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"I have no special teachings."
" Just be a good person who helps others, and refrain from extremes. I am no special man, I too must live each day battling temptation against my sins. We must remember every day that we are all struggling in this together and help on another. Do not let yourself get overtaken is the only advice I have, and don't do it if it's wrong to you, or against the teachings of God."
>The crowd seems to nod all at once in agreement and disperses.
>Your sister hugs you.
>"Well, you did it again bro."
>You exhale a sigh of relief.
>Veronica speaks.
>"But now we gotta find a new Apostle don't we? Didn't Clarity say it was up to you who got picked Anon?"
"Yeah.. She did."
>Allison smiles.
>"So, who'd you have in mind?"
"Actually, I was thinking you."
Allison seems surprised.
>"But.. I mean, I've gone against the church many times breaking their rules.."
"Sister, I trust you. I know you were following your heart and doing the right thing.. I know this because you're a good person."
>She blushes.
>Allison goes through the process of becoming an Apostle.
>It can't all be done in one day just like that.
>But within a week she should be ready to officially take the position.
>Veronica and Allison head back to the lab under the Grand Cathedral to clean things up.
>As for you, you've had enough of that place, and have decided to pay Clarity a visit.
>You knock on the door.
"Is it safe to come in?"
>"Y-yes.. Please."
>You see her in a big heavy coat.
"W-whats the deal with-"
>"Shh! I had a feeling you would come. Follow me, we'll take the secret passage and go out for a day!"
"S-secret passage?"
>She pulls a book out from the bookcase and it opens up.
"You know somehow I should have seen that coming."
>She giggles.
>"Come on!"
>She takes you out of Hausterien and into a nearby town called Fida.
>You were here many times as a child. It's a quaint little village outside of the big city of Hausterien.
>Clarity has her hair up and is wearing a sunhat and pure white sundress.
>Her eyes still that pure blue like the summer sky.
>You're sitting just outside town on a hill.
>She has a lovely picnic basket and cloth laid down.
>The warm summer air is a welcome change from all that cold you experienced up north.
"S-so, do you do this kind of thing often?"
>"I've used the passage once or twice.. But this is the first time I've really done something like this.."
"O-oh.. I see."
>"So, tell me about yourself Anon."
>You give her the cliffnotes version of what happens as you enjoy bread and wine watching the clouds pass over the quaint little village.
>She seems curious and always seems to ask more questions.
"Alright.. Now tell me about you. Whats the deal with the wings? And uh.. May I see them?"
>"Y-you.. Want to see my wings?"
"I-if it's not too much to ask."
>She stands up spreading her arms.
>The warm breeze makes her dress blow around a bit.
>Suddenly huge white angel wings sprout from her back.
"Wow! That's incredible!"
>She giggles.
>"I've been able to do this ever since I was young.. And, I suppose I've always had a knack for learning too. Once I read something, boom, it's locked up tight and I never forget! I never knew it was a rare skill till people told me that it was, and since then I guess I've always been a big fan of books."
"That's so awesome.. Hey, could I.."
>You reach your hand out toward her wings.
>She nods smiling sweetly at you.
>You place your hands on her wings.
>You feel the soft white feathers, softer than anything you've ever felt.
>Every part of you wishes to caress these wings and fall asleep on them.
>"What do you think?"
"They're so pretty! You're like a real life angel."
>She sits down.
>You sit back down as well continuing to feel her wings a bit.
>"An angel.. People have called me that.. But, would an angel really do the things that I've done?"
"Clarity, you did nothing wrong!"
>"But.. I stared at them.. Those men, I know some of them have wives.. I had those thoughts.. And so, I committed adultery."
>You sigh.
"Well, you may still be a human in that regard. But I don't think any less of you for it."
>She places her hand on yours.
>You take it holding it.
>She gazes longingly into your eyes as the sun begins to set.
>Everything seems to happen in a whirl.
>Your mind is in a haze.. Your body seems to have a will of it's own.
>You rub your hand along her soft chin.
>And then she presses her lips against yours.
>Lips locked you wrap your arms around each other.
>You stop to breathe.
>"T-this is.. The closest I've ever been with a man.."
"This is the closest I've ever been with a woman.."
>You resume kissing.
>The feeling of her hot breath as she gasps slightly between the pressing of your mouths.
>You fall ontop of her by accident but she doesn't seem to mind.
>With great passion you make out with her, savoring every bit.
"I know perhaps you will think this creepy.. But I used to watch you when I was young.. I would see you from afar.. I had.. I had dreams from then, dreams that right now are coming true!"
>She's blushing.
>"T-truly then, this must be Gods plan.. I've never felt so at ease around anyone.. I know it has been only a few days since we've interacted, but already I feel a fondness for you as if I've known you all my life."
"I feel the same.."
>You hug each other closely.
>The last of the sun goes down over the horizon.
>"It.. It is a shame we cannot spend more time together."
"Yes.. But it would be unwise to linger in the dark where the creatures of the night are here.. Though I would protect you with my life were anything to try and assail us."
>"Your gesture is greatly appreciated.. Today may be the happiest day of my entire life."
"And mine too. Truly nothing in this world has made me as happy as I am right now.."
>You go to check up on your sister after a fantastic date with Clarity.
>You feel as if your shoes have wings.
>These warm feelings in your chest fill you with delight.
>And you feel consumed by whom those feelings are for.
>You can't wait to see her like that again.
>If things hadn't turned out just the way they did, had you not walked in on her, none of that would have happened.
>If you hadn't stumbled in like an idiot at that exact moment, you're certain things would have never turned out this way between the two of you.
>Truly God has a plan for the two of you.
>You enter into the lab where Allison seems to be hard at work.
>"Are you done disposing of the pills Pheltis?"
>"Yes Milady."
>It's that same Malformed who was in the cage.
>He's in a lab coat.
>"I managed to convince everyone he was just a human."
"How'd you manage that?"
>"I let him take me out on a date of course."
>He blushes.
>"I-it was very lovely. Your sister is truly a blessed woman Lord Anon."
"Please, just Anon.. And it's wonderful that you had a date too."
>She gives you an incredulous look.
>"Too!?" D-don't tell me you."
>Her eyes seem to widen and her expression is beaming.
>You crouch back nervously bracing for impact.
>She hugs you so tightly.
>"Awww my little baby brother is all grown up now! I'm so proud of you!"
>She kisses your forehead several times in jubilation.
"S-sister please, you're embarrassing me a little."
>Pheltis chuckles.
>F-forgive me."
>"But really, I'm so happy you finally met someone.. Who's the lucky lady? Have I seen her around town?"
>You laugh.
"Y-yeah, you could say that."
>"Well, don't hold out on me, who is it? What does she do for a living?"
"S-she's um, kinda the Bishop?"
>She gasps.
>"NO.. WAY."
>She bounces up and down happily before jumping at you and hugging you again.
>"Baby brother I'm so happy for you!"
"Y-yeah.. She's a real nice girl."
>"Heh, I bet, she ain't to hard on the eyes there either huh?"
"W-well, I'll give that to you.. She is very pretty, especially her wings."
>"You got her to pull out her wings for you? Oh, Anon, you've got this.. I bet she really fancies someone like you.. And honestly, I would too. You deserve someone like her.. She's just right for you."
>She starts tearing up.
"Sister, are you crying?"
>"I-i.. I'm just so happy.."
>You sigh.
"Thank you.. Honestly, I might not be here today if you hadn't helped me.. You're.. Er.. Good.. A good sister.. Scratch that.. I uh.. You're the best sister."
>Pheltis speaks
>"In hate to interrupt but.. Well, I'm not sure what to do with this thingy here.."
>He has some kind of gun, it's the same metal thingy Xactor was working on when you first saw him.
"What is it?"
>"The instruction manual calls it a Temporal mind reverter."
"Some kind of brainwashing tool?"
>"No, it seems more complex than that.. Your current state of mind travels back to your body where it was in a previous time.. Essentially allowing for you to alter the past."
>Allison speaks.
>"Thats insane.."
"So, theres no limits on it?"
>"Well, the gun is just a proto-type, so there are notes saying it can only go back one day."
"Well, in any case, just keep it here. Lord knows we don't need something like that in the hands of the general public."
>You all come home to the Inn after a long day.
>Veronica is flying next to you.
>"I-i'm.. Really happy you found someone Anon.."
>"She.. She's a good fit for you.. An angel for the priest."
>She seems to be trying hard to hide it, but you can tell shes upset.
>But, you finally have the girl of your dreams.
>Everything turned out for the best.
>You couldn't be happier.
>You walk upstairs to the bedroom.
"I can't wait to tell Fouella about all the neat stuff that happened today."
>Allison speaks,
>"Well, I'm not sure she understands human love the way we do. But there's no way she wouldn't be happy for you."
"You're probably right."
>You open the door to your room.
>In the light of the moon you see a silhouette.
>As you move in, your heart begins to pound.
>Foella hangs from a noose in light of the full moon.
>You rush in to try and cut her down.
>You hear the worried gasps from Veronica and Allison.
>Mind surging with panic..
>You take out your knife and hastily cut her down.
"Fouella! Fouella speak to me!"
>Your heart is pounding so hard you feel like you can't breathe.
>Tears falling as you push on her chest.
>Her lifeless body illuminated in the light of the moon.
>Body feeling cold.
>Veronica and Allison are crying.
"Why Fouella!? Why!?"
>You feel like your whole world has been completely shattered..
>All she wanted was to be happy.
>But in the end you couldn't save her..
>You sob into her crying profusely.
"I'm sorry Fouella! I'm so so sorry! Please forgive me!"
>Allison grabs you from behind.
>"That's enough, calm down.."
"NO! I couldn't save her!"
>"Theres nothing we can do. Sometimes you just have to accept it.."
>You turn to her, she has tears dripping down her face.
>"Sometimes.. You just can't save everyone.. We did our best, but.. She chose this path."
>Your heart feels nothing but pain right now.
>Every part of you feels like it aches in agony.
>You wish there was something you could have done..

What will you do now?
>Time for Time machine bullshit.
>Make note of things, and anything you can to lead up to it, including her getting a proper burial.

Pastorboy, you know perfectly well what we're going to choose
>time machine
>You run out of the room.
>Neither of them chase after you.
>No.. This can't be..
>You won't accept this fate!
>You go down into the underground lab finding the Temporal gun.
"I guess.. This is my only option."
>You point the gun to your head and pull the trigger.
>Your head swirls as you watch your body speedily reverse itself through the motions it took throughout the day.
>Before you know it you've just left the Inn again.
>Fouella is standing there again.
>The clouds above seem like they'll rain soon.
>Somehow you don't remember the rain.
>Maybe it was because you were inside for most of the day.
>"Whats the matter Anon? Aren't you going to get going? You just told me not to get in trouble-"
>You hug her.
"You're alive! Thank God I-"
>Suddenly you feel everything spin around you.
All the colors of the world swirl endlessly till there is nothing but black.
>All the colors of the world swirl endlessly till there is nothing but black.
>>All the colors of the world
Can you pray with all the colors of the wind?
>You wake up sometime later.
>"I was born into darkness."
"W-what is this? Where am I?"
>Suddenly you see Fouella sitting alone in the middle of the darkness.
>You try to approach but the ground won't let you walk toward her.
"Fouella! It's me! I'm here!"
>But she doesn't seem to hear you.
>"I awoke into darkness. I had a purpose. The Malformed around me reaffirmed this purpose and seemed to share a similar goal."
"Fouella listen to me! Can you hear me?"
>A shadowy figure appears in front of Fouella.
>"So, how long can a Malformed live?"
>"The oldest was over a thousand but he died. And now the oldest is turning 313 this year."
>"So that's a long time isn't it? What would be the maximum life span?"
>"No one's ever lived long enough to find out."
>"Then, I'll be the first."
>The shadowy figure disappears.
>"I wanted to be alive, and to live as long as possible. I wanted to fulfill my goal. To kill the humans, mock their practices, and help the Malformed achieve victory."
>"But ever since that town.. I've never fully recovered.."
>You see a glimpse of Fouella in her room back in Slour.
>Day after day sped up, waking up, watching the people dream with the cube and going back to sleep.
>The laughter and happiness of the people in the cube is the only noise.
>And perhaps, the only sound she can hear.
>"I watched them dream, and yet, I could not dream myself. I began to question everything I had ever thought I'd known."
>"What was the point of it all?"
>The scene changes and there is rain all around, Fouella is being hit by a downpour of rain.
>"Endless loneliness and misery. For a thousand years or more, I'll endure being a sin driven monster. Born only to consume, a being of wicked desires despised by mankind."
>"Anon saved me and yet, I am only a burden to him, a burden to everyone. They must hide me because I am something which must be hidden. I am a monster of sin."
"No Fouella! You're not a monster!"
>"Does a Malformed which thrives on the sin and suffering of others deserve to be happy?"
"Yes! Yes damn it!"
>You can't help but break down and cry.
>"Sin is something which is wrong. But why do people do things which are wrong? Because they want to of course. It's their desire. Their inherent nature. So then, perhaps the reason the Malformed cannot dream, is because we are dreams. We are the wicked desires of every human being given form. And thus those desires set out to consume them. But I don't wish to be a part of this dream. I want to awaken long enough to have my own dreams. Long enough to feel the happiness that people feel. All this time I've been asleep alone, always sleeping, never dreaming. Never existing to anyone as more than a passing thought."
>The scenery changes to a frozen wasteland.
>You can feel the icy chill.
>Fouella is shivering.
>"Serve the Malformed and kill all happiness and joy in the world, serve the humans and kill your fellow Malformed for people who only see you as a sinful abomination. Serve yourself and drift aimlessly alone without purpose. And if that is true, why exist at all? I never asked to be born."
>Fouella is crying all alone in the snow.
"Fouella I-"
>She looks to you.
>It seems you can move now, it seems she can also see you.

What will you do?
>None of us ever ask to be born, but we exist for a reason. You don't need to kill the happiness and you don't need to kill the malformed. Nor can you give up on any dreams because we all exist for a reason Fouella
>Go to hear and also make sure she knows us.

ohboy, this is getting meta.
adding to my post here >>1403215
>Give her the hopes and drives/familiy/w.e. is needed, even if others hate it.
How strong is Anon's faith in power of the Lord?

Is it strong enough that he'd believe He would have power to redeem his kind hearted f(r)iend on fundamental level?
Considering how it has gone so far.
"None of us ever ask to be born, but we exist for a reason. You don't need to kill the happiness and you don't need to kill the malformed. Nor can you give up on any dreams because we all exist for a reason Fouella"
>"And.. What reason is that?"
"It's up to you to decide."
>"It doesn't matter what I choose, all roads lead to misery."
>You grab her and hold her close.
"That isnt' true. Fouella, you're my friend, Malformed or not I care deeply for you. Please.. Don't give up, I want to help you."
>She's grimacing.
>"You can't help me."
""Oh Lord, please, show me the way. Guide this lost soul."
>"Not the prayer again, just stop. It isn't going to change anything."
>You don't know what to say.
>"I just want to die. I want to end it all."
"You can't!"
>"Why not? You said I could choose whatever path I wanted."
"Because, I'd be sad! Veronica would be sad! Allison would be sad!"
>"You'll get over it. I've given up on life."
"I won't let you kill yourself."
>"Oh yeah? And why?"
"Because I gave up a date with Clarity for you! And Xactor is free again, and all my hard work has been completely erased."
>"W-what are you talking about?"
"I came back to the past, because you killed yourself, I came back for you."
>"You.. Gave up your future, for me?"
>You hold her close.
"Because you're my friend, and none of that stuff means anything to me if you're not with me."
>She sobs into you.
>"I-i'm so lonely.. I didn't want to hurt-"
"Shh.. Its ok.. I promise, I'll always be your friend, no matter what happens. I WILL be your friend."
>"Even if all your human friends despise me?"
"A human that could despise you is no real friend of mine."
>"So Joshua isn't your friend?"
"He's.. My boss. But that doesn't change how I feel. Please, Fouella, don't do it. I swear I'll make something work, if I have to give up my ability to dream so that you could have yours, I'd do it."
>Suddenly everything goes white.
>You're outside the Inn again with Foulla.
>Fouella stands holding the hacky sack.
>She kicks it to you.
>"You'll play right? Unless.. You have some previous engagement.."
>She looks away.
>You can tell she wants you to stay.
>You kick it back to her clumsily.
"I.. It's not important."
>You kick the little sack back and forth slowly improving.
>"What was life like growing up for you?"
"It was.. Quiet, and peaceful for the most part. Growing up in Hausterien has it's perks. I preached in a nearby town called Fida when I came of age. I never knew my mother, but father raised us well. He was taken from us while defending the town from the Malformed. I was frail and never really wanted to wield a sword or go into battle. But when the priests of the church came recruiting, they saw in me a pure potential, and I of course liked the idea of being a priest. I was enrolled school for a while learning what I needed to know before becoming a priest. My sister joined a mercenary group to pay the bills and put food on the table.. I always admired her skill and tenacity.. As much as she dislikes some of the churches practices, she's probably the kindest person I know. A heart the size of a mountain."
>Fouella has been intently listening.
>"That's very interesting.. You said before that you would be my brother right?"
"That's right.. Or.. I don't know anymore. Is that what you want?"
>She's silent.
>"I think, if I had grown up the way humans did, I would have wanted a family.."
"I think you would have liked it.. It can't have been easy being alone."
>She sighs.
>"I never knew it was strange to be alone. It wasn't until I saw the humans did I realize how isolated I was. Malformed generally don't love each other. We're all loners. Hunters, wolves led in a pack."
"We're tighter knit than that. You're just starting to learn about this whole cooperation thing huh?"
>She nods.
>"You've been.. So patient with me."
>You feel blood flow to your cheeks.
"A-ah, it's nothing."
>You get back up to the room.
>You find a note on the table.
>"Anon, we released the hawks from their cages. We figured the birds might fly a little better in the cold. The bird masters are cruel and the birds would be vulnerable here. I think I kinda dragged Veronica into it.. Sorry!" ~Allison.
>You facepalm.
"That idiot.."
>You hand her the letter.
>She reads it.
>"Well.. This is unexpected."
"Heh. Not really.. She has a heart as big as a mountain like I said. If I didn't do something about it, she was bound to."
>"You.. Really love your sister don't you?"
"Of course. Brothers and sisters are supposed to love each other."
>"I see.. But brothers and sisters don't get married do they?"
"N-no, not typically anyway.. I don't see Allison in a romantic way rest assured haha.."
>"Oh.. I see."
You go to lay down.
>Foulla goes to her bed.
>She sits there for a moment.
>It's quiet in the room.
>She looks back to you getting up.
>She walks over and sits next to you on the bed.
"Uh Fouella-"
>She grips your arm..
>"Please.. Let me feel your warmth.. When you hold me.. I feel something."
>Reluctantly you hold her close to you.
>Minutes pass as you lay down, she lays with you.
>Nothing lewd has happened.
>This is probably fine.
>You wake up.
>No dreams, just a fade to black before an awakening.
>You feel a bit tired somehow.
>Fouella is still sleeping and clinging to you.
>She seems.. Happy.
>You move your leg to adjust it however which rouses her from her sleep.
>She rubs her eyes looking at you.
>Her messy bedhead, smile and starry eyes.
>"I.. I don't know how to say this but.. I think I had a dream."

What will you do?
>tell me about the dream.
>gently give head pats and rubs her head but hide it.
>Thank god inside your head.
"That's great! Tell me about it."
>You gently pat her on the head.
"That's great! Tell me about it."
>"I dreamed I was flying, high in the sky above the clouds. It felt so real like it was really happening, it was fun to control myself gliding through the air like a bird."
"That's great Fouella."
>Tears are dripping down her face.
"W-whats wrong?"
>She breaks down sobbing onto you.
>Her tears are soaking your shirt.
>"I.. I don't know how, but I know it was you.. I can feel it.."
>You rub her head gently holding her in your arms.
>"You gave me the power to dream didn't you?"
"I.. I don't know.."
>She grips you tightly with her hands.
>"I.. I promise.."
>"I promise, from now on I'll live.. I'll do it."
"So, you're not going to run off and think about killing yourself anymore right?"
>She nods.
>"I won't.. I'll keep on living."
>You chuckle.
"Thats good.. I'm relieved."
>You're outside of Hausterien in a field
>It's sunny and you have a picnic basket.
>For some reason you had the idea to take Fouella out for lunch.
>It probably has to do with that date you had with Clarity.
>Something about it is reminiscent of that.
>There seemed to be more priests out and about scrambling.
>But for some reason they just seem to blended into the background for you.
>You're sitting in on a cloth.
>The warm air of the summer breeze feels so fresh.
>Fouella bites into her sandwich smiling.
>"It's really good."
"Is it?"
>"Yeah, way better than usual. Normally when I eat human food, it's kinda bland, but this time I can really taste it!"
"I-i'm glad.."
>Fouella looks at you quizzically.
>You're staring up at the bright blue sky.
>"Something wrong?"
"Its.. Its nothing, everything is perfect Fouella."
>You feel her punch your shoulder kinda hard.
"Ah, hey!"
>She frowns a bit.
>"I can smell when you're lying."
"Ah.. Right. Well, I was just thinking about Clarity. On that day.. It was so perfect. We were outside of Fida.. And she showed me her wings."
>She wraps herself around you.
>"You didn't want to tell me because you thought it might hurt my feelings didn't you?"
>"I.. I owe you everything.. You gave me hope.. You helped me find a reason to live.."
>You're not sure what to say.
>"You sacrificed the chance to be with the girl of your dreams since you were a child just to save me.. When I think about these things, it hurts my chest. I don't.. I don't like this feeling."
"It's called empathy.. And, don't worry about it so much.. I'm more happy that you're alive than anything.. When I saw your body it.."
>You can see it clearly in your minds eye which causes you to relive it momentarily.
>You shiver.
>"What is it?"
"I.. Just remembered how sad I was seeing you dead.. That feeling you're describing right now, that intense feeling in the chest, that's what it felt like.."
>Fouella seems to be thinking.
>"It made you very sad when that happened didn't it?"
"An understatement, but yes."
>"I want to make you happy."
>Fouella is staring at you.
>"No matter how long it takes.. I want to repay your kindness. I know I'm not a human. And, perhaps I could never replace someone like Clarity.. But.. Somehow I feel comfortable around you.. When I see you, I feel a fluttering in my chest, and it makes me want to touch you."
>You blush.
>She moves her lips close to you.
>The golden rays of the sun glistening as her lips come against yours.
>You press your tongue against hers.
>You guess it's technically your first kiss all over again.
>She breaks it.
>She seems concerned.
>"I.. I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me.."
"Its fine.."
>"A-are you mad?"
"No.. I just.. Don't know what to say. It's been such a drain on me.. Going back.. Saving you.. I feel like my body is heavy."
>"You're tired then.. Please, let's go back to the inn and rest some more."
>Fouella seems to be genuinely concerned about you.
>Something about that is, kind of cute.
>You're back in the inn with Fouella.
>She's laying next to you.
>"I like this feeling.. Being close to you.. It feels, so addicting.. Do you feel the same?"
"I think.."
>"Is it.. Because I'm a Malformed? No.. I don't think thats why is it?"
"No.. I think it's just so sudden."
>She grips you.
>"I am truly sorry Anon.. For everything."
>You rub her hair.
"Don't be sorry.."
>You press your lips against hers.
>Tongues pressing against each other.
>Fouella presses her tongue and mouth against you fervently.
>The kiss breaks.
>You're not sure how to feel.
>Your feelings for Veronica, and for Clarity still linger with you.
>You feel weak for being unable to control these feelings.
>Yet something about Fouella has you swept up in her.
>And now you feel the venom of love dripping into you.
>As holding her brings joy to your heart.

What is the right thing to do?
>What is the right thing to do?
Lewd Fouella.
>Pass the fuck out, cause you're body is weak and the blood going elsewhere will kill you.
No lewding you fuck, We cannot lewd until we marry somebody.
>You decide against doing anything lewd with Fouella and go to sleep instead.

>Suddenly you wake in the middle of the night.
>Fouella is shaking you.
>"Anon, Anon you must wake up!"
"Eh.. What time-"
>"There is no time, we must leave!"
"L-leave? Why?"
>She seems scared.
>"A great darkness is coming, I can feel it.."
>You try to compose yourself as Fouella pulls you to your feet.
"So is it the Malformed?"
>Her eyes are wide, and shes shaking.
>"Worse, this is an Elder Class at least.."
"E-elder class?"
>"Those few Malformed Agents who live long enough and fully embrace their sin are referred to as Elder Class. Their powers dwarf even our own."
"Why didn't you mention something that horrific before?"
>"I didn't want to frighten you. Anyhow, we must escape this city. Their army will raze this city to dust."
"Y-you're kidding right? This is the capital, we have the most advanced weapons here.."
>She grimaces.
>"It won't be enough."
>You leave the Inn rushing down the stairs in a panic.
>You feel the earth beneath your feet rumble.
>Toward the direction of the rumbling you see a blackness which stretches out all along the horizon.
>The darkness above is encroaching rapidly and blocks out the light.
>She gasps.
>"There are Elite Hunter Class Primus, thousands."
"Hunter class Primus?"
>"They're vicious calculating Primus which have an array of magics which can trick the human mind, they're deadly even to seasoned priests."
"Well, as long as I have my water gun, that should see us through."
>"For our sake, I hope you're right.."
>The mass encroaches quickly.
>It's at the gates of the city.
>"We're under attack!"
>The church bells begin to ring and the priests begin to line up for battle.
>Fouella trembles.
>"Anon, we can't stay, we need to leave now!"
"Are you sure? We can't just leave the city.."
>Darkness blankets the sky above you
>The entire city becomes pitch black.
>You use your light.
>Your light doesn't illuminate much more than a few feet in front of your face.
>You feel your heart pounding as you hear screams from far away.
>The otherworldly noises, screeching, gurgling hissing sounds of monsters too foul for hell to contain.

I should stay and fight.

I should flee.
>I Shall stay and fight. If the Capital falls, I don't need to tell you how badly things go.

Also, Fucking hell Triple 7's aka 21.

I just realized something, This is where we fucking have all the lost and ancient tomes isn't it? We're so fucked if this place falls.
Screams, sounds of ripping bone, tearing flesh.
You can't see much beyond your tiny field of vision.
"Fouella, you can see in this right?"
>"Alas, my vision isn't as good as it could be, were I at full power I could see perfectly in the dark as if it were day. But I am weak, and feeble."
Suddenly you see tentacled beasts with multiple arms and faces of human agony half the size of the cathedral slip past.
>You fire your light at them.
>It doesn't even flinch and continues on it's course.
>You spray down anything you can see, and everything that moves.
>Some of the beasts are human sized, but are the stuff of nightmares.
>Misshapen humanoids with huge mouths and several foot long twisting tongues coming out, teeth as large as fingers and razor sharp.
>You hose them down and they dissipate.
>You hear the bark of the hellhounds and several charge at you from every direction in the dark.
>They bite and tear into your flesh.
>You scream in agony.
>Suddenly they stop.
>Fouella is holding out her hands.
>Most of the waves within the vicinity have stopped .
>"There is so much sin.. I am sorry Anon, but I had to use sin to save you."
"It.. It's fine for now."
>You hear the roar of the engine of tanks behind you.
>The tank crushes Malformed under it's wheels.
>The spray of it's hose obliterates incoming Malformed that get too close.
>It fires the mighty Sun Cannon which pierces a light across the darkness.
>You see others similarly light up the darkness.
>You see Xactor out on top of one of the Tanks.
>He snickers.
>"What a glorious day to make war in the name of God don't you agree?"
>He sprouts 4 white wings from his back and illuminates his immediate area.
>He flies upward with a golden Lyre in hand.
>He plucks the strings and chants in an old tongue.
>Nearby Malformed violently explode.
>Fouella is covering her ears.
>Suddenly a grotesque looking woman with tentacles, multiple black eyes, and demon wings appears.
>"Who is it that dares resist me?"
>She lunges forth with a giant serrated metal drill from her abdomen.
>It tears though the tank and the people inside like paper.
>Xactor is flying above snickering.
>"You must be the Agent in charge here. Once I defeat you, your army will scatter like ants."
>She gives a low wicked laugh.
>"You think too highly of yourself priest. Allow me to bring you down to earth!"
>She launches her drill at him
>It seems to hit him, but somehow he just appears next to it like nothing happened.
>He's holding the gun you used to travel back.
>She attacks again, and he dodges like that again, each time getting a bit closer to her.
>He snickers.
>"It seems you're just a bit too slow."
>He lunges a holy sword into her chest.
>She screams.
>Suddenly a giant cross of light appears behind her.
>Xactor blasts her onto it.
>He then nails her to the cross with spikes inlaid with salt.
>"Ungh! You cannot subdue me with these cheap tricks priest!"
>He snickers again.
>"Oh? But it seems I already have. You should be happy to die in the same way as our holy savior."
>She spits on him.
>"Your savior is shit! I spit on his name!"
>He wipes away the spit.
>"Heh, I'd expect nothing less."
>Suddenly dark Malformed rip apart the cross from behind.
>She is absorbed into the abominable mass of dark flesh and tentacles.
>Slowly the darkness retreats.
>The city is in ruins, most of it..
>About half the city is destroyed, and about half the priests and citizens are dead.
>Xactor forced Clarity to sign an emergency war act in order to enlist his aid which states until the Malformed are no longer a threat, he is the new Bishop.
>Clarity was then demoted to an apostle in his place.
>You're standing outside the church where from it's terrace he gives a speech.
>"This is what happens when you give in to sin. When darkness is at the door, should we throw open our gates? Certainly not. This happened because we were ill prepared. I gave you all plenty of warning. And yet you did not heed it. And now that I have pushed back their dark masters you have only me and my solemn efforts to thank."
>The crowd seems worried.
>"But do not fear. For I will be your new Shepard, and guide this flock toward the path of righteousness. As of right this moment I have developed a special treatment to forcefully remove the desire to sin, and anti-sin tablets as supplements therein. Our holy weapons will become stronger, but only if we give them the right environment to take effect in. In other words, lighting a small torch in the darkness does not make it daytime. But to bring about the dawn of day, we must shrug off the sins of the night."
>The crowd seems to agree.
>"Lead the way Bishop Xactor!"
>"Xactor is our savior!"
>"Praise Xactor, the lords Holy Warrior!"
>Xactor seems amused.

What will you do?
>Gather everyone we have made contact with, And supplies and check maps along with locations to see where we can gather in secret and gain allies for this war. Also see if we cannot steal some of his stuff like that weapon.

Well this went... horrific, I fully expect him however to have gotten him into position but we cannot challenge him now.
adding onto this here >>1410001 make sure Clarity is one of them we get as well if possible. We know she is sinful but its human nature too.
>You decide to gather maps and supplies.
>The townsfolk seem shaken, still absorbing having their loved ones taken by nightmares.
>Some are rebuilding, others seem listless.
>You go to see Clarity in the church.
>"Xactor saved this city.. He deserves to be a bishop so much more than I ever did.. I mean, all I ever did was stand around and look pretty. I've always had a thought in the back of my mind, that maybe I wasn't good enough.. And this really showed me.."
>She's crying.
>"Please don't cry miss."
>Clarity seems confused to see Fouella there.
>"You.. You're a-"
"Easy, she's a good one Clarity, I swear it."
>Clarity is silent.
>"I can sense the purity in you miss Clarity, you're a beautiful person deep down in your soul.. Because of my inherrent nature, I can't ever hope to be as pure as you. But I admire it none the less."
>Clarity smiles a bit.
>"T-thank you.. It is hard for me to believe that there are good Malformed.. But, I never thought it was impossible either.. If Anon believes you're good, I will too."
>Fouella gets down on her knees.
>"Miss Clarity, will you, say a prayer on my behalf?"
>"A-a prayer? Of course, what is it?"
>"I'm struggling.. I'm a Malformed, and for a while.. I had no purpose. But Anon showed me the light, and I want to remain pure for his sake as well. However, during the attack, I had to absorb the sin to use my power so I could save Anon.. That was ok wasn't it? Anyhow, if you could pray that I could become more pure in his name. I would appreciate it."
>Claritys wings come out.
>Clarity wraps Fouella in a hug.
>"I can feel the sincerity in your words.. Of course I will pray, I'll pray as hard as I can! Please, don't give up hope!"
>"I.. I won't, Anon already taught me never to lose hope."
>Clarity seems happy.
>"Anon, I have no doubts in my mind, you're truly a saint among saints."
>She pulls out a little golden cross.
>"This is my lucky cross, that I've had ever since I was an orphan.. I have held it in my hand every time I've ever prayed. Please, I hope that you will take this.. As a sign of my trust, and of my friendship."
"I.. I can't possibly accept something like this."
>"Please.. I've never been able to do anything. And If this cross can help you at all, even a tiny little bit, I know the Lord will be pleased."
"I.. I understand."
>You put on the cross necklace.
>"Please, be safe Anon."
"And you too, Clarity."
>You make an attempt to get into Xactors lab, but it's pointless. No one but someone approved by Xactor can get in.
>You decide to take a map and leave the city.
>Feeling lost you march north.
>It's a long way into the wilderness, through forests and past rivers.
>But eventually you reach Jigear, the last bastion before the long trek North.
>You're in the Inn with Fouella.
>Your wounds from the battle have since been patched up.
>"You fought bravely as usual Anon.."
"I had no choice. I couldn't leave my hometown to succumb to demons, though it seems this time even I was little more than a tiny deterrent among the mass."
>Fouella puts her hand on you.
>"You fought demons hundreds of years old. At 25 you're just barely a quarter of their age."
"Hmm.. Yes.
>You decide to pray, when suddenly you hear a familiar voice coming through the cross.
>It sounds like Clarity.
>"Dear Lord, I pray that you would guide Fouella on her journey toward purity. As a creature born of sin, her burden is heavier than I could ever imagine. I pray you would lift it from her.. Give her the strength she needs to overcome her nature, and become truly pure in your name. I pray too for Anon, that he would be safe.. Guide him down the right path, that he may save many more as he already has.. And prayer for me, to overcome my own sin.. As a high member of the church, I am deeply ashamed of my sins, that someone in my position is capable of such debauchery in the face of this chaos."
>You hear her crying.
>"Why.. Why am I such a horrible priestess Lord? I try so hard.."
>You decide to speak,
"You're not a horrible priestess."
>"W-what? Who's there? God, is that you?"
"N-no, it's Anon."
>"And Fouella, I'm here too."
>"O-oh goodness how embarrassing! How did you hear me?"
"We uh.. This cross you gave us.."
>"Oh, the cross! So.. I guess now that you have it, I can speak to you from far away."
>Fouella comments,
>"The Lord works in mysterious ways.."
>"Fouella, are you doing well? How have you been on sins since you left Hausterien?"
>"I only sinned because I had to in Anons case.. I realize that. And since then, I haven't fed upon sin.. Food has managed to suppress my appetite for it more than usual."
>"It seems the Lord really is working to change you Fouella! Congratulations!"
>"Thank you.. I'm sure the Lord will help you with your problem too, whatever it is."
>"A-ah yes.. Well, in any case, I wish you both a blessed sleep, goodnight!"
>You both wish her a goodnight.
Ask God to visit Xactor with spirit of love, mercy and compassion.

>inb4 xactor goes back in time and becomes first malformed with his sin mechanics shenanigans
Where is our sister and stuff, also confused as too why she never came with or fairies. We are supposed too grab all


>After a long journey north you finally reach Mortenal.
>"Whew.. Never thought I'd be so excited to return to this snow covered desert of a town."
"Indeed. It does feel like home in a strange way."
>You all go to the Inn.
>You see Veronica flying around.
>She notices you and flies into you hugging you.
>"It's been so long! How have you been? I'm sorry I didn't warn you before I left. Allison said she left you a note, did you get the note?"
"Yes.. I did."
>"Is.. Something wrong?"
>Up in Veronicas room you explain the situation that happened in Hausterien.
>"That's terrible."
"I can only imagine what the families are going through right now.. Speaking of which, where is Allison and that group of prisoners she broke free from Hausterien?"
>"She took them to Iyaval with some aid from Joshua to try and purge the town of Malformed."
"W-what? She's using them as warriors already?"
>"Allison spoke with them many times.. A lot of those times were about our adventures, and about you.. How you almost single-handedly saved the towns. When people heard the story they became inspired. I know she can be a bit reckless, but your sister really does have her act together. And I can tell, she really loves you Anon."
"Well, I suppose I can appreciate that her heart was in the right place."
>Before going to bed you decide to pray,
>"Lord I pray that you would visit Xactor and fill his spirit with love, mercy and compassion. And that you would guide all of of us."
>You hear Clarity from the cross.
>"Guide all of us closer to you. Keep Anon and his friends safe from harm."
>Fouella speaks.
>"And give Clarity some release from her sin problem too."
>Veronica joins in,
>"I'm so happy Anon has returned. Bless our reunion that he has made it back intact despite an Ancient Malformed horde almost overcoming the city."
"In your name we pray, Amen."

It's nighttime, and you're tired.

>I should sleep with Veronica

>I should sleep with Fouella.
Whichever available bed is nearest.
Ya no. Whatever is closer we're getting too tired for this.
>You decide to sleep in a bed alone feeling too tired to cuddle.

>It is the next day, you haven't dreamed anything since that day you saved Fouella.
>Your wounds from the Malformed ache.
>You know that your sister must still be fighting in Iyaval

What is it that you will do?
>Head to Lyaval and if possible contact Clarity again to see if she can find a loop-hole or anything and not to take the treatment. If needed head to the front line or hide. They will destory us.

huh, So we apprently gave our ability to dream to Fouella. That implies there is a limit to the amount of times we 'could' have gone into the past. I wonder if thats why the Xector is insane. Tell me QM, Are there any other nations nearby or groups?
>You wonder if there are any other nations or factions which could help you.
>You decide to go down to Iyaval to help your sister fight.
>You arrive down at Iyaval to the hum of Sun Cannon fire and men barking orders.
>You find Joshua watching the rain over the town from a distance.
>The priests seem to be outside of the town.
>"Ah, Anonymous, I take it things went well down in the capital right?"
"I er, well.. Not exactly.."
>You explain to him the events that occurred the best you can.
>"So Xactor is in charge now.. Well Anon, it seems I may have to recall my forces here. Forcing a campaign north while the capital is under duress would be foolish."
"But, what about this whole brainwashing thing going on?"
>Veronica speaks,
>"Yeah, doesn't it bother you even a little?"
>"Xactor gave us the weapons to fight so I trust him. Besides, less sins will give the Malformed less to work with."
"But at what cost? The humans there won't even be human anymore."
>"Maybe that's for the best, humans tend to be weak. Only through the divine grace of God have we triumphed even this far.."
>Veronica sighs.
>"You certainly put a lot of faith in God that everything here will work out."
>"I'm a priest, what else would you expect?"
>Veronica sighs.
>You scratch your head.
"So.. Perhaps now isn't the best time to ask but.. Are there any other nations, or other factions besides the humans and the Malformed?"
>"Why do you ask?"
"Uh.. Curious.."
>"To the east, past the great Malformed curtain is said to live a group of humans."
"What? Something exists past there?"
>"Deep in the wilderness, through miles of rocky sandy desert and scorching sun.. Heretics live there."
"T-that can't be true right?"
>"I was around when the Bishop received a parcel from them. This was about 6 years ago."
"Uh, what did the parcel contain?"
>"Just some worthless trinkets. A little net with feathers around it called a "dreamcatcher" and other such junk."
"Dream catcher?"
>He grumbles scratching his head.
>"I can't exactly recall what it did. I never looked much into it."
>Veronica speaks.
>"One assumes by the name it has something to do with dreams right?"
>"Yes. But I would not trifle with a heretics magic. It's asking for trouble.."
"Anyhow, I got distracted, where is Allison?"
>"She's fighting some of the Malformed from the west end of the villaige on the other end, she uses forbidden magic.. You don't condone this behavior do you?"
"Of course not.. But, she does it anyway.. Anyhow, I must be off."
>"Good luck to you."
>You join Allison on the Battlefield.
>"Push forward dang it! We're almost making progress!"
"Yeah I, it's a long story you see-"
>"Save it, all that matters is that we purge this town of demons. They're using a nasty trick, all the sin energy is being used like a barrier against our attacks, but it's beginning to weaken. We've only been fighting their weak grunts but we know the real threat is inside."
"I see."
>Fouella sighs.
>"You misread the situation."
>"Eh, what's that?"
>"The sin energy could keep up for at least a few more days. You're only scratching the surface."
>"Damn.. Hey, you can get us in like last time right?"
>Fouella sighs.
>"Sure, why not?"
>"I'm not going to hold back anymore. I saw what happened in Hausterien. Plus.. I want to make you happy."
>Fouella walks forward toward the barrier.
>"Cease fire!"
>Her men comply.
>They cautiously do so.
>Allison raises an eyebrow at you grinning.
>"So, you and the little Malformed girl really hit it off huh?"
>"That's a pretty nice hickey on your neck, wonder when that could have happened?"
"W-where? S-she never gave me any hickeys when we kissed-"
>You gasp covering your mouth.
>Veronica stares at disbelief at you.
>Allison chuckles.
>"I didn't know priests could have a thing for agents. Isn't that a bit heretical for you?"
"I-its not like that! I-i just got carried away in the moment and-"
>Veronica becomes human sized and slaps you across the face.
>"Y-you idiot!"
>Your face stings from the impact.
>She seemed fine after you made out with Clarity in the future, so why..
>Allison raises an eyebrow.
>"Don't tell me you didn't catch on Anon."
"C-catch on to what?"
>She grabs you by the shirt.
>"All those times we stuck together up here? Did it mean nothing to you?!"
"O-of course it meant something.."
>She lets you go turning away from you.
>"Excuse me but, I've opened the barrier, we can proceed inside if you want."
"F-fouella! R-right.."
>You enter into the darkness.
>It is night here.
>You didn't bring any tanks, as even if Allisons men had them, it wouldn't have fit through the small hole Fouella made in the barrier.
>Fouella is masking your presense right now.
>You're somewhat invisible to the Malformed Primus.
>"L-lord Anon, we heard greatly of your tales from Grand Empress Allison."
"Grand Empress Allison?"
>Allison has a cheeky grin.
>"Isn't it nice? I'm thinking about starting my own little empire."
"T-this isn't a game.."
>"Shh, we are close, see that big church building up there? I can feel it, that's where the Agent is."
>Slowly and quietly you sneak toward it.
>"Allow me."
>Fouella and you walk up to the front gate of the church.
>"Halt! State your business."
>"I'm Fouella, an agent of the Mass, you're to let us pass to see the Agent of this town."
>They whisper to each other but allow the two of you inside.
>A man is speaking to a mirror.
>"So, the attack on Hausterien was a failure?"
>"Yes, the mass suffered great casualties. Their weaponry was much more advanced than we had anticipated."
>The man turns around.
>The guard next to you approaches the man and whispers into his ear.
>"So, you've come. I am Jeris, welcome priest and traitor."
"Oh no, they've figured it out.."
>A dark power pulls you forth toward the mirror.
>The visage of the woman you saw fighting Xactor is there.
>"I recall your face priest."
>You sweat nervously.
>"I can feel it, you've been struggling with your lust haven't you?"
>Fouella walks up.
>"I can confirm this."
>Jeris speaks,
>"But this is amusing. Why one of our one allies herself with one of the enemy."
>"Jeris, do not forget, humans are the enemy."
>"But, to seduce one of ours to their side. Surely some form of manipulation was in order? It piques my curiosity."
>"It wasn't manipulation. I chose to accompany him of my own free will. And I did it because you idiots kill the very beings from which you derive. Once you kill all the humans, then what? Will we turn on each other and consume ourselves? Our inherent nature has led us to war for centuries. And it will continue to do so till the end of time itself."
>There is silence.
>"I should introduce myself I suppose. I am Zirika. Long have I embodied the sin of wrath, and anger to destroy my enemies. At 250 I am one of the older Malformed currently living. You bring up a valid point young Fouella."
"Y-you're listening?"
>"But it doesn't mean I will stop. It thrills me to no end to bring violence and chaos to this planet. Such is my inherent nature."
>You sigh.
"I should have known it was too good to be true."
>She gives a low laugh.
>"You'll find those of us in the older order will be a little harder to seduce. I too find this project of yours amusing. Never have I seen priest and agent consort with each other in this way."
"T-then please.. Consider a truce with us.. There are others. I won't speak their names, but there are Malformed and humans who wish to cohabitate in peace."
>"I can't smell any lies priest. I'll take your word for it."
>"Zirika! Does this mean-"
>She chuckles.
>"Jeris, if it amuses you, you may stay your hand. I'm still perhaps a bit delusional in my recovery. I'll pretend as though I didn't see these things."
>The mirror goes black.
>"Fouella, I recall you verily."
>"And I you Jeris."
"Wait, you two know each other?"
>"Yes, when Fouella was born from the darkness, it was I who showed her the world, and guided the steps of her path. She had such a natural capacity to utilize sin. I was greatly impressed."
"S-so, you're like Fouellas teacher then.."
>Somehow even though he taught her to sin, you feel an odd level of respect for him.
"I-it is.. Good to meet you Jeris."
>You offer your hand.
>He seems slightly reluctant but shakes your hand.
>"So, being a priest, you're her new teacher toward light? I sense Fouella has grown severely weak in your tutelage."
"She chose to of her own accord, I merely guided her path."
>He chuckles.
>"You have guided a sin based creature to righteousness. To what end?"
>Foeulla speaks,
>"Do not be so haughty Jeris, I have gained the ability to dream."
>His eyes widen.
>"Y-you jest.."
>"I do not."
>He runs over to her putting his hands on her shoulders.
>He shakes her slightly.
>"How? How is this possible?"
>Her eyes drift toward you.
>He looks to you.
>"D-did you give her the ability to dream?"
"I.. I did. Though, I've lost my own ability to dream."
>Foeulla and Jeris gasp.
>Foeulla speaks,
>"So, you truly did give it up for me.."
>"I-i underestimated you. But.. I am confused, how did you manage this?"
"I can't say. It was like God heeded the desire of my heart."
>"I.. I can't smell a lie.."
>"Jeris, won't you please consider joining our cause? Let the humans in the dungeons free, and I will stop the enemies from pounding on your gates."
>"You.. You can arrange a ceasefire?"
>"Well, not I.. But I have faith Anon can."
"I think if you release the humans, Joshua may relent in lue of the recent attacks."
>He grimaces.
>"I.. Suppose I don't have much choice here.. Once the sin is depleted, the forces outside would anihilate everyone here. We've been using all our power for defense. If it fails, we're done for."
>A nearby guard looks nervous.
>"Y-you can't seriously mean-"
>"Yes, we will release the humans."
>"B-but we'll barely have enough sin left to eat, to stay alive!"
>Jeris grumbles.
>"But we won't stay alive at all if we keep them here!"
>The guard sighs.
>"I will go then."
>"Good, tell the others they aren't to question my orders."
"You're.. Doing the right thing Jeris."
>"Do not mistake me, I'm.. I'm just doing it out of necessity is all.."
>Outside of the town you bring the humans.
>Joshua orders a halt.
>"You.. Who are these people?"
"We managed to talk them into a truce. As part of our agreement, I promised you would stop attacking as long as they released the humans."
>He seems shocked.
>Silence for a moment.
>"You're.. Truly one of a kind. Men, see them safely to Mortenal."
>"B-but sir!"
>"Theres no need to waste lives here, we got what we came for. Besides, it is prudent we return to the capital to aid in it's reconstruction."
>"Fall back!"
>The battle is over as you return to the Inn now overcrowded with refugees from Iyaval.
>They all seem to have almost no memories of their torture.
>Their minds seem to have been wiped clean perhaps to avoid a retribution.
>They do seem weak but the army afforded them some food.
>You retire to bed.
>You choose to sleep alone to avoid a lovers quarrel.
>However Allison crawls into your bed and snuggles with you anyway in the middle of the night.
It is the next day.

What is it that you will do?
>Head pats for Allison
>Find out where Jeris will be going afterwords and the others he has with them. Can't let them just die/starve to death
>Find out the next location we could go, or how to get through the mass to the 'heretics' or some other 'no go' land to set up an actual base.
>See if we can't get Joshua to remain silent about it and state he has 'won', then get ready to move either with the malformed or towards the casino or a possible new location to set up for a short while.

out of char, I fully expect a-bunch of refuges and others to flee the church after this stunt with the new Bishop..
2nd. So we lost all our progress with the Holy Kingdom's reformation in exchange for saving Fouella and obtaining another path to starting our Third Kingdom?

Currently Clarity is our agent for Xactor's possible corruption and we have a truce with Zirika. However, knowing how powerful the two sides are, we're going to need to either beef up our defenses in case they go after us or get some exceptional missionaries to our cause.

It wasn't a serious remark, that's why I spoilered it.
I think we can parly a truce with both sides, We would after all be gaining people from both sides if word got out. That we are attempting some interesting Cooperation without using the Sin-supression pills.

We are after all at this point getting pretty high up there, if we could get Clarity and a few other people to defect and steal the fuckers work or knowledge we have a real chance of fending off attacks on both side. Plus as we've seen, not all malformed wish to fight and if we present a better 'deal' for them to survive and eat then there is no logical reason not too expect being wrathful which in and of itself easily taken care of.

We've lost the control of the sitution so badly, I had wish we'd had spent the day revoking shit with Fouella as our 'aid' and stuff.
New bread

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