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File: queen02.png (991 KB, 1920x796)
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About one week ago you suffered a terrible blow, the Hive's defenses were devastated, your numbers were abysmal, and your chances of survival null. On top of that a great force came and attacked your home. It reached all the way to your inner sanctum, your precious throne room and by a miracle was this seemingly unstoppable enemy brought down mere meters away from your presence. You had lost so much that there be few that find fault if you descended into madness and despair. But this is not who you are, you are so much more than that.

The Hive will endure! You had your thinkers start to take apart and examine the enemy, and while that was going on with the few workers you had left reconstruction and fortification became a priority. Then growing out the farm and manning it, having more miners out there, metal was now in high demand. It was no longer a simple necessity, but a life or death situation. Weapons, fortifications, doors, walls, traps, technology, you NEED metal. Over the course of a grueling 72 hours you kept watch, closely, but nothing major approached the Hive.

It seemed that the attack was a one of sort of deal, but that made no sense, had it been triggered by your first brood? Was that it? At any rate the numbers started to come, by not leaving the hive and concentrating on growing it, you amassed a good number of soldiers and workers. Albeit your workers were not capable of leaving the hive these were not meant for the eternal winter raging outside. And you needed the nutrients early on, so they were the best investment at the time. However, while you have derived a new soldier. The Heavy Winter Soldier, armored in chitin plates just like the enemy, stacked like scales, but with four arms all directly storing internal slug throwers, and capable of its own ammo manufacturing. You've dubbed them Queen's Guard. But for the moment only four of them.

There is something disturbing, this creature, this enemy that attacked you is most certainly the product of a queen. It has the proper genetic markers, its DNA is a match. However it lacks a command structure, a primitive sort of animal brain is distributed along a redundant nervous system. But It is incapable of accepting or rather it cannot receive the commands of a thinker or a queen. It lacks the proper mental capacity to be little more than a rabid animal with heightened aggression. Worse yet, it is capable of asexual reproduction, but only of its own caste. This is a nightmare, an abomination that should not exist. However, upon closer examination your thinkers found a genetic countdown clock. It is a sort of halt order, in which this creature can only lay a certain numbers eggs and it passes on a smaller reproductive clock down. From the looks of things, it seems in 37 generations it will be unable to lay more eggs.
File: map2.png (184 KB, 960x736)
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184 KB PNG

This is a weapon, to consume nutrients and copy itself with no regards to wildlife, to ecosystem. And in a certain number of generations stop and then die out. Insidious, and most horrendous.

Current research:

Possible research:
(days per every 2 thinkers. Add more thinkers to lower threshold.)
>Research local animals for adaptations(specimens required.)
>Research Hiding thermal signature(3 days)
>parasitic defense(resistance to poison) (2 days)
>Dissect local predator(defensive traits or offensive traits)(4 days)
>Analyze/vivisect Spikeback creature. Seems a bit docile(4 days)

Parts unlocked:
Armor scales.

>Current resource reserves
Nutrients: 157
Metals: 0

>Upkeep cost
Queen – 5
First Clutch Worker (0) – 0 (Sad.)
Thinker (6) – 18
Workers(42) –84
Winter Workers (0) – 0
Winged Winter Worker(6) –36
Winter Soldier(50)– 450
Miners(40)- 160
Screw Scout(4)–16
Infrastructure(per base)-160
Total Cost:
Nutrients: 1115
>Net: 86N(amount that can be used)

Current Construction

>Eggs gestating:

Hive Structure
>Infrastructure(heated interior) 40N
>Hatchery(Eggs can be hatched half a day early +%25 loss expected)
>Throne room (Fortified location for the queen)
>Doors (increases defenses)(No metal)
>Dedicated sentry outposts(increases defenses)
>Vesper pens 75N per day
>Algae farms(4) 1040N per day 4 workers required.
>Fortified entrance (40N)

Previous quests:





ask me anything:

Possible Construction:

Work detail:
16 normal workers on the farms
4 winged winter workers as sentries
12 workers as helper to thinkers
14 workers Idle
40 miners Idle

>What to do now you ask your many thinking threads, and your thinkers. (Write in)
God bless you trinity, may you find the hive mother in peace.

Hive quest beta woo.

Okay so, until other people show up lets put all of our thinkers of Hiding Thermal Signature, so that in the future maybe we can camoflauge our hive and troops, perhaps even send another expedition to that crash site or to fight the keeks.

In addition, we might want to spawn a few regular winter workers to start preparing another scout party, so like 4? We have resources for that right?

Also to clarify, is it all winter soldiers that have been re-engineered for temperature control or just the Queens Gaurd?
File: ohgodmybalss.png (216 KB, 393x391)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
>Winter Soldier
Guess that laying winter worker's should be a priority.
File: winter soldier.jpg (96 KB, 800x800)
96 KB

Thinkers to Research Hiding thermal signature(3 days) All six thinkers will make this 24 research!

We got 50 Winter Soldiers FIVE-ZERO How copy?

All soldiers are hot, and good for extreme exposure now.

How many you want bob?

Forget that going out might be a bad idea we should prepare more.

>Fortified entrance (40N)

How much more fortification you want? I got barracks next to the main hall and doors for days. Plus 4 sentry posts outside with 4 winged winter workers keeping watch.
portcullis replacements for the doors, so we can beef them to the point they turn into traps on their own, and we can use them as guillotines in the main hall.

Maybe some arrow slits along the outside, a tower somewhere along the cliff face, There is some room for improvement, just not alot.

>Task miners to go out in search for metal. (How many and in what direction?)

>Send miners to make a tunnel under the mountain and towards the crash zone. (7 days)
10 miners, (-1 day/10 miners)

>Send out your current soldiers to scout about.(where to and how many?)

>use screw scouts or winged workers to search for (write in).


>Tower construction great for line of sight. 20 workers for rapid construction (24 hours)
>Task miners to go out in search for metal
All of them, and to the west, and what did we tell them last time? Dont show your dirty little faces until you bring mama ore.
gonna give other players a chance to chime in 15 mins to vote on this.

You gather all your miners, and mentally remind each one as they are being handed they nutrient lunches that they must find metal for the hive. Each one responds with: "Metal Find I!" And they march off into their little tunnels.

It could take days before they are back.

>What of your soldiers, any orders?
Unless we are making a move we aught to just hold our troops back and wait.

Ok so lets roll for how the miners are doing. Lets see how this goes.
Rolled 19 (1d100)

Hope folks start coming back soon, suck pretty bad to feel like Im taking control of the quest
And now I just want someone else to come roll. Damn.

Lets hope, we need good rolls going.

>Review the data on the enemy in detail.
>Cross check the DNA records in your own genetic memory.
>Examine closely known information of Hive weapons.

30 mins to ending vote.
Hoping for the best.
Rolled 4 (1d100)

Rolled 86 (1d100)

Lets try that again.
it seems I am not those good rolls... son of a bitch.

Also question for something to try later. If we learn to herd animals could we tie one up on a post then have a spiked pit circling where the beast is tied up so when something comes to eat it it falls down into the spikes and dies giving us more food and possibly something to studY. Good idea or bad?
our savor as come!

Also can we upgrade our queen if we wanted to?

As always, critical failures are well, let me get to writing.

awesome idea, this is what I love about you guys when you actually talk. Lets see what the other players think! (if they dont use you as the bait in punishment for the roll that is.)
wait I thought crits only worked on natural 1s and 100s? what's the crit range again?
So a bait trap? i think inventing a beartrap like device would be better and faster than having to dig a pit every time we set one up.
File: underground01.jpg (127 KB, 1131x707)
127 KB
127 KB JPG

Your miners cheerfully went ahead and started to dig deeper and farther away in search for metals. you can hear their little chirps as they go along, it has been a good 10 hours and they stopped for their nutrient lunch. You do like to see them well nourished, and even though they always return a bit dirty, you love them all.

Miners have a rather easy job, if you were to rate the job of your drones based on mortality rate. Sometimes they drown by getting to close to a lake or underground river. Sometimes albeit, rarely it is a cave in, there are times its poisonous atmosphere, or lack of oxygen. However death rarely comes to miners, they have simple task that does not require constant vigil.

So it came as both a surprise, and an agonizing reminder of this harsh wasteland that death comes from where it pleases, when your miners sent panicked cries for help. One moment they where happily eating their lunch and the next 10 of them where gone.

The other miners could not comprehend what had happened, not until it occurred again. this time taking seven and fatally injuring two others. A large worm creature burrowed into their tunnel and ate the workers, panic set in.

You could only tell them to get back, but this was not the right choice. Fighting was preferable, because as they fled in groups as it eating morsels, this creature swallowed them whole. It stayed in pursuit until the miners where 200 meters below ground, the creature gave no chase at this depth. Only 13 miners remained.

>What now?
Commit suicide.
What are our miners equipped with again? Do they have self destruct?
Gonna go to the store to buy some almonds to overdose on arsenic. (I am really going to the store to buy a snack though. While I am gone behave and talk to each other. Your comments help me build a better story.)

no self destruct too expensive, when we first made them nutrients were scarce.
What happened to the metal they collected?
This planet was a mistake. Have the miners dig their way out or find a stalagtite on the cave top to be used as a trap for impaling the monster. Besides that, I have no idea what to do.
I was thinking luring it to the underground river but your idea is better.
The beast probably sees using vibrations so having our miners trow rock everywhere might confuse it.
yeah but seeing how big some shit is I think we might need to put in the extra work just to make sure it dies
how far away are we from developing poison? because I feel like we need to make a suicide drone that's poisonous that we send out to be eaten then have the poison kill the big things for us to dissect.
That might be what the Spikeback creature research gets us, a spike covered drone that'll kill anything that eats it from the inside.
yeah but the would probably need metal. honestly it's getting to the point where I feel like if we do make a suicide drone we're going to have to throw him in each group so if it gets wiped out at last we can take some of the attackers with us.

Also seeing how the hive is never safe I think we actually might need to give our queen some real weapons. I know the queen should never see battle but seeing how our home is no longer safe and we might need to flee I feel that we should make sure the queen could actually defend herself should she ever need to.

They never collected metal, they were looking for it, but this creature is what they found.

This planet is dorf fortress level, the creature is not pursuing.

Nice observation, underground creature possibly uses vibrations. Better question, what does it eat?

Most certainly.

We never looked into it.

it is a possibility but it is not the current research topic.

I am ok with this, suggestions?

Oh and to answer the dice question from before:

1 is a crit fail (death is a rest for the lucky ones!)
2-7 are fails which win out against anything less than 90
8-20 are bad rolls, something bad will happen. (very bad)
21-50 are low rolls, you won't have any success (bad stuff)
51-79 are medium rolls you have some success (good stuff)
80-89 are high rolls, something good will happen (very good!)
90-99 are great rolls, something good and unexpected might happen
100 is a crit

its all on the pastebin btw.
>I am ok with this, suggestions?
the only suggests I can think of involve metal. Metal platting in her crown and back to give her protection, a chemical thrower to give her fire breath or something and an extra set of metal scythe arms for close combat while still keeping her clawed hands for manipulation and maybe metal tipped her clawed hands as well. and also that ability to let her travel in the cold without freezing.

Shall I be known as the full metal queen?

What orders do we have for the remaining miners?
all our thinkers are working on the thermal hiding thing right?

could we have our miners dig for metal somewhere else or no? Because all I can think of is try again somewhere else but maybe stick closer to the river and hope the water will act as enough of a deterrent to keep the worms away.

River miners, I can dig it.

Vote on it.

Ans yes they are researching hiding thermal signature.
i whant to poison the worm

We have no poison....yet.
i vote for mining near the river
you said the algae we are farming is slightly poisonous right? could we research a way to make it more poisonous and then make our drones poisonous as well? Not now but later when we have the thinkers to spare.
by the way I'm still voting for mining by the river.

Two river votes, gonna give it a go then. But unfortunately. I must leave due to a hungry niece. Must cook and do adult stuff.

Certainly possible.

So the quest closes for tonight and may pick up next week. As always read up on the twitter to know stuff like schedules. And please vote on the archive. Do leave comments, questions, fan mail, etc here I promise to read it all and do my best next quest to address everything. Thank you all for showing up and playing.
thanks for running
thanks for running, sorry for my shaky attendance. Been running around all day.
thanks for running
and voted
so here's a question. I'm going to guess that we're probably going to make a lot of side pockets in the river trying to find metal. Could we send workers into them once the miners clear out and turn them into algae farms so all the failed attempt to find metal actually help us build up and expand the hive?
hey Beta, do we have access to rail cannons? I mean I belive we have access to starships and their weapons it's more or less resources holding us back from actually building them right? Because if we can build rail cannons I got some more ideas for defending our base.

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