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13 strangers awoke after an accident in a cave with strange objects, sinister shapes outside, and no memories of anything.

One man recovered a memory that his agency had him abduct the others as Subjects from other worlds in order to test their abilities, value, and threat to his own.
He also remembered burying their belongings, and then the short haired woman using a wand to wound one man, which led to the incident that caused everyone to lose their memories.

The Flattop man so far has only shared his memory of burying the belongings.
They dug them up in search for something to save the wounded man.
A Nurse that as remembered her skills took a high tech medical satchel and immediately started treatment.
Most the rest of the objects appeared to be individual, strangely mundane items.
The 11 others examined them as the Nurse worked on the Wounded guy.

The Wounded guy, named Victor R. Mundis, began a bizarre vision quest while unconscious...
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You are in a strange, alien landscape attacking the memory of the man who tried to abduct you and a terrifying thing looming Over the Horizon is reaching its deadly claws towards you...

This sounds like an excellent networking challenge.
Stepping forward and striking the flat top agent in front of you, your powerful fist slammed into his jaw and his whole body begins to break up slightly like cotton candy in the rain, yet you feel nothing at all.
Turning your head to the behemoth, you exclaim, "Greetings friend!", using your most charming voice to the black being on the horizon.
The shifting mass of darkness freezes and gives you a puzzled look.

"Would you mind giving me a hand with this fellow? You seem like a capable one and I think working together we can sort this troublemaker out in short order. What do you say?"

After a brief pause, a nervous, hesitant voice booms from everywhere at once.
"Do... do you think I could? I'm really not supposed to. I'm not supposed to be able to talk, even. I'm just supposed to, you know, grow and spread and claw and, you know, kill you. You think I can get him? Um... O-okay! Mind the hemorrhage!"

A fist of claws like a Hovertrain made of twisting tar and smoke flies toward you and the agent.

>Stand your ground and pummel the Agent bravely. Roll under 32%.
>Leap to avoid the fist cleverly. Roll under 64%.
>Ask the beast to wait for you to get clear diplomatically. Roll under 13%.
>write in
Got the link.

>>write in
Hug both of them, I think we tried doing something like that before we got magic missile'd.
Previous thread: Quest without Subject
File: GS028.jpg (121 KB, 800x671)
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>Hug both of them
Reaching out with one arm, you grapple the memory of the Agent in a one armed hug and extend your other to embrace the oncoming fist of the clawed behemoth.
The smokey mass slams into you, knocking you over, tumbling onto the strange white ground.
Hitting the ground was painless, but the impact from the fist caused an icepick of pain inside your skull.
You feel a trickle of blood flow down from your nose and as you reach up to wipe it away, your fingers come back dry.

The Agent broke apart into chunks and dissapated into nothing.
As he fades from existence, you remember the entire events surrounding the strange agent's appearance in your central office.
He had claimed he was from another world, and was interested in discovering whether your world was a threat or a resource.
The fool didn't realize that every threat is still a resource.

You had managed to negotiate an acceptable arrangement when he abducted you.
You awoke in a cave with several other strangers, all wearing the same ugly grey smock, although it hadn't looked that bad on one of the women.
That was all you remembered.
You had no idea how you arrived here.
You supposed this was some alternate world.

Pulling yourself to your feet, you turn to face the behemoth that you had tried to embrace, only to see it standing next to you, at your height.

"Sorry", it spoke with a voice as diminished as its size, but no less strange, "I hit the memoryman that tried to hit you. I hit you too.
"I am supposed to hit you. I am supposed to harm you.
"I am not supposed to talk to you. I am not supposed to be able to talk. Now that I am, I don't want to hurt you.
"What should I do now? Maybe we should ask the king? Or are you just going to leave?

"Do not concern yourself, friend. What king do you speak of? Is this a kingdom? What do you know of him as a ruler?"

"I don't know much about the king, he stays in the castle and I've never been inside."

"I see. And you said I could leave this land?"

"The exit to this world is through that cave, but it frightens me. Please don't go there."

"I'm not sure where I'm going yet, friend. Say, what is your name?"

"I think I am called Brian, Brian Trahm. ...Am I really your friend?"

>Visit castle. Ask Brian to join you Diplomatically. Roll under 88%.
>Visit cave. Ask Brian to join you Diplomatically. Roll under 45%.
>Explore elsewhere. Ask Brian to join you Diplomatically. Roll under 92%.
>write in

I think we tried doing something like that before we got magic missile'd.
(You're not wrong.)
>Write in

Kill, then feast on sweet, juicy demon beef.
>Kill, then feast on sweet, juicy demon beef.
Oh my, that's a dark thought.
Waiting a short while for confirmation then the feeding may commence.
File: GS029.jpg (105 KB, 800x671)
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105 KB JPG
>Kill, then feast on sweet, juicy demon beef.

"Am I really your friend?" Brian Trahm, the beast asked you, hesitantly.
You looked deep into the softening eyes of the dark beast and extended your hand to where it's shoulder would be, finding that you could grip the gaseous form.
"Well, Brian, no. I know what you truly are now, and you have to end."

A momentary flicker of fear flashes in its eyes before your other hand slams into the side of its head.
Ripping the head back, you lean forward tear your teeth into the beast's throat and its airy flesh.
You feel impossible gaseous blood trickle down your face.
You drink in its blood, its essence, and it's power.
You drop Brian's lifeless corpse and it fades to nothing.

Empowered by the beast's sweet, juicy demon beef blood, you consider you next move.
>Visit castle.
>Visit cave.
>write in
>>Visit castle.
File: GS030.png (80 KB, 411x497)
80 KB
>>>Visit castle.
You turn and stride towards the castle.
Apparently, there is a king there.
It could be a valuable opportunity for networking, or maybe you can just get some straight answers from him.
As you walk, you feel the power of the beast invigorating you and a tension you hadn’t noticed building inside your head relaxed and faded away to be replaced with a mild euphoria.
You crossed your way to the horizon far faster than should have been possible, briefly appraising the large, blue-gray stones that form the impressive looking castle.
You place your hand on the stone and at its cool feel, you sense that with this new strength inside you, you could rip a block free and smash down these very walls. But that would be a waste of an unknown, and possibly expendable resource.

No guards, or people of any kind were outside the wall or inside the courtyard.
As you walked through the castle, you are disappointed to find the interior rudimentarily simple, as if it were intended to represent the idea of a castle, rather than function as an actual castle.
You are reminded of the “castles” at theme parks.

File: GS031.png (317 KB, 800x600)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
You enter the throne room, still having found no servants, and are similarly disappointed.
Any of your offices would put this barren room to shame.
At least you finally found a person.

Seated on a simple throne made of the same blue-gray throne was a strange bearded king in a sharp purple suit.
You approach the king and begin to introduce yourself, “Greetings your majesty, I am Victor R. Mundis and-“
Cutting you off with a high pitched voice, the king blurts, “Yes, of course you are. Now have a seat.” He gestures with his hand to a chair across from him that you aren’t sure was there before. Not to lose position so earlier in the negotiation, you reach out to take his extended hand in a firm handshake, only to have your hand pass through his. The kings face and hands, although notably not his crown and suit, seem to flicker and fade translucent for a moment.
He cackles in response to your surprise, waving you to the chair “Ha he he he! Sit! Sit! He he.”
After a brief consideration, you sit across from the strange man.
“You came here because you’ve lost something.” the king begins.
“Well, actually I-“ you start to reply when the king again cuts you off.
“Your property is here, all you have to do is take what is yours.” The king reaches behind his throne and impossibly pulls out a large tray with three objects on it. He looks at them with a strange, fascinated glee. “Take the object that is truly yours and what you have lost will be restored to you. Choose wisely for the wrong object might lead you astray or possibly to madness. He hehehe.”

The crackpot king is clearly trying to test you for some reason you can’t work out. Even still, you sense a familiarity about something you’re seeing and you do feel a deep compulsion to grab an object.
The tray, which seems to be made of that same damn blue-gray stone, holds a bronze sabre that looks old and yet sharp, a silver hand mirror, and a copper tipped quill.
You are fairly certain you’ve never seen any of them before in your life.

>Choose object []
>write in
>>write in
Well Mister Mundis is clearly a violent person, prone to murder. But since the sword does not seem familiar, It is probably a trap. The plate is an object, it is not translucent and it is common enough to be a property of someone without being immediately recognisable. Who knows their entire crockery?
>>Choose object []
File: GS032.jpg (117 KB, 800x671)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Clearly there is a trick.
Your memory hasn't fully returned but none of those three objects seem like they would be the kind of thing you would have.

Thinking outside the paradigm, you choose the other object presented.
You reach forward and grasp the tray, letting the other objects clatter to the floor.
You hold it up the tray to the strange king who regards you with surprise.
"That was... unexpected."

Suddenly you are aware of your consciousness moving into the tray, into the material of the blue-gray stone. You can control it, meld with it, and mold it to your will. All of it. Every stone.
You feel a sharp coolness running down your left arm as the stone merges into your being, changing you even as you control it.
The coolness is bearing your heart.
You suppress the panic welling inside.
You have a decision to make.

>Drop tray. Roll under 67%.
>Control transformation[]. Roll under 43%
>Let whatever is happening, happen. Roll under 88%
>write in
I will continue to check for responses throughout the day and update when I can, but I will be steadily attentive again tonight at 1am.
Empowered by the beast's sweet, juicy demon beef blood, you consider you next move.

I love that this quest has become about self-discovery, alternate realities, and devouring incoporeal manifestations.
I have neither forgotten this quest nor given up on it.

Awaiting player input, I plan on posting a large, hopefully interesting update tonight, 1am EST.
We shall see where it takes us.
>>Let whatever is happening, happen.
Rolled 78 (1d100)

Limited to monitoring & phoneposting for the next 5 & half hours.
Proper quality response & update at 1am.
File: GS033.png (451 KB, 500x500)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
>>>Let whatever is happening, happen.
>Rolled 78 (1d100)

You still your mind as the sensations flood you.
You are aware of strange perceptions and alien awareness passing through your active mind.
You acknowledge each thought and let it go in turn, allowing it all to permeate you.
Eventually, you realize that you are now outside and standing over the fallen king.
The castle is gone, but not gone.
It is within you, part of you.
And you know what it was.

The smallest units that had made up the stone were not subatomic particles, but concepts.
The castle was a representation of that which protects the one in power.
Much like your offices, the castle was a simple edifice that both protects the ruler from dangers outside and also facilitates control within.
Like the castle, your offices are a construct, one that allows you to rule over others and protects you from external threats.
You have no need of such constructs any more.
You have taken that power into yourself.

You built your company, expanded it, and led it to dominate 60% of the globe.
Your company touches many facets of life for countless people the world over.
And all of this by your hand.
No matter what happens to you, your legacy, your power, and your immortality are assured by your company that you have constructed.
You have now taken the power of such a construct into yourself.
Your security is assured from within.

Looking down, you see the helpless and fragile king and his scattered objects.

>Demand answers from the king
>Destroy the king
>Take object[]
>Leave king to go test new ability
>write in
I will continue to monitor this thread and reply to any questions and record any choices or commands.
Any choices or write in commands will be shown in the next session, Friday the 20th, 1am EST.

I think I might start running them at this time every week for five hours, and then again for five hours the next three days at the same time.
I plan to have tighter response times than I have been.
My question is: "Should I update at all during the slow 21 hours, or save it for the next 1am update.
The Quest continues here >>1987910

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