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Previous threads:

Last time, the succubus/demigod Aisha went on a heist. It went... sort of well. She's currently having breakfast with some friends.
(Copy-paste is being a bitch today)

>[]Let's get going!
>[]I guess I should've expected that...
>[]Deny Krystal's accusations in a suspicious manner.

>[]Let's get going!
Victorious adventurers going home... right?
>[]Let's get going!
You love him, there's no denying it.
"Yeeeeeah, we should really get going."
You stand up and grab your pack.
"Aisha, are you avoiding--"
"Yeah, why would I EVER want to avoid a question like that? Come on, let's just go..."


You sigh and adjust your goggles, staring at the sunset. Why couldn't you fly on Kasai? Wouldn't be so cold...
Your codec rings.
"Hey, kids. Found a nice clearing, time to make camp."
"Roger that."
You land and start setting up your tent. Chance of rain tonight, cots in the open won't do.
Kasai breathes fire on a pile of wood.
"Any ideas for dinner, Mom?"
"That's what rations are for, kiddo. If I made dinner it'd be a disaster."
"But you make dinner for--"
"I have actual ingredients back home."
You roll your eyes and focus on your tent. Fucking poles...

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 19 (1d20)

Rolled 6 (1d20)

File: IMG_1613.jpg (144 KB, 817x960)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Your head snaps up. Someone's in the woods.
"Krystal. Intruders."
She stands up and unsheathes her sword.
"Oi, it's just a couple'a travelers!"
Someone slaps the speaker.
"You fucking idiot! Bloody fuck--"
The sound of violence carries from around a tree.
"Bandits. Only bandits speak Cockney for some reason."
Dirty-looking men emerge from behind trees.
"Well, looks loike you've caught us."
You draw your rifle. Looks like ten or twenty of them...

>[]'ello, fellow bandits! Need some tea? (D20)
>[]Open fire. Only way to deal with these annoying shits.
>Go away, you aren't worth our time.
Rolled 14 (1d20)

>[]'ello, fellow bandits! Need some tea? (D20)
"Ha! Cocky, are you?"
The bandits start approaching.
"Hey, you fucks recognize this?"
Krystal holds up her shield, painted with an eagle.
The bandits pause for a moment.
"Blimey... Tassoni? Thought she died."
The leader sneers.
"She must've! Someone took her things and now they're botherin' honest folk! Let's show 'er a thing or two!"
You step up.
"Hey, mates! Yeah, we stole a few things here and there, but really, could ya blame us for tryin'? We didn't want ta be harassed goin' places. Thought havin' the Imperator around would help."
"The fuck're you talking about? I'm not like these cheeky bastards, I'm a DUCCHESS. Come on, you bitches, I'll fight you all at once."
Krystal smacks her sword against her shield.
"N-no! We were gonna get through!"
The bandits snicker.
"Alright, then. Let's be gettin' the Imperator's shield..."

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 13 (1d20)

Apparently the bandits aren't very smart.
You lift your rifle to your shoulder and fire.
Looks like they weren't expecting that. How could the cute girl just shoot someone?
Kasai readies his halberd and takes to the skies, smacking into a tree branch and falling to the ground.
Ash is having trouble with her shotgun...
And Krystal's spreading her arms wide, just saying 'come at me' over and over. Fucking useless party...
One bandit pops out of cover and fires at you. The bullet tears through your thigh, forcing you to drop to one knee. Another takes the opportunity to approach and attacks you with his sword. Your wings are shredded and useless.
Fortunately, one bandit misses you and shoots his friend, and another blows himself and some buddies up with a poorly-aimed spell.
You grit your teeth and fire again, tearing through trees and killing two or three of them.
Krystal finally realizes you need help and starts hacking away at a cluster of hostiles.
Ash fires her shotgun into the ground and curses.
Kasai is still dazed.

>[]Get to Kasai. He could be hurt!
>[]Focus all the energy you've stored up. (D20)
File: IMG_1667.jpg (84 KB, 500x363)
84 KB
Forgot my pic again...
Fricking good help is hard to come by.
"Oh, right."
She takes her morning star and immediately crushes a bandit's head in.
Kasai's still passed out. Krystal frantically parries eight different blades at once, and you shoot at nothing.
A bandit breaks past Krystal's defense. Another gets a hit on Ash. A third puts a bullet in your arm, and a fourth starts hacking at Kasai.
You try to fight back, but there's just so many...

The sound of metallic clicks can be heard in the distance. Several of the bandit's heads explode. Not enough. You're still losing...
«Me-dammit, Aisha! Even with cheats you're still losing to these shitheads!?»
«I'm sorry, Dad!»
More clicks. More heads explode.
Krystal backs up from her opponents. Ash breaks past her bandit's guard and crushes his ribcage. Kasai gets up and begins hacking into the group with his now-flaming halberd.
And you heroically faint.


Power... you lack power. That's why your friends are in danger. If only you had a little more strength... I can help. Agility, intelligence, you name it, I can help you achieve it.

>[]Go on...
>[]And what cost would these miraculous powers have?
>[]We were overrun because we were underprepared. It won't happen again. Get out of my head.
>>[]We were overrun because we were underprepared. It won't happen again. Get out of my head.
>>[]And what cost would these miraculous powers have?
My family?
My loooovvv..
Damnit can't even think it.
>[]Go on...
Power boast
"I'm not saying I'm interested... but what would the cost of this be? Orphan blood? Maybe a few of my friend's souls?"
Don't be ridiculous, Aisha. No, all I ask is that you stay away from your 'Aunt C'.
"...that's it? You do know I have no idea where she is. Therefore, I can't exactly stay away from her."
I'm well aware. Just do your best.
"...yeah, this sounds sketchy as fuck."
Perhaps you're more interested in the... sexual side of things? Your family and friends tend to be. You still have abilities you haven't unlocked yet. Shape-shifting, domination. Perhaps you want to amass your own harem, follow in your father's footsteps. Or maybe you simply want Kasai wrapped around your little finger...
"I'm good, really--"
Or I could help you fulfill the desire of Kasai's heart.
You hesitate.
Yes... you see, Kasai wants a child. Not just any child, mind you. He wants to see his race continue. He wants an egg. Of course, having a child with another woman... the thought pains him. He would be betraying you, after all.

>[]Shit... I'll bite.
>[]I can sort out the egg myself, but one of those other things interests me. (Which one?)
>[]I'm not interested.
SO wait - how do you know this?
Gathering information from those with little protection from the Void is simple. Dreams. The subconscious is honest, and one's guard is let down. After all, what harm could come of confessing your sins to a hallucination?
Hm. You'll have to try lucid dreaming sometime to make sure this asshole isn't spying on you.
I appreciate your curiosity, but you'll be waking up soon. I'll need an answer to my offer.
Ugh, fine.

>[]Why don't we discuss that egg thing. How exactly would it work?
>[]Well, if you're giving out freebies, how about you (write-in).
>>[]Well, if you're giving out freebies, how about you (write-in).
Tell crystal to go jump off a cloud.
"Since I can't approach my aunt, tell her to kill herself. Jump off a cloud or something."
Why am I not surprised.


You wake up and immediately regret it. Your leg and arm sting, and everything feels like it's been run over by a steamroller.
The tent flap opens. Krystal pokes her head inside and winces.
"Ouch. Hold on..."
She takes a syringe and injects you with something. You cry out in pain.
"There... that should keep you from passing out again for a while. We need to get going, some of them got away."
She helps you out of the tent. Despite your best efforts, you fall to your knees.
Krystal picks you up and ties you to a wyvern. Her words seem faded, as if she's talking through water.
"She's infected. Gonna be a bitch to cure if we can't get her home in time."
You feel jostling, then a feeling of weightlessness.
"It's gonna be okay, Aisha." Kasai says. You can see him...

>[]D-Demon... he tried to...
>[]Kasai, I love you...
>>[]Kasai, I love you...
You reach out and grab Kasai's hand.
"K-Kasai... I love... you."
He holds your hand tightly.
"I--I love you too, Aisha. Get some rest. Just rest..."
You drift off to the sound of his voice.


Back so soon? Don't you wish you had asked for healing?
"Get out of my head!"
You mentally push at the darkness. It melts away, leaving your mind a dreamless void.
"Good. What do we have today..."
You're lying on a bed. Kasai walks in and starts kissing you.
"Good one..."
Several exact copies walk in after him.
"Ooh! Come on in, there's plenty of room!"


You jolt awake again, groaning and clutching your thigh. Ouch...
The sharp stabbings have been replaced with a full ache. To say it's annoying would be an understatement.

>[]No... go back to sleep, you were so close in that dream...
>[]Dad, I'm sorry I failed you!
Think about how to give Kasai an egg-baby while keeping his love and loyalty.
Boy, that's gonna be a tough one...
You could steal a dragon baby and claim it fell out of the sky. But then the parents would be really pissed. You'd rather that not happen.
You could find a nice dragon virgin and get her and Kasai super drunk. Just have to make sure she's ovulating when you do it.
Having a kid yourself and giving them a dragon costume (assuming they lack specific traits) would be ineffective, but really fucking adorable.
Someone pushes Krystal in on a wheelchair. She's obviously got a silver wig on, and speaks in a terrible old lay voice. The biggest tell is that Rolland hasn't aged a day.
"Aisha... child... after all these years--"
"Yeah, yeah. Been in a coma for twenty years, all that bullshit. Take that wig off, you look stupid."
Krystal sighs and tosses the wig away.
"Can't ever have fun these days. Can you walk?"
You move the covers off your leg. Someone took off all your clothes...
Your thigh looks terrible. Pus and bandages, ew.
"I'll take that as a no right now. Well, I guess there's nothing to do but wait. If I put another health potion in you I think you'd die. Rolland, wheel me back to my room!"
"But you're--"
"Are you defying the Imperator?"
"No ma'am..."
"Excellent. You two, she's woken up."
Kasai and Ash rush over to you.
"AISHAAAAAAA there was blood everywhere and you kept mumbling about love and dicks and I THOUGHT YOU WERE GONNA DIE!"
She throws herself onto the bed and gives you a hug, crying.
"Ash, please stop..,"
Kasai holds your hand.
"Glad you made it. Krystal thought we were gonna have to amputate. She kept telling me she'd give you a cool robot leg. Didn't calm me down much..."
You thank your Dad that never happened.
"So... why was my leg so infected?"
Kasai growls.
"Bastards' bullets were filthy. Muddy, covered in muck. I'm surprised they fired. Maybe they coated the projectile to be dicks."
"Well, I wouldn't put it past them."

>[]Kasai, some guy tried to buy my soul!
>[]Uh... I'm fine with you making a dragon baby if it makes you happy.
>[]You mind bribging me a book or something? The room doesn't exactly offer pulse-pounding excitement.
>>[]Kasai, some guy tried to buy my soul!
And he told me you want a dragon baby.
"Kasai, some freak tried to buy my soul while I was sleeping. He told me you wanted a dragon baby."
He blinks and smiles.
"Heh. Weird dream."
"Well, I wouldn't mind--"
You pull him down for a hug.
"Don't worry. I'll come up with something. If nothing else, half-dragons are better than nothing, right?"
Kasai pats you on the head.
Ash plops her face between your boobs.
"You two should get married already, so I can freeload off you."
Kasai sighs.
"Oh. Right. Krystal wants me to move out. I'm fixing up one of the houses by the lake... would you want to..?"

>[]Maybe later. I like my room too much.
>[]I can't move in! We aren't even engaged!
>>[]I can't move in! We aren't even engaged!
"Kasai, I can't move into your house! We're not even engaged!"
"Yeah, doing one of the most intimate acts of love is fine, but living together? Nooo."
"Ash, please shut up."
"Can do."
She puts her face between your tits again.
"...could you get off? You're kinda heavy."
You sigh. This girl...

>[]Kasai, I'm kinda hungry. Mind giving me some nutrients?
>[]Could you two carry me up to Krystal's room? I wanna see if she'll let me use her bath.
>[]Try to go to sleep again.
Become over joyous. Start humming. Accidentally summon animals.
That are in heat and they suddenly have an orgy around them.
>What the hell?!
>>[]Could you two carry me up to Krystal's room? I wanna see if she'll let me use her bath.

Post successful my ass.
>[]Could you two carry me up to Krystal's room? I wanna see if she'll let me use her bath.
Time to make people baby us
>>1618641 (how's Aisha supposed to summon animals)
"Help me up."
Kasai and Ash help you get dressed and support you as you hobble up to Krystal's room.
"Is your leg okay?"
"I could probably walk on it, but it'd hurt like a bitch."
You manage to make it up the stairs.
"Ah... fuck, just like that. Don't stop!"
Kasai freezes.
"Uh, is this a bad time..?" you ask.
"No, come on in."
Ash eagerly opens the door.
...well, she's topless, but that's because Tsuyoi's giving her a back massage.
"Thought you couldn't--ah. What do you want?"
"Can I use your bath?"
Krystal glares at you before sighing.
"Suuuure. Just don't break anything."
"Hi, Aisha. Do you feel alright?"
"Hey, Tsuyoi. Leg's just sore. Giving it a soak should help."
Kasai and Ash help you into the bathroom and undress you. You lower yourself into the bath and sigh.
"Oh, right. Just yell when you're done."
Your friends leave. You open up a bottle of green liquid and pour some on your hand.
Well, that was the plan. The whole thing just kind of oozed out and formed into a slimegirl.
"Mm?" it hums, tilting its head.

>[]Have PTSD flashbacks to that other slimegirl.
>[]Oh, a personal scrubber? Cool. Come here!
>[]Krystal, you perv!
The humming, like in a disney movie.

>>[]Have PTSD flashbacks to that other slimegirl.
Hug her, and cry a little.

>[]Have PTSD flashbacks to that other slimegirl.
File: Aisha.jpg (34 KB, 403x433)
34 KB
You burst into tears and wrap your arms around the slimegirl.
"She was so young! She didn't have to die like that! Waaaaaaaaaaa!"
"For fuck's sake, Aisha, what are you crying about? By the way, don't open the--"
Krystal opens the door and freezes.
"Hey, Krystal. What's going on?"
"Uh, I can explain all this, Tsuyoi."
"Hi there, Kyu!"
Krystal looks at Tsuyoi nervously.
"Uh, y-you knew?"
"What did you think I used all those years you were away?"
"AISHA. Calm down."
"But she was so cuuuuute and then that fucking bastard swallowed heeeeeer!"
"What are you talking about!?"


"Oh. I see."
You cling to Kyu, trying not to dredge up more memories.
"Well, I guess we should leave you to your bath..."

>[]Can you make me one?
>[]Okay, then... ignore any noises you hear.
>[]No, I want out. It's too painful...
Wash up and get out.
Then start research on dragons.
And by dragons, I mean dragon smut.
You wash yourself off. Kyu' a big help, getting all those hard-to-reach spots. Seems slime works well as body wash.
You get yourself dressed, and have your friends help you down to the library.


"Whaddaya mean we don't have dragon smut!?"
"Ma'am, this is a professional library--"
A nearby soldier chimes in.
"That's what I keep asking her to add!"
"Sir, keep your voice down."
You sigh.
"Okay then. Books on dragons, please."
You're led to a good selection. It seems only Krystal and some of the girls around here have checked these out... they better not be trying to steal your big, scary dragon.
"Okay, let's see..."
Hm. Assuming this information is up to date, the most promising is 'Airu', who hasn't had an egg yet. Purple and green scales, last seen near a volcano in Salamandria.
Due to weird dragon rules, there are always an equal number of males and females. As such, Kasai should be gauranteed to find a mate eventually, unless one of the males has a harem or something. You doubt it, they seem to stay monogamous.

>[]Kasai, maybe this one can, uh, help us find your parents!
>[]Look through the other books. Maybe you'll find something useful.
>[]Kasai, maybe this one can, uh, help us find your parents!
Turns out shes his mum and the only one not mated so incest unless he waits or kills a man dragon
This, but also look for transmutative myths of people turning into dragons.
"Kasai, look at this one! She... probably knows about your family!"
Kasai gives you a blank stare.
"What makes you think that? The King didn't know, and he was super connected."
"I, uh, just have a feeling."
He goes back to reading about scaly genealogy.
Okay, transformations... Crimson could shapeshift. Maybe she could be a proxy. Of course, you have no idea if she's fifteen or just making herself look like that, and transforming during pregnancy could be... disastrous.
This book mentions something. The gods cursed some greedy fuck so he'd constantly be in big dragon form. He ended up falling in love with a captured princess, and spent 'many passionate nights' with her... ew. At the end of the story he's brutally skewered by spears.
Cheerful. Why do your aunts and uncles have such edgy stories associated with them?
And then there's the memetic bullshit method... like the moon goddess. If someone believes enough, they can supposedly do pretty much anything, even turn into a three-ton scaly beast with confusing genetics. Of course, it'd be hard to find a girl that had both the desire to breed and enough willpower to change their physical form. That also isn't fat and writes erotic fiction.
Well, if all else fails, you could get some nasty bitch cursed and get Kasai to impregnate her. Crystal..? Nah, Kasai would feel even less motivated if it was a family member.
Ash snickers as she flips through a book on dragon anatomy.
"Kasai, can I see your--"
"No, no, NO. I'd rather not make Aisha cry after killing her sister."
"Aww. Thanks, sweetie!"
"You don't have to thank me, it's common courtesy..."
You turn back to your book and hum absentmindedly. Which one...

>[]Curse some bitch.
>[]Find Airu. Children are best born the natural way.
>[]Look for a female with lots of willpower.
Ask dad if he can curse you.
Just one time.
«Hey, Dad? Can you curse me temporarily?»
«...Aisha, you know I'm firmly against child abuse, unless it's Rorogan. Whatever you did, I forgive you.»
«No, I need to be turned into a dragon so I can have an egg wth Kasai.»
«...ooooooh boy. Aisha, I think you should be older before thinking about having children. I mean, you need to make Kasai so helplessly in love with you that he'll stick around during the pregnancy. Also, are you absolutely sure that you can handle carrying a developing egg inside a big, unfamiliar body for whatever the incubation time is?»
«It can't be that bad.»
«Oh, it is. Especially with your hormones. Just ask your mom if you don't believe me, young lady.»

>[]...yeah, I'll go with my other plan. Airu might actually know something about Kasai.
>[]I see your point. Guess I'll wait.
>[]Dad, please. I'll get married, then we'll find a nice cave, and I'll endure it. I want this.
>>[]Dad, please. I'll get married, then we'll find a nice cave, and I'll endure it. I want this.
But after the shit has been dealt with.
I want a safer world for my hatchling egg child thing.
>>1620019 (oh boy, here we go...)
«I can't just make the world safer. It's against 'The Rules'. You do that yourself.»
Your dad sighs.
«...go get married. I hope you know what you're doing.»
You lean back in your chair. A child... of course you know what you're doing! Sure, you're nervous about the decision, but you have to stick by it now.
"You find anything, Aisha?" Kasai asks.
"Few things. No females easily accessible."
Kasai seems torn up about that statement.

>[]Try to influence him into proposing.
>[]Kasai? We should get married.
Was suggesting Aisha make the world safer, not dad.

Tell you llloooovvvvveeee him.
No matter how hard it is to say it, do it.
You wrap yourself around Kasai's arm.
"Uh, yeah?"
Oh, he looks so cute with that stupid face...
"I love you, do you know that?"
"O-of course."
"I love you a LOT."
"I don't think you understand. If someone tried so hurt you, I'd have to hurt them three times as hard."
"What's your point?"
You frown.

>[]I want you to propose.
>[]I want to be with you forever... starting now.
>[]Ugh, just MARRY ME!
>Well to be honest, I could use some of that dexual healing....
Cuddle with him, and contemplate the future.
Well shit i refresh.
>Why dont you show me that house and we can dicuss some terms....
And this too.
File: IMG_1671.jpg (74 KB, 480x360)
74 KB
You get even closer to Kasai,
"Mmmmmm. How about we stop by your house? I'd love to see it..."
"Good idea, let's get going."
You're helped to your feet. Shit, this was gonna be a long walk.


"Aisha... cut down on the sweets."
You scoff.
"Unless you like small chests, that's not gonna happen."
Ash and Kasai help you into your future residence.
"So, this is the sitting room. Had to replace the lining, all water damaged. Hell, I had to replace most everything in this place. Still working on it."
You limp into the next room.
"Kitchen and dining room."
"Is the equipment good? I don't want your breakfasts to be subpar."
"It's good, I think. Here's the bathroom, I'm still working on the bath. Need it to be nice and big."
Oh, that's gonna be fun.
You're taken upstairs.
"Here's the bedroom."
It's pretty simple, but not terribly so. Nice big bed, chairs, a desk.
Next up is a study. It kinda resembles an office, not sure what work Kasai thinks will need doing. Ah, well. At least the desk is just tall enough so you can bend over it.
"And that's it."
You nod approvingly. It works. The non-inclusion of a guest room was probably a smart move. Actually, that's probably what the study was supposed to be.
You lean toward Kasai's ear and whisper "I'm gonna fuck you in every room of our house..."
He jumps slightly.
"Didn't you say--"
You give him a pointed look.
"Oh. I'll get on that."
Ash giggles and squeezes your ass.
"Should we break in that bed?"

>[]My leg would just get in the way, sadly.
>Lets do it. Gently, lets not break a leg.
"Sure. As long as you don't hurt my leg more."
You lie down and take your clothes off. Ash grimaces upon seeing your wound.
Kasai gets on top of you and starts thrusting gently. Ash lounges next to you and watches.
"Do it harder."
Kasai picks up speed. You moan and give him a kiss.
Ash starts playing with your breasts and nuzzling your neck.
"Gonna cum..."
You wrap your legs around Kasai's back, whimpering slightly as warm semen fills you up.
The bed creaks and promptly collapses.
Ash falls off. You and Kasai manage to hang on.
Ash stands up and rubs her head.
"Broke the bed in, alright."
"Yeah, I guess it wasn't as sturdy as I thought."
"Well, it's still level. And I want my turn."
You grudgingly let Kasai pull out of you. Ash pushes him onto his back.
"Let me do it."
She pauses as the tip of his cock touches her asshole before easing herself down.
"Shit, you're gonna tear me in half."
You lie on your stomach and start licking Ash's clit.
"Oh, that's nice."
She starts bouncing, which makes it pretty hard to eat her out. Instead, you sit behind her and stick your fingers in her pussy.
"Just like that, don't stop."
She grabs your other hand and places it on her breast.
You nuzzle her neck and whisper into her ear.
"I love you, sis."
Ash climaxes and slumps into you. Kasai sits up and gives her a kiss.
"That was fun... what now?"

>[]I could use a good meal. How long was I asleep..?
>[]I should be recovering. Take me back to the infirmary, we'll see how long I'll have to stay there.
>[]Let's keep going. Maybe all this energy will let me heal faster.
>[]Let's keep going. Maybe all this energy will let me heal faster.

Sexual healing
"Good idea, sis. Here, let me get you cleaned up. Kasai could probably use a breather."
Ash gets on top of you and starts sucking Kasai's semen out of you. You do the same to her. It's weird. When you first tasted this, it made you want to wash your mouth out with soap. Now, it's almost sweet.
"Aisha, pull my tail..."


You wake up the next morning, covered in various fluids and feeling better than ever.
Kasai and Ash are cuddling up against you. They look so cute while sleeping.
You disentangle yourself from them and search for your clothes. Was this your bra..? No, too tight. Must be Ash's. Where the hell...
You put all your clothes in a pile before going down to the bath.
Ash and Kasai walk in soon after. You spend a few minutes soaking in peace.
"...Kasai, you've got so much more stamina than before!"
"Guess it's the eggshell thing. Still, I could definitely use a big meal."
"You eat big meals all the time. What's gonna happen when your metabolism slows down?"
"It won't. Probably."

>[]Well, I'll go buy some ingredients. Cooking can't be that hard.
>[]Let's just go get some pastries or something.
>[]Let's just go get some pastries or something.
Dont forget the whiped cream
You get dressed and make your way to the Upper Ward for some tasty treats. You order some of your favorites. Not only are they tasty, they're, uh, fun to eat.
Ash frowns as she looks at the selection.
"The hell is the difference..."
"Oh, Ash. Sweets are the best, don't you know?"
"Isn't that kinda sexist..?"
"If it is, I don't care. Here, take these."
You sit down with your selections and dig in.
First up is your malasada. Not really phallic, but it's too good to pass up. Ash hesitantly bites into a cannoli.
"...huh, this is actually pretty good."
Kasai's too busy stuffing his face to talk. Seriously...
"So, what's our next mission gonna be?" Ash asks.

>[]I dunno... visit the elemental sages or something.
>[]I was thinking we could take a break from those.
>[]Put that on hold. I'm planning a cursed teenage dragon transformation pregnancy.
>>[]I dunno... visit the elemental sages or something.
Or see if there is some where we can view the magical flow of the world, we might be able to determine where a large area of void magic might be.
"They can probably detect things like that. Disturbances in the magical ecosystem."
You pay for your food and start walking back to the castle.
"You know what they're like?"
"Four women. Powerful mages. They specify in four specific elements. One's right here in Diluvium."
Kasai scratches his head.
"Huh. Really?"
"Yeah, wind and all that."
Ash yawns.
"Should we pay her a visit?"

>[]Sure, why not?
>[]We should tell Krystal first. Protocol and all that.
>>[]We should tell Krystal first. Protocol and all that.
In person, the comm devices might be compromised.

>[]Sure, why not?
File: IMG_1421.jpg (341 KB, 1000x1500)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
"Let's just make sure Krystal knows that we're doing this."
You take another trip up to her room and knock on the door.
"If you're asking to use my bath again, I swear to God--"
Krystal yanks open the door.
"Nice to see your leg's fine. Now what do you want?"
"Just telling you we're off to see the elemental Sage ladies."
"Cool. Don't come back."
She shuts the door in your face.
"Krystal! That was rude!" Tsuyoi cries out.
"I didn't mean it seriously. Now, where's that soundproofing switch--"
All noise is cut off from the inside of the room.
You look at your friends.
"Well, let's go!"


"Uh... hello? Miss Sage?"
The shrine on the ourskirts of town is deathly quiet.
"Maybe she's out--"
A brisk wind picks up, and a silver haired woman descends from the rafters.
"And just what do you think you're doing, visiting my abode?"

>[]Just saying hi.
>[]Could you help us track any large Void signatures?
>[]We're on a quest to sex up the most beautiful women in the Empire.
>>[]We're on a quest to sex up the most beautiful women in the Empire.
Then when that is turned down.
>[]Could you help us track any large Void signatures?
"Ha! Sorry, I'm not interested in women. That cute dragon, though..."
"He's taken."
"Hm. Shame. Do you have an actual purpose here?"
"Yeah, I was hoping you could help us find any large signatures of Void energy. It's kind of important."
The Sage considers this.
"Well, I suppose it has been a while since I last had a look. I suppose I'll do it. My name is Lennil, by the way."
"Nice to meet you, Lennil."
She crouches and starts drawing arcane symbols on the floor. Lennil starts a chant before staggering away from the circle.
"By the gods... why is there so much..."
She grabs your map and draws a line from Diluvium to west-northwest.
"It's somewhere in that direction. I don't know what you need this information for, and I don't want to find out. Leave me... that drained much of my energy."

>[]Ash, hold her down!
>[]Thank you, Lennil. We'll be leaving now.
>>[]Thank you, Lennil. We'll be leaving now.
You leave the house and look at your map.
"Okay, the other three Sages should be here..."
Predictably, they live on an island, in a jungle, and next to a volcano. The island's closest.
"Ugh, Cinderfell again?" Ash complains. The volcano was indeed in occupied territory.
"Oh, don't be so whiny. I doubt the Sage is gonna be as difficult to get to as that eggshell. So, next we should visit..."

>[]The island.
>[]The jungle.
>[]The volcano.
>>[]The island.
And remenisce how you met Ash
"Well, might as well get the island out of the way. Come on, let's get out of here."
You start back toward the castle.
"Hey, Ash. Remember when we met?"
"Yep. Like it was yesterday."
"Yeah, you tried to kill my boyfriend, then we tortured and semi-raped you, then I used an unholy ritual to turn you into a demon... good times."
"...I was thinking about just after the transformation, but sure."


"Well, here we are."
You pat Kasai's shoulder and look up at his house.
"Doing a good job."
"Thanks. When will we be leaving?"

>[]Soon. I'd like to finally sleep in my own bed for once.
>>[]Soon. I'd like to finally sleep in my own bed for once.
And talk to dad and mom a little.
"Well, have fun with that. I'm gonna try and fix that bed."
Ash grabs onto you, and you open a portal to your house.
"Oh, my daughters!"
Your mom gets off her chair and wraps you both in a hug.
"Hey, Aisha."
Your dad joins in. You get the feeling he doesn't want to talk about... earlier.
"Pris, bring us some drinks."
Pris stirs by the fireplace, stands up, and yawns.
"Right away, meowster..."
"Please don't call me that."


"Does it still hurt!? Why didn't you call me right away?"
Mom's having a fit over how you were shot.
"Alagos! Why didn't you do anything!?"
"I sent Pris. Without her, Aisha could've been killed."
"Send me next time! If anyone else tries to hurt my children..."
She pats you on the head.
"So, what's new?"

>[]Kasai has his own house now.
>[]We're going on another quest.
>[]Krystal was mean again.
>Im sad. And bad. I cant be imperator, i loose all fights i get into.
>please forgive me for not living up to my prodigy.
"You don't lose all the fights you get into! Remember when you went into an arena with Kasai?"
Oh, yeah. That had happened.
"Just wait, Aisha. A few more years, and you'll be about half as strong as Krystal."
"Gee, thanks."
"She's been killing people since before you were born, you can't just catch up to that."
Your father takes your face in his hands and smiles.
"I'd have to be a heartless bastard not to be proud of you."
"Hm. Thanks, Dad."
"No problem. If you need me, I'll be polishing my guns."
"M-master, I polish them weekly..."
"Doesn't seem like it."
He leaves.
"Master! T-teach me how to do it properly!"
Pris chases after him.
"Let me go make some food for you girls."
Your mom rubs your head and goes off to the kitchen.
"Your mom's nice."
"I know. It's pretty great. When she was pregnant with my brothers, though... Dad said her mood swings were awful."

>[]You ever tried video games?
>[]Lets go sit at the table. Wonder what she's making...
>[]You ever tried video games?
File: IMG_1289.jpg (1.68 MB, 1000x1414)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
"Uh, no... what's that?"
Oh, this'll be fun.
You lean through the kitchen door.
"We'll be in my room, Mom!"
"Okay, I'll have this done in about an hour!"
An hour? Yeesh.
You take Ash to your room and look through your collection. She looks out your skylight and steps back.
"Ugh, that gives me vertigo..."
You hand Ash a controller and show her how to hold it.
"The hell are these wiggly things..."
"Uh, hold on."
You start up Bayonetta. Ash'll probably like it.
She blinks as the start screen appears.
"You see that button, there? Press it."
The game switches to your save slots.
"O-oh! Aisha, I did it!"
"Good. Okay, next you should--"


Ash sighs in relief and flops onto her back. Her hands shake a little.
"That was harder than a real fight."
"You just need a little practice. Let's see how you did..."
She got a C.
"Is that good?"
"It's alright."
You sit there in silence for a while.
"I wanna see you try it."

>[]Sure, let's go.
>[]I'm fine. Watching you play is more fun.
>[]I'm not the best at this one. I'll pick another. (Write-in if you want)
>>[]I'm not the best at this one. I'll pick another. (Write-in if you want)
Rumble Roses XXX
>>1628996 (this one's interesting!)
"Let me just..."
You boot the game up, and the nostalgic sounds of the Rumble Roses XXX start screen reach your ears.
"Here, let's have a fight. It'll be fun."
You select '2 Players' and start examining the roster of fit chicks.
"Ooh, this one looks like a cutie!"
Ash giggles as she selects her character.
"Wish I could touch her."
You decide not to comment on that.
"Got mine... let's go."

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 10 (1d20)

Try to remove the clothes.
You can't seem to figure out how. You think there was a cheat code or something, but it escapes you.
"Ugh, let's just play already."
You teach Ash the basic controls and let her jab at you for a few seconds.
"You gonna do anything?"
Ash tries a punch. You parry her and retaliate.
"Ow, that hurt."


(Ash just barely rolled beneath you)
"No, NOOOO!"
Your character grabs Ash's by the legs and forces her into doing splits.
"Come on, that's bullshit! I had you!"
"I'm just too good for you, I guess."
"You fucking cheated!"
"Oh, you wanna fight me over that?"
"Hell yeah, let's go!"
Your mother opens the door.
"Hey, girls! I made cookies!"
You halt your argument.
"Cookies..? Thanks, Mom!"
You give her a hug before scrambling to the table. Your dad's already eating one.
"Mm, these are good." Ash says.
"I'm glad you like them, dear."
You sit there in silence, eating delicious treats.

>[]Tell Dad about your earlier talk with Demon.
>[]Talk with Ash about her childhood. Was it okay?
>[]Just finish up and get back to vidya.
>Sit silent right until erryone is about to leave then ask ash about her childhood while at the same time telling dad about the dream offer.
You sit there and eat up, waiting patiently for the first person to leave.
As expected, its Dad. He takes a few cookies and gets up to leave.
"Ash, tell us about your childhood!"
"Uh, I don't really--"
"Also, Dad, I may have recieved a visit from Satan."
"Oh. Should I set another place for dinner?"
"Nah. Wait, I meant Demon."
"FUCKING DEMON, HOLY SHIT. What did he say?"
Ash seems relieved that she's been spared for the time being.
"So, uh..."
You tell him what happened. He sighs and slumps in his chair.
"Oh boy... should've told you about this guy. He's fucking evil."
"He didn't lie, I think."
"He probably didn't. But he does like causing chaos. I think he slipped me roofies and left me in Adasser's house for giggles. Actually, they probably planned it together..."
You wince. Those had to be some strong roofies.
"The point is, if he shows up, chances are he's trying to goad you into doing something stupid."

>[]It'll be fine, Dad. That thing we discussed should work okay, right?
>[]I'll be careful. Wasn't planning on blindly trusting him.
>[]Okay, I'm calling off the dragon pregnancy.
>>[]It'll be fine, Dad. That thing we discussed should work okay, right?
"I can only hope it does..."
Ash looks at you.
"What thing?"
"Ash, you were gonna tell us about your childhood."
"Aisha, what--"
"It's a surprise, now tell."
She sighs and licks stray chocolate off her finger.
"Well, my village was burned to the ground when I was a little girl. Parents died long before. The guys who did it forced me to work on some sort of arcane construction, before brainwashing me into becoming a killer."
You stare at her.
"Oh... my, that's--"
"I know."
"Uh, how old are you, actually?"
"About twenty. Thanks for the two extra years."
"Oh, that must've been horrible!"
Your mother wraps Ash in a bone-crushing hug.
"S-Sasha... can't breathe."
"Call me 'Mom', you silly!"
Mom lets her go.
"Whew... thanks."

>[]I shouldn't have asked, I'm sorry.
>[]You seem kind of nonchalant about all that...
>[]Good to know your story. Come on, Ash. You owe me a rematch.
>>[]You seem kind of nonchalant about all that...
"I don't like to think about it. It's best if I just act like it's nothing."
You nod sadly. You wouldn't understand that, though. The past was only painful because of the cringingly autistic shit you did when you were younger.
"Well, I'm glad we had a nice talk."
Your mother rubs your head.
"I'm glad we had it, too."
Dad rubs his chin.
"Those guys who captured you have a name?"
"I think it was the Cult of Bôr. I didn't pay too much attention to the doctrine..."
Your father raises an eyebrow.
He pats Ash on the head and leaves.
"Come on, Sis. I need to beat you at that game at least once."
You get up and go back to your room.

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 14 (1d20)

Cool! I can post from parents country place mobile, but not from home town.
>>1632711 (Ash rolls 19...)
Her character pins yours to the ground.
You mash the buttons as fast as possible, but it's too late. Ash wins.
"This game's pretty good!"
She laughs and slaps you on the back.
"I'm pretty good, right?"
"Pretty lucky, more like. Talk to me when you've beaten Dark Souls. Kind of an overused statement, but still."
"Okay, show me and--"
"No. Not now. It's best that you have lots of experience first."
Ash shrugs.
"Kay then. What time is it..."
Your mother comes in and sets some food on your desk.
"You having fun?"
"Yep. I beat Aisha."
"Good job!"
She leaves.

>[]Beat me while eating. (D20)
>[]Have dinner, then go to sleep after a few more matches.
>[]Play video games until you pass out.
>[]Play video games until you pass out.
Gotta get to show ash ornstein and whateverhisname.
"I'm gonna win this time."
"You can try!"


"Sis... I'm gonna kick your ass so hard..."
You turn the game off and help Ash over to your bed.
You yawn and peel your shirt off before lying down. Ash gets next to you. You can feel her bare breasts pressing against your back.
"Goodnight, Aisha..." she mutters.
"Goodnight." you reply.


You wake up to soft breathing in your ear. A pair of warm hands runs over your body, slipping beneath your bra. Ash's hips press against your butt.
"So soft..." she whispers, pinching your nipples slightly.

>[]Let her play with you.
>[]Having fun?
>[]Ash, we need to have a bath. I'm all sweaty...
>[]Let her play with you.
Try to remain super passive.
>>[]Let her play with you.
Pretend to still be asleep.
You stay still, keeping your breathing even. Ash removes your bra, flips you onto your back and gets on top of you. Her body presses against yours.
"You're sweaty..."
She licks your neck and rubs herself against you before getting off. She removes your panties and starts licking your pussy. You squirm slightly. Ash leaves you soaking wet and starts looking through your stuff.
"Mm, time to wake up, Aisha..."
Something slides inside you. Probably your strapon. Ash presses her breasts against yours and kisses you.
"Aisha." she whispers into your ear.
You slowly open your eyes.
"Hi, Ash..." you mumble, trying to keep from crying out. "What's up--ah!"
She thrusts harder into you.
"Just giving you something nice to wake up to. Gods, this is awesome..."
You wrap your arms around Ash and moan into her neck.
"I'm gonna cum..."
"Me too."
Ash starts sucking on your nipple. You do your best to ride the edge before finally climaxing. Ash keeps pounding you until she cums as well.
She takes the strapon off, wincing slightly as the dildos on the inside slide out of her.
"Thanks, Ash."
"No problem, sis."
She curls up next to you, quietly playing with your breasts.

>[]I need a shower. So do you.
>[]We should get breakfast. Wouldn't want to miss it.
>[]Let me play with you this time...
>>[]I need a shower. So do you.
You get up and walk into the shower. Ash follows you, raising an eyebrow.
"The hell is this?"
"Shower. It's like rain."
You turn the faucet. Warm water falls onto you and Ash. She flinches a bit.
You grab some soap and scrub yourself down.
"A bath's more relaxing, but this is way better for getting clean faster. Here, let me help you."
You start washing Ash's back.
"This water feels... pretty good."
She presses up against you, getting soap all over your front.
"Come on, Ash. We've already gotten dirty enough."


You sit down at the table and yawn, blinking what little sleep remained out of your eyes.
Pris sets a tray in front of you and leaves, probably to wake Mom and Dad.
"Should've gotten your babysitter before waking you up." Ash says.
You pick up some bacon and take a bite.

>[]She's like an aunt, it would've been too weird.
>[]Sounds fun. Too bad you missed your chance.
>[]Hurry up and eat, we've got that island to visit.
>>[]She's like an aunt, it would've been too weird.
"I'm like your sister, that's not weird?"
"Our relationship's always been sexual, and I've only known you for... a few weeks now?"
Ash shrugs.
"Pancakes? Hell yeah."
Your father emerges from his room and sits down. He seems unaware of the gold coin stuck to his face.
"Had a good sleep, you two?"
"It was okay. Aisha kept me up with her video games."
"I wasn't making you play them..."
Dad finishes his pancake and calls Pris over.
"Y-yes, master?"
He pats her on the head.
"It's good. Thank you, Pris."
"Thank you, master!"
You keep eating. Never know what kind of bullshit you'll run into on a boat ride.
"So, you nervous about your quest? Last time you almost... had serious problems."

>[]We'll be fine.
>[]A little nervous. We'll be more careful.
>[]We're screwed.
>>[]A little nervous. We'll be more careful.
File: IMG_1683.jpg (137 KB, 700x765)
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New thread.

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