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Previous threads:

Previously, our protagonist Jack picked up a lizard chick in a swamp, had a near-death experience with feral beasts, and got his plans for incest ruined. He's currently having a serious chat with his grandpa about that.
>[]Shit... I need to apologize to Rose.
>[]I regret nothing!
Grand pa y you argest banging cusins and sisters to keep thr blood line pure?
I thought she would be more tolerating, or have a sense of humor at least.
>[]Is there penance or something I can do?
>[]Shit... I need to apologize to Rose.
>[]Shit... I need to apologize to Rose.
"Well, Jack, inbreeding causes increased homozygosity, which can lead to recessive genes manifesting themselves. These can include physical and mental disability, and eventually infertility, which would eventually turn your 'pure bloodline' into a gang of literal crippled retards that would make terrible decisions leading to the downfall of my Order. And that would make me just a little absolutely fucking livid."
Alagos takes a deep breath to calm himself.
"Of course, that would take quite a few generations, but it only takes one man to set a trend. Honestly, why can't you people think ahead... in any case, I could just pick a mortal to 'bless' if I wanted a more direct descendant."
You stand there for a few seconds.
"Mm-hm. For penance, I guess you could go take care of that 'Vorona'... I have suspicions she was involved with the traitor Crystal."
He starts to leave before turning back to you.
"I won't physically stop you from doing... things with Rose, but I can't say anything about your mother... or Krystal."
And with that cryptic warning, he walks away.
"...I need to apologize to Rose."
You head over to her and try to think of something to say.
"I, uh... that was supposed to be a joke."
"Reeeeal funny."
"Hey, grandma thought it would be funny to tell everyone she died, remember that? Our family isn't exactly known for it's tasteful jokes."
Rose sighs.
"Okay, fine. What do you want?"
"I wanted to apologize... it was in bad taste. Also, I should've done more to stop you. But you DO have powers meant to ensnare males and make them do what you want. So what I'm saying is that we both fucked up."
"Up isn't the only thing we fucked."
"...at any rate, we'll have to figure out our whole relationship later. Right now..."
"We're friends at least. Right?"
You look at her.
"Right. If you have any issues just ask Ash for a job."
"Ugh... some of the customers are creeps, though."
"Well, I'm sure Ash isn't all too happy about that, either."

>[]I better get back to Mom. She's gonna want to keep talking to me.
>[]Go talk to Legs. She always has interesting stories.
>[]Here, I'll ask Ash for you!
>[]You better not start working there, because if you do you can kiss your imp and lizard nephews and nieces goodbye
>[]Go talk to legs with Helena and Vaux
This looks interesting.
This a sequal to that storm god quest? cause thats a lot to catch up on
don't forget
Cyberpunk demonslayer
Quite a lot happened...
Well, all this looks rather interesting. Now not to interrupt, but how does... anything work? Kinda new here and I'm lost
Green bits at the end of posts are various options. These are just suggestions, you could write something else if you aren't satisfied with any of those.
There's also some times when I ask for a roll, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
"You can't tell me what to do." Rose says.
"Au contraire, Rosemary. I technically outrank you, being the Duke's son and all."
"I'm the Duke's daughter."
"Well, nobody's going to acknowledge that, in fear of making Dad upset. Besides, my Mom's the Imperator."
Rose rolls her eyes as you grab your lovers.
"You two, meet Legs. Legs, this is Vaux and Helena."
Her five children give their various greetings, in different pitches no less. Cute.
"Legs is an old family friend. Mom met her on the island of... what was it again?"
Legs makes a guttural screeching noise.
"That's the one. There was this cave, see, and Legs had made her nest in there. She had captured Aunt Ash, so Mom asked her to please let her go. She did, then decided to follow Mom... and now she's here."
Legs smiles.
"How did you two meet Jackie?"
Your lovers glance at each other.


"--against it at first, but Helena does this thing with her tongue--"
Your mom gives you a bone-crushing hug.
"It's been so long!"
"Mom, you saw me about five minutes ago."
"Ah, silly me!"
She lets out a little burp before blushing furiously and covering her mouth.
"Well... I wanted to ask if any of your friends wanted a drink!"
She holds up a bottle.
"Mom, have you had any of that?"
"No! You know as well as I do that I can't handle this stuff... take this so I don't have any more--IF I hypothetically had some earlier... KASAIIIIIIIII!"
You look at the bottle in your hand. 1530. Should be pretty good.
"Ooh, let me see that."
Helena pours herself a drink.
"Is that... alcohol?" Vaux asks.
"Never had any?" Helena says.
"Well, we had something like it back at the village... they called it 'kava'."

>[]Try it, Vaux. Here, I'll get us both some.
>[]Do what you want, I know I'm having a glass.
>[]Yeah... I'll pass. My family has a bad history with this stuff.
>[]Try it, Vaux, I'll pass tho
This 3 times.
Are we "compatible" with Vaux?
We're part dragon, so most likely.
Vaux takes the bottle.
"I'm not sure about this..."
You motion for her to continue.
"Worst that'll happen is you get a headache tomorrow. If you don't like it, that won't even be an issue."
She shrugs and takes a sip of the liquid, smacking her lips.
"...it's pretty good." she says, pouring herself a glass.
You grin.
"I thought so. Grandma had a very extensive stock... a pretty worrying amount, actually."
You eat some dessert while your lovers enjoy their drinks.
"You're not gonna have any?"
"I'd rather not take any chances."
Helena shrugs.
"Your loss."


"Bye, Jackie!"
"Bye, Mom."
You shut the door and sigh in relief. Everyone's finally gone back home.
"...I'm just gonna go to sleep."
"Me, too. Your family is tiring."

A week later...

You're awoken by the sound of your codec beeping.
You roll out of your lovers' embraces and pick it up.
"Jack, come back here..." Helena groans.
"Can't... someone's calling."
"Damn. I'll get Vaux ready for you."
You try to ignore their stifled moans as you pick up the call.
"Mom, this better be good."
"It's GREAT! I have a new assignment for you!"
You give the wall a death stare. Oh, joy.
"And you'll get to do it with an entirely new squad!"

>[]No. *hang up*
>[]What is it..?
>[]Can I bring people along?
>>[]Can I bring people along?
>[]Can I bring people along?
>[]I already have a squad
"Aww. Sweetie, I know you want to bring your friends, but I'm just not sure that they'd be all that helpful. Besides, your father insisted that you 'socialize with people you aren't allowed to fuck'. He only has your best interests in mind."
You sigh.
"Oh, come on, Jackie. It won't be that long. Plus, you'll be nice and ready for them when you get back!"
"Please don't talk about my sex life, Mom."
"If you insist. Can you be here in about an hour, sweetie? I need to give you a briefing."
"You're such a good son. Bye!"
She hangs up.
Helena tugs at your arm.
"You've only got an hour... better hurry up."


"I'm here, Mom. What do you want?"
"You will address the Imperator by her proper--"
"Halford, isn't there some paint you can watch dry? He's my son, he can call me what he wants."
Mom smiles at you.
"Any questions?"

>[]Yep. Mainly, what exactly IS my assignment?
>[]Who's in this 'squad'?
>[]Can I have a quick chat with Dad after this?
>[]Who's in this "squad"? How man females?
>[]Yep. Mainly, what exactly IS my assignment?
>[]Who's in this 'squad'?
>[]Can I have a quick chat with Dad after this?
"Well... there's one."
Okay, so this might not be too bad.
"It's a standard fireteam. She's the medic."
A standard fireteam consists of an SMG, assault rifle, shotgun, and a medic with a pistol. Any member of a fireteam can use what magic they have in whatever way they wish. It's a good system. Since you prefer an SMG, you'll most likely be securing the perimeter and making sure nobody outflanks your squad. Whoever has the shotgun will take point, and the other two will make sure the area is clear or run in to patch up anyone who gets hurt.
"Sounds fine. But, y'know. What are we actually doing?"
Mom looks through her script.
"That witch lady, Vorona? We've found her lair, on Mount Zamorozka. Since you never technically finished your mission to get the Skull of Shadows, I thought you might like to go."
Yeah... Alagos had said that your penance would be to take her out. At the very least, this should make for an interesting story.
"When do we leave?"
"This afternoon. You can introduce yourself to your team on the way over. It's a fair distance."
"Understood. Bye, Mom."
"Be safe, Jackie!"
You leave the hall.
At least I'll get to say hi to that crow bitch. And I might get a new girl out of this if I play my cards right... hell, maybe TWO if Vorona is desperate.

>[]Go home and spend some time with your lovers.
>[]Get some breakfast. You never had any this morning.
>[]Ask around for information on your new squadmates. Might as well find out if they're assholes.
>[]Have a chat with Dad.
>[]Go get some breakfast with your lovers, and some condoms if they want
>>[]Have a chat with Dad.
>>[]Get some breakfast. You never had any this morning.
You take the tram back to your house.
"Vaux! Helena! I'll take you to that cafe, but only if you're dressed and down here in ten minutes!"
They scramble to get ready. Both of them had been bothering you about that cafe for a while now.


Your lovers express concern at your new assignment, but eventually relent. They kiss you goodbye as you leave for the edge of the city that afternoon.
"Stay safe, okay?" Helena says.
"Please don't die... I'd miss you." Vaux admits.
"I promise I'll be okay. And I'll see if I can bring you something back. Steal Vorona's jewelry or something."
"Yeah, I can pawn it!"


"You must be Jack."
You look around at your new squadmates. Tall Sylph guy, Orcish girl who looks like she wants to eat your eyeballs... hey, is that Marcin?
He smiles.
"Man, I never thought I'd see you again!"
"You know him?" the Sylph asks.
"Yeah, saw him for a few days on the Stratofortress."
"What a coincidence." the Orc mutters.
"Anyway. I'm Marcin, as you already know. These two barrels of fun are Kane and Morgan. Kane'll be taking point with you while I escort Morgan, make sure she doesn't get a hangnail or anything. We've worked together a few times... unfortunately, our previous SMG guy got put in the infirmary. SOMEONE thought he was groping them--"
"I've told you, we don't talk about that anymore." Morgan growls.
"We should be going. We're losing daylight." Kane says.
"Ah, yes."
Your squadmates climb into the back of a... well, it resembled a truck. Really, it was a cart powered by magic. Marcin helps you in.

>[]Nice to meet you guys. Let's review our equipment.
>[]So... you single, Morgan?
>[]I'm the leader, right?
>>[]Nice to meet you guys. Let's review our equipment.
Kane passes the equipment around.
First up was the armor, the Order's usual mix of Kevlar and enchanted metal plates. It was colored black and white camo, which made sense. You were going to a mountain, after all.
Your weapons were similarly painted... really, your kit was pretty standard. Just your guns, armor, and some rations. The only real difference was the color and the thermal clothing you'd be wearing underneath your armor. Perfect for keeping warm and robbing banks.
You see some weird stuff in your mates' kits, but that's to be expected. Morgan gets a portable shield that should help if she needs to get to a comrade.
"Objective is to capture Vorona alive if possible. Otherwise, we eliminate her. Sentries have been spotted around the area, so we've equipped for moderate resistance. Shouldn't have too much trouble."

>[]Answer any questions they ask, but keep silent for the most part. Just gotta get this over with...
>[]You mind if I catch a nap? I'm kinda tired.
>[]What did you mean by "Someone thought he was groping them"
Compare toys and junk
Ask where they studies
Think of ways to bang that orc chick
No my dude, too many waifus will end our laifu
I don't think Vaux would approve
>>1826509 (won't take their anger out on you if there's enough of them)
"...what was this about groping?"
"That never--"
Marcin grins.
"Our last guy was with us while we were scaling a canyon wall in the desert. Thought he'd give Morgan a little push to help her out. She took it the wrong way and kicked at him, about a thirty-foot fall."
You wince.
"He's fine. Just got his legs shattered."
Okay, no flirting with Morgan unless she can't hurt you.
Silence reigns in the truck as you try and think of something to say.
"So, Marcin. You like the K-12? Always found it kinda heavy, but I can't argue with the stopping power."
"You get used to it. A lot of people prefer the original designs compared to Krystal's custom models, but this one just resonates with me, you know?"
"Mm-hm. The L-56 is pretty good, but there's nowhere to attach a grenade launcher, so I just stick with the MP5. Have you seen the new IG-88--"


Many hours later, you've set up base camp at the foot of the mountain.
"We will be taking this trail, here." Kane says, pointing out your route on a map.
"Locals don't like coming up here... superstition about a witch. Still, we should be able to follow this if we pay attention. From this point, we'll improvise. Morgan, you get first watch."
"Copy that."
You climb into your tents and bundle up. You'll be needing your rest...


"Hey. Wake up."
You groan and open your eyes. Morgan is shoving you awake.
"Your turn for lookout duty."
She leaves your tent, presumably to get some sleep. You get up and walk outside, stretching before finding a good place to sit.

Roll 1d20 to keep an eye out.
Rolled 17 (1d20)

You rub your hands together. Fuck, it's cold out here.
Well... at least the moon is pretty. Especially when it's light dances off the planet's rings like that...
Something passes in front of those rings, a shadow which quickly disappears from sight. No, several somethings. There's about five of them.
Whatever they are, they fly. And they're quiet about it, too.
A dreadful screech and the sound of flapping wings heralds the approach of a gigantic monster crow. It's claws bear down on you at breakneck speeds.
You jump out of the way and shoot at the bird. It barely manages to fly away on it's last legs.
Kane, Morgan, and Marcin crawl out of their tents and ready their weapons.
"How many?"
"Four giant crows. There was a fifth one, but I scared it off."
Another screech. A second crow dives down and snatches Morgan. She struggles fruitlessly against it's grasp.
It flies away before you can shoot it down, the bird's black feathers hiding it from your sight.
Kane screams in the direction it flew off, kicking at the snow.

>[]We have to hide. Now.
>[]Strike camp, we have to go after her.
>[]Keep a lookout, they're gonna come after us next!
>[]This might sound crazy but should we let them take us? It would be an easier trip to Vorona
>[]Or we could just shoot them down an--
>[]Gets picked off
>>[]This might sound crazy but should we let them take us? It would be an easier trip to Vorona
At least we don't have to walk.
"Jack, are you insane?"
"Nope. Watch, it'll carry me right up."
"Jack, I'm ordering you to--"
You never found out what Kane was gonna say, because a crow picks you up and carries you away.
"Pfft. Pessimists. You just gotta believe!"
You smile as the crow starts to approach a ledge... then your eyes widen in panic as you notice the nest of hungry baby birds sitting on it.
You try to get free of the crow's grasp as you notice a few of them chewing on something. Morgan didn't make it...
Somehow, you manage to make the thing let go of you, and land safely on a ledge. You duck behind some boulders and catch your breath.

>[]Call your squad.
>[]Look for wherever Vorona might be hiding.
>[]Lob a grenade into the crow's nest.
See if Morgan is actually dead, then lob in a grenade.
You peek over the ledge.
...it doesn't look like Morgan, but then again, people tend to look different when they've had their limbs ripped off and their flesh gouged open. At any rate, it's unlikely the crows found non-Morgan humanoid prey so recently.
You toss a grenade up and hide behind another rock.
Bits of charred gore fly off the ledge into the dizzying abyss. Yay.
The mother crow screeches in fury and hovers near your spot. Luckily, she can't fly any closer due to risk of crashing.
You fire at it, driving it off.
"Dammit... Morgan, why?"

>[]Look for that fortress now.
>[]Call your squad, inform them of what happened.
>[]Get settled in. You should wait until morning to be wandering around.
>>[]Call your squad, inform them of what happened.
"Morgan died."
"That crow had babies... fed her to them. I escaped and blew up the nest."
"I see... where are you?"
"I have no fucking clue."
"That will be a problem. Find somewhere to shelter for the night. You should have some flares or something you can use tomorrow."
"Roger that."
You hang up and set out. Staying here would only get you frozen to death.


You crawl to the cave entrance and take a look through your spyglass.
On that other ridge, some sort of masonry... looks abandoned, but if they were smart they wouldn't just light up their hideout.
You crawl back into the cave and settle against the wall. You'd slept in worse places... namely that fucking swamp.


The next day, you eat a ration and stare out at the fort. What now...

>[]Launch a flare, then begin infiltration.
>[]Try to pinpoint a landmark, get the squad up here.
>[]Keep a lookout for sentries.
>>[]Try to pinpoint a landmark, get the squad up here.

>[]Launch a flare, then begin infiltration.
Okay, what could work... there's, uh... there's rocks.
You wrack your brain for a few minutes.
Oh, that'll work.
"Kane, you there?"
"We're here, alright. Where are you?"
"I'm next to this big spire of rock. Snow's fallen off of it, so it sticks out pretty well."
"...can't see it. You might be on the other side of the mountain."
"We'll work out way over, sit tight."
He hangs up.

>[]Screw sitting tight, you're going in.
>[]Find a good lookout spot. You might be able to see them.
Flare and infiltration doesnt rhyme though.
>>[]Find a good lookout spot. You might be able to see them.
>>1829554 (rolled a 20...)
You run across the ridge and almost bump straight into Kane.
"I told you to stay put!"
"Well, it's a good thing I didn't! We'd be wandering around for hours looking for each other!"
"Just--where's the fortress?"
"Right over there. Didn't see any sentries, but we should be cautious."


You withdraw your knife from the sentry's neck and hide in the shadows. She should be around here somewhere...
The front door splinters and falls over. You can hear heavy footsteps run inside. A third party..?
"Check our flank, Joker."
"My name is--"
"Shit. Sorry, Ka--King."
You can hear someone walking toward you.

>[]Greet him. You can work together to achieve your goals.
>[]Try and take him out. You don't need any more problems. (D20)
we will see if its enemy or friend
This witch was familiar with the last imperator and her methods, we should be super careful!
(Just to be clear, this is not Jack's perspective. It's another guy who was already here before Jack and his squad broke the door down)
You climb up the wall and hide on top of a beam near the ceiling, silently observing the newcomer.
He's wearing that peculiar armor, painted to blend in with the snow... what does the Order of Alagos want with this place? Perhaps there's a dungeon full of women with few inhibitions. In the paladin's hands was... dammit, you've never been good at identifying guns.
You check for the fifth time to make sure your own pistol was loaded. You have doubts as to whether it can penetrate that armor, but it should at least buy some time if necessary.
The paladin (Joker?) crouches down to examine the sentry you had killed.
"Huh... throat's been slit, that's obvious enough. He's got some patches of feathers, which is pretty creepy. Escaped experiment?"
"Joker, who are you talking to?" his commander shouts from the main hall.
"Talking out loud. Helps me think."
He gets up, scans the room, and goes back to the main hall.
You smile inwardly. They never think to look up.
After the paladin leaves, you silently make your way to the door and peek around. They're advancing through the hall, weapons drawn. They're keeping close to cover, at least.
Two Sylph and a Salamander. That one's scales might prove tricky if you try to stab him. Keeping away from them in general is a good idea... especially considering the fact that your only protection was dark clothing and a magic shield.
At least Joker hadn't seemed too concerned about the dead sentry. They clearly share little sentiment with Vorona.

>[]Continue hiding. Might as well observe these paladins some more.
>[]Reveal yourself. They probably need a scout.
>[]Ignore them for now. Your sister takes first priority.
>[]Reveal yourself. They probably need a scout.
>>[]Continue hiding. Might as well observe these paladins some more.
You step out from behind the wall and put your hands in the air.
The paladins turn on you.
"Who are you? Identify yourself!" their leader says.
You lower your cloak's hood.

(Jack's perspective)

The stranger lowers his hood, giving you a better look at him.
Sylph, early forties... kinda shady.
"My name is Montresor. I believe we can work together to accomplish our goals in this place."
You wrack your brain. Montresor... who was that again?
Oh, yeah!
"Hey, did you live in Blackwake?" you ask.
"Joker, zip it!"
"I used to... do I know you?"
"You worked with my mother."
He furrows his brow.
"I don't--"
A memory surfaces in his head. He shudders at its presence.
"No, not her. Definitely not her."
"Her name is Aisha."
"Godsdammit, it's her."
He sighs. Kane and Marcin look at you in confusion.
"What are you talking about?"
"I helped his mother infiltrate a fortress to reclaim her lover's eggshell." Montresor patiently explains.
"Oh. She never mentioned you."
"Good. I wouldn't want to be well-known."
You lower your weapons.
"I notice that your... gang is short on personnel. I've usually encountered four in the past. Perhaps you could make use of me to scout the area ahead."

>[]Sure. Do we have an extra codec?
>[]What are you here for, anyway?
>[]Hold on, I have to call Mom. She isn't gonna BELIEVE this.
>[]Just let me call Mom first, and what're you here for, anyway?
>>[]Sure. Do we have an extra codec?
"Yep. Morgan dropped hers."
Kane tosses it to Montresor.
"This is why I work alone... you don't need devices like this."
"Hey, why ARE you here, anyway?" you ask.
"I believe my sister is here. At any rate, this is where she was last headed."
"Cool... hey, Mom! Look who I found!"
"Jackie? Who--oh! Montresor! Hiiiiiiii!"
"By the gods..."
"Where's Crimson? You look old now."
"Please turn that off."
"Montresor! Don't act like you don't want to see me!"
"I don't want to see you. If possible, I would like to forget the entire experience and the fact that people like you even exist."
You can hear Mom call out.
"Kasai! Look who Jack found!"
"I'll be scouting ahead."
Montresor turns invisible.
"Aww. Anyway, how are you doing, Jackie?"
"Is your squad treating you well?"
"Morgan died."
"Oh, that's a shame. Did you get the packed lunch I--"
You hastily hang up and try to ignore Marcin's laughter.

>[]Wait for Montresor to report in.
>[]Proceed with caution. Sitting here would be stupid.
>[]Charge in. There can't be too many people around. (D20)
>[]Proceed with caution. Sitting here would be stupid.
You move forward through the hall, taking position on either side of the door at the far end.
The codec crackles to life.
"There's a sentry going your way."
Montresor hangs up as soon as he finishes the message. You wait patiently for the sentry to come in before falling upon him with combat knives.
Ah, there's nothing better to decrease tension than stabbing the ever loving shit out of a crow-man experiment gone wrong with your buds.
You wipe your knives off before continuing forward. A stairway leads down, but the hallway turns to continue to the right.
"Two ways... maybe we should split up." Marcin suggests.
"That is a really fucking stupid idea." you and Kane tell him at the same time. Seriously, it's like nobody around here had ever seen any horror movies.
"Okay! I was just throwing out a suggestion."

>[]To the right.
>[]Montresor, which way did you go?
>>[]Montresor, which way did you go?
>[]Just keep licking your eyeball and stay close okay?
>scout right a little first, then ho back and check down. Decide where we go after that, or check w/mr megathief
"I went right. I prefer to know if a stairway is clear before going down."
You scratch your head and examine the stairs. It's in the standard spiral configuration, which is good. It spirals down and to the left, allowing you to attack without exposing yourself. The only trouble you'd get is if someone left-handed was coming up, but that's what grenades are for.
"What do you see so far, Montresor?"
"It seems this is where they store supplies. Mostly dried fruit, bread, nonperishables... oh! There's a box of pastries here? Must be for Vorona. I think I'll help myself..."
You and your squad look at each other.
"Damned thieves." Kane mumbles.

>[]Well, let's make sure he doesn't eat everything.
>[]We should go down. If these guys are doing anything sketchy, this is where they'd be doing it.
>[]We should go down. If these guys are doing anything sketchy, this is where they'd be doing it.
>>[]We should go down. If these guys are doing anything sketchy, this is where they'd be doing it.
You head down the stairs, keeping close to the center pillar. About two thirds of the way down, you hear a quiet caw of surprise. You've bumped into three of those mutants.
They hurl themselves at you and start clawing at your armor.
You try and get them off, to no avail.

Roll 1d20.
>[]Go for your knife.
>[]Hit these things with some chain lightning.
>[]Try and get your gun hand free.
Rolled 48 (1d100)

>[]Hit these things with some chain lighting!
Rolled 3 (1d20)

>>[]Hit these things with some chain lightning.
Rolled 79 (1d100)

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 16 (1d20)

Lightning knife!
Rolled 7 (1d20)

Holy Shit
Im retarded
You try and shock these things to death... it doesn't work out very well. You mostly end up shocking yourself.
Kane and Marcin manage to kill their opponents before shooting yours in the face.
"Get up." Kane helps you to your feet.
"Sorry... let's go slower this time."
"Good idea."
You continue down the staircase. Crowmen drop from the ceiling and start pecking at you.


You eventually reach the bottom, bleeding and breathing hard.
Montresor appears next to you.
"I was scouting ahead, like you asked. Thank you for the distraction, all the sentries on the other staircase came this way."
You push past him, grumbling and checking the dozen or so cells down here.
"If you see a woman with red hair, tell me." Montresor says, peeking through one of the doors.
"Well, I haven't found her, but..."
Marcin gestures for you to see what he's found.
You look through the door. An old, gray-haired woman sits chained to the wall. She looks up, straining to look at you. One of her eyes is clouded.
"...who the hell is it now? What's that symbol around your neck?"
She squints before slumping over.
"Took you long enough... can't spare some time to look for your Imperator?"
You look at each other warily.

>[]Uh... she's kind of dead.
>[]Try your hand at detecting magic. (D20)
>[]Grandfather, could you inform Krystal that her impersonators are growing in number?
>>[]Grandfather, could you inform Krystal that her impersonators are growing in number?
>[]Uh... She's kind of dead.
>[]And Grandpa, could you inform Krystal that her impersonators are growing in number?
>[]Shoot her
«Sure thing.»
You sigh and unholster your sidearm.
"Lady, I don't really know what's going on, but this isn't gonna fool me."
"Wha--hey, you don't understand! Montresor, help!"
You fire. The woman shrieks and disappears, replaced by a gnat flying in panicked circles before turning into a red-haired woman.
"Montresor! Get him away, he's gonna shoot me!"
"Crimson, what in the gods' names were you--"
The door to the cell slams shut. You all crowd toward it, shouting in panic and trying to force it open.
"Ah, finally. This is what it takes to have a chat with you?"
You fire through the grate on the door. Vorona dodges at the last second.
"Fuck you, let us out! If you don't open that door this instant I swear we'll kill you!"
"You were planning on killing me anyway, weren't you?"
"Just beat you to a pulp for being a FUCKING BITCH LET ME OUT!"
«TELL HER, KID!» Krystal's ghost screams into your mind.
"In due time, but I'd at least like to have a quick talk."

>[]...get it over with.
>[]Everyone, kick the door on 'three'. (D20)
Rolled 13 (1d20)

>>[]Everyone, kick the door on 'three'. (D20)
>[]Bitchslap/Backhand Crimson
>[]That was a fucked up thing to do lady
>[]do the same for her brother if he objects
File: image.png (743 KB, 1152x480)
743 KB
743 KB PNG
You slap Crimson across the face.
"Nobody disrespects my grandmother like that."
Montresor strides up to you.
"You little bastard, if you think you can--"
You give him another slap.
"Go cry in the corner! Marcin, is that C4 ready yet?"
"I'm not getting it ready! It'll bring the whole building down on us!"
Vorona wisely decides to retreat.
"Jack, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Kane asks angrily.
"I'm getting us out of here."
"I'm in operational command, step away from the door!"
You kick at the door, which swings open.
She never had said it was locked.
You free yourself from Kane's grasp and sprint after her.
Kane, Montresor, and Crimson take off after you. After a moment of confusion, Marcin follows, wondering what he'd done to piss the gods off.
«Get her, kid! Shoot her in the calf, it's painful!»
«Stop jacking my telepathy, bitch.»
You follow Vorona as she flees up the stairs and into a throne room. Crows fly around trees planted here, and the mood is nicely set, but you're a little too busy screaming arcane insults and giving everyone a headache.
Vorona grabs the Skull off a plinth and starts working some magic on it.

>[]Kill her!
>[]Capture her. This bitch could use a few days in the stocks.
>[]Make sure she gets the extra-special Inquisition level torture. Tentacle pit includes.
>[]Hit her arms, legs, incapacitate her, make sure she's completely out of commission
>[]Kill her!
You shoot Vorona in the calves, causing her to fall over. She tries to keep doing something with the Skull before you kick it away.
"Nope. I don't think so."
"...what are you going to do?"
"Take you back, interrogate you. Our Order does NOT take kindly to anyone allied with the Traitor."
She sighs.
"I don't like talking about that time... I was younger, more prone to stupid decisions."
"Mm-hm. We can talk all about this later."
"I hope so. But it won't be at your Order's headquarters, I'm afraid."
Something grabs you from behind and pulls you away from Vorona, sending you crashing into a wall.
A shadowy, humanoid figure helps her out the window before turning on you. The Skull crumbles to dust, whatever power it held is gone now.
You don't get to see what this new opponent can do, due to your friends rounding the corner and blasting at it. Montresor nails the creature in the head with his pistol, causing it to collapse and disperse.
"Where's Vorona?"
You run to the window and look out. A black feather slowly drifts to the ground.
"She got away..." you growl.

>[]Call Mom.
>[]Look around. There has to be a clue as to where she would go next.
Oh come the fuck ooooon
Damn you plot armor!
>[]Call Mom
>[]Have the rest look around.
You sigh.
"I think I better call Mom..."
"Jackie! Calling back so soon? Was there a bad connection?"
"Vorona summoned a shadow and escaped, Mom."
"Oh, I hate it when that happens. You have to lead her into a trap, sweetie."
"I don't even know what she wants. Besides to gloat at me, I guess. We're coming home, this mission is totally fubar."
"This mission is way beyond fubar!" Kane chimes in.
"Aww. Well, I'm sure your friends will be happy to see you again. They stopped by Ash's gift shop earlier."
"...I really didn't need to know that, Mom."
"Just letting you know. Make sure they don't get too kinky! And stop by when you get home, I'll make you some brownies."
"Sure. Bye, Mom."
You hang up and sigh.
"Did anyone find clues as to where she's going?"
Kane, Crimson, and Marcin shake their heads. Montresor ignores you, sorting through a box of jewelry.
You groan and start looking through Vorona's chambers. Nothing but old literature. She doesn't even have any incriminating sex toys! Fucking boring.
"Hey, what's that? Never seen a gem like that before." Crimson says. Guess they're talking about Montresor's new finds.
"It's clearly... hm. I don't recognize this, either."
"It's amethyst, isn't it?" Marcin says. You all pause in your tasks to look at him.
"Didn't know you like gemstones, Marcin." Kane says, raising an eyebrow.
"My uncle worked with them. This kind's super rare, you can only find them in the... Unknown Lands."
You all stand around, letting that sink in.
"...that is a fucking long shot." you mutter. "Still, if it gives me another chance at her, I'm game. And it'll be an educational experience."
"What are you talking about?" Crimson asks.
"I'm gonna be the first person to sail to the Unknown Lands, so I can get revenge on some witch who stole a spooky skull."

>[]Well, let's go.
>[]Mom, do we have a ship that can cross the sea?
>[]Timeskip and start researching the Lands.
>>[]Mom, do we have a ship that can cross the sea?
We gots to prepare.
>[]Timeskip and start researching the Lands.


You sit at your desk and look at the information you had collected.
One book.
One. FUCKING. Book.
At least it was written by Yokai. Firsthand account and all.
You sigh and look through it.
No actual voyages to the Lands have been made, though a castaway would eventually get back by some means with foreign goods.
This wasn't from lack of trying, it's just that some scary shit lives out in the open ocean. There was even an account of a dragon surfacing and attacking a ship.
Yokai, originally an inhabitant, took her tribe and sailed to Diluvium before Krystal had come to reoccupy it. She describes the place as being mostly desert, though there are some oases. Most of these are controlled by some state populated by dark-skinned Sylph, who are apparently very good at conjuring explosions to deal with raiding parties.
How Vorona made it, you don't know. Maybe she can turn into a bird and fly the distance..?
Vaux wraps her arms around you as you read.
"Jack, its late... come to bed with us."
She had learned to be a little more assertive while you were gone. Nice change.

>[]Sorry, if I don't research this enough I could end up dead.
>[]Just a little longer, okay?
>[]...well, I guess I have some free time.
>>[]Sorry, if I don't research this enough I could end up dead.
>Sorry, if I don't research this enough I could end up dead.
But you could come here to warm me up
>[]Sorry, if I don't research this enough I could end up dead.
>[]Feel free to get on your knees under the table tho
Vaux mulls over your proposal for a moment.
"Why not?"
She crawls under your desk, unzips your pants, and starts sucking. You savor her mouth for a moment before getting back to the book.
Common hadn't been Yokai's first language, and she didn't really know how a book should be structured... as a result, it was a chore to figure out what exactly she was trying to say. It didn't help that Vaux's longer is wrapping around your dick while you're trying to concentrate.
Still, she did mention that amethyst was abundant in the area, which was--
You tense up and let out an involuntary grunt as you cum in Vaux's mouth. She starts coughing and sputtering, prompting you to back your chair up.
"You okay?"
"Yes... I just haven't gotten used to the taste yet."
"Well, I'm about done here. I'll join you two in a sec."
"We'll look forward to it."
Vaux leaves the room. You take one last look through the chapter, sigh, and follow her.


You wake up with your head resting on Vaux's breasts. Helena's missing, probably making breakfast. You get up and walk down, rubbing the sleep from your eyes.
"Morning." you say, giving Helena a pat on the head.
You pour yourself some milk and sit down at the table. Today's itinerary...

>[]Look for a good ship. You might need to have one built...
>[]Stop by your parents' house after lunch. Might as well get those brownies.
>[]Ask grandpa if you can stop by. You should be able to get a nice view of the Unknown Lands from the moon.
>>[]Look for a good ship. You might need to have one built...
File: damn_man.jpg (224 KB, 583x1508)
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224 KB JPG
>Tfw I forgot to post half an hour ago
>[]Look for a good ship. You might need to have one built...
You finish breakfast, kiss your lovers goodbye, and head to the shipyards.
...it's sketchy down here. You're a murderous bastard and all, but you're still eighteen. Pretty much everyone here would happily bounce your head off a brick wall if given the chance.
Still, it would take some nasty fuckers to make it across an ocean.
The ships here all look seaworthy... you think. This sort of thing isn't exactly your forte. They'd have to go with limited supplies farther than anyone else has gone...
Well, the daemonettes made it in stolen skiffs and canoes, you can probably do it with some prayers to grandpa.
First, though... you'll need to convince someone to help you.
Oooooh boy.

>[]Mom..? Can I have a militia ship, pretty please?
>[]Find some entrepreneur. All you'll need is a snappy sales pitch and tales of profit.
>[]Stand on a box and start calling for volunteers.
>[]Stand on a box and start calling for volunteers.
>>[]Mom..? Can I have a militia ship, pretty please?
You sit down at a cafe in the Merchant's Ward and call your mother.
"Hi, Jackie!"
"Hi, Mom. Hey, I was hoping you could do me a favor."
"What is it, sweetie?"
"Can I pretty please have a militia ship so I can travel to a dangerous uncharted continent because a crow lady slighted me twice?"
"Oh... I don't know, sweetie. Why don't you ask your father? He's in charge of the militia, anyway. Honey!"
"What is it now?"
"Jackie needs a ship so he can take revenge!"


"But Dad--"
"It's not just me! Her pets killed the squad medic! She escaped us twice! It's a matter of honor now!"
You make a half-growl, half-gag in the back of your throat.
"What would grandma want you to do?"
"Make an irrational decision that would needlessly endanger my son and embarrass the Order, not to mention the family name."
"You know what I mean! Come on, she's probably got some kind of evil plot going on anyway. What the hell am I supposed to do besides chase her?"
"Maybe take care of those Cinderfell 'freedom fighters'? You know, led by the Order of Ruin? They declared war on our Order SPECIFICALLY?"
"It's just a phase."
"Yes, son. I have seen the truth. We must drop everything to rain holy fury upon one woman who stole a C-rank Void artifact and annoyed you."

>[]Fine! I'll get someone else to help!
>[]Can you fly me over, at least?
>[]Grandpa, what would it take to ask for a gust strong enough to carry a glider across an ocean?
>[]Fine! I'll get someone else to jelp!
>[]This is why i prefer Mom over you, dad!
Dad's eye twitches again.
"Well, she prefers me over you. Watch. Honey, I'm gonna have sex with you tonight, are you okay with that?"
"Don't call if you're just going to belittle me, son."
He hangs up.
You sit in silence for a minute or so. The happiest Mom had ever been was when you brought her flowers...
"Fuck you, Dad!"
"Uh, sir?"
A waiter gestures toward your empty glass.
"Oh. Sorry. Whiskey on the rocks, please."
He goes off to fill your glass. You sigh and rub a hand through your hair. How the hell were you going to get a ship...
You wearily look up and instantly regret your decision.
"It's been so long! What have you been up to?"
The gaggle of women you've been confronted by takes a seat at your table. Five of them, and to make matters worse, they all work at Ash's brothel. You're getting some nasty looks from some of the guys walking down the street.

>[]Aren't you supposed to be working?
>[]I'm fine, I guess...
>[]Please leave, Elizabeth. I'm trying to have lunch.
>>[]I'm fine, I guess...
No need to be rude.
>[]I'm fine, I guess...
>[]What about y'all?
"Oh, we're getting along."
You look at each of them in turn. There's Mary Ann, Mary Jane, Annie, Elizabeth, and Catherine. They'd been tormenting you ever since you could pop a boner. All but two were succubi, Ash liked to get intimate during interviews.
"Work's been going well. Plenty of sailors who need some love!"
"Great... I killed about twelve people this past week. Picked up two women the week before."
"Oh, wow! That's amazing!"
"HA! Between the nightmares and needy females, I'm hardly getting enough sleep."
"Aww. We have remedies for that. I'd offer to give you some of them in exchange for... fun, but it's laundry day."
"Ah. Should've guessed."
Brothel work slows to a halt on laundry day.
"Well, I hope you get sleep, Jack. We have some shopping to do."
"Oh, well. Don't let me hold you up."
They leave, giving you some peace.
"Okay... now what?"

>[]Look around town for a ship's captain.
>[]Work out your frustration and take a walk. You need to think.
>[]Go home and let your lovers assault you.
>[]Look around town for a ship's captain.
If this fails
>[]Go home and key your lovers assault you.
>>[]Look around town for a ship's captain.
>>[]Look around town for a ship's captain.
You steel yourself and start searching the city's various taverns and watering holes. A few captains perk up at a Duke's naive son approaching them with an offer, before turning you down at the slightest mention of the Unknown Lands.
That is, until you meet Stubb.
He looked like he knew what he was doing. Close-cropped beard, old but clean uniform, good posture. Quite different from the others you've met, little more than pirates with government pay.
"Are out just going to stare all day?" he asks.
"Uh, no. I have a proposal for you, actually."
You take a seat at the bar.
"Well, go ahead, then."

>[]I need to get to the Unknown Lands.
>[]Would you be interested in acquiring products that nobody in the Empire has seen before?
>[]You're probably not gonna like it.
>[]I need to get to the Unknown Lands.
>>[]I need to get to the Unknown Lands.
"You do, huh?"
He takes a puff from his pipe.
"I suppose a trip there might be worthwhile. I've heard talk of the Queen looking into establishing a colony. How much can you offer?"
You hesitate before telling him.
"I make soldier's pay... maybe ₩6000? That's all I can spare."
Stubb chuckles.
"More'n I've got. That being squat."
He drums his fingers on the bar, considering your offer.
"I'm taking a real gamble on this... if you can get me, say, two or three months' supplies, I'll do it."
You stand up and shake his hand.
"You won't regret this, sir."
"Don't call me 'sir'. Name's Stubb."


You leave the tavern, still in shock at your success. You didn't think he'd take it. ₩6000 was pocket change compared to what ships were usually paid to transport cargo. Stubb must've been desperate.
Of course, there was still the matter of the supplies. Three months worth. Gods, it took about a third of the time to sail to the other side of the continent.
The local vendors should have enough, but it would have a steep price. The city had an emergency stock of rations in case of a siege, but it was heavily guarded. Either you could sneak a little out at a time (which would take too long), or you could pile them up on carts and promptly get tossed in a dungeon.
You could conjure up some food with magic, if someone hadn't decided to ban all those spells because they were losing profits. The whole Empire should take Krystal's approach to beureaucracy, that being comparable to a butcher's approach to medium-sized animals.

>[]Go poke around the Sanctum. Maybe some absentminded autist will let you take an illegal spellbook.
>[]Look around the shipyards. Someone might be selling food for dirt cheap.
>[]Dad, can I borrow three months of emergency city supplies? I'm having a picnic. With an entire ship's crew.
>>[]Go poke around the Sanctum. Maybe some absentminded autist will let you take an illegal spellbook.
sounds like this quest
We should also get some flowers for Mom to spite dad
yes, we should
You head over to the Sanctum and start looking around.
Just to make sure... okay, good. There aren't any food-fabrication spells just sitting on the bookshelves. That's good.
Would they even have illegal spells here? They might've just burned them. There is a lockup of sorts for various spellbooks and magic items. Then again, some of the people that work here have interesting collections.

>[]Just tell someone you're doing a research paper.
>[]Look for the weirdest asshole around here and ask if you can borrow from him.
>[]Sneak into the security room.
>>[]Just tell someone you're doing a research paper.
>[]Sneak into the security room.
You walk around, asking about illegal spells ("Yeah, doing a research paper. Mom doesn't want me being idle").
You learn that they all should be in lockup.
Ah, well. You'll just have to improvise.
You head to security and ask if you can have a look at the confiscated spellbooks. Again, it's for research. The guard grudgingly lets you through on the condition he keeps a close eye on you.
This place resembles the rest of the library, except the shelves are labeled with things like 'soul-stealing' and 'demonic household tasks'. Some of the shit in here was seriously fucked up. Time-reversal specifically designed to heal wounds before inflicting them again was a highlight.
You eventually find it. A leather-bound tome, filled with all sorts of food-conjuring magic. All too complicated to memorize quickly.
"Kay, that's enough."
"I'm not done here yet."
"You're done when I say you are, beat it."
The guard kicks you out. Asshole's gonna get reassigned if you have anything to say about it.
...shit. You're kind of screwed now. Your plans are gonna have to be put on hiatus for a while. Might as well start planning some bake sales.

>[]Go deliver Mom some flowers. At least you can spite Dad.
>[]Threaten the guard with your rank.
>[]Give up and go home. This is too hard.
>[]Go deliver Mom some flowers and some chocolates. At least you can spite Dad.
>[]And visit Rose too
>[]Look for the weirdest asshole around here and ask if you can borrow from him.
Try to bribe him with something weird.
You sigh, hold your chin up, and go to get your mom some presents.


"Hey, Mom? You home?"
Please don't be having sex, I don't need to see that again...
Mom rubs out of the kitchen and gives you a big hug.
"Oh, how's my favorite son?"
"He's your only son!" Christine calls out from her room.
"Aisha, the boy needs to breathe." Dad says.
You manage to get some precious O2 in your lungs before passing out.
"Oh, let me get the brownies!"
Mom runs off, leaving you alone with your dad.
He sighs. It is the sigh of a man who suffers more than the world will ever know or care. You know the sound well.
"Hey, son. Might I ask what that is in your hands?"
"Presents for Mom."
"Mm-hm. What's the occasion?"
"No occasion, she's just a good mother."
Dad coughs and tries not to grimace at you.
"That she is."
"Here they are!~"
Mom tries to hand you a basket of warm brownies.
"Oh! What's that?"
"For you."
"For me?"
You hand Mom the chocolate and flowers.
"Thanks for putting up with me and Christine."
"Awwwwww. Jackie!"
She gives you another hug, this one accompanied with tears and general bawling. You smirk at Dad, who cracks his knuckles while looking you unflinchingly in the eyes.
"I don't deserve you kids!" Mom finally finishes her monologue before blowing her nose into a handkerchief.
"I'm glad you liked it."
"Yes, we both really appreciate this, son." Dad says, putting his arm around Mom's shoulders.
"But you probably have important business to attend to. Don't let us keep you."
"Oh, yeah! Go on, have fun with your friends!"
"Bye, Mom!"
You leave.
Kasai's eye twitches again. He really should get that checked out.
I'm gonna have to whip my son at this rate.


You knock on the door to the brothel apartment.
"Yeah, I'm coming."
Rose opens the door.
"Hi, Jack."
"Hey. Is Ash home?"
"Nope. Went shopping with her friends."
Rose looks at the basket in your hand.
"What's that you got there?"

>[]Here, take it. Can't stand chocolate.
>[]Brownies. Can't eat them all by myself.
>[]Things for me. Don't touch.
>>[]Here, take it. Can't stand chocolate.
That's pretty rude.
>[]Brownies. Can't eat them all by myself.
"Cool. Come in."
Rose shuts the door behind you and sits down on the couch. You set the brownies on the table and start eating one.
"To what do I owe this visit?"
"Thought you'd be lonely. And that you'd appreciate free food."
"I do, but you better save some for your whores."
Oh, yeah. They'd probably be pissed if you ate everything.
"You come over for anything else..?"
She gives you a sly look. You're not impressed.
"So we're joking about that, now?"
"Well, yeah. It was just one time, and we were both being idiots."
You roll your eyes and get some milk to wash your brownies down.
"Seriously, though. You need to get anything off your chest?"

>[]Well, I'm trying to organize a trip to a far-off continent.
>[]Need to figure out how to replicate food... it's driving me up the wall.
>[]Nope. Nothing at all.
>>[]Need to figure out how to replicate food... it's driving me up the wall.
"Just use the scone." Rose says, pouring her own glass of milk.
"...forgive me, but I don't follow."
"Our parents got ahold of a scone during their adventuring days. Break it in half, it splits into more scones. And so on."
"Wouldn't it have gone bad?"
"Doesn't matter as long as you can still break it in half."
Huh. Well, that takes care of food. Still, if you could get some actual supplies, that would be quite handy. Three months of the same food would be... ugh.
"So, what do you need this for? Planning on performing some miracles?"

>[]Sure. Mom and Krystal haven't really done that so far.
>[]I guess you could say that.
>[]Going on a boat ride to the Unknown Lands.
>>[]I guess you could say that.
>>[]Going on a boat ride to the Unknown Lands.
>[]Wanna come?
"Uh... don't take this personally, but no. I've only had marginal combat training. If you can set up a portal over there I might come see what it's like."
"Ah. What a shame."
Rose crosses her legs and speaks in a mock accent.
"I'm a lady, Jack. You can't expect me to cross an ocean in discomfort!"
"Uh-huh. Well, I'll have to see what I can do. Wouldn't want to sail all the way back, anyway."
Rose sips her milk.
"I wouldn't mind stopping by a daemonette village. Hear some stories, share some food, maybe have an orgy."
"They are fond of those."

>[]I better get going. Need to find that scone.
>[]Well, my 'whores' are probably missing me.
>[]I know this is off topic, but I really feel like I should apologize again...
>>[]Well, my 'whores' are probably missing me.
>[]I know this it off topic, but i really feel like I should apologize again...
And kiss her again
Because it can't possibly devolve into sex
>>[]I better get going. Need to find that scone.
"I know I would be." she says.
You give her a kiss.
"...uh, Jack? What're you doing?"
"Sorry. I didn't--"
Rose pulls you in and kisses you back.
"Don't make a habit out of it. Now go, don't keep 'em waiting."
She smacks you on the ass, prompting you to say "Uh, sure." and hurry out.
Dammit, I've really done it this time.


You get home and furrow your brow. There aren't any suspicious noises coming from upstairs... that isn't normal.
Oh, right. Helena is still a soldier. She's probably at the castle or busting smugglers.
"Vaux! I'm home!"
"Welcome home!"
You walk into the kitchen. Vaux is concentrating on making herself some dinner.
"Don't put too much of that sauce on there." you caution.
"Right. How was your day, Jack?"
"Oh, walked around the docks, went to a few taverns, browsed for books. Then I went to see Mom and Rose... that reminds me, I brought home some treats."
You set the remaining brownies on the table.
"Those look pretty good."
"They are. Mom made them."

>[]Help Vaux out with dinner.
>[]Make something yourself.
>[]Seductively put a hand on her tail.
>[] ¡Help Vaux out with dinner.
>[]Pet scaly tail
>>[]Help Vaux out with dinner.
You take a look at what Vaux is cooking. Meat, sauces, vegetables... you don't see anything that would cause nausea.
"Looks pretty good." you comment, putting a hand on her tail. Despite the scales, it's soft and warm.
Vaux glances toward you and continues her cooking.
"This 'stove' is pretty convenient. And all these ingredients. I've improved a lot since my first meal..."
Helena had mentioned something about a blackened mess.
"Well, I think if you were to--"
You reach for some spices before getting your hand slapped away.
"I'm almost done, don't touch anything."
You keep petting her tail. It's a nice experience, and she doesn't seem to mind.
"Aaaaaaand, it's done."
You and Vaux make some plates and sit down at the table.


"Mm. That was pretty good."
"Yep. You're definitely better than my sister."
You sit back in your chair and sigh.
"Whew! I think I'd better be going to bed."

>[]You coming? I can pet your tail more.
>[]...but maybe I should stay up to wait for Helena. We can all have fun.
>>[]...but maybe I should stay up to wait for Helena. We can all have fun
"Well, if you're going to be waiting, let me draw you a bath. You must be tired after all that walking."
The trams made it a lot easier than it would normally be, but you could use a bath...
"Sure. Why not?"
"Let me get it for you, then."
Vaux heads for the bathroom. You take a drink of water before following her.
She's already stripped down to her underwear. You take off your own clothes and ease yourself into the warm water.
"Ahh... come in, Vaux. It feels good."
"Hold on..."
She pours some fragrant salts into the water before getting in. The water turns to a silvery color, and you can feel your muscles ease up.
You and Vaux wash each other, taking the opportunity to appreciate your bodies. She's got some nice tits... heavy, but not saggy. You lean in and start sucking on her nipple.
"Uh--! Jack..."
She wraps her arms around you and moans softly.
"I'm home!"
You reluctantly pull away from your lover's chest.
"Hi, Helena. We saved some dinner for you!"
"Fuck yeah. You guys in the bath? Keep going, I'll be there in a sec."


You eventually manage to get yourself cleaned up and in bed. Your lovers lie across from you, dressed in skimpy underwear.
"So, Jack."
Helena starts groping Vaux's breasts. Vaux slides her hand down Helena's underwear and squeezes her ass, much to her pleasure.
"Well--fuck, that's good--it's been a while since I had you taking charge. We've just kind of been on equal terms and whatnot. I've convinced Vaux here to let you do whatever you want to us."
Vaux clears her throat.
"As long as it isn't too weird."
"Like she said."
They start taking their underwear off.
"What do you want us to do for you tonight, Jack?"

('Whatever you want' is an option if you don't really care)
>Missionary for the sole purpose of love and reproduction
"Lie down, then."
They do so. You get on top of Helena and give her a kiss.
"Hmm. I don't really like this position."
"You said I could do anything."
"Yeah, but you're taller than me--I'm barely not getting crushed."


You wake up the next morning, feeling pretty good save for the arm stuck under Vaux. They had cast some birth control spells beforehand, which was unfortunate. Still, it might be best to have kids after your misguided quest for revenge.
You shift around. Vaux's tail made spooning with her a difficult task.
"Jack..? Oh, you're awake."
She turns around and gives you a kiss.
"Let's get some breakfast."


You finish off your glass of milk while wondering what you should do today.

>[]Go get the scone.
>[]Talk to Stubb, see if there's some place you can acquire other supplies.
>[]Visit Rose again. She might have some good advice.
>[]Go get the scone.
Forget this let's visit Rose, we could use the talking
You get on the tram to the red light district. People keep telling you that the commute to work is terrible. They should try visiting their sister here, you'd almost gotten bought by a pimp after asking for directions.
...maybe Dad should just have a little raid on the district. Not big enough to shut the whole place down, but enough to get these creeps in the dungeons. You'd help if anyone asked.
Nothing happens this time, fortunately.
"Hey, Rose. You up?"
The door opens. It's Ash.
"Oh hi, Jackie! Sorry, Rose is working."
You raise an eyebrow.
"Downstairs, yes. She got a job yesterday."
"Huh. Good for her."
"It's just blowjobs for now, can't just make an exception because she's my daughter. It's important to get acquainted with the basics before moving up... please, come in."
You sit down.
"Uh, we aren't gonna be talking about brothel work this whole time, right?"
"Of course. That would just get uncomfortable."
You nod in agreement.
"That it would be. How are you, Ash?"
"I'm doing well. Should be a slow day today, I doubt I'll have to go downstairs myself. You want some tea?"
Ash gets up to start making a pot.
"So, how's life for you, Jack?"

>[]It's fine.
>[]Your daughter's been hitting on me.
>[]I've been hitting on your daughter.
>[]I'm going on a potentially disastrous voyage.
>>[]I'm going on a potentially disastrous voyage.
And tell Rose she can kiss her nephews and nieces goodbye if she keeps slutting it up
No offense aunty
"You can say that, but I doubt it'll make Rose stay away. Besides, it's possible she might find something else she wants to do."
Ash sets some tea on the table and pours you a cup.
"Thanks. Anyway... I'm going on a voyage that could end pretty badly."
"Where is that?"
"Unknown Lands. If nothing else, I'd like to get a portal set up over there. I'd rather not have to sail back and forth."
Ash whistles softly.
"Well, I wish you luck. Does your father know about this?"
That was sort of true. He knew you had plans, but he probably didn't know you had a ship lined up.
"Why are you going? Just curiosity?"
"Well, some crow lady took my artifact and flew away. Then she ran just before I captured her. Even if she isn't there, I can always go down as a famous explorer."
"Unless the ship sinks."
You chuckle. "I think grandpa wouldn't want that to happen."
This tea is pretty good... you had no idea Ash knew how to make any.
"So, are you going to wait for Rose, or..?"

>[]I should actually get going. Thanks for the tea.
>[]I'll wait for a little. Tell me about yourself.
>[]Sure. I've got time. When does her shift end?
>[]And get a mouthful of penis-stink? No thanks Ash
>[]I should actually get going. Thanks for the tea.
>[]And do tell her what i said, plz
"Fine, then. If you have to leave. Wait, did you say a mouthful--"
"Bye, Ash!"
You shut the door and head for your parents' house.


You give each other a big hug.
"Aww, did you come back to say thanks for the brownies?"
"Uh, sure. Thanks!"
"You're welcome!"
"Hey, do you mind if I take a look through the pantry? I'm kinda hungry."
"Go ahead! Take anything you want."
You step inside and look around. It should be... there!
The scone is kind of old and dry, but all you need to do is break it in half.
"What're you up to, son?"
You flinch and snap the scone in half. It splits into 44 copies of itself.
"Great job, Dad. We have to clean all this up now!"
You sigh and start putting the various scones into containers, pocketing one for yourself.
"Might I ask what you were doing looking at the family scone, Jack?"

>[]Just wanted to have one.
>[]I was gonna flood the pantry for keks.
>[]It's for my Unknown Lands voyage. You can't stop me.
>>[]I was gonna flood the pantry for keks.
>[]And i wanted to get one too iunno?
>[]Why are you so suspicious of me dad? Geez, get off my dik
"I'm just worried about you, son."
You roll your eyes and take a bite of one of the treats. As if he had anything to worry about.
"Out of the pantry."
Dad marches you out before giving you a pat on the back.
"There. Don't flood it, or you'll be cleaning it up."
You nod in compliance.
"Yes, Dad."
"Good. I'll be in my study if anyone needs me."
Mom pokes her head in from the other room.
"Scones? Aww, I can't have any... I'll get all tubby."
You decide not to make any remarks about her current appearance.
"Soooooo... whatcha doin?"

>[]I have to go, actually. Bye, Mom.
>[]Planning a prank on Dad. Wanna help?
>[]Mom, how can I bypass birth control spells?
We need to do something nice for dad.
>Mom, how can I bypass birth control spells?
That's not nice
Eh, Why not?
Supporting too
"We really should do something nice for Dad. Heʻs been having a bad week."
Mom frowns.
"Mmm. Yeah, heʻs seemed kind of down for a while."
You both sit down at the dinner table.
"Huh. What DOES Dad like? Threatening his kids? Scale polish?"
"I tried my best last night, it just seems like something is on his mind constantly. His masculine shoulders just seem to bear the sins of this world."
"That's a pretty colorful way of putting it, but I guess it works."
Mom sighs and puts her forehead on the table.
"I think he's just used to hiding his emotions. Last time he got angry he pulled a gun on your aunt, so maybe he just doesn't want anything like that happening again."
"Maybe... what the hell does he want? Decent kids? We'd have to brainwash Christine to give him that."
"Well, do you have any ideas!?"
"We could polish his halberd, maybe get it fixed up. Thing's getting battered."

>[]Sure. Let's go with that.
>[]He liked Nova, right? Are there any wolves around here?
>[]...let's just make him some dinner.
>[]He liked Nova, right? Are there any wolves around here?
Mom looks up at you.
"There should be some in the forest. Maybe someone has some for sale... hey, that's a good idea, Jack! Ooooooh, we can have a puppy!"
You might've gotten your mom too excited about this.
"We can feed him and pet him and call him George--"
"Mom, maybe we should make sure we can get one first."
"Good idea."


"Aww. They're so cute!"
Mom crouches in front of a cage of tusked wolf cubs. Some of them have gotten into a tussle. It would be a much more violent scene if their tusks had grown out.
While she's busy giggling and rubbing their fur through the bars, you negotiate with the vendor.
"Where did you get these, anyway?"
"Well... I kinda shot their mother. Felt bad about it, so I took her kids in. I don't have enough food to keep them fed, so I gotta sell 'em."
"Huh. How much for one?"
"Nooooo, we have to get them ALL!"
"No, Mom."
"Well, I can offer one for about... thirty-five Wisps?"
"I can manage that."
"Well, of course. That's the Imperator, isn't it? Wait'll I tell my wife."
You look the cubs over. Three catch your eye, one having a pure white coat, another running around the cage at top speed, and a third sleeping in the corner.

>[]I'll take the white one.
>[]I'll have the hyperactive one.
>[]That one, in the corner.
>[]Other. (If you're a sick bastard who doesn't like puppies)
>[]Indulge mom and get all three
You hesitate. Dad might not like this so much... well, you could always raise one, maybe give another to Rose.
"I'll take those three."
"Really? Well, if you really want 'em."
Mom reaches down and picks up two of the cubs.
"Hi! Oh, aren't you two just absolute cuties?"
They start licking her face. You slowly lift the sleeping cub out of the cage. He stirs and sleepily opens an eye before going back to sleep.


"Kasai, I have a surprise for you!"
Dad looks up from his desk, raising an eyebrow upon seeing the cubs (or 'cute widdle puppies', as Mom calls them).
"Aisha, what is this?"
"Here, hold him!"
"I'm not gonna--"
Mom forces the energetic one into his arms. He holds it slightly away from him.
"Uh... hi there."
The puppy barks happily and fervently tries to lick his face.
"You kind of look like... huh."
Dad holds him closer, scratching behind his ears.
"You like him? I'm gonna name this one Luna." Mom says, cradling her new friend in her arms.
"Wow. He's just..."
Dad shakes his head as if clearing it.
"Aisha, how are we supposed to take care of these?"
"Put them in the kennels! The workers will do all the nasty stuff, while we can take them to play in the fields and meadows... I wish Jack and Christine were little kids again."
Dad sighs.
"Very well. I suppose if we're naming them, this one will be... Orion."
Orion sneezes.
"Bless you."
"What'll you name that one, Jack?" Mom asks. You look down at the sleeping cub in your arms.

>[]Leman Russ.
"Oh, that's a nice name."
Mom gives Luna a scratch behind the ears.
"Well, don't let us hold you up. Go show him to your friends!"
"Uh... I bought this for--"
"He's yours. I doubt Christine would want him."
"Okay, then..."


"I'm home!"
"Welcome home, Jack. What's--"
Helena pauses as she enters the living room.
"What's that?"
"A puppy. His name's Aquila."
"He's pretty cute."
Aquila, long since awake, looks at her with big eyes and barks once.
Vaux comes into the living room and does a double-take at your new friend.
"Why is that here!?"
"I bought him."
"What about his mother?"
"She, uh, died. Animals can be tamed, Vaux. Did you know that?"
"Of course I did! Just... I don't know what to do."
"Here. Just scratch him behind the ears. Yes, just like that... his name's Aquila."
"Hi, uh... Aquila."
He barks happily.

>[]Well, I better get this scone to my ship.
>[]I better go put this guy in the kennels.
>[]I'll just build my own kennel! Legs can help somehow.
File: IMG_1855.jpg (507 KB, 1600x1200)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
Forgot my pic.
>>[]I'll just build my own kennel! Legs can help somehow.
>>[]I'll just build my own kennel! Legs can help somehow.
"Alright, I'm gonna need some sort of material that can keep a puppy from escaping it's confines. Gotta have some wood siding... maybe some canvas for shade. I can just get water straight from the lake with a pipe or something. Hell, maybe I can just fix up a house."
Helena shrugs.
"Well, don't look at me. I have work in about twenty minutes."
You go outside and look around. There's a few houses that could work, you'd just have to make sure Aquila couldn't escape through the doors and windows when he gets older. The ceiling is gone, but you could just have Legs put a web over it for some shade. Actually...
You walk the short distance to Legs's nest. From a distance, it resembles a stone house with red tiles, like all the others. You wouldn't guess there's a dryder living in the courtyard.
"Hello? You home?"
Legs peeks over the wall, followed by her children.
"Hi, uncle!" they shout.
"Hi, Jack? What's that, food?"
"No, it's a friend. Do you remember Nova?"
"Yeah, I do... such a shame."
"Well, I was gonna make a home for this guy. You want to help?"
Legs smiles.
"Of course. Do you need any webs? My children need practice."
"Yep. Try having them seal the windows on that house."


You step back and look up at Aquila's makeshift kennel. The windows are sealed with webbing, which should pose a problem for any puppies trying to escape. You cleared out the rubble and rigged up a makeshift gate... it'll do for now.
"Thanks for the help, Legs."
"It's no problem. I was getting tired of these little guys webbing the walls."

>[]I should go report to Stubb. He's probably getting antsy.
>[]Vaux! Come outside and play with these kids!
>[]Look around for a portable portal. Maybe Uncle Rorogan can help with that.
>[]Vaux, Helena! Come outside and play with these kids!
Unfortunately, Helena has gone to the castle. It's her job to sit around looking busy, after all.
Vaux is more than happy to play with weird spider children, though. One of them walks up to you... shit, what was his name? Jonah, right?
"Hi! Can we play catch?"
"Sure, Jonah! Let me get a ball."
This spider was a bit on the pudgy side, if you can believe it. Doesn't miss many meals. He also tends to breathe somewhat heavily after playing catch for long enough. Peter joins in soon after, and Aquila happily runs around underfoot. Vaux seems to be taunting the other three children and their inability to swim.


You stop to take a breather. These two were just... shit. Despite being a fat bastard, Jonah still had spidery legs, skittering all over the place. Both of them also used web lassos. Cheaters.
You look up at the sky. Afternoon... maybe four o'clock? Five?
"You want another round?" Peter asks.

>[]Sure. I won't lose this time! (D20)
>[]I have to go see to some business... sorry.
>[]We should be getting dinner ready.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

>[]Sure. I won't lose this time!
>[]Hey Vaux, can you imagine our little half-[insert Vaux's species name here]-half-human kids running around with them?
>[]Seductively Pet her
She looks up at you.
"I'm perfectly capable of imagining it."
"That's--oh, never mind."
You sneakily grab her tail. Sylph-Salamander hybrid kids... well, nobody can accuse you of low genetic diversity. That's... one-eighth god, one-eighth succubus, one-quarter dragon, and half Salamander. Or Imp, in Helena's case. Christ.
Salamander kids would probably be less affected, considering they'd inherit scales from both parents.
"Why are we talking about children, anyway?" Vaux asks.
"I'd kind of like to have some. Pass on my genes and all."
Vaux puts an arm around your waist.
"I'll think about it. When you do something amazing, I'll stop with the spells."
Shit. What would she define as 'amazing'? Making dinner? Probably not.
"For now, let's just take care of these children."
You nod in agreement. Legs had her hands full, considering that she didn't have anyone to help out.
...though she might be one of those species that bites the husband's head off. That could be an issue. Still, at least she didn't lay a hundred eggs.
Aquila darts in between the various limbs of the spiders, evading the futile efforts to catch him. Smart boy.
"Alright, I'm ready!"
You stop molesting Vaux and get ready for Peter's throw.
You're not really using any actual rules, it's more a contest to see who sucks at throwing and catching.
And with some help from your kung fu skills, you excel at both. Peter and Jonah are left in the dust.
"Aww, come on! Let me score just once!"
"Sorry. You mom wouldn't like it if I went easy."
They groan halfheartedly and finish up. It had been a pretty good game, and they'd still beaten you with their six-game lead.
You wave goodbye to Legs and her kids as they climb back into their nest. You pick Aquila up and start back to the house with Vaux.
"What wonderful children, don't you think so?"
"Well, they could stop eating bugs obnoxiously in front of me."

>[]Gotta go talk to a sea captain...
>[]Let's get some dinner ready.
>[]Find food for Aquila.
>[]Can you get some food for Aquila?
>[]I gotta go talk to a sea captain...
>>[]Gotta go talk to a sea captain...
You hand Aquila to Vaux. She gives you a kiss.
"Stay safe."
"Of course. I always do that."


What was it called again..? The Dart, yeah, that's it.
You find it in a dark corner of the shipyard. It's an old but good ship, just needs a paint job.
"Who're you?" a sailor grunts, barring access.
"My name is Jack, I have business with Captain Stubb."
"Do you? Well, go on in."
Stubb sits at a desk in his cabin, smoking a pipe.
"Ah. Jack. I've managed to acquire some provisions. Assuming they don't spoil, we might make it to the Continent before we starve. You got anything?"
You silently place the scone on his desk.
"...er, I suppose any supplement helps. How many have you got?"
"Just this."
Stubb's pipe falls out of his mouth.
"I'm not finished, watch."
You break the scone in half. Sixty-seven replicas spread themselves over Stubb's desk.
"...oh. Well, isn't that handy?"
He takes one and eats it.
"The crew will most likely be sick of it by the time we get there, but at least we'll live."
He stands up and shakes your hand.
"Thank you for this. Is there anything else we should acquire before going? I'd assume you would want a portal back."

>[]Yep. Let me take care of that now.
>[]Hm. I'll sleep on it, see if I can think of anything.
>[]Nah. I don't mind being stranded for months or possibly eternity.
>[]Yep. Let me take care of that now.
You head for the Sanctum next. If there's one person who would be willing to help you with this, it's Uncle Rorogan.
You find him in his office, staring into a crystal ball filled with what looked like a burning nebula. He seems bored.
"Hello, Jack."
"Hi, uncle. Say, do you want to help me with something?"
"That depends on what it is, but go on. Might relieve the monotony."
"I'm going on a trip to the Unknown Lands, and I'd like a portal that can take me back here."
"Hmm. Well, I did develop a long-range portal that can do as you ask, but it requires a physical link to work. I was going to build one where you want to, but none of those pirates wanted to take me. And my brother-in-law refused to fly me there."
"Oh. Great! Can I borrow the schematic or whatever?"
"Ha! No, I'm going with you. You would most likely screw it up and summon a god from another world... and gods know what that leads to."
Well, at least you'll have a mage along. That'll come in handy, especially if you need water.
"Are you sure? It'll be pretty dangerous."
"I have a safeguard in case the voyage is a disaster. I'm most likely to survive the whole debacle."
Your uncle's a dick, but he's a REALLY good mage...

>[]What're you looking at, anyway?
>[]We'll leave in two days!
>[]...do you need anything? Like, can I bring you cookies, or...
>[]We'll leave in two days!
>>[]What're you looking at, anyway?
File: IMG_1857.jpg (90 KB, 900x506)
90 KB
"Staring at a burning nebula, and thus monitoring the Astral Plane, doing some research, passing the time... that sort of thing."
"Oh. Well, have fun. Two days, remember that."
"Like I'd forget."


"I'm home!"
Aquila promptly jumps out from under a chair and follows you around.
"Welcome back. Did it go well?"
"Yep. I'll be leaving in two days."
"How long will the trip be..?"
"Three months."
Vaux frowns.
"I'm worried about you, Jack. What if something happens?"
"If something happens, I'll be able to deal with it. Mom, Dad, and grandma all survived shipwrecks."
"But how can you know you'll make it?"
You smile and give Vaux a hug.
"I just don't think it's my time to go. It's a family tradition. We do something great before living our lives out in relative peace. If I die... well, it's the will of the gods. I won't be able to do a thing about it."
You both stand there for a while, Aquila pulling at your pant legs.

>[]So. What's for dinner?
>[]You could come with. We can all die gloriously.
>[]Timeskip to setting sail.
>[]So. What's for dinner?
>[]Timeskip to setting sail.
"I bought some fresh bread, cheese, vegetables... maybe we can make some sandmages."
"They're called sandwiches, Vaux."
"Well, if you're going to be picky."


You give Vaux and Helena a big hug before you board the Dart. Off to the side, Rorogan seems to be awkwardly dealing with a young woman saying goodbye. You can tease him about that later.
"I'll miss you both." you whisper to your lovers.
"Don't worry, Jack. We'll stay strong. It'll be over in no time! Besides, we can always just call."
You nod uneasily. Codecs hadn't been tested at those ranges, for obvious reasons. They might run into issues.
"Well... bye."
You give them one last kiss and board the ship before you change your mind.
"You ready for this?" Stubb asks. You nod.
"Let's get going."
"Alright, then. Cast off!"
You wave goodbye to your lovers as the ship pulls away from the dock. Your voyage is finally under way...
You look over to the source of the noise. Dad's walking this way, accompanied by several guards.
"By Order of the Duke, stop!"
Stubb rushes to the railing.
"The hell is this?"
"This voyage will cease!"
"Cease!? This is private business!"
"Precisely." Dad says. "I have business with my son."
Stubb glances at you.
"Jack, get back here NOW."
"Dad, what the shit? I said goodbye and everything!"
"You are NOT going on some--"
"Oh, for Aeneth's sake."
Mom grabs onto him tearfully.
"Our son is growing uuuuup you can't keep him in the nest foreverrrrrrrrrrr!"
"Aisha, please--"
"Run, Jackie! I'll hold him off!"
She grabs your father in a bear hug. Anyone would be able to tell that she couldn't have stopped a small child like that, let alone your father.

>[]Stubb, let's get going.
>[]Take your uncle hostage. Might as well secede, you're going to a different nation anyway.
>[]Take us back... I'll talk him out of it.
>>[]Take us back... I'll talk him out of it.
>[]Stubb, let's get Goin!
>[]Love you mom! Fuk you dad! Still love you tho, tell sis i said she's fat!
Dad sighs.
"So be it. Close the gate!"
A guard relays the message through his codec. The gate leading to the open ocean is swiftly closed off by a portcullis.
Dad flies over to your ship and folds his arms.
"Turn this thing around."
Stubb shrugs and orders the ship to dock.
"Stubb, I thought we were friends!"
"This isn't worth prison time, Jack. I'm sorry."
You sigh. All that work for nothing.
"We're going to have a long talk about this, Jack."
"Aisha, please. It's for his own--"
"Let him go."
Kasai sighs and turns to confront the newcomer, hesitating as he sees her.
Tsuyoi walks down the pier, shrugging off several guards as they try to help her.
"Kasai, do you remember the time I embarrassed you in front of your peers, trying to prevent you from going to Far Isle?"
"Mm-hm. That never happened, because I understood that my son would be taking risks, and there was no way I could stop him."
She glances at Mom.
"Especially with his mother goading him along."
"Aisha, perhaps you should have a drink of water."
Kasai has the decency to look embarrassed.
"Well... what am I supposed to do?"
"Trust in the gods, and their judgement. What was it she said... 'you're only allowed to hold someone back if they're being stupid'. Minus the profanity. Your son is taking a calculated gamble that could potentially change the world as we know it. As far as I can see, he is fully prepared to deal with the consequences should he fail."
Tsuyoi walks up to her son and stares him down.
"Let him go."
Kasai starts to say something, sighs, and puts a hand over his face.
"Open the damn gate..."
Tsuyoi gives him a hug.
"Thank you, Kasai. Let's be off then, Jack!"
Dad walks off before doing a double-take.
"You're going too!?"
"Are you worried about me? I doubt any of these fine young men are interested in me."
There's some scattered denials, but they're more polite than anything else. She was in her sixties, after all.

>[]Try and protest.
>[]Just take the opportunity to get out of here.
>[]Welcome aboard, grandma!
>[]Protest! What if something happens to you tho?
>[]I have a belt and I'm not afraid to kill myself!
>>[]Welcome aboard, grandma!
"Thank you, Jack."
Dad simply shrugs.
"Well... be safe, Jack."
"I will! Bye, Mom!"
She desperately tries to fly toward you while Dad holds her by the ankle.
"Okay, NOW we're off."
Stubb chews on his pipe as you sail out into the ocean. When he's convinced nothing else is going to happen, he starts shouting orders.
"Alright, get the mast up."
The sailors get a strange pole with a white sheet of cloth hanging from it set up.
"Uh... what's that?"
"Sail. Catches the wind."
You scratch your head. Ships normally use magical engines that propel it along, blasting air through the water below the hull. This could help you go faster.
"Well... get settled in, Jack. We're going for a ride."

Two weeks later...

You stand at the railing of the ship, staring into the ocean's depths. Who knows what might lurk down there? There's no shortage of rumors. Primordial beings, shunned by the gods and cast into the deepest depths. A race of aquatic mutants, armed with metals and knowledge like no other. Alluring temptresses leading sailors to their demise.
Whatever. As long as nothing shows up, you don't give a shit.
Several days ago, Stubb announced that you officially made it farther than any previously recorded vessel. Grandpa's kept the weather good...
It's just so fucking boring. There's nothing to do but sit around, do some work, and eat.
It would be more bearable if you had some female company aboard. Not Tsuyoi, actual physically fit, attractive females. She's got some good stories, at least.
Something creates a ripple in the water. More fish? Maybe a larger animal, like a porpoise or something.

>[]Go listen to Tsuyoi. Maybe you'll learn something interesting.
>[]Talk to Rorogan. You could always use more spells.
>[]Go listen to Tsuyoi. Maybe you'll learn something interesting.
File: IMG_1859.jpg (121 KB, 1174x575)
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121 KB JPG
New thread.

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