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Twelve years have passed since the mists drew back, and revealed the unspoiled wilderness that is Admor. Civilizations have grown and fallen, in this short span. Great evil has spread across the face of the lands, and been chased back into the darkness. The dark dryad, Julhana’s first plot to bespoil the face of Admor has been thwarted by the elves of the Belegorn tribe with an important assist by Oberon and the kingdom of the Fae. Still, evil witch runs free, and has seduced another to the Dark Sidhe. One thing is for certain, they will be heard from again.

Our young civilizations are just beginning to meet one another, trade and commerce are beginning to bloom and thrive with the establishment of our first trade routes.

The forces of magic our civilizations have been taming apparently have a downside, as not all magical awakenings are beneficial in nature. The core of Admor leaks a dark substance that taints all it touches, and like the all things, it doesn’t touch all things equally. The forests it soaks turn gnarled and forlorn and the inhabitants become feral and ravenous, and sometimes they Awaken, and hell breaks loose. Running loose on the drought ravaged plains to the east of the noble Aarakocra, a species of flightless hunting bird has awakened. Due to their ability to move in complete silence, they are called awakened stealth raptors in the common tongue (not yet invented). Their bellies are gnawed by a non stop hunger that is not satiated by food, no matter how much they eat, they must seek the next meal… which bodes poorly for any who live nearby.
Turn 48 Year 12 (Winter)

Branch-time 12
Elves of the Belegorn Tribe
A1(18): Check the closet for skeletons
>Tracking T1 18/500…. You notice some Julhana sized prints entering the cave, but loose them shortly inside on hard stone.
A2(58): Explore the inner nature of matter.
>The tribe begins gathering all the different types of stuff they can identify and gathering it into one place, and naming things. (good excuse to start writing, you’ve seen the Fae at it, and in your Julhana spying.)

PP(0): All CP
Rolled 57, 37 = 94 (2d100)

>Turn 48
Continue planning the library

Some fae begin telling made up stories removed from reality.
(Story telling basically)

>PP:Putting it into culture (90)

Persephone continues with math
Titannia studies repulsions
Oberon studies holy sword

(Away team)
Puck studies plant mastery while he does his job

The gremlin trio learn earth mastery

vir and trie continue with earth mastery as well
Pretty sure I already posted my turn 48 its on the other page, that being said how do i go about doing the exploration bits as well?
File: hexes.png (28 KB, 457x469)
28 KB
It's spring again. Your people have been through 13 of these now since they arrived. Your people have thoroughly explored their home 7 hexes. The one they spawned in, and the 6 directly touching it. That's 36 mile radius. The next hex out is far enough away that if you go any farther, you can't make it back home in one day, still, over the years, your people are very familiar with the 12 hexes that surround those, or 19 hexes in all.

To explore beyond this point, you need to assemble an away team and wish them luck!

Triple all distances if your race is a flying one.
Gnolls: Admor: Turn 48 - Admor CivQuest - Year 11 Winter (ID: p6xq7QWB) 04/22/17(Sat)13:05:02 No.1389231▶

Turn 48
Action 1(48) [Build] Castle T3 1817/2000 +96
>Castle T3 1913/2000
>As winter comes on, the Castle is very nearly complete. The last remaining points of construction lie outside the walls, in the moat and stream diversions.

Action 2 (4 -(Result: d100 (73))[Build] Temple Shrine T1 207/500 +8
>Temple Shrine T1 215/500
>As the winter equinox rolls around, it becomes obvious that something is amiss with the alignments of the temple. Walls had to be redesigned (the need for mathematics has arisen should you choose to research it) to match actual v. projected sun and star alignments, as a result there is little progress this season.

PP100-(10Unit+4Character)=86/2 for both projects=43 into A1 and A2
>+43 to Castle T3 1956/2000
>+43 to Temple Shrine T1 258/500

Speaking of characters Yinta has devised of a stronger method of allowing the carts to go faster through use of wood and cordage. By allowing a harness to allow the dogs to push against the are able to push much faster than before with simple ropes which would dig into their sides. There are even hints of something Yinta calls a 'Chariot'
>there is talk among the people of perhaps “domesticating” a larger animal for chariot and cart pulling.
>>1391684 (OP)

>Turn 48

A1(57): Continue planning the library (46/250)+114
>[Plans] Library T1 250/250 with 5pts left over to “break ground” on the project
>Library T1 10/500 [plans:245/250 remain]

A2(37): [invent] Storytelling T1 0/500Some fae begin telling made up stories removed from reality. (Story telling basically)
>Storytelling(fiction) T1 37/500

PP(90):Putting it into culture (50/500)
>Culture T1 140/500

CP : pls adjust the top of your civdoc good sire

Persephone continues with…. continue with earth mastery as well
Rolled 98, 18 = 116 (2d100)

Turn 49 Year 12.25 (Spring)
Bloom-time 13
Elves of the Belegorn Tribe
A1: Create a Stag Totem
>With the coming of this year’s spring festival, much rejoicing is had to celebrate the tribe’s recent accomplishments. During the customary solemn assembly, we remember those who have been lost and those who have gone missing while also giving thanks for our many friends and strengthening our resolve to wipe our own tears and work relentlessly to protect those in need and bring a future filled with smiles to all who will sincerely accept our friendship. As the songs and offerings are made to the spirits, the wardens reveal their latest project. A magnificent Elk Totem standing proud and tall, its broad antlers reaching to the sky in a canopy of spears. As the tribe gazes upon the breathtaking statue, they can’t help but feel safe and protected in its presence. May the Great Spirit be our strength and ward off evil with its mighty horns, helping us reach our goals as long as our hearts stay pure and true.
A2: Follow the otters downstream
>As a grand finale to the festival, several canoes are made ready and a group of brave voyagers enjoy a last feast before boarding their vessels to follow the otters on their migration and bring back tales of new lands, new friends and new hopes.
PP: All CP
Rolled 47 (1d100)

Turn 49 Year 12.25 (Spring)
Bloom-time 13
Elves of the Belegorn Tribe
A1(145): Create a Stag Totem
>At the commencement ceremony, during your commencement of the Stag Totem. After your invocation of good will for the fallen, you are visited by the whispy spirit forms of the ones you’ve lost. They aren’t present long, and they’re seen well by any but their closest friends, but were seen at least at a distance by all. After the conclusion of the ceremony, after everyone finished singing and dancing and Thiachon and the other leaders were having their closing words for the evening, the few of them were present when a great, white stag strode onto the totem grounds. It acknowledged the other totem as it passed, but at the stag one, it paused… In a shimmiering instant, hit transformed into a human-animal form you’d have never even imagined. Some kind of canid, headed humanoid, taller than an elf, thick muscled and feral looking. Dressed in buckskins of white, and knee-high moccasins, he wore only a quiver and some feathers woven into his mane of hair above the waist. His bow seemed carved of antler, with intricate symbols on it. He outstretched his paw-like, claw-nailed hands and admired the construction of the stag… and then he fades from view: see followup post
A2(58): Follow the otters downstream
>+116 T1-Preservation(84/500) … looking for somewhere intelligent to put the points. Food Preservation 200/500 Jerky has been invented for the occasion!
The glowing figure turned to the elves facing him. “I am Tallow Whitepelt,” his hand resting on the totem-stag he looked back at it, and back to the gathered elves, “this pleases me.” He pets it like it is a gallant steed. “I am god of the hunt, and the bow and The Stag and I are close…” He turned his head in a canine-toothed grin. In a smooth motion, he turned, drew his bow and nocked 3 arrows. He let them fly at the targets in the not too distant archery range. He fired twice more, and the elves watched the third volley sail off towards the archery range. When they looked back, the shimmering figure was gone.
Rolled 43, 52 = 95 (2d100)

Turn 49
Action 1 [Build] Castle T3 1956/2000

>Soon, soon the river shall flow well and we shall have a proper home for our people to reside in!

Action 2 [Build] Temple Shrine T1 258/500

Due to the need of mathmatics or at least a better way of keeping track of how the temple walls should be built Yinta takes it upon herself to learn the mystery of numbers in helping Nomnar and Tognok with their building efforts.

PP100-(10Unit+4Character)=86/2 for both projects=43 into A1 and A2
Turn 49
Action 1(49) [Build] Castle T3 1956/2000+98
>Castle T3 2000/2000
>What couldn't be finished during the Winter has been wrapped up in time for spring celebrations. The castle is now complete. It has room and board for 500 people in tight quarters. It’s built in Granary T2 holds enough food for your people and livestock for an entire year’s siege. With outer walls 50’ tall and an inner courtyard large enough to house both your archery range and martial training grounds. There are budding industries, with people making leather, pottery, wooden utensils, beads, and a proto-market of sorts along the shady walls is beginning to happen. With the snow melt, your moat fills up and by the end of the spring, there are already fish and frogs doing their things there.

Action 2 (52)[Build] Temple Shrine T1 258/500+104
>Temple Shrine 363/500

PP100-(10Unit+4Character)=86/2 for both projects=43 into A1 and A2
>as your A1 is complete, i’ll assume this is a copy/paste oversight *cough* not like I would know what this is…. Lol +86 Temple Shrine 449/500
The summer of the twelfth year brings with it a monsoon that returns the Great Swamp to all it's former glory. With a settling of the ecosystem, the problem of the awakened raptors becomes somewhat more complex, as without the drought, their activities aren't so out in the open...
Turn 50
Forest Pelts
Action1 [Research] [Mathmathics] With the current issues of the temple being had some of the gnolls have decided to delve into better ways of keeping track of the numbers so to speak of where the star signs are meant to be.

Action 2 [Build] Temple Shrine 449/500

PP100-(10Unit+4Character)=86 for project 1 Attempt to get that math stuff finished quick like.

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