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well we have gotten ourselves in a pickle. First off we are injured from the fight we just went though, to be expected but still nothing good. The actual bad part is that the military base that we just were going to has been taken by cultists.

to make matters worse there are two demons, one being that ever massive pain in the ass Thera, in this building along with thirty cultists by the report of Markal who survived the assault.

one good part is that we have managed to secure Markal from their clutches and are in his office.

Welcome to guardsman quest.
I realized that I miss numbered this one so lets just make it clear this is 24 of the series not 23
alright quick and dirty, this quest is not for die hard lovers of cannon since fun and shenanigans beat cannon for the most part. Though I will accept info about the warhammer 40k universe general rule of thumb is fun is king here

Here is the link to the Doc archive https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N6DV3ou3h5MO0TZi61pc9jGoMBA4p3S4fJ0rCI6qooM/edit?usp=sharing

here is a link to the character's stats https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VEdRRmqRN2wb661ea1Bz2iXQwqQl2JVgl1OdrmHk3Tk/edit?usp=sharing

For roll questions you want to roll below the DC I give for a success as per warhammer 40k rules, for Psychic powers you must make one success and one failure or a random effect from the warp phenomena table will be rolled along with the intended action.

This quest only moves as fast as the votes come in and there is a 2 vote rule meaning there must be at least 2 votes for one option for us the continue.
You look around the room to check for any hidden surprises before walking up to Markal. he looks up wearily before his eyes open wide and you cover his mouth to stop him for saying anything.

"Markal dont say a damned thing." you whisper "alright test time to make sure you are the real thing, what did I look like when you recruited me."

you remove your hand and he begins talking "Guardsman, you had just gotten back from fighting nids, about 5'8", black hair, pale skin, brown eyes."

"correct, alright" you check him to find any odd looks, maybe a scar that was not supposed to be there or a chaos symbol hidden, it comes up with nothing.

"He's real," you begin to unhook him, finding several points where the chain was rigged to tighten if you undid it you bypass then and eventually free the man "what happened?"

"I swear I barely knew myself, at first nothing was happening and suddenly thirty cultists and two demons appeared on our doorstep. blew down the door and cut though the men here like a hot knife though butter."

ya that is bad "any idea on the demons"

"the blue one is a standard lord or should I say lady of change, expect a lot of psyker abilities, and the other is a massive herald of khorne, though they seem to be on quite bad terms."


"a lesser demon but extremely powerful one. not many of them, dont fight it directly hurting it only makes it stronger."

"so how do we beat it?"

"you have a sniper Simun, blow it's brains out it will die like anything else."

"right but what do you mean by bad terms."

"well they just left the room after quite the heated argument about what to do with me. The lady wanted me alive for some reason, something about bait, while the herald wanted my head. they were about to come to blows before she left."

"interesting. Anything else?"

"well if you get me to the Cogitator I can get the systems online again, also get that jammer down."

"how do you know the jammer is up?"

"implant in my head lets me connect to the vox waves around me, good for picking up enemy chatter."


>[1] get Markal to the Cogitator so he can do what he needs to do.
>[2] tell him to tell you how to do it, you still dont know of the cultists have or haven't messed with his head (fel)
>[3] tell him you are getting out of there now, even if the systems are online its still three of us vs thirty cultists and two demons (fel, agx2)
>[4] write-in
we back and still waiting for votes
>>[1] get Markal to the Cogitator so he can do what he needs to do.
wow a vote... right before i pass out.... ill be back to check if we get another one when i wake up
Yea, looks like most people are asleep at this time
Actually i’ll change my vote to 2. Makes more sense. Then we can decide to either split and try to get our friend out or to get to the objective first and get out after that
Alright give me a roll of 1d100 vs 35

sorry about the lateness of the respond, my internet has been funky
Rolled 53 (1d100)

alright 12 more minutes until roll close, currently not a success.

remember you get a lot of free rolls
Rolled 70 (1d100)

If no one rolls
Can i use a re roll after the closeing time or should i do it now?
If now il do one
Rolled 87 (1d100)

Oh god i killed him
Can i roll again?
Il just go kill myslf now
your death will not be swift, writing.
File: Markal.jpg (199 KB, 776x1011)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
you look at the old man "Alright let me operate the Cogitator, run me though with what to do."

"bad idea simun, it would be better for me to do it. I know exactly what I'm doing you dont." the old man retorts rubbing his wrists

"Look I don't know if you are in your right mind, demons are insidious and may have messed with you."

"Simun either you help me to the Cogitator or we sit here doing nothing until the demons come back."

"FINE!" you tell though gritted teeth, you drag the old man roughly up and pull him to the cogitator "just get it done quick."

the old man gets the work, multible streams of code rip across the screen as programs begin functioning, then Markal swears "Fucking slaanesh's left tit, they infected the cogitator with a demon virus."

"so how do we bypass that?"

"swear to me you will never mention what I'm about to do to any mechanicus."

"I swear but what are you going to do?"

the old man pulls out a heavy bronze data pad which is emblazoned with cherubs, scrolls, and verses with one name Ryne "I regret what must be done."

he inserts this pad into the computer, a few seconds later the screen begins flashing and a loud whirring sound can be heard before the cogitator begins smoking and then shuts down as the pad is ejected

"alright what in the emperor's name was that"

"a murder cogitator, destroyed the machine along with the demon virus but we need to find another cogitator to use the information this thing ripped from that infernal virus."

"so you blew up the thing you were going to get the systems online with."

"no choice simun, the thing was corrupted but now we know their codes. we now hold the advantage."

>[1] blam Markal, he destroyed your chance at turning the situation around. he is clearly no longer in the emperor's light (bs)
>[2] stay your hand, Markal probably did this for a good reason and if what he was saying was true, that a demon had infected the cogitator, then he just saved us some trouble
>[3] do not say a thing, come up with another plan to get out of this situation, we need to find a functioning cogitator and fast (int)
>[4] alright plan A failed, time for plan B which is gtfo now (agx2, int)
>[5] write-in
>[2] stay your hand, Markal probably did this for a good reason and if what he was saying was true, that a demon had infected the cogitator, then he just saved us some trouble
well i'm heading to sleep for now. Got work in the morning and heresy does not end itself. I will be back around 12pm pst to continue this so vote freely in the meantime.
I'm back and 2 it is, writing
You reach for your bolter a fit of rage hitting you, he just fucking blew up the cogitator that you needed to use! HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING TO FIX THIS!

you hold yourself back, this is markal you trust his judgement mostly. deep breaths, in and out, calm down simun stop thinking about blaming the old man.

you grit your teeth "how do we hold the advantage."

"this murder cogitator ripped all the passcodes they had used to take control of the system and shut it down. with this information we can activate the system without alerting the entire place we are doing so until it is too late."

"alright but that does not solve the immediate problem, where do we find another Cogitator."

"that is what I was about to get to, we need to get the primary Cogitator which is deep inside this facility."

"so you know where it is?" as you say this you begin to hear footsteps outside the room, not heavy enough to be Thera or that other demon but still not good.

"yes, but since you managed to get in here I want to defer to your judgement on how to get there."

>[1] stealthy, though the vents again. least amount of chance to get caught by cultists or demons (agx2, wpx2, int)
>[2] hide in plain sight, we take out some cultists and put on their robes. pretend to be one of them until we get a chance to make a break for that primary cogitator (felx2, wp, int)
>[3] "well now that you mention it" kick down the door, we going loud a proud. (ag, tgh, bsx2)
>[4] "one moment" clear throat "GREY KNIGHTS GET OUT HERE!" (bsx2, int)
Or just summon Sly Marbo
File: maxresdefault.jpg (71 KB, 1280x720)
71 KB
alright passing out for now, still waiting for votes and I will be checking back around 10 am pst.
still waiting for more votes. I know you are there so throw a vote in, what is the worst that could happen?
the second vote is finally here 20 min timer starts for the rest of you to get your votes in.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

alright RNGesus takes the wheel, 1 for >>2013721 and 2 for >>2025346
seems >>2025346 won the coin flip so give me the 4d100 vs 35, 25, 62, 43
Rolled 71, 40, 7, 19 = 137 (4d100)

alright you failed the disguise and the acting but you succeeded on the other two, writing
you look at Markal and Valrisa and smile at them, Valrisa immediately reacts "alright I'm vetoing anything you say"

"when have I led you wrong."

"never but that smile spells trouble."

you shrug "well my plan is to knock out some cultists as they pass, take their robes, and then act like them until we can get to a cogitator."

"you know how wrong that can go right?" Valrisa responds "chaos is an insidious cancer that just being near the foul rites can corrupt you."

"we do what we must for the Imperium's future, so lets do this" you quickly head to the door and wait for the sounds of cultists walking by as you hear them begin to pass by the door you slam it open

you realize those enhancements to your armor that Drauge put in are quite useful as you hear the cultists crunch against the door and fall to the ground.

you quickly grab the unmoving bodies and strip them, throwing the robe over your armor as well as one to valrisa.

"this should work."

"these things are covered in blood, they will never work!"

"cultists like blood, so shut it and think like a heretic."

you tie Markal's hands together loosely and being marching him though the halls, trying to think like a heretic

eventually you stand infront of a massive altar with a symbol that looks like a stylized eight, plenty of skulls and a demon head adorning the bottom of the strange symbol.

"oy wut ar yu doin ther" a cultist calls out to you pointing at you "da bluud not suppos to be spilled yet"

"oh um... ah... yes just got into a bit of a scuffle with another of our here.. um bothers" you stammer out not expecting to be called out so brasenly

"Wut moit yu don talk lik any brutha of mine" the cultists calls back as more cultists turn towards you

you continue walking watching the man heading towards a door thinking of how to get out of this "I'm new to this cult"

"cult? we a buddahod ya fukin bitch, an no un said to pull out the prisoner. BOYS WE GOT A SPY OVAR HERE!" the cultist roars out pointing at you

Valrisa swears under her breath at your incompetence as you quickly begin devising a plan, you have been here before so.... wait the central cogitator should be though that door if memory servers you right about imperial guard installations.

you breath in and out before dropping all the poorly held up cultist disguise and sprint with Markal and Valrisa in toe though the nearby door.

as you do you smartly close the door and slam the lock behind you, you turn around to see a massive Cogitator in front of you.

>[1] have Markal hand you the murder Cogitator and get to work, you are getting to work (intx2, wp)
>[2] have Markal being work and set up an over watch on the door, you need to make sure they dont get though (wp, bsx2)
>[3] alright this Gordian knot has gone on long enough, lets just shoot the damned fucking cogitator and shut the entire system down (bs, int)
>[4] write-in

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