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Previous threads:

Last time, our protagonist Jack was used by females and began his epic hike through a swamp.
>And leave a note for Helena, she's welcome to join if she finds us
You get dressed and take a walk around the village. Let's see...
There's that girl from earlier, talking to some of her friends. Another one catches your eye, due to her brightly colored scales. She appears to be making sure the water she's drawing isn't contaminated.
Then there's that one, just coming back from a hunting trip, looks like. She's got a longbow and the corpse of some crawly thing slung over her shoulder.

Which one will you approach first?
>[]Social one.
>[]Look around for a different stereotype.
Whos /fit/ter?
>[]Keep an eye out for more but don't loose sight of the huntress and social one
Let's just go for the huntress, a capable woman is much better than a social butterfly that masturbates to herself.
Wise words.
Seconding this then
File: IMG_1796.jpg (99 KB, 640x685)
99 KB
The huntress sits down in front of her hut and lays her kill across a table. It twitches before getting its skull punctured by a knife.
She starts peeling off the creature's skin and ripping it's spindly legs off. You carefully approach.
"Hey, killer. What's up?"
"The fact that I'm ignoring you is a courtesy. Please don't bother me."
Well, shit. You probably should've guessed she'd be the tsundere one. At least she speaks Common.
You turn around and rub your head. Some guards are dragging Helena to the chief's house. She doesn't look too hurt.
What to do about the target...

>[]I just wanted to know about your kill.
>[]Come on, how could I resist your beauty? Give me a chance. (D20)
>[]I'll be blunt, I just wanna fuck a lizard. Thought you'd be cool with that.
Rolled 12 (1d20)

Oh my god
She's absolutely hot
If she had more Skyrim Argonian head bits she would be perfect
>[]Come on, how could I resist your beauty? Just wanna have fun, maybe more, with a lizard and a friend of mine.
Is this enough or should i support roll?
11 is the bare minimum for success, but you're welcome to try.
Rolled 4 (1d20)

Ignore if I get a 1.
"There are many 'lizards' around here. Find one who may actually show interest."
Shit. You didn't think 'lizard' would be that offensive.
"Look, I'm sorry. We've started out on the wrong foot. My name's Jack."
"And mine is Vaux. I don't see why I should care."
"Well, I'm currently supposed to be stealing an artifact from some feral things out there. Having someone else along could be a lot of help."
Vaux sighs.
"That, I might consider, if you can afford sufficient payment... or maybe you could do something for me."

>[]What is it?
>[]I have Wisps. Or I could give you guns.
>[]Yeah... I'll think about it. Gotta go.
>[]What is it?
>>[]I have Wisps, but that something sounds interesting.
"Ha. As if we would have any use for Sylph currency."
Vaux pops her kill's heart into her mouth before continuing.
"You see that one, over there?"
She gestures toward the girl whose room you had snuck into.
"How would you say it... she's been a bitch. Belittling me for getting work done. If you could humiliate her, I would be somewhat inclined to help you."
You rub your chin. Making a Stacy look bad? That had the potential to be its own reward.
"How would your opinion of me improve if I did this?"
"I would be forced to admit that you're useful, but all you've done so far is talk."
She's totally into me.

>[]I'll do it.
>[]What would it take for you to have sex with me?
>[]Nah, I think I should be going. I'll woo you with tales of adventure and a spooky skull.
>>[]I'll do it.
But do this also.
>I'll woo you with tales of adventure and a spooky skull.
Also if i remember correctly you posted more frequently and consistently back with Aisha, or was that just my imagination?
>>1791595 (I had more free time)
"I'll do it, and then I'll seduce you so you won't be able to live without me!"
"Mm-hm. You do that."
"I will."
You turn on your heel and walk away. Time to plan--
A guard stops you.


You enter the chief's hut. Helena sits at a table, two more guards on either side of her.
"Hey, Jack."
"Hi, Helena."
A big, scarred Salamander grunts at you.
"You know this woman?"
"Yeah, we work together."
The man, who you assume is the chief, 'hmm's in response.
"And from a prior report from one of my men, you're rather... close."
"Yeah, I guess."
"Why did you not tell us of her?"
You think quickly.
"I didn't know she was even around until last night. I was going to tell you, but..." you gesture in Helena's direction.
"Well, then. I will allow you to leave with her. Don't cause trouble... and don't linger in this village for too long." he warns.
You and Helena quickly leave.
"You okay?"
"Yeah. Got knocked around a little, but nothing lasting. You found someone?"
"Yep. That girl over there, eating the intestines. She wants me to humiliate that other girl. Y'know, the one we scared last night."
"Cool. Any ideas?"

Come up with a plan to humiliate the narcissistic bitch.
Let rumor fly that you are half dragon, she will become interested, and publicly turn her down.
"I've got a good one... go socialize. Try to mention that I'm half-dragon as casually as possible. For most efficient rumor spreading, tell three people and let it go from there."
Helena raises an eyebrow.
"I don't know what you're planning, but I hope it goes well."
You split up. Helena heads for the village's main area while you lean against a wall nearby.
Now, all you can do is wait.

>[]Maybe Malcom knows some interesting stories.
>[]Ask around about that girl. Might as well get some info.
>[]Go try some pickup lines on Vaux. (Is it pronounced 'vox' or 'vo'? I have no idea)
>>[]Maybe Malcom knows some interesting stories.
We gotta find a critter to retrieve it's skull.
>[]Maybe Malcom knows some interesting stories.
>>1791938 (the artifact is a skull)
You go over to Malcom's house and knock on the door.
"One second... oh, hello, Jack."
"You mind if I come in?"
"Not at all."
You sit down inside. Malcom starts making some sort of tea.
"So, what brings you here today? That business last night?"
"No, that's been taken care of. I just wanted to see if you had any stories to tell. You look like you know things."
Malcom chuckles.
"Well, it's hard to get to my age without experiencing anything interesting. Let's see..."
He sits down and sips his tea.
"There was my service in the Sylph-Cinderfell war. That was... nigh on twenty years ago. By the gods, it feels like I've just returned. Other than that, I've cured a particularly disastrous strain of bonerot in this village, and I worked with an adventuring party, for a time."

>[]Let's hear about the war.
>[]That party sounds interesting.
>>[]Let's hear about the war.
"Bonerot is an infectious disease that softens the bones. One case was so bad he couldn't get up for fear of snapping like a twig."
Malcom gestures outside, at the plants spewing spores.
"These keep the disease at bay, somehow. Breathing the spores in seems to make one healthier."
Huh. It might be worth having things growing in your lungs if they ward off disease... you'll have to get checked when you get back.
"But you asked about the war, didn't you? Well, I was nearing sixty at the time I was enlisted, but the most important thing was that I could keep myself and others alive."
He sighs deeply.
"I saw things out there... some of them still trouble me. It will be good for me to share. There were no battles, only massacres of Cinderfell forces."
You grimace. While the war had been glorified by the Empire, the truth was that firearms--and later, siezed Cinderfell equipment--utterly dominated the battlefield. And your grandmother had led the charge.
"Yes... the siege of Delgaran, the Burning Mountain, quelling insurgents..."
He takes a shaky breath.
"They're still finding revenants in that area. They've had to resort to burning the area again." you say.
"Is that so... well, I saw your grandmother at Delgaran. Not that she was hard to miss, battling Calaron atop his collapsing fortress. If any there doubted the existence of the gods, they did no longer after that day."
Malcom goes on, telling you about his experiences as a medic. He had saved a Cinderfell engineer's life, and received the man's prized timepiece in thanks.
"When I was called to come to this place... I'll admit I jumped at the opportunity. Anything to get farther away from that place. I suppose Aethan knew I couldn't stomach the memories."
You rack your brain. Who..?
Oh, yeah. Aethan was the leader of Malcom's order. They served Aeneth, your great-grandmother and mother to all the gods. What few people knew was that Aethan was Aeneth herself. They never seem to question why she doesn't age.

>[]Did you hear what happened to Krystal after that battle?
>[]...hey, what's your opinion on Vaux? Local girl, huntress.
>[]I have to be going, unfortunately. Thanks for the tea.
>>[]Did you hear what happened to Krystal after that battle?
>>[]...hey, what's your opinion on Vaux? Local girl, huntress.
>[]Did you hear what happened to Krystal after that battle?
>[]After that say our farewells and leave to see if our plan has worked
Hey op
Could we have saved Krystal? If we had done anything differently could she be alive right now? Ir was she supposed to die for plot purposes?

Cuz i feel bad about her death even when i didn't really knew her
Also where's Tsuyoi?
File: IMG_1436.jpg (60 KB, 359x480)
60 KB
Everyone dies.
Krystal just did it earlier because she was a psycho, nothing could've prevented that unless you got her an everything-proof shield.
She's still watching over her grandkids, so don't be sad.
Tsuyoi's been doing diplomatic work for a few years now, working out trade deals with other cities and whatnot. She's in her seventies... probably doesn't have too many years left.
I got happy then went sad again with the Tsuyoi bit
"She went on a naval campaign, didn't she?"
"Yeah, but she got stranded on an island for... two years? Everyone thought she died."
Malcom raises an eyebrow.
"I didn't know that. I suppose I was busy during the war's aftermath."
Yeah, everyone was...
You sip your tea and think.
"Malcom, do you know Vaux? Huntress girl?"
"I've spoken to her. We haven't spoken ever since her younger brother was killed."
"Oh... what happened?"
"He was dragged into the swamps by those feral beast-men."
"Well, I better be going."
You stand up and shake Malcom's hand.
"Thanks for the tea. And the stories."
"My pleasure. Good luck on your quest."
You leave the healer's house. Some older women washing out their clothes start whispering to each other.
Your half-dragon nature couldn't exactly be disputed. You've got claws and scales for fuck's sakes.
...would dragons be revered or despised amongst these people? They're reptiles, and dragons are just near-immortal, magical, super-reptiles. You know ancient civilizations used to worship them.
As you return to your usual wall-leaning spot, you can see the target and her gaggle of friends desperately trying not to look your way. Helena waves casually, eating a fruit and watching from a hut's roof.
The girl and one of her friends break off from the group and walk up to you.
"Hello... friend doesn't speak language."
"Ah. I see. Need something?"
"Yes... friend want eat meal, sometime soon?"
The target subtly squeezes her breasts together with her upper arms.

>[]Food? Sure. (Demoralize later)
>[]Sorry, I'm really busy. REALLY busy.
>[]With her? I might consider it if she weren't a stuck-up, narcissistic bitch.
If you've got any good rejection lines feel free to share.
File: IMG_1287.png (137 KB, 565x622)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
Being Tsuyoi is suffering.
She grew up in a shitty desert before losing a lot of her friends sailing over to Diluvium, then was ostracized for being weak, then her wife went missing for five years before coming back. Even then, she was constantly risking her life and drinking herself silly before dying tragically before her very eyes.
...shit, I put that poor girl through hell.
A-at least she has a nice house to live in...
I didn't ask for these feels
Lets say a modified version of
Why would we take her, that masturbates to herself, over someone who could be useful and more alluring like a huntress?
"Why would I be interested in her? She masturbates to her reflection, did you know that? Someone who can take care of themselves... that's more my type."
The target's friend hesitantly translates this. The target says something angrily in her language, her face reddening.
"She says, how you know she pleasured?"
"The Watcher sees all sins of the earth. Tell her to rid herself of vanity and seek enlightenment."
The friend translates. Your target storms off. Her friend hurries after her.
"You should've told me she masturbated to herself."
Vaux comes from around the corner of a nearby house.
"Hey there! Did I do a good job?"
"Adequate. Though I didn't know about her masturbatory habits. It disgusts me."
"You don't ever masturbate?"
"That's none of your concern."

>[]Will you help me retrieve that artifact now?
>[]I'm sorry about your brother.
>[]You want to meet my friend? She's cool, you'd like her.
>[]Will you help me retrieve that artifact now?
>[]Wanna meet my friend? She's cool, you'd like her.
>[]Will you help me retrieve that artifact now?
>[]Wanna meet my friend? She's cool, you'd like her.
"I suppose I'll help you in what capacity I can..."
"Great. You want to meet my friend? She's awesome."
"I don't have anything else to do."
You walk over to Helena. She jumps down from the roof and looks up at
"Hi, Jack. Who's this?"
"Helena, this is Vaux. Vaux, this is Helena."
"Pleased to meet you, Vaux."
"A pleasure. Does this one attempt to flirt with you, too?"
"Yep. I had to follow him because his mom's by boss."
Vaux winces.
"I'm sorry."

>[]Let's just go get that artifact...
>[]I'll make you both helplessly in love with me! Then there will probably be a fight.
>[]Helena, stop pretending you didn't pressure me into sex.
>[]Helena, stop pretending you didn't pressure me into sex, you too Vaux
>[]Let's go get that artifact, girls!
>>[]I'll make you both helplessly in love with me! Then there will probably be a fight.
Vaux glares at you.
"I never asked for any such thing."
"You don't have to ask, I can tell by your smitten glances."
"He's Alagos's grandchild." Helena says apologetically. "Nobody can expect him to be normal."
That bitch!
"Regardless, you'll both be head-over-heels for me once I figure out where that pan flute got to! Come on, let's go."
"Wha--hey, let me get my equipment first!"


You stand at the outskirts of the village. Vaux scoffs upon seeing you wearing your gas mask.
"The air too dirty for you, Sylph?"
"It's for my body odor. You probably don't even notice, what with having no deodorant."
You set out across the swamp, keeping watch for any creatures lurking around.
"I don't see how that is going to help if we're attacked." Vaux says, eyeing your SMG.
"It hurls a chunk of lead at 1200 feet per second, there's kind of a reason why people like them so much. Also, keep a good lookout. There's some asshole following me who painted his armor brown and green."
Vaux looks a little more nervous at that statement.
"Wait, wait!"
She stops you and points at some reeds scattered throughout the water.
"Do not touch those. They are antennae of vicious beasts."
"Uh... okay."
You look for a way around. It's either moving gingerly through here or going through the spooky trees that probably grow leeches or something.

>[]Yeah, let's go around.
>Let's go around
>And "accidentally" trip and grope Helena then Vaux
>>[]Yeah, let's go around.
>>[]Yeah, let's go around.
Rolled 20 (1d20)

>>[]Be VERY CAREFUL. (D20)
Holy Fuck
(Crap. Wrote this before I saw that crit)
"Yeah... let's not go that way."
You head over to the creepy trees and 'accidentally' slip on a rock beneath the water, falling face first into Vaux's ample chest.
(20 for groping oh boy)
You grab her ass and try to appear as if you're regaining your balance. Her face flushes.
"What are you doing!?"
"Shit, sorry."
You let go of her and back away, mentally preparing for a slap. It never comes.
Vaux's legs tremble slightly. Seems like she got a little excited from that.
"Be careful where you step!" she half-shouts at you before heading into the trees.
"I'm getting to her..." you say, fondling Helena's ass.
"Uh-huh. I'm sure that succubus blood helped."
Helena squeezes your crotch before heading after Vaux. You follow her.


A revenant lunges at you from the depths of the swamps. A loud crack rings out over the landscape, followed by a string of curses.
You gun down the revenant and head for the source of the noise. It's the sniper!

>[]DIE! (D20)
>[]Stick 'em up! Why are you trying to kill me!?
>[]Capture and torment him.
>>[]Stick 'em up! Why are you trying to kill me!?
You charge up the small, muddy hill the sniper had been hiding on. Due to the dented helmet, it seems he fired too hastily and got smacked in the face.
You point your SMG at him.
"Okay, okay! Shit, calm down!"
"...anything but that, please."
"DO IT."
The sniper sighs and starts working at the straps on his helmet. All of a sudden, he rips it off, bringing you face to face with... Krystal?
"OoOoOoOoo, I'm a ghost!"
She throws a pouch to the ground, filling the area with thick smoke. You reflexively fire into the cloud a few times.
"What the fu--did you see that!?"
Helena's voice comes through the smoke.
"Yeah... was that--"
"It was. But she looked... younger."

>[]Ask grandfather what the hell is going on.
>[]Call Mom and start freaking out.
>[]Chase her.
File: PLZ MUH FEELS.png (56 KB, 678x1362)
56 KB
I refuse to believe that, it must be some sick fuck using magic or tec to look like her
That's fucked up
She's fookin dead
>>[]Ask grandfather what the hell is going on.
>>[]Call Mom and start freaking out.
You run after the impostor.
"Jack! Get back, it's not safe!" Vaux cries.
Whoever would pretend to be your dead grandmother was clearly a sick bastard. No mercy.
The impostor is running across the surface of the water. Damned magic boots. SMG would be pretty ineffective at this range.
"I'm real, Jackie! I was the one who let you out of that closet and told you to kill people!"
"I'm good. Bye, Jackie."
The impostor disappears. Invisibility...
You kick a nearby tree, causing it to tilt slightly.
Helena catches up and breathes heavily.
"Don't run off!"
"Helena, someone is making this PERSONAL. What the hell..."
Vaux jogs up to you.
"Hm. Whoever that was, they knew where not to go. We just barely missed a pack of wyverns."
You pale. Feral wyverns were nasty fuckers. Like flying raptors.
"G-good thing..."

>[]Let's keep going.
>[]Call Mom to report in.
>[]Think out loud about conspiracies while walking.
>Call mom to tell her what the fuck just happened
>And keep moving
You get your bearings and head toward the temple while calling your mother.
"Jackie! Oh my goodness, you haven't called for so LONG--"
"Mom, I just saw someone impersonating Krystal."
"...what? Why?"
"I don't know, but it's pissing me off. It's a good disguise, but she looks a lot younger for some reason."
"Huh. Could she actually--"
"Mom, we both saw her die. We both saw her body burn and crumble to ash."
"Okay, sorry. Geez."
"Who's this?" Vaux asks, looking into the codec's viewer.
You wince as Mom's cry of happiness ruptures the eardrums of several small creatures.
"Mom, she isn't my girlfriend. Yet. She's just acting as a guide. Helena got caught, by the way."
"What? Henrietta, I'm disappointed!"
"It's Helena..."
You sigh.
"Mom, its fine. I'll need all the help I can get."
"I suppose... have you been washing your--"
You hang up.
"...who was that?" Vaux asks hesitantly.
"My mother, Imperator of the Order of Alagos."
"...interesting woman."
"You should meet grandpa."
«Jack, are you a scalie now? Why is a bikini-clad lizard accompanying you through the swamp? It's not a very sanitary place, how are you supposed to bang her?»
«Hi, grandpa.»


You throw your arms up and give thanks to the gods.
"Finally, I can sit down without worrying about parasites!"
You quickly set up camp and prepare some rations.
"Fuck... Vaux, how can you stand it here?"
"I haven't been any place else. Some of my friends left the village to go north."
"They were pretty smart."

>[]Flirt a little. Might as well work on getting her in bed. (D20)
>[]Me and Helena might be making a little noise tonight. Try to ignore us.
>[]Just start fucking Helena in front of Vaux. She won't mind, right?
Hang up clothes to dry, while subtly showing off our body.
>[]Just start fucking Helena in front of Vaux. She won't mind, right?
Rolled 4 (1d20)

>>[]Flirt a little. Might as well work on getting her in bed. (D20)
Rolled 7 (1d20)

Rolled 20 (1d20)

Flirt with both?
Holy Shit
We can probably get away with any option and any suggested option
You guys wanna do something different?
Like start feeling up Helena and give Vaux a show in the middle of the camp and when things are about to get penetrative we go somewhere private and hope she follows?
Seduce them both by doing a little strip tease as we hang up our clothes to dry from all the muck?
File: IMG_1778.jpg (1.28 MB, 1200x3600)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
I guess I'll do this one.
In the meantime, go watch the eclipse or fill out this form.
I'll watch the eclipse when it gets here.
I would if i understood what the fuk im supposed to do
You get some branches together and make a sort of rack to hang your clothes on. They've gotten all soaked from water and sweat. Probably smell awful, too. You make sure to hang them downwind.
Vaux unconsciously stares at your muscles while you undress. You're not exactly ripped, but you could definitely take some of those guys back in the village.
She turns away when you hang up your undies, though.
"Good idea, Jack."
You sit down while Helena strips off her own clothes.
"I don't have to... dry these." she says, trying not to stare at you. She's wearing what amounts to a leather bikini, so you guess she isn't exactly lying.
Helena sits on your lap, rubbing her asscheeks up and down your cock a few times.
"What are you--"
"Calm down, we're just getting comfortable."
"You... you do that."
Vaux coughs uncomfortably and shifts around. Her thighs are pressing together a little more than necessary.
"Mm, Jack..."
Helena turns her head to kiss you. You start rubbing your hands up and down her body while kissing her neck.
"Don't lick me... I'm sweaty."
"I don't mind."
You grab her thighs and lift her up into the air slightly.
"Jack... in front of her?"
"She doesn't mind. Don't you, Vaux?"
"N-not particularly."
You lower Helena down onto your cock, sighing in pleasure as her pussy twitches and tightens around you.
She starts bouncing up and down, moaning and guiding your hand toward her clit.
You grunt and cum hard inside her. Helena screams as the sensation triggers her own climax.
You give her a kiss and gently lower her into the soft grass.
Vaux's face has gone completely red. She stares openly at your cock, a small droplet of saliva dripping from her open mouth.
"Vaux, come here."
She does as you ask, albeit hesitantly. You stand up and start taking her clothes off.
"Come on, Vaux. I saw you staring."
"J-just this once..."
You look her naked body over before rubbing her pussy.
"You look amazing, Vaux. How many guys in your village have done this before?"
"A... a few." she says hesitantly.
"Good. At least you have some experience."

>[]Bend over.
>[]Lie down, I'll do everything for you.
>[]What does she want to do first?
I don't know if she's lying or not, she doesn't seem the social type let alone the type to be okay with casual sex
>[]Lie down, I'll do everything for you
>[]Treat her like a virgin until proven otherwise
Give her thr power of the dragon dick
Rolled 11 (1d20)

"Just lie down and relax, okay?"
Vaux nods hesitantly. You climb on top of her and line your cock up with her pussy.
"You ready?"
"J-just get it over with."
You slowly move your hips forward, until you're completely inside Vaux. She whimpers slightly and tenses up.
"Hey, let me help..."
Helena grabs one of Vaux's hands.
"I'm right here. If it hurts I'll make him stop, okay?"
Vaux nods again. You start thrusting in and out of her as she moans and grips Helena's hand.
Helena leans in and starts licking Vaux's nipples.
"What--stop that!"
She squirms underneath you and pants, torn between trying to get away from you and wanting more.
Vaux moans and cums as you kiss her. She has several more orgasms as you finish up.
"Wow, Jack..." Helena says. "I didn't ever think you'd have her within a day."
"I'm just good."
Vaux growls at you halfheartedly.

>[]You guys want more?
>[]Let's go to bed now.
>[]Vaux, how did you like it?
>[]Vaux, how did you like it?
>[]Did you actually have experience? Because you don't strike me as the type that would, no offense
>>[]You guys want more?
get some angerybite fiight sex
"No, I haven't."
You smile.
"Oh, Vaux. You didn't have to lie to me. Was it good?"
"It was... interesting."
"Well, I'm glad to hear that. You want some more?"
"What? No, I feel like I could sleep for days."
Helena crawls up to her.
"Oh, you're just not trying hard enough. Even a virgin should be good for two or three times. Let me clean you up..."
She starts licking your cum out of Vaux's pussy.
"Stop struggling!"
Helena sticks her ass up in the air. You shrug inwardly and get to work.
"Helena, stop that! I'm--GAAAAAAH!"


You eat your breakfast in awkward silence. You and Helena still had red marks from where Vaux had slapped you.
"Are you both happy now?" she says, glaring at you.

>[]Yes, ma'am.
>[]You liked it, didn't you? What's the problem?
>[]Silly Vaux, I haven't even made you officially part of the harem yet.
>[]You liked it, didn't you? What's the problem?
>[]and FYI, Yes ma'am.
I was happy before and I'd be happier if you're offering round two. I mean I'm kind of into kinky slapping :)
>>1797298 (we can get some hair pulling and strangling in here if you want)
"It was... fine, but you didn't have to be so sudden. You could've taken it slower."
"You looked like you were about to faint, I just helped you out with your hormones."
"I can do that myself! Let's just finish this already!"

Three days of hiking, killing bloodthirsty creatures, and occasionally beating each other with sticks pass...

"...you can't be serious."
Helena stares at the boat you're meant to take across a deeper section of swamp. Vaux shrugs.
"It's the only way through. Unless you want to swim."
"We'll have to do that anyway after this dinghy sinks."
You snort.
"And what's funny about this, Jack?"
"You said 'dinghy'."
"FUCKING--get in, let's just get this shit over with!"
You hop in the boat and start paddling.
"IN SYNC!" Helena shouts.
You match your pace with Helena's. Vaux stands at the prow of the boat, holding a spear.

Roll 1d20.
>>[]Yes, ma'am.
Rolled 10 (1d20)

Rolled 1 (1d10)

Give off aura of sexy hotness too. Not deliberately, mind you. Just accidentally.
Rolled 15 (1d20)

No wait, wrong roll.
Almost had a heart attack there.
Rolled 19 (1d20)

fucking lucky there
You keep paddling across the swamp.
Damn, this was boring.
One of those jacked-up alligators emerges from the water and attempts to rip the boat in half. Vaux puts out one of its eyes, but not before it puts a hole or two in the hull.
You and Helena pick up the pace. You make it to the other side in one piece... this part of the swamp was a sort of island in the middle of the water. Less wading around, but the mud was fucking awful.
Fortunately, this is your destination. The temple should be inland somewhat.
"We have to be careful now... feral territory. They don't venture beyond the island, save on rare occasions."

>[]What are these ferals anyway? (Lore time)
>[]Would it be a sin to genocide them?
>[]If we're lucky, we can get in and out without them even knowing we're here.
>>[]What are these ferals anyway? (Lore time)
>>[]What are these ferals anyway? (Lore time)
I love lore.
"Well." Vaux says.

"A long time ago, a sentient race lived and built on this island. They were somewhere in between beast and man, similar to my species.
The interesting thing about this race was their unique ability to draw incredible power from consumption of blood.
One day, the ruling class of the island performed a ritual to call down an emissary of the gods. He offered to provide them with the most potent blood in existence, in exchange for their servitude. They agreed.
A day later, a dragon fell to the earth near their city, dead. A feast was prepared, and the dragon's blood ran like water. It increased the drinker's speed, strength, and resilience, but ultimately cost them their will. The race turned feral and became the scourge of Salamandria, until we pushed them back and trapped them on this island."

You frown. A dragon's death wasn't a laughing matter. You're kinda pissed about that.
But it's good to know that this Skull of Shadows probably belonged to an ancestor of yours.
"Thanks, Vaux. Let's be going."

Roll 1d20.
>[]Go in guns blazing.
>[]Be stealthy.
Rolled 8 (1d20)

>>[]Be stealthy.
Rolled 14 (1d20)

Rolled 5 (1d20)

The girls be sneaking around to take them feom behind
We go balls deep guns blazing
You have the girls circle around the island to try and flank these guys. You yourself make sure your shoes are on tight and charge in.
It's not long before you meet your first enemy. It's a scary-looking one, you'll give it that.
The feral was about seven feet tall, covered in matted, bloody fur, and had sharp bones jutting out of its skin in places. It was mean, starved, and had a hatred for anything that wasn't itself.
Which made it more sobering when your first barrage missed it.
The feral turns around, snarls, and leaps at you. You duck, sending the thing flying over you.
"Ugly fucker, aren't you?"

>[]Run for it.
>[]Have some bullets. (D20)
>[]Get close and put some bug spray in his eyes.
Rolled 10 (1d20)

>Fire then bugspray
Rolled 11 (1d20)

>[]Get close and put some bug spray in his eyes.
Pest begone
Rolled 13 (1d20)

Rolled 1 (1d20)

What have you done
Rolled 16 (1d20)

Rolled 2 (1d20)

Rolled 5 (1d20)

File: Elmo Rise.gif (1.2 MB, 440x300)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB GIF
You run up and attempt to spray the beast's eyes with your bug spray. It swats the can out of your hand, nearly dislocating your arm and hurling you several feet.
You conjure a ball of flame and hurl it at the beast. It catches in it's fur and starts spreading.
"Awwwww, is it in pain? DOES IT FEEL MY RIGHTEOUS FURY?"
The beast swivels and snarls. It had never felt such annoying, biting pain before. And this strange creature's voice was annoying. It charges.
You realize that maybe setting the angry melee-focused beast with nothing to lose on fire might've been a bad idea.
It pins you to the ground, hacking away at your armor with unbelievable fury. You fumble through your equipment while hastily scrambling out from under the beast's assault, tossing your can of bug spray at it.
The can explodes, lighting the beast up as if it had been doused in gasoline. It screeches and flails, desperately attempting to put itself out in the mud before collapsing. You can hear it gurgling pathetically as it's life ebbs away.
You walk away from the smell of scorched flesh. This was definitely going to attract his friends... and the amount of blood on your armor was worrying.
As you crest the top of a hill, you can see Vaux desperately fighting six different beasts. She screams in fury before jamming an arrow through one's eye.
Helena lies on the ground behind her, groaning and clutching her left arm. It's been ripped nearly to shreds.

>[]Help Vaux with her opponents. (D20)
>[]Get to Helena and fix that arm.
>[]Run ahead and grab the Skull while the beasts are distracted.
Rolled 10 (1d20)

Well shit, did they roll multiple 1s too?
>[]Help Vaux with her opponents.
Rolled 9 (1d20)

I really do hope they had their own rolls, a 1 should only affect us, not them too who I remind you went a completely different route
>>1799408 (Helena rolled a 1. Vaux rolled a 20 which is why she killed one automatically)
You get to a good distance before firing your SMG. It missed, but at least you've drawn two of them away.
"Jack! Thank the gods!"
Vaux smashes one of the beasts over the head with her spear. Another gets his eye put out by Helena, who's using a pistol as best as she can.
One beast hurls a sodden log at you, knocking you to the ground. The other's rock sails over your head. You blindly fire before scrambling back to your feet.
The first beast grabs your arm, preventing you from firing at it or it's friend. Smart...
A quick glance reveals that Helena and Vaux are doing okay. Another beast is lying on the ground, dead.
The split second of distraction is enough for the beast to force you to the ground and start hacking away at you. The thing was forced to let go of your arm in the process...
You put a bullet in it's head and scramble to your feet. The other one rips a gash through your chest, evading your panicked attempts to shoot it.
Helena misses her next shot. Vaux overreaches with her spear, allowing a beast to deliver a painful backhand.
You all desperately fight to stay alive. The beasts slowly close in...
Gunfire rips through the beasts in a matter of seconds, reducing them to little more than mush. You whirl around to get a good look at your savior.
The Krystal impostor takes a hand off her minigun to give you a thumbs-up before disappearing.
"Kill them all for me, Jackie!"
You sigh and trudge down the hill to Helena and Vaux. The latter is tending to the former.
Helena's arm has several deep lacerations.
"Hey, Jack." she says, wincing.
"Hey. Vaux, is it gonna be infected?"
"Almost certainly, if we don't clean it out."
You curse and pour some of your precious drinking water over her wound, carefully washing out the mud.
"Vaux, do you know any healing magic?"
"A little."
"Good. Focus."

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

Even if it is Krystal I'm still going to fookin kill her
I didn't feel in vain dammit, nor did Tsuyoi
No body fucking roll anymore
You concentrate and flood Helena's arm with magical energy. Through whatever arcane processes are involved, cell growth is stimulated, all but healing her arm completely in a matter of seconds.
"Whew. Thanks for that."
Helena examines her arm and frowns.
"Got some nasty scars, though."
You help her up.
"Just be grateful you're alive. Now, then..."
You peek over the top of the next hill and look through your spyglass.
"There's some ruins over there, temple's pretty obvious. A lot of ferals, though."
The beasts in question turn suddenly, only to have their bodies ripped apart by .50 caliber rounds. That fucking--
"Okay, significantly less ferals, but still a few more than I'd prefer. Really, I'd just be happy if they didn't even exist."
"Well, they do." Vaux says. "What's your amazing plan for this one?"

>[]I'll try to rig up a firebomb, detonate it in a big cluster of them.
>[]We're going to fervently pray to grandpa. Maybe he'll help.
>[]We're gonna try and sneak around. (D20)
Rolled 15 (1d20)

>>[]We're gonna try and sneak around. (D20)
You sigh and start crawling toward the temple.
At one point, a beast starts sniffing around the collapsed wall you're hiding under before being called away by his friends.


You hurriedly bar the temple's door and sigh in relief.
"Okay. Skull. Let's get the Skull."
You hurry down some stairs and search the place. Rotted scrolls, bones, a few ancient bloodstains...
"It's not here." Helena says worriedly.
"It has to be, keep looking."
A pathetic gurgle attracts your attention.
One of the beasts is crawling toward you, several spikes protruding from it's chest. You put it out of its misery.
"The hell caused that..."

>[]Follow the blood trail it left.
>[]Call Mom. Is she SURE about the Skull's location?
>[]Check the bones. Maybe it's disguised as a normal skull?
Vaux searches for the piles for anything valuable or important to sell and watches the door while Jack and Helena slowly follow the blood trail
>[]Call Mom. Is she SURE about the Skull's location?
>[]Check the bones. Maybe it's disguised as a normal skull?
"Helena, find out where that thing came from. Vaux, check these bones. See if any of the skulls are strange in some way. I'll guard the door and make a few calls."
They nod and go. No time to complain when the door could be kicked in at any moment.
"Mom, you there?"
"Hi, Jackie! How's your girlfriend do--"
"Mom, are you absolutely, POSITIVELY, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SURE that the Skull is in this temple?"
"Well, it's in the area."
"How was I supposed to make it accurate? If we had someone actually SEE it they could've just taken it for us!"
"That reminds me, how DID you find out this thing existed?"
"Oh, I just looked through some old legends. I thought there might be an artifact around there."
"Jackie, your sister has a headache, don't be so loud."
Something slams into the door behind you.
"Fantastic... well, I hope you're proud of getting your son killed. BYE."
Helena rushes up.
"Jack, there's an illusory wall in the basement! I found the Skull!"
"Good! Vaux, get over here!"
You wipe sweat off your forehead and think. How are you gonna get out of here...

>[]Does this Skull do anything that could help?
>[]Find a window to climb out of.
Rolled 3 (1d20)

Rolled 8 (1d20)

You get the kinks out of your muscles.
"Okay, on--"
The door is smashed inward. A horde of ferals swarms inside.
Helena is quickly dogpiled, but you manage to get her out of there, kicking Vaux's opponent in the face as well.
The word barely escapes your mouth before the dozens of beasts leap upon you and start ripping away.
You desperately try to shield yourself from the piercing claws, to no avail...
Someone yanks you out of the pile and hurls you clear.
It's that Krystal impersonator again. She's crushing beast heads beneath her boots.
You decide that the best thing would be to do as she says for now. You grab your friends and run for a window.
The sound of a firebomb going off is followed by insane laughter and pained howls...
"Window! Oh, thank the--"
Outside, someone steps in front of your escape route and peers in.
"Youth, dealing with something they could never hope to conquer on their own. The curse of their line, it seems."

>[]Get out, it's not safe!
>[]Who are you?
>[]Punch her in the face and run for it.
Rolled 9 (1d20)

Damn post didn't go through
>[]Punch her in the face and run for it.
>>[]Who are you?
The woman smiles.
"My name is Vorona..."
Despite the situation, you raise an eyebrow. The name Vorona was usually attributed to a folk tale about a scary witch in the mountains.
"Uh-huh. And I'm Sir Daniel, now LET US THROUGH BEFORE WE'RE EATEN!"
"In a moment, but you have something I need."
A shadowy tendril snatches the Skull of Shadows from Helena's grasp.
"Thank you, son of storms. It's nothing personal, I just need this artifact... and you out of the way."
Vorona spreads previously unseen wings and takes off. You curse before helping your friends through the window.
You clamber through and take off for the boat--OH GODS the boat. This was going to be fun.
An explosion rips some of the temple apart. Whoever that impersonator is REALLY wants to die like Krystal did, you guess.
A broad figure crests the hill before you, blocking your path. It's an Orc, about seven feet tall. Some sort of iron mask is clamped around his head.
He smashes his gauntlets together, setting them alight before striding toward you.
"You've gotta be kidding me!"

>[]Alright, fucker. Let's dance. (D20)
>[]Bug spray, bullets, just distract him long enough to get to the boat.
>[]Do you want to be part of my harem? (Trick option, he doesn't)
Heat up the metal mask with fire. That would be both painful and distracting.
You try heating up his mask. You've never been good at indirectly altering objects like this...
Luckily, your magic comes through. The Orc grunts and rushes toward you as his mask starts to get uncomfortably hot. You keep it up as he tries to punch you, his swings only getting more desperate and enraged as you dodge him.
He missteps, and you kick him into the mud.
You hop into the boat and start paddling away. The Orc gets to his feet and bellows wordlessly at you.
"Try following us now, bitch!"
He gets a running start and leaps forward, barely grabbing onto the edge of the boat.
The boat tosses as the Orc starts climbing in. Suddenly, a crocodile lunges from the water and drags him down into the depths.


That night, after you've chosen a good spot to camp and tended to your wounds, you sit around the fire, eating dinner.

>[]Call Mom. The Skull was stolen.
>[]Fervently thank whichever gods wanted you to live.
>[]Helena, you wanna blow off some steam?
>[]Helena, you wanna blow off some steam?
Vaux can join us too
>[]Are you guys okay? Wanna talk?
"So... would you mind if I asked to blow off some steam?"
"Oh, please do." Helena replies.
"Vaux, do you want to join us?"
"I suppose... you'd be keeping me up all night anyway."
She sighs and crosses her legs. Helena starts taking her clothes off.
"It's a shame, Vaux. You're so cute. Are you sure--"
"No, Helena. While I do prefer your company to Jack's, I don't want to have sex with you."
"Alright, but I've seen you staring..."
You wrap your arms around Helena. She smiles and gives you a kiss.
"At least you're attractive, Jack."
"Yeah, at--hey, I'm more than just attractive!"
"I guess you're pretty gullible, too."
You sigh and hold her closer to you.
"You'll be feeling it tomorrow... you sure you guys okay?"
"I'm perfectly fine. Except for when I remember that I almost had my arm ripped off, but this is supposed to help me forget, isn't it?"
Vaux shrugs.
"I've seen worse happen to feral victims..."
Oh, yeah. Her brother was killed by those...

>[]Vaux, you get to go first.
>[]Keep going with Helena.
>[]Try and convince them to work together. (D20)
>[]Give Helena a massage first then sex
>[]Give Vaux the best slow love-filled sex session she'll ever get
>>[]Give Helena a massage first then sex
>>[]Give Vaux the best slow love-filled sex session she'll ever get
This sounds good.
You lay Helena down on her stomach and start working out the kinks in her back muscles.
"Uh... what're you doing?"
"It's a massage. Never heard of it?"
"N-no." Helena winces as you dig your thumb into a pressure point.
"You rub someone's muscles to loosen them up. It's really relaxing."
"Hmmm... where'd you learn?"
"It involved a drunk grandmother and a gun."
You go through the motions, ending the massage at her ass before spreading it open.
"Put it in, Jack."
You climb on top of her and slide into her asshole. Helena moans and squirms slightly.
"Fuck, it's so big..."
Vaux's hand creeps down toward her crotch as you start thrusting your hips.
"R-roll over..."
You roll so Helena's lying on her back, on top of you. She guides your hand toward her pussy.
Vaux blushes as she sees what you've been doing.
"That's disgusting!"
"It feels amazing! FUCK, fuck me harder!"
You cum in her ass while she fondles her breasts.
"Gods, Jack... I think I'm gonna go to bed now. Whew!"
She rolls off of you before hesitating.
"Actually... maybe I should clean that up for Vaux."
She licks your cock clean as Vaux can't help but stare.
Helena looks her in the eye as she give the tip one last lick.
"Go get her."
She gives you a slap on the shoulder. You stand up, walk over to Vaux, and caress her.
"Did that make you excited, Vaux?"
"Liar. You're soaking wet down here. Y'know... I'm not just out for my own pleasure. I want to make you feel good, too."
You withdraw your hand from her crotch and hold it up to her face, sweet-smelling liquid dripping from your fingers.
"But I can't do that if you don't relax and go with the flow. Please, Vaux. We've been through some battles... don't you trust me?"
She looks nervously at you. Her tongue extends from her mouth, tentatively giving one of your fingers a lick.
Something's been set off within her. She licks your fingers clean before pressing her body into yours.
You caress her face.
She kisses you as you remove her clothing, then lies down. Nervously, she moves her arms and legs apart, allowing you a good view of her entire body.
"G-go on."
Your cock slowly penetrates her as you crawl forward, nuzzling her breasts and neck.
"Oh gods..."
She wraps her arms around you. You manage to edge to near-orgasm for about five minutes before Vaux cums.
"J-Jack... I need it."
She locks her legs around you and forces a thrust. You cum inside her, causing another orgasm.
She kisses you, an expression of ecstasy plastered over her face.


The next day, you continue your journey across the swamps.

Roll 1d20.
Next time we pull an all nighter to guarantee pregnancy on both
Then we go for Rose
Rolled 12 (1d20)

Forgot to roll
Rolled 5 (1d20)

Rolled 11 (1d20)

You have many close calls when traveling through the swamp, but the funniest one happens when you pass some revenants in old explorer's gear stuck in a bog.
After some mild firefights and a near disaster involving the last of your rationed candy, you arrive at the village once more.
One of the guards has a quick conversation with Vaux before he lets you in. She leaves, presumably to make sure nobody's broken into her house.
Meanwhile, you need to deliver your status report...
"Jackie! Hey, did you get the Skull?"
"Mm-hm. Vorona took it, though."
"Yep. A crow-lady snatched it up and flew away. We were almost beaten to a pulp by some jacked-up Orc, too."
"Really. That's a shame. Well, just come back in one piece. Bye-bye!"
Mom hangs up. You sigh and lie down on your bed.
"Well..." Helena mutters. "I guess I'm gonna have to go back to my regular tour after this. I'll miss you, Jackie."
"I can put in a word or two with Uncle Castiel. He'll understand. What I'm worried about is Vaux... I'm not sure she'll be willing to leave this place."
"What? Come on, she gets the chance to go see the world! How could she give that up?"
"Some people don't really want to go traveling all over the world..."

>[]I'll help you get in bed with Vaux. Might convince her to tag along with us.
>[]We can tell her stories about how great the Empire is.
>[]Let's just thank her for her help and let her decide.
>[]Let's just thank her for her help and let her decide.
>[]Stay together one more day, hang out like friends and maybe throw some sex in too
After you have a long, satisfying sleep, you get up and make your way to Vaux's house.
"Knock knock."
She opens the door and stares at you for a few moments.
"What're you doing here?"
"Well, we're your friends, aren't we?"
You scoff.
"Well, we've had sex. If that doesn't entitle me to dropping by your house, nothing will."
Vaux sighs.
"Come in..."
You and Helena find some comfortable seats.
"So, why are you here?"
"Well... Vaux, you know we'll be leaving tomorrow."
"Is that so?"
She starts polishing her spear.
"And if you want, you could maybe... come with us."
Vaux glares at you.
"And why would I want to do that?"
"I just thought--"
"You thought wrong. My home is here, and all my friends. If I leave, I may never see them again."
She goes back to her task.
"Besides, what would I even do in the Empire? Work myself to death in a remote village."
"Like you're doing now?" Helena asks.
Vaux growls.
"Is there any other reason you've come here?"

>[]Thought you could take us on a walk, show us the sights.
>[]I wanted to swap stories.
>[]Just gonna teach you a few more things about sex. It'll be fun.
>[]You have friends?
>[]Thought you could take us on a walk, show us the sights, do friend stuff, be friends for a while before we leave.
>[]You're more likely to work yourself to death with a feral out there than in the empire, just saiyan.
And I'm taking a nap for a while
Also don't make us leave after this, there's one more thing i wanna do
That last part isn't ominous at all.
That wasn't on purpose tho
>[]Just gonna teach you a few more things about sex. It'll be fun
"Well, I guess I could show you around..."
"Can we see your friends?"
Vaux shows you around the village. It's not all that big, probably has a population of a thousand at most.
The Salamandrian 'government' is more a loose militia that defends the border from encroaching forces. Not exactly a hard task, due to the entire country being a miserable bog. As such, there is no standard currency. Villagers simply trade goods, only occasionally receiving other products from traveling traders. This particular village (which had a nigh-unpronouncable name in lizard-speak) benefitted from fishing, hunting, and occasional trading of air.
The common belief is that the spores floating around the area can help cleanse someone of disease. So, some enterprising villagers catch as many spores as they can in jars and trade them to visitors. Others make charms and other curiosities that they save for when outsiders like you show up. You haven't been dumb enough to trade for any.
Vaux later shows you the single good thing about this entire region. High on these large trees are pinkish-purple fruits that taste sweet as candy. They're called 'gozoa'.
You sit on the branch of one of these trees (wide enough to comfortably walk across) and eat gozoa while staring down at the village.
"Mm. This is good." Helena says, trying not to get juice on her clothing.
You nod in agreement.

>[]So, Vaux... what's your story? You have parents?
>[]Is there any sporting competitions or something?
>[]What's the village name again? I can get it right this time, I swear.
>[]What's the village name again? I can get it right this time, I swear.
> []So, Vaux... What's your story? You have parents?
Also what has been keeping you busy op? Was your schedule like this before i joined in?
Nope. But I have classes now...
I know dat feel, but thankfully my class schedule leaves me a lot of free time now
Are you in class during the evening or morning?
Middle of the day, about. Eight to two.
Dayum i was on 2-8 pm for three years, shit sucked
I only had like 3 hours of free time
"Wow, you actually did it."
"Of course I did."
You sit back and take a bite out of your fruit.
"So, what's your life been like, Vaux? Any family?"
She sighs and looks out over the village.
"My parents were taken in the plague... before Malcom came. He saved my life, but it was too late for them. My brother was--"
She blinks hard and takes a deep breath.
"He was dragged off by a feral raiding party."
You look down at your feet.
"Yeah... I can remember when Krystal died."
Helena looks at you.
"You were there?"
"She didn't die in the explosion. It happened afterward... in the infirmary. I was nine."
The taste of the fruit turns bitter in your mouth.
"She said--she said I'd grow up to be the person she couldn't be."
You all stare down into the swamp.
"Didn't mean to make it about me." you say awkwardly.
"It's fine. I don't want to talk about what happened anyway... you really cared for Krystal, didn't you?"
"Well, she was a drunken reckless asshole who brutalized me in training..."
You throw your fruit off the side.
"But dammit, she was my grandma! Whoever's impersonating her is gonna pay. People DO NOT come back... that's one of the few things the gods set in stone."
You sit there a while before Vaux chimes in.
"Did I ever tell you why I hated that girl?"
"Uh... no."
"She was in a relationship with my brother... well, he was head-over-heels for her. She told him that if he could--"
She digs her fingers into the tree's bark in anger.
"--if he could bring back a strider's head, she would be his wife. That was when he..."
Oh... shit. Petty jealousy, fine, but hate...

>[]She was a complete bitch, but you can't be like her. Don't kill anyone unless they deserve it.
>[]I'm sure he's in a better place. Who knows? Maybe he found someone nice in the afterlife.
>[]We should go back to the hut now.
>Oh my God
>Audible Gasp
>[]Hug her
>[]She was a complete bitch, but you can't be like her.
>[]Let's go back to the hut.
>[]Are you completely sure you want to stay Vaux? There are only bad memories here, you have to move on, both mentally and geographically, is this the place you want to raise a family in and live off your days, in constant fear?
"It's not that bad here! Anything that comes in gets killed pretty quickly."
You get up and head back to the hut.
"But... you may be right. I should probably try going somewhere. Maybe see just how this Empire lives up to your boasting."
You're getting to her...
Back at the hut, you sit down and yawn. Damn, you're still kinda sleepy.
"Well... I can assure you the creatures in the Enpire are less deadly than these. If only because you can actually run away from them."
Vaux scoffs.
"Dry land, as far as the eye can see. Grasslands, forest... you'll be dumbfounded, Vaux."
You move to sit next to her and wrap and arm around her waist. She looks at you.
"You're getting a little too comfortable."
"I don't see you moving."
"Hmph. I will admit that I've found sex to be... enjoyable. That doesn't mean my opinion of you has improved."
"Uh-huh. That's why you were furiously making out with me as I came inside you."
"Shut up."
Helena chuckles.
"You two are funny to watch."

>[]Vaux, you want to try doing it yourself?
>[]Helena, get undressed. We'll give Vaux something to watch.
>[]Lets just sit here for a while...
>[]Bring Helena to our other side
>[]Let's just sit here for a while
>[]Vaux, you want to try doing it yourself?
>[]Either way, pull off an all nighter. Guarantee pregnancy
>[]Either way, pull off an all nighter. Guarantee pregnancy
Oh god, yes
File: IMG_1760.jpg (97 KB, 700x739)
97 KB
Teen pregnancy is a serious issue, dammit.
That didn't stop us before
We're Aisha's kid remember? no line we can't cross
File: Spoiler Image (175 KB, 395x317)
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175 KB PNG
That's pretty hot
Looks like we're gonna try to bring back the dragon race.
There's no bringing it back. Not in its former glory, anyway.
That reminds me, I need to crowbar the creation story somewhere in here.
I remember alright. Had to kidnap someone to get her involved in the plot, otherwise she would've just stayed home and cheerily changed diapers whilst reality crumbled around her.
...and she'd probably attack anyone who flirted with Kasai with a pair of scissors.
I dunno where I'm going with this post... I'll just work on the next one.
You should railroad/ go linear on us when there's need for plot. Kinda like with Crystal but not that crazy, a simple call to a mission or something else would be enough
Gnome Saiyan?

Also, you down for a discord?
I have absolutely no idea how to set up a discord.
But I guess I'll think about it.
Could be useful if I'm somewhere 4chan isn't approved.
Intrepid and I are on the not general discord, i could give you an invite if u want
Also 2 am here and I woke up at 6am today, i gtg sleeping
Goodnight op
"Vaux, you wanna try doing it yourself?"
She looks at you warily.
"Yep. I've been doing everything for you so far. Could be fun to try something new."
She thinks it over.
"I guess I could give it a try."
You smile and start pulling your pants off.
"Alright then. Helena will give you advice if you need it."
You lie down on her bed.
Vaux awkwardly sits on your thighs and contemplates her next action.
"Oh, for--I'll guide it in, just lower your hips."
Helena helps Vaux onto your cock and smiles up at her.
"I've got you now."
Helena kisses Vaux, forcing her tongue inside her mouth and groping her breasts. She slowly moves backward to sit on your face.
"Mm! Mmmm..."
Vaux resists slightly before giving in, entwining her tongue with Helena's and bucking her hips. You reach up and put your hands on her waist.
"I'm gonna cum..." Helena gasps before getting back to Vaux.
You can feel them twitching in anticipation as they near orgasm. You let yourself cum and push your tongue deeper into Helena's pussy.
Helena and Vaux lean on each other, panting from the exertion.
"That was amazing... let me clean you up down there."


You wake up, nestled between your two lovers. Vaux's chest serves as a good pillow, and Helena breathes softly into your ear.

>[]Get some breakfast.
>[]Try sticking it in Vaux's ass while she's asleep.
>[]Stay here until they've both woken up. It's cozy.
File: IMG_1803.jpg (65 KB, 750x570)
65 KB
I made my own Discord channel. Probably gonna post lore and whatnot. Here's a link if you're interested.
But for now, I need to get some sleep.
>[]Don't wake them up
>[]Get some breakfast for em
>[]Wake em up with kissu
You wriggle away from them before sleepily preparing breakfast. It's not exactly gourmet, mostly just dried meat. It requires about as much preparation as opening a bag of jerky.
You crawl back into bed and caress Helena's face before giving her a kiss.
She sleepily opens her eyes.
"Oh... hey, Jack."
"Morning. I opened your breakfast for you."
"Isn't that nice..."
She yawns and gets up, rubbing her eyes. You move over and start giving Vaux her kiss.
She wakes up and pulls away from you.
You chase her and keep giving her kisses until you're done.
"Made breakfast for you."
You all put some pants on and eat breakfast.
"Well." you say. "Today, I'm beginning my journey back home. Vaux, you wanna come with?"
She hesitates.
"I mean... this is..."
"I'll treat you to a Sylph bath." Helena offers. Vaux's eyes light up.
"R-really? I've heard rumors, but..."
"Oh, it's a must-have experience."
"In that case, I'll come along."
You smile.

>[]Let's get going, then.
>[]I have something I still need to do, first.
>[]Pull in Helena and Vaux by their hips
>[]Kiss them like in dem romantic soap operas
>[]Let's get going then.
You put your arms around their waists and give them some kisses. You can practically hear your mom's joyous screams. Just like one of her romantic soap operas.
"Well... let's be going. Things to do and all."


"Ah, how I missed you so." you mutter darkly as you yank your foot free of a root.
"We'll be out of here soon enough, Jack." Helena assures you.
"Not soon enough. If I have to spend one more godsdamned--"
Ohhhhh boy. Whoever this is must be pissed, he's using your last name.
You turn around a do a double-take. The Orc from earlier is standing behind you, fists on fire, a murderous look in his eyes.
He charges.

Roll 1d20.
Oh shit
Rolled 1 (1d20)

Forgot to roll
Rolled 17 (1d20)

The Orc's fist slams into you, sending you flying about ten feet. Damn.
Vaux runs forward before getting knocked back herself. Helena draws her sword and starts hacking at the Orc, forcing him to give ground.
"Jack... you okay?"
You desperately pat at the flames spreading across you. Fucker set you on fire!
Vaux splashes some water onto the flames, smothering them.
Helena shoots the Orc in the shoulder. He responds by picking her up by the feet and hurling her into a tree. She falls to the ground, unconscious.
You get to your feet, ignoring the pain and firing your SMG into the Orc's chest.
He steps forward, and you exchange blows. Vaux circles him warily before jumping on his back and stabbing him in the neck.
The Orc pulls her off and bellows in pain, trying to staunch the bleeding. He staggers a few steps before bursting into flames and disappearing.
You run up to Helena and examine her wounds. Broken ribs for sure, probably a concussion, some other fractures...

>[]Vaux, I need your help again. (D20)
>[]We're going to have to move her...
>[]Call Mom and yell at her to clear your head.
Rolled 6 (1d20)

>[]Vaux, I need your help again.
Rolled 19 (1d20)

Rolled 17 (1d20)

My 2 cents worth.
With a mix of healing magic and painkillers, you get Helena into a stable condition.
"Okay... now we just have to carry her until she's good to walk."
Vaux sighs.
"Who gets to do it first?" she asks.


Two days later, you've made it to the edge of the swamp, and Helena is back on her feet. You had few encounters with hostiles, save fighting a gator or two. Though a man had run past you at top speed once, hacking and coughing as if something was stuck in his throat. You decided not to interfere.
You sit on a hilltop as Vaux gawks at the surrounding landscape.
"It's so open... I can see for miles!"
"Much better for... pretty much everything. And you don't have to worry about leeches!"
"How far is it to your home?"
"About a thousand miles, but some friends will pick us up."

What do you do to pass the time?
>[]Tell Vaux about the Order. Might as well let her know what she's in for.
>[]Speculate on where you should go to add to your harem.
>[]Try and redirect the wind. Might as well assist the Stratofortress in its journey home. (D20)
>>[]Tell Vaux about the Order. Might as well let her know what she's in for.
>[]Tell Vaux about the Order. Might as well let her know what she's in for
>To add to your harem
As if, we're good for life, we'll get Rose and our sister but they don't count
>[]Kiss Vaux and Helena
I guess you can try your moves on Christine, but she's just gonna call you a creep and tell Mom.
Also she's underage. Even for this fictional semi-industrial society.
We make her come to us, easy.
If that doesn't work we seduce mom too, she's Aisha so no line can be left standing
How old is Christine?
File: image1.jpg (36 KB, 482x427)
36 KB
Honey where's my drug stash
File: IMG_1821.jpg (544 KB, 1920x1200)
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544 KB JPG
You tell Vaux what your Order stands for, what it does, etc.
"One of the last texts my grandmother created were the Edicts."
"What are they?"
"Basically, a set of laws and regulations that shall not be violated except in the most dire of circumstances. These include changing holy texts, eliminating weaker groups for sport, that sort of thing. One states 'it is better that my line should perish than become obscene, decadent powermongers with contempt for morals or the Order's rules. Should such leaders come to be, it is the Order's right to overthrow them and instate a capable Imperator in their place.' She prepared for everything, seems like."
You give your lovers a kiss and stand, brushing your pants off.
"Looks like our ride is here."
Vaux looks around, confused.
You point to the sky.
She looks up, and her jaw practically hits the floor. Fucking priceless.
"Wha--how... shit!"
"It's amazing, isn't it? Only flying structure of its kind on this planet. Well, above this planet."
"How are we going to get on!?"
You feel a familiar tug. Soon after, you find yourself in the teleportation room.
Marcin looks up from the controls.
"Oh, hey! You brought someone?"
Castiel emerges from the doorway.
"Jack. I see we have accidentally brought a local aboard. Please clear the area so we may return her to the surface."
"Uncle, this is Vaux. She's decided to come with us."
Marcin clears his throat.
"So... Vaux. Hi. I'm Marcin, if you need any help around here, feel free to ask."
"O-okay... Marcin."
Vaux uncomprehendingly stares at her new surroundings.

>[]Well, let's give you a tour!
>[]Uncle, can you make sure I'm not disturbed in my cabin for a few hours?
>[]Go find something soft and sleep for an entire day.
>>[]Well, let's give you a tour!
You take Vaux around the fortress, showing her all the facilities on board.
"And now..."
You open the door leading outside. Vaux backs away from it and presses herself against the wall.
"I... I... I'm fine. Really."
"Well, okay then."
She rubs her arms and shivers.
"You okay?"
"It's cold up here..."
"Ah. Well, we can get you some better clothing.


"People wear this?" Vaux asks, frowning at her new clothing.
"It's so... stifling."
"Well, that's what you sacrifice for warmth... and modesty. If you wore your old stuff around here you'd get some looks."
She shrugs.
"Oh, well. In the Empire..."
"Do as the Imperials do. Well said. Now, what should we do next..?"

>[]Shall we have a spar, Vaux?
>[]Let me show you to my cabin...
>[]I'm gonna get some food at the mess. It's slightly better than my rations at any rate.
>>[]Let me show you to my cabin
>[]I'm gonna get some food at the mess. It's slightly better than my rations at any rate
"Helena, could you show Vaux to my cabin? I'm gonna get us some food... it's at least an improvement on rations."
"Sure, Jack. Come on, you're gonna love this place when you see the shower..."
You head down to the mess hall and load a tray up with food and head back to your cabin.
Helena sits on the bed. You can hear the shower running.
"This feels amazing..." Vaux says.
"Glad you like it. The bed is significantly more comfortable, as well."
You and Helena start on your portions, glad to get something different in your stomachs for once.
Vaux emerges from the shower, drying herself off with a towel.
"The water's warm..."
"We have a fire elemental heating it. Wasn't fun getting that aboard, from what I hear."
You swallow your food.
"You're gonna love Diluvium, Vaux. It's mostly underground, probably one of the richest cities in the Empire... and you'll get to see everything if you're with me."
"I wouldn't otherwise?"
"Well, we don't just let anyone into the castle for security reasons. But my dad's the Duke, basically the city's... in-charge guy. Like the chief. And my mother is the Imperator."
"I had no idea you were so important."
"I'm not. At least, not until I've impressed the common people. Right now people just try to curry favor with me to get on my good side."

>[]I should really take a shower as well.
>[]Since you're already naked, Vaux...
>[]Hey, lets go to the library. The books there explain things way better than I could.
>[]I should really take a shower as well, then we'll go to the library, the books there explain things way better than I could
>Do you know how to read Vaux?
"Uhh... no..."
You sit there awkwardly.
"Oh. Well... I can teach you. Better take that shower."
You retreat into the shower and start washing yourself off. Damn, did it feel good. Who knows what all that mud and water had in it.


"Okay, here we are..."
You write out the letters of the alphabet and show them to Vaux.
"Each of these has a different pronounciation... I think we'll just start with names for now. V-A-U-X, J-A-C-K, H-E-L-E-N-A. Okay, so..."

Roll 1d20 to try and teach her how to read/write.
Rolled 12 (1d20)

Your explanations are awkward and in dire need of an editor, but you manage to teach Vaux a little about reading. At the very least, she'll be able to sound out letters and try to figure out what they say.
"This is confusing..." she says.
"It becomes second nature when you get used to it." you reply.
"Well, that's going to take a while..."

Several days later...

You wave goodbye to the Stratofortress as it resumes its journey around the Empire. Vaux stares around at the various buildings of the city proper.
"This is a city..?"
"Just the surface portion. Most of the city is underground, in caverns. That reminds me, you've never seen the ocean, have you..?"

>[]Show her to Krystal's grave. There's a nice view of the sea from there.
>[]Go to your old home. Might as well introduce these two to Legs.
>[]Time to have a talk with the parents...
>[]Show her the beach but don't go to the grave
That'd be weird
Supporting >>1813997
You take Vaux and Helena o the cliff side and look out over the ocean.
"It's so huge... does it go on forever?"
"No. Far, far away, there's another land. We know it exists, and consists of deserts, but very few have made it across the sea."
You stand there for a while, just appreciating the sea breeze.
"I never knew anything like this existed!" Vaux exclaims, unable to keep her excitement contained.
"Oh, you haven't even seen snow. This is just a little corner of a much larger world."


You mentally fortify yourself. You'd taken your two lovers all throughout the city, stopping at all the landmarks (The Old Wolf Memorial was getting lots of customers as usual) and even shown Vaux some more confidential places, but the time has come. You're gonna have to introduce them to Mom and Dad.
You knock on the door. Immediately, it's flung open.
Mom grabs you in a bear hug and lifts you up onto the air.
"Ohhhhh, I thought you were DEAD! Why didn't you call!? Come in, I made muffins--and who are these two?"
She puts you down, lifts Helena up (an easier task) and gives her another hug.
"Imps are just adorable!" she squeals. "I could just squeeze you all DAY!"
"Please put me down." Helena asks, her voice muffled by Mom's chest.
"Oh, sorry. I should hug your friend next!"
"I-I'm okay..."
"No, I have to! It's a family greeting!"
"Really, I'm fine."


You sit on the couch, slowly eating some of Mon's muffins. Vaux stares uneasily at Dad. A natural reaction for coming face-to-face with a tall, intimidating, musclebound dragon's dad.
"And who are these two, son?" he asks, absentmindedly polishing his gun.

>[]My harem!
>[]Helena and Vaux.
>[]Some friends.
>[]They've been following me and begging me for pocket change. Please help.
>[]Helena and Vaux.
I dont think Vaux is ready for the H word
Dad gives you a look of disapproval.
"You know what I meant, Jack."
"They are themselves. I can't ask anything more of them."
"Kasai, our son's so wise!"
Dad's eye twitches. He checks his gun and frowns. Seems he's disappointed there's no bullets in it.
"Let me rephrase the question, then. Have you had sex with them?"
"Of course he's had sex with them, dear. He's our son, after all."
"Hmph. I suppose that was a stupid question. Well, as long as they don't harm you. And Jack?"
Your father looks you straight in the eye.
"I love you and all, but do not have children at your age. It is not worth it."
"Kasai! Don't be so mean!"
Mom smacks him.
"What the hell is all this noise?!"
Christine walks in. Her eyes narrow upon seeing you.
"Oh. You're back."
"Love you too, Christine."
"Who are these two?"
Helena smiles.
"Hi. I'm Helena, this is Vaux. We worked with your brother on his assignment--"
"He raped you, didn't he."
You stand up.
"Christine, I know we've had issues, but that's too fucking far. I may or may not have had sex with these two women, but they're people I respect and I would NEVER--"
"Calm down, shithead. I was joking."
"Both of you, stop using language like that!"
Christine scoffs and leaves. Mom shrugs apologetically.
"Sorry... she's on her period."

>[]So what's my next assignment?
>[]Uh... that crow lady stole the Skull. Can we kill her?
>[]Can we live in the old house? There isn't very much room around here for extra people... and Christine's a bitch.
She changes a lot on her period
>[]What're we gonna do about the crow lady?
>[]Can we live in the old house? There isn't very much room around here for extra people
Mom rubs her chin.
"Well, we'll just have to track her down and ask for the Skull. I'll get working on that. And yes, Jackie. You and your friends can have the old house."
Dad coughs. You swear you can hear him say 'friends' in a sarcastic tone somewhere in there.
"Before I forget, here's the key, sweetie."
Mom tosses you a small key on a chain.
"Thanks, Mom. I guess we should go check it out."
"Stay safe, Jackie!"
"Bye, son. Make wise decisions."
"I always do, Dad."


"Hi, Legs!"
Legs and her five spider-kids pop their heads up from their nest and wave.
"Uh, Jack..?"
"That's Legs. She's friendly."
You fiddle with the house's lock before opening the door.
...needs dusting, but other than that, it's fine.
"This is where we'll be staying for the foreseeable future. There's two bedrooms, a bath, a study... and you can go for a swim in the lake if you're bored."
Helena nods in approval.
"A lot better than my old room."
You conjure up a stiff breeze and open the windows, getting rid of some of the dust.
You sit down on the couch.
"What should we do now..?"

>[]Vaux, can you swim?
>[]Let's see if the bath works.
>[]Better go buy some food.
>[]Call Rose over
>[]Let's go teach Vaux how to swim in the meantime

Legs and any of her gurls also get a turn
Maybe order a pizza or some food too? Or ask Rose to bring some
>Call Rose and Ash over
>>[]Let's go teach Vaux how to swim in the meantime
No rose, thank you
>>[]Better go buy some food.
Food good.
You enter Rose's number into your codec.
"Hey, Jack! I heard you just got back!"
"Yep. Wanna come over? I picked up some friends along the way."
"Oh, sure! I'll get Rose."
"Make sure you bring some food over, too."
"Sure, sure. Rooooose!"
She hangs up. You smile and look over at Vaux.
"Do you know how to swim?"
"A... a little."
"Come outside, I'll help you."


You change into clothes more appropriate for swimming (Vaux just uses her old clothes) and head down to the lake. Helena opts to sit on the shore and keep watch for Ash and Rose.
Vaux looks on nervously as you dive in and float on your back.
"Come in!"
"Uh... that's pretty deep."
"Twelve feet deep, a hundred feet deep, it's all the same if you can't touch the bottom."
She slowly lowers herself in.
"Huh. What do you know."
Vaux floats perfectly fine.
"I thought you didn't swim?"
"Well, nothing this deep. I've had to cross water before."
You shrug and dive down, swimming through a submerged building, and popping back up again.
"Well, I can teach you to hold your breath."
"I'm perfectly fine."


You climb out of the water and head around the house.
Can't wait... maybe Rose can convince Ash to--
You turn the corner. Mom, Dad, Ash, and Rose are holding food and waving at you.
"Hey, Jackie! We heard you were having a party! Why didn't you invite us?"
"Uh, yeah... slipped my mind."
Legs skitters over from her nest and starts talking with Mom and Ash. Looks like it's time for a picnic.

>[]I'll get some chairs...
>[]Uh, have you invited anyone else?
>[]I just wanted Ash and Rose to help us with groceries.
>[]It wasn't a party, i already said hello to you guys, I just wanted to say hello to Rose and Ash while settling in the new house
>[]I'll get some chairs...
"Don't be such a spoilsport. It's a housewarming party!"
You sigh and look inside for some chairs. Should be enough.
As you set up a circle of chairs, you hear Mom squeal and rush over to someone.
"Hey, Aisha! We sensed everyone was gathering here. What's the occasion?"
"It's a housesitting party for Jack and his friends!"
You finish with the chairs and greet your grandfather.
"Hi, grandpa."
"Oh, call me Alagos. It'll save time."
Helena coughs violently upon hearing his name. Vaux looks confused.
"Grandpa..? You're not Aisha's brother?"
"Nope. I'm a god. Nice to meet you, Vaux."
"I know many things."
You're given a surprise hug by your grandmother.
"Oh, its Jackie! You've grown so much! You barely reached my knee the last time I saw you! Want some chocolate?"

>[]As long as it isn't laced.
>[]Not before dinner! Let's have dinner.
Sasha puts a big bar of chocolate in your hand and gives you another hug.
"There you go, Jackie."
You eat your chocolate awkwardly. The hell are you supposed to do in this situation? Flirt? You'd get pummeled if you did that.
"Thanks, grandma."
"You're welcome! Now, didn't I hear something about dinner?"


With Pris's help (you hadn't even noticed her earlier), you get a decent picnic going. It's actually pretty nice, catching up with your grandparents and Legs, seeing your lovers squirm uncomfortably for once.
Eventually, you get a moment of reprieve. You lean against the wall of your new home and eat your dinner.
It's Rose... shit.

>[]W-what do you want?
>[]Hey. We should probably have a talk about our... relationship.
>[]Hey's for horses, aren't you glad you're a pig.
Rose glares at you.
"Well, I was going to apologize again, but I see you aren't in the mood."
She starts to walk away before turning on you again.
"It should be YOU apologizing to ME!"
"What? Why?"
"You could've stopped me, but you just sat there with a stupid expression on your face."
You start to protest, but Rose cuts you off.
"I'm done with you. You clearly aren't taking this seriously."
She storms off.
"She has a good point. You could've stopped her."
You jump and whirl around. Grandpa stands behind you, calmly eating cereal.
"How much did you hear..?"
"All of it. And I know what she was referring to... it's kind of my job to keep track of the Order's sins."
He looks at you and raises an eyebrow.
"Incest... I guess I'm sort of guilty of that. We gods aren't related by blood, but we're still sort of siblings... and I guess Krystal would be my sister-in-law. But a half sister?"
He sighs and shakes his head.
"I dunno... you do realize we have you mortals these taboos for a reason. Need to make sure you can control yourselves and all."

>[]Is there penance or something I can do?
>[]Shit... I need to apologize to Rose.
>[]I regret nothing! Me and Rose can be together in hell!
(New thread soon)
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New thread.

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