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>The vicious snow whips around as you step further into the frozen wasteland of Tairmora. However as you're walking you spy a small pixie which lay upon the surface of the snow.
>Cautiously to you approach. It lay still and unmoving.
>You lay a hand upon it with a grave expression. Feeling it's ice cold body. Suddenly you feel a slight pulse. It startles you.
>You gasp.
>You grab her body from the snow.
>With urgency you're compelled to seek shelter. Luckily you spot a cave not too far from where you are.
>You run toward the cave.
>Her body begins to warm up as the flame flickers next to her.
>Within an hour or so waiting by the fire she rouses from her cold state into awareness.
>"W-where am I?"
>Her soft raspy voice echos off the cave walls.
>Hair light auburn, her body thin and emaciated looking.
"You're in a cave just outside the town of Mortenal."
>She rubs her eyes staring at the fire.
>Her body covered in brown raggedy clothes that have seen much wear.
>"Why.. Why did you save me?"
>You raise an eyebrow.
"Why wouldn't I? What priest leaves a girl to die in the snow?"
>"You're a priest?"
"Right now I'm on a mission from the church, to warn the towns up north to arm themselves with holy relics against the Malformed hordes."
>"M-malformed? What are those?"
"A race of demons unleashed by an ancient curse a long time ago. They have steadily been growing in number and in form."
>She rubs her head.
>"So.. Now demons are loose."
"Might I ask for your name?"
>"Its Veronica, and you?"
"I'm Anon, a pleasure."
>You offer your hand.
>She places her little hand in yours as you gently shake it.
>"So you're some kind of big time demon hunter from the church."
"Hardly. I only came to warn of the impending waves encroaching ever steadily upon the north so these towns don't find themselves consumed."
"Aye. Malformed will attack en masse, and when they do, they devour the townsfolk."
>She shivers.
>"That's horrible."
"That isn't the worst of it. When they consume a town, the town itself becomes a breeding ground which spawns an endless army of malformed. Only top level priests can purify it at that point. And even then, it is no small feat."
>Veronica stares pensively at the fire.
>"What shape do they take?"
"They are grotesque foul looking abominations. They can only walk the earth at night. But when they do, they assume the shapes of malformed men and beasts. Nightmarish tormented looking creatures that look as though they crawled from the darkest most forgotten corner of hell."
>"Only at night huh?"
>Your wounds from earlier pang at you.
>You wince in pain.
>"What's wrong?"
>You clutch at your wounds.
"It's nothing.. The villagers, they.. Didn't take kindly to a foreign religion."
>She slowly approaches you.
>"You're hurt."
>She touches her hand upon your leg.
>She smells the air.
"What are you doing?"
>"You.. You smell of purity.. That's rare for a human."
"I care not what happens to me.. But the villagers.. Engh.."
>You try to stand but stumble.
"I must go back and try to warn them again.."
>"The storm has not let up!"
"It is of no consequence. You are free to stay here in this cave till the storm lets up."
>"And.. What will you do? Go back?"
>You grimace.
"I must. When a town is consumed. All lives within the town cannot seek rest. They are trapped within it. Even death will not offer respite for them. It will be hell on earth till the area is purified."
>She gasps.
"The malformed dislike the light. I can cast light magics at least to defend the town in case of attack."
>She balls her fists.
>"But you just said you weren't a demon hunter."
>You chuckle.
"It's true. I'm just an ordinary priest.. But I should at least be able to hold a few of them back.. Maybe some will have time to escape."
>She balls her fists.
>"You.. You idiot."
"Be sure when you escape to travel by day and rest in certain towns by night. Those protected by the church cannot be entered by Malformed, they are safe."
>She grits her teeth before flying over to you.
>"You're a fool, but.. I owe you my life."
>"I can enhance your magic, at least a little."
"Are you sure? You've only just been revived."
>"As if you're one to talk."
"Fair enough."
>"Who is that over in the snow?"
>"Bah, it's that damn priest again."
>"Heh, apparently he didn't learn his lesson well enough the first time. We'll just have to stone him even harder this time."
>You arrive in town.
"People, please.. Listen."
>A rock suddenly whizzes past you.
>"We won't listen to you heretic!"
>"Get out priest!"
>They chuck rocks at you.
>You're forced to retreat.
>Outside the town.
>Veronica pops out from your hood.
>"Well, that went well."
"We mustn't give up, there is still time to get defenses set up."
>Suddenly another voice from next to you.
>A small red headed girl with freckles holding a loaf of bread approaches you.
>"Defenses against the demons, right mr. priest?"
>She hands you the loaf.
>Your stomach growls.
"Ah, thank you child."
>You take a piece of it ripping it off and handing it to Veronica.
>You take the remaining bread biting into it.
"The town needs a barrier of salt around it. But I have very little, only enough to board off one or two houses."
"Salt on the entrances makes an impenetrable holy barrier which the Malformed cannot penetrate."
>"Theres salt in the bakery! If we get that we can use a whole bunch of it to protect the town."
>Veronica speaks in response,
>"That's assuming the people here are gonna just let us waltz in and start dumping their salt everywhere."
"Yes I doubt we'll be able to pull it off before nightfall."

Surely we can figure out a way to save the town.

Additional notes
>Your holy magic becomes stronger the more good deeds you do.
>It will weaken if you choose to do morally ambiguous or bad things.
>Regular weapons can kill Malformed, but it is generally far more effective to use holy magic or holy blessed weapons or bullets.
Flirt with the pixie
Pixies are not for the lewds!
They are, normally. But not by pure anon, light bringing priest.
So I'll have to second that we don't do it.
At least not yet.

Anyway, before we decide to do anything, I'd ask for an inventory list. We have salt, though not much.
What else do we have? Any weapons? Are we able to bless them ourselves if we get our hands on some? Or does it take specific resources (such as holy water)?
so how we do this?
File: snow-storm-o.gif (1.68 MB, 378x253)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB GIF

>Current inventory

>2 Bags of holy salt
>A bottle of holy water
>Traveling priest robes (with hood)

>You've never been fond of weapons. With guns you can't seem to place your shots like you can with your magic (not to mention the reload times), and your experience handling melee weapons is paltry at best.

>You can bless a source of water with a prayer using prayer and holy salt. You can also bless normal salt to make it holy.

>Ideally you're taught not to engage the demons alone. They can be crafty but also quick and catch a person off guard.
>bad with weapons
>can't aim worth shit
What about a shield? If we can't be the Light's shining sword, we could at least be a bulwark against the dark.

Anyway, the least we can do is sneak in to the bakery and bless the salt.
Then maybe bless the town's well.

What if we concentrate on just a few big buildings instead of the entire town?
This is a very sound plan. By doing this we maximize our resources and establish shelters for the people to be safe in one the attack occurs.

It also occurs to me that we should first find out if the pixie is of age. Can't just assume that kinda thing with a fantasy creature.

>Bless a water well with the pixie help.
> Try to warm the town leader, even do an oath that is true to convince him.
>>Bless a water well with the pixie help.
>> Try to warm the town leader, even do an oath that is true to convince him.
Lewd pixie for secret magical power
How about asking them to come together in a mass, and then salting that area? It'll reduce the casualties and even if they take over the town, you're a priest who can slowly work to purifying the whole town.
Missionary be damned. The lives of men come first.
>How about asking them to come together in a mass
And why would they come to a mass being held by a heretic?
our only mission is to warn them
if they dont care for us or the words we speak at lest they have been warned not our fult if they stay

Yes. Hence blessing the water and warning the town mayor/leader.
Never change 4chan

This is a good plan. I propose sneaking into the bakery (under cover of darkness before the malformed arrive if there's no way to do it now,) blessing the salt, and using it to protect the largest building in town. We may not be able to save everyone but that's probably the most we can do alone.
>our only mission is to warn them

Those are the words of someone who doesn't care as much as we do.
File: retawyloh.gif (735 KB, 500x375)
735 KB
735 KB GIF
>You consider acquiring a shield of some kind to defend against attacks.
>"So what's the plan?"
"I uh.. How old are you?"
>"I'm 25, what difference does that make?"
"Uh.. Nothing, just curious."
>Cold snowy wind blows outside the town.
>There are many trees surrounding the town.
>The town itself is in the center of a sort of clearing.
>At night you imagine it would be nearly impossible to stop an attack from every angle. Monsters would crawl out of trees from all sides.
>Their only chance would be to escape north, running a long way deep into the frozen wastes of Tairmora.
>A treacherous journey in this weather, some may die.
>But there are a few northern towns which are still intact beyond this place.
>Though how long before they too would succumb?
>You look over at the little girl.
>You're not willing to let this place be a lost cause.
>The little girl speaks.
"I will secure a place for you, just wait."
>Under the cover of night you bless the towns water well.
>Then you sneak over to the bakery.
>Once inside you create a small light with your hand and search carefully for the salt.
>You find a large bag of it near other cooking ingredients, and say a prayer to bless the salt.

>You run out of the bakery with the bag of salt and meet near the church where the girl is waiting.
>Beside her are other children, some of them older teens.
"Who are these people? Anyhow, I have blessed the salt. Spread it around the doors."
>"I hear you're a priest from Fauland."
"Yes, that's right."
>The pixie in your hood flies out and starts sniffing.
>"Their scent.. They're frightened."
>"W-we heard you preach about the monsters who would tear apart our homes, was it really true?"
>"Do those monsters really exist?"
>These towns are too far north to be considered profitable trade routes for the Faulanders.
>Especially considering the added risk of traveling when night falls.
>Likewise these villagers never leave the north. It's all they know.
>They trade and do business among themselves, they have their own economy of sorts.
"Don't worry. I will bless this building, and you may hide within it."
>They seem scared.
>"W-what about you?"
"I will fight the demons when the come."
>One of the girls tugs at your robes.
>"We're going to be safe right?"
>You smile and ruffle her hair.
"Stay in the church at night, in the morning when it's safe you can come out and everything will be alright."
>She smiles.
>You're only able to cover a few houses when..
>Suddenly a shriek from the distance.
>A woman is being chomped into by a grotesque looking humanoid.
>The tall lumbering creature at full height might be about eight feet.
>Its skin a sickly pale white, gaunt and misshapen body.
>You blast the creature with light as it gets blown back.
>You rush over to the woman before blasting the creature again.
>The creature dissipates into black ash.
"Are you alright Ma'am?"
>"Ungh, my shoulder, he got me pretty bad.."
"Head to the church, that's the place where I've got most of the townsfolk who want to live safeguarded."
>She nods and runs.
>Suddenly a guttural otherworldly sound from the trees.
>You steel your nerves.
>"I've got a bad feeling about this."
>Two malicious looking hellhounds slowly emerge from the trees.
>And then in-between the two something truly ghastly emerges.
>A 14 foot tall bulging fleshy, misshapen looking centipede with human arms in strange places on it's body.
>It has four beady black eyes and a gaping maw that looks like it's capable of swallowing you whole next to razor sharp looking needle-like teeth.
>Screams from behind you as hell hounds are entering peoples houses and dragging them out into the streets.
>"We.. We have to do something!"
"I know!"

Mh, how about this: we try to rescue some able bodied men from the hellhounds (hopefully without attracting the attention of their brethren) and tell them to get armed if they wish to save their loved ones.
If it works, we will have some muscle.
Try to blast some of the hellhounds in the face to get some of the men to help us get people to the church. We can leave the "I told you so" for tomorrow morning, if anyone's still alive who chased us off.

We should also direct some people to get the holy water we prepared from the well with buckets, throw the water at the hellhounds.

Would bandages and rages covered in holy water still be effective in warding the monsters off?
>You run back toward the villagers being attacked by the hellhounds.
>One by one you blast them in the face off the villagers.
>Hellhounds are fast, but they're not sturdy.
>A single hit usually does them in.
>The villagers are clutching at their wounds.
>You take holy water and quickly pour it over their wounds.
>"Ah, hey! What are you doing?"
"Wounds inflicted by Malformed must be treated with holy water or they become infected."
>"Ungh, I see. Anyhow thanks for saving us."
>"But what now, there are more outside the village headed this way!"
>You stand up.
"If you can still fight, then you can help. If not, run to the church, I have blessed it to be safe."
>"Pfft, you're kidding right. We ain't warriors.."
>"We're not priests with holy magic either."
>Veronica comments.
>"I can see that, a real bunch of heroes through and through here."
"Sarcasm isn't necessary Veronica."
>"She's right though, what can we possibly do?"
"One of the greatest saints of our land wasn't a priest, nor a warrior."
"He and a village of women, after being ravaged by demons till there were no other men left in the village, stood up to fight the demon threat. They blessed their weapons and fought back against the demon hordes."
>"W-what? Just some guy and a buncha women? You can't be serious."
"He and the Lady saints of Virtue founded our Theocracy as we know it today."
>"We got no holy weapons though!"
"Go to the well, coat your bullets with a drop of the water, then coat your swords with it."
>Roars from the Malformed.
>They run off.
>Two hellhounds attack.
>You blast one and narrowly dodge a charge from the other.
>It circles around you, it's eyes like the fires of hell.
>You blast and miss, and it jumps and bites your arm.
>You struggle and flail around before blasting it.
>It dissipates into ash.
>You get up dusting yourself off before dumping some holy water on the wound.
>"Was that story true?"
"They hadn't mastered the holy arts yet. Conventional weaponry was all they had. These days we have massive holy water artillery which shoots high impact jets of holy water."
>"Thats crazy.."
"Even without that, holy water has been our ultimate weapon for fighting Malformed. Just a splash will completely destroy lesser Malformed."
>Suddenly buildings start getting ripped apart.
>Screams as the giant centipede rips apart houses tunneling through the town houses and walls.
>"Help us, the Gods have forsaken us!
>"It's the end, it's the end of the world!"
>Screams of panic from the villagers.
>You blast the creature with a beam of light.
>It makes a low guttural growl.
"You will defile this town no longer monster!"
>"Uh, Anon, you have a plan for how we're going to fight this thing right?"
I was thinking we keep running and blasting the thing with beams of light, with some handfuls of blessed salt in its face. If Veronica can boost our spells, now would be the time.

>The Church's weapon for its elite troops
>pic related
File: Malformed.jpg (26 KB, 534x493)
26 KB
"You can power me up right?"
>She nods.
>She places her hands on your shoulder.
>You feel a surge of energy within you.
>You run through the town.
>With the energy welling up you blast the centipede with light.
>The centipede writhes in pain.
>Suddenly you see bullets pelt it from the side.
>The townsfolk have taken up arms it seems.
>You see others rushing and charging at oncoming hellhounds.
>They're reckless and untrained.
>But they're helping a little.
>The centipede makes it's way over to you.
>You run away from it.
>But it's too fast, it coils it's body all around your escape paths.
>You're feeling quite worn out at this point.
>You see the monster up close bearing it's needle like teeth at you.
>Its hungry black eyes are like a void from which none can escape.
>You throw holy salt in it's eyes.
>Then drawing all the energy you can from Veronica you blast it as hard as you can in the face.
>Its body rapidly burns away till theres nothing but ash which blows away in the cold wind.
>Behind you, the last battle yell and a yelping from a hellhound as a villager stabs the hellhound in the neck.

>The villagers all come to you.
>They kneel humbly before you.
>"Oh great priest from the southlands. Accept our humblest apologies!"
>"We were fools to treat you like we did, and our town was nearly destroyed because of our ignorance."
>One of the towns folk crawls on his knees pulling on your robes.
>"Please, forgive us. If there's anything, and I mean ANYTHING, you wish to have, we will provide it."
>"That's right, you're our town hero!"
>The children suddenly rush through the kneeling crowd and give you hugs.
>"Thank you mister priest."
"T-truly you flatter me.. I mean I-"
>"You're our savior Anon!"
>Veronica laughs tauntingly.
>"Aww you're blushing. No need to be so modest Anon, you are the town hero after all."

What will you do? There are other towns to warn up north, but there isn't really a deadline. Only that you reach them before the spread of the Malformed.
"It was all through the grace of God(s)."

Are the other villages also unfriendly towards our church? If so we could try ask if any of the villagers would not accompany us to vouch for us.
A letter of introduction for the other towns and villages we need to go to, so they won't immediately run us out of town.

I wonder if a raised and covered wooden platform around the town could be built, so that the salt barrier is off the ground and won't be washed away by rain or snow.

Until this crisis is over, they'll need a town militia.

We can probably spend the time to bless their well again, and all the salt in the town. They may need it if there's another attack.

And finally, if they have any local traders or woodsmen who know the roads and can tell us of faster routes to the other villages we have to warn, that'd also help.
Ask for gold and supplies, then lewd
Perhaps not. It wouldn't be right for a priest to be so self indulgent. Besides, don't we have little miss pixie?

How about asking the village to send some messengers to the nearby villages to prepare in advance, that way even though we may not be there in time, casualties can be lessened.
>Make sure the town is safer
>Stay for a while, make sure they can defeat demons once you left.
>Ask for supplies when you leave but not gold, that money can be used to get them better prepared for demons instead.
>Talk with the pixie
>Make sure there is plenty of holy salt before you leave.
>Make sure the place is secured from any more attacks.
>Ensure the demons won't return and all wounds are treated.
>Ask for some extra Salt and water along with some food supplies for the next trip.
>Make sure they will have months of holy water/salt stockpiled.

You know, I want to be mad but Salt is meant to keep demons out of homes.
"It was all through the grace of God."
>"Praise be to him then."
"You mentioned favors right?"
>"Sure? What do you need?"
"Someone to go ahead of us to the next towns and to tell them of our good nature."
>"Ah, that may be for the best. None of our northern towns are particularly welcoming to outsiders."
"Thank you."

>It's later that night in a cozy bedroom Inn.
>"They're tailoring my new clothes now. They even gave me a massage, who knew being a hero was so rewarding?"
"Being a 'hero' is it's own reward."
>She yawns.
"So, where do the pixies come from. I don't see any such things in the south."
>"We make our own homes. Tairmora is a snowy inhospitable wasteland. But we use our magic to make the snow go away and make the land suitable for life."
>"I miss it, eating Mommas homemade pies and playing in the fields with my little sister and getting drunk on ale till the early morning hours."
"You have a little sister huh?"
>"Is that so strange? What about you? Were you an only child?"
"No, I have an older sister."
>"You two get along?"
"She runs a mercenary company."
>"Oooh. Well, not exactly the priestly type then is she?"
"She's still a good person."
>"I see."
"What made you want to venture out into the snow?"
>She grimaces.
>"My.. My village was attacked, humans stormed into the village and captured my little sister."
>You gasp.
"Is she.. Ok?"
>"I don't know, but many of the other villagers were taken too."
"What for?"
>"Couldn't say. I ventured on after them. But before I knew it I was lost. The icy winds obscured my vision, and my body felt heavy. Before I knew it, I felt really tired, like I wanted to take a nap. And when I woke up, I was in a cave near a fire, and you were there."
"Do you think one of the northern towns might have her and the others?"
>"Theres a good chance."
"What will you do once you find her?"
>Veronica makes a sickly malicious grin.
>"I dunno, but I was thinking about turning the humans into trees. Unable to walk or move for a thousand years. Their bodies will have to endure this cold and suffer all that time."
>"They'd be lucky if I didn't chop them down before the end of it."
"How ghastly. You mustn't be so vindictive Veronica."
>She shrugs.
>"They asked for it."
>You bless the salt and water of the town again, and see the formation of a working town militia.
>Veronicas winter clothes are completed as she dawns a pretty fur covered little outfit.
>A roof for the town is being constructed to keep out rain and snow from washing away the salt barriers.
You ask a local tradesman where the fastest road to town is.
>He points you in that direction, and so thats where you go.
>Before you go you're given food rations, rope, and an icepick.

>You're off traveling the road.
"It's only going to get colder from here."
>Veronica has reclined herself inside your hood.
>"I'm not worried, what's the next town?"
"It's Alpek. A bit larger than Mortenal."
>"Anything else?"
"We don't have many records concerning the northern towns. They're so far outside the churches reach we haven't even set foot in the north in hundreds of years. It's been a struggle just to expand human territory in wake of the malformed hordes spreading like a plague."
>"But.. It will get better right?"
"Well, maybe.. There is a nearby town called Niertara next to the southern capital of Hausterien."
"It's right near the capital, and yet the church cannot purify the town. Even I don't know the full details of purification, but I know it involves more than just dousing the place with holy water and reciting prayer."
>"The church can't even purify a town right next to the capital?"
"It's been that way for 10 years now. Malformed have been spawning in a close proximity toward the holy city. It's been bothersome to say the least."
>"Well, at least the north is safe for the time being."
>You grit your teeth.
"We can barely do more than contain it. Our forces are spread bare. You could even say that my mission is rather a fanciful expenditure considering the current situation."
>"At least the church cares about the north enough to send someone though right?"
"If we can rally the townsfolk, perhaps we can fend back the spread of Malformed from this part of the world."
>"Would that really work?"
"It'd be a start."
>It looks like it's starting to get dark.
>It'll be another day and a half before you reach the next town at this rate.

What will you do?
Seek shealther for the night, or make a snow cave. If we can't find one.
Or make an igloo if we can't find a snow cave.
Seek or make shelter. We should probably set up a salt barrier, and make sure to recover it come morning.
Going good guys.
But umm
Y did you at lest teach them aome holy words for them to use?
As soon as the things ran out there fucked
That assumes that magic can simply be taught through rote memorization of specific phrases, and ignores lots of other requirements that other magic systems require.

>Find a cave ir another place to rest.
>Sleep next to each other to share the warmth?
>search for shelter, preferably a cave like the one before
>set up a barrier of salt near the entrance
>pray away the thoughts of lewd
>make sure Veronica stays warm
>You decide to seek shelter in a nearby cave.
>You set up a salt barrier around the area in which you want to sleep.
>You lay out a blanket over the cave floor and start a fire using the heat from your light magic.
>"So do you think the malformed will find us here?"
"I think if I were a Malformed I'd be more focused on overtaking the towns. But then again, since we're a little farther north than Mortenal, I think they haven't spread this far yet. Better safe than sorry though."
>She yawns stretching out over the blanket.
>"So priest, you ever do any preaching?"
"It's in the job description. While there are some specifically battle oriented 'priests' they still share the title formally. Mine however is more traditional in that sense. I never wanted to be on the frontlines fighting demons. My only goal was to preach to the citizens and help our community."
>"Sounds like something changed for you."
"No, it was more that the church started allocating community priests to serve as sort of all-purpose holy warriors in case of demonic incursion."
She twirls her finger on the blanket.
>"Why.. Why do the Malformed exist?"
>"I mean, it seems like taking over towns would be beneficial to the Malformed, but why is that their goal?"
>You shrug.
"From what I've seen, the Malformed have no goal. Only to consume, to end all life that isn't their own."
>"To what end?"
>You grimace.
"To no end probably. You saw them, they're like animals killing indiscriminately. When you look in their eyes, theres just nothing."
>"I guess everything doesn't need to have a point."
"What about your revenge? What point will that serve?"
>Her eyes look away from you.
"You're going to torture her captors aren't you?"
>"No, I was just angry is all."
>You stare into the fire.
>You'd be angry too if your sister got taken.
"Well, I'm sure we'll find her."
"We're going in the same direction right?"
>"Right.. Well, alright."
"Get some sleep."
File: Forest.jpg (660 KB, 1196x758)
660 KB
660 KB JPG
>Sound of the wind.
>The dripping of water in the cave.
>You rouse yourself.
>Veronica seems to be missing.
>You get up stretching for a moment.
>Feeling the need you go to take a leak outside the cave.
>Then you return inside to look for Veronica.
>And thats when you find her.
>Her body nude and fully exposed before you.
>She's using a tiny bucket pouring the water over herself.
>You find yourself entranced by her form.
>She turns to see you standing there.
>You cover your eyes and look away.
"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to cause you any shame!"
>"Oh, Anon, you're up. I would have prepared a bath for you as well, but alas I could not make a pool large enough to fit."
"I'm sorry, I'll just wait outside the cave!"
>"Wait! Anon.."
You run out.
>"You're going to catch a cold out there. Hmph.."
>You travel out some distance from the cave.
>Deep into the tundra woods in the direction of Alpek
>"So where does the map say to go?"
"Well, according to what someone told me in town the fastest way was straight through these woods."
>"There's not even a path here, how are we supposed to know where to go?"
"I'm not sure. But we can surmise that the village is somewhere on the other side of these woods.
>All around you are tundra trees.

What is it that you will do?
>Compare the where the sun is rising and which direction its raising to find true north and use it against the map.
>Also have the fairy fly up high to look around.
this is a good plan, seconding
Seconding, but also pray the lewd away
Don't forget to give in to your desires
The lewd can naver be truly gone, its always there watching, waiting, planing and it will over take you.
You can only keep it at bay but its a futile fight as it will win in the end
That may be, but my faith shall keep the lewd caged, forever trapped in a cage of chastity.
This is a (sort of) Christian character anon, and I shall not allow the sin of desire to control us!
Not while we draw breath!
[Praying the lewd thoughts away intensifies]

Thats when we brake away and from our own love/lewd church
(In all seriousness, let's take the lewd slowly. Savor the small tastes before we go full sex crazy)
4th, scouting's useful to help navigate better.

We're going to need to do more than just prayer at this rate!
Slowly but surely, the priest will give in to the voices of lewd in his head.
>Furiously pray away lust and desire
No. Embrace it.
Pray away >>1360691
That'll show those lust demons
Are you gonna continue Pastorboy?
The thread's autosaging.
New thread

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