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Last time, Krystal witnessed the death of a king. Then Aisha murdered a man for his sins. The party is currently trying to find something to do until they meet a thief for lunch.
>>1578398 #
You take a look around. There's a few shops full of scrimshaw trinkets and whatnot... you could always just watch the ships for a few hours.
Or there's the place over there where you can gamble magic items.
"This place sucks." Ash says.
"Well, there isn't much to do in a northern fishing town. Occupation isn't helping, either. If all else fails, we could go to the black market and probably get into a fight."

>[]Let's see how rigged that gambling place is.
>[]Off to the black market, then!
>[]Skip time until lunch.
>>[]Let's see how rigged that gambling place is.
Use detect magic while walking around said place.
>>[]Let's see how rigged that gambling place is.
You approach the stand. Your magic detection tattoo glows with brownish tones. Seems like a system to randomly stick things into chests. Doesn't look rigged, aside from whatever chance there is to get shit items.
"Ah, do we have a taker?"
"Maybe. How does this work?"
"Well, I will show you a selection of three magic items. You choose the one you want more than what you'll be betting. It will be placed randomly in one of three chests. The other two will contain nothing more than knicknacks. Entry is ₩20, want to play?"
So, a 33% chance to get a good magic item...

>[]I'm in.
>[]Yeeeeeeeah, no.
What do we have to bet?
You've got your top-down view mask.
Kasai could bet that magic clothing if you want.
Do we not have actual money?
Our magic item vs theirs and a fee.
"Perhaps I should show you what I can offer..."
The guy takes three items out from under the counter and gestures.
"These are known as ballista arrows."
The arrows in question have a blue spiral painted around them. Your tattoo glows steely gray.
"These immediately grow into ballista bolts upon being fired. Not as easily used as firearms, but it would certainly surprise someone."
He moves on to the next item, a small charm wrapped in pale red hair.
"This here is said to greatly increase the bearer's willpower near death. It's helped many a warrior out of a dangerous situation before."
The stand guy picks up a small black rock. It gives off an eerie vibe...
"This supposedly came from a realm of dark, where things are sealed away. I have not been able to determine its use, but who knows?"

>[]I'll play for the arrows.
>[]I'll play for the charm.
>[]I'll play for the creepy Void rock.
>[]Bitch, I'm not playing this dumbass game.
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(Oh boy, time for more lore)

The Sylph/Cinderfell War officially took place from the years 1453-1457, though skirmishes are still occurring in the border region to this day.
While Cinderfell had recently developed powerful technologies (including piloted golems, blasters capable of firing magical energy, and rudimentary flight), the Sylph Empire won due to its significantly larger population, as well as the recent introduction of firearms and related tactics by Imperator Krystal Tassoni. As of now, the Cinderfell Federation is under complete Empire control, and it seems the few smaller nations on this continent might be next. Perhaps then, Culdranth will finally focus on establishing some colonies on those far-off, mysterious continents...
>>[]Bitch, I'm not playing this dumbass game.
I like lore too.
The stand guy glares at you.
"Then get out of line."
Geez, no need to be rude.
Kasai frowns.
"Hmm... I'd like to bet for that rock."
"Excellent! Step right up."
Kasai explains the dress's use and pays his fee.
"Alright, simply open one of these three chests!"
Kasai hesitates before opening one of the chests. He reaches in and pulls out...
Two scones.
"Oh, it looks like you didn't win this time. See me if you acquire another item!"
"...these are scones."
"Magic scones. Break one in half."
Kasai hesitates, then does so. It immediately erupts into 60 more scones.
"Oh, don't mind if I do."
The stand guy takes one and eats it.
"Good travels!"
Kasai scoops up as many scones as he can carry and walks over to you.
"...pretty good." you say. Ash agrees.


"Scones! Only ₩3!"
You sell the last of the excess you were given. More than made up for that fee Kasai had to pay. You just hope nobody keeps breaking these in half until the town is buried.
You go meet up with Kasai and Ash before walking over to Montresor's house. Kasai knocks on the door, and a peephole opens up. A bloodshot blue eye presses itself up to it.
"I don't want to receive your moronic products. Leave my property immediately."

>[]We're not solicitors, your sister invited us.
>[]Preach about Dad.
>[]You didn't order the prostitutes? Sorry, wrong house.
>>[]We're not solicitors, your sister invited us.
Once we enter, we can start the spiel of Alagos.
"Not again..."
"Montresor! Is someone there, I'm expecting a few--oh, hi!"
Crimson shoves her brother away from the door and opens it.
"Come in!"

You sit down at the table and take a look at Montresor.
He's a jittery man. Keeps fiddling with some sort of lock. His eyes flicker between each of you.
"What do they want this time..." he grumbles.
"Oh, they said they wanted to meet you!"
"Shh! They haven't said what they're here for!"

>[]Have you ever heard of the Order of Alagos?
>[]Uh, we want your help breaking into a fortress.
>[]We're from the local law enforcement--
>>[]Have you ever heard of the Order of Alagos?
Then after a minute or two.
Oh yeah.
>[]Uh, we want your help breaking into a fortress.
And did you know someone named Henderson?
"I do not want any of this proselytism in my house."
"No, you see, Dad's a great guy, he just wants people to fight for him--"
"Oh, we're on great terms with you! I met the First Shadow, you know."
Montresor sets his lock aside.
"...do you have anything of consequence to discuss? Will you at least introduce yourselves?"
"Sorry. I'm Aisha, daughter of Alagos. This is my sort-of sister Ashley, and that's Kasai. We'd like your help breaking into a fortress."
Montresor actually perks up at this.
"Mm. Yes, I think I know which one. Howling Peaks, to get your friend's eggshell."
"Oh. Did you hear that from Henderson?"
Montresor glares at you.
"Oh. You'll be happy to know he's dead."
The thief raises an eyebrow.
"Oh. Good."
He sinks back into his chair.
"Crimson, I may need your help for this one... let's discuss the matter of my pay."

>[]Name your price.
>[]You get the chance to break into a fortress that deterred Krystal. Plus whatever you can take from the vault.
>[]I won't report you to the guards if you help us.
>>[]You get the chance to break into a fortress that deterred Krystal. Plus whatever you can take from the vault.
And is there anything inparticular you want?
Montresor rubs his chin.
"Well, I'd like you to leave me alone."
"I think we can manage that."
You reach across the table and shake his hand.


You bite into another fruit.
"So, here's what we have so far..."
Montresor sticks his pen behind his ear and rubs a finger along his rudimentary map.
"Crimson will scout the area and disable any guards on the roof. Then, we will scale the cliffs here. We'll send Crimson in again to open a side door, and sneak our way down to the vault."

>[]How's Crimson gonna do all this miraculous scouting?
>[]What'll you be doing?
>[]Do I get a special job?
>>[]How's Crimson gonna do all this miraculous scouting?
Montresor raises an eyebrow.
"Oh, I must've forgotten. My sister has some... talents. Most notably, shapeshifting."
Crimson smiles and snaps her fingers. Her body molds itself like clay, turning into a copy of you.
"Hey, there!"
It's unnerving, seeing yourself in person... and is your voice really that high?
Crimson shifts back to her regular form.
"She is able to take on various physical attributes of pretty much any living creature. This is how she will scout. After all, a bird giving off no magical aura won't draw attention."
The thief turns back to the map.
"I suggest we hit the fortress at night... if we went now, we could probably make it in time. Of course, that would leave out potential preparation."

>[]Let's go now.
>[]How about later? Got some things to do.
>Full preparations with ritual sex, fighting and sneaking exercises.
"We're gonna need some time to prepare. Praying and whatnot."
Montresor shrugs.
"Any help we can get:"
Crimson waves goodbye.
"Bye! See you soon!"
"See you soon, Crimson."
You step outside.


You hesitate outside the door to your room.
"Guys, give me a second. I have something I need to take care of."
Kasai and Ash stand outside. They seem a little confused.
You go in and rummage around in your bags. Where was it...
Aha! A big box of sugary breakfast cereal.
«Dad? I have something for you.»
«For me? Ooh!»
Alagos appears in a flash of light.
"Hi, Aisha."
"Hey, Dad. Here."
"How did you know? Aww, come here, sweetie."
He wraps his arms around you and lifts you in the air.
"D-Dad, I can't breathe--"
"Me and your mother are so proud of you!"
"C-can't breeeeeeeathe..."
He sets you down.
"Yeah, sorry about that. I'll be taking this treat you got me..."
"While you're here, could you give us some blessings? We have to break into a fortress to get Kasai's eggshell back."
He sighs.
"Aisha, you'd turn this wonderful gift into a banal exchange of favors? Well, I guess you are my favorite child..."
He gives you another hug before stepping back.
"Well, Pris is probably getting chafed. Better go back. Love you!"
He disappears. You call your companions in.
"So... what should we do first?" Ash asks.

>[]Combat training. Need to find a nice open area.
>[]Stealth practice. We'll sneak up on each other.
>[]I was thinking we could relieve some stress...
>>[]Stealth practice. We'll sneak up on each other.
Also, winner gets to fuck the loser with no regards to their pleasure.
Ash grins.
"I volunteer to go first! Kasai, go sit over there. Aisha, you mind just..."
She pushes you into a closet and shuts the door.
"Kasai, close your eyes and count to thirty!"


You peek out of the closet Ash shoved you into. Why even...
"I know you're here!"
Kasai turns around and surveys the room before darting forward and grabbing something under the table. He drags Ash out by her ankle.
"Come on!"
"You were clomping around in boots, you could've at least tried."
Ash cackles.
"You know what you have to do, now!"
She starts pulling her pants off. Kasai stops her.
"You got caught on purpose. Which means you don't really care about what you were supposed to be doing."
He looks through his pack and pulls out a rope, binding Ash's arms behind her back.
"Don't want you touching yourself..."
He pulls his pants down, letting his cock flop onto Ash's face before thrusting into her throat.
Your sister seems into it at first, until he starts getting rougher. She struggles against her bindings and lets out muffled cries of panic. Kasai finally cums and pushes her away. She gasps for breath.
"Fuck... Kasai, were you backed up? That was a lot."
He shrugs and unties her.
"Maybe you aren't used to deepthroating. You okay?"
Ash coughs again and rubs her wrists.
"Yeah. Throat's a little sore. Gonna need a cold drink."
She walks over to the closet and opens it. You take your hand out of your pants and lick your fingers off.
"Hm. Glad you had fun. Go take Kasai's place."
You get to your feet and stand in the middle of the room. You close your eyes.
"...one, two, three..."

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 20 (1d20)

Super Ninja indeed.
"...twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty."
You open your eyes and sidestep. Kasai hurtles out of the drapes and tries to grab you. You trip him and sit on his stomach.
"Hey there. You're pretty cute."
"The drapes? Really? I could hear you rustling them and everything."
You grin.
"Did you get caught on purpose?"
"Mm, I'm thinking you need to be punished, Kasai..."
You run your hand down his chest.
"Maybe I should leave you unsatisfied. Yeah, that sounds good."
You pull your pants down and sit on his face.
"Get to work. Maybe if you're good I'll let you cum."
You slip your hand in his pants. Seems he's excited about this.
You slide his cock down your throat, giving the base a kiss. Ash was just overreacting, this doesn't bother you one bit.
Kasai's tongue rubs your g-spot. You shudder in pleasure and suck faster.
Thick, hot semen spills down your throat. You swallow it all before climaxing and climbing off Kasai.
"Whew... you're pretty good."
"Thought you weren't gonna let me cum."
"I was hungry."
Ash emerges from the closet.
"Kay, then... Aisha, it's your turn to sneak up on me."
Oh, boy.

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 15 (1d20)

From superninja to crash'n'burn
>>1590201 (nah you succeeded)
You toss your boots off and duck into the bedroom. Ash stops counting and starts searching the room.
You lie in wait. As soon as Ash walks in, you slap your hand over her mouth and pantomime slitting her throat.
"Mm! Aww."
You let go of her.
"I keep losing..."
"You just need some practice. Whatever, it's time for my reward."
You bend Ash over and curl your tail up between your legs. You tease her clit with the tip before sliding it into her.
"Fuck, this feels good." you moan.
"T-tell me about it."
The stimulation's making you pretty wet. Your juices run down your tail, mingling with Ash's.
"Please let me cum... oh, gods..."

>[]Whatever you say, sister. Get over here.
>[]Beg for it.
>[]Hmm... nope.
>>[]Hmm... nope.
Gotta get better for that.
Ash whimpers and tries to get up. You push her onto her back and straddle her face.
"You don't get anything until you can sneak up on someone. Get licking."
You moan and grab at your breasts before looking behind you.
"Hey, you can't use this."
You grab Ash's tail and pull it away from her crotch. She screams into your pussy.
"Come on, it can't be that baaaaaAAAAA!"
You cum into her mouth and get off her face, panting.
"Good girl! You've got a gift."
Your sister looks up at you pleadingly, her fingers sliding into her pussy.
"P-please... I want it..."
You hesitate, then shrug before leaving.
"Having fun?"
Kasai peeks into the bedroom.
"I kinda feel sorry for her."
"Meh. She can work through it. Probably."

How do you spend your time until the heist?
>[]Work on stealth.
>[]Find an open area for training.
>[]'Relieve stress'. Constantly.
>>[]Find an open area for training.
But work on your sneaking on the way there, walking softly and being anonymous.
You take a walk out of town, telling your companions to try being sneaky in the woods.
It didn't end well. At least Ash failed less than you did. She only broke a few weirdly loud twigs.
You kept stepping on leaves and making them go CRUNCH, and Kasai just gave up entirely after smashing his head on a branch and cussing the forest out so loud you had to put your hand over his mouth.
The training went... kind of well. You fought both of them at once and won effortlessly. Hopefully they learned something.
You go back home. Ash does decently on the stealth section this time, better than you. Kasai refused to retry it.


The next evening, you land your wyverns on a cliff overlooking Howling Peaks Fort. You take out your spyglass and scan the roof.
Five guards. Two patrolling, three standing around and chatting.
"Pulled roof duty, hm?" Montresor mutters.
"What should we do with them..?"

>[]Snipe them. (D20)
>[]See what Crimson can do.
>[]Are there any rocks we can move up here..?
>>[]See what Crimson can do.
"Let's see Crimson's skills, then."
Crimson nods and turns into a little red bird before swooping down and landing on the roof.
She turns back into herself and stabs one of the guards in the throats before moving along.
The other guard spots her, but she jumps behind a parapet before turning into a five year-old version of herself.
She timidly steps out into the open and says something to the guard. He takes her hand and leads her along before getting stabbed in the back. He cries out, alerting his friends. Crimson dodges a crossbow bolt and runs.
Montresor stands up and hurls a bolt of lightning at the guards. It bounces off each one, turning them into charred corpses.
"Shouldn't have looked..." he says, securing a rappel line. Crimson pours acid on each corpse, holding her nose.
You check your harness and look down the cliff face.
"Fuck, that's a long fall..."
You say a quick prayer to Dad before beginning your climb.

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 5 (1d20)

lets rappel this moffoka
Rolled 2 (1d20)

You descend the cliff face, keeping a close watch on your footholds. Kasai hovers next to you.
"Can't you help me down?" you whisper.
"Nope. You're too curvy."
You growl and kick out at him, realizing your mistake an instant too late.
You grab desperately at the rope, your gloves gen ring hot from the friction. Kasai grabs you around the waist and slows your descent.
Montresor scowls down at you.
"If you're going to announce our presence to the entire fortress, at least make yourself useful and draw attention away from me."
Ash slips on her own line. Kasai tries to catch her to no avail. Montresor sighs deeply and grabs her by the collar as she slides past.
"Ten thousand Wisps..." he mutters, as if reassuring himself.


You gather around the small skylight the fortress offers. The hinges have been fused solid.
"I expected this..."
Montresor produces a small knife and carves a section of glass out. He manages to not drop it.
"Crimson, remember. Three lefts and a right."
His sister changes into a beetle.
"Repeat it, Crimson!"
She ignores him and flies through the hole in the glass.
"...well, now we wait."
You take positions by the roof entrance and sit tight.

>[]Soooo, what's the story with you and her? Been thieving long?
>[]Awkwardly sit in silence.
>[]Cuddle with Kasai and Ash. It's cold up here.
>>[]Cuddle with Kasai and Ash. It's cold up here.
You and Ash cling to Kasai. He's always warm.
Montresor sits far away, looking mildly uncomfortable.
"You wanna--"
"Absolutely not."
You shrug and sit there a while longer. Ash is getting... frisky. She's pawing at Kasai's shirt.
"Come ooooon, that guy's not gonna mind..."
"Ash, we're in the middle of something!"
"That's no excuse~"
She starts humping his leg. Montresor rubs his temples.
"Ten thousand Wisps, ten thousand Wisps, ten thousand Wisps..."
The door clicks and swings open. Crimson smiles and salutes.
"Got it open!"
"Excellent. Impeccable timing as always."
You crouch and make your way through the hallways of the fortress. The guards on the way to the vault have been disposed of.
You can hear conversation behind a door.
"That's Vingol's office." Montresor whispers.

>[]Eavesdrop. Maybe you'll hear something useful.
>[]Keep moving. You don't care what he has to say.
>>[]Eavesdrop. Maybe you'll hear something useful.
You press your ear against the door.
"...years. Don't see why anyone would suddenly start caring about it."
"Our source doesn't lie."
"But you're seriously going to trust a--"
"Don't say it out loud!"
"But Vingol, nobody is--"
"You never know!"
The one Vingol yelled at sighs.
"Whatever. But back to the matter at hand. I don't approve of your methods."
There is silence in the other side of the door.
"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry."
"Better be. Now, time to go have a chat with our mutual friend. And prep the torture chamber."
You panic slightly. Sortunately, they seem to have left via another door.
Montresor sighs in relief.
"Come on. Let's get going."
After a few more hallways (and several guards with major concussions), you arrive at the vault. Montresor takes a key out of his pocket and inserts it into some sort of mechanism that definitely isn't a keyhole. Regardless, it works.
The door swings open, revealing a room stacked high with Wisps and valuable artifacts. In the center of it all is a cracked orange shell on a plinth.
Kasai approaches it and hesitantly lays a hand on it.
"It's cold..."
Montresor and Crimson happily line their pockets.

>[]Crush it!
>[]Do it once we get out of here.
>grab it, look around for secret compartments. That one might be a fake!
Kasai picks up his shell. You look around for any secret compartments.
...hm. Nothing.
Montresor seems to be having a mild orgasm in the corner.
"C-Crimson! We're rich!"
He casts a spell on a chest, turning the contents from some rusty brass ornaments into a motherfucking pile of diamonds.
"They put an illusion on it."
You crouch next to him and raise an eyebrow. They're so shiny...
"Mind if I have one?"
"Take it. Take three if you want your own castle. Probably won't be much left for staff, though..."
You grab one. Might come in handy. Kasai's gonna inherit a castle anyway.
Montresor shoves the jewels into his pockets and walks toward the door.
"We need to LEAVE, right now. Before anyone finds us."
You get out of the vault. Montresor closes the door and pulls his key out of the mechanism.
You run down the halls of the fortress, overpowering the few guards you encounter.
A few turns before you get to the exit, a lightly armored woman with a rapier lunges from a doorway and catches you off guard. You manage to block her stroke and step backwards.
Your tattoo pulses deep purple, intertwined with black.
"Hey, there."
"Mm-hm. Didn't your little heist seem too easy?"
Montresor draws his sword.
"Who is this? Not your Imperator?"
"Her twin. Betrayed us a week ago."
Crystal shakes her head.
"Aisha, don't go telling outsiders things they don't need to know."

>[]Gun her down.
>[]Fight (D20).
>[]Get out of our way!
>>[]Gun her down.
Cheat before she does!
You grab your rifle and fire. Crystal teleports behind you and fires a burst of Void energy. It hits you in the head and knocks you out cold.


You wake up, blindfolded.
The sound of fists hitting flesh can be heard. Kasai groans.
You wriggle in your bindings. It seems you're being suspended by your wrists. More importantly...
"Oh, she's up."
Your blindfold is ripped off. Kasai is getting beat up by an orc with flaming fists. Ash is crying, white liquid dribbling down her leg.
You wiggle around again.
"Look you don't really have to do this I mean it's just not gonna be much fun for you I don't even care about your betrayal so if you could just let us go that would be great don't hurt me."
Crystal smiles.
"I'll give you a choice, something those two didn't get. Which one of us would you prefer interrogate you. Me..?"
Ash sobs.
"Or Vingol?"

>[]DAD!!! HELP ME!!!
>Seduce her.
If that doesn't work, denounce her formally and induce the wrath of daddy.
"Have I ever told you you look great? I mean, you're almost fifty, but wow."
Crystal smirks and puts a hand on your waist.
"Oh, you. You're making me blush. An older woman like me? I bet you'd just love to bury your face in my ass."
She holds your chin between her thumb and forefinger.
"Well, if you're not against it--"
She slaps you across the face. Hard.
"Sweetie, you're not gonna make me part of your little harem you've got going. That's my thing. You want it? Well, I guess you always want it, succubus and all. Point is, I have something to show you."
She pulls her pants down just enough to expose her crotch.
"I learned a certain spell from the daemonettes... it took a great deal of coercion to get ahold of it."
You don't really like where this is going.
Crystal gets behind you and squeezes your tits. She mutters an incantation, and you can feel something hard and warm pressing against your ass.
"You done it in your ass before..?"
She slides her cock through your thighs. You whimper involuntarily. Kasai glares at Crystal angrily before receiving a blow across his face.
"You're so wet... should be lubed up nicely. Wouldn't want to break you just yet."
She slips her cock into your asshole. You gasp and try to push away from her. She holds you tight.
"Oh, come on now."
Crystal slides her fingers into your pussy. You moan and slacken your muscles. Crystal starts thrusting deep into your ass, pushing against the walls of your pussy.

>[]Drain her. You're a succubus, it's your whole thing.
>[]Call for Dad's help.
>[]Give in. Maybe she'll just let you go.
>>[]Drain her. You're a succubus, it's your whole thing.
Crystal grunts and cums inside you. You grin and mentally reach out toward her.
Crystal keeps cumming, moaning slightly and bucking her hips. Eventually, she falls over, her weird futa spell dissipating.
You feel her energy roll around inside you. It condenses into your arms and two spots on your back, pushing...
You rip free of the manacles keeping you suspended and drop to the floor. The spots on your back bulge, pushing out a pair of bat wings.
You run your hands over your body, giggling. You've never actually drained someone before (that you can remember). It feels great!
Vingol turns away from Kasai and stares at you.
"What in--Crystal!"
The traitor is lying in a puddle of her own cum, unmoving. Dead or unconscious, you don't really care.
You step forward and grab Vingol's head, twisting until something snaps. You'd prefer to shoot him, but you don't have your stuff...
A few moments later, Ash and Kasai have been released.
"What happened to the thieves?"
"They got Crimson, but she turned into a big and flew away. Montresor teleported out."
Ah. Well, saving you wasn't exactly in line with their goals...
You wash yourselves off and grab your stuff from a side room before continuing through the fortress.
"I don't recognize this area at all..."
"There they are! Get them!"
Crystal is being supported by an aide, weakly pointing at you. About five dozen guards rush down the hallway after you.
Kasai throws his eggshell to the ground and crushes it with his foot.
The world explodes into smoke, dust, and fire. You find yourself on the back of a five ton orange dragon.
Kasai swipes a claw through the fortress, sending bodies flying. Crossbow bolts clatter off his scales, and he responds by breathing fire, turning Howling Peaks into a charred ruin.
He takes off. You cling to a spine on his back as he flies back to town...


You collapse onto your bed and take a deep breath. Kasai had turned back into his normal form a few miles out, didn't want to cause a panic. Hiking through the tundra had been exhausting.

>[]Ash, you okay? You were crying earlier.
>[]Kasai, feel any different?
>[]Play with your new wings.
>>[]Ash, you okay? You were crying earlier.
Ash sits on the bed, holding her arms around her stomach.
"Oh... I'm gonna need a minute."
She runs into the bathroom. The next few minutes are filled with... disturbing noises. Liquids dripping and whatnot. Ash emerges, gingerly holding a buttplug.
"While you were out, that psychotic bitch pumped my ass full of cum. Not very gentle about it, either. It felt like I was gonna puke. Used this to keep it in, mostly."
You wince.
"Agh, that sounds terrible!"
"How'd you break out from yours?"
"Drained her."
"DAMMIT! I forgot we could do that."

>[]We can find someone you can practice on later. For now, that energy I sucked up made me pretty horny...
>[]Kasai, how's being a big scary dragon feel?
>[]I never got a good look at these wings... let's call Mom about it.
>>[]I never got a good look at these wings... let's call Mom about it.
You call your mom on the codec.
"Hi, Aisha! You need a packed lunch? I can get you some gushers--"
"I'm fine, Mom. Just, uh... I grew some wings about an hour ago. After I drained someone."
"Oh, you're growing up so fast! It wasn't Kasai, right?"
Your mom sighs.
"Good, good. It'd be a shame for such a handsome boy to die like that... at least he'd feel good. But yeah, it's normal to grow your wings after the first few times you drain someone. If you need any help using them, ask your boyfriend. Tell him I said hi!"
"I will. Love you, Mom."
"Love you, too!"
She hangs up.
Ash pulls your shirt off, revealing the wings tucked underneath.
"Ooh... are they sensitive?"
She strokes one softly. You shiver involuntarily.
Ash starts tickling you. You shriek and try to push her away. She keeps going at it.
"S-stop! I'm gonna pee!"
Ash lets up and smiles at you.
She puts your head in her lap.
"You look so innocent right now. I keep forgetting how nasty you can be."
She bites her lip.
"Hm, I wouldn't mind seeing you naked again..."

>[]We've had enough excitement for one night. Sleep is what's most important right now.
>[]Let's take it easy tonight. Let our sores heal.
>[]You gonna talk all night or what? Strip me, already.
>>[]Let's take it easy tonight. Let our sores heal.
>And cuddle up that big dragon....
"I think we'll have to do with almost-naked cuddling. My head hurts, Kasai's all beat up, and your digestive system is gonna need a little time to recover."
Ash nods.
"You're right, I guess..."
You strip down to your underwear and curl up next to Kasai. His face is bruised and scraped, but at least the blood was washed off.
"Mm... does it hurt?"
"A little. Fortunately, his fire didn't do anything to me."
You wrap your arms around him.
"I'm glad. You'd be way less attractive if your face was melted."
"That's all you care about?"
Ash lies down on the other side of Kasai.
"Yeah, if you lost your looks, we'd have to abandon you."
"Ah, shut up."


You wake up entwined around Kasai. Ash is spooning you, breathing softly.
You gingerly disentangle yourself and get dressed. Might as well get some breakfast.
They join you a little while later. Kasai's face looks even worse today.
"Shit, that looks painful."
He shrugs.
"I'm taking it better than I would if I hadn't crushed my shell. Actually, I feel much better in general."
"I'm glad. Maybe your stamina can keep up with us... heheh."

>[]So, we should be getting back to Diluvium.
>[]We should stop by Zhaimont again, talk to Cammat... pay our respects.
>>[]We should stop by Zhaimont again, talk to Cammat... pay our respects.
Kasai chugs his juice down.
"I guess we should."


You tie your hair back and straighten your armor before looking at yourself in the mirror.
...well, fine enough for a funeral. This was just gonna be fucking great.
You step outside the inn and make your way over to the palace ruins. The ceremony's about to start.
You take your place among the other Order leaders. Padon stands before the King's grave, giving him the last rites.
"Let this gods guide this ash to a peaceful place. Let the departed soul suffer no longer, and join its kin in worlds beyond. Allow us mortals this short time to reconcile, to settle past debts. So I pray..."
He reaches into a pouch and produces a shining dust, which he spreads over the King's ashes.
Stardust, or so they say. Stuff's ridiculously rare.
Padon steps back, allowing Cammat, her mother, and several other dragons to approach the grave.
They each place a flower in the coffin. Some are common, others are rare specimens from distant continents. Cammat hesitates as she tosses hers in.
It starts to rain.
She tears her eyes away from her father's ashes and walks away, followed by her kin.
World leaders, old friends, and even a few bitter enemies appear to pay their respects. Aeneth herself lays a four-pointed star in the coffin.
Eventually, it's your turn. As you walk up the steps to the coffin, a hooded figure emerges from the crowd and walks up with you. Nobody else seems to be able to see him.
You reach into your pocket and pull out a brooch. It had belonged to an elite soldier from Cinderfell. Proof of your service.
You lay it on the ashes.
"I guess you weren't a bad King..." you mutter.
You glance at your companion. Alagos lowers his hood and looks into the grave.
"The wind will guide you to your rest, dragon. I'll see to it."
Lightning flashes in the sky. Alagos disappears.


"Can you see anything?"
You use a nearby lamp to stand above the crowd. The last few mourners have gone up, and the King's coffin is being taken to the morgue.
The crowd disperses. Their King may have died, but nobody wants to be caught in the rain when there's perfectly good shelter.
You manage to find Krystal.
"Hey there."
She brushes hair away from her eyes, frowning up at the sky.
"Kinda melodramatic, you bastard. This better not stick around."

>[]You okay?
>[]We should get inside. You won't believe what happened...
>[]Say nothing. Krystal probably needs a moment.
>>[]Say nothing. Krystal probably needs a moment.
You silently walk back to the inn and take a seat in your room.
Krystal takes her armor off and pours herself a glass of wine.
"So. How'd it go?"
You recount your tale.


"God dammit, not her again."
Krystal sighs and chugs her wine.
"I thought Vingol was trustworthy. Guess that's on me, he was a sadistic Death Pauldron with a weird name, of course he was gonna be evil."
She refills her glass.
"At least Kasai can turn into a big dragon now. And you've got wings. What's you get, Ash?"
"Uh... a free buttplug."
"Jesus... well, I'm glad you all had fun. More fun than I've had, anyway. Been chasing """"leads"""" in town. Even though the hit was clearly made by people who didn't hang around here much. Most poon I got was from some virgin I grabbed off the street."

>[]You can have Ash if you want.
>[]Tsuyoi's not gonna like that...
>[]Yeah, the King dying is kind of a turn-off. Kasai was being a bitch for a few days after that.
>>[]Tsuyoi's not gonna like that...
Give her the look. The look of sadness.
Can't post atm. Give me a few hours...
That's ok. Take your time.
Krystal's eye twitches.
"Me and Tsuyoi have an understanding. She doesn't harass me for my sex life (much, anyway), and I hold myself back as much as possible. Sometimes it's a choice between fucking the shit out of someone or killing them."
She looks around.
"Where the hell... here it is."
She grabs a bottle of cheap liquor. You're getting kind of worried, she usually only drinks that stuff if she wants to get really drunk.
"That's the shit. Anyway, we've got a good thing going."
Kasai clears his throat.
"Uh, how's Azeila doing?"
"Pretty good. The elders think she's on track to becoming one of the upper-class daemonettes..."
Krystal chugs her glass and gasps for breath, leaning back in her chair and smiling.
"Which reminds me. I've never told you how Azeila was born, did I?"
Huh. She never had. You had always been confused about that, considering Krystal was both female and sterile. Had Tsuyoi cheated..?

>[]Let's hear it.
>[]Uh, I'm sure that's a private subject. Let's talk about something else!
>Lets hear it
>Yay family time!
"Okay then. So it was a few days after we got married... Kasai was still a cute little arsonist back then. To celebrate, I thought we could go to Tsuyoi's village, get shitfaced with Yokai, y'know. Wholesome entertainment."
Krystal chuckles and coughs. Some booze must've gone down the wrong way.
"Anyway, we woke up the next morning in a pile of naked daemonettes and no memory of what led to this event. Our drinks were either spiked or had gone bad... possibly both."
She sets her glass aside.
"And that's how your sister was born, Kasai. The 'father' will forever remain unknown, unless we can track down those payments we keep getting in the mail."
Kasai stares at the floor.
"Great... and where was I during this?"
"At home, probably listening to Faervel's rants about me."
"...you mind passing that whiskey over here?"
"Oh, go ahead. Drink up."
Krystal hands her son the bottle and pats him on the knee.
"Get some rest, we're leaving early tomorrow."
She leaves the room.
Kasai takes a shot.
"Well, that was great. At least I have something to hold over Azeila's head if she's being annoying..."
"That's awful! I love it. Let me have some, too."
Ash takes the bottle.
"Want some, sis?"

>[]Sure, might as well.
>[]It didn't go well last time... I'm good.
>>[]It didn't go well last time... I'm good.
Someone needs a clear head to take advantage of you when you are drunk.
"Suit yourself."
Ash and Kasai start taking shots. You observe.


"Aisha, Aisha!"
Ash bumps into you, spilling whiskey on the floor.
"What do you do with a talking cabbage?"
You give her an uneasy look before shrugging.
"You eat it."
She and Kasai stare at you gravely before bursting into hysterics.

>[]You've clearly had too much.
>[]Make the stupidest joke possible. (Write-in)
>[]Yeah, I'm gonna go to bed.
Damnit, forgot to post.
>[]Make the stupidest joke possible. (Write-in)
Then suggest she should have sex with Kasai.

What's the difference between a snowman and a snowwoman?

This is a variation on a swedish classic as far as stupid jokes go. Im sure therere english variations on it though.
>Two moose are out flying. Suddenly one shouts "watch out for the tree!"
>The other moose flies into the tree.
>"Why did you fly into the tree? I warned you"
>"I cant hear you, I have a cinnamon roll in my eye."
>>1607908 (Man, I fucking hate when that happens)
You tell your first joke. Your shitfaced companions nearly fall off their chairs.
...seriously, what's in this stuff?
You wait for them to calm down before telling the one with the moose. They probably wake up half the neighborhood with that laughter.
"Aisha, s-stop! I'm gonna peeeee!"
You sigh and sink down in your chair. These two... might as well have some fun with them.
"Hey, you know what would be funny? If you two just ripped off each other's clothes and made sweet, sweet love to each other while I watch."
Ash immediately tackles Kasai and starts kissing him furiously. Kasai slides his hands down to her ass.
You watch in awe. Seriously, these two... were they waiting for your permission or something?
Ash holds Kasai's arms to the floor and starts rocking her hips back and forth, moaning as her clit rubs against Kasai's pelvis.

>[]Watch them, maybe join in.
>[]These two aren't gonna let you sleep... maybe Krystal will let you crash on her couch.
>[]Just try to get to sleep. They'll crash eventually.
>>[]Watch them, maybe join in.
Get them into funny positions, and take a picture (if you can) to tease them later with.
You think for a moment.
"Hey, I've got something you guys can try! It's called the 'amazon'. Here, bend your legs like that..."
You get them into position and fiddle with your codec. Isn't there a picture--there it is.
"Woo! Yeah, you go!"
You reposition them so Ash is on her back with her ass in the air. Looks like murder on her spine.
"Mm-hm, yes, you look fabulous."
After a few minutes of this, they both grab you and start taking your clothes off.
Ash shoves you onto the bed and cackles. She stops Kasai from moving toward you.
"Aisha, show us how you masturbate! I've wanted to see that for a while..."
Your face turns red. Shit, this was gonna be embarassing.
You hesitantly grab one of your tits and rub the area around your pussy.
Kasai and Ash start groping each other. You try to ignore them and slide your fingers in...
"Oh, fuck!" you moan as you find your g-spot. You dig your fingers in and get on your hands and knees.
You squirt all over the bedsheets and collapse. Been a while since you did that.
Warm hands caress your body. Someone licks the back of your neck.
"Just stay like that, sis... we'll take care of you."


Krystal opens the door and tosses a grenade into the bedroom. You leap out of bed and run into the hall as fast as you can, kicking someone in the face.
Shortly after, you hear a little *puff* and smoke spills from the doorway.
"Mom, that's not funny!"
"Yeah, it wasn't. It was hilarious. Might wanna get yourself a towel or something, by the way."
Kasai yelps and looks for something to wear.
"Relax, it's not like I haven't seen you naked before. But it's good to know you'll keep the ladies satisfied."
She looks you up and down.
"You're not doing so bad, either."
"Mom, that's creepy!"
Krystal rolls her eye and walks out.
"Just get dressed and meet me downstairs soon. Ciao."
Kasai groans and presses a hand to his head.
"Oh, I shouldn't have drunk so much... well, I think I have an idea of what we did last night."

>[]Oh, you don't. Just look at these hot pics.
>[]Right... let's get dressed.
>[]Kasai, do you mind if I flirt with your mom?
File: IMG_1664.jpg (27 KB, 460x233)
27 KB
Shit, I forgot my pic.
>[]Oh, you don't. Just look at these hot pics
"What are you talking about?"
"Right here. Look at all these positions you guys were in last night!"
You scroll through your new album.
"That one isn't so bad... okay, weird... o-oh gods, what the fuck--AISHA! Why didn't you stop us!?"
You chuckle.
"Then I wouldn't have gotten to see your distressed face."
You keep going. At one point, Ash physically stumbles backward and falls on her ass.
"Ash? You okay? I can get some medicine--"
She looks up at you.
"Missionary? How could you let us?"
Oh, so that was it.
"You were holding hands, too. It was cute."
Ash hisses and flees to the bedroom.
"I think she has the right idea."
Kasai follows.
You sigh and turn the codec off. What's that on your...
You look down. Semen's dripping down your leg.
"Dammit, this is the worst."


"--and she let us!"
Krystal hums disinterestedly and continues eating her oatmeal.
"So you shun all that 'mushy stuff', to borrow the vernacular. Non-sexual love and all. So logically, your sister..."
She looks up at you. You nervously giggle.
"Well, I mean... it's not really a bad thing if I love Kasai, is it?"
"Not particularly, daughter-in-law. Though considering your heritage, I have to wonder. Does the thought of getting married make you wet?"
Krystal traces a straight line from Zhaimont to Diluvium.

>[]Okay, let's go then!
>[]Yeah, I guess I should'be expected that.
>[]Deny her accusations. As suspiciously as possible.
File: IMG_1633.gif (69 KB, 640x480)
69 KB
New thread.

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