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Previous thread:

Last time: You made a pretty optimized band of adventurers and gathered them together at a mantis monastery. Littoreus, the Crab/Fighter, Pardo, the wolf-spider/Ranger, and Ealaqa, the leech/Cleric.

You are Littoreus. You think you've got this armor-breaking technique all figured out. You call it your "crabhammer." You're pretty proud of yourself, actually. But is it enough?

>It's time to head back home. You've been gone a long time and traveled a long ways. If you want to face the Leviathan, you should begin your return journey now.

>There are other ways you would like to improve yourself first (write in)

>You don't think you'll ever be strong enough. You need to find another way to protect yourself and your home.
>There are other ways you would like to improve yourself first (write in)
We have to know our enemy. Investigate about the creature.
File: know thine enemy.jpg (181 KB, 500x500)
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You need to know more about the Kraken. If someone else has seen one before, you could compare notes and see if it could have any other tricks up its sleeves. You were thrown by its shape-shifting abilities once, but what else could it do? How does it fight? Does it have vulnerable areas? How intelligent is it? How fast?

You've already checked the monastery. There's no trace of information on it. But there is a map of the surrounding area, and a large termite mound isn't too far away. You resolve to go there and see if you can't find a cryptozoologist who might be able to help you.

That night, you tell Ealaqa and Pardo of your plans. The three of you have been training together, and have grown rather close, you feel, over the last couple of weeks. You feel you owe them at least an explanation.

"Well, I've tended to all the old wounds I can find here. I suppose I shall follow you. If you do really intend to fight a Kraken, there's bound to be blood. A lot of it."

You are Pardo.

And Littoreus has told you of his crazy plan. What do you think you'll do?

>There's not a beast alive who can strike fear into your heart. You'll follow, and add a trophy to your collection.

>This crab still rubs you the wrong way. Who would put themselves on the line like that? You'll follow him in secret, to see if he's secretly plotting against you.

>Your training has stagnated. You'll go along so that you might better know yourself.

>There's not a beast alive who can strike fear into your heart. You'll follow, and add a trophy to your collection
File: Pardo's goal.jpg (27 KB, 570x569)
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You'll go along. You are a hunter, and today you will set off in search of the most dangerous game.

Giant fucking monsters.

Littoreus looks surprised when you tell him you will be accompanying him, but also happy. You can tell because he rustles his outer maxillipeds when he's pleased with himself.

The three of you depart the next day. It occurs to you that this is the end of the three of you being associates of chance, and the beginning of the three of you being partners. There is a solemnity about the air, but also an excitement. It occurs to you that what you say now may serve to set the tone of your relationship with these strange bedfellows. What do you say?

>Say nothing. You do not want to get to close, as the road is a dangerous place and you don't want to get attatched to bugs who might go dying on you.

>Attempt to open up a personal dialogue. A well-conected pack works better together.

>Ask a question (write in)
>Attempt to open up a personal dialogue. A well-connected pack works better together.
Glad to see this hasn't died, welcome back bug.
>>Attempt to open up a personal dialogue. A well-conected pack works better together.
Time for Litto to stick his meaty crab dick in to Eala's slimy snail pussy.
It still leaves me speechless, the lengths people went to research crab and leech genetalia just to see if sex with possible, and that people are pushing for it.
We must anon, for we have made the team this way. And besides, Eala is totally checking out Litto's shell.

I fucked up.

>Attempt to open up a personal dialogue. A well-conected pack works better together.
Thank /qst/ gods for calling me back to qst, glad to see that the quest continues
Also did littoreous tell the others that it was an aquatic monter, what do so the others can help? DAMN A MF SHIP
>>Say nothing. You do not want to get to close, as the road is a dangerous place and you don't want to get attatched to bugs who might go dying on you.
File: IMG_1383.jpg (552 KB, 3264x2448)
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Pardo is a bit of a hermit. Please roll (1d100) for his ability to not be a weird, beastly, jungle bug. I will write the result when I'm done working, based off of the first two rolls.

(Hopefully the Internet is working again, and will continue to do so.)
Rolled 10 (1d100)

Rolled 19 (1d100)

>Pardo is a bit of a hermit.
>based off of the first two rolls.
Looks like his social skills lives up to his name.
Rolled 90 (1d100)

save maybe
File: IMG_1402.jpg (142 KB, 2500x1666)
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142 KB JPG
Sadly, no.

"So, Littoreus, this leviathan. Do you suppose it is large enough to eat a crab, or more like a city's worth of crabs? Maybe just a family?"

"I- what?" Littoreus looks like he is at unease. Strange, he is not in any immediate danger. Perhaps you should clarify.

"I ask because I wonder just what sort of danger you are willing to face. I could likely escape if things went poorly, but you're not nearly as fast as me. Are you preparing to face certain death, or merely near-certain death?"

Yes, you have revealed a personal detail, your superior speed, and engaged Littoreus with an emotionally relevant question. Now to move on to Ealaqa.

"If it is, in fact, large enough to eat a family of crabs, you will likely be entirely beneath its notice, Ealaqa." By sharing your expertise and simultaneously complimenting his survivability, you have created a bond of friendship.

Social interaction: successfully executed.

Your companions do not reciprocate and begin a give-and-take conversation. Strange. Instead, they carry themselves with an air of solemnity. They must be focusing on their battle plans. Wise you yourself should survey the path ahead. The grasses which surround your path rise far above even Littoreus's sight, perhaps even a while five feet. You can't feel anything over Littoreus's crashing footsteps, but Proto should be able to find anything hiding up in the grasses.

Roll me 4d100.
Rolled 72, 1, 28, 2 = 103 (4d100)

I cry every time
Rolled 10, 50, 99, 41 = 200 (4d100)

Rolled 48, 84 = 132 (2d100)

(Ignore me!)
File: IMG_1404.jpg (66 KB, 736x738)
66 KB
Looking through Proto's eyes, you see nothing but a vast ocean of wild grain, the breeze whipping waves into the grass. You call your companion back down. Your own tremorsense detects nothing of interest either. Perhaps fortune smiles down upon you today. It seems like you are successful at every turn.

"Cancer's claws! Damn!"

You turn to look to Littoreus. A long scratch runs over the top of his carapace. You catch a glimpse of a blue dragonfly on top of his blind spot before it darts away back up and into the grass. Then another, red this time, bolts out and swoops at him again, before glancing off of his natural armor and darting away. You are familiar with dragonflies, and suspect this to be a hunting pair. They must have followed Porto back right to you.

"Wh-what's going on? Littoreus? Are you okay? I smell blood."

"It's not his." You reply. "Dragonflies. Two of them. You probably smell their last kill on them. They probably won't be able to do to much to him unless they figure out where he can't reach, or start going for his eyes. Get ready, they'll be circling around again to try picking off the weakest members of the pack first. Probably you, then Proto."


You have your natural weapons, as well as knives and a crossbow. Ealaqa has her rifle and healing skills. Littoreus is fuckhuge and knows how to use it.

>Tactics? Write-in.

use the crossbow have Ealaqa use the rifle and have littoreus attempt to catch them off guard
it's good to see you continuing this so soon
I'm just popping in whenever I get a stretch of time. Which is not now, I need sleep. Keep posting tactics guys, as elaborate or simple as you please.
this, but have littorius keep Ealaqa protected with his massive claws, since she isn't well armored
Give me three sets of 3d100, corresponding to Pardo, Ealaqa, and Littoreus, respectively.
File: IMG_1375.jpg (101 KB, 1260x709)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Name fell off.
Rolled 38, 74, 90 = 202 (3d100)

File: IMG_1395.jpg (1.31 MB, 3264x2448)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
You can do all three sets if it's just you and me here.
Rolled 9, 22, 40 = 71 (3d100)

sure then, it is pretty late so I guess most anons are asleep.
Rolled 62, 61, 30 = 153 (3d100)

Rolled 83, 35, 78 = 196 (3d100)

File: IMG_1406.png (2.22 MB, 1388x1050)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
Littoreus quickly scuttles over Ealaqa, who unslings his Rifle and begins to measure out powder from a small snailshell flask.

You call Proto down close and stand over him to keep him from getting picked off. In a quick, rehearsed motion you begin to load your crossbow, first taking it from your back and then holding it in your pedipalps. You have a few wooden bolts already made, and you quickly tip them with your venom.

Proto nestles down beneath you and turns around so that you can see behind yourself with his eyes. You do not look around for the dragonflies. You instead stand perfectly still, looking for movement.

The first sign of movement comes from the other side of Littoreus. You can feel the grass rustle as the Blue dragonfly bursts from the thicket, mandibles and claws bared. You hear a loud bang as the rifle in Ealaqa's arms goes off.

The dragonfly continues towards Ealaqa without slowing, the shot having gone wild.

Just as it closes in, Littoreus smacks it up and away with a massive claw! The dragonfly is knocked skywards, and, in its daze, you have a clear shot at it.


Three quick bolts lodge squarely in its tail, throwing its balance off and confusing it. Unable to tilt downwards with its new balast, and not knowing what to do, it begins to spiral up into the air, unable to go in any direction but straight towards the sun.

The red dragonfly is yet to reveal itself.

wait, have Proto watch the area to make sure the Dragonfly doesn't ambush the party, have Ealaqa reload and prepare so that she isn't caught off guard.

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