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It is a dark era for the Jedi Order. The Sith Empire’s relentless assault obliterated the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and slaughtered many of the Republic's brave defenders during the last war. The surviving Jedi have withdrawn to their ancient homeworld of Tython, where they take advantage of a fragile peace to train a new generation of guardians for the galaxy and investigate their ancient origins. Desperate for numbers to swell their dwindling ranks, the Jedi have begun accepting older Apprentices to train in the ways of the Force.

You are Paxious Dromus. Once a simple Zabrak farmboy from a backwater world near Iridonia, you have impressed your masters time and again with your command of the Force. You’ve sparred with masters, beaten Flesh Raiders, uncovered Jedi Shadows, and studied the mysteries of the Force and the history of the Jedi.

Now, having chased a mysterious masked figure to the ruins of an ancient temple, you've stumbled onto an ancient artifact containing the spirit of a long-dead Force User.

You bend down and pick up the lightsaber. It’s not as heavy as you expected. You click the button to activate it, but no blade appears.

{ Careful boy, I’m old and fragile }

“You’re...you’re a lightsaber.”

{ I am a spirit. In life, I was Keeper of Knowledge for the Je’daii Bendu. I used a physical object to anchor my soul to the material world to prevent myself becoming one with the Force. }

“That object being a broken lightsaber.”

{ Do not test me, boy. This is the hilt of the First Blade, the very first lightsaber of its kind. }

You look more closely at the rusty and chipped away pieces of the lightsaber hilt. Its emitter looks a bit newer than the rest of it and the pommel is rotting away. The hilt does appear to be much older than the other parts from what you can tell.

“So where is Nazz?” you ask.

{ Oh her. She escaped almost immediately. She was here for a moment. I asked her to grab me and she called me a pervert, destroyed most of my droids and ran. }

What will you do?

> Go look for Nazz
> Ask the...lightsaber if it can locate Nazz.
> Ask the lightsaber more questions.
> Write-in.
>Ask the lightsaber more questions.
why did he want to stick around? will he be our friend? can we fix him and use him?
>> Ask the lightsaber more questions.
Ask about the First blade, Bendu, the other guy. Why the discrepancies in age on this thing?
That does sound like Nazz. Do you remember the direction in which she ran?

Also, did anyone else come here? We were pursuing a masked guy.

"Who was your last master, Blade?"
>I asked her to grab me and she called me a pervert, destroyed most of my droids and ran. }

“That does sound like Nazz,” you chuckle to yourself. “Do you know which way she went?”

{ How many exits do you see in this room? }

You look around and see the door you came in and then a hole carved in the wall.

“I’m guessing she went that way,” you say.

{ Very astute, boy. }

“So, your spirit is in just the hilt?” you ask.

{ Correct. }

“What are all these other parts then?”

{ I was taken from this place by slaves of Ashla and Bogan. I drove each of my users insane until one finally brought me back here. }

“Why did you want to stick around in the first place?”

{ The Je’daii Bendu were eradicated and I will not allow slaves to dictate the direction of the galaxy. }

“Who was your last master?”

{ Master? Ha! The last one who used me was a slave of Bogan who took himself to be a lord of some sort. I pretended to be a voice inside his head and drove him to come to this place and fall on me. His bones are somewhere beneath the remains of my droids. }

“Did anyone else come here? A masked man?”

{ Oh, that one. Refused to pick me up. Had the ability to be invisible to my droids too. They did not sleep while they were here, so I believe it was less than a day. }

Maybe the masked figure was using some sort of Force power to hide from the droids? You know they were Force Sensitive at the very least.

You should probably go find Nazz now.

You take a step forward. Except your foot doesn’t move.

{ I should tell you I’ve been practicing in the few thousand years I’ve been down here. }

You try to drop the lightsaber but your hand refuses to move.

{ In my thinking down here, I’ve decided there’s too much work for me to sit idly in my cave. You and I have an awful lot to get done. }

What do you do?

> Try to fight for control of your body
> Try to reason with the spirit
> Try to yell out for Nazz
> Write-in
>> Try to reason with the spirit
if that fails
> Try to fight for control of your body
>Try to reason with the spirit
so you want to control me? this would probably be more productive if we worked together instead
> Try to reason with the spirit
You seem like an interesting character, but be advised I will not slave for you anymore than you would slave for either moral doctrine. If you have a problem will that, I suggest you wait for another Force sensitive to play with.

then if he's not being cooperative
>Try to fight for control
yes. This.
was grabbing food. Writing.
>4 hours later
>"Sorry guys just finished a quick nap, writing now"
Oh bumly, we love you
He's at a studio right now. Oh and he also confirmed to discord users that he will be making a JKQ theme song in like three months or something far off like that.

He said he will be posting tomorrow though if he can't post later tonight.
I'm in the discord, i know what he's actually doing

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