp and has an uneasy feeling.
The RED-BLUE alliance have defeated GREEN tribe! Reds have reclaimed COMMUNISM! Reds mood skyrockets to joyous in the wake of the war and gain another +5 pop growth until turn 16

>Green turn:
Greens develop animal husbandry.
Greens train their horses to carry multiple people, allowing more to swiftly move across the plains, helping alleviate the consequences of losing Lucky Charm.
Greens gather up seeds and wrangle up some more wild horses.
Night time comes. There is a strange tension in the air.
The green horses begin to act agitated and erratic. They break free of their ropes and begin to stampede out of the camp, trampling greens in the process! A green falls dead from an arrow and screaming can be heard, Blues and reds begin to rush in from all sides and slaughter greens!
Greens panic and attempt to scramble away only to be killed trying to escape. Noloon looks on in horror as his people are systematically exterminated.
>Green (2)
The Great Sahnek grips his fist and closes his eyes tight. Waiting for death and for the screaming to stop. It does, but the fire keeps crackling. Noloon opens his eyes cautiously. The battle field is still there, but frozen like a still picture. Fresh blood suspended in the air as it’s green owner is collapsing, vacant eyed.
The only motion is a the flickering of the central camp fire. In front of it stands a tiny leprechaun, dressed from head to toe in green and gold. He has a wide smile on his face and greets Noloon warmly. Through his pain and confusion the words “Who are you” is all that he can manage.
“I have gone by many names to many people, but you can call me Olc…not that that’s important right now.” Olc motions to the surrounding scene.
“I have the power to stop this. To save your people. To transport you elsewhere so you may start afresh with your people, their families and the artefacts your covet.”
Olc slowly and purposely paces closer to Noloon as he speaks.
“I can do anything your heart desires. I can be your salvation…for a price. All you need to do is ask and be willing to pay and I can make all this like a bad dream.”
Noloon takes a moment to take his gaze away from the Leprechaun and looks around. He clenches his fist. “No…No it’s too late for that now…my people are beyond saving….to many have died.”
He looks back at the leprechaun. “My people will not run like cowards…We will not regret our actions. I do have a request though. I will pay any price for you to place a curse upon reds and their allies.” His voice steadily rises as he lists a long bitter list of all the terrible things he wishes to inflict upon reds and their allies blues.
The leprechaun stands in silence for a moment…”Well if that’s all you want then I can make that happen”. He outstretches his hand. Noloon shakes and seals greens fate. A green star erupts from the fire and launches high into the sky. A storm begins to rage and greens souls are swept away in a tide of ethereal gust. Noloon realises too late what he has done and feels himself torn from his own body and dragged into the fire.

Green tribe have been DEFEATED and sold their souls to Olc to CURSE red & blue tribes!
>Blue tribe:
Blue tribe use their crafty linguistic abilities to teach their eagles some simple blue witchcraft. Blue eagles can now pass on *simple* blue instructions and messages.
Blues Send out their scouts to hunt down the green tribe and find them camped at the western island point!
Blues inform reds and crush up mushrooms , dipping the arrows into the makeshift poison.
Blues set off to attack the green tribe. They send in their eagles to warn the green horses that greens plan to EAT them! OH NEEEIGH! The horses panic and flee the green village, trampling greens and causing chaos. They let their arrows fly, peppering the green campsite. Reds charge in after the first wave of arrows and blues remain poised to execute fleeing greens.
Blues and reds massacre the greens and reclaim communism for red tribe. Blues gain a large mood boost for victory over another tribe and +5 growth until turn 16. Through the dragons call, blues convince reds to let them have the horses and teach them how to create medicine for all their help in the war.

>Orange tribe:
Oranges improve their canoes to longer rowboats. These are better than their canoes, able to carry 10 oranges and move even faster on water than their canoes or swimming. Through communism they create 2 rowboats with 3x vision over water.
Oranges build lovely wooden lodging for their green slaves. Lovely and civilised.
Oranges fuck the horses creating centaurs.
Oranges explore east finding the new continent is fully of lovely meadows just like home. Shorter hardier grass though. They note to keep jack away from an anthill they spot. They also spy brown haired people on horses chasing a herd of buffalo to the south.

>Black tribe:
Black tribe learns to tame animals. They will be calm and obedient for blacks.
Blacks spread their corruption further and plant more obelisks.
Blacks explore further south finding some garlic gaining a +1 pop growth. HISS garlic.
Blacks explore further west into the swamps. It’s muddy and drudgy, full of thick clay and insects and frogs.
Blacks are greeted with a dream. In the dream a green goblin tells them that if they follow the green star in the sky they shall find a stone hammer and sickle, as well as a large toothy shell defended by red and blue haired people. If Blacks obtain either they shall be granted immortality.
Blacks are tempted by the idea of being immortal vampires, but the eternal suffering of life is even more depressing in a…depressing way.

Research: Writing, We will teach our people of writing. We will absorb the green language and mix it with ours to create our own dialect of greenspeak called Eternian. (We absorbed all greens tech so language is one.)

Action: Jack leads his 13 followers and 7 community service members to the edge of the forest. "If you really intend to bring orange to the forefront of this island, Then you blindly do this with the ultimate dedication.. See these trees. I WANT YOU TO FUCK THEM JERRY. FUCK THEM :heart:

Action: The ant hills will be the final test my brothers of your loyalty and complete dedication to chadley. As I had done many moons ago you will unleash your fury upon these hills of ant creation. Flooding their homes with your unannounced water invaders. Trees are easy compared to this brothers. BE STRONG, BE A CHAD

Scout/Diplo: We will enter the centre of the forest. WE ARE ORANGE BOIS. CREAM OF THE CROP. Speaking of cream and crops our new ents will carry the overlander troops on their backs and shoulders. Even if they fall asleep it will be fine as they carry them to the centre.

Scout/Diplo: We will enter the centre of the forest. WE ARE ORANGE BOIS. CREAM OF THE CROP. Speaking of cream and crops our new ents will carry the overlander troops on their backs and shoulders. Even if they fall asleep it will be fine as they carry them to the centre. Orange overlander and some mermen will make up the exploration party carried by our ents.
Research: Carpentry. The wooden version of masonry.
Actionx2: oh god the obliesks
Scout: south
Research: A Blue hypothesizes that if our voices carry the blessing of the Dragon, maybe it isn't only our words that can be used to gain favor? Blues begin experimenting with singing to influence others, using emotional manipulation to - with or without a language barrier - communicate in a universal manner.
Scout: We are curious and investigate the cave again, sending a few Blues to sing into the cave. The echoing should carry our voices deep within to draw out whatever might be hiding, without needing to try crossing that rickety bridge! That thing looked dangerous. We bring torches, curious about who crafted the bridge to begin with and carved a warning sign on our side of it. Whatever it is can't be that bad!
Action: The Blues are concerned by the Green star, and after partying with the newly re-redded Reds we decide it's time to fortify our positions better. We create a wooden palisade around our plains settlement as well, including the outward facing sharpened stakes in case we start getting unexpected visitors.
Action: We assign a portion of our tribe who are dedicated to studying and more importantly PROTECTING the Dragon's Call. These High Priests are 10% of our population, including guards and a few special Blues who will study ways to keep it safer in the future. High Priests are considered the premiere experts on the artifact and share the prayers and stories of the people with the Call, starting with telling it of the mighty War on Christmas that we just conquered. Only High Priests are allowed to handle the Call.
Development: we start developing catapults
Action: we go to try to catch some boars to domesticate them.
Action: We mass produce catapults and start setting up some infrastructure in the walls to be able to set them there.
Diplo: We go celebrate our victory with blues on winning the christmas war
Changing stuff cos op said so
Development: Greens proyectiles proved to be extremely efficient against us. Reds develop big shields that cover their body.
Action: Fortify our second town with a wall too
>Red Tribe:
Reds develop Large wooden shields (as stone is simply too heavy). This has the same communism bonus as armour.
Reds domesticate boars, gaining +1 pop growth from the new food source.
Reds prepare for any further attacks, fortifying their mountain town and add a road to the farmlands, significantly increasing response time between the 2 and adding vital defences.
Reds celebrate victory with Blues! They dance the night away and feast like no tomorrow. Greens are dead hahahahahaahahah! James doesn’t enjoy it as much as he keeps seeing a ghostly Green goblin and Olc out of the corner of his eye and in other faces as the celebrations go late into the night. Late that night he sees the green star shoots something north across the sky.

>Blue Tribe:
Blues develop their shouts into a majestic siren song. Regardless of the creature, as long as it can hear, it will be at least somewhat entranced and want to approach out of curiosity.
Blues project their song down the tunnels across the bridge. After a few minutes they see a light emerge from the other side and a line of Skaven slowly dancing their way across, Enthralled by the blues. They make their way across the bridge and surround the blues, lying down to sleep or to listen to the blues song. Once ended the Skaven begin to grow restless and agitated. Blues send 1 of them back to the main tribe with news while the others stay and sing throughout the night to keep the growing horde calm.
Blues assign a new profession, The High priest! These are the guardians of The Dragons call. Experts in it’s ways, sharing stories to those who wish to hear, offering prayer and tributes to the artefact and willing to defend it with their lives if necessary.
Blues spy the green star in the sky and grow uneasy. Something foul occurred that night and they must prepare themselves for the safety of their people. They surround both towns in a spikey wooden palisade.
Blues attend celebrations with the reds , enjoying fine food, and sharing stories and songs with the enchanted reds. They gain bees.
Late that night they witness a green shooting star streak across the sky northwards.
File: RT2 map 14.png (45 KB, 1559x758)
45 KB
>Orange Tribe:
Oranges ask their new “citizens” what they know and learn Green techs. They adopt Horseriding, leatherworking and cooking gaining a +1 pop boost. Additionally they take particular interest in sezian. They combine their own language, slang and the sezian language to derive a new Orange exclusive tongue called Eternian. Oranges will lose the ability to communicate with other tribes entirely at turn 15.

Jack and his men rape the forest trees. Simple as that. Just a group of horny oranges and a whole lot of barky holes. Oranges gain ENTS!
Oranges mount the tops of their new ent brethren and venture deep into the woods! They wake up back at the campsite and don’t remember anything. The ents inform them there’s a large lake with a village of fairies who powder the area in sleep dust. They capture those who wander too far in and place them in cacoons where they slowly liquefy , turning the cacoons into tribe wide drinks dispensers. The fairies were shocked at the ents intrusion and kept trying to capture the sleepy oranges. The Ents swatted them away and came back before they were overwhelmed.

Oranges destroy another ant hill with their chadley ways. After finishing and gaining more ant men, oranges are approached by a convoy of browns walking along the coast. The lead caravan, pulled by a bison and headed by a hunched brown chewing and spitting with squinty eyes, stops infront of oranges and looks between at each of them before speaking.
“Mighty fine boat y’all got there, wouldn’t happen to be inclined towards sellin’ her?” The brown snorts and spits out a blob of viscous brown sludge before retrieving another brown substance from his inner pocket and replacing it into his mouth. He motions towards the ocean.
“We’s be needin’ a way across this here ocean and a native brain to pick. We have enough coin to make it worth your while.” Said the brown , rolling a golden coin between his skeletal fingers.
Browns set up a camp west of the oranges while waiting for oranges to make up their mind. They inform oranges they will be there for 1 turn so decide quickly. That night they see a green shooting star streak across the sky towards the north.

>Black Tribe:
Blacks develop carpentry, allowing them to create wooden willow crafts just like they do with stone.
Blacks make MORE obelisks. At this point they just decide that unless stated otherwise, they will place one whenever they scout.
Blacks scout east discovering a deep crag with cold whispy mist coming out if it. They strain their eyes to see if they can make out anything through the mists and spy a white crystal far down. They return home with news and questions on how to get down there safely.
Blacks see a green shooting star streak across the sky north.

Research: Bronze Armour

Action: Create more ent troops

Action: Send the ents in at night with nets and rope. We send some boats down the river with them and they need to capture as many fairies as possible. I want them all. Leading the ents is Captain Hookroot (captain hook from peter pan)

DIPLO: brown will trade us gold monies and copper for that boat anf transport on our others if they need.
Trade: we trade agriculture for metallurgy with blues
Dev: we improve our armour and tools with copper
Action: We build lots of watchtowers among our northern territories
Action: we start building fake replicas of our artifact aswell as the blue artifact to seem like they are the real ones while we give the fake blue artifact to the blues.
Dev: We learn how to ride our new allies the horses, both for travel, and for battle. Their speed shall surely help us in our efforts to attain greatness
Diplo: Action: Blues are fascinated by the Skaven! We introduce ourselves, and explain that we are so interested to meet our neighbors who were so clever to build the bridge and place the warning sign. We thank the Skaven for being so conscientious! Breaking the ice by offering them some meat, we ask Skaven all about themselves, what they're good at, what their culture is like, whether they'd be interested in trading with us and growing closer as neighbors.
Action: We assign about 20% of our population to be a standing militia for our defense, composed of the best hunters and fighters and heroes from our war against the Greens. These brave men and women are known as the Kyaneoi, and hold daily routine drills to hone their prowess and stay prepared to answer the call of defending the tribe, led by the greatest of Blue warriors, the mighty Azuilles
Action: Now that Blues have knowledge of agriculture, they assign 30% of their population as farmers to increase their stable food supply
Mermen will accompany the boat and rescue any living from the pods and then swim the boats back up our river
-Developing: Written Language. The Black Clan shall begin to decorate their obelisks in ominous symbols that in themselves carry symbolic meaning, and through the constant marking of them they shall develop a system of writing to make sure all the prose written upon them is uniform.

-Action: Begin the construction of a Grand Obsidian Tower. Upon the highest peak on our Mountain Range we shall erect a tower the likes of which shall strike awe to those who gaze upon it from miles away. We shall construct it with the ferocity and fervor only deserving of being called a wonder, as the black spire seeps corruption and melancholy. to the lowlands below.

-Action: Do a bit of Social Arrangement. Assign 10% of our population to be Craftsmen, another 10% to be Dark Clergy, and rename our main town to Black Morgue.

-Scout: Send some scouts to explore in the direct South West from our city.
>Red tribe:
Reds trade their agricultural knowledge for blues metallurgy. Reds can now smelt and work with metals!
Reds apply their new knowledge quickly, upgrading their tools and equipment to copper!
Reds create a replica of Communism to help disguise their real artefact, just in case of further attacks. They attempt to replicate blue shrine as well but are unable to craft delicate sea shells. They instead craft it from stone for the blues. Hope this is up to scratch blues!
Reds create watch towers on the northern face of their mountain, and along the roads to their farm town. They add more on the northern plains.

>Black tribe:
Blacks explore south west from their main city, discovering an intersection of rivers from the mountains going into the swamplands. They see a small village of frogmen at the shore. Their village is made of wood, pondweeds, dried mud and swamp vegetation, blacks deduce they either game from the swamps or regularly visit there. They appear to be hunting fish using their long sticky tongues, spears and agility. Blacks opt to avoid contact for now.

Blacks rename their capital “Black Morgue” and dedicate 10% of their population to crafts, and another 10% to the maintenance of the tribe’s obelisks. These Obelisk keepers are known as The Dark Clergy. The Dark clergy mark obelisks with sigils, and create a uniform system of markings that develops into a written language

Finally blacks use all their construction abilities to construct the tallest tower they can out of wood, stone and onyx crystals, creating effectively one massive obelisk. They construct it on the tallest mountain nearby, spreading corruption much further than normal. From this vantage point, they can see far across the mountain range and see they are actually quite close to an eastern sea. They spy a fleet of alien seeming ships sporting violet flags heading north.
>Blue Tribe:
Blues begin riding their horses , increasing their travel speed and providing cavalry potential in combat, which their experience with greens has shown to be extremely effective.
Blues quickly put their newfound agricultural knowledge to good use, setting up farms at their meadow town & assigning 30% of their whole population to tending to the fields. They gain +1 pop growth for the stable food supplies.
Blues assign 20% of their population as a military force, calling themselves the Kyaneoi. These blue warriors practice daily combat and discipline drills lead by blues mightiest warriors as commanders, The Azuilles, who make up just 1% of their population.

Blues re-enter the cave and find their captive blues hoarse voiced, rasping and surrounded by sleeping and day dreaming skaven. Blues approaches the only clothed skaven carrying a bone spear, who seems a bit more aged and battle hardened. They ask him many questions and he seems a little confused but not angry. He motions for 3 of the blues to follow while the rest of the blue diplomatic party sings for the sleepy Rats and the hoarse voiced blues can finally return home. Blues cross the rickety bridge and go through a long series of winding and splitting tunnels, lit sparingly. They notice more signs labelling the tunnels, although many remain unlabelled as the tunnels turn from simply dug out rock, to a more purposeful sewer like brick construction with streams of water running down the centre. They arrive at a gargantuan cavern, lit with candle light mounted upon skulls. There are stalagmites and stalactites, dripping water down into dirty pools on the floor. The cavern walls are full of little glowing holes blues assume to be windows for houses built into the cavern walls, and stone, rope and wooden bridges connecting the sides high up. They see countless Skaven rushing about high up, who stop and make high pitches chittering noises upon seeing blues.
>Blue 2:
The veteran skaven leads them directly though the centre of the massive cave, taking steps across a makeshift stone path leading over the dirty pools where others have stopped bathing. The blues hop from stone to stone with their comparatively short legs, deducing the water is filthy enough to likely make them sick. They approach a particularly wide and tall stalagmite with a staircase carved into it, leading spiralling up the tower.
At the top they see a throne of wax and skull, and a particularly large skaven, decorated in trinkets, jewels and scars sat pensively. Blues assume this must be the Skaven’s leader. The guide skaven approaches and hunches even lower and placing his bone spear on the floor. The King rises to his feet, standing 9ft tall with good posture unlike all the other hunched Skaven. His nose twitches as he eyes the blues. He’s surprised the other skaven didn’t attack them on sight. They are used to constant threats and bloodshed down here. He finds their offerings of meat worthy and is particularly interested in the more efficient Blue candles they carry around and greatly enjoys their soothing song. He is complimented by the blues but assures them the skull signs are nessesary. Most Skaven are simple and around other creatures, only being calm and curious when alone. Going down those paths leads deeper and deeper into the earth towards long untapped ravines and caverns full of a different kind of life. Skaven that venture down there hardly ever return and those who do do not come back in one piece. They routinely send warriors down there to recover the bodies of curious skaven for their meat and bones.
Skaven do not usually do this, but they’ve never met a none aggressive intelligent race before. He will send a small group of Skaven (headed by the veteran guide skaven) with blues to see their towns and explore the surface world. If it seems worth their time, Skaven are open to the idea of cooperation. He informs them that one will stays to sing for his entertainment in the meantime.
File: RT2 map 15.png (41 KB, 1397x881)
41 KB
>Orange tribe:
Oranges come to trade terms with Browns. They swap Copper for Tin, Tabacco for Barley, and Cotton for Eagles. Oranges also provide browns with their boat and agree to set up a sea trade route with the mainland from the island using mermen to carry shipments. Browns will carry shipments across the mainland using their buffalo caravans. Browns will gain a presence on the home isle next turn a little down the coast from Oranges.

Oranges and Browns trade information about each other’s cultures and their respective lands. Browns inform Oranges that this area is rolling plains and flatland for the most part, with roaming herds of horses, buffalo and other animals. Browns have large ranches and farms where they produce large quantities of food for their huge population. Although they prefer to stick to the central prairie area. Further out there are roaming monsters. To the southwest they found a jungle and recently traded with Yellow haired for gold, south east there are massive insect hives dug into the mountains, on the southern continent coast they can see a white light far in the distance at night and north east they recently discovered a swamp. Back at their capital they are in the middle of doing some serious industry, and this new tin is perfect! Browns look forward to working with oranges in future and pay Oranges a small sum of gold for being so co-operative and as a token of friendship. All kingdoms in these parts use gold and silver for trade.

Oranges combine their new copper with tin to create bronze!
Oranges set jack and his crew to their grim work. They produce more ents and mermen, increasing their numbers to 50 ents and 30 mermen. That’s a whole forest on its own!

Oranges launch an attack against the fairy kingdom! They send their army into the forest , instructing the mermen to capture them with nets. In the end only 4 ents and 10 mermen return, with 6 unconscious fairies and 8 dead ones. Apparently it was a massacre. Oranges complete lack of ranged weapons, tactics and the large cumbersome ents made it difficult to land any blows upon the extremely agile flying fairies. The fairies would cut their way through the nets, ents and any mermen who came above the water’s surface using their extremely sharp teeth , corrosive venom and spears which they wield proficiently. Although the mermen were safe from the spores, they had to remain in the water, meaning the only fairies they could capture were those who were knocked completely unconscious by a rogue ent swing and landed in the water. An elder ent returns lacking an arm, explaining he ordered the retreat before they were completely wiped out, losing more while retreating from the territory. He estimates the fairies numbers to be much closer to 200. They think they managed to kill 20 by smacking them too hard. Oranges replace the old Ents hand with a bronze hook, Naming him Captain Hookroot and assigning him in charge of ents.

Blues gain sheilds from red trade, & Azuilles is a singular commander, not a class of special warriors
development: we start developing spartan helmets to protect ourselves from impacts towards the head
action: reds now considering how much blood is lost that could be make golems, reds decide that the blood of sick, old, and criminal tribesmen could be used to make golems. this becomes a tradition for reds, instead of waiting for death to take their own life and the red folk gloriously contribute to red´s society by sacrificiing themselves.
Action: we decide to create a training ground where our tribesmen will learn how to use their weapons more effectively
Diplomacy: ask some blue to send some representative to red town, as an ambassador
Research: Animal Breeding

Action: Build a fortified castle on the summit of the mountain using our stone and tools. Also the castle has level inside the mountain.


Scout: West on the lower continent
research: charcoal tar shit
action: build slate walls around our town
scout:into our gemstone cavern
Dev: The blues develop weaving, using long grasses. This allows them to make rope to bind things together better, as well as nets, which should prove useful for fishing and other things
Scout: The Blues send a group to the edge of the forest to the East, and use their loud song to try and draw out someone who dwells within to meet them
Action: Song has become so popular among the Blues, that they've developed their own accent, where they sing everything they say
Action: The Blues show the Skaven around the surface by nightfall, treating them to a feast and singing for them
>Red tribe:
Reds create Spartan style head protection. Added with the rest of their armour and their shields, they will be particularly difficult to kill with sharp instruments.
Reds create a training grounds for any troops they assign in future.
Reds create an embassy with blues. Now Blues and Reds can have an additional trade/diplomacy action specifically with each other each turn.
Reds create a tradition of sacrificing the dying and elderly to create golems for protection. Those who know they’re on their death beds and wanting to continue on as protector of their families and the red people. While there are a few volunteers, the vast majority of reds are wary of this practice and won’t sacrifice their family willingly as it’s found that once they become a golem, they lose their personality, speech and memories, becoming an empty robotic guardian. For now reds gain +1 human sized copper golem unit per turn.
North watch reds spot many small groups of purple haired people running across the meadows as fast as green horse riders throughout the day. Near the end of the day, the eastern red logging camp is approached by a purple speaking a strange language they’ve not encountered before, sounding a little similar to greens and themselves, but generally very different and with a strange accent. The red loggers piece together that they’re asking something about the greens.

>Blue tribe:
Blues develop weaving, allowing them to stitch together fibres of grass to create ropes and clothing, as well as tie things more securely. They start by making some rope.
Blues enjoy talking and singing a lot and develop their own accent to complement their slick silver tongues.
Blues sing into the forest edge, hoping to draw out any creatures they’ve not encountered. Like off a fairy tale many animals spew forth. Squirrels, frogs , insects, birds and rabbits all congregate around the musical blues . Just as blues are about the finish, a group of 3 fairies float out of the forest and circle the blues, floating up and down with the rhythm of the song. Blues continue until all of the animals and fairies are nestled on the floor asleep.
Blues entertain the Skaven diplomatic party. They seem to be very cautious of the blues, but greatly enjoy the feasts, fresh air and song. Hey, what’s that light in the distance to the south blues?
The Skaven thank the blues for their time and hospitality, returning to their kingdom. If the king finds their report agreeable, they will return with the blue next turn with trade offers. If not, then the blue entertainer shall return alone with a token of thanks for being the only none hostile the Skaven have met.
>Orange tribe:
Oranges scout the west along the southern continent shores, finding little of value outside of the usual crabs and grass. They find tracks from the browns that lead in multiple directions. Oranges deduce the caravan they met must have been put together from smaller carts coming from various brown towns.
Oranges begin breeding their animals! They gain a +2 pop boost through chadley for this consistent food supply, and now have a consistent supply of victims for jack, providing oranges with a steady stream of each of their hybrids they breed the parent animal of.
Oranges build a castle on the mountain peak which burrows into the mountain. It’s more of a large house with extra thick walls for now as oranges lack any masonry skills for the moment. They’ll come back to that.
Oranges gain PIXIES through the untimely, totally not jack related, deaths of the fairy captives. Pixies are much taller and slightly slower fairies, with venomous wood cutting fangs and can create cocoons. They don’t fart paralyzing fairy dust though, which only disappoints oranges somewhat.
Browns arrive on the home Isle and make camp a little further down the shore from oranges. They would like to build a dock on each side of the channel to make transport of orange and brown units and goods faster.

>Black turn:
Blacks burn their wood in big fires creating plenty of charcoal. They mash it together with I don’t know , spit and berry juice, to create “Charcoal Tar Shit”. Surely this sticky gloopy black substance will have a use in the future. If not, charcoal will suffice.
Blacks craft a large slate wall around their town. The black brittle stone creates an irregular spikey wall that looks quite gothic. Nice.
Blacks attempt to scale down the sides of their onyx mine ravine using platforms carved while mining, and grass rope. They find the bottom of the ravine is dark, gloomy, cramped and goes on in either direction for a long time. They discover some delicious mushrooms at the bottom giving a +1 pop boost , but struggle to venture too far in the ravine due to the rocky cramped nature of the ravine, taking some time to carve extra space for themselves. They hear scratching and skittering sounds echo through the chamber, making the air feel a little colder before they head back up for the night.


Turn 15 has a BONUS action. Please name all of your towns and any special characters (leaders, religious figures, fun folk).
File: Rt2 map 16.png (48 KB, 1719x835)
48 KB
Research: Mathematics

Action: start a controlled deforestation fire on the bank of the river which I marked yesterday. Prior to lighting ents are to cut vegatation and plants to make sure the fires wont burn down the whole forest. Wetting the edge of the burning zone before giving the go ahead to the overlanders to start the burning. Once its burnt out the fairies cant spread their trash to the zone as it will be manned by satyr archers and highlanders (ex greens) with green bows. We will launch barrage after barrage of arrows at the fairies.. after which when they try to take cover we will attack with our heavy shield infantry and mermen. Harpies will come in also when the attack happens after the barrages.. dropping nets of cocoon silk to capture fairies. The silk should stick to them and render them flightless. After they fall we just pick them up and place them in cages and shit. We will try to capture as many as possible but if you are in danger.. stab the lil fuck.. we will then take the tree as our own. Enslaving the fairies and we will absorb them as a people later on when we offer to make them denizens of orange empire...

Action: Weave the silk from the cocoons of the pixies into small nets and attach them to arrows which the ex greens will practice hitting our flying harpies with. We do this in preparation for operation just the tip above. The green archers will be given both net arrows and bronze head arrows when we do the operation
Scout: West of the forests.. blue basically and the mountain

Meadow town: Chadstead
Mountain Town: Thorvaen

Special Characters:
Chad (Leader of Highlanders)
Jack (An overlander special char)
Peter (Underlander Lead smith)
Stewart (Leader of the overlanders)
Fred (Leader of Fishermen and navy)
Development: Reds, to counter purple´s fast movement, develop a phalanx strategy.
Action: Make some secret trapdoors with secret rooms in every house in case own town gets pillaged again.
Action: We re-assign our roles to have 30% of our population as soldiers, in which in the mornings they will trained to practice hand-to-hand combat with weapons much heavier than those they will be used in battle. Then they will start practicing phalanx formations, and how to manauver faster as a whole unit, and in the afternoon, they will march 15 miles every day carrying their full equipment to get used to it.
Action: Re-structure our town to limit much more the amount of entraces into the town, improving our buildings to be made out of marble and stone,having the soldiers nearby closer to the outskirts and also having a city hall at the center where trade can come in. This town design is made so that phalanx troops can defend the town in some strategic chockepoints in case our walls fails to defend us.
Action: Reds build some secret trapdoors with secret rooms in every house in case own town gets pillaged again.
Diplo: We tell purples to come send a diplomat to our town to meet with one of our representatives (blue ambassador). We try to build up friendly relations with them. If they inquire about immortality thing, we laugh it off and explain to them how the immortality thing is just a myth and your tribe is just the 99th tribe to come visit us and ask us about that. We hand them over a replica as a present (make another one this turn!!) and explain them how, the real immortality was the friends we made along the way.
Free Diplo: We trade with blues how to make armour for hygene.
Main capital is called Imperium and second city is called Aeraria. Among the most influential advisors we can see Stoppium, Badmemenium and Comradecitus.
If they ask us about greens we explain them how they had a civil war in which both tribes splitted in two, and how, that was slowly driving green´s leader insane and how out of desperation they attacked us and our ally. We do not know what happened to the other green tribe.
-Development: Rafting. The black Tribe shall take their development into boating and forego the ideas of canoe making. Instead they shall better specialize into making many smaller figures of wood work together to create a single craft through roping them together. At least now we may be able to pass our rivers better

-Action 1: Build a Ravine Gate. Okay so we found this cool place down there, but we still don't know what in all the fuck is down there, so we're gonna build a set of doors to the place so we can keep out things that might crawl up.

-Action 2: Craft Pitch Lamps. Now that we got charcoal shit in the making let's make some nice gothic lamps by carving out a slate dish and filling it with that tar before we light it up. We don't need any poser ass torches here.

-Scout: Send some guys down into The Ravine with Lamps and Swords to see what the hell is going on down there.

-Bonus Action: Our main city is already named. The Darkest, Deepest guy in The Clan is a guy who sings hard at The High Willow in the middle of the night where the people of Morgue come and listen. We don't call him leader like some kind of posers do, but he's the one we say fuck you to the least. He's called Dirge.

There's an old fuck that takes care of The Obelisks and gives sermons at The Cathedral about what it means to be Goth. He's cool I guess, even if he's got a bunch of fucking cronies that follow him around like sheeple to take care of all his obelisks and shit like that. His name is Gothica, and stop calling him Goth Dad you faggots.
Another important character to add to our bonus action.

We got a girl named Ophelia that that's the real head of the place around here and has a grip on all the boys around the place. She carries around The Seer and trails creep mist wherever she goes, we'd call her queen or chief if we were any less goth, but Morgue Mistress is the only thing that does her justice.
Dev: Blues develop masonry, able to carve stone for more intricately and efficiently
Diplo: The Blues that sang out the forest creatures and fairies wait for the fairies to wake up, then speak with them in the hopes of establishing friendly relations
Action: They also take lead all the forest critters they sang out back home to hopefully make use of them in the future
Action: Into the depths of the mountain, the Blues carve out a complex labyrinth riddled with traps and impossible to navigate without knowing the way. In the deepest part, they stash their artifact, protecting it. The knowledge of how to navigate the labyrinth is divided between ten priests, each knowing a portion of the way. The others must remain blindfolded while traversing portions other than their own. Only all together can they reach the end. The Blues entrust their oracle with the knowledge of the entire labyrinth, but she remains at the end with the Dragon's Call at all times, never leaving its side. Each priest and the oracle takes an apprentice to teach their part of the labyrinth in the event of their death, but no one else is allowed to know anything else about how to navigate it

Bonus: Our mountain town is already called the Aerie, and our lowland town is to be named Azur Fields, for the rolling grassland abound. Our great oracle, who speaks with the Dragon's Call is named Cyanthia, and our head councilor who facilitates our Socratic governmental system is called Aoristotle


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