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File: 001.png (243 KB, 750x2000)
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243 KB PNG
Welcome to our Pokémon Mystery Quest!

This is my first collaborative quest where we will journey with a wild young Pokémon. I will be using a randomizer to generate random Pokémon for this quest, and I will let the readers come with suggestions and direct which types we will be coming up against.

After picking a type I will randomly generate a nature/personality for story important characters and progress the story with four panels.

Which brings us to our main character. What are it's memories from the egg?
>warm embrace
>a warm embrace
>a warm embrace
File: 002.png (398 KB, 750x2000)
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398 KB PNG
I'm going to need a type selection from you guys to pick out a special move that Kecleon is going to teach our newborn protagonist. A Magby with a Naughty nature!
Making a poll is easier
That one vote of poison is mine >>2061176

just fyi
>People choosing some random types instead of actual coverage
I can already tell I wont like it here
This should be fun
Holy jesus

You know some of us dont play pokemon and let alone pokemon mystery?
It is not that hard to look up a Pokemon type chart
File: 003.png (478 KB, 750x2000)
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478 KB PNG
Poison and Dragon tied, and I got Twister from my randomizer, so why not make things more fun and mix them together for the Dragon/Poison twister?
I would not be TOO concerned about being able to win battles with coverage. This is going to be an adventure with some challenges that require utility as much as fighting strength. I also play pretty loose with the rules and will be focusing more on telling a fun story than playing by the game rules.
Sure, but which gen? Does STAB works in Mystery? How many skill slot? Ability? How would one know? All i want to said that OP should clearly mentioned this is for the experienced otherwise it is assumed that it is open.
Neato. Nice art OP
File: 004.png (433 KB, 750x2000)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
This is the last one for tonight. I've got something scheduled with my RP group I need to get to. In the meanwhile I'll be leaving up a strawpoll with an option following the next picture.
File: Map.png (171 KB, 1500x1200)
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171 KB PNG

Lilypaddle will have some Water Grass and Bug pokemon.

Basking Rock will have some Fire, Ground, and Dragon pokemon.

Maybe we'll meet a new friend there?
you made Basking Rock too tempting
Basking Rock.
The con might be that there are rock and ground types around too.
Lilypaddle. Befriend an Azurill and begin Baby's First Rescue Team.
File: 005.png (309 KB, 750x2000)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
And we're back! Seems like there is a tie between Lilypaddle and Basking Rock so I will add some action before the crossroads to give time for a tie breaker vote.

Who is angry with Smugby?
Someone puzzling.
Someone puzzling
File: 006.png (363 KB, 750x2000)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
File: 007.png (252 KB, 750x2000)
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252 KB PNG
The first battle has started against the neighbor Gothita! She's not very happy about Magby's juvenile sense of humor and is trying to enact revenge!

What move will we use to counter her?

Also, for those that have not voted yet, remember to vote for next location.>>2061447
Smokescreen, also tease her about her shit aim
This and then use pound to knock her to the floor. Then proceed to sit on her and dont let her get up until she gives you her lunch money.
File: 008.png (347 KB, 750x2000)
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347 KB PNG
I was about to ask how she should be finished off, but >>2064447 >>2064500 it seems like you've got it all figured out.
File: 009.png (321 KB, 750x2000)
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321 KB PNG
Still no conclusion for the strawpoll... huh!
It's getting late so I think I'll sleep and get back to this tomorrow.
Lets go to lillypaddle
File: 010.png (280 KB, 750x2000)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
Looks like the quest is taking us to Lilypaddle!

Unfortunately this will be the only page for today. I've got a fewer and a headache so I have a hard time sitting by the computer much.

I felt bad for not getting anything done today so at least I made one page of progress!
that's part of quest making. It is going to tear you down as you continue on. I hope that you will have the will to finish it.

Anyways, Psyduck lost his blue swimming shorts and needs some help finding them. Maybe you should check the swimming pond?
File: 011.png (385 KB, 750x2000)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
The swimming pond is one option, but is that REALLY where Psyduck's pants went?

Swimming Pond?
Thorny Brambles?
Back of the LilyPaddle/Basking Rock sign?
Check the sign, then inspect Psyduck's ass for thorns or multiple small pinpricks. Signs of injury mean go to the bramble, none mean go to the pond.
File: 012.png (360 KB, 750x2000)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
Use your videogame knowledge to get the pants.
Ask the lily pad if it's a Lotad, and if so, ask if we can hop on his sombrero to ride around the lake. If it's not a Lotad just, fuckin', just hop on. Use Ember to burn through the bramble, then paddle on over to the pants.
Psyduck led you into a trap and pushes you into the bramble. It was hired by gothita.
File: 013.png (324 KB, 750x2000)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
Last one for tonight!

Looks like Smugby's current fire move can't reach the brambles from where they're standing. Psyduck is going to help them out.

Or will he?

Find out tomorrow on SugarSmear's Pokemon Mystery Quest!
If toxitwister can break a house in the distance... why not these brambles? Bwwwaarrrgghhhl
We'll send the shorts flying. Let's just play this bramble shmup with Psyduck at the engines.
I like it!
File: 014.png (487 KB, 750x2000)
487 KB
487 KB PNG
Psyduck is NOT happy.

Will this initiate a battle on the water that will put Magby at a disadvantage or will we take >>2070664 's advice and have something crazy happen?
Well who gives a shit about Psyduck's pants now, let's Toxitwister this bitch.
Magby "accidently" shoots smokescreen all over psyduck

Something crazy, of course!
File: 015.png (382 KB, 750x2000)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
Looks like team Magby goes flying off for the first time! Will they fly all the way to Lilypaddle main center or will they be intercepted by something/one?
File: 016.png (319 KB, 750x2000)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
Bonus Page with the aftermath of the Swimming Pond. Maybe we can fix it up later. Maybe not.
they fly into a magnezone. He's been shunned by the magnezone clan for having too many feelings.
File: 017.png (357 KB, 750x2000)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
Might work the magnezone clan thing in future panels.
Uh oh! The Z button on my laptop is officially off my keyboard. The button has been off for a while, but now the little nub that the button was stuck to is gone too. My Ctrl Z abilities are going to be tricky with this.
Damn, that's a real pain.

Psyduck politely asks Magnezone to let them down. Magnezone is happy to oblige. They ended up at the Lilypaddle dam

Also people like Magnezone's spiffy new hat.
File: 018.png (465 KB, 750x2000)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
Broken Z button be damned. I'm having too much fun with this to stop at this point. The adventure continues.
Can he drop us off at basking rock. Really didn't get anything to fix our masters house from the last place
We're still focusing on Lilypaddle for a little bit. Following through with this one >>2075366 right now. There are two pokemon native to Lilypaddle that I want to show before I roll a selection of Pokemon for the next loctation. Whatever we do with those two will of course be up to the powers that be to decide.
New Thread >>2089038

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