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Previous threads:

Last time, Krystal set out to reclaim the city of Diluvium, but first had to take care of Patches. Again.
Things went well enough, what with the spiders and spider miniboss and tribe of hostile daemonettes you'll have to face in gladiatorial combat to leave in peace.
>>1296534 #
Tsuyoi smiles.
"It's nice to meet you, too. Here, eat."
She places a bowl of stew in front of you and starts filling up her own.
You tentatively take a bite of a chunk of meat floating around. Pretty lean.
"I managed to kill a spider today, so I got to keep the extra."
Huh. She didn't really look like she could kill one of those things. Regardless, you have food. Even if it tastes weird. Well, the bright red plant stalks taste pretty good.
You place your hand on your wounds and channel a healing spell. You're topped off on energy, might as well.
Tsuyoi eats her stew and fidgets slightly, glancing at you every few seconds.

>[]Never seen a Sylph before?
>[]She's probably always like that. Ignore her and finish eating.
>[]When's the battle? I'd rather not be late.
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134 KB JPG
Lore bump.

"The city watch created these constructs as an extra measure against criminal activity. They are immune to bribes or threats, and cannot be knocked out, making them useful assets. The secret of their creation is a jealously-guarded secret, but theories include elementals--or worse, mortal souls--bound to suits of armor."
>never seen a sylph before?
"Well... I have, just not alive. Usually. You're the first I've spoken to." Tsuyoi mumbles, sipping broth out of her spoon.
"So... why did you come here? I can't figure it out."

>[]My god told me to claim this place for him.
>[]Nothing better to do.
>[]I'm just here for any valuables that might've been left around. Would you know anything about that?
File: IMG_1148.jpg (251 KB, 960x895)
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251 KB JPG
Lore bump.

"Fuck nobles."

-Excerpt from The Workers' Plighte, by Gideon Carver
File: IMG_1104.jpg (245 KB, 838x1100)
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245 KB JPG
(Relevant bump this time)
"Nothing? I trusted you with this critically important task, and you brought NOTHING!?"
Calaron, head of the Order of Ruin, towered over one of the few scrawny members of the Death Pauldrons, that being the head of intelligence, Iúlon.
"I can't explain it! There's no history, no hometown, no previous encounters at all! She's just appeared! I looked into it further, and I've discovered a twin sister and a friend, but both of those led nowhere. By all rights, Krystal Tassoni should not exist!"
"I doubt it's Ustraria, my lord..."
>[X]My god told me to claim this place for him.
Tsuyoi looks up from her meal.
You explain the situation a little further. Gods like having cities, this place was a major trade port anyway, etc.
"Hmm. That's interesting. What are you going to do with us if you claim this place?"

>[]You're good warriors. I can give you positions in the city militia, help you integrate into Sylph society.
>[]Kill you all.
>[]I haven't thought about that...
Ask what they would like doing first, then offer position in city militia.Suggest militia if they are unsure of what they want to do.
"I'll have to do some negotiations with Yokai. But I wouldn't mind if I could get you to help guard this place. You're pretty good warriors."
Tsuyoi blushes and slurps the broth out of her bowl.
"Well, they are. I'm not much of a fighter."
You bring your spoon back up to your mouth and take a look down at the bowl. You've eaten everything.

>[]You're a very good fighter, Tsuyoi. I have no evidence to suggest so, but I still believe it.
>[]Well... I should go fight some people now.
>Bullshit, you managed to kill a spider, and came away unscathed.
"Well, of course. It's easy, you step to the side when they lunge and stab them in the head."
"Most people can't really do that... they'd be paralyzed with fright if they saw a spider half that size."
"What? How do you Sylph get by..."
"We don't really have huge beasts just wandering around, so there's no need for everyone to be able to kill one."
Tsuyoi takes the bowls and spoons and scrubs them in a pot of hot water. She doesn't seem bothered by the near-boiling temperatures.
"Well, spiders aside, I'm not nearly as good as the others. I can't kill a Sylph in a straight fight, so I do a lot of the chores around here... and host prisoners now, it seems. N-not that I mind you being here..."

>[]Can you give me any information about who I might be fighting?
>[]I better get going. If I wait I'll just get more nervous.
>>[x]Can you give me any information about who I might be fighting?
"Well... I shouldn't be saying this, but Meinu will probably be there. She likes to use her fists."
Fists? That's not so bad.
"What--? Oh, you don't know."
Tsuyoi's arm twists into a blackened claw.
"I suppose it's more of a club than a fist... I don't know if anyone else specifically wants to fight you."

>[]Thanks. Do you know where my armor is?
>[]Try to use your slime powers to make a saw or something (d20)
Excrete goo all over body, and try to Krystalize it.
File: IMG_1225.jpg (292 KB, 1463x1000)
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292 KB JPG
"Shapeshifting? I can do that, too. Kind of."
You raise your arm and spew slime all over Tsuyoi, keeping a little thread connected to you.
"What did you--gah!"
The slime contracts, keeping the daemonette locked in place.
"You're like those things!?" she exclaims, struggling in her prison.
"It's weird, please let me go! Whatever I did, I'm sorry!"
"Hello? Yokai sent me to check--"
A daemonette looks through the hovel's door.
"...is this a bad time?"

What's your response?
Slmae them all
>No, just showing off.
Withdraw slime.
>>1304965 Flipped a coin. This post won. Fortunately
You quickly draw the slime back. Good thing, your clothes felt a little too lose for a moment there.
"I was just showing off for my friend here."
The messenger nods in a sarcastic manner.
"Mm-hm. Well, I'm here to let you know the arena's been set up. You can show off to everyone there."
She leaves. Tsuyoi shudders and wraps her arm around herself.
"I don't like slimes. It always feels like I'm being eaten..."

>[]You love it, don't you?
>[]Gotta go.

>[]Gotta go.
Slame you latter
"Yeah, I should be going."
You stretch and walk out the door.
"I'll be back to show you more slime tricks."
You shut the door. The messenger stands outside.
"Nice of you to join us. This way."
She takes you to a room set into a large flat wall. Your things sit on a bench, and a door at the far end looks into a circular pit. The messenger locks a barred door behind you.
"Sorry, can't have you trying to escape. Shout when you're ready."
She leaves.

What equipment do you start with? Remember that you have dimensional storage and access to guns.

I dont even know.
Guse axe and sheild?
What's in the intradimensional armory?
Shit, gotta look through like 11 threads to find that list... hold on.
File: IMG_1226.jpg (936 KB, 1920x794)
936 KB
936 KB JPG
Fucking finally found it.
The armory is stocked with weapons Alagos had acquired on his journey through Hell. They include:
An anzio 20mm
A holland & holland elephant gun in .700 nitro express
A mosin-nagant 91/30
A stormbolter
An fn FAL
A pancor jackhammer
Sawed off shotgun
Two mac-10s
An m240 bravo
Two coonan .357 mag 1911
Two obligatory desert eagles in .50AE of course
One of them Fat man mininuke launchers
A bulky futuristic thing that shoots homing plasma spheres
And an LSAT (the caseless ammo variant of course) for good measure.
Your glock and Spas-12 are with you, and let's not forget the RPG-32 (with your army)
The armory also includes some random medieval shit and you have your current sword, armor and shield.
Can we replace the glock for the stormbolter?
If so
>Switch glock for stormbolter, and pray for blessings or good luck.
File: IMG_1232.png (140 KB, 802x827)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
You send your glock through the portal and pull out the stormbolter. Fuck, this thing's heavy. The recoil would probably be a bitch, too, but anything that got in the way would be gone. You almost feel sorry for whoever you're fighting... but you need every advantage you can get. They might throw the whole village at you.
After you finish putting your armor on, you sit cross-legged on the ground and clear your mind.
«Alagos. To be honest, I'm kind of terrified. Please help or I'll be turned into mush--or possibly food, I don't know if this tribe likes Sylph meat or not.»
Nothing. But it doesn't usually kick in until the battle actually starts.
You yell at the messenger to open the door.
It opens, and you step out into a sandy pit. Rings of seats above you are filled with daemonettes screaming their lungs out at your appearance. Yokai sits in a skull-studded throne on the other side, resting her head on her hand.
The door on the other side opens, and a daemonette wearing armor stepped out. The crowd starts chanting.
Yokai stands up and holds her fist in the air.
She brings it down to a roar of approval.

What's your strategy? (Meinu uses shapeshifting to turn her fists into clubs)
Take aim and shoot her directly in the head
(Should've asked you guys to roll. Guess I'll do it... fuck, Meinu's save was 5)
You bring the stormbolter up and point it towards Meinu's head. The arena falls silent as they look at the fuckhuge gun in your hands. From their perspective, a dangerous prisoner had their alien weapon taken away and just pulled a bigger one out of nowhere.
The gun kicks you in the shoulder quite hard, despite you bracing yourself and holding it with both hands. Still, the rocket sails toward your opponent.
Meinu just manages to get her arms in front of her and turned into craggy shields. It doesn't matter. Her arms are blown completely off. She's alive, but barely.
Nobody moves. Yokai grips the arms of her throne.

>[]Finish Meinu off.
>[]Show mercy. These people treated you decently enough.
>[]Threaten the tribe. Join us, or die.
>>[]Finish Meinu off.
In for a penny.
ARGH change it to
>[]Show mercy. These people treated you decently enough.
Feel bad we pretty much one shotted her.
File: IMG_1233.png (33 KB, 1000x1000)
33 KB
You clip the stormbolter to your belt and walk over to Meinu, administering a healing spell. It's not powerful enough to regrow her arms, but she shouldn't get infected.
"If there are any healers here, she needs help."
A few daemonettes quickly extract her from the arena, glancing nervously at you. The audience remains silent, waiting for Yokai's orders. She looks uncertain.

>[]Put away your bolter. It's unsportsmanlike.
>[]Keep them coming, you have plenty of rockets.
>[]Challenge Yokai for leadership.
>>[]Put away your bolter. It's unsportsmanlike.
I still feel bad. Cause damn, one shot.
File: IMG_1206.jpg (243 KB, 1000x1000)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
You put the bolter back into the armory.
"Yeah... I'm sorry about that. I underestimated its power. I'll fight fair now."
Yokai looks around the arena.
"...any takers?"
Two of the audience jump down into the arena. One morphs her arms into a pincer and claw, and the other draws back on a bow.

>[]Sword and shield.
>[]Try using slimy tricks to turn one on the other.
>[]Well, at least your shotgun will take multiple hits to KO them...
(Roll 1d20 regardless of choice)
Rolled 12 (1d20)

>>[]Try using slimy tricks to turn one on the other.
You turn into slime and lunge out of your armor at the melee daemonette.
You bunch yourself around her limbs and force her to start lurching toward her friend.
Her friend shoots an arrow, and you don't even have to force your victim to bring her arm up to block it.
The ranger keeps backing away too fast for you to lurch after her, so you just knock your victim's arm over her head and jump off of her.
An arrow cuts you across the thigh, thinking into the arena wall. You can hear the audience snickering behind you.
Yeah, this wasn't a good idea. You're completely naked and weaponless.
You dive behind your suit of armor and push it up to form some kind of barrier, forming your bio-mail over your skin. You get your shield up and knock the ranger out with the butt of your sword.
"Do you require time to rearm yourself?" Yokai asks.

>[]Yes, please.
>[]I'm good.
>>[]I'm good.
Wonder slime power activate. Shape of boar!
Rolled 5 (1d20)

File: IMG_1235.jpg (220 KB, 800x707)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
"I don't need it. Watch this!"
You morph and twist yourself. Okay, this should be roughly...
You look down at yourself. The transformation didn't go as planned.

>[]Stick with it. (D20)
>[]On second thought...
Rolled 15 (1d20)

As long as it's mobile and can do damage.
>[]Stick with it. (D20)
Laughed too hard, almost hurt myself.
The gate opens, and a daemonette riding some kind of... pink... thing comes riding out. Whatever, it's cavalry.
You leap forward and lash out with your claws and tendrils. The mount goes down, and the rider leaps away, throwing a spear at you. It sinks into you and you leave it suspended there.

>[]Shoot the spear back.
>[]You don't want to impale yourself more than necessary... wait for her to make a mistake/break her weapon.
>[]Morph back into humanoid form (you'll automatically use the spear in you as a weapon)
>>[]You don't want to impale yourself more than necessary... wait for her to make a mistake/break her weapon.
Lets try not to cripple anybody else... yet.
You leap at the rider and slash down at her. The spear she's holding breaks in half, dropping to the ground. She jumps up onto your back and grabs your head tendrils, ripping them out one by one. Which hurts.

>[]Lie down and whine like a dog.
>[]Jump into the stands and start freaking out. (D20)
Roll over, and engulf her. Than after a second or two, when she starts to give up, eject her.
You flop onto your back. The daemonette flails around inside you, desperately reaching for her spear. Nope. Right around the time she's clawing at your throat, you spit her out into the sand.
Yokai rubs her hand on her face, sighing deeply.
"Very well. You are free to leave, outsider."
She sinks into her chair and sighs again before straightening.
"Unless... you'd like to challenge me for leadership of this tribe."
The audience shouts in disbelief.
Yokai waves the comments away.
"It's a Sylph city we live in, we would need to submit to them one way or another. At least this way it'll be somewhat honorable."

>[]I'll do it.
>[]Your tribe holds no interest to me.
>[]I'd prefer to negotiate...
>>[]I'd prefer to negotiate... but if honor or custom dictates we MUST fight, then i will.
Besides Stormyface, am I the only one in here?
Eh. Imma still enjoy it though. Heh Almost like a text based rpg... O.o IS a text based rpg.
>>1308754 (it's just you and me)
You morph back into humanoid form and look up at Yokai.
"I'd much prefer to negotiate if possible."
She shakes her head.
"Unfortunately, that won't do. We can't accept that sort of subservience. If you tried it, you'd find our blades at your throats within the day."
You sigh and start putting your armor back on.
"If that's how it has to be..."
You finish up, and Yokai leaps into the arena, wielding a curved sword carved from stone. Red light shines through it's cracks.
Yokai breathes deep. You both take combat stances and remain still for a moment.
She shouts with such ferocity you can detect her alien language beneath what the translation spell was projecting.

Roll 1d20.
I've been here since thread 1 mostly lurking but will pick up if there is a lull in activity
Rolled 1 (1d20)

Try to disable without killing.
File: IMG_1237.png (185 KB, 477x403)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
You run at each other and meet each other in the middle of the arena, your swords screeching as they struggle against each other. Yokai flicks her sword to the side, sending you off-balance and knocking your feet out from under you. Her sword plunges down toward you--
Someone hurls themselves into Yokai, taking the brunt of her strike. You slowly get up and look over at whoever had just saved you.
It's Tsuyoi. And she's bleeding heavily from a deep wound in her chest.
"What... why did you..."
Yokai drops her sword.

What's your reaction?
>heal spell
You run over and press your hands to Tsuyoi's chest, channeling your healing spell. The skin closes up and knots itself together, and you sigh in relief.
Tsuyoi coughs, a trail of blood trickling down her chin. A few drops land on your gauntlet.
"Tsuyoi..." Yokai mumbles.
"Why did you... jump in front of her?"
Tsuyoi coughs again and looks up at her.
"Krystal was nice to me... I didn't think she deserved to die. I-I'm scared..."
A healer pushes you out of the way and begins casting spells.
"Dammit... her heart's almost torn to shreds."
"It's fine, Yokai... I don't blame you."

>[]You're going to be okay.
>[]I came down here with a few other people... they have some potions that could save her.
>[]Yokai. We haven't finished. (D20)
>>[]I came down here with a few other people... they have some potions that could save her.
File: IMG_1184.png (64 KB, 1127x658)
64 KB
"I came down here with some people... we have medical supplies that could save her."
Yokai stands up and looks at you.
"Where are they?"
"I don't know. They went ahead to explore the city without me."
She sighs and rests her sword on her shoulder.
"I'm coming with you. I can't very well let someone die through inaction."
Well, fair enough. You need someone to lead you out of this district, anyway.
Yokai places her second-in-command in charge, orders the healers to keep Tsuyoi stable, and leads you through the halls of the Prison Ward. Your map helps with this.
You make it to the front gates without much incident. The daemonettes must've cleared the place out already.
A sentry opens the large iron gates blocking off the Prison Ward. You squint your eyes and look ahead at the sudden brightness.
Outside was a large cavern, ringed on the sides with buildings and pathways. The top of the cavern opens up, allowing sunlight to stream down into the cavern. From the looks of it, it's about noon.
Something seems off about the center of the cavern, before you place it. The gardens must've been at a lower elevation, and were now filled with the clearest water you've ever seen. Moss and aquatic plants grow along the tops of buildings that must've served as pathways.
A pillar of flame erupts from somewhere forward and left of your position, accompanied by muffled shouts and the ringing of metal. Must be your party.

>[]Go across the lake. It's faster.
>[]Take the long way around. It's safer.
>>[]Go across the lake. It's faster.
>>[]Go across the lake. It's faster.
File: IMG_1120.jpg (83 KB, 1280x720)
83 KB
You leap onto the roof of a patio, rubbing your foot on the stone. If you avoid the moss, you shouldn't fall in.
"Come on."
Fortunately for you, the walkways covered a good portion of the lake area. There were only a few gaps you needed to jump across.
You near the battle and take a breather. Your party is currently engaged with some revenants, city guard from the looks of it. Corpses in elegant armor clumsily maneuver cannons, firing bright blue beams of energy at anything in sight. A few constructs, their eyes purple and their limbs twitching, assist them. A few sane constructs are helping your party.
You hear a gunshot from behind you and turn. Yokai had used your gun to kill some small plant monster that had been creeping up behind you. It falls into the water and combusts.
"I should probably give this back to you..."

>[]Hold onto it for a second. (Shoot the revenants with your stormbolter)
>[]Thanks. Let's go.
(Roll 1d20 if combat)
Rolled 6 (1d20)

>>[]Hold onto it for a second. (Shoot the revenants with your stormbolter)
Rolled 9 (1d20)

>Hold onto it for a second. (Shoot the revenants with your stormbolter)
>>1309480 https://youtube.com/watch?v=0_DCs29xw2A
You brace yourself and fire the stormbolter. Immediately, you know it's not going to hit your target. You brace yourself for a TPK...
...it's worse. A wall blows up and falls over, blocking the way to the fight. You'll have to go around.
You scramble across the walkways as fast as possible, hurrying into the plaza just as the last revenant is destroyed.
Faervel blows a strand of hair out of her face and looks toward you, her face brightening.
"Krystal! You're out!"
Yokai turns the corner behind you.
"Where were you, we--"
She gasps and grabs a rifle from a paladin.
"Krystal! Stand back!"
Yokai looks at you balefully.
"Yes... I don't suppose you could translate for me?"

>[]She's just high-strung. Faervel, she's friendly!
>[]What's wrong, Fae--OH GODS WHAT IS THAT
>>[]What's wrong, Fae--OH GODS WHAT IS THAT
>She's just high-strung. Faervel, she's friendly!
https://youtube.com/watch?v=reRZupsFikY (Atmosphere)
Yokai looks down at you in anger.
"This is no time to be fucking around, Krystal! Tsuyoi is dying!"
You sigh and lower your sword.
"You're right, I guess."
Faervel doesn't lower her rifle.
"Krystal, you can... speak to it?"
"Yeah, she's pretty cool. Listen, someone in her village is dying, I need to get some medical supplies up there. It'd be bad to piss them off, we want them as allies."
Faervel cautiously leans the rifle against the cart.
"Well, we could spare some... but how in the name of--GET DOWN!"
A blue beam wanders through the plaza, melting rubble and disintegrating any corpses not yet burned. You look up. Revenants and corrupted constructs line the rooftops.
They've ambushed you.

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 7 (1d20)

Rolled 17 (1d20)

>>1309607 (median's 14. Success)
You fire a spread of rockets at the ambush, blowing up several cannons and constructs, before diving behind the cart.
Yokai clambers up the side of a building and begins tearing into the enemy forces, forcing you to stop firing the bolter.
A construct jumps down and engages you, swinging it's sword with abandon. You shoot it with your SPAS, sending a purple essence leaking out of it's shell.
The fighting subsides, and you poke your head out of cover.
...no more? Good.
Your army starts securing the perimeter. Faervel walks up to you.
"Good to see you. It's been... a day? We were starting to get worried. What happened to you?"

>[]Yokai, take the supplies as fast as you can. I'd just slow you down, armor and all. (Then tell Faervel what happened)
>[]Later. Someone's dying right now. I need to get over there ASAP.
>>[]Yokai, take the supplies as fast as you can. I'd just slow you down, armor and all. (Then tell Faervel what happened)
"Just a minute."
You dig through the cart and pull out a few potions.
"Got it! Yokai, get this to Tsuyoi as fast as possible. Just have her drink these, and pray to whatever gods you worship."
She nods.
"I understand. Meet me at the village when you're done here."
She puts the potions in punches around her waist and takes off for the Prison Ward.
"Yeah... so, Faervel."
You explain what had happened. The escape tunnel, the spiders, the daemonettes, etc.
"Well, you had a less eventful time than us. We had to wait behind a gate for half a day, due to a Death Pauldron revenant incinerating a whole square of other revenants... and that was pretty much the whole Lower Ward. We turned on the tram station there, but nothing came of it. Something must be going on at the other end. And..."
She holds up a familiar-looking Holy Symbol. A sword through a demonic skull.
"Some of the revenants wore this. The smart ones."
That's troubling... well, she did a good job while you were gone. Hardly anyone died.
"Thank you. What are our orders, Imperator?"

>[]Rest here.
>[]We make our way to the entrance of the Prison Ward. It's safer there, and we might get some supplementary forces from the daemonettes.
>[]We go south, toward the Merchant's Ward.

>[]We make our way to the entrance of the Prison Ward. It's safer there, and we might get some supplementary forces from the daemonettes
"We'll take shelter in the Prison Ward. At least there's a chance of friendly cooperation there."
Faervel nods.
"And you said you could... come to an understanding with these people?"
"I can only hope. Alright everyone, let's go!"
You hop onto a cart and begin the ride around the edge of the lake. Occasionally, you have to shoot a few groups of revenants, but it's rather quiet most of the way.
You arrive at the gates. A sentry points a Cannon in your direction, but makes no move to fire.
"Hey, you mind if we stay in here for a little bit? I have to go meet Yokai later, the rest of my people will stay in the first room."
The sentry thinks it over, then opens the gates.
"Just the first room, you hear?"

>[]I better go ahead and meet Yokai.
>[]Gareth, you're good at negotiation, right? Come with me.
>[]Stay with your party. Yokai can come to you.
>>[]Gareth, you're good at negotiation, right? Come with me.
"Gareth, I'll need your negotiation skills."
"Uh, I'm only really good at that when facing armed religious zealots..."
You lead him to the village proper.
"Well, they're armed. And zealots for fighting and warrior stuff. These are very dangerous--"
You walk into the cell block/village, your conversation immediately interrupted by a cry of "OH, IT'S SO CUTE!"
Gareth is swiftly grabbed by a daemonette, who squeezes him like some kind of oversized teddy bear. It was a six-breasted one, too, much to Gareth's discomfort.
"Krystal, I see you've returned."
Yokai walks up to you, distracted somewhat by Gareth's plight.
"Yarō, please put the Imp down."
Gareth clears his throat and straightens his Order cloak.
"Okay... what does she want, ultimately?"
You translate for him. Yokai rubs her chin.
"Preferably self-rule, if we are to live in your territory. Some way to teach us your language wouldn't be amiss as well. It would be inconvenient to use the translation spell on every individual we meet."
You relay her conditions to Gareth.
"That's it..? Pretty simple. Ask her if they have any gods they worship, we could use them in the Order."
You do so.
"Gods? Well, we are children of Slaanesh, and as such must always pay homage to him. We may consider other gods, of course. Does yours require exclusive worship?"

>[]Yes, sorry.
>[]Nope. He's pretty chill about that.
>[]Only in some cases, like me or other high-ranking members. Others have varying degrees of flexibility, we could probably work something out for your warriors.
>[]Nope. He's pretty chill about that.
And other things too.
>Nope. He's pretty chill about that.
"He's pretty flexible with that sort of thing. You'll be fine."
Yokai nods.
"That is good to know. What else would you ask of us for peace?"
"Well, we would have to ask you to live by Sylph law, so no wanton killing. Well... we could give you criminals, make you part of the city guard. You shouldn't be too antsy then."
Yokai hesitates.
"I'll need to discuss this with some of my advisors."
"Take your time."
She leaves. Gareth looks up at you.
"She's discussing it. We can only pray now..."

>[]Go wait at the camp. You want to be in a good position to run.
>[]Stay here. You trust the daemonettes.
>>[]Stay here. You trust the daemonettes.
Show of trust, besides you can always summon the stormbolter.
You wait for what seems like hours, awkwardly standing in the midst of a village going about its day. Yokai returns, wiping sweat off her brow.
"It... was a close consensus. But we accept."
You sigh in relief, giving Gareth the good news.
Yokai rubs her temples.
"It seems your battle in the arena has won you some fans. They've asked me to arrange for you to meet them in a hovel on the outskirts of the village tonight. I hope this won't inconvenience you."

>[]Oh, anything but...
>[]I guess. What do they want that they couldn't come to me for..?
>[]Sure, no problem. (Then never show up)
>[]Give them my apologies, I need to see to my army/make sure Tsuyoi's okay.
>>[]I guess. What do they want that they couldn't come to me for..?
Be prepared, especially for naughtiness.
"I'm sure they'll be thrilled. Make yourselves at home."
Yokai leaves to... do whatever it is she does. Gareth chuckles and stretches his neck.
"I knew I could work it out."
You glare at him.
"I did all the work. Should've kept you counting Wisps."

>[]Have your army socialize with the daemonettes. Maybe their morale will improve, being surrounded with sexy/disturbing warrior women.
>[]Make them perform drills. If they won't be fighting, they'll be training.
>[]Go see if Tsuyoi's okay.
>[]Have your army socialize with the daemonettes. Maybe their morale will improve, being surrounded with sexy/disturbing warrior women.
>[]Go see if Tsuyoi's okay.
"Gareth... go tell everyone they're free for the rest of the day. They can go have fun in the village. Tell them they're under strict orders not to get too attached to anyone, though."
Gareth rubs his hands together.
"I sure could use a break. Maybe a less strenuous meeting with that Yarō girl, as well... what will you be doing?"
You ask a nearby daemonette for directions to wherever they keep wounded people. She points you toward a cleaner-looking hut.
"I need to check on something."
You slip through the hut's door and let your eyes adjust to the dark interior. Several patients lie on makeshift cots (a few of which you recognize from the arena), but your attention quickly focuses on Tsuyoi, lying peacefully in the corner. There's no external sign of damage (besides partially washed-away bloodstains), but she doesn't look like she feels too good. Her skin is pale and clammy.
She turns her head, smiling upon seeing you.
"Hi... Krystal. Did you win? Did you *cough* beat Yokai?"

>[]Sure did.
>[]We came to an understanding. No more fighting.
>[]I lost. Bad. Sorry.
>[]We came to an understanding. No more fighting.
>Are you ok?
"We came to an understanding. We don't need to fight anymore. You okay?"
Tsuyoi nods weakly.
"They say I'll be fine in a few days. That thing they made me drink... you got that for me, didn't you?"
You smile.
"Yeah. I did. Sorry for getting you mixed up in that..."
"Don't blame yourself, I did that on my own."
You chuckle.
"Want me to slime you?"
"To put it simply... hell no."

>[]Well, I gotta go. (What are you leaving to do)
>[]Want some company? It's a little lonely in here.
>>[]Want some company? It's a little lonely in here.
Ask her about the religion and history of her people, and offer tales of yours.
>Want some company? It's a little lonely in here.
"Need someone to keep you company?"
Tsuyoi smiles again.
"I'd like that."
You sit down on the adjacent cot, groaning in relief as your weights shifts off your legs.
"Well... I should tell you a little about where I come from. Not much else to do. Let's see..."

>[]Talk about your experiences on Earth.
>[]Tell her what you've gleaned here.
>Talk about your experiences on Earth.
"Well, I guess I should explain something first. I used to live in a world without magic, but technology more than made up for it. Lots of things are different, actually..."
You tell Tsuyoi about the concept of God, as well as a few things about democracy (you can use this to segue into the U.S. and talk more about your hometown) before Tsuyoi chimes in.
"I heard some of the others planning on meeting you tonight..."
Yeah, you heard.
"Well, you should know something in case they... well, we're all female, right? Except Slaanesh gave us a spell in ancient times, so we don't need to rely on outside help to breed."
You're getting the feeling that she wasn't talking about artificial insemination.
"So, the daemonettes with the tattoos over their left breasts, they..."
Tsuyoi blushes and pulls her blanket up to her chin.
"They have--male parts. I just thought you should know."
You had seen a few of those around. They seemed pretty important.
"The tribe matriarch is always female, so she can give birth to an heir, but directly beneath her are... those. It's their duty to give a daemonette children if they wish for them."
Huh. Interesting.
You brush aside the topic and talk about your childhood home.
You grew up in Bumfuck Utah, actually. Most people assumed you were from Texas or secretly came to earth and possessed some poor girl. And yeah, your family was Mormon, but you obviously didn't take after them. You're part of a different religion now, anyway. Still, you suppose it could've been worse.
Tsuyoi reciprocates, telling you about the continent her Trina had come from originally.
From the sound of it, they lived in the local equivalent of the Middle East, where they had the best dirt and rocks to eat and were beset upon by darker-skinned Sylph with explosion magic. They eventually decided a trip across the sea would probably end up improving their situation, and set out. When they arrived here, they were fired at from the Seawall, but managed to swim through the barred gate that blocked off the Shipyards and made their way here.
You find yourself getting a little sleepy as Tsuyoi describes the challenges they faced in settling in a prison, and eventually close your eyes, just for a little while--


You feel something... warm on top of you. Warm and heavy. And you can hear... sniffing noises.

>[]Slowly open your eyes.
>[]Throw whatever it is off of you and point your gun at it.
>[]Grumble and shift around. Whatever it is might as well get a chance to run.
>>[]Slowly open your eyes.
You open your eyes, taking a look around for whatever's bothering you.
It seems Tsuyoi laid down next to you when you drifted off to sleep, and was unconsciously sniffing your hair. The weight was one of her arms draped across your back.
You slowly get up, taking care not to disturb her. What time was it..?
You walk outside. The constant torchlight doesn't give you any hints, but your empty stomach and lack of people outside does.
You hurry over to the hut Yokai had indicated. Maybe they still had some food...
Someone reaches out the door and grabs you by the collar just before you knock.
"Hey, iss the Stormeegle!" she slurred, pulling you into the hut and shutting the door.
"We've been waiting for like... four hours..? Just get over here and have some drinks."
The daemonette practically shoves you into a chair. Four others besides her are in the hut as well. You notice that two of them have certain tattoos over their left breasts...
Well, at least there's some food.

>[]So... hi.
>[]What's a 'Stormeegle?'
>[]Let's be honest, you're just here to have sex with me, right? Well, I'm not going to keep you waiting.
>>[]What's a 'Stormeegle?'
And see if Alagos can send you some prophylactics.
>So... hi.
>What's a 'Stormeegle?'
"Uh, hi, everyone..."
You break a piece off some bitter flatbread on the table and wash it down with some water.
"So... what exactly is a stormeegle?"
The daemonettes laugh.
"Iss the thing on your blocky-whatever, you silly bitch!"
Oh, yeah. Your shield. You forgot about that. Is that really the best nickname they could come up with?
"Well, you got a better one?"
You take a bite of some bitter flatbread.

>[]How about _____?
>[]It's fine. Call me Stormeagle if you want, I don't give a fuck.
>[]Just call me Krystal. Or Imperator, if you're my subordinate.
>[][s]Big Boss.[/s]
>[]Just call me Krystal. Or Imperator, if you're my subordinate.
"Call me Krystal, I'm not much for nicknames."
They seem fine with it.
"Heh. Krystal. Like those shiny thingies in caves."
Yes, you've heard the joke before.
"I killed a wyrm with one'a those once... just pushed 'im off a ledge and he got stabbed."
"No, you didn't! He was fine, it was the poison Yarō put in him!"
The daemonettes launch into an argument over whether it was poison, crystals, or old age that killed whatever a wyrm was. You take the time to eat up, you're pretty hungry.
One of the huntresses smacks you on the back suddenly.
"Hey, that reminds me 'bout Krystal's performance! Turning into that... thing and swallowing Jūyōde. She's more terrifying than half the shits back home!"
This earns peals of laughter. Your fangirls turn their attention back to you.
"So how did you get 'em? Those slime powers."

>[]Give them the juicy details.
>[]Ate one of them, now I can become one. (Sort of true)
>[]I'd rather not talk about it...
>>[]Ate one of them, now I can become one. (Sort of true)
It doesn't taste as good as it looks.
"Well, to be totally truthful, I ate it."
Your fangirls stare at you in disbelief.
"No way."
"You didn't."
"You're insane."
You shrug.
"It doesn't taste as good as it looks. More like rubber than anything else. Had a nice texture, though. Especially sliding down my... throat."
You unstop a bottle of alcohol on the table and take a drink. Pretty good. The extra year of fermentation probably helped.

>[]You wanna taste?
>[]So, what's the craziest shit you've done? Besides the wyrm thing.
>[]It was nice, listening to your stories and all. But I need to go check up on my army, make sure nobody's spending all night having sex.
>>[]You wanna taste?
Gotta go there.
>>1316338 (I rolled to see how many of them wanted it...)
They fall silent. Eventually, after what seems like minutes, one of them raises a hand.
"I'd like to try."
Oh. Well.
A tendril extends from your neck. You separate the end from the rest, leaving a small globule of slime in your hand.
"Say 'aaaah'."
You pop the globule into the daemonette's mouth. She chews it for a few moments before swallowing.
"It's really weird... not that bad, though. Tastes like wine."
Hearing what you taste like is really weird. Does it depend on what you eat and drink..?

>[]Hey, I need that! (Kiss)
>[]Everyone gets to try now! (Slime rape)
>[]I should go.
>>[]Hey, I need that! (Kiss)
As a segue into
>[]Everyone gets to try now! (Slime rape)
Alagos started the trend, and you have to follow your god.
Praise Alagos
"Hey, don't eat that!"
You grab the daemonette's head in your hands and start probing her mouth with your tongue, scooping up any slime dregs you find. You quickly drop the pretense, and she kisses you back.
After a while, you step back from her, wiping saliva off your lips.
"I always wanted to try this..."
You morph into a slime and leap onto the table, sucking all the water out of the pitcher. You detach a little blob to go find more and send tendrils out to grab the fangirls' limbs, lifting them into the air.
"Wha--! Krystal, what are you--put us down!"
Your blob soon returns, with enough slime for you to reform your body and add several extra tendrils. You bring one of the tattooed ones closer to you and work at her loincloth strings.
"I heard a rumor that you had a certain spell cast on you..."
The loincloth falls away. Tsuyoi had been telling you the truth.
"Not the biggest I've seen, but it's impressive for a woman."
You wrap your lips around her cock, sending your tendrils to grope your other captives. You get an idea...
"You two. Start fucking."
You press the other tattooed daemonette against one of the other captives, untying their loinclothes.
"Is that getting you excited?" you ask the two unoccupied captives, teasing their nipples.
"Oh, this is going to be a lot of fun."


The two futas finally climax inside you, pulling their cocks out of your ass and pussy. You breathe heavily, wrapping a spare corner of the bedsheet around you before falling asleep again...

You wake up, stretching your limbs and frowning at the wet spot you've been sleeping in all night. They probably don't have any bathing spots here... you could swim in the lake, but you'd feel guilty about ruining the clarity of the water.
Your partners are still sleeping. Again, you reflect on how different your new life is. You're getting shot at constantly and raped by slimes and people you killed coming back to chop your arms off, but on the flip side, you've got about... ten people you've had sex with, now. Including a major god, a lizard, a robot, a succubus, and five warrior nymphos.

>[]Well, let's go see what's for breakfast.
>[]Go let Tsuyoi know you weren't kidnapped.
>[]Peek into the huts. If any soldiers are in there, start chewing them out for having sex with potentially hostile strangers. (The language barrier might've posed a problem with flirting, though)
File: IMG_1062.png (339 KB, 757x754)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
Praise be to the god of debauchery, mild autism, and weather patterns.
>Go let Tsuyoi know you weren't kidnapped.
You wipe yourself off with the clean parts of the bedsheets and get dressed. You shut the door quietly and set off for the medic's hut. A few people are awake, going about their morning chores.
Tsuyoi's still sleeping when you get there.

>[]Lie down next to her again. Like you never left.
>[]Gently wake her up.
>[]You'd rather not disturb her. Go back to your camp.
>>[]Gently wake her up.
Let her know we're ok, and that we need to check on our people.
You gently shake Tsuyoi's shoulder. She stirs and sleepily opens her eyes.
"Oh... good morning *yawn* Krystal."
"Good morning. I need to go check on my people, just letting you know."
"Okay. You know where to find me..."
Tsuyoi turns over and falls asleep.
You walk back to the camp you set up. Smoldering ashes are all that's left of the numerous cooking fires scattered around, and nobody's awake yet, save a wounded paladin. Probably tired from the fight yesterday.

>[]Let them sleep and scrounge for breakfast.
>[]Fuck that, you're the CO. Drag them out of bed if necessary, and get someone to make you breakfast.
>>[]Let them sleep and scrounge for breakfast.
And sneak up on Gareth.
You grab a weird blue fruit and eat it while looking around for Gareth. You carefully check all the tents, even the one where the paranoid ones live. Nothing. Where could he--? No, he couldn't be.
You walk back to the village, stopping a pedestrian on your way.
"Hey, any idea where Yarō lives?"
"Yarō? Let's see... that hut over there."
You lift one of the flaps covering the windows, taking care not to let excess light shine in.
Yep. There he is. Passed out with his face in her chest.

>[]Wake him up quietly.
>[]Get some nearby daemonettes over here to giggle at them.
>>[]Get some nearby daemonettes over here to giggle at them.
As a higher ranking officer person, he should be aware of his surroundings.
You look over at a group of daemonettes standing near you.
"Hey, over here."
They peek through the window and start tittering amongst themselves.
"How big do you think it is?"
"Can't be that big, he's tiny."
You walk over to the other window and wait for the happy couple to wake up.
Gareth rolls over and blinks uncomprehendingly at the group outside the window.
He leaps up and knocks the stick holding the shutter up away. Yarō stirs and sits up.
"You should really be more mindful of your surroundings, Gareth."
He jumps and wraps bedsheets around himself.
"Krystal! What are you doing?!"
"I thought it'd be funny."
Yarō looks confused.
"Is this not acceptable in Sylph society?"
"Not usually, no."
"Strange people..."
She gets up and starts rummaging around in some baskets.
"W-what'd she say?" Gareth asks.
"She said you've got a massive cock."
"S-shut up! And get out of here!"
He shutters the window you were looking through.

>[]Ah, well. Back to camp.
>[]Wait for him to come out and escort him back.
>[]Walk in and casually ask what's to eat.
>>[]Ah, well. Back to camp.
And the search for food continues.
You shrug and walk back to camp. Seriously, where do they keep the food, everything's been rearranged.
And... there it is. Some sausage, eggs, and starchy vegetables. You put them in a frying pan and heat it up over a campfire.
The smell wakes your paladins up. You're forced to tell them to fuck off and get their own food before taking a fork and eating straight from the pan. Might as well save on dishes.
Jaylen and Faervel join you, but that's fine. Gareth eventually comes back to camp, quietly preparing his breakfast.

>[]Well, it's off to the Merchant's Quarter today!
>[]Maybe Yokai will let us take some warriors with us...
>[]Tell your bodyguards about what you did last night. In detail.
>>[]Tell your bodyguards about what you did last night. In detail.
Hey they wanted to be disciples, all your exploits are part of what they need to know.
File: IMG_1153.jpg (145 KB, 623x779)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
"So. Do you want to hear what I did last night?"
"Faervel, people are still sleeping. So anyway, I had some fans who wanted to meet me, and it turns out two of them had--"


"--Eating my ass and pussy at the same time. And then later..."
"We get it, Krystal. As much as I'm sure you enjoy telling us this, could we... not? We're still pretty far away from the castle. I promise I'll listen to your stories when we're done with the mission, okay?"
Oh, she'll do a lot more than listen. Anyway.

What do you do now?
>[]Maybe Yokai will let us take some warriors with us...
Might as well get them in the mood of enforcing law and order in the city, even if it isn't under control yet.
Yo what time do you start and stop running?
I gotta go to bed.
Oh and excellent writing and qming.
>>1319463 (thank you, anon :) have a good sleep)
"Well, I guess I better go ask for troop supplements."
You stand up and finish off the sausage you were eating.
Faervel blinks. "Wait, what?"
"Yeah. It's part of the checklist. Locate friendlies, mere with friendlies, then repeat from step one."
You pat her on the shoulder and walk off toward the village proper.
Yokai's up and sitting on her throne.
"Ah. Krystal. Thank you once again for your assistance in saving Tsuyoi. I hope we can one day repay you for your efforts."
"I hardly did anything... but I guess I could use some warriors. We still have a ways to go before the city is purged of revenants. And it would acclimate them to being part of the city guard... assuming they don't choose to do something else, of course."
Yokai hums thoughtfully.
"I'll see what I can do. Many of the warriors were getting bored with spiders, anyway."
You give her a respectful bow and leave. So you'll probably get help, the question is how you use it... they'll only be able to communicate with you and themselves, so that limits options.

>[]Faervel did a good job at leading the army. Split the two groups up.
>[]Use them as scouts. They'd just need to report back to you and/or fight threats up ahead.
>[]Just lump everyone together. Maybe the language will rub off a little.
File: IMG_1171.jpg (110 KB, 800x798)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
(Didn't see your first question)
I go to sleep at around ten and wake up at six, then I have classes from around eight to two. Sometimes I use a proxy to look at replies and draft a response, then send that when I get home. I'm free on weekends. If it takes me a while to reply I'm probably... getting source material for the quest. Pic might be related.
>Faervel did a good job at leading the army. Split the two groups up.
Yeah, that'll work.
You stand in front of Yokai again. Assembled before her are about fifty daemonettes... about a fourth of the village, and twice as many as your own army. Oh boy.
"I've gathered some warriors. Will this be sufficient?"
Yes. It will.

>[]Let's go. I'll explain what we're doing on the way.
>[]Okay, uh... a few things you should know about tactics.
>[]Okay, uh... a few things you should know about tactics.
Change mine to
>[]Let's go. I'll explain what we're doing on the way.
Sooo indecisive.
"Oh... I didn't expect so many. Follow me, I'll explain on the way."
So basically, your ultimate goal is Castle Diluvium, where the administrative stuff is at. You could go there straight away, but sanctifying the castle isn't going to magically remove all the dangerous shit. At least, you don't think so. You're going to be exploring the Merchant's Ward and shipyards first, just to make sure there aren't fish people you'll have to deal with later.
The force led by Faervel will go around the lake, while you'll cut straight across, using the submerged buildings as walkways. From there... no idea.
You arrive at the camp. Your forces seem wary of the new arrivals.
"Everyone! Meet our new friends. They'll be helping us from here on out, so get used to them. I'll meet up with you on the other side of the lake, we need to make sure the water's safe."
Faervel sighs.
"Trying to warn you to be wary would waste breath. Jaylen, go with her."
Your Salamander bodyguard hesitates, then nods.
"Great. Let's go, then."
You call up to the gate sentries and step out into the flooded gardens.
Once again, the sunlight temporarily blinds you, and you're awed at how clear the waster is. You cup your hands and scoop some up, taking a quick drink.
It's cold. And sweet. Maybe some magic is purifying it. Whatever the case, at least you won't die of thirst.
You leap onto the first roof and start making your way across the lake.

>[]Try and help Jaylen learn some of the daemonette's language, and vice versa.
>[]Start singing quietly.
>[]Stop halfway across and commence fishing.
>>[]Stop halfway across and commence fishing.
Well if something intelligent is down there, I bet they would come up if they saw sharp objects being thrown in.
File: IMG_1247.jpg (272 KB, 730x1095)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
Everyone halts on their respective platforms. You borrow a spear and tie a string to it, then tie a shiny ribbon to the string before casting.
Everyone stares at you uncomprehendingly.
"I know what I'm doing. Watch this."
You feel something tugging on the string and pull back on the makeshift rod. A small pouch lands on the platform.
Inside is a metal plate with some kind of engraving. It says 'get that fucking bauble out of our lake'. You can hear bubbly laughter from the water.
"That's probably elementals. If you leave them alone they won't bother you." Jaylen says.
You shrug, give the spear back, and get up to go on your way.
A rumbling sound emanates from the lake, and four figures made of water rise up at the corners of the platform you stand on.
"Of course they're female." you growl.
One of them blasts a stream of water... which flies right over your heads and into the elemental on the opposite corner, who falls apart. Seems they're not too bright.

>[]Grab something from the armory (name a weapon/random, then D20)
>[]Try to reason with them. (D20)
>[]See if swords work on them. (D20)
Turn to semi goo, catch some water and shoot back.
I think captcha is using our ability to distinguish things to fine tune there A.I.
>>1321644 (interesting theory)
You slime your way out of your armor. An elemental sprays a pressurized stream of water, cutting a hole in you and scoring the platform. You absorb the blast and get ready to fire slime back.
The elementals quickly disappear, muttering 'sorry'.
"I think they were scared of you turning the lake into slime, Krystal."
...not a bad idea. If you can clone yourself purposefully you can make a whole army.
You get back into your armor and continue, eventually leaping off the last platform onto the shore. There's no sign of the other force.

>[]Keep going. Might as well save them some workload.
>[]Wait for them.
>[]Keep going. Might as well save them some workload.
Well damn. Was hoping for shenanigans, but then the story wouldn't progress. Eh
Onward Teb, Onwards.
File: IMG_1208.jpg (72 KB, 636x511)
72 KB
You press forward through the tunnel to the Merchant's Ward...
Oh, yeah. You forgot about this part. The tunnel branches off toward the Arcane Sanctum, whatever that is. Probably magic.
"So... which way?" one of the daemonettes asks.

>[]Arcane Sanctum. Crystal might like something you find in here.
>[]Merchant's Ward. There's probably money somewhere.
(Tried to post my map. It's already been posted, and I can't remove images from posts. Thus the pic)
>[]Merchant's Ward. There's probably money somewhere.
And maby a talking mudcrab merchant, that needs some booze.
And items, definitely items.
You continue straight down the tunnel. No magic-roided revenants, at least for now.
You emerge into another cavern, lit only by the light of some white substance within street lamps. The streets are littered with abandoned carts and overturned stalls, and you can hear... humming.

>[]Call out to whoever's doing that.
>[]It's probably a trap. Go look, but carefully and silently.
>[]Ignore it.
>>[]It's probably a trap. Go look, but carefully and silently.
>It's probably a trap. Go look, but carefully and silently.
You crouch and move slowly toward the humming, doing your best to muffle your armor. The humming stops when you get about halfway to your destination. Unsurprisingly, when you turn the corner, nobody is there. As soon as you sigh in frustration, though, someone leaps out of a broken stall and scares the shit out of you.
"Greetings, friend! The stars align, and the gods themselves smile upon our meeting! I, Khalid, thus declare an all-day twenty percent off--"

>[]Attack the merchant.
>[]Calm yourself down. He's probably crazy.
Shit(slime) yourself.
Otherwise jump into defensive posture.
Despite your best efforts, you instinctively liquefy, causing your armor to fall over.
Khalid stares at you.
"--prices so good you'll faint."
You solidify yourself and stand up, holding your sword at a defensive stance and getting a better look at this 'Khalid'.
He looks like a guy who'd be working a tourist trap in some middle eastern country. Turban, tooth made from some precious material (it's not gold, that's for sure), and a mile wide permanent grin.

>[]...Who are you? What are you doing here?
>[]Attack! He's probably a really smart revenant. Or some kind of evil creature in disguise.
>>[]...Who are you? What are you doing here?
What do you have for sale?
"I am Khalid. I came here to trade my wares, though it seems the market is closed, and has been for some thirty days."
Uh... everyone's dead.
"Well, that's no excuse to deny me a warm welcome!"
You sigh and call your squad over.
"Oh, you know Slaaneshi? Then you must be acquainted with--"
Your band of fifty daemonettes and a Salamander rounds the corner.
"My favorite customers! Come, I have things to trade!"
Khalid currently has:
>Several rings with magical effects (temporary invisibility, sound reduction, and a silver one with no known effect).
>An amulet allowing you to speak with animals.
>Several weapons o high quality (none of which exceed your sword, but you never know.
>[]A vial of glowing green liquid.
Everything else is junk or otherwise useless.
>what are the prices and what is
>[]A vial of glowing green liquid.
File: IMG_1217.jpg (155 KB, 1199x948)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
New thread.

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