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Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Cyberpunk%20Demonslayer

Last time, Alagos's mildly autistic daughter went through training, armor polishing, and an awkward romance with her friend Kasai.
Aww. You two are so cute together.
Anyway, there's gonna be a boat departing for that island tonight. You have until then to say goodbye or grab supplies or what-have-you. I'd suggest seeing my sister, she's out the finishing touches on something you might be interested in.


You shower and put your clothes back on before going down to breakfast. Kasai joins you after a few minutes, and you both try to ignore everyone's congratulations.

Anyway, you should plan what you'll be doing today.
>[]Go see Aunt C. She always invents interesting things.
>[]Get some last-minute training in.
>[]Ask Krystal some questions about the island she's gonna be leaving you on for a month.
>>[]Go see Aunt C. She always invents interesting things.
File: IMG_1522.jpg (75 KB, 800x566)
75 KB
You finish breakfast and head over to the Arcane Sanctum. Aunt C's lying on a table, getting her back cut with a needle.
"Hey, kids. Congrats on--"
"Yeah, we've heard that about fifty times already. What are you doing?"
"Getting a tattoo. A MAGIC tattoo. Magic-enhancing, anyway."
She sighs.
"You see, this utilizes magically-charged patterns in order to better filter dark energy--or magical energy, as it's called--out of the atmosphere. Hell, you could do weak spells with no cost if you do it right. Currently, you can either enhance one elemental type of spell, or enhance all spells. The second option isn't as powerful as the first. You want one?"

>[]Sure. (Specify enhancements. Pattern is optional)
>[]Uh, I'd really rather not...
>>[]Sure. (Specify enhancements. Pattern is optional)

I have no idea what would be good.
I guess I would go with a Puma? I dunno.
>>[]Sure. (Specify enhancements. Pattern is optional)
Enhance sexual aura?
Puma sure, as long as it is a sexy puma.
Maby a second one that changes color based on what drugs/magic it detects?
"So, a mountain lion--"
"I said puma..."
"Don't interrupt me. Anyway, a mountain lion that'll 'enhance' your succubus charm, and something to detect magic and drugs."
"Sure, I can do that."
She whips up a few designs and has another assistant work on your arms.
"Make sure to hold still. The first one will help you sort of 'tighten' your aura to focus on one target. You'll also be able to make people around you horny, which might trigger if you yourself are turned on, so... keep that in mind. The second one just looks cool and flashes. Magic's easy enough to detect. Specific substances are harder to do, and there might be the off chance that there's a drug we don't know about."
You listen and do your absolute best to keep still. It was kind of a good pain, this...
Kasai settled for some tribal designs on his arms that'll increase strength. Not that he needed it much.
After an hour or so, the assistants finish. The ink glows and shimmers before fading away, leaving no trace it was there.
"Cool." you remark, running your hand over your forearms. Pointing your hand at Aunt C or Kasai elicited a reaction from your magic detector. Specifically, a medium purple glow for the former and a strong red glow from the latter.
Aunt C whistles.
"Well, you've got a lot stored up in you, Kasai. You kids run along, I'm gonna get my chest done next and I'll need privacy."
You clear out, still rubbing the pain from your forearms.
"Well, that was great. What should we do now..?"

>[]Get some training in.
>[]Find an alleyway and test out your new tattoo.
>>[]Get some training in.
File: IMG_1576.jpg (236 KB, 1243x408)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
You get back to Castle Diluvium and head to the training hall.
Hmm. You frown at your rifle after firing a few shots. Was the spread too wide, or is that just your imagination? It was a pretty beat-up gun.
Krystal paces around the firing range, stopping next to her son.
"You tend to twist your elbow to absorb--"
"Mom, this is a revolver, no one gets your references."
"You wanna test me, kid? I fucked your mom last night. Anyway, the engraving..."
You roll your eyes. Those two.
The rifle keeps missing and jamming. You groan and smack the side a few times.
The next shot misses the bullseye by a few inches. Perfect.


"Okay, spotting..."
You draw your shortsword and dagger. Kasai hefts his halberd and flexes his muscles.
"No kicking."
"Aw, come on! You lost your virginity last time I kicked you in the balls!"

Roll 1d20 to not accidentally kill each other.
Rolled 16 (1d20)

You run up and kick off of Kasai's chest, leading into a backflip. He staggers back, but regains his balance.
He swings his halberd down to meet you. You raise your sword and put your dagger behind it for leverage, in an X. The halberd is stopped in it's path.
"Most impressive."
You sidestep and jab at Kasai's torso. He leaps back and jabs the butt of his halberd into your stomach. The wind is knocked out of you for a few moments.
You slash again. Kasai blocks the blow with his halberd's shaft and knocks you off your feet. You scramble up and strike again, only to fall to the ground a second time.
This next time, you're ready. Kasai sweeps his foot, but you leap over it and grab him in a headlock, forcing him to lean backward and holding your shortsword a few inches above his chest.
"I yield."
You let him go. Krystal nods in appreciation.
"Very good, both of you. Kasai, try not to use the same move over and over. Aisha, try not to fail in the exact same way multiple times."
She checks the time.
"Hmm... if you want, I can take you guys over to the island this afternoon. It's only a few hours if you take a quick boat.

>[]No, we still need to do something else.
File: image.png (1.09 MB, 1024x576)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
"Well then, go grab some extra clothes or whatever else you need."


A few hours later, the sun's beginning to set as Krystal rows you to shore.
"So kids. This place should have plenty of food and water, if you aren't fucking stupid enough to miss it. My cave hideout should still be here as well, so there's that as well. Hell, there's even a hot spring."
Kasai puts on a bandolier.
"Sounds fun. Why are you sending us here if it's so easy?"
"I'm just seeing how well you react to being stuck somewhere unfamiliar with little to no supplies. Besides, you'll be able to vent your new romantic feelings."
The rowboat bumps into the sand. You and Kasai jump out and stand on the beach.
"Kasai, catch."
Krystal hurls a small bundle at her son. It's a strip of green-blue cloth.
"I'll give you ₩50 if you wear that the whole time."
Kasai stares at it, then sighs and ties it around his head.
"By the way, Aisha, do you remember the first rule?"
"Disregard these rules at any--"
"No, the one AFTER that!"
"If you ever see something with tentacles, make absolutely sure you're into that sort of thing?"
"Yeah, that's the one. Ciao."
You stand there until she's made it back to the ship.
"Okay... what do we do now?"

>[]Look for that cave. (D20)
>[]Find some food.
>[]Just get a campfire going. You're not very hungry.
Rolled 8 (1d20)

>>[]Look for that cave. (D20)
You grab your gear and start hiking.
The forest is pretty spooky this late at night. Every leaf crunching or twig breaking sets you on edge. The canopy traps the humidity, causing you both to sweat profusely.
Eventually, you push out of a thicket and stumble onto a beach.
Silhouettes against the sun is a ship, sailing into the distance.
"Dammit, we went in circles..."
You guzzle from your water bottle and wipe sweat off your forehead.
"We've got about... two hours until it gets dark? Probably less."

What do you do now?
>[]Find some food.
>[]Find a suitable place to set up camp.
>[]Find a suitable place to set up camp.
Make sure it's kinda hidden and defensible.
You spend some time looking around, and eventually settle on a semi-clear area between ridges. It wasn't perfect, as climbing those ridges would be possible even without climbing gear, but it would do.
You gather some wood for a campfire. One breath from Kasai was all it took to set it alight.
You spread your bedrolls out and stare up at the stars.
"...you know any constellations?"


You wake up, squinting to block out the sun.
"God--what did I say..."
You walk over to a nearby stream and splash water in your face before taking a drink.
When you get back to camp, Kasai's staring sadly at his weapons.
"I knew I should've brought a rifle..."
"What's wrong?"
"None of this is very good for hunting. How are you with a bow?"
"Pretty good, but I'm not sure we could make one."

>[]Well, let's go find that cave.
>[]You're good with your revolver, I'm certain you could get something.
>well, let's go find that cave.

>[]Well, let's go find that cave.
You pack up your gear and set off. After like five minutes of walking, you find the cave.
You walk inside. A stone shelf has been repurposed into a bed. Some crates are lying around, and a frightening amount of holy symbols are hanging from the walls. Some of them are shattered, burned, and covered in blood.
An abandoned diary lies in the corner.

Day eleventy-three oh... five...
Where the fuck am I going with that?
They say you're crazy if you talk to yourself.
I don't have to worry about that.
I only talk to rocks.
And these Symbols, I guess.
And maybe Alagos but that could be a hallucination.

Day _____

Day π
I think it's Christmas.
I got myself a cool skull in case it is.
Bet Kasai would love it.
I don't know where I got it, actually...

The rest of the entries are equally disturbing/insane, save some of the earlier ones.
"...interesting." Kasai comments, slowly placing the book to the side.

>[]Well, let's get food. (D20)
>[]Check to see if the bed will fit two.
>[]Count those Symbols...
>>[]Count those Symbols...
"One, two, three..."
Kasai cackles as he fishes a rifle out of one of the crates.
"I'll go get some food."
"Have fun. Eight, nine..."


"Six hundred and fifty-three..."
You stop there. Damn, that was a lot. And about 30% are from the Order of Ruin. Sure, some were probably from fallen allies, but assuming Krystal took all these herself... gods above.
Your codec starts ringing. Krystal's face appears on the screen.
"Uh... hey. Nice collection."
You tilt the viewer back so she can get a better look.
"Oh, yeah. Those. Mind bringing them back for me?"
"...maybe. What're you calling about?"
"Just want an update on your situation. Where are you?"
"Your old cave, by the beach."
"Good. Gonna map out your position each day, see how terrible things go. See you later, Imperator business later."
Her face flickers out.
Kasai enters the cave, grumbling.
"How'd it go?"
"No game... got plenty of fruit, though."
He tosses you one and sits down.
"Krystal called."
"Yeah, she's charting our path across the island."
"Hmm. Sounds interesting."
You sit in silence, pondering your situation. Huh... what are you gonna do in your spare time?

>[]Explore the island. Maybe you can find that hot spring.
>[]Write a book or something.
>[]Stay here and get... vigorously acquainted with Kasai.
Food, home and a hoe. What more do a girl need?
>Rawr mr dragon boy, comsie hersie!

>[]Stay here and get... vigorously acquainted with Kasai.

But we didnt mean too as the fuck me power acted up on its own
"Hmm, I wish we had some chocolate and strawberries--"
Your puma tattoo glows a bright pink, and wow, did it elicit a reaction. Kasai's dick is nearly ripping his pants off.
"Oh, nice! Let me get that--"
Kasai grabs you and pushes you facefirst into the wall.
"Hm? What are you--"
He starts grinding on you, reaching around to grab one of your tits.
"Something wrong, Aisha? You don't like me teasing you?"
He pulls your pants down with his other hand.
"Maybe you'll know what it's like to have someone lead you on for five years. Teasing, flirting, stealing your porn... it gets annoying."
He pauses at the entrance to your pussy before moving on. You groan in frustration.
"Lucky for you, I'm not very patient. Bend over."
You do as he says, placing your hands against the wall and spreading your legs.
"Never got a good look at your pussy..."
He gives it a kiss before teasing your clit with his tongue.
You climax before long, barely keeping yourself upright.
Finally, though, Kasai grabs your hips and starts thrusting.
It feels incredible, more so when he grabs your tail and yanks.
He sticks his thumb in your mouth before slowly sliding it into your asshole. You both cum and sink to the floor, holding each other.
"Aisha... you gotta work on controlling that." Kasai pants.

Hours later, you step outside the cave. You're stark naked, covered in cum, and feeling better than ever.
Kasai's pretty drained, though. You can give your food to him to keep this up, it's not like you'll need any.
You help him outside and wash yourselves off with seawater. You would've taken him out here, but... well, Krystal had described beach sex once. Said her 'vagina felt like a rusty toaster'. Even if she was lying, that metaphor kind of ruined the idea.
After you're both clean and dry, you bring him back inside and cuddle on the bed. The sea breeze gets in here a little, so you're definitely appreciating that warmth.


You yawn and sit up, stretching. You could've sworn you heard voices last night... maybe it was the wind. Or Kasai whispering into your ear. Either way, the poor guy needs to eat.
You shake him awake and hand him a few fruits.
"Thanks... could you go find some meat? Protein's what I really need right now."

>[]Of course. I'm decent with a rifle.
>[]Nah, it'd ruin my plans to suck you dry.

>[]Nah, it'd ruin my plans to suck you dry.
>>[]Of course. I'm decent with a rifle.
Please don't kill em.
"Aww. I wanted to suck your soul out!"
"Aisha, I'm not letting you--"
"Relax, I'm joking. I'll go get some food, to prolong the soul-sucking."
You grab the a rifle from Krystal's stash and set out.
Ah, there's a good target.
It's a jittery, six-legged beast. Mammal, can move quite quickly despite its large amounts of fat stored. Tastes fine, but it's pretty hard to hit if you spook it.

>[]Keep looking for a better meal. (D20)
>[]Take a shot. (D20)
>[]Well, you tried. Sorry, Kasai.
Rolled 12 (1d20)

>>[]Take a shot. (D20)
We can render the fat into lube.
Rolled 4 (1d20)

>>[]Take a shot. (D20)
>>[]Well, you tried. Sorry, Kasai.
>>1518576 (if you hadn't rolled this would've succeeded... at least you haven't been found yet)
You aim carefully and fire.
The bullet whizzes straight over the creature's head. It immediately bounds off into the trees.
You shoulder the rifle and shake your head at the woods.
"Almost had him."

>[]Try again. (D20)
>[]Yeah, no. Kasai's just gonna have to do with more fruit. Maybe Krystal had some jerky.
Rolled 8 (1d20)

>[]Try again. (D20)
but this time try to make the animal thingy horny so itl come closer to you
You find a different animal and step out of the bushes.
It stares at you curiously. You could probably just walk up and snap its neck if you wanted to.
Your tattoo glows again.
"Come here, lil' guy!"
The things looks up at you and immediately runs off to find a female whatever-it's-called. Because that's how species attraction works.

>[]Go back to Kasai and cry because you're a failure.
>[]Go back to Kasai and pretend this didn't happen.
Rolled 7 (1d20)

Good night stormy.
one more time to celebrate your trips.
Rolled 6 (1d20)

trying to remember how to roll. I suck.
fml I'm so sorry.
Rolled 1 (1d20)

>Rolled 1 (1d20)
I wasn't ready for this.
pretty sure we're about to get "bad end" boned by island predators.
Rolled 5 (1d20)


>>1518880 (goddammit, you guys)
You take aim at another weird animal and fire.
Headshot! Hell yeah!
You walk up to it, take your knife out, and start skinning it.
Something whips past your head and splinters a small tree near you. You dive behind a larger tree and panic because SOMEONE'S FUCKING SHOOTING AT YOU OH GODS.
You take a peek from behind your rock and get a face full of gravel.
They actually know what they're doing and they're armed with good weapons WHAT THE FUCK aren't you supposed to fight bandits for your first time or some shit OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD.

>[]Stand and fight. (D20)
>[]Curl up into a ball and cry.
Rolled 8 (1d20)

around them
and make them all horny
so you can get away
File: IMG_1577.jpg (161 KB, 1024x1024)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Your tattoo glows pink again.
"You feel that? Remember, she can seduce you with her thoughts! Fight it!"
So they know.
You take a deep breath and sprint for the woods, firing blindly behind you with your pistol. A few shots miss you, and you make it to the tree line.
You don't stop running for at least a mile. When you make it back to the cave, Kasai's in a fight with someone. An indistinct figure, wearing armor that seems... corrupted. Your detection tattoo shines purple near it.
The warrior gets a hit on Kasai with it's morning star. Kasai misses his blow, dodges the warrior's next one, and smashes his halberd into the bottom of the warrior's helmet. They fall flat onto the ground.
"Aisha... who the hell is this?"
"Dunno... someone shot at me in the woods."
Kasai rips the warrior's helmet off.
"Woman. Hmph. Let's see here..."
He holds up a holy symbol. It's unfamiliar to you, and is also clearly corrupted by the Void...
"A hammer?"
You help Kasai with a bandage as you decide what to do with your new prisoner.

>[]Tie her up and leave her. You need to leave.
>[]Kill her. She'd just be trouble left alive.
>[]Interrogate her. Question is, you want to use the fun method, or the painful method?
>[]Interrogate her. You want to use the fun method
Making sure we get nourishment from her.
You grunt and start getting the prisoner out of her armor.
"We're interrogating her. And I might as well have some fun while we're at it."
"But what if they know where--"
"Then we better make it quick."
You toss the last bits of armor aside and get to work tying her ankles and wrists. Kasai sighs and stands guard at the cave entrance.
Once you're satisfied with your work, you give the prisoner a kick in the ribs.
"Wake up!"
She groans and stirs, glaring up at you.
You give her another kick.
"Spit it out. Who are you? Where are your friends?"
"Like I'd tell you. Unholy bastard."
She spits at you.
"I see. Looks like I'm gonna have to use some persuasion."
You grab her shirt and rip the front off, leaving nothing but some bandages covering her breasts.
"Ha! I've been trained for this. It's well known that you're talented with--"
While she's talking, you rip her pants, too. Then promptly stuff her panties in her mouth.
"You're just jealous that my boobs are bigger than yours." you whisper.
"But look at your ass down here. So wet already."
You give her a rub and start stripping down until the only thing you're wearing is your pistol's holster.
You lie down and hover over the prisoner's ass. So this is what it's like... you lower your head and give her pussy a long, slow lick. She murmurs and squirms, but you keep a tight hold on her.
Once you've satisfied yourself, you get up and move around to her front.
"Here's the deal. I'll take that gag out, but if you try anything funny, I'm gonna shoot you. Got it?"
She glares and nods. You take her panties out of her mouth and sit on the bed.
"Kneel. Eat up."
She does as you say, hesitating before giving your pussy a tentative lick.
So this is why Krystal likes women...
You activate your tattoo and press her face into your crotch.
"Good bitch. Lick my ass."
She slides her tongue into your asshole. You moan and arch your back, bucking your hips before squirting all over her face.
"Hah... ready to talk?"
The prisoner snarls.

>[]Kasai, get in here.
>[]Looks like I'll have to use this whip...
>[]Use your tattoo to get her to talk. (D20)
>[]Use your tattoo to get her to talk. (D20)
Start asking about the hammer.
Rolled 12 (1d20)

ops forgot to roll.
Your tattoo starts flowing again.
"Come on, now..."
You grab her chin and turn her face up to you.
"Don't you want to cum? I won't let you until you talk."
To help things along, you slide your fingers into your pussy and make her lick them off. You're not sure if that'll work as an aphrodisiac, but it's worth a try.
"F-fine! I'll talk!"


You frown as you process the information.
These guys worshipped Bôr, the guy who used to have Dad's job. Krystal had mentioned them before, but only briefly. She had said 'nobody would be fucking stupid enough to worship a dead god for two decades'. Seems she was wrong.
This one and her friends had been sent to kill you and Kasai, in an attempt to unbalance the Order. She had been scouting ahead to find the cave, so nobody else knows where you are yet.
"Now please..."
She's squirming on the floor and leaving an impressive puddle.

>[]Kasai, would you mind helping this poor woman?
>[]Get your strapon. Good thing you brought it.
>[]Just finish her off.
Rolled 20 (1d20)

>Kasai, would you mind helping this poor lady?
>But first: who is your leader, both here and globally?
You call Kasai in and put your hand in his pants.
"Last thing, sweetie. Who is your leader? Who's commanding your squad on this island?"
"The man who organized is calls himself Elijah... the squad is led by a man codenamed Sasaki. Please..!"
"Fine, then. Go ahead, Kasai."
You unzip his pants. Your prisoner stares at his cock.
Kasai puts an arm under her knees, lifts her up, and lowers her asshole onto his cock.
"Quiet. You tried to kill me, I should be doing worse to you."
You lean down and start licking her pussy.
A few minutes later, the prisoner lies curled up on the floor, semen dripping from her ass.
Kasai slams his fist into the wall.
"Dammit... what did I just do..?"
You lick your own cum from your fingers as you decide what to do with her now.

>[]Kill her.
>[]Make her run back to her unit as-is.
>[]Leave her here, then find somewhere else to hide.
>Make her your slave until she converts to the new, truer worship of the god of storms.
You get dressed.
"I'm gonna try and win her over to our side."
"Using reason?"
"Probably not."
Kasai sighs.
"Well, I'm just gonna tell myself she's a hostage, then."
A flash grenade hits the ground near your feet. You grab your hostage and put your pistol against her head before it goes off.
Heavy footsteps echo throughout the cave. The flash fades, and you find yourself facing ten or so armed men.
"Lynx!? What did they do?"
You cock your pistol.
"Just persuaded her to give us some information. She isn't hurt... well, besides the anal bruising."
They start to move toward Kasai.
"If you don't want your friend's head turned into spaghetti sauce, I wouldn't do that." you bluff. They back off.

>[]I want to talk to Sasaki.
>[]Tell us where your ship is.
>[]Call Krystal. She needs to know about this.
>[]Call Krystal. She needs to know about this.
>Then "take me to your leader".
You motion Kasai over. He puts his rifle against Lynx's head while you call Krystal.
"Hey. What's up?"
"There's a squadron here, from those Bôr cultists. We're currently in a standoff, we took one of their soldiers hostage."
"What!? I'm sending a ship right now."
She shuts the codec off.
"Well then... Sasaki?"
One of the men starts.
"Don't do what she says!" Lynx shouts.
Kasai sighs before grabbing her panties off the floor and shoving them back in her mouth.
The unit doesn't like that.
"So, Sasaki..."

>[]Why are you here?
>[]I want you to back away, slowly. We're going to leave now. Don't follow us.
Rolled 15 (1d20)

>[]I want you to back away, slowly. We're going to leave now. Don't follow us.
>My mother will be here soon. You don't want to be here when she arrives. Leave now, and I'll make sure your friend Lynx here is given the Soft Hand as far as interrogation goes. Stay, and I'll keep her as my toy-slash-pet. Attack, and I blow her brains out, kill most of you, and the rest are brutally interrogated and turned into sex objects until you expire.
Sasaki growls.
"You bitch."
A codec ringtone sounds out. It's not yours...
Sasaki picks his up and walks off a short distance. Where did he get one..?
"But sir, she--"
"I understand. As you command."
He hangs up, walks beach over to you, and raises his gun.
"Sasaki? What are you--"
"Elijah's orders, Lynx. You're to be killed, along with these two."
You and Kasai retreat further into the cave. The soldiers step forward to follow you...
An explosion goes off in the cave entrance, hurling you back. The sun is blocked out.
"Aisha! Are you okay?"
"Yeah... what was that?"
"Mom put C4 in the cave entrance! We somehow avoided tripping it off!"
You scoot back and sit up against a wall.
"Okay... we're trapped in here with no light or supplies. Great."
"I can take care of that first problem."
Kasai breathes into his hand, creating a semi-stable fireball. Lights the place up, at least. Lynx has been knocked unconscious, and you can see a few limbs and blood puddles in the rock pile.
"Okay, a way out, then..."

>[]Help me with these rocks. (D20)
>[]Some survivors might be on the other side... look around, there might be a passage we missed or something.
>>[]Some survivors might be on the other side... look around, there might be a passage we missed or something.
You get up and start examining the cave walls.
"Hey, there's a breeze over here..."
You walk over to the spot Kasai's at. There's a crack in the wall.
"Hold this."
He tosses the fireball to you. Naturally, you let it fall and quickly stamp it out. Your flaming shortsword will have to do for now.
Kasai's arm tattoos start glowing, and he SLAMS his fist into the wall, clearing enough space for you to squeeze through.
He picks up Lynx and motions you through.
"You're the one with the light."
You step through and slash upwards at some skittering thing. It burns up.
"Okay, good..."
The tunnel isn't too densely populated with creatures, just slippery in some spots.
"It's getting lighter..."
You turn a corner and glimpse light at the end of a mild slope. You sigh in relief and start up...
About three-quarters of the way, something heavy as sticky drops on you. It's pulsating strangely and trying to force itself down your throat.
You can faintly hear Kasai's cry of panic.

>[]Hey, isn't this like..? Just let it go on.
>[]Didn't Krystal break the weird orb from hers first? Do that.
Keep your mouth closed, like seriously. Grit them teeth. Start slicing and dicing, and hope you don't hit Kasai and Lynx.
You calmly reach up and pull the thing off your head. It seems confused as to why your hand isn't getting sucked in.
"Get out of here, slime is Krystal's thing."
You drop-kick the slime out of the cave and continue up the slope.
"Wow, Aisha."
You emerge onto the top of a small hill. A small ship is docked near the beach. Due to all the Void energy and hammer emblems, you find it safe to assume that it's what those guys came in on.

>[]Go to it. Maybe you can steal it.
>[]Look for any survivors from that cave-in. They should be surprised to see you. (D20)
>[]Find somewhere to hide. Krystal's bringing a boat, right?
>>[]Go to it. Maybe you can steal it.
They won't expect you to attack them.
You hike through the jungle toward the ship. Lynx gets a few good thwacks and scratches from trees... oops. You crouch in the bushes when you get closer. Kasai hides Lynx in some thicker growth. Good idea, pale flesh would stand out a little too much.
There's two guys standing on the bow of the ship, idly chatting to each other. They don't seem too concerned about the block of C4 that just went off.
Kasai aims down the rifle's sights and takes a deep breath.
"...I can't do it."
He grunts and puts the rifle down, leaning against a rock.
You pick the weapon up, take aim briefly, and fire.
The guard's head explodes, showering the deck and his friend in blood.
"O-oh my god..."
You drop the rifle and put a hand over your mouth. You just killed someone...
The other guard points his rifle at you and pulls the trigger. Pain blossoms in your collarbone.
You fall to the ground, clutching at the wound. Blood is everywhere...
Kasai grabs the gun and fires, killing the other guard.
"Oh gods..."
He sits heavily next to you.
Lynx spits at you, though the saliva kind of just runs down her neck.
"You were only bluffing when you said you'd kill me. What were you planning on doing, bullshitting your way out of--"
You and Kasai slap her across the face at the same time before dragging her up onto the ship.
You manage to dump the bodies into the bay and set sail before starting to feel numb again.

>[]Make Lynx clean up that blood.
>[]Find a blanket or something.
Tell Kasai to make a banner indicating friendlies in case we meet moms boat.
Make lynx clean you up and get you an orgasm. Might heal you?
You groan and grab your collarbone.
"Aisha? Oh, no..."
Kasai moves your hand and inspects the wound.
"It doesn't look like it hit anything major... I'll need to pull it out, though."
You nod shakily and bite down on your dagger. Kasai plunges his fingers in and yanks the flattened bullet out.
You pass out for a few moments, waking up to see Kasai doing something with a different bullet.
It was one of the non-magic types, using a blasting cap and powder. Kasai pops the cap off and pours gunpowder into your wound.
"Aisha... I'm so sorry..."
He wipes a tear away and touches a spark to the powder.
You pass out again, for several hours this time.


You groggily sit up on a bed in the hold, wincing at the dull pain in your collarbone. You pull your shirt down and take a look. Cool scar.
You can hear Lynx scoff in the corner.
"Awake now? I'm surprised you didn't heal yourself with sex."
You glare at her.
"Kasai didn't let me get a word in edgewise. You have something against sex?"
"Not particularly. Just your Order's unhealthy fascination with it."
"Well, you'll just have to blame Krystal's voices." you mutter, getting up and walking over to Lynx.
She's tied to a chair, still naked.
"Hey, why not try it? Even if I'm not healed, I'm pretty hungry."
You take your clothes off and sit in Lynx's lap.
"You like women?"
"Liar. My powers only influence preexisting feelings, and you were giving my asshole a lot of love..."
You go to your pack and grab your favorite toy. Specifically, a strapon with two dildos attached to the inside strap.
"Now hold still. I've always wanted to use this."
You untie her (mostly) and bend her over one of the bunks before sliding your fake cock into her.
It doesn't give you magic feedback or anything, but it still feels really good. You make her cum quickly, then ride the edge of orgasm until you can't take it anymore and flop on top of Lynx.
"...so that's what a REAL orgasm feels like. I need to do more edging."
You assess yourself while resecuring Lynx. The wound feels a little better for sure, and your ass isn't even that sore.

>[]Go talk to Kasai, see how close you are.
>[]Tie Lynx to the mast. Krystal would let fucking Calaron himself march in if he offered bitches.
>[]Stay here and break Lynx in. (D20)
Rolled 11 (1d20)

>[]Stay here and break Lynx in. (D20)
We're a natural at this.
Rolled 15 (1d20)


>[]Stay here and break Lynx in. (D20)
My face when this all happens
OP, any chance I could get a copy of the OP image without the quest name on it?

Thanks in advance
File: IMG_1070.jpg (315 KB, 900x1101)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
Here you go.
"Might as well learn to enjoy this."
You rummage around in a chest, bringing out a whole lot of sex toys and religious texts. You position yourself behind Lynx and start thrusting while reading from the Codex Tempestas.
"In the beginning of his life, Alagos was snatched from his home and birthright. There, in his unlawful exile, he met the Paladin..."

To make a long story short, Krystal wrote up a bunch of bullshit and prose glorifying your dad's deeds on Earth. She had also written herself, Pris, and Sasha in as semi-deities, because 'We deserve some compensation for putting up with him.'
Your mom is now known as 'The Matriarch', and she watches over all the regular people in the Order. You know, the ones that sing their praises and leave lots of money at the altars.
Pris is 'The Servant', and watches over the more devout. Priests, missionaries, those poor bastards in the finance offices, etc.
Krystal is 'The Paladin', and watches over the people that do all the fighting, as well as delivering (un)holy retribution upon the Order's enemies, but that's kind of a given.

Kasai pokes his head downstairs.
"Aisha, we're--"
You orgasm again and shakily get off Lynx's face.
"--almost there."
He stares at your new pet, drooling on the floor with a vacant expression.
"Is she gonna be okay?"
You hang off the side of the ship with a rope and let the sea spray wash you off before getting dressed.
There's the Seawall. It's cannons turn toward you, but let you pass after Kasai climbs up the mast and burns the Bôr emblem flag at the top.
When you dock, Krystal and several guards hurry up to the ship.
"Hey, what happened?"
"Some guys attacked us, remember? We called you about it."
"Called--? I lost my codec, though."
You and Kasai glance at each other worriedly.
"We should talk about this at the castle. We just fended off an attack by those Bôr cultists."
"We captured one of the people that tried to kill us. And I might've... had a little too much fun getting information."


Tsuyoi brings in some food, which you happily eat.
"Elijah..." Krystal mutters.
"I've seen him. Blond guy, skilled mage. Kept yammering on about ascension."
She seems troubled.
"Something's off about this."

>[]Who do you think took your codec?
>[]What do you think these guys want from us?
>[]Before anything else, please explain why you rigged your cave with C4 AND TRIPWIRES AND DIDN'T TELL US.
>>[]Before anything else, please explain why you rigged your cave with C4 AND TRIPWIRES AND DIDN'T TELL US.

>[]Before anything else, please explain why you rigged your cave with C4 AND TRIPWIRES AND DIDN'T TELL US.

It was all part of the plan
Honestly if thats how other people try to convert you to there region i would mind they would have alot more people joining
"Oh, that was real?"
"Of course it was real!"
"I dunno, you can't really be too sure about that when you're crazy. I was pretty sure I put C4 somewhere, but I never tripped it, so I thought it was fake."
Krystal grunts.
"Anyway. Those cunts have managed to keep a hold on the Lower Ward, which is a pretty big issue. I'll be back in a while, don't do anything stupid."
She gets up and sets off for the Lower Ward.
"What's going on..." you mutter.
"Those cultists might hate us, sure, but attacking DILUVIUM? That's insane, even if they are suspiciously well-armed."

>[]THERE MUST BE A SPY! Let's go find that fucker... (who do you think it is)
>[]It's a diversion. What could they actually want..? (What do you think they want)
>[]I've got a great idea, let's get some guns and go help them!
>[]Guess we'll have to wait it out in your room...
>>[]THERE MUST BE A SPY! Let's go find that fucker...
Who could sound like Krystal? CRYSTAL? noo. She wouldn't!?
File: IMG_1580.jpg (165 KB, 900x767)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
You think about it for a bit.
"What are you talking about, Aisha--"
You grab Kasai's hand (along with your weapons) and sprint off to the Arcane Sanctum.
"Hello, Aisha. Do you need--"
"Oh, not again..."
You kick the door to Aunt C's office open.
"Hey, kid. Need something--"
"Can't wait to hear it. Tell Krystal I found her codec, by the way."

>[]Start frantically searching her office.
>[]Oh... I guess I'll leave now...
>>[]Start frantically searching her office.
Into finding lots of dildos and daggerdildos and such stuff.
File: IMG_1579.jpg (69 KB, 600x436)
69 KB
You start upending everything and frantically searching for evidence.
"Dildo... dildo... weird alien egg-laying dildo... o-oh god. OH MY GOD EEEEEW! DON'T YOU EVER WASH THESE?"
"Aisha, I'd appreciate it if you'd stop wrecking my office. But seriously, stay FAR away from that chest. It has some pretty volatile--"
You throw it open and start tossing the contents aside.
You flip the switch at the bottom of the chest. A section of wall slides back, revealing a ladder.
"Aisha, I swear--"
You slide down the ladder and sweep the room at the bottom.
It's got lots of lit candles, weird magic machinery, and a scary black enshrined rift in spacetime.
"Aisha, I had no idea this even existed!"
You keep searching. On a desk is a Ring of Genderswap (non-cursed because it's more fun), as well as a Holy Symbol of Bôr. The wall is covered in paper and those weird tack/string things.

>[]Read the wall of craziness.
>[]Investigate the rift.
>[]Try on that ring.
>[] So...do I try to kill you, or turn this into a super-kinky sex punishment thing? I honestly didn't expect to get this far and I'm kinda open to how it goes from here.

>[]Try on that ring.
But pocket the ring for later.
File: IMG_0923.png (884 KB, 1280x720)
884 KB
884 KB PNG
"Ooh, a ring."
You put it on, but take it off after a few seconds. Your shirt was too loose and your pants too tight, male proportions are all wrong.
Besides, it probably would've completely fucked over your hormones.
"So... what do I do now..."
Crystal sighs.
"Guess I'll have to do my big reveal sooner than expected."
She grabs the ring from you and teleports away, reappearing with Krystal.
"Hold on, I need to go change."
She teleports away again.
"Aisha? Kasai? The hell is going on? Why is there a rift in spacetime?"
A blond man walks out of a previously unnoticed door.
Krystal points her gun at him.
"Hahaha! Here's your codec... SISTEEEEEER!"
Elijah tosses her the device.
"Sister? What're you--"
Elijah tosses a ring on his finger aside, and promptly grows tits.
"YES, IT IS I! This would've been more dramatic if Aisha hadn't just barged in here with no real reason..."
Krystal refuses to lower her gun. You quietly pocket the ring.
"Look, if you're gonna be evil, that's your problem, but please for the love of God come up with your own motif."
"OH, DON'T WORRY ABOUT THAT, SISTEEEEEER. However, I'm gonna have to monologue about my reasons for betraying you."

"All I've wanted since I was created is power. I cheated myself before I was born. Since a 'real' Krystal had been designated, I was forever doomed to be a footnote. So I turned to magic. With half-remembered high school and college knowledge, I should be able to revolutionize the entire practice! Soon, I turned to the Void... it seems to seep magical energy... imagine having a link able to supply you with incalculable amounts at all times! Then I met Demon. He promised me intellect, strength, secret pleasures beyond comprehension and morality. I couldn't refuse. All I have to do is sow a little chaos, preferably at the Order's expense."

Crystal spreads her arms wide.
"I will create a new nation, sister. One without petty conflicts or decrepit lizards playing at world domination. I will reestablish the Cinderfell Federation and lead it into a glorious future!"
"No lizards, just some insane whore." Krystal growled.

>[]Fire! (D20)
>[]And what about Bôr? How does a dead god fit into this scheme?
>[]Point out a flaw in her plan. (Write-in)
>[] So you go into some forbidden place seeping of magic that apparently, in the history of forever, nobody's had the bright idea of using for themselves. That's failure one; you're not the first to get that idea, you probably won't be the last, and there's probably a reason everyone and their grandmother aren't already using it. Two, you go about imagining you'll be able to use half-assed knowledge of commoner, non-magical physics. You aren't the only one who knows them, and whatever you could have earned you just threw away by being a cunt like this. Three, some guy named 'Demon' pops up out of nowhere and asks you to "sow some chaos" and offers everything you've ever wanted in a way that means you don't have to work for it yourself, at all, with his price being betraying your family that loves you and, I thought, was loved by you in turn. Doesn't that seem even a LITTLE bit sketchy? Likw, really, REALLY sketchy?
File: Spoiler Image (294 KB, 900x760)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
"...he was very charismatic."
Krystal sighs.
"Look, just call off whatever you're doing. We can sit down and talk about you being under appreciated--"
"NO! It's just gonna go back to normal. 'Build robots for us, Crystal.' 'Babysit Alagos's asshole kid for us, Crystal.' 'Crystal, stop fondling me, Tsuyoi's gonna be pissed.' But I've got some intense shit I'm working on. Trust me, you'll love this. I'm not gonna tell you what it is though, because you'd probably try to kill me."
"Crystal, just calm down, we can talk about this! If it's the whole sex thing, I'm sure Tsuyoi would be willing to do a--"
"Sorry, sister. I have to be going. My plans have been set in motion already, it'll be better for you if you don't interfere."
She teleports away.
Krystal punches the wall and screams.
"God dammit..."
She walks up to the Void portal and holds her hand up. It's closed in a flash of holy light.
Krystal's codec beeps.
...that's good.
Wait, WHAT!?
She shuts the codec off.
Ooooh, no. That is REALLY not good.
"That's an understatement. Rorogan's missing, too, along with at least six squadrons and a fair number of our more advanced weapons."
Despite being nowhere near the source (indeed, it might even be on the moon), you can hear your father's rage.
This REEEEALLY isn't good. You've never heard your dad so angry...

>[]Look around this place. Maybe there's something you can use to help?
>[]Go to Lynx. If she knows anything, you can't be fucking around.
>[]Grab one of the giant birds in the roost. This is treason against your FAMILY. It won't go unpunished.
>Post on the internet-equivalent that Aerofort was, is, and will always be a better name than Stratofortress, which is fucking silly. At this point, you just want to piss her off.
She had been developing the Magi-net or something along those lines...
You find an interface in the workshop section of the room.
>[CTass]The Stratofortress is a retarded name and Crystal inhales more penises than air.
>[Dolon]In a self-deprecating mood today?
>[CTass]No, I'm Aisha. My cunt aunt just stole the Stratofortress and flew away with it.
>[Dolon]What!? If you require aid, the Cult of Dae freely gives it.
>[CTass] has edited their account protections.
Shit, she locked you out. Oh, well.
Krystal grins evilly while fliddling with her gun.
"Well, I'm gonna figure out where she's headed. Then I'm gonna plan the most brutal shitstorm in the history of the Order. You don't fuck with the Imperator. EVER."
She starts up the ladder, laughing maniacally.
"Oh, I'm gonna plan a mission for you guys later, kay?"
You take another look around the room. There's an interesting pistol with some colored lenses... you strap it onto your waist. Might come in handy later.
"Aisha... what the hell was that? Aunt C..."
"She's just lost it, Kasai. Maybe she can be brought back to her senses, but we'll have to find her first."

>[]Now I'm gonna go squeeze all the info from Lynx's head before brainwashing her.
>[]I'm gonna head to the firing range. This pistol looks fun.
>[]You wanna... 'play video games' in my room?
Seconding, then
>[]Look around this place. Maybe there's something you can use to help?
Be careful for boobie traps.
Frigging slow loading captchas.
Go and find if there were any secret research shit that Crystal might of taken, besides the Skycastle.
>I'm gonna go 'Interrogate' Lynx. Wanna come help?
File: IMG_1583.jpg (68 KB, 805x449)
68 KB
You take a look at the wall of craziness Crystal had made.
It lists 'shit we'll need', which includes some Bipedals (magic mech suits), mortars, modern small arms, and a few squadrons' worth of melee weaponry.
Aeneth's cherry-scented armpits, is she gonna try and take over the world?
(Incidentally I need to remember to talk about the Icebreaker Greatshield sometime)
"Kasai, I'm gonna go get information out of Lynx. Wanna help?"
He hesitates.
"...not really. I'm not all that comfortable with the whole slave thing."
You give him a hug.
"Ah, well. I'll be sure to give you some cuddles later."


You shut the door to Lynx's cell.
She's been given some sackcloth to wear, and some ointment for rope welts. Already she's being treated a hundred times better than before.
"You again!"
You grin evilly.
"Me again. What's wrong, rebelling against your desires? The moral compass is such an annoying thing."
"What would you know of morality?"
"The darker parts, how to subvert it. Comes naturally."
You sit down next to her and start rubbing her back.
"Now, why don't you tell me your cult's plan? I'd be REALLY pleased with you if you could tell me..."
You lick her earlobe and wrap your arms around her.
"I won't tell you any more than I have. Even if I have to kill myself."
"Oh, you wouldn't do that..."
Troublesome slave. Perhaps you could use... that.
Your mom had mentioned a ritual that could make Lynx into a succubus, and much more cooperative to boot. It would require a fair amount of preparation, though.

>[]Come on, surely you could tell me just a little bit of your plans. (D20)
>[]I'll just have to squeeze the truth out of you, then...
>[]Go make preparations for the ritual.
Rolled 15 (1d20)

>>[]Come on, surely you could tell me just a little bit of your plans. (D20)
We can always do the ritual later.
"No, I won't!"
Your tattoo pulses. Lynx's muscles relax.
"I don't mean you any harm, Lynx... I just want to make you feel good."
You drop your hand to her waist and give her a kiss on the side of her head.
"J-just a little..?"
"What harm could it do?"

She wasn't privy to many details, being a grunt and all. But she did say that Elijah claimed Bôr would lead them to victory.
But of an issue. He's dead. Not banished, not reduced to a scrap of power clinging to some artifact, DEAD.
"That's what he said, though..."
She tenses up as you pull her top halfway off.

>[]Use that ring now.
>[]Do it like normal.
>[]Hold her. You need to treat her nicely if you want a successful brainwashing.
>>[]Hold her. You need to treat her nicely if you want a successful brainwashing.
We do want success.
"Good girl."
You sit Lynx in your lap and give her a hug.
She seems surprised. You aren't surprised. You haven't exactly been warm and loving.
Aww, she's even giving you a hug back. And... is she crying?
You stroke her hair and whisper into her ear.
"Are you scared?"
She nods her head silently.
"Do you have anyone who would miss you? Parents, friends, a lover?"
She shakes her head.
"That's... really sad."
You hug her tighter and stay that way for a few minutes.

>[]Get some lunch.
>[]Lunch? When you have Kasai? Preposterous.
>[]Try out your new gun.
>>[]Get some lunch.
Save Kasai for later.
You give Lynx a squeeze before getting up and leaving the cell.
"I'll be back..."


You sit down next to Kasai, who's stuffing his mouth like he's been starving.
"Slow down. I know you get hungry, but this is--"
"Aisha, you've been... doing it pretty often. You might not be that hungry, but I'm FAMISHED."
He gets back to eating. You suppose he's right, he's only really had fruit and dried meat since you went to the island.
"So why are you here? I thought Lynx would've given you plenty of nutrients."
"Didn't get any. I held her for a few minutes because she seemed sad."
Kasai pauses in his eating to look at you.
"...I could do with some of that."
He gets back to his roast.
"Oh, you just might."

>[]So I'm gonna need your help for a ritual, just a heads-up.
>[]Wanna go get some training done after this? We'll need it.
>[]If you want I'll let you rest your head on my lap.
>>[]If you want I'll let you rest your head on my lap.
>after yoube at leas tried beating me up a few times.

>[]If you want I'll let you rest your head on my lap.

Anuty is going to dress up as bor isnt she?
You both finish eating and walk over to the Flooded Gardens. You sit down in a bench and pat your lap.
"Come on."
Kasai lays down on the bench. You smile and stroke his hair.
"This is nice..."
"Well, you saved my life. Least I can do."
"Really? When?"
"When I got shot. That cultist would've killed me if you hadn't gotten him first."
"Yeah, that's right... how's the wound, anyway?"
You pull your shirt down to look at it.
"Red, aches a little. You probably didn't have to cauterize it..."
"I was panicking. Besides, we didn't have any bandages."
That's fair. At least you're okay.
You sit there and hum softly while staring out at the lake. You need to appreciate these moments of calm while you can.


>[]Fall asleep.
>[]Get up and do some training.
>[]Throw Kasai into the water when he's not expecting it.
>>[]Fall asleep.
It's been an exhausting couple o days.
Great, thanks OP!
You yawn and shut your eyes. Just a few minutes...


Someone's making angry hums at you. And they're a little too loud to ignore...
You sleepily open your eyes. Eleanor's standing in front of you.
"Would you cut that out? You're gonna wake him up."
"What do you think you're doing?"
"Giving Kasai some nice treatment. He saved my life, you know. I got shot."
"Well, I almost got shot, too! One of the Watch grabbed me while I was shopping and told me to stay inside. I tried to lodge a complaint, but I was escorted home..."
Huh. So she doesn't know there was an attack. Might be the same for most of the wealthier residents.
Kasai turns over in his sleep.
"I hope your heart stops, bitch..." he mutters. Must be subconsciously hearing Eleanor.
"Stop seeing him, you're a bad influence."
You grit your teeth. She didn't just say that...

>[]I know your plan, you gold-digger bitch.
>[]What are you gonna do? Lodge a complaint?
>[]Of course I'm a bad influence. I have plans to corrupt this little guy.
>>[]What are you gonna do? Lodge a complaint that your gold-mine isn't interested?
"It's a term referring to a rich sucker who gets married to a greedy bitch."
Eleanor's eyes widen.
"How DARE you accuse me of--"
"I'm not accusing you of anything. Just explaining a term. And seriously, Kasai is NOT interested in you. I'm pretty sure half the Upper Ward knows that by now."
Eleanor opens her mouth as if to speak, but eventually huffs and storms off. Good.
You scratch Kasai behind the horns.
"Good dragon. I got rid of the mean gold-digger for you."


Kasai yawns and sits up.
"Hi, Aisha... that was a nice nap."
"Glad you enjoyed it.

>[]Come on, we can still squeeze in some target practice.
>[]Shouldn't we do the thing where you meet my parents?
>[]If Eleanor bothers you again, tell me. I'll be sure to put a stop to it.
>meet the parental units.
"Hey, you know what we need to do now?"
"Have you meet my parents!"
"I've already... wait, you mean like--"
"Yeah, let's go!"
You open a portal to your house and step through.


"Mom, Dad, this is Kasai. He's my, uh..."
The word sticks in your throat.
Your parents wave hello. It's a pretty awkward moment, due to your mom wearing her 'OPPAI' shirt and your dad wearing full plate armor that's arcing electricity into nearby metal objects.
"Oh, you two are so cute together!"
Dad leans in to peer at Kasai.
"...if you make her sad I swear you'll never want to step outside again."
He leans back and takes off the helmet.
"Just for clarity. Let's see... what am I supposed to do..? Pris, get us some, uh... beers!"
She brings them surprisingly quickly.
Everyone takes a sip. You grimace at the taste. Yucky.
"To be perfectly frank, we all knew this was gonna happen, but it's still nice to have official confirmation."
"Oh, Aisha! Barely legal age and already seducing men."
Your mom gives you a pat on the head.

>[]Uh, mom? How would one go about the succubus-making ritual? I'm asking for a friend.
>[]So, what's for dinner?
>[]Me and Kasai would like some privacy...
>>[]Uh, mom? How would one go about the succubus-making ritual? I'm asking for a friend.
Followed by
>Hey Kasai, I found this ring I want you to try.
File: IMG_1587.jpg (137 KB, 640x904)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
"Oh? What for, sweetie?"
"Didn't ask, she's just... curious."

So you need a succubus present, of course. Then preferably someone else to pleasure the subject so you can focus.
The ritual itself is pretty simple. Get the subject to admit they're loving it, have them swear to pursue 'joys of the flesh', and give them a big kiss.
A side effect of the transformation is that the new succubus' body type tends to reflect the succubus that had transformed them. In Lynx's case she'll probably get a little younger and her chest will flare out a little more. And maybe she'll get a crazy hair color, who knows.

"Huh. Thanks, Mom."
"Always happy to help out."
She gives you a hug.
"Kasai, come on. I wanna try out this ring."
"Don't let him do all the work, Aisha!"
"O-okay, Mom..."
You retreat to your room and start working on getting Kasai's clothes off.
"Uh... what's this ring?"
"Let me show you."
You slip it on his finger. Tits immediately spring from his (her???) chest with an almost comical *boing!*
"A-Aisha, what the hell?"
Kasai covers her chest and crotch, blushing slightly.

>[]Be gentle. This is probably uncomfortable for... her.
>[]Immediately break out the strapon.
Gotta drop our spaghetti occasionally.
File: IMG_1588.jpg (38 KB, 640x217)
38 KB
Kasai scrambles to your side.
"Are you okay? Does it hurt?"
They're pressing into the side of your head. So soft and warm.
You reach up and grab one.
"Uh... Aisha?"
You push Kasai onto her back and start kissing her furiously.
"Aisha, what's gotten into you?"
You keep going until you're fairly certain Kasai's ingested at least some of your blood before turning yourself around.
"Look how wet you are! Don't worry, this is gonna be reeeeeally good."
You get to licking. Kasai moans loudly and pulls your ass down onto her face.
Kasai has a pretty explosive orgasm. You have a pretty good one a few moments later as well.
"Whew. That feel good?"
You take the ring off. Kasai doesn't react. And he's got a pretty nice hard-on...


Kasai and Dad are eating at amazingly fast paces.
"Aisha, this can't be healthy..." Pris worries.
"Ah, he'll be fine. He just gets hungry afterward, unlike me."
"So why are you here, then?"
"I have enough room for dessert."
"I see."
You lean back in your chair. Pretty great family, if a dysfunctional one.
Dad always tells pretty good stories, and he was amazing when it came to babysitting, what with super speed. You got pretty freaked out when he got into the coffee and wrote several thousand issues worth of manga that may or may not have prophetic messages.
Mom is always a good person to turn to if you're sad. She does tend to get emotionally unstable if Dad doesn't give her enough attention.
Pris was your best friend growing up. She indulged all your autistic whims with a big smile on your face. Then there was the traumatizing incident where you walked in on one of her BDSM sessions. You're not sure what to think of her now.
"Well, let's get Aisha her dessert." your dad says. Pris jumps to her feet and heads into the kitchen.
Today it's donuts. Really good donuts. You'll be finishing up soon...

>[]Take Kasai back home.
>[]Have him stay here.
>>[]Take Kasai back home.
"Well, time to take you back home."
You teleport back to Castle Diluvium and stop in front of Kasai's door.
"Tell your parents thanks for the meal... and don't mention that ring to Mom, okay? Seriously."
"Not a peep."
"Thanks. Goodnight."
You teleport back to your house.
"Well, I'm gonna go to bed." you yawn. Your dad kisses the top of your head.
"Have good dreams, sweetie."


You sit in the Diluvium cathedral, trying not to nod off as Krystal rants about 'those fucking assholes who stole our shit'. She had given similar tirades for several other incidents.
Well, might as well plan what you'll be doing today...

>[]Do that ritual with Lynx. You've always wanted a sister.
>[]Go to the training hall. You've been neglecting yourself.
>[]Slack off somewhere. Preferably with some narcotics.
>>[]Do that ritual with Lynx. You've always wanted a sister.
Say no to drugs, especially if you do them alone.
>>1529871 (but that's how I got the idea for this quest)
The mandatory meeting eventually lets out. You sigh and adjust your Order cloak as you stride out the door.
"Aisha, see me in my office during lunch." Krystal says as she passes you.
"Imperator! Do you have time to train--"
Krystal grabs the man and suplexes him.
"--thanks for that, Imperator."
This was a disturbingly common occurrence.
You grab Kasai from the mass of religious nutcases and bring him to the castle's dungeon.
"Okay, so I have this ritual I want to do..."
You explain the situation to him.
"That's... this seems wrong."
"Kasai, she has to do it of her own free will. Besides, if I left her as-is she'd be given house arrest at best, killed at worst. It's better this way."
He thinks about it before nodding.
"Fine. But no more making people into slaves. It's wrong."
"Of course not. And she's not gonna be a slave."
You open the door and step inside. Lynx looks happy to see you for just a second, before regaining her senses.
"What are you doing in here? Leave at once. I don't have anything else to tell you."
You sit down next to her and pull at her clothing.
"Lynx... I've been thinking. Despite the incident with almost killing Kasai, you've been a pretty good girl. You don't deserve to rot down here forever. And I've always wanted a sister..."
You trace a finger down her chest.
"What are you talking about?"
"Oh, nothing. Kasai, give it to her."
He grimaces before unzipping his pants.
"No... not again. Stop this!"
You hold her down as Kasai enters her pussy.
"Don't fight it. Love it. Lose yourself in the sensation. Why not just... let loose? It can't hurt this one time. If this is gonna happen regardless of your choices, why not enjoy it?"
"I... I'll never..."
You lean down and lick her clit.
"Surely, some part of you wants this. Somewhere, deep inside, you have an urge to be treated like a cheap whore, don't you? Don't deny it. I can read you like an open book when you're like this."
Lynx whimpers something.
"What was that?"
You reach up and rub her breasts.
"Quite. Do you want to feel like this all the time?"
"You want to revel in unbelievable pleasure for the rest of your life?"
"Will you renounce your false god for this goal?"
"Then, by the unholy power vested in me..."
You give her a deep kiss just as Kasai cums inside her.
Lynx's body explodes in a flash of light, sending you and Kasai tumbling to the floor. She's being rebuilt from the ground up before your eyes. Her waist slimmed, her chest expanded, hips a little wider, skin a little younger. Her dark hair is replaced with short-cropped pure white.
Finally, she grows her horns and tail. The transformation ceases.
Lynx--well, she wasn't Lynx anymore--sits up and licks her lips.
"Oh... that was interesting."
>>1530042 (wow, this was long)
She looks down at you and grins.
"Thank you, sister, for freeing me from who I used to be. 'Lynx' was a fool, blinded by empty promises."
She stands and looks down at her hands.
"I suppose I'll need a new name. Your name is Aisha, yes? So I should be... Ashley. Similar enough."
She helps you and Kasai to your feet.
"And your boyfriend! Oh, you're so lucky... you wouldn't mind if we shared him, right?"

>[]Nope. Let's do that now.
>[]We'll save it for later. Right now we need to get you properly initiated into the Order.
>[]Sorry, he's mine. Having two of us around would probably kill him.
>>[]We'll save it for later. Right now we need to get you properly initiated into the Order.
"Ah, I see. Good idea."
You go fetch Krystal.
"Ritual? You could've told me about this, you know."
She looks Ash over.
"You gave us everything you knew, right?"
"Yep. Though I'm sure some of it is propaganda. They don't tell the grunts much."
"Hmm. Do you acknowledge Alagos as your atmospheric overlord?"
"Do you acknowledge that we will murder you viciously if you betray us?"
"That seems like a given."
"Very well, then."
Krystal tosses her a holy symbol.
"Congratulations. These two will fill you in on religious matters. And you'll want to get yourself some clothes."
Krystal leaves the cell and signals the guards standing outside.
"She's free to go. Return to your barracks for your new assignments."
Well... that was brief.
"Oh, this is so exciting!"
Ashley gives you and Kasai a hug.
"I have so many options available. I'll need to get some special armor made, and some weapons, find something to do... and get to know you two better, of course."
She squeezes Kasai's crotch and gives you a kiss.
"I'll meet up with you later!"
Ashley swaggers down the corridor.

>[]Follow her and help her get some clothes.
>[]Call your mom and tell her about your new sister.
>[]Train until lunch.
>>[]Call your mom and tell her about your new sister.
>[]Call your mom and tell her about your new sister.
Ask for grooming advice and if yours and kasais souls will get sucked out if you fuck too hard now.
You call your mom on the codec.
"Mom, guess what?"
"What is it?"
"I just got a sister! Her name's Ashley."
"Aisha, what are you--oh! The ritual? That's great news!"
"Yeah, I'll have to bring her up sometime. Am I gonna have to worry about soul-sucking or anything?"
"Well, you and her should cancel each other out, but you'll have to be gentle with Kasai. He can build up a resistance as he grows stronger, but it's important to not wear him out."
"Good to know. Thanks, Mom."
"Have fun with your sister!"
She hangs up. You give Kasai a pat on the shoulder.
"Don't worry, buddy. I'll do my best to not suck your soul out. Maybe if there were some Order of Ruin prisoners... whatever. We'll deal with it."
Kasai shrugs.
"If all else fails, I'll breathe fire and run from you two."
You leave the cell.

What do you do until lunch?
Rolled 20 (1d20)

Get buff!
Rolling to become superathletic demigodess
File: IMG_1589.jpg (63 KB, 1000x750)
63 KB
Alright, time for a workout!
You go to the gym (there was some ancient Latin name above the door, but screw that) and start prepping for your exercises.
Sports bra! Shorts! Stretching!
When you're done with that, you walk up to a punching bag and swing your fist in the air a few times before going in.
As your fist flies forward, you realize that you haven't really been doing anything with all the energy you've sucked up from Kasai and Lynx. It's just kind of sat there, keeping you nourished and helping you shoot that one guy.
Now it's found an outlet.
Your stamina feels boundless as you punch, crunch, and lift your way through your routine. Two hundred pounds of weights only made you feel like your back was broken. Which wasn't a very pleasant sensation, but still.
Eventually, you wind down and take a rest on a bench. Damn, you're exhausted.
You can feel your magical energy concentrating on two points in your back, perpendicular to your spine. Before long, it disperses back into your body.
You bathe, get dressed, and head to the mess hall to grab some lunch before going up to Krystal's office. Kasai and Ash are there, too. Her new outfit is pretty great, if you do say so yourself. Looks like that slutty armor with force-field spells installed.
"So, I've called you here because I have a mission for you... three. Your sister's kinda clingy, Aisha. Anyway, I found some notes on dragons in my cunt sister's secret lair, and I think I've figured out why you can't turn into your big dragon form, Kasai."

>[]He can't? I thought that was just how he was.
>[]Just keep eating.
>[]This is boring, check out your sister's outfit instead.
>[]He can't? I thought that was just how he was.
"Well, he should be able to turn into a giant flying lizard, but he can't... and that's because we don't have any of his eggshell."
Wait... what?
"Dragons need to eat a shard of their eggshell to develop their powers more."
"Okay. Where is it?"
"Fucking Crystal sold it to a shady merchant eighteen years ago."
Kasai pales.
"...why didn't you--"
"I had no idea until like, last night! So yeah... I'm sending you to see if you can track any pieces down in the former Cinderfell Federation. Worst-case scenario is... well, that you die. But that's a given for pretty much anything. You'll be starting your trip tomorrow, you wanna go by land or sea?"

>[]Land. You'll be using giant birds for travel, but you have to land to rest.
>[]Sea. Less chance of bandits, more chance of weird sea monsters. Elder Gods are a non-issue as you will have a boat.
>Land. Maybe we can build a following of seduced pretties or sth.
File: IMG_1584.jpg (24 KB, 252x200)
24 KB
Krystal nods.
"Very well. Pretty safe choice. Keep in mind, it's quite a long way to Cinderfell."
She waves her hand dismissively.
"Now shoo, I have alcoho--I mean, paperwork I need to finish."
You leave. Don't want to be the one to deny Krystal her alcohol.
"Look what I got!" Ashley says while twirling.
It's an interesting outfit, for sure. Definitely accommodates her tail more.
"It's great." Kasai murmurs. He can't really keep his eyes on hers.
Neither can you, but that's not the point.
"Well, we don't have much to do until tomorrow."
Ash puts her arms around you and Kasai's shoulders.
"What should we do?"

>[]Test your sister's combat abilities.
>[]Bring her up to your house. Yet another introduction.
>[]I get the hint, Kasai's room will do fine.
>>[]Bring her up to your house. Yet another introduction.
File: IMG_1595.jpg (80 KB, 644x514)
80 KB
"Oh, your parents? They're probably nice."
"Yeah, they're great."
You open a portal to your house.
"Uhh, I'll stay behind this time..." Kasai says, backing away.
"Suit yourself."
You step through the portal.
"Ooooooh, she's so cute!"
Your mom grabs Ash from behind and gives her a hug.
"I'm Sasha, Aisha's mom. You're gonna be a good succubus, I can tell!"
You sit down on the couch.
"Pris! Alagos!"
Ash looks at her in surprise.
Oh. You forgot to tell her.
"Is there a spider agai--oh, hey there."
Dad grabs her hand and shakes it vigorously.
"Good to meet you! It seems having a pet succubus is a family tradition..."
"Y-your dad is..."
You walk over to the window and draw the shades back, revealing the planet you were on about ten seconds ago.
"Aisha... wha..."
Ash faints.
Pris walks in, sees her, and sighs.
"Oh, dear..."
She kneels in front of your sister and puts her hand in front of her nose.
Ash sputters and coughs.
"Ack, what was--"
"Smelling salts."
"Okay... AISHA! Why didn't you tell me this? Your dad's a god!?"

>[]And Pris is an automaton.
>[]Oh, that's the LEAST weird thing about this family.
>>[]Oh, that's the LEAST weird thing about this family.
Like you would've believed me.
And well, I've told you now...
Ash pushes your dad away.
"And I DON'T believe you! A major god wouldn't just have kids with some minor sex demon!"
Alagos glares at her. You can smell ozone in the air.
"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!" Ash squeaks.
"Good. Can't have my daughter's sister/friend/thrall bad-mouthing my wife."
Your sister brushes herself off and stands straighter.
"So your--er Mom's the Matriarch. So Pris is the Servant?"
"Yep. I'm Alagos's slave!"
"What did I say about going around saying that?"
"Sorry, sir. Please punish me later."
"Yeah, sure. Bring me cereal, slut."
Ash sits quietly on the couch next to you.
"This is... interesting. Are all the gods like this?"
"Nah. Ruin's an angry fuck 24/7, Galenasson just tends to his plants and complains about industry, Adasser keeps breaking into everyone's palaces and raping them, Dae keeps twitching and muttering about life and death, and Cullas is just high all the time. He's chill. That's only five of my two thousand brothers and sisters."
"Yeah, we have pretty awesome raves."

>[]Tell Ash about the Caffiene Incidents to freak her out even more.
>[]Uh, can we have some privacy again? I kind of used a lot of my energy earlier.
>[]Spice it up by bringing Pris in. She wanted punishment, didn't she?
>>[]Tell Ash about the Caffiene Incidents to freak her out even more.
What's more sibling like than bothering each other?
"Yeah, and a while back, Dad drank some stimulant liquid called 'coffee'. It energizes normal people, but he's sensitive to it... then he drew his weird Lovecraft manga. It's called the Seal, and it's a thousand books of drawn characters."
"Yeah, it's interesting in a disturbing way. Issue 69 just says 'GURO TENTACLE PORN' in binary over and over."
"Oh yeah, and in issue 35, Alisha-chan first mentions her sister/sidekick! I KNEW it was prophetic!"
"Honey, please swallow your cereal before speaking."
"What the hell is up with your family, Aisha..."

>[]We should be getting back. I need to gauge my sister's skills.
>[]Not-really-incest time.
>>[]We should be getting back. I need to gauge my sister's skills.
>[]Not-really-incest time.
It's only incest if they're blood related.
"Ah. Have fun on your mission, sweetie!"
"Thanks, Mom."
You teleport back down to Diluvium.
"That was... great."
"I know, right? Come on, Kasai's room is this way."
Ash squeezes your ass as you walk over. You shut the door behind you and start taking off her 'pants'.
"Will he mind?"
"Men don't tend to mind much if two women use his room to have sex."
"Good point."
You run a hand over her panties, digging your fingers into her pussy and lightly brushing her asshole.
"Mm, Aisha..."
Ash turns around and kisses you before pushing you onto the bed.
"I still haven't properly thanked you. Just sit back, I'll take good care of you..."
She pulls your clothes off and gives the tip of your tail a nip. Which feels surprisingly good.
Ash's long, snakelike tongue licks the top of your ass before slithering into your pussy.
Your hips wiggle as Ash's tongue digs into your G-spot. Succubi are unparalleled at oral... too bad your sister doesn't have a dick. Maybe it's better she doesn't, Kasai would feel left out.
Ash turns around, pressing her ass into your face. You greedily lick up her cum before sliding your tongue into her ass.
You keep licking as Ash's tongue speeds up. You're about to cum...
You spray cum all over Kasai's bedsheets. He can deal with it, he's a big boy.
"Ahh... Aisha."
You give each other a long kiss.
"I'm still good to go."
"Me too. Looks like we just give each other energy."
You roll on top of Ash and start grinding your pussy against hers.


You've finally gotten it out of your system. You lie back as Ash quietly sucks on one of your nipples.
The door opens, and Kasai walks in. He pauses for a second to look at you before opening his icebox.

>[]You've built up a resistance already?
>[]Hey. What've you been doing?
>[]Don't be like that, come join us! We'd love to have a taste of your big, fat, juicy etc. etc.
>>[]Hey. What've you been doing?
While nonchalantly playing with Ash's nipple and tail.
You pinch Ash's nipple and give the tip of her tail a long lick. She likes that a lot, judging from her moans.
Your sister grabs your own tail and rubs the tip on her clit.
"Well, I've been practicing with my halberd. I can hold it one-handed and shoot now."
"That's great!"
"Thanks. How're you getting along with Ash?"
Your sister purrs, sliding her hips along the length of your tail.
"VERY well." you reply, moving to her other nipple.

>[]Why don't you come join us?
>[]Guess we better do that, too. I don't even know what weapon Ash uses.
Oh well.
>>[]Guess we better do that, too. I don't even know what weapon Ash uses.
"I use a morning star, remember?"
"Not really. I only saw you in combat for about six seconds."
"Mmm... I guess you did."
Ash gives you a kiss, gets off the bed and starts getting dressed. You follow suit.


Ash grabs a shield and a morning star from the weapon rack and swings the latter into a training dummy. It bounces off the shitty infantry-tier helmet it's been given.
"Hmm. It's got a different heft to it. Chain's shorter. Gonna take some getting used to."
She swings again. This time it just bounces off the wood.
"Okay, if I swing it like this..."
The morning star crunches into the dummy, sending splinters flying. She pulls it out, and the dummy reconstructs itself. It would just be a pain to make more with all the heavy-weapons users around here.
"Ha! There we go."
She turns around and idly swings the flail around.
"Anyone up for a spar?"

>[]Yeah, I'll give it a try.
>[]Nah, I'm good.
>>[]Yeah, I'll give it a try.
Why not.
"Alright. But I'm not gonna hold back."
"Wouldn't want you to."
Ash steps forward and swings. The weapon passes right under your arms and hits you in the ribs. You think something broke...
You get up and slash at your sister. She puts her shield up and pushes forward, knocking you over again. GOOOODS that hurts. You're sure one of your ribs is broken.
"Come on, are you even trying?"
You lunge forward with your dagger and give her a good slash on the leg.
"Good one!"
Ash raises her foot. You roll out of the way before she can stomp you and slash out again. That was a pretty terrible strike. You didn't get anywhere near her.
Ash's morning star crashes into your leg. You can hear something crunch again.
You get up and wince as pain shoots up your leg. You thrust your sword forward, glancing off Ash's shield.
She swings her morning star at you. Isn't it getting a little too close to your head--


You wake up feeling like shit.
You look yourself over. No wounds. Must've gotten a healing spell. But still.
Ash throws her arms around you and starts crying.
"I-its fine..."

>[]You're pretty good.
>[]No offense, but I'm staying far away from you in fights.
>[]Can I stab you? Just a few times?
>>[]Can I stab you? Just a few times?
"Aisha, that's seriously messed up!" Kasai pipes up from the corner.
"Well, I don't mind. As long as she doesn't do anything too drastic and I can get it healed."
"You're not making it better!"
Ash lies down on your legs.
"Get it over with."
You grab your knife from its sheath and hesitate. Are you seriously gonna do this..?
You tentatively poke your sister in the back with the knife.
"You okay?"
You poke her a few more times before noticing that Ash seems to be having a rather... unusual reaction to this. Blushing, eyes closed, breathing heavily.
"Aisha, don't stop. It's just getting--"
Krystal pauses and stares at the scene in front of her.
"Goddammit... I thought I'd be fucking invulnerable to surprise after the whole war thing, but then shit like this happens..."
"I-I was just--"
"I don't know what you're doing, and I don't WANT to know what you're doing. Just wipe that blood off your back and listen up."
"Yes, ma'am."
She does so.
"I'm not sure you kids realize this, but outside this little bubble of degeneracy, there's a world of semi-sane people. You'll have to act normal sometimes. Either that or spend your days on a battlefield, eating frogs. Got it?"

>[]But you always told us normies were fucking assholes!
>[]Stabbing your friends if they beat you in a fight isn't normal?
>>[]Stabbing your friends if they beat you in a fight isn't normal?
Of course they usually have something else they are stabbing with, but I digress.
"Stabbing your friends in general isn't normal. Neither is creepy masochism shit."
"But Pris likes it!"
"Pris isn't overt about it. The most anyone outside the family will notice is that she sometimes does things intentionally wrong and seems eager about getting punished for it."
Krystal sighs.
"I suppose it could be useful. If Ash really does get turned on by that, she'd be nice to have in a fight. A horny fighter is still more useful than a sniveling one."
Well, that's true...
Krystal stand up and gives Kasai a sad look.
"I feel for you. Really. The things some people have to put up with for pussy... anyway, I'll drop off some survival kits at your rooms later. I know Ash has some actual training, but I won't send you in naked just yet. I'm not that mean."
She leaves.

>[]Kasai, do you really feel like we're a burden?
>[]...is anyone else horny?
>[]Cant just stop training. I'm gonna go shoot some bottles for a while.
>>[]Kasai, do you really feel like we're a burden?
And then
>[]...is anyone else horny?
He looks at you wearily.
"Sometimes, yeah."
Ash frowns and tousles his hair.
"Aww. You feeling left out?"
She leans against the wall and motions you over. Your sister pulls your pants down and gives you some soft kisses.
She spreads your ass and grins.
"Kasai, you haven't done anal with her yet, have you? Go on, make sure you're rough."
You gulp. Sure, your asshole was probably more elastic than most, but he was bigger than your toys...
"Uh, can I just have a--"
Kasai's thick, burning hot cock rams into you.
You turn your head and give Kasai a big kiss. Ash gets on her knees and starts licking your pussy.
"This is the best..." you moan. Kasai's semen fills your stomach, and you squirt into Ash's mouth.
"Hah... sit down."
You push Kasai into a sitting position on the bed and get on his lap. His dick pokes up through your thighs, almost reaching your belly button.
Ash starts sucking him off, while you grind and give him kisses.


You run your hand over Kasai's chest and look into his eyes.
"I lo--"
You wince and beat yourself up. The words just keep getting stuck in your throat...
"It's fine, Aisha. I love you, too."
"And me?" Ash asks.
"Well, I love your mouth. Does that count?"
She giggles.
"Close enough."
You have a three-way kiss before getting off the bed and putting some clothes on.
"We'll do everything in our power to protect each other, right? It'd be a shame if one of us died."
You nod. True that.

>[]Let's just turn in early. At my place. Might as well have some comfort before our first mission.
>[]Go on a group date. Stroll around the gardens, get some food, maybe stargaze atop the Seawall.
>[]Skip to the mission.
Train some more cause we suck ass, and not in a good way.
Well, melee was a disaster... how about shooting?
You do pretty well. It's kinda hard to judge how badly you hurt a wooden mannikin.
But this weird gun you found in your aunt's secret room...
You pop the green lens in and take aim at the dummy.
A portion of the wood dissolves and crumbles away before reforming.
"Ooooh! This must be from those weird crystals they found!"
There was a mine below the city filled with multicolored crystals. Focusing light through them had interesting effects. Let's see...
Red was fire, orange caused a disease that made people explode, yellow degraded equipment, green dissolved things, blue froze things, and purple enslaved targets.
A weirdly complicated gun, but useful. The lenses might fit in your sword's pommel as well.


You keep shooting until evening. Kasai and Ash have to help you unjam your rifle. So embarrassing...

>[]Take them all up to your house for dinner and bedtime.
>[]Get dinner, then get a good night's sleep.
>>[]Get dinner, then get a good night's sleep.
Make sure Kasai eats plenty of food.
You have a quick dinner in the mess hall, consisting of stew and crumbly bread.
"Mm... pretty good."
Afterward, you have a quick bath and get ready for bed.
Kasai's bed is big enough for the three of you, fortunately. You're a little squished together, but really, weren't you just gonna be doing that anyway?
"This is gonna be the last time we'll have a mattress. Might as well use it."
You spend the night getting tangled up in the bedsheets.


"Come on, kids. Time to wake up!"
Krystal opens the door and gags.
"Eeeugh. Go take a bath first."
You do as she says, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. Maybe doing it so late wasn't the best idea.
Krystal hands you some backpacks of supplies and runs off.
"I'll meet you outside."

>[]You're coming, too?
>[]Okay... *yawn*
>>[]Okay... *yawn*
Then take a bath.
You get in the castle's public bath. It's pretty great, seeing all sorts of nude women cleaning up and chatting. Unfortunately, your anonymous suggestion for 'Orgy Fridays' was shredded.
Because there's people around, you can't really feel Ash up except when you're helping wash her back. Oh, well. Someday you'll have your own private bath.
You douse yourself with cold water and get dressed before loading your supplies onto some wyverns and taking off. You swoop up through the skylight in the Flooded Gardens, weave through the half-finished buildings being constructed on the surface, and land near Krystal.
She sits astride Nova, checking her weapons.
"So, it seems the annual Council has been delayed a few months. The war seems to have caused issues in the various Orders, and some leaders couldn't make it until now. So since it's on your way, I thought I'd take you to Zhaimont, show you around. You can meet your cousin, Kasai."
He does a double-take at this.
"The princess, Cammat. I assume she's your cousin, anyway. There're only like ten known dragons on this planet."
"Hm. Maybe she knows who my mother was... hey, don't tell me you--"
"No, I didn't have sex with her. I'll have you know it was only a kiss. To tease."

>[]I don't think it's a good idea for us to meet royalty...
>[]Won't you get left behind? Nova's a nice wolfy, but he's not exactly fast.
>[]Is that Trysta lady still alive? I totally want to meet her!
>>[]Won't you get left behind? Nova's a nice wolfy, but he's not exactly fast.
File: IMG_1320.jpg (96 KB, 1280x853)
96 KB
"Being Imperator doesn't have just give you a fancy title, you'd be surprised how much faster you can go with the wind at your back. And Nova's more than he seems."
Krystal scratches the wolf's head. He woofs happily.
"Well, let's get going."
Nova starts padding away from the city. You glance back and hesitate for a moment.
...this is the farthest you've ever been from Diluvium. Well, not really. There was the island, and your house is on the moon, and you've done some flights that probably went farther than this...
"Well, I went and ruined that."
"Nothing. Let's go!"
You put your flight giggles on, kick your wyvern in the sides and ease it into the air.


Kasai flies closer to you and taps his ear. You dial his codec.
"Hey. You doing okay?"

>[]Kinda nervous. Never been out this far.
>[]It could be worse. Why aren't you flying? You've got wings.
>[]I'm fine. Just let me concentrate.
>[]It could be worse. Why aren't you flying? You've got wings.
>You think you could go faster if both of you flapped?

How ya doin Stormy? Hope you arent skewing your sleep timetable for our sake.
>>1544615 (nah, it's fine. I'm up late anyway)
"Same reason you don't run everywhere at a flat-out sprint. It gets pretty tiring, at least when you're initially getting up in the air. And I'm pretty sure if I flapped my wings I'd just be carried off this thing's back and never seen again."
Huh. Interesting.
You hang up and get back to focusing on your flight. It's pretty cold up here...


Another call. You pick up, it's from Krystal.
"Getting kinda dark. There's a clearing ahead, touch down in there."
You relay the message and dive toward the ground, slowing the wyvern as it touches down. Krystal's already got a cooking pot set up.
"I have it on good authority from Alagos that there won't be any rain. Tents probably won't be necessary."

>[]Set yours up, just to be safe.
>[]Get some dinner made. All you had for lunch were snacks.
>[]Collapse on your bedroll. Saddle sores...
>>[]Collapse on your bedroll. Saddle sores...
Make sure your ass is bared in a welcoming position. Best cure for saddle sores is more riding...
You roll out your bedding and lie down sideways, curling your tail invitingly. Kasai doesn't take the offer. Not surprising, considering his mom's just over there. Maybe when she's sleeping?
"Yeah, it takes some getting used to..." Krystal comments, adding a dash of spice to the broth.
"You think there are bandits out there?" Kasai asks, checking his gun.
"There's bandits fucking everywhere. They shouldn't attack us, though. I have a reputation."
'A reputation.' That's an understatement if you've ever heard one.
Krystal taste-tests the soup and nods, satisfied.
"Eat up."
She hands you a bowl and spoon. You eat your soup eagerly.
For the next hour or so, you shoot the shit with everyone. Krystal tells you a few stories about how she was chased by assassins through these same woods.
When she's getting to the part about Nova killing his own master, the wyverns start screeching and gnawing at their ropes. Nova looks off into the woods and growls.
"What's wrong with them?"
"Probably some beast getting a drink. It should leave us alone."
The wyverns actually saw through their ropes and fly off.
"Whoa, hey! Shit!"
You kick at the ground. This was gonna be such a pain.
Something seems off as you walk back to the campfire...
There's no color in anything. The flames were white flickers, dancing on dark wood.
"I see it too."
Something moves just beyond the reach of your campfire's light. The clink of metal, a soft breath, a gleam of purple, the only color left in the forest.

>[]Stand firm. You have to be brave.
>>[]Stand firm. You have to be brave.
File: IMG_1608.jpg (500 KB, 1920x1200)
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You draw your sword and peer into the darkness. Whatever's causing this won't scare you.
A black knight steps into the light. His armor carried no insignia, and the style isn't one you recognize. His eyes glow with the purple light of the Void.
One by one, more of them emerge from the darkness. You're surrounded.
They draw weapons from rifts in space and close in. Black mist seeps from cracks in their armor and creeps toward you. Slowly, inevitably, the campfire is extinguished.
Your amulet glows softly in the darkness. A feeling of warmth spreads through your chest, and you bolster your resolve.
Suddenly, torches flare in the knights' hands, blinding you with red light. You turn and look for your companions, who are nowhere to be found.
Images flicker across your vision. An impossibly ancient door, an unholy child, cobbled from flesh and Void and magic energy, and an unblinking eye, brimming with the knowledge of all worlds, all universes.
You sink to your knees as the visions tear through your mind. The Knights approach you as your vision turns black...
File: IMG_1618.jpg (253 KB, 1366x768)
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You sit up and frantically look around. The color's back, the birds are singing. It's daytime.
On the other hand, you don't recognize this exact spot. And you don't see your friends.

>[]Stay put. Isn't that what you're supposed to do?
>[]Start walking.
>[]Scream and run. They might come back!
>Look around carefully for watchers, then scout around a little.
You look very carefully at your surroundings. There don't seem to be any of those knights around, but you can't be too sure...
You climb up to the top of a hill and take a look around with your spyglass.
Someone's running and shrieking. So much for subtlety.
It's Ash. Whatever happened must have really spooked her.

>[]Go shut her up before the entire forest knows you're here.
>[]Stay up here, see if you can spot anyone else.
>>[]Go shut her up before the entire forest knows you're here.
You run down the hill and slap a hand over Ash's mouth.
"Ash, shut up, its me!" you hiss.
She calms down. You release her.
"What were you screaming through the woods for? I haven't seen you that scared, even when we tied you up!"
Ash takes a deep breath.
"Void magic... bad memories. They controlled my mind with it, back when I was... Lynx."
You nod.
"It's fine now. They're gone."

>[]Look for Kasai.
>[]Look for Krystal.
>[]Look for Kasai. Maybe hes flown to a highpoint nearby with those powerful but lazy wings of his?
You look around. No flying dragon boys are visible, which is unfortunate. Guess it's time to go looking--
*brrp brrp!*
--after you get this. It's from Krystal.
You can catch some movement in the viewer, it seems Krystal's been caught by some kind of tentacle plant. Or monster?

>[]Hang up and call Kasai. Why didn't you think of that earlier..?
>[]Patch this frequency to your dad.
>[]Krystal, could you focus on the mission for one second?
>[]Krystal, could you focus on the mission for one second?
"Huh? Oh, h-hi, AishAAAAAA!"
Krystal spasms and slumps over before coming back to her senses.
"Whew! Okay, thing, I appreciate your surprise, but I should really be going now."
Krystal's arm liquefies and reforms away from the tentacles' reach before grabbing her knife.
"I'll get to your position soon, Aisha. Just a second."
She turn the codec off just as she attacks the creature.
"Kinky lady."
"Yeah, she's definitely... unique. She said something a while ago about how she might genuinely have more testosterone than she's supposed to."
"That'd explain it. Wouldn't mind having fun with her... how old is she?"
"Hot damn! Either Dad's slowing her aging or she's just lucky."


You eventually stumble across Kasai, which was no mean feat. You called him on the codec, but he fucking sucks at describing landmarks. He actually shoots at you in a panic before you tell him to stop being a fucking idiot.
He's been hiding in a hole in a cliff ever since he woke up.
"S-sorry about shooting at you... that eye just... I can't get it out of my head."
"It's fine. You'll just have to repay me later." you wink.
"SOOOO where's my mom?"

>[]Getting fucked by tentacle monsters.
>[]She's on her way.
>>[]She's on her way.
"Good, good. Then we can discuss what the hell just happened."
"You shut the fuck up, you cowardly bitch! Fuckin' breaking the ropes and running off just because of some edgelords."
Krystal emerges from the bushes, dragging three wyverns behind her. Nova barks happily.
"Hey, kids. I don't know about you, but I feel great. Got a good night's sleep, and... a good night's sleep."
She secures your mounts (with chains this time).
"I also stopped by our camp and picked up your stuff. So."
Krystal rubs her hands together.
"Last night was fucking weird. Who's first for questions?"

(Write-in questions about what the hell happened)
What was that door?
Who the heck were those knights? and where are we now? same place? it doesn't feel like that...
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