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Welcome to Phase Quest! You live in New Autumn City, a place of hope, of freedom, and a promise of a better future- just not for you. You are a super, imprisoned on this island to keep the “mundanes” of the outside world safe. In fact, the whole city is inhabited by supers.

You are Tyler Fortune, a plucky college student with the power of luck and chaos spheres. Last we left off, you saved Mark and a group of college students from the clutches of a gang called the "Razors", with the help of a couple members from a gang called the "Jets". Quantum showed up, including their president Richard Adder, but you managed to get away without being caught. Still, you can't help but feel that somehow he knew...

Gang/Character List (According to Tyler): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DXlqg6FsB5KCjbiMmFvZZqu18A1yLazsPDpT1MV6y5o/edit

Twitter: twitter.com/JayOrDanny

Info Doc: https://pastebin.com/KaQw9dzE

Thread Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Phase+Superhero+Quest

Tyler Chaos Sphere chart: https://pastebin.com/dVVW4nGD
(You have 5 new powers!)

PHASE Quest Soundtrack: https://open.spotify.com/user/jayordanny/playlist/6ddVLSL4y6LnJJQMrtS4ZV

"Spare Time - Club Drive" is the theme of the current arc.

You have several options to choose from, what has Tyler done since last night? Choose any combination of the following options.

> A. Text Roquette and ask for more information on gangs in New Autumn, and maybe some other things as well...

> B. Settle back into your normal school life.

> C. Check in on how Kathryn is doing, and press her about her vigilantism.

> D. Write In.
>> A. Text Roquette and ask for more information on gangs in New Autumn, and maybe some other things as well...
>> C. Check in on how Kathryn is doing, and press her about her vigilantism.
>> D. Finish your homework like a nerd
Sounds good. Some options for texting Roquette:

> A. How do I join a gang?

> B. Can you tell me more about the Jets?

> C. Wanna get coffee some time? You know, to talk about... gang stuff...

> D. Write In
>> B. Can you tell me more about the Jets?
Cool, writing. Might take a little longer to get started since I have vistors
You awake with a start, drool once again pooling at the corner of your mouth. You slowly lift your head and look around; you’re in your dorm room. It’s about 9AM, your first class of the day starts in an hour.

Weiiiird. Was it a dream?

You roll your sore shoulders. Nope, definitely not - your arm still aches from getting thrown into walls, and you can feel the now healed bullet wound in your leg. You feel panic begin to bubble up from inside, and your stumble into the bathroom, looking into the full body mirror. You let out a small sigh of relief; you have no visible wounds or bruises. It looks like that Kyle guy is pretty good at healing.

The next hour passes uneventfully. You take a half-hearted shower, tug on your pants and shirt, and you head to class. Even though it’s a sunny day, everything feels somehow… greyer than before. You pass other students enjoying their normal lives, and you feel a disconnect. It’s not like you feel special or anything, though. No, you just feel bored.

As you reach the entrance to your biology classroom, you hear the chirp of your phone. Pulling it out, you are greeted by a text from an unknown number. You remember now; you texted Roquette last night to ask her about information on her gang.

“I’ll be at Joe’s Soda Shop at like 10. Pretty busy, so be there on time.”

You’ll be in class at 10… You peer through the door window into the classroom, and see Kathryn sitting at her desk. She has a large bandage wrapped around her arm. Subtle.

> A. Ignore Roquette’s text and go to class, talk to Kathryn afterward.

> B. Try to get Kathryn to go with you to meet Roquette.

> C. Talk to Kathryn later, meet up with Roquette.

> D. Turn in your homework so you can pass your class, then go meet up with Roquette.

> E. Write In.
>> D. Turn in your homework so you can pass your class, then go meet up with Roquette.
File: 23182-Panty-Stocking.jpg (60 KB, 529x522)
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File: draw.png (78 KB, 500x500)
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Very cool! I definitely use Panty as a visual reference for Roquette, so this is cool to see. Posting the next part in a sec
Some things are more important than others, and you decide that finding out more information on the gangs of the city is worth missing one day of class. You take a breath, and open the door to the classroom.

The professor is putting her bag on the table and preparing to begin the lecture while most of the other students are seated at their desks. You pull your now complete homework out of your backpack, and drop it in front of her.

“I finished,” You say simply. She looks up at you, and after a moment she smiles.

“I knew you would. Nice job Tyler, you’re back on track. You just needed a bit of a push, I think,” she replies. You nod, and take a backward glance at your peers. Most of the students are enthralled in their own conversations, but you notice Kathryn giving you a quizzical look.

“Right,” You continue, then awkwardly begin moving backward, “glad to hear that… I’m gonna go.”

The professor looks up in confusion, but you are out the door before she has a chance to say anything. You narrow your eyebrows in determination. Time to get some questions answered.


About 10 minutes later and a short walk away from campus, you find yourself in front of Joe’s Soda Shop. It’s a popular hangout joint, stylized after the United States 50s diner aesthetic. It’s pretty empty this time of day, with just a few people sitting at outdoor tables under the shade of umbrellas, and some more at the bar inside.

You scan the surroundings, and spot a woman with blonde spiky hair and a red dress sitting in one of the corners of the terrace outside and sipping on what looks like a strawberry smoothie.

“Hey,” you say, approaching Roquette and pulling out a chair to join her. She lifts up a finger, finishing the gulp of her drink.


The two of you sit in silence, before you let out an awkward cough.

“So… what’s-”

“You want a soda or something?” she interrupts. You nod, and she gestures for a waiter.

“One orange italian soda, put it on the Jets tab,” she says. The man nods, then returns inside.

“Orange is the best flavor,” she continues. You glance down at her strawberry smoothie.

“Anyway… I came to…. Well, I guess I just wanna know more about the Jets,” you finally let out.

“Alright, I’m an open book. What do you want to know?”

> A. How can I join?

> B. I guess I just wanna know more about how gangs… work?

> C. You said you’re a leader? Why were you hanging out at a college party?

> D. Write In.
Thanks for the cool :)
No prob, I love seeing draws of stuff. Actually, I think that was the first draw of this quest, so nice!
>> B. I guess I just wanna know more about how gangs… work?
File: draw.png (81 KB, 500x500)
81 KB
(Just kidding, only did it cause you said you like drawings.)
“Well… I guess I just wanna know more about how gangs… work?” You ask. Roquette raises an eyebrow at you and lets out an amused giggle. You feel your cheeks get hot.

“I mean, I just don’t get it. I’ve never been in an actual, like, fight. Gang war. It was weird,” you continue defensively.

“You don’t get it? What’s not to get?” Roquette replies.

“I… I don’t…”

“We’re trapped in a city made up completely of super-human freaks, surrounded by the international government with no escape. I’m not exactly content just sitting around and doing nothing,” Roquette explains.

“So then what do you do?”

“Fight our enemies. Gain territory,” she takes a sip from her drink, “Rob and steal.”

“Oh,” you respond. She looks up at you expectantly.

“No, I…. I just thought you guys would have more… righteous goals,” you say. She chuckles.

“And what, get stomped out by Quantum? No thanks. Look, Fortune, anybody who fights for their bullshit morals gets killed within the month. In a city like this, you need to fight for yourself.”

The waiter returns with a metal platter, lowering a glass in front of you. You and Roquette sit quietly and watch him leave. She sighs, and rests her cheek on her hand.

“Sorry Tyler, this probably isn’t what you wanted to hear. But it’s the truth. There’s no “secret” to the gangs. They fight each other to get rich and to get power… Well, most of them at least,” She begins to get up, and hoists her purse over her shoulder, “Actually, you’d fit in great with Neuro.”

“Neuro?” you ask.

“It’s not worth the trouble. I’m kinda just humoring them right now, for the sake of Kyle and my sister. But… Well, here,” Roquette digs into her purse, pulling out a pad and a pen. She scribbles onto a note, and tears it off for you. You take the scrap to see a number, headed by the name “Eric Silverpine”.

“If you want a morally righteous gang, this is your answer. Just be careful. They’re flying to close to the sun, okay?” She states, then begins to leave. You debate following her, but somehow you know that as soon as she turns the corner she’ll be gone.

> A. Head back to school, meet up with Kathryn.

> B. Call this “Eric” guy.

> C. Catch Roquette before she leaves, you have one more question.

> D. Write In.
"Close to the...sun? A-all right then."

Mm. I examine the number. I guess it couldn't hurt. After all, I think I'd prefer to be.. righteous.

The word twists around in my mouth. It might taste funny but it goes down right.

>B Call this Eric guy.
File: draw.png (108 KB, 500x500)
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108 KB PNG
Absolute perfection
> B. Calling Eric

You watch Roquette sashay away, disappearing into an alley. For a second you think you hear the sounds of igniting fuel and the scrape of wheels on pavement, then the normal sounds of the city return to you. You play around with the scrap of fingers in between your fingers, eyeing it curiously.

Neuro, huh?

You press your phone’s home button and the holographic screen unravels in front of you. Without hesitation, you tap the number into your keypad. The phone rings exactly twice, and then a young man’s voice answers on the other line.

“Hello? Who is this?”

“Is this Eric? Eric Silverpine?” You ask. For some reason, you’re actually surprised he answered.

“No, this is Ping… Who is this?”

Your lips twist in disappointment. Was Roquette just messing with you?

“This is… Tyler Fortune? I want to know about Neuro.”

“Oh, cool. Well Eric’s a bit busy right now, but if you wanna know about recruitment then this is the right number.”

You open your mouth to speak, but are interrupted as your phone lets out a beep.

“Where are u? Quantum is here and they’re looking for us” - Kathryn

You feel a cold chill run down your spine. Shit.

> A. Head back to school to figure out what’s going on, call Neuro later.

> B. Stay in the call and don’t head back to school. Quantum can’t find you if you aren’t there, probably.

> C. Write In.
>write in

"The sooner I could meet with you the better actually, is now a good time? I don't need to see Eric himself of course..."

("Not to mention that no one will find me there.")

"I could sort of use the help of ah, some good guys. Heh."

("Sheesh that sounded lame. I wonder what Kathryn will think of all this.")

Well paced writing. I can tell you go over what you write and put a lot of work into it. Huge kudos.
For clarification I said all of that stuff (except his thoughts) to the guy over the phone in Neuro, and neglected answering Kathryn's txt for now. Unless that was literally a call interrupt, in which case I silently switched back to the guy before answering her.
Thanks so much! I was worried the pacing is kinda off today because like I'm super busy with my real life but I love writing this quest so I wanted to make more time for it. Thanks for reading and drawing, doing this always makes my day.

Voting ends in like 10ish minutes!
Nah, it was just a text so the actual call didn't get interrupted. I got what you meant
> D, Write In, ignore Kathryn's text and try to meet up with Neuro

Actually, I'm gonna take like an hour long break or so. Sorry today has been a bit slow on my part, real life is a bitch. But I'll be back soonish!

If you're new maybe take the time to catch up, and follow my twitter @JayOrDanny
Sure, no biggie. Yah, I'm new to your quest. It's close to my bedtime so I might not be around in an hour, but I'll keep an eye out for it when I'm around.

You have good dialogue, good pacing, and enjoyable writing!

Take care okay~
“I… um…” You mumble, staring at Kathryn’s text with wide eyes. Ping clears his throat impatiently, and you find yourself coming back to your senses. You shut your eyes, fear taking hold in the pit of your stomach, and you close Kathryn’s chat window. This is ridiculous. Quantum has nothing on you… right?

“Actually, the sooner I meet with you the better. I’m interested in Neuro,” you finally say.

“Mhmm,” is the only reply. You grit your teeth anxiously, and tap your foot.

“Well? What’s the plan?” You growl into the receiver after getting no response.

“Plan? What plan? I wrote down your name and number. We’ll be in touch soon. Look, man. We give out this number to recruits. For all I know, you could be a Quantum goon. We have precautions in place, I’m not gonna break those for some random guy.”

You want to snap back at him, but it honestly does make a lot of sense. Still...

“Roquette! Roquette gave me this number. Does that… mean anything? At all?” You say desperately before this Ping guy has a chance to hang up.

“Sure, it means something. You got moved up a couple spots on the list. Congrats, dude,” the recruiter muses. You can almost hear his smugness over the phone, and you’re starting to get a bit tired of it.

“Look, I… I just need help. Quantum is after me,” You say hesitantly. You aren’t sure if this is the right person to admit this to, but you’re desperate, and you’re out of options. There’s a pause.

“You were part of that Razors attack, weren’t you?” Ping replies, his voice now shadowed with a serious tone. You sit up straight in your seat as you begin to hear the sound of police sirens in the distance. You can’t tell if they’re headed toward the school, or toward you. Either way, you’re getting nervous.

“Yeah, yeah, I was there, alright?” You whisper into the phone. Another pause.

“Alright, just stay put. I’m on my way to get you,” Ping says.

“Wait, how do you know where I am?” You let out before he can hang up.

“If I can track you over the phone, then Quantum won’t have any issues doing it. I’ll be there in five. And actually… you might need to move. Just do what feels right, I guess.”

With that, you hear the dial tone as he hangs up on you. You slowly lower your phone, and slide it into your pocket. Do what feels right? What the hell does that even mean?

The sirens are getting even louder.

> A. You need to move. Quantum must have tracked your phone.

> B. Stay put and wait for this guy to show up. No use losing him now.

> C. One of the above options, plus text Kathryn and let her know what’s going on.

> D. Write In.
I'm gonna leave off the thread on that note, and continue tomorrow! I've got a shit ton of work to get done.

I'll count the votes and write based on those, you can expect the thread to continue between 2-4 PST tomorrow. Thanks for reading and drawing!
>Need to move, keep an eye out for the guy to show up, if he's tracking me he'll know I'm moving.

Also better text Kathryn. But keep it vague,

"I'm getting help. I er--might be delayed before I can reach you."
Thank you too ~ I ended up coming back to see what you wrote despite the lateness and added a vote. Now I really/really have to go to bed. XD

Just wondering, but do you have a twitter for questing?
>> A. You need to move. Quantum must have tracked your phone.
>> C. One of the above options, plus text Kathryn and let her know what’s going on.
Tell Kathryn to run.
I do! Follow my twitter @JayOrDanny for my quests. I'm currently only doing the Supers quest, but that might change in the future.

Planning on writing in 30 minutes - hour, so get your votes in
That was me, by the way. Will start writing at 2:30
>> A. You need to move. Quantum must have tracked your phone.
>> C. One of the above options, plus text Kathryn and let her know what’s going on. Keep it vague.

Let's get 1d20 with BO3 to see how Tyler does.
Don't fuck me Gil.
Was there supposed to be a roll there?
Oh, yeah, that was me. Always forget to use my name when I'm on mobile.

Again, 1d20 w/ BO3 for Tyler
Rolled 14 (1d20)

Oh see, I totally didn't know it was you.
Rolled 15 (1d20)

Don't fuck me Gil.

Giving 10 minutes for one more roll, if we don't get one I'm sticking with the 15 which ain't bad
Rolled 4 (1d20)

>> A. You need to move. Quantum must have tracked your phone.
>> C. One of the above options, plus text Kathryn and let her know what’s going on. Keep it vague.

>15, writing
File: draw.png (101 KB, 500x500)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
File: EyepatchMan.jpg (154 KB, 1984x3200)
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154 KB JPG
You look around, unsure of what to do as the sound of the police grows louder. You bring your drink’s straw to your mouth, hand scarcely shaking, but the glass slips from your grip and clatters onto the table. You find yourself jumping to your feet and opening your phone, unable to sit still.

“Get away from the Academy. I can’t tell you anything specific, but we need to meet up.”

With the tap of a holographic button, you send your short message to Kathryn, and hope that she gets it in time. Still, you trust her. She can handle herself.

You get up from your seat and turn the corner, walking quickly down the sidewalk. Reaching into your pocket, you grab your school’s baseball cap and pull it over your head, bathing your eyes in shadows. Immediately you see two Quantum cruisers speed down the street, screeching to a halt in front of Joe’s soda shop. Glancing over your shoulder, you see the car doors open. Several black visor officers step out, joined by a familiar figure.

It’s the man with the eyepatch from last night. This time, however, he’s wearing full Quantum armor. He makes hand movements, signaling for the other officers to look around the premises. Then, your heart stops.

He turns and looks directly at you. Your eyes meet one another’s and he grins, nodding in your direction.

You pick up your pace. Where the hell is that Ping guy? Taking a couple panicked peeks backward, you are surprised to see that you aren’t being pursued. Why? What is this guy’s deal? Your phone dings.

“I got away, but Quantum is on my tail. Where are we meeting up?” -Kathryn

You wish you could answer that question. Where is Ping?

> A. Tell Kathryn to stay away from you.

> B. Figure out where you’re headed and tell Kathryn to meet you there.

> C. Disappear into a nearby alley and hide out. You may not be getting chased right now, but that could change.

> D. Write In.
>Maybe Ping.. IS ... no. Couldn't be. Either way, it might actually be best if Kathryn stays away from me just for now. I think I'll hide in this nearby alleyway. No, not that one, the OP wanted me in that one, I'll hide in /that/ one. The one labelled, "Will get to see cool stuff but won't be cornered."

(In other words, if the alley is open on the other side, or has some exit options, hiding and watching seems like a cool idea. Can keep our ear out for Kathryn and our eye out for Ping & what's happening.)
>> C. Disappear into a nearby alley and hide out. You may not be getting chased right now, but that could change.

Roll 1d20 w/ BO3 for stealth and to watch for Ping/Kathryn.

Hopefully you don't run into a dead end ;)
Rolled 13 (1d20)

Let's hope it looks good.
Rolled 19 (1d20)

<< This
Taking the 19 in 10 minutes. You guys are on top of it with rolls today
is gettin spicy
I know, pretty lucky. I've quit using D20 systems after endless years of gm-ing in favor of dungeon world dice system. Has a probability curve built into it (2d6) AND it's not a pass-fail. I don't think I'll go back to a pass-fail system again, unless it's horror like Chtulu or something.

Also got the cypher world sys but haven't played it yet because I fell so hard in love with dungeon worlds dice rules.
Huh, that sounds like an interesting way to do rolls. Wanna elaborate on that system? Maybe I'll give it a shot.

Also taking the 19 and writing in a few minutes
2D6 has high probability of landing between 7-9 and less probability of 6- and 10+ the only thing more fair is 3d6 but it's a pain in the butt to roll and count.

But DW makes use of this more extreme probability curve brilliantly.

The player rolls to do 'anything' and the scope of a turn in dungeon world is more free than in normal DND/D20 Modern.

So you could say 'I run across the bridge and wipe out all the goblins on my way to the cave entrance' or you could say, "I tackle the first goblin on the bridge'

Both are valid moves. If the GM wanted to focus in a bit, he could then say to the guy who said 'I take on ALL the goblins' : As you work your way across the bridge slashing through the goblins, one in particular stands amidst the crowd, defiant, war-painted, and clearly a cut above the rest.

You get the idea.

So the way the rolling works is this:

6- = fail with consequences 7-9 = success but with consequences (whether the player is told them or not) and 10+ = pure success with no consequences.

A failed roll is what gains you experience, so it balances out really well.

The whole point of the dice system is to make for better games, better roleplay, by keeping the story moving.

Pacing and moving the story forward is basically built into the rules themselves.

I don't use all the rules I just use that core dice system I just explained, because I don't really like doing games in the DND type setting as much.

The dungeon world book is full of great advice for running pretty much any game, there is only 1 piece of bad/wrong advice I found in it really. It says to 'separate the characters' as a 'move' the GM can make to make things more interesting, but I know from endless experience that's a terrible idea. Because you'll end up playing two or three split games at a time, it's too much work, and the other players whose characters aren't 'there' will see stuff happen they can do nothing about, and someone always feels or literally gets, left out.
The way player moves work is they generally have a +1 or +2, +3 at the most, on things they are good or practiced at, or have an advantage at.

The GM rolls nothing, players do all the rolling, which I love. it makes combat more narrative and way less slow, it makes the pacing of the game just, great.

GM can roll damage if they want but I make my players do even that, because it's just great.

And yah, that's the system in a nutshell.
One last thing, then I'll stop writing things because I've been writing a novel that is unrelated to our current game.

In DW they also have a good way of getting players involved and taking a load off the GM's back.

It basically encourages you to ask your players questions about things sometimes, and the players get to make something up when you do that.

Whatever they make up becomes reality in the game. It is a good way to get the players to feel involved and invested and it takes a load off you.

It's also THE way to improvise a game, if you want to make one up on the spot.

I started a game like that, "You're in the town of blah.. why are you here again?"

"I stole the gem from the countess!"

Bang, it became true. This town now had a gem, a countess, and it was stolen by the player. Insta-game, and because the player came up with it, they were already interested in having that particular game.

OK done.
File: EyepatchMan2.png (918 KB, 1398x1694)
918 KB
918 KB PNG
Okay back, posting soon. Sorry I took a while, I had visitors. Here's another pic of eyepatch man
With one last backward glance, you duck into a nearby alley, satisfied that no one is watching. You debate texting Kathryn back, but after a moment you stash your phone back into your subspace pocket. Quantum probably can’t track it from there, right?

Sirens pass by the alley, and you hold your breath as you listen to them leave. All things considered, you seem to have gotten pretty lucky that you weren’t found out… Well, kinda. That one Quantum guy saw you, didn’t he? Why didn’t he go after you? Oh well. You let out a relieved sigh as the sirens disappear into the distance. Doesn’t matter, you suppose.

“Hey, there.”

You whip around to see the eyepatch-clad man from earlier sitting on a dumpster behind you, watching you carefully. Your attention is drawn to his hip, where you can see a silver revolver flash from his belt. Your own hand slowly pulls toward your pocket. If you can grab your gun, then…

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” the man states. You grimace, and lower your arm back toward your side. Shit. He hops down from the dumpster and approaches you nonchalantly.

“I didn’t really expect someone like you to get those documents,” he continues, eyeing you up and down. You stand stock still, watching pensively and keeping your guard up. Something about this guy strikes you as dangerous. Wait, documents?

“Oh well,” the guy says with a shrug, and before you can do anything he slings out his revolver and points it toward your head, “I’ll be taking the files. No hard feelings.”

Your eyes screw shut tight in anticipation, but instead of the ring of a gunshot you hear the yelp of an angry man in pain. As you open your eyes again you see the eyepatch man holding his hand and convulsing, glaring past you in rage. You slowly turn and before you have a chance to react, you feel yourself lifted off your feet. You find yourself speeding down the alley and leaving the man in the dust; you’re on a motorcycle.

Before you lose your balance you grip the shoulders of the driver in front of you. It’s a young Chinese boy in a beanie; he can’t be any older than 18 or 19. He turns the corner and lands back on the street, the ricochet of a bullet barely missing behind you as you escape the alley.

“You… are you Ping?” You ask.

“Don’t ask stupid questions,” he replies quickly, clearly focused on the task at hand, “but yeah, yeah I am.”

The echo of sirens begin to pick up again. You are beginning to get sick of that noise.

> A. “Have you seen someone named Kathryn anywhere? Er, a girl with a sword?”

> B. “Take me back to the Academy, I have to make sure my friends are okay.”

> C. “Who was that guy? What’s going on?”

> D. Write In.
>A. “Have you seen someone named Kathryn anywhere? Er, a girl with a sword?”
She was involved as well, and she would probably agree with your groups goals.
I should be more free for the rest of today, so expect quicker updates from here on out!
>Listen, Kathryn's in trouble. We need to get to her. Also, thanks for saving me back there. 我很感激.

(Do we know anything about the 'documents' the eye patched guy was talking about?)
File: Ping.png (189 KB, 479x676)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
You have no clue what that guy was talking about.

> A. Ask about Kathryn.

Also, have some Ping art my artist friend drew. I'll be uploading drawings as you met new characters. Writing now
Cool, I'd join you but I retired my drawing tablet for the night.
“Hey, well… thanks for saving me back there,” you add, settling into your seat as the motorcycle weaves between vehicles.

“Don’t thank me yet,” Ping retorts, throttling the gas. Looking at your surroundings, you seem to be heading toward the school instead of away from it. Which reminds you…

“Oh, do you know a girl named Kathryn? She needs help, Quantum was after her-”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s who I’m headed toward now,” the boy replies before you can finish. He takes a backward glance at you and shoots a quick, under control smile.

“Don’t worry, I’m on top of it.”

As much as you’d like to believe him, your confidence begins to waver as you see more Quantum cruisers wail down the street behind you. The young man gives you another, expectant look.

“I mean, I can only do so much, though. Get your gun, dude! Aim for the wheels. I can’t afford for Quantum to follow us all the way back,” Ping says.

“Oh. Oh! Sorry!” You ramble, and dig into your pocket. You take a deep breath, and begin firing at your pursuers. There’s a loud pop and then a crash as one of the cars swerves into the other, knocking it into a telephone pole.

“Nice!” Ping exclaims. You holster your gun with a grin. The motorcycle takes another turn, and you see see the school’s campus on your right; it seems to be in utter chaos. Students line the sidewalk, and Quantum officers are barely managing to contain the large group of people. Your attention is caught by a flash of steel, and then you notice Kathryn’s familiar vigilante mask. A crowd leaves room around her as she is locked in combat with several black visors.

You aren’t sure if it’s a good thing that she’s in her vigilante get-up, or if it means that her identity has been compromised. Either way, you know you have to help her.

“There’s only room for two on this motorcycle…” Ping says, pulling you out of your thoughts.

> A. Jump off and run, tell Ping to pick up Kathryn.

> B. Stay on the motorcycle and help out Kathryn from a range to help her escape.

> C. Rush in close. Who knows, maybe you can fit her on the motorcycle too?

> D. Write In.
>Time to see just how good of a shot I am. (Try some action hero stuff and take out some of her opposition while ON the motorbike. If that fails, THEN get off and let her on like a more realistic hero.)
Rolled 19 (1d20)

Forgot to add a roll to my vote.
>D. Write In.
Throw a sphere
Good shit anon. I'll give more options for your heroic deeds if this option is picked
Alright, looks like Tyler will be using his chaos sphere to (hopefully) help out Kathryn. Because of your 19, his sphere will hit its target directly. Remember that the sphere can either cause a buff or a nerf, though usually the effect is negative.

Two things. Choose your target

> A. Target Kathryn

> B. Target the officers around Kathryn

and also roll 1d100 (BO1), ignoring 76 and above. New effects hype!
Rolled 16 (1d100)

>B. Target the officers around Kathryn
Don't fuck me Gil.
Rolled 33 (1d100)

>B. Target officers, and pray.
Well, that'll be interesting. Writing
So that's stinky cloud or foes are slowed, *phew.
Is it just me, or do the best writers generally get only one or two players at a time, three very rarely... you guys think this is a real pattern or do you think it's just my own personal experience?
“Kathryn will be fine, we just gotta get her out of the fight,” you explain, lifting your hand toward her combatants.

“Hey, be careful not to kill anyone,” Ping says suddenly, noticing your raised arm. You’re a bit taken aback; this is the first anyone has actually voiced their morals. You nod at him.

“They should be fine. Probably,” you reply, and with that a spark of energy zaps from your finger, expanding into a green smoky sphere that envelops the officers Kathryn is fighting into its mist. Kathryn looks up in confusion, turning to see you as the motorbike dashes past her.

“This is your chance! Go!” You manage to call out as you and Ping rush within earshot. Without hesitation, she jumps back from the fight and begins dashing in your direction. The masked men behind her begin to cough, and a couple fall to the ground, but several others manage to make it out of your stinking cloud. You flinch as you see them pull out guns and begin to shoot at Kathryn’s exposed back.

“Watch out…!” You begin to yell, but are cut off as the sidewalk behind her ripples and then stretches upward, forming a wall of pavement that protects her from the incoming volley of bullets.

“God… dammit. I told him I could handle it myself…” You hear Ping mutter. Before you can press him on what he means, you notice a white van swerve around the corner rapidly and onto the street you are currently driving down. It slows down in front of Kathryn, and the back doors open. Kathryn seems to hesitate, but you see a hand outstretched from the trunk, and after a moment Kathryn takes it and jumps into the van.

Well, better than getting shot in the back, you think.

“We’re almost in the clear,” Ping announces, “See any more pursuers?”

You look around, but all you see is the van that picked up Kathryn and the irritated Quantum officers from earlier finally managing to get around the cement wall that is in the middle of the street.

“No,” you say.

“Good. Alright, let’s head back to base,” Ping replies.

> A. “Sounds good to me.”

> B. “Wait, who was in that van with Kathryn?”

> C. “Shouldn’t we… lie low? Or something? To be safe, you know?”

> D. Write In.
>'Let me guess, /that/ was Eric.

>('Thank goodness he showed up. It was foolish of me not to let her get on the bike, if it wasn't for that.. shield, thanks to MY foolish decision she would be dead.

>"Shouldn't we lie low? Or Something? to be safe, you know?"
In reply to this, I have no clue how to pull in more readers. Maybe I should try writing a bit faster? Either way, I"m cool with a small audience. I just love writing.
>> "Let me guess, /that/ was Eric."
>> "Shouldn't we lie low?

Writing now
It's nothing to do with your speed. I don't know why either, but it's not that. You're fast enough. I personally find your quality of writing/the fun of your game way higher than most quests I play on here.

I've noticed this pattern with a lot of games. I think maybe there is a more timid audience on 4chan, so threads with a lot of people are ones that have either built an audience over a zillion quests, or are running something that already has built in popularity (like based on DBZ, having a lewd theme, or that sort of thing.)

But I think they are seriously missing out.
“So, let me guess. That was Eric, right?” you say, still holding onto Ping’s shoulders.

“It sure was. Of course it was,” Ping replies bitterly.

The motorbike slows down a bit as the van behind you speeds up, and then the two vehicles are neck and neck. You glance to your right and peer through the window; you are surprised to see that Kyle is at the wheel. He shoots you a relaxed smile, adjusting his glasses. Next to him, sitting in the passenger seat, is another man that you vaguely recognize. He has blonde hair with sideburns that run down to his chin. He’s partially turned and facing the back, talking with someone.

That’s when you remember; you saw him at the party talking with Kathryn. In fact, you saw Ping there too. That’s why these guys seem so familiar.

The van window is rolled down by Kyle, and he sticks out one of his arms, gesturing to Ping.

“So you wanna just meet up at the base then?” he asks.

“Yeah, sure thing,” Ping replies. You look between the two, raising your eyebrows as if they’re crazy.

“Wait, seriously? We were just getting chased by Quantum. What if they’re still after us? Isn’t this a bad idea?” You exclaim. Kyle waves his hand dismissively.

“Nah, don’t worry about it. It’s not even our actual base or anything, just more of a…”

“It’s just a meeting spot,” Ping finishes.

“Oh, okay,” you say, though you aren’t entirely convinced.

> A. Let them take you to their base and ask a few questions on the way.

> B. Thank them for the help, and ask to leave. You’re already in too deep.

> C. Write In.
File: EricSilverpine.png (756 KB, 1459x1581)
756 KB
756 KB PNG
Have a little bit of Eric for the road.
Thanks for the kind words. Any suggestions on how to make the quest better? I'm not sure if I give enough choices or not. Anything obvious that can be improved?
>For some reason, I'm going to trust these guys. They seem to know what they're doing. Famous last words, I'm sure.

>I keep silent and let Ping take me back to their 'meeting spot'. I can't wait to see Kathryn and get her side of the story. (Am I starting to /enjoy/ the stress?) No, it's more than that. I want to see if she's all right, too.
Updating the known characters doc in a sec. Link here:


You're welcome for the kind words, I mean them.

Mm, no. This format works on 4chan. I honestly can only tell you what you're doing right.

You give smart choices, once with emotional content often, usually fairly even choices which I think is great, so players really can choose to go either way and still feel like they'd get a good story.

The pacing of your writing is good and your writing is very tight. It keeps me interested pretty much sentence by sentence.

The only advice I would want to give you is how to get more players, and honestly I don't know how myself I have the same problem on here. Quests are hit or miss in terms of if anyone shows up.

They usually have to show up within the first hour or two of the game because once the thread gets long enough people are more reluctant to join on.

You probably already know all of this since you're on question #4 of this series here.

I find you seriously fun and if 4chan wasn't such a dangerous place to give out any personal information at all, I'd add you to skype or something so I could return the favor sometime and GM a game for you, or play by voice or just say hi. X)
once = one's with emotional.. (Typo)
>n question #4 of
== Quest #4. Typing fails. It's kinda late here.

Okay, the character doc is updated. Let me know if I'm forgetting anyone and I will add them.

The choice is >hesitantly trust these guys, and question Kathryn once you get back to the meeting spot.
K, are you continuing tonight?
Yes, writing right now. Planning on ending soonish tho
K :)
You decide to sit back quietly and wait out the ride. After all, there isn’t much you can do right now to affect the situation. These guys seem to know what they’re doing… you hope. You’re just going to have to trust them.

About 10 minutes pass as you swerve in and out of traffic and head further and further into E block. Kyle and Ping seem to have been right; you haven’t spotted any signs of Quantum on the way. Over time the two vehicles have become separated, but you can still see the van down the street behind you. You examine it, deep in thought.

You wonder what Kathryn thinks of all this.

“Alright, we’re here,” Ping announces, his bike coming to a stop.

You look around. He’s turned into a parking garage of some kind, and stands up. You follow him. As you walk toward the garage exit, Eric’s van parks in a lot of its own. You overhear the sound of doors closing, and then the others catch up to you and Ping. Kathryn is no longer wearing her mask, and you can see that Comet was in the van too. She and Kyle are busily chatting, enthralled in their own conversation.

“Hey! I’m Eric,” Eric says, sticking out his hand. You look at it, and after a moment return the greeting.


“So I’ve heard,” Eric replies, flashing a toothy grin. Your group reaches an elevator within the garage that seems to be attached to a taller building outside, and Comet pulls out a set of keys. She inserts one of them into a keyhole, and presses the up button.

“Kathryn has told me a lot about you,” Eric continues as the soft chime of the elevator rings out and the doors slide open. You shoot Kathryn a quizzical look, and she simply shrugs. Once everyone piles in, Comet hits the top floor button. The elevator stutters for a moment, then begins its ascent.

“Basically, we’re lucky we got to you when we did. Domino was gonna kill you for some important documents that you don’t actually have,” Eric finishes.

“Right. Documents. I keep hearing about that but I still have /no clue/ what that means,” You retort.

“Yeah, that’s kinda my fault,” Kathryn finally says, “You got a bit tied up into my business.”

There is a ding, and the doors slide open once again. You are met with a beautiful penthouse complex, complete with nice furniture, a window with a view of the city, and complete bar. At the same bar, you notice Roquette mixing herself a drink. She notices you, and waves in greeting. You give a half-hearted nod in response, and scan the room.

There are various other people around that you don’t recognize. A brunette woman with a ponytail who is typing into a holographic screen, a man with a brown jacket and an undercut, and… a man wearing a white hunter mask? You take a couple steps back in shock. What the hell is a /hunter/ doing here?

You feel a hand on your shoulder, and you let yourself slide down into a chair. Eric steps around to face you, and pulls up a seat of his own.

“I’m sure you have a lot of questions. That’s understandable. You’re a bit in over your head… I want to help you.”
Alright, that'll do it for me today. Post your questions you'd like to ask, and I'll be back to write tomorrow!

If you enjoyed the quest so far, consider following my twitter @JayOrDanny
>"A lot of questions is right," Tyler thinks to himself.

>"Like was Roquette just waiting her for me here? She was the one who suggested the Neuros.

>"Eric was told a lot about me... What has Kathryn been saying about me? I almost died over those 'documents.' Yes, what HAS Kathryn been saying about me, and to who?"

>"Did she put my life in danger? Why?"

>"And finally, what is a /Hunter/ doing here."

>All of these questions floated through Tyler's mind but instead he answered, "You've already helped me more than I could ask for, thank you. Really. I truly appreciate it. But I think coming here might have been a mistake." Tyler rises up from his chair.
Thanks for the session JayOrDanny~ Have a great night!
Hey Jay/Danny it's 830pm here (next day) and I'm not sure I'll be on when you finally show up, so if I miss this next session it's okay but was wondering if you could post the time you expect to continue.

I checked your twitter today but didn't see a post about when you'd be on, so again sorry if I missed it.
Sorry about that - I'm super busy with real life responsibilities right now so it might be a bit before I do another session. I have no real schedule, but you can be sure that I will post on twitter an hour before I run again.

Thanks so much for following, and I will make it very clear when I am planning on running again

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