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In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only war. Imperium of Man, once strong and proud, now is slowly crumbling, whole regions of space are lost to the horrors that lurk in the darkness of the void. Sector Deus is just one of the thousands of Imperial provinces that form the front line in the war to defend Humanity itself. Corruption from within and aggression from without threaten it. But the Emperor sends us hope. High Lords of Terra commissioned a Chapter of Adeptus Astartes, finest warriors Humanity has ever seen, to defend this region of space. They are the last line of defence that hold Age of Ruin at bay. They are the Ghosts of Retribution and this is their tale.


Chapter Chronicles and starting point for the novice initiates:

Datalogs from the previous thread:

Battle voxcaster frequency, all allies are welcome to join:

+Leader without an army is more dangerous than an army without a leader.+
+GM online+

Happy New Year everyone! So, quick breakdown of what is happening - Ghosts of Retribution are in the middle of the coup against the Larion Ursus and his government of Tachion Primaris. Currently it seems that they are keeping the upper hand in the conflict, but there are a few tiny complications... One among them is a possible Eversor assassin roaming the guts of Aspera Dominus, flagship leading the operation. As last session was wrapped up prematurely, let's continue where we finished. Please feel free to repost things that I might have missed/ignored at the end of the last thread.
Hi Skargan, Happy New year.

>Roll for xenya against witches:

>Roll for SoBs against freyan regiment

>Roll for Revenants taking Ursus alive
File: witch.jpg (25 KB, 600x600)
25 KB
>Xenya's Assault
Xenya follows Brethorius and his marines into the depths of the palace. Your brothers provide the muscle and steel needed for the storming of this luxurious fortress. Meanwhile Xenya serves a much more subtle purpose. From the first glance she is barely noticeable in the fray, merely a tiny woman hiding in the shadows of your hulking warriors, who blast bolts left and right. But soon, they encounter resistance that even adamantium and augmented bodies struggle to deal with. Witches strike at them with psychic powers, unleashing almost visible waves of power that crack the surface of reality itself. Brother Barathos, First Company Veteran, once long ago fought in action against Ashkenor, a Chaos Sorcerer who was involved with the foul Red Giants, who have been destroyed by the Ghosts of Retribution decades ago. While these witches are nowhere near the power levels Ashkenor possessed, they are numerous and fierce. High on spook and fear, they force your men to kneel, break their guns and grunt in pain. But what at first seems like a defeat, is actually a mere setback for the Space Marines. Yes, some brothers have trouble dealing with the psychic effects, but Xenya's presence mitigates their power. Killing blows turn into mere stuns, illusions are nothing more than fog which only partially clouds their vision and vile sorceries are drained of power before they can reach your ranks. After the battle Chapter will count around two dozen casualties - some brothers will suffer migraines for weeks, Brother Sykion will need Apothecary's help to get out of armour that got fused to his skin, other men suffer from various wounds inflicted by the psykers, but nothing fatal, nothing irreversible. While Space Marines were quite unsure of Xenya's presence on the field at the beginning of the operation, by the end of it they were looking at her with reverence and respect - they know that she was their guardian and shield.

31 witches slain
4 Imperial psykers taken prisoner
8 witches taken prisoner
149 palace guards killed
387 palace guards taken prisoner

Outer palace taken, psyker resistance broken, some witches are suspected to be on the run
File: guardsman in anger .jpg (39 KB, 353x481)
39 KB
>Freyan Ambush
Meanwhile outside of the palace, Sisters of Battle decided to ambush Freyan regiment that got caught up in coup (it was in transit through Tachion Primaris). Freyans are brave and seasoned soldiers, but the whole situation is very unclear to them - average soldier on the ground has very little idea about what exactly is happening. Now, when faced with a very real possibility of fighting famous Sisters of Battle, at a disadvantageous position and without their armour, Freyan officers with blessing of attached commisars agree that as they are on the Imperial capital and a general order to stand down was issued through official channels, it might be worth listening to it, at least until more information is available. Sisters allow officers to keep their weapons, but rank and file soldiers are disarmed and temporarily detained in nearby warehouse complex. Amelia Engel contacts you proudly with good news.
>Cowards, but it is useful to us. I will recommend their regiment to be punished once we are done with the coup for their weak morale - who knows, we could have been real traitors launching a coup!

File: Ready.jpg (24 KB, 247x400)
24 KB
>Hunt for the Governor
Revenants infiltrated the palace before the rest of the forces. They had a few key objectives, such as eliminating AA defences and paving the way for the main battle force, but the most important goal without a doubt was capturing the Governor. Despite the trouble into which they ran into, Revenants remain a formidable fighting force and even with Geron wounded and Kurt and Solen out of action. Kargos took command of the weakened squad and led them deeper into the palace, past enemy's defences. They could hear the battle starting as they entered the inner sanctum of the palace, where they found what they were looking for. Larion Ursus, Sector Governor of Sector Deus and Lord Commander of all Imperial forces on this tiny patch of Imperial space, was loudly shouting at a shaking palace guard commander.
>...absolute incompetence, how could this have happened!? And where's Deidara, Emperor damn her! Find her now, we are retreating to Fort Hardrock, now! Make transports ready - get out of my sight! All of you, get out!
Palace guard commander leaves together with a few other aides. Governor turns to two shadows looming in the shadows:
>Hadran, get Lusmer on the comms, let the Honour Guard hold them at the entrance to the Inner Palace. They will pay with blood for their treachery, Emperor damn their rotten souls!
One of the two massive Honour Guard Space Marines flanking him nods and turns to the side to contact Lusmer. Kargos recognised brother Hadran, he and (Kargos guessed based on Cagirates' briefing) brother Ormius were the personal bodyguards that were following Larion Ursus around day and night. Space Marines are dangerous foes, now that at least one of them is distracted, offers Revenants an opportunity. How did they proceed?

a) They are still our brothers - take them down in close combat using non-lethal methods (very dangerous)
b) Aim for the limbs, but use combat ammo - maybe they will surrender (dangerous)
c) They betrayed the Chapter - clean head shots (safest option)
d) Let's try to reason with them

[then roll d100]

After the confrontation, Larion Ursus was seized by the Revenants - you have captured your main enemy!


Please roll d100 for the battle for the Inner Palace.
>c) They betrayed the Chapter - clean head shots (safest option)
Ormius and Hadran are clearly dedicated to the governor even more than the other brothers of the honour guard. They're not worth the risk in my opinion.
Rolled 95 (1d100)

first roll
c) They betrayed the Chapter - clean head shots (safest option)
Rolled 75 (1d100)

battle for inner palace
Rolled 85 (1d100)

>Please roll d100 for the battle for the Inner Palace.


Try and maintain misdirection. Use scouts to launch faux-assaults a lots of different entry points while concentrating the line marines into a few major attack points.
File: GlassCaseOfEmotion.gif (2.96 MB, 300x264)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB GIF
File: killing brothers.jpg (548 KB, 600x906)
548 KB
548 KB JPG
Kargos gives the signal to Prekan:
>On three... One, two...
Hadran suddenly turns towards the hidden Revenants and without a words opens bolter fire. Five years ago he had a hunting accident while accompanying Larion on one of the exotic xeno-hunts in the frontier worlds. He almost lost his eye, but Deidara summoned him to her quarters and did something to the eye. It healed perfectly and turned out to be even better than it originally was. It seemed as if it could see shadows of the people, their inner essence. His first bolt hit Revenant Jaykor straight in the face, destroying his skull. A moment later Kargos' shot grazed Hadran's jaw, throwing his aim off, but his gun continued to roar. Kargos' shoulder exploded in red mist, bone and torn strands of black carapace sticking in the air. Turiel was almost as lucky - another bolt his his right hand, obliterating it - one of his fingers landed almost twenty meters away. Meanwhile brother Prekan managed to land a square hit, killing Ormius on the spot. Once a Soulkiller, Prekan has returned to the Chapter and still bears deep hatred to anyone who betrays the Ghosts of Retribution. Revenant Xonius jumped out of cover and shot at Hadran, hitting Honour Guard marine straight in the jugular. Even his superhuman body couldn't deal with this kind of damage - he falls over. Just in case, after whimpering and cursing Larion is moments later secured, Revenant finish both of the Honour Guard Marines off for good. They think that nobody noticed them for now, but they have the following choices:

a) Attempt to exfiltrate with the governor (VERY risky) [-20 to roll]
b) Kill the governor, exfiltrate (risky) [+10 to roll]
c) Barricade themselves, stay put - wait for the main battle force (medium risk) [+30 to roll]

Roll d100 whatever you decide. Target [65].
c) Barricade themselves, stay put - wait for the main battle force (medium risk) [+30 to roll]
>c) Barricade themselves, stay put - wait for the main battle force (medium risk) [+30 to roll]
My vote. Make their location a priority location for at least thirty marines from the 7th company, along with Captain Kay.
Rolled 98 (1d100)

Rolled 29 (1d100)

File: battle.jpg (535 KB, 2048x1494)
535 KB
535 KB JPG
Rolled 9 (1d100)

[Maximus for roll, Luigi for tactics]

+Battle of the Bloody Gate+
About an hour and a half into the battle, your force consolidated it's control of the outer palace, clearing most of the corridors from battle turrets and proceeded to launch an assault on the Inner Palace. The main problem proved to be that the enemy by now had some time and plenty of determination to prepare to resist your assault, so a relatively bloodless assault (at least on your part) was not meant to continue.

Enemy assets:
+Most turrets active [won time for defenders]
+Armoury not secured [Honour Guard uses heavy weapons]
+Palace Guards active [Stormtroopers]
+Combat Servitors active [additional forces]
+Honour Guard [some]

Your assets:
+1st Company [decreased combat effectiveness - battle fatigue]
+7th Company [supporting]
+Elements of the 10th Company [scouts]

Enemy took up position around the heavily fortified gate leading into the Inner Palace. While your techmarines created some additional breaches in other sections of the palace, most of the fighting was contained to this area.

Brethorius understood that he is forced to fight on enemy's terms, but on the other hand it was absolutely critical that palace by the end of the day has to be under control of the Chapter Master. If the Chapter is not perceived as the uncontested controller of the planet, more bloodshed will follow. Also, a signal was received - Revenants managed to do the impossible once again - they have captured enemy commander and are holding him hostage, but they are themselves now under siege inside his quarters, wounded, low on ammo, running on willpower and hope of reinforcements alone. Attack is the only option.

Captain Kay agreed to take the lead with the 7th Company to allow Veterans of the 1st to have some rest.

He will:

a) Advance [Kay prefers this]
b) Skirmish


a) Lead from the front [Kay strongly prefers this]
b) Lead from among the ranks
c) Lead from behind


a) Squad
b) A few squads [Kay would pick this option)
c) Whole Company

Please select your choices, first come first served (minor choices). Rolling for enemy defence.
>a) Advance [Kay prefers this]
>b) Lead from among the ranks
Don't make yourself a target Kay.
>b) A few squads [Kay would pick this option)
Now that we've killed most of the witches are any of the honour guard snapping out of it?

Broadcast a message to them.
And send in the terminators! They surely can't have any weapons to counter that kind of armour?
remember that termies have power fields as well
File: battle.png (2.14 MB, 1117x841)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB PNG
Captain Kay orders a steady advance on the enemy positions, trying to preserve the lives of his men. However this task is hard - your grenade launchers destroyed most of the beautiful decorations that once adorned the entrance into the Inner Palace, but a heavy bolter turret, defended by heavily raised deployable rockrete fortifications and flanked by two Honour Guard marines, lays down heavy suppressive fire onto the square through which your men have to advance. You see a few of the marines go down, but Kay personally leads a squad that silences the heavy bolter. Though moments later he is hit square in the chest by an enemy lascannon, one of the defensive servitors managed to identify his Captain's colours from among the other men. One of your squads squads broke through the breach and killed a whole platoon of enemy stormtroopers, but then a single Honour Guard marine, brother Shador, jumped them with a power axe, slashing and cutting left and right. He took down half a squad before a lucky shot ended his rampage. Then the bad news spreads - Captain Kay is down! Force loses momentum and falls back, Leutenant Tercius manages to organise an orderly withdrawal, but stormtrooper snipers kill two more marines as they retreat - attack is a failure.

+Enemy losses+
3 Honour Guard marines - Shador, Verrus, Pratomion
42 Stormtroopers
86 Palace guards
13 Servitors
Enemy fortifications down to 76%

+Your losses+
9 Tactical marines [Dolamus, Sanerium, Vilgor, Kientor, Gideon, Mossar, Testus, Esseor, Orden]
2 Devastators [Karmentos, Anakion]
3 Assault marines [Herkus, Alavion, Presion]
Captain Kay - heavy wound
7th Company Morale - Grim

+Battlefield Medicine+
Roll d100 for your Apothecary. Target to stabilise Kay is 82.

Tercius regroups the forces and...

a) Brethorius steps in - it's time for the 1st Company to take a crack at this, that's what veterans are for
b) 7th Company continues, Veterans are not ready yet
c) Combined assault - let's use numbers to our advantage

This time we will:

a) Concentrate on killing enemy marines
b) Inflict as much casualties as we can
c) Destroy fortifications - it will force them to retreat
d) Risk sending more men through the flanking breaches - higher risk, higher reward

[roll d100]
Rolled 17 (1d100)

We be rollin!
Rolled 3 (1d100)

>Roll d100 for your Apothecary. Target to stabilise Kay is 82.
C'mon Kay.

If we can't stabilise him on sight. Put him into a coma and bring him to Klementhos.

>c) Combined assault - let's use numbers to our advantage
>a) Concentrate on killing enemy marines
Crack their morale. End this fast.
Good roll, what for? I'll take it for the next assault, as Luigi rolled for Medicine. Please specify next time.

Miraculously, majority of blast force was absorbed by the armour and Captain Kay is ready to get back into the fight:
>Damn it, it's just a scratch, quick, get me a Techmarine, I think it fried my comms, I am going back in with the next wave!

7th Company morale - Inspired [joy at Captain coming back to battle, also +15 on their next attack, use wisely]

Do you allow Kay to go in with this assault?
Yeah sorry I missed the fact there were multiple rolls in the post until after.
>Do you allow Kay to go in with this assault?
Yes. Ride the lightning.
Kay should lead assault marines up high and strike down from the sky.
To elaborate. We should focus on cracking their morale and defence as quickly as possible so we can move in and secure the revenants and Larion. Don't waste any time mopping up random guards and servitors.

If possible, could the revenants move out and move out to meet with the attacking troops once they breach the defences? Rather than the main force advancing directly the larion's position and thus revealing we have him?
File: heavy one.jpg (569 KB, 1920x1517)
569 KB
569 KB JPG
Rolled 45 (1d100)

Not a problem!


Rolling for enemy defences. Enemy, seeing that you are throwing all you have at them, will show their best as well.


a) Leads from the front
b) Leads from behind
c) Leads from among the troops

Kay will lead from among the troops.

a) Use them to soak up damage, reducing overall casualties
b) Use them for their firepower, keeping them at the back and allowing to concentrate firepower where needed (increase enemy casualties)
c) Use them to storm the breaches
Rolled 5 (1d100)

Please roll d100, rolling for [redacted].
File: homer hiding.jpg (14 KB, 480x351)
14 KB
Rolled 76 (1d100)

My votes:

>a) Leads from the front
A storm shield and thunder hammer are no good anywhere else. Plus:
>Siege Master: +30 to all strategic and tactical rolls concerning siege
>Into the breach!: If the wielder of Gatebreaker is the first one when assaulting a breach, all of his enemies using ranged weapons will receive a penalty to hit him.

>c) Use them to storm the breaches
Establish entry points asap in my opinion.

>Please roll d100, rolling for [redacted].
>Rolled 76 (1d100)

>Please roll d100, rolling for [redacted].

For >>2224155
File: terminators in battle.jpg (239 KB, 1024x717)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
This is a battle the likes of which Chapter hasn't seen for years. The pressing need to push through is forcing your commanders to take decisions that would normally be unthinkable. Both Companies give all they have for the second push. There's not supposed to be a third one. But the enemy is still relatively well fortified, majority of his force is intact and he is ready. But your men are inspired by the presence of a Ghosts that grave didn't take - Captain Kay leads men into battle alongside Brethorius and then in the closing stages of the battle leads a force of assault marines to break through the last enemy defences. Deploying both companies, close to two hundred Space Marines, in such a limited space is both an impressive show of firepower and at the same time a very bloody business. Whole squads die in the fires of enemy heavy guns. Within first five minutes of combat your force lost three squads, both wounded and killed. You have to give it to them - enemy storm troopers might be mere mortals, but they are doing their best. These poor souls believe, that they are protecting the good and noble Sector Governor, that they are protecting Imperium itself. And they die trying. Die killing. Hellguns, grenades, lascannons and even a couple of meltaguns reap a bloody price. However once their front line connects with your Space Marines, they melt away like bloody wax in the flames of a furnace. Even Honour Guard marines can't really slow down your advance, though they try. A wave of black mood went through the ranks when the first Terminator died. Burst into flames, from inside, like a holiday firework. One of the witches returned to fight. She survived long enough to be torn apart, limb from limb, by furious Ghosts, when they reached her. Another Terminator lost his legs to a meltagun. And then his head, when he tried to get up. Nasty business. But the rest got through, led by Brethorius, Gatebreaker in his hand. They blazed in through the breaches on the sides, flanked enemy defences and, at last, broke them. This was lucky - apparently enemy was bringing up a Leman Russ battle tank, a showcase one from the palace museum, but nonetheless a tank. Terminators destroyed the tank and cut through enemies like a mono-knife through butter. At last, battlefield is yours, but at a heavy price.
File: furious.jpg (162 KB, 960x540)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
=]Battle of the Bloody Gate[=


+Your casualties+
=Ist Company=
11 Sternguard Veterans
2 Terminators

=VII Company=
13 Assault Marines
6 Devastator Marines
19 Tactical Marines

+Enemy casualties+
11 Honor Guard marines killed
2 Honor Guard marines taken prisoner (both heavily wounded, unconscious)
39 servitors destroyed
4 witches killed
12 Heavy weapon emplacements destroyed
119 storm troopers killed
326 palace guards killed
712 soldiers taken prisoner
Enemy fortifications destroyed
Larion Ursus captured, Revenants rescued

As you own the battlefield, Apothecaries might recover some of these casualties, please roll either:

a) Try to save as many as possible [d15]
b) Concentrate on those that you can definitely help [2d4]
a) Try to save as many as possible [d15]
Rolled 13 (1d15)

>a) Try to save as many as possible [d15]

If he be rent and torn, mend him.
If he is beyond mortal help, let him be with the Emperor.
Either way, no Grave shall take them.
File: 1282253542777.jpg (157 KB, 595x842)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Rolled 56 (1d100)

One of the things that worry you most at this point is that Deidara is nowhere to be found... Neither is Lusmer. When your men break into Deidara's tower, it is empty, seems to be partially looted - she clearly made a hasty retreat... Where to though? Brethorius prepares to send out trackers, it is a real shame, that Geron is out of the picture for now - you really would need someone good for this...

[maximising roll for roleplay - 15]
4 Sternguard Veterans
6 Tactical Marines
1 Devastator
4 Assault Marines

...are saved. A lucky day indeed!


We will be wrapping up our session here for today. Next week exciting stuff awaits us - Eversor hide and seek on Aspera Dominus, consolidating you control of the Sector, figuring out where's the missing Witch Queen and also an old friend (?) might make an appearance... See you all next week!
>See you all next week!
Thanks skargan.

One question. Anastasia Belladon, her status?
We prioritised her capture if possible.
File: SoBs nightmare.jpg (241 KB, 730x712)
241 KB
241 KB JPG

also archived
Rolled 44, 88, 15, 92, 85, 54, 90, 20, 11, 38, 31, 87, 43, 40, 54, 24, 34, 48, 61, 7, 35 = 1001 (21d100)

Doing equipment losses:
2x Terminator armour
7x Devastator weapons
12x Jump Pack
Rolled 1, 3 = 4 (2d10)

1 Terminator suit needs repairing - 5w
1 devastator weapon lost and 2 need repairing - 8w
1 jump pack needs repairing - 1w

Rolling power armour losses. 48 in total. First roll for (5+1d10)% lost. Second for (10+1d10)% damaged.
6% of 48 suits lost = 3 suits lost = 6w
13% of 48 suits damaged = 6 suits damaged = 6w

Total repair/replace costs = 26w

Just need geneseed recovery now. Total of 51 dead marines including Revenant Jaykor.
Oh boy! Been reading up on this thing for a few weeks now and now just missed the thing. What a shame. Will be looking for it friday then.
Game should start around 8-10pm GMT on the 19th.
Holy shit this quest still lives

Looks like the chapter has the resilience of an Imperial Fist
Good to see you again Assassin.

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