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Last time on Anarchy Accountant Quest, you finally managed to find some high-profile clients. Battered and bruised from before, you got a chance to rest up in safety under peacemaker guard. You met six seemingly powerful men, and were by hired four of them.

You were hired by Alfonzo and Wilson, both Captain-commanders of the peacemakers. The peacemakers are a private military company that sells bodyguard and security services, in addition to stopping public fighting. They also help the war effort at the front, near no-mans-land, when necessary. Alfonzo is in control in the city’s north-west quadrant, while Wilson controls the south-west.

You were also hired by Charles, CEO of Major Munitions. You know little about Major Munitions, but remember hearing about it before you came to Bordercity. They had done a hostile takeover of another company, Second Strike, and it was important enough to feature on the world news. Charles claims to have enough data to run a simulation of the city.

The last person you were hired by was Ezekiel Seeker of Truth, his full name, a seeker of unknown rank. The Seekers of Truth are a secret society, all that you know about them is through rumor or conversation you’ve had with a seeker.

You met Warren, chief production coordinator of the Foundry. The Foundry owns vast tracts of land outside the city used for mining. They also produce food deep underground for nearly a quarter of the entire Dystopian moon colony’s needs.

You also met Nicholas, majority stockholder of Advanced Armaments. They specialize in personal use weapons and vehicles. They also build most of the city’s androids, drones, and other automatons, as well as power armor.

You returned to The Firm overjoyed with your success, and had a nice meal with Claire and Glen.

Setting: https://pastebin.com/yZb6BCmU

Thread 1 summary: https://pastebin.com/FRbwWxdH

Thread 1: https://pastebin.com/4fS2jZ3F

Thread 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1505824/

Thread 3: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1522271/
“Let’s go check on Jinx before anything else.”

“Alright, sure.” Claire yawns, standing up from her meal as Glen make to leave. She’s already given your office apartment instructions to allow him access.

“Hey Claire, your android’s in the back. I’ll be right with you.” Claire’s friend Alice works at the mechanics bay. She’s there to greet her when you arrive. Much shorter than Claire normally, almost six inches shorter, right now she’s standing on an exo-frame that’s around ten feet tall. She moves the controls to set down the vehicle she was repairing, and hops off the platform once it finishes.

“Hello, Alice.” Alice doesn’t particularly like you but you try to be civil.

“You already scratched up my work from earlier today, impressive.” She addresses Claire.

“Sorry about that.” Claire apologizes, even though you gave the order for Jinx to defend.

“’Don’t worry it’s my job.”

“So, I was wondering if we could do anything to make Claire’s android more efficient at protecting us.”

“Hello, Michael. Well before that, I was told there is a security issue. Apparently, you were bumped up two levels of clearance today. What’s that about?”

Hendrik would probably know, but you’re unsure, so you make a guess. ‘I did get a temporary promotion to head of the accounting division.”

“I don’t think that would do it. Anyways, Claire’s android exports most of its processing to the system, that’s an unacceptable situation. We’ve made a dedicated partition on one of our private systems s-comps and we’ve modified the androids operating systems to draw from it now.”

“Well thanks for setting that up.” Your honestly grateful, it sounds like a much more secure setup.

“I didn’t do it for you, it was orders. The partition has room for a software upgrade to boost effectiveness of the unit. With your new clearance, they would have assigned you some kind of automaton guard anyways, they figure this is cheaper.”

You look it into the options with Claire, who has accessed the s-com partition with her tablet. Claire want to make Jinx a strong A.I. for the elevated level of utility, predictability, and consistency they are known to have. You on the other hand want to make Jinx a neural net synth, for the high level of independence.

“But if we make Jinx a synth, we can give more complex or vague orders. We can always be sure it will figure out what to do in combat. It will have the best judgement.” After a bit of convincing, Claire comes around to the idea.

Separate votes:

>Get upgrades for Jinx. (Write in 1-3 things you want.)
>Leave as is.


>Talk with Alice about something else.
>Go give your report to Hendrik.
>Go home and sleep (then time skip to Hendrik’s office the next day.)
>Look up something on your phone.
>Write in.

[Twitter: @AnAccQM ]
>Get upgrades for Jinx. (Write in 1-3 things you want.)

>Iron Giant like chest reactor core that can turn into a beam weapon
>Advanced Etiquette and Comfort protocols and services (Encyclopedic knowledge of current etiquette, the ability to brew and serve tea, etc.)
Nothing lewd at all, I want to completely confuse Claire when she realizes we really don't have a thing for Androids
>Gecko Grip hands and feet

>Go give your report to Hendrik.
>Get upgrades for Jinx. (Write in 1-3 things you want.)
Advanced hand-to-hand combat programming.
The ability to throw arcs of electricity at foes to stun humans and disable droids.
And >>1536333 etiquette thing, especially if we can put the bartender DLC in there.

>we really don't have a thing for Androids

I... I have to go... wash my cat now...

No that's the thing, we totally want that, we just don't want to have sex with her

Also I am pretty sure she has advanced hand-to-hand training
For reference this is what you chose for Jinx.

>A seed based on the android’s operating system is used to simulate a human mind. It experiences virtual reality at twelve point five million percent real time; a simulated upbringing with education and on-the-job training. An hour after the process begins, it completes socialization and education. This neural net is then taken out of the simulation and merged with the android’s operating systems. It is a sentient being.
Oh so we just want a Robo-Imouto, then?

“I have a few requests. I’d like a micro-fusion core implanted in the android, make it one of the ones with a gamma pulse emitter. Put some magnetic beam emitters in its hands to direct the charges from its tasers over range. Also give it a climbing pack, probably micro-adhesion would be best.”

“Sounds easy enough, I’d recommend you get a magnetic climbing pack too, just in case, that’s a cheap component.” She types up your requests into her computer console. “Looks like you don’t have enough finance-credits in your company account to cover even just the gamma pulse emitter. You can get everything else as well as a photon-ray gun lens instead. It’s a bow and arrows compared to the emitter, but arrows can still kill people.”

You’re account balance is cleaned out of financial credits, leaving you with only the 8,000 you have on the card you carry with you. But once it gets out of the training simulation, Jinx should be a force to be reckoned with.

“Claire, are you almost ready to go yet?

“I have everything set up but I need to set the conditions for the simulation, should we be in it? I can simulate it to one level of clearance below you. You should check out all the latest information you can access by the way. I, uh… borrowed your account for a few minutes to upload it to the partition.”

You decide how to set up the simulation while the two of you walk to Hendrik’s office.

First, how is Jinx’s upbringing and education handled?
>Jinx is raised by, and educated by, simulated versions of you and Claire.
>Jinx is raised with simulated versions of you and Claire, who all are educated by simulated instructors.
>Jinx is raised by, and educated by, simulated parents and instructors.
>Write in.

Second, how is Jinx’s on-the-job training handled? Pick up to two.
>Jinx trains as your and Claire’s bodyguard.
>Jinx trains as your and Claire’s servant.
>Jinx trains as an agent of The Firm with simulated team-members.
>Jinx trains in war simulation.
>Write in.

Does Jinx identify as female now? If yes, does she create a new name for herself while in simulation.
>Yes to both. (Suggest name.)
>Yes. No to name change.
>It just creates a name but stays sexless. (Suggest name.)
>No to both.

[Had trouble posting sorry for the wait.]
>Jinx is raised by simulated parents
>Jinx is trained as a bodyguard
>jinx is trained as an agent
>yes to both
isabelle is a nice name desu
>Jinx is raised by, and educated by, simulated parents and instructors.
Always fun to have a new face to tease.

>Jinx trains as your and Claire’s bodyguard.
>Jinx trains as your and Claire’s servant.

>Yes to both. (Suggest name.)
Nah, Isabelle's good.

Can we add in a hobby that she might take up? I was thinking Holographic Fashion Programming.
>Can we add in a hobby

This for sure
“Let’s have Jinx be raised by simulants. I want us to be fresh faces when it gets out.”

“Sure, I can do that, let me just set them up. Around twenty years of education should be enough. How should I set the training you think?

“I’d say bodyguard and servant. Those should give it a wide range of skillsets. Bodyguard should give good combat training and servant will give etiquette training. What do you think?”

“That should be fine, it’s not too much. It will also have free time to develop a sense of self and personal interests.” She finishes typing and hits a on screen button with a flourish of finality. “All done. In an hour, the simulation should switch to real time until we go pick it up.”

“Great to hear it. Hendrik should have finished watching our implant data by now, should speed this up.” You reach his new office soon after, and the two of you walk in after you unlock the door with your I.D. card.

Hendrik sits at his desk facing a number of active monitors. One of them plays back footage from Claire’s retina implants. When he notices you’ve entered he spins his chair around giving you both an uncharacteristically large smile. “Congratulations you two. I’m up to date on your work, this is just reviewing.” He points to the monitor with footage of you leading the pack of strangers through the melee that was the first floor of the physical capital section.

“Congratulations for us both? I don’t officially work here.” Claire asks.

“That’s about to change. Your scheme has finally paid off. At least one of the customers Michael gained today was a loophole. I can’t tell you which of course, but once the paperwork gets back to us in two days, you two will officially be loopholes.” You’re shocked, it finally happened.

“That is good news, Hendrik.” Claire sits down, taking in the news.

“Thank you, sir.”

‘Loophole’ is a phenomenon that was born out of the new state constitution of The Government. As is Dystopian tradition, where constitutions are concerned, first drafts are final drafts. Because of this there’s always a few gray areas to be exploited. Loopholes can take advantage of benefits of contracts, but is no longer beholden to their conditions.

You’ve managed to finally meet the last criteria for a non-explicit loophole. If an employee of an intelligence agency lives with and works with a self-sovereign, and is directly employed by someone who is an explicit loophole, the employee will gain loophole status.

The self-sovereign gains the benefits of being a customer of The Government without having to revoke their self-sovereign status. No longer will Claire have to hack her way through everyday life just to not be ignored by the cities infrastructure.

“Of course, your promotion will be permanent now, and your healthcare will be expanded. Claire can also be put on your plan. You will have access to more bionics now.” You’re lost for a moment in thoughts over a brain chip, and how useful one would be. “Though you will have to make some hard choices about your loyalties to The Firm, if you go that route.” You imagine a brain implant chip being detonated.

“Also, standard for your new position, you both get full skin replacements.” He sees you’re unsure. “Not tonight though, when, if, you’re ready for it. You can refuse it if you want, but its standard to offer it Won’t lose any feeling, and it will look just like regular skin, but its bulletproof and hard to cut. Can be upgraded too.”

"I just have to say this. You've surpassed all my expectations. I never thought you'd get yourself killed going to the capital but I didn't expect this. You managed to be hired by three powerful clients, and a fourth who I'm having trouble finding data on."

"Now, more than ever, with clients like these, you must remember our first rule here."

"Bug everything." You and Claire reply back reflex.

>Ask about getting bionic implants. (Suggestions or questions)
>Ask about what your promotion will mean for you and Claire.
>Talk about a client you were hired by. (Which one(s))
>Thank him and leave. (Go where?)
>Write in.
>Ask about what your promotion will mean for you and Claire.
>Thank him and leave. (Go where?)

Seems like a celebration is in order
>Ask about what your promotion will mean for you and Claire.
>Thank him and leave. (Go where?)
Someplace with alcohol and tapas, with a good house band. Have Jinx meet us up there.
Celebrate in real life, or in a simulation from your home?

Jinx's simulation should be in real time by the time you get home and set up.

Let's just do it at home, not throw Jinx into the deep end and we can celebrate her "birth"
Home setup should be okay.
“This is a lot to take in, sir. What will be expected of me as head of accounting, and as a loophole.”

“Well whatever client you have that is a loophole, most likely chose you to give you loophole status and make use of it themselves. You could be expected to do a lot of things by your new clients, espionage among the best, assassinations among the worst.” You expected as much.

“I imagine that some of my clients were more excited by the prospect of having a self-sovereign indirectly employed by them, and the potential for those kinds of things that it brings.” Now it will be required of you rather than, or as well as, Claire. Though you never took peacemakers seriously anyways and the situation is essentially unchanged.

“More than anything though, you’re their accountant. That means you will need to manage their finances and make large purchases for them. With clients like those they may ask you to travel halfway across Luna, or even go earth-side, to pick up important items.” You idly wonder if Claire has a black-market account. “As for what The Firm expects of you, well, that’s a complex question. Mostly we expect loyalty; you cross us we cross back twice as hard. But you knew that already.” He takes out his earpiece giving you his full attention.

“You find out everything you can about your clients and keep documentation of it. You deliver what’s asked of you and do what it takes to maintain your clients power bases. Together these objectives will ensure The Firm gains power through them.”

“Also, if you choose to get bionic work done, the upper management has given me the go-ahead to send you on combat missions. These will be of immense importance to the firm, and you will be rewarded greatly. You can use any outside resources you have while on these missions.”

“Thank you, I have a lot to sleep on.”

“Yes, and a new bed as well to do it on. I forgot to let you know, your office apartment was in an area that caught fire, we couldn’t really save anything but data cases and scrap-metal. The new complex you’re in should have everything you need for now though.”

“Goodbye, Hendrik.” She stops. “I won’t have to call you ‘sir’ once I start working here, will I?”

“Ha-ha, no that’s not necessary. Good night.”

Later at the mechanics bay, you find that Alice has not only repaired the superficial damage to Jinx, but has installed all your required upgrades. The ‘new’ Jinx is still a simulation being ran on one of The Firm’s super computers, and so the ‘old’ Jinx follows you on your way home.

“Jinx, follow me.”

“Complying.” The android’s eyes flash purple.

“Hey Alice, I forgot, do you think you could install a quick upgrade that will make the android more expressive. We decided to use the partition to make it an artificial human, and I realized it won’t be able to express emotion with just a still mask.” You don’t want the soon sentient android to feel incapable of expression as soon as it enters the real world.

“I’ve got nothing right now, but the lens over the fusion core can function as a screen. It could display anything it wanted there, even a face. It’s temporary but could work. Come back if you settle on what you want.”

“Goodbye Alice, it was nice seeing you.”

“You too, Claire. Stop by any time!” She’s all smiles at Claire.

You arrive at your office apartment after less than two minutes of flying in your borrowed transportation. “Not as far from The Firm, this time. Or maybe it’s just having our own vehicle.” Claire is happy that you no longer must commute by elevator and hyper-rail.

“Imagine if we were in our apartment when the building came down.” You shudder at the thought.

You hurry through the office part not wanting or needing to take in the details of your new things. In the upstairs, which contain the living quarters, you check the guestroom and finding a sleeping Glen.
You and Claire then head another floor up, to the top floor of the small complex. Here is the recreation and work specific rooms, and you don’t pay them any mind either, finding the room which contains four simulation pods.

“Alright I’ll go in first, give you some privacy. No peaking” You strip down and enter one while Claire is busy on the other side of the room setting up the simulation and linking it the s-com that contains Jinx’s human simulation. You think she peaked anyways.

You can’t tell when you lost consciousness, but you’re suddenly aware of being in simulation.

>Simulate the ‘nightlife’ back on earth, your favorite bar you’ve never actually been to.
>Simulate living in The Government, back before the war.
>Simulate your favorite real bar.
>Write in.
>Write in.

Simulate a classic country side pub, something relaxed and cozy, we can hold a quiet celebration ourselves and Jinx can fit right in when she arrives
Also, does Jinx appear as a human or android while in the simulation?
>Write in.

>>1537705's idea works. Don't forget the house band though.

Android, Jinx is and android and a person both and we'll need to keep them both in mind
Human. I kind of want to see Glen try to hit on her in the simulation, then wake up to the future's Crying Game.
Hey, OP, you dead?
You look around and notice that this is one of your favorite pub sims from earth. The atmosphere is quaint but well lit, and outside the windows by your table you see the familiar English coastline. Live music plays in the background, loud enough to appreciate, but not so loud that it effects conversation.

Claire sits across from you besides another woman. Her strawberry blonde hair is now waist long, rather than the short cut she wears in real life, but is otherwise the same. You kept your normal appearance, but no longer feel the pain of your injuries or the heat of their swelling.

The woman next to her is tall, but around your height rather than Jinx’s 6’6”. She has short black hair much like Jinx’s, and her face resembles Jinx’s mask.

“Hello, my name is Michael, you can call me Mike if you want.” You reach out your hand to the woman you assume is Jinx’s simulation. She takes it and smiles before standing to pull you into a hug, before pulling Claire in as well.

“It’s nice to finally meet both of you.” You stand there in a group hug for a brief time before coughing, disentangling yourself from the hug, and retaking your seat.

“I’m guessing you’ve figured out who I am then, but it’s nice to meet you as well. Do you have a name, we called you Jinx before.” Claire seems to be trying to contain her laughter.

“My name is Isabelle.”

“Isabelle is a very pretty name.” She smiles at you.

“Is this the real world?” She looks excited between the two of you.

“No, not yet, this is the real us,” Claire takes a sip of tea. “but we are just in the simulation with you.” Claire

“Oh, alright.” She looks disappointed for a moment, but it passes and she bubbles up with more conversation. “I’m going to get a body and live in the real world soon, won’t I? I can’t wait. I’ve known I was in a simulation since I was old enough to comprehend it. This body is new though, I was in a different body before. Is the body like the body I will have when I leave the simulation?”

“What was your other body like, the one before this?”

She tries a sip of tea. “This is nice, I’ve never drank anything before. The other body was bigger, and metallic. I always have to make sure not to bump into people because I could hurt them.” She looks upset, but it also passes. “Is that my real body? I hope this is my real body.”

“Your real body is like the one you had before.”

“Oh…” She seems disappointed. “That’s alright I suppose. I’m used to it.” She see’s Claire begin to sample the scones laid out on the table and takes one as well. “Wow! So, this… this is what eating feels like. I’m going to miss this so much.”

Your heart is breaking. You order yourself a of beer.
Pick/write-in two:
>Talk about the work you three will have to do.
>Try to get Claire to befriend her.
>Try befriending her.
>Tell her she can come back into simulation in her free time.
>Ask what her life has been like.
>Get drunk.
>Write in.

Only inside. Sorry for the wait in all seriousness though.
File: Pub.png (369 KB, 770x536)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
Forgot pic of pub.

Is all of the above an option, they all seem like something we should cover

Also reassure her that we're working on refining her real life body as much as we can but it comes in waves of upgrades, now that she has her own views on the matter she can have input on what she would like
>Is all of the above an option
I'll try to write up whatever the top 3-4 are probably.
I can only write so much unless you guys want the rest of this thread to be in a simulation.
>Try to get Claire to befriend her.

>Tell her she can come back into simulation in her free time.
Yeah, sorry. We can give you some time in sim when you want, though. In the real world, there might be something for tasting food, though. We could look into it if you'd like, and test it out at a restaurant.

>Ask her what her hobbies are.
So now, what kind of stuff do you do in your free time? I've got my comic books and zero-g tennis, Claire's has her period piece romances... what's your thing.

>Ask her what upgrades she would like to get later. First thing is obviously a more expressive face.
Your beer appears on your table seconds later, the miracle of simulation. You’re interrupted from attempting to finish the beer in a single draft by Isabelle’s curiosity. “What’s that?” You realize that her face is close up, near the side of yours, and barely avoid choking on the hoppy brew.

“You’re pretty close, there.” She’s on your side of the table now, leaning over towards you.

“I know. What’s that?” She points at your mug.

“It’s a beer. I’m sure you know what beer is.” She nods yes. “Let me clear up from before. You won’t have to miss eating and drinking, you can come back into a simulation in a body like this in your free time. Since you don’t need sleep and we do, you will probably have time every day.”

“Oh! That’s much better than giving it up forever.”

“Well there are also ways to improve your body in the real world too. There are many ways to do so.” Claire makes what looks like an old fashioned appear in her hands after saying this. You’re reminded that she’s essentially a wizard here, inside the technology. She sees you examining the drink. “It’s brandy.”

“Now that you’re here you can tell us what you would like to make you adjust better in the real world.”

“I want to have a face like this one that moves. In my other body, I had to show emotions with a screen on my stomach.”

“That’s definitely doable in some point in the future. And more, there’s a lot of android products.”

“What do you mean? Can’t you just get it done soon? Why do I have to go into a body like the one I was in before then if all these wonderful things exist?” She pouts.

“Because android parts, especially bio-mechanical, are very expensive. Mike already spent his whole savings getting upgrades for you that will help you keep us all safe.” Isabelle begins to tear up.

“He spent all his money on me? Oh, this has never happened before either, I’m sorry for crying. It’s just you’ve already done so much for me, and I’m just asking for more. I didn’t even think about the cost.” Claire looks uncomfortable having triggered the tears. You pat Isabelle’s head.

“Look, that was money well spent. I know you’re worth it.” She calms down and stops crying. “Here, do you want to try beer?” You hand over the mug.

“Yes, please!” She tries to copy your way of drinking it. From, you guess, either the carbonation or the bitterness, she soon spits up most of it all over both of you, and the table. She looks extremely offended by the whole experience and glares at you.

Claire is laughing hysterically, but does a few hand motions which dry the both of you off instantly. “Thanks. No one wants to be moist in a simulation.” It’s Claire’s turn to glare.

Still typing, boss?
You order yourself another beer, and an amaretto sour for Isabelle. A few rounds later, Isabelle has decided that alcohol isn’t so bad.

“So, what did you do with your free time before?”

“I did all sorts of things. But I loved picking out outfits.” She gets up and her outfits change, she strikes a pose for each one before switching to the next. You wish you had simulation wizard powers.

“It made me feel more like I fit in with all the humans. Other humans? Am I human too? I know I’m not the same as the other androids that were in there with me.” She slumps down in her chair.

“That’s a deep philosophical question. On some levels you are unarguably human, but on others I’m not so sure. Really it all comes down to one’s definition of what human is.” Claire give’s a complex answer to a complex problem.

“Ah… Yes, what is being human really. No one can define it properly.” Isabelle looks confused, but seems to get it intellectually at least.

You wield the hammer of cliché platitudes. “I say, you’re human if you think you’re human. How can anything that thinks its human not be?”

>Continue with the simulation. (Write in)
>Leave the simulation and go to bed. (Time skip to breakfast.)
>Leave the simulation and talk with Claire about (being loopholes, your clients, Isabelle, write in)
>Merge Isabelle within Jinx, embodying her tonight rather than tomorrow.
>Write in
>Leave the simulation and talk with Claire about (being loopholes, your clients, Isabelle, write in)

Isabelle and how she might want to approach our clients given how intregal she is to our loophole status, leave Isabelle by letting her know we will be integrating her tomorrow so that she can head out with us
>>Continue with the simulation. (Write in)
Play a little pool for a while, and talk about what our jobs are. Then ask if Isabelle would like to be merged to her shell tonight or tomorrow.

Switching to this, might as well spend more time with Isabelle
“So, what do you know about our job?” You aren’t sure how much information Claire has given her.

“Well I was trained to be a bodyguard and servant. I know all about what you do, and who you are. Or at least I think I do.”

“Well, that’s good to hear.”

“We are going to be in dangerous situations, and you may have to take lives. I tried to prepare you for that, but are you? Are you prepared for that? You have the free will to refuse, but if you do, I may be forced to make you.” Claire pulls no punches.

“I have been prepared for that yes. I’ve not killed any real people, but I’ve gone through the motions in bodyguard training.” She seems a bit troubled, so you try to brighten the mood.

“Do you want to play a game, Isabelle?”

“What kind of game?”

“It’s called billiards, or pool. You hear of it?”

“I don’t think it was in my training, no.”

Claire lifts a hand makes a scrolling motion and the room changes, several tables being replaced by a pool table, with everything needed for playing. You stand up and chalk up your stick before racking the balls. “This is a game that I love, but Claire is much better at it than I am. I’m excited to play someone else.”

“Are you admitting you can only win at pool playing against novices?” She finishes her drink and materializes another.

“The object of the game…” You explain the rules to Isabelle and soon start the game. She starts out as a true novice, but improves dramatically fast.

“So, after this Claire and I have to leave. Do you want to be merged with your body tonight, or stay in a human body on your own until tomorrow morning?”

“I want to stay like this for tonight. If I can. This is fun, I like this game too!” For a while you are winning, then you’re tied, finally Isabelle just barely wins. On the rematch she destroys you easily, and you slump down into a chair, offering your stick to Claire. Not even one win.

“Alright, let’s see if you beat my streak.” Claire approaches the game with confidence.

Claire wins her first game, rubbing the win in your face as you nurse your beer. But she gets her karma on the next two games, one of which she barely loses, before getting destroyed in the third game.

She joins you at the table, but Isabelle just waves goodbye before disappearing. Claire disappears soon after, leaving you just enough finish your drink before she ends your simulation.

You sit up, naked, and the pain is back. A half-dressed Claire throws you a towel before leaving the room. You stumble over to your things, pulling out the stronger pain pills and taking one before dying off. You get dressed and yawn, it’s been a long day.

>Find Claire. (What for?)
>Skip to breakfast. (What if anything, do you talk about?)
>Skip to Isabelle’s merging. (Before or after breakfast?)
>Write in.
>Skip to breakfast. (What if anything, do you talk about?)
Did you figure out who those guys who beat the shit out of me were? Just curious... and vengeful. Okay, mostly vengeful.

So, thoughts on Isabelle.

Also, after the facial emote upgrade, what do you think is next? I was thinking some kind of synthflesh covering. The whole "I hurt people accidentally" thing might be a bit of a problem, and also kind of sad.

This is good
File: Statists.jpg (48 KB, 624x546)
48 KB
Tried writing up one more update, but I'm out of steam. Going to end here for tonight.

Thanks again to everyone who showed up. I had a lot of fun.

I will write up the winning vote most likely tomorrow, or will post when the next updates will be tomorrow.

In any case, I'll post on here and on twitter before hand.

If anyone wants to follows it: https://twitter.com/AnAccQM

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I will try to run tomorrow at around 8:00 PST (UTC -7) and run for most of the day.

I will also try to do smaller posts so that I can update faster.
Your ribs must be healing, because they hurt tortuously bad. Some minutes later, the pain killer kicks in and breathing becomes more comfortable. You didn’t realize how exhausted you were until now.

Apart from brief unconscious moments, and being anesthetized for surgery, you haven’t slept in two days.

You stumble, half asleep, into the hallway and find the stairs. You enter your room without bothering to turn on the lights, feeling around for the bed. Climbing in, you find the bed blissfully comfortable and already warm.

You're fourteen years old, sitting in on your father's meeting with the generals. To call them generals was an insult to the men they served; these dry analysts fiddled with verbal distinctions while cities burned. The followers of indifference, they idled with dispassionate apathy and little success to fix an “unhealthy anarchy”, one plagued by “inferior lawlessness”.

War began in full force, the Libertarians gaining strength by the hour as unhappy people join them. The meeting is drawn out, time slowing down. You wish you were anywhere but here. At an incomprehensible comment, your father stands, angry.

Curiously slowly, his plate flips at the strike of his fist, showering those around him with bits of food. The last piece of meat can't finish its falling arc. Walls shatter from an unseen force. All around you is a brightness. A brightness that inspires only terror.

You wake.
You squint; this room has a window which lets in the soft ambient lighting outside. The lighting is tot dim for day, but not dark enough for night.

Your old room didn’t have a window. Or a bed this comfortable. In fact, this doesn’t feel like your bed type at all.

You look down, and are shocked at seeing Claire’s face, angled so that the side rests on your chest. You spend a moment wondering just how this situation arose, before realizing you entered her room by mistake.

She’s the heaviest sleeper you know. You personally can attest to her having literally slept through a gunfight once. There’s a good chance you can remove yourself before she wakes. No one will know about this.

“Hey, sorry for intruding but I checked Mic-“ Glen opens the door and peers through. He notices you two on the bed, and stops himself, shooting you a grin and thumbs up, before quietly closing the door. You sigh softly. Better go clear things up.

You get one arm free easily, but Claire’s has entangled the other within hers. With a bit of careful movement, you try to pry it free, but in doing so push Claire’s face into your chest. She stirs looking up at you before smiling.

“Good morning.”

“You aren’t surprised?”

“I woke up in the middle of the night to get some water.”

“And you came back to this bed after?”

“It’s my bed.”

“I see.”

[These are extra posts, I'm still starting tomorrow with breakfast update.]
I'll add this vote into the first post if anyone votes on it.

>Explain why you’re in Claire’s bed.
>Just say good morning and leave.
>just say good morning and leave
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