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File: QS057.png (3.53 MB, 838x1497)
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A group of strangers awoke after an accident in a strange cave with no memories of anything.
Together they’ve found several powerful objects and an Orb that lets them control the way out of the cave and back home.
Now the power keeping the night creatures outside from devouring everyone alive is running out.
And the Wounded Guy that’s been unconscious the whole time has woken up and is lashing out as the final few try to make their escape.
Previous threads:
You're a Nurse, not a negotiator.
"Wait!” you cry out. “We're all brought here against our will. You were badly injured and we helped you. Just look at your bandages!”
At this, he looks down and seems to notice them for the first time and we were just helping you through the exit. It's straight out that cave behind you. We mean you no harm."
Looking down at you, his voice softens, “I believe you. That is, I believe that *you* mean me no harm. *He* however,” his stern gaze shifts to Flattop, “is the cursed agent that betrayed my hospitality and kidnapped me, doubtlessly all you as well.”
“You remember that?” Flattop spoke up, stepping closer.
“I remember far more than just that. I remember every facet of your treachery. And as far as you all escorting me out there, to where those dark figures are moving in the dark? I think not.
Now we’re just going to take some time and you’re all going to share your secrets, starting with where the others went.”

“There’s no time,” you begin urgently, leaping to your feet, “The light above you-Ooof!“
As you got to your feet, his injured leg kicks out and strikes you in your gut with more force than you would have thought possible.

Falling back down, you gasp for breath as Flattop lunges for Wounded Guy.
The large man’s good hand grips Flattop’s throat with lightning speed. He lifts the man up in the air with ease, throttling him.
Flattop drops the marble he was holding in one hand, but still grips the wand.
Long hair is coiling up, ready to leap and attack. You swear you can hear her growl.

Gasping for breath, you call out to him, “The creatures are kept out by that light above you. When it goes out-“
“I don’t care about whatever lies he’s told you.” The large man squeezes Flattop’s throat for emphasis, producing a strained gurgle. “I’m more curious how that wreckage got here.”
Flustered and having nearly forgotten about the crashed backhoe behind you, you’re unsure how to answer. “M-magic typewriter?” you manage weakly.
The Wounded Guy scoffs, turns to Flattop and raises him up menacingly.
Spotting the wand, you wave to Flattop, point to the wand, and shout, “Use it! Protect yourself!”
Flattop’s arm flails up, points the wand at his chest and a few sparks drizzle out of it.
“What-“ The rest of his reaction was cut off as a blue bubble envelopes Flattop and thrusts him away, bouncing backward into the cave, and rolling to a stop before popping.

Desperately low on time, you doubt you can convince him.
You believe the Portal is still set to the Wounded Guy’s world, you can:

>Try to push him backwards through the Portal yourself, violently. Roll 3d100.
>Get Long Hair to help attack him and knock him down or back, together. Roll 4d100.
>Shout for Flattop to blast him and duck, quickly. Roll 4d100.
>Escape out the Portal and maybe the world is better than this, hopefully. Roll 2d100.
>Get Long Hair to help attack him and knock him BACK, together.
Rolled 63, 76, 52, 84 = 275 (4d100)

Rolled 21, 16, 13, 81 = 131 (4d100)

>>Shout for Flattop to blast him and duck, quickly. Roll 4d100.
File: Spoiler Image (1.16 MB, 800x600)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
>>Get Long Hair to help attack him and knock him BACK, together.
>>Shout for Flattop to blast him and duck, quickly. Roll 4d100.

With desperation, you look back to Long Hair, who seems ready to fight. Her eyes catch yours and, seeing your intent, nods.
Without a word, save the guttural scream that tears free from her, the two of you launch yourselves at him.
Spinning as you reach him, you feel her hair brush past you as she leaps into his chest with an resounding slam.
Your roundhouse kick, with your full rushing weight behind it, hits just below his wounded ribs perfectly.

Your leg jars with the impact and a sharp pain sounds in your hip.
Kicking him was like kicking a solid rock wall.
Stumbling backwards, his bad arm takes a wild swing at you, but misses.
His good arm has gripped Long Hair and pulled her from him.
He tosses her into the solid wall on his left and she crumples.
Above him, the last light begins to flicker and fade.

Looking back to Flattop, who is back on his feet and watching in horror.
“Flattop!” You scream, “Hit him now with everything you got!”
It might undo all the work you did healing him, but you all had to get out of there.
With uncertainty in his eyes, Flattop raised the wand in his hand and yelled.
Not waiting for the result, you rolled behind the closest chunk of debris from the cave in and feel a searing blast of force and heat behind you.
Turning back you see Wounded Guy, smoldering but unharmed, staggering backwards.
He stumbles and falls back, landing on the forest floor just outside the cave.
It’s then that you realize that the final light has gone out.

Swarms of black clawed limbs reach forward and drag the large man screaming into the darkness beyond sight.
Three eerily lanky figures cautiously step into the cave, their eyes softly glinting or glowing red and their large, bright fangs catching the faint light produced by the orb.

>Pray for a miracle beyond hope Roll 1d100.
>Grab a rock and fight for your life, to the end Roll 6d100.
>Scream for Flattop to keep using the wand to blast them. Roll 3d100.
>Run back through the cave looking for something to save yourself, with any luck Roll 4d100.
Rolled 22 (1d100)

>Pray for a miracle beyond hope
That is actually a good roll.
File: QS059.png (186 KB, 651x400)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
Rolled 81, 1 = 82 (2d100)

Left in the dark, three deadly creatures approaching, and countless more about to join them.
You start praying.
You never take much time to pray, or even think about religion much anymore, but the words of salvation your mother drilled into you as a child return effortlessly.
You close your eyes and quietly utter the words, expecting them to be your last.
As you finish the prayer, you could swear you heard a bell. Like from the register at your mom’s diner or… a typewriter?

The appearance of light in the cave brightens makes you open your eyes.
The three figures still stand, but they seem disturbed by the light above the cave entrance, glowing brightly.
Next to it is a big note saying, “Good luck guys! – Del”.

Suddenly, the night creature in front of you lurches forward as Long Hair attacks it from behind, sinking her teeth into its neck.
“Her fangs” you correct yourself.
Then, one more of the creatures is disintegrated by a blast from Flattop with the wand.
Suddenly, things no longer seem so dire.
Uttering a word of thanks, you take action.

>Grab a weapon, charge the last night creature, and attack Roll 2d100.
>Hold back and let the others continue, cautiously Roll 1d100.
>Run to the Orb and set it to a world [choice], quickly Roll 2d100.
>write in
Rolled 32, 96 = 128 (2d100)


Not sorry.

When the universe gives signs like this, it's time to
>Grab a weapon, charge the last night creature, and attack
>Not sorry.
Yeah, the system I adopted for this uses a roll under mechanic.
So low rolls are good.

File: QS060.png (114 KB, 516x389)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
>Grab a weapon, charge the last night creature, and attack

Well, when the universe gives you signs like this, it's time to act!
Reaching down to grab a rock, you spy a heavy pipe from the debris of the cave in.
Seizing it, you charge at the remaining night creature.
It slashes a claw at you, but you dodge, ducking to the side.
Taking your shot, you swing the pipe as hard as you can!

In mid-swing, the night creature moves faster than you thought possible.
Barely even registering the movement, you freeze as it slashes at the pipe in your hands.
Feeling the halting impact, the claws slice through the steel like butter.
The chunks of pipe clatter to your feet and you are left holding a short chunk of pipe a few inches from the deadliest thing you have ever seen.

>Don’t lose heart! With your newly sharpened shank, stab the creature in the [eye/heart/area of choice]. Roll 3d100.
>Run away immediately! Roll 2d100.
>PANIC! Scream in utter terror! 2d100.
>write in
Rolled 51, 37, 76 = 164 (3d100)


>Don’t lose heart! With your newly sharpened shank, stab the creature in the heart
File: QS061.png (85 KB, 335x333)
85 KB
Rolled 80 (1d100)

>Don’t lose heart! With your newly sharpened shank, stab the creature in the heart

Stepping forward, you stab the creature as hard as you can with the short piece of pipe.
Dark ichor runs down the pipe and onto your hand as the beast cries out.
It slashes out wildly, but you are already leaping away.
A bolt of light narrowly misses the thrashing creature and Flattop spits out an unfamiliar curse.
Gripping its chest wound with one claw, the creature stops its wild motions, steels itself, and focuses its red glare on you.
Its free claw stretched out, glints in the light.

Glancing to the others, you see Long Hair is still draining the last of the other creature and Flattop is waving and shaking the wand, trying to get it to fire.
Although the creature still has plenty of fight left, it is moving slow and you might be able to finish it off, if you can keep it from killing you first.

>Finish the creature off in a final attack! Roll 4d100.
>Back away slowly and let the others handle this without your help Roll 3d100.
>Slip past the creature to the Orb to set it to your world so you can escape Roll 3d100
>write in
Rolled 56, 8, 74, 72 = 210 (4d100)

>Finish the creature off in a final attack!
File: QS062.png (502 KB, 1113x990)
502 KB
502 KB PNG
>Finish the creature off in a final attack!

Having already injured it, you waste no time and strike again!

Your strike slashes the creature’s throat as it tries to avoid the strike.

As dark ichor drains from the wound, it staggers away from you and a blast from Flattop’s wand destroys the beast.

Long Hair drops her drained prey and flashes a triumphant smile.
The three of you stand for a moment, marveling at your miraculous survival, when sounds of fierce battle outside the cave remind you all how little time you may really have.
Rushing to the Orb, you all prepare to leave.
Picking up your satchel from where it had fallen as Flattop cycles the image to the forest, you catch eyes with Long Hair.
"So..." you start awkwardly, "Vampire?"
"Vampire." She confirms.
"Do you ever..." you trail off as you realize that you not only have no idea how to ask someone if they eat other people, but you're not sure that you want the answer.
"I never had much interest in humans, as food, prey, or friends." She says, answering your unasked question.

Flattop cleared his throat. "The, uh, the portal is ready. You can go through, Gabrielle."
With a gentle smile on ichor stained lips, she steps through the portal and is gone.

"You're next. No arguments." Flattop seemed to have regained his confidence, not that you really planned on arguing.
He gave you a simple nod when the portal was ready.
"Take care of yourself, stranger."
"I always do " the agent replied.

Closing your eyes against the dark horrors in front of you, you step forward out of the cave...

And are immediately greeted with the cool kiss of air conditioning and the warm aroma of roasted coffee.
Your eyes pop open and you find yourself standing in the middle of your favorite coffee shop.
Outside the window is the bustling New York City you love.
Inside are all the normal people.
Who are all staring at you.
Staring at a woman who just appeared out of nowhere.
A woman covered in strange blood.
Who is wearing nothing more than a tattered scrap of smock.
The AC was letting you know exactly how little you were wearing.

Your mother would never let you hear the end of this.
Your mother!
You have no idea how long you have been gone.
She's going to be worried sick.
You dig open your satchel and start looking for your cell.
Moving that pendant out of the way as you look, it seems to flash and then your bloodied hand is suddenly clean.
That seems a neat trick, but nothing to worry about, right?

Anyway, you have more important things to focus on, like finding pants.
File: QS073.png (4.85 MB, 1600x1053)
4.85 MB
4.85 MB PNG
Thought about writing up a little epilogue about where and how everyone ended up, but it seemed self indulgent.

To all the players that joined me, especially that first player who figured out my title, I sincerely thank you and hope you enjoyed yourself.
As thanks, have this image in lieu of a self-indulgent exposition.
Until next time, party on!

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