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Grizzled space pirate: "She said her name was Cristal Cutless, have y'heard of her?"

"No, this is the first we've heard of her, but be careful. If she blew up that ship of endangered xenopusses who knows what other heartless thing she's capable of."

"Endangered? Just how many are there in the galaxy?"

"Just one, now. She will be waiting for a ship, and a husband, that never arrives." The voice sighs.

"I see," says the grizzled space pirate. "Why was the ship full of explosives?"

"The male xenopuss, Octavian, he's a paranoid fella, being the second-last of his kind. He filled the ship with defensive weapons to bring back to his home planet. Being paranoid didn't work out for him in the end though, did it?"

"Mmm, mmm.... all right. I'll be careful and thanks for ther information. I'll wire y'some jink for your trouble."


You are Cristal Cutlass. Aspiring Space Queen pirate of space and the gwatest pirate in all existence!

Stowed away on a cargo ship from your home planet on a quest to discover your ancestral planet of earth, your secret aspirations of living the life of a pirate have taken over your ambitions.

So far you have accidentally blown up a cargo ship and kidnapped one of its occupants, Octavian, a xenopuss! After the explosion both you and your new found companion blasted off in an emergency pod and landed on a Jungle planet where you've had a recent run in with its Amazonian-esque occupants!

Making an emergency call on Octavian's comm you have summoned the space pirates who had come after your explosion to salvage from the wrecked ship. You have challenged and lured them with the line, "if you think you have what it takes to steal the treasure of the greatest space pirate, then come and get me!!"

While you don't really have any treasure, you are hoping they do, and that they bring some of it with them.


There is one inventory item I forgot: You have one terrestrial cell phone you brought with you on your adventure.

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Previous Episode:



The man-pirate hangs up.

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>>1470164 and >>1470394 cancel each other out and she just steps out normally, unharmed. But, >Hide before others come! <--- this happens.

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"You smash wall?"

File: 4.png (82 KB, 500x500)
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"Good luck, buddy!"

>What do you do?
Distraction! Sneak around behind her and set up some spikey sticks to step on
Infiltrate the base while Octavian distracts her. His sacrifice will be remembered!

Tohoho, roll 1D100 to see which of you gets their idea.

If you're a different person and you want to vote for one or the other suggestion please feel free!

If I get no response after a few mins I'll 1D2 to determine which happens.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

1 = Distract
2 = Infiltrate
File: IMG_0502[1].png (48 KB, 500x500)
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Sneaking around the Amazonian while she's confronting Octavian is a piece of cake, but once you get to the wall you find out there is a little hiccup.

Stepping out of that hole in the wall was not a problem for the Amazonian woman. But for you...

"Hmm, how am I going to get awp there?"

Octavian in the distance: "Aaaaah, aaaaah! aaaaaah!!!"
Mm, I may have to forget about doing this session live due to lack of attendance.

I have a few options, I could play by myself, I could slow-play (check back every couple of hours to see if there is a reply to the quest) or could postpone it altogether.

I'm thinking continuing my quest was a mistake. It was only at the end of my last quest that people said they had an interest in my quest so maybe people are interested but they can't show up because of the time of year, or because I can't have a set schedule. Or maybe people say they want one thing but actually want another, and no one really has interest in my quest. Either way I'm okay with that. It happens.

So I guess a third option is to image dump some of the cool ideas I had planned for this quest, and just give up on it like I ended up doing for the last saga, when it was apparent only one or two people could play randomly. Good people! And I don't blame any of my awesome players. It's just that you need a good amount of players to erm, play regularly.

So it's not the players fault just the lack of numbers of them.

Just a bad situation all around.

Yah all right, screw it.

I give up on being a QM here on quest. Quest just doesn't like my quests. I've tried a good 10 or so. (Two literary ones and these drawquests) Er, make that 11. (Another drawquest) and I just never get players.

I'm just going to go back to being drawanon and drawing on other people's quests.

It's ironic too because I'm a tabletop GM in real life, been doing it for most of my life, and players generally like my games. But I guess my ability at GMing doesn't translate to quests.

I will dump some images from ideas I had to include in this quest following this post for the amusement of the players who like this stuff.

I would like to say a deep thank you to all my players, the guy(s) who have been with me from the start, much love to you, and much love to everyone who enjoyed my drawings and having fun in my quests. <3
Aw man, this is a tragic way to end. Personally, I'd rather you go for slow processing, but I can understand how having no players can be offputting, so if you want to quit that's fair enough.
I've really enjoyed these threads, and still have no idea why they weren't more popular, so thank you for running them and I hope to see you around. And hey, if you ever want to give it another shot in the future I'll be keeping an eye out.
File: QstPlans1.png (1.22 MB, 2184x1748)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
So here you see some drawings I had planned, including a handful that I just drew now in response to what was happening.

- You entering the fortress, it turns out to be a home for the amazonians. There is one sleeping on the couch with a ring on her finger that you could steal.

The next convo between the Amazon and Octavian.

A trap door you could find. A cave you might have visited.

The magical clam, a nod to Jenny of the Lamp and of course Jenny of the Clam who would have been your merchant for this quest.

A sailboat I dreew, wasn't sure if I'd use it as a thing you could sail or a mini boat in a bottle or what.

A spaceship you could have eventually stole, and then the same ship but in space.

The sleeping amazonian up close.

(Cont with more pics after this.)
I know, sorry man. It's just too slow for me. Thanks for your kind words, I really enjoyed having you.

I'm around QST as drawanon/drawfriend etc. so I'm sure you could still see me around. You'll recognize my art style by now I think.
File: QstPlans2.png (958 KB, 2184x2752)
958 KB
958 KB PNG
So here you have some poses I could use for conversation for ideas.

Pirate Skeleton who doesn't want to be a pirate anymore but a rock star instead - you'd meet him and could companion him. He had a quest for you to collect 'rock' items for him.

In exchange he'd give you 'pirate stuff'.

There is pic of you turning on the spaceship.

The Octavian poses and the Cristal poses are all actually alpha (no background instead of white) so I could post them into backgrounds I drew and use them.

It saves me on drawing things on the spot. Reason I did so many prep drawings is because I sometimes draw on my ipad and typing on the ipad is suuuuch a pain in the but it's easier to have some things prepared so I can post them with my computer instead.

I have one pose of the pirate-man for when you met him or if I needed to do another scene with him.

Some poses of skeleton pirate.

A pelvis joke.

Some 'rock' items.

And a joke about your mom wondering where you were for when you managed to hook your cell phone up to the FTL comm.

Here are the general ideas I had going forward:

Have Cristal figure out she can hook her cell phone up to the FTL space comm to call specific people and receive messages from home.

Do another post showing phone and 'mom' texting, "Cristal, baby where are you?" make it show up during embarressing time.


Time pirates -- something disappears later in the game after it is smashed you "borrow" it from yourself for a bit. Show draw hint in first scene where it disappears. Maybe the hand if self or a char you haven't met yet but are about to. (Skel Pirate's hand perhaps.)


Skeleton pirate who wants to be a rock star instead. Maybe will give some of his pirating stuff to Cristal in exchange for rock stuff.

Have rock stuff she can collect, maybe even make it out of rocks.

"I didn't want a metal guitar made out of rocks, I wanted a rock guitar made out of metal! Bah, I'm still tearing up."

I didn't make too many plans idea-wise because the game relies on improv and what the players say/do. Also on that note, if you were wondering about my other quests, there are a lot of spontaneous drawings done right on the spot in between planned drawings, just so you know your ideas did matter as a player.

Anyways, that's it!

Have fun, and see you around QST!
Oh yah, and I'll leave on the most unpopular thing to say on 4chan,

God Bless you guys, in Jesus name.
R.I.P man. A damn shame, too. I honestly had a blast playing in the last thread, I really loved the charm and personality the characters and setting you developed exuded. Sorry I couldn't be here for this one, and I wish you good luck in the future.
I would do yoir quest if there was an alert or update... say Discord.

I didnt reply because i didnt see shit
Thanks, I appreciate that.:)

Yah, that was a part of it too, sorry about that. Thanks for coming in and telling me and for playing. :)
>But I guess my ability at GMing doesn't translate to quests.
Why don't you try qming conventionally? You know what I mean, right? You can't translate gming to qming, questing is far too impersonal and volatile.
QM, did you remember to read the QM pastebin before starting?

On another note, I was one of the players from your 2nd thread that made that somewhat complicated battle plan. Was that too complicated for the quest at the time? I forget to ask you about it earlier.
File: Bye!.png (44 KB, 378x339)
44 KB
My quest is pretty conventional for a drawquest, but before doing drawquests I did some very conventional write-quests.

I think you're probably right about questing generally. Some get warmer, but those things are ever present obstacles to every quest I've seen. They are things that go against roleplay by their very nature so everyone QM and player alike has to deal with them in some way, I think.

Lurking does just as good as the pastebin, and better actually. Pastebin has advice that isn't actually true, like don't let your players name anything. That's always worked out fine for me.

I think my biggest problem is just scheduling, and time of year. At least for this particular set of quests.

But thank you for the advice, I still appreciate it.

No, your plan wasn't too complicated. I can draw or respond to anything someone posts. I am not even sure which battle plan you're referring too, that's how little it bothered me.

Nothing you guys did bothered me, it was all good. :)

Anyway, I came back to leave you guys with one more drawing I did right now before bed cause I liked it.

So here is a goodbye Cristal Cutlass.
Oh man
damn I thought your quest were alot of fun sorry you didnt get more popular.
It's ok it happens, thanks for dropping in and letting me know you found them fun!

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