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Previous threads:

Last time, Aisha went on an ill-fated boat ride to Far Isle, in order to meet one of the elemental Sages because she didn't have much else to do. She's currently gained a topless spider lady and lost her boyfriend. She'll find him, though. Maybe.
"Well, be safe, sis."
You get up and walk out of the cabin. Legs follows you to the beach. Maybe she'll be of some help.
"Say something if you see any survicors, okay?"
Okay, nothing much here... hey, what's that?
You brush sand away from a whitish object, half-buried.
"Oh, YES!"
Legs leans closer as you pull your rifle out of the sand and brush it off.
"I thought I'd never see you again. This must be destiny. Damn, sand got all inside the workings... I'll have to clean you later."
You sling your rifle on your back and continue.


"Legs, stop."
The spider lady complies. You step forward and examine the body you just found.
Bloated, rotting. Probably a revenant. No burn marks, save for a spot on the back. Someone used holy magic to kill it.
You draw your pistol and shoot at movement to your left.
"Wait, don't shoot me! I thought you were dead!"
"Shit, sorry!"
You put your gun away. Hey, it's the priest from earlier!
"Remember me?"
"I believe so. You were snatched up by that disgusting sea creature, if I recall. I saw--what in the name of all that is holy..."
He backs away, looking up at Legs.
"It's alright, she's sentient! And very friendly. Give him a hug, Legs."
"I refuse to make physical contact with such a beast until I know it won't harm me!"
"Well, she could've carried you if you weren't so picky."

>[]Well, let's get you back to base.
>[]This guy's an asshole. Take him to those trees and use him as a decoy to get through.
>[]Or better yet, kill him and make him your rickshaw slave.
>>[]Well, let's get you back to base.
Asshole or not, someone that can heal is a nice addition to the party.
"I guess I should get you back to base camp. We could use a priest."
"I concur. This beach wasn't a very friendly environment, anyway."
"Yeah, it killed Kick--uh, that one knight."


"And here we are."
"Base camp? This is a stone shack!"
"Well, the fortress is infested with bees, and the spider cave is too far. And I've already told you about the tree javelins."
"Yes, yes. Let's just get inside, this damp is going to give me early joint disease."
"I don't think that's how it works, but fine."
You step inside. Ash has a blanket around her and is dozing by the fire. She wakes up as you come in.
"I wasn't sleeping! Just making sure no fire elementals form!"
"Sure, sis. Move over, St. Demetrius needs fuel."
"My name is Arthon..."
You pour Arthon a bowl of stew.
"Well, that's an interesting name."
"Shouldn't be. It's rather common... do you have anything else?"
You give him a look of disapproval.
"Oh, I'm sorry. Is his Highness displeased with the stew? Let's all get up and find him some fucking gourmet steaks! WE SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT EARLIER!"
"T-the stew is fine!"
You sigh and start cleaning your gun.
"Why, why, why did Dad have to pass on the autism? I wanted a normal life--okay, I guess that couldn't happen. Even if I wasn't autistic, I'd have the religious extremism, and the succubus thing, and the blue hair, and a dragon boyfriend--"
"Who are you talking to?"
"Myself, I'm a great conversationalist! Sometimes I talk to myself to get to sleep. You should try it."
"I will make do... and see about finding you a therapist..."
You remain in silence for a while. Ash tries not to fall asleep, Arthon eats his stew, and you wash sand out of your rifle.
"Hey, where's the captain?"
"Went out a while ago. Said he'd be looking for supplies."
"Good idea."


"Well, that should do it."
You load your gun and sling it over your shoulder.
"Time for some more explorin'. Me and Legs have got this, just sit here and wait. And maybe find some meat, I'm getting sick of these beans and leaves."
"Stay safe, sis!"
"May the gods be with you."
You step outside and look up at Legs. She's busy eating a crab.
"Hey, cutie. Come on, it's exploring time."
She perks up and starts following you.
"Remind me to find you a shirt. It's gotta be cold out here."

>[]Off to the creepy fort!
>[]Okay, how am I gonna get past the Tree Artillery... (any ideas?)
>>[]Off to the creepy fort!
Maby legs will scare away the bee person.
File: IMG_1704.jpg (394 KB, 1500x1832)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
You set off for the fortress. When you get there, one of the hanging skeletons has been replaced with a fresh kill. The revenant of the ship's mate struggles and flails in his noose.
"That sends a somewhat clearer message..."
You push the door open and step inside.
"C'mon, Legs."
The spider tries to fit through, but her spider half is just too large. She hangs her head.
"Aww... is there any other entrance?"
Legs looks around, then grabs you and starts straight up the fortress wall.
"Oh, this works."
She sets you down at the very top of the fortress. You don't look down.
A robed figure stands at the opposite end of the roof, gazing down at the island. He turns around and speaks.
"Intruder... why did thou not heed the warnings left over the gate? My thralls should have emphasized my desire to be left well alone."
He looks at Legs.
"I see. Thou hast befriended the dryder... it's like has resided here for ages. Take thy ally and get thee hence, or I shall be forced to strike you down."
He turns away, revealing a glass sphere on his belt. It's filled with the same fog that covers the whole island. Is he causing it?

>[]Legs, sic em! (D20)
>[]Hey, I'll leave you alone if you turn off the fog. I can pay with my body if you need motivation.
>[]I just wanted to borrow a cup of sugar...
Rolled 4 (1d20)

Have you heard about Lord Alagos?
"I hold no interest in gods and Orders. Leave me be."
"No, dude, I think you could REEEEALLY like it, we've got--"
The wizard raises a hand and launches spikes of solid fog at you. You dodge them easily.
"Aha! Can't aim for shit, can you?"
You get your rifle out and start running to the side. Might as well give him a moving target.
"Well, if you won't listen, I'll just--WHOA, FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!"
You thought you had been stepping on solid ground, but the wizard must've covered the floor in fog. You tumble off the roof, screaming in terror as the ground rises up to meet you.

Subject AI-064/A terminated.
New subject located: AI-075/A.
Spacetime differentiation within acceptable margins.
Begin memory playback.

You wave your arms wildly and step back from the edge of the roof.
"That's not fair, you can't use fog like that! Alright, then... eat lead, you cheating piece of shit."

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 1 (1d20)

Didn't she have wings?
Rolled 13 (1d20)

Gonna happen twice in a frigging row.
>>1669398 (well, she has zero experience with using them)
You lift your rifle and fire at the wizard. His form dissipates, and he reappears elsewhere.
"Oh, come ON!"
The wizard fires more spikes, which stab you in several places. At least they disappeared, but you're gonna have to stop the bleeding.
"Okay, you know what? Fuck you."
You reach for your secret weapon, pull the pin, and toss it at the wizard. He catches the grenade and examines it, puzzlers
He's immediately and violently vaporized. You cover your face as bits of gore rain down.
The fog sphere rolls to your feet. How it survived, you have no idea.
You pick it up. Could be useful.
"Alright, Legs. Let's--Legs?"
You look around. She's gone...
The spider pokes her head up over the side of the roof.
"Oh. I guess that might've been kinda scary."
"So what does this thingy do..."
You focus and form an especially thick wall of fog around you. You can make shapes, spikes, cover floors... the thing looks cracked, though. Maybe you should save it.

>[]Hey, I wonder if that bee guy will be cool with me now.
>[]We should go back to base camp.
>[]Hey, I can sneak past the tree artillery now!
>>[]Hey, I can sneak past the tree artillery now!
You hop into Legs's arms and let her carry you down to the ground level.
"Okay, that way!"
She takes you toward the knocked-over trees.


"Stop, Legs."
She sets you down. You put a finger to your lips and start covering the area in extra thick fog.
"Okay, be very quiet, Legs."
You start creeping forward. After a few paces, you can feel Legs tugging on your sleeve.
"What is it?"
She reaches down and grabs your hand. Aww.
Still, that's a pretty good idea. Wouldn't want to be separated.


"I think we're almost through."
You make your way up into a bluff and peek around some boulders. Hey, is that Kasai?
"Damn. Can't see a thing down there. Well, if anything comes up here, I'll just beat 'em to a pulp."
Nope. Not Kasai. Looks like a lady dragon. You suppose dragons were one of the few things capable of flinging trees in such a manner.
"Now... time to go take care of my captive!"
She squeals slightly and rushes into a nearby cave.
Fucking caves, man...
Well, might as well follow.
You walk down a short tunnel and hide behind an outcropping of rock. Legs skitters up to the ceiling and hides in the shadows.
"Come on, I'm not gonna force you to stick around! I'm perfectly fine with raising a baby alone!"
"Oh, you say that now, but if I actually impregnated you it'd be a different story! Besides, my girlfriend would kill me if I did that! Or at least didn't let her join in."
It's Kasai! He's currently running around the cave, staying as far away from the lady dragon as possible.
"She doesn't have to know!"
"What's the issue? Am I not pretty? Should I wear a bag over my head?"
"You're from the Order of Alagos, of course you want to have sex with me!"
"Well, surprise!"
"Look, I've been wanting a child for as long as I've lived, and a male dragon just washes up on shore? It's our destiny!"
"If this is my destiny, then fuck destiny!"
"No, fuck me!"

>[]Please don't.
>[]Watch. This could be interesting.
>[]Kasaaaaaaai, I've been looking for you EVERYWHERE!
>[]Attack the dragon! (Warning: this is a very bad idea)
>>[]Kasaaaaaaai, I've been looking for you EVERYWHERE!
And is this a new lady friend?
And Are we gonna do it with her?
You run out from behind your rock.
"Kasai, I've been all over this place looking for you! Hey, who's this? She's kinda cute--"
Kasai hides behind you.
"She has my halberd, Aisha. I was flying over here and she hit me with a tree and then I crashed and knocked over a bunch of other trees and then she tried to tie me up--"
"Who the hell is this?"
"My girlfriend, Aisha! Don't fuck with her, she's insane!"
"Kasai, I thought we had something special! Now you're seeing other girls behind my back?"
"WE HAVE NOTHING! Give me my stuff and we'll get out of your hair--"
"No, no! I'm not letting you go until I've got a kid on the way! Can't you just jack off into a jar--"
"No, that's creepy!"
You sigh.
"Oh, yeah. Kasai, as soon as we're out, you need to teach me how to fly. I had a weird daydream where I fell off a roof and I don't want that to happen."
"Sure, I'll teach you. Okay, on three we make a run for it."
The lady dragon turns into a three-ton beast and growls.
"You try anything and your girlfriend gets turned into dust!"
"K-Kasai? L-l-let's not get too hasty... fuck, those teeth..."

>[]Kasai, let's just have a threesome and leave.
>[]Actually, why stop at three? Legs, come down here!
>[]Legs, tie her up!
>[]I think I'll leave you two to sort out your problems.
>>[]Kasai, let's just have a threesome and leave.
>>[]Actually, why stop at three? Legs, come down here!
And use the power of seduction on the dragon lady too.
"It'll be fine, Kasai. I doubt she's got diseases. Besides, I could use some more energy."
The dragon lady changes back and rubs her chin.
"A threesome..? Very well, just don't get too grabby with me."
"I'm not finished. I've got a friend I brought along. Legs, come down!"
Legs skitters down from the ceiling, but remains behind a rock.
"Oh, a dryder? Tasty."
"No eating her! She's gonna join us."
"TWO women to share him with? No thank you."
You sigh and start using your powers on her.
"I'm just not into women--what are you doing?"
"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, just give in."
The dragon lady grabs at her crotch. Her face starts turning red.
"What the hell did you do?"
"Yeah, I kind of make people so attracted to me they just do whatever I tell them. Legs, mind tying her up for me?"
Legs makes some bindings around her ankles and wrists. You step over and caress her face.
"Wha--no, let me out!"
The dragon starts struggling.
"In due time, sweetie. Just need to get you ready for Kasai."
You reach a hand into her loincloth (seriously, someone needs to set up a clothing outlet around here) and start rubbing your fingers around her pussy.
"Y'know, I didn't think I was bi either, until I tried some things with my sister... hey, what's your name?"
Oh, wasn't she..? Ah, well.
"Airu, you know why I like girls so much?"
She starts squirming. You untie her loincloth and pull her bra thing down.
"Girls know how to make other girls feel really good. But I'm special. With just a little poking around..."
You slide two fingers into Airu. She gasps and tenses up.
"I can find exactly where your g-spot is."
You press your fingers into it. Airu arches her back and moans.
"Ha! You came just from that? Guess you must not have much experience."
You lick some of her juice off your fingers.
"Oh, this is good. Here, try some."
She sucks on your finger in a daze. You beckon Kasai over.
"Uh, Aisha? I don't think--"
"Come on. If she wanted to keep us here, she'd do it, pregnant or not."
You set your clothes aside and give Kasai a long kiss.
"After we're done with these other two, we can have our own fun. Go get em, champ."
He sighs and slips out of his clothes, turning Airu onto her back.
"Legs, come here!"
She lifts you up by your ass. You wrap your legs around her back and start kissing her.
"You're a good kisser, Legs."
"I should really teach you how to speak English..."
She lowers her head and sucks on your breasts. You close your eyes and sigh.
"Ah, Legs..."
The spider gives your nipple one last suck before turning you upside-down. You've got a nice view of her pussy.
"Whoa, never done it like this... better not drop meeeEEE!"
She starts wiggling her tongue inside of you. You wrap your arms around her waist and reciprocate.
Legs really knows how to use that tongue of hers. You nearly lost focus and stopped eating her out.
She sets you down on the floor.
"Fuck, Legs. Ash must've taught you well."
"Maaaaan, I needed that! Kinda weird when Legs started using her spinneret as a penis, but nobody got hurt!"
Airu lies on the ground, panting softly and leaking semen. Legs is sitting in the corner, cleaning your cum off her face. You and Kasai are lying next to each other, enjoying the afterglow.
"Well... that was different."
"Yep. You and Legs are pretty cute together. Maybe I can find a ship that'll take her with us. I'm pretty sure there's some kind of opening for spider girls in Diluvium."
"Well, she seems nice enough."
You stand up and stand under a trickle of water flowing from the cave ceiling. Gotta clean yourself off.
"Only one I'll ever love is you, though."
"You better love Ash, she's part of the family."
"Well, I love you more. Wait, what family?"
"Kasai, could you light this? I need to get dry."
"Sure. But what--"
"Thank you... shit, what should I call you? Babe? Sweetie? Honey? I'll think of something."
You sit in front of the fire and dry yourself off for the second time that day. Kasai's nice and warm, too. Guess that only makes sense.
"Well, looks like we're gonna have to go to base camp soon. I've gathered everyone I care about, we'll have to come up with an actual plan now."
"Base camp? Oh, good. I thought we were gonna have to stay with her."
"Of course not. That would be... awkward."

>[]Let's get going.
>[]No, we can spend a little more time cuddling.
But she is coming with us, your kid is my kid, which means that is OUR kid.
And we ALL will raise it.
>Give Airu Evil Glare.
Maybe summon some lightning also.
She doesn't have to fight or do anything, but you WILL have a hand in raising that kid.
"Aisha, don't you think that might be a little... complicated? I mean, what would we say to visitors? 'Yeah, he's mine and Airu's, but we have a joint parenting thing going on--"
"Kasai, are you trying to back out of this?"
"No, I'm just being realistic. I mean, what if she doesn't want to do that?"
"Of course she does! Airu, want help raising you kid?"
"Fuck you, bitch! This is my child, I'm not letting some rapist raise it!"
"You consented."
Airu transforms into her big dragon form and storms out of the cave.
"No, no, NO!"
You chase after her, only to get slapped by her tail.
"And don't follow me! Leave me alone!"
Airu takes off and disappears into the fog.
"Dammit... KASAI! Chase her!"
"Uh... I'd rather not crash into a mountain."
You growl and get up.
"Well, don't think you can weasel your way out like that with our kids!"
"Why are you talking about kids!? We're eighteen, I can barely afford repairs on my house!"
"We've been together for like, two weeks! It's time to consider children!"
"I'm gonna hit menopause at this rate, Kasai! You're so cruel. Tell him, Legs!"
"See? She agrees!"
"Aisha, I think you're a nice person and all, but this is kinda psychotic. Maybe we should take some time--"
You give him your best psycho smile.
"Kasaiiiiiii... if you won't be mine, you won't be anyone's. I'll have to take drastic steps if you keep talking like this."
He folds his arms.
"You wouldn't lay a finger on me. Even if you did, guess what? I'm a dragon."
"I'm a demigod. Oh, that's so romantic! We have a lover's spat that ends the world and reconcile at the end!"
"Nooooooooo, nonono. I'm fairly certain my mom would be pissed about that."
"Oh. Shit, can't do that, then."

>[]Okay, let's just get to base camp.
>[]Hey... maybe we SHOULD see other people... *evil cackle*
>[]Kasai, you need to stop this kind of talk.
>>[]Kasai, you need to stop this kind of talk.
"You need to stop... whatever this is! What was the term... yandere? Stop doing that!"
"Kasai, you know I've only had like, two meaningful relationships in my life!"
"That doesn't make it justified! I have feelings and opinions, we need to compromise on our relationship!"
"I don't see the problem. I'll support you and let you have lots of sex with me as long as you give me a kid and love me forever! It's a great relationship!"
"Look, I just think we should take the time to know each other more. How much do you know about me? Not much, I bet. What's my favorite color?"

>[]It's... uh... orange?
>[]Blue--no, yellow!
>[]Y-you're changing the subject...
Rolled 6 (1d100)

>It's purple ya goof.
Rolling for correctness. Hope this works.
File: tStupid dice.gif (20 KB, 125x125)
20 KB
And failed horribly.
Rolled 5 (1d20)

Oh wait, wrong dice.
Please oh dice, let us get it right.
File: 1422488176765.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
Forget you dice.
File: IMG_1706.jpg (44 KB, 752x375)
44 KB
Rolled 9 (1d20)

Rolled 5 (1d20)

File: Sick of your shit.gif (267 KB, 400x310)
267 KB
267 KB GIF
Fricking dice gods.
Can I bribe the op with nice reaction images?
Or some rare images?
>>1671625 (I guess I could be bribed with drawfagging. Maybe)
Kasai sighs.
"No. It's green."
You huff and start putting your clothes on.
"Okay, smartass. What's MY favorite color?"
Kasai chuckles.
"It's not funny!"
"It kinda is."
Shit, gotta salvage some dignity... leaving in a huff should do it!
You sniff and blink hard.
"F-fine! I'm leaving! I didn't give a shit about you anyway!"
You hold back tortured sobs as Legs picks you up and starts toward base camp. She awkwardly pats you on the head.
"Legs, I don't need men in my life. Just you. You're the only--crap."
The fog sphere rolls out of your pack and falls to the ground. It shatters on a rock and the fog instantly disappears.
Man, that pass was there the whole time? You NEVER would've seen that.


"Hey, I'm home."
"Hey, sis! You cleared up the fog, right?"
"Yep. I found Kasai, too..."
"Oh? Where is he?"
"...we, uh, had a disagreement."
You sit down next to Ash.
"He seems to think that me wanting a kid is weird. I mean, Dad impregnated Mom when they first met, and that ended up fantastic, didn't it?"
Ash gives you an odd look.
"...it sure did. Look, maybe you should hear him out?"
"No, I'm the cute dorky girl! I'm the smart one, so I'm always right!"
"Aisha, you're not always right. What about when you tried to cook those noodles?"
"Look, it's okay, nobody's perfect."
"I have to be perfect for Kasai! Otherwise he's gonna leave me for a cute dragon lady!"
Speak of the devil, Kasai walks in at that moment.
"Hey, Ash. Thanks for the ride, Aisha."
"Screw you! I'm not talking to you again! No man, no cry!"
You bury your face in Ash's chest.
"That's not how the song goes... uh, hey there! Priest guy! You look like your emotions aren't governed by estrogen!"
Ash sighs and pats your head.
"Aisha, you need to work on your relationship."

>[]I'll just give him naked hugs, that always works.
>[]Maybe I ought to work something out...
>[]All I need is my sister and my spider friend! He apologizes to ME!
>>[]Maybe I ought to work something out...
I'll have to find a scanner.
>[] All I need is my sister and my spider friend! He apologizes to ME!
"Well, if you're not gonna keep him..."
"Wait, no!"
Ash leans over and calls out to Kasai.
"Hey, I heard you're free. Wanna get some dinner later?"
"Sounds good!"
"NAILED the rebound. Sorry about your loss, sis."
You give her a look of infinite disapproval.
"You ass."
"What? He needs comfort in this trying time."
You slump down in your chair and contemplate your life.
Shit... you'd been planning for marriage and family life. What is there left for you now? Going on missions for the Order, you guess... and hey, there's no shortage of guys who wouldn't mind giving you the old in-and-out. Like Ruin's son.
...okay, not him. Never him.
"Well, congrats. I bet it won't last a week."
"Nah, I think me and Kasai would be pretty compatible. Just indulge him in exchange for him indulging me."
"Ash, please, I don't need to have a fight with my only other friend."
"Yeah, maybe we'll invite you over for a threesome sometime--"
"Okay, shit! Damn, that's scary when you call me by my full name."
"Better use it wisely then. Wouldn't want you getting used to it."
Okay, who would make a good boy toy... there's some guys in the forge, they've got some magnificent abs.
Then there's Eleanor's older brother, he's hot in a rich guy kinda sense.
Or if you're desperate, there's the... squadron that the Order doesn't talk about. The one with the techno music and oiled muscles.
And then there's those BDSM guys. You're not entirely sure if you're into that stuff, but they have legendary raves.

>[]Well, I'm off to go explore that one pass.
>[]It's getting kinda late... I'll just stay in this nice stone hut with my sister and friends.
>[]Kasai, please forgive me, I'll do more butt stuff.
>>[]Well, I'm off to go explore that one pass.
Legs you won't leave me, will you?
Supporting this
File: IMG_1423.jpg (291 KB, 1000x1500)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
"Good Legs. Yuri power."
You hop up on her back and point toward the pass.
"Onward! I'll give you a hug--okay, seriously, we need to find you a shirt. Maybe we'll find a spare one on a revenant."


"Aaaaa I'm hungry and my feet hurt and IT'S GETTING DARK!"
You and Legs hold each other and cry.
"Legs, you're the only one who's ever been nice to me in the past hour! If we make it out of this... I love--oh, the beach is right there."
You start toward it.
"I wasn't gonna say anything really important there... don't lay eggs in me."
Well, the beach is pretty good traveling. For Legs, anyway.
"That could've been a disaster! Hey, there's a hut or something over there."
You walk up and knock on the door.
"Heeeey. You got any boats? Or at least, like, a book?"
"Oh, hi!"
You turn around. A blonde Sylph lady emerges from behind a rock and smiles.
"Can I help you?"
Fuuuuuck I know two blonde women now and this one looks like she isn't wearing anything under her skirt--
"Yeah, I was hoping me and my castaway friends could make it off this rock without dying. And we need a quick scan for Void activity I guess."
The Sage steps up to her house.
"Well, come in. You must be getting cold."


You sit at a wooden table, sipping meat broth. After soup consisting of leaves and water, this was a welcome change. Legs seems happy, too. Or as happy as anyone can be eating through a window. And hey, the Sage had an extra shirt! Legs looks twelve times cuter now!

>[]So... Void activity?
>[]Hey, you into women? I'm kind of having a crisis in a relationship and I could really use some stress relief.
>[]Uh, you have an extra bed? I'm kinda tired...
>>[]Uh, you have an extra bed? I'm kinda tired...
"Of course. This way."
The Sage lays a mat out on the floor and hands you a blanket and pillow.
"Have a good night!"
You lay your head down and look out the window. Legs pokes her head inside.
"Man... sorry you can't fit. Hope it isn't windy outside."


You sit up and look around in confusion. Where the fuck--oh, yeah. Sage's house.
"I guess I should... aw, dammit."
You pull your hand out of your pants and glare at the liquid dripping from it.
"I thought I was over this. Guess that dream about Kasai was pretty intense... hey, why am I having dreams about HIM!? He's an asshole!"
The Sage enters the room. You quickly hide your hand.
"Hey, there. You had a good sleep?"
"Good to hear. I'll have breakfast ready in a few minutes."
She leaves. You hastily lick your cum off your hand and look out the window.
"Legs? You okay?"
She tears a leg off a crab and sucks out the meat.
"Well, that's nice."
You go to the dining room and start eating. Looks like more meat, but at least it's breakfast-y.

>[]How about that scan for Void activity?
>[]Hey, you know anything about spider people? Like how to teach them to speak?
>[]Try to seduce her. You're a free woman, might as well have fun. (D20)
>>[]How about that scan for Void activity?
Buisness first.
"Oh, sure! Do you have a map?"
You get it out.
"Yep. Right here's where your colleague scanned. I only need two scans to triangulate where this mass of energy is, but... well, might as well visit the other Sages. We can have a big target on the map."
The Sage nods.
"I'll get to work. Give me a few moments."


"You okay?"
"Yes... but that is a lot of Void energy. Whatever it's intended purpose is... that cannot be good."
She draws a line from Far Isle toward the mass of energy. It intersects with the wind Sage's line. Now you know where Crystal is.
"Glad I could be of assistance."

>[]Hey, how about I give you a full-body massage? Scanning for energy must be stressful.
>[]I should be going back to base camp... hey, are there any settlements around here?
>[]Hey, you know anything about spider people? Like how to teach them to speak?
>[]Hey, how about I give you a full-body massage? Scanning for energy must be stressful.
"Well, dryders are sentient beings, so you can teach them pretty much anything!"
The Sage leans out the window and waves at Legs.
"Hello, Legs! Can you say 'hello'?"
Legs looks up and tilts her head.
She looks down at a crab and waves.
She then scoops it up and proceeds to eat it.
"Huh. What do you know?"
"You've made a good friend, Aisha."
"Yep... hey, you seem kinda stressed from that scanning thing. If you want, I could give you a massage."
The Sage thinks for a moment.
"Why not? It's been a while since I had someone over. Might as well keep you for a few more hours."
"Kay then. Take off your clothes and lie down on a mat or something. Got any oil?"
"Why do I have to take them off..?"
"Well, I can't massage you through your robes, can I? You shy?"
"Ah, that makes sense. It won't be an issue, we're both women, after all. Oil's in the cabinet over there."
You return. The Sage is lying face down on the floor. She's got a pretty nice body, all things considered. You open your mouth and let some drool drip onto her back before oiling her up.
"Oh, that feels nice..."
You get your thumbs into her pressure points, working your way from her shoulders down her back. Eventually, you're rubbing the area just above her ass.

>[]Go for it.
>[]Slowly slide your fingers in. If she stops you, just move onto her legs.
>[]Move on. Make your move when she's flipped over.
>>[]Move on. Make your move when she's flipped over.
You start rubbing her thighs and calves.
"Am I being too rough?"
"No, it's good..."
"You're pretty tense. Try some light exercise in the future, maybe some stretching."
"I'll consider it."
You finish with the bottoms of her feet.
"Well, that's your back. Flip over."
The Sage does as she's asked. You manage to not stare lustily at her breasts.
You pour some more oil on her stomach and rub it in. Let's see...

>[]Grope her breasts. It'll be somewhat believable.
>[]Rub her crotch. Get her hot and bothered.
>[]Chicken out.
>>[]Grope her breasts. It'll be somewhat believable.
Chicken out later.
We're still hung up on Kasai.
File: Aisha.jpg (34 KB, 403x433)
34 KB
You slide your hands up to the Sage's breasts and squeeze them slightly.
"These need massaging, too. If you feel uncomfortable, just say so."
You squeeze a little harder and start moving her breasts around. She sighs.
"This feels good..."
Your fingers brush her nipples. The Sage gasps and squirms slightly.
"Oh! That's good..."
You keep going for a while before lying on your side and staring sadly at the wall.
"Aisha? What's wrong?"
"Aaaaaaaaaa! My boyfriend thinks I'm a psycho for wanting kids at eighteen and so he dumped me and got with my sister but I love him so MUUUUUCH I can't stop thinking about his stupid asshole face it's so bad I'm having wet dreams so I thought I'd get rid of my frustration by feelings you up but I can't do it! AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAaaaaaaaa..."
"A-Aisha, it's okay! You don't have to--"
You sniffle and curl up into a ball.
"Please stop crying--"
"W-will touching me make you feel better? Can I help? Maybe you should talk to him?"

>[]I... I'll go talk to him.
>[]Stick your face in her boobs. Then crying sex.
>[]No, I'm gonna hide in this cabin and amass a yuri harem! Nobody can tell me what to do!
>[]Stick your face in her boobs. Then crying sex.
You burst into tears again and stick your face in her chest.
"I'm fine. P-perfectly fine. Let me get my clothes off..."


You lie curled up in the Sage's lap. It's a very awkward situation.
"S-so do I..?"
"No, I've got it."
You start sucking on her nipples. The Sage cries out in surprise and awkwardly gropes you.
"Am I doing okay..?"
"Fine. Just *sniff* rub the nipple."
You get off her lap and spread her legs.
"O-okay... licking. I can lick."
You bury your face in her crotch and start wiggling your tongue around. The Sage gasps and wraps her legs around your upper body.
"Aaaah! AAAAAAH!"
She climaxes. You lick your lips and shakily stand up.
"H-heh. Can't take much, can you?"
You sit on her face.
"Get to work."
The Sage starts experimentally moving her tongue around. She's found your g-spot, probably by accident.
"Oh, right there! Fuck!"
You arch your back and smile. What were you thinking about earlier? Something sad.
"Oh, why are you so GOOD? GAAAAAH!"
You lie down next to the Sage and take a deep breath.
Oh, that's right.
Kasai abandoned you.


You hiccup and grope for your glass. Where the fuck... there shouldn't be two...
"More wine, Aisha?"
"That would be great!"
You manage to find you glass and knock back another drink.
The glass falls to the ground and shatters.
"It's okay, I'll clean it..."
You burp and laugh hysterically.
"You're a pretty great lady, Sage lady. Can't wait to sleep with you some more!"
"Uh, haha! We'll have to wait on that."
"Aw. LEEEEEGS we're gonna have a party laterrrr!"
You fall over in your chair and curse loudly.
Some distant voices echo into the cabin.
"Aisha? Aishaaaaa?"

>[]Whozzere? Can't you fucking fucks let me fucking drink in fucking peace? Fuck?
>[]Sage-lady, I think I'm a schizophrenic.

>>[]Whozzere? Can't you fucking fucks let me fucking drink in fucking peace? Fuck?
File: IMG_1707.gif (178 KB, 500x411)
178 KB
178 KB GIF
"Aisha? You in there?"
The door creaks open. You freeze and slowly turn around.
Yep, it's Kasai.
"Aisha, we've been looking for hours--"
You stand up and start rushing out of the cabin. Your progress is halted by a chair.
"Wha..? Hey, who put this here!?"
"Is someone there? Oh, hello!"
"Uh, hi. Is Aisha okay..?"
"Yeah, she just got into the alcohol. Should calm down in a few hours.
Kasai puts a hand on his face.
"Aisha, please put the bottle down and come back to base camp."
You take another swig and hold your head in one hand.
"Oh, why is everything in spiralies..."
Kasai moves forward and slips the bottle from your hand.
You burst into hysterics and fall on the floor.
"Heeheehee... you said 'yoink'. Heeeey, that's mine, give it back!"
"Not until you're sober."

>[]Fiiiiiine, I'll talk to you.
>[]Pull out the backup bottle.
>[]Break down and start crying again.
>[]Break down and start crying again.
>>[]Break down and start crying again.
Are we hormonal?
Are we pregnant?
You are not pregnant. Yet.
Succubi have weird hormone shit going on, due to their biological need to be ready for sex at all times. If say, Aisha were to realize that she doesn't have much of a life outside of her boyfriend/pet project, she might get depressed and thus trigger a hormonal imbalance, leading to erratic behavior.
It doesn't help that you're piss drunk.

New post soon, I've gotta grab dinner. Hope you enjoyed what's probably a poor understanding of the endocrine system.
"Aisha, you've got dark circles under your eyes, you smell like a bar that Mom went through, and--would you shut up for one second!?"
"--ooooooooo hey, you can't do that! There aren't any sy-ki-a-trists on the moon!"
"Oh, there is probably someone who will do. At the very least, I'll call Krystal and have her yell at you for a while. Seriously, I understand if we have disagreements, but you're acting like a spoiled brat!"
"Kasai, I'm not a spoiled brat. I've realized that now..."
You sit down and stare blankly at the wall.
"I'm not good enough for you, am I?"
"That's why you're pushing me away. Something's wrong with me, and it's interfering with our relationship. I should just die..."
Kasai puts his hands on your shoulders.
"Don't. If you ever talk like that again, I'll slap you. Yes, there is something interfering with our relationship, but it's easily fixed."
You look up at him. The look in his eyes... is he desperate?
"Aisha, I love you. I wouldn't mind being married to you. But for Aeneth's sake, I want to spend at least a few months with my girlfriend. Just her. No baby involved. That doesn't mean I don't want children, it just means I'd rather have us focus on each other rather than someone else. Does that make sense? I want to spend time alone with you."

>[]Why didn't you just say so?
>[]Okay, I'll postpone having a baby for... a year.
A full succubus is a happy succubus.
You push him over and start trying to take his clothes off.
"Aisha... AISHA!"
"No, we're gonna have a kid and it's gonna be perfect! We'll name it Suzy if it's a girl--"
"Aisha, get off me!"
"Uh, I brought some tea--"
The Sage stops in the doorway.
"Oh... this looks like a bad time, let me just... leave..."
She steps out. You awkwardly sit on Kasai's stomach, staring at the closed door.
"Aisha, stop this! You're being like Airu!"
"Come on... get this... OFF!"

Roll 1d20.
>[]Back out.
>>[]Back out.
Cry a little, then pass out.
This, it's only natural
>Cry a LOT, then pass out
You halfheartedly claw at Kasai's shirt before laying your head down on his chest.
"I'm s-s-sorry... it j-just..."
You burst into tears. Kasai is clearly torn between wanting to comfort you and just fucking leaving.
He chooses the former, fortunately.
"There, there. Calm down, Aisha... it's gonna be all right..."


You yawn and open your eyes, looking around the room.
Still the cabin. Looks like afternoon. Anything unusual?
You look outside. Legs and the Sage are playing. Cute.
Kasai's sleeping on a chair. Also cute. Base camp is probably gonna be PISSED, though.
"Well, I guess I should--"
Your stomach growls.
"--get some food."
You go grab some leftover stew from the kitchen and sit down at the table.
"Okay, I've calmed down a little..."

>[]Reflect on your shameful behavior and wonder what caused it.
>[]Go along with Kasai until he lets his guard down, then get pregnant.
>[]He's sleeping right now! Get him!
Think about Kasai and the future, names for the kids, positions for him to take us in, the joys of pregancy, milk, etc.
"Ooooooooooh, I bet our kids will be so cute! I guess I'll have to see them to name them properly... and lactation... I bet Kasai would like my breast milk. Mmmmm! You know what..? I think I'll hold off on kids for the time being. Need to save that for our wedding night!"
"Sounds good."
You jump slightly and turn around. Kasai's standing behind you and rummaging through the cupboards.
"When did you get here!?"
"Not long ago. I'm not opposed to the idea of trying breast milk. I mean, babies are fine with it."
You cover your face.
"You weren't supposed to hear that!"
"I won't mention it to others. And if you're gonna wait for marriage to go kid-crazy... that'll work."
You sigh and sip meat broth.
"When are you gonna propose, Kasai?"
"I can't tell you that, it'd ruin the surprise. Let's just say hypothetically, I'd plan something nice."
"...so are we back together?"
"Sure, as long as you don't go psycho on me again. I was legitimately scared you were gonna harm me."
"I wouldn't do that! Well, nothing vital... heheheh..."
"Yeeeeeah, please don't ever talk like that again."

>[]So. Base camp.
>[]I know you probably don't trust me, so I'll let you use my ass all you want. Here, let's start now!
>[]Hey, we should give Krystal a call. Tell her about the shipwreck and everything.
>[]I know you probably don't trust me, but let's go one more time. Here, let's start now!
>[]So. Base camp.
Rolled 6 (1d20)

Supporting and If he accepts to the first bit:
>Surprise Leglock!
Rolled 11 (1d20)

You press up against Kasai.
"Uh... while I wouldn't mind having some of that, I'm not really comfortable doing it in a stranger's house. Maybe we can find somewhere more private."
You pout slightly, but he has a point. If you hadn't felt her up already, you'd feel awkward about having sex in the Sage's house.
"Well, base camp it is."
You finish your food and walk outside.
"Come on, Legs! Time to go back!"
She skitters over to you and looks back at the Sage.
"Hello..." she says sadly.
"I know you want to stay, but we have to get home, Legs."
You take her hand and start off.
"Whoa, whoa whoa. Sage lady? Where's the nearest port?"
"Oh, its down that way! You can't miss it!"
"Thanks. Bye!"
"Good luck!"
"Bye-bye!" Legs says.
Kasai chuckles.
"Why have kids? Legs is like a little toddler."
"Yeah, I know. Just joking around."


"Well, fucking finally!"
Ash stands outside base camp, her hands on her hips.
"I thought you got eaten out there!"
"Sis, I'm much too skilled to die like that. We found the Sage, though."
"Oh? Come inside."
You recount your tale to the survivors. Captain's back, by the way. He found some weird fruit.
"Well, at least we weren't actually on Foggy Island." he says.
"Why? Is it bad?"
"Eh, got some giants what with hurlin' boulders and eatin' people. And the magical plague that strikes down any who gets within smellin' distance."
"...yeah, I'm glad we didn't end up there."

>[]Well, let's get to that port!
>[]We should spend the night here. It's getting dark.
>[]We should spend the night here. It's getting dark.
What did he mean by this? Is he announcing he's calling it a night for posting? Is he wishing us good night? Is it night in-quest?
We'll never know.
I didn't even see it
G'night OP
All of them at once.
I just had a ten hour drive. Lemme just bump this so it stays on page 1...
Kasai yawns.
"Good idea. I'm feeling tired after all that hiking."
It's a little crowded in the hut, so you and Kasai go to a nearby clearing and start a fire. Kasai roasts something that was probably once cute and fuzzy over the flames. He's also got a whole grab bag of animals he caught while looking for you.
"Well, I guess it was a good thing you came by. Who knows how long I would've spent in that cabin? Until the drink ran out, I guess."
You unzip your hoodie, revealing your t-shirt.
"Mm, it sure is warm by the fire..."
Kasai's too busy devouring his food to pay attention. You press up against him.
"But I bet it'll get colder once it dies down. I'll need someone warm to lie next to me..."
"Aisha, you gotta try these frog heads... MMMMM!"
"Isn't there a chance that would be poisonous..?"
"I'll change into my big form, it'll dilute the poison, at least."
"That brings up a few questions... hey, you're not paying attention to me! I'm trying to make a nice excuse for us to have romantic campfire sex beneath the stars, and you've changed the subject to poison!"
"Actually, it was you who did that..."
"Oh, just take your pants off."
"Nope. I gotta--mmph--finish my dinner. Your energy absorption thing is all well and good, but I need solid food. I knew I should've snatched up some mutton or something. Maybe asked the locals if I could have one of their prisoners."
You give him a wary look. Cannibalism was a mixed bag, what with the few dozen sentient species running around, but it's not really something to joke about. Ah, well. Not like you haven't made some psychotic jokes before.
"Well, I guess I'm done." Kasai says, spitting a bit of burnt scale off into the bushes. He wraps his arms around you and starts stroking your hair.

>[]Give him that leglock you were considering earlier.
>[]Nah... who knows, this mission might last more than nine months. Save it for a special occasion.
>[]Lie down and let him do whatever he wants. Might lead to something nice.
>[]Lie down and let him do whatever he wants. Might lead to something nice.
Then when he least expects it
>[]Give him that leglock you were considering earlier.
Aw yeah
You take your clothes off and lie down on the grass. It's nice and soft, but you're probably gonna get stains all over your back.
"Come here..."
Kasai crawls on top of you and kisses you deeply.
"Mm, I love you so much... I don't even know your last name..."
"Don't have one." you reply. Gods and succubi don't usually take last names.
"Guess I'll just have to be Aisha Tassoni."
Kasai laughs.
"Sounds weird. But it works."
You wrap your arms around his neck.
"Oh, gods. She's gonna be my mother-in-law. That's... fuck, and she has a relationship with my dad--AND my mom. Okay, I'll stop that train of thought."
"Good idea."
You roll onto your sides. Kasai reaches out and caresses your face.
"Aisha... have I ever told you that you're beautiful?"
You blush.
"Uh, n-no, I don't think so."
"Huh. I should do that more often."
He presses closer against you. The tip of his cock slides inside your pussy. You gasp slightly and tighten your grip around his upper body.
"You okay?"
"Yeah, just been a few days..."
He continues moving his hips forward. At a painstaking pace. You whine and dig your nails into his back.
"Ow! Fine, I was just teasing you..."
Kasai slams his cock in the rest of the way inside, prompting a gasp of pleasure. You sigh in content and give your dragon a deep kiss.
"Oh, you're so good at this..."
"Bet you say that to all the guys."
"I haven't had other guys..."
You can feel yourself getting close. Kasai's probably on the edge, too.
"Mm... cum inside..."
You wrap your legs around Kasai's waist and hold on for dear life. He grunts in surprise before cumming inside you. The knowledge that he's impregnating you may have resulted in a pretty explosive orgasm.
Kasai gets off you and sits in the grass.
"Congratulations, Kasai! You're a new daddy."
He looks at you wide-eyed.
"N-nice joke."
"It's not a joke, Kasai."
"How do you know you're pregnant? It could be a safe day!"
"Oh, you big silly! Succubi don't have safe days. If we want to get pregnant, then we do! If not, we don't!"
"You didn't know? Aww... anyway, what should we name it?"
"Nonononononono I am NOT ready to raise an infant of shit oh fuck oh shit oh fuck oh shit oh fuck oh fit oh shuck..."

>[]Hey, we'll be amazing parents!
>[]Kasai, I'm still horny... and hey, there's nothing for you to worry about now!
>[]Call Mom, she's gonna be so excited!
>[]Hey, we'll be amazing parents!
>[]Cuddle up to sleep.
"Come on, Kasai. We'll be good parents. Let's go to sleep now, okay?"
You lie down in the grass and snuggle up next to Kasai.
"The future is gonna be great..."
"Suuuuure... you know, I had our engagement planned out and everything. I guess I could still do it, but the impact's gonna be taken away because you had to go and get knocked up--"
You give him a kiss.
"Shut up and go to sleep. You'll need to save your energy."
You wrap your arms around him and slowly drift off...


"Aaaaaah... good morning, Kasai."
You giggle as he grabs your breasts and squeezes them.
"Horny? I'll take care of your morning wood, just stay right--"
Kasai stands up. You get on your knees and look up at him.
"You used me, you little bitch. For good reasons, but still."
He rests his cock on your face. You happily stare up at it.
"So, until you've given birth, I'm just gonna use you however I like. I mean, fuck it. You'll probably enjoy it too, you little slut."
Kasai places his hands on the back of your head and slides his cock down your throat. You give the base a kiss and look up at him.
"Well, look at you. Not even a trace of your gag reflex. Bet you'd choke to death if you got something stuck in there."
Maybe. You'd wonder about that if you didn't have a dick in your throat.
Kasai holds your head in place and starts thrusting his hips. You savor the feeling and move one of your hands to your crotch. What seems like a gallon of semen pours down your throat. Kasai pulls out and steps away for a second.
You swallow the dregs down and sigh.
"Oh, so full."
"I'm not done with you yet."
Kasai flips you onto your back, pulls on your tail, and starts thrusting into your ass.
"N-not so hAAAAAAAARD!"


You pull your hoodie back on.
"Wow, Kasai... I didn't know you had it in you."
"Ash gave me some advice. Said you'd love it rough."
"Aww... my sister's adorable. I should thank her later."

>[]Well, off to breakfast.
>[]We should walk while eating. I want a real bed.
>[]Let's get Ash now and spend a few hours out here. Not like we don't have time to kill.
>>[]Well, off to breakfast.
You walk back to base camp. Your companions have already started cooking up some food.
...yep, vegetable stew.
"Hey, sis." Ash yawns.
"Had a good sleep?"
"Good. Thought you'd be up all night, making up with Kasai."
She elbows you and smiles knowingly.
"Hey, tell me some details. Need some material for later."

>[]I'm a mommy now.
>[]Uh, maybe in private.
>[]Announce your motherhood with too much enthusiasm.
(Short post because I've got a six-hour flight)
>[]Announce your motherhood with too much enthusiasm.
>[]Get moist.
And then kiss Kasai.
"Oh, Ash!"
You give her a bone-crushing hug.
"I'm gonna be a mommy!"
The captain and priest stare at you.
"Oh, for the gods--bastard children now!? What next, will Diluvium just become a gigantic brothel?"
Ash squirms in your grasp.
"Can't... breathe..."
You whisper into her ear.
"Nothing makes me wetter than the thought of a parasite living inside me for nine months and then exiting in a painful manner--"
You release her.
"Well, if you're losing oxygen, don't go screaming about it. Now where's..."
Kasai is banging his head against a wall. He's so funny when he does random things like that!
You walk up, grab his head in your hands, and give him a BIG kiss. Ash mock gags at the sight.
"You're gonna be an amazing papa."
"I-if you say so..."

>[]Now. Breakfast.
>[]Drag Kasai behind a boulder for more kissing.
>>[]Now. Breakfast.
Poor Kasai
You go get yourself a bowl of stew. Everyone's silently staring at you for some reason as you hum happily to yourself.
Legs waves through the window. You wave back. She starts taking a bite out of a frankly colossal bug.
"Aisha... are you okay?" Ash asks.
"Yep! I feel better than ever!"
You slurp down the last of the broth and sigh in content.
"Is everyone ready? We're gonna get off this island, today if possible!"
The priest and captain lean back in their chairs and let out sighs of relief.
"You've found a port?"
"Well, I know where one is."


"Aisha, it's fine to tell us if you're lost--"
You throw a stick at the captain (it misses) and storm up the hill. Legs skitters after you and puts a hand on your shoulder.
"Hi, Legs. I'm TELLING you, it's right up here."
You get to the top of the hill and laugh in triumph.
"Read 'em and weep! I told you it was right here!"
The port is moderately-sized. It's more than just some hits and a dock, but it's not nearly as big as Diluvium.
You walk down the hill and approach. A bored and probably half-drunk guard steps forward. If he were dunk, he'd probably be sweating it all out in this heat with that armor.
"Halt. What're you doin' in town, and what business did you--"
He looks up at Legs and pales.
"No, she's really friendly! Legs--"
The guard takes off into the village, clanging and clattering and making a general fuss over nothing.
...shit, he should form a track team.


"Look, we're castaways, and Legs helped us! She's got a shirt and everything, see?"
The guard's friends look at him.
"I didn't know Sue liked--"
You tilt your head slightly.
"...that's the problem? They steal the good breeding stock?"
Well, that was obvious from the villagers' looks.
"Aye! Men an' women, runnin' off into the mountains with eight-legged beasts! It ain't proper, that!"
"I assure you, Legs won't--"
The guard lowers his spear.
"Whoa, dude--"
"...I'm a demigod, and a representative of the Order of Alagos so is my sister. The priest is also a holy man, and my friend is a dragon--"
Maybe he'll die of a heart attack and you can get through...

>[]Guess you'll have to arrest us.
>[]Come on, I'm not gonna die out in the wilderness!
>[]Fuck you and your accent! (D20)
>[]Everyone who isn't the guard, stand back.
>[]SicSucc im Legs!
Now we're going to get arrested but
>[]Hold him down so he doesn't leave.
You rush behind the guard and grab him in a headlock.
"Now, Legs!"
She approaches and waves right into the guard's face.
Legs skitters off into the forest. You grin nervously.
"Uh... hey, buddy! Just giving you a nice big hug, you're so concerned about public safety! Do you work out?"
He most definitely does not work out.
"Ooooooh, I'm aboutta send you all to prison so fast you'll feel the burn in your arses next Tuesday!"
Legs comes back. Another spider follows her, this one male. He definitely needs pants, but how the fuck would you get them on...
On the male's back is an extremely pregnant woman. The guard gasps in surprise.
The woman looks down.
Legs helps the woman down. She runs over to the guard (who you quickly released).
"Susan, what have these eight-legged bastards done to you? How many eggs?"
The woman shakes her head.
"No, this is your child, Porter! I was picking mushrooms when I got lost, that dryder's been taking care of me!"
The guard looks up warily.
"Aye... but if this child has any hint of eight-leggedness, I'll personally find your cave and give you a good seein-to!"
"Eeeeeee." says Legs's friend.
Porter and Susan leave, presumably back to their home.
"Well, everything worked out, right? No arrest needed?" you ask Porter's friends.
They give you dry looks.


"No, come oooooon! What did we even do!?"
"Let me out of this cage, ya clods! I didn't want any part of her schemes!"
You sink to the floor of your cell and groan. Krystal was NOT going to be happy when she heard about this.
Kasai, the priest, and the captain have been put in one cell, you and Ash in another, and Legs in a third. You feel sorry for her, it's pretty cramped in there.
"Sis, whyyyyyy?" Ash asks you, her head hanging off the side of her cot.
"I thought it was a good idea..."
The priest calls out.
"Yes, grabbing an officer of the Watch and telling a dryder to 'sic 'em' was a bad idea! Who would have fucking thought?"
You grab the bars of your cell.
A spear shaft smacks you across the knuckles. You withdraw into your cell, holding your hand.
"Jesus! Fuck! Shit! Piss!"
"Shut up in there, will ya!?"
You sit on your cot and groan again.

>[]Ash, you ever seen 'Orange is the new Black?'
>[]Start singing woefully.
>[]Sit on your cot and think of all the times you've fucked up.
>[]Start singing woefully.
>>[]Start singing woefully.

Accidentally summon horny wildlife.
Wildlife orgy happens in prison.

Using the music similar in a disney movie, where the singing princesses somehow draw in wildlife when they sing.
File: IMG_1684.jpg (84 KB, 1080x660)
84 KB
>>1682969 (ooooooooooooh boy)
You clear your throat and lean back against the wall.
I had a friend named Ramblin' Bob
Who used to steal gamble and rob
He thought he was the smartest guy around
Well I found out last Monday
That Bob got locked up Sunday
They've got him in the jailhouse way down town
He's in the jailhouse now
He's in the jailhouse now
Well I told him once or twice stop playin' cards and shootin' dice
He's in the jailhouse now

Everyone covers their ears except for Kasai, who looks like he might be contemplating suicide. Fortunately, they took his revolver.
A rabbit managed to get it's head stuck in between the bars of the prison window. It's legs were wiggling adorably.
You notice the sounds that had been going on outside now that you've stopped singing.
The other prisoners slowly turn to look at you as the sounds of banging and crashing and horny animals grows in volume.
After a few long, awkward minutes, the sound of rifles cut off the gods-awful orchestra outside. The already unbearable smell outside grows worse.
"...I think we should stay in here." the priest whimpers.
Ash scoots away from you. Legs presses herself into the corner of her cell as much as possible.
"What, you can't do that, Ash?"
"If I can, I don't want to. Ever."
"Well don't blame me, blame Grandpa Satan."
The door to the cell block opens. A guard steps in and looks more through you than at you.
"...you are being deported back to the mainland. Take your equipment and leave immediately."
You stand up.
"Oh, thanks--"


Several days later, Legs clambers off the ship's deck and onto the Diluvium shipyards.
"Hello!" she says to some workers. They pay no mind.
The captain and priest immediately disappear into the city, probably to find some hard liquor.
You give Kasai a pat on the back.
"Well, that was an adventure, wasn't it!"
"Please don't ever mention the name of Far Isle again."
You turn. Krystal's striding toward you, much to the chagrin of the bodyguards and scribes trying to protect/follow her.

>[]Run, fucking run.
>[]Hi, Krystal! Need something?
>>[]Hi, Krystal! Need something?
Nice song
Oh god
I didn't think you would go with it
Premature mood changes ahoy!
Kek, supporting.
>>1683115 (just making sure nobody asks again)
Krystal does a double-take at your statement and starts having a coughing fit. Her bodyguards surround her.
"Imperator! Are you--"
"Back the fuck up!"
Krystal pushes them away and drinks deeply from a flask on her belt. She clears her throat and looks at you.
"Could you repeat that? I think I missed it the first time."
"I'm pregnant."
She looks at her son.
"She forced me into it, Mom."
"Godsdammit, didn't I warn you about leglock?! If she seems too eager about it, use a rubber!"
"Well, whatever. Can't do shit about it now. At least, not without giving the finger to morality."
She sighs deeply.
"I don't wanna be a grandma this early, dammit... okay, what's this I heard about an arrest? And potentially an..."
Krystal snatches some papers from a scribe and sifts through them.
"...animal orgy. Okay, don't tell me about that part if it's real."
She looks up at Legs.
"Ah. Never seen one of you. Exotics are fucking weird..."

>[]You've got bad info. We were perfectly law-abiding citizens.
>[]Maybe there was a teensy-tiny incident with a guard...
>[]Just tell her the whole story.
>[]Just tell her the whole story.
You recount your journey to Krystal, minus some of the more explicit bits. Although the looks on the aides' faces when you recounted the animal murderorgy were priceless.
Krystal nods when you finish.
"Seems like... about a three on the Shitstorm Scale. Excellent. Kasai, don't become a giant fire-breathing beast on a fucking wooden boat in the ocean. Aisha, don't fuck with the guard. Other than that, I have few complaints with your performance. And knowing where my bitch of a sister is makes my day a lot better."
She turns and leaves.
"That went better than expected!"

>[]Kasai, let's go to our house... we should rest up before going for the third Sage.
>[]I have to go tell Mom and Dad the news!
>[]Kasai, let's go have some flying lessons!
>>[]Kasai, let's go have some flying lessons!
Lets please.
Kasai gives you a smile.
"Sweetie, you know I'd do anything for you. Of course I won't give you flying lessons!"
You punch him in the arm.
"Ow! I was joking, gods..."


"Aisha, just balance. Don't overcorrect."
You hover over an updraft created by Kasai via a large fire.
"If I fall, I'll fucking kill you!"
"And I'll find myself a new girlfriend. Okay, time to glide!"
You gulp and flap your way out of the updraft.
You fly in circles experimentally.
"Hey, this is easy! Without that stupid updraft..."
Ash flies by you, barely in control of herself.
"H-hi siiiiiis..."

>[]Well, I'm done.
>[]Help Ash.
>>[]Help Ash.
"Ash, seriously."
You fly over and help steady her.
"Look, you gotta angle your wings like this. Just--it's like ice skating. You ever been ice skating?"
"Shit, I was banking on that. Uh... you kind of have to go headfirst where you're flying."
You demonstrate. Ash picks it up after a few tries.
"Aisha... holy shit, this is tiring... I wanna go down now."
"Good idea."
You glide down and land a little unsteadily on your feet. Ash holds onto you for a minute.
"I fucking hate heights..."
You pat her head.
"It'll be fine, you'll get used to it!"
Kasai walks over.
"Not too bad. I mean, you sucked, but not as much as I did starting out. Then again, you have a teacher who actually knows what it's like to fly."
You grin and grab a nearby bucket to extinguish the bonfire. The lake was a good place to practice, what with the water. Of course, if you didn't know how to control your descent, it was a mixed bag whether you'd drop into the water or onto cold, hard walkways.

>[]Let's go home. Been a while since we had alone time together.
>[]Call Mom and tell her you're pregnant.
>[]You guys wanna have a swim?
>>[]You guys wanna have a swim?
Ash smiles.
"That sounds wonderful, sis."
She only has to take off some of her clothes to be swim-worthy. They aren't exactly modest.
You pull your shirt off over your head.
"Well come on, Kasai!"
"Nah, I'm good. Let me just get back to the house--"
You clutch his arm and smile.
"Kasai. We're gonna have a wonderful swim in this lake. Ash, let's help him."
You start stripping his clothes off.
"A-Aisha, I breathe fire. Water makes me nervous, I get all panicky and--"
"You'll be fine, we learned how to fly!"
You and Ash bodily hurl Kasai into the water. He surfaces and glares before spitting boiling water toward you.
"Hey, you can swim just fine!"
"Yeah, but I don't WANT to. That's the issue."
You dive in. Ash follows up with a cannonball.
"Whoo! Come on, let's take a look at the ruins."
You dive down, using your wings and tail to help propel you along. Ash and (reluctantly) Kasai follow.
It's only for about half a minute, but it gets pretty spooky down there. Not that anything spooky actually lives in the lake. The water elementals would fucking destroy it.
You resurface and tread water. Ash comes up next to you and stands on a submerged rooftop.
"Ah, sometimes you just need a cold swim..."
"I agree. Hey Kasai, look how hard my nipples have--"
You look around. He's nowhere to be seen.
Well, shit. Okay, don't panic...
You dive down a few meters and spot Kasai being dragged off by water nymphs. Fortunately, he's got some kind of bubble over his head, but that's not making him any happier.

>[]Ash, get the crossbow and rebreathers. We're going hunting.
>[]Okay, what was that air bubble spell...
>[]Ah, they're probably just curious. They'll let him go once they realize he's sentient.
You start charging up a lightning attack. Ash grabs your wrist before you can unleash it.
"Whoooooa there. You'll fry him, too!"
"SHIT! Okay, I've got this..."
You take off across the lake, using your new flying skills.


Gilman was a simple man, with a natural head for numbers and a mild disposition. He had no inclination toward violence, so the Order assigned him to keep stock of their surplus weapons. He didn't mind. It was quiet work.
He had been thinking about what he could get his son Thomas for his birthday when Aisha, the newly announced demigod, burst into the warehouse and vaulted over the front desk, soaking wet and wearing nothing except lace underwear.
"P-pardon me--"
She yanked two crossbows and breathing devices off the shelves, vaulted over the desk again, and headed for the front door. On the way out, she bumped into that Ashley girl she hung around with, also wearing skimpy clothing, before taking off down the street.
Gilman shrugged and got to work drying the floor.
"Nice girl, really..."


"Aisha, slow down!"
You strap the breathing device to your head, load your crossbow, and dive in. Ash hesitates before following.
It's not long before you find Kasai. He's been chained to a wall by those fucking whores, who are giggling and hesitantly stroking his dick.
You turn to Ash--who looks like Bane in the mask, by the way--and lay out your grand strategy.
"Hmm mm mm hm m mm!"
Ash shrugs.
"Hmm mm MMMMM!"
You look down the crossbow's sights and curse. They're not exactly hiding, but these things were powerful. One shot would pin them right through Kasai to the wall.

>[]Scare them off. Shouldn't be too hard with your masks and yandere personality.
>[]Swim over and persuade them to release him.
>[]Hide and watch, might as well see how loyal he is.
>[]Hide and watch, wait for a chance to shoot.
If they touch his dick more or try anything else
You swim behind a fallen pillar and glare in the nymphs' general direction. You can hear them now... and one of them is wearing Kasai's shorts as a hat for some reason.
"Well, suck it!"
"No, you suck it!"
"You've ALWAYS complained about being a virgin, just go on already!"
"You have, too! W-why don't you go first?"
"Ugh, fine..."
The nymph grabs Kasai's dick and wraps her lips around it awkwardly.
You kick off the pillar and shoot toward the nymphs, firing blindly.
The bolt barely passes under the offender's chin and embeds itself at least six inches into the wall. She spits Kasai's dick out and rockets away into the deep, followed by her friend.
You grab Kasai's shorts and start working on his restraints. His mouth opens and closes, but no sound comes out. Must be the bubble.


"Well, thanks for saving me..." Kasai sighs and lies down on the stone platform.
"I had to! They were about to take your purity!"
"Aisha, I think you did that a LOOOONG time ago."
"And if she didn't, I did!" Ash adds.
"But Kasai, I have to mention that I'm disappointed with you."
He sits up.
"What? They were way better at swimming than I was."
"No! You were haaaard! You're not supposed to get hard for the first random whores to kidnap you!"
"Aisha, they were naked and stroking me with cold, slimy hands."
"That's no excuse!"

>[]Here, let me take care of that for you.
>[]Get him back to the house and have a hot bath. You'd rather not put your lips where that fish-lady did until it's clean.
>[]Chill out here. It's a nice day.
>[]Wash his dick
>[]Chill out here. It's a nice day.
You cup your hands to scoop some water out of the lake and pour it on Kasai's dick.
"Uh... Aisha?"
"It's all dirty from that whore's mouth!"
"I don't think--"
You get a little more enthusiastic than is entirely necessary, massaging his balls as well.
Kasai cums, sending ropes of white liquid into the lake.
"Fuck, that was a lot." you comment in surprise. Is it always like that? You've never seen it outside.
Kasai's semen hurls itself back toward him, splashing on his face.
You laugh and start licking his face off.
"Oh, it's not that bad!"


You lie happily in the sun. Kasai still occasionally flips off the water elementals.
"There she is! That's the psycho bitch that tried to shoot me!"
You look up. The nymph from before rises from the surface and points at you. A water elementals next to her glares in disapproval.

>[]Book it.
>[]I was deep-sea fishing. You should've been wearing brighter colors... or anything, really.
>[]She and the other one were trying to take away my HUSBAND and the FATHER OF MY BAAAABY!
>[]I defend what was mine!
"I'm not your husband yet--"
"It's fate, you are what I say you are! I-if that's fine with you..."
The water elemental looks down at the nymph.
"Is this true?"
"I had no idea! How was I supposed to know!?"
"Because I was swimming with him in my underwear? And hey, you chained him up!"
"Well, I... you know... he might've..."
"Enough of this. Apologize to each other."
"S-sorry for kidnapping your husband."
"Sorry for shooting at you. Bitch."
"What was that?"
"Oh, I just called you a bitch."
The elemental drags the nymph down into the water and uses a jet to hurl you to the lake's shore.
You sit up and make sure nothing's broken.
"Well, that ended decently."

>[]Back to Kasai's house for warm baaaaaths!
>[]Ash, I have the best idea... you've only got one pair of clothes, let's go SHOPPING!~
>[]Kasaiiiii, you need to propose already!
>[]Propose to Kasai
>[]Then head home
You start putting your clothes back on before pressing yourself up against Kasai.
"Hey, Kasai..."
He looks down at you.
"Will you marry me..?"
He looks like he's about to have an outburst of some sort before he takes a deep breath.
"Yes. I would like that very much."
You give him a big hug. Hell, you give Ash a big hug, too.
"Come on, let's go home now."
Kasai shrugs.
"Sorry. I have to run an errand."
"Whaaaaat? Aw, what're we supposed to do?"
"It's a private place with a comfortable bed and bath. I think it's pretty obvious what you're gonna do."
Kasai takes off toward the Upper Ward.
Ash watches him leave, then turns to you.
"Well. Should we prove him wrong?"

>[]Nah. Come on, let's see if the new bed breaks.
>[]I need to get an engagement ring... let's go do that.
>[]Oh, I'm gonna need a dress and flowers and a wedding theme and a cake and some flower girls and a bachelorette party/orgy and--
>[]Nah. Come on, let's go cuddle.
You go home. Ash lies down in bed and gestures for you to do the same. You get behind her and wrap your arms around her waist.
"Ah... Aisha..."
Ash smiles happily. Her tail curls around your leg.
It's pretty warm in here... maybe just a quick nap...


You come to slowly, wishing you could've just slept a little longer. Let's see...
Your clothing is only a little rumpled, so Ash didn't molest you too much. Judging from the hunger and darkness, it's late evening. Yikes.

>[]Get dinner.
>[]Wake Ash up. The fun way.
>[]Try to get to sleep again. Good excuse to have a big breakfast.
>[]Get dinner and bring it here.
File: Spoiler Image (152 KB, 512x512)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
You disentangle yourself from Ash and start for the Upper Ward. Legs looks up sleepily from her makeshift nest near the house.
"Shh. Go back to sleep."
"Bye-bye..." she yawns before curling up into a ball.


"That'll be twenty-three Wisps."
You pay up and bag your dinner. It must be later than you thought, the streets are deserted.
The tram ride back to the lake is quiet and peaceful. Someone had taken to painting the tram tunnels, which broke up the monotony.
You get off and set out for Kasai's house before bumping into someone.
"Agh, sorry--oh, hey. Where've you been?"
Kasai brushes himself off.
"Nowhere important. What's that?"
You hold up the bag.
"Just some dinner for me and Ash."
He nods a few times.
"Hey, Aisha? It's a nice night out. Why don't we take a walk on the surface? Ash can wait a few more minutes."
You almost turn him down, but it seems like he had trouble asking you for some reason.
"Sure. Why not? Could use some flight experience."


You pass through the surface city's extensions, still under construction. The most notable extension was to Castle Diluvium, which was connected via elevator to a soaring fortress rising high above the earth.
It's a clear night. The moon is full and the stars shine like so many precious gems.
You stop at a cliff that juts out into the sea and sit against a rock near the edge.
Kasai's hands are shaking.
"You okay?"
"Yeah... just cold out here, is all."
He seems to make his mind up about something and stands up.
He pulls you to your feet. You stand there and look into each other's eyes.
"You kind of ruined the whole thing earlier, but..."
Kasai reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring.
It's shaped like a claw clutching a red stone. Not the most romantic design, but it fits Kasai's personality.
"Aisha... will you marry me?"

>[]Nah. (Fucking ruin everything)
>[]Get moist.
>[]Hand covering mouth.
>[]Freeze up.
Seconding both
>[]Autistic flustered stuttering.
>[]Pass Out
You feel kinda woozy.
What is this..? You didn't think your brain could handle this many emotions at once. Happy, relieved, confused, mind-numbingly ecstatic... and why the hell are you dripping wet!?
"I I I I I I I I I I..."
You stumble slightly. Kasai helps you steady yourself. You look up at him.
"Y-ye... yesssss..."
You promptly faint. Kasai gently lowers your unconscious body to the ground and looks up at the moon.
"Is this gonna happen frequently?" he tiredly asks.
«Well, probably not unless you propose every other week. No, it'll just be more of the same.»
«Look on the bright side, she's pretty, eager, and won't mind doing the housework. I mean, if I tell her to do the dishes she'd put it off for an hour, but if you told her to she'd probably wash the entire fucking house.»


Welcome to Hungry Succubus Quest.
Your name is Ashley, but everyone calls you Ash.
You've just woken up after getting in bed with your sister and receiving warm hugs.
She's gone, and you're hungry.

>[]Look around for food. There's gotta be something in this fucking house...
>[]Stay in bed and peacefully starve to death.
>[]Maybe fucking yourself generates energy? It'll make you feel better, at any rate.
>>[]Maybe fucking yourself generates energy? It'll make you feel better, at any rate.
Why not?
>[]Look around for food. There's gotta be something in this fucking house...
File: Spoiler Image (80 KB, 800x770)
80 KB
You slip out of your clothes and lie back down. Damn, it's been a while since you've done this alone. Hell, you haven't masturbated once since the transformation. Never really needed to.
You slide your tail into your pussy and moan softly. It's like three fingers, almost...
You slide it back out and suck your juices off the end. Fuck, this thing's sensitive. Maybe if you...
You start stroking it and fondling your clit. Getting close now.
As you approach climax, you slide your fingers in your ass and pussy. You cum all over the bedsheets and slump over.
"Guh... well, shit. Nothing."
You don't feel any hungrier, but you don't feel better, either. Oh, well. Legs is outside if all else fails.
You leave your clothes behind as you walk downstairs. Not like any strangers are gonna show up, and if they did, that would just add to the fun.
"Alright, cupboards, icebox..."
You find some day-old bread, cheese, and slices of bacon.
"...Kasai, you might wanna try grocery shopping once in a while."

>[]Sandwich it is.
>[]Legs is considerably more fun than a sandwich.
>[]Take to the streets. Maybe you can transform some orphan girl, propagate your species.
>>[]Sandwich it is.
Bacon and cheese sandwich.
Stuff the sandwich into Leg's pussy then eat it, that should add some extra flavor and fun.
Oh god, Jesus
Satan's weird grandfather?
>>1686666 (dammit, now that Satan's involved she HAS to do it)
A voice whispers into your mind. It seems oddly familiar.
"Oh! Who..? Y-you want me to what? O-okay..."
You make the sandwich and head for Legs's nest. It was built in a ruined home, which had been destroyed by a laser cannon thing during Krystal's expedition. The ruins made a nice box of sorts for Legs to curl up in.
You step carefully across the web Legs had spun to serve as a hammock of sorts. She looks up and sleepily rubs her eyes.
"Hi, Ash."
"Oh, you know my name?"
You pull the sandwich into two pieces and hand one to her. Might as well make it easier on her.
"Could you stick that in your pussy?"
Legs looks at it, pops it in her mouth, and smiles.
"No, not your mouth--ugh, whatever."
You sit down next to her and work on your half. Legs sits next to you.
"So... Legs. What was life like before you met me and Aisha?"
She tilts her head, then looks up at the stars and starts chittering in spider language.
"...I don't know what the fuck you're saying, but thanks."

>[]Well, might as well have fun with her while you're here.
>[]Better go back to the house and get some sleep.
>[]Try teaching Legs some words you can understand.
>>[]Try teaching Legs some words you can understand.
And try to learn the spider language also.
Thank God, that would've been really weird
Seconding this
You think for a few moments before pointing down at the web.
Legs looks at you, confused. You grab a strand and hold it up slightly.
"It's called a web, Legs."
"Rblgh ai kkeee."


You point down at your legs.
"Look. Legs."
She shakes her head and smiles as if you've said something silly, then points to herself.
"Legs, Ash."
"Also legs."
You sigh and lie down. At least you taught her a few words. In retrospect, 'legs' might not have been a smart one.
Legs stares at you.
"Ash boobs."
You nod.
"Yes. Ash does have boobs."
"Touch Ash boobs?"

>[]Go ahead.
>[]No. More words. (D20)
>[]If I get to touch yours.
Rolled 8 (1d20)

>[]No. More words.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

Rolled 19 (1d20)

"No words..." Legs mumbles.
"You'll have to learn sometime. Okay, let's help you learn some names..."


Legs scrunches her eyebrows trying to remember.
"The lake is... blue?"
"Good job!"
"Good job."
"Okay, what else is blue?"
Legs rubs her chin.
"Aisha hair... sky... Kasai eyes..."
"You're a fast learner, Legs."
"Legs learns. Ash teach."
She frowns again before speaking.
"Aisha big-belly. Kasai... scared? What you think? You want big-belly? Legs can't give, but Legs can play."

>[]Not anytime soon, Legs.
>[]Maybe. I'll have to find someone nice first.
>[]You've done a good job, Legs. Let's play.
>[]Now that I think about it, Yes.
>[]Does not Legs know anyone that might help?
>[]Yes, Maybe convince Ash to let us borrow Kasai.
>[]What about you legs?
>>[]You've done a good job, Legs. Let's play.
She did learn her words.
"You know... maybe. Getting pregnant isn't the issue, but Aisha could flip out if Kasai makes me pregnant. You know anyone that could help?"
Legs thinks.
"Not... here. Far away."
"Ah. Do you want to have eggs, too?"
"Eggs... make children. Legs likes children. Remember Legs after she's gone."
Well, that was... deep.
"You know, Legs? You did a good job today. We can play."
She smiles at you.
"Good! Legs likes playing with Ash."
You start to get up before Legs snares your limbs with webbing and leaves you suspended in the air.
"Like before. Fun!"
Yeah, Legs had suspended you like this before. It hadn't been an uncomfortable experience.
"Yep. It's pretty fun. Come here, Legs."
She leans down to suck on your nipple and looks up at you with big, happy eyes.
"Ash is soft..." she says, kissing your stomach and moving down to your pussy.
"Nngh... oh, FUCK! Right there!"
You tease your ass with your tail as Legs's tongue swirls around your clit.
"Does Ash like it?"
"Fuck yeah, don't stop..."
Legs unties you and holds you upside down. You bury your face in her crotch, and she does the same for you.


You climax as Legs rams her spinneret inside you one final time. You both collapse and breathe heavily.
"Ah, Legs..."
You lick your lips clean of her cum.
"You're a gift from the gods, truly."
You whirl around as scrabbling noises emanate from outside the house. Kasai emerges from behind a rock, holding Aisha in his arms.
"A little help?"


You set Aisha down on the couch.
"Need summa that dick in my life..." she mutters as you do so.
Kasai opens a bag of food and gestures at the table.
"Well, she was bringing dinner."
You sit down.
"So... I proposed, and she fainted. Could be morning sickness, I'd have to ask a doctor to be sure."
A quick look grants you a look at the engagement ring. Interesting design.

>[]Get pregnant while she's sleeping!
>[]You have more restraint. Wait a few months... this needs to be carefully planned.
>[]Just eat and get some sleep. What is it, like three in the morning now?
Oh god, Cuckqueaning our own sister?
I don't know how to feel about this.
>[]Just eat and get some sleep.
>[]Get US and Legs pregnant while she's sleeping!
Give in anon...
We're past this moral line...
File: 1500597724133.jpg (20 KB, 375x327)
20 KB
>>1688687 (the coin has spoken. If this universe exists out there Kasai's probably gonna tear a hole in reality and kill us all)
You take a walk outside with Kasai, eating as you go along.
"Legs has been really taking to learning a new language. She can already have simple conversations."
"Oh, really? Well, let's go see."
You stop back at Legs's nest.
"Hey, Legs! Say hi to Kasai."
She pops up and waves.
"Hello, Kasai! Good night?"
"Uh, yes. It's a good night."
He smiles at the spider's words. So adorable.
"So, Ash... why are you naked?"
You grin.
"Just having some fun with Legs. After all, you're supposed to reward good work."
He nods several times.
"Well, I'll let you get back to it. I have a fiancée to take care of--"
"Legs, playtime!"
Instantly, she snags Kasai and starts weaving restraints.
"No, no, NO... godsdammit, I'm NOT into this shit! How many times am I gonna have to say so!?"
Kasai sighs and looks up at the moon.
"And you shut up over there! Let's trade places, see how you like it!"
You step up to Kasai and start taking his clothes off.
"Oh, I'm not gonna do anything scary to you. Besides, you're a big, strong dragon. You could just transform and get out of those restraints if you wanted to."
"Well, I could, but crushing brick walls with your expanding body REALLY hurts--"
You silence him with a kiss.
"Ah, shove it. Let's just fuck, already."
"I'm not just a piece of meat! I have feelings!"

>[]Legs, you get to go first.
>[]I'll warm him up for you.
>[]Slowly realize how much of a dick move his is.
>[]I'll warm him up for you.
Make sure he hits deep...
Oh god.
Be quiet please.
Same here op
>>[]Slowly realize how much of a dick move his is.
But continue with a kiss.
>>1688762 (the story of how Aisha became a spree killer)
Oh, gods. What the hell are you doing? You're basically raping your sister's fiancée ON THEIR ENGAGEMENT NIGHT. If she doesn't kill you for this, Aisha definitely has divine blood in her.
Fuck it, can't chicken out now.
You give Kasai a long kiss, working some of your seduction magic on him. You don't make it subtle. Might as well assure him it wasn't his choice.
"Ash? Seriously, what's--"
Kasai pauses.
"Oh, gods no. Please no. What the hell!? Ash, this is seriously fucked up!"
"Yeah, it's such a turn-on..."
You grab Kasai's cock and slowly guide it inside you. He struggles against the webs, weak from your magic.
"Legs, let me go!"
Seems she's had second thoughts. She cuts the strands. You and Kasai fall to the floor, where you pin his arms.
This position is pretty nice. It'll let him get as deep as possible.
You start bouncing your hips up and down.
"Aaaah... fuck, I can feel it hitting me..."
"Ashley, this isn't funny!"
Kasai starts struggling against your grip. You can see glowing lines spread across his biceps. Must be magic tattoos like your sister's. What did he get again? Strength enhancement..?
Ah, shit.

Roll 1d20. Kasai isn't gonna give up without a fight.
(This is how Ash becomes a villain, isn't it...)
Rolled 6 (1d20)

>(This is how Ash becomes a villain, isn't it...)
And maybee we edge him till our sis wakes up.
Rolled 7 (1d20)

>[]Legs, if you want kids help me hold him down and re-do the web!
Rolled 7 (1d20)

Might as well try to convince her again
Dubs dubs?
>>1689225 (I guess I'll add the results...)
Legs shakes her head.
"No. Kasai... doesn't like. Don't want anymore."
You shrug and continue. Shit, he's got strength. Won't need much longer, though...
Kasai throws you off him, panting with exertion. You sit up and grin in satisfaction at the semen dripping from you.
You've done it.
Kasai puts his clothes back on and storms to the house. You follow him.
"Oh, it won't be that bad. I can take care of a kid just fine. Trust me, you won't even know I'm around."
He turns and looks at you.
"...yeah. I won't."
Kasai slams the door and locks it before you can get inside.
"Wha--asshole! My clothes are in there! And my money!"
They're both tossed out an upper window.
"Take them! And don't come back!"
"What!? Aisha's in there, and she might be sick!"
Kasai leans out the window with his revolver.
"This is my property, and I'm not letting you enter it. Leave, now."
You hastily back away from the house. Okay, if you had known he was gonna snap...

>[]Find an inn.
>[]Confess your sin to Krystal. Maybe she can grant asylum or something.
>[]L-Legs..? We're friends, can I stay with you..?
>[]L-Legs..? We're friends, can I stay with you..?
We need to share some of what we have inside us with her.
Scoop some up and save it for her later.
File: whoamamma.jpg (13 KB, 380x287)
13 KB
We've crossed too many lines, i don't care anymore Seconding
Or do it right here, make some distance and get sharing and playing with Legs.
You hide behind another house and put your hand down your pants. Maybe you can...
It's been absorbed. That does tend to happen, but not usually this quickly. Maybe you needed extra energy for instant pregnancy, who the fuck knows.
You poke your head over the top of Legs's nest.
"Uh... Kasai won't let me in the house. Can I stay here?"
Legs shakes her head.
"No. Ash made Kasai sad. Ash must face consequences."
She weaves a barrier over the gap used to get in.
"I didn't even teach you that one..."
You sigh, kick at the ground, and set off for nowhere in particular.
Why does it have to be so cold underground...


You open your eyes. Kasai is sitting at the table with his head in his hands.
"Kasai..? What's wrong?"
He looks at you. He seems... pained about something.
"Ashley... she pinned me down last night. I'm reasonably sure she wanted to get pregnant."
You sit up and stare at the floor. Ash..?
"Where is she?"
"I don't know... I told her to get out. That might've been a mistake, but I just... snapped."
She didn't ask or anything. You didn't even know she wanted a kid!
She couldn't wait until you woke up to talk about it..?

>[]We have to find her. Now.
>[]Let her go. She'll come back if she wants to.
>[]Call the Guard. Kasai definitely did NOT consent, and offenders need to be brought to justice. Even if she is your sister.
(You done fucked up now)
>>[]We have to find her. Now.
Damnit ash think before you act.
>[]Let her git. She'll come back if she wants to.
Kasai probably doesn't want to be near her.
Gotta do the trips
"She probably needs some space... you, too."
Kasai nods weakly.
"I've been up... practically all night. I'm gonna go sleep. That should help."
He goes upstairs. You take the moment of quiet to study your new ring.
Yeah... not at all romantic, this. But you suppose that isn't really the point of a wedding or engagement ring. It's supposed to be a reminder of who gave it to you, and this does that pretty well.
Ash... she really did that? Just up and jumped Kasai? She was pretty impulsive...
Well, you'll have to forgive her. She's your sister, after all. But if it were some other bitch...
Your hand drifts down to rest on your sword handle.
You shake your head and stand up. Now's not the time to think about that. Okay, okay...
You're not gonna get any sleep. That fainting spell put you out for a while, anyway. What now..?

>[]Look for Ash alone. You can at least hear her out.
>[]Go get some groceries. Kasai hasn't exactly mastered that yet.
>[]Call Krystal and tell her what happened. Kasai's her son, after all. She might have some advice.
>>[]Look for Ash alone. You can at least hear her out.
You set off for the Lower Ward. Definitely easier to find somewhere to live in that area.


Okay... this was getting sketchy. Houses are half-ruined, everything smells like piss and feet, and those guys back there looked a little too happy to see you.
You peek around a box to examine some anonymous snoring noises.
She sits up and looks at you in panic.
Ripped clothes, something dried on her shoulder, a bag suspiciously full of money... great, she's whoring herself out.
"A-Aisha! Look, we can talk about this, I have NOTHING to hide."

>[]You fucked my fiancée, you bitch!
>[]Go on and talk, then.
>[]Ash, can you at least get a room first? I'm worried about you sleeping in alleys, especially here.
>>[]Ash, can you at least get a room first? I'm worried about you sleeping in alleys, especially here.
And dammit ash, you shoulda told me first.
We coulda synchronized the baby showers and shit.
>[]Dammit Ash, you shoulda told me first.
>[]We coulda shared and synchronized the baby showers and shit!
File: IMG_1262.jpg (61 KB, 600x372)
61 KB
>>1692406 (be patient, I have a job)
"Well, I didn't want to wake you up..."
You sigh and sit down next to her.
"You could've waited."
"Like you did?"
...that was uncalled for.
"Look, I'm just asking why you did it. I'm not angry, really. It's actually pretty convenient, I'm gonna need a playmate for... haven't thought of a name yet."
Ash shrugs.
"I guess... I dunno. It's almost like I could hear voices inside my head, egging me on. 'We've crossed too many lines, I don't care anymore'. Shit like that."
Ah. Looks like Ash caught a case of the Voices. Yeah, Dad and Krystal reported having them a while back, and they occasionally have sporadic returns, but they've mostly disappeared now. Course, they claim that one of those voices stuck around afterward...
Probably just some kind of coping mechanism for all the horrible shit they've done.
"Well, Ash... I just want you to know I'm not angry. Kinda miffed that you didn't let me urge Kasai on as he put a bun in the oven, but still."
You run your chin.
"Maybe it was better this way. He'll probably come to acceptance after a few weeks, but if I were involved... let's not think about it too much. Come on, let's go home."
Ash shakes her head.
"Nah. I'm glad you're not angry, but Kasai was PISSED. He drew a gun on me."
"Meh. He seemed like he regretted it. Let's get you a nice room at the tavern, then."
You start along the alley, using a waterspout to wash cumstains off Ash.
"What'll you do now?" you ask.
"Secure my welfare, first of all. I'm gonna need someone to help me through the pregnancy and all that. I have my eye on a lonely thirty year-old lady who would make a nice sister for us. Then after that... I could start a brothel."
You raise an eyebrow.
"Yeah, I could! I'd never go hungry, at any rate. It'd be like those old guys who collect artifacts, but with hot chicks instead. Salamanders, Imps, those catgirls you see sometimes, exotic species from the Outer Isles, daemonettes from right across town, small breasts, large breasts, virgins, incorrigible whores... doesn't it sound amazing?"

>[]Well, I'm glad you have a passion.
>[]Collecting women..? Not really my cup of tea. That would be making Kasai simultaneously giddy and miserable.
>[]Wow... I'll invest! Can I get a discount if my child doesn't get a girl/boyfriend by legal age?
(Juss jokin' op, the image isn't exactly serious)
>[]Well, I'm glad you have a passion.
"I'm glad, too. Man, life actually has some meaning now that I have something to work towards."
"...a brothel."
"Not just a brothel, Aisha. It's a symbol. No matter who you are, where you're from, or your status in life, we all have one thing in common."
"No, fucking the shit out of each other."
"All known sentient species on this planet have spines."
"I'm not building a spine emporium, Aisha."


You stop at an inn. Looks decent enough. Ash's chance of getting kidnapped and raped/tortured in a warehouse are slim.
"...and then maybe I could make some more sisters for us."
You raise an eyebrow. More? So far, every succubus you know besides Mom has gone after Kasai's babies. Mom does give him some sensational hugs, though...
"Can't say I wouldn't mind seeing some horny siblings out in the world. But you should really get some sleep. I'll keep quiet about this to Kasai, he needs a few weeks (...months?) of not hearing about you."
Ash gives you a hug.
"You're a good sister."
"I know. Shame you aren't as good."
She laughs and pulls away.
"Well... see you around."
She walks inside the tavern. You start back toward home when someone brushes past you.
"Fuuuuuuuuuuck, Tsuyoi's gonna be piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissed..."
Well, hello to you too, Krystal.
She's stumbling a little bit. Must be drunk, like half her waking hours.

>[]Keep an eye on her six. She probably made someone angry in that tavern.
>[]Last thing you want is Krystal's beer goggles getting you into trouble.
>[]Accost her and tell her your troubles. Like how Kasai is starting to get a twitch in his eyelid.
>[]Keep an eye on her six. She probably made someone angry in that tavern.
>>[]Keep an eye on her six. She probably made someone angry in that tavern.
You follow behind her for a little while, making sure nobody's trying to kill or injure her. That would be bad, you're slated to become Imperator next and you are NOT responsible enough for the job.
...there! A flash of steel!
She turns around in confusion before catching the assassin's arm and breaking it.
The passerby turn to look, then hurry away as they see their Duchess beating the crap out of some thug.
"Oh, WOW! We've got a fucking legend right here!"
She flips the man onto the ground and studies his dagger.
"FIRST of all... you were holding this thing entirely wrong."
She demonstrates what she means, holding the dagger point-down like him.
"If you miss your target you're likely to cut your fucking leg open."
She holds it with the point facing an imaginary opponent.
"Hold it like this, so you can better get at gaps in their defense. AND THAT'S ANOTHER THING!"
She kicks the man in the ribs as he tries to crawl away.
"You made a good decision with the knife. Light, easily concealed, can be poisoned, small enough to find gaps in plate... but you see, this thing isn't getting through the chain mail. What you should have done is try and cut my throat out. I'm not wearing my helmet, as I hope you noticed."
She pats her helmet, hanging from her belt.
"But the biggest fucking dumbass screwup you made was attacking ME. If you did kill me, which is extremely unlikely, this city would be sealed off until you've been hunted down and vaporized."
She grabs the guy by the scruff of the neck and starts toward the nearest Guard post.
"And since you weren't using fire, my revenant would be coming for you. And I don't know for sure, but I think you do NOT want that happening."
You step forward to call out before Krystal raises one hand in a thumbs up.
"Thanks for the assist, Aisha. That wound would've stung."

>[]Follow her. You need to vent, and Krystal's good for that. Oh yeah, she probably doesn't know about the proposal, either...
>[]Just smile and let her go. Crazy bitch.
>[]Just smile and let her go. Crazy bitch.
Ah, Krystal.
Time to get some breakfast for when Kasai wakes up.
You take the tram to the Upper Ward and buy some pastries. Filling ones, Kasai has a disdain for food that doesn't actually make you full.
Cinnamon rolls, some flaky croissants, tarts... "Man, if only these were Pop-Tarts. Quality is reduced, but the variety of flavor is expanded greatly. Also you can toast them. Can't do that with regular tarts, you'd burn the filling."
The other tram passengers stare at you warily. You shut your mouth and stare at the floor.
...this is why you only have like, three friends.


You set breakfast down on the dining room table. Kasai emerges from upstairs and rubs his eyes.
"Good morning, Aisha..." he yawns before sitting down.
"Good morning. Here, look what I brought!"
You open the small box of cinnamon rolls and grab one.
"Mmgh... good."
You scoop some frosting off your chin and lick it off your finger.
"Had a good sleep?"
Kasai shrugs.
"Well, I rested."
You nod. Yeah, he probably didn't have great dreams... and he was probably kept up by guilt... no, stay positive!
"So, what're we gonna do today?"
He looks up thoughtfully.
"Well, I'm gonna have to convert the study into a bedroom. Y'know, for when our child grows up. And there's a lot to do around here... so I'll be busy. What'll you do?"

>[]Help you, of course!
>[]I should go train. You never know what might happen...
>[]I'll go see the Order physician. Might as well see if there are gonna be any problems with the pregnancy.
>[]Help you, Of course!
>[]Then we take a break and go see the physician together.
Kasai shrugs.
"Sounds good. Let's get to work, then."
He grabs some wooden boards out of the shed outside and starts making something out of them.
"Aisha, you mind clearing out the study?"
If there's one thing you can do, its strip a room bare.


"Lift with your knees, Aisha!"
"I-I can't..!"
"My life depends on it!"
Your grip slips, and the bookshelf tumbles down the stairs, almost crushing Kasai.
"...you okay?"
"Yeah. You?"
Kasai looks over the damage.
"You like barbecue? We've got some wood here..."


The physician sighs deeply and looks at you.
"Mr. Tassoni, I can assure you that your fiancée does NOT have morning sickness. In no recorded case has it been recorded this early on in development."
"Ah. Yes, sir."
The physician removes his glasses and rubs the bridge of his nose.
"This is an unusual circumstance... not only do dragons rarely ever breed outside their own species, this particular child will also be born to an entirely seperate species... with only two known members, no less. As such, I am baffled as to whether what complications, if any, might arise."
You and Kasai look at each other.
"What do you suppose we do?"
"Symptoms of pregnancy will not appear until the fourth week, so if you have any business to take care of, there's your window. I would highly advise against any Order business... none of us want harm to come to your fiancée or her child, would we..."
Ohhhhh... yeah, maybe you should stay out of trouble.
"After her first bout of nausea, I would recommend what I always do to expecting couples. Make sure someone is always around to help her, don't do anything too strenuous, and as soon as cravings appear, stock up on whatever she desires."
Oh, goody. Nine months of stress and having your health sapped by a parasitic growth. Poor Kasai.
You all stand up. Kasai shakes hands with the physician.
"Thank you, sir."
"Please, there's no need."

>[]Tell him about Ash.
>[]She's entitled to privacy. Besides, Order members are entitled to physician care. She'll be fine.
>[]She's entitled to privacy. Besides, Order member are entitled to physician care. She'll be fine.
"Thanks again."
"It's my pleasure."
You leave the office and look at each other.
"We better start making wedding plans."
Kasai nods in agreement.
"Yeah... my mom's gonna want to be part of that. Tsuyoi, I mean."
"Mine, too. We should introduce them."
You start off to find a nice cafe for lunch.
"By the way, what're you building with all that wood? I can't tell."
"Cradle. I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure I can make this. Just some boxwork and rounded planks for rockers."
You smile.
"I'm sure the baby's gonna enjoy it."
"I hope so, I almost smashed my thumb trying to build it."


"Oh, Aisha!"
You look up and blink in surprise.
"Azeila? It's been forever!"
"Only a few weeks. But it does feel like that. Mind if I join you for lunch?"
"Of course not."
She pulls up a chair and sits down.
"So, big brother... word on the street is you and Aisha have been engaged."
Azeila glances at your hand. Kasai takes a big bite of food before responding.
"It's been an ordeal. What with the fainting and her urge to have a baby and... other things."
Kasai's sister takes a sip of water.

>[]So how's your life going?
>[]Azeila, I'm gonna have a babyyyyyyy *squeal*
>[]Hey, could you ask your mom if she wants to help plan the wedding? We're kinda busy fixing our house, so...
>[]Azeila, I'm gonna have a babyyyyyyy *squeal*
She looks at you in surprise.
"...how do you know? I don't think a missed period--"
Kasai shakes his head.
"Succubi can apparently just get pregnant if they feel like it."
"That's what I said when I heard, too."
"So why did..?"
Kasai shrugs.
"She didn't want to wait any longer, it seems. So now we have to put a wedding together quickly so the general populace doesn't have a fit... you know their opinion on children outside matrimony and all that."
Azeila frowns.
"Yes. I do. Won't breathe a word to anyone. Except Mom, and... Other Mom. Hey, Aisha?"
You snap out of your fantasies of cuddling a wrinkly whiny bundle alongside your PTSD-ridden husband and look at her.
"What're you gonna do about the dress? I know how you hate them."
Shiiiiit. You forgot.
"Didn't Mo--Krystal have issues with that?" Kasai asks.
"Ugh. Of course you didn't pay attention. Yeah, she was almost irrationally opposed to the idea. The wedding was almost cancelled before Tsuyoi settled for giving her a suit."
Kasai chuckles.
"Well, I guess that sort of thing would 'suit' her."
Azeila reaches into a satchel and throws some sort of powder in his eyes.
"Ow! Jesus, fine, I'm sorry!"

>[]I can't do thiiiiiiiis!
>[]Oh, well. Maybe you can get one that shows off your legs.
"I can handle it. No matter my opinion on the subject, this is too important to make compromises on."
Azeila nods.
"That's good to hear. Make sure you send me an invitation! If you don't I'll just show up anyway."
She gets up.
"Oh. You're leaving?"
"Yeah, I have to get back. Need to learn how to make a spear out of nothing but gross insect bits. See you around."
She leaves.
"Well, she seems happy."
"I would hope so. She's supposedly seeing someone... didn't get any details, she's probably not sure what to think about it."
"Hmm. Well, she'll tell us when she wants to. Shall we have dessert?"
"That sounds great, Aisha."

>[]Skip time to wedding? (Y/N)
>>1697469 (well, time for the shitshow)
Don't faint don't faint don't faint don't faint don't faint don't faint don't faint--
You slowly walk up the aisle of Castle Diluvium's chapel, fighting back the slight dizzy feeling you're getting. This fucking corset isn't helping, either. A surprising number of people showed up for this... probably more because of who you and Kasai's parents are than anything you've actually done. Still, it's nice to see that people are genuinely happy for you. There's a few Order leaders, Krystal's squad mates from the war, even a Duke had gone out of his way to make it here. Ash sits near the back, wearing something that actually covers her midriff for once. No actual royalty, but that didn't matter. There was a literal god standing to the side, invisible to everyone but you and a handful of others.
Standing next to him is Mom...
Ah, Mom. Smiling and crying and probably getting Dad's shirtfront all dirty.
He's crying, too. Doing a better job of hiding it, though.
But of course, you're supposed to be paying attention to someone else entirely.
Kasai is just as nervous as you are. You can see a telltale sheen of sweat on his neck, despite the fact that it's a typical sixty-seven degree Diluvium morning.
Krystal, for her part, is hiding the fact that she's bored VERY well.
...maybe she isn't? No, that's impossible.
You take your place alongside Kasai and make sure not to look backward. Krystal opens the Codex Tempestus and starts to read a passage on matrimony.
"Holy union, in mind, body, and soul. A bond of love, forged by happiness and tempered by hardship..."

Ten minutes of this shit pass. It's probably to give an out to couples with cold feet.
"--Kasai, do you take Aisha to be your wife in hand, to forever love and protect her in this life and the next?"
He swallows hard.
"I do."
"And do you, Aisha, take Kasai to be your husband, and to forever love and protect him in this life and the next?"
Time seems to freeze.
This is it.
No backing out now.
Go on, say it.
Oh gods! I left at the worst possible moment.
>I do!
File: Sasha.gif (78 KB, 800x600)
78 KB
Krystal gestures.
"You may kiss."
You and Kasai lean toward each other and do as she says.
It was just a short touching of lips, but it felt like someone had given you a whole syringe's worth of adrenaline.
The crowd applauds. You and Kasai hold each other's hands as you turn to wave at them.


You turn to look at your father. He smiles and pats your head.
"I'm so happy for you... but I think I'll hold back. Your mother has enough for both--"
Mom grabs you in a big hug, crying and saying things like 'you've grown up so FAAAST!'
Your brother Castiel comes over as well.
"I wish you the best in matrimony, sister."
He gives you a pat on the shoulder, which is the equivalent of a long hug for him.
"My only regret is that our brother saw fit to betray the Order beforehand... still, he would have probably sullied the occasion with one of his 'witty' comments."
Ash walks up. Your family quiets down.
She gives you a hug and whispers in your ear.
"You two have fun for me, alright? Who knows... maybe Kasai can forgive me one day."
She pulls away from you. Castiel speaks up.
"Though you aren't technically our blood, I am happy to call you my sister. Please, inform us if you need assistance."
Ash smiles.
"I'll be sure to do that."
She draws the hood up on her cloak and leaves.
Your family disperses. Dad goes to have a chat with Krystal, Mom hangs off his arm, and Castiel starts speaking with Faervel.

>[]Get a drink. You need one.
>[]Where's Kasai? You should be with him.
>[]Wander around. Maybe someone interesting will appear.
My light went out lol
>[]Where's Kasai? You should be with him.
Be with Kasai.
File: IMG_0918.jpg (146 KB, 750x732)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
New thread.
ITT I make posters RP a hopeless romantic grill at her wedding.
The best kinf of rp

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