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Previous threads:

Previously, Aisha was married, got her baby snatched mere hours after it was born, and went to get it back.
Along the way, magic nukes were dropped and reality was fucked up within the fortress the Order was attacking. It's one G-Man visit away from being a multiversal scandal.

Currently, Aisha is staring down her traitor brother.
>[]Brother... why?
>[]Why? :,(
>[]You can take this up with dad, I'm just here for my baby!
"I'm here to get my son back."
"Your son? What are you--"
He pales.
"No... she couldn't--"
"I didn't know she stole him!"
"I don't have time for this... DAD!"
Your father appears in a flash of light.
"D-Dad, I--"
"You've had this coming a long time... there is no way to describe how disappointed I am in you."
He waves you on.
"Go, Aisha. Do what's right. Don't be like him."
You hesitate in the doorway.
"Thanks, Dad."
And off you go...


"I'm so lost..." you mutter, squeezing around the air duct's next corner.
"This should've taken me to the next level ages ago!"
You pause in your thoughts, listening carefully.
"...and that's the first time I saw a dead body."
"Well. That was a pretty roundabout story."
"Oh, I need to tell you the one about the cornflakes! So anyway--"
The vent sags. You let out an involuntary 'eep!'
"I heard something..."
The cramped duct collapses, dumping you unceremoniously onto a carpeted floor.
You get up and find yourself face-to-face with Krystal. She's holding her sword a little too close to your neck.
"Take off your helmet!"
You hesitate before doing as she says. No getting out of this one...

>[]Don't hurt me, please.
>[]Uh... I'm Aisha's twin sister! I was sent to stealthily monitor your progress! Let me just go...
>[]Run off
File: IMG_1617.jpg (99 KB, 707x871)
99 KB
You run out into a large bridge, spanning the gap between two sections of fortress. At least this wouldn't collapse if you coughed too hard.
Krystal slows to a stop and stands next to you. A man in armor stands in the middle of the bridge, blocking your path.
"I've seen you before." Krystal says, tightening her grip on her sword. "You killed the King."
The Void Dragon doesn't acknowledge her. He simply draws his sword and approaches slowly.
A mass of orange scales lands heavily between you and the dragon. It's Kasai!
He transforms back into humanoid form and turns around.
"Aisha!? What're you doing here?"
"Getting our baby back!"
"You'll get yourself killed, don't--"
Kasai barely manages to block the other dragon's sword with his halberd.
"Quickly. Go."
Krystal starts pushing you across the bridge.

>[]I have to help him!
>[]Do as she says.
"I'll be sure to head for the portal if I'm about to die, then!" he shouts.
Kasai and his cousin seem to be having trouble out here. The wind is pretty strong. Eventually, they both leap off the bridge and transform into their flying forms.
The Void Dragon breathes purple flame toward you. Kasai fails to stop him.
Krystal kicks you in the back, hurling you forward before dodging the flames. They start eating through the bridge, despite it clearly being made of nonflammable material.
You do so. Before you enter the fortress again, you get a glimpse of Kasai clawing at his opponent's face.
Krystal slams the door behind you and breathes heavily.
"Godsdammit... why!?"
You sit up and just now notice the person who had been traveling with her.
"Hey... who is this?"
"Aisha. My daughter-in-law. That guy outside was my son."

>[]Krystal, this is what you looked like when you were young?
>[]Where are we supposed to be going now..?
>[]Slip away and continue your suicidal speedrun of the fortress.
We're out for our baby boy, nothing I stopping us now!
You get up and run along the hall.
"Aisha! Slow down for one godsdamned second!"
You round the corner and come face-to-face with a Void Knight.
He fires blindly into the air. You unsheathe your knife and stab him repeatedly in the throat.
Krystal grabs you by the collar and headbutts you.
She physically holds you in place for a minute or so.
"Okay, let's get going."
She switches on her armor's speakers (why does she have those? You don't know) and charges headlong into the next room.
You run after her. She kicks a Knight in the face before decapitating him. You run up to another one and get a rifle butt to the nose.
Krystal shoots the Knight in the head and hauls you to your feet.

Roll 1d20.
Or you could hide under a table.
Rolled 3 (1d20)

We need to be strong for BABY!!!
Rolled 13 (1d20)


Forgot my roll
You charge into battle and promptly get knocked on the head with a sword. Luckily, you put your helmet back on.
"Take THIS!"
You throw a punch that might as well have been a bouncy ball for all it did.
The Knight decides to punch you back, though. And it kinda tickles.
Yep. It's a slap fight.
"Stop it!"
You smack the guy in the face. His head explodes.
You dodge another Knight's blow and shoot him in the chest.
One left. Krystal grabs him by the face and sends electricity through, causing his brains to blast out the back of his head.
Or it would've, if these guys didn't turn into smoke when dead.
Krystal looks up at the ceiling and cheers.
"NOTHING LIKE A FIREFIGHT TO FEEL ALIVE!" she shouts, taking a swig of whatever concoction she has in that flask.
Her sister appears on a screen above you.
"Oh. I see Aisha's joined us."
"She sucks, can I have a new companion?"

>[]Shoot the screen.
Crystal leans offscreen and produces a healthy-looking, three month-old half dragon.
"Nah, I had someone else do it."
Jack spits up all over Crystal.
She gingerly hands him to someone offscreen.
"Yes, he will be a powerful minion... in time."
"My office. Just go straight, then left, jump the gap, go up, go left, do a 180, go up, then right, then up, then left, and there you are."
The screen shuts off. You, Krystal, and her twin step out into the hall.
"Uh... what was it again?"

Repeat the directions. Go ahead and peek if you want, but I'll be very disappointed.
>Straight, left, jump, up, left, 180,up,right, up, left
Rolled 10 (1d20)

Use magical mommy powers to find baby.
Rolled 2 (1d20)

Female intuition and mommy sense!
File: 1478378127837.jpg (19 KB, 228x227)
19 KB
That was close
Rolled 15 (1d20)

Allo, I'm back, finally got some data for my phone
File: IMG_1735.jpg (36 KB, 255x229)
36 KB
"It's this way!" you say, going left.
"Straight, Aisha." Krystal's twin says.
"I was just testing you!"
You go straight, then left.
"Okay... through the gap!"
"OVER the gap."
"Over the gap!"
"Aisha, just admit you have no idea where you're going."
"Th-that's sexist! Telling me I can't tell directions!"
"It's not sexist, Dr. Tassoni is leading the way very capably. Besides, you're the one screaming about mommies and babies."


"Okay, here I come, Jack--"
Krystal kicks open the door to her sister's office.
The room is empty. The only thing on the desk is a note. On one side is a drawing of those laughing whores, and on the other--
Look out the window, you dumb bitches.
You do so. Crystal jumps into the Void portal, holding your baby.
Aisha's resolve is tested...

>[]In we go!
>[]YOU BITCH! Tricking me AND stealing my baby!?
>[]Break down and start smashing things.
>>[]YOU BITCH! Tricking me AND stealing my baby!?
Followed by another sonorous war cry
You push past your companions and run for the portal.
You jump in.


A strange man stands RIGHT in your face, staring you straight in the eye. He smells like paint.
May I have your attention please?
The words penetrate your mind.
May I have your attention please?
Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
I repeat, will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
"I'm not--"
We're going to have a problem here. Y'all act like you've never seen a white person before.
"Who is--"
So won't the real Slim Shady please stand up?
Please, stand up.


You're dumped into a pool of... something. Probably water.
The surrounding area looks nothing like the Void you'd been visualizing. Instead of black nothingness, abandoned homes lie around you.
You stand up and start walking down the street. A little blond-haired girl peeks out from behind a house before disappearing.
Farther along, an older, teenage version of that girl sits on a bench. She frowns up at you.
"Hm. Haven't seen you around. What's with the hair?"
"It's natural."
She pulls a beer can out of her backpack and starts chugging it.

>[]Where am I?
>[]You shouldn't be drinking that.
>[]Move on. She's just some kid.
>>[]Where am I?
And have you seen a baby with scales?
"Sure. Sort of. Can't really see that far ahead."
You frown.
She shrugs.
"My future. I see things, but I don't know what they mean. Whatever. Don't really give a shit."
She tosses her beer can behind her and leans back.
"Anyway, I think she went that way. Don't know what brought you here... hell if I even care."
You leave. That was... pretty weird. Obviously teenage Krystal, but why was she here?
A voice echoes out of an alley as you pass by.
"Stay away from me! Hey, what're you--GET OFF ME! HELP!"
The sound of ripping cloth is followed by a panicked scream.

>[]Listen in.
>[]Jack needs your help. Go get him back.
>>[]Jack needs your help. Go get him back.
Super mom powers activate!!
We should help out, offer making her a succubus, then go on
You hesitate at the entrance before going in. Jackie would probably want you to help.
Another Krystal (around your age) is being held against the wall by a guy you don't recognize.
"Hey! HEY!"
You grab the guy and push him away from her.
"Get out of here!"
He starts to snarl before you draw your gun. Then he runs for his life.
"You okay?" you ask Krystal.
"Fine... he just t-tore my shirt..."
She stands up and stares at you blankly. She's probably in shock.
"Hey, you need to go home. Put on a blanket, call the police."
"Will you be fine by yourself?"
She leaves the alley, turning into mist after a few steps.
You forgot to ask her about the succubus thing! Agh... well, you'll have more chances if this pattern continues. It probably would've fucked up her timeline, anyway...
It might've made you disappear! That's a scary thought.
Anyway. Onward.
Another Krystal storms out of a building. The sign above the door reads ARMED FORCES RECRUITING.
"Behavioral issues..." she mutters darkly, spitting in the gutter before disappearing.

>[]Go in. Maybe you'll find someone cute to succubus up.
>[]These seem like important moments in Krystal's life... guess you should go through them until you finish.
>[]Run forward. This is all just time-wasting nonsensical bullshit.
Time travel stuff is dangerous but she could be the way she is because we interfered in the past and doing nothing now may change how she is in the present
I'm scared of both options

Yeah, this was stupid. Crystal could just be using this to distract you!
"It appears your ovaries are in a state of--"
"Jason... come on, don't leave, we can--"
You arrive at a plaza of sorts. A fountain features two women, looking off into two different streets.
"Okay, this must be where they split, so Crystal is this way."
You run down the street. The buildings change from suburban homes to wood and stone. The street changes from asphalt to cobblestones.
Numerous side alleys go off in other directions. Probably branches from choices Crystal made. At one point, the street splits into two again. You follow the lane where Crystal was speaking to Demon.
Eventually, passing numerous apparitions of your 'Aunt C' crying over desks, working on equipment, and angrily pacing, all the while slowly aging, you find her.
The street turns into another plaza. This one has only one entrance or exit. Crystal sits on a bench at the far side of the circle, staring dolefully at a cradle.
"You've come, just as I thought you would."
She sighs and stands up, wincing.
"Gah... how does my sister do it? Bet Alagos extended her vitality..."

>[]Krystal wants to forgive you. Rorogan was saved, you can be too.
>[]Give my son back. Then get out of my sight.
>[]We both knew it would end like this... (D20)
>[]Krystal wants to forgive you. Now give me my son baaaaaaack.
>REEEEEEE in her face
File: IMG_1753.jpg (35 KB, 587x453)
35 KB
You storm up to Crystal, causing her to take a step back.
Jackie starts bawling.
"Look what you did!"
"What I did!? You're the one who screeched at me!"
"Just give Jackie back or... or I'll..."
"Kill me?"
Crystal sighs and paces.
"Well, go ahead then."
"Don't you see?"
She gestures around her.
"This place, my life or whatever... the road ends here. This is where I die."
You step back.
"You can't be serious!"
"I am. Even if you don't want to kill me, which I highly doubt, you'll have no choice."
She snaps her fingers. Jackie disappears.
"Don't worry. I just need him out of the way for now."
Shadow spreads out from Crystal's feet, eventually forming a pitch-black arena where the plaza used to be. You can still see each other fine.
"You're a demigod. A daughter of the man and Order I betrayed. I stole your child and tried to kill you time and again. Fight me."

>[]Roll 1d20.
>[]No, fuck you, i just want my baby back
I don't even know you as a player
Same, supporting.
"I'm not letting him go!"
You growl and hold up your rifle.
"Fine, then!"
Crystal summons two handguns from the Void and starts drifting around the arena. Pretty fast...
You fire blindly while running. There's no cover in this fucking place! Why!?
A tendril of darkness wraps around your foot. Crystal replaces one of her guns for a knife, drifts in, and stabs you in the stomach. You hit her with the rifle's stock before firing point-blank into her face.
Crystal rises to her feet. Her face has been corrupted on one side, black skin bulging with purple veiny growths.
She screams and charges you head-on. You step aside and plant a few bullets in her back before continuing your circle-strafing.

>[]Fervently wish for some cover or a better weapon.
>[]Keep running and shooting.
>[]Dad! I could use a little help!
>[]Do you really want to die you crazy bitch?
>[]Is death what you really crave for?
Crystal dodges your barrage of daggers before summoning one of her own. Instead of hurling them straight from her hand, she has to throw them. Still, one sticks in your arm.
You fire again, riddling her with daggers and knocking her over.
She lies still.
"You wanted to die? Do it, then!"
Your daggers fly out of her body. Crystal staggers to her feet and screams. Gun barrels materialize out of thin air and take aim at you.
You run for it, dodging bullets, rockets, darts, knives, crossbow bolts...
Crystal summons a sword and lunges toward you. You barely manage to deflect it before grabbing her in a headlock.
You draw your knife and mutilate her throat, stabbing and twisting and ripping it open.
You throw her to the ground, plant a foot in her stomach, and riddle her head and chest with gunfire.


You breathe deeply, staring down at Crystal's body. You had unloaded your weapon into her... and now you're covered in blood.
Despite this, she coughs and wheezes. You could swear she was laughing.
"You think you've won... it's inevitable. You'll never find it... my greatest project."
She coughs up more blood and gasps for breath.
"Was it worth it, Aisha? Was all this necessary for one child?"
You draw your sidearm and finally end her.
The dome of shadow melts and dissipates around you, replaced by the plaza once again.
"Dying alone and in a brutal fashion. Like the traitor she was."
You nod. Of course Dad would show up.
"She was insane. I could see it... in her eyes."
"A good example of how drastically one's life can change with but a few choices."
"Could we have saved her?"
"Maybe, but that's a moot point. Hindsight is 20/20... if you feel guilty, just remember that in all likelyhood, there is a universe somewhere where she was saved. That's all we can hope for when this kind of thing happens."

>[]What about the afterlife? Where will she go?
>[]You want to hold Jackie? I'm too dirty.
>[]Let's just get out of here.
>[]Fookin hold that baby, kiss im and cryyyyy
>[]Let's get out of here.
This :
>[]Give him breastmilk, wash the taste of that surrogate whore's milk out of his mouth
File: The Last Knight.jpg (81 KB, 586x624)
81 KB
You look around. Where--
There he is. Fast asleep in his cradle.
You start toward him, but Dad hold you back.
"Aisha, you look like that time I fell in a pool of blood. That's not gonna be very pleasant for him."
He snaps his fingers. A rainstorm washes you off, and a brisk wind dries you.
You finally break down and run toward your son. You pick him up and kiss him on the head before holding him tightly.
"Jack... it's me. Do you remember mommy?"
He sleepily opens his eyes and looks into yours.
You barely contain a squeal of delight.
"He's so adorable!"
Dad walks up and looks down at him.
"Grandchild... yeesh. I'm only a few years older than you, physically."
Jack smiles up at him.
"Are you hungry?" you ask, unstrapping yor armor. You glare at Dad.
"Can I have some privacy?"
"Sure, of course."
He turns his back on you and whistles absentmindedly, playing with his phone, probably.
Jack clamps his mouth around your nipple and starts sucking. You smile down at him for a moment or so.
Wow, this was boring.


Jack finally lets go of you. His eyelids are drooping.
You strap your armor back on and hold him.
"Aww. Are you sleepy? Come on, let's go home."
Your dad helpfully opens a portal for you.
"You coming?"
"Yep. Have to clean up the multiversal mess. Let me just change real quick..."
His clothes are replaced with a suit of armor and two swords.
"Muuuuch better."
You step through the portal and land on a platform.
Krystal makes to grab you by the collar, but stops upon seeing Jack.
"Oh. You got him back."
"Yep! Your sister's dead, too."
"Well, time to pull out."
Krystal's twin raises an eyebrow.
"You assaulted this clusterfuck abomination to rescue a baby!?"
"And kill my sister."
Alagos clears his throat.
"AND put a stop to a dangerous cult that wanted to use an unholy realm for nefarious purposes."
"That was just a side benefit."

>[]Dad, please nuke this place and help us leave.
>[]Krystal, look at your grandbaby! Isn't he the cutest thing?
>[]Ignore everyone and everything except Jackie.
>[]Ignore everyone and everything except Jackie.
File: IMG_1754.jpg (63 KB, 1026x770)
63 KB
You hold onto Jackie and fawn over him through several firefights, epic set pieces, and Alagos cleansing the area, sending Krystal's twin through the portal, then promptly closing it.
You look up.
"Did I miss anything?"
Alagos quietly whips Krystal's eyepatch off her head.
She grabs at it desperately while you move in to get a closer look.
"Wha--your eye's fine! What the hell!?"
Krystal sighs and sits down on a desk.
"My eye took about a week to heal. By that time, I liked the patch so much I'd decided to just pretend we couldn't fix it. Helps me humiliate trainees, too."
You think back to basic training. Krystal had told you to aim for her blind spot, then proceeded to curb-stomp you.
"You cheated!"
"You weren't paranoid enough to think I was faking it."
"How can you--"
"I just put this paste on the inside that makes it invisible."
She snatches her eyepatch back from Alagos and puts it back on.
"Don't tell anyone!"
"Oh, I won't. Don't be silly."

>[]Fawn over Jack allllll the way home.
>[]Is there any good in this place? I'm hungry...
>[]Fawn over Jack together allllllll the way home.
Make sure crystal didn't do anything lasting to Jack.
File: 20151231_171557.jpg (1.17 MB, 2048x1152)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
Tfw jack is the new host body for demon
The Void Dragon crashes through the large windows of the Stratofortress's main hall and lands heavily on the floor. Kasai yanks his halberd from its eye and jumps to the ground.
"Hey, everyone..."
He collapses. You rush over and check on him.
...he'll live, thank the gods.
"Kasai, look."
He opens his eyes and stares at his son.
"Hey, Jack."
He reaches out. Jackie wraps a hand around his daddy's finger.
"I'm glad you're okay, buddy... gimme a second. So tired..."
He slumps over and loses consciousness. Krystal starts forcing a health potion down his throat.
"He killed that thing? Whew! Taught my son well!"
Alagos steps up the the Void Dragon's corpse and kicks it.
It turns into ash and blows away.


You and Kasai look down at Jack, fast asleep in his cradle.
"He's so adorable, I could diiiieeeee!"
"Please don't."
Kasai looks over at your new babysitter.
"You sure you'll be okay?"
Pris looks up from her book.
"I don't need sleep. If anyone tries to take your son, they'll have to kill me."
You sigh in relief.
"That's good. Wake me if he's hungry, okay?"
"I suspect he'll do that himself..."
You smile. Pris had been your babysitter way back when. Must be her calling.

>[]Kasai, it's time to celebrate! I bought some new underwear for the occasion.
>[]Stay up and swap stories.
>[]Just go to sleep. This whole adventure was tiring.
File: IMG_1586.png (684 KB, 1136x640)
684 KB
684 KB PNG
Have the mages and wizards examine the baby.
Then sleep.
Yeah, you'd taken him in for a checkup first thing.


"It seems Jack's magical aura is tinged with the Void."
You look nervously at the mage. He puts his hands up in a calming gesture.
"This is normal for any exposed to its energies. But we can't say for certain if it will remain or dissipate over time, as normal. What we do know is that Jack will be able to live a normal life."


Yeah, that was a little worrying. But there wasn't much you could do besides feed him half-divine breast milk and raise him to be a good boy.
...speaking of breast milk, your kid has a BITE. He's starting to grow his teeth already.
"Well, let's go to bed."
You wrap your arm around Kasai's and walk upstairs. He gives you a kiss before turning out the light.
"Goodnight, honey."
"Goodnight, sweetie bunches!"


Krystal sits across from you, shifting impatiently in her chair. You shush your child as she starts acting fussy.
"We got Jackie back alright. Don't worry about it, Ash."
You smile.
"Good. I hadn't heard anything since you last visited."
Krystal shrugs.
"Been busy. Ancient structures under the mines tend to cause a fuss... nice to see your baby's healthy."
You hold her up a little. Her horns were a little more curly than a succubus. Combined with her scaly forearms and legs, it was clear testament to her heritage. Her tail closely resembled yours, though.
"So... what's her name?"
You laugh.
"Ah, I forgot. You wouldn't know that. Her name is Rosemary."
Krystal nods. She seems distressed about something now.
"Mm-hm. Jack and Rosemary."
She mutters something under her breath. Sounded something like 'can't get away from the fucking references'.
"Well, I better go. Things to do."
You nod.
"I understand. Thanks for the visit, Krystal."
"You're welcome."


You sigh as you exit Ash's budding brothel. Those kids better not end up in an incestuous relationship.

>[]Home time.
>[]Stop and get a glass of something cheap.
>>[]Home time.
Yeah, you've been gone for a while. Staying away even later would be stupid.


You take your armor off and flop down on the couch.
"Agh... Tsuyoi? Mind coming here so I can give you a hug?"
Your wife emerges from the bedroom.
"Ah. Wondered when you'd get back."
"C'mon, it wasn't my fault."
You get up and give her a hug.
"Dammit, my back..."
"Let me get that for you."
"Oh, thanks."
You lie down. Tsuyoi starts giving you a back rub.
"Ahh... this feels fantastic."
"I got you something while you were gone."
Tsuyoi sets a bottle of fine wine on the end table.
"Oh my God, I love you!"
She laughs.
"I knew you'd like it!"
You sit up and hold Tsuyoi close.
"What's the occasion? I get back from dangerous missions all the time."
"This one was different. You had to fight your own sister... I thought you could use some relaxation."
She leans in to kiss you.
"Besides. I need to show you that despite appearances... I love you. I drag you forcefully from bars at ungodly hours because I love you."
"...I'll cut back on that."
"No you won't."

>[]Well, I'm glad you're in a good mood, because I have some stress to work out.
>[]Let's share this bottle. Can't drink it all by myself.
>[]Have you seen Jack? He's pretty cute... you have to go first thing tomorrow.
>>[]Let's share this bottle. Can't drink it all by myself.
And actually try to cut down on the boosing.
Jesus, that hadn't even crossed my mind.
That's hot.
You pop open the bottle and pour some glasses. Tsuyoi raises an eyebrow.
"I thought those were just for decoration."
You frown.
"I know how to use a glass."
You clink them together and take a sip.
"Ah, this is good..."
Tsuyoi moves from her chair to sit next to you.
"It really is..."
She doesn't drink much, so either she's trying to make you happy, or your tastes are rubbing off on her.
You put an arm around her waist.
"Oh, Krystal..."
She takes another sip of wine, sets her glass aside, and kisses you. A sweet mixture of alcohol and saliva accompanies her lips.
Oh, your two favorite things!
Tsuyoi separates from you and smiles. Her face is all red.
"You want to take this to bed? I've been waiting."

>[]Of course, darling.
>[]Hell yeah!
>[]I need my sleep, but I promise that you won't ever forget tomorrow morning.
>>[]Hell yeah!
Tsuyoi smiles and helps you up from the sofa.
"As expected."
She pushes you onto the bed and starts pulling your clothes off.
"Hey, don't be so hasty!"
You flip her beside you and start helping her out of her own clothes.
"It's not gonna be much fun if only one of us is naked."
Tsuyoi moans happily as you kiss her, before flipping you around again.
"Let me do it..."
"I won't stop you."
She slowly lowers her head and slides her tongue inside your pussy.
"Ah, fffffuck..."
You feel your stress slip away as Tsuyoi starts licking faster, before locking your legs around her head and climaxing.
Your wife licks her lips and stands up. You lie back and enjoy the afterglow.
"That tongue... seriously, I think it was made for this."
"Well, maybe."
You look up. Tsuyoi holds a double-ended dildo in her hand.
"Been a while since we used this."
She slides it inside herself before lining it up with your pussy. You grin and pull her closer, gasping as the tip penetrates you.


You wake up the next morning, feeling about ten years younger. Sex having a positive effect on your soul was a controversial part of your dissertation.
Tsuyoi is fast asleep next to you, making that cute little breathing noise again.
"Ah, if only I could stay here forever..."
...yeah, you'd get bored eventually.

>[]Wake Tsuyoi up with a pleasant surprise.
>[]Go make her breakfast for once.
>[]Get ready for work. There's a report to be made, after all. Aeneth was gonna be PISSED at someone, might as well be you.
>[]Go make her breakfast for once.
But when you fail yo come up with anything except beer and Alagos (tm) cereal,
>wake her with a nice tongueing
You get up and look around your quarters. There is a small kitchen, but you have no idea what any of this shit is.
Hell, you didn't have any idea what half of the shit in your kitchen was when you were still living on Earth. You could make a pizza, but that's not breakfast food.
Wait, what is--
You pull a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch off the shelf.
"I may have lost an eye, but even I can see--"
Why did he make you say that?
Well, you can order some food from the castle kitchens when you've finished business. You have a glass of milk to wash out the morning breath and climb back into bed.
Tsuyoi is sleeping facedown, clutching a pillow to her chest. You slip the sheets off her lower half and give her pussy a light kiss.
You slide two of your fingers inside her and tease her g-spot. It should be right there... unless it moved again.
"Krystal..." Tsuyoi moans, arching her back slightly. You lean down and slowly lick her asshole.
...hey, this--you'd poured wine on her and licked it off last night. Must've missed some.
Tsuyoi clutches the pillow tighter. Her breath becomes heavier.
Despite her protests, you knew she loved it when you did this.
After a few minutes, you can feel her insides tense up. You move your mouth down to her pussy and drink her cum.
It's sweet, slightly tangy. Delicious.
You roll your wife over and give her a kiss, letting her cum dribble into her mouth.
She slowly opens her eyes and wraps her arms around you.
"Told you not to play with my ass..."


You're both eating breakfast when someone knocks on the door. You get up to answer, but Tsuyoi's much faster.
"Is Lady Krystal in? We have some very important subpoenas for her to look at."
What? Why??
"No, she's not in right now."
"I-I see..."
Your aide hastily retreats from the doorway. Tsuyoi sits back down.
"I have to finish that common sense test before I die. Otherwise we're gonna have to go through that Goge Vandire clusterfuck."
Tsuyoi nods knowingly and sips her tea. While she doesn't really get your references, she can usually figure out what you're trying to say via the context of the conversation.

>[]Well, I guess we should go say hi to the happy couple... damn, it's been a year since all this started.
>[]Bounce some ideas for the Order off Tsuyoi. She's good at criticizing your actions.
>[]Explain the situation with Ash...
>[]Well, I guess we should go say hi to the happy couple...
You get up, help Tsuyoi to her feet, and head for your son's house.


Aisha's pet spider lady peeks over the wall of her nest as you knock on the door.
"Just a second!"
Kasai pulls the door open.
"Oh. Hi, Mom."
Tsuyoi gives him a hug.
"I came here to see your baby!"
"Yeah, that's great..."
You walk inside and take a seat on the sofa. Aisha comes down, holding Jack in her arms.
"Hi, step-moms!"
"Hi, Aisha."
"Oh, is this Jack? He's so adorable!"
Tsuyoi and Aisha fawn over the poor kid.
Kasai mutters something about raisins, before clearing his throat.
"Coffee. I'll make some coffee."

>[]Might as well join in with bothering your grandson.
>[]Give Aisha a quick update on her sister while Kasai's busy.
>[]Sit on the couch awkwardly.
>[]Bother grandson and Give Aisha the update on her sister when possible
You walk over and pat Jack on the head.
"Shh. People will start avoiding you in about thirteen years, kid. Just endure it."
"Well, they probably will. By the way, Aisha..."
You glance around.
"Ash is okay. Started her business. Her kid's name is Rosemary."
Aisha smiles.
"Oh, that's good. I was wondering how she'd get along. Jackie, you wanna go see your auntie? Uh... okay, maybe not. Kinda inappropriate for children."
Kasai emerges from the kitchen. He hands Tsuyoi and Aisha cups of coffee. You pass. That stuff doesn't go well with your preferred drink.
You sit down at the table and start eating some pastries Kasai had brought out.

>[]So. How's married life?
>[]Isn't Pris around here..? Don't tell me she's tied up in the closet.
>[]Nice catching up, but we really should be leaving.
>[]So. How's married life? And where's Pris?
"Married life is great! It's much the same a single before... except I know where Kasai is, so I get to bother him more!"
"And now I know that Aisha has been actively making my life confused and miserable."
You clear your throat before your son says anything else controversial.
"What happened to Pris? Isn't she around?"
"I finished dusting!"
Pris emerges from upstairs and beams upon seeing you.
"Krystal! Tsuyoi!"
She gives you and your wife a kiss on the cheek.
"I... I would've made coffee if you'd called..." she says, looking down at the tray. Kasai puts a hand to his head.
"Sorry. Force of habit."
Yeah, Pris was definitely the servant type. She'd outright told you once that her programming made her want to feel useful. Oh, yeah. You'd almost forgotten she was a robot.
Of course, since she's involved with Alagos, her subservience is accompanied by a long list of fetishes, chief among them being masochism and general BDSM stuff. Nice girl, really.

>[]Pris, mind getting me some of the good stuff?
>[]You two haven't been doing anything to her, right?
>[]Jackie's in good hands. I better get going.
>[]Pris, mind getting me something of the good stuff?
>[]By the way, you two haven't been doing anything to her, right?
"Of course, Krystal."
Pris goes down into the basement.
"You haven't been doing anything to her... right?"
"Oh, of course not." Aisha says, readjusting her hold on Jack.
"But whenever we don't need her, she goes to Legs's place and comes back covered in webs."
"...as long as it's consensual, I guess."
Pris comes back upstairs and pours you a drink.
"Ah, thanks."
You take a sip and ponder the taste.
"Let's see... Ür stock? Aged maybe fifty years. Could be seventy."
"You're an aficionado now?" Kasai asks.
"Hey, I have to have some kind of hobby if I make it to retirement."

>[]Does it seem like about lunchtime to you guys?
>[]Aisha, you never told me what you saw in the Void Portal...
>[]Gotta go. My aides are probably having conniptions.
>>[]Does it seem like about lunchtime to you guys?
Jack wakes up and starts fussing.
"Well, I guess he thinks so." Aisha says. "Unless I forgot to... no, he's hungry."
Pris goes off to make lunch. Aisha hums softly as Jack feeds.
"Hmm-mmm... hm--OW! Biting..."
Tsuyoi smiles.
"Just like--"
"Just like his father. Heard plenty of it." Kasai says. His eyes betray a life of unjust suffering and tragedy. "Aisha, I thought you liked it when I bite--"
"Heeeeeey, lunch is here!" Aisha says. Pris sets a tray of sandwiches on the table.
You dig in. Pretty good, these. The sausage slices could be cut a little thicker, though.


You wave goodbye to your daughter-in-law.
"Good seeing how you're doing. You've saved me from one of 'those' mornings as well, so I can't complain."
"Bye, Krystal!"
She holds up Jack's hand and waves it.
"Bye, Mom."


Kasai closes the door and sighs.
"Well, they're gone."
"I thought it was nice to see them here."
"Yeah, well... half the bottle! Good thing it was cheap. My bet's liver failure at fifty."
"Kasai, she's your mother! I bet she's gonna have a nice, peaceful death at a hundred."
You smile and hold Jackie closer.
"She can't die until she's seen my son grow up, at any rate."


"Good morning, Jackie!"
"Morning, mommy..."
You help the toddler up into his chair and serve him some pancakes.
"Jackie, do you remember what today is?"
He scrunches his face up before beaming at you.
"Yay! Do you know how old you are now?"
This time, there's no hesitation. He holds up five fingers.
He squeals happily as you tickle him.
"That's not four!"
"Morning, Aisha..."
Kasai yawns and sits down, chugging his coffee.
"Hi, daddy! Where's Nanny?"
"Hi, Jackie. Pris is taking care of your sister."
"Sister sister sister sister sister!"

>[]Great, you made him start that again.
>[]She's probably gonna need feeding, gimme a minute.
>[]Jackie, eat your breakfast so we can go to Grandpa's.
Ho fuck, the timeskips are real
Ending soon?
>[]She's probably gonna need feeding, gimme a minute.
>>1740032 (yeah, probably. Aisha's a responsible adult now, that's kinda boring to write for)
You enter the living room. Pris holds Christine on her lap, feeding her from a bottle.
"Hi, Aisha."
"Hey. When did you get that..?"
"You don't remember? We pumped it last night."
"Oh, yeah..."
You sit down. Christine takes a break from her suckling to smile at you before continuing.
She's a beautiful child. Already, she's got a shock of red hair growing out of her head, like Mom has. Her limb scales are dark blue, almost black.
"Oh, you're so cuuuuute!"
You give her a kiss on the head.
"You're doing a good job, Pris."
She smiles shyly. You give her a pat on the head.
"I gotta go... Jackie's gotta finish his breakfast."
You go back into the dining room. Jack is running around the table making 'bbbbbbbbbbb' noises.
"Honey, our son is being a nuisance."
"Nu-since! Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb"
You scoop him up mid-run and put him back in his chair.
"Aww. I know, sweetie. Come on, finish your breakfast."
"Can we go swimming?"
"Maybe. If you promise not to pee in the lake again. You know the elementals don't like that."
Jack giggles.
"They threw me into daddy."
Kasai's eye twitches slightly at the memory.
Someone knocks at the door. You sigh inwardly. Definitely a gauntlet making that noise.

>[]Come in!
>[]Krystal, stop scratching the paint!
>[]Sneak up on her. (D20)
>>[]Krystal, stop scratching the paint!
She opens the door.
"I'm not scratching sh--anything."
"Hi, Jackie."
She looks around the house and scratches her chin, as if considering something.
"I brought someone with me... come on."
You lean to look behind Krystal. Was that..?
You hurry to the door and give her a hug.
"Is this Rose? She's so adorable!"
"Hi, sis. Glad to see you, too."
Kasai walks up to the front door. Ash freezes and looks at him worriedly.
"...welcome to our home, Ash."
He gives her a hug. Your sister looks relieved.
But the wording was clear. OUR home.
"Uh... have you met Rose?"
The girl waves shyly.
"Hi, there. You look like a nice girl."
She smiles.
"Mommy, who's that?" Jack asks, pulling on your pant leg. You lift him up.
"That's Ash, my sister!"
"You have a sister?"
"Yep! And that's your... cousin. Her name's Rosemary."
"Hi, Rosemary."
"Hi, Jackie."
Ash laughs and rubs her daughter's head.
"Well, I should really get going..."

>[]No, come in! You haven't seen Christine, and there's so much to talk about..
>[]Do you have to go?
>[]Yeah... work and all. I get it.
>[]No, come in! You haven't seen Christine, and there's so much to talk about...
"...I guess I could stay a few minutes."
You drag her inside.
"Down you go, Jackie... oh, you're getting heavy."
As soon as you set him down he rushes off. Probably to show Rose his favorite toys or something.
You take Christine from Pris and sit down next to Ash.
"Isn't she just adorable?"
You give Kasai a stern look before he can mutter anything about raisins.
"Aw, she has your eyes."
Indeed she does. Deep blue eyes, half-opened and sleepy.
"Is it naptime again? Alright... I'll sing for you later, mommy has to talk to your auntie."
You hand Christine back to Pris and watch Jack play with Rose. He's got his wooden sword...
"Look, I'm a knight!"
"Knights have armor, you silly. And they have to be grown up."
"I'm a knight-in-training!"
Krystal kneels next to him.
"You will be, probably. Here, hold that like this."
She adjusts Jack's grip on his sword.

>[]Uh, Krystal? No hitting.
>[]Let them do their thing.
>[]Quick, Jackie! Get her!
>[]Quick, Jackie! Get her!
Jackie knocks Krystal on the head until she puts a hand up to stop him.
"You did it, Jackie! You got the drop on grandma!"
"I did?"
"Yep! Don't hit anyone with that again, though. You might hurt someone."
"So that's it..." Krystal growls. "You just wanna tell people that I was smacked in the head by a little kid?"
"It'll be funny."
"Well, I smacked you on the head a thousand times, easily."
You roll your eyes.

>[]Well, let's go to Grandpa's now.
>[]Krystal, just accept that you've been bested by a four-year-old.
>[]Well, let's go to Grandpa's now.
You fiddle around with your teleport ring. The familiar portal opens up in the middle of the room.
"Let's go!"
You push Ash through before she can protest and help Jackie in. The portal closes behind you.
The castle is silent. It's gonna take at least an hour to find--
Alagos crashes through the window, desperately struggling against his opponent, Ruin.
"Hi! Gimme a second."
He punches the god of fire in the face before getting kicked through the opposite wall. Ruin turns to face you.
"What is this? More rodents to throw in the fire? Perhaps I should snuff out their souls before they can mature--"
"Calm down woman, I was jesting."
Alagos comes flying back into the room, tackling Ruin and crashinng through the wall.
"Well, let's take a seat in the living room."


Dad comes back a few minutes later. Mom's helping his vertebrae slide back into place.
"Did you win?" Jackie asks, wide-eyed.
"It was a tie. But only because I slipped."
He sits down on the couch. You can see him visibly wince as his bones pop back into their normal positions.
"So, how's the birthday boy doing?"

>[]He got the drop on Krystal!
>[]Pretty good. Oh, have you seen Christine?
>[]He's excited to know what we got him.
>[]He got the drop on Krystal!
"You did? Man, I'm the only one alive who's been able to do that."
Krystal mutters arcane curses under her breath.
"Really. Everyone else who managed it is dead. Well, except--"
"Except who? Tell them, Alagos. Please do."
"...maybe that's a story for a later time. Anyway, eat up."
Dad conjures up some cereal and leaves the room.
"Just getting something."
You're about to pick up your bowl before Mom assaults you.
"Aisha, your daughter is so BEAUTIFUL!"
"I know!"
"I could just DIE!"
"I knoooooooow!"
Dad comes back in, holding a small package. It's about the right size for a head.
...please don't let it be a head.
"So, Jackie! I thought you'd find this amusing."
Your son stares curiously as Alagos reveals his present.
It's a padded sphere of sorts with a smiley face crookedly drawn on it, floating at Jack's shoulder level.
He bats at it. The ball rolls backward before returning to its original position. Jack giggles and hits it harder. It flies a few feet before rubberbanding back.
"If you press that button right there, it'll work like a regular ball. Oh, and..."
He places a miniature knight's helmet on Jack's head.
"Just in case you hit it too hard and it hits you in the nose. That happened to me."
Jack flips the faceplate up and grins.
"Thanks, grampa!"
He gives him a hug before toddling back over to you.
"Mommy, look what--oof--I got!"
His helmet's faceplate had come back down and made him trip. Jack simply got back up and kept going.
Alagos hands Rose a package.
"It's your birthday in a few days, right?"
She looks up at him and nods.
"Make sure you don't open that before then."
"Mom, try it!" Jack urges you. You pull the ball back with one hand and release it. Jackie actually manages to catch it.
"Coooooooool." he says, holding on tight. The ball pulls him forward despite his best efforts.
"Can I open it now, mommy?"
"Of course."
You hand Jackie the package you had wrapped. He starts clumsily tearing the paper off.

What did you get for him?
>A super advanced lifelike robot doll (that can develop just like any other child) with a super duper AI installed
File: IMG_1131.png (35 KB, 600x600)
35 KB
You can't just get that at the store...
Guess I'll sleep on it and see if anyone else has a suggestion.
A light, veeeery clattery wooden knights armor!
You help Jack put on his new armor. As soon as he's done, he gives you a hug and rushes off to run around the castle, followed closely by Rose.
...well, at least you'll be able to find him later, what with the rattling.
"Ah, the carelessness of youth."
"Don't you do that regularly, dear?" Mom asks Dad.
"I'm very in touch with my inner child. Besides, it's not much of a castle if someone in armor isn't running around."
Kasai puts an arm around your shoulders.
"As long as he doesn't fall down any stairs, he can do what he wants."
"Well, they're gonna want to come back once they see this."
Alagos tosses each of you a bag full of various candies. Krystal holds up a bag of Gushers and frowns.
"Okay, where the hell are you getting all this? The candy, weapons, cartloads of bad action movies and anime..."
"I know a guy who knows some other guys."
"I better not have to talk to Aeneth about this."
"Oh come on, Krystal!" you say, licking caramel off your lips. "As long as it isn't Void tainted, why are you complaining?"
"Because Alagos now owns every Jim Carrey film in existence."
"It's part of my grand collection."

>[]Let's go see this collection, then!
>[]Is my room still furnished? We might stay here for a night.
>[]Jackie! Candy!
>[]Jackie! CANDY!
File: IMG_1747.jpg (202 KB, 682x500)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
"Candy, candy!"
Jack and Rosie run back into the room at top speed and receive their bags of slightly diluted sugar.
"Ffms, gmmpa!"
"Don't eat too much. You don't have iron stomachs like moi."
Alagos finishes up his bar of chocolate.
"Mmm. Chocolate so rich, liberals are having aneurysms just thinking about it."
"You got some on your chin, my lord."
"Oh. Thank you, Pris."
Krystal twists the mouth of her bag closed.
"Eeugh. Shouldn't be eating this. By the way, Alagos. How's the afterlife gonna work? I automatically receive the highest position, of course."
"Right... well, you'll get to stay at my reserved section of the Realm of Souls. All faithful and righteous members of the Order will revel there until the End of All Things."
"Uh... what'll we do then?"
"Fight fruitlessly to prolong the heat death of the universe. But hey, the Realm of Souls is 'lit', as they say. Of course, all the traitors and sinners go to the Underworld. It's actually just a part of the Realm of Souls where me and my siblings go to relieve stress. Crystal never made it there... I guess her soul's stuck in the Void."

>[]Will Rorogan go there? I wouldn't want to see him tortured...
>[]Can we see your collection? It's been sealed off for as long as I can remember.
>[]Skip time till lunch.
>[]Skip time till lunch

Also did Kasai get Legs her kids or what? :^)
>>1747721 (nah, she just kind of jumped on passing drifters. Probably a good thing, she might've been inclined to eat their heads after a while)
You sit down at the large table in the castle's dining hall. A feast has been laid out, including dishes from Earth and Syreth. Krystal happily digs into some sort of yellow, crumbly bread.
As for you, you're having that cheesy bread from long ago, when you and Kasai had gotten lunch. Your first unofficial date!
Jackie's having pizza and a juice box. You made him take off his armor before eating, it would be a pain to wash tomato sauce out.
There are a few servants eating with you. Pris would do everything herself, but multiple workers were needed to take care of the sprawling castle. Besides, they needed jobs.
Alagos swallows his cereal and speaks.
"After this, I'll be taking you on the yearly tour. Ash and Rosie haven't been, and this place only grows bigger every year."
"Thanks to me." Krystal says.
"I suppose Krystal has been doing an adequate job on the mortal plane. Without her, this castle would be slightly less awesome."
"I built the Order from nothing, dammit!"
"Please, there are children here."

>[]Take some of Jack's pizza.
>[]Is dessert ready? I have room!
>[]Finish up. The tour should be interesting.
>[]Finish up. The tour should be interesting.
File: IMG_1289.jpg (1.68 MB, 1000x1414)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
You swallow the last bit of your food and stretch.
"Oof. I'm done."
"Fullllllllll..." Jack says, sliding down in his chair.
"Anyone else done?"
The rest of your family mutters their consent.
"Well, let's get on with it, then."


"So... *crunch crunch* this section was the original castle, but as you can see, *crunch* it's been added to." Alagos says in between spoonfuls of dry cereal.
The castle is pretty big. It definitely outshines Castle Zhaimont, the capital of the entire Empire. Your family crest is emblazoned on banners, and various artillery emplacements line the battlements in case an unwanted relative stops by.
Alagos teleports you to the throne room, sitting on his big, scary chair.
"Here it is. The main attraction. I hold audiences here, as well as gun shows, parties of questionable ethics, and racquetball tournaments."
You teleport again.
"And this is--"
"My old room!"
You walk farther in and look around. Just like you left it! Bunch of crap everywhere, Momodora's title screen on your computer, and large windows with a beautiful view of the cosmos.
"Well, nothing much here."
You teleport again. Rorogan is hunched over a table with a Ouija board on it, chanting and trailing vapors from his fingertips.
"Uncle Roro!" Jack cries.
"Father, I'm performing a seance! This is a delicate ritual, please leave at once!"
"Ooh, spooky!"

>[]Rorogan, gimme a hug!
>[]At least say Happy Birthday.
>[]Dad, we should probably leave. The spirits were probably almost asleep by the time we got here.
>>[]Rorogan, gimme a hug!
You run forward and wrap your arms around him.
"I forgive you for everything you did!"
"Sister, you've told me that about twelve times. Please, this--"
A glowing red sigil appears above your heads. You step back quickly.
"Father, look what you've done!"
A tentacle reaches down and ensnares Rorogan.
"I think we should leave him to his rituals."
You teleport away again, this time to a large blast door.
"Is he gonna be okay?" you ask Alagos.
"Of course. He doesn't look remotely like a Japanese schoolgirl. Besides, it's happened like six times already and he was fine."
He punches a code into a keypad, and the door opens.
"Now for my favorite room! Let me just get the lights on..."
You step inside and feel the telltale tingle of passing into an extradimensional space. It's pitch black in here, but it feels... big.
Spotlights snap on, revealing a stuffed monster about the size of a mountain. Numerous giant swords are pierced through it.
"COOL!" Jack shouts.
"HOLY--Alagos, how the hell did you get that in here!?"
"Yes, the Devourer! I fought this guy back when I was on Earth. BIIIIIG demon."
He gestures at several long rows of display cases and other exhibits.
"It's just a bunch of junk from years ago, really. Still, you're free to have a look. Don't break anything."

>[]Take a look around.
>[]Ask for more details on what exactly happened with the Devourer.
>[]Wait for the tour to start up again.
>[]Wait for the tour to start up again.
You stand by as everyone else goes to look at Dad's old stuff. Granted, it consisted of stuffed demons and military hardware, so you couldn't blame them for being interested. There's even a bombed-out helicopter.


"Everyone finished? Let's go, then."
You teleport in front of your brother Castiel's room. The doorframe has been reinforced and a wall has been built to wrap around it, forcing anyone entering to be well within shotgun range.
"In case you don't know, my other son is a bit fortification-happy. If you leave him in a room long enough he tends to tip the tables over and build a fort."
"I only have my personal safety in mind, father. I know that my demise would make you and mother somewhat upset."
Castiel steps outside.
"I see you have brought children. They are easier to hide behind sandbags than other individuals."

>[]You're so funny, Castiel.
>[]Did you get my son a present? *malicious glare*
I sorta like Castiel's thinking.
You give him a big, bone-crushing hug. He isn't fazed by it. Nobody is...
"I haven't seen you in forever!"
"I delivered a cake to you this past weekend. Was it a doppelgänger that received it?"
"No, I'm just being melodramatic."
"I see. That should have been my first guess."
"But why'd you put it in a strongbox? We haven't figured out how to get it open!"
"I suppose I should have been more clear on the matter. The combination is one-two-three-four."
"...that's a little obvious, isn't it?"
"WELL, what a bunch of wonderful children I have! Isn't that right, honey?" Dad says, throwing his arms around you and Castiel.
"We DO have amazing children. Maybe it's about time we make some more..."
"Maybe later. Right now, I have a tour to run."


"--my office! As you can see, it is a very grand and spacious room."
You nod. The walls and ceiling were covered in a single dome-shaped screen, displaying the cosmos. Dad's computer is open on some sort of text prompt.
"My current time-waster is a little something I like to call Cyberpunk Demonslayer. You see, it--"
Krystal yawns loudly.
"...do you want a slap? I will do it. And probably regret it."
"Pfft. You wouldn't dare. Puss--"
"AnyWAAAAY, that concludes our tour! Please exit through the gift shop, and remember to give me a five-star rating."
You're teleported to an actual gift shop, featuring little snow globes of the castle and necklaces with moon rocks. The review sheets already have their five stars filled in.
"Alagos, are you okay?" Krystal asks.
"No. I could probably use a good old-fashioned brawl with some of my siblings. Daily routines are... bad for me."
Jack slowly spins a display stand of prisms, marveling at the pretty colors.
"You guys staying for dinner?"

>[]For sure!
>[]Eeeeeeh... what're you serving?
>[]No, we've got a little thing planned back home.
>>[]Eeeeeeh... what're you serving?
"Just some fine cuisine. Steak, baked potatoes, boiled deepfish with a nice lemon sauce... not to mention a little icebreaker for the adult guests."
Krystal coughs violently as she overheard your conversation.
"Oh, you've been making your own wine?"
"Yep. You just have to figure out what tastes good together, y'know? I have the benefit of Earth fruits to mix with. Hell, I bet I could sell the stuff for a fair amount, but I don't want the god of wine getting all pissy at me."
Wine in Syreth is made by squeezing Wineweed, then diluting the purely alcoholic extract with fruit juices and other compounds. It's so simple that beer and other forms of drink either haven't been discovered or just never took off. Of course, the plant only grows along the banks of the Winewater river, so production mainly stuck to that area.
"I guess I'll be staying, then." Krystal says. "Had my fair share of crappy microbrews in the states, this can't be any worse."

>[]I guess I'll go, too.
>[]Is there gonna be a nice cake?
>[]Yeah, I'm good. Sorry, Dad.
>[]I guess I'll go, too.
"Perfect. Let me just make sure it's ready."
He leaves to go check on the cooks.
"Come on, Jackie! Dinner!"
He and Rose lower their plastic swords and run over. Ash smiles.
"They're getting along well, aren't they?"
"As they should. They're related, after all."
"They better remember that as they grow up..." Krystal mutters.
"What was that?"
"Oh, nothing."


"Haaaaaaaappy Birthday, dear Jackie!"
He blows out the candles on his cake and smiles as you applaud.
"Four years! Man, at your age I was..."
Krystal ponders her statement.
"Eating crayons or something."
"I was sitting here watching you spread my glorious word across the land!"
"Doing a great job, too. Especially with those blessings."
"I said I was sorry..."

>[]Well, you wasted your fair share of time, Krystal.
>[]Dad, you missed some of my requests, too! And I'm your daughter!
>[]Please don't fight, it's a happy occasion! Have some cake, that'll cheer you up.
>[]Please don't fight, it's a happy occasion! Have some cake!
"Yeah, cake! Cake is good."
Dad cuts himself a slice. Krystal sighs and drops the issue.
"We'll have words about that. Later."
You eat up. Jackie smiles at you from across the table, crumbs and frosting all over his face. Kasai puts an arm around your shoulders.
"Is this all you've ever wanted?" he asks.
"Yes... but with a few dozen more children."
"Hahaha! Yeeeeeah, I think we'll be using protection for the next week or so..."

Final timeskip, a whopping FIVE YEARS LATER. Not much has occurred, other than Jackie (now 9) beginning basic training.

A hasty knocking noise rings through the house. You open the door to a breathless Rolland.
"Aisha! Thank the gods you're at home. Where's Kasai? And your children?"
"T-they're upstairs. What's going--"
"Get them down here and follow me. There's no time to waste, hurry!"
You get your family and follow him. Rolland leads you up to the castle infirmary.
"I'm sorry this is on such short notice, but we only just managed to get her out of there..."
Kasai glances worriedly at you.
"You mean Krystal?"
She had been on a mission to undermine missionary efforts from the Order of Ruin.
"The Imperator... is alive. But there's no telling how extensive the damage was."

>[]Will she live?
>[]Can we see her?
>[]What happened?
Bad time to take a nap

>[]What happened? And can we see her?
>>[]Will she live?
Followed by
>[]What happened? And can we see her?
"Anything can happen, gods willing, but from what I've heard... I don't like her chances. She was caught in a munitions warehouse by Death Pauldron elites. Conjured a shield around herself and set off some kind of explosive. She's lucky she even lived."
Rolland ushers you into the room.
"Go. I'm sure Krystal's waiting."
You walk in. A healer is maintaining a constant healing spell on Krystal. Not a good sign.
She looked fine, outwardly. Only scratches and burns. But healing spells prioritize the worst injuries.
"Everyone come see the freak." Krystal mutters, shifting and wincing. She takes a drink from a nearby bottle and grunts.
"This guy's doing wonders for the pain, but... I can feel it. Shit's broken, deep inside. Maybe I should've kept that clone around."
She coughs up blood before wiping her mouth off.
"That happens sometimes. Probably nothing... dammit, they cornered me! That's how they got Cassidy and Sundance! Should've--"
Kasai kneels next to her.
"Mom. You've gotten out of worse... you'll be okay, right? You have to be."
"Your optimism is..."
She coughs again and takes a shaky breath.
"It's appreciated, but I'm dead. Whether or not I've accepted it is... up for debate."
She puts a hand on her son's shoulder.
"Rolland, you're a witness. Kasai, I name you Duke of Diluvium, responsible for the care and administration of this city. Any--"
She grabs a sheet and coughs violently into it, her body shuddering with each spurt of blood.
"--lapses in duty will fall solely upon yourself, and you will answer for them. Aisha, come here."
You kneel next to Kasai. He blinks hard and grips his mother's hand.
"Mom, no. You'll be fine, like always. I can't be Duke, I don't--"
"You'll be fine. Hell, I don't even know what I'm doing half the time."
She looks you straight in the eye.
"Aisha, you're Imperator now. Let's see... shit."
She hands you her Holy Symbol.
"Best heirloom I can manage right now. Hey."
Krystal grips your arm.
"You'd better build one amazing memorial for me. That's an order."

>[]I'll build the best tavern ever.
>[]No, there has to--Dad! He can heal you!
>>[]I'll build the best tavern ever.
>But you better survive to drink in it, that's an order.
Then hug her, but gently.
Fuck, Shiiiiiiiiet
Krystal laughs.
"Oh, Aisha. Never change. Truth is, I'm great at giving orders, but following them is a different story."
You give her a hug. She pats you on the back before shifting her pillow.
"And, well. It wouldn't be much of a memorial if I showed up."
Tsuyoi and Azeila enter the room. Tsuyoi rushes to Krystal's side.
"Ah... dammit, I don't want to do this."
"Krystal! You'll be okay, we can get a--"
The healer frowns and collapses. Krystal let's out a rattling breath and looks sadly at him.
"It's okay, buddy. You did your best..."
She turns to Tsuyoi.
"Look... I'm not gonna make it. It's way earlier than it should be, but I'm dying."
"No. No, you're fine, you--"
Krystal pulls her in and gives her a kiss.
"Look over there. Azeila and Kasai... our children. They still need you. I was never a good mother."
"You were--you will be!"
"I'm so sorry..."
A tear runs down Krystal's face. She lifts her eyepatch, looking up at her wife with both eyes.
"I don't deserve you, but we're stuck together anyway. I'll wait. If you commit suicide or anything, I'm going to slap you."
"Don't leave me alone..." Tsuyoi whimpers.
"You won't be. Our children and grandchildren will keep you company. Jackie will grow up to be who I never could. It's too late for Aisha..."
She chuckles and lies back, staring at the ceiling.
"And now I'm off. To join my comrades... it's all up to you kids now."
Krystal takes a drink and swallows painfully.
"Huh. It doesn't hurt anymore."
You see the life leave her eyes. Krystal's body slumps over, the bandages around her slowly turning bright red.
Tsuyoi grips the bedsheets and screams.


Long after the last ashes drifted away, you and Kasai stand at the cliff's edge, staring out at the ocean.
The sea is troubled today. The usual calm vista had been replaced by rough seas and a maelstrom brewing above your heads.
"Kasai... we should go."
He clenches and unclenches his fist, looking at the stone plaque before him.
"...you're right."
You circle an arm around him and start for home. Behind you, unseen, Alagos has taken Kasai's place by the plaque.
A single tear falls to the ground, signaling the rain to begin falling in sheets. Wordlessly, he disappears.
File: Eclipse.png (317 KB, 852x480)
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317 KB PNG
Thank you for participating in Cyberpunk Demonslayer/Storm Paladin Quest/Storm Demigod Quest!
This isn't the end. I just have to come up with a good title for the next chapter, featuring Jackie. I've already got plans for two tempting femme fatales to be ruining the poor kid's life.

Subject KR-046 terminated.
Cause of death: unsustainable internal injury.
Total direct kills: 631.
Total indirect kills: still being updated.
Had sex with: 32 individuals.
Imperator Supremis of the Order of Alagos, Ducchess of Diluvium, kickstarted the firearms industry, affected countless other professions and technologies, and completely changed the face of warfare on Syreth.
Wife of Tsuyoi, mother of Kasai and Azeila.
Kasai has had two children with Aisha, his wife.
Azeila has recently undergone a certain daemonette ritual and has married another girl of the village. They are expecting any day now. Azeila sometimes advises Kasai's decisions.
Yokai, chief of the daemonette village, lived until she was brittle and wizened.
Legs the dryder is the happy mother of a brood. She lives with several former homeless whom she had used as incubators.
Rolland passed away about a year after his Imperator, due to sickness.
The Order has grown to over one hundred thousand individuals, and is thinking of spreading it's influence further, to the Unknown Lands.
Aisha is in communication with the Order of Ruin's new High Marshal. She hopes a peace treaty can be established.

Stormyface sits in his room, slowly wasting away in front of his computer. He's probably gonna go play FEAR after this.

I have no idea what you're doing, anons, but thanks for all the decision-making and comments and goodnights. If you hadn't had the idea to knock out and enslave Sasha, Aisha and Jack never would have existed.
Thank you.

Next thread should be up in a day or so.
Excellent quest op.
wait for the next.
File: IMG_1756.jpg (105 KB, 549x748)
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105 KB JPG
But anon, I have plans.
I didn't even talk about the storyline I'm planning that takes place like 2000 years after this one.
I don't knooooow if i can cooooommiiiiit
File: IMG_1643.gif (287 KB, 250x400)
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There's gonna be hot grills.
Oh right...
>Can't wait to be forced by the new anons into fucking our half sister
New thread.

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