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Previous threads:

Previously, our hero Aisha got her ass whipped by some dirty bandits and decided that a weird transformative teen pregnancy is a good idea.
"I hope so. Your mother almost had a nervous breakdown when you got shot."
Speak of the devil, Mom emerges from her room.
"I'm just glad Aisha's okay."
You smile. At least people care about your well-being. So not everything is going terribly.
"Should we be going?" Ash asks, biting into another pancake.

>[]I guess...
>[]A few more minutes, Ash.
>[]Can't we just stay here forever? It's got AC, good food...
>>[]I guess...
You reluctantly get up and grab your equipment.
"Oh, you have to go already?" Mom asks.
"Yeah... we'll come back."
"I hope so. Stay safe, you two!"
"We will, Mom."
You give her and Dad a hug before teleporting down to Syreth, spooking a nearby castle guard.
"Hey, Aisha. Did you have fun?"
You walk up to Kasai and give him a kiss.
"Not as much as I could've. But yeah, I did. Me and Ash had some nice bonding experiences."
"Good to hear! So I bought us passage earlier... It's not exactly a cruise, but it should work well enough."
You nod in approval. You've been on ships before, this shouldn't be an issue. And hopefully there won't be any weird monsters.

>[]Let's be off, then.
>[]We should grab something to eat, first.
>[]We should say bye to Krystal.

>[]Let's be off, then.
You make your way to the docks. Kasai points out the ship you'll be staying on.
The paint's wearing thin, but you can still make out the Dispatch painted on the side.
"Who have we got here?" a bored-looking sailor asks.
"Just getting a ride to Far Isle."
"Well, go find a bunk. And make sure you listen to the captain. Do what he says and you'll be fine. Mostly."
He cackles as you climb aboard.
Belowdecks is pretty crowded, but you manage to find a quiet corner with some privacy.

>[]Are there any other passengers, or just cargo?
>[]Stay here and wait for departure.
>>[]Are there any other passengers, or just cargo?
You take a look around. There do seem to be some passengers, actually. A knight leans against the hull, possibly taking a nap. Nearby, a priest of some sort writes in a journal.
"I wonder what they're here for..."
A shrill whistle carries from above decks. You go up. Captain's probably gonna say something.


You, your friends, and the other two passengers stand next to one of the wind generators that power the ship.
"Hello, and welcome to the Dispatch."
The captain is a big man, even compared to his crew. If you have to mutiny, it'd be best to just kill him in his sleep.
"Those of you who can work will do so. Everyone else will just have to stay near their bunk. Is this anyone's first time on a ship?"
No one speaks up.
"Excellent. I'm not gonna pretend like I give a damn about who you are. If you need to chat, find someone else to talk to. Dismissed."
At least that was short.

>[]Talk to one of the other passengers.
>[]Hang out with your friends until someone yells at you.
>[]Try chatting with the crew.
>Try chatting with the crew.
Unrelenting question: If Krystal has sex with Alagos, why hasn't she be pregnant to him
>>1640056 (because she's sterile)
You awkwardly walk up to one of the crew. He seems to be making sure the engine isn't going to explode.
"Uh... hi."
He looks over at you and says "...hi." before returning to his work.
Shit, this was gonna be worse than you thought.
"So, uh, how long you been on this ship?"
"About three years."
"Cool. Does it pay well?"
"Enough that I'm actually motivated to focus on my job."
"...how's this thing work?"
"Wind blows the sails, which makes the ship move. Port and starboard, use one to turn, use both to move forward. Now please let me work in peace."
Well, damn.
You go back belowdecks and sit with your friends.
"These guys are antisocial..."
"They're probably just under pressure. Maybe getting under way will help them loosen up."
You shrug.
The ship rocks, nearly causing you to fall over.
"Hey, we're moving!"

>[]Go above, wave bye to Diluvium.
>[]Find some kind of work.
>[]Maybe now's the time to mention that I've never been on a ship for more than a day.
>Find something to help out with. Hey maybe Ash can try out as ship whore?
"Well, I'm gonna see if there's anything I can help out with. Ash can take a turn in the barrel."
"Oh, that sounds like a great idea!"
You get up and start asking around for work.


"Ungrateful fucks." you mutter to yourself, soaking your mop in a bucket.
Yep, it's deck-swabbing time. Too clumsy for engine work, too weak for heavy lifting. Maybe if pirates show up you can shoot them.
Ash was busy getting all her holes plugged behind some lifeboats. At least she's having fun.
"Shameless..." the priest sighs as he passes you.

>[]You must not meet many people from our Order.
>[]Contemplate your existence while swabbing.
>>[]You must not meet many people from our Order.
File: IMG_1650.jpg (79 KB, 500x670)
79 KB
Hey, everyone.
I'm leaving on vacation in like 20min, posting will probably be more sporadic than usual.
Have good time.
have fun
dont do anything we havent doone on this quest
The priest turns around in annoyance. You show him your Symbol.
"Oh. That makes much more sense."
"Yeah, showing that usually clears things right up. What Order are you from?"
"Írdes, god of knowledge."
"And what're you planning on doing on Far Isle?"
"...that's a question more characteristic of my god than yours, isn't it?"
"I guess..."
You dip your mop back into the bucket and scrub the deck.
"Why are you swabbing? I thought you'd be helping your friend over there."
"I'm in a relationship."

>[]If you're gonna be sarcastic, you can just leave.
>[]Ask him an annoying question.
>[]Ignore him and keep swabbing. Maybe you'll get to empty the bilge or whatever next.
(Thanks for your well-wishes. Didn't join the Mile High Club, unfortunately)
>>[]Ask him an annoying question.
Do you know about any strange happenings?
Why you no post.
>>1645228 (I no post because I'm busy)
"Strange happenings? Those happen everywhere at nearly all times, if you're observant enough. Though more of them seem to happen around your Imperator..."
What, is he gonna tell you it isn't normal to brutally take your soldiers down and call it training?
"I've been hearing about sightings involving some strange characters, though. Some sort of Void knights, and the King's killer with them."
He glances sideways at you.
"Would you know anything about this?"

>[]My Imperator's evil sister is behind that shit.
>[]Maybe. It'll cost you to know.
>[]No, nothing. I've just been... polishing armor...
4 chan didn't put my post through, that was aimed at the website sorry.
>>[]My Imperator's evil sister is behind that shit.
But remember that polishing scene.
>>1645527 (oh, yeah. That part was kinda weird)
"Your Imperator's..?"
"Twin sister. The one that didn't lose an eye or become super paranoid and psychotic."
"That must be a shock to run into."
"Meh. Not as much as running into Krystal herself. You met her?"
"No, and I sincerely hope I never do. I haven't heard about many pleasant things happening to those who meet her. Fortunately, I doubt she'd take much of an interest in me."
That's probably true.

>[]Better get back to work.
>[]You know anything about the Sage of Far Isle?
>[]What's the chance of a bandit or monster attack out here?
>>[]You know anything about the Sage of Far Isle?
Knowledge is power.
"The Sage? Well, I've heard she's a nice person. Sage of water, if you couldn't not figure it out. I doubt she's interested in--"
"I'm not going to ask her for that. Unless she wants to."
"A good rule... I think she lives a ways away from any settlements. You'll have to hike to get to her."
"I don't mind a hike. Good exercise."
"Well, in the tropics, you'll be rather sweaty in no time."
The priest looks up at the sun.
"Hm. It's about time I leave. Take care with your swabbing."
You keep at your job. Yeah, this was so much fun...


Ash straightens her hair and rolls her shoulders.
"Aisha, you should try it! I feel so energized. Probably gonna be walking funny, in a good way."
"But Ash, I'm emotionally attached to Kasai! By the way, you made sure they didn't have Crotch-Rot, right?"
"What do you think I am, an idiot? Had a close call, but I'm fine."
"Good. I'd have to get myself a new sister to eat out."

>[]Talked to some knowledge guy.
>[]What's your opinion on that priest?
>[]What's Kasai been doing?
>>[]What's Kasai been doing?
"I dunno..."
Kasai hurriedly runs past you, holding what looks like some pretty heavy boxes. His strength-enhancement tattoos are glowing furiously.
"Hi, Aisha. Hi, Ash."
Some hardass sailor follows closely behind Kasai. You quickly get to scrubbing the deck, and Ash tries her best to look busy.
You sigh as soon as they leave.
"Well, I feel bad for him."
"Me, too. We can help--"
Ash groans and kicks at the railing.
"Dammit, we don't have anywhere private enough to have sex."
"You were just--"
"That was purely professional!"
You roll your eyes and look out at the ocean.
You leave your cleaning supplies and walk up to the helm. Fortunately, the captain's there.
"What is it? I'm rather busy."
"Is that ship supposed to be approaching us?"
He looks up and takes out a spyglass. You do the same and take a closer look at the ship.
...yeah, the primitive rifles and sneers don't exactly give off the most friendly vibes.
"We're under attack. Prepare the ship's defenses."
"Sir, I can help."
"Whatever. As long as you don't get too badly injured."
You run belowdecks and retrieve your rifle. Ash leans against the railing and looks out across the water.
"Pirates? So close to Diluvium?"
"Krystal takes the 'obliterate them if they get in range of the cannons' approach. And we're definitely out of range. You might wanna get down, by the way."
"What? They're like, barely visible. How could--"

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 4 (1d20)

Finally some leet sniper action!
The pirates start whooping loud enough for you to hear them. Bullets splash into the water and fly past you. Didn't even have to dodge.
You fire at the ship. It's too far to tell, but you think you gave one of the sails a mortal wound.
The ship hums, and a fiery boulder appears in thin air. The pirates barely manage to get out of the way before it hits the water.
Ash whines weakly, clutching you from behind.
"Get belowdecks!"
She runs down as fast as possible. Kasai comes over to join you.
"Hi. I missed."
"They're just too far."

>[]Try throwing a grenade. (D20)
>[]Keep shooting.
>[]Try using your demigod powers to zap them.
Since when have we had demigod powers?

>Try using demigod powers to zap them
>>[]Try using your demigod powers to zap them.
>>1650409 (since forever, Aisha's just neglected them)
You focus on sending magical energy through your hand.
"Oh, I need to practice this more..."
It hasn't tased everyone on the ship yet... good, good.
"Uh... Falling Bolt!"
You thrust your hand in the air, sending a bolt of electricity into the sky. It disappears and falls upon the pirates, killing two of their number.
"Kasai! I did it!"
"Uh-huh. Good job."
The ship summons another flaming rock and hurls it toward the enemy. It bounces across the deck, crushing some of the crew and setting the hull ablaze. The survivors scramble to put out the flames.
They manage to get close enough to board. Jeering sailors leap onto the ship and draw their weapons.
"Is it over--AAAAAAAAH!"
Ash emerges from below and fends off an enemy attacker.
She draws her morning star and bashes her attacker across the face.

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 13 (1d20)

Try to electrify your sword too.
So it turns out Olive Garden won't let you fill a wheelbarrow with breadsticks.
Even if you tip extra.
You run electricity through your sword and dagger and face one of the pirates.
"Ha! Run yer face through with this poker, I will!"
"Please don't."
You kick off of him, bend him backward, and stab him through the chest with your sword. Ash keeps bashing her opponent with her morning star. Looks painful.
Kasai forces a pirate back with his halberd before shooting his hand off with his revolver.
The ship mage revs up his magic and blasts the enemy ship with lasers. The thing looks barely seaworthy now, if that.
"Kasai, I'm winning!" you shriek gleefully.
You can hear your internalized version of Krystal saying "Great, kid. Don't get cocky."

>[]Gun the rest down. Too much trouble in melee.
>[]Kasai! Use your dragon form to carry their ship away! Please?
>[]Keep fighting. Maybe you can do something super cool. (D20)
Rolled 4 (1d20)

>>[]Keep fighting. Maybe you can do something super cool. (D20)
You shout and charge another pirate, who promptly kicks you over. Gotta work on that poise...
You roll away just as the pirate's hammer smashes the deck where you had been. You try to stab him, he dodges. He tries to smash you, you dodge. You try to stab him--
Ash smashes the pirate's head in.
"Aisha, what the hell was that!?"
"He was slippery! Did you see those dodges? He was like a greased snake!"
Kasai's struggling with his opponent. Seems the pain reinvigorated them.
The pirates' ship is picked up by an invisible force and pulled apart. Nobody could sail in a pile of splinters.
Their leader pauses in his assault and glances around nervously.
"W-we have nothing to lose now! KILL THEM ALL!"
Twenty minutes later, the pirates were all either dead or locked in the brig.
"Well, that's that..."
You sigh and look around for your mop and bucket. Someone's gotta clean up the blood.
"Ah, shit!"
"What's wrong, Ash?"
"Some of these guys worshipped Dad."
You take a look in her hand. Several worn lightning bolt pendants rested there. Makes sense sailors would want to be on good terms with Dad.

>[]Toss 'em overboard. No one cares about criminals.
>[]Let's see what Krystal has to say.
>[]Keep them. Maybe we can return them to their families or something.
>>[]Keep them. Maybe we can return them to their families or something.
"Well, if you're sure."
Ash stuffs the Symbols into her pocket.
"Let's go see if Kasai's wounded. Actually, are you injured?"
"Nah. Except for some bruises."
"Good, I didn't want to have to spoon-feed you again."
You walk over to Kasai. He seems fine.
"Actual pirates, huh? It's like those stories Mom used to tell me. They seemed a little friendlier in those, though. And they didn't have any talking birds."
Yeah, Krystal did tell some weird stories.
"You okay?"
"Just got some scratches. My scales deflected a lot of the blows. You think they'd aim for the fleshy bits after a while."
"If they did that, you'd be ruined."

>[]Well, I better get back to work.
>[]We should find somewhere private later. I could use some stress relief.
>[]Keep talking with your friends.
>>[]We should find somewhere private later. I could use some stress relief.
You put an arm on his bicep as you say this.
"Well, I'm not against the idea, but..."
Kasai gestures at the ship.
"Not really anywhere to hide. Maybe I could find some blankets to cover our sleeping area?"
You shrug.
"If worst comes to worst, I can just give a blowjob bribe."
"I'd rather not see that."
You think for a moment. Where could you have sex? Far Isle's about a week away, you can't last that long!
"Hey, get to work! I don't want the blood staining the ship!"
You grab your mop and get to work. Nobody told you people bled this much...
Some crew members throw the bodies into the sea. Burning them was too risky on a wooden ship, and the worst that could happen was that bloated revenants wash up on some shore, and that was common enough.


You sit down on your bunk and frown at your fingers. Was this gonna blister?
"Hey, Aisha. How are you holding up?"
"Fine. Mop handles hurt."
Ash climbs into her bunk next to you.
"You two have fun, I've been at it all day. Need sleep."
She's asleep in about five minutes. You look up at Kasai.

>[]Well, goodnight.
>[]Come on, there should be enough room for two.
>[]You mind just holding me tonight? I'd like that.
>maybe the eagles nest is empty...
"Kasai, follow me."
"Okay, where are we going?"
"You'll see, just come."
You lead him up top and look up the mast.
"Yep, looks like nobody's up there. Hey, captain?"
The captain had been passing by. He stops.
"Nobody's up there, I'll keep a look out."
"Don't fall."
This guy's pretty apathetic.
You climb up the mast, doing your best not to look down. You don't consider yourself afraid of heights, but nobody would want to deal with that distance.
Kasai clambers up into the nest after you.
"Hey, this is nice. A little cold. And cramped."
"Well, we'll just have to warm up, won't we? Wanna guess what I have under this hoodie?"
"It's nothing, isn't it."
You pout.
"I nearly froze myself to death to give you a nice surprise! You can't just guess right!"
"Just get over here."
You help him out of his clothes, unzip your hoodie, and lie back.
"Be gentle, okay?"
"You don't like it gentle."
Kasai slides a hand in your pants.
"Your panties are soaked. I thought I could see a wet spot climbing up here."
"I-I didn't know that!"
"Aisha, stop trying to act embarrassed. I like you better when you're being normal."
You grin.
"Well, if you say so."
You pull off your pants and push Kasai onto his back.
"Not often I get the top."
He smiles.
"Well, I could do this more often, if you want."
"Nah. I like when you take charge. I just feel like doing this now and then."
You ease yourself down onto his cock. A feeling of warmth spreads through you, accompanying the familiar pleasure and slight pain.
"Ah, Kasai..."
He puts his hands on your hips. You sigh contentedly and start bouncing.
"It's so hot... I feel like I'm gonna melt."
"You're pretty warm yourself, Aisha."
You bend over to give Kasai a kiss, then stay there. He wraps his arms around your back.
"Mm, I love you so much... gonna cum..." you moan into his ear.
"I love you, too."
Kasai thrusts upward, filling you with semen. The sensation of it pouring into you is enough for you to reach climax as well.
You stay there for a while, appreciating each others' warmth.
"You're steaming."
"It's cold, I can't do anything about that!"
"If you say so. Bend over, you've been doing all the work."


You yawn and sit up. Where are you again? What's this thing inside you?
Oh yeah. Crow's nest. You fell asleep having sex again.
You pull away from Kasai, wincing as he slides out of you. Still tender.
Well, the bodily fluids are gonna be hard to explain unless you take extra shifts to clean them up. Still, that should tide you over if need be.

>[]Send Kasai down while people are still sleeping.
>[]Give him something nice to wake up to.
>[]Let him sleep. He's earned it.
>>[]Send Kasai down while people are still sleeping.
You shake his shoulder.
"Kasai, wake up."
He stirs and looks up at you.
"Wha..? Oh. Hi, Aisha."
Kasai sits up and yawns.
"You're pretty pale."
"You're pale too, we live underground."
"I think you look nice pale. Where's my clothes..."
You hand them to him.
"Thanks... can I have my underwear, too?"
You grudgingly hand it over. Kasai gets dressed and gives you a kiss on the cheek.
"Well, that was fun, if a little cold. Just hope nobody heard us."
He starts climbing down. You take a few moments to let the sun warm your naked body before getting dressed.
"Well, first on the itenerary..."

>[]Get a bra and shirt, this hoodie's scratchy.
>[]Clean up your mess.
>[]Go find some breakfast.
>[]Clean up your mess
And make yourself decent. Dont want to give too many sailors sneak peeks
You sigh and climb down to find some cleaning supplies. And a shirt.
You slip into a white t-shirt and grab a sponge. Ten minutes later, the evidence is gone. Well, except what's still inside you, but that's gonna be absorbed. You put the sponge back.
After a few minutes, a sailor pokes his head over the ladder.
"Hey. Here to relieve you."

>[]I'm good, really. (D20)
Rolled 13 (1d20)

Sorry is that an innuendo we have to roll to resist seduction?
>>1656611 (it's a roll to convince him you're fine with staying up here)
"You sure?"
"Yeah, I'm not really tired."
"Well, if you say so."
The sailor climbs back down the ladder. You give the surrounding ocean a good looking at. Might as well do your job.
Was that a--no, just a bird.
You put on some sunglasses and yawn. This should be better than swabbin'. You've got plenty of experience staring off into the distance and contemplating your existence.


"Hey, sis."
You blink the sleepiness away and look down. Ash came to visit.
"Hey Ash... hey, you grew wings."
"Yeah, I drained one of the prisoners in the brig, and now everything feels... just fantastic."
She rubs her hands over her body and giggles.
"So, whatcha been doing up here?"

>[]Fighting invisible wyverns.
>[]Keeping a lookout.
>[]Masturbating constantly. Hey, you can help!
"Just been sleeping."
You sit up there for a while, staring at the ocean.

Three days pass. Ash whores herself silly, you alternate between swabbing and keeping a lookout, and Kasai is hounded by everyone within hearing distance that has something heavy needing a lift. You manage to sneak off with him twice more.

You snap to attention and peer through your spyglass.
"Dammit, it's another bird..."
You sigh and put it away. This was gonna be a long night without your dragon.
"Is this that 'cabin fever' thing I've heard about? Because it's not so bad once you get used to it. I mean, I already talk to myself, it's just not as often. What do you think, Mr. Claw?"
You look over at the stiletto-like appendage that dangled near your perch. Wait...
It's attached to a large, crouching beast. The monster growls slightly and swivels it's barnacle-encrusted head about.

>[]Plunging attack! (D20)
>[]Crouch down and pray to every god you know that it leaves:
Rolled 10 (1d20)

>[]Plunging attack! (D20)
Before it can react to the danger of being discovered!
Rolled 13 (1d20)

>>[]Plunging attack! (D20)
>>1656914 (fortunately, that 13 bumped the roll up enough to succeed)
You grab your sword and vault over the railing, plunging down and stabbing the thing in the head. It screeches and flails around, grabbing you.
"Aw, crap... MONSTER!"
The crew runs up and arms themselves with harpoons.
"Why in the hell didn't you call out earlier!?" the captain asks.
"I thought it was a bird!"
The knight from earlier comes up.
"Stand back. I've faced these before, space is required for fighting."
He takes a stance. The monster starts slamming his fist (not the one you're in, fortunately) around.
"Yeah, I'll just sit here, fuckin'..."
"Fear not! I'll dispatch this thing immediately."
The knight dodges the monster's attacks and pokes out one of its eyes.
"Huh. You're actually doing okay."
"Of course I am!"

>[]Try seducing the monster. (Ew, D20)
>[]Try zapping this thing.
Watch and learn.
You sit and watch. The sea monster grabs the guy and hurls him into the mast.
"Ooooh... you okay?"
The knight lies there.
"Ah, shit. Someone make sure he isn't dead."
The monster lifts you to its face and growls.
"Uh... someone please help. Seriously."
It opens its mouth and starts to lower you in.
You hear a spell being cast. The monster lowers you and stares blankly at the source.
That priest miscast his spell and now his face is bleeding.
"...someone better, please."
Kasai charges out of the crowd.
"About time!"
He lifts his halberd and brings it around to smash the monster's foot and gets smacked into the water.
Ash jumps up and smashes the monster across the face. It screeches and drops you.

>[]SAVE KASAI (write-in).
We are excellent swimmers. Take a small weight to dive faster then jump in and get him!
You look around frantically and grab someone's harpoon.
This thing's heavy...
You're just about to jump into the water when a three-ton mass of scales and muscle bursts from the sea.
The monster smashes it's fists into the deck again, sending splinters and stray boards flying before charging at Kasai.
The dragon opens his mouth and blasts the creature with white-hot flame. You can practically feel your eyebrows singeing.
The crew devolves into a chaotic mess. Some try to put out the flames, others deploy lifeboats. The flaming sea monster flails about, smashing the ship to bits. A board knocks you over the railing, and you can feel your consciousness fade.


You gasp and cough up water, scrambling away from the ocean. A crab scuttles away from you as you flop down onto a rock.
After a while, you drag yourself to your feet and look around.
Pine forest, fog, beach. It's cold.
You clasp your amulet, which helps a lot.
"Oh, Kasai..."

>[]Look for survivors.
>[]Find shelter.
>[]Explore aimlessly. Maybe you'll find something evil.
>>[]Find shelter.
Or make it.
"Okay, okay... I need to get out of this wind..."
You stumble into the forest. Trees, trees... this might be a path.
Following a strip of dirt where pine needles have been somewhat cleared, you come across an old stone building. Door looks sturdy enough.
You open it and step inside. Nothing except for some old furniture and a fireplace. You shut the door and rummage around for some sort of fire starter.
Ten minutes later, you're huddled naked in front of a blazing fireplace, your clothes hung haphazardly on a chair. You take stock of your situation.
"No food or water, but my codec should work. Sword and dagger if I need to hunt. Sidearm, too. Lost my rifle, maybe it'll wash up on shore..."
The door creaks. You scramble toward your sword as someone steps in.
"Hah... hah... who's there? Uh? Oh, sorry miss."
It's the captain.

>[]Get out!
>[]Oh. Come in, I guess. Wouldn't want to have someone freeze to death.
>[]I don't care if you look. Seen any other survivors?
>>[]I don't care if you look. Seen any other survivors?
"A whole damned rowboat of 'em."
The captain sits by the fire, keeping his eyes to the flames. Probably best, he smells like fish.
"Course, the waves weren't exactly friendly. The boat smashed on some rocks, next thing I remember, I woke up on the beach."
"Hm. I can't remember how I got here. Fell off the ship... maybe someone saved me."
The captain shrugs.
You breathe into your hands and rub them together.
"Good thing there was dry wood in here. What with the fog, I probably wouldn't find a scrap of decent wood for miles."
"Aye. Reminds me of some old tales..."

>[]Well, go on. Might as well pass the time.
>[]Don't. If you keep going, it's gonna turn out we're experiencing those same tales.
>>[]Don't. If you keep going, it's gonna turn out we're experiencing those same tales.
"Pfft. As if that would actually happen."
He stays quiet, though.
"Any sign of my sister? Or the dragon?"
"Well, I didn't see your sister. Last I saw of the dragon, he was flailing around with that monster in the sea."
Damn. At least there's a chance they're alive.
You check your clothes. Nice and dry! Time to change.
Once you've gotten your wings and tail straightened out, the captain clears his throat.
"Never seen anyone with that kinda... thing going on. Dragons have tails and horns, but they're scaled. What are you?"

>[]Oh, I just suck the souls out of people with sex.
>[]Different kind of dragon. Female only, extremely rare.
>[]Sylph, like you. Come on, let's find survivors.
>get to know him a little first - will he burn us for being a demon?
>>[]Oh, I just suck the souls out of people with sex.
"It's complicated. And maybe a little controversial. You the type to burn people alive?"
The captain gives you a look.
"Only revenants and mutineers. Though I'm considering that dragon, too. Why couldn't he have just flown..."
"Well, anyway."
Better steer the conversation away from Kasai.
"We survived, so, silver lining."
"Mm-hm. And I'm out of a livelihood unless I can find a ship and crew just waiting for me."
"...well, if you want to be pessimistic. Do you even know where we are? Is this Far Isle?"
"All I have to go on is fog, our relative position, and pine trees. Could be Far Isle, could be some other island, could be the drowners' afterlife."
"Let's hope for the first."
"Well, if you want to be optimistic."

>[]Let's find some food. My mouth tastes like crap.
>[]Is there anything else? Was this building part of a village?
>[]Could be some survivors on the beach. We should check.
>>[]Is there anything else? Was this building part of a village?
You get up and take a look outside.
"Well, it'd be easier to tell if it wasn't foggy. I don't wanna get lost out here... got a string?"
"Er... no."
"Damn. Okay, stay here. I'll try not to get out of earshot."
You step outside and follow what could be a path.
There's a few more buildings. None are in as good shape as the first. Broken walls, scorch marks, skeletons. Something bad happened here.
Well, the crops have gone wild. Won't starve, at least.
At what seems to be the outskirts of the village, you can just barely see some kind of fortress in the fog. It goes up pretty high.
"Okay, it's either abandoned, or has something really nasty lurking inside. Either way, I don't see any fires burning. Chances are nobody's gotten this far besides me. Unless I've been out for a while..."
"You okay?" the captain shouts.
"Fine, just talking to myself!"

>[]Well, time to explore the spooky castle!
>[]Grab some food and go back.
>[]Go more toward the beach. Maybe someone will be there.
>>[]Grab some food and go back.
Make base camp, then search for survivors.
You dig through the farms and take some vegetables that look good. A lot of these are just leaves... must be all the moisture.
"Hey, I brought some... whatevers."
"Don't know yer vegetables?"
"I'm a religious extremist, not a farmer."


You sit in front of the fire, watching stew cook.
"It's not gonna boil if you keep watching it like that." the captain says.
"Whether or not it boils has no bearing on if I'm observing it. I don't think stew understands quantum physics."
"Qwan-what now?"
"Nothing. I've already cleaned my gun, what else..."


"Careful, its hot."
You scoop up some stew and blow on it gently before eating up.
"Oh, this is good."
And it was. Better than seawater, that's for sure.
"Well, I'd hope so. I've had plenty of practice making vegetable stew."
The captain pours himself a bowl and starts eating.
"What's our plan now?"
"You're the captain, shouldn't you come up with a plan?"
"Don't know much about searchin' places. I'm just a sailor. You're the one with the military trainin' and whatnot."
Well, he has a point.

>[]We'll scour the beach. Maybe there's some supplies.
>[]We should go inland. Nobody would want to stay in the open in this weather.
>>[]We'll scour the beach. Maybe there's some supplies.
Look for tracts, then search inland, preferably using a spiral pattern.
"Island might be a bit big to search the entire beach... just this side should suffice. 'Sides, wouldn't want you getting lost on my conscience. Make sure ye leave markers or summat."
You rub your chin. Markers could be a good idea, considering you don't know how big this place is.
"If it makes you happy..."
You step outside and make your way down to the ocean. Still foggy.
"Alright, driftwood... looks like a crate. What's--shit, that's rancid. Not eating that. Hey, you! You okay?"
The knight's alive! He's standing over there, in the fog a ways. He looks a little under the weather, swaying and murmuring to himself... ah, fuck.
The knight turns and raises his sword. Must've drowned and washed up on shore...

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 8 (1d20)

You reach out your hand and hurl lightning at the knight. Might as well burn him straight away.
He keeps lurching forward. Oh yeah, he's all wet. Not gonna burn like that...
The knight lunges and trips in the sand.
"Great. I can't burn you, and you're gonna follow me around being an annoyance."
You sigh and step forward to slash his arm off. While you're keeping him down, you sever some armor straps, too.
The knight gurgles and flails at you. Seawater flows from his helmet.
"What the hell am I supposed to do with you?"

How do you get rid of the revenant?
Remove arms and attach rickshaw to him.
I concur!
We need to learn to become a flying succubi!
Well, you haven't seen a rickshaw around, but cutting his arms off is a good idea.
Let's see... what did Krystal say, again? Right, cut through the joint so you don't have to go through the bone. There's one--
"Stop being melodramatic, you're a mindless corpse! Dying must've hurt way more than this. Aaaand, there's two."
You get off the knight and brush your hands off.
"Yeah, let's see you kill me now."
He twists and manages to get himself standing before running over and kicking. You dodge his foot easily.
"Wow, A for effort! I think I'll call you 'Kicker'. You never gave me your real name."
You start working your way inland, sticking your tongue out at the sand.
"I need to find Kasai and ask him for flying lessons... I seriously hope he isn't dead."
"Shut up, Kicker. I can barely hear myself think. Hey, what's this?"
You stop, hold Kicker at arm's length, and look around.
Spiderwebs lead off into the woods, and some trees have been knocked down in a line over here. And then there's the haunted castle over there.
Which way...

>[]Spider forest.
>[]Knocked-over trees.
>[]Haunted castle.
>>[]Knocked-over trees.
Use kicker for bait.
"Hey, Kicker. The guy who killed you went that way."
You point off through the trees.
"Responding to the name! That's a good sta--"
Kicker charges into the trees. Guy can move fast for having no arms to balance.
A ripping noise resonates through the small valley.
"Is that lightning? Looks too light to be a thunderstorm. What's that noise..?"
A slight whistling could be heard...
Kicker is turned into red paste by a pine tree hurtling from some unseen peak.
You dive behind a boulder and peek out.
"It's stuck in the ground! This makes Gough's arrows look like fucking toothpicks! Is Kicker okay..?"
You lean out a little farther, then dart back to the rock's safety.
"No. I don't think spaghetti sauce can pull a rickshaw. Damn. Now to address the next and most obvious concern. Whatever's throwing motherfucking trees at me. I think I can understand why Krystal drinks so much now."

>[]Sneak forward. Plenty of fog and underbrush.
>[]Charge forward. That works for that giant's arrows, should work for this.
>[]Go another way. (Write-in)
>>[]Go another way. (Write-in)
Back to the beach, and then towards
>[]Haunted castle.
"Okay, I'm not gonna fuck with that."
You turn around and head toward the beach.
"Captain? Hello?"
"Okay, if you can hear me, do not head through the broken trees. There's someone impaling wanderers."
You take a quick sip from the vegetable pot and head up to the haunted castle.
Several skeletons hang from over the entrance.
"Oh, yeah. This is cheerful!"
You sigh, draw your sword, and head inside.
"Shit, it's not much better inside. Well, whoever keeps all these candles lit can't be too bad."
You wander up some stairs and across some termite-riddled walkways. Fortunately, they don't seem to be fragile enough to break under your weight.
You whirl around upon hearing the flat cry and buzzing noise. Some sort of... bee-man flies down from the ceiling and readies a spear. He seems out of it. Maybe he's high.

>[]Hey, where can I get some drugs?
>[]Attack. (D20)
>[]Sorry, dude. I'll clear out, this place was boring anyway.
Goodnight, by the way.
>>[]Sorry, dude. I'll clear out, this place was boring anyway.
The bee-man stats hovering as you slowly back out of the castle.
"Yeah, fuck that too. Guess that leaves the spider woods, unless I want to take a walk around the beach..."
You sigh and set off for the woods.


"Who's there!? I have a gun and I'm not afraid to shoot myself! Dammit, just another bunny."
You holster your gun and continue through the woods. Some skittering and wet splatting noises can be heard somewhere.
"Okay, I'll just hold up in the hut, my friends will be fine."
You turn around to see a web blocking your exit.
"Not a problem, I'll just cut through."
You swing your sword at a strand of webbing. It sticks, forcing you to use a fair amount of strength to rip it out.
"This is like rubber coated in superglue. Guess there's only one way now... joy."
You sheathe your sword and take out your gun before continuing on the path.


"Hey, there's a cave. Maybe someone's in here. Or more likely, the spider lives here. Maybe if I kill it I can use its pincers to cut through the webs or something. Okay, how am I gonna do this..."

>[]Charge in. It's gonna see you anyway.
>[]Sneak through. Maybe this thing sleeps.
>[]Slap some explosives near the entrance and take a nap.
Start fire outside and smoke it out.
And web is flammable.
You take a look around. The web around here seems more brittle. Fresh web must be wet or something.
Still, it would take a lot of effort to pile up all these strands, especially if you didn't want your sword to light them on fire. And they were still REALLY sticky. Maybe there's some wood around.


You draw your sword and touch it against some kindling. A tiny flame springs to life, which puts a smile on your face. So cute and potentially destructive.
This should probably lure the spider out, but why do things halfway? You walk up to the cave entrance and cup your hands to your mouth.
"Come on, kill me, I'm here! How did that song go again... OLD TOMNODDY, ALL BIG BODY--"
"Hey, you sound like a higher-pitched Kicker!"
The spider climbs along the wall and leaps over you, firing several blasts of webbing at the fire and smothering it.
Well, you got it out. Time to--
Why is there a lady's upper half on this thing?
And why doesn't she have a shirt on?

>[]Seduce. This thing's way better than Kicker. (D20)
>[]Uh... hi! Have you seen any survivors?
>[]It's got a clear weak point, attack! (D20)
Rolled 11 (1d20)

>>[]Seduce. This thing's way better than Kicker. (D20)
We can try.
Your magic tattoo starts flowing pink.
"Hi there! You're pretty... exotic. What's your name?"
"Never heard that one before. Hey, if you could just be my friend, everything would be great. Whaddaya say?"
"Okay, you'll need some convincing."
You lift your shirt and bra up, wiggling your chest a little.
"Look, boobs."
The spider skitters toward you.
"Wait, no no NO--"
She picks you up and starts going into the cave. You flip your shirt back down.
"...hey, this is pretty comfortable. And you're fast. What should I..? I think I'll call you Legs. Nice segue from Kicker. Where are we going?"
You emerge into a large cavern. Legs sets you down and points up at a web near the ceiling.
"What's up there, Legs? Looks like--ah, goddammit."
Ash is stuck in a spiderweb, a vacant look on her face. Judging by the copious amount of white liquid on her body and the tongue-hanging-out look, she's been having fun up there.
"Ash! It's me!"
She looks down.
"S-sis? You gotta come try this..."

>[]Yeah, I'm good. Come on, we gotta get back to base camp.
>[]I'll take it under consideration. Let's just get you down first.
>[]Well, I mean, I didn't have much else to do. Come on, Legs. Just let me go after a few hours.
>>[]I'll take it under consideration. Let's just get you down first.
"Now how am I gonna get you down... okay, as soon as I find Kasai, he's teaching me how to use these wings."
You point up at Ash and look at Legs helplessly.
She picks you up and skitters along the wall, holding you steady near Ash.
"Okay, sis. Give me your hand."
"Don't wanna... just five more minutes."
"Ash, you can't spend your entire life in a fucking web."
"Watch me..."
"ASH, do you love me? Like actual familial love, not just 'yeah, you've got great tits' love?"
"Of course..."
"Then give me your goddamn hand already. I don't consider myself afraid of heights but FUCK this is high just do it already I'm gonna fall."
Ash reaches out. You start pulling fruitlessly.
"Come oooooon!"
Legs skitters forward, slashes the strands around Ash, and catches her.
"That works."
Legs skitters back to the ground and sets you down. Ash stumbles around and moans.
"Oh, I'm so full... headache... legs are numb..."
"Yeah, yeah. We need to find your clothes."
You pat her on the back.
"It'll be okay--ewww! You got it all over my hand."
You lick the fluids off. Tastes funny.
"You better absorb that soon."


A while later, Ash climbs up into Legs's back. The spider wraps you in her arms and starts off toward the village.
"Hey, why can't I be on your back, too? This is terrifying."
Legs slices through webbing and takes a route you haven't seen. You reach the village in about six minutes.
The captain turns around and falls over, staring up at Legs in horror.
"No, Legs. He's friendly. Captain, this is Legs. She... helped me find my sister."
"She can help ya find the King's departed soul for all I care, I'm not gonna approach a man-eatin' spider!"
"She has boobs."
Legs sets you down. Ash slides off her back.
"So, this is your base camp? Okay. Looks fucking awful."
"Hey, it's better than the beach."

>[]Well, let's get you inside and warm.
>[]Off to explore another area! (Which one?)
>Having boobs
>Doesn't change anything
>>[]Well, let's get you inside and warm.
And give the spider lady a kiss.
You sit your sister in front of the fire and start to pour her some stew.
"No, no. I'm full."
"Well, if you insist."
You pour the stew back into the pot and put an arm around Ash.
"Oh, yeah. I almost forgot."
You walk outside and look up at Legs.
"I guess you did a good job. Since you're supposed to be enamored with me, I'll give you a kissy."
Legs leans down, looking a little confused. You give her a big kiss on the lips and a smile.
Legs squeals in delight and gives you a hug. A very soft hug.
You disentangle yourself and head inside.
"Hey, Ash. What was I talking about... oh yeah, we're probably gonna die a slow death on this island. Makes you kinda depressed..."
You stare out the window.
"TFW no bf."
>TFW can't greentext IRL
Ash looks at you.
"Uh... Kasai?"
"Oh, come on. We're not gonna die here."
"I guess... oh fuck."
"I just wondered what would happen if I used the ritual on Legs."
"Uh... the one with the virgin blood?"
"No, the one I used to make you a succubus."
"Oh. Huh... where would she grow the tail? Or would she even have one? Maybe it just wouldn't work."
"Most likely. By the way, don't go into the place with all the broken trees. There's some guy throwing pines like javelins."
"...I'll keep that in mind."

>[]So you know what? I'm gonna go to the place with all the broken trees.
>[]Stay here. Me and Legs are gonna see if we can climb that fortress over there.
>[]I'm off to explore the beach.
>>[]I'm off to explore the beach.
Maby we can find another revenant to pull our rickshaw, after we make one.
You get up and walk out. Legs follows you to the beach. Maybe she'll be of some help.
"Say something if you see any survicors, okay?"
Okay, nothing much here... hey, what's that?
You brush sand away from a whitish object, half-buried.
"Oh, YES!"
Legs leans closer as you pull your rifle out of the sand and brush it off.
"I thought I'd never see you again. This must be destiny. Damn, sand got all inside the workings... I'll have to clean you later."
You sling your rifle on your back and continue.


"Legs, stop."
The spider lady complies. You step forward and examine the body you just found.
Bloated, rotting. Probably a revenant. No burn marks, save for a spot on the back. Someone used holy magic to kill it.
You draw your pistol and shoot at movement to your left.
"Wait, don't shoot me! I thought you were dead!"
"Shit, sorry!"
You put your gun away. Hey, it's the priest from earlier!
"Remember me?"
"I believe so. You were snatched up by that disgusting sea creature, if I recall. I saw--what in the name of all that is holy..."
He backs away, looking up at Legs.
"It's alright, she's sentient! And very friendly. Give him a hug, Legs."
"I refuse to make physical contact with such a beast until I know it won't harm me!"
"Well, she could've carried you if you weren't so picky."

>[]Well, let's get you back to base.
>[]This guy's an asshole. Take him to those trees and use him as a decoy to get through.
>[]Or better yet, kill him and make him your rickshaw slave.
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