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A group of strangers awoke after an accident in a cave with strange objects, deadly night creatures outside, and no memories of anything.
Together they’ve found several powerful objects and an Orb that lets them control the way out of the cave and back home.
At least until the power runs out and the night creatures outside devour everyone alive.
>>someone Remembers Something [Mustache remembers all about the typewriter]
>Help the others decide where they go, logically.

You are Nurse.
Nervously glancing up at the remaining lights by the entrance, you and the others gathered around the Orb.
Flattop is tapping the Orb, cycling through the images and seeing if anyone can remember anything.

When the expensive bottle of scotch appears, you spot a symbol you don’t recognize.
After a moment’s thought, you dash back and grab the Satellite phone and, as you thought you remembered, that same symbol was there.
You showed it to everyone, even the Long Haired Woman who had stepped away, no longer interested.
Nobody understood it, which meant that both the bottle and phone meant something to the only one not looking, Wounded Guy.
“Well, we can’t just shove him through and hope it works, it has to be his choice…” you start to say.
“Who cares?” Ginger Guy demanded. “Now that I know that it works, just set that sucker to the room of gold. I know that’s mine.”
Turning to Flattop or Mustache for help, Flattop was already intent on the next image, a white room nobody could remember and Mustache looked lost in thought.

The next image was of a room full of antiques with a woman reading.
Suddenly, the kid cried out, “Hey! Hey, I think that’s my mom! Yeah, that’s my house!”
Rushing to the cave entrance, he paused looking back at the group.
“Are you all going to be okay?”
Flattop responded “Go on, Kid. We’ll be fine. Get yourself home.”
“Okay, I believe in you. You can do it guys!” and hardly looking, he jumped through the entrance.
In the Orb, he appeared in front of the woman who seemed more startled by the hug that followed than by the boys sudden appearance.
Then the Orb faded.

“Hey you, Average Guy!” you say, having an idea.
“Is that really what everyone has been calling me?”
“Nevermind that, touch the Orb, quick!”
“Okay?” he said, tapping the Orb.
The next image, the image of the pizza shop, appeared
“Oh. Last time it went out of sequence. I thought maybe if- wait. Can anybody read that sign in the back?” You turn to ask Mustache, but he has returned to the typewriter and is typing something fast.
“Wait! I can read that!” Average Guy shouts. “That means that is my world, right?”
“Probably, we should probably…”
Everyone glanced up as the lights around the entrance reduce down to one.
“I’m gonna risk it. Gotta take a chance, right?” he said as he moves to the entrance and steps through.
Inside the Orb, he appears and a bizarre gust of wind tears through the shop and the clock on the wall is blown off and disappears.
And the clock comes flying into the cave entrance, smashing on the floor.

“Dang it! That’s not what I meant at all!” Mustache shouts from the typewriter.
Not to be distracted, Flattop returns to tapping the Orb.
Mustache hastily gathers up the machine in its case and latches it closed with practiced ease.
Leaping to his feet and rushing to the Orb he asks Flattop to stop at the image of the couch.
You turn to him, confused. “What’s going on?”
“There’s no time to explain, not that you’d believe me if I told you. I tried to get us more time but, well…” he jerks his head towards the clock.
“You did that? How?”
“Listen, my name is Del Gable and well, my typewriter is very special. I’m going to try to help you all from the other side, but I can’t help anyone if I stay here and get killed, right?”
Flattop nods at Del “It’s up.”
“Okay, this is me.” he replied with a little laugh and that same smile.
He stepped through and, in the image in the Orb, sat down at the couch and was opening his typewriter when the image faded away.

Quickly, you pick up the Little Girl and hold her so she can see and touch the Orb.
After she touches it, the image of the field appears and she cries out that is seems familiar.
“Please come with me!” She pleads.
Shaking your head, you tell her, “No, I have to go back to my own world. Just like you have to go home to yours.”
Nervously, she creeps closer to the entrance.
“Hey! Need a *push*?” Ginger Guy calls out with a harsh laugh and a wink.
A look of shame briefly haunts her face before she shuts her eyes close tightly and rushes through the entrance.
Inside the image in the Orb, she turns and jumps with happiness and excitement at seeing something out of view.
You feel a little sad when the image fades.

There are six rooms left: Wounded Guy’s bottle of scotch, what’s probably your cup of coffee, a white room, a forest, a motel room, and room full of gold.
“So, are we about done wasting my time? That gold is mine, I know it.”
“You’re just saying that because you want to steal it.” you reply.
“Yeah, so what? So Blondie, what do you say you come with me? Wanna be with the richest man ever?”
She has been quiet most of this time, but now begins to speak. “I don’t know. I don’t know!” she starts to shout hysterically. “Nothing looks familiar. Nothing is right! Nothing makes sense!”
Fed up, Ginger Guy demands the Orb be set to the gold room.
Flattop is failing to calm Blondie down.
Long Hair is still sitting by herself and you’re going to need help dragging Wounded Guy out.
Time is almost out, what do you do?

>Let Ginger Guy and Blondie sort themselves out and ask Flattop to help drag Wounded Guy to the entrance as fast as possible. Roll 6d100.
>Let Flattop deal with Ginger Guy and Blondie. Ask Long Hair to help drag Wounded Guy to the entrance quickly. Roll 6d100.
>Ask Flattop and Long Hair to help Blondie and Wounded Guy and stop Ginger Guy forcefully. Roll 7d100.
>Ask Flattop and Long Hair to handle the rest and you deal with Blondie calmly. Roll 8d100.
>Write in (Roll 7d100.)
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I will be monitoring the thread occasionally and will respond slowly until the next scheduled update Saturday at 1am EST, or 5am UTC.
Party on.
Rolled 67, 35, 9, 33, 41, 71 = 256 (6d100)

OP this looks sick, still have to read other threads but

>Let Flattop deal with Ginger Guy and Blondie. Ask Long Hair to help drag Wounded Guy to the entrance quickly. Roll 6d100.

Time is of the essence, believe in flattop
Glad you like it!
I have slow post time at this time (just going to sleep actually) but I'll post a response before tonight.
>(just going to sleep actually) but I'll post a response before tonight.
Neither the sleep or the early posting worked out, but I'm finishing up the the update now.
File: QS054.png (868 KB, 800x600)
868 KB
868 KB PNG
>>Let Flattop deal with Ginger Guy and Blondie. Ask Long Hair to help drag Wounded Guy to the entrance quickly.
>Time is of the essence, believe in flattop

With a quick nod to Flattop, you announce that you're going to get Wounded Guy.
You approach Long Hair while Flattop argues with Ginger Guy and tries to calm Blondie.
"I need you help to move him." you say.
After an infuriatingly long few seconds, she calmly replied, "Okay." And got up to help you.
You reach the large, unconscious man.
He looks strong enough to move, although it might be the lower light, but his skin looks a bit blue.
You advise her to grip him under the arm and you can grab the other.
Moving around to the other side, you spot her staring at Wounded Guy's bloody wounds.
You forgot that not everyone is used to the sight of blood.
"Oh, he's okay. He's not bleeding anymore."
"I know." she replies with an odd tone.
"Okay, we'll grip him under the arms and-"
She leans forward and picks up under his arms and, bracing her posture against his weight, she lifts him like a toddler.

Rushing to support his head, but carrying almost none of his weight, you marvel at her strength.
You wonder if she is like one of those others with “abilities” or if this is Del helping with his typewriter.
If Long Hair is surprised by her strength, she isn’t showing it. Not that she’s ever expressed much at all.
As you reach the entrance, you find Ginger Guy backing up towards the entrance waving a knife at Flattop, who is protecting a relatively calmer Blondie.
“I’m going for that gold and none of you are going to stop me!”
“Listen we all want to get home, I just-“
The Ginger Guy shouts over him, “And I’m doing just that! Bye Blondie! Too bad, we coulda had a great time!” and with a quick leap, he’s through.
Rushing to check the Orb, you see him standing in the room filled with gold, laughing.
You’re not certain you saw it, but shortly before the image faded, proving that he was right afterall, you could have sworn you saw a giant eye opening underneath the gold behind him.
Turning to the others you say, “He’s uh, he’s gone. He made it. I…” you trail off as you see Flattop and Blondie staring at Long Hair carrying the large man like a child.

“…anyway, this simplifies it. Blondie, that motel room has to be yours, I can read the writing and we both speak English, right?”
“But…” she protests, “I don’t recognize it, it could be yours.”
Shaking your head, you remind her “That coffee cup is mine, I know it. See how it appeared when I touched it? I think that means it’s my world. Listen…”
“I- I like coffee too…”

This was taking too much time. Trying to think of some way to convince her, you cycle your way through the images to the motel room, trying to trigger a memory.
Suddenly, you remember that key chain.
Rushing back, searching for those keys in the dark, you find them. You rush back and press them into her hands.
“These are yours. I’m sure of it.” you say as you guide her towards the entrance.
Staring at the keys, then looking out into the menacing gloom outside the cave, she sits silently staring.

Long Hair asks “Should we throw this one through, if she doesn’t want to go?”
Flattop is standing near the Orb, staring at the last remaining light above the entrance.

>Try again to talk Blondie into stepping through, urgently. Roll 2d100
>Shove Blondie through the entrance, roughly. Roll 2d100
>Ask Long Hair how she can be so strong, curiously. Roll 1d100
>Have Flattop set the entrance to Wounded Guy’s world and send him through, quickly. Roll 1d100
>Set the image to the coffee and go home immediately. Roll 2d100
Rolled 39, 15, 70 = 124 (3d100)

>Time is of the essence

>Shove Blondie through the entrance, roughly.
>Have Flattop set the entrance to Wounded Guy’s world and send him through, quickly.
Rolled 7, 93, 99 = 199 (3d100)

I'm sort of with this...

actually thinking it over yeah, this is the plan. Ginger Guy's probably dead but all the other places are probably better than being in here.

>shove blondie

>send wounded guy
Rolled 34 (1d100)

This shall do
Hi Satan.

Glad to see you back.
Just to let you know, most of these rolls, those rolls included, were roll under, so yeah...

>This shall do
Not sure what you meant by this, sorry.

Update in just a few minutes.
File: QS055.png (454 KB, 800x600)
454 KB
454 KB PNG
>>shove blondie
>>send wounded guy

Blondie stands in front of the entrance, staring at the keys in her hands.
You triage the situation and make the hard decision.
You shove her hard backwards towards the opening.
She spins, wildly clawing at you as she falls backwards.
She grips your arm, pulling you toward the portal too.
Without thinking, you spin and roundhouse kick her in the face, sending her back to her world.
After a guilty glance up to Flattop, he nods, indicating that she made it to her world.

“Okay.” you say, moving on. “Tap the Orb, take note what the first image is, and then set it to that bottle of scotch. Long Hair, bring him over.”
She strides up, bearing the weight of the large man effortlessly. Checking him one last time, you see that he is looking much better. He should be safe to travel by portal, you guess.
“He’s good to go.”
Guiding him, but not really holding much of the weight, you help guide him to the portal.
With a sudden shift in his weight and thudding crack sound, most of his weight drops on you.
Then a stone wall slams into your head.

It feels like you swim in disoriented confusion for hours, but the sharp pain of landing on the floor reminds you where you are.
Lifting yourself up from the floor, you see Wounded Guy standing in front of the entrance with a clenched fist.
With a booming voice he demands “What the HELL is going on here? What do you people think you’re doing to me?”
Struggling to think past the pain in skull, you try to speak.
Looking up at him, just above his head, you see the final protective light around the cave entrance flicker.

>Tell to Flattop to set the Orb to the coffee then scramble past Wounded Guy and through the Portal quickly. Roll 2d100.
>Check on Long Hair caringly Roll 3d100.
>Calm Wounded Guy down and explain things reasonably. Roll 2d100. (Bonus for write in)
>Shove the Wounded Guy through the portal [violently] Roll 2d100.
>write in
Ah, you're that guy wandering about testing the rolling function, right?
What's the issue anyway?
Rolled 27, 97 = 124 (2d100)

>Calm Wounded Guy down and explain things reasonably.
"Wait! We were all brought here against our will. You were badly injured and we were just helping you through the exit. It's straight out that cave behind you. We mean you no harm."
File: QS056.png (285 KB, 600x800)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
>Calm Wounded Guy down and explain things reasonably.

"Wait!” you cry out. “We were all brought here against our will. You were badly injured and we helped you. Just look at your bandages!”
At this, he looks down and seems to notice them for the first time and we were just helping you through the exit. It's straight out that cave behind you. We mean you no harm."
Looking down at you, his voice softens, “ I believe you. That is, I believe that *you* mean me no harm. *He* however,” his stern gaze shifts to Flattop, “is the cursed agent that betrayed my hospitality and kidnapped me, doubtlessly all you as well.”
“You remember that?” Flattop spoke up, stepping closer.
“I remember far more than just that. I remember every facet of your treachery. And as far as you all escorting me out there, to where those dark figures are moving in the dark? I think not.
Now we’re just going to take some time and you’re all going to share your secrets, starting with where the others went.”

“There’s no time,” you begin urgently, leaping to your feet, “The light above you-Ooof!“
As you got to your feet, his injured leg kicks out and strikes you in your gut with more force than you would have thought possible.

Falling back down, you gasp for breath as Flattop lunges for Wounded Guy.
The large man’s good hand grips Flattop’s throat with lightning speed. He lifts the man up in the air with ease, throttling him.
Flattop drops the marble he was holding in one hand, but still grips the wand.
Long hair is coiling up, ready to leap and attack. You swear you can hear her growl.

>Plead with Wounded Guy to let Flattop go, desperately. Roll 3d100.
>Urge Long Hair not to attack and preach caution Roll 3d100.
>Remember your last kick, summon your inner fighter, and attack with vengeance Roll 4d100.
>Shout to Flattop to use the wand defensively Roll 3d100.
>Shout to Flattop to use the wand aggressively Roll 3d100.
The next scheduled update isn't until 6am UTC Friday morning, but I continue to monitor the thread and will respond within 24 hours to
any input.
This quest will never be abandoned, nor will any that I ever run.
Still alive and monitoring for input.
Only on page six, but I'll still make a new thread tonight if I can get a cool OP image.
File: images (1).jpg (11 KB, 316x160)
11 KB
Rolled 65, 62, 87, 43, 56, 8 = 321 (6d100)

>>Plead with Wounded Guy to let Flattop go
Then, when/if that fails,

>Shout to Flattop to use the wand defensively
Continued here


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