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The world was once whole. A battle ground for dozens of God's over the millions that lived. The faith of the mortals fed these great deities gave them strength to bend and change the physical world. The power burn city's split oceans and even blot out the sun. Each god had there own sect of power death nature ocean fire and through consuming other gods they gained more power.

But humans are fickle and so are there gods. Panthenons Grew and faded and some even claimed to be pantokrator ruler of God's. And for a time they were until they too faded.

Through these many cycles of God's a force slowly grew in power. One that wished to consume the world and all life within. Chaos in madness following the destruction of a pantokrator sundered the world into tens of thousands of pieces now floating in the either and feasted upon man and God alike.

You are one such god escaping death to the hands of chaos you took what little faith you had and threw yourself into the either. Drifting for centuries as all of exsistance slowly gave way to the entropy of chaos as you wasted away your small reserves of faith getting smaller and smaller.

But now a small spec in the distance calls to you a island floating in this dark abyss not yet taken by chaos. You direct yourself torward the island slowing remembering what you once were.

> who were you in the time before the sundering
> you remember you have great power. But what is it you have such power over
> are you malevolent or benevolent
>The fire beneath the earth
Voting for this one.
>The Suns Wrath


Your fading memories slowly come back to you. You were Excanib the just the keeper if the afterlife. Before the sundering you were part of a Panthenon the judge of dead souls fates. able to bend and manipulate dead souls guiding them to a paradise or underworld of your design. Even able to summon the souls of heroes old to do your bidding for a short time.

Scaning the island as you flow around it you sense life but what life your not sure. The island itself is a small Savanah not more then 100 square miles with little features other then the occasional tree. There appear to be a few small villages not more then tents dotting the island.

A question comes to you. How will you show yourselves to these poor souls in need of a god

> What physical form will you take
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A shadowy humanoid figure with an expressionless face and glowing eyes who wields an ominous looking scale on one hand and a scythe on the other.
a scythe? what are we a peasant
Bearded middle aged man humanoid, pale skin, light blue eyes.
Carrying a black grimoir, decorated with silver ornametic, attached with an iron chain.
One day your taking souls the next the peasants have you cutting there grain for them.
Anyone mind if I fuse the two since it's so slow.
as long as we have scepter and not a scythe
Let's get this show on the road.
Ahh Yes you remember now. How you showed yourself to the mortals. You drive your wispy ethereal essence and together forming somthing physical an imitation of a human; perhaps what you looked like before you became a god.

A middle aged man skin pale as death. His blue eyes glow in stark contrast to his expressionless face. His body emancipated underneath his dark cloak ethrial shadows flowing of the end. In his hands he wields a ominous scale and back grimoir both decorated with silver ornametic while a thick iron. Chain hangs from the grimoir. This is you

Of course all this is but illusion the real you is simply an essence made up of the faith of mortals. But it is real enough to them and your power is more then real.

Time to make an impression. You have little power left but it's enough to convince some. perhaps if done well one of the villages in its entirety.

> you have 20 faith

> faith is the power that is derived from belife you spend it to do actions that are God-like turning water to wine for example or in your case summoning the spirits of the dead or whatever else you can thing of that fall into your speciality. Things such as communicating costs none but fully scouting an area with your near-omniesence does.

> 1 essence is equivalent to a cantrip non threatening sparkles, a small zap, making your voice louder amplified to half a megaphone.

>5 essence is a minor power summoning the voices of the dead or communicating with them. Amplifying your voice over a thousand feet without harming the ears of mortals. Or somthing similar to a magic missile

>10 essence Is starting to be more powerful it could summon a weak spirit still able to take on most mortals as long as they don't weild silver Weapons or Spread your voice out over a mile. Things such as splitting the dead Sea would cost thousands.

>if you have any questions on costs of actions ask and I'll answer.
There are 3 villages on the island 2 of them look like just grouping of huts made of cloth and hide both of them seem populated by humans. Another much larger village in the same vein of housing seem to be populated by centaurs. You sense death much death you suspect that the two races are fighting.

You in the past have always delt with humans but there's no reason the faith of another mortal creatures faith is better the another. Although you might have to become more horse like.

>20 faith

>you have many opportunities here to regrow your cult surprisingly you don't even detect the presence of another god. But how will you go about converting them.
The grimoir and scale good enough?
Sorry working at the same time so im,posting when I can
grimoir is fine

first we should probably gather some information on how those 2 tribes treat there deceased. We should design our entrance accordingly.
Supporting this. >>1143032

Also investigate what started the war if we can.
Look into what the dead knows of this.
How much faith would you like to commit to communicate with the dead?
about 5, if we use more depends on the information we get.

You search the land for a recent battlefield quickly coming upon one. the corpses are fresh and so are there spirits, drifitng without a place to go; a travesty. Searching the grounds you only find human corpses yet no centaurs but you see the spirits of the centaurs. The battle field also seems scavenged of weapons armor little remains other then rotting corpses.

> you have ample spirits to question of both races who do you interrogate.
not that we will use that now but how much souls would it cost to res somebody?
Also do we have an actuall afterlife we can send those spirits too?

for humans
>we should ask for information on there laws and customs, this might give us a information on already existing believes, specificly the ones death related.

for centauers
> similair thing and also mention their missing bodies.
It depends on the time of death. But due to your speciality not being healing or necromancy resurrection is somewhat difficult for you. For a fresh death with little to repair 500 faith for someone dead for Years Mabey 2000. It also depends on the state of the body if it is destroyed it is much more expensive as well as the state of the spirit and there distance.

You do not have an afterlife right now but with a large enough investment you could. This would allow all souls that worship you to be stored there making it much easier to summon them and bind them back to there bodies. As well you could condemn these souls to suffering or bliss. Or any other envirment you deem. You could even start a cycle of rebirth similar to taoist religions. This would cost about 100 to start with only one envirment and only able to hold about 500 souls.

Writing for the questioning now
You spend some of your reserve faith to bring some of the wandering dead under a loose thrall and begin questioning them

> -5 faith

> first is what appears to be a human leader a barbarian of some sort wearing thick leathers and a large 2 handed blade sheathed on his back. He is thick with muscles and a strong face features normally worn in the old word from those of the far north.

"Spirit fallen warrior I am Excanib keeper of the afterlife. I command you to speak your name."

The spirit Spits in your direction it's ethereal nature causing to pass through you.

"I am Valkerd Split-blade warrior and chieftan of the Harii. Leave me in peace I only wish to mourn my fallen."

"Tell me spirit what are the customs of your people mostly of those of the dead."

The spirit reluctantly tells you of the customs of his people. They are a race of warriors constantly warring with the centaurs along side there swors brothers the Cherusci. They war with the centaurs because it is what they belive there old gods had destined them to and that once they are slaughtered them to the last calf may they leave this island and travel with there god. Of course you know that this is not true.

They seem to know some of iron working but have little acess to it on this island only going so far as to make Weapons but apperently those lower in the tribe use Weapons made of bone. They wear hardened pelts of centaurs as armor and eat what they can scavenge. There population is a little over 100.

There rites for honoring the dead seem to just be a funeral pyre and there possessions passed down to the firstborn son. Supposedly when they die in the fire there spirit is sent to war with there god against others. You sense no influence of the sort in the land this god must have abandoned them or was consumed by chaos.

The spirit explains how they lost this battle and how the centaurs prevent them from gathering there dead on purpose to torment the souls of the Fallen. He appears very distraught by this.

>any other questions for Valkerd or move on to the centaur.
Move on to the centaur.
Is this game several players operating a lone deity, or several players operating several deities?

> you approach the spirit of a centuar his face lined with old age. He is unarmored and his chest tells of years war scars crisscrossing heavy muscle. He has. A bow on his back and a spear in his hands .

>You know little of this race other then they used to raid humans in many places war always traveling with them

"Hail spirit of war I am Excanib keeper of the afterlife. I command you to tell me about your people and the bodies of you and your fellows are missing"

" what business of yours is it human god" he snarls angrily. "Perhaps you have cone to take me from this field."

"In time"

" the bodies are missing Because we mourn them and cast them into the void so that the mother may take them. I question if they have done this for me or am I just condemned. you look like no mother to me"

" Tell me of your people and I may become your father"

The dead centuar regails you the tale of his people. How they traveled as the world cracked asunder as there monter told them to escape to this land before it was split and cast into the void. Soon after the barbarians began assaulting them and they have been in a stalemate ever since there populations dwindling to the low numbers there are now. They number in the high 10s

By what you can tell there mother is not here and has abandoned these creatures. Godless they both still fight and die for there gods.

> any other questions for the centuar

>15 faith
It is several players operating a lone diety.
"cast them into the void?"
"Into the darkness off the edge of the island where the stars swallow there bodies."

This universe consists of a bunch of islands floating in what is essentially space. The planet was cracked, split ans thrown into space by chaos chasing the current state of the word.
Okay my plan:
We go to the human village of the warrior we questioned earlier.
We look for whatever passes as a chieftain and or shaman in the village and wait for them to come to whatever fireplace they gather arround.

Then we use some of our faith points (I would say 5 - 8 should suffice) to turn whatever primitive symbol of worship they have on fire.
Then we show ourself at least partily in the flames and demand they burry there fallen warriors so they may find there spirits can find rest. Once that is all said and done there false god should be nothing more then a pile of ash and rumours will do the work for us. Nobody will denie what they saw since there higher officialls were a part of it.

I don't think going to the centauers in our current form will have the desired effect so we should rather focus on gathering some faith points first.
You leave the battlefield and the spirits to there suffering and travel swiftly to the nearest human village. From above you can make out the general layout. It seems to be made up of mostly tents with the occasion hut. Two much larger more permanent structures stand in the center although there are still little more then dried brick. One appears to be anointed with holy symbols and a large patch of ash and scorched ground lay shortly outside it perhaps a bonefire although a large effigy stands in the center of it. The other appears to be decorated with metals and weapons. The humans males down below seem to be mostly training with weapons and preparing to head out. While the women appear to be raising children and tending to wounded.

You surmise that setting the effigy on fire for a short time and amplifying your voice would cost 3 faith

> continue with this plan
> or covert them another way
no risk no reward let's do it. Just in case the shaman tries to interpet it as the work of another deity, how much would it cost us to kill them or weaken there immune system to the point where they just get sick and die?
10 for a light sickness 30 for somthing that will kill them in a few months 50 a few weeks. Once again this is sadly not your speciality

One thing It's easier to kill someone from a bolt of lighting the stopping there heart in terms of cost effectiveness.

You could probably state your name so that the deity being worshiped isn't in question
yes sometimes the simple solutions are the best ones, so we should probably just state our name.

You wait as darkness consumes the land and watch as the barbarians below gather what small supplies of wood that they have for what appears to be a bonfire around the effigy. There priest begins praying at the effigy as the barbarians do there work. A man wearing thick centuar hide and welding a iron axe watches from a thrine crafted of bone.

This is your chance you wisp down into the effigy the pressure from your invisible presence causing the priest to sweat.

> - 5 faith

Pouring some if your power into the effigy it bursts into flames. The priest screams and falls back from the seering heat. From within the fire you create your physical form. Dark and foreboding shadows lerch out from the flame where there should be none almost consuming the light. You step the forward put of the flame showing your emotionless face and being to speak your word amplified by your powers.

"Mortals your God is dead and you have been casting there souls into eternal torment in the mortals relm. I am Excanib the just keeper of the afterlife and you will Heed my words. Bury the bodies of your fallen so they may find rest again."

You wisk your presence away. your physical form looking as it turned into shadows but in reality returned to the pure essence it truly is. As you leave you brighten then dissipate the fire in a matter of seconds living nothing but ash of the old holy symbols only the post of the effigy still standing.

This appears to have worked. well over the next few hours you already hear them praying to you empowering you with there belife the most resolute being the priest himself. As well as few corpses were buried rather then burned but most hold to there old faith in the village.

> 3 fanatic worshipers : 3 faith/day
> 5 devout worshipers : 2.5 faith/day
> 15 casual worshipers 3.75 faith/day
> 30 skeptical worshipers 3 faith/day

> 12.25 faith/day

Dawn comes and with it a new day and new worshipers to gain

>22.25 faith

> the whole village has not been converted yet. It appears the chief is the head in holding to the old ways. Perhaps you can do somthing.
reading through my posts I'm going to be doing a little more spell checking.

> you step the forward put of the flame

Yes that makes perfect sense.
I asume he has children and since children are physicly weaker it should cost less faith to put them on deaths door so to speak right?
Come to the chief's son during his sleep. Command him to be your herald. Give him a small boost, and tell him to usurp his father.
works 2 and if he only has a daughter we can pull the Persephone

Through some investigation through the Chiefs hut you so find that he has at least 3 mistresses or concubines and 7 children two of them young enough easily kill mere infants it appears these people breed often

The oldest is almost into adulthood yet has not fully attained it. You surmise the chance of him defeating his father at the molment is very low. But perhaps with your power or the aid of the spirit of the last chief you could tip the balance.

The boy is reckless but trained well with a great sword and has become one of the skeptic followers of you which his father heavily disparages.

The youngest son a mear 8 was close to the effigy when it burst into flames and is a fanatical follower of you sense a true act of a god putting faith in his heart. He prays for a horse that dosnt kill men.

He does have one daughter at the age of 14. She holds no faith in you and thus you know little about her.
We delegators.
Go to the chief spirit. Tell him we're the promised god that will save his people, if he helps us. In time, he'll get his afterlife reward as well.
Bind his spirit to a sword buried somewhere on the battlefield.
Go to the kid during his sleep and tell him to find the sword. This possessed sword will make him a legendary fighter in his own right in a few mere years.

Fast forward a few years when he's an adult, and have him usurp his father. The sword will be his status symbol and a holy artifact we'll pass from holy champion to champion (with or without the chief spirit. It's nice to have a relic to boost faith).

okay so i see a few ways to go about this

a) convince the boy to fight for us and protect him from immediate harm. (could be really wasteful if the boy isn't capable enough)

b) make the most important person to the chieftain sick and wait for someone to pray for us for help. Then convince them they will all wither and die unless they burn those bodies.

c) go to the centaurs lead them into an attack on the village and rebuild from scratch with the survivors we safe after a devastating attack, the centaurs will lead with information provided by us. (could backfire and we basically don't know anything about centaurs + they could kill the only worshipers we currently have

4) get to our most devout follower and let him perform some sort of miracle or revert his ageing ( at least on the outside)
I am currently favouring plan b since it's the least risky, although probably not as effective as the others.
I don't think we are powerfull enough to do that, not to mention a small infection could ruin the entire plan. In short it's way to long term to be effective.
As the qm I would not reccomend waiting a few years as negative things may happen in that time frame. Keep in mind that these humans are at war with the centaurs and that there are other gods and Islands out there.
You guys deciding on a plan?
How about you vote bro
> Go the lands of the Cherusci and repeat the conversion ritual we used to convert the Harii.

How much Faith would it take to make mortals feel a sense of peace and contentment when we speak to them?
are we sure that some of the dead were from the other tribe? I really don't want us to look like an uneducated fool on our first day.
wait does that mean we have knowledge of People that believe in us.
Don't we already have 3 fanatic followers, with potentialy vital Information?
Yes depending on there faith in you. You can derive more information from them

It depends heavily on how many people your affecting and how overwhelming you want it to be. For the subtle touch 1 for heavy 10 and for those who are actively resisting depends on there will power.

As this is the only vote I shall be writing for this. But you have about 30 minutes to out vote it if you wish
to be honest I don't like his plan but it is still the best one we have right now, with the least ammount of obvious risks, so i seccond it.

Leaving your seed to grow in the Harii you take your presence elsewhere. hunting through the plans for the other you quickly find it finding the souls of a few hundred glowing like candle light.

This village is larger but not more sofisticated. The same general layout exsists here perhaps its cultural.

As you near the the large and decorated priests hut you hear conflict clash of blades and the scream of death.

It appears you have arrived during a strange occasion the humans are fighting. One is dressed in leathers wielding two smaller swords she is small and quick one dead man already lays before her. Surrounding her is several men with large balde in there hands. Dispite taking a loss they appear to have surrounded her.

> This battle provides you an intersting opportunity perhaps you could make your presence known here although it may be risky or only Winn you few.
this brings up a very interesting question, can we talk to the dead faster then a normal conversation?
Considering the things that usually limit the speed such exchanges happen aren't physicly there anymore. The only thing limiting us now would be the speed of thought right? It would really come in handy right about now...
Unfortunately it would be a similar speed on this plane for the souls still act as if they were human. On the other hand if you created an afterlife due to your control of it you could take time in it much faster in relation to the physical world allowing you to have a conversation that would take hours in were seconds from the perspective of the physical world.
is it possible to partily show us or just appear in someones head?
You are a God so yes. Fairly easily especially to those that don't already worship a god.
I am tempted to just stay watch for the right moment to interfer. If we should do so at all, since we don't have a clue of whats going on.
>See how this plays out for now but be ready to take action when you learn more about the situation.
still best option so yeah
May I still join?
No reason why you cant.

Writing shortly sorry for the later posts getting busyish

You find this to be quite the interesting situation But over your time as a god you've learned to be patient. thousands of years floating in a void will do that to you.

Down below you hear one of the men scream
"You killed my brother filthy centuar blood" then charge her the fury in his eyes is quite impressive the way he catches the girls blade in his gut is less so.

>keep watching
now this is getting interesting

Lets look for religious statues and symbols etc. pull the same thing we did in the last village, while also saving her in the process. 2 birds with one stone so to speak.
Leaving the fight for a molment to examine the area .you quickly find tbe priests hut not, nearly decadent enough to be called a temple. Wooden carved swords decorate it and the effigy outside imitates this. A poor rendition of a large human wielding a steel sword. Perhaps there only one for you've seen they've only wielded iron.

From a glance it appears no rituals will happen soon. Most people appear to be watching the fight or going about there buisness. Although a old man that gleams In self importance appears to be shoving there way towards the fight.

You look back towards the fight in time to watch her revive a particularly nasty bash to the back of the head. You don't suspect she will be able to do much anymore without your assistance with her drooling on the ground like that. Although with 3 bodies fallen around her she did well.

The men approaching her look to have murderous glints in there eyes. Seeing the wounds on the men around her you don't blame them.

> act now
> Wait till you can redo what you did in the other village.
>act now, she is more usefull alive then as a corpse.
lets pull of the dynamic entrance we did in the first village only this time instead of upon the ash of some statue we appear between the men and there target.
What's your intent in this entrance do you seek to save the girl and if so how.
and do you want to use any faith to any effect.
we want to save the girl while also leaving
a lasting first impression.
Like blow out all the light sources within the hut with a cold gust and materialize as a shadowy towering figure before the men that try to kill her.
Probably pick up one of them and speed up his aging where he crumbles to dust within secconds.

while the others hopefully crawl away in fear, we make our intentions very clear.
Demand the honoring of the dead
and probably burn down earlier sighted statue with a simple gesture.
Now those abilities are impressive please keep In mind your on a limited budget


Refer to here as to how faith works

> you have 22.25 faith
okay cut the killing by aging part, it's good enough if we ko them. It will have similair effect and our newly chosen subject can go in and finish the job anyway.

The lighting part has shows to be effective and is quiet cheap anyway.
Rolled 85 (1d100)


As a blade begins to fall torwards her prone body your physical presence quickly forms. Shadows stretch from your body snuffing out all sources of light and Dispite it being day it looks as dark as a moonless night. You raise your hand to the blade pushing out with a ethereal force. The stunned man wielding it simply blinks before he is thrown into a wall.

Quickly the men fall into panicking one of the screams
"It's a deamon"
As another sprints away

You step forward torwards the courtyard taking the darkness with you. Then once in sight of the effigy you speak you voice thundering across the village
" I am no deamon mortal I am a god Excanib the just keeper of the afterlife!"
You set the effigy of there old gods aflame.
" your God is dead and as such the souls of your dead find torment wandering the land of the living. Bury them within the dirt and they shall find peace again."

Then you vanish

>-20 faith

> you have 2.25 faith

You certainly made a first impression although more excusing then the last. watching the girl she already looks to be praying for favor and in thankfulness

>+ 1 fanatic worshiper

It will take some time to see how the rest of the village takes it though for now they seem to be in a bit of a panick.

> Wait and see what happens
>intervene in another way.
well not quiet the result i was hopeing for,
lets at least leave behind a sort of aura behind our new follower so it wont turn into a complete waste
The more specific and detailed your plan the better it will typically go.

You spend your last bit of power to give your new fanatic a bit of an aura and some extra strength for the day.

Elated at your gift the half centuar takes some cloths amd makes her owns priests garb and begins preaching to your faith. Most of what she says is made up on the spot but the effort is endearing.

Being so long without any Devine interference or presence for that matter the village takes to you like a moth to flame. Although some of the men that you defended the girl from look at them in disgust and seem to attempting to disrupt this.

In other village word of you spreads swiftly with the head priest now preaching your word rather then there old god. although he seems to be low on things to preach Mabey you should give him a book.

>+2 fanatics
>+8 devout
>+20 casual
>+80 skeptical

With such little faith left you find yourself Drifting to not expend what little faith you have left so the rest of the day ends swiftly

>6 fanatic worshipers 6 faith/day
>13 devout worshipers 7.5 faith/day
>35 casual worshipers 8.75 faith/day
>110 skeptical worshipers 11faith/day

>32.25 faith a day

Dawn grows slowly. You don't really know where the sun comes from now that the world is now islands floating in the void. Perhaps another god.

> What to do on this fine new dawn.
lets pay our priest a visit, the idea of a holy text is very endearing.
Lets give him a scroll with a lot of cryptic nonesense and a few clear key points spread inbetwen.
The dead shall be honoured in a way that fits there status. Burning is the burial method that is to be prefered.
Upon death each soul will go on a journey that depending on there life can feel like a short trip mid summer trip or a eternity of restless hardship.
The dead of an honourable opponent shall not be mutiliated and instead be handed over to there clan.
Crimes must be reptented for in this life or the next (we keep it vague so we can take over there current laws and customs as much as possible).

Excanib can be prayed for to ease the burden ones soul has to endure on there journey and garantue save passage.
The living can also pray for guidance so they may find an easier road ahead of them.

At the end of a souls journey Excanib deceids if they are worthy of entering the afterlife, are sent back for reincarnation or taken out of the cycle entirely. For judgement he uses the magical tomb at his side that contains detailed knowledge of ones life.

After handing those over we probably want to speak to our new half centauer follower.
Are you sure burning is the way you prefer. In Excanibs previous appearances it was decided that he would make it very clear that burial is the preferred method.
you are right my mistake

You spend a good bit of time preparing your holy text. Ahh how this brings back memories of your first cult long ago.

In your holy text you spend a good bit of time making much of it cryptic hypocritical nonsense so that you can change anything as needed but you make sure to outline and make very clear a few specific things

Your formalized religion includes as key points

> dead honored as fitting there station
> burial is the expected method
> on death there will go a journey that reflects there life's morality or our opinion of it.
> the dead of honorable opponent should be returned to there clan.
> crimes must be repented in this life or the next. As to what these crimes are is left vauge as best.
> Excanib will accept prayers to ease the burdens on souls for there journey in the after life and garentee safe passage in conjunction with this one can pray for guidance in the physical world to find a easier road ahead of them
>at the end of a souls journey you decide if they are worthy of entering it, if they are to be reincarnated or if they soul is to be thrown into the void never to return.
>Your time me supposedly holds knowledge of all of one's life within

You have a good extraplanar chuckle at the knowledge there isn't an afterlife right now Dispite of all your promises. That might come back to bite you if you don't fix that. but thats a problem for later.

You make a nice little show of the scroll appearing in an explosion of bright light as the priest is praying. He makes quite the show of prostrating himself and praying thanks in your name before taking the scroll and reading it.

> now onto the half centuar. See how she is doing after our blessing
> Perhaps should look to do somthing about the centaurs
well now that you specificly mention visiting the centauers really rings my alarms.
Still I stick to the plan and visit the halfbreed, we invested to much to skip out on her.
Not to mention that we should really get more knowledge so we have an easier time converting the populus.
You go hunting for the half centuar although she is incredibly easy to find it due to her fanatical devotion and she's hard to miss.

Now that you get a good look at her the part centuar nature is obvious her legs Bend back like a faun and her feet are hooves although there is a distinct lack of the hair found on fauns . Perhaps because she part centuar and not goat. Otherwise she's attractive as far as humans go. Short brown hair, strong brawn the muscles visible blue eyes and a visible level of confidence.

You find her preaching on middle of the courtyard where the effigy used to be preaching in your name. Much of what she is saying it looks as though she made it up on the spot but honestly it's quite flattering. She seems to have truly appreciated you saving her life; mortals are funny that way.

Behind her stand 5 men with weapons. It looks as though she has small group of people to protect her now. 2 of them are men that attacked her just yesterday.

>What do you wish to do here
can we actually read peoples minds or make in depth analysis of body language?

Asking for her name should be the first thing we should do, preferably only in her head.
We should also make our pressence at this place known with a light glow on the statues eyes or something so nobody thinks she went crazy.
We should also keep an eye on the men with weapons, better save then sorry.
You can make assumption about body language and with some expenditure of faith you can look into mortals minds for there history and current feelings. the more willing they are the less it costs.

As far as men with weapons everyone seems to have one or two here even the women. Those that appear to be protecting here for either fanatical or devout but still you watch them.

Also there is no statue to make the eyes glow. You burned it down. Perhaps you could do somthing more impressive though.

> you have 32.5 faith
my bad i meant the effigy

okay lets reform the effigy to become a statue of our image, especially detailed, then make the shadow grab out to her.
figuring out her name shouldn't be to difficult, considering her devotion.

then speak to her
"Worry not <name>, your prayers have not been hitting on deaf ears. I am sure you have many questions and after today at least a few of them shall be answered"

You wait till a especially dramatic molment in her preaching happens and then cut out the light. For a brief molment it is pitch black.

Taking this opportunity you quickly grow the burnt remains of effigy turning into a statue of you. Beautifully detailed if you do say so yourself. Might have been a craftsman if you weren't a god. Although you hope no one test it's durability you made it hollow to save on strength.

At the same time you turn your favorite half centuars robes black, elongate them and make them actually fit. And too top it all off gave it a enchantment of Shadow having shadows spread out from it where there shouldn't sensibly be any. Turning her into quite the intimidating figure.

When you cut the darkness everyone is stunned. And to the girls credit she is the first to speak raising her arms proclaiming your divinity and this as a holy act. Many of the people watching her look convinced and immediately begin to pray in your name. Others look frightened and leave the new holy ground including what looks to be the old priest and chief.

-25 faith

After everyone stops screeming out your name and the girl finishes preaching, she goes to what is you assume her home. You look into her mind and she is willing.

>You find that her name is Edith

You speak to her in her mind

"Worry not Edith your prayers have not been hitting on deaf ears. I am sure you have many questions and after today at least a few of them shall be answered"

She kneels upon hearing your words.

"My lord Excanib I do have many questions. If first may I ask why did you save me I am a half breed and I have only known contempt from all in life except from my mother."

"Truly that is one interesting first question.

I very rarely explain my reasoning to mortals, so you might need some time to understand my reasoning, even when i personally explain it to you.

I don't usually interfere with mortal affairs but I made and exception for you.

For you my dear Edith, because it is you that is destined to become the guiding light for the misguided people of this island.

Edith others in your position would have used my power to finish of their opponents, instead I see them praying with you today.

Your heart isn't blinded by hate or anger, but guided by forgiveness and gratitude, some may say taking up force after what has happened is justified and until their souls reach my realm I will neither condemn nor approve such actions.
Your question might not have specifically addressed it but to me your heritage is of little significance. Like beauty it can be a gift, a random decision by nature. It isn't some god given merit and the same way I do not judge the souls that come to me based on their looks, form or lineage in live but on there lives decisions as a whole.
please don't let this be the last post, this is really enjoyable
Edith appears to be truly humbled by your answer. you see tears in her eyes that is perhaps from her conviction in you and a form of Devine oversutmulation.

"My Devine lord, you are truly the the greatest being. I will give you my heart and soul. If you ask for me to become your prophet I will do so will joy."

> +1 zealot

She appears to be fully honest in her words, and her mind is a little more open to you then you would honestly like.

> anoint her as your prophet giving her powers beyond the mortal coil. The more faith you feed her the more powerful she will be. Also can incurr an upkeep.
> do somthing else. If nothing else she would probably enjoy a similar scroll as to what was given to the priest.
Just need to wait two more minutes :p don't worry I'm still here. Going to need to make a new thread soon though.
Fyi I'm waiting for the day to end before starting a new thread. So keep playing.
hand her a copy of our scroll

>I am a bit reluctant on the whole prophet buisness but we might aswell

"raise your head Edith and take my blessing, from this point onward you shall carry my word into the world. So they may bring enlightenment to everyone willing to listen."

Ahh mortals it's been a long time since you've had a profet and this one is just so promising.

You form yourself in front of her holding a scroll, the holy text you had created. Your voice resounds deeply in the room.

"raise your head Edith and take my blessing, from this point onward you shall carry my word into the world. So they may bring enlightenment to everyone willing to listen."

As she raises her head you place your hand onto it and place your blessing upon her.

>What is your blessing

> increased persuasion -2 faith .5 upkeep
> booming voice -2 faith .5 upkeep
> Increased Str Dex Con -5 faith 1 upkeep
> increased Wis Int Cha -7 faith 1.5 upkeep
>hardened skin -5 faith
> control of a spirit -20 faith 4 upkeep
> small magic -25 faith 5 upkeep

> all of these have better version that cost more they grow exponentially and so does does there cost in forms of x2 x4 x8 x16 of posted and so on.
> you can suggest any blessings and I will put a cost to them. As well if you need definitions on what the blessings do exactly I will provide.
small magic
increased wis
increased str dex
importance in this order

Forgot to mention

>you have 7.5 faith

Need to start doing that at the end of every post.

You spent 2 erlier to black out the sun for a molment make a wooden statue of yourself and give Edith a very impressive priests robe with ethereal shadows.

You can always improve her blessing later
well we wait with the magic part then
How about just some increased wisdom for a start.
yeah definetly this

You focus your energy into her gifting her a pice of Devine insight, experience and judgement. Somthing you know will serve her well as your prophet the knowledge to know what to do when.

She raises her head and her eyes meet yours. There filled with pure joy and love. Complete devotion to your very being.

" Excanib my God and my saviour I shall take this blessing you have given me and spread your faith to these people. I will become the greatest prophet to have ever graced these lands. I shall cast out all doubt and convert all non belivers. This is swear to you. In the time coming all men and women and even centuars! Shall bow to your divinity."

You find it somewhat frightening how quickly she took to complete fanatism. But it serves your means.

She takes the scroll you presented her with holds it to her chest like a new born babe. She looks at you with expectant eyes, probably wants a dismissal.

> anything you wish to say to your new prophet before you leave

"Oh I am sure you will proof your worth to me many times over. One last piece of advise, take you can take your time convincing and converting the people.

Teach their children so they may teach my word to their children and they in turn will teach their children.
>I would also like to know a bit about her past, specificity heer mother. We may want to look for her soul at some point.
As you impart a final bit of wisdom to her you fade away from her vision. Once you leave she sits down on the floor and begins reading your scroll.

As her mind is fully open to you. You begin to look into her memories.

It appears that her mother was a centuar and father a human. You didn't know such cross breeding was possible but apperently it is. They fell in love and according to the much tale they told there daughter they each other on the battle field. The man could not bear to kill the centuar after looking into her eyes so together they fled and copulated that very night.

Much later the centuar gave birth and as it looked more human then centuar the father took care of Edith. He covered her legs with fur to prevent the rest of the tribe discovering the secret. Eventually though the secret was revealed and the father was killed by tribesmen that hated the centuars. Edith was tolerated for a time but often abused until you found her.

Edith and his father often met her mother at an oasis further into the desert you are unsure if she is still alive as Edith has not gone there since her father was killed.

The sun is dipping low and you feel your power dwindle. So set to drift the rest of the day and watch. You find even without the moon the stars are still beautiful.

>next post will be a new thread.
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well I guess I will impatiently waste for your next post
Haha takes awhile need to do a recap archive this thread and do a paste bin for known powers
Acuutally one last post I should make here

Over the day your prophet a day priest both work to convert many to your faith along side your appearance in the Cherusci tribe and the new statue many have been converted

>+2 fanatic
>+5 devout
>+15 casual
>+90 skeptical

>1 zealot 2 faith/day
> 7 fanatic 7 faith/day
>18 devout 9 faith/day
>50 casual 10 faith/day
>190 skeptical 19 faith/day

> you have 48.5 faith
just so we have a generall goal to aim at, how much faith do we need to actually get started on the afterlife?

since we are going to encounter centauers eventually, how much does ... adjusting our form cost?
New thread

Very cheap about 5 faith. It's simply a physical projection like an illusion after all.
if I don't responde, the anticipation killed me
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