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Previous threads:

Last time, the succubus Aisha had a ton of sex, fought some rogue squadron on an island, uncovered a secret plot to betray the Order of Alagos, and turned a prisoner into a new succubus.
Currently, she and her companions just survived some weird shit with black knights and eldritch visions.

Also, I really should've made more than three header images for this quest.
Krystal runs a hand through her hair and sighs.
"I have absolutely no idea what any of those visions were. As for the knights... connected to the Void, as anyone with a smudge of magical knowledge could tell you."
Yeah, your magic-detection tattoo was still glowing a dull purple...
"I think we're in the same forest, we were just spread out from the camp. It doesn't make sense, though. Why desperate us, knock us out, and just leave? Were they driven off by something?"
«Guess whooooo.»
Krystal looks up at the sky.
"Oh. Thanks. Aren't you supposed to not interfere?"
«Specifically protecting people (yes, even my daughter) is against 'The Rules', yes. But these guys were doing some serious interdimensional fuckery. They didn't steal those firearms from you, they took them straight out of some parallel universe.»
That doesn't sound good...
"Thanks, Dad." you say.
«No problem, sweetie. Just make sure you beat the shit out of your asshole brother if you see him.»
Oh, you won't need his encouragement for that.
Your dad's focus shifts elsewhere (probably the women's baths somewhere).
"Anyway... I don't know if those guys were with my fucking sister, but they probably were."
"I thought she was your 'cunt sister'?"
"Well, she's more of a pussy. I'm more like a cunt."

>[]Well, breakfast time.
>[]You can eat breakfast while flying, you've lost too much time.

>[]You can eat breakfast while flying, you've lost too much time.
You pack up your supplies and get up into the air. Krystal makes sure her dozen or so weapons are working properly before urging Nova along.


You blink hard and look at the walls in the distance. Surely you can't be... you call Krystal.
"What's up?"
"Uh... Zhaimont's right over there."
"...Aisha, are you alright--"
"No, really! We'll be out of the woods in a few minutes!"
"Aisha, its easily three days worth of flying to get to--OH, WHAT THE HELL!?"
You land and put your wyverns in the aviary. Krystal jogs up to you a few minutes later.
"I swear, I'm going to find those bastards and make them tell me what the hell they did..." she mutters.

>[]Let's get some dinner! I always wanted to see what these high-class people had.
>[]Let's get to an inn... I could really do with an actual bed.
>>[]Let's get to an inn... I could really do with an actual bed.
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667 KB JPG
"Good idea."
Krystal stretches and leads you to a local tavern. Kasai quietly eats jerky on the way.
"Two rooms."
Krystal hands over a few Wisps and says goodnight before going upstairs.
You check out your room. Bed's big enough for you, so that's good. The bath can only fit two, though...

>[]Oh, Kasai!
>[]Oh, Ash!
>[]Have them get in and watch.
>[]Or just do it one at a time like normal people.
>>[]Or just do it one at a time like normal people.
There is always time later.
You sniff the air.
"Eugh. Kasai, you stink."
You push him into the bathroom and lie down on the bed.
Ash takes a Wisp out of her pocket.
"Call it."
She flips it.
"Tails. I win."
Meh. You don't really care who goes first.


You sigh and lie back in the tub. The experience in the forest was... jarring. Not at all like how you thought this would start out. Agh...
"Can't I just stay home and assault people all day..?" you mutter.
Well, you chose this. Or did you..? Really, this whole having adventures thing was more expected of you than something you came up with.
You get out of the tub and dry yourself off, pulling the plug out of the drain.
Ash is giving Kasai's tail a hug.
"Ash... please stop."

>[]Just sleep. You need a clear head.
>[]Go talk to Krystal. She might have some sage advice. Assuming she isn't drunk.
>[]Is your tail sensitive? Want me to cuddle it, too?
>[]Is your tail sensitive? Want me to cuddle it, too?

Rub the tails
>>1549420 (welcome back to ecchi quest)
You lie down next to them and curls your tail around Kasai's.
"Is your tail sensitive? Because mine is..."
"Aisha, this is pretty weird..."
You and Ash press up against him. Your towel starts slipping off your breasts.
"S-stop, it tickles..."
Kasai realizes his mistake.
He managed to squirm from your grasp and holds you down.
"Oh, so rough!"
"You want me to be rough?"
Kasai unties your towel and gets to work. Ash slips out of her panties and sits on your face.
You let them do as they please with you until you all fall asleep. Your mind is taken off the events of the previous night.


You wake up to warm hands caressing you. They run up your stomach and caress your breasts, squeezing them slightly before moving down your back. Scaly... must be Kasai.

>[]Keep your eyes closed. Might as well see where this goes.
>[]Mutter his name.
>[]Get up. This is fun and all, but you should really be getting a head start on today. See all the shops and whatnot.
>>[]Get up. This is fun and all, but you should really be getting a head start on today. See all the shops and whatnot.
Or slip the ring on and help Kasai with Ash?
>>1550302 (gotta save something for the night)
You yawn and sit up.
"Enjoying yourself?"
"Uh, sorry--"
You give him a kiss on the cheek.
"It's fine. Come on, let's get dressed."


You file down to the tavern proper. Krystal's staring into a bowl of mush and looking very confused.
"Fucking... so my meeting thing is on the twenty-sixth, right?"
"And what was yesterday?"
"The twenty-second."
"It should've been, anyway. WELL, GUESS WHAT TODAY IS?"
She kicks a stool halfway across the room.
"Shit... sorry! Anyway, we've been fucked with severely. Although, the time lost and the distance traveled sync up. Maybe we just forgot..?"
Krystal sighs and places a hand over her eyepatch.
"Whatever. Anyway, gotta be at the Grand Cathedral at two. We have a good amount of time to explore."

>[]Let's go see the place my dad ate a brick!
>[]How about we take a look at the Bureau of Research?
>[]A walk around the palace gardens sounds nice.
>>[]Let's go see the place my dad ate a brick!
>[]How about we take a look at the Bureau of Research?
Knowledge is power.
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198 KB JPG
"Oh, boy, do I have some experience with that place! Let's get going."


Krystal leads you down an alley.
"So... they've redone all this now, moved people in, but way back when, this was all abandoned. I was here for my first Order meeting, actually."
You nod. She's told this story about a million times so far, but being in the actual location was pretty cool.
"So, I see your dad walking down an alley, and I'm like, 'okay, let's follow him.' You follow Alagos for the same reason you follow a friend high off his ass into the woods, because he might get hurt or do something funny. Or do something funny involving him getting hurt. Anyway. So I stood right around here..."
She gestures at the mouth of the alley. You can get a pretty good view of the plaza beyond.
"Right over there, at the bakery. He had been sitting in the middle of the plaza, drinking tea for some reason. Then he got up, began tearing at a wall. Bastard straight up ate a brick..."

Alagos keeps tearing at the wall, hurling bricks everywhere. Some of them embed themselves in walls.
"Why'd I go and eat that, it was a bad idea--AAAAAAAAA!"
A revenant reaches out from a hole in the wall and groans. Alagos pulls it out and starts stomping on it. It's quickly reduced to scraps of bone and flesh, unable to hold itself together anymore.
The god of storms sits down next to the destroyed wall and takes out a sheet of paper.
"Let's see... one, two, FOUR months left. About halfway through."
He hangs his head.
"It's not that bad, really. I mean, she's only gone for the flamer once. But... what am I supposed to do? I can't raise a kid. Sasha might be a good mom, but what would having Pris around do? Fuck, I look like I've been doing meth."
Krystal jumps out of the alleyway.
"Hi, Krystal."
"I make it a habit to keep tabs on my Imperator. Locked onto your electrical field a long time back. By the way, I've never actually seen Kasai..."
"Oh, he's adorable, when he's not crying his lungs out or trying to burn the castle down."
"Yeah, the castle that might get repossessed. Good luck with that trial, by the way. If I can stop Brannor's heart without anyone noticing, I'll think about it."
"Appreciate the thought."
Krystal stares at Alagos before shaking her head.
"You need a hug."
"I wouldn't want to--"
"You need a hug, you stupid fuck."
Krystal wraps her arms around Alagos. He hesitates before reciprocating.
"Huh... you were right."

"Yeah... those were the days. Still had two eyes."

>[]I never realized you were so... intimate. You and Dad.
>[]Interesting. Well, let's move on.
>[]Can I see a reenactment of that brick eating?
>[]Interesting. Well, let's move on
File: image.png (1.25 MB, 1024x575)
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1.25 MB PNG
You make your way to the Bureau of Research.
"So, I was in a meeting with the King bacause he wanted details on his daughter's kidnapping... he mentioned some research place offhandedly, and lamented that he didn't have a boring enough name for it. So I suggested 'Bureau of Research'."
As you enter the door, a tall Salamander makes his way to your group, adjusting his spectacles.
"Ah. Krystal. And these are..?"
"My son Kasai, as well as these two sisters. High-ranking Order members."
"I see. And what have you brought for us today?"
"My presence isn't enough? Ungrateful bastards... well, Kosolvo, I brought you this."
Krystal hands him a schematic. Kosolvo immediately begins scanning it.
"AM-proof bullet. Utilizes a blasting cal and explosive compound for propulsion, I wrote the ratio down for you. It'll be harder to mass-produce than standard runic bullets, but it's possible. It'll also be significantly louder, ear protection is recommended."
Krystal chuckles softly as he walks away.
"This is the majority of the Order's funding. Slowly selling the secrets of firearms, and ensuring we get a cut of the profit. I'm saving automatics for when I'm retiring."

>[]Isn't that against 'The Rules' somehow?
>[]Diabolical. So, let's explore.
>>[]Isn't that against 'The Rules' somehow?
>Hey should we ask them here about those void knights?
"Well, maybe. I haven't had any pissed deities call me out on this specific activity. Maybe because they don't mind being able to supply their Orders with better weapons."
"You think anyone here might know about those knights?"
"I doubt it. There should be someone around here who studies Void phenomena, though. Maybe they'll know something."
You take a look at a map on the wall. There are three wings to this place.

>[]Go to Automata.
>[]Ethereal Studies sounds like it should have some Void research.
>[]Go to Material Studies.
>>[]Ethereal Studies sounds like it should have some Void research.
"I'll look in Ethereal Studies, I guess."
"I'll take Automata."
"I guess I'll take Material Studies."
"And I'll be seeing the director. Fucker hasn't been paying up lately."
You split up.
Ethereal Studies is a pretty interesting place. Some sort of aurora borealis is dancing on the ceiling, elemental drift to and fro, and some of the window panes seem to be looking into places that don't make sense.
"So... is there anyone here studying the Void?" you ask the receptionist.
"Er... yes. End of the hall."
The door is pure black and covered in talismans. Anyone put this far away from the central area can't be very popular...
You open the door. An orc sitting behind the desk adjusts his spectacles and looks up.
"Oh. Please, have a seat."
You do so.
"Hmm... I'm picking up traces of the Void on you... I suppose that's why you've come to see me?"

>[]Yeah. Some knights ambushed me and my friends. We saw... visions.
>[]Do you know if there are any... structures native to the Void? Related to knowledge?
>Yeah... met some void knights? on the way here...
"Hm? This wouldn't be in the forest to the southwest, would it?"
"It would, actually."
"Hmm... what's your name, child?"
"Good to meet you, Aisha. My name is Professor Beckebauer, but my friends call me Samuel. Let's see..."
He digs around in his desk and pulls out a few sheets of paper marked with an eye.
"Four days ago, diviners reported a surge in Void activity in the Stegymn Forest. A significant surge, in fact. Twelve anomalies, as opposed to the all-time average of none. They disappeared soon after, but four mild signatures continued this way before disappearing. Would you know anything about this..?"

>[]There WERE four of us...
>[]Nothing. I only saw these knights.
>[]...are you saying I was possessed?
>Call the gang and tell them to come here
>>[]...are you saying I was possessed?
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559 KB JPG
G'night stormy.
>>1552707 (goodnight, cat)
"Just a moment."
You call your companions.
"Guys, get over here. This could be important."
"Uhhhh I'm kind of in the middle of something, tell me about it later." Ash says.
"Ow, don't pull on that!"
She hangs up.
"Well, I don't have much else to do. Director scares easily."
"Aisha, how can golems be so boring?!"
Krystal and Kasai arrive a few minutes later.
"Oh, Duchess Tassoni! I was not--"
"Yeah, yeah, 'so honored, your ass is so good to kiss', I've heard it plenty today. What's up?"
You turn around and look at the professor.
"Do you think it's possible those knights possessed us?"
The professor rubs his chin.
"I suppose. You think you were those signatures?"
"Yeah, we must've shaken the possession off or something... but why would they send us the same direction we were going?"
Krystal's eye twitches.
"I guess they didn't know what to do with us. Either that, or they wanted us to come here or something... reminds me of a few years ago. I managed to put mind control on some Cinderfell soldiers, and I had no idea what to do with them, so I told them to go kill their leader at all cost. They didn't succeed, which was disappointing."

>[]But what were those visions..?
>[]You think your sister would do something similar with us?
>[]But what were those visions..? You had visions too right?
"Yeah. Super creepy... eyes and doors. Saw a kid I beat the shit out of once."
"Eyes and doors..?"
Beckebauer frowns.
"I've never heard of any such visions. I'll have to study this... if I find anything, you'll be first to know."
You shrug and leave the man's office. Ash walks up to you, a bandage wrapped around her arm.
"Hey. What'd I miss?"

>[]Explain on the way to lunch.
>[]Uhhhhh... what happened?
>[]Please tell me you weren't having sex when I called you.
>>[]Uhhhhh... what happened?
"Some biologist guy freaked out when he saw me. Demanded he examine me. I let him just so he'd shut up."
Ash sighs.
"Yanked my tail too hard, kept pulling on my horns, took my blood. That guy does not know how to treat a woman."
"You should've asked him what he wanted your blood for." Krystal comments.
"I did. Bastard just said something about how he hated living specimens."
"I guess if there's trouble, I'll talk to the director again. No, I'll talk to this biologist guy directly."
Krystal waves her hand. Ash unwraps her bandage and examines her arm.
You start walking to lunch while explaining what Beckebauer told you.
"So... we were possessed? Damn. Are we safe? Could they do this again?"

>[]I think so. We broke out of whatever they did, and we're in a populated area anyway.
>[]Maybe. We'll have to be cautious.
>[]Probably. We should set up an ambush for them or something.
>>[]Maybe. We'll have to be cautious.
>But hopefully Dad will be able to spare a thought to us...
"Well, he better. If we die, I'll do whatever it takes to get over to his palace and beat the shit out of him." Krystal growls.
«Please no.»
You enter a modest cook's shop. Krystal hands the man behind the counter some Wisps.
"House special."
"Right away."
You take your food and sit outside.
"Hm. Dumplings today."
Oron is hard at work in the sky, keeping the sun shining nice and bright. A breeze whips down the street and cools you off.
«See, I helped.»
"Thanks, Dad."
Kasai takes a few moments to go buy some cold juice.
"Good, I taught you well."
Krystal takes a sip of her drink and sighs.
"So, what's next?"

>[]I heard there's a military parade in the main square soon.
>[]Never got to see the palace grounds.
>[]Let's just wait at the Cathedral.
>You tell me. What do you do when you're here, except fucking and being in meetings?
"Ha! I do a lot more than that. Like, uh... no, that wouldn't count..."
You roll your eyes and eat up.
"Cammat! Yeah, she summons me to have someone to yell at now and then."
Krystal stands.
"Yeah, we're going to Castle Zhaimont. Come on, kids."


The Royal guard stops you at the castle's gate.
"And who are these three?"
"My son, and a friend's daughters. We thought the princess would like to see one of her cousins."
The guard studies you.
"...so she would. Go on."
You're let into a large entrance hall. It's noticeably more opulent than Castle Diluvium's. Some aura automatically purges you of sweat and filth, a faint smell of lavender perfumes the area, and the maids have uniforms that use more than two yards of material.
You're led farther in to a sitting room.
"Here now, is princess Cammat." your escort announces.
"And what is it Tassoni sees fit to bother me about today?" a voice grumbles. A draconic woman emerges from a doorway, looks to be in her thirties. She pauses upon seeing Kasai.
"Leave us."
The escort does as he's told. Cammat sits on a chair and crosses her legs.
"So, who exactly do I have the pleasure of entertaining?"
How should you introduce yourself...

>[]A god's daughter.
>[]Aisha. I'm a lust demon.
>[]None of your business.
>[]Aisha. I'm a lust demon
"You would be... and her?"
"Ashley. I'm her sister."
She gives you a very unsisterly hug. Cammat lets out a long breath and sips tea.
"Why do I expect anything else from that Order..."
"Hi, uh... I'm Kasai."
"Ah, yes. Most sensible-looking out of these four. Tell me, Krystal, where exactly did you steal his egg from?"
"Didn't steal it. Just fell out of the sky."
"Hmm. Well, has he ever wondered who his parents are?"
"Of course I have! Why wouldn't I?"
Cammat shrugs.
"Well, I don't have much to go on with your scale color. Could you possibly assume your other form?"
The room becomes silent.
"Uh, about that..."


"You let her SELL IT!?"
"I didn't know SHIT about dragons! Still don't! You can't blame me!"
Cammat buries her head in her hands.
"Oh, gods protect me, this is a travesty. Not only do you molest me, you're robbing power from my cousins. Gods know we aren't a common species around here!"
Krystal grumbles and pulls a flask off her belt before taking a swig.
"You can't have that in here!"
"Ha! I saw those bottles stashed in your room, you hypocrite. Speaking of which, how's your dad?"
Cammat pauses and looks away.
"His scales are starting to go brittle. In mortal terms, he's as healthy as ever... if he avoids stress, he should have a decade or so left."
"How old is he?"
"One thousand seven hundred and ninety-three years."
Krystal whistles.

>[]Oh. My condolences.
>[]Feel sad that Kasai will probably outlive you.
>[]Idly scan Cammat's soul for lust. (D20)
(Just had a job interview, pray to the gods for me)
>[]Feel sad that Kasai will probably outlive you.
Also motivation for finding his damn eggshell.
Kasai... he has a good chance to outlive you. Sure, succubi and gods live a long time (your mother had been born in Ancient Greece, after all), but you're still mortal. If all else failed, Kasai could turn into a three-ton fire breathing tank with razor-sharp claws and teeth. All you could do was flash your tits and pray they don't hate you enough to turn down free poon.
In order for Kasai's actual transformation to happen, though, you would need that damn eggshell.
"There is an intelligence officer stationed in Blackwake, Cinderfell's main port. If Kasai's shell went through there, he would know about it. If he doesn't, check the underground. If they don't know about it either, the eggshell is as good as gone."
Krystal nods.
"I'm doing this for my cousin's sake, not yours. Kasai, if you require anything, feel free to ask. Kin must protect kin, as they say. Which reminds me, my father would very much like to meet you..."

>[]Sit this one out.
>[]Go with him. Can't turn down a chance to meet the king.
>>[]Sit this one out.
Probably gonna be asked to leave anyway.
We have the "daughter of a god" card yet to reveal though. I think we should try to meet the old dragon.
>"daughter of a god"
Lets do that.
"Well, let's go then."
You stand up and brush off your pants.
"And who do you think you are? I only invited my kin."
"I'm Alagos's daughter."
"AISHA! Hahahaha, she's such a kidder, aren't you?"
Krystal gives you a half-panicked, half-murderous look.
"Well, I have to tell someone sometime, right? Otherwise the Order won't know how important I am."
Cammat sighs.
"If I believed you, that still doesn't hold sway over the matter. It's family, not rank, that excludes you from the meeting."
"Well, I'm his girlfriend. Is that enough?"
You pause. Huh... you had so much trouble saying it before. Now it just slipped out.
"Hmm. Fine. Come along. Unless anyone else wants to argue?"
Krystal and Ash look at each other.
"We'll just sit here and... talk about boys."
Cammat opens the door and strides down the hallway. She's immediately flanked by royal guards. Joke's on them, they don't even have rifling in those guns.
Cammat pauses before a large door, engraved with the royal standard of the Sylph Empire.
"Before we go in, I must make sure you both know proper manners. These are unusual circumstances, yes, but we must not allow flagrant breach of conduct. Especially when dealing with... sword-swinging youth."

>[]Just show her the curtsy and get on with it.
>[]If you try and stick me in a dress I swear I'll... be very cross with you.
>[]In Diluvium, we have this traditional greeting. You see, we hold out our hands and extend the middle finger...
Yeah, it isn't just a sword he's swinging.
Look at Kasai with lust in your eyes.
Then curtsy.
File: IMG_1628.jpg (98 KB, 461x455)
98 KB
"Oh, it's not just a sword he's swinging."
One of the guards makes an odd sound. It could've been a cut-off chuckle.
You look at Kasai and do that trick where you turn your pupils into hearts before curtsying.
Kasai twitches. He bows, keeping his eyes far away from yours.
"...very good. Do not use such... lewd behavior in front of my father."
She clears her throat and pushes the door open.
"Announcing princess Cammat, and her guests, Kasai, son of dragons, successor to--"
"That's enough of that."
You curtesy before looking up at the king.
His scales may have been white once, but are now steel gray, matching streaks in his hair. He doesn't look too old, save for his eyes. They look like they've seen too much to hold.
Culdranth, High King of the Sylph Empire, sits up and looks down at you.
"Ah, our kin... and who is this next to him?"
"Aisha, father. She claims to be a creature of lust, as well as the daughter of Alagos."
"Hmm. Well, those would seem to be one and the same."
He studies you and Kasai.
"Tell me, who sired our newfound cousin?"
"We don't know, father. His shell is missing..."
The High King starts having a coughing fit.
"Calm down, Cammat. I'm just being melodramatic. Ughhh... I'll see if I can track down some of the lost ones, ask them about him. Decaying in this place isn't helping me any."

>[]How many dragons are there?
>[]Doesn't genetics apply? Can't you figure out who his parents are that way?
>[]I'm a demigod, pay attention to meeeeeee!
Could we use divination to find the shell?
>[]Doesn't genetics apply? Can't you figure out who his parents are that way?
>He came from a whistle.
"Divination is an... imprecise art at best."
"Really? How inaccurate is it?"
"It's not the spell that's the problem. It's the caster. They tend to be insane, and trying to tell an insane man what to scry for is infuriating."
Oh. Great.
"What about genetics?"
"Well, I could probably figure out who his parents are that way, if he could transform. Humanoid form doesn't allow for certain patterns, shape of snout, essential characteristics."
Kasai sighs and scratches the back of his head. You remember Krystal's story.
"Oh, he came from a whistle! Does that help?"
"I beg your pardon?"
"Krystal blew a whistle, then his egg fell from the sky."
The High King steeples his fingers.
"Contract..? Yes, that would make sense... it seems one of my kin was done a service in exchange for their child. As for which one, that will be tricky to determine."
He waves you away.
"Go. Your mother's meeting starts soon, yes? I need to think."


You walk back into the sitting room. Krystal and Ash stand up.
"How'd it go?"

>[]Kasai's mom was probably blackmailed.
>[]I'll tell you while we walk to the Cathedral. Wanna talk to your peers.
>>[]I'll tell you while we walk to the Cathedral. Wanna talk to your peers.
And let kasai tell them if he wants.
"We... Kasai, you wanna explain it?"
"I probably should."
"Good, we can do it on the way to the meeting."


"--and yeah. It was okay."
"Good to hear it."
Krystal pats Kasai on the shoulder and opens the door to the Cathedral.
Krystal slams her helmet onto her head, draws her weapons, and leaps toward a spiky, fiery man with a mace. She comes out on top, pressing his face into the floor with her boot.
"I-I'm sorry... get off..."
Krystal kicks him in the ribs and takes her helmet off. She seems a little too happy about beating him. Some of the other Order leaders gather around and welcome her back. She introduces some to you.

>[]Talk to the pink-haired Imp. She has a gimp on a leash.
>[]Talk to the guy with bandages. He seems cool.
>[]Talk to the man with weapons strapped all over his body.
>>[]Talk to the man with weapons strapped all over his body.
Mr pointy stabby seems interesting.
"Uh... hi."
The man lift his helmet's visor up.
"Hello there, child."
"Hi. I'm Aisha."
"I'm Glamon. Nice to meet you."
He shakes your hand.
"So, which Order are you from?"
"Húlon. God of war."
You nod. Makes sense.
The Imp from before slips something into your pocket (and was a little too grabby about it).
"Glamor, you wanna--?"
"Sorry, Trysta. I'm busy."
She leaves. You take the object from your pocket.
It's atrocious. Some sort of pocket watch, with the words 'booty call' written in gems. The 'a' in call is replaced with a heart.
Glamon takes an identical one out of his pocket.
"She gives one to every person she meets..."
He sighs.
"And if you get rid of it, she gives you another. Strange woman."

>[]Uh... how's your Order getting along?
>[]Yeah, I heard about that, but I didn't believe it.
>>[]Uh... how's your Order getting along?
Maybe we can get him to teach us some sword tricks. of either kind.
"Rather well. Húlon has received many prayers in these past few years. The Order is now taking a well-deserved rest, before we're needed again.."
You nod.
"As Krystal said, 'war is fucking awful'."
"Agreed. I'd much prefer for the world to live in peace, but... that's just not how the world works."
Glamon shrugs.
"I quite like your Imperator's sayings. Crude, but they get the point across."
"That they do... could you teach me some tricks with my sword?"
He smiles.
"Happily, provided you can find our fortress. Should you do so, that'll prove your determination."
The Cathedral bells start ringing.
"Well, it's time for the meeting. See you around, Aisha."
He leaves. Krystal walks up to you.
"Come on, we're going up. The other two are staying here."

>[]Uh... why?
Kiss Kasai first, then
You give Kasai a kiss before tousling his hair.
"Bye, dragon boy."
"Bye, Aisha."
You and Krystal go up some stairs to a large meeting room. She sits down eight seats away from the Voice's chair.
Speak of the devil...
The Voice of Aeneth emerges from her chamber and takes her seat. What few people knew was that this was Aeneth herself, the equivalent of God (capital G) in this world. It's kind of weird to think that she's your grandmother.
You take a look around the room. None of the other leaders had brought anyone else up, with the exception of Trysta. She kind of needed to talk for the gimp though.
"Well." Aeneth starts.
"Perhaps we should start off by discussing Krystal's friend here. She's a demigod, am I right?"
Several Council members start whispering. You fight back your nervousness.
"Yes, I am. Of Alagos, if that wasn't obvious."
"We'll see. Would you mind calling your father here? If you are his daughter, he should give us some indication."

>[]Dad, get here ASAP.
>[]Be presentable first.
Eh I think its fuckoclock at home right now, dont really think you want to see him like that..
>>[]Dad, get here ASAP.
Even better to show why you are part succubus.
>>1563154 (it's always fuckoclock)
«Hey, Dad? I kind of need you to--»
«On my way.»
A jolt of electricity dances through the council room. Your father appears in a flash of light.
...he's wearing a pretty disheveled suit and tie.
Krystal grungingly kneels.
"My lord."
"Good girl."
"What is this nonsense?" Calaron growls.
Alagos pulls an empty magazine out of his pocket and throws it at Calaron's head.
"Shush, the grownups are talking. But yeah, I guess my current state deserves explanation. I was having a romantic dinner with my wife, you see--"
Trysta sqeals in delight and falls off her chair.
"...Krystal, you gotta find some new friends. The point is, we were getting to the good part when I got called here."
Aeneth nods.
"Well, I won't keep her waiting, then. We simply need proof that Aisha is your daughter."
"I'm here, aren't I? Ah... here we go."
Your dad gives you a hug and a pat on the head. Your holy symbol morphs, changing from quartz to a grayish gem, cut in the shape of a lightning bolt. The core is tinged with bright blue.
"She has a fancier one now. I think that's what's supposed to denote demigods."
He squeezes your shoulder before turning back to the Council.
"I better get back. It's chocolate sundae night."
He disappears.
"That's that... if you wish to remain here, Aisha, you're free to do so. It can be terribly dull, though."
"That's a complete lie! There's always at least two fights at one of these!"
"Ah. There is that."

>[]I'll stay.
>[]Uh, I have some important business downstairs...
>>[]I'll stay. You seem cool.
And is there someone that'll take bets on the fights?
"I will not allow bets in this--"
A man in golden armor stands up and sets a large bag of cash on the table.
"Wins what?"
The Order leaders immediately lunge for the bag. You back away, these were some pretty powerful people.
Aeneth's eye twitches as she drums her fingers on the desk.
Aeneth's voice reverberates through your mind. The Order leaders fly back into their seats as if pulled by tethers. They sheepishly look down or glare at their neighbors.
Aeneth gathers the fallen Wisps.
"Thank you for your contribution. This money will allow Aeneth's Light to cure countless victims of Crotch-Rot."
You wince. Crotch-Rot is one of the few things universally despised by this degenerate world.
Aeneth sits down.
"Now. Begin your tax statements."
The man sitting next to Aeneth laments his broken glasses before standing up.
"Profits for the year have been at 135%..."


Geez, there's a ton of statistical work involved in running an extremist religious sect. Granted, Krystal probably just had Faervel work all this out for her, but still.
"Are there any unresolved matters that must be discussed?"
"Yes. I much preferred Krystal's assistant as the Imperator. She was actually sane and competent."
"Calaron, do you still have blood in your piss?"
"Fuck you."
"I'll take that as a no."
Aeneth sighs and waves everyone away.
"Begone. I think this afternoon justifies me some alcohol."
You and Krystal descend the stairs to the Cathedral proper. Kasai and Ash are gone.
You call Kasai in your codec.
"Hey, Aisha."
"Hey. Where are you?"
"We went home, you took too long."
"Yeah, we did take a while... you better not have had too much sex with my sister. I've got something in mind and I want you nice and energetic..."
"Well, she tried coming onto me, but it kinda felt like I was betraying you... see you later."
He hangs up.
"Ah, the troubles of having multiple partners." Krystal sighs.

>[]We should bring them dinner.
>[]Tavern food will work fine.
>>[]We should bring them dinner.
Cause we are nice.
You grab some food from a shop on your way to the tavern, making sure to hide it in a bag on the way to your room. Wouldn't want to hurt the chef's feelings.
Ash lies sideways in a chair, lifting her head to look up at you.
"Hey there."
"Hey. Brought food."
"Cool. Kasai! Dinner!"
Kasai emerges from the bedroom.
"Ooh! Let's see what you brought."
You hand everyone their pseudo-sandwiches. They dig in.
"Mm. This is pretty good."
Krystal takes a drink from her ever-present flask.
"So..." Kasai starts.
"What happened?"

>[]There was a fight!
>[]Boring tax nonsense.
>[]I'm officially recognized as a demigod.
(Did you guys like the Microsoft conference?)
>>[]I'm officially recognized as a demigod.

(Did you guys like the Microsoft conference?)
Was unaware that it was going on.
Was cooking (and consuming) large amounts of catfish.
Never had catfish, but I hope it's good.
"That's nice... how much weight does that hold?"
"I guess it depends on how pious they are. I suspect Death Pauldrons would give me tentative respect at best. Our Order... well, I'll need to prepare myself for the bowing and scraping."
Kasai nods.
"I hope I'm fit enough to be a half-god's boyfriend. What about Castiel and--"
Krystal gags, then manages to swallow her food.
«No. There would be a dramatic increase in weather anomalies if I had. And yes, Castiel is recognized as my son.»
"That's a relief." Krystal mutters.
You continue eating. Hey, you can probably get free pastries in Diluvium now! That alone is worth everything you might have to put up with.
Krystal sits in her chair and drinks, despite having finished her meal...

>[]Uh, we'd kinda like some privacy.
>[]Who cares if she's out here? Just close the bedroom door.
>[]Stay in here. Maybe she'll pass on some wisdom.
>>[]Who cares if she's out here? Just close the bedroom door.
"Well, goodnight."
You close the door and take off your clothes.
"So you see..."
You pick up the Ring of Genderswap and toss it on the air a few times.
"I had an idea. Why don't I put this on--"
You do so, feeling a tinge of vertigo as your body reshapes itself. It's increased by the fact that your voice has lowered a few octaves.
"And we can double-team Ash? Might as well see what it feels like on the ther end."
Kasai shrugs.
"Just don't do anything gay."
"Of course not. It's probably more fun to penetrate women, anyway."
"Quit talking and get over here!"
Ash stands next to you, naked. You stand behind her and move your cock in.
"Uh... where--"
"Higher up. More, mo--yesssssss..."
You feel your cock slide into her ass. Damn, she's tight.
Kasai takes her pussy. Ash moans in pleasure and turns her head around to give you a kiss. Not long after, you climax and fall over.
"You okay, sis?"
"Yeah... that was intense."
You remove the ring and put it on the nightstand.


You yawn and emerge from your room, picking that gunk out of the corners of your eyes. Krystal's fast asleep in a chair, probably drunk. On closer inspection, you can see her hand down her pants. Oh dear...

>[]Krystal? You wanna wake up?
>[]Just get her hand out of there and get breakfast.
>[]Leave her. She wouldn't care who sees her.
>>[]Krystal? You wanna wake up?
Krystal groans and slowly opens her eyes.
"Not particularly..."
She pulls her hand out of her pants and looks at it.
"Dammit, not again..."
She gets up and heads to her room.
"I'll be downstairs in a minute."
You wake the other two up and get some breakfast. Krystal comes downstairs and bites into a pancake before speaking.
"Okay, you little bastards. Today, I'm going to turn you loose onto a former warzone. It should be pretty safe, we've got occupation forces beating the shit out of any resistance forces we find. If they give you any trouble, flash them your Symbols and say I sent you."
Kasai frowns as he chews his food.
"Where do we start?"
"Blackwake. Just follow the coast north and you'll find it. There're some spies there who have been keeping track of black market goods, they should have a record of where your shell went. Henderson's Fishery, knock at the door. They'll ask you where the soul is located, and you reply--"
She grimaces.
"Behind the eyes. Bunch of smartasses."

>[]Hold on, let me write that down.
>[]I doubt they have records from eighteen years ago...
>uhm okay... can we trust them though?
Krystal chuckles.
"Creepy old spies/black market dealers? Fuck no! Keep your hand on your gun around them. Their main concern is self-preservation, so if you threaten that, they'll leave you be."
She gets up.
"Kay, you're done. Go on, shoo. Sooner you're out of here, sooner I can go home and assault my wife."


You sigh and let your hair out as you sink into the bath.
"Now that those little bastards are gone..."
You reach to the side and pick up your glass before draining it. 1436. Good year.
Your codec starts beeping. A quick glance reveals that it's the king.
"Dammit, what now..."

>[]Pick it up.
>[]Silence it. It's your bath time.
>[]Shoot the annoying bastard. You can get another one.
(Krystal time again. Didn't want to write for travel)
>>[]Pick it up.
And give him a bit of the flashy. Maybe it'll cheer him up
You pick up the call.
"Tassoni, I've done some research, and--"
The king stares at you for a moment.
"Is this a bad time?"
"Nah. I don't care who sees my tits. Like 'em?"
"Whether or not I do isn't the point. Besides, I'm happily married. Come to the castle posthaste."
"Can't you just tell me over--"
"It's more dramatic this way. Let a dying dragon have some fun, would you?"
You grumble and lift yourself out of the bath.
"I see you keep that eyepatch on while bathing."
"Don't wanna get water in the socket."
You hang up and get dressed. Damn if this armor wasn't a pain to get into sometimes... that should be your next invention.


"Your Majesty."
"Tassoni. I've found three candidates for Kasai's parents. Two females and a male... of course, the parents might not have been contracted together."
"How do you get bound to a mortal's will, anyway? What would you want that they could give you?"
"Mortals cheat. Loopholes and all. No dragon would willingly part with their egg, not before death. I suppose Kasai's parents might have killed themselves."

>[]Is it really such a big deal to lose an egg?
>[]How many dragons are there, anyway?
>[]Quit beating around the bush and give me their names.
>>[]How many dragons are there, anyway?
"No more than a few dozen. Once, there were hundreds, but... we dragons only create one egg in our lifetimes. Every generation, the population of our species is halved."
The king sighs deeply and slumps on his throne.
"I may have to enlist your son's help to... keep the bloodline intact. Unless I'm able to find a more fitting suitor for my daughter."
"Yeah... queen has to have a king, and Kasai has his sights set on someone else."
The king nods gravely.
"Indeed. Anyway, the three most likely candidates for Kasai's parenthood would be Cambyn, Grennoss, and Froteis. This is going off of scale color and circumstance alone, should Kasai find his shell, I will probably be able to determine his exact parentage."
A guard opens the door sheepishly.
"What is it?"
"Your Majesty, I have dire news... could you summon the princess?"
The king calls out. Cammat approaches a few moments later.
"Yes, come closer. What's this about?"
The guard steps up to the throne. He's sweating profusely.
"W-well, you see..."

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 4 (1d20)

The guard pulls something out of his pocket. Something glass, filled with blinding light--
The guard smashes the vial. The ceiling collapses...


You groan and look around. Rubble, panic. Two dragons with scorch marks on their scales.
Most of your body's pinned under a slab of rock. Right arm broken, as well as several ribs. Probably a crushed lung as well.
You could slime your way out, but there's no guarantee your more serious injuries could be repaired that way. Besides, you'd be naked and without equipment.

>[]Cammat, Culdranth... you okay?
>[]Alagos, if there was ever a time for a miracle...
>[]Play dead. There might be more coming.
>>[]Cammat, Culdranth... you okay?
File: IMG_1615.jpg (173 KB, 829x1024)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
The king roars loud enough to hurt your ears and swipes at a wall, sending what remained of it flying. Cammat hurries over to you and lifts the slab off your body.
"Krystal," she says, clearly panicked. "We need to get you to a healer--"
Someone makes their way across the rubble. You try to sit up, Cammat has to help you lean against some masonry.
The newcomers are that group of knights... and this time, they have a leader.
Tall, dark scales, wings, horns. A dragon.
Cammat changes to humanoid form and hides behind a rock. None of the knights pay her any mind.
"Are you responsible for this!?" the king roars.
The dragon remains silent. He grows into a dark beast, rivaling the king in size.
"That's how it is? Don't mistake me for an easy target!"
The king lunges toward the Void Dragon. Cammat makes her way over to you and places her hands on you.
"Come on, work! Where's mother..?"
A woman in what had probably been a white dress climbs over a pile of rubble.
"Cammat! I saw the castle from outside and--"
"Mother! Krystal needs help!"
The Queen places her hands on top of Cammat's. You feel your body knit back together, though it still feels like you've been hit by an explosion almost point-blank.

>[]I need to get you out of here.
>[]I have to go help the king.
>[]Call those kids. They might've been ambushed...
>>[]I have to go help the king.
Or at least check if we can be of any help... maybe smack some void knight ass.
You get up and lower your helmet's visor.
"I'm going to help."
"What? You can't just--"
"I can take out those knights, at least! Get out of here!"
You run toward the battle. The Void Dragon bites the king's throat and starts shaking his head. Culdranth bellows and hurls himself to the side, knocking the thing free. You just barely manage to avoid getting crushed.
Three of the knights leap over rubble and attack. One misses, but the other two manage to puncture your armor.
Culdranth rips at the Void Dragon, but it shrugs off his attacks and wards him off by breathing black flame. It starts to get up.

>[]Get on. Might as well have an awesome death.
>[]Keep fending off the knights. (D20)
>[]This was a bad idea. You need to run.
Rolled 12 (1d20)

>>[]Keep fending off the knights. (D20)
The void knights approach. You deflect one blow, then the other. The third overreaches with his sword. You rip it from his hand and drive it through his chestplate. He groans and disappears in a puff of shadow.
You knock the helmet off one knight, and deflect the other's strike. The Void Dragon swipes his claws at Culdranth, who backs up and charges forward, knocking his opponent to the ground. You're knocked into the air.
"Shit! Okay, okay, hold on to something..."
These are scales, aren't they.
It seems you're on the Void Dragon's back. Not a good position.
To make it worse, the two remaining knights teleport up to you.

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 1 (1d20)

You transform into a slime and shoot out of your helmet's visor. A knight catches you in a sphere of darkness, squeezing you into an impossibly small space.
Time passes. You can't do anything but listen to the shrieking and smashing and roaring happening outside your prison. Finally, the spell is dropped. You jump back into your armor and turn to face the knights just before they teleport away.

Behind them lay Culdranth's corpse.
The Royal Guard rushes into the ruins of the palace, led by the queen and Cammat. The two of them run over to the king's body and fall to the ground, crying.
You slash your sword clear through a stone pillar.


"Stop, that tickles!"
You brush Kasai's hand away from your neck and chomp into your sandwich. You'd decided to have a picnic while flying over this pretty grove. Best decision you've made, this was much better than eating while flying.
Some faint roars could be heard in the distance a few minutes ago, but they've quieted down. Probably the wind.

>[]Well, let's get going!
>[]We haven't done it outside, have we? Could be fun.
>[]Let's call Krystal, tell her what she's missing.
>>[]Let's call Krystal, tell her what she's missing.
You call Krystal.
"Hey, guess what--"
"Please tell me that isn't an instruction."
"Well, I doubt it was his dad, but the point is that the palace was suicide bombed and those knights showed up again with a fucking DRAGON AND KILLED THE KING."
She runs a hand through her hair and paces.
"Cammat and the queen are perfectly qualified, but... fuck me, I almost died. This is gonna be hell. I'll get back to you later."
Krystal hangs up. You explain what happened to Kasai and Ash.
"He's... dead?"
Kasai clenches his fist before getting to his feet.
"Now I HAVE to find my eggshell."
He starts packing his supplies. You follow suit.


You touch down on a grassy hill.
"We'll make camp here."
Kasai lights a fire with his breath, eats a quick dinner, and grabs a rifle from his supplies.
"I'll keep watch. Those things can teleport, they might've caught up to us."

>[]Kasai, you're starting to scare me. Just relax.
>[]You mind if I stay up with you?
>[]Do what you want.
>Hey, if you're gonna be all tense forever now you'll be tired when you need your strength and clarity. Now I'm gonna fuck Ash and go to sleep. Wake me in a few hours OK?
And can Aisha channel lightning?
You sigh and give the top of his head a kiss before walking back to Ash.
"Should I get a bedroll?"
"Nah, the grass is nice and soft."
You lie down. Ash undresses you slowly, pulling your panties off with her teeth.
"Mm, I love your tits..."
She starts licking your nipples. You untie her panties and rub her ass.
"Just my tits?"
"The rest of you is fine. But the best parts are this pussy..."
She slides two fingers inside you.
"Your ass..."
She gives you a spank.
"Your tail..."
She pulls on it and licks the tip.
"But I like your tits best."
You moan and roll over, pinning Ash to the floor.
"Kasai's in a bad mood. We should be quiet for him."
You turn around and sit on her face.
"So wet... you've wanted this all day, haven't you?"
You bend down and slip your tongue inside Ash. She moans and wriggles hers around, causing your hips to jerk.
She cums, filling your mouth with sweet liquid. You don't last much longer than her.
Ash sighs and slaps your ass.
"Alright, get on the ground. Been wanting to try something."
You lie down. She gets on top of you and gives you several kisses. Her tail starts rubbing your clit and teasing the entrance to your pussy.
"Come on, get yours up here!"


You're shaken awake. Kasai stands over you, his eyes half-shut.
"Your turn." he yawns.
You get up and take his rifle. You've got plenty of energy, staying up a few extra hours shouldn't be a problem. The more powerful succubi can go without food or sleep... even make people cream their pants without laying a finger on them.

>[]Wanna sleep next to me? You can keep me warm.
>[]Did we bother you too much? You've probably got some pretty blue balls.
>[]Leave him be. He just needs a good sleep.
Well, everyone can channel lightning if they practice. But yeah, she'd be better at it than most if she used it as much as her other talents.
>>[]Leave him be. He just needs a good sleep.
Then we should start practicing.
But not right now.
You sit up and stare out at the surrounding grasslands. It's quite pretty at night, with the moon overhead, bathing the countryside in light. You can spot the telltale fiery glow of Ruin's palace, which means Dad should be right over there. Your watch is otherwise uneventful, and you wake Ash up when your turn's over.


"Aisha, breakfast."
You groan and struggle to get on your feet. Waking up was always such a pain...
It's a somber morning. Clouds cover the sky, probably Dad mourning the king's death. Shouldn't be an issue for flying, though.
Hours later, you're crusing peacefully over the coast. All is well until a massive, jet-black dragon descends from the clouds. The knights on its back seem surprised at your presence, and quickly motion for it to get back above cloud cover. Your codec rings.
"Shit! Did you see that?"
"I think we all saw it, Kasai."
"The hell are they doing here!?"

>[]We have to go after them!
>[]Stay down here! If worst comes to worst I can ask Dad for a favor.
>[]We have to land. NOW.
Let Krystal know about the sighting, then go hide in the clouds.
If it goes to shit, ask Alagos to help you hide. Indirect intervention is the key here.
You call Krystal.
"What is it now?"
"We just sighted those knights, and the dragon."
"Did they see you?"
"Yeah, but they pulled out right after. Dunno why. We're heading into the clouds."
"Alright, but if you even suspect that they're next to you, dive. You don't wanna be caught up there."
She hangs up. You swoop up into the clouds and maintain a steady course.
"Thick as Ash's ass--no, terrible metaphor. Thick as pea soup is the term."
After a few minutes of this, a quick break in the clouds allows you to see a little farther, into the eye sockets of the void knight no more than two meters away.
The dragon spews black flame, obscuring itself in a dense cloud. When it dissipates, it's disappeared entirely.

>[]Peek above the clouds. Might as well see what it looks like.
Hopefully they didn't have the same idea.
You land and take a look around. Grasslands. If they were nearby, they'd have trouble getting to you before you can take off.
Ash pulls her goggles off and stares at you wide-eyed.
"It was right next to me..." you mutter.
Kasai checks on his rifle again.
"Furthest thing from cool. They killed the king, they'd kill us without hesitation."
Ash sighs.
"Relax. If they could, why didn't they? They had us. Twice."
"No idea, but it can't be good. You have a gun, Ash?"
"Yeah. 'Breach-loaded shotgun'. Never took to the things."
You put an arm around her shoulders.
"Well, all you need to know for this is how to get close to someone and pull the trigger. And reloading, I guess."

>[]Might as well have another camp.
>[]We'll stay here for an hour before taking off.
>[]They're gone, let's get going.
>>[]We'll stay here for an hour before taking off.
Tell Kasai to watch the skies while we give him a quickie.
"Kasai, keep a lookout. I'll just take care of that stress..."
You unzip his pants and pause.
"Ash, you keep a lookout, too. He's probably gonna be distracted."
"Sure thing."
"Aisha, now really isn't the time for--"
You silence him with a kiss.
"You won't do anyone any good all tense like this. Just hold still and--"
"Aisha, that's enough!"
He pushes you away and zips his pants back up. You stare in shock.
"Am I the only one who understands what's going on!? The king is dead, palace destroyed, and Aunt C is out there somewhere with enough firepower to level any building she wants! So excuse me for thinking that this is a little more important right now!"
He turns away from you.

>[]What's your problem today? It's not like you knew that guy well.
>[]Still, you've gotta cut loose sometimes. I understand if you're not in the mood right now...
>[]Apologize this instant.
Hm. That's rare.
>[]Still, you've gotta cut loose sometimes. I understand if you're not in the mood right now...
Kasai grunts.
"Is having sex all you ever think about?"
"No. But I kind of have a biological need to--"
"Can't you just deal with it!?"
"No, Kasai. I can't 'just deal with it'! Even if I went cold turkey, you know what would happen? Withdrawal. After a few days, I'd have to change my panties every few hours. You've seen me, I couldn't fire a gun to save my life! If it gets bad enough, I assault people against my will! Happened with Krystal once."
You sigh and sit next to Kasai.
"If I want to live a normal life, I need my fix, so to speak. So it's either have sex once in a while with someone I--"
The word sticks in your throat again. Godsdammit.
"--or furiously masturbate three times a day for a semblance of sanity."
Kasai looks over at you.
"Good for you. Have you ever been in my position? Feeling your energy being sucked out of your body? Wondering whether or not each time takes away a few years?"
He scoffs.
"No, you haven't."
You try to meet his eyes before getting up.
"We're moving out."


Ash points to a building in the town below.
"Henderson's Fishery. Passcode is 'behind the eyes', right?"
She looks back at you and groans.
"Are you two still doing this shit?"

>[]I'm waiting for an apology.
>[]Oh, just you wait. Next tavern room we get and all our problems will disappear.
File: 1474889736067.jpg (61 KB, 700x430)
61 KB
>I feel sad. I'm almost thinking of taking an oath of chastity. Well towards mortals anyway...
:(( he don't like getting sucked on :(
"Oh, we both know that's gonna last about as long as a pocky stick around your mom. Worst-case scenario, I'll just lock you both in a closet until I hear moaning."
Ash sighs and brushes hair out of her face.
"Come on, let's get this spy nonsense out of the way."
You walk up to the warehouse and bang on the door.
"Where is the soul located..?" a weak voice pondered from the other side. If you didn't know better, you'd think he was talking to himself.
"Behind the eyes."
"Interesting hypothesis..."
Ash bangs on the door again.
"I don't have all day!"
"Fine, come in."
The door slides open. You go inside, looking at the dock worker who had been guarding the door.
"We're looking for Henderson."
"Main room, that way. You'll know him when you see him."
You enter the room. It reeks of fish and sickly smoke. A grizzled, gray-haired man lies sprawled on a chair, alternating between a drink and some sort of blunt. The drink is... interesting, mainly due to the mini slime girl sitting on the edge of the glass.
Henderson squints up at you.
"Ah. More customers."
He takes a sip of his drink. The slime girl rubs up against his tongue... creepy.

>[]You don't look like a spy.
>[]You're not gonna eat her... right?
>[]Has a dragon egg been through this town?
>Huh, who else's been here?
>also, we're looking for info on an item that should have travelled through here some years ago...
Henderson sets his glass aside.
"There's been some shady characters around here. Black cloaks, dark mists, deep voices. Been getting them every other day since I started this job, comes with the territory. What's the item?"
You make sure no one else is listening.
"A dragon eggshell."
Henderson coughs, spewing part of his blunt on the floor.
"I wondered when someone would come looking for it. Shoulda guessed when I saw the fucking dragon come in..."
He folds his arms.
"Yeah, I've got info on it. For a price."

>[]Name it.
>[]I'm not getting the runaround from you. Krystal Tassoni would be very disappointed.
>[]Hmm. How about you tell us where it is, and we don't kill you?
>>[]I'm not getting the runaround from you. Krystal Tassoni would be very disappointed.
And that's her son right there.
"Mm-hm. She had to pay for information, too."
Henderson goes back to his drink.
"You don't pay me, you don't get anything. You kill me, you get shot by Tiny over there in the corner."
"You torture me, you'll get nowhere. I lost my kidneys six times once. 'Sides, can't remember shit if I don't have the files..."
Ash pouts.
"Aww, isn't there anything we could do to change your mind?" she says, """accidentally""" giving Henderson a nice look down her top.
"Hmm. I speak your language, but I'm afraid this information's pretty costly. Need at least a week's worth of... payment, so you'll have to stay here. Your two friends, lovers, whoever the fuck might miss you."

>[]Have at her. We can manage without.
>[]No way. What did you have in mind before?
>[]Bet I can find it without your help (sneak in later to steal his files).
>[]No way. What did you have in mind before?
"Shame. I'm in need of something... a key. It should be in the hands of one Montresor Thèrnardier, a local thief. It is able to unlock any door."
Henderson pulls out a map and circles a house on it.
"He has a little sister named Crimson, could be a weak link. In exchange for the key, I'll give you an item from my collection, as well as the information you're looking for. Now, be off!"
You're herded out of the Fishery.

>[]Get some rooms before doing this.
>[]Go scout out the place.
>[]Ask around town, see if you can find Crimson.
Sounds like he wants an auto pick.
>[]Get some rooms before doing this.
You walk over to a decent tavern and get a room. You've got a lovely view of occupation forces beating up some nationalist.
"Interesting guy."
Ash flops onto the bed and rolls around.
"Ah, this one's all lumpy. Barbarians."
Kasai sits in a chair and takes his boots off.
"Well, as long as we can sleep on it."
"Ugh! Put those back on, your feet stink."
"You smelled yourself recently?"
"Kasai, that was rude!"
Kasai rolls his eyes.
"Sorry. What's our plan now?"

>[]We should really make up. Let me change into my special underwear first.
>[]We check out Montresor and his sister. See how dangerous they are.
>[]He probably carries the key on him... we'll wait for him to go to sleep and steal it then.
>[]Obviously, we go to henderson's place and steal those files.
>>[]Obviously, we go to henderson's place and steal those files.
And the slime girl.
"Oh, this'll go well..."


Kasai calls you just before you're about to enter the warehouse.
"Remember, you don't have to take the files, per se. Just read them."
"Got it."
You crawl along the riverbed until you find a hole in the floor big enough to squeeze through.
Some quick climbing, and you're in a sort of crawl space above the ceiling. Insulation was probably supposed to go here.
You peek through a crack in the boards. Henderson's still nursing his drink. You can barely make out the little slime girl humping the glass edge.
"Mm, I'm about done... bottoms up."
The slime girl is washed down Henderson's throat.
The bastard gets up.

>[]Follow him.
>[]Call Kasai and start mourning.
>[]Explore. You can find where the files are yourself. (D20)
Rolled 4 (1d20)

>>[]Explore. You can find where the files are yourself. (D20)
And after you read the files, take a shit in them.
You crawl under the floorboards for a few more minutes, looking up and down to determine your location.
...no footsteps here, seems good.
You quietly push a floorboard up and slip out of the crawl space. You're in some kind of bedroom.
Shit, someone's coming!
You roll under the bed and keep your breathing even.
Henderson opens the door and looks around.
"Someone's here..."
He walks closer to you, then ever so slowly bends down, reaching a hand under the bed... before grabbing a rat by the tail and yanking it out.
"There you are, ya little bugger! Let's see how you like THIS!"
He sticks the rat in a long sock and flails it around, smacking it into the walls. The bruised animal is tossed out a window, and Henderson rolls onto his bed. The bed faces away from the door... you think.

>[]Slowly crawl your way to the door.
>[]Try to get to the crawl space from under here.
>[]Now's your chance! Shoot him through the mattress!
Rolled 6 (1d20)

>Slowly inch your way out, with your weapon ready. Then do the
>Hrrm. Wasn't only a rat dragged in.
rolling for successful banditry
Rolled 20 (1d20)

You ever so slowly drag yourself out from under the bed and stand up. Henderson is sleeping fitfully.
You draw your gun and put it against his head.
"Wasn't just a rat that snuck in."
He wakes and tries to sit up, but stops upon seeing what you're holding.
"Mm-hm. Me and my friends really don't like doing things for people."
Henderson glances around nervously.
"You won't make it out of this town alive. I've got connections, debts."
"Oh, they won't know it was me. Everyone knows you smoke a lot, an accident was bound to happen sometime..."

>[]Kill him quietly.
>[]Make him get the files/other loot for you first.
>>[]Make him get the files/other loot for you first.
"Okay 'bucko', time for you to get me those files. And maybe a few other items."
He gets up.
"Don't even think about calling out. My friends are waiting outside, and... well, we'd give the occupation forces something to talk about for months."
Henderson leads you to a small, locked room. He digs inside some drawers and hands you a notebook.
You read through it.

Dragon eggshell: origin unknown.
Sold to one Golvin in black market auction. Orc, maintains one of the Order of Ruin's fortresses.

You look up.
"That's it? That's all you have?"
"Didn't say it was good information."
You sigh.
"Open up that lockbox."
Henderson hesitates, then does as you ask.
Inside is a face mask, a bottle of dark red liquid, and...
"A dress?"
"Would've been your reward if you had done as I said." Henderson grunts.
"Changes shape. Looks like whatever you want it to, even leather armor. Doesn't protect for shit though."
You grab the items, keeping a firm grip on your gun. Let's see...
The dress changes into a bracelet, which you slide on your arm. This could be fun.
"Anything else you want to con me out of?" Henderson growls.

>[]Your life.
>[]Nah, I'm just gonna help you get back to sleep.
>[]Knock him out, then set his warehouse on fire.
>>[]Your life.
Very much dislike vore.
You pull the trigger.
Henderson jerks back and collapses. You try to hold back your nausea. What're you forgetting...
The revenant!
You get your weird magic laser gun and slot in the fire lens, setting Henderson's body alight before climbing out the nearest window.


You close the door to your room and flop on the floor, breathing heavily. You'd just barely managed to escape some guards.
"Did you... get it?" Kasai asks.
You relay the information and show them your loot.
The mask covers your eyes, but allows you to see a top-down view of a 200 foot area, centered on you.
The dress functioned as promised. It could look like leather, and feel like leather, but it probably wouldn't do much.
The flask you got is obviously a love potion.

Who gets what?
>Save the love potion for a rainy day, keep the mask, give Kasai the dress.
You put the mask in your bag. Ash examines the love potion.
"Mind if I hold onto this?"
"No, as long as you don't do anything stupid."
You slide the bracelet off your arm and toss it to Kasai.
"...what's this?"
"You can make it look like any clothing you want."
He stares at it for a moment and puts it on. It changes into his usual outfit, that is to say, pants and a shirt.
"...that's all you can think of?"
He shrugs.
"Yeah, I don't really care about clothes. I guess I could change these into underwear so I can get dressed faster..."
You sigh.
"Ash, we need to work on Kasai's sense of style."
"Roger that. Want me to get some food?"

>[]Sure. That mission made me hungry.
>[]No, I'm good.
>>[]Sure. That mission made me hungry.
But don't get any ideas with that potion.
"Of course not! Why would I ever do something like that? Heh."
Ash slips out the door.
You and Kasai sit there awkwardly for a while.
"Uh... so. Henderson's dead."
Your stomach clenches at the statement. You haven't really gotten to the point where killing stops making you sick.
"Yeah, he is."
Kasai moves to sit next to you.
"I'm sorry about earlier. It's just that I finally met some actual relatives... royalty, no less, and then one of them has to go and die the next day. I was... still am conflicted. So yeah. I was acting like an asshole."
You look at him and open your mouth to speak.
"I'm back!"
Ash comes in and sets a tray of food before you. You all grab some and dig in.
You gulp your drink down and set the cup on the tray, brushing Kasai's hand as you do so. You look up at him, and your heartbeat flutters...
"Dammit, Ash! What did I JUST say!?"
"Calm down, I only put a drop in each of your drinks."
"We were just apologizing! Everything was working out!"
"It'll work out faster, now."

>[]Resist. (D20)
>[]Try to keep it to snappily staring into each other's eyes.
>[]Sorry, Kasai... romance turns me on too much...
Rolled 7 (1d20)

>>[]Resist. (D20)
Try and resist, at least till Kasai fails.
Kasai wipes his forehead.
"It's fine, just a potion, those aren't 100% effective. Just have to wait it out, right Aisha?"
He looks at you. You're currently breathing heavily, and it kinda feels like you're gonna melt.
"Too hot, gotta take these off..."
"Ash, help her! Ash--for fuck's sake, stop touching yourself!"
You fling your shirt away and press Kasai's face between your breasts.
"Shhhhhh. Isn't it nice and warm?"
Kasai unconsciously puts his hands on your hips.
"Aww. You must be pent up. C'mere, let's get these clothes off you... then we'll murder Ash."


You wake up spooning against Kasai.
Okay, sure. Love potion. But that doesn't explain where all the rose petals and candles came from. And what's that bottle...
You turn it around and look at the brand name.
...holy shit. This wasn't just some expensive wine, this was the expensive wine. Krystal didn't even have this because it was a 'waste of money'.
A note was being held down by the bottle.

Whew! I can feel that from all the way up here! Using a love potion on a 'succubus' is cheating, but still!
-Adasser <3

Oh, boy.

>[]Look around for the romantic breakfast.
>[]Just settle in. Kasai's too warm to give up at the moment.
"Something wrong?"
She pokes her head out of the bathroom door. Kasai stirs.
"I told you SPECIFICALLY not to do anything with that love potion!"
"Aww, come on! You and Kasai enjoyed it, right? I know I did."
"We're getting creepy notes from Adasser!"
"Pfft. Like, one out of ten people get presents from 'Adasser' when they lose their--holy shit, is that White Wolf?"
She picks up the bottle of wine on the nightstand.
"It IS! We should save this, it's gotta be used for a special occasion."
You sigh. Nothing you can do about it now... you'll just have to keep a better eye on Ash.
Kasai wakes up and blinks.
"Huh... petals. Hey, Aisha."
He gives you a kiss and sits up.
"I feel fantastic! And hungry."


You sit around the table and eat your breakfast.
"So." Kasai starts, his mouth full.
"I had a pretty good idea."
"Wow. How'd you do it?"
"Ash, I swear... anyway, we're gonna be stealing my shell from this fortress, right? So... why don't we hire that one thief? Montresor? He's got a key that can open any door, that would definitely come in handy. 'Course, its Aisha's call."
You frown, setting your fork down.
"Why IS it my call, anyway?"
"You're the only one of us that can hear the voices."
"Oh, yeah..."

>[]Can't hurt to have him around. Let's see if he's interested.
>[]Not sure if we can trust him. We should steer clear of thieves.
>[]OR, we could break into his house and take the key for ourselves!
>>[]Not sure if we can trust him. We should steer clear of thieves.
>Let's call Krystal with the news.
You call Krystal up.
"Hey. We know where the eggshell is."
"Yeah, this guy named Golvin took it to his--"
"...I see you know him."
"Almost blew his dumbass fort up. Guess it's good that I didn't, otherwise the shell would be long gone. All the fire from the explosives just got... sucked up. By the way, how's Henderson?"
"He... his place burned down the day after we got the info."
"...yeah. Any advice for breaking into his house?"
"Well, the area's pretty snowy. Wearing white would be advised. The fortress is up against a cliff, so scaling down it would get you inside pretty easily. I don't remember the layout well... if you can find someone with good sneaking skill or a map, you should take them along, too. Most importantly, DO NOT GO LOUD. They will chew you up and spit you back out if they see you."
Krystal hangs up.

>[]Well, guess we should poke around for intel.
>[]Okay, maybe we SHOULD hire that Montresor guy.
>Welp... lets check that montresor guy out. Maybe we can learn a few tricks if not else.
You get up and finish your last bits of breakfast.
"We should check his house first. Don't really have any other leads..."


You stand outside Montresor's presumed residence. Looked decent enough. A small garden, faithfully tended to, sits out front.
"Don't see anyone inside..." Kasai remarks.
"What are we even supposed to say? 'Hey, mind helping us break into a highly secure fortress? We'll give you ₩50'!"
Ash frowns.
"Hi! Are you looking for my brother?"
You jump slightly. A redheaded girl had snuck up behind you while you weren't looking.
"My name's Crimson."
She grabs your hand and happily shakes it.
"Uh... hi, Crimson."

>[]We need your brother's help. It's... pretty important.
>[]We just heard he's the best thief in this town. Wanted to meet him.
>[]W-we weren't doing anything here! Just looking at those flowers, yes!
File: Thinking.gif (455 KB, 256x256)
455 KB
455 KB GIF
>>[]We just heard he's the best thief in this town. Wanted to meet him.
Crimson, where have I heard that name before?
>check your pockets if its all there still.
>>1578190 (well, I'm not exactly trying to be subtle)
You pat your pockets. Everything seems to be there...
Wait--no, nevermind.
"Oh, you can stop by for lunch! We never get any visitors!"
"We wouldn't want to bother--"
"I insist! My brother's always shutting himself up in his room, he needs to talk to someone besides me."
Crimson smiles at you.
"...okay, then."
"Yay! Oh, I never got your names..."
"I'm Aisha, that's my sister Ashley. Call her Ash. And this is--"
"Kasai, I'm Aisha's boyfriend."
"Ooooooh, I want one!"
"You'll get one someday. Alright, we gotta go..."
You walk away from the house.
"That was weird."

>[]Is there anything worth doing in this town?
>[]We should keep an eye on that house... Montresor might've been hiding.
>>[]Is there anything worth doing in this town?
You take a look around. There's a few shops full of scrimshaw trinkets and whatnot... you could always just watch the ships for a few hours.
Or there's the place over there where you can gamble magic items.
"This place sucks." Ash says.
"Well, there isn't much to do in a northern fishing town. Occupation isn't helping, either. If all else fails, we could go to the black market and probably get into a fight."

>[]Let's see how rigged that gambling place is.
>[]Off to the black market, then!
>[]Skip time until lunch.
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New thread.

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