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File: You-Died.jpg (16 KB, 575x350)
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With a smile and a tilt of your head you saw that one girl in the Western movie do you stick out your tongue, "But this is our first date Hiro? I have to make a movie about it!"

This doesn't even surprise him, in fact he just adjusts his glasses with a smile, "Who would pay to watch teens doing everyday things?"

"That's like... fifty percent of Western Movies and-"

"Westerners are dumb." He cuts in without any ceremony, "Honestly to watch teenagers be teenagers sounds like my personal purgatory."

"Well what about your dumb anime Hiro, there's like..." Actually how many... "A million genres that are just cute girls doing cute things!"

"That's totally different!" He fires back, "Anime is not dumb it's-"

"Just as dumb to me as Westerner stuff is to you, you filthy otaku!" You grab him by the scruff of his jacket, noting that it's tearing just by that little bit of rough treatment.

"You're just a shut in Westaboo!" He fires back, grabbing your wrists and shrugging you off.

The two of you silently sulk at each other as you are wont to do every five minutes, taking in the crowds around you with sullen silence.

> Look, we have two hours to get all the way across town. Let's go.

> We have two hours, we can get some food before getting the bus if you want

> Hey... Hey... let's do date stuff. You know what date stuff is right?

> Write-In

> Recap

Last time, we went to a spa/hot springs enroute to the capital. There Nion was being super weird and Inpu was being a lech as usual.

You threw her into the spring before following and... well flashbacking? You think?
>> We have two hours, we can get some food before getting the bus if you want
Food is always the answer. Supporting.
File: Hiro.jpg (17 KB, 236x314)
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"We have two hours we can get some food before the bus gets here?" You try not to do the puppy dog eyes, but you know damn well you're doing the puppy dog eyes.

For his credit, Hiro checks his watch and does some mental mathematics completely unfazed by your display of weaponized cuteness.

"And so the weak willed man gives into his primal need for sustenance... He agrees to get burgers because clearly-"

"Stop narrating. We're getting sushi." Hiro says walking away from the glorious burger and diner combo towards his boring traditional stall.

"Oh c'mon this is a date, you're supposed to do whatever I want."

"No. In Hollywood I am supposed to do what you want. In Japan, I am supposed to dictate the evening and show you my qualities." Hiro says, the bustling city seems to melt away for a moment as you find yourself simply staring at the little flash of colour in his eyes. From the side perspective you actually get a look at those bizarre red eyes without any sleep deprivation. Being normal is awesome.

You snap back to reality as Hiro hits the button on the crosswalk; a slight blush on his cheeks as the crowd jostling forces you both closer than you've been outside of kendo practice when you were both red faced, sweating and exhausted.

Thank God Almighty you did not narrate that.

"You're not that upset about the sushi are you? The chef here owes me a meal since I helped load his stuff on Thursday." Hiro admits, rubbing at his ear, "So it's more pragmatic."

You take his hand away from his ear and look him in the eyes, "Hiro. I want this date. If you think sushi is the way to go, then we're eating raw fish."

"You didn't have any witty remarks ready to fire did you." Hiro says quickly. Honestly that odd habit of speaking too quick is irritating normally; why is it endearing tonight.

"Shut up Hiro." You fire back with ice, entering the vicinity of the establishment... also known as the two flimsy plastic tables slighty out the way of the hundreds of commuters.

"I will. Just as soon as I get my food. What do you want _______ ?" He turns to you and you see the man with the comically bad Italian impersonation is speaking but youreyes are drawn to the menu and so many items are all jumping out at you but they all make your sotmach turn.

You grab Hiro's arm. "Help..."

"She'll have what I'm having." He gives you a mocking pitying smile. "Go grab our seats."

You glance around at the plastic tables, "Oh wow. So many options, wherever will I sit?"

"Stop being rude and grab us one." Hiro scolds before turning to the resteraunt owner.

Leaving you to pick the blue table - your favourite colour! So you can ponder what you'll discuss over your Cthulu Salad.

> Ask about his family! He never speaks about them

> Ask about his shrine stuff, he takes it seriously.

> Kendo, duh!

> Write-In
>> Kendo, duh!
File: Madoka Nom.gif (1.96 MB, 500x250)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF

Welcome to the quest new anon. Nothing bad will happen at the end of this flashback.

>> Ask about his shrine stuff, he takes it seriously.
>> Ask about his shrine stuff, he takes it seriously.
File: Hiro 2.jpg (27 KB, 236x402)
27 KB

Dinner is served.

As expected of fish guts thrown onto a plate raw by some Italian impersonating two bit high school drop out - it is terrible.

To one of you at least, Hiro seems to be wolfing the whole thing down as if he hadn't eaten actual food before. You've honestly had enough by mouthful four, but you spread out what's left to make it look like you tried - which gives you time to laugh at Hiro's almost monkish stoicism being destroyed by the cheap sub par sushi on his plate.

"So Hiro, what do you do up at the shrine? Everytime we have a free morning you drop everything to go up there." You make a show of sipping on your off brand soft drink, "Honestly kind of frustrated me you weren't around to hang out..."

He stops mid mouthful and stares into your eyes with the expression of a prey animal cornered by a lioness. His swallow is slow and deliberate, staling for time to regain composure. "I work there sometimes."

"You work there?" You ask unconvinced.

"I work there." He confirms with a straight face.

"At the shrine?" You press.


"The same shrine which has nobody living there whatsoever?"

"Yes." He sticks to his guns with the dedication you'd expect from him.Eliciting a silence over the assorted sea creature intenstines or whatever this terrible food is.

"See, at first I was taking an interest but now I'm outright curious."

"______ no."

But you're already wringing your hands with michievous glee, "Haunted shrines. Posessing a young local man to do grunt work to restore the place so they can move on-"


"We can go horror, wholesome family movie. Maybe even a romance if we make the ghosts haunting the shrine a deceased highschool sweetheart." After his second weak protestaion Hiro just swapped his empty plate for yours and begun digging in while you tuckered yourself out on your latest huge hollywood franchise - nodding along politely as he is wont to do when you go movie mad.

"The bus is here." Hiro informs you - after he has gotten up from the table and walked a solid eight feet away.

With an unladylike curse picked up from your Father's associates you're after him in a flurry, onto the old bus that reminds you of black and white post war films... the kind you had to pay someone to get into the country as they were technically illegal...

"Hey _______ , sorry for being weird about the shrine." Hiro says bluntly, "I like what we have and I don't want to ruin it with any weirdness."

You can't help but blush and grin, "I like us too Hiro. Weirdness can wait, right? We're teenagers and that means we get to be happy for a while right?"

He busts out a rare toothy smile; the kind that he only usually has when a classmate makes an ass out of themselves boasting before sparring in kendo. "You're right. When we're together. We're just teenagers. Nothing else."
File: Maybe Suka 2.jpg (146 KB, 1024x768)
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146 KB JPG

You hear your heartbeat in your chest, for some reason you feel like you need to do something as he looks wistfully at you; the boy suddenly acting bashful and shy. Despite essentially picking on you and engaging in stalemates across all the many fronts you butt heads on for the previous however long you've known each other...

So you're going to do something about Hiro. Something to show him exactly how important just being teenagers with is. Even though this is nowhere near the end of the date you're going to M Knight Shyamalan this and throw in a twist.

This feels like a very important decision.

> Hold hands on the bus ride

> Kiss him

> Snuggle into him

> Yawn and throw and arm around him
>> Snuggle into him
>> Kiss him
>> Snuggle into him
> Yawn and throw and arm around him

show dat boy how it's done.
>> Yawn and throw and arm around him
File: Kuma.png (269 KB, 600x446)
269 KB
269 KB PNG

With nothing more to add verbally you instead bunch your hands up in his thin jacket and lay your head on his chest. He just sits dumbfounded and you take his arm and put it round you, "Honestly, not even doing the yawn and stretch trick? Why do I bother with you Hiro?"

"Because and I quote; I don't treat you like a princess or freak. Just a really unusual girl." Hiro deadpans causing you to blush.

"Y-you were supposed to snark back!" You complain, despite feeling safe in his arms.

"I'm sorry. I was just enjoying the moment." Hiro admits looking at the roof, which in turn makes you go as red as your hair.

The not quite comfortable, not quite awkward silence carries through the journey. The slight drizzle painting the windows and drumming the steel roof allowing you both to somewhat unwind together. Honestly, things are pretty perfect for you right now... later will be different, but later's later. These four wheels might be old and worn but you wouldn't trade them for Father's finest Royce; nor would you trade the scruffy green haired enigma holding you.

But alas, you have to depart the bus all too soon. The "Southern Belle Picture House" one of your regular haunts is an old cinema for Western films that has a strange mix of foreign obsessed youngsters like you, army brats and their families.

As you step off the bus arm and arm, you simply stare at the place together from the sanctuary of the bus shelter. The rain has worsened, and the two of you dash across the road with all the speed of athletics inclined teenagers. In fact the water is bouncing so high that when you skirt a very regal black car parked halfway onto the pavement you don't even bat an eye.

Nor do you bat an eye when you see the shutter has been brought down over the small stand in which the American Veteran Ticket salesman would stand...

But some sixth sense bids you to stop and turn around, where you see avery unassming man with a split lip smiling sweetly at you. With a small pathetic noise of pure fear you back off and stumble, only avoiding a hard and wet landing by the strong arms of Hiro.

"K K K K K Ku-Kuma..." You stutter out.

Hiro gently guides you back to your feet, but he keeps his hand clasping yours tightly... But there's no security in his touch now; "Do you know this man?"


"Honestly kid. Putting hands on her in public is one thing. But doing it in fronta me and the boss?" Kuma whistles, "Yous either brave, crazy or retarded."

> F-Father is here?

> Kuma... please don't

> This is my fault...

> Sobbing Mess Engage

> Write-In

Welcome red. Have an update.
> F-Father is here?
> This is my fault...
Paused for sleep. We're kinda slow tonight.
>> Kuma... please don't
>> This is my fault...

Gonna combine these once I get home to write.

I'm kind of sick. So gonna take a sleep and see how I am after that.
File: Maybe Suka 3.jpg (382 KB, 1920x1080)
382 KB
382 KB JPG

"K-Kuma... did you say Father is here?" The man simply gives you his pale imitation of a smile, not even looking away from Hiro. For your friend's credit he still puts himself between you and Kuma, not quite knowing what the man is capable of or who he is.

He must not otherwise he'd surely be apologizing, "Look... Kuma please don't...."

"That's not my call kid. This guy's in trouble with the boss one way or the other." He says, stepping away from the car and opening it.

"You don't have to go anywhere with him if you're scared." Hiro says, his fingers digging into the back of your hand, "We can just leave."

"Hiro you don't understand..."

Your explanation is cutoff by a booming voice of command from within the vehicvle, "Child. Enter the car. I will tolerate no further disobediance from you."

The air of command already has you stepping forward and around Hiro, everything going numb as you wearily surrender everything you worked so hard of. The normalcy you had to hide and sequester from you Father melting away with that one simple condemnation...

Hiro tries to haul you back but the rain on both of you allows you to slip from his grip easily, without even a galcne at anything outside the slick pavement below. Though the rainstorm continues to grow and Hiro calls to you, everything is oddly silent while you contemplate your reflection in the puddle below.

A scared little girl, hiding behind her dyed hair and attempting to run from her status with love for all things foreign and not proper...

> I'm sorry Hiro

> Kuma... Have Mercy

> Father you don't have to do this


> Write-In
Run with hiro
File: Father.jpg (15 KB, 290x295)
15 KB

Without warning you suddenly turn and cry out to Hiro, an imcomprehensible stream of words that honestly you barely even articulate beyond a command, desire, hope and prayer that he will hear the crucial component of them - mainly "Run."

But he doesn't, instead whatever stupid heroic streak he has buried and hidden away from the world surfaces in a hurry. He narrows his eyes and pulls a glowing silver cross from his pocket as if the power of jewelry would stop the fist that slams into his jaw.

"HIRO!" You scream as your friend slumps to the floor from the hitman's punch; all you accomplish is stepping forward just a fraction and pickiing up his cross.

Not even a second passes before you are being dragged into your father's car by the scruff of the neck, holding the blood speckled token to your chest in a numb haze.

The door locks and you look to see your father looking down at you with scathing disgust. "It is not enough for you to act out at home or school; now you flaunt your debasing behaviour in the streets."

It is difficult to breath nevermind form words as you hear the beating outside continue, but though you wish to simply be with Hiro you find yourself crawling into the seat opposite your Father and adopting proper posture of a young lady.

"I do not know why I have suffered your impropriety for so long. I do not know why I did not bring you to heel when you started sullying yourself at your school with brittish music and american film." He's lighting a large cigar, the kind of cigar you only see him light when the clans meet. The kind of cigar that he usually saves for his ... bad days.

"Father..." You plead.

"Do not take that one with me. It is time for you to see the consequences of your actions Daughter." In that single statement, many things are unsaid. It is a promise, a threat and a lesson all in one.

The sound of punches landing stops, instead replaced with a very dull metal impact. If you were breathing, you have now stopped. If your heart still beat, that noise surely stopped it in it's tracks.

Your father simply looks off to the side as the trunk of the car is opened and slammed shut, "I always wonder, if it rains only on bad days. Or if I am more likely to have a bad day because it is raining."

> You're a monster

> Father... nothing happened.

> He's my friend

> Cry

> Write-In
>> You're a monster
>Slap him
Will write after I repair my bed.

I wish I was joking.
File: Kuma 3.png (244 KB, 734x570)
244 KB
244 KB PNG

That bizarre statement lingers in the air whilst Kuma walks around the car and turns the ignition key.

But you simply clutch the cross tight, tighter than you can stand. Feeling the silver mark and then slightly cut open your trembling hand as the whole world seems to narrow around the small string that is to keep it in place. "You're a monster." You spit at the floor.

"What did you say to me?" Father demands, his expression grave. But he's already taking everything from you, your one little sanctuary away from his world of bloodshed, what else can he do to you.

"I called you a monster!" You scream lashing out in an attempt to smash that stone face into showing something beyond scorn and distaste.

With the feeling of being hit by a boulder, your momentum is totally stopped by a grip on your wrist and a fist on your stomach. As you stumble back into your seat, your jaw gets forced forward so you can stare into the empty eyes of your father, "Sit down, learn your place and be quiet. I will not allow you to act like some painted up comfort wife anymore."

The car pulls onto the highway as you are tossed back into your seat hunched over with both hands covering your stomach. Despite your best efforts, you curse your father... you curse him to a sad and lonley death. A death that will not be remembered by any but himself, alone in some back alley with a switchblade in his throat.

A slow one...

It's enough to make you smile, just for a moment... but whether that short break in focus is what causes it; or whether Kuma is driving like a madman.... you've reached our destination.

A destination you can't quite believe when the door opens and Kuma ushers you out.

"Why are we at the shrine?" You ask fearing the answer.

"Your father decided is was far enough out of the way." Kuma says, letting you step closer to the gate.

"And I've been told it's important to the boy. So it will let this lesson sink in." Your father emrges from the car and closes the door behind him gently, almost tenderly. As he brushes down his suit he barks orders to Kuma allowing you to see two handguns at his side. "Get my daughter secured in the main room. Then get your tools and the boy."

> Tools?

> Father, I'll do whatever you say! Just stop!

> Kuma... if you have any decency you will stop this.

> Write-In
>> Kuma... if you have any decency you will stop this.
> Tools?
>Kuma... if you have any decency you will stop this.
>> Write-In
Go into violence mode, and assert your ownership over Hiro.
By fighting those who wish him harm, stand up to father and all that.
File: Father 3.jpg (12 KB, 188x269)
12 KB

"Kuma, if you have any decency you won't do this!" You beg, falling to your knees and clutching at his business pants, for what it's worth he does look at you for a split second. But all the warmth your father's most trusted killer has ever had is nothing compared to his loyalty. But you have to try, "He's just a boy. He's my friend."

"Sorry kid. That's how y'see it. But to us, he's a walkin' insult to the business. He put his hands on you, our girl. He walked around in public with you like he was yer fuckin' equal." With a glance at your father he leans in as if to help you rise. "He's already dead. If you're smart you'll make sure I don't have t'work y'dig."

With that he begins leading you inside the shrine... Where a pair of seats with straps await, but you find yourself plummeting to the ground, all sense of balance and stability stolen from you with a simple image that will forever be burned into your brain.

Kuma's tools.

A weird mish mash of surgery tools painstakingly maintained and spotless, butchery tools bearing the signs of repeated use and mistreatment and finally a variety of construction, automotive and power tools...

When you come to, you're the unwilling witness to a murder. Hiro is strapped to a chair across from you with the same black leather straps that are binding to your own current seat.

"Now then daughter. Since you decided to join us, we can begin with the test." Father's lighting another cigarette from somewhere behind you, but all you can see is Hiro. The boy is breathing haggard, his green hair is hanging loose around his face and his glasses have been half shattered on his face. Whatever he was hit with earlier has left an ugly swelling around his lower jaw and broken his nose....

He looks to be in shock or disbelief... but you know that he's going to be scared soon. He's going to die scared and in pain.

"This is simple. Your friend Hiro is going to die. You will kill him." He says stepping into your eyeline and brandishing a gun. "When you agree, I will hand you this gun with three bullets. Don't think of firing at Kuma or myself, as each of us have guns also."

"You think I'll kill Hiro? You're insane Father." You spit back.

"If you refuse. Kuma goes to work. Every refusal is an hour of the most pain a human can experience." He looks you dead in the eyes. For the first time you see something resembling concern and human empathy in his eyes - funny that only in such a convuluted horror show as this, he can find some degree of human sanity - "If you truly care about this boy you will put all three of these bullets into him right now."


"Now then. Will you shoot him?" He asks, as Kuma holds his gun pointing at the floor a foot in front of you, the cold blooded killer puts a vinyl on a record player... treating you to a rather hauntingly poignant soundtrack.


> No

> Plead for Hiro's life

> Shoot him

> Try to reassure Hiro

> Write-In
>> Write-In
Shoot father, take over business.
Save Hiro. Become shogun.
>Shoot him
>> Shoot him
But can we agree on a non fatal wound though?
>Shoot father
fuck off
star is spending time with his fiance, will update later
>> Shoot him

At the sound of the music your mind immediately goes cold, every single emotion replaced by sheer panic driven logic as you begin to try and scheme a way out of this insanity where everyone is happy.

But nothing happens as Kuma lifts the scalpel and walks behind Hiro, a long look over his head the best stalling he can muster without looking suspicious. He told you how to fix this, he broke his professionalism for once in his entire bloodsoaked and distinguished career to give you one chance to help Hiro.

To make it peaceful.

You find the words coming to your mouth before your brain has caught up, "I-I'll do it just don't hurt him..."

Inredulous, is the word you would always use when thinking of the expression your Father pulls in that moment. In a fit of gallows humour your cinematic brain wants the record to cracth upon the revelation - but instead the crooning of The Ink Spots is unabaited.

"I'll do it. Just... give me the fucking gun." You say in defeat.

"Hey...." Hiro spits past his teeth. "Don't you go firing until I'm ready to go..."

"While it's impressive yer able to talk past that broken jaw kiddo. Best shut up and die with dignity..." Kuma says rubbing the back of his head. He then mutters something under his breath, probably reminding him it's better for him to go quickly.

"I'm not saying to stop. I know this is what's best for me. I want to speak to the Old Man." Hiro demands, managingto put a bit of steel in his voice despite the groggy slur and overall rough shape.

A gun is pressed into your hand and you feel the familiar weight of a loaded weapon. This isn't the gun that Kuma bought you for your thirteenth birthday, nor is it the one father made Kuma teach you tos hoot with - but a handgun is a handgun. Safety is off, everything ready for you to end Hiro.

From behind you, Father begins loosening the straps of your dominant arm. "Speak boy. Rare is the day someone like you can address me."

"So I knew kids were scared of your daughter for a reason. I thought maybe she had some hot shot corrupt mayor or whatever as a dad. Didn't expect a Yakuza." Hiro head is slumping but the weight of his gaze is on you, challenging you somehow, demanding something of you, hating you, "Which means this is some kind of honour thing for you... The kid from a rough neighbourhood touched your property" He chuckles.

"I am glad you're aware of your transgressions, boy. You'd have made a good man. But I cannot suffer your survival after laying hands on my daughter."

"Fuck you Old Man, these are my final words and I'm not done yet." Hiro growls bearing shattered and missing teeth at your Father as you feel his fingers dig into and tear the clasps of your strap free, "If I'd known she was a yakuza kid I'd have done nothing different. But here's something I want you to remember old man.... she was more mine than yours."
File: Maybe Suka.jpg (18 KB, 300x300)
18 KB

"Hiro...." you breathe as your wrist is freed to line up the shot.

"Even though I'm living in the backroom of a bike shop. I've seen things you wouldn't believe gramps. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched your daughter smile and laugh in innocence you've swiftly killed. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die." Hiro says somberly, tears forming in his eyes as the facade of stoic acceptance he has built crumbles in his final message to you.


Your father and Kuma both say at once. The du's ignorance to the beauty and signifigance of his final words.


The first shot strikes between his lungs, throwing the body of your friend back against the chair's spine and allowing some slack in the straps binding him for the first time. Despite his distaste for it, not only did Hiro support your interests he tried to love them too.

Bang Bang

The two shots are exclamation points on the horror as one strikes Hiro in his swollen and broken jaw, cleaning the flesh right off of the mangled skull and bones. This kills him, but in death he gives you a deadman's grin, blood running from his mouth like thickened syrup as all his muscles relax at once. The room begins to stink and your third bullet sinks in above the eye; blowing grey matter onto the sanctified ground behind him.

Then your cold spell breaks like a mid August storm.

Then comes the wailing...
Followed by screaming in hysterics.
Until your throat gives out and you can only tear at your eyes and hair with choked out sobs.

"Excellent work Kiddo." Kuma soothes from somewhere in this storm of emotion,pinning your hands before you can do damage to yourself. The process of extracting a writhing and hysterical woman from an asylum chair is lengthened massively.... but you don't care.

One thing dominated your mind.



> I wish I was dead

> Nothing Matters

Become the dark kinght
>I wish I was dead
File: ARMBAR.gif (898 KB, 400x246)
898 KB
898 KB GIF

The Flashback is over. I'd like to say I didn't intend to write one more post before ending, but I've been massively writer's blocked otnight and I got a lot of work coming up.

We'll be back in the afterlife spa next thread however.

This decision will have consequences.
Your runing yourslf rugged with all the quest you have now

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