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File: FEATHER lights.png (2.21 MB, 1680x1050)
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2.21 MB PNG
Glory to Alainn!

You are Cathal Rathais, one of the chosen elite, the 13th Legion, scouting a world 4231 years after your country won the Grand War and placed itself in cryostasis to allow the planet to recover.

You have assumed the false name "Ace Locke" for your hunter identity. So far, only close friends and allies know your real name.

You are back in California again, on the artificial island of FEATHER.

Current Party Members:
You, Cathal Rathais.
>Elite soldier of Alainn.

Almeda Irnan.
>Elite soldier of Alainn, your best friend. Lover.

Lady Pisteia Var
>Mercenary Princess of Salarcul.

>Former Terminal 48 of Kantrel, Ollamic Database.

Clark Howard Thule
>Demigod, conduit of forgotten gods, enforcer of forbidden magic.

Uriel 'Rumor'
>Bard Conjuror, son of Garvelton


Samantha White
>Hazard soldier of FEATHER

Rhea Ranger
>Scavenger, Fae forest remover. 'The Incinerator'

>Greater Fae. Powerful Fae magic user.
Alleria's servant

Dr. Alleria Trost
>Scientist, head of FEATHER, Fae heir of the violet tribe

Lily Tekel Trost
>Shapeshifting eldritch monster

Jeremy Trost
>Mad scientist, IRU leader, has more guns than you think he has.

Vee Two Trost
>Military android daughter of Jeremy Trost, very durable.
Current military force:
>60+ Flash-Cloned Main Battle Mechs.
>Laboratory 4

Allied Assets:
>Sky Fortress Lethos.
>LAVA MK II (Flying Spectre)
>16 lesser faeries
>Several platoons of marines
>A battallion of hover tanks
>Several fighter and bomber wings
>Various logistical craft.

File: Charts 4.png (101 KB, 1426x718)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
Current tasks:
>Assist Alleria in the Ritual of Succession

Current factional standing displayed

Your current score:
Land Claimed: Koro Duchy Manor.
Vehicles obtained: 5 (+1 extra)
Airships: (Unnamed) - Archivum cargo airship
Permanent party members obtained: 10 (2 unavailable)
Allied factions: FEATHER
Harvest Festival Partner: Almeda Irnan
>Memento: Vor'Ma's Tankards. - an item you and Almeda have one each of from the same set. It is an omen of a strong bond between the owners if both tankards are from the same set.
>Special Weapon: Anti-Fae Gun - An item that will outright kill lesser Faerie in combat.
>Special Weapon: Matter Reformatter - A basic Transmogrification weapon with a 50% chance of hitting the user.
>Special Weapon: Audio Disruptor - A weapon that uses sound to liquefy the innards of a target.
>Special Weapon: Life Siphon - drains the vitality of other and gives it to you and your party.

>Assist Alleria in the Ritual of Succession
didn't we just do that in previous thread?
so far you have:
>Updated your bunker database
>registered to the Hunter's guild (and flirted with the receptionist)
>Recruited Pisteia, the Mercenary Princess
>Completed Nissa Estalise's quest
>Taken control of Outpost Charlie
>Repaired a Raider buggy
>Secured an Otharthurian Outrider and patrol tank
>Met with the Archivum
>Got a lot of money
>Discovered and recruited fellow 13th legion soldier Almeda Irnan (Adriana Hammer)
>Acquired quest from Captain Hendrick to obtain his ship.
>Secured an Ollamic luxury floatcar
>Looted the underground city of Kantrel
>Secured Terminal 48 and renamed her Artoria.
>Obtained a large cargo ship
>Repaired the tank, moved vehicles to ship.
>Recruited a mercenary dragon hunter temporarily
>You slew a blood dragon
>you obtained a plot of land and are building a rather large palace and homes atop it.
>You recruited Clark Howard Thule, conduit of forgotten gods.
>You recruited Uriel 'Rumor,' the bard of phantasms.
>gained party member ???? the ????????????
>Recruited Dr. Alleria Trost, Shapeshifting Scientist and FEATHER director.
>Recruited Lily Tekel Trost, Eldritch shapeshifter.
>Brokered an alliance between FEATHER and Alainn
>Killed Duchess Inis
>destroyed Garvelton's operations in a major battle
>Gave Inis duchy to FEATHER.
>took part in harvest festival of Vor'Ma preparations.
>Spent harvest festival with Almeda
>Went to Titan's Arm mountains.
>Obtained an airship
>Met the madman and Vee
>Helped Professor Trost take control of the Skyfortress
>Agreed to visit Earth
>Freed Artoria from her programming
>Recovered Clark
>Entered the Anomaly
>destroyed three bioweapons in accessing Lab 3
>Teamed up with Dr. Vira Krasis and was betrayed by her.
>United with FEATHER Hazard Team
>Looted a Laboratory Armory
>Killed an escaped test subject.
>Recruited Samantha White, FEATHER Hazard Soldier.
>Obtained FEATHER ground vehicle.
>Recruited Rhea Ranger, Scavenger Mercenary
>Recruited Vivianne, Renegade Faerie
>burned through a fae forest
>Met up with Faye, a girl trapped in a mech.
>Entered and looted a ton of stuff from the Professor's old lab.
>Mended the relationship between Alleria and Jeremy Trost, ending a long-running war.
>Took over Lab 4
>Made Alleria faerie queen
>Destroyed Lab 4
>Trapped Dr. Krasis in an eldritch dimension.
>Visited FEATHER

[damnit... I knew I forgot something...]
The following is information you have collected:
>The Archivum is a worldwide network of academic nature that is studying the ruins of the past. They pay well for artifacts.
>Nissa returned to Korlanis
>the 14th legion turned on Alainn and are now the raiders under the orders of a general
>Kantrel fell apart underground due elitism and pale horrors lurking in the underground sea
>Ollam used humans as nodes of their data network
>A very prolific Archivum archaeologist might have an idea about who you are.
>Clark was present during the disaster of Otharthur that led to the ban of magic.
>Pisteia is a princess
>Clark can read people's minds
>Uriel is Garvelton's son
>Faerie exist in another world called Earth and can pass through anomalies.
>FEATHER has come from somewhere called Earth and bear weapons comparable to Alainn.
>Alleria is a fae, and her daughter is a shapeshifting creature.
>Alleria, Lily and Clark are stabilizing Inis and repurposing it for FEATHER.
>Jeremy Trost appears shortly after the Flying Specter does.
>Garvelton got away during your battle.
>Harvest Festival is in celebration of Vor'Ma, a god of an Alainn religion.
>Almeda went to the Grand General (your glorious leader) directly just to be deployed in the same area and time as you.
>Jeremy Trost left behind crops.
>Dragon Rangers are interfering with Archivum activities in Titan's Arm
>Raiders have a main base in Titan's Arm.
>Vee is destroying golems in Lothos.
>Jeremy's laboratory is filled with fae dust from killing fae. A pale horror was destroyed almost instantly.
>Jeremy's laboratory bears patterns and tech that is impossible.
>The Flying Specter is in Lothos.
>Jeremy Trost is afraid of FEATHER tracking you, and has infiltrated the Hunter's Guild.
>Jeremy Trost is the Madman
>Vee is an android
>Anti-fae weaponry exists, Jeremy makes it.
>FEATHER has rapidly altered Inis.
>Feather controls the human population of the current region you are in, although Fae control most of the region.
>Lab 4 has gone silent. Fae have not reached it.
>Lab 3 is run by Dr. Vira Krasis, one of Jeremy's and FEATHER's enemies. They and other labs want him and Vee.
>Jeremy's weapons were found in the Lab 3 armory
>FEATHER wants Laboratory information and equipment.
>The fae queen is calling for you.
>Jeremy has weird stuff in his lab.
>Alleria Trost is the heir to the violet fae tribe.
>Krasis is in some eldritch hell now.

Twitter for updates:

Previous thread: >>1854600
Songlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-IXoVTnJfwoWpm0T4XZzA4AL5ezaNb2k

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"Find anything interesting?"

"Yes, she can turn organic materials to stone, but not organic once more. All organics are fair game for transitioning."

"Wait, we did turn a creature in a metal box into a bigger one..." Alleria adds.

"Right, an organic component is needed to convert inorganic to organic. It's horrifying to watch."

"This coming from the guy who planned existential horror for his ex-boss." Alleria smirks.

"Right... um, can I possibly use your beach? It'd be nice to use one without monsters..."

Jeremy looks at you somewhat horrified, "What beaches have you been using?!"

"Underground one, last time. It's noth of our estate in an underground city. You should study that place. It's where Artoria came from."

"Oh, I will. Thank you for notifying me." Jeremy nods.

"Anything here on Earth we can help with?" You offer.

"Ah, not really. the Fae are too much to deal with, and the other Labs are too far to launch an attack. You can relax Cathal." Allreia responds.

You look to Sam, she miles back.

"I'm headed to the waterfront. I just got a new swimsuit, so I want to catch that summer sun... erm, on Earth."

It looks like you're left alone once more.
>Go to the armory (Almeda)
>Go to inner beach (Uriel, ????, Pisteia, Artoria, Sam, and Rhea)
>go to administration (Clark and Vivianne)
>Go to the armory (Almeda)
Then invite her to the inner beach
File: 1443643470760.jpg (2.67 MB, 2245x1054)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB JPG
Is there a time limit?

If we can exhaust all options
>go to admin
pick up Clark and Vivianne before picking up Almeda in Armory.
[no time limit. this happens over the span of a day All events are short.]
>>Go to the armory (Almeda)
Do this.
>go to administration (Clark and Vivianne)
You head to the armory. To be fair, this interests you a bit, since you have little idea of what exactly FEATHER is using.

Upon arrival, you find Almeda waiting near the gun racks, "I was wondering when you'd show up. It looks like most of these weapons are magnet-based. Gauss rifles. The heavier ones are railguns. There's a lot of rapid-fire weapons here that operate on similar methods. Lots of electricity..."

She leads you to another rack, this one containing a set of Jeremy-made guns. You've seen enough to know the style. Except this time, they are labeled. Atomic disruptor, matter reformatter, Implosion cannon, Material disassembler. All of these sound horrific.

"These are the weapons used to destroy the world?"

"Ah, no, that was mostly something called a thermal bomb. They have nuclear weapons in this world too, but apparently they are illicit for some reason. Possibly the radiation."

You frown, radiation was one of many reasons Alainn went into stasis. That and environmental recovery. So Earth wasn't radioactive. All that destruction was from a different kind of bomb... Cleaner... and somehow larger.

"I wonder if Jermy can make more..." Almeda ponders.

"I hope not. We don't want our world looking like this one."

"Of course not." she agrees, "I want to test one of the guns, but I also want to check out their vehicles..."
>Go to firing range
>Go to motor pool
File: 1343182254834.jpg (1.45 MB, 2000x1211)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
>Try out the guns
>Invite her to the beach
>>Go to firing range
Do this >>1862570
You take Almeda to the firing range. Together you try your hands at shooting some of the guns. The FEATHER weapons have a bit of a kick to them, but it's nothing you can't handle. It still feels a bit different, considering your weapon has no kick at all.

Then come Jeremy's guns. These prove devastating. You are a bit terrified to imagine a team of soldiers with these. You disintegrated several targets with just one of these guns.

After returning the guns, You and Almeda look to each other.

"Interesting weaponry, right?" She starts.

"Quite. Terrifying too."

"I know."

"So, Almeda... Would you be interested in going to the beach with me?" You ask.

"Hrm, maybe. Although I wouldn't mind walking around a bit with you. Perhaps see what someone else in the group is up to?"

"I visited most of them, they went to the beach..."

"Oh..." she sounds a bit disappointed, "I would have liked it if you'd gone with me. Is anyone left to visit?"

"A few..."

"Well, whatever you decide, I'll come with you!"
>Go to inner beach (Uriel, ????, Pisteia, Artoria, Sam, and Rhea)
>go to administration (Clark and Vivianne)
>>go to administration (Clark and Vivianne)
May as well.
Let's pick up the remaining two in Admin
Do >>1863003
You head of with Almeda to the highrises of the administration district. IT's much like the city on the mainland, with shops lining the bottoms. Eventually you chance on Vivianne and Clark in a library of sorts. Clark appears to be debating with Vivianne and reading.

"No, no, that's WHY fae need to exist."

"Your entire argument is based on the assumption that the warped fabric of reality fae create is supposed to be the natural order. I disagree."

"You don't understand it at all! It's supposed to be like that!"

"I am someone who restricts the flow of such things for the sake of preventing a bleedoff from dimensions. No they are not, and fae don't exist on many planes. So I doubt they represent nature at all."

"We're connected to it, we feel it, what it wants to be!"

"What you assume it wants to be. I think you project your desires onto the world."

"And what you do is much different?"

"Mine is very different. It drives to insanity and corrupts the land, much like yours, except mine operates on darker terms... But that's only an attribute humans give..."

You approach the two.

"Ah, Cathal, Almeda, welcome." Clark smiles and looks back to his book.

"Wha- how do you know their real names?!"

"I know many things. Secrets and knowledge are what I represent." Clark smirks at the fae.
>what are you two talking about?
>What are you reading?
>Find anything interesting?
>head to the inner beach (Uriel, ????, Pisteia, Artoria, Sam, and Rhea)
>what are you two talking about?
>What are you reading?
>Find anything interesting?
Let's all head to the beach after this
Works for me.
>>1863708 Come on, lets do this then get to the beach. We need those swimsuit shots for the next Alainn Legion pinup calendar. Glory to Alainn, right? Yeah...

Come on, those can wait for a bit, I want any potential EXPOSITION moment in an environment like this.
"We were having a discussion over which is worse for reality, fae or eldritch corruption>" Clark smiles, "I feel you are both aware of which?"

"Eldritch, obviously. With all the tentacles and miasma, and... it's just ew."

"I have the same opinion of turning things into colors so vibrant they hurt the eyes and saccharine-sweet locales."

"Erm, riveting. What's that you're reading?"

"Hrm? Oh, this is... Kafka. I rarely get the chance to read human tomes that AREN'T magical foci. Also read some Junji Ito. Absolutely hilarious comedy. The spiral one is especially good." Clark nods.

"He's called every horror novel he picked up so far a comedy, save for a few of the ones I like..." Vivianne sighs.

"What you like is terrible."

"It's a bestseller!"

"Anything interesting?"

"A few interesting things. A lot of the work in FEATHER is delegated to divisions. They function without Alleria just fine, which is why she's able to leave. I also found some maps of the world here before the war... And I discovered a lovely tea shop."

"Also, can you tell us which is worse to deal with? Yucky, tentacled Eldritch stuff or bright and cute faerie stuff?"

"They aren't idiots, Vivianne. We've faced both and one was objectively far worse."
>Can I see the map?
>We're going to the beach, do you want to go too?
High Fae, Deep Eldritch both are terrible.

>Can I see the map?
They're both terrible, but in different ways.
>Can I see the map?
>We're going to the beach, do you want to go too?
They are both horrifying. Appearance is just cosmetics and irrelevant, it's the warping and subversion that makes them terrible and frightening
File: world map.jpg (339 KB, 1260x896)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
"Both are terrible."

"Hey! You have to pick one!" Vivianne stomps a foot in frustration, "I want to win my 20 gold!"

"Hey, they didn't choose yours. You owe me."

"They didn't pick yours!"

"I said 20 if they don't pick yours, never anything about mine." Clark's smile widens.


"Um, sorry to interrupt, can I see the map?" you ask.

"Oh, certainly. I got a proportional one." You look at the map. None of these landforms look anything like your world. It just seems so... alien.

"A-answer for real!" Vivianne demands.
>Neglect to answer.

"We are going to the beach soon, if you'll join us..."

Vivianne pouts, "I'll go, but I want to hear your REAL answer this time."

Clark shrugs, "I am pretty much done, we can go to the beach."
You seriously want the man who is best friends with Cthulhu on a beach? He'd rather keep reading wouldn't he? Also isn't salt deadly to fae or am I wrong?
But only because we were on the receiving end once. Sorry Clark.
Iron is deadly. So are lemons and limes.

Salt they have to stop and count each grain.
Yeah but dust only turned us into shota, while horrors from beyond were fucking the region something fierce
>lemons and limes.

so... squirt guns?
Because it can cute and next thing you know you're a tree
Beauty hides the beast within
"Fine, if I must choose, fae."

"Eh?!" Vivianne balks.

"YESSSSSS, you owe me 20 for sure now, Fae."

"NOOOOO!!! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO SAY ELDRITCH!!!" The faerie cries out.

"Right, so the beach, is it? Come along Vivianne. You can buy me ice cream."

"I don't wannaaa...."

You wave and make for the beach first. The sun is warm, and the waves of the inner beach calm. You are separated from Almeda while she gets into swimming attire.

The swimming gear from Kantrel is distributed to your party, with yourself getting a pair of trunks.

Jeremy, Alleria, Lily, and Vee arrive lastly. They already are wearing outfits, although Jeremy is still wearing his coat for some reason.

The girls from your world have swimsuits you know, skin shows, but... then there's the Earth swimsuits, which are rather revealing, practically underwear.

[Continuing requires 4th wall choice]
>go with text
>Allow Irate QM to try to draw people in beach attire.
Whichever you prefer OP. Custom art is always a treat, but whatever you feel like will be for the best.
>>Allow Irate QM to try to draw people in beach attire.
Canon art is always nice. Also take your time.
>Allow Irate QM to try to draw people in beach attire.
>Allow Irate QM to try to draw people in beach attire.
[this will take a bit of time. Almeda is drawn at least...]
Take your time. Dont rush it. Because until any regular art you would do of the othera, these are canon depictions and all.

You arent regretting this, I hope?
It's fiiiine
File: flags.png (1.21 MB, 1481x583)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
[I have yet to use a reference for a character I didn't draw/commission/request...

I only regret my skills in drawing bodies without clothing.

Here are some canonical flags for factions.]
[I apologize for drawing slowly. The next thread will have the beach scene.]
Don't worry about it OP, we appreciate every bit of love you pour into your work.
Same here.
Take your time for quality.
>it's been 4 days already
I feel guilty
please do not worry. It is being taken care of.
Don't stress yourself over it OP. You've been doing good.
Don't regret doing this. This was worth doing.
Oh shit
Thanks for the update QM
although... someone better than I drew it.... Get ready for the next thread.
we continue here!

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