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You're an apprentice wizard. You seek to explore (and loot) the magical ruins of dead civilisations. Such ruins can be found all over the world and they're typically filled with treasure, magical stuff and blood-thirsty monsters.

You are on your way to the ruins of an old fortress. You recently arrived in a town under attack by skeletons. After helping driving them off now you've visited the local library in search of information about the old fort and possibly magical tomes.
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You're this guy. You use American Trump Meme Magic and Storm Magic. You are bad at enchantment. Write-ins only. Just post what you want the main character to do/say at any time.)
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Previous Episodes:
Take a nap in the library, fighting skeletons all day is tiring.
look for other types of magic.
File: hammer_space.png (23 KB, 537x466)
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You decide to take a nap in the library. (Fighting skeletons all day is tiring.)

You withdraw your bed roll and blanket from your bag of holding and prepare to sleep in the middle of this public space.
File: halt_criminal_scum.png (61 KB, 632x578)
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"Hey mister! You can't sleep here. This is a library! Wake up!"
>Invite her to join you.
File: master_of_seduction.png (99 KB, 801x705)
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"I'm just having a little nap. Care to join me?"

"Huh!? but you're a stranger and we aren't married and we're in the middle of the library! Who even are you?"
>"I'm just an adventurer with a thirst for knowledge. Although, you're making me thirst for something else."

>Cue wink.
"I'm just an adventurer with a thirst for knowledge. Although, you're making me thirst for something else."

"Umm... I can get you some water if you want and I can help you use the library but can you please not sleep here?"
>"Don't act like you don't know what I mean you pretty doll..."

This is getting creeper status, but fuck it. I'm committed.
File: radio_star.png (249 KB, 355x386)
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249 KB PNG
Okay roll a d100 to attempt to seduce the grill. You need a 65 or higher to succeed.
Rolled 23 (1d100)

Ten bucks says I fail.
File: shot_down.png (75 KB, 558x468)
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"Don't act like you don't know what I mean you pretty doll..."

"Sorry Mr Adventurer, you seem nice but I already like someone else. You can stay in the library but if you keep lying there i'm gonna have to get my father..."
>"What a shame, but keep me in mind."

>Get out from the roll and learn romance magic.
File: maybe_later.png (9 KB, 271x289)
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"What a shame, but keep me in mind."

"Oh okay umm bye"

Disappointing. The magic section of this library is very small and it doesn't have any spell books. Just books about magic as a concept or historical topic.
Oh? There's the Necronomicon. That ought to come in handy. Probably the reason for all the skeleton attacks to. See if you can't buy it from the library.

>Art of the Deal
File: pretty_doll.png (28 KB, 683x630)
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"Oh hello again. Huh? Sorry we don't sell books here but you're more than welcome to borrow it. I'll just write down your name and the due date on a borrowing card"
Read it.
Borrow it, then read it.
File: informative.png (147 KB, 927x815)
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147 KB PNG

You borrow the book and find a nice seat to flip through the pages. You don't sense the book itself being magical but it contains lots of information about Undead, necromantic theory, and undead themed magitek.
Try to find Control Undead so we can take control of tomorrow's wave and use it against the original necromancer.
Well, now that we've read the book, we should probably return it to the library.
File: gygax.png (131 KB, 864x700)
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131 KB PNG

There is a reference to various necromancy spells but it just describes them, it doesn't tell you how to cast them. In theory you can attempt to cast any spell you want but if you haven't been taught how to cast it properly it's less potent and more expensive.
Boring. Return the book and check out some corny romance novels so you can learn how to seduce the ladies.

After reading 4 pages of the necronomicon you decide it is of no further use to you and return it. You inspect the 'romance section' It seems to mostly be filled with romance novels for women and erotica.
On first look, only one seems to give spell instructung: take 1001 Sex Moves.
File: handy.png (182 KB, 498x490)
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182 KB PNG
I'm done for today, I'll finish this episode tomorrow.
I agree with >>1282528
1001 sex moves.
File: what_the_fuck.png (76 KB, 844x599)
76 KB

You take 1001 Sex moves in hopes of finding spell instructing. Unsurprisingly you find... wait what the hell!? This thing has an entire spell casting section along with formulas to cast several specific spells.
You could probably learns how to cast an entire spell 'by the book' in one to many days depending on how powerful the spell is. You're kind of confused on how these spells can be used for sex moves though.
Experiment on librarian.
File: nerrrrrrrd.png (25 KB, 514x560)
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Elaborate. Are you trying to cast one of the spells listed in '1001 sex moves' on her? Which one?
Also harassing townsfolk with magic might get you into trouble.
You can cast spells silently (for higher cost and less powerful effect.) Although even if you did that, she would probably be able to tell it's you if you magic her.
First, copy the book using Trump Magic, his wife is a great copier after all.

Cast Enlarge silently.
File: expand_the_dong.png (68 KB, 716x647)
68 KB
You need a blank book to Copy a book.
You skim over the instructions for the Enlarge spell and attempt it. You easily get a minor result. You grow about three divs taller.
Ask the librarian if she want's her tits enlargened.

More elequently of course.
>More elequently of course
I don't think that's possible

"Hey. Can I cast a spell on you?"

"Oooh a spell? What does it do?"

"Makes your breasts larger"

"Oh... umm no thank you..."
"Are you sure?"

File: sleaze_intensifies.png (68 KB, 846x806)
68 KB
"are you sure?"

You silently cast Art of the Deal. Roll 1d100 to try and persuade her. You need a result of 91 or higher. Add +7 to your result from the effect of Art of the Deal.
Rolled 29 + 7 (1d100 + 7)

Free her bosom from oppression!
Rolled 2 (1d100)

File: mozzie_bites.png (43 KB, 884x704)
43 KB
First roll takes precedence. (Both rolls failed anyway)

"No thank you."
Is the Enlarge spell permanant?
File: level_1_illusionist.png (735 KB, 939x488)
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735 KB PNG
All lingering spell effects last until you lose consciousness/sleep or until you manually dispel them. You're aware of all lingering spell effects controlled by you (like some sort of internal task manager.) While the spell effect exists it reduces your max mana. If you manually dispel one of your spells 50% of the mana is refunded. Simple spells that have been completely mastered may continue to exist even while you sleep and cost nothing.
File: out_out.png (101 KB, 837x766)
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101 KB PNG
Anyways you spend a bit more time harassing this poor innocent girl. Until it starts getting late and everyone has left except you and the librarian. She tells you the library is going to close soon so if you want to borrow anything else nows the time.
Ask the librarian about juicy rumors.
File: drawing_is_hard.png (36 KB, 774x607)
36 KB

"Rumors? Well i'm no bartender but here goes: People think there might be a fire-breathing monster roaming in the woods and umm we don't know what's causing the daily skeleton attacks but a popular theory is some necromancer has moved into the ruins and is sending undead to attack the town so he can loot all of its treasures for himself. Let's see... today my friend said a wizard arrived in town today and helped fight the skeletons... that's you right? Poor old Mr Gerrick keeps rambling about the 'Squid Man' whatever that is, poor man's lost his mind. And hmm... that's all the adventurer kind of rumors I can really think of right now.
So uh... yeah, that's it really"
Where's Mr.Gerrik
Thank her for her time and go buy some blank books with the copper.

"Mr Gerrick's a Geomancer. He used his magic to carve a home into the rock north side of town. It's easy to spot because of the glowing rocks around the entrance.
Not sure you want to talk to him though. He went stark raving mad around the same time the skeletons started attacking. Now he just talks nonsense and carves scary pictures in his home."

File: goodbye.png (291 KB, 625x574)
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291 KB PNG
Thanks for playing everyone. Sorry not too much happened this episode. Wizard Explorer will continue next week.
File: Spoiler Image (16 KB, 457x419)
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This episodes lewd image.

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