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The year is whatever the Firelord imperialists say it is. The location is Republic City. The flames want you to call it Zuko City now in honor of some dead firelord, but that's just stupid.

You're Kamo, seventy years old and ready to die. You've lived a long life, seen everything you want to see, and now you're ready to start the next journey. So your only family, a niece name Lisia, convinced her rich husband to pay for a trip to space where you can expire peacefully and have your ashes jettisoned like a water tribe amusement park ride.

To top it all off, you're finally going to read the letter your father left with your mother when he left her sixty-nine years ago. It was addressed to you, and she passed it on when you turned ten. You haven't opened it, not yet. You haven't been ready all these decades to hear your fathers words. Maybe now you are.

The airclock to the shuttle closes. Spaceships. A newfangled invention from Future Industries. You hope it works better then the bullet-train they debuted in Ba Sing Se. Then again, this is your final trip anyway, isn't it?

You hear the engines starting up. The pilot, a few seats ahead of you, turns back and gives you and the three other passengers a thumbs up. You look over at a young man in a business suit. He's visibly nervous.

"Don't worry young man," You say, slipping your father's note out of your jacket. "Everything's going to be fine,"

"You don't know that," The young man says, gripping his restraints. He darts a glance at you. "How can you be so calm?"

"Trust me," You say, opening the letter. "When you've lived to be my age, nothing throws you off anymore,"

Your father's scribbled writing only occupies a small space on the letter. There's three words.

"You're the Avatar,"

"Oh Godsdammit," You say, and the rocket blasts off.
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HAhahah what the fuck this is awesome. An avatar that has already felt all the pressures and issues of life. Basically Clint Eastwood from Gran Torino with superpowers.
You slowly come back to your senses as the rocket exits the atmosphere. When you can finally pry your head from the back of the seat, you quickly work to unbuckle your restraints.

"Sir please," A woman next to the pilot says. She has a smile that is too white and perfect. "It's not safe to unbuckle yourself yet,"

"You don't understand," You say, trying to catch your father's letter as it floats away. "I think I'm the avatar,"

"I'm sure you are sir," The woman says, blinking as she continues to smile. "But please return to your seat and fasten your seatbelt,"

"Fine," You say, snagging the letter from the air. "But if I suddenly learn how to firebend it'll be the last cool shit you ever see,"

"You're going on the full orbit, right old timer?" The young man in the business suit says.

You finish buckling yourself and shoot him a glance. "Well I wasn't really planning on going the whole way. They were gonna shoot me full of protholsema and then shoot me out of the airlock," The young man just looks at you. You shrug. "I'm not so eager anymore. I've got to get back to the ground and find a spiritualist. My dead father has a lot to answer for."

The young man looks about ready to smile, when a sudden, flashing alarm goes off. "Everyone hold on!" The pilot shouts. "We've got some unexpected gravitational pull!"

"What did he say!" The young man shouts over the alarm.

"He said our vacation's null!" You shout back. "No refunds I think!"

The ship shutters, shakes, then darkness.

You wake up to a large cone bra floating in front of you. You bat it away, then look around.

The ship and it's occupants are afloat. Everyone seems to be asleep.

"Well shit," You say. "They never explained how to use the bathroom suction tubes,"

>Try and wake the pilot
>Try and wake the young man
>Explore the ship
>look for anyone missing a bra
>try to wake the young man

You snag the bra and look around. There's an open suitcase with more articles of clothing breaking away. You throw the bra at the briefcase, but instead it slowly collides with a woman's face. You shrug and snag the young man as he cartwheels towards one side.

"Young man," You say, shaking him. "Young man wake up,"

He slowly opens his eyes. "Wha," He blinks. "What happened?"

"Remember how you were nervous?" The young man nods. You stare him in the eyes. "If you have any more bad feelings, tell me immediately,"

"What happened?" The young man says.

"First of all, name,"

"Tegan Stonzun,"

"Okay Mr. Stonzun," You say. "I'm Kamo, and our rocket ship isn't keeping up the rocket part of its name,"

"Oh spirits above," Tegan says. "It's just like the penny-mags say it is, space is unforgiving and full of monsters,"

"We need options," You say. "You a bender?"

"I'm an airbender,"

"Really?" You say, squinting your eyes. "You don't look like a baldy,"

"You're a relic old man," Tegan says. "Can you bend?"

"My late father seems to think so,"

"I'm an engineer with Future industries," Tegan says. "Well, my father is. But I know about rockets."

"Is that why you're so nervous?"

Tegan nods. "B-but if it's the engines that are down, all we need is some oxygen and fire. Are you a firebender?"

>I think I just may be
>Let's wake the pilot
>>Let's wake the pilot
>>I think I just may be
Som dat you?
SOM...If Dat's you...please No rocks. We've been good annons.

"I think I just may be," You say. "But that sounds like a bad idea, help me figure out how to move,"

"Oh I know this one," Tegan says. "You've got to use the walls and seats when you're in zero-gravity,"

"Zero what now?" You say, grabbing the neckrest of a seat.

"The reason we can float," Tegan says. He propels himself off a chair towards the pilot. He overshoots, smushing against the windowpane. "Dang," He says. He stares out the window as he peels his face off the glass.

"Hey Mr. Kamo?" Tegan says as you climb up towards him.

"What is it,"

Tegan pushes himself away from the window and looks back at you. "There's nothing out there,"

"Well of course there isn't, they call it the spirit void for a reason,"

"No," Tegan says, pointing his finger at the window. "I mean no stars, not even the sun or earth,"

"Well the window's probably dirty," You say, positioning yourself next to the pilot. "I saw the ground crew, bunch of Omashu migrants, can't clean a window worth shit,"

You shake the pilot. His eyes shoot open. "I don't know who that woman is!" He shouts.

"Whoa whoa," You say. "Calm down. I need you to do your job and get this thing back to earth. And also clean your windows, the smudges are freaking out my friend,"

"I," The pilot looks around. "That's right. The gauges were going crazy. I, I need to check on the engine, and start trying to hail someone on the radio. And also," The pilot looks at the floating passengers. "We need to wake them!"

>Go check out the engine
>Try the radio
>Wake the passengers

I don't know this Som fellow
File: Rip SOM.jpg (38 KB, 400x313)
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TL;DR this is why he's infamous
>Wake the passengers
>wake the passengers

Are we at least able to bend one element or did we live our entire life thinking we were a normie?

"I'll start waking them up," You say. "You're the pilot, go check the engines. Tegan, can you use a radio?"

"Yessir Mr. Kamo,"

"Get to it," You say.

The pilot climbs towards the back of the ship, and you go from passenger to passenger, shaking them.

"Hey Mr. Kamo," Tegan says, turning the dials and placing the headset over his head. "You said you're a firebender, right?"

"I've never actually bended in my life," You say, shaking the woman with the bra wrapped around her face. "Which hasn't been much of an issue ever since they invented electric stoves,"

Tegan begins calling on the radio, and you finish shaking the last passenger. The other man and woman rub their eyes.

"What happened?" The man says, looking around.

"Did we make it?" The woman says, flailing to get the bra off her.

"Well aren't you lot a dull bunch of bulbs," You say. "We're stuck in this tin can until my friend here gets us a rescuer,"

Tegan looks back at you with a worried expression. "Mr. Koma,"


"Theres," Tegan looks back at the radio. "No answer,"

"That's not all!" The pilot says, pushing his way back into the cabin. "We're on the ground!"

"What?" You all say in unison.

"There's a giant gash in the back of the ship! We're on some sort of, I don't know, mountain? with purple trees! There's obviously oxygen, or we'd be dead!"

"An alien planet?" the woman says, gasping. "Impossible!"

>It's just a water tribe art exhibit, I'm going outside
>Alien planet? Come on Tegan, let's go out there and prove what idiots we're sharing this ship with
>Everybody out, I'm claustrophobic
23 threads for a rockbender pun? Brutal
>It's just a water tribe art exhibit, I'm going outside
>Alien planet? Come on Tegan, let's go out there and prove what idiots we're sharing this ship with
what the fuck is this quest

You float over to the door and tug on the release bar. Tegan floats hesitantly behind you.

"Wait!" The woman shouts. You stop tugging, looking back at her. So does everyone else.

"Oh, sorry," The woman says, blushing. "I don't have a better idea,"

You rip the release bar and the door slowly opens with you hanging onto it.

Outside is blackness, with only a faint light emanating from...you squint. They are indeed purple trees.

"Well?" Tegan say, clinging to the door with you.

"It's like the captain said, purple trees, a mountain, darkness. And that zero-gravity thing you were talking about,"

"Still think it's water tribe art?" Tegan says, his eyes wide as he takes it in.

"Well I don't know what the kids are into these days," You say. You let go off the door. You slowly float towards the ground, setting down in strange brown grass. "I'm sticking to the ground well enough," You say, looking back at Tegan.

He stares at you, stares at the ground, and finally lets go of the door. He slowly lands in the grass.

"Ha!" He says. "Would you look at that." Tegan turns back to the ship, where the captain, flight attendant, as well as the man and woman are peering out. "Come on guys!" Tegan says, waving them over. "It's fine!"

You take a look around at the mountain. It truly appears to be a singular mountain floating in a sea of dark. This wasn't what the spirit-void picture books looked like. There were always stars with little faces on them.

After a few moment everyone is gathered around you and Tegan, marveling at their surroundings.

"Allright," You say. "First up, everyone's names. "I'm Kamo, this is Tegan," Tegan waves.

"I'm Imoto Han," The woman says, fanning herself. "Heiress to the Han fortune,"

"Captain Dirk," The captain says.

"Miso," The attendant says, still staring around.

"And I'm Rugan Zar," The man says. "Zar Fire Industries,"

"Hey," Imoto gives you a hard look. "Weren't you the crazy man claiming to be the avatar,"

"That would be my father," You say, turning away from them to view the mountain. "But right now our priority is,"

You never finish the sentence. A creature comes slinking out from behind a tree. It has four sets of eyes, two tails, and a row of teeth that seems to glint in the light of the purple trees.

"Ah," You say. "Who can bend?" You turn around at everyone, but they're all staring in terror. All except Captain Dirk, who's unfastening his utility knife.

>Try firebending
>Try earthbending
>Try airbending
>Try waterbending
>>Everybody out, I'm claustrophobic
Lot's of people pander to the elderly. Let's use that. Once we're out we can do a proper headcount, etc.
>>Try firebending
>Try earthbending

The one where we shoot many tiny pebbles like a machine gun.
Or as I like to call best bending.
>Try firebending
Handy in the dark if we can pull it off

You close your eyes. You used to date a firebender, and she was always watching those dumb workout videos on the tube. Come to think of it, you've seen every workout video through your long life, and you're supposed to be the avatar, right?

You sweep your foot like the tube man in the pink leotard and headband had done. You breath in, focusing all your energy.

When you open your eyes the creature is lunging for your face. Captain Dirk tackles the creature to the side.

"Hold it fast captain!" You shout. You run to him as he struggles with the creature. You leap in the air, landing with your foot and exhaling. A small burst of flame puffs out, and the ground trembles.

You grin.

"Gaaahhhhhh!" Captain Dirk screams, falling underneath the beast. You inhale again, and raise your foot. You slam it down, and a piece of rock flies up, knocking the creature into the air.

It slowly cartwheels away into the void.

"Ha!" You shout. You look down at the terrified face of captain Dirk. "Ha!" You turn back to the people gathered behind you. Their eyes are wide. "Ha!" You shout back at them.

You help Captain Dirk to his feet as the others approach you. "Nice earthbending," Zar says, peering at the animal as it disappears in the distance.

"I thought you said you're a firebender?" Tegan says.

"Don't you see?" You say, gesturing in the air. "My old worthless deadbeat dad was right! I am the avatar!"

"Pish posh," Imoto says. "You're an earthbender,"

"I burped fire woman," You say, holding up a finger. "Only the avatar can do that,"

"Perhaps," Captain Dirk says, rubbing his arm. "Perhaps we should focus more on our situation,"

"Hmph," Zar says, peering at the trees. "Rather strange planet if it is one,"

"It won't take too long to explore," You say, rubbing your chin.

>Climb the mountain
>Explore around the base
>Enter the forest of purple trees
>Explore around the base with the ladies
>Send up Tegan and the captain to climb the mountain and get a good look around
>Everyone meets back here after an agreed amount of time
>>Climb the mountain
Clearly we gotta have a kinda consensus guy's. If we go earth it's rock out, fire water etc.
>>Climb the mountain

Get the lay of the land

"Tegan, Captain Dirk, get a good vantage on the mountain," You say, peering at its peak. "Ladies, help this old codger around the base,"

Tegan and the captain nod at each other. "Can you fight?" The captain says to him.

"I can do this cool trick where I keep a beer in the air using my airbending,"

Captain Dirk stares at him for a beat, then fishes another knife from his uniform. He presses it against Tegan's chest. "Party tricks won't help if there's more four-eyed cats about,"

Imoto and Miso gasp. "Do you think that's a possibility?" Imoto says.

"Don't worry," Tegan says. "Mr. Kamo is the avatar!"

"If it's all the same to you," Imoto says. "I think Ms. Miso and myself will remain by the ship," Miso nods.

"Fine," You say. "Do you need protection?" You say, gesturing at one of the men.

"No no," Imoto says, already walking back to the ship. "Please, we'll lock the door,"

"Knock three times!" Miso says, waving.

You, Tegan and Captain Dirk climb the mountain. You pause every couple feet to stomp at the ground. Finally Tegan pauses.

"What are you doing Mr. Kamo?"

"Trying to do that thing I see in the pictures. You know, Ace Rockman and how he has mountains carry him up,"

"Ace rockman is a fictitious character," Tegan says, laughing. "All his earthbending feats are made up,"

"Well I'm the avatar aren't I?" You say, stomping your foot again. "I wish the earth would start listening,"

You finally reach the peak. You stop, putting your hands to your knees. "Spirits above," You say, gasping. "I should have gone with my original plan and jumped out the airlock,"

You don't hear anything from Tegan or Captain Dirk and straighten up. They're staring out at the view.

It's darkness as far as the eye can see. The purple forest prickles with light below, but other than that and the other side of the mountain there's nothing.

"Well," You say. "That's that. Let's go join the ladies,"

You all don't say much on the way down. Once you reach the rocket, you knock three times on the door.

Noone answers.

You knock some more, harder. Nothing. You look back at Tegan. "Blow this can open,"

Tegan nods and cuts his palm through the air. The door swings inward. Inside is empty, save for the floating luggage.

"They're gone!" Tegan says.

"I can see that." You say. "Hurry up, we need to go look for them."

The three of you hurry out towards the purple forest. The brown grass bends under your feet as you trot towards the trees.

Once in the trees you all slow down. The strange lights sparkle in the bark of the trees, as well as the leaves.

A seemingly long time later you enter a clearing. The brown grass doesn't even grow here, only reddish dirt.

"Well," You say, putting your hands on your knees. "These old bones need a break,"

"This forrest didn't appear this big when we were on the top of the mountain," Captain Dirk says.
"Oh that's perspective," You say, rubbing your feet as you sit in the dirt. "My niece is a photographer, she taught me about that,"

"No, he's right," Tegan says, a puzzled look on his face. "We've been walking for too long,"

You feel an arm on your shoulder and look up. Captain Dirk nods with his head towards the treeline. You look up and see faces peering out from the trees. They're hard to make out, but you can see the eyes. They glow in the light of the purple trees.

>Stand very still
>Call out to them
>Show off some bending
>Show off some bending
Make a rock chair and sit on it
Or just sit. Fuck these chinese standoff motherfuckers. Make an obscene gesture or two.

"Oh what's the fuss," You say, crossing your arms. You stomp your foot and sit. The earth rises to meet you, but you overestimated. The mound of dirt knocks you into the air. "Shit," You say, flailing your arms as you float away.

"Mr. Kamo!" Tegan shouts, trying to grab you.

"It's fine boy, just shout if you see that damned cat floating towards me,"

You close your eyes as you slowly spin upwards. There's no trees to grab onto in the clearing. You'll need to fire burp your way back down. You hear a strange buzz and open your eyes.

A small girl in a brown tribal tunic is floating in front of you. She has strange facepaint dotting her features. She reaches out her hand, grabs yours, and the world spins.

You're suddenly standing on the grass next to Tegan and Captain Dirk. You blink, then vomit.

"What happened," You say, wiping your mouth.

"Uh," Captain Dirk says, staring.

"Well," Tegan says, cocking his head. "You were in the air one moment, and then you were here somehow," Tegan looks around. "And wasn't there a little girl somewhere?"

You look at the clearing and see the child. There's no one else. "There she is!" You say, pointing. "Come on!"

The three of you take off. The girl simply steps back into the treeline and disappears. You enter the purple glowing trees and plunge through the foliage. The girl appears ahead of you behind a tree one moment, then behind another tree the next. You continue to run onwards.

Finally you burst into a clearing. Large trees, bigger than you've ever seen, reach into the blackness. Wooden huts and wooden walkways criss-cross the trees. Hundreds of people peer down at you from the windows and walkways.

The little girl stands at the base of the first tree. With her are Imoto, Miso and Zar.

"There you guys are!" You say, waving and approaching. "What's going on?"

"You'll never believe it," Zar says, waving at the village above. "It's a whole village. We're on the underside of the mountain,"

"Did they take you?" Captain Dirk says.

"Kidnap you?" Tegan offers.

"No no," Imoto says, fanning herself. "They did that popping thing they do and zoomed us over here,"

"Yes," You say, rubbing your chin. "That's a strange power they have,"

"On the contrary," Zar says, a strange twinkle in his eye. "I do believe we've discovered a tribe of, well, let's call them space-benders,"

"Space benders?" You say, peering up at the walkways.

They're empty.

You look back down, and see you're surrounded by the village. They weren't there a moment before. "Well I'll be damned you say, looking around at them. "Hello everyone, I'm the avatar,"
That's it for tonight everyone, thanks for reading. Tune in tomorrow for the new adventures of

>In Space
My dick
Holy shit this is cool

Episode 2
>A Whale of a Tale

The villagers all resemble the girl who grabbed you from the air. They wear brown tunics with facepaint. Their eyes pierce you, both unknowable and distant.

"Do any of you speak Sing Se?" You say, turning around.

"Greetings," A man says, stepping forward. He's easily six feet tall and twice the size of a normal man. His muscles bulge under the body paint he wears. "I am Chief Yamaratt, of Po village,"

"I'm Kamo, this is Tegan," You say, jerking your thumb at the young man. "And the serious looking fellow is Captain Dirk. I assume you've already met our other companions,"

"Yes, forgive us for taking them to our village," Yamaratt says. "But the mountain is dangerous, and we have never had visitors from the outside before,"

"Well perhaps you can tell us where we are?" Captain Dirk says.

"In time in time," Zar says, coming up to you. "Chief Yamaratt has offered us a feast, a celebration of our coming," Zar nudges you. "I think we should take him up on this offer,"

The group agrees and you all follow the village into the trees. A long, winding stairwell curls around the base of the first tree, leading you up to the first hut and walkway. Some of the villagers follow you on foot, others simply vanish and appear at the top to wait for you.

You gaze around at the mighty purple trees as you cross the first walkway. The going is slow, as Tegan grips the side of the bridges with white knuckles.

"Mighty high don't you think?" Tegan says, taking a hesitant step forward."

"You'll be fine," You say, smacking him on the back and passing him. "Who ever heard of an airbender afraid of heights?"

You're all led to a large hut with open-air walls. You and the others sit in a circle on pillows, next to the chief and a few others. The rest of the village sits behind you.

Food is brought out, as well as drink. A couple villagers start playing on strange instruments. You and your companions eat ravenously.

"My my," You say, patting your stomach after a plate full of juicy plumbs. "Now that hit the spot," You glance over at the Chief. "Thank you for the food sir, but I must confess to having some questions,"

"And we for you," The Chief says, nodding.

"Well you're the host, you first," You say, gesturing at him.

"Where do you come from?"

"Well that entirely depends on where we are," You say, plucking another plumb from the plate.

"The great sky whale of course," A woman says, smiling. She's clearly the Chief's wife.

"We were previously on a ship, in space," Captain Dirk says. "Have we crashlanded on a moon of some kind?"

"I know nothing of moons or space," The chief says. "For all our world exists inside the whale,"

Tegan leans over to you. "Scientists have long guessed that there are large creatures in space. We have be in the literal belly of a beast,"
"Ah," You say, trying to wrap your head around a world existing inside a space whale. You turn back to the chief. "And uh, are there any other villages in the sky whale?"

"Four at least," The chief says, opening his arms to the walls. "For the world is large, and full of many wonders and dangers,"

"But specifically, just four villages,"

The Chief and his wife look at each other. "And the city," The Chief says.

"City?" Zar says, tearing meat from an animal leg.

The chieftain and the others look up at the ceiling. "On the head of the whale rides a great city and an even greater castle."

"The king of the world," The tribe says in unison.

"Long have they raided us, kept us down here. We are but playthings to them,"

"Whelp," You say, pushing back your plate. "And think that's enough ominous talk for one meal."

"Yes," Zar says. "I must ask now, your bending!"

"Ah," The chieftain says, smiling. "You are impressed by our space bending?"

"Of course!" Tegan says, nearly spilling his drink in excitement. "We've never seen something like that!"

The chief cocks his head. "You cannot bend space?"

"We cannot," You say. "But we've got all the others, earth, fire, water, air,"

"You can bend fire?" The chieftain's wife says, her eyebrows raising. "And earth? Such things are impossible,"

"Not as impossible as your bending," You say, laughing.

"So all of you can do it?" Zar says.

"At least half in each village," The chief says, smiling and taking his wife's hand. "And those who can't get help from those who can,"

"I'll cheers to that," You say, raising your glass.

After the meal you are all shown to your quarters where you can rest. Zar goes off to pester the Chief with more questions, and the girls Miso and Imoto find themselves talking to the village women. Captain Dirk sits in his hut, sharpening his knife.

That leaves you and Tegan. "Well mr kamo," Tegan says. "What do you think?"

"Ridiculous," You say. "But interesting."

>Explore the village
>Practice bending
>Find Zar and the Chief
>Find Zar and the Chief

What the actual fuck am I reading.

I'm half expecting Kamo to wake up and realize he's been tripping hard on acid.

"I'm going to go find Zar and the chief," You say, looking around at the village. "You go off and be young,"

You leave the balcony the rings your hut and step onto the walkway. As you cross it you look up to see Dirk waiting for you.

"Captain," You say, nodding.

"Kamo," Captain Dirk says, moving to the side to let you pass. "I think we should start looking into leaving,"

"Nervous are we captain?" You call over your shoulder. "We've only just arrived in a wondrous new land,"

"Is that so bad to be nervous?" Captain Dirk says. "You're taking this entirely too well,"

"No Captain," You say, pausing. "I'm just old. The belly of a whale is not so hard on the mind after you've seen what I've seen. The person you should be concerned about it Zar. He seems very excited, and for reasons I can't quite pin." You start walking again, then pause. "Ah, one more thing captain. Who all from our crew can bend? Tegan I know can airbend,"

"Ah," Captain Dirk says, scratching his head. "Well Imoto is an earth bender, and Zar can fire bend,"

"You and Miso though,"

"No," Captain Dirk says. "But now you're nervous too, huh?"

"Quite the contrary captain," You say, laughing. "I'm the Avatar, and I need teachers. It seems we have air, earth and fire. Now all we need is water,"

"Well," Captain Dirk says, his voice somewhat low. "It seems you have plenty of masters to teach you space too,"

"Hm," You say, scratching your chin. "I suppose I do,"

You walk over the walkways, passing villagers who smile or hide, depending on their age and temperament. You do your best to wave back.

You find Zar and the Chieftain in a hut, passing a shell full of liquid back and forth.

"Kamo!" Zar says, waving at you. "Come and sit with us!" The chief and I were just discussing the history of space bending,"

"Yes I think I've hear quite enough of that word today," You say, sitting crosslegged next to Zar. "Let's change the subject to this world we're in,"

"I hope our hospitality is to your liking," The chieftain says.

"It could be no finer," You say, accepting the bowl from the chief. You take a sip, wince and pass it back. "But the captain of our expedition you see, he is eager to return to our home,"

"Yes," The chieftain says. "Zarr here was telling me about it. Water that stays in one place, land as far as the eye can see,"

"Your water does not stay in one place?" You say. "Well, I don't think ours does either,"

"Their water comes from the whale," Zarr says. "It surges in like a raging river from the mouth and passes all the floating mountains within,"

"Wonderful," You say. "But back to the topic of returning to earth."

"I am afraid we have never left the village," The Chief says. "We can only bend space a short distance, it is not enough to depart from the mountain,"

"And uh, the city on top of the Whale's head," You say. "Outside of this thing. Could they?"
The chief nods solemnly. "The King of the World can do anything, such is his power,"

"Well then that settles it," You say, clapping. "Thank you for your hospitality, but I believe we'll be going to this city,"

The chief shakes his head. "No, you would not survive, the journey nor the city,"

"Well I'm the avatar, and the last one could do some pretty ridiculous things, I think we'll be fine. Although," You raise an eyebrow at the chief. "Who's your greatest space bender?"

"That would be my wife," The chieftain says. "Samasa,"

"Fantastic, hopefully she can teach these old bones should the occasion arise," You say, getting up.

>Go talk to the other crew members
>Practice Bending
>Explore the village
Practice bending.

You wind through the walkways, spotting Tegan on the ground below. You wave at him. "Tegan!"

The young man doesn't hear you, engrossed in a game being played by several youth with a hook and ball. You grimace, then look and see a girl standing on the walkway with you.

"Oh, it's you," You say, sniffing and looking back down at Tegan. "Thank you for saving me earlier from floating away, that was a good turn," The girl simply nods. "What's your name, younggin,"

"Aumi," The girl says.

"Well Aumi, try yelling down to my friend there, I'm sure as hell not walking all the way down there,"

Aumi approaches you and holds out her hand. You cock your head, and she grabs your arm. The world pops and you're suddenly on the grass next to Tegan.

You vomit everywhere.

"Dammit all girl," You say, wiping your mouth. "I don't know what they teach you about your elders, but they don't do change very well,"

"Sorry," Aumi says.

"Mr. Kamo!" Tegan says. "You should see this game, it's quite similar to,"

"Eh," You say, holding up your hand. "Look, I'm going to level with Tegan. As much as I want to spend the remainder of my days in a happy village, I need to get back to earth and yell at the ghost of my father. And the only way we're gonna do that is to go to a dangerous city. And the only way we're going to do THAT is if I'm a half-competent Avatar. So. Teach me airbending,"

"Oh," Tegan says, raising his eyesbrows. "Um, I'm not very good at it. Took a few lessons sure, but just so I could impress girls,"

"Well Impress me boy," You say. "How does it work,"

"Ah, well airbending is all about, um, you know, freedom and all that. Of the mind."

"Yes that's what the workout videos say," You say, picking at your teeth.

"So, the best way to start is to, you know, meditate and stuff. Free your mind,"

"Good job Tegan," You say, sitting down cross legged. "This I can do. I've been at peace for at least ten years,"

The two of you sit down crosslegged, facing each other. The youth playing the game, as well as Aumi, gather around you to watch.

"Clear your mind," Tegan says. You do so. "Breath, and feel the world as it is," You do so, to the best of your ability. "Now, detach," Tegan says. You do.

Tegan gets up, helping you up as well. The two of you get into a wide angled stance. Tegan points at your feet, and you roll on them.

"Good," Tegan says. "Now cut through the air with purpose, as if snagging a rag,"

You do, and a small puff of air emanates from your hand. The youth and Aumi clap. Tegan smiles.

"Honestly the rest is technique, which I sadly have never studied. But if you remember to detach yourself, to move with the wind instead of against it, I think you'll get it,"

You spend the rest of the afternoon practicing. The youth keep popping in and out of the air, appearing and disappearing to check on your progress. Aumi stays the whole time, watching as you eventually learn how to levitate a rock with the wind.
"Ha!" You say, pointing at Tegan. "There's your technique, I'm the avatar baby!"

"Well sure mr. Kamo," Tegan says, scratching the back of his neck. "That's some bending at least,"

"Kamo! Tegan!" You see Zar approaching you.

"Zar," You say as he comes up to you. "Have you seen captain Dirk, or Imoto or Miso?"

"Oh I'm sure they're having fun with the villagers," Kar says, waving his hand. "Look, about what you said. I really think we could benefit from staying in the village a little longer. No need to rush off and get ourselves killed yet, right? Let's stay a couple more days and think on things,"

>No, we're leaving
>We can stay maybe one more day
>We can stay maybe one more day

"Oh what's one more day Mr. Zar," You say, rubbing your arms. "But on the condition that you teach me firebending,"

"Ah, still think you're the avatar Mr Kamo?" Zar says, smiling. You cut the air with your palm and Zar's hair buffets in the wind. You tap your forehead.

"You stop thinking so much Mr. Zar, and you might be able to airbend too one day,"

"Holy spirits and gods," Zar says, eyes wide. "You really are the avatar! Where have you been! Why were you hiding! There's been at least two wars you could have stopped!"

"Oh no avatar has ever prevented a war," You say, brushing your hand. "We're spiritual links or something, guides of civilization. I'll have to reread Korra's autobiography. Anyways, I just found out. So help me catch up and teach me firebending,"

"S-sure," Zar says, wide-eyed. "Wow, on top of discovering a new form of bending, I meet the avatar. Wait until the sirs back at the club hear about this one,"

"Well?" You say, motioning at the ground before you. "How's it work mister big shot?"

"Breathing," Zar says. "I'm not much of a practitioner myself, but I know the theory. It's all about breathing."

"I've smoked too much air-nation tobacco for that to be a good thing Mr. Zar,"

"In and out," Zar says. "Purpose, every moment is dominated by your control,"

Zar spends the next hour giving you verbal instruction. The village youth continue to pop in and out to check on your progress. They gasp every time you mange to cut through the air with fire.

"Very good Mr. Kamo," Zar says. "Beyond that it's simple practice and further application,"

"Hurmph, I suppose it'll do," You say. "Let's go meet up with the others,"

Aumi smiles and skips over to you. "No child!" You say. "Wait!"

You pop up to the walkway, hundreds of feet above. You run to the railing and throw up over the side. "Girl by the spirits I'll have you thrown in a river if you do that again,"

"Sorry sir," Aumi says, shuffling her feet. Tegan and Kar are space bent up as well by the other youth.

"Good spirits I'll never get used to that," Kar says. "So sudden and jarring,"

You meet up with the others in the main gathering hut, with the open-air walls. "Imoto, Miso," You say, spotting the girls. "How have you been adjusting here?"

"Oh well enough," Imoto says, fanning herself. "They're nice I suppose, in their own way. The chairs are very comfortable,"

"And the food!" Miso says, clapping. "It's amazing! There was never food like this back in Republic city!"

"That's because you ate from food carts like a pig," You say.

Miso throws her hands on her hips. "Listen here, just because you're the avatar doesn't mean you can be an ass,"

"Forgive me girl," You say. "My mind wanders and my tongue grows sharp. What do you two ladies say to spending one more night here while we plan things out?"

"Oh fine," Imoto says. "If you insists I'll spend one more horrid evening on their very comfortable beds,"
"Sure," Miso says. "I guess that's all we can do, right?"

"That's right," You say, turning and scanning the crowd of villagers. You spot Captain Dirk entering. "Captain!" You say, approaching. "It appears we will stay one more night, and then leave."

"I do not think that's wise," The captain says. "We should leave now,"

"Well," You say, shrugging. "We don't want to be rude. So suffer with us one more night,"

"Fine, but I'm going to keep watch," Captain Dirk says. We should do split shifts, me you and Tegan."

>Oh no Captain Dirk, I intend to sleep through the night and so should you
>I'll take first shift, figure out the rest between you and Tegan
>I'll take third shift, figure out the rest
>>Oh no Captain Dirk, I intend to sleep through the night and so should you

And now a word from our sponsors

brief break and then I'll resume
>Oh no Captain Dirk, I intend to sleep through the night and so should you

Bitch, I'm old. I'm not staying awake because of your paranoia.

"You are far too trusting," Captain Dirk says.

"And I'll be well rested tomorrow," You say, waving and taking your seat.

The dinner is as wonderful as the welcome feast was. You eat, make merry and retire to your hut on a very comfortable bed.

In the morning the crew gathers on one of the wide balconies outside the main hut. The villagers are there also.

"Alright," You say, clapping your hands. "This is the plan. According to the chieftain here, whenever the water comes through, the floating mountains move to the side of the whale's belly. There's grooves and ridges along the side, big enough for two people. From there we can climb up, but it will be treacherous,"

"Oh no then," Imoto says, dismissing the notion with a wave. "I shall stay here then, in the safety of the village. You all can go ahead and do the dangerous bit,"

"No," You say. "See, you're an earthbender. You need to teach me earthbender,"

"Oh you trounced that devil cat well enough, you're already more advanced than I am with bending," Imoto turns to Miso. "Besides, you'll stay with me won't you dearie? It's far too dangerous out there,"

"I'm inclined to agree," Miso says. "I'm not much help in dangerous situations,"

"Bah," You say, turning away. "Fine, we'll come back for you, or at least you better hope so,"

"I will go with you,"

You turn and spot Samasa, the chieftain's wife.

"Love no," The chief says. "You must not,"

"They will not survive without me," Samasa says, touching her husband's cheek. "You know it is true,"

"Alright fine," You say. "So that's me, Tegan, Captain Dirk, Zar and Samasa. We're going to climb up the side of the whale, enter the city, and convince someone to give us a ride back home. Any questions?"

"Uh, yeah," Tegan says, raising his hand. "What is this city exactly?"

"Oh who knows, probably some fire nation colony full of space imperialists," You say.

The next couple hours are spent packing and saying goodbyes. Imoto and Miso look very happy to be staying in the comfort of the village for the time being. Captain Dirk just seems eager to move.

The five of you leave and walk through the purple woods. It's quiet, though the purple glow is warm. "So what causes this mess?" You say, motioning at the trees.

"The spirits of course," Samasa says. "They have always lit the way for us, and guide us to the animals that feed us,"

"Yes well, haven't seen any spirits yet,"

"Well of course not," Samasa laughs. "No one can see spirits!"

"We can!" Tegan says, thumbing himself. "One of the avatars let them all out,"

"Fat lotta good it's done us," You mumble. "Can't go two feet without stepping on the grandfather ghost of a streetlamp."
You all reach the edge. It seems flat, though you know on the opposite side rests the mountain. You hear a strange gurgling, then see a massive water spout twisting and twirling through the blackness. The water's are glowing with a strange luminescence.

"My word," You breath as it snakes closer. "That's a beautiful sight."

The ground shudders as the water draws close. The mountain shifts to the side, bobbing slowly. It brushes dangerously close to side of the whale.

"We're gonna crash!" You say.

"No," Samasa says. "We never touch the side. This next part requires my skill."

Samsas grabs Tegan and vanishes. She reappears and grabs Kar, then vanishes. "Oh no," You say. She reappears and grabs Captain Dirk, then vanishes.

The water draws closer, you can feel it spray your cheeks. Samasa reappears. "Wait!" You say, throwing up your hand. She grabs it and you vanish.

When you reappear you fall to your knees. You vomit and shoot Samasa a look. "Woman I'll tell the same thing I told the child," You're silenced by a finger in your face. Samsa points above.

The underside of a ship is slowly descending. It's a large barge with red paint, though you can't tell much from below. Samsa's eyes are wide.

"That's one of the King's boats!" She whispers. "We're doomed! They never come down here, but when they do we suffer!"

>Start Bending
>Try and Hide
>Hail the ship
>>Try and Hide
No need to escalate the situation yet
>Hail the ship
>Hail the ship

You stare at the ship. "You know, that's exactly where we want to go, isn't it? To where-ever that ship is from?"

"Old man there is more to it than that!" Samasa whispers. "They come and take our children! We know not why, but those ships, they are raiding ships!"

The world seems to slow for you. Distant memories, distant sounds, fresh, eternal wounds.

"Did you say," You begin. "Did you say that take kids?"

"Yes," Samasa says, her face somewhere between anger and distress.

"I see," You say. "It would seem no matter where you go, people are the same," You breath, inhaling.

Captain Dirk throws a hand to your shoulder. "Don't. I don't know what's going on, but I know enough to see when we're outgunned. That barge can hold fifty, easily,"

"How is it, exactly, that a ship floats like that?" Tegan says, peering at the red craft. It continues to lower. "I mean airships I get, but that's a water boat,"

"Captain," You say, putting a hand to his shoulder. "You don't know this about me, but I very, very much dislike people who kidnap children. And for the first time in my life, I can do something about it,"

"Think old man!" Dirk hisses. "Space whales, space-benders, what happens when we meet the equivalent of the space-bowman or the space chi-blockers! We know nothing!"

The ship keeps lowering, until it's deck is level with you and your group. You all stop talking, staring in surprise.

On the deck are masked soldiers in strange armor. They hold what look like black, bamboo pikes. Two others, a young man and woman, stand on the deck. They're draped in white sheets, and the man wears a strange white mask. The woman meets your gaze, and nods.

The barge breaks away from the wall, headed towards the village.

"Are we-" Tegan says slowly. "We have to go stop them, right?"

"Dammit all," You say, your voice low. "You're right captain, we know nothing."

"We have to go back!" Tegan says.

>No, we continue up, they're headed back to the same place we are
>We'll go back and try and catch them
>We'll try and ambush them on their way back
>We'll go back and try and catch them
>>We'll go back and try and catch them
This is worse than getting kiked by SOM, no more planning for me.

"Come on," You say, motioning to the others. "We're not letting this happen," You turn to Samasa. "Alright, your husband said you're the best there is, I want you to take a long look at that ship and tell me if you can get me there,"

"What, to the ship?" Samasa says, alarmed.


She gazes at it. "Yes, but we have to go now,"

"Do it,"

She grabs you and the world spins. Suddenly you're on the deck of a ship, surrounded by soldiers. You throw up, straighten up, and point at Samasa. "Go back to the others, I'll meet you at the village,"

Samasa disappears. The soldiers look at you. The man in the white cloak and mask, as well as the woman, put a hand to what look like swords.

"Hey," You say, waving. "I know if I was Aang, or Roku, or Korra, I'd probably do something badass and heroic. "But I'm just me, Kamo. So," You stomp your foot, and the deck splits. "Funny thing about earthbending," You say, gazing at your feet and wiggling your eyebrows at the soldiers. "Almost everything is made out of earth of some sort or another," You raise your foot as the woman draws her sword. "Let's see where your bedrock is,"

You stomp, and the ship cleaves in two. As you do, the woman lunges forward and stabs you.

"Oof," You say, falling backwards. You hit the railing, flip over it, and disappear into the deep, dark below.

You wake up to blackness. Deep, unrelenting blackness. It's damp, and the ground feels soggy. You sit up and gaze around. You can only see a ways, as the ground you lay on is intermittently lit up by strange mushrooms. You gaze up.

Far, far in the distance, is a small glowing purple blob. Next to it are a couple other glowing blobs. You realize you're on the bottom of the whale.

You hear a noise. You look over to see a four-eyed, two-tailed cat beast cartwheeling slowly towards you. You recognize it as the beast that confronted your crew when you first crash-landed.

"Hey there furrball," You say as the cat cartwheels past you. "If I snag you from the air are you going to cause me problems?" The cat meows, and you grab it.

You place it on the ground and the cat curves it's back. It easily comes to your chest.

"Oof, you're a big one, aren't you?" You say. The cat purrs, rubbing up against you. "Ha! Not so tough now that you've been spinning in the air for a day. Think I'll call you Bigga." The cat beast meows again. "Come on Bigga," You say, walking along the ground. "We've got to figure out how to get back up."
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Episode 3

>Back to basics

You continue to walk along in the dark, amidst the glowing mushrooms. Bigga follows you, stopping to poke at the mushrooms.

"You know Bigga," You say. "Every Avatar has had an animal companion, and I think I'm okay if that's you,"

Bigga bears his long fangs, growling.

"Well I didn't have a choice in the matter either friend," You say. "You shouldn't have attacked us when we first landed,"

Bigga purrs in response. After a few more moments of walking, you stop. Looking around, you see one of the distant floating mountains above you.

"Well Bigga, this seems good. Let's try earth-bending our way up," You widen your stance, then pick up one foot. You look at Bigga. "Going up sir?"

You stomp, and nothing happens. Except for a sharp, searing pain in your shoulders. "Ah dammit," You say, grasping your shoulder. You suddenly remember the woman on the ship stabbed you. You take of your shirt, slowly, inspecting yourself.

There is indeed a wound, though somewhat shallow. There's no blood. You pick up your foot again, stomping. The pain shoots back into your shoulder.

"Dammit all Bigga!" You say, stomping your feet and scaring the space-tiger. "That blasted woman in white chi-blocked me with her sword!" Bigga cocks his head and meows. "I don't know fella," You say. "But it's a bunch of baloney if you ask me. Swords that can chi-block, whoever heard of such nonsenses.

Bigga comes up to you, sniffs you a bit, and arches his back. "Oh relax," You say, looking around. "I survived seventy years, nine relationships and a war without bending, I can get out from the bottom of a whale,"

The two of you keep walking, in the direction you believe the whale's side to be. Eventually you reach a thick grove of glowing mushrooms. In the distance you can make out the curve of the whale's side, a massive wall rising up into the darkness.

Bigga growls. You look up spotting a piece of the crashed barge. It juts out from the floor like a tombstone. You sweep your view, spotting a distant glow.

A small hut rests against the side of the whale. Lights prick out from it, and smoke rises from its chimney.

"Ho boy Bigga," You say, rubbing your chin. "I'm not sure about any of this,"

>Inspect the barge
>Go to the hut
>Go to the wall and start trying to climb back up
>>Inspect the barge
>Inspect the barge
Look for supplies

You motion at Bigga with your head and start walking towards the barge. Glowing mushroom goo covers the ship, and timber is strewn about the ground.

You poke your head into one of the holes in the side. The interior is dark, so you wrap your hand in your shirt and pluck a mushroom from the ground. Using its glow, you explore the interior.

Your blood boils. The first thing the mushroom illuminates is a series of a cages lining the hull. "Damned child-takers," You say. Bigga growls.

The rest of the interior is a mess of crates, rope and odd glass rods that glow white. "What," You say, peering at the rods. "Does everything down here glow Bigga?" You set down the mushroom and pick up one of the rods. It tries to float upwards, towards the ceiling. "Ah," You say, letting go of the rod and watching it float up. "That's how they achieve flight." Bigga turns its head quizzically. "Yeah I don't know," You say. "We'll bring one to Tegan, bet he'd love it,"

You snatch another and put it in your belt. You do feel a bit lighter. After a bit more searching, you finally find something of value. A club, finely carved with strange lettering, and what looks like some kind of crossbow. You tuck the club in your trousers and carry the crossbow.

"Just like the air temple wars eh Bigga?" You say, hefting the crossbow. "Let's see baldy rebels get the drop on me this time,"

You leave the ship, glancing at the hut against the whale's side. It's tiny compared to the wall it leans against. For the wall is the whole world, at this moment.

You pause. There are five soldiers circled around the hut with their strange, black bamboo staffs. They're pointing them at an elderly woman in rags, wearing bits of mushroom on a necklace.

"Ho boy Bigga," You say, squinting your eyes. "Looks like those soldiers are doing what soldiers do. What do you think, should we help her?"

>Come to her assistance
>Help the soldiers
>Continue past, use the distraction to try and scale the wall
>>Come to her assistance
Help out a fellow old person and get these assholes off of her lawn.

You approach the group of soldiers. They have their back to you. "Go get em' Bigga," You say.

The space-tiger arches its back and lunges, tackling one of the soldiers. You cup a hand to your mouth. "Heads up!"

A soldier turns and is immediately knocked back by a crossbolt. The last remaining three soldiers look at you, look at Bigga, and back up.

"That's right," You say, struggling to reload the crossbow. "Spirits above how are you supposed to operate these things?" You finally drop it and draw the club. "Fair warning," You call. "I once defeated an air nation rebel using just my helmet,"

The soldiers smile and level their black staffs at you. Bigga tackles one, and the woman knocks out the other from behind with a frying pan. The last soldiers looks at the three of you, drops his spear, and takes off into the darkness.

"Well done Bigga," You say, nodding at the space-tiger. "I do believe you'll be my avatar companion," You turn the woman. "Everything alright?"

"Hmph," The woman says, brushing at her necklace of mushrooms. "I suppose you'r expecting some kind of reward,"

"Food would be nice," You say, raising an eyebrow.

"Hmph," The woman says, turning and beckoning you to follow her.

The two of you enter into her hut. It smells of dried herbs and smoke. The woman motions at a stool, which you gladly sit in. Bigga curls up around you.

A small pear-shaped bear pokes its head from beneath a stack of pots. It floats out, doing figure-eights in the air. Bigga's hair stands on end, and the space tiger growls.

"Oh come now," You say, scratching the tiger's neck. "It's just a spirit," You turn to the woman, who's stirring a pot full of stew. "I thought there weren't any spirits inside the whale?"

"I'm not from inside the whale," The woman says, still stirring.

"The city on top then?"

"No," The woman pauses to test a spoonful of stew. She nods and resumes stirring. "I'm from earth, as I guess you are."

"Earth, really?" You say. "Space travel has only just begun. How did you get here?"

The woman jerks her head towards the tiny bear spirit. "Ubaloo here used to be a lot bigger. As a younger woman I used to ride him through the heavens. One day we both rode too far, getting swallowed by the void god,"

"I see," You say. "So how long have you been here?"

"One doesn't easily tell time down here," The woman says. She takes down two bowls, filling them both. She brings one to you, and takes the other one to another stool. She sits and blows on it. "If I had to guess, forty years,"

"And this whole time you've been in this hut?" You say, incredulous.

"Oh no," She says, smirking. "I lived for a time with the space-bender villages, and in the Red City. Eventually though I decided to live alone, down here among nature,"
"In the bottom of a whale," You say, taking a sip of stew. It is absolutely delicious. "The Red City though, that's where we're trying to reach. Me and my companions, we're hoping to hitch a ride back home,"

The woman shrugs. "Sure,"

"So it's possible?"

"If they don't kill you first," The woman says. "I almost got killed. They were probably always trying to kill me while I lived there,"

"Hm," You say, rubbing the spot where you were stabbed. "They have swords that can chi-block,"

"Everything in the Red City can chi-block," The woman says, taking a sip of her bowl. "They can't bend, so they've learned other ways to fight,"

Your mood grows dark. "Is that why they take the village children? Because they can't bend?"

The woman says nothing, continuing to sip on her stew. Bigga watches the bear spirit float around the air. The space-tiger's two tails swish back and forth.

"Well," You say, draining your bowl. "I can't bend at the moment, and I need to get to the top. Are you a bender?"

"I'm northern water nation," The woman says. "Or I was, in another life. Are you?"

"My late father seems to think I'm the avatar," You say. "I've bended fire and air. I could use a water master,"

"Then you'll have to keep looking. I'm no master,"

>Ask her to train you
>Invite her to travel with you
>Thank her for the meal and leave
>Invite her to travel with you
She's been separated from her fellow earthlings too long. She should meet the others.

"What's your name?" You ask, rising. Bigga growls in protest, but gets off your feet.

"Luma," The woman says, setting her bowl aside.

"Kamo," You stretch, popping your back. "Ahh, that's it. Luma, how would you like to come with me? We can find my companions together, and leave this whale,"

"This whale is my world," Luma says, a faint smile on her face. "I cannot even remember what the sun looks like,"

"Bah," You say, brushing at the air. "Come now, don't make me hoot and holler about being the avatar. One of my predecessors was a king,"

"Which one?" The woman says. "Last one I remember was Korra."

"Well," You gesture in vain. "Maybe they were all pretty good people. But one of them could have been a king. Maybe I'll be the first conqueror avatar,"

"Please," Uma says, rising. "There's enough conquerors in all the worlds already. We need the opposite. A liberator,"

"Fine then, come with me and teach me the difference,"

Luma turns around, taking in her hut. She looks up at the spirit bear, who's hiding in the rafters from Bigga. "What do you think Ubaloo?" Luma says. "Do you want to return to earth?" The spirit pear-bear nods. Luma nods as well. "I guess that settles it. Me and Ubaloo are ready to return home."

"Fantastic!" You say, clapping your hands together. "How do you figure we get back up to one of the mountains?"

"You're the avatar aren't you?" Luma says. "Earth bend us up,"

"Ah," You scratch the back of your neck. "I mean, sure I'm the avatar. But I didn't know that until a day or so ago. And also, the chi blocking,"

"Well what type of bender where you before you were the avatar?" Luma says. She takes a bag hanging from the rafters and begins to fill it with dried herbs and twine.

"Um, the non-bending kind?" You attempt a sheepish smile. Spirits above, it's been at least three decades since you felt sheepish.

Luma rolls her eyes and finishes packing her bag. She slings it over her shoulder and whistles. Umaloo floats down and lands on her shoulder. "Come on then "Avatar"," She says, heading out the hut. "We'll do this my way then,"

As you follow Luma out the hut, she tears her mushroom necklace from her neck and drops it on the ground.

"What was that for?" You say.

"Bait," She replies. She sits down in the damp ground, and you join her. Luma takes out a pipe and packs it, lighting it with a homemade match. She takes a few puffs then passes it to you.

"Thank you," You say, accepting it and inhaling.

"So," Luma says, looking out into the darkness. "What's earth like then?"

"Let's see," You say, taking a few more puffs and passing it back. "You said you've been here forty years? So you missed the second equalist revolution, as well as the fire nation revolution and military coup that followed."

"Fire nation being the fire nation then," Luma says, blowing out smoke rings.
"There was a big hullabulloo over the air nation. Everyone was growing nervous the more powerful they grew. Tried to wipe them out again,"

"Who tried to wipe them out?" Luma says, alarmed. "Haven't they suffered enough?"

"You would have had to have been there," You say, shrugging. "I'm not saying it was right, but a lot of things led up to it,"

"You sound like every old man I've ever met," Luma says, crossing her arms. "Always making excuses in hindsight,"

"What more can you do," You say, your voice distant. "I've gotten to the age where life stops giving you things, and starts taking them away instead,"

"Hmph" Luma says, puffing on her pipe in silence.

The minutes pass. You're about to speak again, but suddenly Bigga growls. "What's the matter friend," You say, squinting into the darkness. All you can make out are spots of glowing mushrooms.

"Our ride," Luma says. She empties the pipe and tucks it in her shawl. Slowly but surely, a huge, slimy pink lizard comes sniffing out of the darkness. It has no eyes, only a mouth and plenty of mucus.

"You can't be serious," You say, watching as the lizard starts nibbling on the mushrooms.

Luma is already at the lizard's side, throwing her bag up. She boosts herself up with a water jet, landing on the lizard's back. The creature is nonplussed, simply munching on the mushrooms.

"Come on Avatar Kamo," She says, extending a hand towards you.

"Dammit all," You say, going over to her and taking her hand. She pulls you up, surprisingly strong, and you settle in behind her. "Come on Bigga," You say to the space tiger. It hangs its head and growls in protest. "Fine you big baby," You say, patting your chest.

The cat bends on its haunches and leaps into your arms. You catch him, nearly falling off the lizard. "Spirits above Bigga!" You say. "If it weren't for Tegan's zero gravity, I'd suspect you might have broken me,"

"Just so you know," Luma says. "That thing you're holding is a blood thirsty killer. Whenever the drugs you've given it wear off, it's going to rip your face off,"

"What's the Bigga?" You say, staring at the tiger. "You have medicine and didn't tell me? I've got back pain you selfish cat!"

The slimy lizard suddenly takes off. It dashes across the surface at breakneck speed, turning and twisting and sniffing the ground. You do your best to hang on, but take Luma's hand when she offers it.

"Hold on!" She yells.

The lizard jumps onto the wall of the whale's stomach, clamoring up it with ease. You can't believe the speed you're moving. Especially because you won't open your eyes.

Finally the lizard leaps off from the wall and lands on a floating rock. You shakily get off its back, dropping to your knees and hugging the brown grass. "Thank the spirits," You say. Ubaloo coos.

"Alright," Luma says, brushing herself off and slapping the lizard's haunch. It takes off, disappearing into the darkness below. "Where now?"
>Go to the village to look for your companions
>Go to the wall ridges leading up to the Red City
>Explore around the area you've arrived in
>>Go to the village to look for your companions
>>Go to the village to look for your companions

"We need to find my companions," You say, scratching Bigga's head. "It was the first village near the whale's mouth,"

"This way then," Luma says, taking the lead with Ubaloo on her shoulder.

The two of you walk from floating rock to floating rock. Luma makes water bridges between them, carrying the two of you over. Finally you spot the mountain, with the purple, glowing trees above and below.

Luma creates one final water bridge, and you arrive under the mountain. You're slightly disoriented, but the gravity rights itself and the world flips.

You pass through the trees, finally arriving at the village.

It's destroyed.

The trees are haphazardly strewn about, the houses and walkways split to pieces.

"No," You say, coming to a stop in the middle. There's noone around, but the eerie silence brings hated memories of the northern air temple.

"I've," Luma comes to a stop beside you. "I've never seen the Red City do this before. This is devastating,"

"Ooohhhh thank goodness!" A voice calls.

Imoto and Miso come out from the wreckage. Tegan, Sumasa, Captain Dirk, Kar and a few villagers emerge as well.

"Ah," You say, nodding and approaching them. "It does me good to see you all,"

"We thought you died!" Tegan says, coming up to you and clasping your hand. "They stabbed you off the boat!"

"And blocked my chi as well," You say, rotating your arm. "Though for how long I don't know,"

"It should be wearing off," Luma says. The old woman walks up to Sumasa and the two women hug.

"It's been too long outworlder," Sumasa says, squeezing her tight.

"Ohh it's only been five years," Sumasa says. "My how you've become a woman,"

"What happened here," You say, turning to Captain Dirk and Zar. "I thought I destroyed the boat,"

The two men are silent. Finally captain Dirk motions at the wreckage behind him. "Once the first boat went down, more came. So many more,"

"They took everyone," Sumasa says, her voice hard. "We got here just as they were leaving,"

"Well then," You say. "It goes without saying, let's take the fight to the Red City,"

"There's still a barge about," Tegan says. He squints at the sky, but it's only darkness. "Just kind of, hovering about,"

"They're spooked over something," Captain Dirk says.

"By the way," Tegan says, pointing at Bigga. "I don't know if you know this, but there's a viscous animal behind you,"

"Oh," You say. "This is Bigga, my Avatar companion," You motion at Luma. "And this is Luma, from Earth like us,"

"My how ever did you do it," Imoto says, fanning herself. "This place is dreadful,"

Luma only smiles.

>Take the gang and try and sneak past the barge towards the wall of the Whale
>Attack the barge, go to the wall
>Try and hijack the barge
>>Try and hijack the barge

"If they have a ship," You say, gazing into the distant darkness. "Then we have a ship,"

"Very good then," Zar says, nodding. "So I assume you'll do all the work? Being the Avatar and all,"

"All theory huh," You say, shaking your head at Zar. "Fine, I'll hijack it,"

"I'll go too," Sumasa says.

"And I," Captain Dirk says. "With the Avatar, the three of us might be enough,"

"Well hold on," Tegan says. "I mean, I could help too, right?"

"No Tegan," You say. "They've got some advanced chi-blocking foolishness on that barge, if you can't fight regular ways, your bending won't be much help,"

"Then I'll help," Luma says, rolling up her sleeves.

"It'll be dangerous," You say.

"Let me tell you a little secret I've learned since living down here," Luma says. She comes up to you. "The most dangerous things here aren't space-benders or Red City soldiers. Inside a whale's stomach, you best fear the water-bender,"

Luma turns around and Ubaloo makes a face at you. "For the record," You call after her. "All sane men fear water-benders,"

After a few moments to gather your things, You Captain Dirk, Sumasa and Luma head out from the village. Imoto, Miso, Zar and Tegan wave.

"Come back for us when you have a ship!" Zar calls.

"But we'll still stay here," Imoto calls. "Unless the ship is comfortable. Make sure you ask Mr. Zamo,"

"Yeah yeah," You say, dismissing her with a wave over your head.

It only takes a short trek through the forest to find the barge. It's on top of the mountain, doing slow laps.

"Alright," You say. "Here's the plan,"

"I'm going first," Captain Dirk says.

"Captain," You say through your teeth. "I appreciate your courage, but a voidernaught is not a soldier,"

"Hey," Captain Dirk says, looking you in the eyes. "This only works if we trust each other. "I trust that you two old people will somehow stay alive on the ship," He motions with his eyes at you in Luma. You both squint back. "And," Captain Dirk says. "You have to trust that I'm very, very good with a blade,"

"Noted," You say. You nod at Sumasa. "Him, me, Luma,"

Sumasa nods. She grabs captain Dirk, and disappears. You reappears, grabbing you.

"Ready Kamo," She says, trying to hide a smile.

"Just do it girl," You say, bracing yourself.

The world spins and you're on the deck of the ship. Sumasa disappears.

You expected there to be many soldiers, but the deck is deserted. Captain Dirk stands with his knife at the read, staring intently at the door to the cabin.

Sumasa reappears with Luma. Luma puts her hands to her knees and throws up. "Dammit," Luma says, "I hate that,"

"Where is everyone," Sumasa says, surveying the deck.

The door to the cabin creaks open. A man, draped in white sheets and wearing a white mask steps outside. He holds in his hands long, thin white spear.

>Charge in, yell for the others to support
>Send in Captain Dirk, you and Luma support
>Get in close with Sumasa
This guy looks flammable. Let's burn him when he's occupied with the captain.
>wonder if Luma can freeze his feet. He's not going to get much chi-blocking done immobile.

"Captain Dirk," You say, teeth clenched. "Take the lead,"

"You got it," Captain Dirk says, gripping his knife.

"Luma," You say. "Freeze his damn feet,"

"Ah," Luma says, readying her hands. "That'll be a trick indeed,"

"Go!" You yell.

Luma takes two steps, turns and sweeps her hands in a horizontal pattern. Moisture from the air collides together and spins like pinwheel towards the man in white. Captain Dirk charges, moving impressively fast.

The man in white sidesteps Captain Dirk, knocking him to the side with his spear. He then ducks and rotates out of the way of the waterwheel.

The man in white charges you, Luma and Sumasa. Luma however brings her hands in, drawing the waterwheel back like a boomerang. It knocks the man in white down, then freezes his feet.

You take two steps, breathing in measured paces. You leap, land and exhale while you slice the air with your hand. A wave of fire spews forth, engulfing the man in white.

His robes go up in flames. He breaks the ice around his feet and tears the robes from his body, revealing blue tattoos covering his flesh. He charges you.

You think he's about to stab you and you flinch. Instead the man throws the spear, catching Luma in the stomach. She cries out as she falls back. The man impacts into you, sending you flying. He then tears his spear from Luma and swings it at Sumasa.

The village woman blinks off the deck. Captain Dirk tackles the man from behind and stabs him in the shoulder, pinning him to the deck. The man in white headbutts captain Dirk twice, then throws the captain off his body.

You quickly check Luma. "How are you," You say, looking at the stab wound.

"I've had worse," Luma says, trying to smile. "My chi's blocked though, can't seem to heal myself,"

"Hang in there," You say, standing. You stomp the deck, exhaling hard. You slice the air three times, and three waves of fire buffet out and strike the man as he stands. He takes the hits, getting back on his feet. His mask is cracked where he headbutted the captain.

"Don't talk much do you," You say, widening your stance.

The Man picks up captain Dirk's knife.

"You got a name?" You say.

The man starts to walk towards you, stooping to pick up his white spear.

"Or how bout your companion. Girl with the same white robes as you," You say.

The man doesn't say anything. Instead he hucks the spear at you. It's too fast for you to catch. You grunt as you fall backwards, the spear sticking out of your thigh.

"Damn boy that hurts," You say. The man stands over you, knife raised.

Sumasa appears behind him and shoves him off the deck. He plummets down into the darkness below.

"Thank you," You say, giving Sumasa a head nod. "That was good timing,"

"He and all those from the city can burn in hell," Samasa murmurs.
You help Luma to her feet, then check on Captain Dirk. "I was wrong captain," You say, helping him up. "Voidernaughts can fight,"

"You didn't do so bad yourself old timer," Captain Dirk says, picking up his knife.

"Well," Luma says, looking around. "If the holds empty I suppose we have a ship. Though what that man was doing is anyone's guess,"

At that moment Bigga claws his way onto the deck. He growls at you.

"I know I know," You say, brushing him off. "But I'm sorry, you weren't worth the extra trip. It was a dangerous fight,"

Ubaloo floats onto the deck as well, scolding Luma.

"Don't even start little man," Luma says dryly.

>Let's take this ship and collect Tegan and Zar
>We should look around for the other one in white
>Forget the ship, we'll go on foot
>>Let's take this ship and collect Tegan and Zar

"So," You say, looking at Luma. "I don't know how to steer this thing,"

Luma walks over to the rear of the ship. She inspects a large, red tiller. "I can't move this," She says. "Maybe one of you strong men can,"

"After you Captain Dirk," You say.

Together you and the captain manage to steer the ship and get it moving. The instruments to drive the ship are simple enough, and soon you're drifting slowly over the ruined village.

"We're not stopping," You call down. "So hurry up,"

Tegan airbends up onto the ship. Zar stands helplessly on the ground. You smirk at him and throw down a rope ladder.

"What about you ladies?" You call down to Imoto and Miso.

"Is it a comfortable ship?" Imoto calls up.

"It's a slave ship,"

"The good kind or the bad kind?" Imoto says.

"I didn't think there was a good kind," You call back.

"Oh stop the barge," Imoto says, waving her hand. "We'll go up,"

Miso, standing behind Imoto, turns to the remaining villagers. "You might as well come too, it's safer with the avatar,"

"This is not a dammed pleasure cruise," You say.

"Oh let them come," Zar says, clamoring over the side of the ship and landing on the deck. "It's depressing standing around a ruined village."

"Fine," You say.

Imoto, Miso and the rest of the villagers climb into the ship.

"Tegan," You say. "Captain Dirk. If you wouldn't mind, I want every cage in the hold of this ship thrown over the side."

"Aye aye Mr. Kamo," Tegan says, saluting.

"Sure," Captain Dirk says.

"I suppose we'll be heading to the city now," Zar says, looking around the barge.

"Hm," You say, looking into the dark distance. "Yes, I think it's time we paid this Red City a visit,"
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"also, let me know if any players have a burning desire for me to incorporate dice mechanics. It sometimes adds a little more player involvement
I'd rather we not have dice, narrative quests can be fun too ya know
With dice come critfails, with critfails come tears.
Episode 4
>Moving on Up

You and Captain Dirk, as well as Tegan, struggle at the rear of the ship to work the controls. Zar stands nearby, offering suggestions.

"Left Tegan," You say, pulling on the rudder. Tegan pushes as hard as he can. "Left dammit boy don't you know your left!"

"Sorry mr Zamo," Tegan says, pulling back with all his might. "This ship must take a larger crew then what we've got,"

"Well," You say, shooting a look to the deck. Imoto and Miso are sunning themselves on the deck, despite the lack of a sun inside the whale's belly. The villagers simply sit on the deck, as if dazed. You can't blame them really.

You spot Luma, who's sitting on the railing with Ubaloo zipping around her head.

"Luma!" You call. She looks over to you. "Are we going the right direction?"

"Just go up old man!" Luma calls back. "How can you miss it!"

"Well there's gotta be a hole right?" You yell. "Some sort of tunnel leading up?

"For spirit's sake man!" Captain Dirk says, gritting his teeth as he pulls the rudder. "Just go over to her and stop yelling in my damn ear!"

"Hmph, good idea," You say, letting go of the rudder. It swings wildly, dragging Captain Dirk about.

You side up to Luma and gaze out at the darkness. "How did you get there the first time?" You ask, no longer yelling.

"It's hard to remember," Luma says. "There's all sorts of passages near the top of this. But they should all lead to the city. It's big after all,"

"How big?"

"As big as the head of a void god," Luma says, shrugging. She clears her throat. "To be honest Kamo, I like your style, you're clearly capable, but we're all going to die in that city unless you get better at bending,"

"Hm, fair enough," You say, nodding.

>Ask Zar to teach you more firebending
>Ask Tegan to teach you more airbending
>Ask Sumasa to teach you more space-bending
>Somehow convince Imoto to get off her ass and teach you earth-bending
>Ask Luma to teach you water-bending
>>Ask Luma to teach you water-bending
>>Ask Luma to teach you water-bending

"Teach me waterbending," You say. Ubaloo grips its stomach and laughs while twirling in the air.

"Hm," Luma says. "Sure," She walks out to the middle of the deck. "Ladies!" She calls to Imoto and Miso. "The sun is better at the front of the deck,"

"Hm," Imoto says, sitting up and raising her dark glasses. "I suppose it is. Come Miso, spirits forbid we return to earth pale as the space-benders,"

Once they move, you and Luma square off against each other. "Okay," Luma says. "I don't know what the other benders are telling you, but waterbendering is about change. That's difficult for old codgers like yourself,"

"I'm a few winters younger or older then you and you know it," You say, trying to copy her stance.

"Every tribe teacher north or south does the push and pull technique,"

"Yes I've seen the workout videos," You say, mimicking her hand movements.


"Oh yea," You say. "You remember moving pictures?"

"Oh yeah, picture shows," Luma says. She changes up her arm movements and you do your best to follow.

"Right, well now everyone has a picture show in their house,"

"Houses are that big?" Luma says, incredulous. She notices your elbow is to far out and motions for you to correct it.

"Well no," You say, moving your elbow. "The picture shows are smaller. They're boxes that you put in your home,"

"Amazing," Luma says. "I have to admit, now that we're actually going, I'm rather excited to go back home,"

You slowly bring your hands through the air, copying Luma. "Any family?"

"A mother and a father," Luma says. "Though who knows. It's been so long."

You spend the next hour practicing, ending with drawing moisture from the air.

"Remember," Luma says after you make a water wheel. "Anywhere there is water, the waterbender is master. And there is water everywhere,"

"Avatar Kamo!" Tegan calls. You look up. He's motioning you back to the rudder.

"Thank you Luma," You say, bowing slightly. "I think that was a good start,"

"Anytime Avatar," Luma says, grinning. Ubaloo claps while doing figure eights.

You trot over to the rudder, where Captain Dirk, Zar and Tegan stand. "What's going on?" You say.

Captain Dirk points. You look up, and do a double take.

Above you is the ceiling of the whale stomach. It's huge, like a sky stretching in every direction. You can only see it now because there are giant waterspouts twirling up into holes in the ceiling. They'll easily sweep up your ship, but now you realize that's maybe the point.

"There's at least six holes," Tegan marvels. "Which one do we choose?"

"I was talking to a villager," Captain Dirk says. He points to one of the holes. "That one leads right to the city." Captain Dirk points his finger to another hole. "That one leads to the undercity, but I hear it's dangerous." Captain Dirk points to a third hole. "That one leads to the whale's brain, the wilderness. The city would never see us coming, but it's incredibly dangerous,"
>Directly into the city
>To the undercity
>Through the wilderess
Why is the wilderness dangerous, is it the weather or the wildlife?
>To the undercity
gotta recruit some meatshields I mean distractions-I mean.....strapping young lads!
>To the undercity
If there's an oppressed class for us to incite to rebellion, it's probably living there.

"You sure sure come in on a pinch Captain Dirk." You say, nodding. "I'm guessing the undercity is the way to go, I don't know enough about this wilderness, do you captain?"

Captain Dirk shakes his head.

"What about going right into the city?" Tegan says.

"Bah," You say, dismissing him with your hand. "That's how you get blown up by fire-nation sizzler sticks. We're not chumps, we're going through the undercity,"

With great difficulty, you, Tegan and Captain Dirk manage to guide the ship into the water-spout that leads to the undercity. The barge is swept up, and everyone holds for dear life.

As you grip the rails, you watch the spray and air whip past you. You plant your feet and start rocking with the rhythm of the water. It reminds you of an old song you used to listen to on the radio. You close your eyes and see the water in your mind. It bends to your will.

The barge shifts slightly and you open your eyes. You decide it's best not slip into any trances as long as your moonlighting as the avatar.

After many twists and turns, the barge is deposited in a strange tunnel. It's walls are shaped like brick, though it's covered in glowing blue spiderwebs.

"It's beautiful," Luma says. She, Imoto and Miso are glued to the rail, watching. Sumasa, on the other hand, seems nervous.

"Before we get into the city proper, we best camp and scout ahead." Zar says. "Don't want to walk into any traps."

"A good idea considering the villagers with us," You say.

With some difficulty you manage to moor the barge to the side of the tunnel. The red spiderwebs pulse silently. Most of the villagers decide to spend their time below deck.

"Captain Dirk," You say, gazing into the distant glow of the tunnel. "Would you be so kind as to scout ahead?"

"I'd rather stay here," Captain Dirk says. "Send someone else,"

"Captain," You put a hand to his shoulder. "You and I both know you're the only man qualified for such a thing. Be a good man and, well, you know, be a man,"

Captain Dirk seems ready to protest, but just nods. "Fine," He says, turning his back to you and walking away. "Just keep on an eye on everyone,"

That evening you find yourself on the deck, staring at the red glowing spider webs. You hear a noise and turn. Sumasa is on the deck, tossing a bucket of something over the side.

"Sumasa," You say, waving. She nods to you and sets the bucket down. She then approaches.

"Kamo," She says, staring up at the spider webs.

"You and your fellow villagers don't like these wonders of nature do you?"

"No," Sumasa says simply.

"Where we come from, they're always going on about the scientific explanation to things. There's a big movement now to pick apart everything spiritual. Metaphorically speaking, not literally,"

"Hm," Sumasa says, hugging herself as her eyes wander up the wall.
"I know you're worried about your husband," You say. "But don't worry, we'll rescue him,"

"I hope so," Sumasa says. "Because no one has ever returned from that damned place," Sumasa turns and starts walking away.

"Oh, Sumasa," You call after her. She pauses. "No space-bender tribe has ever been up this way, correct?"

"Are you trying to cause me more worry Kamo?"

"On the contrary," You say. "Just had to confirm a hunch I had,"

Sumasa disappears below deck, and you settle in to fall asleep under the red patchwork of webs. Bigga comes up from where ever he was hunting and settles in next to you.

You wake up to Bigga growling. "Bigga," You murmur, shifting to a more comfortable position. "Go to sleep or I'll disown you,"

Bigga continues to growl, and you sit up. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you stare out into the distance. You and the space tiger stare for a while, but nothing emerges. Finally Bigga settles back down and falls asleep.

"Dammed cat," You say, stretching. "Now I'm not going to be able to sleep again. Old bones can burn,"

You decide to practice some early-morning bending. You try a few water moves, then fire, then air. It's not going as smoothly as you'd like, but it's going.

Out of the corner of your eye you spot a shape walking along the tunnel. You pause and approach the railing.

It's Zar, moving silently away from the barge. You exhale a tired puff of air and turn back to the deck.

>Follow him
>Continue practicing by yourself
>See if any of the other benders are awaye to practice with you
>Try to do that meditating thing that avatars do. Something something chakra whatever.
>>See if any of the other benders are awaye to practice with you

You sit cross legged and close your eyes. You'll spend some time clearing your mind, then you'll find someone skilled to practice with.

The song you heard in the water returns to you. It's a pleasant tune, one that soon has you swaying. "Hm," you murmur. "Such a fine tune,"

You open your eyes to see a hazy blue field. The song plays in the distance. "Now what in the hell is this mess," You grumble. You look at yourself, and find you're glowing a bluish-white.

"That's a nice song," A voice says. You turn and spot an elderly woman. You squint and realize she's a young woman. When you unsquint, she's elderly again.

"Huh," You say. "Who the hell are you?"

"What, you don't recognize one of your past lives?" the woman says, smiling.

"Ah," You say. "You're Korra,"

The woman approaches and takes a seat in front of you, struggling a bit to tuck her legs underneath her.

"Well," You say, motioning around. "Where are the others?"

"I thought you said you read my book," Korra says, brushing at her trousers. "I severed the connection with the other avatars when I split from Ravaa,"

"Eh, that part of the book always struck me as ridiculous," You say, sniffing.

"It's an autobiography old man,"

"Fine," You say. "Well now that you're here, can you at least explain all this?" You motion vaguely in the air. "The space whale, the space benders, me not knowing about being the avatar for seventy years?"

Korra shrugs. "To be honest I've been busy in the spirit world, I haven't really been paying attention to what's going on in the mortal world,"

"Yes well let me assure you it's all gone to shit," You say. "Not that it matters, as I'd like to reiterate, I am currently inside a giant whale,"

"Calm down," Korra says, putting her hands up. "To be honest Kamo, we're in uncharted territory. I meant well, but I threw the world into wack when I split with Ravaa and opened the spirit world. Fate is, less predictable now,"

"Fantastic," You say. "So you don't know why I'm here or what I should be doing,"

"C'mon Kamo," Korra says. "That one's easy. I got the short end of the stick. Class warfare, nationalism, I was a dammed teenager. You though, you're old,"

"Thanks," You say, narrowing your eyes.

"No I mean it," Korra says, gesturing at you. "You've got it figured out already, right? This stuff you're dealing with? Red Cities? full of evil kings? That's easy. You go in, you free anyone you see chained up, you put the king in jail. There's no moral quandaries, no ethical dilemmas, you don't have to set policies that will affect people for generations to come,"

"Right right," You say. "I suppose this is pretty cut and dry, just a little absurd,"
"Buddy," Korra says, beginning to fade. "You haven't seen absurd yet. It's all a game, just remember that,"

"Thank you, oh cryptic one," You say as Korra disappears.

"Oh yeah," Korra's voice is distant, like the music. "And keep an eye on the damn fire-bender, he's up to something,"

"I'm not stupid," You say. "Just more patient then you were,"

"We'll see how patient you are with a knife in your back old man," Korra says, laughing.

You open your eyes and see Tegan staring at you.

"What," You grumble.

"You were glowing," Tegan says, in awe.

"Help me up," You say. Tegan does so, pulling you to your feet. "Now," You say. "Let's practice some air-bending.

Captain Dirk returns an hour later. Zar snuck back on sometime while you were meditating. Captain Dirk walks up to you.

"Tunnel goes on for a couple hours," Captain Dirk says. "The undercity is this massive, massive pit. I don't know how to even describe it. There's an entire, well, city built on bridges connecting every available surface of the pit."

"A big ol' spiderweb city in a hole," You say. "Simple enough. What's not so simple is how do we proceed from here,"

>take a select few and move on ahead. Send the villagers back with the barge
>take the barge and everyone up the river
>take the barge and everyone up the river
the villagers are screwed if they go back, the barge is not exactly stealthy
>take the barge and everyone up the river
Sorry for the delay guys, busy week, quest will resume tomorrow or later, I'll post on Twitter a bit before we start
>>take the barge and everyone up the river
I will never not be mad at how Korra butchered the canon

Episode 5
>The undercity

After some discussion, it's decided you'll take everyone in the barge and head up the river. It's not an easy choice, as the undercity, as well as the city, is undoubtedly dangerous. But the villagers have nowhere to go back to at the moment.

The worse part is, you have a feeling Tegan's been filling the villagers' heads with tales of the Avatars in ages past. You've failed many people throughout your life, and you don't want to be looked at as a savior.

"Let's go!" You shout, heading to the rudder. You point at several villagers, who start untying the ropes that moor you to the side.

You, as well as Tegan and Captain Dirk, maneuver the barge away from the bank. You cut through the waters, illuminated by the red and blue webs streaking across the tunnel.

"Captain Dirk," You say, siding up to the captain as he presses against the rudder. "The undercity, what did the inhabitants look like?"

Captain Dirk shrugs. "To be honest, they reminded me of those northern refugees in Zuko City,"

"Poor and raggedy and prone to thieving then," You say, narrowing your eyes.

"Come on now Mr. Kamo," Tegan says, straining against the rudder. "That's prejudice,"

"Now you're sounding like my niece," You say.

The tunnel continues to wind and bend until the river widens. Suddenly the barge emerges into a massive cavern. You, as well as everyone else in the barge, stares upward.

The cavern stretches up, high into the air. Pinpricks of light dot thousands of walkways and platforms. Ropes, as well as flags and strange totems, dangle off the walkways.

"By the spirits," You say, almost under your breath. "This is incredible,"

"Forty thousand people could fit in here!" Zar says. The strange twinkle is back in his eyes.

"Mr. Kamo," Captain Dirk says. You turn around, and see he's looking behind you.

Where you've just emerged, another red barge is slowly entering the cavern city. It's identical to yours.

"Pursuers," You say, narrowing your eyes. "Had we stayed a moment longer, they would have been upon us." Sumasa pops up next to you, nearly giving you a heart attack. "Woman you need to be careful with my old body!"

"There are several small boats ahead of us. They appear to be attacking some kind of floating platform," Sumasa says.

"Well we just kicked the scorpio-bees nest didn't we," You say, shaking your head.

>Do your best to sail towards the docks
>Turn around and confront the barge chasing you
>Try and rescue the floating platform that's under attack
>Do your best to sail towards the docks
We don't even know who and why is fighting ahead.
>>Do your best to sail towards the docks

"Let's go!" You say. "To the docks! We can't let them catch us!"

The barge heaves in the water as you steer it towards the sprawling network of rickety wooden docks. You motion at Luma. "We need to waterbend ourselves faster!"

She nods, and the two of you each take a side of the barge. Together you push and pull, push and pull, until the water around you churns. A sudden lurch sends everyone falling to the deck. The barge is now speeding along.

"We have to keep at it!" Luma shouts. "Keep waterbending!"

Together you both get to your feet and continue to move the water along. It strains at your arms. You can feel the water, it does not like being forced. Regardless, you do not stop.

With a mighty roar the barge impacts against the docks. Wood splinters, people scream, and the barge tilts dangerously to the side.

"Go!" You practically scream. "Everyone off!"

The space-benders pop onto the dock, but the rest of your crew takes some time to hop down. You help Miso down, and look up to see the second barge rapidly approaching.

"Oh spirits shit on me," You say. "They're going to do what we did." You turn to everyone. "Run! RUN!"

As you all sprint across the docks, the under city dwellers appear. They're standing on docks and peering out of windows. There's a lot of them, you make mental note.

The docks shake, then threaten to buckle. A mighty roar sounds behind you, and you turn to see the second barge plow into the docks. A giant wooden beam spins past your head.

"Keep running!" You shout. You turn around again and see two figures getting off the second barge.

It's the woman draped in white sheets, holding a sword. Beside her is the man in white sheets and a white mask, holding a spear.

"Aw dammit," You say. You spin and look at your group.

About fifteen villagers, Imoto, Miso, Tegan, Captain Dirk, Zar, Luma and Sumasa. They need to flee further into the undercity, and they need protection, but someone needs to stay behind and stall the pursuers. You plant your feet, ready to do battle.

>Please select who will fight by your side, and who will go with the villagers into the undercity

>Tegan (airbender)
>Zar (firebender, but not in practice)
>Imoto (earthbender, probably useless)
>Sumasa (Spacebender)
>Luma (Waterbender)
>Captain Dirk (Very good with a knife)
I'm tempted to just ignite the dock, but that might be very dangerous for us.
>Sumasa (Spacebender)
>Luma (Waterbender)
>Captain Dirk (Very good with a knife)

You turn to Sumasa, Luma and Captain Dirk. "Can I ask you three to stand beside me?" They don't hesitate to nod. You turn to Tegan. "Young man," You say. "I need to entrust you with about twenty lives," You motion at the others. "Can I do that?"

"Gosh Mr. Kamo," Tegan says. He's staring at the second barge, then he looks behind him at the sprawling cavern. "Yes, I'll try,"

"Then go boy, go!" You shout. You walk along the docks, flanked by Luma, Sumasa and Dirk. The docks bob in the water as you place your steps.

There are soldiers on the second barge, but they remain on deck, watching. The two draped in white sheets leap down gracefully, and walk towards you easily, as if the ground wasnt heaving underneath.

You stop a ways away, pointing at the man in the mask. "You should be dead!" You yell. The man doesn't answer, continuing to approach. "What about you princess," You say, nodding at the woman. "You got a name?"

"Ti," She says, twirling her sword in her hand. "And my brother's name is To,"

"Easy enough," You say, planting your feet. "Any chance we can talk this out?"

Ti simply smiles. "I'm the only one who talks, and I don't see it being necessary in the face of your death,"

"Alrighty then bitch," You say, sweeping your hands across your chest. "Let's dance,"

A jet of water rises up from under the docks, beckoned by your movements, and knocks the woman off. The man charges.

Sumasa disappears, and Captain Dirk runs to meet him. The two exchange several blows, the metal ringing out in the cavern. The man knocks Captain Dirk in the head, then stabs him and kicks him off the docks. He then throws the spear at Luma.

She knocks it aside with a wall of water. The man in the white mask draws two axes and charges.

You meet him, chopping both hands and sending out streams of fire. He dodges them, swinging his axes.

Sumasa appears behind him, grabbing him and disappearing again. She reappears in the air, dropping him from very high.

You watch with a smile on your face, but then you're tackled by Ti as she explodes out of the water. She gets up quickly, knocking your head back with a vicious kick.

You hear fighting as you try and regain your senses. When you finally get to your feet, you see To in the white mask and Dirk have both gotten back on the dock. Luma and Sumasa are doing their best to keep Ti occupied.

A loud boom sounds. Everyone freezes.

"Well well well," A voice calls. "Here I am, taking my morning stroll, and what do I find?"

You turn and spot a rather large man. Large is the wrong word, the man is gigantic. Easily six feet tall and wide as a car. He's flanked by at least thirty men and women armed to the teeth.

"I find not one," The man says. "but two kingdom barges in my town, tearing up my docks! On top of that, I've got savages from the underworld running around, as well fighting on my dockways!" The fat man turns to another man beside him. "Mr. Qaun, how do I feel about these things?"
"You are displeased Mr. Wacka!" The man shouts.

"That's right, I am displease," The large man says. He looks at Ti and To. "Children," He says. "I know your king knows better than to meddle in my affairs,"

"Our king would see your guts sewn like a tapestry," Ti replies, brushing her hair from her face. "I could kill you myself,"

"Ho ho ho!" The man chuckles. "I think we both know if your king could do that, or you for that matter, it would have already been done! Now, I'm feeling in a good mood, so let's make a deal. You get you and your ugly donkey-faced barge out of here, and I won't use you for party decorations at my daughter's next birthday,"

Ti and To stare at the man. The soldiers on the barge watch as well. Finally Ti points her sword at you. "Next time," She says. "No-one cheats death twice,"

"Tell that to your dammed brother!" You call after her. "We threw him to his death fair and square!"

Ti and To dissapear onto the barge, and the thing shudders. With some difficulty it untangles itself from the ruptured docks, and sets back adrift into the cavern.

You turn to the large man, bowing slightly. "Thank you," You say. "We were not doing well,"

"Don't thank me yet," The large man says. "I've got a whole buncha savages I got corralled up, and some well dressed earth-siders who say you're the avatar!"

"That would be correct," You say.

"Prove it," The man says, crossing his arms.

>Try a jet of fire between you and the large man's group
>Bend the water from underneath the docks
>Try and rise up some of the broken docks
>Airbend the large man's hair
>Airbend the large man's hair
Maybe he already saw us using fire and water aerlier.

You think for a moment, then close your eyes. You exhale slowly, and Mr. Wacka's hair puffs from a gentle breeze.

Mr. Wacka lets out a loud, deep laugh. The men and women behind him chuckle along.

"Well!" The man says, opening up his arms. "Welcome, Avatar, to Forever Town!"

"Your man called you Mr. Wacka?" You say. You approach, as do the others behind you.

"Yes, that is I. A humble business owner who the fine people of this town have elected mayor. Please, come to my house, we shall discuss things there,"

"Are the space-bender and our companions there?" You ask, joining Mr. Wacka as you walk along the docks. Sumasa, Luma and Dirk stick close behind you. The armed men and women follow at a respectable distance.

"They are in my shop, though rest assured they are being taken care of," Mr. Wacka says. He waves at the people gathering along the docks to watch.

Your group leaves the network of docks and finds themselves on rocky, albeit steady ground. Huts, houses and shops cram together, as well as stack on top of each other. Bridges, stairwells and crosswalks cover every available bit of air above you. The totems and banners dangle from the wood.

"A mighty fine town you have here," You say, peering at the people watching you.

"Oh yes, Forever Town is a strong bastion of good people," Mr. Wacka says, threading his thumbs through woven suspenders. He takes a hand out to wave again. "Everyone you see here is dedicated to simple living and good celebration,"

"Very respectable," You say. "And the Red City soldiers don't bother you?"

"Ho ho," The man says. "No, the fools above us are caught up in many a game, and none of their rules quite work down here,"

You enter onto a wide street, at least wide by the crammed city's standards. At the end is a three story house, with every window showing a twinkling lantern. The armed men and women disperse, and you and the others enter inside.

"Sir," Sumasa says. Her voice is oddly quiet. "If I could go to your shop, I'd like to meet up with my people,"

"Hm yes," Mr. Wacka says. "It's right next door, I give you permission to pop on over using that savage power of yours,"

Sumasa doesn't say anything. You turn to her. "Let me know if anything's amiss," You say. She nods and disappears in the blink of an eye.

Mr. Wacka leads everyone to a large table. A teenage girl, as well as a younger girl, appear from a back room with a pitcher and cups.

"Please," Mr. Wacka says, motioning at the table. "Sit,"

You do so, leaning back to let one of the girls set a cup in front of you and fill it. After you, Luma and Captain Dirk all have water, Mr. Wacka waves the girls away.

"So," Mr. Wacka says, taking a long, greedy drink from his cup. He finishes and slams it on the table, wiping his mouth. "How in the name of the void god did you all get here?"

"A ship," You say, taking a sip of water. "Though we were not expecting to get eaten by a whale,"
"Ha!" Mr. Wacka says. "Then you are foolish. The void god is very predictable, its path set in immutable law,"

"Poetic," Luma says, taking a drink.

"I know you woman," Mr. Wacka says, squinting at her. "You're the last earth-sider who came here! The water witch!"

"You've grown since I last saw you," Luma says. "Or perhaps eaten someone,"

"Haha, careful woman," Mr. Wacka says, smiling. "You may be traveling with the avatar, but I am the master in these parts. Speaking of which," The man raises an eyebrow at you. "What brings the avatar into the void?"

"I was planning on ending my life," You say. "But fate had other plans for me,"

"Funny that," Mr. Wacka says. "And you now wish to return home I'm guessing?"

"Correct," You say. "Though in order to do that, we must travel to the Red City,"

"Oh how unfortunate," Mr. Wacka says, shaking his head. "And I did think you might last awhile. But, I'm sure you know the danger already, having been chased by the King's otterdogs,"

"Ti and To?" You say.

"Aye, that's them. A more annoying pair does not exist,"

"Well, again," You say, raising your glass to Mr. Wacka. "We appreciate your kindness. Me and a select few companions will be attempting to reach the city, but in order to do that we'll need to figure out what to do with the space benders, as well as those in our party who are no use in a fight,"

"Hmm, well see, that's a problem," Mr. Wacka says. He leans across the table towards you, lowering his voice in an almost mocking manner. "You see, me being the mayor here, I have to take into consideration my people. And my people hate underworld savages," He puts up his hands. "Alas I wish to harbor them, but I would need to convince my people that the savages won't kill them in their sleep!"

"What would it take to do that," You say, recognizing a leading statement.

"Wellll," Mr. Wacka says, threading his thumbs into his suspenders again. "You being the avatar and all, I figure you could do some good around here. It would go a long way to convincing my people to harbor yours."

"What kind of help," You say.

Mr. Wacka holds up three fingers. "Pick one, Mr. Avatar. My wonderful city relies on fishing, but there's pirates out there on the water that are causing us problems." He puts one finger down. "Or, you could address a, rival business that has been causing me great pain in the last couple weeks. Brutes the lot of them. Perhaps you could talk some sense into them." He puts the second finger down. "Lastly, I've got a strange beast terrorizing the upper parts of my city. No doubt a monster sent by the Red City to keep us in line."

>Root out the pirates
>Address the rival business
>Attempt to do battle with the monster
>Root out the pirates
>>Root out the pirates

"I think we saw your pirates on the way in," You say. "I'll take care of them," You finish your glass and set it to the side. "But now, Mr. Wacka, if you don't mind, I'd like to meet my companions,"

"Of course, of course," Mr. Wacka says, motioning at the door. "Do you have the power of the savages as well?"

"If you're asking whether I can space bend, the answer is not yet," You say, standing. Luma and Captain Dirk do the same. "There are no such benders on earth,"

"Oh Mr. Avatar," Mr. Wacka says, smiling. "You have no idea what we have here that you don't have,"

You leave the house and go next door to a three-story shop. Inside are the space-benders, as well as your companions. You walk up to Tegan, who's spinning a weather vane with his airbending.

"Tegan," You say, nodding.

"Mr. Kamo!" Tegan says, standing. "Glad you made it!"

"Hm, thanks to our gracious hosts of course," You say, looking over everyone. "Have they treated you right?"

"Oh well enough," Imoto says, fanning herself. "I just can't bear to think of this trip lasting any longer. I have so much to do when I get back. Spirits forbid they think I'm dead,"

"I've got to take care of some things first," You say. You glance at Luma and Captain Dirk. "Can I ask you guys to help me again?"

"Of course," Luma says. Captain Dirk nods.

The three of you step out into the town. You look around at the cavern. "It's big," You say, to noone in particular. "But enclosed, so it can't be too hard to get back to the docks." You all start walking again. "Well Captain Dirk, you haven't said much, what do you think?"

"It's interesting," Captain Dirk says, adjusting his sheath.

"And just out of curiosity," You say, taking in the sites and people watching you. "When Mr. Wacka said the whale's path was set, your wonderful bosses at Future Industries didn't know this?"

"Void travel is a new industry," Captain Dirk says. "There are few known things,"

"What about you Luma?" You say. "Any alarm bells ringing?"

Luma laughs. "C'mon old man, my alarm bells have been ringing for about the last four decades. I've gotten used to their chime by now,"

"Fair enough," You say.

The three of you reach the docks. The water stretches out before you, dissapearing on the far shore of the massive cavern. "No many places to hide a pirate ship," You say, gazing out at the cavern. Captain Dirk points at the far shore.

"It looks like tunnels," He says. "Good places to hide shallow crafts,"

"Intuitive as always captain," You say. You walk along the docks, spotting a group of men gathered around boats. "Hello there fellows!" You say, waving. They look up at you, instantly recognizing you as an outsider. They don't say anything until you're upon them. "Greetings," You say. "I'm Kamo, am I correct in presuming you're fishermen?"

The men, streaked with dirt and grime, nod. You nod back, smiling. "Good, how's the catch today?"
The men don't answer, except for one, who wipes his forehead. "We haven't fished today,"

"Really?" You say, feigning surprise. "Why?"

The man motions at the water. "The waters are too dangerous, men prowl out there looking for men instead of fish,"

"Ah, shame," You say. You notice a hat floating in the water. "Oh, Luma," You say. "Could you get me that hat?"

Luma waves her hand, and a column of water rises up, lifting the hat to you. You take it, affixing it your head. A small lizard crawls along the docks.

"Captain Dirk!" You say, pointing at the lizard. "A monster, kill it!"

Without a word Captain Dirk takes his knife and throws it. It impales the lizard, killing it instantly. You lean down and pry the knife from the dock, handing it back to the Captain. You then pick up the lizard and blow on it.

It is quickly burnt to a crisp. You take a bite, chewing thoughtfully. You swallow. "A bit gamey, but still," You toss the lizard aside. The fishers watch you, wide-eyed.

"Well I can't image we'll be too much help, but we can certainly protect at least one of you. How about taking us out on the water?"

The man who spoke looks back at his companions. He finally looks back and nods. "I'll take you," he says.

You get in the boat and Luma and Dirk follow. The fisherman gets in with you, and the other fishermen help push the boat into the waters.

The man takes his boat out in silence. The waters are calm. After a bit, you spot several boats moving in on another fishing craft.

"Caster," The fisherman says, shaking his head. "The old fool knew better than to try and fish,"

>Intervene, get to the fishing craft before the pirates do
>Wait for the pirates to attack, then attack them from behind
>Wait for the attack to end, follow the pirates back to their lair
>>Intervene, get to the fishing craft before the pirates do
>Intervene, get to the fishing craft before the pirates do

"Luma," You say, staring at the pirates. "Like we did on the barge."

You both take sides and move your hands, forward and back, forward and back. The water picks up, and a sudden wave brings your raft careening forward.

The boat shoots like an arrow, splashing down next to the fisherman Caster's boat. The splash sends the pirates' ships spinning.

Luma closes her eyes and rocks back and forth, waving her hands in the air. You close your eyes as well. You begin to hum, twitching your hands. Your hands slow, and you feel the tug of the cavern's great reservoir.

Arrows fly at you. They imbed in the boat or splash into the water around you. Captain Dirk and the fisherman dive down.

You begin whipping your hands through the air.

The water slings from the lake like launch disks. Pirates who are hit fly back, landing in the lake with sudden splashes.

The other ships are upended by water jets exploding up from underneath them. Luma smiles, opening her eyes.

Caster, an old fisherman, looks up from his boat. He looks around at the overturned pirate boats. "Well, ain't that something," He says, gathering his hat to him. He looks over and sees you and your boat. He spots the fisherman ferrying you.

"Hey Doa," Caster says, waving.

Your fisherman, Doa, gets up from the bottom of the boat. "Caster!" He says, shaking his fist. "We told you not to fish out here!"

"I've been fishing for years," Caster says, shrugging. "Didn't seem right to stop,"

"Do you know where they come from?" You ask to both fishermen.

"Those tunnels," Doa says, pointing at the far shore.

"If you take us there, we'll take care of your pirates,"

"No," Doa says. "They will kill you. They will kill me,"

"I'll take you," Caster says, waving. "Come aboard guys, let's clear these waters,"

The three of you leave Doa's boat, stepping over into Caster's. Doa watches as you all start off in the direction of the tunnels.

It takes awhile, but you reach the far side. Slowly, silently, a stream of narrow fishing boats slip out of every tunnel. They're covered in flags and lanterns. They're manned by dangerous looking men.

"Ah," Luma says, crossing her arms. "This is a problem,"

"Woman," You say, staring at the emerging fleet. "If we make it out of this alive, remind me to kill that fat son of a bearfox"

>Use waterbending to launch yourself forward, rushing past them
>Use waterbending to start knocking boats about
>Try and airbend
>>Use waterbending to start knocking boats about

You try and hum, but the hums are hard. You're breathing is rushed, so you try and calm yourself. The hums refuse to soften, so you go with it. You start singing, loudly, as you pump your hands through the air.

With every punch comes a ball of water. They spring forth from lake, knocking the boats back.

Luma fights as well. Her movements are smoother, more focused. As you blast the boats, she uses subtle maneuvers to send them crashing into each other.

Your rapid movements tire you out quickly. You find yourself heaving, and put your hands to your knees.

Luma covers for you as best she can, but grapple hooks criss cross through the air. Some plunge into the water, others are knocked aside by Luma's waterbending. Two hook the side.

Your boat lurches, the pirates pulling you between two of their craft. Arrows start sailing.

There are too many this time. They sing through the air in a never-ending chorus of death. You all try and duck, but Caster cries out as an arrow finds his leg.

Captain Dirk grunts, two arrows hitting his shoulder.

Luma cries out, and arrow in her stomach.

A sudden symphony. Sweeping horns, thundering drums. You hear the song. The chorus flows through you. The drums roll, the horns exalt and are joined by flutes.

You rise into the air. Water bends up from the lake, intertwining around you. Blue-white light bursts from your eyes to triumphant strings.

If you're honest, it doesn't feel great.

You look down at the pirate boats and sweep your hand beneath you. The water that is spinning around you shoots down, plunging into the pirate ships and splitting them in half.

"Ah," You say, smiling. "Now this feels better,"

You fly through the air, skimming your hand along the lake. The piccolos follow. The skims turn into waves, which turn into miniature tsunamis. The pirate ships go under.

The symphony ends. You plunge from the air. "Ahh shit," You say.

Luma catches you with a blast of water, sliding you into the boat. You land with a hard thud.

"Ahh," You say, gripping your head. "Too old to be doing this shit,"

Captain Dirk stares, as does Caster. Luma just grips her stomach in annoyance.

"Can any of your Avatar powers take these arrows out of me?" She says.

"Wouldn't know," You say.

"Well you better figure something out," She says, pointing at you. You look down and see several arrows sticking from you.

"Ah shit," You say.

>Sail into the tunnels, try and find help there.
>Head back across the lake
>Go to the single tiny island in the cavern, slightly closer, with what appears to be a small cottage
>>Go to the single tiny island in the cavern, slightly closer, with what appears to be a small cottage

Earthbend some walls to avoid being ganked by arrows.
>Go to the single tiny island in the cavern, slightly closer, with what appears to be a small cottage
New thread coming in the new week, look for the link here or skim twitter, I'm guessing wednesday unless the early days free up

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