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File: slumber_party.png (67 KB, 722x693)
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You're a wizard specialising in American meme magic and storm magic.
You were heading to explore (loot) the ruins of an old Fortress and have stopped at a nearby town.
In town you met a fellow wizard, a geomancer who seems like he's suffered psionic damage.
He has allowed you to stay the night at his home.
It is now the following morning but before you head off and do your own thing: You've been studying his spell-book (with his permission) and have learned how to cast one basic spell from it.

>What spell did you learn?
File: cup_of_ace.png (129 KB, 252x258)
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129 KB PNG
Previous Episodes
Study hard for Daddy trump
File: ultra_rare.png (15 KB, 421x443)
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You're not entirely sure who this Trump person even is. You know him from the numerous times he is mentioned in your spellbook. Based on context he seems to be some sort of great hero or demi-god. You suspect he may be the founder of American meme magic.
We must study hard for this man so that one day we can make him proud
>permanent gemstone alchemy

Ah yes, Gemstone Alchemy. A decent way to make some money fast by converting rocks into gems. However, permanent spell effects like these permanently reduce your maximum mana each time you cast them. Use permanent spells sparingly.
File: up_and_atom.png (51 KB, 468x522)
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Now that you're well rested and have a new spell available might be time to venture out to the Fort. Or you could mess around in the town more (There will probably be another skeleton invasion today.)
The geomancer is still asleep and he firmly rejected your offer to join you. You decide to return his spellbook and depart. What now?

>write in
Meme for money or look for a job board
File: stupid_minigames.png (50 KB, 875x634)
50 KB

All this stuff sucks. I could literally make more money by selling broken pottery taken from magical ruins. (Except maybe that job over there... oh nevermind it says 'unicorn' not 'Unicron'.)

I'm not sure the townsfolk would be interested in buying "memes" especially since I can't make most of my spell permanent yet.
Hey, check out that geomancer add
File: wage_slave.png (36 KB, 814x820)
36 KB

Poor Oslo, these guys have been paying him peanuts for such an important job. The best loot is always surrounded by dangerous blue goop.
Check the add behind this one the check out the guild
File: flop_house.png (19 KB, 655x532)
19 KB

The ad behind says "It's Dangerous to go alone take this." Written underneath are a bunch of wavy lines.

You make your way to the Explorers' Guild...
Go back and take one, then head inside
File: the_boys_club.png (85 KB, 935x803)
85 KB

You take a little scrap of paper with a sword printed on it from the ad. (This will definitely come in handy when you face the final boss.)

Inside the guild is pretty much a bar. Various mercenaries drinking and loafing around.

A man wearing full combat armour approaches you when you enter.

"Well hey there little guy! My names Dorvin I'm captain of the Explorers' guild are you looking to join up? We could always use more bards! The guilds a bit of a Fighter-fest at the moment haha"
File: goodbye.png (15 KB, 493x475)
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Well I gtg now.

I've decided to cancel this quest.
This has been my least successful thread in my short career as a qm with 15 replies and 3 unique ID.
The previous threads haven't had a lot of success either.
I was hoping to run the quest for 10 episodes but with the lack of players I think it's best I just stop now at episode 5 and try and attempt a new quest.
Any feedback/criticism would be appreciated.
I'll make sure to keep working on my drawing and run again in the near future.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated. This quest wasn't successful but I definitely enjoyed running it.
This was fun while it lasted. I can't say why there was so few participates but I wish you luck on your next quest

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