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After several adventures, our protagonist Jack has acquired four semi-loyal women. While normally a good thing, it’s pretty troublesome when going clothes shopping. Jack must find a way to keep himself entertained!
>[]Wait like the good husband we are
>>[]Start writing in your idea book. Surely there’s a way to make this wait less agonizing
Waiting’s all well and good, but maybe...
You pull out your idea book and turn to a blank page.
In the event that there isn’t a tavern or some establishment next door where you can have fun, the sitting area should have something besides a bunch of chairs. Maybe a bar, if there’s a limit on how many drinks you can get. Or an employee whose job it is to hang out with bored people. Play some cards, shoot the shit, anything. Hell, they could just add on a whole section where husbands and other bored guys could go and do shit. The store would make bank just putting in some stools and real-time sports bulletins.


You’re just putting the finishing touches on the strip club (just two-way mirrors to the changing rooms, really) when your harem emerges.
“Lash, did you really have to get something so plain?”
“I’m not sleeping with him, I just need some underwear.” she growls.
“Hey, Jack. Did we keep you waiting?”
“Yes. Let’s go home.”
You step out the door and start back home.
“Wait! WAIT!”
“What next in the parade of constant interruptions?”
A castle courier catches his breath before speaking to you, clearly distraught.
“You’re Jack, right? It’s your grandmother, Lady Tsuyoi.”
Your blood runs cold.
“She’s been found dead, in her chambers.”
You immediately sprint for the castle.


Your father stands silently over Tsuyoi, a broken look on his face. Your mother stands beside him, grief-stricken and worried.
“Jack. She hadn’t been out in half a day, so I came in to check—“
Her voice sticks in her throat.

>[]What happened?
>[]...we should cremate her. In case she becomes a revenant.
>[]Dad? Do you need to be alone..?
>[]Please tell me it's from old age
>[]Should cremate her too
“We don’t know... she doesn’t have any bruises or wounds, and I can’t think of any reason someone would want her dead...”
“We’ll investigate this later.” your father says. “I’ll cremate her.”
He picks up your grandmother’s body and leaves.
“Do you think he’ll be okay?” you ask Mom.
“I don’t know, Jack. Krystal’s death was hard on all of us, but now her... we can only pray that Kasai makes it through this.”


You sit at home, eyes fixed on your slowly cooling cup of coffee. Lash clears her throat awkwardly.
“Jack, I’m... I’m sorry for your loss.”
Your reply is monotone. “She was old.”
Tsuyoi... even as a 70-something old lady, she’d still had your back. She had been the city’s official diplomat for as long as anyone could remember. A lot of people were going to miss her.
...at least she’s at peace. With Krystal.
“What are you going to do, Jack?” Kāpili asks. Your harem isn’t taking this as hard as you. It isn’t their fault. They didn’t know her very well.

>[]I’ll go on that assignment, as planned.
>[]Attend her funeral, pray for her soul, keep on living...
>[]I don’t know. I can’t just get over this.
>[]Attend her funeral, pray for her soul, keep on living...
>[]And go on that assignment like i had planned

>[]I’ll go on that assignment, as planned
Kāpili nods.
“That sounds like a good plan... if you need anything, you can talk to me—to any of us.”
You nod.
“Thanks. You mind if I sit alone for a minute? Just need to gather my thoughts.”
“Take your time.”
The four of them leave you to your grief. Something tugs on your pant leg.
“Oh. Hey, Aquila.”
You pick up the puppy and scratch him behind the ears.
“It’s just fucked, boy... she’s dead, and what was I doing at the time? Nothing. Drawing plans for strip clubs.”
You chuckle.
“I thought you were supposed to get a sinking feeling or something when someone you love dies... come to think of it, I was probably annoying Mom when Krystal got blown up.”
A tear drips from your eye and lands in Aquila’s fur.
“Ah, shit.”
You hurriedly wipe at your eyes.
“D-don’t tell anyone about that... what the hell am I saying, you’re barely different from a dog. Godsdammit...”
The pup in your arms licks your face.


The funeral was a blur. There was a short speech from your parents and a chance for mourners to say their goodbyes before Tsuyoi’s ashes were spread. It was done in the evening, when the land breeze was going out. Last thing you’d want is for the ashes to blow right back into everyone’s faces.
Now it was time for the funeral dinner. Ugh... these were always an ordeal. Everyone keeps patting you on the shoulder. “Be happy, Jack! She’s in a better place!”
Well, she might be in a better place, but we had to watch her last remains burn up and fly away.
Well, there’s no point in internal complaints. Might as well get it over with.

>[]Put on a cheerful face. Maybe it’ll improve your mood. (D20)
>[]Eat and get home as soon as possible.
>[]Stand out of the way. If anyone comes to speak with you, it’s their own fault.
> []Let's go see Rose and frustration fuck her
Fuck it, sure
“Hey, bro.”
Right on time...
You turn to face Rose.
“Hey. How’s work?”
“Good. Sucked dick well enough to get a promotion. Now I actually get to see clients’ faces... I’m not sure it’s an improvement.”
You shrug.
“Ah. Well, at least you’re being paid more.”
“Yep. Get some real freaks, though. Asked this one guy, kinda cute, why he didn’t just get a date. He broke out in tears for some reason.”
“Is that so? Well... how do I put this...”
You look around. Dad isn’t in earshot, which is good news. They’d be holding your own funeral if he heard this.

>[]Its totally incongruent to the mood, but howzabout we go to your place and fuck ourselves senseless?
>[]Hey... I’ve been thinking. I don’t mind taking our relationship further. Let’s go home and have a drink.
>[]...nevermind. How are you holding up?
(More incest oh fucking goody)
>>[]...nevermind. How are you holding up?
>[]How're you holding up?
>[]Hey... I've been thinking. I don't mind having some fun between us, wanna go home and have some drinks?
Whisper dat shit, make sure we're not followed, etc...
Time for some sibling love
Gotta take our mind off of things

Supporting, Incest is fucking hot.
Rose raises an eyebrow.
“Sure. Why not?”
You tell your girls that you’ll be at your sister’s house before leaving.


“So... are you holding up?” you ask, taking a sip of wine.
“Mostly, yeah. I didn’t know her all that well, but... damn.”
“Should we pour one out?”
“I’m not sure she’d like that. Besides, why let the bottle go to waste? Fuck, I’m all sweaty.”
Rose pulls off her tank top and throws it aside, allowing her considerable breasts to get some air.
“Whew! That’s better.”
“You weren’t wearing a bra?”
“Well, nobody told me to put one on.”
She grins and nudges your crotch with her foot.
“Don’t see why you’re complaining. Isn’t it hot in here? Get comfortable, I won’t mind.”
Well, there WAS a crackling fire a few feet away. You strip naked and take another sip of wine.
“You gotten bigger?” Rose asks.
“No idea.”
“Well, you’re definitely more comfortable than last time.”
She slides out of her shorts and tosses her panties your way.
“That’s cause last time was borderline rape.”
“You didn’t do anything to stop me.”
You get up and sit down next to her.
“So, what do you want?”
Rose thinks for a moment. You idly grope at her ass while she fondles your balls.
“I did everything last time. Makes sense that we should alternate, don’t you think?”
She reclines, resting her back against the couch’s armrest. She teases her clit and looks lustily into your eyes.
“Although... I’m in the mood for being rough.”

>[]Bend over.
>[]Sit on my lap.
>[]You got any rope around here? I’ve always wanted to try bondage.
>[]Sit on my lap
>[]Reverse embracing cowgirl for maximum lovey dove sex
Rolled 8 (1d20)

>[]Cum inside.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

Whoa my dude
Half sister impregnation here we go.
Rose eases herself onto your cock, gasping as she slowly takes it to the hilt.
“Oh, that’s so good...”
You realize that she’s facing you.
“Uh, I kind of meant the other way.”
“Aww. But I wouldn’t be able to do this.”
She wraps her arms and legs around you, pressing your face into her chest.
“...this is good.” you mumble.
“Damn right. I’m getting so excited... have you taken any souls since last time?”
“Ah. Well, that’ll do for now.”
She starts rocking her hips back and forth. You grab her ass and squeeze, prompting a chuckle of approval. Her velvety insides wring your cock desperately, eager for your seed.
“C’mon, thrust! You’re just sitting there!”
You buck your hips upwards, bumping the head of your cock against Rose’s cervix. Her arms tighten their grip as she moans in pleasure.
You increase the force and speed of your thrusts and start sucking on one of her nipples. To your surprise, warm milk spurts out, filling your mouth with its rich taste.
“Rose, I’m gonna cum...”
“Do it! Don’t you fucking dare pull out!”
You take one last mouthful of milk before sharing it with your sister, both your tongues lapping up the creamy liquid as they slide around each other.
Rose screams into your mouth as her walls tighten around your shaft, milking you for all you’re worth. You ride the edge of orgasm for a few moments before releasing, spraying rope after rope of semen deep into her womb. Your succubus/incubus powers work in unison, drawing the orgasm out for far longer than normally possible, until Rose’s insides can’t hold any more.
You both slump into the couch, Rose languidly tousling your hair while you suck on her neglected tit.
“Gods, Jack... stop that, we have to clean this up...”


Whew! You’ll have to wait until the high wears off to go home.
“You’ve really improved, Jack.” Rose says, impressed at your performance.
“Well, you know. Gotta keep those four busy.”
“You should REALLY take some more souls. We could keep going for a LOT longer.”
“Yeah... that’d increase the chance of getting caught, though.”
“I suppose you’re right.”
Rose hugs you from behind.
“I’m glad I have such an understanding brother.”
You sit down on the couch opposite the one you’d been using. The cleaning fluid hadn’t dried yet.
Rose makes herself a cup of coffee and sits beside you.
“I’d like to keep this up, but Mom’s home most of the time. I’ve got a few ideas, but... hm. Our lives probably aren’t going to allow for this very often.”

>[]We could just go for a night out. Y’know, connecting as siblings. We find somewhere for a quickie, nobody will be the wiser.
>[]I could sneak somewhere after returning from an assignment before going home.
>[]Maybe we can explain the situation to my girls and Ash. Helena already knows.
> []Whats with the milk?
>[]You could come live with me, stop sucking dick for a living and get into housework or whatever you want back at my house
>[]We could explain the situation to my girls too, they'd understand
>>[]We could just go for a night out. Y’know, connecting as siblings. We find somewhere for a quickie, nobody will be the wiser
“Ah. The milk... yeah.”
Rose clears her throat.
“I got a lot of clients sucking my tits, and I ended up getting hooked. Spent a few nights just sucking on them... aaaand now I’m lactating.”
Makes sense.
“Well, I don’t mind either way... maybe you could move into my house? You could get a different job, I could explain the situation to my girls.”
Rose mulls the idea over.
“How would you explain it to our parents?”
“...I dunno. Dad would probably get pretty suspicious.”
You both scratch your heads.
“Hm. We’ll talk about that later.”
You quickly separate as the door starts to open.
“Heeeeey, kids!”
“Hi, Ash.”
“Whatcha talking about?”
“Meh. Rose is thinking of moving out. I offered her a room.”
“That sounds like a decent idea. We’ll talk about it a little.”
She sits down next to you.
“You have anything to ask me, or am I ruining your teenage conspiracy?”

>[]You okay? Tsuyoi died and all.
>[]I was just leaving.
>[]Explain incest. (D20)
Rolled 3 (1d20)

>[]You okay? Tsuyoi died and all.
>[]Explain incest
Rolled 3 (1d20)

Rolled 11 (1d20)

Op daid keep rolling so I'll roll one more time
Rolled 18 (1d20)

Could we get Ash into it with that 18? Get a threesome going?
File: Incest_a48d57_464685.jpg (58 KB, 750x600)
58 KB
Guess I should clarify this.
'No' means that the 18 roll won't get you a threesome. The next post will have an option to roll for that.
Might as well go all the way.
“Well, me and Rose have kind of been having sex.”
Both mother and daughter look at you in complete shock. You quickly explain the particulars and that you’ve only done it twice so far.
“W-well.” Ash says, clearly flustered. “I, uh, appreciate you bringing this to me.”
“I thought you should know.”
You shift uncomfortably.
“So... are you cool with this, or..?”
Ash pours herself a glass of wine and drinks about half.
“Me and your mother, Jack... were involved similarly. I mean, we aren’t technically siblings, but still.”
She sits down and frowns.
“I’m very torn. On the one hand, I know exactly how the two of you feel. On the other, she’s my daughter!”
She sighs and makes a dismissive gesture.
“I guess... do whatever you want. Just don’t be overt about it. And try not to make out anywhere I could show up.”
“Yes ma’am...”
Ash finishes her glass and pours another.
“Ugh. I don’t even want to think about what Kasai would say.”

>[]I better be going home.
>[]So, Rose... wanna get dinner when I come back from my assignment?
>[]Ash, you want in? (D20)
Rolled 19 (1d20)

>[]Ash, you want in?
>[]I better be going home.
Holy fuck
Supporting and
>[]So, Rose... wanna get dinner when I come back from my assignment?
“What? Y-you’re being stupid! I’m too old to have a thing with you—theoretically. If I wanted to have a thing with you. I’m not saying I do. I’ve never thought about having a relationship with a younger man.”
“Ash, you’re trying a little too hard. You can just say yes.”
She sighs.
“We’ll see about it. Set up an evening.”
You get up and head to the door before spinning on your heel.
“Oh, Rose?”
“You up for dinner when I get back?”
You grab a bottle of juice from their fridge and sprint out.


“I’m home.”
You’d tired yourself out running home. Hopefully your enthusiasm about this new relationship wasn’t showing.
“Oh. Hey, Jack. You seem better.” Vaux says.
“Had a heart-to-heart with Rose. I’m feeling a little better... not really up to any fun tonight.”
“Shame. Oh, well. Come eat dinner.”
You sit down and get to eating. Having sex with Rose took a lot out of you.

The next day...

You hum aimlessly to yourself as you stroll through the forest, rifle slung over your shoulder. Dad had dropped you off a little ways from the ruined city, which was way faster than taking a truck or walking. He’d needed the fresh air.
Well, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping. This assignment’s probably gonna turn into a clusterfuck, but at least it’s peaceful at the moment.
Ah! There’s a sentry. Doesn’t appear to have seen you.
He’s wearing full plate. These guys were either well-equipped or he just got lucky.

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 17 (1d20)

You drop to one knee and fire, causing the sentry to keel over. He groans and speaks quietly before falling silent. You must’ve missed his vital organs by a small margin. Ah well.
You move past, gagging at the stink emanating from the body.
“Ugh. What’s he gonna smell like in a couple of days?”
You shudder and keep moving through the forest. After a few minutes, you crouch behind a bush and look out at the ruined city.
It’s a little hazy from here, but you can see clear signs of activity. Guards milling around at their posts, citizens going about their lives, selling what looks like salt and pungent herbs.
Oddly enough, there’s no food stalls in sight. And everyone looks pretty emaciated. Why don’t they just ask for help if they aren’t bandits..?
There’s a large tower in the center of the city. If anyone of authority lives here, he’ll be in there.

>[]Peacefully walk in.
>[]Sneak closer for a better look.
>[]Sneak into the tower. (D20)
Rolled 5 (1d20)

>[]Sneak into the tower.
Rolled 7 (1d20)

Saving throw!
Rolled 16 (1d20)

You duck into a ruined shop and crouch walk behind the counter. A few hair-raising dashes later and you’re inside the tower.
While the outside had been littered with rubble and other detritus, the inside of the tower had been cleaned out. The rugs were bare of dust, everything was in good repair. It was kind of jarring.
Oh, well. Not your problem. You just need to figure out what’s going on around here.
A sign on the wall appears to indicate three functional rooms in the tower, near the top. They must not have gotten to fixing up the others.
Which one should you explore first..?

>[]Top floor.
You make your way up the stairs and peek through the door.
...room’s clear. Good.
You slip inside and take a look around. It’s definitely a weird room.
There’s some salt, foul-smelling fluids in tanks, and a ton of bandages.
The most notable feature, however, would be the research notes on boards around the room. They seem to be notes on... preserving corpses.
Why the hell would you want to preserve a corpse? Most likely, it’d just get up and try to maul you to death. Maybe it’ll smell better while it’s doing that?
The fuck is going on around here?
Well, there weren’t any corpses in here at the moment. Probably because they got up to go kill people.
Maybe that’s what ruined the city. The citizens foolishly believed that burial was better than cremation and got an epidemic for their efforts. And maybe these people are continuing their weird burial traditions in secret...
Yeah, that’s kind of a weak story.

>[]Next floor!
>[]Skip to the top floor.
>[]Leave a mysterious note to freak someone out when they come in.
>[]Leave a mysterious note to freak out someone out when they come in.
>[]Next floor!
The next floor is similarly deserted. It’s filled with cages, jars of yellow liquid, and rotting flesh. Several pungent flowers are dotted around in an attempt to stifle the horrific stench.
The flesh on the tables felt... wrong. It was gooey and pale, more elastic and sticky than normal flesh. Some of it almost formed humanoid shapes, but they always turned out wrong. Tumors, extra limbs, and other deformities were apparent. One specimen was preserved in a vat of that yellow liquid. A note stuck to it reads ‘Near-perfect results. Issues: sterility, flesh composition. Possible avenue of research.’
Other notes indicate that whoever lives here has been trying to reproduce bodies of sapient beings. He’d managed to grow things back and even keep certain parts from rotting after death, which was impressive. A lot of money could be made off this if you had the brains to decipher it.
‘Restoration of bodies unsuccessful. Decay can be prevented, but not reversed. Will explore other options before attempting union.’
This did not bode well. Sounds like somebody’s playing God.
You sneak up to the top floor and listen at the door.
“Set restoration device to 400—no, 450 MEU per second. Specimen is freshly deceased.”
The telltale scraping of a quill against paper can be heard, then the squeaking of machinery.

>[]Sneak in. Observe the experiment.
>[]Walk up behind this guy and put a knife to his throat. Better not make a fuss.
>[]Kick the door down and turn anyone who resists into Swiss cheese.
>[]Sneak in. Observe the expriment.
>[]If it gets too crazy just knife the guy in the throat then shoot down everything that moves
>No roll for sneak or killing.
This smells like plot armor scene...
>>1963834 (its for a good reason though)
You slip through the door and crouch behind a counter. There’s only one guy in a robe, muttering to himself as he places a dead rat in a metal cage with wires attached to it.
“Device on...”
The mage throws a switch, causing bright lights to appear around the cage. The rat gets to its feet and scurries about, squeaking in confusion.
“First stage successful.”
A bony ‘clack’ echoes around the room, like the mage has snapped his teeth together too hard.
“Extraction device at 600 MEU per operation.”
He writes something down and throws another switch. The rat keels over, leaving something bright and round in its place.
A familiar, irresistible sensation takes hold of you. It’s like some kind of... psychic odor, you guess. It’s normally too weak to distinguish, but here it was, in its raw form.
A soul.
It was bright enough to bathe a good meter around it in light. The mage reverently opened the cage and picked it up.
The rat’s soul was dazzling, its form leading into an impossible depth. This was nowhere near what a sapient soul would be like, but the sheer exposure to its aura was enough to make you salivate. Instinctive demonic hunger, probably.
“E-extraction successful. Moving on to next stage.”
The mage excitedly scribbles in his book before placing the soul into a mechanical imitation of he dead rat.
The thing whirs to life, the tail thrashing wildly about. The robotic rat looks about, scampering up onto a stack of books.
“My gods...”
The mage stands in awe, staring at the rat.
“It’s working...”
The rat twitches and jumps off the books. Midway down, it seizes up and crashes into the counter, sparking and flailing about.
“No! Godsdammit!”
The mage smashes his fists into the counter as the soul-powered construct grows still. He opens the compartment and scoffs in disgust. The soul inside had faded considerably, now little more than a shiny ball. It didn’t even look appetizing.
“Placement in mechanical body a failure. Soul seems to require stability to continue existence in this realm. Mechanical issues may also be present.”
He sighs and pushes his hood back, allowing you your first glimpse of the mage’s face.
You hold back a gasp of surprise. Where his head should be was only a charred skull.
Further examination showed that he was, in fact, a charred skeleton, somehow bound together through magic.
This wasn’t unusual in itself. But most of these animated skeletons were just preprogrammed or had a pale imitation of a soul driving them. The best ones you’d seen could only tell bad jokes.
This one was performing experiments with souls. Either someone had gone to extreme lengths to pull a prank, or some serious shit was going down.

>[]Time to go tell Mama to bomb this place.
>[]Sneak up and threaten him with... a sledgehammer, you guess.
>[]Excuse me, are you going to use that soul? If not, I’d like to sample it.
>[]Hey man, I dunno if you're playing God here for nice or evil reasons but Stahp it
>[]Or this place is getting blown the fuck up, gnome saiyan?
>[]Mind explaining what's going on in this city?
>[]Next floor!
Gotta sleep. I’ll be back in about eight hours with the next post.
>sneak out again, then knock affably on the door and introduce yourself as nicely as possible, maybe add a few "investor" words
The skeletal mage whirls in surprise.
“Who are you!? How did you get in here?”
“Knew I should’ve taken that locksmithing apprenticeship... you left your door open. Look, Skeletor. You can either explain what the hell’s going on or I can just deliver half the facts to my superior and have this whole place blown up.”
“You think you can escape? Take us all on?”
“If I don’t come back this place’ll be bombed anyway.”
The mage sighs.
“Fine. I suppose I should start from the beginning...”

So, it seems this guy died and came back as a revenant... except for some reason, he had control over most of his faculties. After some deliberation, he’d thrown himself into a fire to try and put things right, except his soul wasn’t released. His scientific curiosity was aroused, and he went looking for others like him. Those were the people outside, attempting to live out somewhat normal lives. The preservation techniques were done so those with working noses or an aversion to decaying corpses could stomach living here.
The mage, Rickard, had found this place and set up shop, experimenting with first regenerating decaying flesh, then transferring souls, in an effort to restore he and his followers’ bodies to their normal state.

“Why don’t you just off yourselves?”
“The way I see it, the gods have given us a second chance. If we don’t take it, what would our worth be?”
You scratch your chin.
“Hmm. How did you figure out how to extract souls? That seems like it’d take decades of study.”
“I was a mage in charge of creating constructs for the Guard. We used convicted souls in our work.”
He turns and begins fiddling with the machine he’d been using.
“But my memory is fragmented, incomplete. I know the theory for extracting souls, but none of the particulars. If I could just stabilize my own soul... but it may be its incompleteness that allows me to remain in this state. I can’t risk it.”
“Why don’t you ask for help?”
Rikard turns and gestures at himself.
“What would you do if I walked to your home and asked for help with soul research?”
“Hm. Yeah, good point.”
“And if anyone were to learn of a city of revenants, I doubt we’d have enough time to lament our loss.”
You frown. This was an unexpected turn of events.

>[]So, what the hell do I say in my report?
>[]I can suck out souls. Maybe observing me would help you?
>[]Quick question. Would you know anything about these Holy Symbols some revenants have been seen wearing? They aren’t from any known god.
>[]So, what the hell do K say in my report?
>[]Can you continue your research in Diluvium?
>[]Would you know anything about these Holy Symbols some revenants have been wearing? They aren't from any known god.
“Preferably, nothing that would give us away. Make up a story about some bandits or homeless people.”
Well, that’d work.
“As for my research, I suspect it would be infinitely easier to carry it out in Diluvium, though...”
Rikard pulls a drape aside and looks out the window.
“I can’t just abandon all my comrades. Their hope for a cure... it’s all that’s keeping them going. If I left, morale would plummet.”
He sighs.
“Some materials would be appreciated, though.”
“I’ll think about it. Have you seen anyone wearing this Holy Symbol? Sword through a demonic skull?”
“Yes... I have.”
He pulls one out of his robes,
“We all have this. For lack of a better name, we’re calling him Murte. Some of us have theorized what exactly he represents. It can’t be death, so revenge, perhaps? Or maybe he’s the force animating all revenants. Regardless, we’re thankful that there’s at least one god who will accept us.”
“Where did you get them?”
“Strangest thing. When I came back, it was hanging around my neck...”

>[]So, how am I gonna get out of here?
>[]Hey, can you extract a soul for me? They smell delicious.
>[]No offense, but I think I’m gonna try to forget this happened.
Demon doing some more dumb evil shit?
>[]So, how am I gonna get out of here?
Rikard looks through his robe’s pockets before writing something down on some paper.
“New recruit, lost his tongue... I’m sending him up into the woods to keep an eye on the road... don’t bother him.”
He presses his ring into the note, sealing it with a mark.
“There. Keep your visor down, stay quiet, and show this to anyone who bothers you.”
“It’s fine. Just know that I’ll be looking for you if anything happens to us.”
You shrug, put your helmet on, and walk out.
Nobody bothers you until you’re almost out of town. A rotting corpse in plate armor grabs you by the shoulder.
“Hey! Who the hell are you!? You shot me!”
You turn around, resisting the urge to give him lip. There’s a bullet hole in his breastplate... fuck.
You show him the note.
“...new recruit. Hm. Why’d you shoot me, then? Aren’t we all friends?”

>[]Gesture wildly.
>[]Try to mime that he startled you.
>[]Run for it.
>[]Try to mime that he startled you.
You wave your arms around and point at him, then miming a panicked reaction.
The revenant’s maggot-ingested eyebrow raises.
“Oh, did I startle you?”
You wave your hand in front of your nose and point at the nearest salt stall. This guy needs something to take away the stink.
“Well, that explains a lot! Well, I’ll let you know that your carcass is stinking up the entire province!”
“Shut the fuck up, Jenny!”
“Make me, you pig! Leave that poor boy alone!”
The sentry growls and stalks off. You take the opportunity to slip away into the woods.
“Man, I can’t tell anyone about this. Even if they weren’t freaked out by the undead, they might want to take advantage of that soul-extraction technology.”


After hitching a ride from a passing giant bird, you get back to the city.
“Well, I have a decision to make...”

>[]File your report first.
>[]Get dinner with Rose.
>[]Go home and say hi to your girls.
>[]File your report first and ask them to keep an eye on him
>[]Get dinner with Rose and Ash
You meet with Mom in private.
“Hi, Jackie! What’s with the secrecy? Were you looking at porn again?”
“No. Mom, there’s a society of dead people out there, and I need you to keep them secret.”
“...uh, what was that sweetie?”

You explain what happened.

“Ooooooh. I can do that! I wonder if he could bring my pet mouse back to life.”
“You had a pet mouse?”
“Your grandpa gave it to me. Poor little Tim died after a few months.”
“He lasted a few months? Impressive.”


You knock on the door to Rose’s apartment.
“Uh, hello? I’m back. Wanna get some dinner? Ash is invited as well.”
“So soon? Give us a minute.”
You wait by the door and nervously fix your hair. You just have to be casual. Find a decent place, get some good food, it’ll be a jolly time.


“Um, I’ll have the grilled jetfish. With red wine.”
“Great choice, Jack.”
You shift nervously in your seat. Ash and Rose had come out of their apartment wearing evening gowns. While absolutely stunning, they obviously thought this was gonna be a more formal occasion. So you could’ve told them to change into something different or take them somewhere fancy.
Maybe you should’ve chosen the former option. The atmosphere in this place is suffocating.
“So, Jack. How did your assignment go?” Ash asks. She’s leaning forward, giving you a view straight into her cleavage. Rose was a little more subtle, but her Symbol rested right on her pillowy breasts, making it impossible not to look at them.

>[]Uh, it was just a few revenants.
>[]Bunch of homeless guys. Offered them assistance and went home.
>[]I bravely fought off six dozen militarized bandits.
>[]Uh, it was just a few revenants.
I'm going to be out for a while so I won't be lurking when the fucking happens, so I have a request.
>Always cum inside, even with Ash.
Gotta make another half-brother and son for Rose and a son/nephew with her.
“Well, it could’ve been something much worse.” Rose says. “At least you’re safe.”
“There is that.”
The waiter sets your food on the table.
“I’ve been thinking about your offer, Jack.”
You try to suppress your excitement.
Ash sits back in her chair.
“What harm could possibly come from it? Worst case scenario, I just have to tell everyone you forced me into it.”
She chuckles at your worried look.
“Oh, I’d never do that to you, Jack.”
Rose chimes in. “Mom’s been fantasizing, you know. It’s cute.”
“I have NOT!”
“Mm-hm. Just don’t hog him to yourself.”
You clear your throat.
“I told my girls I’d be out for a while... we should have plenty of time after dinner.”
Rose licks her lips.
“I’ll be looking forward to it. This dress is so tight...”
She pulls on one of the straps, tightening the cloth around her chest.
“You’re cute when I’ve gotten you all aroused, Jack.”
She smiles. You can feel her foot slowly rub your crotch.
“Rose, not here!” Ash says.
“Ah, as if anyone’s gonna see. You want me to tease you, too?”
“I’m your mother!”
“Well, we’re already in this deep.”
Rose quickly reaches over to squeeze her mother’s chest, holding back a laugh.
“You little—okay, no more! We’ll discuss this when we get home.”

>[]Skip time to evening.
>[]How’s business, Ash? Any problems?
>[]You’ve, uh, got some nice gowns. I feel underdressed.
>[]You've, uh, got some nice gowns. I feel underdressed.
>[]Skip time to evening.
Still have phone data, nice.
Numbers numbers numbers
You glance again at their clothing. Matching dresses, blue for Rose, red for Ash. Both of them had low necklines.
“You like them? We got them just for you.”
“Uh, you didn’t have to...”
“We wanted to.”
You eat your food while they both talk about the price of their clothing. Two hundred Wisps each!? You could practically buy a reinforced designer suit with that kind of money.


Almost as soon as you close the door, Rose starts kissing you passionately while slipping out of her dress.
“Haven’t you two ever heard of foreplay?” Ash asks. She sounds nonchalant, but her face is burning up.
“We had plenty of that during dinner.”
You discover with delight that Rose hadn’t been wearing any underwear. She pulls you into the bedroom and starts pulling your clothes off before abruptly stopping.
“...hey, Mom? Shouldn’t you go first?”
“Huh? I-I guess.”
Ash takes a breath and slips out of her dress. You sit up and start looking her over.
She’d definitely put on weight since her adventuring days, but most of it went to where it mattered. Her tits were considerably bigger than Rose’s, and her ass was nice and juicy. You wouldn’t mind using her as a pillow.
“Ahem. Foreplay. Here we go.”
Your aunt climbs onto the bed and hesitantly wraps her mouth around your cock. After some uncertainty, she gets into a rhythm, using her hands to massage your balls and pump your shaft.
“Fuck, you’re amazing...”
She stops for a moment and looks you in the eye.
“Of course I am. I’m a succubus in my thirties.”
You suppress a moan and put a hand on Ash’s head. Her blowjob slows as you close in on an orgasm, keeping you on the edge. You can feel her gasp in surprise and look up to see what’s wrong.
Rose had buried her face in her mother’s ass, happily forcing her tongue into Ash’s soaking wet cunt.
“Mm-mmmmm! MMMMM!”
Her eyes roll back for a moment before she resumes her blowjob, slowly working you up to an explosive orgasm, causing her mouth to overflow with your hot seed.
She withdraws from your crotch to take a breather. Rose licks up all the semen her mother hadn’t managed to swallow.
“Oh gods... I just had sex with my nephew. And my daughter.”
“Nope! He still hasn’t fucked you properly.”
You get off the bed and help Rose move her mother into place. She lies exposed before you, blushing and mumbling.

>[]Have her get on all fours.
>[]Fuck her prone.
>[]Have Rose 69 her and fuck her ass.
Forgot to link again.
>[]Fuck her prone.
Because that's how you get to the womb easily
>[]Cum inside
>[]Repeat with Rose
File: Spoiler Image (7 KB, 408x284)
7 KB

>Pic related?
Yes but with her legs down, that way we get deeper right at the womb entrance
Reminder that succubi have a bullshit ability to choose when they get pregnant. It was in the last quest.
You climb on top of your aunt and insert your cock into her. She moans and hugs you closer to her.
“This is so wrong... gods, just fuck me!”
You do as she says, jackhammering into her hips over and over. Ash moans and kisses you, unable to do anything except ride out the pleasure.
Rose lies next to the two of you, eagerly masturbating as she watches you fuck her mother senseless.
“Tear her apart, Jack... I’m waiting.”
You pick up the pace, turning Ash’s moaning into short, desperate gasps. She instinctively wraps her legs around you as you cum inside her, forcing your throbbing cock as far inside as possible. You cum practically right into her womb, filling it with thick, lively semen.
You take a moment to rest and drink some juice before returning to the bedroom.
Rose embraces you as you lie on top of her, offering one of her breasts to drink from. You take the nipple in your mouth and peacefully suck on it while working your hips into a frenzy.
Ash languidly fingers herself in the ass while watching you.
“My daughter’s such a whore... treat her like it, Jack.”
Before long, you cum inside her as well. Another milk-sharing kiss later, and you’re all sprawled out on the bed, enjoying the afterglow.
“I’ll see what I can do to work on your stamina, Jack... your girls are probably getting antsy.”
“That would be appreciated. Clean me up, I don’t want to get back smelling like sex.”
The two women happily clean up your half-erect cock, licking it clean of their fluids. A few minutes later, you get dressed and head out.
“Dunno when I’ll be back. Look forward to it, okay?”
Rose is too busy molesting her mother to reply.
“Ah, those two.”

>[]Sleep at home.
>[]Tell your harem of your adventures.
>[]Go to Tsuyoi’s grave.
Rolled 14 (1d20)

Well, shit.
I didn't remember that, fuck me, right?
>[]Tell your harem of your adventures.

We can't go to be grave after fucking our family members, that would be fucked up.
Rolling for them to forget to not get pregnant
Rolled 14 (1d20)

Alright, they’ve forgotten to not forget to get pregnant.
You go home and get in bed with your harem. Lash chills in a nearby chair with a book. You still haven’t gotten her to come sleep with you... though if she did that, you might not have enough room to sleep comfortably.
“Hm. A city of revenants? Civilized ones? At least your story about the two hundred kills was somewhat plausible.”
“Lash, we don’t know anything about them, not really. Who’s to say they can’t come back with their minds intact?”
“Look, I just kill people. If they get up again, I burn them. That’s as complicated as I’m willing to get.”
You roll your eyes and settle into Helena’s arms.
“Well, I’m the one being adored by three hotties. You’re just sitting in that cold, lonely chair.”
“At least my ego’s in check. I’ve taken it as my mission to remind you that the world isn’t your oyster.”
“Ah, silly Lash. I can do anything if I roll enough d20s at it.”
She gives you a confused but irritated look and goes back to her book.
“Well, I’m going to be known as the harem master thousands of years from now. You’ll just be my tsundere bodyguard.”
“I don’t know what a tsundere is, but you’re probably wrong about that.”
Kāpili and Vaux snuggle up to you.
“Aw, she’s just being contrary. Still, it’s nice to have someone around the house who takes charge. I’ll eat you out anytime, Lash!”
You close your eyes and smile, drifting away on a cloud of soft flesh and warm sheets.


“Mmph. Wh?”
You wake up to a firm ass pressed to your face. Judging from the hint of green you can discern, its Lash.
“Look, I need someone who’ll lick me without making a big deal out of it. Get to work.”
You shrug and start licking. Maybe she’ll do something in return.
Her ass is warm and sweaty, probably due to some morning exercise. Her pussy is unshaven, making for an interesting experience. Not bad, but if this leads to getting pubes in your mouth you’ll have your harem fix that.
Despite the rather rude awakening, you can’t help but be aroused. If only her ass wasn’t so toned. Maybe you should have Helena do this, her ass is pretty fat.
“Hm. Your tongue’s doing pretty well.”
You summon your demonic tail and start tickling Lash’s clit.
“Ngh! Nice trick there. Get to work, stop being lazy!”
She grinds her hips harder into your face, riding your tongue to orgasm. You lick up her juices and take a breath of fresh air as she dismounts your face.

>[]Hey, come back. Thank me by getting me off.
>[]Lure her in and wake up your harem. Surprise!
>[]Let her go. You can always get her later.
Rolled 11 (1d20)

>[]Hey, come back. You don't want anything more filling?
>[]Slow, gentle, passionate cuddle fuck
Rolled 5 (1d20)

Seconding and aiding that impregnation roll.
Rolled 1 (1d20)

Rolled 13 (1d20)

Rolled 6 (1d20)

Lash sighs.
“I suppose I owe you a favor... fine. But we do it on my bed. I don’t want anyone waking up.”
You disentangle yourself from your harem and follow Lash to her room.
“Alright, lie down. I’m gonna do this nice and slow—“
Your bodyguard guffaws.
“Ha! Nice and slow!? That’s been tried on me before. I won’t be seduced by whisperings and ‘passionate love’.”
“Lash, I just—“
She gets in your face.
“Jack, I can’t enjoy it if it isn’t rough. You can either fuck me properly or leave.”
Lash pulls her shirt off and gets on all fours, presenting her ass.
You get behind her and slide into her pussy.
“Lash, I can’t even kiss you from this position.”
This fucking bitch...
You grab the orc’s tits and start thrusting. Hm. You’d never noticed her nipple piercings.
“Oh, Jack. Last time I was fucked this hard... I had my ass open to the breeze. Stop being so lazy.”
That does it.
You grab a fistful of Lash’s hair and pull back, forcing her body into a serpentine curve.
“You little bitch. I’m gonna knock you up, see how high and mighty you are when you’re pushing my kid out this loose hole.”
“HAH! As if your weak Sylph seed could even make it into my womb. Fine then! Fill me up as much as you want! Just try it!”
You thrust your hips hard, using your free hand to slap and spank Lash’s ass. She starts moaning and tightening from the rough treatment.
“Go on and cum, you piece of shit.”
Your semen fills her womb, eagerly seeking out any eggs it can find. Lash laughs heartily and flicks her hair over her shoulder.
“You got me off again. Maybe I should give you some candy for such a good job.”
You growl and slam your cock into her tight, virgin asshole.
“Shut up!”
Using her fluids as lube, you mercilessly ram Lash’s tight ass, pulling back on her hair once again as she curses you.
“Get out of there! What do you think you’re doing?”
After a minute or so of this, Lash starts to appreciate the new sensation. She starts meeting your thrusts with movements of her hips.
“This is your weakness, huh? Getting your asshole raped? You’re just another fucking slut, aren’t you?”
So much for gentle cuddling...
You cum deep in Lash’s ass, filling her with even more of your cum. She flops onto her back, delirious from the hard sucking you just have her. You let your cock flop on her face, letting Lash clean it up with her tongue.
“There’s the secret. I just have to fuck you hard enough to make you mine.”
She mutters wordlessly as she licks your balls clean.

>[]Well. Time to gloat over breakfast.
>[]Ask Ash about gaining new incubus powers. You’re falling behind on pleasing your harem.
>[]Explain the incest thing to the girls. (D20)
>[]Keep Absent-mindedly fucking Lash's pussy while asking Ash about gaining new incubus powers.
>[]Take lash to the Harem bed if we can
Ash isn’t at your house, though...
Codec call my dude
You call Ash and slide back into Lash’s pussy.
“Hey, Auntie. Got a question.”
“Ask away, sweetie.”
“How am I supposed to get new incubus powers?”
“...really? I don’t think that’s something you can just forget.”
“Whatever. There’s two options, really. You can either have a lot of REALLY good sex, or take someone’s soul, like you did with Verona. Yo don’t have to have sex with someone to take their soul, but it helps catch them off guard. Really, you could just do it to people on the street. If, y’know. That wasn’t a bad thing.”
“Thanks, Ash.”
“You’re welcome. Good luck with whatever bitch you’ve got there.”
She hangs up. You put your hands on Lash’s ass and lift her up. Her arms curl around your neck, keeping her in place.
“Faaaah... fuck me?”
You carry her over to the harem bed and lay her down. Gods, she’s heavy.
Helena rubs her eyes and sleepily looks at you.
“Oh. You got her?”
“Cool. Let me just clean her up a little...”
She licks the orc’s face off before ducking between your legs. From the sounds of things, she’s sucking all the cum out of her ass. Kinky.


“We all know you loved it.”
“I was just tired.”
“Come on, Lash—“
“Would you shut the fuck up? I’m eating.”
You shrug and continue eating. Silly tsundere orc.

>[]Well, I’m off to eat some souls.
>[]I need to go talk to Mom about marriage.
>[]Could you girls train Lash while I’m out?
>[]Could you dear wives train Lash while I'm out?
>[]Goodbye kiss for everyone
>[]Off to eat some souls!
You give your girls their kisses. Lash glares when you get to her.
“Aw, come on—“
You freeze as you look out the window.
“What is it?”
Lash looks over. When she turns back, you give her a big kiss on the lips.
You laugh and run out the door.


“Hey, buddy.”
A sleazy, one-eyed Salamander looks up at you from his bunk.
“Fuck off, kid.”
“I wouldn’t be so callous to my executioner.”
“Oh, you’re my executioner? I should’ve recognized the traditional executioner’s uniform.”
You sigh and hold our hand out. The convict breaks out into a cold sweat and clutches his chest.
“What the hell is this!?”
“Hold still.”
He screams in agony as you rip his soul from his body and consume it. You shudder as batlike wings burst from your back.
“There they are. Fuck, why does that feel like an orgasm?”
You turn and cackle at the other, terrified inmates on death row.
“Looks like its time for brunch!”


You stagger out of the cell block, somewhat woozy from your feast.
“Might wanna send someone in to clean out the bodies... oh, I’m so full...”
The guard gives you a wary look before peeking into the back.
“By the gods!”
He grabs a flamer and moves to dispose of the bodies. He probably doesn’t have to worry about revenants, you took their souls.
“Man, maybe eating so much at once wasn’t the best idea. I almost ripped out that one guy’s throat and drew a pentagram on the wall. Demonic practices can really fuck you up.”
You sit down in the castle’s foyer.
“Well, at least I can shoot daggers and shit. That’s nice.”

>[]Better go talk to Mom about my marriage. Get approval and all.
>[]...maybe a light lunch. That took a lot out of me.
>[]Maybe I should visit Tsuyoi’s grave. It’s a slightly more appropriate time than last night.
>[]Visit the grave and eat there while talking to the grave.
Like in those sad ass movies.
>[]Better go talk to Mom about my marriage. Get approval an all.
>[]Look for maid applicants while walking, ask around, bulletin boards, etc.
Bunny girl preferably
As you grab some food and head for Tsuyoi’s grave, you stop to tear an advertisement off a building’s wall.
“Bunny-girl looking for employment. Skilled in cleaning up after others, other housework.”
Hmm. Employing her could be a good segue into seduction. And well, you could use a maid. You’ll visit her later.


“Hey, grandma. Uh, grandmas.”
You sit down in front of the obelisk, built on a cliff by the sea.
‘Here we remember Krystal Tassoni, our Imperator Supremis, and her wife Tsuyoi. May their souls find peace.’
It was a rather modest monument, all things considered. The giant statue of Krystal in the cathedral made up for it, though.
It was a pretty peaceful spot. It wouldn’t surprise you if lovers went on walks here in the future.
“So, how are both of you holding up? Probably having steamy lesbian sex all the time. Can’t say I’d blame you.”
You start eating your sandwich.
“Mm. This is pretty good. Yeah, everyone misses the both of you. I’ve been getting myself a whole gaggle of horny women, including two relatives. So when I eventually join you up there, it’s going to be quite a fiasco. Dad’s probably gonna toss me down to the Underworld.”
You sigh.
“Ah, well. Hey, you should know that your reputation has improved considerably since your deaths. Hardly anyone mentions the tortoises anymore.”
You stand up and leave a bottle of wine in front of the monument.
“Here. I couldn’t think of anything to bring you, Tsuyoi. It’s probably gonna be taken by that homeless guy I’ve seen around, but whatever. It’s the thought that counts.”
A portal opens and a hand snatched the bottle from the grass before disappearing.
“Kay. Bye.”


“Oh, sweetie. Of course you can marry your girls! As long as they consent, of course.”
You give Mom a hug.
“Thank you so much.”
“It’s no trouble. I’ve wanted grandchildren to spoil ever since I first saw you staring at girls.”
She gives you a smile.
“So, where are you going now?”

>[]To hire a maid.
>[]Home. Gotta tell them the good news.
>[]To buy a small fortune in engagement rings.
>[]To hire a Maid and buy some engagement rings to surprise then with
Also how long until the end op?
How many more evil bad guys until we get out happily ever after?
>>1971176 (I’m almost out of ideas. This might be the last thread)
“Good luck, sweetie!”


You knock on the door to the small house in the Lower Ward. This is where that advertisement said to go...
The door opens to reveal a blonde bunny-lady.
You’d asked Alagos why there were so many half-animal species. Apparently, when the gods were creating the world, they got drunk on the first batch of wine and fucked just about every animal they could get their abusive hands on. Those poor half-animal people aren’t too proud of their origins.
“Uh, hi. I’m here about the maid?”
“Oh, come in.”
You sit down on a chair and take the offered cup of coffee.
“Thank you, miss..?”
“Janis. Janis Schmitt.”
“Thanks, Janis.”
You take another sip and ponder your words.
“Right off the bat, I should tell you I’m in a sexual relationship with four women. That live around the house.”
“Four? Well... don’t leave too big a mess and everything should be fine. I’ve worked in some bad places.”
You frown.
“You don’t have any concerns?”
“Well, if you want me to have sex with you, I’ll do it. It’ll just cost a few Wisps.”
...well, at least you have an angle on seducing her.
“So you’ll take the job?”
“Of course. Can’t be picky.”
“Alright. Is a starting wage of... ₩5000 good?”
Her eyes widen.
“Y-yes! That’ll do just fine!”
You smile. It was a pretty significant fee. You can afford it, though.
“Very well. Nice to meet you, Janis. I’m Jack.”


“Why are we here?”
“Just getting a couple of rings. Planning on marrying some ladies.
You decide on some nice gems for your four women.
“Alright! Home time.”

>[]Burst in and hand them out like Christmas presents.
>[]Have a romantic mass proposal dinner.
>[]Hold off on Lash’s. You need to work on her a little more.
>[]Have a romantic mass proposal dinner.
>[]Hold off on Lash, keep an eye on her reaction tho.
>>1971368 Awwwww, okay.
>[]Are you sure you don't want yours Lash? Janis could have it :^)
Im hooome!
Hey, honey.
Your harem comes out of the woodwork to give you kisses.
Wheres Lash?
Shes being trained. Dont worry about it.
Uh huh... well, can she make it to dinner?
Sure. But whos this?
How rude of me. Janis, these lovely ladies are Helena, Vaux, and Kāpili. Lash cant make it for some reason.
How do you do?
Janis is going to be our maid. Treat her with respect. Would you mind joining us for dinner?
Not at all.


At dinner, you still havent figured out what Lashs training entailed. The rope marks around her wrists are probably an indication, though.
Dont ever let them get the drop on you. Lash advises Janis. They are persistent. Like wolves.
Ill keep that in mind.
You wipe a bead of sweat off your brow. Fuck, its about time...
Ladies, would you have a look under your chairs?
With varying amounts of confusion, they do so and come up with your newly-bought rings.
Will you marry me?
Three of the four immediately shout yes! and shower you with kisses. Lash stares at the red gemstone in annoyed confusion.
Well? Do you not want it? We could give it to Janis.
The maid blushes. Lash opens her mouth to say something before pausing and grinning.
No... Ill keep this... husband. Hahaha... ahahahahaha... AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
After the celebrations are over, you escort Janis to the door.
Well, do you think youll enjoy your employment?
She considers it for a moment.
Yeah. I think so.
Good. See you tomorrow at eight. Well try to keep out of your way.
GODSDAMMIT, NOTmmmghmblgbndhhh...
...I better go see what theyre up to.
Upstairs, your harem has tied Lash to the bed by her wrists and ankles, leaving her front exposed. She was gagged, blindfolded, and being slowly fucked with a dildo.
Hey there. Helena says, keeping her pace agonizingly slow. Were teaching her to slow down a little.
Lash mumbles into her gag and bucks her hips, attempting to force the dildo deeper inside her.

>[]Let her loose. Were gonna have some fun tonight.
>[]Keep her tied up. Id like to train her myself.
>[]Take off the blindfold, lets taunt her.
>[]Im just gonna go to sleep...
>>1973216 You're missing your ""s op.
Might as well go all out for the last thread.

>[]Enjoy the show.
>[]Enjoy honeymoon sex with Vaux and Kãpili while Helena fucks Lash.
>[]Lash doesn't get to cum
>[]Fuck Helena after the other two.
>[]Edge one last time and release in Lash after penetrating her just once, really slowly.
Theyre fine in my notes... weird.
>[]timeskip until the next assignment/event/ending.
Kāpili cradles your head in her breasts as Vaux mounts you, smiling as your cock plunges into her velvety depths. She leans forward to wrap her arms around you and kiss you, slowly working her hips up and down.
Your incubus senses kick in, telling you exactly how to angle your hips to bring Vaux as much pleasure as possible. They tell you where and when to kiss her, how long you should caress her back, and everything else you need to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.
You give Helena some instructions on how to bring Lash as close to orgasm as possible without going over the edge. She grins and fishes around in her drawer of toys for a buttplug.
Soon enough, youve planted another load of seed into Vauxs writhing pussy. She rolls off of you, allowing Kāpili to take her place. You smile and sit up before getting back to work.
She smiles and presses her forehead into yours as she bounces in your lap, happy just to be close to you. A spark passes between you, allowing you to experience each others pleasure.
Helena plugs her own ass and replaces the dildo in Lashs pussy with a double-ended one, managing to fuck herself while keeping the orcs experience slow and steady.
You cum into Kāpilis womb, lowering her to join Vaux before moving onto Helena.
She grins as you pounce on each other, pulling you on top of her in a lust-filled frenzy. You send her into a hypnotic trance, holding her orgasm back until your own occurs. After a few moments of rest, you crouch in front of Lash and stroke your shaft, waiting for the right moment.
When youre on the cusp of a fourth and final orgasm, you slowly slide into Lashs pussy, drenching her insides with semen while bringing her agonizingly close to ecstasy.
After pulling out, you decide to be merciful and tweak her clit a few times. Lash screams into her gag and squirms in her bindings as she drenched the lower half of the bed.
After releasing her, you cuddle up to your harem and drift off to sleep.

>[]Have a chat with Demon.
>[]Explain the incest to your harem and seduce Janis in the morning.
>[]Skip time until the wedding.
Still no quotes? This is fucked up.
>[]Have a Chat with Demon.
>[]Blame the incest on our growing incubus powers.
>[]Seduce Janis in the morning.
>[]Expand the house with our girls.
>[]Bring Rose and Ash in.(If she can)
Lets wait a bit before the timeskip.
You let yourself drift into the Void.
"Back again? I wonder--"
"I'm sorry?"
"...I wasn't going to talk to you about that. Just your lust in general is enough. What on earth do you need with SEVEN women!?"
"My di--uh, heart is too big for one woman. They must share."
"You truly are a paragon of virtue."
"Well it's not like you go around giving out chocolate, unless I missed something. That reminds me, did you get my present?"
(You totally went and got him a girlfriend I totally didn't forget to write that part)
"That woman? I immediately destroyed--"
"Demooooon? Where aaaare youuuuuuuu?" a singsong voice rang out across the emptiness.
Demon promptly kicks you out of his realm.

The next morning, you chat with Janis as she cleans the living room.
"I've been thinking about an expansion to the house. No more than two or three rooms. Will that be too much on your workload?"
"Depends on how large these rooms are and what you'll be doing in them." she replies, bending over to reach behind a chair. Her cute little tail sticks up in the air.

>[]Hey, would you mind if I got you a uniform?
>[]...say, how much would it cost for a round with you?
>[]Maybe you should move in. It'd be a lot more convenient, and I wouldn't charge you.
>[]I was thinking it would be better to make a bigger bedroom with a bigger bed. And more rooms for whatever hobbies my wives pick up
>[]Would you mind if I got you a uniform?
>[]Maybe you should move in. It'd be a lot more convenient, and I wouldn't charge you.
>[]Walk up behind her and put our hands on her hips and push our crotch to her butt
>[]"Was that bending over intentional or not?"
"Well, I guess it'll give me something to do. Moving in... I'll think about it. This place is definitely a lot better than what I have now."
You walk up behind Janis and put your hands on her hips. She stiffens and looks back at you.
"You bend over like this on purpose?"
She raises an eyebrow.
"Maybe. I have to admit that I'm somewhat interested in this harem thing. You've managed to get three or four women so enamored with you they can stand each other."
Janis straightens and turns around, running a hand down your chest.
"There's gotta be a good reason for that. And to be honest, it's been a while since I've had any sex."
You run your hands across her body, getting a feel for her curves. She's got a firm but pliable ass that fits nicely into your hips, perky breasts a bit on the smaller side, and a very aroused look on her face.
"So, how about it, Jack? You look like you could use a sexy little bunny right about now. First time's free."
She sighs into your ear, pressing herself closer.

>[]I'd love to.
>[]Let's go upstairs. (help your girls 'train' her)
>[]Tonight. I need to prepare for this.
>[]Kiss her and heavy petting
>[]Princess Carry her to our girls
>[]Re-lock Lash
>[]Fuck her next to/on top of Lash
>[]Fuck our girls too
You meet Janis's lips with your own and start taking her clothes off. She does the same and starts fondling your dick. You spread her ass and slap it before gathering her into your arms.
Upstairs, your girls have already been training Lash, slowly teasing her sensitive spots. You lay Janis down next to her and get to work.
"Oh hey, Jack!"
Vaux shifts her hips so her vagina presses into Janis's mouth.
"You don't mind, do you? Oh... no, she doesn't."


You remark on your newfound endurance as you clean yourself up. A few days ago, you would've been just as tired as these five. Now, you could probably go a few more rounds.
Whatever. It's good that you have energy for their activities.
That reminds you, what to do now...

>[]Invite Rose into your house. Ash is kinda obligated to live near her place of work.
>[]Skip time until your wedding.
(I'm running out of steam)
>>[]Skip time until your wedding.


Three months pass...

You wipe sweat away from your head and take a deep breath. Fuck, this was stressful.
There were quite a few guests here today, most of them friends of the family. A couple dragons had even shown up (besides Airu and Chavryn, of course).
You pull at your suit's collar as your five brides walk up the aisle, glancing at Ash and Rose in the back. Your aunt had a bit of a baby bump, blamed on a careless romp with a client. Rose was fine, though she was giving you some suggestive looks. And you suspect she's using her powers to try and give you a boner.
Your brides finally arrive, and your mother begins the marriage speech.
"Dearly departed--oh. Beloved. Sorry. We're gathered here to witness--oh my gods! Is that Nancy? Hi, Nancy!"
This was gonna take a while.


"...accept Jack Tassoni, my favoritest son, as your husband and spouse?"
They each echo their assent. Lash gives you an evil grin as her turn comes around. She didn't really have a figure suited for that dress...
"And do you, Jack, accept these five as your wives and spouses?"
You take a deep breath. "I do."
"You may kiss. I need to get my camera for this!"
You kiss your new wives and give them their rings before receiving yours. Everyone claps, even the badly-disguised Death Pauldron in the back.
Your father comes up to you after the ceremony and puts a hand on your shoulder.
He draws you in for a hug.
"I'm proud of you. You didn't do anything weird."
You return the hug, trying not to tear up.
"Thanks, Dad."
[i]He must never know about the incest.[/i]
You step away to go converse with some of the guests. It's only polite.
"Aww, Jack! I was hoping I'd get a chance with you!" one of the brothel girls says.
"Sorry. You were too slow."
Not like you'd want her STD-ridden ass anyway.
>[]Go talk to Ash and Rose.
>[]Talk to random guests. You might find someone interesting. Like a potential spouse!
>[]Talk to that Death Pauldron. It'll be an amusing experience.
>>[]Talk to that Death Pauldron. It'll be an amusing experience.
>[]Go talk to Ash and Rose
>[]"I guessing mine didn't take for you, Rose? Don't worry we'll try again"
>[]Talk to that Death Pauldron. It'll be an amusing experience.
>[]Get ending after the incest
You walk up to Ash and Rose.
"Guess mine didn't take for you, huh?"
She smiles.
"I decided to wait and make your wedding night special."
"Ooh. I'll be looking forward to that. Ash, are you gonna..."
"I'll be fine." she assures you. "I know how to take care of a baby."
You wish them both good luck and head over to the disguised man.
"Hey, buddy."
He lifts his visor and promptly lets it slam back down, revealing your grandfather's face for just a moment.
"Your voice sounds different. Why are you..?"
"It's brilliant, isn't it? I'm disguised as a guy disguising himself as another guy. I changed my voice a little because it's too recognizable. The blue text, you see."
You nod. That's understandable.
He puts a hand on your shoulder.
"I'm very happy for you. Getting married is probably one of the best things in this shitty world. But me-dammit, didn't I tell you NOT to do what you just did?"
He gestures at Ash.
"Are you having a fucking giggle? Now your son/daughter is your cousin. You know what, you can just live with the consequences. You better not fuck her if she's a girl, you understand me!?"
You nod.
You are definitely going to fuck her if she grows to be hot.
"It'll be perfectly fine. You have sex with your siblings all the time!"
"They aren't technically my siblings. All our DNA is customized, we share no actual blood relation."
You roll your eyes.
"I wish you luck, grandpa. Is grandma still asking for more kids?"
"Nope. I've given her another one, actually. Probably be popping a few out every generation."


Hours later, you lie back in bed, surrounded by six warm, loving bodies, all eager for you to love them.
You keep them up well into the night.
So the moral of the story is, if you roll enough times and bullshit your way through life, you'll get your own harem.

That's the end of Storm Warrior's Quest, and Jack's story. I have a new quest in the works, but someone went and blocked 4chan on my network. You can join the discord for updates or whatever.


And with that, I bid you adieu. Time to go find myself some quality porn.
<3 stormy.
Swelling dicks and wetting cunts in all manner of situations.
The new quest is going to be ran on the Discord btw, while stormy gets his 4chan back
Thank you, I think.
(at a library, I doubt I'll be here often enough to run a quest. Thus Discord)

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