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>I need a drink edition

Previously on Exterminator Quest Requiem:

As the wealthy scion of MarisonCo, you're working on your career by taking an internship at MedCorp. After work, you decided to go hang with some of your more shiftless friends at a local bar where a concert was taking place but the party was broken up by a raid by the corporate police force, better known as “Scyths” (short for Scythians). You managed to escape with one of your social connections, the pugnacious artist Deng Li. Believing that he knows more about the raid than he's been letting on, you offered him the chance to recuperate from the nights events at your place with the intent of getting him super drunk.

Requiem Rules:
Character Sheet:

Twitter is: @qmsimmons
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In vino, veritas.

Or something.

There are certain qualities in an apartment that you look for if you have transparent skin. Low light, dark surfaces, no windows. Daddy's money has paid for a sleek interior design and the finest modern furniture, including a fine liquor cabinet.

>Liquor Cabinet Includes:

>3 bottles of aged Kentucky Bourbon, 90 proof
>3 bottles of good wine, one Chilean, one Chinese, and one pre-war French bottle
>1 bottle of English gin
> Пpoмышлeнный ™ brand bottle of Vodka
>3 bottles of Rum, varying brands imported from the Southern Alliance of Nations
>1 bottle Japanese Whiskey

You also keep a 6-pack of Rattlesnake's Milk in your fridge. It's a quality American nitro-micro-brew stout that you drink to impress others. The current case has been in your fridge for 6 months. It's safe to say that you're a little rusty at entertaining and the American takeout boxes littering your living room table and couch do little to enhance the confidence of your guest.

“Your couch is disgusting Sun! C'mon, lets clean up-”


>You really should clean up around here anyway and a clean environment might help Deng Li relax.
>You just escaped arrest. You're here to get some answers out of Deng Li and unwind a bit. Get drunk and fast. (select beverage for yourself and Deng, if you only pick one I will assume you're sharing.)
>>You just escaped arrest. You're here to get some answers out of Deng Li and unwind a bit. Get drunk and fast. (select beverage for yourself and Deng, if you only pick one I will assume you're sharing.)
coka cola for both of us.

"Fuck cleaning," you snap, "Lets drink something, my mouth is feeling dry."

Although eagerly eyeing your liquor cabinet, Li watches patiently as you go to your jet-black fridge instead, pulling out two long necked bottles.


"Thanks! Uh, is this coke? You kind of implied by your tone that we'd be drinking something stronger."

>I don't know what you're talking about. This is the strongest drink I have.
>Apologize and offer a stronger drink.
>I want us to stay sober. We need to plan our next move.
"Stronger you say... "
Make a drink.
1 Part Gin.
1 Part Rum.
And 2 Parts Vodka.
File: woops.jpg (112 KB, 1920x1080)
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112 KB JPG
"Right, stronger... I can help you with that."

You really don't know anything about drinking, all this liquor is just for show. Trying to improvise, you put together a truly awful mix of hard liquors.

You serve the concoction to the unsuspecting Deng Li who takes a sip and quickly spits it out.

"Are you trying to kill me? Jesus fuck, do you know how to make a drink even?"

>No, not really.
>You didn't like that? I call it the Gutpunch.
>Make your own damn drink then!
>You didn't like that? I call it the Gutpunch.
File: hemingway-papa.jpg (121 KB, 1280x640)
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121 KB JPG

"What's wrong with it? That's a perfectly good Gutpunch."

"A Gutpunch is right. It tastes like you just threw together three or four different kinds of liquor and called it a drink."

You apply some of your business acumen in the hopes of bluffing your way into having served an actual drink.

"The Gutpunch was actually invented in 1922 by Hemingway. It's well understood to be the unspoken drink of choice for the protagonist of The Sun Also Rises, Jake Barnes, who is trying to overcome his old war wound."

>Roll 3d6+4 to sell Li on the Idea. I'll take the best result after 3 posts.
Finally happy to catch a thread.
Rolled 6, 4, 4 + 4 = 18 (3d6 + 4)

Rolled 2, 1, 6 + 4 = 13 (3d6 + 4)

And of course I'd forget my fucking roll.

Gimme one more roll.
Rolled 5, 6, 2 + 4 = 17 (3d6 + 4)


>Top result: 18
>Failure - Note! Sometimes a roll is impossible but will be offered anyway! In these scenarios you will either be offered a clue to the rolls impossibility or it will be obvious (attempting to pass off something completely ridiculous as legit and expecting rolls to make it work for example)

"Mu... Good try I guess. But two things gave you away. One: Hemingway was a human being with tastebuds and therefore would never drink this. Two: Hemingway started The Sun Also Rises in 1925."

"You got me. I guess I'm not being sensible, shock and all that must be messing with me."

"It's fine... Just let me make my own drink bud. I think I'm still competent to pour my own."

He swiftly mixes himself up a strong rum and coke and offers one to you. You accept it but hold off on drinking right away even as Li begins taking big gulps of his own. You try to decide what kind of questioning tact you want to take.

>Friendly; match his drinking and try and get him to let slip with something at the height of revelry or the low of despair.
>Good listener; ask short questions in a non-intimidating fashion. Try and get the information relatively freely.
>Angry drunk; outdrink or pretend to outdrink Li. Make threats until he confesses what he knows.
>Good listener; ask short questions in a non-intimidating fashion. Try and get the information relatively freely.
>Good Listener

You let Li get the ball rolling all on his own.

"Crazy that those Scyths crashed the shindig, eh? Rotten mall cop bastards..."

"Don't get carried away, Li, they're just people doing their jobs."

"Jobs where they fry people at their own sick pleasure Mu, I don't care how you try to humanize them with your corporate double speak."

"Sorry, but they must have had a reason for raiding us like that."

"Pffft, they don't need a reason to terrorize us."

"They would need a reason to spend corporate funds for running down teenagers. Those drones don't come cheap, Li."

"I guess. It's possible they could be... well they could have been after anyone, it was a party... there were illegal drugs and other contraband..."

>But they weren't after just anyone, were they?
>I had some drugs on me, do you think they were after me?
>Were they coming for you Deng? You have seemed kind of tenser than myself for the last hour...
>"You don't hear them breaking down every single party where some dumbass kid, like myself mind you, brings drugs to."

"Like every other party? Even I brought some drugs. I mean you don't hear the goddamn Scyths breaking down every single party in Hong Kong where some dumbass kid is holding."

"Yeah... yeah, you're right. To tell you the truth I know why they were there. They wanted a guy named Han Xi."

"And whose that?"

"Just a guy I know, traffics in explosives, the decent stuff."

"The stuff you use in your art."

"Yeah... when I pick up from him I do it at his place and last time I was there he was telling me about how he'd needed to get a new burner printed up for these new guys he was doing business with. Buying in bulk."

>That sounds like bad news. Any idea who they were?
>Sounds like a bad influence Deng, maybe you should get your explosives somewhere else.
>Uh, do you think you could refer me? I've got a little bit of a pyromania thing going on and I'm looking for a destructive way to burn off my work stress on weekends.
>Sounds like a bad influence Deng, maybe you should get your explosives somewhere else.
Sorry I have been absent Simmons, I've been rereading the old quest. I should be here for next time though! Keep it up friend.

It's all good. I feel like this has a ways to go before it catches up to the original but they will tie together.


"Don't fall in with the wrong crowd, Deng. I'm sure theres another way to get your explosives without dealing with someone so... unsavory."

"Oh, does somebody at MarisonCo have the necessary things I need for my art?"

>As a matter of fact...
>No, but... maybe you could take your art in a new direction?
>"Not quite sure, but I can always ask around. Pharmaceuticals often deal with nitroglycerin after all."

"I can't promise but as a company with a long history in chemicals and several recent acquisitions in pharmaceutical development I'm thinking something adequate could be found for you at a reasonable price."

"I'm holding you accountable on that "reasonable" front. You know, you never did tell me what MarisCo actually produces."

>"Urinal cakes."
>"We're a core member of the hygiene industry with an eye for expansion."
>"Uh, nothing important."
>(lie) Write-in
>"We're a core member of the hygiene industry with an eye for expansion. Currently we focus on sanitizers for restroom facilities."
>"Urinal cakes."

Lie, we need not. And besides, he's going to find out anyways.
I can roll for it or you can decide. Telling the truth straightforwardly will make you seem more honest to Deng but if it gets out among snottier types your social stock will fall a few pegs. Of course you could just own being a potential ruthless captain of the urinal cake industry.

I'll roll for it in ten minutes or so (it should be your last decision before Sun hits the sack (and yes, the thread will continue, at least for a little longer)).
Rolled 2 (1d2)


Rollin' to determine choice.
Yay I won.

Fuck Deng he won't be honest with us.

"To be honest the corporations core business was and always has been urinal cakes though we've advanced into a lot of different markets under my father's leadership."

"Urinal cakes? I mean, at least I never heard of the UC industry doing anything dirty... I guess as dirty corporate SOBs go that goes a long way towards making you more tolerable, Sun."

"I appreciate your kind words, my friend. Maybe we should knock out? I try not to stay up this late unless I'm working."

"Sounds good."

You help Deng clean up your numerous leftover takeout boxes and pull out the couch before retiring to your own room. Before you go to sleep you take a few melanin supplements, an anti-hangover pill and some sleeping medication.

You lose consciousness almost immediately and have a bizarre dream about hiccuping and having spiders leap out of your mouth.

You wake up feeling alright but slightly high from the anti-hangover pill. Deng is sitting by your one open window, where he's eating a bowl of Rice Crunchies in a ray of morning sunlight.

>eat some breakfast with him
>ask him to close that window
>just check your emails and make sure everything is going okay at your job
>discreetly use some of your leftover cocaine
>Fry an egg. While it's cooking check your email.

Eggs, rice, and soy sauce. The perfect asian brekkie.
>Literally what the QM ate this morning.

You leave Deng to his devices and open up your automatic rice cooker, stirring up the warm carbs inside with your plastic paddle. You mold the rice into a perfect sphere within your bowl just before dribbling a little soy sauce on it, then fry up an egg and drape it over the rice with just the tiniest bit of soy on top.

Your dad claims you're into "umami" but really you just love MSG. One and the same in a way...

While breaking up the protein element of your high sodium breakfast you decide to check your emails on your phone. Right away you notice an email from the Head Chair of External Equities, your boss!

>Announcement: Bi-Monthly External Equities Audit DEADLINE
>To all members of the External Equities Dpt.
>The audit must be completed ON TIME this time. The central chair of equities will not accept yet another delay and we're beginning to look bad compared to currency management. After last month's events I'm sure none of us will tolerate coming in second AGAIN.

Sounds like you're going to have a busy day at work though you could always telecommute...

Somewhat below that is job offer from BlueBird Industries, they're looking for an experienced salesperson for an innovative new product.

Finally, there's an email containing aggregated local news. There's an article about the raid last night; it appears they're attempting to pass off everything that happened as a standard drug bust.

>work from home
>make yourself physical presence at the office
>blow off work, see about hooking Deng Li up with explosives
>see about going back to the scene of the raid
>make yourself physical at the office*

I think that's what I meant anyway.
>work from home

You decide you'll work from home today, it's more efficient and you'll be able to get a few other things done around the house as well. A dull but practical choice.

Surely this decision will lead to nothing eventful.

>End Thread

I'm going to kill it there. The Quest is really slow paced right now but I'll try and pick up the pace next week. This isn't really a combat orientated character (very squishy) so I understand the low risk decision style...
Just wanna drop by to say that I've been thumbing through the original Exterminator Quest and I'm pretty mpressed.

I didn't really expect Hong Kong being brought up on /tg/ (and by extent /qst/), much less someone using it as a setting.
There's some bits that made me raise an eyebrow, but so far you've nailed my hometown down nicely.

Keep it up m8!

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