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“‘m sorry.”

You’re in a spacious room that reminds you of a study. It’s kind of plain, furnished with not much more than a long wooden table and lots of chairs in the middle, and shelves and cabinets against one wall with small sliding doors that open to reveal papers and scrolls bound by string.

You’re with Izzy, a young woman and adventurer who you accidentally hit in the back of the head with a shovel.

“It’s okay. Really, it’s okay. You don’t have to keep saying that.”

You, a wolf, a fairy, an artificer, and a clay construct walked into this building with her around twenty minutes ago. It kind of reminds you of the mansion place you visited in the Tower District, though bigger, much less fancy and decorative, and with a duller tone to its gray stone bricks.

It took long to reach this room only partly because of size. The first floor had lots of wider rooms that you skipped; Izzy lead the rest of you through a side entrance, through a slow and winding path of dark halls and corridors and up a lonely staircase. She said there’s constructs in the building so you all had to be quiet. You didn’t see any, but you think you heard the metallic clanks of the movements once or twice.

Howard had to be left behind because he was too big. He’s hiding in a storeroom somewhere, sitting between some wooden crates. You hope nothing finds him.

The study-like room has two doors and both were barricaded by some chairs and a desk. Izzy called out quietly and it was shifted away.

Around fifteen people are inside. Three candles placed on the longer table in the middle to provide soft bubbles of light, but most of the people here are by the walls.

A mix of workers, artisans, and civilians, you think from their clothes. Many are sitting quietly or slumped in the few wooden chairs not used for barricades, others are looking around nervously, and a few fidget or pace around the sides of the room.

There’s injured people as well. Bandages, arms in slings. They’re mostly quiet.

Ashtia changed into her weasel form a while ago.
File: armor.jpg (40 KB, 465x600)
40 KB

Most look up when Izzy comes through, glancing between you and Lexy and her. It feels like some people want to talk and ask questions but they leave bothering her to someone else.

The person who moved the furniture-barricade aside was Constance.

“Here’s someone I didn’t expect to see,” he says with an easygoing tone. Balanced atop your head by a cheery fairy, a potted plant opens its mouth.

Ikaros is here as well, standing by the head of the long table near the other barricaded door. He shows a brief smile when you, Izzy, and Constance approach. Lexy seemed unsure but the horned girl tells him to follow as well.

“There was a bunch of them outside,” Izzy says to the lanky man. “They were attacking Baphy and...”

“Alexander. Uh, thank you for helping us.”

“Don't mention it. That construct with you didn’t act all violent like the guard ones, huh.”

The artificing student blinks. “Howard? No, no, he didn't change at all.”

Hm. “The Archive gnomes were okay as well,” you add.

Ikaros looks to you. “You came here from the Archives? How is it over there?”

“Safer. The Academy too. Not so many metal things walking around.”

Ikaros tells you that they stopped in Skyhaven to try address their perpetual lack-of-money problem, and were at an inn in the Trader’s District when night fell. The situation was worse there; the city was being torn apart by constructs filling the streets. They ended up leading their group of a dozen or so here.

“This isn't all that far into the Maker’s District but we couldn't keep pushing our injured. It would be great if we could stay here until this... incident dies down, but this building isn't a safe place to stop.”

“There’s constructs coming out from somewhere on the ground floor,” Constance explains for his friend. “We got lucky and just ran into a few in on our way in, but we've seen larger groups heading out of the place.”

Hm? “Out?”

The young man with messy black hair nods. “Always out. None of them have come looking for us too.”

Kay told you that someone might have messed with the maintenance places under the city, which could affect the constructs coming from those places. Is there a way underground in this building?

Izzy speaks up. “We could try getting to the Scholar’s District... Though even if nothing stops us leaving this building there’s still a lot of them on the streets. We cleared out the constructs that were attacking Baphy and Alexander, but that doesn't mean we won't run into more.”

The three adventurers go quiet, mulling things over.

Then Lexy snaps to something after glancing around.

“Is that Heimar?”

In one corner of the dim study is a man you’ve seen shouting at the Trader’s District and at a village you stopped by some days ago. Here he seems very different; the thin middle-aged man is haggard, pale even in the dark, his normal sharp-eyebrowed expression gone. He’s curled up on the floor and shivering, pushed against the wall as if trying to move away from the light in the middle of the room.

“He was here when we arrived,” Ikaros states quietly. “We've talked to him, but... well, we didn't really understand what he was saying.”

Lexy pauses, then excuses himself and heads towards the man in the corner.


[ ] Ask or say something to the adventurers (what?)
[ ] Follow Lexy to Heimar.
[ ] Stop a moment and See.
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Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=GFQ
>[ ] Ask or say something to the adventurers (what?)
>-[ ] Do you know where the hole they're coming from is exactly? Would it be possible to seal it off somehow?
>[ ] Do you know o anyone else who might br in trouble?
>[ ] Follow Lexy to Heimar.
You watch the young artificer walk across the room, and the shouting that Heimar was doing before comes to mind. Something about the old empire, about gods, and how the city was repeating mistakes.

Before that, you wanted to ask something.

“Can you block off the constructs coming from this place?”

Constance and Ikaros glance at each other, and the latter replies in a lower voice. “I don’t think so. They come out from the ground floor but we don’t know exactly where, and we don’t have anything that could stop them that they can’t hack through with their weapons.”

The two doors to the wide study are barricaded by wooden furniture.

You nod and leave the adventurers for now, going over to where Lexy went. Lulette is there as well, standing on the floor while looking at the man in the corner.

Heimar’s distress is more obvious up close. The lines in his face, the sunken cheeks, the widened eyes. He’s muttering to himself under his breath.

Ashtia shifts and leans out of your scarf when the fairy hovers up.

“He was possessed,” Lulette says into your ear, quietly and simply.

You couldn’t see his mark before and you can’t really see it now either, but you do feel something weird. To you, Heimar looks... damaged.

“Heimar? Are you alright? It’s- It’s Alexander.”

The thin man doesn’t react, like he didn’t hear. His muttering continues.

“What should I do? Tell me... Please, merciful Alteros, guide me again... Where, where is your voice?”

Lexy makes an uneasy frown.

You crouch down, placing your shovel and bucket on the floor next to you, and with your index finger poke the thin man.

Heimar’s trembling turns into an almost violent flinch, somehow scrambling back further into the corner. The noise through the stillness of the dim study makes some others nearby look up.

He stares at you, his pupils becoming dots in shock. His voice becomes higher pitched, quieter but harsher.

“No, no- This wasn’t what I... Not what I thought...”


[ ] See if you can get him to talk more.
-[ ] “What happened?”
-[ ] “What did you do?”
-[ ] “What did he tell you to do?”
-[ ] (Other)
[ ] Maybe you should leave him alone.
>[ ] See if you can get him to talk more.
>-[ ] “What happened?”
>-[ ] “What did he tell you to do?”
>-[ ] "Do you know how to stop the constructs? You said this happened before, a long time ago..."
"Demon, right? Of course it wasn't what you thought. Do you know were the demons are hiding?"
His words start to trail off and become more jumbled. You think about what he was shouting at the Trader’s District again, and try encourage him to keep going.

“You said something like this happened before, right?”

He keeps staring for a moment. You stare back.

“The- Yes, the old empire. Themia. They- Their magic lead to their destruction. His voice, the voice of great Alteros... When I arrived in Skyhaven, he told me we were on the wrong path.”

That name. He’s said that before. He called it... Divine?

“What did he tell you to do?”

The thin man lets out a shaking breath. “He told me we were not too late. I warned the city, but none listened... So he told me that I had to take action, that I could stop Skyhaven’s blasphemy.” Heimar isn’t looking at you anymore. “He lead me under this building, under the earth- But this cannot be what He meant... No, no- Where is His voice?”

Heimar’s shaking is stronger. You can’t seem to get his attention anymore. Maybe you should poke him again?

... Maybe not. You feel like you’re bullying him.

Lexy’s hesitant gaze follows you when you stand. You turn and look into a spot on the floor.

Strings weaving and drifting in the space, leading through the building. Somewhere not far, somewhere under the city is a blotch of non-colour. Something that doesn’t belong.

Heralds of divine will, said some. Demons, said others still.

Izzy comes over. You pick up your shovel and bucket and she takes you back to her friends.

“We’re thinking about heading somewhere safer,” the horned girl says. “Did you see many constructs on the way here from the Scholar’s District?”

You could hear metal clanking around you, but you didn’t run into any until you found Lexy. A wolf was leading you through alleyways.

Ikaros furrows his brow when you explain. “I don’t know if it’ll be so smooth for our group. We have over a dozen people, and the injured may not be able to move quickly and quietly.”

There’s strained expressions and red bandages around the room. It’s hard to tell how able or not able everyone is at a glance.


[ ] Suggest keeping the civilians here and looking underground. Stop the constructs coming up to the building.
[ ] Support escaping to the Scholar’s District via the surface.
"Angry people doing stupid things as usual."
[ ] Suggest keeping the civilians here and looking underground. Stop the constructs coming up to the building.
> [ ] Support escaping to the Scholar’s District via the surface.

If they get found here, we know their barricades won't be able to keep the constructs out.
>Suggest keeping the civilians here and looking underground. Stop the constructs coming up to the building.
Tell Haimar to draw a may to the control mechanism. Damn preachers and their self fullfilling prophecies.
“What about stopping the constructs from coming up?”

You explain what you know:

First, that there’s something controlling the constructs, and an old man with a really big beard said that might be from something messing with the maintenance places underground.

Then what Heimar kind-of said, what you can kind-of see through the Veil, and what you think the adventurers have guessed; that there’s an entrance to under the city in this building somewhere.

“Demonic?” Constance asks with a raised eyebrow. “Uh, do you have an idea for facing something like that?”

You present your shovel. The adventurers exchange looks.

Ikaros stays behind and you leave the room with Constance and Izzy. After a cautious descent to the ground floor Ashtia hops out of your scarf and changes to her smaller wolf form, making Constance jump back.

“Wondered where the wolf was...”

Lulette fades from visibility and Ashtia leads, following the twisted strings through stone corridors. Progress is slow and cautious... and also quiet. You don’t hear the metallic thunks of a construct’s movement at all.

That makes you more uneasy than if you did.

You come to a wide door around twice your height, made of a dull metal that contrasts against the red and brown bricks of the wall around it. There’s another metal section next to the door with a rectangular indent in it which prompts you to reach into your bucket and find the plate that Kay gave you.

Pushing the plate into the indent makes the door swing open, soundless despite its size, revealing a lightless tunnel that slants into the earth.

A short pause as you all look at each other. Constance unclips a small lantern from his belt.
>Suggest keeping the civilians here and looking underground. Stop the constructs coming up to the building.
Like she said, can't move quick or quiet. Better try tackle the problem instead. Also see if we can bring Lexy and Howard.

Silence again, save for the taps of your group’s footsteps echoing off the curved stone walls. No constructs, and the lantern illuminates nothing of note. The tunnel seems empty.

None of you, including the two that can’t see the Veil, think that this is the wrong way. There’s something in the darkness ahead.

Down, down. You reach a metal door, with the same kind of rectangular indent in the section of wall to the side. You use Kay’s key again, and it opens as soundlessly as the first.

Small domes of translucent glass are spaced regularly on the walls, illuminating a room nearly ten paces tall and much wider and longer.

You see a tower. Large cylindrical sections of stone of progressively smaller size stacking four stories high. Each section is nearly twice your height and thick angular markings are carved along their edges.

Towards your side of the room are stone work benches lying atop and strewn around which are metal frames, reminiscent of skeletons and numbering in the dozens. Constructs torn apart.

Looming over them and over the tower itself is one really, really big humanoid form. Thick and bulky, similar to Howard in shape, the giant is covered in plates like haphazard scales and nearly tall enough to scrape the ceiling of the room. It stands like a statue, inert.

Along the wall far to your right are a row of stone... bowl-like things that would come up to your chest, each holding in their middle a crystal bigger than your two fists.

There are five of those basins. Two of those crystals glow blue. You see someone at the third.

A woman. A pair of round and really thick glasses sits on her nose, and she wears a robe similar to the ones you’ve seen at the Academy but stiffer and coloured light gray.

She’s muttering something. The air sizzles.

A cloud, a blotch of something not-here surrounds her.

But there’s a more immediate concern.

“There goes our luck,” Constance states.

Near that woman are guard constructs wielding axe and shield. All six noticed your entrance, advancing on your group with loud clanks from across the room.

It’s a good thing you left your bucket outside.


[ ] Cut their strings.
[ ] Let the adventurers handle them. Run to that woman.

(You can ask your companions to do stuff, or leave them to decide.)
>Let the adventurers handle them. Run to that woman.
Send Lululette with Bob ahead to distract her from whatever she's doing
File: ssh goat is sleeping.png (149 KB, 1200x800)
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149 KB PNG
That was the last update for today. I'll continue tomorrow at around the same time.

It's been ages, but pixels.
Neato. Thanks for running boss
>Let the adventurers handle them. Run to that woman.

Thanks for running! I'm just catching up on the last couple of threads, hopefully I'll be here tomorrew.
Ah, I hope we get to hang out with our big brother. It said that the city is his and he is a magician so maybe Kay knows him. Although he has been asleep for a while so maybe not.
>Let the adventurers handle them. Run to that woman.

"Nock, nock!"
> Help thin the constructs ranks by cutting their strings, but if the woman makes a break for it then pursue her and trust your companions to finish up.

File: fairy.jpg (638 KB, 905x1000)
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638 KB JPG

She doesn’t respond, but you’re sure the fairy can see what you’re seeing.

You tighten your scarf and point. “That person is doing something. I’m going to stop her.”

Constance draws his sword and Izzy pulls at her knuckled gloves. “No problem with that,” the young man says in his easy tone.

You all act at once.

The adventurers charge forward and meet the constructs near the middle of the room, the swordsman circling to the left and the fighter taking the right. They mirror each other, both stepping close for a moment before ducking back to evade axe swings. There’s six constructs grouped together, far enough to not hinder but close enough to reinforce each other.

More than enough to make an unfair fight, but the two adventurers are okay with just being a distraction.

You run past the melee with Izzy covering your advance from the side. Ashtia’s path diverges early, transforming into her greater wolf form and diving into the metal men’s rough formation.

Past the sectioned tower, past the giant of metal plates, you leave the three and focus on the woman in the light gray robe ahead.

She hasn’t reacted at all. You don’t understand the words leaving her lips but you can tell they hold meaning and structure. An incantation. A girl with fluttering wings appears before it completes.

“Hi!” The fairy shouts.

THOK. You think something like this happened before but you’re still surprised that Bob’s clay(?) pot is harder than a person’s head. A flash bursts from the crystal in the basin, blinding for a long moment before dying down.

The woman stumbles and sinks to her knees, eyes magnified by the thick lens of her glasses looking somehow more vacant than before.

The dark blotch around her is... gone?


Not gone. Moved.

Electrifying. A swirling wind surges and the room buzzes with power, and behind you is the epicenter of the storm.

The metal giant shifts its arms and legs outwards and the world seems to rumble. Within its chest shines an intense blue light, twisted by a cloud of emptiness.


You turn to the woman again, grab her by the shoulders, and shake.


That doesn’t make sense.

“Wha-Wha-Stop stop you’re making me nauseous!!”

You pause. She speaks very quickly in a childlike voice.

“What where is this who are you?”

You point behind you. Why did she make that- No, that doesn’t matter right now- “How do I stop that thing?”

The woman reaches and adjusts her glasses, staring. “What?” Then she glances around rapidly. “A giant construct? But its core- In parallel- My research? But that’s just theoretical and funding wasn’t approved yet so there’s only that one prototype but this is a maintenance facility not my lab where’s my team and my notes and nooo doon’t dizzzyyy meeee!!”

You stop shaking and point behind you again. “How do I stop that?”

“The conductor crystals, there’s only two of them on so, so it should be slow, and turn off the other ones and it gets slower quicker,” she says with a weird slur and spinning eyes. “Shouldn’ be much but I don’know how much power it has...”

Magicians need a spell to see the Veil so she doesn’t know about that blotch. You have no idea if that changes anything...


[ ] Go to the giant and try reach the blotch.
+[ ] Ask fairy to distract. Break crystals first.
+[ ] Ask fairy to handle the crystals.
[ ] Break crystals, grab glasses, help friends with constructs, run.
[ ] Go to the giant and try reach the blotch.
+[ ] Ask fairy to distract. Break crystals first.

"Let's play with the demon."
>[ ] Go to the giant and try reach the blotch.
>+[ ] Ask fairy to distract. Break crystals first.
>[ ] Go to the giant and try reach the blotch.
>+[ ] Ask fairy to distract. Break crystals first.
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TkWK9rjsUM

But that distortion of colour is your target, so you need to stop the giant.

Your friends are still fighting. Clashes of metal from the other side of the sectioned tower are audible over the resounding creaks of the massive construct’s joints. Takes a foot and places it back, slamming into the floor, moving to turn itself towards you.

The crystals are important.

You’re next to the third basin and the closest glowing one is a little more than a few paces away. You leave the glasses lady, heft your shovel and run. You hear the giant lift its massive arm, covering your path in its shadow.

Lulette is there. The fairy zips up and hovers in front of the giant. You have no idea if it sees through there; the head is a semi-circular bump and looks like a turtle shell from how it’s covered by metal plates.

She seems confident anyway.

Lulette loosens and throws one of her leaf pouches up into the air, spreading a cloud of sparkling powder. As it floats down over he she holds up her clay pot in both hands and the Bushjack stretches up with its mouth open wide-

The plant grows and grows and grows and grows, then chomps over the massive construct’s head.

The noise that results is earsplitting. Bob squeezes and crumples the turtle-shell head and the giant moves to swing at the plant’s stem. The plant detaches before the tree-trunk arm hits, its transformation reversing as quickly as it happened.

In the meantime you’ve broken one crystal and arrived at the next. An overhead smash shatters it, the magic inside rushing out with a hiss and dissipating into nothing.

A glance to the other side of the room shows a guard construct fallen with its leg ripped off, Ashtia jumping away. Izzy dances away from an axe swing, and you see Constance stabbing through the armour of her attacker from behind.

They’ll be okay.

You turn to the giant in front of you. The woman with thick glasses said it should slow down without its crystals. Maybe you can reach it.

The tower. You approach to throw your shovel up, then step back to make a running start and jump. Your hands catch and you strain and pull yourself onto the first cylindrical section. Then, ignoring the pain in your arms and knees, you do the same thing to reach the second.

Dragging yourself up to stand, you take your shovel again then run towards the giant with your new few paces worth of height. The massive construct brings up its arm with stubby irregular fingers outstretched. You can’t tell if it’s slowing down at all; being this close your vision is simply blocked by metal plates.

A shout sounds out from below. A guard construct crashes under a huge wolf’s weight and Izzy separates from the melee to dash to the giant. She stops, stabilising her stance, then winds back and slams a fist into the pillar-like leg.

The ringing impact is loud but it’s not enough. So with a yell the horned girl punches again, and again, and again.

The massive hand in front of you shakes, moving to the side and smashing into the tower. You dive to the quaking ground at your feet and scramble forward, ignoring the chunks of falling rock, then stand when you pass the underside of the giant’s arm.

By reaching for you it placed its chest close to the sectioned stone tower. The fierce light within, and the blotch, is close enough.

Your shovel becomes a torch of spectral fire-

But before you can swing, the distortion of colour expands and engulfs you.
File: choo choo.png (150 KB, 380x300)
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150 KB PNG
(I kind of just didn't know how to split things by a choice here.

Because railroading.

I'm just going to keep writing. Bear with me for a bit.)
No problem Mitty.
Oh no, an evil spirit has taken hold. Will Black Baphy be returned to the light or will she eat all the cakes? Found out on evil goat quest.
A SPIRIT of all things tried to take control of our goat.

File: the pale keeper.jpg (224 KB, 1920x1080)
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224 KB JPG
Where is this?

Not here. Elsewhere.

Swirling, flowing in no and all directions. The colours mix, turning into black.

A ‘form’. Not like a shape, but a distinctness.

The demon is here, having taken you not-here.

This is closer to its home, further from your reality. Easier for it to move.

Cornered, about to lash out. It is scared.

Why did it take you if it was so scared?

Because it could see the hole in your chest?


Injured or not, in Elsewhere, nothing stands against you.
Demons are entities that come from a place outside this reality. The common word is may be unfitting, as it suggests something inherently evil.

Granted, that preconception is not random. Demons spend a lot of power when manifesting a physical form by themselves, so they possess things. Objects, people when necessary.

The demon that hid in the maintenance facility wove its strings to control the constructs in Skyhaven. It taking a host in the magician, then the giant construct was possession. The rest was a kind of magic.

This demon is not that weaver. It left its compatriot above to fulfill its own goal.

It’s specialty is stealth. This demon was the one that possessed a local from a nearby village, using the name of a human god to lead its host’s actions. It remained undetected despite Skyhaven’s probing wards and it opened a hole through those defenses to let its ally through.

While the weaver caused chaos, this demon inhabited one of the many guard constructs and moved underground. It walked through the tunnels towards the center of the city, to a place deep under the Turning Tower.

A chamber, lit by a stark yet dim blue light. A vast, wide open area that shivers with the rumbling of some great machine, with the hum of magic. It is empty, void of features save for the pit in the middle.

That hole almost takes up the entirety of the incredible space, leaving a thin wall of stone. The possessed construct stands there at the edge of an infinitely dark, infinitely deep abyss.

The city was built over something powerful, and enticing.

That is kept secret. The individual that placed the seal over it and lead the construction of Skyhaven centuries ago had passed the knowledge to nobody.

He didn’t need to, because he didn’t die.

Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl3JZZ8ka_w

The demon heard something echoing from behind, and hid around the corner of the entrance it took to the great chamber. Its current metal form had an axe for a right arm.

Those steps stop too far. A voice calls out.

“Hey, Outsider.”

With no more reason to hide, the demon stepped out.

There’s a tall man in the middle of the tunnel, barely visible in the dark. There’s a pair of ram’s horns growing out the sides of his head, and a certain sharpness to his dark eyes. He bears a strange, almost unsettling perfection to his features, as if carved or made.

Otherwise, everything about him is lazy. The way he looks, the way he moves, the way he carries himself. From the loose robe he wears and how its hem drags on the floor behind him, to the needlessly long hair that reaches his waist, straight and black.

The demon sees little of that, not being of this world. What it does see is a mark that blazes an impossible black.

His voice is calm and smooth, as relaxed as the rest of him.

“You were really hard to track, but if there’s something that would make an entity like you attack this city, it’d be what lies under it.”

Cloth slippers pad silently on the stone.

“Now that we can speak, I’m going to ask you to leave.”

The guard construct the demon inhabits is able to vocalise words, but it doesn’t make a sound.

“You can resist, but don’t expect help. Your... friend, was sent back before you.”

He traces with his fingers a sequence of angular symbols, and the space seems to split. A small hole to nowhere opens; from it, a person drops into the robed man’s arms outstretched arms. A girl that appears young, with light skin, lighter short hair and a pair of goat’s horns, whose mark shines like a star.

Except for a scar in her chest that disrupts the light.

He looks at the girl, expression unreadable.

Another gesture. The stone at the side of the tunnel changes and rises up into the shape of a bench, and the man with ram’s horns and long black hair sets her down gently.

“... Actually, you know what? I changed my mind, Outsider.”

Magic. Power so thick that it’s suffocating. Far more than what’s possible for mortal men.

“I’m going to tear you apart. Then I’m going to stitch you back together into a message, and send you to wherever you came from so whatever else might get the same bright idea as yours can see it.”

He lifts his hand for a third time, and reality bends to his will.

“A warning from the Plague, with kind regards from the Keeper. Stay out of our world.”
"Brother... you idiot."

Some demons can be reasoned with, not ones like these. This ones you scare away or you dealt them with. Talk, talk, talk, so many useless words, your idiot brother is always like this. Just stop trying to be impressive and deal with the demon already, what he thinks he is saving you, just because you are injured? If anything the injury is a mere bait, so you can do your job better.
File: dawn.jpg (1.31 MB, 1920x1200)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
You wake up in a really soft and really big bed.

Blinking away the fog from your eyes you pull yourself up to a seated position. You’re in a room, surrounded by maroon-coloured walls and furniture made from some rich brown wood. You’re surrounded by about five pillows and a near-transparent fabric hangs from the bed’s canopy.

A wolf and a fairy are on the bed as well, sleeping quietly.

The soft light of dawn spills in from a wide and tall glass window. You’re in a very high place, and the city stretches out below.

There is something very, very wrong.

Something that nudges at the edge of your consciousness, and pulls you to into a completely alert state.

You detect the presence of useless.


From across the room a large door slams open, revealing a tall man with straight black hair and ram’s horns. He’s doing some kind of horrible skipping run, his plain robe flowing out from behind him, wearing an expression that exudes sunshine and flowers and happiness.

You get off the bed, grab your shovel from atop the nearby cabinet, wind yourself back, then swing with every bit of strength you have.

A satisfying BONK rings out when it connects with his face, the force of your blow sending him straight into the nearby wall with a loud crash. A crater forms from the impact, but unlike the wall your brother remains completely uninjured.

“Ha ha ha! It’s wonderful to see you so full of energy, my cute little sister!!”


[ ] Hit him again.
[ ] Resist violent urges.

[ ] You have things to talk about, things to ask (what?)
[ ] Nope. You’re leaving.

(There's lots of stuff you could ask and lots that he knows, but he might not answer directly.)
Hmm... So, were there two demons, one in this pit room and another posessing the giant in the maintenance area? It looks like we got dragged to that other dimension by the demon and Baphy fought it, and now brother goat pulled her out of it?
"Thank you." You didn't need to be rescued but the other people, your friends, maybe you would have been too slow.

"... idiot." That's like your brother, he always loves drama and attention.

"Had to come at the last minute didn't you?" You just go and do your job, him? He is such a drama queen. He could have stopped things way earlier but that wouldn't make a good story.

"You can have one hug, then I am hitting you again."
>Puff out your cheeks and call him a useless sheep. More useless than that other sheep who made you a nice pillow. Most useless sheep.
>Then ask him why sheep are useless. It seems important
> You have things to talk about
Typical, leaving everything to the last minute. I'm surprised you're not back in bed already.

Ermm, I dunno what to ask. Other than if everyone is alright. And what we are supposed to be the keeper of. And why we forgot stuff.
>[ ] Hit him again.

>[ ] More useless than Mary. Unbelievable.
>[ ] Who are you supposed to be, useless person?
>[ ] What did you do to the demon?
>[ ] How is the city and its people?
I think we established a few threads ago that Baphy didn't really like who she was in the past, so I'm not sure how eager she would be to learn about her missing memories.
File: black.jpg (45 KB, 500x733)
45 KB
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XC90TQxyKw0

How is he speaking with his head in the wall? Maybe you need to hit harder.

You consider your next attack while Nergal pushes himself up, brushing the dust and debris off his loose-fitting robe.

“Two centuries is long, and your brother was lonely!”

The useless hops back as you swing the shovel overhead, thudding into the timber floor.

“We have time to catch up now, don’t we?” He says, lazy grin unfazed. “I’m sure you have something to say, my little sister.”

You notice Ashtia is awake, and mildly amused.

... You do have one or two questions. You take a breath and look up at the tall man.

“Who are you?”

“I’ve been forgotten!” He staggers as if struck. Then the useless puts his hand to his chest and continues with more dramatic flair than needed. “No, no, our precious bond as beloved brother and sister is closer than something as flimsy as memory loss!”

Definitely need to hit harder. You sigh, then ask another question.

“Why did you wait so long to do something?”

The man with ram’s horns straightens, smiling lightly. “I couldn’t track the second demon, so until it revealed itself I stayed hidden. I decided to deal with it now rather than scaring it away.”


“Is everyone okay?”

“Those that were with you are fine. They know you’re alright as well,” he says, almost laughing. “That fighter girl was really hard to calm down.”

Mm. You should go see them.

“Okay. Leaving. Bye.”

The wolf hops off the bed and you move to pick up Lulette.

“Wait. You forgot something.”

You turn back.

“You haven’t given your beloved brother a hug yet.”
File: another time.jpg (203 KB, 1500x844)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
You peel your face off the wall for the second time this morning. Your sister and her friends are leaving the tower, descending to the city.

It really was good to see her so energetic. Almost like how she was before all the years passed.

... That really was foolish of you.

Yourself and your siblings, especially your younger sister, don’t wake without reason. You all have a role to fulfill.

You couldn’t remind her. You couldn’t tell her that the four of you exist to end civilisations.

It isn’t a duty she can ignore.

Even so, though it’s foolish and selfish of you, you want her dream to go on a little longer.
File: sleepy goat.jpg (115 KB, 850x1063)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
That's all.

Now for something difficult to type: I've decided to stop QMing for now. There's some stuff that's making it difficult to continue, and my writing is already getting rushed.

After dealing with things on my end I might come back, but that could take no time at all or it could take forever, so I'm not going to make promises. Hiatus sometimes means dead, and I can't promise that it won't be so for this quest.

Thanks for reading, for voting, for commenting, for participating, for following me all this way, and for making this little project feel worth it.

Thank you, everyone, and sweet dreams.
Ah crap, no wonder we hate it.
Haha... Well shit, that's not good. I guess Baphy and her siblings are like the 4 horseman of the apocalypse or something? He called himself Plague, and we know Baphy is the Keeper, which I think refers to crypt keeper. That would be Pestilence and Death at least.
Im sorry to hear that Mitty. I truly hope things work out for you, whatever your problems may be. Regardless, your quests, this one in particular, have been my favorite for a long time. I absolitely adore the world you've created and the sheer amount of charm you've injected into all of its inhabitants. Good luck, and thanks for the cute Goats/Fairies/Wolves/Potted Plants/Useless Sheep/ and so on.
We are Death, our other name is the Gravedigger. We hate undead.

Ah darn, oh well it was fun while it lasted?
thanks for running this. It was a lot of fun and so comfy.

I hope things work out for you. Take care.
Thank you for lasting this much and many goats to you.
Thanks for the story and stay comfy!
I hope you feel better, mitts. Take it easy.
Thank you so much for this amazing quest Mitts!

I hope everything goes well for you! Take care!
I just read this in the archive after it piqued my interest on my fortnightly trawl of /qst/

I like it. Has sort of a Golden Sky Stories feel to it, where plot and setting are incidental to characters and everything stays lighthearted. Makes a nice change from my usual fare.

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